Sept. 6, 2020 (#1792)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

The Deceit of Elite:

"A War Declared by Elite for November

Will Begin in Earnest in Red October,

Such Open Treason All Should Remember,

Put Them on Trial When Chaos is Over."

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 6, 2020.  Again of course, I always ask that you hold onto your sanity as we go through these times. I was just thinking before I started yapping away there about The Matrix movie and how it gave you an idea of a system that coexists within another system, and it's all manufactured by outsiders you would say, to serve their own purpose, where people really are raised to be batteries, because you take energy from the people to run the whole system in The Matrix.


It's not too far from the truth in a certain way, that analogy, because everything comes from us. You take all these multibillionaire corporations, and even trillionaire ones they have today, and they really do have multi-trillionaires at the very, very top.  All the money comes from us, you know. Whatever is made is made by labor of all kinds.  And raw resources, so they take over all resources of the world to make their products and so on. 


Including the food, I've mentioned this so many times before, their food supply is run by only a handful of international corporations, the bulk of your food supply.  More so now than ever as they've made a big grab for it during the Covid front, you know. And it is a front.  That's what Covid is, it's an excuse under a wartime scenario to take over and change the whole system on behalf of those who already really rule it and make it more efficient for them. That's what it's all about.


So really as I say, we're still batteries in a way. We consume because we're alive, naturally. Our basic needs have to be met at the very least. Even to your heating in the winter or cooling in the summer if you live in a hot climate, it all depends on energy. Again, Technocracy that was founded on controlling and running and owning the energy supply of the planet, that humans need to survive, by those who decided that they had the right to rule it all.  It's more true than you think, as I say, with The Matrix. 


In The Matrix too, in the movies, which are awfully entertaining too, you have all kinds of areas in The Matrix with different characters that are the majordomos of their particular area.  You have the key master type thing, the locksmith.  All kinds of real good characters that are enjoyable in a sense for being the ultra-bad guys. They can lock you in or out of their particular areas in fact. Very much like the system in which we live. When you really realize that the world is, it has many compartments like the WTO, World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum, that really is all part of the same structure in fact. They actually, they decide what the UN is going to be doing and what countries are going to be doing, and what all the economies are going to be, or not to be doing, and how we're going to live. 


We don't... We call it a democracy, but democracy has got nothing to do with it. If anything, it's a scientific oligarchy at the top, or near the top at least serving the dominant minority, as Aldous Huxley mentioned in his own talks. That's how it really is run.  It's been that way for an awful long time.


For the people who really thought about democracy and really believed in it, I feel sorry at times. Because it's a, it's like giving you some, it's a religion really, isn't it? It's like communism is a religion. You have to really believe in it to make it work to any extent at all. Which generally means the populace has to give up all their rights and freedoms and even sacrifice and go into austerity for the greater good, for something way down in the future, which they'll never see and never will see because it's not meant to actually appear. Ever.


That's the trick of all working together for a better tomorrow. It's been done for an awful long time of course, and through the Soviet system in their bloc and communist China. Communist China is interesting because again you have a different culture, a very ethnocentric culture.  Very proud of themselves too. They haven't had decades of being taught at universities that they're bad and evil, so they have no shame and no guilt for anything, you see.  So they're very proud in their system and they obey it very well. They're more of a collective society.


I might put up tonight actually an article, as I say I don't know how I came across it.  It's to do with the Silk Road, you've heard about the big Silk Road idea that again the World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum have been pushing for years, a massive transportation system right from Russia all through, right through Europe and even having a spinoff part, almost circular part in Spain, and they've designated Spain to be a multicultural society, a kind of hub for the future and they've been working on that.


By the way, that's also part of the reason that China has been pushing into the borders of India because they want to bring in the road through there.  [Alan chuckles.]   For those that are wondering why it's all about, the skirmishes they've been having with China, that's part of it.  The media knows it, but the media are not there to inform you about anything. They're meant to get emotional reactions from you, and to see if you'll swallow the lies, they keep telling you, especially with the Covid that's going on right now.


So as I say, The Matrix is a system where you get your eyes opened with each room that you walk into. [Alan chuckles.] Or go through the doors, it depends, you know, what kind of entrance you want for the audience.  But it's quite interesting to see the different, it's not just levels on a horizontal plane, but it's also a vertical, and you can go up and up and up to whole new levels of it and so on and so on and so on.  But the idea is, it takes off really from the system in which we live, which is, we are economic units, so we produce things. We're also energy in ourselves, and from it you’ll always have a dominant minority that suck from us, and even force systems upon us which we, we’ll often adapt and adopt very quickly, but adapt into very quickly as well. 


Look at the Internet. Well, look at before even with radio and television. These were like wonders to the world when they first came out, in radio alone you know. And I really mean this, because I mean what I'm going to say because it's true.  It was a miracle in its day and age when radio came out. I can remember my dad talking about the old crystal sets. The crystal sets literally were, because everything is oscillators to do with radio, or even basic television that was early, you had oscillating frequencies.  You have a little oscillator inside your set or your radio or whatever, and if you can tune it to the same frequencies and incoming frequency, then that develops into audio basically, through a bunch of circuitry.


But anyway, in the old days the people could get crystal sets as they called it. Small units. Some of them were kind of portable.  But you needed a long antenna to pick up the signal. The antenna was really just a roll of copper wire, very thin copper wire generally. My dad mentioned when he was young, he was with some of his buddies in a little housing scheme.  One of them had a crystal set out of the back garden.  And it was a big thing, you know, these youngsters are, especially boys too, are interested in all kinds of things of technology and so on. So they got it going and they had to put in a little earphone to listen to it because it didn't have a built-in speaker. 


They all had turns at it.  One of the little boys, these are boys about eight or nine, right. One of the little boys looks at it and says, where does it come from, the signal? And they said, oh, this is London, it's BBC London. And he looked and he saw the wire disappearing around the house, the side of the house. He says, my, that must be a really long wire. Because that's how children see things, you know.  And technically [Alan chuckles.] was logical as well for a young child [Alan chuckles.] to think that way, and oh, that's an awful long wire.  He didn't know that it didn't go right to the station, it just picked up the signals from the air.


But that's what technology is. And people went crazy with radio. I think the first radio in the States, or station in the States was, it played music, played kind of country music at that time in the States. But also was set up by real estate, some guy was into real estate, so they had the first advertising on radio. That really took off as well, as we well know. 


Then along came television.  Television was there a long time ago. In fact pre-World War II. John Logie Baird in Scotland, for those who don't know it, had color television, flatscreen, big ones too, before World War II broke out. They always give you the idea that it was a fairly recent invention, but it's really much older because he had been making TVs for long before that. Technology again is power, isn't it? It's got the power to change society for those that want to change it, which gives them a power to change it.


The trick again, it's like the Internet, is to get you to purchase everything yourself that they need for all information, because then they can control information.  Most folk never figure out, they really don't, just like the television, they never know, they never really figure out the TV is not there, really, to entertain them. Entertainment is just, it's like the cheese in a mousetrap, you know, that's really what it is. The real purpose of it is very, very different. It's to standardize opinion and thought of society, no matter what society it is. And it's all arranged by experts and professionals to also change your behavior.


That's one of the main things is behavior change. We have lots of information on that from many, many authors in the past and people who investigated it all, and people who were involved in changing societies as well.  Again, Aldous Huxley was definitely up there with the big think tanks in his day, and who belong to a family that was part of the Darwin type clan and intermarried with them in fact eventually, some of the members did anyway.  The Huxley's were well involved with those who were changing and directing the thoughts and behavior of societies.  He admitted that himself.  He said, we are part of, my family is part of the scientific elite who work for the dominant minority.  They work with academia as well.  It isn't just technology, it's also psychology and behaviorism and how to alter the behavior and thoughts of whole populations of people.  What you're living through today is tremendous, massive psychological warfare like we've never seen it before. Really. We didn't even have this kind of psychological warfare during World War I or II. Or even through the Vietnam-era either.


This is a big push for the planet. This is WORLD war. This is real WORLD war.  It's psychological warfare backed up with military type force through the police. The police are a force now, they are an internal force, with a uniform like any military, that are generally armed in most countries. Not all but most of them, and the ones who are not armed are often trained in the use of it so they can arm them very quickly if they have to.


So you're living through a world war and this war is the culmination of many years, many, many years, you might even say centuries in a sense too, a very real sense, to bring in a technologically controlled society by the use of Technocracy, specialists and experts in every possible area who are going to rule your lives. They're already doing it, and they've got power to do it now, but they want the right to literally not just start off as a child, with children like they have in Scotland with GIRFEC, and in parts of England too and other countries too with different names of advocating government agents and social workers to work with children from birth right through, no matter if they've got parents or not. It's to do with modifying the thoughts of the child as they grow up to suit the agenda of those who rule you and own your countries. That's what it's about.


Always under a great guise, oh, it's for the greater good, and again, there will be no animosity from people or different ethnic groups and so on, we'll just get rid of all that damage. That's what they claim but it's a big, big lie.  Because as you well know, not every ethnic group had been subject to the same incredible indoctrination and standardization, hm. 


Those at the top of the world, I've mentioned it before in some, even again in some recent talks as well.  But even many, many years ago when I talked about psychopathy, and some people who wrote books about psychopathy were good enough to mention me in their books as to where they got a lot of the information from.  But psychopathy is so interesting because when you really meet a real psychopath, you might not catch on quickly, you know. They like to often boast if they've been caught at something. Even in prison, some intelligent ones will often boast about what they did. They like the attention.


However, if they're not caught and they're working freely in society, most folk often can't quite figure them out. Women will often pick up fellas, or will get picked up by fellas or whatever, and they'll pick up fellas that they feel sorry for. Oh, they just need a bit of help, and I’m the person to put them on the straight and narrow and fix them up, you know. Maybe that’s the maternal instinct, who knows? But the fact is, maybe it's just plain ego. But it often ends in disaster if it's a psychopath they're picking up. 


Because psychopaths on the low level, the low scale of things, the kind that just see something in a window and want it, and they're not the brightest type on the lower level.  They still have the incredible instincts of reading people and using them and manipulating them. They're also the kind that throw bricks into the window and grab the stuff and make off with it, and then they get caught and they're in and out of prison for their whole lives.


But as you go up the ladder, and I think the studies that were done in the US and in Britain maybe in the 30s and 40s were catching on, slowly, because there was such a class distinction back then too.  It was very overt in fact. It's still there today, but it was very overt back then when they really thought most psychopaths were just working-class types, and unemployed types as well. Until they started to realize that, no, there's a lot more in the upper strata, the middle and upper strata. That's when they went into eventually, it took them a long time to get around to the CEOs of corporations and the big players in corporations that get up there and become the heads of even the military-industrial complex.


Then you find out that those who run the world, financially, again, the dominant minority, you know, a hereditary group, will employ these psychopaths and put them in place as CEO's. These are intelligent type psychopaths.  There're more savvy as to what's going on, and they're careful not to end up afoul of the law if possible.  But they are dedicated psychopaths. If you pay them well, they'll serve you well.  Then they form clubs with them too, and they can join certain clubs. Very important type clubs.


They even get knighted some of them. A lot of them actually did in the past.  If you look at the people who got knighted in Britain for the last maybe 150 years, most of them were merchant bankers, most were people like that who, believe you me, in business, in real tough business, nice folk just don’t get ahead.  It doesn't happen that way.  You've got to be ruthless.  And there are folk who are psychopaths who definitely are ruthless, who are very successful in the business world by being ruthless. And by again, lending to governments, like, that's how often Britain knighted them and gave them their, in return for it they'd end up being up there amongst the lords and ladies.  They would intermarry each other; you see.  So psychopaths marry into the psychopathic realm have a good chance, especially in the lifestyle and the culture within the family groups, of raising a good psychopathic to takeover.  Intergenerational psychopathy, you see.  Very important. And all countries have it too.


So when you realize the world is run by this kind of system, and then in the technological sphere and those who are really into technology who run the electronic systems of today in these massive empires of bits and bytes, etc., and Silicon Valley types, you'll find a lot of them are actually geeks.  [Alan chuckles.]  Their world is what they do and why they're doing it and so on. They're kind of far removed from the emotions, normal emotions that folk have.  Have you noticed that with them? 


It was often thought a lot of them were almost autistic/Asperger types.  And some of them may very well be. That they don't seem to get on very well with people. And they have no qualms about working with the NSA and organizations like that, where they have no right to be in folks lives in the first place, electronically, destroying privacy and invading it further and further and further.  And other ones as well that worked to design the next part of the cultural change, as you get turned into slaves, obviously slaves. You have no, you really don't have much free will left at all, you know.


When choices in important areas are taken away from you, including using cash for instance, just as an example, you're being, you're being, the roads are being narrowed. All the accessory roads that join the main road have been stopped and walled off, and are taking away or filled in, and you're left with this one road that you must be on. The same with medicine and choices and everything else, or vaccinations, or whatever it happens to be.


When you don't have any choices, you are under a tyranny, a totalitarian tyranny.


...which will convince most folk that it's for your own good. And most folk unfortunately because the indoctrination is so perfect… They don't shout at people as they're persuading you. They're professional persuaders, that's what good psychopaths can do by making things appear very plausible, you know, and most folk want to go along with it. Because they don't want to believe the world is rather nasty or it's cruel.


Because as I've said before, regardless of the century you live in basically we're all kind of tribal.  We're all born into a little tribe sometime in the past, maybe 1000, 2000 or more years ago, it doesn't make any difference.  And in a tribal situation children, they want to feel secure inside the tribe and its expected the elders take care of them and warn them and protect them and so on. So yeah, you might even leave home now at 15 or 16 if you want to, but the fact is, it's still in your nature to be protected by those who are more mature, the real role models. The real people have been displaced in today's technology with propaganda. Rather perfect propaganda. And perfect indoctrination through schooling. So, they're taught to be naïve, stay naïve, and that the authorities, THE experts are in charge of it all and just follow them. Be obedient to them because they're there to protect and help you. That's the sort of mirage cover that they take upon themselves and project to you.


You don't see them as they really are. You don't see the characters in the big board meetings talking about their multibillion-dollar profits for giving you a flu shot for the year, over the, you know, for the nation or a few nations together. You don't see them meeting with members of parliaments or governments across the world, or the World Trade Organization, or again, the World Economic Forum, or GAVI, or all these private institutions, that they pretend they're philanthropies, that have got massive shares in the big vaccine companies, you know, who also lobby government so they governments will take the vaccines that they'll manage to provide.  And they all profit from it of course.  And that's just one example.


If they could make you just dress in the same uniform, in a uniform that was made by one factory for the whole planet, and they all looked the same, except for maybe degrees of superiority, you know, they have some kind of, there's always some kind of superiority, then they would do it. And they would force you all to wear it and they would say, well because the material is meant to keep, um, keep you safe from scratches and so on from outside things and objects, then it’s going to cost you about five grand each.  So you'll be forced to pay it. They would do it if they could get away with it. Yes, they would. [Alan chuckles.]  You'd better believe they would.


Look at all the gadgetry they have come out with recently since the Covid idea. I saw something the other day, I think it was in China, where they had children sitting, again, with their mandatory, like 2 meter apart in desks, and they had these plastic shrouds over them. I don't know where the air came in from, but they had shrouds over them, you see, and other farcical things like that.  One I saw that was good a few months ago there, it was a guy who took it to the next level, and he got an air filter from a car’s, for a car’s intake. Again it's very good actually. I mean [Alan chuckles.] in reality it would be pretty good, if he needed it. Which you don't. It really is like a HEPA filter, so fine, they keep all dirt particles out from the carburetor, or the intake for the air for the fuel. He had it on his head with, and he had a good chromed top on it. I don't know if he screwed it onto his head or not, but anyway.  He had these tubes coming out of it, one to his mouth and a mask, and another one for an expulsion valve to let the air out. So I guess he could patent that, maybe some Corporation is already doing it, and we can all walk around like that for the rest of our lives, eh?


Because that's what it's come down to, utter farce like we've never seen before.  I knew this stuff was coming because I'd given talks back in the 90s on the incredible psychological studies that had already been done on us. Other authors long before even Quigley came out in the 50s and 60s on television talking about the studies on the public, that were pretty well perfected. They knew that using techniques, back then, they could really drastically and very quickly alter human behavior and make us do things that perhaps we oughtn't to do or make us accept things that we shouldn't accept. That was way back then.


But today, it's massive.  I mean, your own tax money throws millions and billions across the world to these other think tanks and study groups in universities that all do these joint projects with those that eventually grab the patents for whatever they discover, and techniques, they have patents on techniques by the way for those who don't know it, and ways to manipulate you. And they do. And it's very, very effective. Incredibly effective, when you understand that most folk will take the path of least resistance, at all times. Even though...


It's like one of those children's mazes used to get with the little ball on it and you go through the maze.  You held it in your hand, and you turn it left and right and up and down and that to make the ball travel in the direction that you wanted it to go. But it was just like a little maze, most folk will go along in it and take the easiest route. Even though at the end, if you had a little hammer at the end, a little, little toy hammer where it would come along and just pop up through a spring, and smash the ball, right, they would still go along that same path, left, right, left, right, left, right, up until they get to the end because it was easier to go that way.  That's what people do. Even if you warn them if they keep going the way they're going they're done for, they'll still do it.


I've mentioned it before, there's a freezing of the mind comes into play when real danger starts to seep into your mind that you might be done for. With some folk it is paralytic. With a lot of folk actually it's paralytic. They just, this cannot be happening in real life to me, we live in a civilized society, etc. etc. etc.  Hm? 


We knew the Soviets killed millions of people. And the Bolsheviks, ugh, the slaughters were incredible. They still know that there's massive, massive fields in different parts of the Soviet Union with layers and layers and layers of bodies that were mass executed.  This is the people's, oh, was the people's Army that did it, you know, the people's Army?  On behalf of the people, you know?  As they, they always take over the same authority, it's for the good of the people, so on behalf of the people we will execute you, because you are enemies of the state, you're enemies of the people.


You're seeing it emerged today with the Covid thing.  You must wear those or you're enemies of the people, you know, you're dangerous to them.  That's a quick judgment and some baton crashes you in the skull and that's it. That's where you are with this technique.  And it doesn't really change too much on that level. But most folk will go quietly to the end without question. That's the sad part.


I can't say enough about what happened with the Soviet system.  The Nazis used it again against people who, you know, they saw as enemies of Germany or the people.  They have film of folk literally running in, you know, like one group after another, oh it's your turn now, and they'd run into this, into this dug pit, then they'd get shot and down they went.  And then the next group, as folk watching it thinking, when it comes our turn, it won't happen. That's what you think, you see.


The Soviets were masters. The Soviets actually sent out cards that were delivered to folks’ homes by couriers when they came into a new territory and were taken over.  The Bolsheviks, you see, the Bolsheviks were ferociously hated by everybody, you know, except themselves. They sent out these little cards and they were delivered.  They went into Poland and did the same thing too.  You would get a little card and it would say, you had to attend so-and-so house, it might be the mayor's house or something that was taken over as a headquarters. You'd walk in there, you'd be led.  You wouldn't see many folk, because he didn't like crowds or people, and you would just go along the corridor for instance, and a guy would point to this room. Then you go down the steps into the basement, as you’re going to the basement, they'd shoot you in the back of the head and that was it. Very efficient. They had pulleys and the whole bit where they just dragged the bodies up through the coal chutes and they would dump them into... There’s even old film of this stuff, you know.  Very efficient it was.


But every person, they think, well they sent for me, they want to talk to me. That's the first thing, because you will not think the worst, you see, they want to talk to me, and away you go.  And yet, you never get anybody to talk to because eventually you get shot in the back of the head as you you've just passed another door, that's what happens.  But the same thing with these big pits that they dug in Katyn, you know, that was another one too. Incredible horror story there as well.  Another. Like, Bulgaria had it too. Fantastic videos of survivors of some of these camps.  They had to work with the slaughtered bodies of their compatriots and...  Horrific, horrific things.


This is what totalitarianism brings, what a totalitarian society brings to you.


What we're going into now, you see, is persuasive techniques. I mentioned before with that movie, that, was it, Saving Private Ryan? Where Tom Hanks I think goes, he's in a war movie, but he's looking for his brother, something, I can't remember the whole thing. But anyway, there's a scene where they actually come across, American troops come across some Germans.  One of them started firing at them. They catch him alive, decide not to execute him, he gives them some, again, good psychopath too, he gives them some spiel and they kind of let him go. But down the road they meet him in a town.  They go into a town and then met some other Germans and they had taken up positions to defend the place. The Americans came in, and one of the Americans goes up a bell tower I think it was, and at the very top of the bell tower, who's waiting there is the same German that they let go before.  He was a good talker, a good con man.  He's trying to press this blade, this knife into this American soldier, he's lying on top of the soldier saying, just stop struggling, he said, don't struggle. And he's not shouting at him, he's just speaking to him. Don't, it will all be over very quickly, and all the problems will be gone, and it will be quite peaceful.


Well, that's what you're getting right now, folks, with scientific persuasion. The same thing.  Hm?  Leave it to the experts, they know what’s best for you. They’ve got your best interests at heart, honestly. You know it, don’t you.  They're well trained and they understand these things. They had articles remember in the paper recently, newspapers, don’t even question things, just leave everything, don’t think too deeply about it, leave it to the experts. This was the headline on it, you know. Well, here you are with it all and your governments are on board with it because...


Are you surprised? D'you really think the politicians are EVER real? Politicians ARE low-level psychopaths. They're quite happy to obey the masters and be given extra whatever it is, cash, residences, nice residences and owners and stuff like that, they're very happy with that. Because our societies are incredibly corrupt, and they've been incredibly corrupt for an awful, awful long time.  It's normal now.  And really, really badly corrupt too. 


So no, what you're living through now is a managed horror show disguised with hygienic white facemasks on people with white coats, you see, in hospitals and things like that. That's managed that way.  The common enemy, again, the enemy of the people is a Covid, you know, like a coryza, a coryza is a Covid type as well, it's a cold, a common cold.  But this one is a SARS type, right, and most folk literally are already immune and don't even know they've had it, you see. That's the way these things generally work. Never mind all the lying, I'll touch on that later, the lying, lying statistics, etc., that are now being unearthed, admitted to, reluctantly and all that. It makes no difference though because the agenda must continue.


