March 22, 2020 (#1766)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"As Sensible Guidance by Governments Banished

A Plentiful Food Supply is Suddenly Vanished."

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 22, 2020.  Now, I’d like to just mention that you can donate to me during these hard times because I have to survive myself like everybody else during these hard times. You can do so by going into website.  Once again, bookmark all the other sites I’ve got listed there, that’s my official sites in case any go down in the crisis. I know my speed on the Internet has been clamped down on, and they’re putting out stories that they’re using it for bandwidth for this emergency, etc. etc. 


There’s a lot going on and a lot of it is untrue, and a lot of it is true for other reasons. However, you can buy the books and discs at Remember, there’ll be an awful drag on it as timed delivery goes because of the crisis, but you can certainly donate to me and keep me ticking over. You can do so by as I say, go into website to find out how to do it. You can use PayPal, or you can even send cash. There are ways to clean, believe you me, dirty money. Ask the crooks, you know, the people who make it.


It’s quite easy to just get by through the crisis if we just keep our heads, etc.   So, what I’m going to do is a two hour show right now and for those who want the whole two hours just take it straight from For those who want to upload and find it more difficult to do it all in one go, most folk won’t have a problem with it, if they want to they can take part one and part two afterwards, two hours, split them up if they want to if it’s easier for them. But regardless I’ll put up the complete show on my website, and I’ll put up the part one and the part two of the same show for those who want to take it half-and-half basically. 


Just before I get off part one, end the part one show, I just want to mention another inconsistency here too, where all the reports are coming out saying, oh, the younger folk are spreading it to everybody else and things like that, it’s possible and they’re carrying it and all that. Well, if the asymptomatic young healthy people are going to be a danger to everybody else, why don’t you just quarantine all of them?  [Alan laughing.]  Rather than going for everybody else that’s a bit older, etc. And regarding the quarantine of the young, now remember, for those who are so serious these days, that’s a wee joke.  Again, even now they’re putting out reports that folk who are in their 20s are getting it in Canada, out the Alberta way I think it is.  Which is interesting as well. 


So again, the whole two-hour show, or part one and part two, depending on how you take it down. So, the title of the full two-hour talk and part one, part two if you want to break it up for those who want it broke it up into two parts. Those will all be called As Sensible Guidance by Governments Banished, a Plentiful Food Supply is Suddenly Vanished. 


I hope you are all hanging in there during these incredible crisis times. Of course, it's not really unexpected from people like myself because this is part of a massive agenda, obviously. Probably in the works for a long time.  And who knows if they planned the actual dates all this would start or if it was just time to really unroll it during some kind of, it's hard to even call it a true pandemic in some sense.  Because according to the definitions of even the WHO and other places it's hardly at like the proportions of pandemic to make sense.


When you see the numbers, and yeah, I know there's other people too who ride along the fact that there's nothing happening at all and it's just another flu. But regardless of what the truth of it all is, and I must admit it's incredibly confusing from the authorities for what they're giving you for the data, it's all contradictory. And you wonder if that's all by design [Alan chuckles.] that it's contradictory. Because folk can't get a grasp on it at all, not with the figures they give you and all the rest of it.


So anyway, as I say, big things are happening and they're already shouting from the rooftops at the control places that things will never be the same again.  The exact same phrase that came out right after 9/11, as they get that through your heads. Because it's going to achieve a lot of the goals of the agenda of course.


I remember a few years back I mentioned apart from the fact that you'd end up with martial law one day, and you'd get ID for food and all the rest of it, and for your vaccinations, this was back in the 1990s I said it, and eventually you'll have some kind of, something on your wrist or whatever like a bracelet or something.  It would be up-to-date with all your records of your vaccinations, and if you didn't have it, up-to-date vaccinations, and they could still use it with just visual ID too, then alarms would go off just like red alert-red alert and all that if you weren't up to scratch. And here we are. It's all getting unrolled as we live through this of course.


So, it's interesting to watch it. And also, to be partly detached from it in some ways. Of course, we're all affected by what's happening because the emergency powers acts are unrolled and its wartime measures of course, which people accept generally. Most folk accept generally as necessary in a wartime situation for survival. So, give up all the rest of your rights, if you've got any left at all that is, and of course you'll be perfectly safe, and they'll take care of you.


I wouldn't count on the latter part either because [Alan chuckles.] it's almost Idiocracy and laughable, that a lot of the so-called statements from politicians and countries including Canada, big time, big time in Canada, and all over the world, it's the same kind of thing where people who really are nobodies, they're not there because they are exceptionally bright or anything like that, often the opposite in fact. But they're awfully good, they're very cunning as far as getting, you know, getting power and using power and getting awfully rich, the ones who rule over us.


But to hear the statements coming out of their mouths is quite something.  But everywhere you look you see formulas. And they have formulas, I knew they'd unroll it in the NATO type formula. And it's just like the movies, that's where the movies get the idea too. And the movies also train you in predictive programming how to react in such situations, by countless zombie movies with pandemics and things like that, until you know it all by heart, what's coming next.  But you go through stages of it. That's exactly how they manage it.


Just like the meeting they had with Bill Gates at Johns Hopkins University before this broke loose with the training group for pandemics, the ones who would manage it and how they'd manage the public, the first law of course is never tell the public the truth. So, it doesn't vary that much from everyday life without the pandemic, really. But they really don't tell you the truth.  And the newspapers, which are all on board before it all happens, even during the training exercise they had them all on board they said, if one should ever break out, and that's all social media as well, the big ones that most folk used, had all agreed to be on board with it to manage the public. And much much more than just managing us. But the key is, don't tell the public the truth.


And in the first month or two, lie through your teeth, as the governments and all the different agencies involved including eventually military forces are all geared up to manage it. But don't tell the public this is happening, just kind of give them vague answers to things. And that's what we've had. 


And again, as it all happens, as it all happens and unrolls you have psychological warfare going on, because that's what these agencies that manage it all use. Behaviorists and psychologists and the neuroscientists, etc. etc., and you know, the behavioral insights teams, they've got thousands of these people all over the planet, they're working in tandem to manage your brains to make sure we do what they want us to do without ever figuring it out we're getting used.  And that's really at work today. Really at work.


Number one, there's nothing that isn't known about how to handle and manage pandemics. It's a very, very old understanding.  The medical profession used to always get taught all about it, and its history.  They used to get taught lot of things that they're not taught anymore too.  The first thing you do, you see, if you still have a nation-state that is, if you have a country, a national country, the first thing you do is to safeguard your domestic people, your own people first and foremost from getting contaminated from coming in from countries which have the contaminations. That's vital.  That's the first thing you do.


That means that even your own citizens that are outside the country are locked out for a long time perhaps. And it's sad, but that's how you… In that way, if you go into full lockdown that way, then obviously you're going to, at the very least, awfully restrict the cases that are coming into the country in one way or another, or even sneaking in. Because there's a lot that want to sneak in as well during these times. We know that even from China we've lost count on people who vanished from China, to all over, countries neighboring them too and over here, getting the first whiff of this.


But the fact is, the first thing you do is you stop all the international flights coming in.  Just a few days ago, I don't know if it's still there, I imagine it's still the same, Canada were using about five international airports to bring folk back and forth from all over. You can still book flights too, and get to Wuhan, roundtrips, by going to Beijing first and then getting another flight, and then to Wuhan. If you wanted to, and for about $1200 you could get a holiday there if that's the holiday for you.  [Alan laughing.]  If you like excitement I guess. 


It was 1200 bucks including your hotel and the whole thing.  Then you go back the same way you came basically, and into the country. And there's no questions asked in Canada. They even had reporters at Toronto Airport asking people coming in every day, if they had any restrictions applied to them, did any authorities stop them when they got off the planes coming into Canada back in from these countries in the affected areas?  No. No. No questions at all.  No temperature taken, nothing like that.  Then they would scatter.


It makes no sense.  You see, there is sense and nonsense, right. And when it makes non sense, not sense, which is nonsense, you see, then you have to sit...  And this is the thing, they're not stupid at the top. Don't forget behind every great tactic of terror there are massive businesses and massive agendas all ready to unravel upon the world and to be implemented. And someone's going to benefit. There will be different companies for instance benefiting, and you can't believe the rhetoric in the stock market for the big companies for vaccines and they'll trial this and trial that and trial antivirals, etc. They're all getting billions; they've got hands out and they're getting billions thrown at them by a terrified public via their colluding governments perhaps.


But the first thing is, why would you still be bringing planes in, knowingly, from these affected places? And don't forget too, that those who have tested negative supposedly with these strange [Alan chuckles.]  I hate to call them tests in a way, you know, where they admit that so many of them are just faulty.  Maybe the public are shocked by that. I don't know.


But I can remember the names of the big corporations that got the contracts, for years they were doing the blood work for definitely Ontario and then other parts of Canada too, these laboratories. For years and years and years they managed a massive, massive business.  Guaranteed money, remember, when the insurance companies, that are this quasi government oversight in Canada, and you still pay for your insurance, you see, that's taken off your wages for instance.  And businesses have to pay it too so.  You have these companies who are making a fortune off of doing blood work. 


A few years back, and I remember it wasn't, it was no surprise to me in fact that eventually there was a huge lawsuit against them.  I don't know how it started or whatever.  They were transferred, the businesses transferred to some other company.  The big one that had the contract for years and years and years, almost had been guessing at the results.  They were putting them through so fast and the whole bit and telling their employees, on most of them, well, to guess, m-hm, just make a guess, like flip a coin. And it was that, like flip a coin, half the tests were positive, and half were negative, for any particular thing. Which it was, it was a toss of a coin, you see.


Now you see, we've been brainwashed for so long, and this is vital to understand, through countless ways, with Bernays and the ideas of, and it used to be corporations that he did the PR propaganda work for and things like that.  It escalated from there through fiction, mainly on television programs and so on.  Mainly, and I know in Britain it was aimed mainly at the women on soaps like Dr. Kildare and things like that. And they'd all think, what a wonderful young man, you know, good looking young man, what a wonderful, and they're all swooning and all that.


And this guy could, he didn't sleep because he worried about his patients that much.  You wouldn't believe it. You wouldn't believe how dedicated this guy was. He wasn't in it for the money, you see. He knew his patients by who they were, everything about them, they were like personal friends of his, it's just instant friendship. But he couldn't sleep when he worried, and in the middle of the night sometimes, you know, it was voilà, it would just hit him you know, well there's the answer to the problem. And all the women would swoon and say what a dedicated young, they all wanted to be hitched to this guy, you see. And that really did start the ball rolling for millions of people across the world watching these soaps.


Then they go into Emergency Ward 10, you see, another fictional thing. There's the emergency staff, but again, now you go into the personal lives of them, that we're just ordinary people too, with ordinary problems. And in amongst all their ordinary problems you had all the politically correct agendas, [Alan chuckles.] like what do you do in a promiscuous society and things like that.  So, and now it's, how do you manage any problems, etc. etc. And that's how you're brainwashed.


But again, this hospital, you'd all want to be in it. Because everybody in their who worked there, they didn't sleep. These people who don't sleep, like Dr. Kildare and all the rest of them, they never have bags under their eyes or anything. They never start making mistakes and spilling their coffee because they're half sleeping. No, these people are on the ball. I guess dedication just makes you so alert and well, right.  Maybe that's the key to health, is to love people so much that you're not there for a paycheck, it's to help them.