Because what you're living through today is the culmination of a plan that was set up years and years ago so that those who already ruled the world, this is the revolution, this is the next part of their revolution, to bring you into the more controlled technocratic system, the efficient system that will suit their agenda for themselves at the top. That's what it's for. 


D'you realize, getting back to The Matrix where you're a battery, your energy is what it all runs on is your energy.  You're a slave, you see, for your energy. It's not far-fetched from where we are now. Because the elite have decided that they're going to bring in the new system, you're not going to get asked if you like it or not.  It's already here. They used 9/11 to take away all your rights, not just in the US but across the planet. That's why there was the big, big warning that went off then, you know, alarms went off with 9/11. It wasn't just the fact that towers inside the US came down. A whole different story regardless of what caused it or whatever. But the fact is that's what happened, you saw it, right, they're gone, with folk in it.


But why would the whole world go under a new type of anti-terrorism? the whole planet pretty well?  And immediately all the predictions of the military-industrial complex from the 80s and 90s, I've got old articles going way back, I mean, in real copy, hard copy, right, where they said, what will we do in a world of peace? the military-industrial complex characters, you know?  Well, surveillance of the citizenry will be the whole new thing, security and surveillance and anti-terrorism. They knew about this a long, long time ago, and that’s where we'd go.


Well, HOW would you, how would you change the society where you're not under constant monitoring by the elite that own you, as far as they're concerned?  Well, you need something to happen.  Hm?   Of course the PNAC group, the Project for New American Century drew up the whole list of countries they wanted to take out anyway, because they had a different agenda from the average Americans.  They also wanted to introduce an antiterrorism idea, where they would start selling total security measures, and surveillance on ALL citizenry in the US, and outside the US as well.  Britain was in on the act too naturally, you know, London. 


I hate saying Britain because the British folk are as defenseless as the rest of us, you know. The terms remember today are real corporate names, that's what these places, they're corporation names.  [Alan chuckles.] London has control over what became Britain and the UK for an awful long time, still does.  But yeah, this is total, total surveillance of every citizen. And with Covid, oh my goodness, we'll go to the next level now.  All the talk and all the preparations to bring in the Smart Cities by the World Economic Forum, eh, the WEF, and the World Trade Organization, all these organizations, all, it's already one club.


It's one club actually and most of the members of one belong to the other as well. This is how it works, you see.  Circles within circles, as Caroll Quigley talked about.  That's what you have, interconnecting circles. Just like the symbol, by the way, of the Olympics, that's what you're seeing there.  You see how they connect?  And as a symbol, the five, of course it's always the five, the Five Points and so on, that interconnect that way. And that's how you do it, you need five of them for the different parts of controlling society. That's what it stands for.


So they direct the future. They train the public to be terrified through terrorism, antiterrorism, and now it's terrorism part 2 with Covid, you see.  Then they have the Smart Cities that are going to be up and running very shortly. We didn't get to vote on any of that either by the way. That was all set up again with the same characters, with Facebook participating and Google, the massive Google intelligence network setting up the good part of it too, and the Alphabet agencies and so on, etc. to bring in this wonderful system of TOTAL surveillance from birth to death, 24 hours a day on every individual, outside your home or inside your home, that's what's...  And the smart hubs and all the rest of it.


And again, lockdowns. If you're a bad boy or girl, you see, and you've been naughty-naughty and you haven't taken your latest vaccination, which is a whole list of stuff they want to give you now. I'll touch on that later, and I touched on this back in the 90s. Again, to me everything is repetition. But yeah, they'll simply lock you down at home. They don't have to give you any excuse. Well, it's been reported that you've been in the vicinity of a person who had a sniffle. You know?  It's just like getting banned off the different social media. They don't have to give you any reason for it, you see. 


You're under a totalitarian, these are totalitarian tyrannies. They make themselves, they make their institutions that belong to the elite, you see, they make them necessary to survive in today's economy, as an example.  And everything, I said in the talks years ago, before I had a computer, I still was giving talks on other folks' shows and so on. I said, everything on the computer would be free and your Internet would be free for a long time, to get you in on it.  And there's lots of pornography, they kept telling you that in the newspapers to make sure everybody just dived into it. And folk did, you know.


I says, it will all be free, and the YouTube's will be free, and everything is free, free, and then they start taking it all away from you. And once you're familiar with using it all, you'll go along with it anyway and you might even pay to continue because now it's part of your, you adapt very quickly into systems. They know this.  People literally, it's like political parties, you know, if dad and grandpa was in the Labour Party in Britain, then often you'll be the same, even if you're not even in the working class anymore, that's how it works.


Folk don't change so quickly unless it's done through terror and fear, you see, then they'll change very quickly indeed.  They have to because everything is being let loose with the terror, you know, if you understand what I'm talking about, so you'd better get changed. That's how things really work.  And most folk go along; it works on most folk very quickly.


Getting back to the folk running into mass pits to be executed, you can actually see the old footage on this, if you want to see it. Remember what Plato said? Don't think, don't ever think that somehow you're in an advanced civilization. Don't ever think that. We're all the same people as we were thousands of years ago.  Regardless of the technology, we're the same people.  We behave the same way to similar circumstances.


Because really, they're not many ways you can react to things as a human.  It's either happily, contentedly, quietly. Maybe with a bit of unpleasantness. Or maybe with even anger. But it's always simple things that you react with, you see, and very predictable.  And again, most folk will take the path of least resistance. Especially now when you have experts convincing you through, we used to call it pattern merchants in Britain, a good pattern merchant, someone who could prattle off with a good spiel and convince you, a good salesman, the pattern merchants, to go this way anyway, you see, and... 


Especially if they've got a title now, like, this person is an expert in blah blah blah, whatever it happened to be.  Folk are trained that way, like Bertrand Russell said, I can't remember if it was in The Impact of Science on Society.  But he did mention, I used to read on the air some of these books years ago.  But he mentioned it, yeah, he said the people could be guided into anything, and the children especially, if you get them young, you can really use them, you know. 


I've watched a lot of the symbols, old cultic symbols being adapted and adopted for political purpose right up to the present time by the way. It's interesting. Even the Extinction Rebellion, some don't even know where the symbol comes from. But it's right in front of their faces if they want to look at it.   But yeah, folk will do what they're told because you've got a global threat, you see, you've got an invisible enemy, hhhhhhh!  It's right out of a science fiction movie. Especially all the sci-fi's that you're seeing for years, you know, the plague, the coming plague, and VIRUS, and lockdowns.  All the things they gave you as horror movies, and here it all is.


You're all prepared for it; you've seen it in the movies. You've seen Dustin Hoffman dash about, you know, like a madman trying to save you all in the movie.  I can't remember the name of that one but that was one of the big ones years ago. Here we are, and it's all being managed and worked out. When even again, the Rockefeller Foundation came out with the big plans in 2010 and put it in there, the Lockstep part of their plan, it was only part of it, and of course how technology in the future would influence us all and control us.  Well, it's all here folks. This is it.  You know. It's all here.


The people who brought the whole world to a standstill did it deliberately. Currently, they claim, I don't really believe it all, but this part anyway, they claim that it's another reset, as they say, like the World Economic Forum, this is a reset, you know, the global reset. Like the last 2007/8 crash was a reset, this is the big one now for the whole planet.  But not just for money, it's to be a whole new resetting of life, existence, right down to, they said in their own writings because they have an intelligence department in WEF, you can actually see it on their websites. When you go in there you see it, redefining what a human is, is right in there too, you see.  Now, you thought you were into sci-fi's; these are the guys who create it for real life, real science fiction. And believe you me, there's nothing they can't make happen, if you go along with it.


By the other token, there's nothing they can get away with it, if you don't go along with it. I hope you understand that part.


Hm?  Do you really want to go into a Brave New World where, I mean, the West has already said, and Bertrand Russell said it too, that the sterilization technique was already working in the West, way back in the 50s?  And what is the biggest problem in the West now? It's, oh, infertility!  I used to give the talks on the sperm count plummeting in the Western male. What got me onto it was, why the interest in Universities, universities were given, and it was mainly women by the way that were giving these tests, to test young men's sperm counts in certain universities.  This incredible, again, we are farmed. They have such…


It's the same as our animal husbandry, you've got to know everything about the animals that you own. Any changes have to be completely noted. Well, that's us folks. We're all humans. They would go through all these different reasons for the sperm plummeting and plummeting, until literally I think they had less than about I think 1/4 of the mobile or motile functioning sperm, spermatozoa then males had back in the 1950s they said. Plummeted. And we're not supposed to be worried about that, you see, because they don't tell you why. The reason why they don't say why it's getting down, is because they know what's causing it!  It's intentional.


Are you starting to get the picture?  If it wasn't intentional, they would be spending billions of bucks to find out what happened to their animals. So they know what happened to the animals, us, you see. Of course they do.  That's the horror show you're living in. It's been going on your whole life long and you don't know it.


It's so true with the cancers that came out after the polio vaccine, with the Salk vaccine, eh, Simeon 40 virus was included in it. Because they grow the cultures for the vaccines on kidney cells of monkeys and they couldn't extract the cell, the viruses that were growing purposely on them, and getting mixed with the viruses of the monkeys, and they put them in pretty well blenders at the end of it, folks. If you can't figure that out, I mean, this is real high science, eh?  That's how you end up with your different vaccines, eh? But in amongst the vaccines, and they admit that, oh yeah, millions of folk got the Simeon 40 virus.  That was just one of many viruses, they have over 110 viruses that they've named so far. It was pumped into humans. And the Simeon 40, it was a carcinogen, because it causes cancer.


That was science, eh?  Science did that. Science that says, oh, we're here to help you, eh?  The same science, we're here to help you.  Hm?  [Alan laughing.]   It's sad, isn't it, that we're so trusting. And why shouldn't we be so trusting?


You see, hhmph.  We normally have instincts that warned us about someone who wants to harm us. But once again, you've been trained in ways by, oh, white coated professionals, mainly on TV and things like that telling you how, and again magazines, to push their objectives. It doesn't mean that doctors are bad. Doctors, really, are trying to do their best most of the time.  But a lot of them get hoodwinked as well. Other ones know darn well what's happening with the vaccinations, as an example, they know. Sure they do. And that's a whole field in itself. But yeah, a lot of doctors really are under their own tyranny, of being licensed by big authorities that they can withdraw their licenses if they don't go along with things.  It's already happened under the Covid, folk who won’t go along with it. 


So, yeah, you live under tyrannies.  And when tyranny can't get its way, you end up with, what's going to happen everywhere.  You're seeing it in Australia right now. They had a protest, I'll put the link up by the way, it's quite, it's quite, I hate to say funny.  But it's very, um, obvious what's going on.  The Daily Mail has an article talking about, oh, thousands of protesters turned up in like a riot type scenario in Melbourne.  But in reality, very few protesters are to be seen anywhere in the photos.  You'll see hundreds and hundreds of fully equipped cops in military gear, and only [Alan chuckles.] a few protesters, like a handful of protesters in any particular photograph.  And the folk that they were trying to get to the demonstration, the anti-mask thing, that's what it was about, anti-lockdown, couldn't even get in. They were getting turned away and just, really, they've got checkpoints in Australia like you wouldn't believe.  M-hm.


So the deception, and the headlines, how ashamed they should be at the Daily Mail. But again, newspapers have been conning us for years.  They’re not there to help us, folks. But any true journalists should be ashamed, thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If they were not psychopathic.  Hm?  They're getting well-paid to write these lies. I think McPhee was the woman, I think McPhee was the name on it.  How disgusting to put the stories with the obvious photographs of something, it was the reverse. You saw an army of cops there, you know, protesting protesters, [Alan laughing.] a handful of protesters. That's what it should have been called, Army of cops protesting a few protesters.


That's how they've been managing us our whole lives, with conology.  Conology is the art of persuasion for ill-gotten reasons and gains and things like that.   It's lies.  It's the art of the psychopath.  It's the art of politics.  It's the art of coercion and manipulation, you see, conology. As I've said before, you must participate in your own deception, that's a good con.  It's like the movie The Sting and other movies they've made about it and things like that, you must participate in the con. Generally, you think you're getting, someone again is going to give you something for nothing. That's the typical type of con.  And all you have to do, oh, look at all the ones on the Internet, you know, Prince Abdul of blah blah has left you money, all you have to do is give us your bank account number and put it in for me. The simple type, you must REALLY participate in a con like that, right.  And it does happen all the time.  M-hm.


You also have cons of folk who go around doors, they'd be dressed in either, as working men, like tradesman, or in business suits. Every year they go around old folks homes and say, we're here to do a free inspection of your home, get it winter proofed and stuff. And they rip off the folk like you wouldn't believe. That happens. That's what criminology is full of, you know, they either go into things like that or in politics, hm. 


Because they’re good persuaders. And you might even like the psychopaths. You probably will actually. They're often very pleasant.  Part of the psychopathic technique is to make you comfortable, and they could just reel of one joke after another and you'll, wow, ha ha ha.  The next thing you know you go to bed and find out that there's nothing, there's no bed... [Alan laughing.] there's no furniture... [Alan laughing.] and there's nothing left at all. And you’ve been had.  Yep.


Then you have creative psychopaths, they tend to go into creative arts and so on. A lot of them are con, just pure con anyway. I mean, putting a fetus in a jar of urine, and with a crucifix, and put it into an art gallery, that's what they?  Well, that's the psychopath right there, who obviously has a lot of hatred in them as well. And who also wants to destroy the culture that is making us accept and pay for all this nonsense, you see.  But you can get a few psychopathic types that can support themselves and sell whatever they're selling under the guise of art as well. That can happen. But when you read their histories, people in the past, they tend to be very not just eccentric, but volatile at times as well, things like that, very volatile.


Anyway, persuasion. Persuasion.  Persuade.  Can I persuade you, is what they'll tell you, I'd like to persuade you, or they'll say, see it my way?  If they can't get that, they turn the cops lose on you. Because they coerce you. Again, they give you a choice of doing what they want, going quietly, or even admitting to something you haven't done, or having your head bashed in, you know, and put behind bars.


It's, people have got mixed feelings, as an example, of Julian Assange. I've heard folk, that I know, who really don't like him. I don't know him to like or dislike. But I do know that he was set up for the present charges. And I do know that there was just a little window during his reign to let information out to the public, but really badly needed information on what your own forces are doing across the world.  And how you've got young guys in charge of multimillion-dollar, you know, equipment, organizations and so on, and drones that they can sit hovering in the sky that you wouldn't even see with the naked eye, or they've got these helicopters, and you saw them gunning down reporters... over in Iraq I think it was.


That's what really pissed off the Pentagon.  When you hear the chatter of these young guys, yeah let them have it and rut-dut-dut-and-dut.  Unarmed reporters, eh?  And laughing and giggling about it. No, when you are hearing troops giggle about things like that, this isn't a hand-to-hand combat here, you know. This is worse than a sniper.  Snipers generally are not light at all.  If they’re found they’re killed.  You don't take them prisoners, in any side of any army [Alan chuckles.] Because, even, regardless of the era, and today we don't have many morals left when it comes to slaughtering folk. In fact, we’ve risen a generation, maybe the second actually, on video games, hm, so that they can just go right into the military. I said this back in the 90s, even before that I said, they're raising a generation, never mind the generation too of communist that they would eventually turn lose from the universities.  That's been done now of course as you well know.  And revolutionaries, and nihilists, and the atheists. The old standard technique. But also a generation of young folk who drift right into the military, “From Xbox to the Military” as I've said, they've had articles about it.  All on purpose, for all the wars that they had planned back in the late 80s, hm, the coming wars. It's all been done.  Worked awfully well.  Xbox to the military.


But again, what I'm getting at here, a whole bunch of points I'm getting at I suppose.  We've always been manipulated.  You're living through a big business plan where whatever the elite want, and there are some, it's not the Kind and Queen of England, it's not characters like that. It's way above them, you know. Folk above it certainly are, they've got the brains. I mean, Prince Charles, he didn't even get through Gordonstoun.  He had to leave and go to I think it was Dower [?] Academy.  He couldn't even hack the people.  The guys there were tough, you know.  It was like rugby on and off the field, it made no difference, that's how it was and if you couldn't stand up for yourself, you're done for. He couldn't even hack that. But he didn't have intelligence either. So it is not Prince Charles; he was the Prince they said back in the 80s and 90s, the Prince without a cause. He had no purpose, you see.  So they eventually give him a purpose at the public-private partnership deal, made him a mouthpiece for that. 


But he is dedicated to one thing and that's his dad's depopulation agenda. Because Prince Philip is up there in that realm, he's always been up there, about too many people.  He's given lots of speeches about culling folk, just like you cull animals. He uses that word, by the way, in his global speeches for the Sierra Club and the different clubs that he belongs to, which are all the same, about depopulation.  That's always been the foremost of an elite's agenda is depopulating unwanted people.  The useless eaters as Lord Bertrand Russell called us all basically.  If you weren't essential to the system, then they shouldn't live. 


Again, that's also socialism, for those who, for the poor working classes who've never figured it out.  Because you're presented with your leaders, eh, oh don't worry about it, they got the Fabian Society and the Socialists and Labour Party, they're there to stand up for you.  Go into the real, the real science behind it, eh.  Remember, communism had three levels, that they admitted to. The one for the world and for the new members coming in. One for the managers on the mid-level. And another system altogether that they would bring them into and tell them what the real purpose was.  It was a graded system of understanding. 


That's what the Labour Party is too in Britain. The Labour Party is international. Why would you vote for a national party that's international, and wants to do away with your borders?  Well it's kind of pointless voting for them, isn't it?  Then they'll appoint folk into positions that it's got nothing to do with their abilities, as we all know today. 


But when you go into the Fabian Society and you find George Bernard Shaw, he was quite open. He opened his mouth a bit too wide actually, on film, old film and you can hear him talking about it. He says, you know, the working class thinks we're here for this, that, and the other and blah blah blah.  He says, when we're in power, you'll have to come to us and ask us why we should keep you alive.  Huh?! 


You see, your purpose is to serve them. The cause. The Soviet Union was the same, you're a cog in the machine. You had no personality anymore. You're just, you were not A person anymore, you're part of the masses, and your purpose was to serve the system.


Again, scientific socialism. Technocracy. The World Trade Organization. The World Economic Forum. It's all the same system, folks.


Don't get misled. When you see something that walks and quacks like a duck, believe you me, it's a duck. You see, the animal kingdom can't help being what it is. They can't pretend they're something else, like some humans do.  So it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, believe you me, it's a duck!  Yep. 


So don't get confused.  Oh, that's the same as... as... a different... Because it's got a different name in their titles and a different, they've got a 'but' in it or 'and'… instead of the straightforward thing from the Worker’s Paradise Coalition to the Coalition of the Worker's Paradise, it's a different one altogether.  Don't get mixed up with terms, terminology.


Streams, they used to call it streams as well, when all the different streams would go along different directions. So you'd start off with a stream for suffragettes, you see.  And the suffragettes initially, even though you have tremendous propaganda about them, they were generally well-to-do women from families who had come into the countries like Britain, or London.  Many of them actually, they're well recorded who they were.  They were wealthy, and they were part of the World Revolutionary Movement. Some of them blew up things in London and they did take off to live in the early Soviet Union with the Bolsheviks.  If you didn't know that, it's a fact, look it up and read their books on it.


So that was one stream. One for the women.  Let's separate the women from the men. Again, George Bernard Shaw said that the workingman will come to us because we're promising him better working conditions, fewer hours...  In those days, believe you me, they did work sometimes 16 hours a day, in the early days, eh.  But better working conditions, because the life expectancy wasn't that great back then, as a working-class person, male or female.  We'll also try to get more money for them and things like that. So they'll come for us because we're promising the things that they know they need.  It's very basic, you see.


But he says, when they come to us, the workingman will come to us thinking, well now he'll have some protection perhaps, and they'll have a better working... And he can keep his wife and maybe his family in a better circumstance with a bit more money, to feed them, for basic stuff, like feeding, eh, that was awfully important.  No doubt about it.  But he says, but the workingman doesn't realize that's not what we're here for. He says, we want, we don't want him to have a wife, we want the women to be out working in the workforce too.  That would double the tax base as well, folks. You see? It would also bring down the population if they weren't breeding with each other.


Everything is a stream, one for each part of society. Get a stream going and down the road when we've changed everything, all these streams will come together in the big river, you see.  The big river.  That can take 100 years.  But, we're here folks.


They've altered everything. They've altered the relationship between men and women. They've altered the meanings of families.  They've altered the rights of the child now. You've got rights of the child through the United Nations, meaning the parent doesn't have any over the child generally.  The state now gives the child their culture and their beliefs and so on, as opposed to the parent. That's what Bertrand Russell said one of their goals was, back in the 40s. 


So they've achieved their goals.  All these different streams of the different parts of society they try to keep apart, altered, you bring them all together in the big river down the road. And we are here. Absolutely. All done by scientific type systems of sociology. Even anthropology, you need anthropologists to understand the different ethnic groups, even within one nation, you know, how to alter them slightly here and there, even for religious groups and so on, and how to eventually, eventually, eventually you can erode their beliefs, or their behavior, or what they stand for, and again merge them into the big river down the road. It's all been done.


So the next step is to have us all going into the big sleuths gate, eh, where they filter off the ones that they want to keep, for a little while longer, and the ones that they don't want to. I really mean this because Brave New World is part of the system that they want to work towards, or they are working towards.  The intelligence system part of the World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum, as I say, has a whole section on reimagining...  When you hear this term now, Bill Gates came out with it, reimagining education.  Well, who gave him the authority? The guy's not an inventor of anything. He is a businessman... who works for a very elite body of eugenicists, and the right to rule us all, you see, using technology and other means as well.


But he said, let's reimagine education.  He was also involved heavily in the drafting up of the curriculums that would be used for Common Core in the US education. But can you imagine a world of lockdown, where his systems are going to be taught to every child, to standardize all their thoughts, their opinions and everything?  WHOAH!  There's power for you, eh?!  From a monster like him.