You see, the hospitals today too are public-private. They've been public-private for a long time in the socialist countries.  The American companies, if you want to call them American, it's okay, they might not even be American really but there's chains of these things across the planet now.  The governments, in public-private you pay for all the cost of everything and they take the profit. That's the wonders of it. And if you forget that for a second, that that's why they're really there is for business, it's a big business, you see, forget all your propaganda because it doesn't work out that way.


Again, people are fallible. Obviously.  They don't think so, a lot of them, but they're fallible. And they'll soak up the PR things about who goes into hospital, like you see, it doesn't matter who you are, if you're a nobody, you'll never get your name mentioned.  But you get a celebrity going in and oh my God, we're all concerned about it, oh.  Just like the soaps, you see, oh my goodness, will Jim be back in time for his date with so-and-so? Talking about the soap, he's in the hospital right now hey.  This is the junk your head is full of.


Because you're dealing with a business.  Now, the business is not even the same business that it used to be years ago. The British system for instance had a good national health service initially.  And like everything else it becomes ultra-politicized.  Eventually towards the end of it, and I can actually tell you when the end really was even though it still pretends it's going. But it was so highly unionized in different parts, all different kinds of unions for different segments of the hospital staff, that things were dysfunctional. And again too, the country wasn't training domestically enough doctors either for the job. So, you had all kinds of conflicts between differing groups, even people coming into the countries from different parts of the countries fighting with each other. In the hospital. I'm talking about staff.  Then once you bring political correctness into it and priority hiring’s, priority promotions, in other words people will get promoted not for the fact of their abilities, then things go down the hill very quickly. And in any area, that's sensible too.


But the hospital system like in Britain is a profit-making thing for those who work inside it. I'm talking about the bigger, the higher staff and specialists and so on. It's just incredible [Alan chuckles.] what they take home with them. Honestly, it truly is. And Canada is the same.  So, you get away from this Dr. Kildare idea that he's there because they love you, that's why they're there, right.  Cancel that out right away.


And today you don't have in the hospitals the purpose that they were founded upon, was to help the infirmed. That's why they were called infirmaries, they are infirmed.  And folk often get it confused with old folks’ homes and hospitals. Hospital is not an old person's home, and so your general hospital has all age groups within it, you see. And they're supposed to deal with disease, that's part of their function. They have teams of infectious disease specialists that work there and so on. So, hospitals are meant to do the purpose that they are there for. However, so much has really changed.


Because as I mentioned last week and the weeks before and even long long before that, we do live... have... Get away from the fictional side of things and look at the real world. An incredible evil prospers because we're trained to be naïve.  And they say, oh nobody would do that, nobody would do that. You understand, there's no weapon made that hasn't been used.  That's why they're made.  They don't make things to take photographs and stand beside it, so they can show their grandchildren. And often the guys who work with it don't think they're going to live long enough to have grandchildren. 


But in the world of science today, the scientist, remember, are the new high priests in the white coats, that's their uniform, the white coat.  And doctors have the stethoscope hanging around, because that was all popularized by movies by the way and television dramas, not by reality. Having something hanging around your neck like that, if you try to run, if there's a particular code gets sounded in the hospital, it’s a very impractical thing to do.  And when it falls on the floor it's rather dirty, especially the hospital, so you don't want to touch the patients with that after you drop 'em.  So, having it around your neck is a bad place.


But that's what they do, well this is why I am, you see.  That distinguishes you from a local grocer who might also wear a white coat, you see.  Hm.  He might have a sprig of parsley tied to his lapel, and that's okay. Everything today is symbology and who do you think they are, etc. But people really aren’t there in this day and age with the same motivations to help anybody, except maybe themselves and their status. 


I'm not the first person to mention this. Professor Carroll Quigley talked about it in his book Tragedy and Hope in one of the chapters about the up-and-coming, it would be the middle class in the US, how the greed factor and the system of the culture was literally dog-eat-dog to climb to the top.  That the medical industry would literally go to the dogs in a sense - and I hate the expression, I like dogs - but it would fall apart because of the greed factor as everybody rushed into it as a place to get money, supposedly there to help.


Do you realize the 1920s and even in the 30s up until that period into the 40s, people who went into medicine often, at one point, at one time came from the wealthier classes? They didn't need the cash so much. And they did do house calls, they really did. They did know their area people, the people in their community, they did know them.  You try getting that kind of service today, it's not going to happen.


The hospitals today are not there just to help people out of any kind of love for the people. They are there because it's a business and they've all been trained today in the science which adapted into it, you know, situation ethics and bioethics, who should live and who should die.  It's a rather frightening place to go into today if you know you’re already ticked off before you go in as savable, not savable, or they're going to determine why they even bother treating you, I'm not kidding you, that's what it is. And the hospitals too by the way, which are into euthanasia these days, is not a place… You'd better start thinking and reevaluating what these places are.  Hm?


I mean Dr. Kildare didn't say back in the old days, when he was asked out for, he didn't have dates, you see, he would just accept meeting some woman for a cup of coffee, that was as far as they went, you see.  But he didn't say I'm sorry, I can't make it, I've got 10 patients to euthanize, you know. We've turned a whole different way and direction of what it is today.  Until you even have, and I think Canada in Ontario and they had an article about a glut, a glut of organs harvested thanks, thanks, it was a glowing report to our policies now for assisted suicide, or you know, euthanasia. That's what it is, promoting it like a good thing.


So, you have to really, really think about things. So, you're seeing in Italy, and Italians haven't gone all the way to just see us all as paychecks, the patients that is.  They haven't seen us all as different, oh, you're savable, I've decided I'll save you, but I won't save you. According to your social status as well by the way, that's part of what's going to save you or not.  I'm not kidding you.  As we are all equal in such social systems as we have in Canada for instance.  'Eh?  What a joke that is. 


But you have to get it through our heads, I suppose, that it's overwhelmed... And we only have X amount or a limited supply of medications to treat them with. Well, we've got to give it to the ones who are, who've got a better chance of pulling through, 'eh.  And they've got a whole list, checklist of young people, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and you know. 


Getting back to what hospitals were. It was for generally the older people who were getting infirmed. You're not so infirmed when you're young, you see. You become infirmed when you get older. And they call them infirmaries.  And you did everything you could to save life. Because life at that time was called, a strange thing, it was called precious, you see. Precious.  And people believed that. And you did all you could. When someone went into hospital, they didn't say, oh they're going to do their best to kill me gently. No, no. They didn't.  That wasn't done then, you see.


Today they've got special teams that come and see you. And the nicest person you'll meet in the hospital. I met them in the 2016 when I ended up in there and I was coughing blood, a similar thing as this thing here, hm.  And they have their little team there and they're looking at you like three monkeys, you know.  So in the hospital that I went to in Canada back then the nicest guy who came back, and he was the only one who came back occasionally to tell me how I was progressing and about how the tests were and all the rest of it. 


I could tell he was trained in being nice, you see. And when he wasn't sure if I had cancers or what the heck it was, I didn't know, my lungs were a mess. And he'd come up and say, well you can always think about the future, it all depends how you see things, you know.  In other words, getting you ready for the big, the big decision, you see. But very pleasantly so.  They know how to do it. And they've got training for it, all kinds of responses from different types of people, you see. And whatever you'd say, he had an immediate response.  Okay, yeah, use this response in situation C3 or whatever. And I was quite aware of this [Alan laughing.]  in the hospital, that's what it was. And sure enough, I mean, he had a kind of clinic place, or home that he would take people that were on the way, you know, on the big journey and deal with them and so on.


All properly, I'm sure. Again, just like as I said Soylent Green where in the book as they called it, Charlton Heston's kind of manager there, the guy kept the books going and read to him from the books and kept everything straight, he went for euthanasia. And had a great sendoff.  In a world that was supposedly overcrowded, that was the idea for Make Room, Make Room was the book that it came from, the actual movie Soylent Green.  So yeah, the book had a great sendoff. Nice people talk to him and nice music was played. Nice old wildlife scenes were there.  And that was it, you see.  M-hm.  That was the end of the book.


So, we live in a system really that’s well-controlled today with so many branches of science. My personal opinion is that we're going down hill so quickly from the idea of being human, by all the incredible useless degrees that are churned out from universities across the planet. This is a fairly new thing, this idea that you're all supposed to go to university. Who said that?  Hm?  You see, when you had all kinds of factories, and you had all kinds of tech schools as well, as opposed to just having your universities.  Germany was a great leader in this, they turned out tradesmen from all, in all kinds of professions, really top-class world people for the whole of Europe basically, way ahead of anybody else.  Except for maybe Japan.


You see, factories are so important. Because most folk didn't go to university. Now they expect to go. You can get degrees in belly dancing now here, you know, and things like that and all kinds of social politics and divisions of social politics that it's like multiple divisions of Marxism basically and specialist areas of Marxist thought and all that kind of stuff. We're falling apart with all this nonsense.


And they end up, in the scientific groups and the study groups and statistics groups, have all got their hands out for life in little companies they join up looking for grants to live on, you see, so they can spew forth studies have shown that blah blah blah. And you say, well that's just so fascinating, you know, I didn't know how many ants did strange sexual things together on a Friday afternoon once a year. I mean, I could live without it to be honest with you. But yet, this is the sort of stuff they churn out, endless rubbish, you see.


But then you have the other ones too who work in the labs.  Hm.  I read the articles over the years, because once in a blue moon authorities are so fed up of having to pay collapsed loans and grants to these people, or they abscond with the cash or whatever it happens to be, because that happens too.  Will admit that all these things that they, oh did you know that eventually scientists hope to blah blah blah and hope to do this, are generally countered or turned over, and the studies have found that this does that and this does, are basically contradicted with subsequent studies. Most of it is bunkum! 


But they got to churn something out to pretend that they're actually doing something for their big grants. Really, that's what it's all about. It's all about that. And how many years have you read that white wine is a good thing, another year it's a bad thing, and it's best to try red wine to save your heart.  You know?  Then it will come out after that, oh it's bad to take wine at all with certain conditions. Then they're back to the white wine again before you know it. Then the red again. It's just an endless circle of the same old reports, that saves them even writing new ones for their big grants. It's just astonishing.


So again, getting back to hospitals. If you go into a hospital and your friends go in, you should make sure you have an advocate, someone who will stand up for you no matter what happens. No matter WHAT the doctors tell them.  Because they have, as I say, ones who are basically trying to persuade you what to do, what they want you to do. They're very good. You'll like them. They fit right into a soap opera, you know, there's so concerned. As they persuade you.  Oh, well, I guess so...  You should have someone there who's going to stand up for you.


Do you know why? To make sure you come out of the place alive!  Because is not the old style at all of, maybe you get an occasional, used to have great country hospitals, small hospitals where more relaxed people weren't caught up in the rat race, you see, so much. And if you're caught up in the rat race, you're more inclined to become a bit of a rat yourself.  You start to adapt and adopt these particular memes that go across, you know, people are really just, there's just too many people, and people over a certain age should, maybe shouldn't live anyway, you know.  Isn't it sad when you actually hear folks saying this kind of thing in this day and age? And never dawns on them that the age will get lowered [Alan chuckles.] until they are in it.