A man who can't keep his mouth shut at times about helping folk, as he helps depopulate the world.  Would you trust a guy like that who is a eugenicist? Who believes in superior types and inferior types with a real staunch conviction of the religion of a eugenicist?  Hm?  The humanist, they call them, we're humanists, you see, we don't have qualms about moralities. We have to, we get things done.  No qualms, you see.  We're efficient.


So Bill Gates reimagining society.  Reimagining education. Reimagining policing. Reimagining security.  Reimagining healthcare. Reimagining the family. Reimagining communities, for the smart cities, etc.  It's all reimagining. It all came from the same group at the top, the World Economic Forum.  Well, do you get a say in anything? Do you have a vote in anything at all? Of course you don't.  No point in voting for politicians because they're all paid off and bought off by the folk who already run the world. Haven't you figured that out?  [Alan chuckles.]  


I have to chuckle at times just looking at the massive, massive avalanche of, like, cure yourself of everything, all life's ills, mainly emotional ills and circumstance ills and so on.  All the self-improvement books and endless, endless... Back again in the 80s I could see it happening in the libraries, where you used to have shelves and shelves of really good books on histories and philosophers. Philosophers too, I never really get too strung on. I don't need a philosopher to give me my meaning of life, you know. I think you can work it out for yourselves. And schools of philosophy are often used by the elite at the top already. They still get folk at university and try to drag them into their particular, again, stream, they'll get a stream of different types of people and get them into a Hegelian stream or whatever it happens to be, and then you have them merge down the road, after they've served their purpose.


Because most philosophies are meant to be a way of living, to be used by people who give it to you [Alan chuckles.] to suit their purposes really.  Or to justify what they already do.  Again, they tend to be awfully elitist as well. And many of them were meant to destroy existing religions, you see.  And before you start pooh-poohing all existing religions, most existing religions, what's left of them, didn't force you to accept what they were preaching. It was to give you a basic, you all grew up in the left over, the residue of cultures that had been heavily attacked and destroyed by those who are bringing in the humanistic technique, you see, of Technocracy and so on, and religion’s served its purpose, they claim, you know. 


It was a big, big battle to get you to give up rights and freedoms, especially to think or to even pray or whatever it is you're really into, and just obey the experts, the REAL religion, you see, that's replacing it all.  That was always the purpose of many of the philosophers of… You know, Nietzsche kind of said it too, eh, that God is dead. And he says, well if God, meaning, they were all... 


Again, in Germany the big, big push back then, Germany was the first country to turn, elevate philosophy above their old religions. It didn't work with everybody but they, once you start doing that then you end up into horror shows rather quickly, you see. Because as he said, well God is dead.  And when you realize that God is dead, then all the things that were unthinkable and undoable, that you wouldn't do before, now are completely attainable, you can do it all.  If you have no guilt and there's no repercussions against doing things that before would send you to hell or whatever, if there's no hell then you can do what you want. 


Well, you take it from there, folks, then you add on to it science.  Well, let's get rid of the elderly, the sick, the infirm.  Yeah, boom, boom, boom, eh, no problem, let's just cull off whole sections of society.  Boom, boom, boom, you see.  All the things that were prohibited and unthinkable become not only thinkable but attainable. And doable. 


That's where you are today.


So if you've tossed all the old values out the window, you're going to regret it. Because you should still have that affinity for something bigger than science. Science is a horror show. That's what Bertrand Russell said. He believed in science. He says, there will be a tyranny, and I hope, he says, if there is to be a tyranny, I hope, and he fervently hoped there would be a scientific tyranny. 


It would be a horror show.  Absolutely.


Do you realize, you have to think about things that you just don't like?


It really started, I say, in the UK and parts of Europe in the 1950s or 60s probably. Long before by using different techniques.  But definitely it was launched with the whole force of cultural organization. And by that, I mean it's like fashion, music, everything, pushing for a sexual, and remember the word, REVOLUTION.  Don't ever dismiss it as something pithy because it didn't really entail bloodshed as such.  It did entail bloodshed; it was a different way of doing it.


So you had the fashion. You had this managed explosion, they called it the British explosion, eh, and in the US that's what they called it. So you had a sexual revolution. They began to sexify the males for the first time.  For a long time actually before.  They had that in maybe the 1700s with the silk stockings and the wigs and all that kind of stuff.  But they really sexified the male.  You had Elvis Presley, they called him Elvis the pelvis, of course they did, that was the nickname.  He would gyrate on the stage like some kind of guys, the way strippers do probably today.  That was the introduction of the sexification of the male, you see.


We all know through music, and that was the sexual revolution, you know, push, push, push, and the miniskirt came on.  They'd already revamped what they tried in the 1920s, and failed, with the booze cans and prohibition. They made the booze cans sexy.  They had the jazz on the go. They had the dances like the Charleston and different ones, with the miniskirt, you know. They tried out all that stuff, but they didn't have the antibiotics for the venereal disease.  And they didn't have, and real disease when it's untreated, believe you me, ends up being a disaster on the victim. Absolute hell on the victims. And the offspring by the way if it’s syphilis.


They did all that and then they went back to the drawing board for a while. Because they had unwanted children all over the place you see. They didn't have the abortion racket on the go.  They had backstreet abortions and so on. So you always have fallout as you're changing things and you gotta find ways of dealing with it. So they really put stacks of money into research and development to do with hormones.  Part of it along the way was the birth control pill. So they launched it again, along with the miniskirt once more, at the same time, and the sexual revolution.  Bingo, you see.  It had already had the same fallout, and you already had antibiotics, you see, in the 50s and 60s.


So you end up with, then, the destruction of the family unit.  Which again is the same, part of the Communist Manifesto, which is the same part as the socialist manifesto, which is the same as the elites/Royal Institute of International Affairs manifesto, destruction of the family unit.  And of course academia at the top and so on.


Always the same agenda.


Look at today. Look at the things, as I say, we're talking about today, where we feel embarrassed at times when abortion became a business, a legalized business, and in the States especially.  They were finding the big, and you've got to look at the history of this.  We're so... hypocritical.  Especially with ourselves. We can't look at ourselves at times. We don't want to look at the bad things, eh?  But we are all part of it, in society, by accepting things that we shouldn't.  Like Aldous Huxley, how we could be trained to accept things that perhaps we shouldn't, that are not in our best interests at all.  The dumpsters are full of body parts for children, babies, eh?  That's what they found, they were getting left out and going high in the summers.  Early days folks, eh.  Now, body parts, and that's what they'll put down as children, or fetuses, or babies, eh, it's called human biological waste.  Bio waste, and we accept that as normal.  There was nothing wrong physically with them.  They were just inconvenient.  Because we've all been, everyone's damaged with the sexual revolution that continued to the present day. It's worse now.


Most folk really probably won't get married now, so the elite don't have much to worry about now. Youngsters that you're seeing riot in the streets probably will never have children. Probably will never mate for any length of time either with any one person. It's been very successful. They don't know that it was all part of war on them. They don't know.  You can get the victim demanding more of it in fact because they think it's their rights. They don't realize, no, no, you've come to this stage by people you've never met or even knew existed, that planned your reality and your thoughts and give you your opinions and so on. 


So we're all complicit in things in so many ways, and most folk don't really get it. In the old Hebrew religion, the old Hebrew religion, they believed that the collective, the people themselves would have collective punishments when laws were broken, when real primal laws were broken.  And it's very true, I think we do. Whether we like it or not. Because there's certain things which are just plain, I think wrong. Even though we can commit them ourselves because we've been trained to or encouraged or whatever, but regardless, you have collective punishments come down because you're breaking the basic laws of nature. 


And people say, what can we do about it? I mean, what can we do if there's too many people? Well, what countries have got too many people? Because the ones in the West, their own domestic populations have been plummeting, they claim at the Department of Statistics, you know.  Every country in Europe's got its own Department of Statistics.  That's what they claim.  I used to read the statistics off years ago as they kept hammering, there's too many of you.  [Alan chuckles.]  And I'm thinking, wait a minute here.  You keep telling us we're even below replacement levels, aren't we good for being below replacement levels? Isn't that what you want?  Oh no, we have to bring in replacements now from all over the planet they tell you.


It's a different agenda on the go here, folks.  Isn't there?  Because you can't please them.  Hm? That's what you're living under. You see, you've been under a global agenda your whole life long and you didn't know it. 


Before I go on, I've got to keep remembering too you can help me out by going into and getting the books and discs there.  You get your eyes opened. It's a long archive.  You'd be surprised how many folk at the top, not the very, that top, but the folk you'll know on radio or whatever use it all the time.  Because it covers a long span of life and history and facts as well, you know, of the system of conology that we're living through. 


So, you can help me tick along too with all my sites I've got out there by donating to me or buying the books and discs. But donations remember you can send even cash or checks. I think Money Gram is okay too in some countries. In some countries you can still gets international postal money orders sent.  I think in the States they can't do that anymore for some reason. But you can send cash from the States if you've got a problem. And believe you me, the post is probably the most efficient you can get, just basic post, UNregistered. If you registered anything you're guaranteed to have it opened, folks. Just don't register the stuff and things get through okay.


As I say, you could help me tick along.  I don't write massive, not these days anyways, write massive tomes, you know, of histories. It's all been done before. You have to start thinking for yourself.  It's almost like the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam where what it means, the Rubaiyat, it's almost like reading between the lines. Words should conjure, and sentences conjure up images that then come between the lines, they formed their own invisible lines between the lines to give you this overview of what you're reading as you're reading it. It gives you an inner meaning to it.  It's very important too, this was a standard art at one time.


Because a lot of how your mind really is meant to work is with intuition. And intuition has clues. It's like prompting, you get prompting from things you see, hear, or even listen to people chat about certain things, you get little insights and prompts, and these are meant to work with your intuition, and suddenly things just fall into place. As opposed to a standard education and an indoctrination into one particular area of things, you'll find that there are other ways of learning, which are natural. And they've always been here, always existed. Some of the greatest thinkers down through time allowed their minds to work for themselves by using the intuition that comes with observance and thought itself.


You can't really do it when you're really in a thick densely populated city, not so easily. You definitely need peace and quiet at times to ruminate, a good word too, ruminate, you know, about things.  Because that's, you might not think you're really learning or discovering something at the time.  But what you can think in one particular evening will come back again later, once it's been thought. This is the whole thing, it will come back again later and be part of something bigger, all things fall into place just like a jigsaw puzzle.   It's a very important way of seeing and doing.  Because you're just, put it this way, you're JUST as important, eh, meaning you're probably more important, but you are at least just as important as any specialist that's out there telling you how to behave and what to do at this present time. Of course you are. 


Of course you are.


A famous person once said, he said, even the top, you know, genius with all the letters behind their names from universities, and awards and titles, still has to drop their pants and go to the toilet the same way as you do. You know. In other words, folk are dressed up in fancy titles and fancy this and fancy that, but they really have no other right to rule you and tell you what to do or how to behave or what to think than anybody else, you see.  This is YOUR journey through the walk in the world here on top of the planet. It's yours. Not theirs. Leave them with theirs. But they won't leave you alone with yours, will they? 


Now, you also have the mentality of the crowd. The crowd, again, in its roughest sense wants conformity. Especially when they're afraid, eh, conformity.  So again, you get people who like crowds. They like to be part of the group, the crowd, and they'll turn on folk very quickly if they're not part of it. You'll see it with these riots in the States... oh sorry, protests in the States... [Alan laughing.] ...with... [Alan laughing.] and the shopping sprees too.  Where you see them looking for trouble in the streets and it's like swarming, that's what it's called actually is swarming, where one person will pick on somebody that's... Or even if they've got the wrong kind of hat on, right, you saw that recently, one guy getting shot, or assassinated, or murdered in the streets because he didn't have, he wasn't part of them, you see.


You see, the crowd, especially the fanatical crowd of today of the nihilists and the atheists that they said they would unleash many years ago... This is what they always say, the World Revolutionary Party, by guys who wrote about it, talked about releasing the nihilists and the atheists, and they'll, they don't believe in democracy, they'll just kill you if you have a different opinion. If you wear a T-shirt with the wrong slogan on it that could be enough, or hat, to have you murdered, you see. And they'll justify what they're doing because they're not democratic.


I hope you understand that this is what you're seeing here. This is not democracy or a Republic either. Nowhere in the Republic did they say they would slaughter folk if they didn't agree with them or have an opinion.  You're looking at a different system, which is the old Soviet type system, or Bolshevik really.  With the same groups being fostered, trained, and let loose on the public, before the big one takes over for them.  And they will be used against everybody else as we go through the big change. Until they have the big change completed, which is the smart city set up.


You have no idea of all, you think it's this millions of cameras up right now. You have no idea of what they've already published about what they're going to put in here. And are putting in. And they're going to use all this as an excuse. In a post police world, with all the robots and that, they've got them all ready to go, folks.  And with the incredible surveillance that they've got on the lampposts and all over the place right now, never mind your cell phones all tracking you, where you're going and all that.  They know who, they know who's killing who, who's doing what. 


You can see these little clips on YouTube, from very good video from some of the stationary observance CCTV cameras on lampposts and so on. You see these guys just walking up to people in New York City right now just shooting them at night. Dead. Or dragging them on motorbikes and doing the same thing again, just for the... for the... who knows? ...the fun of it I guess, for them. Because it's a lawless society now they're bringing on. So, the more that this can be foisted upon the public until you are all terrified, the more again you're going to accept, well now we're going to put in this robot in this little area here. It's all been…


You should see some of these gadgets. These are like little tanks, maybe 6 feet long, with rotating turrets and all kinds of, not just tasers but machine guns and God knows what else there’s on them as well. They literally can, all the six wheels can turn on it in any direction, and it can spin on the spot if it wants to, but never lose track of who's in its gunsights. They got all these things ready for the streets. They've been working on them for years. For now.  How do you get them on the streets? Well you start defunding the police. It's wonderful, isn't it, really, how they always get what they want by creating the circumstances to get the public, that's enough, we don't want the cops anymore, you see.  Well, it just so happens we've got all these things to take their place then, you see. And there you go.


But the video quality of these cameras on the lampposts... that are also, ah, got audio.  They get every little bit of chat of anybody standing beneath it. It's all listened to, put in a massive database, across the whole... across the nations, folks. 


This isn't freedom.


This is not freedom at all.


You're owned. You have less freedom than the cattle in the field.  At least they can wonder about in the field and no one’s staring at them all the time.  N-n-n. 


You're being redefined all the time. They're redefining humanity at the World Economic Forum and redefining the human, the individual. 


It's tragic that school is where it all starts, isn't it?  You indoctrinate them early at school, very cleverly too. It's like imprinting, the techniques that are used. It isn't the persuasion of a curriculum, a good teacher who understands the system on how to teach.  It's toolkits designed for every age group.  They knew exactly how you'll think at the age of five or six in certain topics, or six and seven, and seven and eight and so on.  It's so specifically well designed. They know for instance who's going to laugh and tee-hee and titter with certain topics at certain ages, as an example. And who will object to them, and what gender at a certain age, as an example. And how to overcome that so smoothly today, that even the few who won't go along with something can be coerced into going along, and then imprinted with the basic idea of the new thought, the new thinking, the new way of viewing a particular area or topic or whatever it happens to be.  And it's with them for life. As they grow up, they don't realize that even entertainment is barraging them with the updates on their initial indoctrination in different areas. Constantly.


Look into the Department of Cultures in your own country, or your state or your province or wherever it is you live in. You see the tax money going into Departments of Culture. Go in and look into see where the money... They also dish out funding to different authors, as an example, of children's books and children's movies and children's TV shows. Again, they've got laid out toolkits of what to implant in your shows, or even puppet shows, to get the ideas across for sustainability. So young children think, my God, the world's coming to an end and I'm only five, and it's all my parent’s fault, they're bad people. Well, if the child at five is getting taught that, what do you think they'll be like when they're 15 or 20?  They'll be on the streets like they are now, eh?  [Alan chuckles.] It's all by design. It's not accidental.


Some of them have even come out, I mentioned it recently, I put a link up to one of them in one of these groups, in the Extinction Rebellion, whose part of the propaganda in saying that he's ashamed now that he was taught and he was teaching folk to be terrified that the world's coming to an end. Young children, he says, were telling him they have nightmares now.  They'll never be normal.  Your education is indoctrination for big agendas which you're unaware of. Absolutely. 


And you certainly don't want to end up being part of the swarm on the street.  You pick on the weakest person, an old person or something, somebody jumps on them and then you see them swarming like a hive, whooooffff, kicking in the boot and the whole thing.  Very, very brave people, eh?  That's what the crowd does. The crowd is not something, there's no sanity, it's a primal primitive thing that takes over in the crowd. 


I mentioned it too on last week's, well, that was, I was on with Neil last Wednesday I think it was, from the Irish Sentinel. They got hacked big time and the streaming got cut short, because they didn't stream at all in fact. Luckily, I managed to record on my end and eventually put it up. It took a lot of work because I used an old, old system I hadn't used for a few years to do the recording, so it wasn't the cleanest. But yeah, I've had the same problem with my computer systems too.  If you speak out about what's happening today, you're hammered. Even my Internet provider hammers me and throttles me and chokes me off. Absolutely. Until literally when you're at stalling speed, when your Internet should cut out altogether, it crawls. It's worse actually at times than dial-up.  And when you phone, there's no point in phoning them up, they'll give you the runaround. But they've been told to do it, of course they are.


You don't speak, you can't speak your mind today.  There's no freedom of speech.  You're under a totalitarian system. If you look at even the Event 201 that came out with the warm-up, and one even two years before it they had too, had the warmup to the present so-called pandemic. But the same players attended at the Johns Hopkins rehearsal you might say, dress rehearsal. They said they would attack folk eventually that wouldn't shut up and were trying to say something else to the general public.  They went through the scenarios of the event having false news out there, two years before it happened.  All prepared for it. Here's how we treat them all. They'll block off your money, your income. Then they block off your ability to talk to the public. Silence you. And you've seen it all happened to lots of people. I get the same kind of, I've had the same thing here for years before the pandemic. But that's what happens.  You don't live in a free society AT ALL, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]


You'll be left alone if you’re just watching pornography and stuff that they want you to watch and do things that they want you to do. Of course, they'll have no problem, you're no problem, you're safe then. I can remember [Alan laughing.] again years ago an old preacher in the States. And he was a kind of a character, you know.  Very few characters amongst them, they're all rather like peas in a pod, but he was a real character. He said, you know, he says Satan will leave you alone if you're just one of the crowd and doing like everybody else. He says, it’s only when you start to say there's something really evil with this system, that you'll start to get problems. That's pretty well how it is, isn't it?  Your left alone if you’re one of his own, as they say. But if you're trying to break away then, now you’re a target. Because you're beginning to see, you know, you're beginning to see.


As I've said before too that, and I mentioned it last Wednesday during that talk that eventually I put up myself for the Irish Sentinel, about the absolute comparison of the psychopath with demonology.  And I have no problems talking about demonology. I don't care who pooh-poohs it. It's like everything else, you can pooh-pooh everything unless you've maybe experienced it [Alan chuckles.] at kind of close range at times. So, who cares who pooh-poohs it and wants everybody, oh, scientific?


Look at the incredible deception you're under right now with science.  [Alan chuckles.] You're going to parrot that all day long, eh?  Well they said Covid's real and we're all going to die if you don't take a shot, you know.  Yep.  And you watch cops beating up folk and strangling folk because they wouldn't put a mask on in some... I'll put some of these clips up too Quite a few little clips. I don't use YouTube too much. I can't get any speed because I'm getting so heavily choked, but I get little bits sent to me and so on. I'll put them up.  Even one from a doctor, another doctor, a woman who's pretty good and she's straightforward in what she's talking about. I think her name is Majed.  I'll put her up as well.


I have no problem talking about demonology. I mentioned that Malachi Martin was one example. It's so paradoxical, really isn't it, how at one point he definitely was paid, and I say, he was paid by a group inside the US to really buildup ammunition for an enemy of Vatican II, who wanted to use it for their own agenda.  He was on the payroll, and he wrote something about it under different names, Brother Serafin he published a book, and hit his own church, that was used against the church and the church never recovered. I don't say that church was ever, ever perfect. The church like every system became corrupt long ago. Long ago.


It doesn't mean it ALL became corrupt.  But we know for even during the Communist years in the 30s and 40s and 50s, during the un-American activities commissions that they had, they found a woman [Bella Dodd], I remember talking about her years ago. She admitted her job as a communist organizer was also a selector, she would select people for different projects inside America. They put them into politics naturally. But they also had other ones to go into the priesthood.  She was picking particular ones of certain persuasions to go into the priesthood. And that did come out by the way. This is not happenstance or hearsay, this is, you can actually look it up and read the actual inquiries about it at the time. She put hundreds of people into the priesthood, that shouldn't have been there, that ended up having their cabals that are still affecting [Alan chuckles.] the reputation of the Catholic Church to this day.  Really, y'know.


But getting back to Malachi Martin, as I say, he also talked about the CIA. You can see an old documentary by, when he was on as a guest being interviewed by William Buckley Junior. Now, William Buckley Junior, it was admitted after he died that he was also in the CIA like many folk in the media.  But in the actual interview Malachi Martin talked about the CIA being awfully, and he talked about the same thing when he was on the Art Bell show, that the CIA used lots of priests as intelligence sources because they were across the whole planet into countries that were also communist and enemies and so on. So, I'm pretty sure Malachi Martin was well involved in that too.


So, here's a guy who eventually, as a Jesuit, ends up doing what many Jesuits have done, which was damaged the church.  In one big way ends up writing books about possession and demons and demonology.  Awfully good book to read by the way, even if it's just psychology they’re into, you can certainly get a lot from it. You can get Hostage to the Devil, awfully good graphic observations, interpretations of mental states at the very, very least, right, in behavior.  Which a psychiatrist will put it down as mental illness, to the bitter end. It would matter what happened, it would be to the bitter end, it would be mental illness of some kind or another. 


But you've got the other side of it too, it's a derangement by other forces.