No one bothers to read Julian Huxley's ideas for the socialist society that was to be controlled on behalf of his elite group that he worked for.  They gave you socialism, you see, we'll be your champions, you'll all fall for it, but we'll guide and shape you into the system that we wish to have. We'll dethrone you from your throne as being the superior creature on the planet and bring the level of your status down to that of the animal, or below.  Until basically they'll tell you, your life isn't worth...  ding, ding, you know.  You little piece of awful protoplasm, you.  And that's how things are done, folks. Everything's done with incredible psychology in this day and age. The Bernays techniques are all through society and all through the so-called professions, at every possible level.


Now, back to the unfolding of the, I was going to say the Martian law but it's the martial law. Well maybe Martian may be pretty good for it too, the God of war, hey.  Because that's where the word actually really comes from.  But we are going through a NATO system step-by-step-by step in tandem. As they say, the first step is lie to the public and pretend nothing is happening, to you, you'll be fine. The second step is when the media that's been silent up until then, or at least they've been told to attack anyone who is saying this could be a problem and call you conspiracy nuts and so on, who are all on board with it because they are all privately owned cartels who all know each other and work together in clubs on behalf of the governing system, which is not yours.


Then the third step is when they're told, they're told this on the same day, they've known in advance, but they're actually given a date, now it's implemented, terrify the public. And they go into hyper mode, way more than conspiracy theory, you know.  Until they do a good job of it. I listened to one guy who works way up at the CDC in an interview and he said that. And he was asked, why don’t you terrify the public? He said, well yes, we are, yeah. He says, because now it's time to get them to take it seriously, just to terrify them. And that's what the media is there for, well, to be very afraid.


But there's nowhere you can get any, ANY, any consistent information on this disease, anywhere at all.  It's part of it too, it's obviously deliberate, right, the idea of not giving you concise information that makes any kind of sense. Have you noticed that? In the same articles they'll have contradictions, maybe five contradictions on what they're telling you are the facts. In the same article. By themselves contradicting themselves. 


And then they'll give you total coronavirus cases, at least the Covid 19, which they're now calling SARS 2 Covid 19.  They'll give you the total cases sometimes, for a province of Canada or a state in the US as an example, or even a city. So, you look at the total and you say okay, okay, wow, okay.  But then they have after it different categories of it such as recovered.  And you see this tiny number, like 5 out of 400. And you're left wondering, okay did the rest of them die or what? I mean, five of them recovered? Who's making this stuff up?


Because you would think when you look through it there’d be an awful lot more folk recovered than five. And you'd have a justification of why they're telling you this and how many recovered previously, if it's done by the day or the week or… Because they won't even tell you that. It's like, is this today? Is this today's number today? Like 400 new ones got it?  Or is that the total that's been from the beginning?  You know? I've never seen anything in my life like this. I really haven't.  And I'm not the only person that's mentioned it. I mean, there's other people, people in the professions that are saying what on earth is this? Because that's the first thing you think, okay 400 odd people got it, five recovered, okay.


Then you go into the same articles by the same authors in the same papers, or even government studies sort of thing, or health studies, and they'll say that we don't have the testing kits, but we're going to get them. And then of course the top ones, the people at the top will say, well yeah we are.. we are... Then you say, okay, well how did they, they've got confirmed cases down.  And you say, okay, confirmed cases, right?  How are they confirming it? 


Are they using, you see, I know that in Canada they're not using the MRIs and so on like they do in China. Every hospital there has got quite a few MRIs, they can really go one after the other, boom, boom, boom.  Here in Canada in Ontario, I'm not kidding you, like CAT scans as well, you could be on the books for a year. Easily.  But there, they can actually diagnose it, particularly the mottling of it and the patterning, in the lungs you can see the patterning of it. And in the blood or even the tissue samples and so on, so you can do it that way too. But most countries are using, oddly enough, signs and symptoms.


Now, the signs and symptoms are so incredibly varied.  If you've got maybe 15 signs and symptoms, or even 20 signs and symptoms, and I've seen that for this thing, you know, you may have, and then they'll tell you the classic signs.  But then they'll tell you in the same article that not everyone gets ALL the signs and symptoms. Which is normal in medicine, you know. Then you get these oddball signs and symptoms and a lot of them could be anything at all.


I was thinking about, you know, I know that when this happened and broke out in China in January, China also admitted that there were two of the, like the others, it was H5N1, I know H1N1 broke out about the same time as these flu strains, the annual type ones, but they're slightly different from the usual ones that you vaccinate for. So, you've got another two strains going through the countries at the same time, and along with previous strains right. 


Now remember when one of the big flu pandemics, you might call it an epidemic came through a few years ago? I did the stories on the radio at the time and I followed it closely because they were hyping it up, hyping it up, and hyping it up.  And I thought, well, how are they testing for this one? Because eventually, and in quite a quick time period they actually said, it was announced that doctors were told if anybody with a runny nose, and maybe a cough or maybe a fever, hm, like a head cold, put them down as this, just take for granted that's the flu. And so, you had this massive figure of folk with the flu and at a time when most folk just had a common cold or the sniffles that you wouldn't even diagnose, you know. 


In the spring in Canada too you get incredible fungus breaking out, even in the snow, you know. I get that, I'm so sensitized I just, I start, you know, my nose starts going. And you'll get the mold too, even in the houses, you've got to scrub them.  Because when you've had maybe about 6 feet sometimes of snow, surrounding the walls of your house and it's going down and down, and that starts the stuff, it really makes a big difference inside the house on any drywall and so on and you'll see mold appearing occasionally. That's what happens. Quite common here in these wooden type houses, 'eh.


So anyway, again getting back to the facts.  After reading about the cases for instance for Ontario and different parts of the country, then you realize, no, they're not testing folk. And then they give you this new thing where, oh yeah, you've got all these different places on the Internet, and here's the phone numbers too. And you get five different places to phone to get a person who might be a real person and start speaking to you. You could spend days on this thing. No kidding you. So that they'll decide whether you have to get treatment or not. They've already done it across the world, they're telling folk without any treatment or even testing, just self-quarantine.


Right.  No testing.  But they'll go down, you see, first as presumed cases, and eventually the presumed bit disappears and they just put it down as confirmed, even though they haven't been seen. That happened before as I say, with the previous two big flus that went through over a few years ago. So that's what's happening now too.


Obviously if you're not getting actual, any kind of test, there's an awful big chance you've got some other flu, or cold, a head cold, or even that plus allergies.  That comes in as I say with the molds that we have when the snow starts to go down when a bit of warm weather comes in occasionally, that's very common.  So, everybody's getting put down as presumed cases, you see. The other day I looked up Pennsylvania for a person who phoned me. Na, I phoned him.  Oh no, he phoned, me, yeah.  He wanted to know what they're saying in the newspapers about the confirmed cases there.  And they had the same kind of thing, it was identical to Ontario really with so many cases and presumed, and confirmed, right. It says at the bottom, this is from a government site down there, from the local government site.  It said…


We shall have better results...


(Alan:  After giving you all these statistics and so on, right...)


…better results when the primary, (A:  I think it was…) the primary set of testing kits are delivered.


They didn't have the kits there to test this out, how were they confirming it? Because they're not taking them in and out to do what the Chinese have been doing, in the West, our system is so broken with greed it would take you forever to get an appointment for an MRI test, as an example.  There is an awful lot of presuming going on. I presume. As far as I can tell. 


And yet, as I say, the world has been terrified, terrified, terrified like never before. We know that the SARS, and this is confirmed by China itself, who also I can remember way back years ago when the SARS came out in 2003 I think it was, 2003 to 2004 and the big panic in Toronto, it was pretty well through the Chinese community, you see. It didn't seem to be catching on amongst people of other ethnic groups.  And it was really bad because I can remember too when a lot of Chinese had died in a week or so in Toronto and a local mortician, it was a Chinese mortician, they came down with it, I think five of them got it, that were dealing with the corpses. It was so virulent, this strain.  But again, that was contained.


But China did, after that, do studies and they actually wondered, and said it, that this was like a bio ethnic specific strain, like warfare type thing. Which is not unheard of, and sort of conspiracy minded, when you have top laboratories like Porton Downs in England that had, I keep telling the people about the fantastic interview that was given, very very rare interview.  A reporter got in, even for the breakfast starting in the morning with the scientists as they came in to work, were talking about their ethnic specific diseases, as though they were talking about pruning the roses, you know, it was just such a common chat.  Back then.


So, countries can be excused from wondering, especially when these types of rather exotic types of diseases didn't exist before as such. Not the way they are now. And not the way either when you see so many, so many, again we're churning out people to be scientists, scientists, all with their hands out, you see, who all want their names in the history books for discovering something or creating something.


Right down to that article I put up before from a Harvard professor who deals with training people for bio labs and so on. Asking if they should be using the laboratories to create potentially deadly pandemic diseases? Why are they creating it? Well, the excuse is that well, we're trying to predict a thousand different ways that this virus might mutate.  What it's like to me is someone who gets a basic, basic machine gun, you see, and they say I wonder how I could alter this thing, if you could jump ahead and see how it improves in 100 years times, all the different varieties that they could make with this machine. And then you do it yourself anyway, until you've got a thousand barrels all pointing in the wrong directions. That's pretty well what they're doing in these labs.


They get around the biowarfare like treaties by pretending, well we're doing it for health reasons.  We're creating brand-new diseases to see if this virus might mutate in this direction.  One of the most terrifying things was when a few years back I read the article at the time too when there were people out to try and dig up corpses in permafrost from the 1918 flu pandemic. And they got samples, that they revived, and admitted, and then write ups of how wonderful it is they had revived the most deadly flu we'd ever known.  At least recorded, who knows how long flu has been around, 'eh?  Before people even wrote about it, but ever recorded by us anyway. 


And how wonderful it was.  And the next thing, a few years later, and I knew it was going to come, some scientists had altered it yet again to see if this thing could ever, if it ever returned by itself, which was pretty well impossible, then maybe it would mutate into this way or that way or that way, you know. And I said, here we go. And we're all sitting waiting for it to happen. There's no sanity here. But again, this is a human problem obviously with human people doing it and being lauded as science takes off as the new God. They're the gods, you see.  You're not supposed to question science. At all. They are telling you what to do.


I noticed too, recently, the scientists had informed presidents and prime ministers to ban congregations at churches meeting until this is all over. Interesting, that, as they impose, again, the laws of the world on the laws of the Godhead. Interesting.  And they’re training the people, oh yeah, you'd better obey or else.  Well, what about social distancing? I mean, the churches are pretty well empty anyway. If you're all sitting, you know, like 30 feet apart, that's pretty safe isn't it?  No.


You see, there's a lot of agendas getting fulfilled right now. And they never let a good crisis go to waste, as they say. I've actually repeated that in so many talks, years and years ago from the CFR.  I couldn't believe it, every crisis there was from 9/11, to 7/7 in Britain, to the bank crashes in 2007/8, these characters at the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs were coming out and saying, you know we could really use this disaster to our advantage. We could really use this disaster to fulfill our agendas. That was one of the ones that started at 9/11, by the way. I even know who did it and said it, and I've got the article here.


But, when you look at what's happening now with the companies getting millions and millions, from all countries, maybe billions, thrown at them, oh save us, save us, tax money, ooooooo, save us.  And there they go at it. You understand, they don't have to guarantee they're going to create anything to help you. It's great money, that. You know, great work if you can get it, isn't it?  M-hm.


As I say, the figures just don't add up at all. Anywhere. I mean, why don't they give you this... Why don't they give you...  Well....  It's a rhetorical question, but why don't they give you a comparison, with every report they give you on this one, where they're lumping everybody in with all kinds of flu, in with it, what the normal flu rate should be, the average? …to make your own mind up. And if it's hammering at some countries worse than others, once again, ethnic specific, you know, ethno specific?  And we do know that the receptors and so on are different in different people in the lungs, that literally activate this type of virus to start going, become more virulent. 


IT'S OFFICIAL: Chinese Scientists Find Genetic Explanation for Coronavirus Discriminating By Race - / 4 March 2020


There's so much of the agendas here. And yeah, you will definitely, if they can get their way, don't forget there is a big movement for the permanent ID, 'eh.  ID2020 it's called.  That was with Bill Gates involved in it and the usual characters, the new masters that we don't elect, they just seem to appear. You know, the giants that they make, you know, the hidden masters have come forward and they'll be telling you, you're not gonna drive anymore, and you got to live this way, and you're going to live in austerity because you're getting rationing coming down the pike and so on and so on.


But there's nothing happening in any logical sequence. That's what makes folk wonder.  Pandemic.  Well, why would you still have jets, and you can actually still book them and go around the world to infected areas and then come back in?  Hm?  That's… Do you really want to believe they're just stupid at the top? No. No. It doesn't wash. It doesn't wash. When you see that happening, there's other motives going on here. Until they build up enough numbers to make the problem, perhaps, hm, and then say, oh dear we've got a problem now. Well, who would've guessed, 'eh?


It makes no sense at all. And then they're not supposedly equipped for it all, medical-wise or even facemask-wise we're told as well. Even now under emergency powers every year the big agencies, and the US is a good example with FEMA, they have massive stockpiles of things they use in all kinds of martial law type scenarios, from radioactive fallout to any kind of biowarfare to whatever. They have all that stuff. 


But once again, how stupid are we?  We didn't decide to give all the businesses to China. The politicians were told to sign the agreements and get into the agreements starting with the NAFTA deal.  And then getting expanded into the USMCA or whatever they call it now. Same thing. And they've expanded it even further with Obama's pacific rim agreement.  So, they're involved in it too. It's all meshed into one as they keep just changing names of things. It's the same agenda.


You're living through incredible agendas. Which are never dropped. Never dropped. Including the wars against Syria. Still going on.  And Iran, still going on, you know. Even in… This is a great time to really hit them, when they're on their knees, or they’re almost on their faces actually, and they're hitting them and hitting them and hitting them. Because there's agendas to be fulfilled, on the list of the PNAC group. And then there's big business it's going to take in. And then there's a different way of living.


What were they on about for years at the World Economic Forum, and the Club of Rome?  They would use the climate thing as the big bugaboo to bring about all the socialistic control policies on the whole planet.  And at the last big climate when they had, oh, people are not listening enough, and we’ll have to get more authoritarian and demand who could have children and who will not have children. The old socialist agendas on behalf of those who ran the Fabian societies from the 1920s and 30s, that's what they said then they'd do. Nothing changes.


You're going through incredibly long-term agendas through foundations, etc. And foundations can live for centuries. They fulfill the same goals. They have all the time in the world to do it.  They train every generation that they hire, once they bring them into it, do the work and then they retire, and there's already people taking over.  You can't lose when you have that, with all the money on the planet to back you up. Because the guys own all the money on the planet that own these foundations. All of them. That's what you're living through.


First patient to get coronavirus vaccine today as hopes for cure emerge / 16 March 2020


So, you're living through a system where you’re terrified.  The press is saying be very terrified. You can't make head nor tails and your governments, and this is what makes the panic happen, are all telling you, be very terrified.  But they're not telling you, they tell you to go home and quarantine, the whole, just go home and stay there with no follow-up, like, okay how is your state designed to get any food to you, as an example?


The folk in the cities have been cleaning out... Some of them are sitting waiting at seven in the morning now I hear, even in the local cities.  They we're going to give an hour in the morning, you probably had the same in the States and elsewhere. This is the global program as they unleash it. Well what about the old folk? Well, we'll tell them to come in at seven in the morning, 'eh.  All the old folk, you know. All the infirmed ones, again, that they want to eradicate, seven in the morning and they can have an hour shopping. Well, if the old folk are getting stampeded over by other ques of every other age group, just trying to get in...  It's mayhem and madness. 


And you had this farce in Canada.  It's a really wonderful farce because Canada is so politically correct, because we're called progressive. All the things that you can't fathom at all as existing and being good for you in society, which they always give prizes to each other for doing, they say, well Canada, we're different, we won't need all this kind of authoritarian thing as they have in the States, we'll use the people's natural good judgment and we'll just tell them what we'll do, and they'll do it, because we're socialist, you see. 


[Alan laughing.]   I think we were cleaned out before the States was cleaned out with the stores and the shelves and so on.  [Alan laughing.]   It's just astonishing. But I don't blame the people. Because you're terrified. Government has not laid out anything saying go home and self-isolate, quarantine, and we'll make sure that we can get food to you and here's how it will happen and blah blah blah. No, nothing like that at all.  Just go home and stay there, and what? Starve? Is that the idea?  Hm?   Or like, you know, Canada you know, just go home and quarantine yourself.  I mean you can live on hope or something.  Maybe you can just, you know, clutching the little red flag and wave it.  You've got your flag to keep you warm, your socialist flag.  Who knows? Because it's a farce.


And you cannot believe that the people are just so Idiocracy, it's Idiocracy.  You can't just believe that. No. There's always a method as they say to the madness.  Always.  And things will get pushed in big time.  So, this is intended obviously, the stores getting cleaned out. And you know, I've had reports of folk, and I understand folk trying to get enough to get through months. Because they've had no warnings from government, or no advice that we're going to make sure that after a month we'll… No, no. Nothing like that. Nothing. Zilch.


So, it's generally a small minority with the cash, big cash, who are literally filling rooms with stuff up.  Some guy was on the Internet with a photograph, and he's like laying in a whole room of toilet roles.  A roomful, you know. And I got a report that someone saw a woman with five of these big pushcarts that you get at the grocery stores, five of them, I don't know if she link them all together like a train pulling them, loaded up like you wouldn't believe. That's how crazy folk are getting right now.


And obviously, of course it's designed that there's nothing left for anybody else.  The government made it that way. They've terrified the public with photographs from China for about three months.  Then they're showing you how to be terrified and very afraid.  Then they unleash it here. With no follow-up as to here's what we're going to do and just stay calm.  You see, no one trusts the governments because they're such liars. I could go on and on about them, but the fact is, that's the basic thing too.


Now, one thing that's for sure, as you well know, some of these world leaders, all of them actually, they're all on antivirals, the stuff that you aren't going to get, or going to get to see. They will not get written off at the hospital, oh, you're a bit too old or, you know, whatever it is, and, we're not going to treat you.  No, no. The earth will get moved to save them. Because we live in such a class ridden communist society. And in socialist communism there's an incredible hierarchy of more important people, and that's the truth of it, who love to praise each other on how wonderful they are and all the great jobs they've done and everything.


I can remember giving the talk, talking about euthanasia and all the rest of it and writing folk off as dollars and cents. Even though you've paid into it for years and years and years, maybe your whole life, into the healthcare system because they take it off you, you know, the cash.  But then they write you off, they just write you off when you need it.  Bioethics, 'eh?  Well who…? I didn't vote any bioethicists in.  And who was the idiot who came up with, oh, we've got to decide who should live and die, you know, it's a good way to go, in a world where there's going to be too many of, you know, the wrong people.  Quite amazing, 'eh.


So, as I say, keep calm, folks.  And no, you're not going crazy.  You're all getting the same conflicting reports, as I say, when even in the same articles by, say, one author, you find them giving you about 10 different opinions and contradictions on the same topics and things, and statistics. To deliberately keep you confused. Obviously. Obviously. 


And following the movie scripts too, it's wonder if they're going to put up some of these big inflatable outside tents, just like the movies they've trained you into the last few years, you know. And oh, here they go. To scare you even more suppose.  I can remember in London; in London they were gonna put them in the big big parks and stuff. To make sure everybody sees them.


This is the strategy they used to get World War II going before it happened, telling folk to be very terrified and get volunteers to dig up trenches.  This was the Royal Institute of International Affairs and had stated this, Quigley had their reports and their records because he had access to all their archives.  They all got together, all the media moguls, who were the members of this organization too, all of them, and they worked together to terrify the public. You see, terrify the public, get them on board until they think there's really… And then they'll start hating Germany.


Before the war starts, get them to hate the country you're going to fight with, you see.  By saying they're coming, going to gas you.  Oh, so, let's dig trenches in London because we're going to get gassed. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?  Then they issued gas mask to everybody. Even though there was nothing in any reports from Germany that they were going to gas anybody. But oh, they're going to come across in waves of aircraft and just gas you.


Mind you, they had already done HG Wells Things To Come movie where they did, they were the “Freemasonry of the air,” remember that one? That's in the movie, in the book, Things To Come.  Very long protracted type of war against some other nation.  Guess who it would be? And eventually the Freemasons of the air would have to go over these little settlements that survived, that returned to kind of barbaric feudalism, and the Freemasons of the air would go over and gas them all. And then they'd come down in parachutes and round up the leaders and stuff and then create a new world. 


That was released in the 1930s too, getting them already for World War II.  So, when you went in, oh, they're all going to get, Germany's going to gas you all from the air. You see how they work it out? Predictive programming over and over, 'eh.  So, here's gas masks and every mom had to have them for herself and her children. Every person. It was a fine to go outside your home without your gas mask, and your little tin hat, you know. But definitely without your gas mask, that was a big one.


Now, you can really see the buildup to it.  We had years of movies with these inflatable tents, 'eh.  And you never go into them because in the movies they always show you it's horrific with these guys in suits and stuff, the hazmat suits, they have special oxygen and so on.  And they've got people there who shoot you if you try to run away, which is the NATO policy by the way, I hope you understand that if you don't follow directions and so on.


And how many movies have you had too, with culling’s, The Thinning and everything else, they've churned out there over the years?  Too many of you.  And how are you going to bring you into austerity?  Well, we've got to start rationing things.  Why we rationing things? Because there's nothing left in the stores. Why is that?  Because you've petrified the public into taking everything and panicking.  Cause-and-effect. Cause-and-effect. Cause-and-effect.  It's just too obvious, isn't it?


So, don't think you're going to come out of this, and I really believe this, they really don't want… I looked at some articles from some of the big shots and they actually believe that they could continue this for a few years if they want to, step-by-step, with austerity, just like World War II. Britain in World War II, they were still issued ration cards up until 1952 or 53. I hope you understand what they can play with in these sorts of games.


Now they're talking about the digital rationing card, etc.  And even having special IDs for your cars.  If you go to pick up groceries and things, they have that all set up already, even in Walmart I believe there's police at the moment, eventually it will come to the military, they'll know how many times you visit that store in that week, things like that, you see.