But when you put them down side-by-side, the possession, like perfect possession is one category of possession which is when a person is completely at home with the spirit or entity that's within, that's IN them. They're content and they can work well together.  The problems in standard classical demonology is where a person fights, is still fighting and not completely taken over by the entity that's in them and there's a bit of resistance still there.  They're in definite anxiety all the time, maybe erratic behavior, of all kinds.  In the process too, often similar to see the old bipolar or manic-depressive disorders as well, that's very similar.  Sometimes. But odd behaviors always, you see.


When a person has deliberately taken an entity on board, and sought it out, it's a different kettle of fish. When you have an elite, not all of them, who knows how...  If you have an elite group that literally maybe intergenerationally have taken these things on board, definitely they put out suggestions that some of the organizations they're into through the last century and a half, in the occultic sense with it, or even in the last couple of hundred years in fact, or more, some branches, especially French Freemasonry they had some branches within there and in London of course with the Hellfire Club.  You definitely had this idea of eugenics, number one, of selective breeding, special breeding, mating for different purposes than just being horny, put it that way.  But to actually create a type of a child, you find it going way way back even to John Dee and the magical child, and that was eventually repeated and repeated all the way up to Crowley.


So, you're looking at something a bit different from that, from the usual horror movie interpretation of it. So, eugenics is definitely involved in it to an extent. When the Hellfire Club like some of the top Masonic groups in Britain had brothels attached to them, not any old brothel, it was just for certain members. Some of them were selected because, and they were called dollies. The dolly is a carrier, a dolly, just like anything that you push to carry luggage on is a carrier, they carried the genes, the particular genes of higher families and so on.


Part of the upper admission into some of the – and I'm not making this stuff up, this is from their own books and so on – was that you would be given permission to mate with a particular woman until she was pregnant, and then she would have an offspring, you see, from one of these dollies, the carriers of the right kind of genes, you know.  I could go on and on about that because it's an interesting field of eugenics. We also know too that Charles Darwin was the offspring between the Darwin family and the Wedgewood family. Because they had been doing it already for a few generations, and after him too, still doing it, just intermarrying with the same one family for special genetic breeding of what they claim is the better traits make them special. That continued right up into the 20th century, and I'm sure it still happens today with certain groups of them.


That's documented. It's not conspiracy at all, it's just documented history.  I think when his wife died, I think he married, was it his mother's sister or something? It was something, it was real, real inbreeding for sure.  It's often thought that's part of the problem with the Darwin's because they ended up having tremendous headaches, it's hereditary. Then when they cross matched into the Huxley family as well later on, which they did intermarry eventually that way, a lot of them had tremendous headaches and they were bedridden with them at times, and depressions coming out. So, these are hereditary traits that would be passed on you see, more so with inbreeding.


So yeah, you have that. But now supposing you've got another level though, where you want to bring in the spirit?  Just like the ancient Egyptians talked about too, the opening-of-the-mouth ceremony and so on.  Where you could, they believed, it was a strange way of looking at things. It wasn't just reincarnation.  It was, it was, um, transmigration of souls. Wherever a father died, Pharaoh, and the son was nowhere near, he was off in a different province maybe examining the province or something like that on some business, then they couldn't just, there had to be a proximity factor to transfer the spirit to the Pharaoh. 


One of the parts, they have a five-part soul, you see. One of the main parts they put it into the son.  So they would go through an elaborate ceremony where they would say that they could still store it in the mouth, you see, the opening-of-the-mouth ceremony, in a statute and they do the same thing, and then transfer it to the son when he got home. Like a safe, put it in a safe [Alan chuckles.] for a little while.  They had very elaborate ceremonies about all these kind of things. It was very important to them anyway because they had so many different parts of spirit and soul in Egypt.


But that became kind of popular, this idea really fascinated people in the 1800s. They got into it, some of the different occultic groups.  We know too that Yeats and different people were heavily involved in the occult in their time as well.  Much of the poetry in fact he put out was actually ceremonies, for those who don't know it.  It's quite interesting when you can actually understand what they're about.


But anyway, the idea was to bring something more important than you into your body. That's what Alister Crowley was into and he had a big following remember, and lots of aristocracy were involved in it at that level too. And the artistic community as usual as well were involved in it. It didn't quite die off, and then they had a revival in the late 1800s with Theosophy, that they tried to bring more and more and more of that in and blend it with India. 


But there's always that element of the higher groups that go through elaborate ceremonies, even today, to bring a higher entity into certain, some people. Remember, there's branches of masonry that are pretty well atheistic as well, remember that as well, eh.  But for the occultic groups, certain ones went all the way. Often as an excuse perhaps for free sex as well and all the rest of it. But some of them still believe there was a higher, that these were entities of superior beings they could bring into themselves, of people who had lived long, long before them.


Some of the groups saw these entities as gods, ancient gods, you see.  It wasn't a unique idea at all.  It flourished in ancient times, and the Middle East, and even in ancient Hebrew and into Judaism, early Judaism too.  They had this idea, a different view on, of good and bad, right and wrong, as they have today, it's different again, different changes.   But when Judaism took on Kabbalism and really pushed it, the early ones saw these entities that could be used. Today in Christianity you'd look upon these things as demons.  But in Judaism they were entities that you could call down if you knew their names. Again, it was very Egyptian in a way as well, or taken from Egypt and other areas around that area. Even previous to Egypt in fact I'm sure, many, many thousands of years old, these ideas proliferated and were copied by different cultures down through time.


But the idea was that, especially when you worship people as God's, like Pharaoh's, and it was unthinkable often for the people to believe that the Pharaoh's body died so therefore what was in him, this powerful being inside him, the spirit was dead too. So, they would say that, they would think it went on, and as I say, could even be transferred to the son of the Pharaoh.  Therefore they were looked upon as God's, immortal gods.  Even if one body died, they'd have another one to enter into. So, you're into the same area as demonology.


As I say, John Dee was really into this. He learned the Kabbalah, and Hebrew.  He was a real devotee.  The idea was to call down these entities and use them, and not to be afraid of them, you see.  With the idea that you could do, if you knew the right almost codewords you could maybe, like passwords, like computers, you could make them do your bidding. That was the idea behind all magic.  Of course Alister Crowley took the same idea, that he didn't invent, and pushed it into more a practical, into more practice, physical practice into his little society he had around him. 


That's continued up until, and then had another big explosion again with the New Age as they call it, the New Age in the 1960s onwards, with the hippies they introduced all the stuff again.  And again, the Theosophy idea of blending spirit with science, which Madame Blavatsky boasted about that was their goal.  Odd thing to say, isn't it? Until, and it struck me when I was looking at, again, the World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum. They're all the same members by the way that run all these things. And again, reimagining humanity. In it of course they have the whole idea of life extension, which they do have today.  They've had it for quite a while.


I remember watching little clips that someone sent me, and it was from Israel. It was someone, it was a scientist, a well-known scientist over there. And in a general talk, there's lots of people coming into the room as he’s starting his talk and they were kind of [Alan chuckles.] yapping away as the man was trying to speak. But he said quite casually there, he says, of course you know that if you've got a spare $7 million to spend, we can keep you alive until you're 140 today.  That's what he said. So nonchalantly too, you know.  No, he didn't elaborate and say it's with lots of transplants and so on. It would entail a lot more than that, I'm sure.  But it can be done.


I remember years ago too, I think it was David Suzuki mentioned it too in one of his TV talks when he was on about, the same guy who compared humanity as levels of parasites, or really living off the dung of the ones above them, that's what he said to his students, the droppings of the ones above them, that's how he classified society.  But anyway, he mentioned too at one time that they could pretty well stop the time gene, the clock in the genetic structure in telomeres and so on, at that time, that was years ago, if they wanted to. 


I'm sure many folk have had it. We know that old man Rockefeller died when he died there a few years ago, I think he was 103. That he was still giving talks and traveling the world up until the end, you know.  He didn't seem to have the old-age illnesses like arthritis or stone deaf or blind or whatever, and he was able to stand and give his talks. I think it did come out he'd had a few heart transplants, maybe three of them or four, who knows.  But I'm sure they had a lot more to it then that, because they don't come down, if you notice, with senility either, eh, where their arteries are cleaned out, cleaned out and the blood flows good, etc. Anyway, that's a whole different parcel of it, area to itself.


But the thing is, this drive for immortality, and don't think I'm getting off the topic completely about demonology. The drive for immortality as I mentioned on that last Wednesday's show, Neil Foster and Reality Bytes Radio, was that a demon, a demon is a bodiless entity. It has to, it can't experience anything unless it's inside a physical body.  Then you have a whole range of senses that come into play in a physical body. That's heaven to a demon, you see. Otherwise it's like an enclosed off, it's like something floating in the blankness of space, and it's living in its own mind. But if you put a demon into a body, then suddenly all this, all this, all the wonders of sensation and experience comes into play, and therefore they don't want to leave it. You see?  Or if they leave it, if they’ve killed it, the host is, if the host is fighting and they kill it, then they want to move into another one immediately.  So, heaven to a demon is the physical world.


For people who live in the physical world, their heaven is away from the physical world. It's the opposite, which is interesting to me anyway. It's like what they have Jesus say in the New Testament. He says, my kingdom is not of this world. So, a whole religion is based on a different world for spirit to go to, you see. 


But a demon wants the opposite. It comes from another world, another realm, and wants to exist permanently here. Well, look at the elite and look at their drive, using all your tax money for experimentation for the last couple of hundred years, at least, big time, for life extension for themselves.  Right down to possible, not just even creating clones for each other, that's been a big drive for a long time. Oh my God they said in the 90s, we could probably create clones for ourselves and just keep them for body parts. This is how they explained it to the public. They had big pushes on this by the way. And don't think they had never done it.


Laws, the laws that you...  they're not... They don't go by the laws they give for you.  They have authorized institutions for themselves way above all of this.  Then you had movies like The Islands to do with them even cloning body parts, getting, you know, I'm sure they had a good chuckle at all that kind of thing. Not to be confused with, there's other old, old movies called the island, that's a different thing, that was from Dr. Moreau's island, you know, an old idea of experimentation. I think it was HG Wells did it too, The Island of Dr. Moreau.


So anyway, a demon wants to live forever in this world. You look at the elite and the drive they have to live, permanently, and stop the time clock in this world.  They've had so many articles out, and there’re books as well, not just magazines, and for general television and so on. So many articles about that very thing, that it would be wonderful for them to live forever and just stop the time gene, maybe at about the age of 25 or something, you know. So, you'd be at the peak of health and you'd never age. You would never come down with old-age illnesses. Your eyes and your eyesight should be as good at the age of 500 as it was when you actually hit 25 and they stopped the time clock.


What you're looking at is what a demon would want.  To live forever in the physical world. Isn't it? That is its heaven. So, you can toss things around all you want, and I don't mind tossing all these ideas around in my head, I have no problem with them at all. I have no problem with folk who will ridicule you either and saying oh he's a fanatic or a nutcase. I don't care what folk think about it. It's something to think about, isn't it? 


When you see the similarities, as I said before, when things quack like a duck and walk like a duck, it's generally a duck. So regardless of what, how you want to define it, it's the same process that something is after, for the same reasons, isn't it?  Psychopathic, mental illness, demonology, it's so similar, isn't it?  And so I wouldn't pooh-pooh things that easily if I were you.


I really can't imagine the people who formed the Bolshevik slaughter teams, that are well documented, by themselves, and by the orders put out by Lenin to these groups as being basically just pure, if that's what human is, you understand, we're done for.  If humans are the cold-blooded humanistic types of psychopaths, call it that eh, that are atheistic, they have no problems, eh, that God is dead, therefore everything that was impossible is now possible hm, if that's what humans are, we're in big trouble. And the more you start to believe that that's, that is their sciences, you know, that is the science is humanism is the new religion, it's a good thing, you'd better say God help us. Because nothing else will. Because you will go along with their terrible plans.  I really mean that.


The Bolsheviks as I've said were given instructions, just like Antifa right now.  At the moment you're actually seeing very carefully and constructed Bolshevik techniques being used right now, by design, it's not by accident.  Lenin said, to get the little farmers all on board here, to terrify them into submission and to give up all their crops and all their rights, and their property, and their religion and to accept us as the dominant force of government, he says, just go into the little towns and villages, pick people who have more say or who were looked up to, they don't have to be wealthy or even the average peasant, just pick them, a few of them, maybe five per village or more and horribly execute them. And order that everybody must attend their execution.


What they did, they cut the intestines, the small intestines, the lower part where it attached to the large intestine, and brought it out of the abdomen, they would tie them to posts in town and make the person walk around and round and round as it unraveled. This is un.........  This is the truth, folks. I know it's unpleasant.


But you understand something, horror always repeats itself unless you're willing to look at horror in the face.  Otherwise you're not going to stop it happening again.


That's how, and they watched them until the people just fall down dead. Horrible, terrible pain and horrible.  Believe you me, that technique had everybody on their knees to communism very quickly.  Horrible, isn't it?  This isn't made up. This is, you can find the old writings, disclosed stuff from the old communist archives too in the Soviet Union.


That's where humanism will get you.  Because there's nothing else to elevate humanity as something special. Regardless of what religion you're looking at, religion always appealed, especially to young people, when you're willing, you're not jaded with the drudgery or the nastiness of everyday life by those who rule you, you know, it wears you down. You're optimistic perhaps because you're young, you feel great and you're healthy. You hope. But you do know that there's something beyond all of this.


Every child goes through it, I think, almost every child goes through it, they used to, where they'll look into areas that were looked down upon by the general religions. That they would at least look into them and say, what if, and maybe it could be blah blah blah.  And you just know because your intuition, and it isn't just intuition at that stage. There's another element.  Where you'd sit with your buddies, hm, and you'd start singing the same line of a song at the precise moment that the other person would start singing it. Out of the blue, hadn't thought about it all day, it would just come out, things like that. Then you'd look at each other and laugh. That's so common when you're young. You forg... Unfortunately with this system, it's knocked out of you so quickly by the system.


Because it's a clue that there's something else beyond the basic two and two equals four here.  There's another element to it. And it's the same element that would guide you into the deeper truths to do with a belief system that accepts something called the supernatural.  And it's the supernatural that accepted and gave you rights as a human being. A human being wasn't something that would just be slaughtered because you were in the way of progress like it is in an atheistic society.  You understand? In humanism there's no reason why an authority shouldn't eliminate you if you're in the way of anything. There's no morality there. 


Morality comes from your acceptance of something bigger than yourself. And if you accept something bigger than yourself, that YOU are aware of, then you're aware that other, that this bigger thing gives the rights to other people as well, other humans as well.  That's part of the affinity you have is a human being for others.


Don't forget, Julian Huxley, you should read what he wrote about for UNESCO in his speeches too he mentioned them.  He talked about society and how, he says we will have to knock humanity off its pedestal as being a superior species on the planet with all of its rights, in order to dominate and change society and guide it.  Who's the we he's talking about here?  Hm?  This is the same guy that was a cofounder of Planned Parenthood.  Hmph, but we shall have to, we.  Knock us off. Well, once you’re knocked off and they put you, and they tell you and convince you through the countless TV programs, eh, with the furry animals that you're just another furry animal, maybe furry, if you're not bald. But yeah.  And once you start to believe it...


You, I'm sure you all know folk, even in maybe college or school or even afterwards that went along with someone, well you know, we're just animals.  And these same people you know would never be upset if someone that was being abused by a system in their own or other countries, it wouldn't upset them.  It's just so… Because that's what you end up with when you're just, when you accept and you've come to conclude you're just an animal.


Well, animals don't do this to other animals!  ...what humans do.  Don't forget, animals generally don't even kill other animals in a fight. And what they will fight about are very basic things.  Very basic things. Mates, you know, for mating. Food.  Very few needs, you see. 


But humans are not the same.  We plan, we can plan wars, wars that go to almost a level of extinction sometimes, because we have a different brain. And we can, we're awfully good, we're awfully good at finding, creating things, machines of destruction.  Oh, we're awfully good at that eh?


Look at all these Covid ideas. Look at what broke out of the, the information that broke out from all the labs, eh.  I was giving these talks years ago. I said my biggest fear is not the atom bomb, it's the biowarfare industry.  They really do have things which really could wipe us out if they...  The only reason they don't really give out the really lethal stuff is because they don't want to kill themselves either. Even if they have real vaccinations against them, which they actually have created by the way at the bio labs, you can't do one change in gain of function from one part to the next and next without having an antidote at each part of it. That's something they don't tell you in the media these days, eh?  They used to.  That's a law, but they still don't trust it even for the elite themselves in case the thing did mutate afterwards and still kill them.


So that's the only reason these things haven't been let loose en mass. They've been well tested in different places across Africa, I'm sure, that a lot, where a lot of them breakout, supposedly just breakout, eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  And can be awfully easily observed.  And contained. And kept quiet often too, through bribery.


The world is a nasty place. Because the people who rule it, you have to ask yourself, are they really just, just people, or are they again, okay, you say oh fine, in an atheistic society they're just atheistic humanists that see no problem with, and add a bit of psychopathy in there, and have no problem eliminating enemies or folk that stand in the way to get their big agendas through. 


Now, the studies on psychopaths also is well understood, that when they're ruling societies, and they've taken it over even long ago through the intermarriage, you know, conquerors would marry the daughters of conquerors, and then you end up with awfully good psychopathic conquerors, right.  But you end up with, in a materialistic system where you elevate them up to be ultrarich and you worship them, then you've got a massive media which they also own, that constantly praises them and say how wonderful… Most folk already worship the celebrities, not because they're any good at anything.  Because they're rich, they're just stinking rich.


So, you've been given a materialistic culture, based on materialistic religion in a sense, it becomes religion, and it's humanistic, and they are important. You realize what you've been conditioned to see, these people are important, as you go down the scale to little old you, then you're not so important.  Eh?  Are you getting the point here?  It's quite easy to condition the public into that mode of being, eh, I'm not, I guess I’m not so important after all. Then your choices eventually when you're laid off from work, and because it's all been given by the elites to China and the Far East, then you end up on the street somewhere, hopefully in a warmer place because it would be murder in the winter, or you can take drugs and speed up your death that way, which they make sure are well supplied.


You're living in an amazing system, you know. Look at the police forces of the world let loose upon people who might not want to wear a mask, or they can't wear a mask. Not that it does any good. It's got nothing to do with it working.   Cops like to beat folk up who won't comply with the herd.  It's a uniformity. You don't just wear a uniform, you become uniform. It's the uniformity of society, so they don't like anything that doesn't comply.  And when they're given permission to beat you up, they go with it with gusto, y'know.  Sometimes they'll enjoy their work then. That's the kind that will go and apply for those kind of work. Especially today, they've been brought up on the same Xboxes as the generation that goes into the military, don't forget that.  There's no moral questions in wargames in Xboxes, it's just how many folk can you kill and can you win, that's it, end of that problem, eh.


So yeah, they'll get let loose on folk when they won't wear a mask.  You can see what's happening. They'll strangle them.  They're beating them on the head. You'll see, I've got another video I'll put up, a guy in a subway I think it was and he had, he said he had, like most of them, they have permission NOT to wear a mask because they've got bronchial problems and asthma and different things. It makes no difference to these cops.  Np.  Because you see, they pick on easy prey. The same cops won't go near a Black Lives Matter revolution, ha, across Britain and other countries that's got nothing to do with what happened in America, [Alan chuckles.] and it's getting used for other purposes, as you know, these cops were nowhere to be seen.


But they'll pick on some lone character in a subway, and they'll jump on them and beat them up and damage them, and that's okay.  Or some woman in Australia, you see one where she's getting strangled. Another one that was trying to organize an anti-mask and antilock down movement, they busted into her home and grabbed her and arrested her too. Another guy did the same thing too, who didn't go to the meeting, he eventually tried to call it off.  They busted into his house with a battering ram.


Dozens of arrests as Melbourne's anti-lockdown protest turns violent with more than 1,000 angry locals defying attempt to cancel event - while demonstrators gather in huge numbers in Byron Bay - / 4 Sept 2020


Pregnant Aussie Mother Arrested for Allegedly Inciting Coronavirus Lockdown Protest - / 2 Sept 2020


Pregnant Australian woman arrested in her pyjamas for creating Facebook event to protest lockdown - / 3 Sept 2020


Coronavirus: Investigation launched over anti-mask arrest - / 11 Aug 2020


But when it came to other big [Alan chuckles.] peaceful demonstrations, let's call it that way, nowhere to be seen.  Nowhere to be seen. 


What works through them, it's the same herd mentality. It's the crowd again that would jump on the easy victim. It's the same thing with a woman who gets followed to be raped by somebody. The rapist somehow sense the personality that they're after, maybe, who knows, maybe the way they walk, or something tells them they're not so confident or something.  I haven’t really studied it. But you see these different articles on studying the victim and what makes the people pick that particular woman.  Right down to pheromones and things like that.


But it's the same thing with the crowd you'll see in in Portland and Kenosha.  You see these folk at night, with skateboards too, you notice they have these skateboards, these are the guys that scout around looking for targets and things like that.  They pick someone that's easy to pick on, and immediately you see a bunch of them just moving in for the kill, you know. That's, they're cowards on their own, but it's a swarming, they call it swarming.  Cops can do the same thing again on the general public when they're given permission, you see.


So, you have to really stand back and say, what kind of world are we living in?  What kind of world do we want right now?  And what's running this world at the top? At the very top?  Hm? 


You remember, and it's not laughable, I mean, there's no such thing as conspiracy theory when you have the facts that the media themselves, the same ones that call you a conspiracy theorist, come out with them and tell you about it. I can remember years ago when Prince Charles talked about being part of the Olympians, he was an Olympian he said. Like, he wasn't talking about running the mile. Charly couldn't run 10 yards.  But he's an Olympian.


It's a big group, a group of the, you know, the higher gods, the idea of the gods, back into the occult.  Alister Crowley is an example where, and back in the ancient Hebrew, where they could bring down a demon and use them for their own purposes. A god, they believed they were gods, you see.  That's still in the occult religions of today, the idea of bringing down gods. For different reasons, the gods of just, air, fire and water and so on. It's gods, specific gods for specific reasons.  These are old, old religions. They really believe them. They don't believe there's any right and wrong, you understand.


It's a matter of knowing, the coding in Kabbalah, in deep Kabbalah, and then into the really higher occult of demonology is, as I say, they called down the right kind of entities for the right kind of jobs and purposes, to be used by you as a magician, on other people. They still have them through talismans today. If you go into Israel, you'll see [Alan chuckles.] certain rabbis actually really are dedicated to this particular field. It's interesting. So much so that their rooms are covered in talismans to protect them.  Just like any Magi in any area in any religion in any era, your big fear is bringing, having things come back on you by other Magi that are opposing you, or maybe you've opposed them in the past.  So, you end up in a paranoiac state where you're terrified to just go to sleep.


But you do have the people at the top to join these elite clubs, and they believe that they’re, who knows what kind of ceremony Charlie boy went through to come out as an Olympian, eh.  Because the old idea of the Olympians were the gods up on high, like the Zeus and so on that looked down, they used to have Hera there and they'd look down the little people and they used the little people beneath them as playthings or chess pieces. If we look into ancient times, we'll find there's always stories and religions and histories about those who seek immortality. Generally, from the upper crust, because they have a life of luxury. They love life more than most folk.  They have much better health generally because they get the best food and warmth and accommodation, things are taken care of by managers on their behalf basically.


Just like the modern ones too, the multibillionaires and trillionaire's have estate managers and business managers. All the problems are dealt with for them, they don't have to worry their little heads and go get stressed out about things. It's all done for them. So, they love life more than most people, you see. And they have life extension. They don't get the old-age problems because they have advanced medical treatments for things for themselves. More than anything else, they love life more the most folk who were beaten down and worn down with it, or sick as well. Therefore down through the ages it's been kind of similar, therefore the elite, the ultra-elite have always sought after immortality. They have it written into stories and folklore and folk stories, and along with religions as well.


So, it's still here today. So, you can take the atheistic point of view, the humanistic point of view, that it's just part of human nature to want that forever. But what I'm pointing out is, is there more to it or not? Because as a psychopath who really loves life, who is riding high on the backs of everybody else, they love, they certainly do love life.  They don't want to get off this planet here. 


Then you have the other ideas to do with religion and demonology. I like to compare all these different things.  Regardless of what you want to believe or think about it you should always look at all the different avenues to bring you to the same, the same questions.  As, they're still doing the same today, aren't they, as they've been doing for thousands of years, by using us all for their own particular agendas.


Including, you know, Julian Huxley and trans-humanism. He came out with the term in his own writings at the time and it's been copied ever since.  Merging themselves, through all the sci-fi movies you'd seen, merging themselves into the computer system, the Internet system, like The Lawnmower Man.  Even transferring their whole intellect, their whole awareness, their being with engrams in their brains into computers.  It's all the same agenda, isn't it, by the same kinds of people. 


You have to ask yourself, what really does drive them? Because they don't see themselves, I don't think they ever have seen themselves as a part of general society. Like Bertrand Russell and, his ilk, and he said, that eventually the elite will be pretty well a separate species from the rest of the population.  And here we are. So, take your pick what you want to think about it. But don't rule out anything at all. That's the kind of characters you have. 


Then you got the guys like Bill Gates who is so full of himself. What IS in this man? What IS in, they used to say in literature, what possesses a man, eh.  And it's maybe more [Alan chuckles.] to it than you think.  But what makes him think that he’s got the right to reconstruct the world? And on whose behalf? Because he's a front man too in his own particular field.  There are certain ones that are front distributors of big money to different NGOs and other organizations and corporations, and he's one of them, as a distributor mainly than anything else.


And a promoter of one particular area for himself which is GAVI and vaccination.  He's said quite openly in his talks that it would also help reduce the population by giving vaccines out. So, if you want to take vaccines, this man's been, had a finger in stirring up the vaccine pot, hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, and good luck to you if you still believe it.  What a terrible thing to do is just to go ahead and accept it, when he said it himself, eh?  N-n-n. 


And yes, once again I'll mention the articles that have been in the newspapers, and I had them up on my site years ago and gave the talks on it.  He and Oprah and a bunch of them had, they called it, nicknamed it The Lucky Gene Club as well. But they were there for eugenics. They talked about overpopulation problems in the world.


You see, most ordinary folk would feel embarrassed about even going near a topic like that. If a group got together, eh, just your friends and acquaintances and you just casually chatting about all kinds of things and then, well you know, there are too many folk in the world, you know. Well what can be done about it? Well, you know...  You always end up going back to square one where you just don't know what you could do about it etc. etc.  If you meet someone that says, well I know what I'll do if I get any power. Then you should really start to perk up and say, wait a minute here, who are you? And who gives you the right to decide, eh?  Hm?


Don't forget that Kissinger put that ruling through for that, it was not a bill as such, but it was something to do with the state of the nation.  [National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM-200] He said at the time, he says, the greatest fear we have and the biggest enemy to the state is overpopulation.  They put the bill through. It was mainly aimed, folk thought at the time, towards Third World countries. And that included not feeding them.


Now, this is a big... this is... I mean eugenics comes up with these topics, will bring you into these topics, if you even go near the topic, should you feed these folk or not. That's what he said.  He says because folk are starving, it's not itself a good reason just to feed them. He was talking about not just overpopulation, but places like Bangladesh, which at that time were heavily influenced by communism. So, his idea was if you feed them, you breed more communists. You see?  Everything's a weapon, isn't it? Everything you need is a weapon I mean, like food, I need food, therefore, you know, okay, therefore, therefore. That's how it goes.


And guys like him who work for a different agency then you'll ever imagine, that are way above the CIA, the top ranks of the CIA, just above it actually, go off on tangents that are nothing to do with helping you as a country.  Folk who are in the CIA and have been in it, none of them have figured it out themselves, on the middle and lower levels, as to why they've done so many things that did not benefit Americans at all. 


So yeah, you're living in, with a different system over you. But yeah, eugenics is an amazing field. When the top, when you get rich folk who are awfully rich, who also belong to clubs, that know that they have authority because they're so secretive, and has everybody who's anybody in it that's got any kind of power at all in the financial area of the world, like the World Bank and the IMF and so on, and here they are discussing eugenics and ways to reduce the population. Well, when they say ways to reduce the population, they are including you all in it. I hope you understand. They're not saying, oh, they don't mean me.  [Alan chuckles.]   Oh, YES, they DO.  And it isn't just about YOU having children. Because when you're saying, oh they don't mean me, because you decided you're not going to have any children. No, you're a useless eater, that are eating and using up the earth's resources. And they come out with all these different equations as how much carbon you produce in your lifetime, just by existing, little ole you, eh.


These are the monsters, these are the same monsters by the way that sat back and helped create the Soviet system, the revolution that slaughtered millions in Russia. Right through it's whole existence. The same people, and Quigley goes through it is one branch of it, the Council on Foreign Relations, the helper group I'd say, and the outer circle of friends and so on.  They were fascinated at the Royal Institute of International Affairs by the setting up, and when they called it the Milner group at the time, that morphed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, but they were fascinated by observing it as a big experiment on a good part of the continent, this communist idea. 


All the slaughter.  All the folk who had any power, the middle class, just wipe them all out and replace them with a different middle class as you know. Then wipe out stacks and stacks of farmers to create famine.  That when folk are starving you can dictate to them and they'll do, they'll jump, if you offered them any kind of food at all they're going to jump.  That's what they did.


But they studied them.  The Bolsheviks were financed, they got, and they trained a lot of them in America, that had run to America years before, these revolutionaries, what they call the International Revolutionary Party.  They had big meetings in New York City, in the open air. Read about it, you can see the old photographs yet.  They were trained on Standard Oil property, some of them, as the warrior class, the fighters, the Army, then send them over to Russia and let them loose.  And then observed it all.  Mass slaughter. 


They called it the second great experiment.  The first was America. The second one was a different system, it was to be, oh, a communistic system. And they studied them.  And we fed them, because they starved themselves. We sent them clothing.  When the World Bank was up and running, it financed them for its entire existence. We paid off a lot of their debt, for its entire existence, in the West with our taxes.  Big experiment. How many millions of folk were slaughtered for this big experiment, eh? 


Well, you'd better get it through your heads, it's the same people and their descendants who run the Gates group and the foundations, who run the World Economic Forum, who run the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, the United Nations. It's the same group who own it all and run it all.  You're all part of the present big experiment as we go into the next technological postindustrial and post consumerist society, into austerity, forced austerity.  You'd better start to understand what's really going on here.


Because these people at the top of this lot, or even who are not at top like Bill Gates, they are higher, much higher than you.  They have no problem dictating how they're, what they're going to do with you all…  And how you're going to be pincushions for vaccines, by law, which they run, that they're claiming, or you're not going to be allowed to ever live the same way again. You can't go out of your home. You can't go out and shop. You can't, you can't do anything. It's their way or NO WAY.  Huh?  For the rest of your life? Whatever kind of life you're going to have.


They're going to make you wear identity bracelets, electronic ones, if you won’t go along with it. And if you've got a smart phone, then you've got to have it with you everywhere you go, because it could have the same function of monitoring you all the time.  Total spy network system. They mean what they say, folks. Who gave them this right? Who gave...?  Are they...  These guys obviously believe that they are the Gods that can dictate to the rest of us, and they can either let your uniformed official cops like Australia’s doing, let them loose in the general public with full force.  Or in the West they might just use revolutionary groups of youngsters that are again the misfits most of them, who, they're getting paid to do it too, a lot of the leaders are, definitely the leaders are, they get paychecks for it at the NGOs.  At that level they get well-paid. The followers don't, I don't know, although they're getting their unemployment money [Alan chuckles.] to go right now. It’s quite astonishing. That's what they can use on the general public as they bring down America.


Don't forget again where they want to bring America down to. They published it all, and so did Britain, with their strategic think tanks to the military Department of Defense.   They want to bring it down to the city-state, get rid of the nation. So, there will be a few city-states in America.  Huh.  Remember that?  Does it all go through your ears and out the other one again and gone and lost in a trail of exhaust or vapor, vapor trail?


How do you think we're going to get to that stage? Do you think they just imagine things? Whatever they write in these programs, they plan it. And to plan it means you make it happen.  You only think it's unthinkable because to you it's unthinkable, you would never do that. But these are the planers we're talking about. How would they get you to the same system, and I've mentioned it before, isn't it odd that the Communist Manifesto has pretty well been completely, the planks of it, fulfilled?  Eh?  With the starting off with the elimination of the family unit, as an example.  Then the youngsters are owned by the state, the state gives them their value system as Russell said and others said too, etc. etc. all the way down to eventually the withering away of the nation state. 


That's exactly what the Royal Institute of International Affairs wanted, the Milner group that ran the British Empire. Isn't it rather coincidental, d'you think eh, it's all the same endings that they have?  Freemasonry, Albert Pike, the end of the family unit again. The end of private property.  What a coincidence, eh?  Hm?  End of private property for all you lot, but not for the elite at the very, very top. I always love that little statement by George Orwell, because Orwell goes on about utopias. They always give you utopias, it's easy to get you to go along with it. He said, some are more equal than others in such utopias. Well, that's always the way it's been.  And that's always the way it will be.


Why should the ones who bring you carnage and destruction, for the good of all and the good of the people, not live better than you?  Hm?  That's the first thing that they'll tell you.  [Alan chuckles.]  …and eat better than you, and so on and so on. Never ending.


Remember again, my website  Send me a few bucks before you forget. These are long talks, and I had one person, and one person only, and I know what he means. He's in England, he says it's too long for him. I think he's older maybe.  But he said that it's often harder for him to find out where he left off if he wants to continue the talk maybe the next day or something later on that day. And I know what he means.  But at the same token, these are emergency times, and these are emergency broadcasts in a sense. 


Because I always knew it would come to this. I always did. As I've said before, we're going through incredible history. That this is more profound than even World War II by the way for the changes that the system wants to make on itself, on behalf of those who own it and rule it.  And who are quite confident about it. 


Until you all stop going along with it.  They can't do it without, again, the greatest con, you've got to participate in it all, for your own destruction.


Without it they can't do it.


I think it about it too in Australia, well, the problem is everywhere.  Television is the BIGGEST weapon, it's so weaponized to terrify the public. Everybody who watches it, they can't believe it's a big show to terrify them for no reason. So, their sanity is questioned, you see. They can't believe that those that control it, that they think they elect, and they think it's all there, they think the TV is there to serve them. Can you believe that?  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  [Alan chuckles.] They really think that. 


I can remember old miners in Britain, there was a park there and they'd have the seats there and the guys would, the old, retired guys would sit there and chat away and smoke their pipes and chat about articles in newspapers at that time. You'd have youngsters generally running around and playing all over the place listening to the chitchat.  They knew everybody who owned the newspapers, they knew who the moguls were, by name, by their families, by their history and what they were all about and what they pushed and promoted. Today, no. Everybody believes it's all real, it's all genuine, it's all there for their benefit.


Zbigniew Brzezinski said, eh, in his book Between Two Ages, he says, that most people, at the moment, and it's intensifying, and this is in the 1970s he wrote the book. He says, most folk can only repeat for topics of conversation what they heard on the previous night's news. the time will come where they'll not only depend on that for information, eh, and can be fed the information, he said, but it's coming very quickly that they'll come to expect the media to do their reasoning for them. Not just their thinking, but their reasoning for them. Oh, I won't worry about working that out, they must have a good reason for doing it, you know, that's what folks say, oh yeah.  And if the media doesn't tell them, warn them about something, they won't think about doing anything themselves to save themselves either.


They really believe it's an appendage to their brain. Like a little extra box attached to their brain, that says, be careful of this and go along with that for your own safety, so they'll go along. That's what it's like today.  They're so brainwashed, and with the incredible terror that's pushed into them, that IF, if the cops were told to be as cruel as they are in Australia and overboard with it all, then the folk will sit back just brainwashed, well I guess they deserved it, you know, they're putting us all in danger.  What an amazing psychological warfare that's going on right now.  Hm?  N-n-n.


And if you could delay it or subvert it in some way, and wake people up, enough people up, you'd have to deal, and I really, this is not just me coming to these conclusions. You would have to deal with the war league on top of all this that created all this. It's a war, remember, on you. That includes politicians. It includes the Bill Gates and all these characters that are mandating that they're going to turn you into a pincushion, to take their, you know, corporate vaccines for corporations, that are going to make you change your whole way of living with wearing prisoner’s bracelets in your own homes if you won't comply and so on and so on. You'll have to go and try them on. 


And they've crashed the world's economy. Millions of folk are suffering here across the planet. There's folk dying, not because of Covid, but to the reactions to it all, you see. You'd have to literally deal with these people as war criminals because it's deliberate. The collusion is incredible. That goes for all the people in the media too that are pushing all this stuff. No excuse for this, for what's going on. They know what they're doing.  They know this is a war OF terror ON the public by the media. And all the help they get from experts and psychologists and so on. And that's a fact too, with your tax money that's being put to these behaviorists and the behavioral insights teams and the SAGE groups in Britain, I've read, put all these articles up before, where they gave money to them to even advise on how to advise the media into terrifying the public even more if they're not complying. They want to terrify you and increase anxiety? These are the words they used, to increase the anxiety of the public, don't be afraid to put the pressure on and hype up the fear. These people have to be tried in criminal courts as enemies of the people.  Because that's what they're doing.


This is the danger point because now that folk are knowing this and realizing it and understanding it, this is when horror get stepped up another notch by those who have the most to lose. This is history, folks. That's what happens in history. This is the danger time, when they realize that, no, the people have noticed them, we've noticed who they are and what they're up to, and what they've done, the consequences of what they've done.  So, they have to become even more horrific, or go into Plan B, C or D, which might be even worse.


But regardless, it has to be stopped.


They plan to destroy the whole world's economy, bring everybody to their knees. There is definitely famine breaking out in different parts of the world. I said this would happen way back in February.  What do you expect? You shut everything down, and you just wait to see what's going to happen? Come on here.  They know what they're doing.  [Alan chuckles.] Yep.  Quite something, eh?


Then you get folk in the States who think that if Trump gets in they can fix it all. They don't even understand what Trump is even about. Who does? I said in the last election, the Americans had nobody to vote for in any party that's really American.  But Trump ran on the idea, he got backed by the big Pharma companies, he said that he would decrease the time for experimental drugs and so on, and they would cut the time it would take and the years it would take for experimental testing to go on. And this is when he ran the first time that he said all that. Have you ever listened to his talks? I did.


I also listen to Obama's talks when he ran, when he talked about the money that was spent on his grandmother who had a terminal illness was a waste of money, they could have used that.  Getting folk ready for the idea of euthanasia. Why waste money on old folk who can, we got better things we could use it on, you know, etc. etc. We're living through a horror show and the folk don't recognize it.  It doesn't fit in with your cozy idea that's been created in you that the world is. It's not cozy at all. It's fake.  That's a fake idea. This is not Andy of Mayberry.  Nothing is.


A sentient creature, like a fox, and foxes tend to go the same kind of routes every other night, you see. I can tell in the wintertime.  I know some of the foxes, one of them came to the door couple of years ago.  And I've seen him since by the way.  In the middle of winter, it was freezing, and I fed him. But anyway, they tend, you can tell by their tracks where they've been in the winter, and they'll come the same roots looking for the same, maybe a grouse or something, something that still in the ground.  But if anything is changed, if a tree has fallen or even a branch has blocked a road or path, they'll stop dead, if you watch them doing it from a window, and you see them going around it and watching it, carefully, and looking all around.


That's a natural way to be.  That's called survival, using its natural abilities and instincts for survival.  It doesn't jump over a branch, it could maybe land in a trap for all you know, eh. This fox is going to survive. That's what animals do.


We have been tamed down until we ignore all the signs of our own destruction. 


You've been taught that, nah, leave it to the people who's running you, they know better, they're trained to rule you and manage you. And a lot of folk have succumbed to it. I can remember back in the 90s when Bill Cooper, and myself later on, actually about the same time when he said that one. He said a lot of people will come to love socialism, not all will be against it. Because every decision that you have, you'll be coerced into making, will be given to you what to choose or what to do. And that's true. A lot of folk, that you give up your freedom bit by bit, and your independence bit by bit as you're being trained to, oh just sit back, put your head on that little velvet pillow there and let us do all the work for you. We'll do it. Don't worry about it.  We'll make all the right decisions.  All the things that annoy you that you have to decide for yourself, we'll do it all for you.


Well, here you are.  [Alan chuckles.] Here you are. And you might survive, but you will not be living.  You'll be maybe, maybe existing in some form or another. Maybe. But that's where we are today with all of this stuff.


So, as I said before, a wartime scenario, you get famine. You get all kinds of factions ready to fight you, or riots in the streets and so on, of all kinds. You get… This is not all happening at the same time by itself.  [Alan chuckles.] And then you're going to defund the police? You know, a few years after they said, well we've got all these robots we want to put into the society. We've already put in all the parts to do with monitoring the public, from poles all over the place, and their cars can monitor them too, and their cell phones are a fantastic monitoring tool. They've already bought the hubs for their homes so's we listen to everything they're saying and doing.  And we've given them the smart TVs to sit and watch them as they're watching us. Yada, yada, yada, ya.  They've done a whole stack of it already.


You've given up your freedoms and your ability to think and do for yourself like that little fox.  One piece of convenience at a time, is no convenience at all. You've been disarmed step by step by step.  And you've succumbed to being ruled, not just governed but RULED, a ruler over a good chunk of your life, folks. That's where you are. As long as you can have lots of sex, with lots of partners, no bonding, all the problems taken care of, of any fallout from it, then you'll be quite happy as a child until you just perish. That's how it's going to go, you see, perpetual childhood until the end, however long or short it might be.


But a wartime scenario. Rationing coming along. Wartime laws and rules, regulations where you just hop and obey to every order that's demanded of you by forces and so on. That's wartime scenario.  Well, under emergency, well, that's when 9/11 happened too, it's emergency. Oh, you can't have privacy anymore, that's impossible, you can't have that, no way.  The next thing you know, you can see these old ladies in the airports getting stopped and searched and saying, a little old American woman, you know, what have they got to do with 9/11? Nothing.  NOTHING. And what do they say from the media? Well you might not be a terrorist, but you know, you might become one one day. What?!  [Alan laughing.]   You might just wake up one day and you’re a terrorist.  Well, gee whiz, you know.  There you go.


Totalitarianism, eh.  There's never been a system like this in place before that even had the means to implement it all, electronically or any other way. Here you are. They've never had the mass of psychological warfare techniques that they have today, and technology to go with it, to convince you to go along with it. It would've never happened in previous times. 


So therefore, those that have a problem downloading it all, or listening to it all, just try and divvy it up into one hour at a time, at least take a note as to where you stop, and you can always start it again. And download it, you can always download it from my site if possible  Or you can find it on Bitchute as well and other places too.  You can always go into and you see it getting put up every Sunday.  And I really mean it, there's a tremendous work here that goes into all of this.  Even uploading it and getting it ready for uploading, and all the sites that I have to upload it to, remember, my own sites. You'll see them listed  Make a note of them because if anything does happen, this is war that's going on remember. I mentioned what happened to the Irish Sentinel there and they've been completely, all their bandwidth was chewed up immediately last week there.  Like, I don't know how many gigs it was, just whooof, overnight, that was it, that's how it was done. It's happened twice so far I think with them.  You're under attack.


With me, my... they know exactly when I upload generally, and they'll cut me down to a trickle. It would be faster trying to upload it all to the different sites with dial-up. I'm not kidding you. This is in this day and age; this is what they do. It's deliberate. It's not accidental.  It's a war that's going on. So even uploading it all to each site it takes time, each one, for me. Sometimes it will take five hours uploading, or six hours. That's just up the uploading part of it to the different sites. So yeah, it, I do it all in one go because, can you imagine doing this, splitting it up into four hours, and putting it up to about five sites, of my own sites.  And doing it for, you know, an hour at a time and each one is four, it's 20, there's 20 uploads it right there, just that alone.  So, I'm sorry to do it this way, it's just the way it is because there's no one else here to help me.  I do it myself. I don't depend on other uploaders at the moment. I have other folk who will upload on different sites for me that are not my sites and that's nice of them to do it. But even they take time doing that. That's a lot of work. 