It's true, some people are so panicked that if a man and woman and, say, one offspring and they've all got cars, they are all taking different stores every day, and then the next day each one will change, so's that there's different identities.  The son will go to a different store that day and so on, so they all swap around the stores.  So, they can't be accused of, you know, and they're literally taking everything they can get their hands on.  They must be borrowing money, thousands of bucks to just keep buying and buying and buying. It's just astonishing.


And the thing is, what they don't know is, this is all planned. Even your panic buying into mass collections of food. It covers as a lot of things. But the military eventually have to go door-to-door, that's what they do, if they're following, and they seem to be following the book, right, step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  Then they go around door-to-door to see who's been hoarding. And then they take it. [Alan chuckles.]


By me saying that, you see, and they start looking for other places to hide it all, then they're all getting, they don't even know they're getting watched. You probably, you know, people who used to watch the old scientific rubbish on TV. Well scientists have put something in this little mouse's brain, on this rat's brain. And they've got wooden mazes and things and this little... And they give them little names just for the camera because they're just numbers in reality for the scientists. This one here is going to get from here to here.  And they've got a little maze to go through from here to here to here, and they've got four choices to make and blah, blah, blah, blah.  And they have predictions, after stimulating parts of the brain, of which way it's going to go.


Oh, we have neuroscientists and behavioral scientists on behavioral insights teams and we have all social media that's on board with this, that was officially pronounced back in November before it supposedly broke out at the meeting that they had to plan the emergency, you see, on a tabletop you know scenario as they called it. With the same characters who were to be in control. And they went through it all. And how the people would react and how they expect them to react. And how they all lie to them about this and lie to them about that. And even prompt them this way to do that, knowing they do the opposite. You're getting used and abused and stimulated and you don't even know it.  [Alan laughing.]   You see, you’re following an agenda unwittingly that the Masters laid out for you.


And everyone is photo IDed in the stores. Automatically.  Hm.  Your car's automatically photo IDed by the cameras on top of the big lights in the parking lots at the supermarkets. And I'm not kidding you. Yes, they do. It's cheap to do. It's not like they're having to put any money on you. Everybody's getting done.  Matched instantly, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun.  Print up. 


But can you blame the folks too, the ordinary fork. But as they say, governments have laid out nothing, absolutely nothing about how they're going to, they’re ordering the folk to stay home in some places, right, and yet, they aren't telling them how they're going to get food you or whatever.  And d'you think that's just a mistake or they just forgot or something?


Everything that happens is very very deliberate and professional teams of manipulators, expert manipulators are working on you, all of you.  All of you. All the time. And the first thing is to give up all your rights. Okay, okay.  9/11 part 2, 'eh.  You've got little, literally goons, goons telling you what to do and how to behave and what you must do next, that are called politicians and mayors and things like that.


Just amazing, as they come to the fore, you know, with their amazing, amazing and astonishing and astounding declarations of what they're going to do and how you'd better obey it, you know. If the countries are collapsed, isn't it wonderful of the big unification?  As soon as this was announced this was coming, people who were in the World Health Organization as an example, in the backgrounds of it but still occasionally public, were rubbing their hands in glee about, oh this could bring, this could really force world government to come into being.  Generally, they call it world governance, but world government, you see. Centralized authority on everything, food distribution, water distribution, energy distribution.  The technocrats are loving that because they're into energy, you see.  A new way of living.


Right down to, do you realize, just like they said at the last climate meeting, how much one person who gets born, one child, how much they're going to consume in their life and how much carbon is going to get produced.  Well, it's like a big debt to society before you even start. Well wait a minute here, who are these people? Who are calling you a consumer of goods and a producer of the carbon, 'eh, compared to themselves?  Always keep things grounded, right. They have no more right to tell you how to live, right, as you have about them.


But you have the right to tell them to get off your back as being utter hypocrites because it seems to me they're alive at the same time, probably eating a lot more than you are, and consuming a lot more than you are, and a lot more goods and electricity and goodness knows what else, you know.   When you start getting subservient, oh I guess they’re right. What d’you mean then? They're not… Are they royalty or something? And if they were, so what? That's… you're being trained into the next step. 


And yes, out of this will come, if they can get austerity really really going, there's another massive incentive not to have any children, 'eh?  Especially for you lot. For the nations, the countries that still have intact families, and you know who they are, man, woman and children, then for most families who invest heavily in their offspring, which they do, they're going to be successful.  The Western societies have had about a 70-year war upon their brains and their culture, deliberately planned and executed right up to the present state, until, I'm sorry to say, they are finished, pretty well finished for most folk.


The Western societies too, had this strange idea of freedom because it came from societies which were feudal, you see, feudal, really really feudal until not that long ago in actuality. They would, you were trained, you had a massive working class. That's what they depended upon for feudal systems, for serfs, that were slaves basically, you are bought and sold with the land and, you know, that was freedom back then.  You pretty well owned nothing because everything is owned by the Lords in the manors and all that.  The reality was that the stock that came out of that never really got away from it.


Because for instance, Europe and especially Britain into basically an industrial age, forced the peasants off the land by different means into the big red brick cities at the time where they overcrowded them into these awful crammed in little houses where they died terribly with diseases of all kinds.  No hygiene often, no running water or even septic systems and so on.  So's that the masters that owned the factories, chains of the factories too, nothing really changes, isn't it, could get incredible profits with the slave labor. And no rights for the people of course.  Now China is doing the same thing.


But Britain was different in that it took almost revolutions inside the country to get any rights at all. It took a long, long, long time to get any rights at all. But the people were still, they were still kept in the working-class mentality. And in the working-class schools, they never heard about getting their own business started.  It never dawned on them in fact.  It didn't dawn on their parents to get a business started. And how to do it. They felt inferior.  They were trained to feel inferior. And that's the truth of it.  They never really broke out of it.


Even when the factories were taken away from them too, by the free-trade deals made by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that's who drafted them up, folks. Folk you don't even vote for draft up all the big things that you have to obey.  But they were kept in the working-class mentality, they didn't invest, high intensive investment in their offspring. Because the parents themselves had lived, that's how, they pretty well just survived or died. Simple. Simple as that.


And the universities, even when eventually it got to subsidized university entrance and all the rest of it, and for a lot of people they still couldn't afford to leave and get put up, or have rent somewhere else and buy their books and all the rest of it. So, it was still a disincentive if you didn't have the cash.  You just couldn't do it for most folk. That's how bad it really, really was. That's the truth of it.


But if you look at China and India, with massive, really intact families still, and the high intensity, high intensive investments in their children, then you can see the success right there.  Look at the West right now. They're all off to the beaches during this so-called break, 'eh.  Huh?  Where they might come back with more diseases than Covid to pass around. And that's where we are. Our culture has been destroyed this way; I hope you understand that.  Deliberately too. It wasn't by accident.


Here's the next phase as well. Here's the next phase of it… where so many things can get fulfilled.  Oh, they wouldn't listen to the climate change thing, they wouldn't stop, wouldn't go into austerity voluntarily, so we'll make it happen. How are we going to do that? Well, we terrify them to clear out all the stores, you know. And it works awfully well.  You know, it doesn't matter what culture you look at, you terrify them, they'll do the same things.


And they're prompted to do the same things. If the governments say, right off the bat, don't worry, we'll make sure we get food to the peoples, in the rural areas too, right.  Just go home and quarantine and stay there. In the rural areas? Some of the rural areas would have to leave home at six in the morning or 5:30 to get into the cities to get the food, and by that time [Alan chuckles.] they are already getting stampeded underfoot.


So, this is deliberate, as I say, to bring in other big programs. And the socialists are rubbing their hands in glee. And socialist, I've never met so many millionaire socialists in my life.  They're all so happy and wealthy and all that, as they keep fawning over helping the people. And they certainly do help themselves to the things of the people, from taxes, etc.  And give themselves very good pay raises. And always celebrating themselves. 


Getting back to Ontario as an example, healthcare. I can remember quite a few years back reading an article from the Canadian papers where Ontario, and the same Ontario that's decided not to treat certain folk over a certain age or whatever, bu-bu-bu-bu-bum, you know.  Bioethics, you see, is cost-effectiveness. Stop thinking about people like real valuable creatures and see it with practicality. Just give treatment to those people we think could survive, or they may be more essential to the community. Or the UN definition of a good citizen, a good producer and consumer.  And pensioners are just consumers. You see? Click click click in the brain, 'eh.  I can remember Ontario put $40 million a year to tell the people how great the healthcare system was.  Why didn't they put that $40 million into the healthcare system? The system we're living in as an alien system to what your brain wants to believe it is. It really is.


So, a lot of things will happen with this supposed pandemic. As I say, we can't get any real data on facts. And we're saying, what's causing the big big big problem in Italy, etc. etc.?  Do you think it's just a massive retirement home or something, is that what it is? No, they're not saying that at all.  But they do have a lot of Chinese people there too that are into that whole area where it's happening, for the big factories, the cheap labor for huge leather factories and so on.  We just don't, they won't, we won't get any real information, you understand. Because this is meant to terrify everybody, including those who are less likely to get it. 


And why would you offer cheap flights now? now that the students are off and the airlines are, cheap flights all across the world.  Very cheap for the students.  First-time offer, 'eh.  Even though they'll say to the student, if you come back, you know, there's a good chance, and China said this, that it's the younger people who were spreading it all through society.  Not feeling the symptoms, they were the cause of the most to spread. And your governments that help subsidize airlines, to make students, rather than have the poor souls get bored, go across the planet to party and have fun and all that, and then come back, during a supposed worldwide pandemic.


Sir Conan Doyle said this in his novels with Sherlock Holmes, and I'm paraphrasing but, when you've examined all the clues and all the causes and all the people involved and so on, when you've examined them all and it doesn't fit the bill of why this has happened, and you looked at all the possible, and tossed them all out, then only that which is inside the impossible must be true. And yes, this is all deliberate, there's no doubt about it.  And too many folk have too much to gain in a massive world social agenda really. And they're not shy in telling you, if you really know where to look.


Anyway, here's a few articles I'll just get off, just to show you, 'eh.  This is from MIT…


We’re not going back to normal / 17 March 2020


To stop coronavirus we will need to radically change almost everything we do:


(Alan:  Doesn't that just ring a bell to what I've been talking about?)


how we work, exercise, socialize, shop, manage our health, educate our (A:  ...children, I hate the word...) kids, (A:  Kid is a small goat, remember.) take care of family members.  (A:  which, if you say it's a goat then you're dehumanizing them.)


We all want things to go back to normal quickly. (A:  …what was normal for most folk?)  But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things never will.


(A:  And they give you all their coverage of the coronavirus, Covid 19, for free etc. etc. and give you…)


It's now widely agreed (even by Britain, finally) that every country needs to "flatten the curve": impose social distancing to slow the spread of the virus of the number of people sick at once doesn't cause the healthcare system to collapse, as it is threatening to do in Italy right now.  That means the pandemic needs to last, at a low level, until either enough people have had Covid-19 to leave most immune


(A:  Have you noticed that they can't explain anything. People can't get meanings across these days. I really notice an awful lot of that.  So that enough people, right, to leave most immune… So, in other words, is that them trying to tell you that most folk have to get it, is that what he's trying to say?  You have a think for them, you know.)


(assuming immunity lasts for years, which we don’t know)


(A:  So why assume it in the first place if you don't know, if it's a brand-new thing, you see, it's not behaving like the other ones?)


or there’s a vaccine.