I'm not part of a corporation or a company that's financed by bigger powers than me.  [Alan chuckles.] And I'm not part of any front group for anything either.  Most of the, you’re living in a jungle of warfare of information, you really are. You often don’t know the real stories behind different people who supposedly guide you. You just don't know what's been going on behind the scenes. And it’s horror stories again.  And I don't go into the details of things but be careful. Be very careful. You're supposed to think for yourself.


The reason you're in a mess is because you always vote, and you got folk coming in that literally have no intention of doing what they say they're going to do when they get into office.  Then you go and vote again for the same parties and the same people. 


But the US literally, I see it as an internal war between one group of people, you could almost call it a family, one person in the family mentioned it, described it that way.  [Alan chuckles.]  They actually said it didn't even concern most Americans, it's an internal squabble.  In a sense it's probably truer.  And the general public haven't got a clue about that at all. They're still thinking in left and right paradigm. And they're still thinking in Labour versus whatever, you know, labor classes versus...


Just like Britain, you know.  What a joke that is, isn't it?  Especially now when everybody's unemployed, [Alan chuckles.] because oh, it's Covid, you know, it's this unseen enemy.  As they keep revising the statistics, and down to about 6% that actually died of it, even less than that in fact, of what they said before, of actual Covid.  And even that would be probably wrong too. It makes no difference. Reality doesn't matter because it's a huge wartime scenario. And as I say, if they back off now, they'd have to put them on, at least put them on trial. Wouldn't you?  For destroying thousands and thousands and thousands of small businesses.  And thousands, maybe millions of jobs, gone, across the planet.  Deliberately. Knowingly.


For the great reset of a new type of economy, eh, they decided to bring upon this, this, all of this?  Whoah.  Whoah.  Arch criminals indeed!  These are bigger than some of the tyrants you've had in the past, folks. I really mean that. None of them stopped the world dead by ordering the folk to stay at home.  And got away with it. No, that didn't happen.  [Alan laughing.] It took science and technology to make it all happen with the war of terror on the public. By your own authorities. Who work, who are just the lackeys of those who rule the system way above them, though they are well rewarded certainly.


There's also another video I'll put up by the way.  It's from Spain and it’s got English subtitles. You'll see this doctor and there's a split screen on it. The doctor, he's been asked, he's being interviewed by a woman who is an interviewer from a TV station.  You see her prattling off the questions to him. He’s smiling and shaking his head and he says, no, we're not getting massive deaths, no, our hospitals are pretty well empty.  And she's prattling on too trying, because she's getting paid to terrify the public, right, and he's one of many, but you see him looking at the ceiling and shaking his head and as she prattles on and tries to counter everything that he's saying. He's on the front lines, he's in the hospital. She's not.  [Alan chuckles.] Then her producer jumps in eventually and hammers at this doctor because he won't go along with it. But the doctor stands his ground, you know.


There's lots and lots of exposés going on right now. But again, facts don't matter. Because there's folk getting paid BIG money to terrify the public. There really are lots of them like that. And they should all be put on trial, absolutely, for what they're doing.  And the tricks they've been pulling, never mind just fudging numbers, and lying through their teeth, but knowingly lying through their teeth. They know they're doing it.


I tell you, it's something else. This is quite something. This is real history you're living through. And it didn't take fleets of bombers dropping bombs over cities to make this happen. It just took an elite who had already taken over your thinking for you, like Brzezinski said, you expect them to do your reasoning for you.  Hm?  The media?  Well, they own it all.  They've got all the professionals on board that are experts on LYING.  Psychology. Behaviorism. They know how you tick. They can make you think and believe anything by lying, lying, lying and present it in the most terrifying way, and you believe it. You've been raised watching TV. You've been raised listening to their documentaries and, would they lie to you?  [Alan chuckles.] Perfect, eh?  Absolutely.


So yeah, it's going to get worse because they are not going to just back off.  The more that they're exposed, the more they'll double down. Because the option is for them all to be put on trial for incredible crimes against humanity. ABSOLUTELY!  Whoah!  So, it's not going to get so good.


But again, it comes down to what? Let's just take the humanistic side of things and look at it that way. Okay, we're all just, just blobs of protoplasm, and with preconditioned genes and so on, that keep repeating themselves until their telomeres dry up and shorten and you just die off eventually, yada, yada, yada, ya.  We're just animals, okay, that's the next part.  We're just animals, and just like animals, you got basic needs and the whole thing, so allow those, who are better animals, like Suzuki would've said years ago, to manage you all, you see, because you're just feeding on the poop from the higher animals that are dropping down onto you in the class system.  


Then if there's too many of you, all grazing on the same planet, and they claim there's too many, and you know, you're ruining their resources.  And you're, it's unpleasant to look at you.  I'll give you an analogy here, it really, that's how they see you.  They'd like to have this, their ultra-high high-tech future city for themselves here and there, you see, they can go to.  And they'd like to have a world they can just travel around in, super aircraft that they can land on a dime, and you know, yada, yada, very advanced things, and go for walks and hikes and be completely free of noticing the peasantry around the world. They just don't like that. There's too many of you. It's their world, remember, they own it all. Everything that you live on, they own it.  [Alan chuckles.]   They took it off you long ago or stopped you from getting it.


And here you are, you know, this is what it's all about.  I was thinking today about some of the big, big churches in Britain, the old ones. Britain really, I don't think they'll ever get rid of it, it's a class system. You have people who are somebody's, and the folk who are nobodies, you see. Most folk are in the nobody category.  If you understand how societies developed, the peasants were the peasants, or you were called the villains as well, you're a villain or a peasant, you see you're a nobody.  And... [Alan chuckles.] I could go deep into it but I'd better not.


Here's the thing too, the peasant class, we're stuck there.  They believed, right into the early 20th century the eugenicists and the Darwins had taught that the peasant class, the stock would never get any better.  That all the ones who could evolve through thousands of years had already done it by marrying and selective breeding and so on. They had done it already.  They only married their own kind at the top.  And all classes were the same so the middle classes, then the lower classes, the bulk of the population were lower classes, and they would always be the same, so they couldn't improve their stock at all.  That was going to be, ah, permanently, so therefore there's no problem in starting to decide on who should live and die, or even give birth, or how to sterilize them, etc.  Always a big topic with eugenics, you see.


That went right into the early 20th century.  In fact, into the first quarter of the 20th century you had Eugenics Society Darwin group in Britain, you know, eugenics. It changed its name eventually. It's still on the go today. You had the groups inside America too with the Cold Spring Harbor group and the Rockefellers funding it.  They brought in the Farmers Association, for cattle breeders actually, and tried to apply the same cattle breeding techniques to improve the herd stock and apply it to humans, and came out with their Better Societies and Better Families for America, etc.  All that kind of stuff on the go on the go on the go.


Then sterilizing of people who had little problems, like a deafness. You know, you weren't retarded in some way, you would maybe be a little bit deaf, well, they'd sterilize you anyway.  They did a lot of that inside the States. But they did a lot of that in Britain as well. [Alan chuckles.] And in Germany, because they were the first country to adopt all these.  They looked at Britain and Hitler actually admired what they were doing in Britain with the Darwinian eugenics, and also in America with the Cold Spring Harbor projects and all the projects under the Rockefeller guise and so on.  He started to implement it too with the so-called ‘unfit’ for racial hygiene.  So, there’s retarded folk, you see, must be retarded because it's hereditary, therefore they would just annihilate them. That's what they started to do.


Of course, by the way, I mean it was actually, even Alexander Graham Bell, for those who don't know this.  [Alan chuckles.] Alexander Graham Bell, he still thought almost to the end, changed a little bit towards the end, he still went along with the eugenical idea that deaf people could only produce deaf children. It was actually really a firm belief at one point.  But there's nothing to back it up at all. Deaf parents can have normal children who are not deaf. A lot of deafness are caused by different things like meningitis and so on at birth when they're young. But that class idea really was prevalent right up into the 20th century, and into the 20th century and especially in America and Britain. 


But up until the 20th century too, folk don't realize, in the biggest churches in Britain, eh, and I've visited some of them, some of the old ones from, you know, they were beautiful abbeys and so on.  But in the Protestant ones it was rather more profound, because they had an aisle going down the middle as you know in a church, really, and in some of the bigger abbeys there, but they had parti... They had, you could see where the rails were up along the top, you know, the ceiling.  They had high ceilings, but you could see them high above anyway, maybe 15 feet high, the railings. They used to have curtains on them so's that the wealthier folk didn't have to look at the peasantry, you know, scratching themselves across the way there, with their knees poking through their clothing and things like that. It was just upsetting to them, it just upset their happy thoughts in church. And that's a fact, folks. 


It's so class ridden.   Where was your, help your fellow man, and, have compassion for your fellow human being, there?  The hypocrisy that exists in a society, and I know and understand in different levels.  Understand too, if you're only given the strange money system, hm, which will always guarantee there's folk above who control the money, right, so it seems, and you can alter the cost of the purchasing power of the money at a moment’s notice anytime they want, so one day you're okay and the next day you might have the same amount of money to buy half the loaf with it instead of the whole loaf.  That's what the power of money, of monopoly money is, eh. 


Rothschild said the same thing, I don't care about politics, he says, give me control of the nation's money and I don't care who you put in as prime minister in Britain. And he didn't, because he'd put them in. [Alan chuckles.] He put in the right folk. Because the money buys everything, including people and prime ministers, and backing for them too, eh.  Or the politicians that need money to run even, or get their name mentioned in the paper, which you will own as well. That's how it works, you see.


So, the money system immediately, at least, at the very least intensify that which is self-evident.  Here's very poor folk who are in rags, and here's the folk who are a bit better and they can afford to buy the cloth or the patches to tape or to stitch their holes in their clothing, and there's the better class of folk who are showing off the brand-new stuff over here. That's how that comes with the money system like that, you see, it's just inevitable.  It's not like an old tribe where you're all wearing the same skins or something.  It immediately fosters this thing.


So in an uncertain system of finances where poverty can happen very quickly, if you're sick for instance, if you're just living day to day or week to week and you can't work anymore, then you can end up being amongst the ragged people across the aisle there very quickly.  So, there is a tendency to look down on the people because you're terrified of becoming one of them, you see. That's how the system actually works.  So, their own fear, rather than say I'm scared to be joining those folk, they start to condemn the people. You condemn that which terrifies you. You see? That's how it works.


But yeah, they had these big curtains so's that the wealthier folk wouldn't be upset by seeing the poverty of the people across the aisle there. Isn't that really a sad statement on society? And on ourselves? Don't just... forget the churches, on all of us, it's a sad state, isn't it?  It's a human thing and it's part of all the problems of humanity. But it's a sad thing to realize that this is, you can all be that way very quickly, you know.  It's the same technique that happens, terrify the folk who won't wear the mask. Oh my God, you know, oh, ugg, ugg, ugg.  And you gotta be applauding the cops that come along to punch them up or choke them.  That's a sad statement on humanity.  It really is.


But at least at that time you still had charities and things, and the folk who are terrified of becoming poor at least would donate to charities, because they knew deep down somewhere they've got to, you know.  It was a SIN not to help fellow humans, really, it was a sin, and you felt it.  But you do away with that, you do away with that, with all of its hypocrisies and foibles of humanity and human problems and so on, you do away with that and bring you into a humanistic society where there's nothing except existentialism, and here you are.  In come the scientists and in come eugenicists.  And in come the property, the real property owners because they own everything you need to live on.  The food of the world, everything, they own it through their middlemen.  You put them to work, and they'll have no problem because there's no, there's nothing to hold, there's no guilt complex in them for not helping their fellow humans. It's a practical thing, there's too many of those... those critters, you know, get rid of them.  And it will be done.


As I say, we've had examples of it with the Communists and then when the Nazi system came in with its racial hygiene ideas and so on.  And it was already happening in the West under capitalism, with even the blessings of some of the religious groups inside America.  Better Families, eh?  Hmmmm?  And that's where you end up with it, folks.


When all compassion is tossed out, and science becomes the new God, you're in for a tough time of it.  Very tough indeed. Because nothing, again, like Nietzsche said, now that God is dead, nothing is impossible.  Don't you ever forget that. Hence the war on any kind of God or deity or any belief system for such a long time. It might have been you're only saving grace for a long long time actually, or a lot of you wouldn't have been here otherwise. The elite didn't just start this idea of the world is really just theirs in the last few years. They've been at this for an awful long time.  Awful long time.


So, you see it with certain movies. One of them was Rob Roy.  I think it was Liam Neeson, that ascended so well as an actor until he did Kinsey, then destroyed himself as far as I'm concerned. I heard him prattling on about the glory of Kinsey, and my God, you should really understand what Kinzie was all about.  Hoh, a real pervert this guy was too.  But anyway Liam Neeson played Rob Roy, he was good in that part. Rob Roy did exist, in Scotland and he lived around the Trossachs area, they called it Trossachs by calendar and beyond, I think it was Ettrick Forest as well he used to.  His group were the McGregor's, the clan, Rob Roy McGregor. 


At that time England used to send people up, and had regiments in Edinboro and Sterling, they sent them up to Ettrick. They would take their taxes by stealing your cattle, you know, just headcount your cattle. That's where that came from, the headcount, was also heads of cattle. They would steal them, and pigs and everything else and foodstuffs if you had no money. They would take them down, they would drive them down to the lower, the Midlands, or lower lands, or around the Sterling area and auction them off or else give them to the Army. One way or another end up as cash for the King of England.


Rob Roy used to go down, after they'd been up through the Highlands to steal the cattle, Rob Roy would send his guys after them and they'd steal them back again at night. He was a kind of, Rob Roy was also a Robin Hood character you might say for Scotland. You can actually see the places today where he stole the cattle and he'd work them into a place in the forest where this waterhole was, a big, oh, it was a small lake really but surrounded by heavy, heavy trees. He used to hide them in there part way to his journey back up to the Highlands. 


There's also the famous soldiers leap, when he was on foot, and he was getting hunted through the forest and he did jump out a good chasm and survived. The troops started to jump after him and went down there. It's still there today. Eventually he was buried next to his wife in a little church yard up in the Highlands. It's still there, you can go see it.


But anyway, Rob Roy was a character you might say. In the movie version of it he's up against a guy who’s awfully good with the sword. The different clans leaders would employ different mercenaries to use the sword in gambling, you see, and put bets on them. They'd bring in, I think the actor, his last name is Roth, he's awfully good, and he played the kind of bad guy, the kind of pompous dandy type of the era.  Eventually he’s put up against Rob Roy McGregor in the big battle scene. Good movie actually, it's entertaining. But what happened in the movie actually did happen in real life, you know, that's how bad it was back then when you had no real rights as such unless you stole the rights back again, by force often, that's what you had to do. You see them coming in and slaughtering folk and slaughtering families who wouldn't go along with the orders of the King. That was pretty typical.


But one little bit in the movie was where Rob Roy has to go to the local Lord, the clan Lord for the area.  And the Lord was a Lord, he was no different than English lords.  In fact, they were often intermarried.  That was Scotland's downfall too where they would intermarry with English ones, and even give them titles of land in England.  That's how they pacified a lot of the clans in Scotland was buying off the clan chiefs and giving them lands in England as well. So, you really, eventually you're bred in with them too.


But in the movie, he has to go to this Lord to explain what's been happening and how the deceptions have been happening and how he had been blamed for something that he hadn't done.  The Lord explained something to him and says, you know you should do this, and you should do that. What it did show you in the movie is so true, is the Highlanders had a lot, a big sense of honor. I mean, they were so stubborn with it they wouldn’t even give in to save their lives at times. But at one point, Rob Roy wouldn't admit to something to the Lord.  And he was asked why. He says, because it's wrong, it's not an honorable thing to do. And the Lord says, my goodness, he says, Roy, you're almost are like, and what he was getting at, you're almost like nobility. Because at that time the class distinction was so bad only nobility had honor, and the ability to even gain honor, never mind keep it.


So, if you're a villain you're a nobody, you see. You're untrustworthy, and never could be trusted because you're, you would blow with the wind on any particular point of value.  That was a telling point in it because that's really how it was, the nobility would see you as a commoner, untrustworthy, like a villain as they say.  That's how it really was, the class, the heavy, heavy class system.


I think that they used to have in school even when I was in Scotland was you could hear the term occasionally, mind your place.  It was bad enough when your family would say that, you know, or somebody in the family, or even neighbors, mind your place, when you’re getting a bit cheeky or whatever.  But it was also meant, it was meant by different classes, mind your place.  If you over spoke or spoke when you shouldn't speak in particular company of your betters, you'd be told to mind your place.  That's how bad it was. That's the pecking order of society as they say. But yeah, it was in the churches too.  Anyway, I’ve prattled on too much about that.


I think now I should really start putting some of the articles out there for those that want them, you know.  Because the articles are so profuse now you can't get away from it, there's that many of them.  As I say, there's no lack of facts as opposed to opinions to do with the Covid thing. Facts don't matter anymore. 


They're really ramping up, like I said before, the idea, in the 90s I said this, eventually you won't get into a grocery store without your up-to-date vaccinations, electronic things will go off as soon as you walk in. Because in one way or another you're going to be chipped or something.  Of course, most folk even have it on their cell phone now. But they will go to the chip eventually, or the tattoo, the digital tattoo.  They've pushed it through all the different, you've had it from MIT pushing that thing, they were working with Bill Gates on. That wasn't conspiracy theory, it's been published by MIT themselves.  It would be like a digital tattoo as they called it. They want to take you eventually to that stage.  Up to that stage the media have been told to pooh-pooh it, until you're there, then just ignore it.  That's how they do everything else too.


So, we're really at a place where most folk don't, they don't even know where they are at the moment with this.  With the tyranny of shutting down the world's economy, destroying millions of small businesses across the planet, putting a relentless poverty upon the public... You're now into austerity, planned austerity, folks. I gave these talks literally in the 90s and then later again, even around the time of 9/11 happening, how you'd bring in step-by-step, austerity. You’re into it now. This is the big push to bring that whole system in, postconsumer society as well, you see.


Here we'll go with the articles before it's too, the night is gone, or the day is gone. It will be the night before I get it all up. Actually, it will be the next morning before I get it all up.  [Alan chuckles.] It takes that long with my choking of my speed by my provider as they call it, that I'm paying for.  Now, this article here, let's see now, I'll start off with this one here. And I'm going to put up some videos as I’ve said too, so go into  Download the latest talk and you see all the links there. I always put the links up for the articles that I read to show you that it's not just conspiracy theory when it's coming from their own particular sites. 


Here's your insanity. We've already had the CDC come out from their own website and say that the masks don't stop the spread of Covid.  Right.  That was in May they put that upon their own site. I think millions of folks took copies of that, because you know everything disappears now down the memory hole so quickly.  But it was there. We know that they don't stop you breathing in this particular virus, or breathing it out, Covid viruses, right.  So the Fed chair now, his name is Powell...


Fed Chair Powell: Wearing masks can lead to 'enormous' economic gains / 4 Sept 2020


(Alan:  Can you believe it, here we are.  So…)


“There’s actually enormous economic gains to be had nationwide from people wearing masks and keeping their distance,” Powell told NPR. Powell added that short of a vaccine, such measures enable people to “go back to work and not get sick.”


(A: Well, most of the work's been shut down, and we're losing it all the time what’s left of it. Thousands of businesses said they can’t even open up again, they're done for. So, wear a mask and it will all be fine, eh?  There you go.  Isn't that wonderful?)


Powell also spoke about the August jobs report, describing the addition of 1.371 million payrolls in August as “a good one.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the new numbers on Friday morning, (A: And the links are here.) which also showed the unemployment rate falling to 8.4% — below the street’s expectations.


(A: Absolute BULL, isn't it, absolute bull.  You really are in The Matrix, folks, where they give you a new reality depending on what room you walk into at any particular time. Statistics are meaningless as you know. It's all rubbish, eh!  So anyway…)


Powell’s remarks on Friday mark his third media interview since the COVID-19 crisis began. On March 26, Powell appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” and in mid-May, CBS’s “60 Minutes” interviewed Powell.


The Fed Chairman’s remarks to NPR will be the last from Fed officials as policymakers head into a media blackout ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting on September 15 and 16.


A media blackout, 'eh?  From your Fed chairman and the rest of them, eh?  Isn't that amazing, eh? But they're telling you, the feds tell you that even though you're all bankrupt and you're going into poverty, and you’re under tyranny, then don't worry, wear your mask, it could be a fun thing and a good thing for you, enormous economic gains he says.  There you are.


Another one too…


Coronavirus: Pregnant Victorian woman filmed arrest / 3 Sept 2020


(A: Isn't that astonishing? How disgusting these giant cops that they hire over there in Australia, eh?  Nnnnnnnnn.  So, she was arrested for planning an anti-lockdown protest.  You see, they’re watching all your media now. Thanks to Facebook and the rest of them and all the algorithms, catching you as you start to, you just, I thought just starts to leave your head and you just type it into something.  Bingo, a light goes off on a little board somewhere with your address on it and you're picked up, eh.  Thank you, social media, and thank you government, eh, for spying on you all.  N-n-n. Quite something eh.)


28-year-old pregnant woman live-streamed her arrest on social media after detectives descended on her Miners Rest home armed with a search warrant.


A pregnant anti-lockdown protester, who live-streamed her arrest on social media…


Zoe Buhler, 28, was yesterday charged with inciting a protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Ballarat’s CBD.


Ms Buhler has since been banned from posting on Facebook as one of her bail conditions but has been doing the rounds on media this morning.


Speaking to reporters outside her home this morning, Ms Buhler claimed she “didn’t realise” the protest wasn’t allowed.


Well why should it be? These are the same cops by the way that when they had Black Lives Matter protest over there, even though nothing had happened over there, it all happened inside the US, it made no difference, the cops were nowhere to be seen. But here they are going to a pregnant woman’s home, in force, there’s a bunch of them that arrived there too. Quite something eh?  There's brave for you, brave people, eh?  There ya go.  Quite something.  And then…


‘Covid dissident’ VIOLENTLY arrested after backing Melbourne anti-lockdown protest, but tells Facebook followers not to go (VIDEO) / 4 Sept 2020


(A: This is the guy here, the second one…) 

James Bartolo, a former soldier…


(A: I love how they put them down too, because they're PROTESTING, eh?  Because they said he's even believed that people didn't go to the moon.  What's that got to do with it? What's that got to do with it, MEDIA, the disgusting prostitute media, eh, what's that got to do with anything, eh?  As they try to run anybody down who's against this.  N-n-n.  Quite something. They actually used a battering ram to get into his home.)


He was charged with "incitement, possession of prohibited weapons (A:  I think it was, they called it samurai swords because he was into that kind of stuff, samurai sword…) and two counts of resisting police," Victoria police revealed to the media.


So, there you go. But no, he should've just dressed up as Antifa or BLM and tell them he was protesting, and they wouldn't have come near him.  You see.  There you go.


This one here is so disgusting, never mind the person who's promoting it all from the top in Canada, really, it's just, aoooh.  Who's also on the board of the WHO by the way for Canada's health, and also the top consultant for Canada. A bit of a conflict there I'd say, since Mr. Gates apparently funds the WHO with three quarters of its cash at least. So definitely a conflict. So anyway… Canada's top doctor, what a joke that is...


Canada's top doctor: 'consider using a mask' during sexual activity - / 2 Sept 2020


I won't even go any further with this one. I was thinking of putting up, where it's going to go with safe sex. I remember even, I think it was Fauci mentioned it too, didn't he, that certain sites where, for hookups, just for sexual activity, oh it would be okay if you did certain things he said, you know. But anyway, I'll put up one that's from a comedy movie where you see them having real sex, safe sex, this little clip from a particular movie. If I can find it again, I'll put it up to show you where it's supposed all really go. For those that want to really follow experts’ advice.


Leslie Nielson - safe sex scene - / 31 May 2019


Also I'll put up from the CDC's homepage, you know, their homesite...


Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics - / 2 Sept 2020


...and so on, and how they go through the actual, [Alan chuckles.] the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where they actually tell you that most of the so-called Covid deaths are not Covid deaths at all.  Only maybe, maybe at the most 6% they say, and it will be a lot less than that, of what they've told you with Covid, now are getting revised to be only 6% actually died of Covid. So it's way, tiny, down there, eh.  Yep.  And it brings you down into age groups and sexual groups and so on, it's all in here. Again, facts don't matter because...  they've got the whole mantra started. Facts don't really matter.


You see, I've mentioned this before, it's the same with war, physical war, when you send off troops and so on. You always use an excuse to attack what you've already decided to attack before it started. Like 9/11, don't forget they had troops ready to go into Afghanistan before 9/11 happened, hm.  They already had it on the list of the countries they wanted to be taken down.  Iraq was one of them. They wanted Iran eventually too. But they wanted to go right from Iraq, and another country to kept telling them to go into Iraq, don't stop your troops there, send them in, all the way to Syria they said in fact.  These are all the countries on the list and they're still going through them today. 


BUT the fact was, it didn't matter about using an excuse to attack Iraq, as an example. Any propaganda will do. Once the troops are in, it doesn't matter whether it will be exposed that it was all lies, all the excuses they were given to get in, all lies, it didn't matter. It's the same with Covid, you see, it's the same with Covid. It doesn't matter that all the facts are coming up that so much of it’s bogus, they completely fudged and lied about statistics. They told the media to terrify the public by using psychological warfare, from the psychological warfare units in Britain. It doesn't matter.


These are all admissions, folks, in mainstream media.  But it doesn't matter.  They've got it started and it's on the roll now, you see, regardless of, facts eventually don't matter.  And they can't back down now or you to have to, well, at the very least prosecute them.


Another one…


Atlantic Council has many links to latest anti-Trump coup / 25 Oct 2019


A globalist Swamp think tank is at the very heart of the latest impeachment coup against President Trump. And it’s uncanny how many prominent anti-America First dots are circling its orbit.


(A: This article goes into the different characters too. It's amazing the gang that runs the whole system of America. And other parts of the world. They mention the usual culprits...)


…George Soros, the Clintons …  CNN and Reuters…


(A: But they're all connected with the Atlantic Council, that's committed to globalism. That's part of its agenda, you know. It says…)


The Atlantic Council‘s commitment to globalism is at the core of its mission statement.


Preserving the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) …


NATO, right, which was set up during the old Cold War with Russia and the Soviet Union. Meanwhile they've had NATO into all the other countries too, and Africa in different places since then too, and they still call it NATO.  It gives you part of its agenda here, its charter you might say, and the different characters involved with it, and different newspapers involved with them too, and how they're involved with Ukraine, and yada, yada, ya. It's just... Kurt Volker and the different characters that are parts of the senior advisors to the Atlantic Council. The cabals you run across of crooks, in a, what you think is your legitimate system is astonishing. It's nearly everybody.  They're really crooks, folks. They're not there to serve, they've never been there to serve you or your welfare.


I'll also put up another one from YouTube.  It's 2020…


BERLIN Thousands gathering right protest the end of the lockdown measures - / 29 Aug 2020


Another one is YouTube from Berlin is Robert Kennedy Junior speaking.


Legendarische Speech van Robert Kennedy Jr. tijdens demonstratie Berlin 29 Augustus 2020 - / 30 Aug 2020


You'll hear him talking English and you hear the translator too in German translating his sentences. It's a good speech he's giving them. I wish we'd have more of it in maybe the West in fact, this Far West. Because we certainly need it. But yeah, a lot of Germans have caught on to this con. It's good.  They're generally very logical, Germans tend to be very logical and methodical and they're seeing through this nonsense too.


Back in May there's an article here and it's from Boris Johnson's homepage.  The government actually.  They actually record who he talks to and so on.  This one here is


PM call with Bill and Melinda Gates: 19 May 2020 / 19 May 2020


(A: It's Prime Minister Johnson and he's on a call with Bill and Melinda Gates on 19 May. He's pretty well getting his orders in a sense, if you can read between the lines. It says…)


Both parties expressed their hope that a viable vaccine will be found as soon as possible.


(A:  Of course, Gates wanted to make sure that the UK's contribution, eh...)


They discussed the UK’s contribution to helping countries around the world tackle coronavirus (A:  …meaning buying the vaccines for them and so on.) and the important work of the Gates Foundation in this area.


(A:  Hmmmm.  And their commitment to GAVI, you know, that organization, the vaccine alliance that Gates runs.)


Argh.  You talk about gangs of crooks. I'm telling you. That's his job, that's what Gates’ job is, eh, is part of the eugenics agenda, as he said himself, to help people, and also reduce the population.  Well, figure that one out. 


Another article, it's quite good actually.  It's about the cultural Revolution in China. I mentioned this before too. 


Get Ready for the Struggle Session / 7 March 2019


The Chinese Cultural Revolution was a bitter thing, a catastrophe comparable in its societal effects, and similar in its historical feel, to the terrors of Stalin and the French Revolution. No one knows how many died; historians say up to two million. But what I find myself thinking of these days is the ritual humiliations, the “struggle sessions.”


(A: Comparing it to what's happening now, eh?)


In the mid-1960s Mao Zedong, suspicious of those around him, wary of the moves of erstwhile Soviet allies, damaged by a disastrous famine his policies had caused, (A:  They always bring in massive famine, you know. You're going to get the same thing now by the way.) surveyed the scene and decided it was time for a little mayhem. The problem wasn’t his disastrous ideology, it was, he wrote (A: …himself…), “feudal forces full of hatred towards socialism . . . stirring up trouble, sabotaging socialist productive forces.” (A:  …against them.)  The party had been “infiltrated” by pragmatists and revisionists. He wrote—it is the epigraph of Frank Dikötter’s “The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-1976”—“Who are our friends? Who are our enemies? That is the main question of the revolution.”


(A: But it goes into what they did.  And you're finding similar things happening inside America and the West right now by the way, similar things.  Where it isn't good enough that you acknowledge there's wrong against different groups, including your own, [Alan chuckles.] but you've got to really admit it and feel rotten and bad about it, you see, as though you had something to do with it.  This guilt, you know, this guilt admission nonsense, eh, that's part of it. Anyway…)


He would find and purge his foes, the usual suspects: intellectuals and other class enemies, capitalist roaders, those who clung to old religions or traditions. In “Mao’s Last Revolution,” Roderick MacFarquhar and Michael Schoenhals tell of a Ministry of Higher Education official brought up on charges of enjoying a “bourgeois lifestyle.” He’d been seen playing mah-jongg.  (A:  Hhhhh!  You see.)


But it's true, they told the youngsters to turn on the older folk that were contaminated, that was the Soviet term too, it was contaminated, in the cultures, they weren't as ideologically indoctrinated as the younger generation, you see.  That's again Trotskyist ideology, as they're getting more and more communistic by purging yourselves in every generation, maybe even twice in a generation, to get more fanatical groups, you know, in charge of everything. So that's what they did in China.  They tortured folk and teachers and beat them up, a lot of them were killed too. Even their parents they were told to turn against as well, because they were contaminated with the old ideas.  So I'll put this article up.  For those that… I find these things interesting even though you already pretty well know them.


COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose - / 27 June 2020


I've done these articles already, so many times from different sources. Even from the guy who founded the test, is that it was not meant for diagnosing in the field. It's meant for work in a laboratory only for a different reason. So, they are meaningless. All they do is pick up particles of viruses.  And that's what they're diagnosing you, if you've got particles of the viruses, then they'll say you've got the virus. No, you don't. 


Your own immune system will kill most of it off in your nasal passages by the way. But they'll find the particles in your nasal passage and put you down as positive. It's a complete farce. They know it's a farce.  It's well understood now, it's coming out more and more. This is a good enough article I'll put up for sure for those that want to go through it all. Even I think it was the New York Times came out with it, talking about it, the same kind of thing, that it's useless. It's useless.  I'm telling you. It's not fit for any purpose of diagnosing, for this particular problem.


Another article too is again the Covid deaths. I’ll put it up again, the real percentage of them as opposed to what they said. Until you’re left with 6% probably had Covid and that was what killed them, as opposed all the rest of them that died of other things.


CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions - / 30 Aug 2020




Coronavirus: Australia extends ban on people leaving the country until December - / 3 Sept 2020


Can you believe this, eh?  Lock down… I remember after 9/11, I remember they were putting in naval boats on the Great Lakes between Canada and the States.  I joked about it at the time, I says, it's probably in case Obama... Amazing eh, Obama and Osama in the same time, who could dream that stuff up, eh?  But Osama bin Laden, maybe he's got a special forces team that can have swimming camels, they can jump on them and cross… It was so farcical, this whole...  I said, what it is, is to lock folk IN your countries.  They still have all these boats and that and so on to lock down borders and so on.  It's to stop you getting OUT, folks.  That was back in 2001 they started all that stuff.


So there's Australia, extends ban on people leaving the country until December. Now folk, refugees can still get in all the countries.  You know that eh?  [Alan chuckles.] That's okay.  This is a very political virus, eh, it can suspend its virility and contagious ability instantly depending on the purpose and the place and the time, you see, it can just, well, it's a protest, it won't contaminate anybody there. Or, it's refugees coming in, that's okay. But nobody's getting out.  Hm?  There ya go.  Whoah, whoah, whoah.  Isn’t that astonishing, eh, Australia.  N-n-n.


Yeah, the New York Times…


Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. / 29 Aug 2020


The usual diagnostic tests may simply be too sensitive and too slow to contain the spread of the virus.


(A: Hm, there ya go, that's the excuse for it there.  It's almost like a cover piece too, trying to make an excuse for it. Because it's out in the open now that it's a useless test. Don't forget other teams, a basketball team, or was it a football player or something last week there I mentioned, who were tested positive in the morning and negative in the evening, the same thing for all of them. So, it's a complete farce.)


Some of the nation’s leading public health experts (A: Oh, these experts again, eh?) are raising a new concern in the endless debate over coronavirus testing in the United States: The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus.

Most of these people are not likely to be contagious, and identifying them may contribute to bottlenecks that prevent those who are contagious from being found in time. But researchers say the solution is not to test less, or to skip testing people without symptoms, as recently suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Instead, new data underscore the need for more widespread use of rapid tests… (A:  …of these USELESS tests.) 


I said the useless part here, not them. But that's the answer to everything.  It's just absolutely, it's beyond Alice looked down the, you know, Alice in Wonderland.  It really is, isn't it? It truly is. This is just disgusting the lengths they go to of total mind warping as they play with your brains.  N-n-n.  Isn't that something.


World Economic Forum…


WEF Strategic Intelligence


How can you decipher the potential impact of rapidly unfolding changes when you’re flooded with information—some of it misleading or unreliable?


The World Economic Forum has developed its Strategic Intelligence (A: Very interesting, you've got to look into it) capabilities to help make sense of the complex forces driving transformational change (A: This is the century of change I've been talking about for ages, that they talked about in academia, bringing in this new system in, this century of change, transformation...) across economies, industries, and global issues. Strategic Intelligence can help you to:


Explore more than 250 Transformation Maps including the latest publications, video and data for these topics.


(A: And it really is so elitist. They're trying to, you know, attract the young wealthier crew into them, you know, the way that you'll be a SOMEBODY, you know, you'll be part of us, we're EXCLUSIVE, eh, exclusive intelligence briefings, eh, oh, there ya go, be one of us.)


Join a community of high growth organizations that master future business models and emerging technologies


That's right, really terrorize your general public and manipulate them and use them for your own benefit, you know, be one of the elite. I added that last bit myself again, naturally. I'll put up the link to their site. You should look into it and see their partners too. Some of the ones they'll admit to that is, the rest of them they don't.  But they do admit to quite a lot of them in fact.  This is an organization that goes way back too, in order to create a new type of society on behalf of the elite. Because they, they always said they’d use democracy, but they never believed in it, it was just to fool you.  [Alan chuckles.]


Video, another one by Michel Chossudovsky in Canada. A good article and he's got a video there too.


Video: Covid-Gate, The Political Virus / 3 Sept 2020


(A:  He goes into…)


The national economies of 193 countries, member states of the United Nations were ordered to close down on March 11, 2020.


(A:  And that's true, 193 countries, eh, just, CLOSE DOWN!)


The order came from above, from Wall Street, the World Economic Forum, the billionaire foundations. And corrupt politicians throughout the world have enforced these so-called guidelines with a view to resolving a public health crisis.


Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings. In developing countries, poverty and despair prevail. We are told the it is V the Virus which is responsible for the wave of bankruptcies and unemployment.


The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext and justification to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to precipitate the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy and extreme poverty.


Well, I was giving these talks out 20 years ago, more than that. And that’s the truth of it. You're going to get brought into absolute austerity, which is poverty, folks.  I'll put all these links up for you to peruse yourself and the videos too, I'll put up the links for them.


Covid-Gate, The Political Virus - / 29 Aug 2020


Oh this one here is by, I was wondering too, about how you're being censored on Google and YouTube and so on, well they own, the Alphabet group owns another, they're becoming the leader in healthcare information, you understand.  It's called Verily is the company they own.  So as they censor everybody else's point of view on it, because you found out a lot of facts and so on, they're the biggest propaganda ones that are censoring you for saying anything.  But they own Verily, this company here…


Making information work better so that healthcare works better.


The transition to preventive care will help people live happier, healthier lives and lower the cost of healthcare for everyone.


(A:  Ah, don’t you love these benevolent people out there? I used to think they were just greedy folk that wanted to get ahead and own everything. But when I realized that they're really there to help us... hhhhh... I guess... On TV years ago, they used to have one called Perry Mason by Raymond Burr and he was the actor. He eventually was, he lost everything because he was chasing a young boy in a hotel, naked, stark naked he was, down the stairs chasing this wee boy.  That kind of ended his career.  But anyway, in the movie version, or the TV version he was a lawyer who couldn't sleep at night because he just worried about his clients, often he'd work for nothing.  He did.  M-hm.  So that was like the real gold test there for lawyers in the fictitious world, they just couldn't sleep because they had to get right done for you on behalf of the client. So, that's the same with these people “making information work better so that healthcare works better.”  Because they want to give, make, give you people, make them live…)


… happier, healthier lives and lower the cost of healthcare for everyone.


(A:  Thank goodness these big multibillionaires exist, eh. Hhhhh.)


I'll put these links up, and this other one too. It's to do with an auction that went on recently that folk don't even know about.   This auction is called Auction 105.  It's to do with bandwidth and the Internet system. It was the Federal Communications Commission that held an auction. They sold stacks of these licenses to folk to go into the 5G in America. They already have a lot of them in the 3.5 G. They're taking the 3.5 G, I haven't read it all, but somehow, they can boost it up to the 5G. And it's part of the, again, the World Economic Forum's Smart City projects as well.  Isn't it, all these big private corporations are going to monitor you from cradle-to-grave, everything that you do is going to be on record, folks. That's what it's about.  Every penny you spend, yeah, electronic or otherwise is all going to be monitored. Almost every thought that you have, and eventually they want to get to the thought, for those who haven't figured this out, they want to, they're already predicting what you can do because they know you better than you know yourself. Minority Report type movie, you know, idea. But they want to get into your head so they can actually have you and know your thoughts, literally within milliseconds of you thinking them, if not in real time.


So they go into the 5G…


Auction 105: 3.5 GHz


(A:  So they go into the …)


5G Mid-Band Spectrum auction


(A: That's a news release.)


Winning bidders of the 3.5 GHz band auction


(A: well that can get boosted up to the 5G.  Those are the companies that got it.)


Denial of request for waiver of auction


Up front payment deadline


(A: very... It's a secretive auction, isn't it?)


Qualified bidders


(A: It tells you who they are, etc. etc. and all the companies involved in it, who bought this particular bandwidth type thing, this system inside parts of the US and across the US.)


Auction 105: 3.5 GHz


(A: ...up to the 5G, you see.)


Also another article here too, is the World Economic Forum.  Again, there's nothing more important than the WEF. It was set up to eventually outpace this idea of democracy, by using democracy in its early days, you know, and pretending it was all Democratic, to take over, gradually wean you off the idea, through crisis mind you, because you need efficiency in a crisis, like a war scenario, you can't have democracy and rights and that. So, you've got to be ruled by experts and that's what their job is. That's why they set it up a long time ago.


Improving the state of the world


The Forum strategy is simple and effective: bring together the most relevant leaders from all sectors of global society, (A:  So they decide who’s relevant, you see.) and identify the best ways to address the world’s most significant challenges.


It works. For almost 50 years, the Forum has been the catalyst for global initiatives, historic shifts, (A:  There ya go, historic shifts.  You’re going through one right now, right.) industry breakthroughs, economic ideas and tens of thousands of projects and collaborations.


The Forum is improving the state of the world – find out how in each of our Impact Stories.


(A:  They have impact stories they call it.)


Building awareness and cooperation


(A: There you go.)




(A: They mention the financing.  So they say…)


We are making the world's electricity ecosystems more cyber resilience.


(A: They're taking over ALL electricity across the planet. That's what they're doing, folks.)


Forum-led G20 Smart Cities Alliance will create the first global framework for smart city governance / 15 Nov 2020


Forum-led G20 Smart Cities Alliance will create the first global framework for smart city governance.


(A: Oh, there you are.)


44 of the most advanced manufacturing factories in the world are lighting the way as learning beacons.


(A: Oh, isn't that clever, eh?) 


Global businesses launch partnerships for LGBTI equality in the workplace. 


(A: So, they're always PC, to protect their, they really are all in the business of just wanting to please everybody, except the majority of the public.)


The world has entered a new era of pandemic responding with strength.


(A: ...they say, eh?)


It has set the world into an unprecedented era of pandemic risk. 


A coalition launched at the forum's annual meeting in 2017 (A: Just coincidence, eh.) is responding with strength.


(A: Aaahhh.) 


The global network is preparing humanity for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


The network is working with governments technology experts NGOs, (A:  Nongovernmental organizations.), and leading companies around the world to enable emerging technologies to be used for the greater good.


(A: Which of course they decide what the greater good is, you see, without you voting or having a say in any of it. Isn't that wonderful. In your democracies, eh?  [Alan chuckles.] I-yi-yi. And into Africa.)



There are 100+ organizations governments have joined.  It's to accelerate block chain responsibility across supply chains.


(A: So they're taking over the supply of everything across the whole planet. And again, they did it all without any input from you, do you mind? [Alan chuckles.])


From poverty to prison to a global shapers platform, a young Brazilian brings unprecedented change


(A: WOW!  There ya go.)


From poverty to prison to a global shapers platform.  Two decades of impact of social entrepreneurs have improved 622 million lives.


The Schwab foundation for social entrepreneurship is advancing social innovation worldwide.


(A: Yeah. And then the big one that they do at the World Economic Forum, they create your leaders of the future. Because most of the leaders we’ve got today were created by them too.  Ha-ha.)


A group of Young Global Leaders (YGL) (A: Isn't that wonderful?) is working with refugees and Kenya's Kakuma refugee camp to realize their economic potential.


Well, are they going to use the refugees for economic potential or what, I mean, what are they trying to say here?  But yeah, they create the global leaders.  They pick them when they’re youngsters at school. Just like the CIA did too and MI5 did, is they tap folk when they’re at high school, even at later high school, you know, the last years of it, or first years in college generally. The same with top civil servants get picked that way.  Yep. But leaders, yeah, anybody who's into any kind of networking in school or even the local school newspaper, they tried to tap you and bring you into social justice, which is how to manipulate the rest of the general public by using real problems, ah, for personal gain. [Alan chuckles.]   


Press release…


Flu Vaccine Now Required for all Massachusetts School Students Enrolled in Child Care, Pre-School, K-12, and Post-Secondary Institutions - / 19 Aug 2020


So there ya go, they're getting you as a pincushion, lifelong pincushion. I've got articles here; in fact, I'm looking at one right now. It was vaccine schedules they want all adults to take, and this was done 20 years ago and put out by the WHO.  But yeah, they're doing it now, it's quite interesting, eh.  You get to… All your say is nothing. It's their way or no school. Isn't that wonderful?  As I say, you know, when they take away choices, you're under tyranny folks. And you're seeing them all the time now, eh?  Old plans, mind you, but most folk are just hearing about them now.