Then they go on about limiting meetings to 10 people on blah blah blah blah blah, all that kind of stuff. But the message really is, it's never going to be the same.


Well, the banks are collapsing, hm.  They collapsed in 2007/8 not because it had to happen. It's because it was a political decision at the top to make it happen. I know people in Switzerland who work in the banking industry and I asked one of them, how that happened, these bank collapses, just to get their take on it. And that's what was said when he talked to the top head of one of the top banks in Switzerland, very high bank, who said it was a political decision, always done for other reasons but not because they have to do it. You understand, if nothing is backed by anything, you can play the game forever and ever and ever. That's what Greenspan said.  He said we can never really collapse, he says, we just keep printing money. They don't even print it now, they just punch in digits in the computers, and special people, literally their magicians, have the authority to just punch them in and yeah, okay, you know.  There's nothing real about anything. Except the effects that you're all getting screwed.  So anyway, that's that one there.


The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” - / 12 March 2020


(A:  ID2020, that is the name of it.  Global Research did articles on it.  Anyway, and yes, even with different sites that you might not even agree with or whatever, it's occasionally good to look at all information regardless, check it out and see if it's true of whatever. Because a lot of people are looking at things that you're not looking at.)


It seems, the more there is written about the causes of the Coronavirus – the more the written analyses are overshadowed by a propaganda and fear-mongering hype. Questions for the truth and arguments for where to look for the origins and how the virus may have spread and how to combat it, are lost in the noise of wanton chaos. But isn’t that what the “Black Men” behind this intended pandemic want – chaos, panic, hopelessness, leading to human vulnerability – a people becoming easy prey for manipulation?


Well that's what terror is for, you see.  But there is such a program as I say, agenda ID2020. You see the usual characters involved and their agenda. Real ID for everybody they call it, you know, and you have your number. And some of them, it's already up and running for people who want it, and who join it. Yeah.


So, there you go. That will be used for everything. Just like the old science fictions had you down with barcodes and stuff, or chips. Here it comes, it's all there.  So, it's no surprise. A lot of folk will run for it actually. A lot of youngsters will run for it thinking it's cool, you know.  I remember doing the article when the chip was put under the skin maybe 10 years ago or more, as a test run for big company that had nightclubs and things and dance clubs.  You can go in there and get the little chip under your arm, in the forearm and it would be charged like a credit card.  They could charge it, just put a scanner over the top of it, with so many credits for the bar.  You went up there to get something, you just swipe your arm.  And you show off to your girlfriend, you now.  Until about a month later, and the thing’s getting, you swipe the thing and there's a big boil over it.  It doesn’t look that appealing anymore to the girlfriend, right. Never mind the realities. 


Anyway, that's how they're going to go with all this stuff.  Anything that's cool, you always get a certain segment of society that goes ahead first, you see. To be cool. To be noticed. Until everybody is the same as them and then they're just one of the crowd.  It's like the tattoos. The whole fad was pushed.  I remember them doing a program years ago about who was pushing it, the TV shows are pushing it, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Then they all started getting these tattoos, you see. And it came from being on their derrieres apparently for the women, to copy them in the arms, then eventually they get them on their faces.  And the avant-garde are always, I'm more cool, I've got more tattoos. Until everybody's got them and then they're just one of the crowd then. You see?


And then you have...


US 'Help' To Virus-Stricken Iran Comes In The Form Of... More Sanctions Of Course! - / 19 March 2020


That's the US help to Iran, is more sanctions as they're down, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Terrible. It's really horrific. You know what I thought too, I'm sure you saw it in the newspapers. That the people who really are trying to help the people in that poor area of Italy that's been heavily, heavily hit, big Chinese jets were coming in with full medical teams, nursing teams, who've already been working with their own pandemics, and with massive crates of medical supplies and medications, all the stuff that you need, and gowns and masks and everything, gloves. And to help. That is something. Because who else, what Western countries are going to this length to help each other? Even their own people? Think about that, folks.


What is that, what a statement to make. Of course, China is making hay out of it.  But that's what all countries would do.  I feel so sorry for Italy because, and again, it tells you how the Western societies have been.  They've had a war on them, even before World War II started, it was a massive war on the culture and the people. Planned, directed and managed and financed, it didn't happen by itself. 


I read about two other doctors that had come out.  You see, who's rushing in to help the Italians in their own countries, and around the surrounding areas?  Doctors who are in their 70s and 80s, who are retired, have come in to help. Because the young folk are staying away. What you're reading right now is so important to understand what's happening and what has happened to values of all kinds.  A lot of nursing staff too are just keeping away or took off sick because they're terrified.  Just terrified. But here's people who literally, they know they'll probably die, and they've already got doctors, there were some articles there the other day who did come back to help and they are dead with the virus. Supposedly, so we're told, the virus.  That's a sad, sad comment right there.  And yet Chinese are coming in with teams. What does that say about the West?


The West is still squabbling, especially the States and Canada, over who, what company, what foreign, let's put it, what foreign company is going to get all the contracts for either antiviral drugs and any kind of subsequent vaccinations that come along the pike or whatever.  As opposed to just helping the people with what's available right now and taking the antivirals from wherever they can get it, etc. Even supply facemasks and so on, you've got to ask China or somebody else to make them for you.  How come?  Are we just too stupid we don't make, we can't make anything anymore? No, the agenda is that you're not going to make anything anymore. Except debt of course.  That's your free-trade agreements.




Fed relaunches crisis-era lending program to aid companies facing pandemic credit crunch - / 26 March 2020


You can believe that as much as you want because there's always incredible conditions.  Not everybody gets help at all.  Big one for Canada too and the States...


Big banks working together to limit hours, reduce number of branches / 17 March 2020


(A:  And they're closing down a lot of the branches so it's going to be harder to get banking help. Isn't it amazing too, to make things harder and harder and harder, to keep any kind of not just your economy going, but your personal survival going?  Hm?  You think that's accidental?)


The Canadian Bankers Association says...


(A:  By the way, Canada's still paying off the money they borrowed from the US Federal Reserve. Because Canadian banks were bailed out with the 2007/8 and they were given special drawing rights, like they did all the banks in America got from the Federal Reserve. Well, Canada was lumped in there too, all the big banks. We still haven't paid it off and then they get hit with this.  Of course, there's going, whether they're going to take the bail-ins now, I don't know. As opposed to the bailouts. Because we all signed onto them, didn't we, and folk wouldn't believe it at the time. So, the excuse they're giving is to...)


The move comes as public health officials urge people to limit contact with others in an effort to limit the threat of the novel coronavirus.


I remember too reading just a few days ago from a health site from the government here in Ontario, and for the north for Sudbury. They said that, oh, be afraid. This woman who's in charge said, I'm not going to beat around the bush, she said, I'm going to be, try to get you really, you know, on board with the whole thing, this is going to be really really bad, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you've got to do this and you've got to do that, etc. etc. and all the hype that's going on. And then she said, at present, right, after telling you all to try and stay at home and all the rest of it, and the businesses are all shut down and the restaurants are all closed… At present there is no community spread in Sudbury.  There's no community spread in Sudbury. Well, if there's any spread it must be from folk still coming in from outside, way outside. You see how they rephrase things rather than say we're still bringing people in from all over.


Folk get connecting flights from Toronto, from here, but they're coming from all over the infected areas too.  First law, you stop all that to protect the healthy population.  That's the first law. It hasn't been done at all.  Including the fact that Justin Trudeau said it was racist to stop people coming in. Well you can believe that if you want.  And you can believe that he really means that for the reasons you think he does. No, no.  There's something else afoot here obviously. It's meant to happen. 


They've got the same woman who wrote the article for the government who's in charge of it supposedly for Ontario, she says, after telling you there's no community spread in Sudbury, as we're all supposed to stay home blah blah blah blah blah, she says that it will, it will spike, you know maybe next week or whatever. But they just know, out of no community spread, it's suddenly going to go woooof.  Now, that can only happen in two ways. Either a lot of folk are going to get dumped in your midst with it, which they know they're going to dump, and they know that they've got it.  Hm?  Or, something's going to get released. What else could it be?


These are the people who couldn't tell you a good bet on a racetrack, you know. But they can just know that when there's no community spread, they know, they all seem to just know that there's going to be a massive spike in about a week to a week and a half. It's just, you know, no community spread, but it's going to be here. But what do they know that we don't know?  Well, that's the two things. Either a lot are going to get dumped right here, of infected people, obviously, that's what it would take. Or else, it would be released. What else are you going to do, to know that, to just know that?  Hm?


When you've got literally a martial law type scenario, and shut everything down, including nothing in the stores, and you're sitting waiting for what?  Are you waiting for people to just get... And people are losing it.  A lot of folk just can't take this kind of stress and they crackup. That is happening. And you've got this incessant drumbeat from the media, oh, oh, no, no. N-n-n.  All intentional, folks.


It's so easy for governments, especially in socialized countries, to say, there-there, now, don't worry, we've got this plan here and there will be representatives who set up stalls or whatever, or food, whatever, once a week or whatever in the town dut-dut-dut...  And don't worry, you won't be left without. So easy to do. But no. The message is, be petrified, go home, quarantine. And no mention about following up for food, paying electricity or anything else or how would you even pay.


This article too is...


Jackson Doughart on COVID-19: Canada's experiment in good faith may lead to catastrophe / 19 March 2020


(A:  Because that's what it is, it would be good faith, you know, if people would just be sensible.)


If we’re going to use the honour system to prevent Canada from meeting the same fate as Europe, everyone needs to take their community obligations seriously.


That's the best, they're talking about canceling big meetings and things. But I think folk would take it seriously and be much more obedient if they knew that we weren't all going to be left without things to eat, as an example. Just basic stuff like that, you know, might be important.


This is how great our health system is here, that spends $40 million a year in telling you how good it is. This is just Ontario, right.  And there's a really nice-looking young girl too, young woman…


Canadian has brain of 70-year-old after 'flawed' test let disease go undiagnosed for years / 11 March 2020


(A:  That gives you confidence about going into hospital here. The same hospital that just charged me before a week was out, when I was told I might be here for an awful long time or they didn't expect me to get out at all.  And I was discharged without the medications to save my life, I had to get them myself. Which I did.  It says…)


A young Canadian woman has been left with the brain of a 70-year-old after suffering from Lyme disease for more than seven years without treatment because she says tests failed to give her a proper diagnosis.


St. Catharines, Ont., woman Nikki Kent was bitten by a tick in 2013 at the age of 17, but didn't think much of it at the time. Kent said she noticed the tick on her leg as she sat by her pool, but simply plucked it off and moved on.


"I'm not even sure if I told my parents that it happened," the now 24-year-old said in a phone interview with CTV News Toronto. "I didn't think it was a big deal. I had no idea what Lyme disease even was at the time."


About a week later, she started to feel ill. The normally energetic cheerleader and soccer player began to feel weak but chalked it up to having the flu.


"I was falling apart," Kent said. She said doctors continued prescribing her different anti biotics but nothing seemed to help. "I had no idea what was going on. I thought maybe it was in my head. I was getting pretty upset that I was feeling this way and not knowing why."


Three years later, after doing some research of her own online, Kent thought she would get some answers when she was tested for Lyme disease in St. Catharines, but was disappointed when the results came back negative. She wasn't aware, at the time, that a US$1,100 test from the United States would give her a more accurate result and tell her that she did have the disease.