Darwin’s ‘Smart City’ Project


This is where they got all the cops right now, protesting about the small group of folk turned up to protest the lockdowns. Because that's all you see, is an army, in the Daily Mail, an army of cops. And I mean it. And a few protesters.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's just amazing what you're seeing there, it's like an army of policeman.


Darwin’s ‘Smart City’ Project:

The Intersection of BLM, Big Data Tech and Climate Change (A:  Oh, this sounds very PC to me.) / 17 Aug 2020


In the context of global climate change and the concurrent need for increased sustainability,


(A:  Again, that sustainability, eugenics and all that, too many of you, eh. Because that was the whole point of climate change, was to convince you there was too many of you, and it couldn’t be sustained. That’s, they picked man as the enemy, that’s what they said. They PICKED him, that would FIT the bill, the Club of Rome.)


adaptability and resiliency, ‘smart city’ technologies are hailed as “intrinsically sustainable” urban development and management solutions.


(A:  Maybe they’ll start putting us down the garbage shoots in high-rises, eh, maybe that’s what they mean, sustainability.  They’ll say you’re just not essential, under Covid.)


Moreover, cities are eager to present such solutions as win-win (A:  Oooo win-win.), improving “quality of life for all residents”


(A:  Don’t you realize, this GUFF, this GUFF that you get fed all the time by these persuaders, professional persuaders, don’t you get sick of it? Don’t you want to throw up with it? They’re all out there to improve, as they lock you down and drive you into poverty, cram you into overcrowded cities, they want to IMPROVE your quality of LIFE for all RESIDENTS?!???  Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.  They should all be put on trial, these characters, hm?  HM? This is put out by...)


By Barton J. Quilkey, Bachelor of International and Global Studies, The University of Sydney…


(A: Well, he's got a career mapped out for him, eh?  Mmmmm, they've got…)


Darwin’s new technologies include environmental and noise sensors to monitor weather and climate changes, microclimate sensors to collect data on CO2 levels,


(A: I wonder if they’ll have any of that to do with, if you’re suffocating inside of your mask, eh?)


and water and energy monitoring sensors to improve efficient resource use.


Everything’s electricity and sensors, isn’t it? EVERYTHING. But it’s all to do with monitoring YOU and YOUR consumption.  Hm?  Because you're going to go into quotas for everything, folks, and rationing for everything. That's what it's really about. For the greater good... of those that own it all.


Here are two articles from Ireland. One of them is to do with…


'This is about making sure there aren’t rogue traders' - Health Minister defends new rules on keeping records as Data Protection chiefs say they comply with law / 4 Sept 2020


The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has said that rules that require pubs and restaurants that serve food to keep a record of their customers and what they are served complies with the law.


Publicans asked the DPC to urgently review new guidelines that require them to keep such records for 28 days and the measure has also sparked a political backlash.


This afternoon the DPC said its role is to monitor data protection law and "in this case, the legal basis is sufficient".


(A:  So, they can say anything that they pass is sufficient, right, and doesn't really interfere on your rights and all that rubbish. I love how they always tell you it doesn't, as they are interfering with your rights [Alan chuckles.] that it doesn't make any difference.  Well, it doesn't if you allow it of course.)


Details of meals of a dining party will now be added to that contact information under the regulations.


"The interference with fundamental rights in this case is not significant and the data collected and the purpose for its collection (ensuring compliance by pubs/restaurants with the regulation) mean it is unlikely to result in any significant risks to the rights of an individual," the DPC statement said.


I’d say it did.  Of course it does.  It’s got nothing to do with the government at all or authority of any kind what you’re eating, when you eat it or anything else. It’s nothing to do with it. Isn’t that disgusting, eh?!  And they just decide, it doesn’t really infringe on any of your… Rubbish, as they actually do it.  I’ll put that one up. And from Helena handbasket, also in Ireland, right…


“Spill the Beans!” By order of Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Tyranny – “We want to know what you had for breakfast!” / 4 sept 2020 / By Helena Handbasket


When you think the insanity surrounding the Covid scamdemic can’t get any more insane, you can always trust in the Irish government to come up with another idea based on nothing more than the madness which seems endemic to Irish politicians; totally corrupt politicians mind you, and certainly never to be trusted on anything other than the guarantee that they’re corrupt. But it seems that the madness never ends with Me Hole Martin and ‘Ben Dover’ Varadkar etc. (A: [Alan chuckles.])


The list of intelligent attributes associated with the Covid-19 vanishing virus currently includes, knowing the difference between imperial and metric measurements, what time of day it is across the world’s time zones, (what will it do when the clocks go back?) where it can and where it cannot hang out to infect unsuspecting persons, which premises require masks, which types of businesses it is allowed to live in at any particular time of day, how to give false results in tests, whether you can drink or not, and now finally, what you’ve had for your latest snack, if permitted, in a certain premises with plastic screens, sticky labels on the floor and masked zombies mumbling their way through a menu.


Yes folks, it now seems that Covid-19 wants to know what you’ve eaten to determine whether or not it wishes to infect you. Perhaps garlic will keep it at bay or even a nice thick slice of bacon and black pudding; time will tell.


But joking aside, this is apparently being done to assist with contract tracing. (A:  This is the excuse they’re giving for it, eh, they want to know what you ate. Do they think you're sharing the food, like, from mouth-to-mouth or something?)  Perhaps they wish to round up meat eaters or people who just eat junk food and then fine them later for not conforming to veganism or the consumption of locusts on a stick.


(A:  Because they want to actually push these locusts, eh, as a substitute for protein, as you go into austerity. I’m not kidding you. It literally will have something to do with that too. They've been doing studies to see what you're actually eating.  Eventually it will go into, can we, let's just try a vegan special today and see what happens.  You eat these ants, they're dry ants, but they'll be okay. Then they'll tell you, well some folk have eaten this for thousands of years. Well, that's fine for some folk, but not for the rest.  That's how they push it across on you, all this rubbish, eh.  So, it says here…)


But the only way this can possibly be implemented is with the complicity of restaurant and bar owners actually doing as they’re told and infringing even more so on the rights of their customers to eat and drink in their establishment free of any interference in what is supposed to be a leisure activity and which keeps the owners and employees in business and paid work. Not to mention that Ireland is supposed to be (A:  Well, [Alan chuckles.] it's scrawled out...) a free country (A:  ...and put...) prison camp.


The only solution to this and all other criminal government mandates surrounding the Covid-19 scamdemic is for all parties involved, restauranteurs, publicans, non-corporate shopkeepers and other private businesses to completely ignore, across the board, every single law put in place to diminish the rights and freedoms of the Irish people, under the guise of stopping the spread of a common cold, and to get back to the normal they want rather than the Draconian authoritarian future being imposed upon them by their criminal and evil government.


So, there you go, you can't even have peace to eat and chomp away in private, or semiprivate, you're always getting watched of these days.  They want to know what you're eating. Maybe they want to know have you enjoyed it or didn't like it. Or maybe try this, try these fried ants or something, you know and then they'll show you a little happy video so’s you can look at people in other countries washing down these fried ants and appearing to like it, you know. Who knows? That's just the way it will go, folks. 


Ireland is weird though, with a strange, it's kind of off-the-wall rules and regulations that they just come out with. But for a long time it's been such a socialist country, really, with the oddest people that go into socialism, the real fanatics.  They're beyond normalicy with their decisions and how they look at society and people in general. You can't really...


It's, so is Scotland to me.  Scotland really is almost on a par with it, with its ridiculousness.  Right down to, remember too, with that GIRFEC, for every child to have a kind of guardian put out there by the state to monitor their upbringing. To make sure they have no bad ideas about other groups or peoples or something, that they just decided they don't want to like, you know, they want to rectify you before it gets to be a problem. Literally, that's what it's about. So yeah, and you're all paying for it. It's just, it's madness. It's absolute tyranny. ABSOLUTE tyranny... on the people who never even had much peace for a long time. They really haven't because of outside forces always hammering at them. So there ya go...


“Spill the Beans!” By order of Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Tyranny – “We want to know what you had for breakfast!”


Actually, eventually, you'll be lucky to get breakfast, eh?  There ya go.  Or maybe they'll say if you had breakfast in a pub, what time did the pub open, eh?  Hm, there's a thought.


Louisville removes downtown King Louis XVI statue at Sixth and Jefferson streets - / 3 Sept 2020


So they must get rid of them because they've been defaced and that by peaceful protesters.  There ya go.  And...


'Shoot On-Site': Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI / 1 Sept 2020


The FBI has warned Chicago-area law enforcement (A:  Is there any left there? I don’t think so, they’ve probably all been laid off, eh.) that nearly three-dozen street gangs "have formed a pact to 'shoot on-site any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public'," reports ABC7.


(A:  Well, there’s free… freedom to do whatever you want now, eh?)


As I said, it's astonishing looking up the clips even. I can't even get them so much on YouTube but maybe a few segments here and there. You see folk in New York City at night there just walking along the sidewalks and people driving up to them and shooting them dead. Just for the, I guess the thrill of it or whatever they get off of it. It doesn't seem to be like gang things, they're just like picking anybody that happens to be walking around. To say they've killed somebody I guess, that's the whole… I guess it's a whole thing from Xboxes and that, you're not really killing real people. They want to do the real thing so they can be a... real professional player.


Another article hear is about…


College Students Across America Are Being Subjected to a Horrid Psychological Experiment: ‘Sentenced to Isolation Prisons’ / 2 Sept 2020


(A: …talking about how bad it is at the colleges now.  It says…)


College, long a fun and liberating experience for many young adults, has, as The Ron Paul Institute’s Adam Dick details below, become a dreary and oppressive experience for many students living under the weight of a multitude of restrictions imposed at American college campuses in the name of countering coronavirus.


It’s just, well, everything is.   Forget just the colleges. It’s a whole new way of living. Or existing. I don't call it living anymore. You're not going to live in the system, you're going to exist in it, for a little while.


Invisible Policing: Smart Technology in Law Enforcement / 7 July 2020


The police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks have sparked outrage around the world. Thousands have protested in every U.S. state, and more than 60 countries in support of the Black Lives Matter movement against police violence. Demonstrators are demanding policy changes related to police misconduct, excessive force, and racial bias.


As cities become smarter

(A:  So back into the smart cities again...)


As cities become smarter, what are the consequences for policing? More cameras, sensors, and data mean more surveillance of our communities. License plate readers pinpoint thousands of plates per second; predictive policing software estimates where future crimes could happen; and facial recognition technology can identify a single person in a crowd.


Policing Without the Police

Law enforcement agencies say these technologies streamline and enhance police work to help keep us safe.


(A: Thank goodness everything's here to keep us safe and happy and better and all that, eh? Isn't that wonderful. Don't you feel nice and fuzzy, that everything around you is there to keep you safe and happy, and for your own good.  Without you having any say in the matter.  It's all done for you, just take their word for it.)


But social justice activists, citizens, computer scientists, and even companies that develop surveillance tech worry about invasion of privacy and wrongful arrests.


(A: Well, the robots won't care, they'll just gun you down. And try and sue them.  [Alan chuckles.])


Ruha Benjamin, associate professor of African American studies at Princeton University and author of “Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code,” says with technology, law enforcement agencies can “police without the police.” She warns that calls to defund police departments could lead to more surveillance through the use of technology. (A: Well, I’m glad she’s caught on to that one because that’s the purpose of it folks. This article goes on and on.)


ShotSpotter has deployed its gunfire detection technology in more than 100 cities…


(A:  That’s been like that for a while that one I think.)


“Less than 1% of the population is responsible for two-thirds of the shootings nationally,” said Sam Klepper, ShotSpotter’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy.


There's another article somewhere too, that I've mentioned about the cameras on top of all the lampposts now and how incredibly much they are used by the authorities. It's just astonishing, folks. Just astonishing.  Used all the time. Except for when they've got these guys walking around at night or driving around on motorbikes just shooting folk for the fun of it, they seem to never catch them.  Isn't that the way it works? 


This is an interesting one…


'I am a culture leech': African American history professor at George Washington University admits she's been pretending to be black her entire career in online confession / 3 Sept 2020


(A: I thought this was a joke when I read it but it's not.)


Jessica Krug revealed on Thursday in a bombshell Medium post that she has lied about being black her entire career


Krug, an African American history associate professor at George Washington University, admitted to deceiving her friends and colleagues


She said in the blog post that she is white, Jewish and was raised in Kansas City


It is reminiscent of the scandal involving Rachel Dolezal - a former NAACP leader who was exposed in 2015 as a white woman pretending to be black


It goes on and on. I tell you, some folk catch on very quickly where the wind blows. They can get good careers, you see, it might be the only careers folk can get eventually, these kind of things, unless you belong to a particular group. I really mean that. I've said that for years.


Another one too is...


Woman accused of paying schoolboy for sex unmasked as ex-government analyst / 4 Sept 2020


Dr Kathryn Hopkins was formerly a Ministry of Justice researcher but is now employed by HM Revenue & Customs and is currently accused of paying a schoolboy (A:  He was the age of what, 11 or… No, maybe 13 or something, 14 and 15…) for sex


So there's the government woman.  I guess it's okay when women do it, though, because they don't make a big fuss about it.  I guess the guy couldn't pay his taxes and she was just getting it off the kid or something, who knows, I mean. There ya go.


In San Diego, ‘Smart’ Streetlights Spark Surveillance Reform / 6 Aug 2020


Camera-equipped street lamps were supposed to gather traffic data;


(A:  Who's kidding who, they were supposed to gather traffic data...)


Instead, their video footage went to police. Now lawmakers are pushing back.


It's a good article about it and how they're using it constantly, all these cameras, and listening to what you say too, yada, yada, ya. And they always have these privacy commissioners saying, it's not really a good thing, you know.  But they always say that, as they keep expanding them, eh.


Downing Street plans new digital ID cards for British citizens as Dominic Cummings bids to transform Government's use of data despite privacy fears - / 1 Sept 2020


Well, if you can't fight back folks and say no, then... you've had it.  Hm?  They tried to get this through by the way, Digital ID, after 9/11 happened in the States. They tried to get that in Britain too at the time. But here they go. They always get what they want eventually. Get the right crisis, and you can’t get the right crisis you simply create it. That's what you're living through right now, folks. 


Now, I'm not quite finished yet but remember go into Again, I always say this, hopefully once an hour, to remind folk, because I lose track of what I'm saying too when it comes to asking for help or donations and it is necessary that I really get them to keep going. It really is.  Because believe you me, I don't have time for anything else. And I'm not selling you anything.  I'll put these articles up as I've mentioned.  I want to also just mention some, if I can find these links for other YouTube's here...


As I mentioned before, their PALs Auction, which they called it too, that one for the FCC and for the 5G and so on and 3.5G as well. It wraps up, raised more than $4.58 billion at the auction it says.


I mentioned this.  I'm putting that one up too.


Video: Covid-Gate, The Political Virus - / 3 Sept 2020


Covid-Gate, The Political Virus - / 29 Aug 2020


Also the one from the World Economic Forum.


Improving the state of the world -


And the one by the doctor, this woman doctor who I think her name was Madej.  Was it…? I’ll put it up regardless and you’ll see it. She’s a good talker and puts the facts across quite openly about Covid 19 and the farce of it all too.  Again, that's another one, one of many, eh?


"Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call To The World - / 17 Aug 2020




"Why The 'Covid Lockdowners' Are Gunning For Dr. Atlas - / 3 Sept 2020


There's another one too, this is a new doctor, by the Ron Paul Forum. I'll put that one up as well.


Also, you actually see [Alan chuckles.] an interview with a guy, who shot the guy with a Trump hat, you know, he murdered him in cold blood. He says in an actual interview, before he was killed himself by the cops recently, that he acted in self-defense. Well, they actually show you the video and it’s up there too.  And no, he went up to the fella and just shot him twice in the chest, it wasn’t self-defense, you know, he went looking for him.




Man Pepper Sprayed And Arrested On Train For Not Wearing Face Mask - / 3 Sept 2020


Again, the one I mentioned before. It’s awfully good to see the Spanish Dr. telling the facts on the television, as the TV folk who are trying to get him to go along with it and get angry at him. It was quite interesting to see that.


Spanish Doctor Tells Covid Facts on T.V. - / 19 Aug 2020


Another guy on a subway I mentioned before, there’s soo much out there you could actually spend your time on YouTube, if you’ve got good speed on YouTube I guess you could just spend your whole life just watching stuff. And that’s not what I want to do. But I like to get some of them at least to show you what’s going on. And these are your police, remember.  If you ever went to a different system after this, which is doubtful you’ll ever get to any, anything resembling normalicy.  Fauci said it right off the bat back in February remember or even January, it will never be the same again.  He knew what was coming because it was planned this way, years before, hm.  This is not, Covid is the excuse for this, a big change for your entire way of living, folks, the global reset, right.  So, don’t forget that for second.


And another con too, this is a beautiful con, when the media in Australia is on board…


Polls show Australian public wants a 'COVID jail' - / 25 Aug 2020


So they have these percentages with a poll, eh?  Oh sure, they did. Show us the proof. Show us the people who really signed it.  You know? Nonsense, absolute rubbish. And again as I say, you'll see that one pepper sprayed and arrested on a train for not wearing a facemask.  That's your cops for you. The cops will never, if you ever get out of this with any, under, or come away in any different system, you must never forget what the cops have done.  Never forget. And these folk must be found and fired.  Actually, fine them, at the very least fine them. Even charge them for bodily harm on people and fine them too and put them in prison or something. Because you can't let them off for what they're doing.


It's the same in the military. In the military if you know it's an unlawful order, soldiers have the right, they will suffer for refusing to actually follow an order that they deem under humanitarian reasons is not lawful. Like going to just slaughter a bunch of folks that are prisoners. I mean, you could say no. And yeah, you'll suffer. 


But it's the same in the police too. The police have no right to go in and just, the same police as I say that have ignored hordes of people going through streets toppling statues and attacking buildings and so on and have stood by and did nothing.  While a horde of cops will turn on one person here and there. Just like the folk, as I've mentioned before, that they want to go and follow a woman and rape her, you know, they sense something about them, they're helpless or whatever, I don't know what it is. But it's the same with these cops. They're just like the gangs you're seeing jumping on old folk and so on. It's the same mentality at play here.  Easy targets.  Hm?


They should be utterly, utterly ashamed of themselves for what they've been doing, and what they've not been doing when they should have been doing things too.  It's disgusting. But again, we're living in an utterly corrupt system. I'll put all these links again tonight.


And I hope you all hang in there. Don't give up, folks. Don't forget, it's not over yet. They haven't won.


You do have the right to say no. And you should start saying no to a lot of different things that are going on, you've got to start doing.  The very least you can do is voice your opinion of things.


You've got to start doing it.


Because what's coming down the pike is a horror story. It's not going to be a way of living anymore. It will be a way of existing but not living. Because your new masters, your masters actually, they've been here for a long time and kept it may be quieter in the past. But now they’re in the open demanding you follow their strategies that they've all planned for you to follow.  And as we all die off basically.


And yeah, they've got time to allow us, they don't have to kill us quickly.  They can make it vaccinations, and you might see there's a very sudden increase in cancers.  They'll keep that quiet too because the press are all prostitutes anyway. Utter, utter disgusting prostitutes!  They really are.  Disgusting!!!  These people should be caught too eventually and tried for the incredible deception that they've purposely and deliberately played upon the public in collusion with the tyrants above us. Absolutely, folks.


The horror that's been inflicted is... it cannot be forgiven. No, no way.


But remember as I've said before, make sure you have a few people, not many, you don't need many.  You swear and vow to help each other out no matter what happens, as times get tougher and tougher and tougher, with all the restrictions that are going to come.  Because very few folk are going to get out of this just on their own, you know, or through it on their own.  You need a few people.


And you've got to start finding other ways to communicate with each other. Because you're all, just like in Australia where they're watching all social media, they're watching their emails and their chitchat and their texting, and then go in to arrest them.  Some of the women, I mentioned that last week, where you saw one, they came to her home and she open the garage door and she says, how did you find me anyway?  Because you see, sure, they're watching all your texting and everything.


You’re in a totalitarian system that you very quickly adapted into thinking it was normal. And it was given to you for the purposes that you're seeing NOW.  It was given to you from the very beginning for the reasons you're seeing now.


So start using your meatloaf, as they say, your head.  It's awfully important because hell is coming down.


Back to the old demon idea, you can decide what they are for yourselves. I don't see a human as being someone as arrogant and just physically, on a humanistic level, utterly evil as they are without seeing something else in them. There's something definitely there, folks. You can decide for yourselves.  They're just evil people. That's up to you.


You are seeing openly the tyrants of history all combined right now in your face. Some of them are hidden behind psychology and we're here to help you, etc.  Others are just straightforward telling you you're going to do what we tell you or else. You're seeing all of it now.


But evil is.  It's tangible. You can feel it. 


And it's up to you to stand against it.


Evil needs your cooperation triumph.


What was it Cuomo said, the man who sent who knows how many old folk to their deaths by threatening all the aged homes to take in infected patients, therefore infecting all the rest. To get the numbers up.  And the money of course, fantastic money. There's a cutthroat evil person right in front of you, right there. Right there.  But what did he say afterwards when he was asked about this during some little, it wasn't even an inquiry, it was a press meeting. He says, well, don't get me wrong, he says, I can't do anything, I can't make you do anything.  He says, I didn't make you and I can't make you do anything. He's right there.  It's just that you all went along with it.


Hm-hm-hm.  So there ya go.  So stick in there. Don't give up hope, folks.  And definitely there is, if there's evil, there's always another side, hm, to evil, utter evil.  Of course there is.


Of course there is. 


You all know that.


Obviously, they're afraid of it too. They've been trying to ban it for centuries [Alan laughing.], their opposition to it, of course they have.


Don't forget that, don't ever forget that you're never really on your own, you know.


So, take care, and I enjoy reading the emails that come in here.  And floods of them.  I don't get back to every single person always, but I do read them. Because this is just, there's a massive avalanche of email, and it's how I get, it's very good intelligence coming from all over the world and what people experience themselves. It's very interesting.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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