(A:  The tests here are rubbish, absolute rubbish.)


It would be another three years before Kent was finally diagnosed through testing conducted outside of Canada.


(A:  Another three years it says here.)


Kent's situation is similar to thousands of other Canadians, experts say, who were misdiagnosed, or have gone undiagnosed, for Lyme disease and have had their health deteriorate as their nervous system is attacked by the disease.


Despite constantly feeling ill, Kent moved to London, England in 2014 to pursue a career in media and fashion. After about a year in London, she went backpacking to several different countries, but said she would often have to see doctors along the way.


Kent moved back to Ontario in 2016 and saw numerous doctors, none of them, she said, mentioned the possibility that she contracted Lyme disease.


(A:  You get brain fog with it. It's like a pre-senile case when it starts hitting your nervous system.)


"That's when the brain fog started kicking in," Kent said. "I was struggling putting sentences together. I couldn't read a book. Even my family noticed I was mumbling more and wasn't easy to talk to. I was losing my memory."


Kent developed insomnia and experienced heart palpitations regularly. Her nervous system also began failing, which caused horrible tremors, she said.


Kent began to do her own research... And between doctors… And then she came to the conclusion she could have Lyme's disease. Eventually said she sent tests off to the States, came back positive, came back positive again. They are way more detailed intricate and better tests in the US than what they have in Canada.


In Canada, you see, if they did it properly, they'd have to treat you, it costs money. I'm not kidding you.  This is in the article too. That's really what happens.  I'm not kidding you; this is the real system here. It's pretty scary in fact. It's nothing to do with the doctors, the nurses especially, that are treating you, but they do their best. But the fact is the policies of these hospitals are disgusting.


And we'll have a little bit from Sir Humphrey Appleby.  He's the Machiavellian senior civil servant in the hit 1980s British hit sitcom called Yes Minister about politicians, about high-level bureaucrats really. He once famously commented that, one should never believe anything until it's been officially denied by the government. And that's where we are today, 'eh, they officially deny everything.  Until, then they tell you to be terrified when they admit too it's all done by design.  


Now, we've got here too another great one in Ontario, just to give you confidence about the hospital…


COVID-19 patient in Ontario has died, health minister says / 17 March 2020


Christine Elliott addressed the fatal Muskoka case, (A:  That's the area south of me, Muskoka region.) adding that it is unclear at this time whether the novel coronavirus is in fact the cause of death.


(A: So, here's your confusing, right, the headline says...)


COVID-19 patient in Ontario has died, health minister says


(A:  And then...) is unclear at this time whether the novel coronavirus is in fact the cause of death.


(A:  Right.)


"There has been a death.


(A:  Mm.  Ok.  There's a big statement. That's why you get specialists that are put, well they're not even, there really just appointed as ministers. Like politicians.)


I’m very sorry and extend my condolences to this person’s family," she said. "We have asked for the assistance of the coroner’s office to do a complete examination and investigation to determine whether this person died because of COVID or with COVID."


According to a spokesperson for Elliott, the Barrie man was never listed as a confirmed case before he died,


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  You love how precise things are here.)


 rather he was under investigation for the virus. COVID-19 was discovered after his death, Travis Kann said.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]   It's more and more confusing the more you read. I think folk don't know how to put things across now.)


The 77-year-old man, who died on March 11, could be the first COVID-19 related death in the province.


(A: Could be if they could find out if he had it before he died, I don't know.)


It really gives you confidence, where they can’t tell you that, they can’t decide that hey, for a newspaper article.  Breaking news, 'eh?  That's CTV news, that's not a little Mickey Mouse operation.  And I have noticed that with so many articles now, you can't make head nor tails of them because of the way things are written.  So...


patient in Ontario has died, health minister says




Covid 19 patient.


Unclear if he died of the disease or if that was the cause of death.  Hm.  Well why don't you just wait and see and then do the proper stuff and find out before you do that kind of thing? 


So anyway, here's another article too...


Tracking every case of COVID-19 in Canada - / 13 March 2020


What does the coronavirus do to your body? / 16 March 2020


A visual guide of coronavirus infection, symptoms of COVID-19 and the effects of the virus inside the body, in graphics


And even these are also massively varied too by the way. As I say, they could encompass a whole bunch of other diseases and flus.  The other day of course every paper went on board with it immediately...


Diarrhoea and loss of appetite could be early signs of coronavirus as scientists find almost half of patients experience one or more digestive symptoms / 20 March 2020


(A:  And you find too, how many folks had digestive system symptoms before they get the virus, as a problem, like a habitual problem? Who knows? I mean they don't tell you that.)


Study of 204 Wuhan residents reveals 48.5 per cent had digestive symptoms 


(A:  Rather than say digestive abnormalities symptoms or whatever, we all have digestive symptoms, you know, otherwise we'd be dead and there'd be no digestion going on.)


Most also had the normal respiratory issues but seven people did not 


(A:  Right. So, some of them have the respiratory symptoms, but seven didn't.)


Those with digestive symptoms are less likely to be successfully treated and discharged compared to those with just respiratory symptoms


(A:  And again, why would that be? Why would your digestive symptoms be more likely to cause you to die?  Well, maybe they cleaned out the stores, there is no food.  I mean, we’re left wondering here. That's the Daily Mail online.)


 ...diarrhoea, vomiting and loss of appetite could be a symptom of coronavirus...


(A:  ... it could also be a symptom of a whole bunch of other ones, you know.  You get that too with that normal virus that goes around every year and other flus and things.  Hhh-hm.  There you are.)


And then…


In a Europe Closed Down by the Coronavirus the EU Opens its Doors to the US Army.

(A:  That's quite an interesting article.)

Could the Defender become the Invader of Europe?

(A:  Who knows.) / 12 March 2020


I know that the military, the US has been stepping up the military before this just around Russia again of course.  As the wars, you know, as the big corporations that run the countries, the military-industrial complex, they really miss the Cold War, so they had to remake it again. I gave a talk in the 90s that would happen, that that's exactly what would happen in fact. In the late 90s I said, you know if they want an enemy to get the missiles, in a race for missiles and expensive jets and all that going, then the have to resuscitate and revive the bad bear, the Russia bear, the bad bear of Russia. That's eventually what they did of course.


Another article here about...


The Extraordinary Decisions Facing Italian Doctors - / 11 March 2020


That was about how they're overwhelmed, and again they put it down to bioethics.  Once it comes down to a situation ethics, well we've only got so many things left to treat people with, who will we treat? ...and dut-dut-dut and dut.  And that's where it is, 'eh. 


'Who gets the ventilator?' Doctors say we need to decide now who gets care if COVID-19 overwhelms ICUs - / 17 March 2020


And a lot of young folk are going along with this thinking that's okay to kill the old folk off. And they've got their memes on the Internet about it too. They have to remember that every big revolution doesn't stop with the initial target. Eventually they take in different sections above and below them step-by-step by step.


Another thing I found too is in China studies they found that people with type A blood, again, were less likely, had more of a chance of getting it more severe or dying with it.  Hm.  There's interesting little bits, if they are confirmed, again, with more testing in other countries. Interesting to see. You can also get a breakdown of the countries that obviously have a higher percentage of type A blood people, and you get ideas of things of how things will work out perhaps. But there's many other factors involved too. 


So, if you've got type A with heartburn you better get some, you know, antacids very quickly.  [Alan laughing.]   I think, maybe. Who knows?  Who knows, 'eh?  Because you'll probably find other things that will, next week with different types of blood types being the more predominant apparently to have bad, bad affects from it all. Who knows?  Everybody gets in on the act, when every specialist out there gets the name out there, it's probably the only time in history they'll ever hear they get their name printed anywhere.


As I say, the distrust in public authority, that was Paul Craig Roberts, he’s got an article...


Have we brewed a whirlwind? - / 4 March 2020


With the destruction of the system in the West, can we even manage it? Pretty well.


How do I know if I have COVID-19? A guide to symptoms / 2 March 2020


(A:  Signs and symptoms again. Given to them by I guess some other specialists.)




(A:  Right, here ya go.  This is why you pay specialists.  You might have a…)




(A: These are what you might have, right. Remember, even when you get trained in medicine, they give you a whole host of signs and symptoms, and a lot of them forget that, doctors too forget. But it used to be stressed that the signs and symptoms, you won't get them all at the same time. You'd be very unique to have a patient with all the signs and symptoms for that disease.  And what you're getting today too, most folk today in the West especially have been told, oh if you've got a little fever, a little cough, self-isolate for so many days, you see, at home.  And then it breaks out in the paper they end up having to get taken into emergency eventually or intensive care because they're dying at home. It doesn't inspire confidence to me.  So...)





(A:  and then...)


difficulty breathing


(A:  ...right...)


pneumonia in both lungs


(A:  Now, pneumonia is really an affected that happens of it.  It just means your lungs are filling up with basically blood in a sense if it's viral pneumonia.  And it's your immune response to this disease that can kill you, it can make you very ill or if not kill you in fact. That's why the antivirals can try and fool the body the thing isn't as bad, or it isn't even present in the body, that's what they're trying to tell all the different response mechanisms in your body, just to ignore it. So, you can breathe, etc. And if that doesn't happen your lungs are overwhelmed with massive blood running in with all the different cells and so on, that are killer cells and phagocytes and leukocytes, etc., all the different cytes, 'eh.  And it's not a tourist guide to all these cytes, it's just things your body happens to send there.  Anyway, here we go again...)


pneumonia in both lungs


(A:  So, pneumonia is a response to something, it's a condition you might say.  Bacterial pneumonia is a bit different, with the dirty sputum and so on too. But similarly, you can't get a breath eventually.  The alveolar tissue are pretty thin walled tissues for oxygen to pass through and your CO2 to come out and all that, before they give you your CO2 bill.  And if they get damaged, which they do with this kind of thing, then you get fewer and fewer cells that are working for exchange. And that's what causes the problem.)


(A:  Sometimes you've seen them, you've probably seen them in Italy, people on their bellies, with the tubes on the front of their faces but they're on their bellies to try to help them breathe easier. Because the pressure is bad enough on the lungs and often, they feel a bit more ability to breathe better and expand the lungs to get the air in when they're lying on their chest to an extent.)


(A:  Then the other symptoms you might have, right.  And remember too, fever, cough, difficulty breathing, pneumonia can happen with other things as well.   So…)



(A:  With anything too, it's like an infection, it wears you down, you get tired.)


aches and pains

(A:  Well, that could be anything, 'eh?)


Nasal congestion or runny nose

(A:  It could be a cold, or just a cold day.  Or an allergy.)


Sore throat



(A:  …and if it's getting worse you see, they have…)


shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


persistent pain or pressure in the chest

(A:  …which could be other things too, including a heart condition.)


new confusion or inability to arouse


bluish lips or face

(A:  …which obviously is not healthy.)


So, you've got a whole bunch of things that could or couldn't be. But the only way they can really tell, as I say, is with a proper working and accurate test. Obviously, right. So, like the previous flus, as I say, they often just lump them all down as a particular strain. And it's presumed, and they often find the games that governments play with the term presumed, and the presumption eventually vanishes as they want to show, for one reason or another, that there's actually more of a particular thing which they want you to believe exists.  And it's not necessarily the case if they hadn't had the test. 


Doctors map body's COVID-19 immune response: study - / 17 March 2020


We know that...


COVID-19 Italy: Nation passes China's coronavirus death toll, despite having fewer confirmed cases - / 19 March 2020


And there's another spike happening right now apparently in Italy. Pandemics do, they can come and go and rise and fall is the idea too.


Ontario declares state of emergency amid COVID-19 pandemic / 17 March 2020


"This is a decision not made lightly."


(A:  And once again you're left with what do we do? Just go to your homes and sit there and stay there? Is that right?  Hm?  What are you supposed to…? But they certainly, and they tell you what they closed, which is pretty well everything, pretty well.  But they don't tell you how life is still going to go on, hm.)


(A:  And like everywhere else…)

Ontario has set aside a $100-million contingency fund, (A:  Contingency for what, though?)  And is receiving $200 million from the federal government.


The money will be used to open 75 more critical care beds in hospitals, as well as 500 post-acute care beds and to help hospitals set up 25 more COVID-19 assessment centres.


(A:  So, this is going to cost $300 million for Ontario, 300 million right, for 75 more critical care beds in hospitals...  And 500 post acute care beds...  I mean really, they should have more post acute care beds anyway in hospitals. So, they're really making up for things they know they should have had before.  Because you get post acute in lots of things.  But 75 critical care beds, 'eh?  N-n-n.)


Money… You know when government does anything, you probably see it when it comes holiday time for students. I can remember years ago reading articles where they, they would have sort of, amazing things like, Ontario government is giving, it would be $16 or $17 million to set up, like one of these quasi-private window cleaning companies that would employ 11 students. For how many millions was this? You know? What are they paying them?  Well of course the money never gets to the bottom.


I mean money goes… We live in an awfully corrupt system, folks. We truly are, you know. And the last people who want efficiency, oh, you'll get it from, are bureaucrats and petty bureaucrats that run government political scenes as well.


Another article…


The Canada-U.S. border is not securable - politicians need to stop insulting our intelligence if we're going to survive - / 19 March 2020


And has never been, especially during a pandemic.  Because they're letting them cross back and forth, it's been a political thing that's been going on for the last few years with, we used to call them illegal aliens, that simply jump the queue.  It makes a farce of the folk who apply in their own countries legally and wait and see what happens.  These ones are basically just come in and say you're getting us whether you like it or not, and they just walk across from the States and Canada and back and forth all the time.  The cops just stand by and watch them.  Hm.  What can you do?  And it's from a place in Québec mainly it's all been happening for years now. It's a complete farce, you know.


Then you have a story for the States really, and Canada, or anywhere…


It Pays to Be Rich During a Pandemic

How the wealthy, powerful, and connected are exploiting the loopholes in our health-care system / 15 March 2020


And yes, there's nothing new in any of that of course. But they have no problem getting test gets for all the wealthy, or the celebrities. It's just instant.  Even football teams in fact. Because you know, they're worth a lot of money. But you just can't get the kits for the normal folk.


And back in Pennsylvania as I say, I talked to a person there and it said about the numbers in different parts of a few counties there, and they said that these were all, they had put them down as coronavirus.  And this was like confirmed cases pretty well, that's how they were putting the articles across. But at the end of the article it said, we shall know more when we get the first actual test kits on the 23rd. They haven't even got the kits yet. Well, how could you be getting confirmed?  Do you understand all this nonsense going on right now?


And again, why don't they give the completely published up-to-date versions of the regular average flu cases that they get in every year, what they are? At the moment. Because as I say, there's two more, at least two more different flus going around, different kinds anyway. Of course, they came out of China supposedly, about the same time, just after Wuhan, just after the virus broke out.  There were two more flus broke out, to confuse things even more.  And I'm sure it's all over here too.  So, but if you put them all down without kits, then ffffffft [Alan laughing.] that's quite a potpourri you might say, or a mosaic of guesses in a sense, isn't it? 


So obvious, to me obviously it's a massive agenda. Because there's so many if's and iffy things involved here. And it's been planned from the very top with all the NATO countries obviously involved, heavily involved in it.  On board together with the exact same step-by-step-by-step.  First ignore it and have the press lambast anybody who mentions it from the supposed alternates sites. Then you come in, then you give the permission for the press to go into overdrive and terrify the public. Which they do quite happily, much more than the conspiracy sites did.  Then you go on from there step-by-step by step. That's how it's done.


Let the prisoners out of prisons, which they're all doing. And even telling them, telling the same prisoners, in the papers, in all the newspapers, that the police have been told not to arrest them if they get involved in certain areas of crime. So, if you're a criminal and you get into the gangs again once you're out there, you're not going to get arrested. They all know that. And it's going to be permanent Christmas time in the middle of summer when it comes along because they've been told they're not going to get arrested.  Well, when that all happens then the troops will have to come out and deal with things too, you see.


Do you kind of see where it's all planned to go? Don't you?  Hm?  Don't you think so? Who knows? Maybe prison’s going to be the only safe place to be eventually because there will be no prisoners there.  But you might still get some three meals a day.   Because at the moment everybody's scratching their heads, with empty shelves, everywhere, in Europe, here and everywhere else.  What on earth are they gonna do, 'eh?   Hm?  [Alan chuckles.]  What are you gonna do?


I can imagine, you could do a really good, a kind of a dark comedy about this in a sense.  There's so many aspects of it. Where you would have big big massive drones going over the cities etc., after they've petrified the public and terrified them into buying like never before, of everything that they need and so on.  And they'll say, we must take in food, you've cleaned out the country's emergency thing, we're taking the food off you. And they fly over you. And they've got these massive electromagnets hanging.  [Alan laughing.]  And you're going to see billions of cans just go flying through rooftops zapping up to this thing.  [Alan laughing.]  That would be quite… You could do… It's funny how your mind works sometimes because I get little pictures like that with the kind of things that they're telling us.  But yeah, it's so obvious that people have no confidence in government.  That's because government has given us no reason to ever trust them in fact. 


And things will get rather nasty.  So, don't lose your cool, folks. Because folk are cracking up now. They really believe they're in a movie now. The movies never end up well, have you noticed, all these movies.  So folk are terrified and it's working awfully well by those in charge of it.  And everybody will do their parts. The police will do their part and they will go overboard as the public get nastier towards them, when they're denied entrance for the second time or 10th time that day into the same store for food. That's happening already in a sense. Things like that.


Then they expect the police might start getting sick with it and they want time off as well.  And believe you me, there's a lot of folk come down not from a virus in situations like that but through terror. Terror.  If you want to get all the signs and symptoms there of fatigue and lethargy and so on, just get constant stress for a while, terrible fear, and you'll start breaking down. You get the symptoms of it from the psychological effects of it. Terrible thing to have. And that will go for police and everybody else as well.


Because if they're married and they go home, and their wives are there or their, maybe the police themselves are wives, and they’re terrified of even bringing it home where they've got children.  So, it's a domino effect, that's how things are designed to go.  The military are talking about it too, they'll come down with it.


And I tell you, folks have no idea, the average people have no idea, none at all of how to manage self-quarantine and basically barrier techniques to ensure they don't get it.  It's a very intensive way of what you clean, even if you have gloves, and you take this off and you take that off.  And you've got to do your shoes. You've got to do everything.  Where your shoes have walked, keep them outside your house blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  And then sterilized the shoes and boots or whatever it is.


You've got to, if you have two people and you've got one that you call the dirty one, and the other one is the clean one, when they hold things open for the dirty one, who puts things out, you can't cross contaminate. It's a highly intensive thing to know and most folk can’t manage it and they don't know how to do it. And a lot of folk in the hospitals don't even know how to do it. It's sad. Very sad.  Very sad but true.


Because one tiny little thing, we are told 'eh, and you've got the pictures almost emblazoned in your mind with psychic driving, just like 9/11 towers, boom, boom, boom.  And you see this awful thing you expect to come out of a kind of a cartoon or a Simpsons cartoon, and it's embedded in your brain, it's got a picture of the thing blown up, this big drawing of this thing... in everything you look at, 'eh.  Which is quite amazing.


It's like the AIDS one, 'eh.  When the AIDS one came out, they terrified the public then too.  The people thought they could get AIDS just from folk having accidents, car accidents and things. The ambulance drivers wouldn't go near them, they were terrified. Because it was a brand-new thing too and they were terrified, oh it could be airborne, it could be this, blah blah blah. Same kind of thing. 


So again, psychic driving is… And again, they did drawings for the peasantry back then.  Really good drawings. Big drawings.  Sometimes half a page, of this tiny tiny little thing they thought was the virus for HIV. And they even said, it seemed to be part bacterium and part virus, like a virus.  And oh my God, this brand-new thing, from outer space or something, you know. That's how it was put across to you. These were drawings, you know, artist renditions.  Probably from horror comics, I would imagine. And that's how they terrified the public back then.


But literally, poor souls were getting in accidents and the ambulance drivers wouldn't, they were petrified. They’d go, oh my God, you know what I mean. Because of the same thing, oh, we're all going to die.  And the World Health Organization was going overboard, oh yeah, in about five years time, six years, 10 years at the max, 95% of the folk will have this virus etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  And here you go again, 'eh.  Here ya go.


But again, no one would dare say to the Biolabs, this is enough, the people aren't going to have this anymore. And stop churning out these scientists that literally make a living getting paid to find pretended ways to, well if this virus just, as though it was intelligent or something, if this decides to mutate in 10 different steps here into this or that, well we might be ready for it by making it happen first. Meaning, inventing it.  Hm.  And since we all have a say on life on the planet, maybe we should start saying, that's enough. That's enough.  Hm?  And it's not just Level IV BioLab's that do this. Level III are doing them too. Some of these countries can actually do it in a kitchen, folks, create things like that.  There ya go. 


Anyway, don't be panicking.  Keep in touch with your buddies.  Help each other out in these times which are not good at all for us. And we'll get through it one way or another. We have no say in the matter.  For those that are cracking up, we're all in the same boat. When the power has been taken out of your hands for most things, you've gotta keep your head and just do basic basic survival and get along day by day. That's all you can do.


Because this was planned, I'm sure, a long time ago.  If it wasn't this time it would be released, something would be released down the road, etc. As you know. Because the economy has been caput for a while. They want us into austerity. They've been talking about forcing us into austerity for years so they can control us all. And less children in the West, etc.  And as I say, the banks are just, you know, they are jokes. They’re backed by nothing and they keep telling us we are in debt all the time. And they keep devaluing the price of your currency, so you need more and more of the same dollars or pounds to pay for whatever. And it's not meant to go on forever that way.


 The control freaks could make it go on forever and even give you more bang for your buck.  But no.  We are controlled that minutely. Money runs everything. That's what old Rothschild said long time ago. He didn't care who appointed people as leaders or kings or queens, as long as he had control of the money, he says, they all belong to me, they do what I tell them. Money controls, that's it. I was kind of paraphrasing but that's what he said in his own memoirs. 


Money is the key to things.  And you can force folk to do anything, even get rid of their own children if need be, for economic reasons.  That's taught in sociology of course naturally.


So, keep cool and look after each other. Because that's all we have really, isn't it?  And I'll get in touch next weekend. Do your basic cautions and we'll come through it. Okay?


I'm Alan Watt from Ontario Canada and it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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