Sept. 20, 2020 (#1794)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

"Imaginative Media Gives Itself Benediction,

News is the Most Perfected Form of Fiction."

© Alan Watt Sept. 20, 2020

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Hi folks I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 20, 2020. The weather is really changing here, [Alan chuckles.] I'm sure it's changing everywhere, but it's changing here. I've had down to the zero-mark, freezing mark for the last two or three nights actually in a row and heavy frost in the morning. So, it's coming, the winter's coming because of global warming, you see, it's getting colder. And here we are.


Mind you, I think they've changed the whole agenda for climate change into Covid.  They just have to change the title, you know, man-made global Covid and away we go.  And here we are, hm?  Same agenda, sustainability, rationing, postconsumer society, etc., the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the global reset, hm, it's just the same darn thing isn't it really.


Because we wouldn't listen to them, as they keep blaming us… It's amazing how you try to be good and the folks across European countries for the last 50, 60 years tried to be awfully good and not have any more than two children most of them. Then of course they say, there's not enough of you so they opened the doors, floodgates, to the planet actually.  Then you tell you there's too many of you. You can't please them.  You see, it's not meant that you actually win here. It's meant that you just keep playing the game of trying to believe them.


It's the old, the Orwellian excuse you had in 1984, where the war, it was always ongoing between East Asia, West Asia, Eurasia and all the rest of it. It's not meant to be won. It's meant to be perpetuated, perpetual war. 


It's the same thing with you, you're trying to do, obey and go along with what you perceive as being a legitimate form of government, even though you don't have a simple example or any example that it is that in fact except the media telling you it is.  And it never works on your behalf, does it? It really doesn't. There's always agendas on the go that you've got nothing to do with. You get no say in the matter. But you suffer from it all. Then they blame you for whatever happens, hm? 


It's quite [Alan chuckles.] an amazing system that you're born into of deliberate confusion and control. And blame and guilt. Guilt is awfully good right now.  Guilt is in for, you're going to have the sins of every ancestor that crawled the planet with a club, you know.  It's all, again, the Marxist philosophy of destroying all that was, all systems that were, regardless of the system you actually lived under.


When you look at the horror for instance of most empires across the world as they expanded and grabbed territory and resources, the people back home often weren't much better in the Middle Ages and later than the people they were conquering, you know, it was much the same kind of thing. It was always an elite, you see, based with a money system backing it that had to always get more and more resources and gold and diamonds and so on, wealth, and the resources for big companies and corporations to make their factories and so on. Nothing really changed for an awful long time.


And that's been the way, a kind of natural way, I'd say, in a sense, because there was nothing else given to the public, you know. There was no other system they could live under except basically small tribes.  Looking back to them you have to say to yourself, when you look at all the horrors that did happen, every century you'd have different horrors and plagues and things and wars, just like today, hm.  We've got more chance of it happening today, we've got better machinery for making the wars and machines to make the weaponry, and labs to make the plagues.


But anyway, we certainly do have a history of survival through, all of us really, regardless of what they call class in Britain, something they pretend doesn't exist.  [Alan chuckles.] More so in America, they're good at it, pretending it doesn't exist. But it's always been there. Every culture's got the same thing, it doesn't matter where you go, whether it's Hindu or Muslim, you'll find the same class distinction.  It sets in, it seems to be natural just to set in that way, a human trait, and away you go with it.


But regardless, through all the different things, down through many, many centuries, the fact we’re here to criticize anything means that we survived, eh?  [Alan laughing.] And your ancestors somehow got through it.  And of course, it wasn't a continuous nasty story, obviously. And humans, being humans, you tend to have some humor as you go through really bad times.  That was part of, say, the British system too of comedy. It was all kinds of humor, base to the highest level, instead of sophistication. But it was all to do really with hard times. You'd knock yourselves about a bit and laugh if you looked at all the ridiculous things that happened in your own life, and then your parents, grandparents and all the way back too. Because we have that, we have that ability to get through really horrible times.  I think most cultures do as well.


But unfortunately in the 20th century, or leading up to the 20th century, really you could say the 19th and 20th, you have this escalating organization of a system that really broke out, we saw it with Weishaupt for instance and the Illuminati group they keep on about. But don't, don't knock it down completely. The fact is, it was the basis of a system of organized, you might call it, crime.  Just like when we have these groups today by the way that really have descended from it.  [Alan chuckles.] You have to understand the techniques that were advocated by this group of very well-educated people that literally had many, many members that were the wealthiest people of their era helping them along, you see, and financing things. 


The idea again was to take over the resources of the planet, hm, and to take over the planet for themselves by using front organizations.  And to get a good front organization it has to be real.  You must pick people who've got real genuine chips on their shoulder, or beefs, and you picked leaders, you finance them well too, that helps to keep them there and going along with it and taking orders from you. But then you use them against another group that you also created. And each group you created would get lots of followers from the general public, so you create all these divisions.  Then you lead yourself up to the direction you want to take it, even conflicts, armed conflict, slaughters and genocides even and open warfare, with national warfare too on the go as well. Until people really haven't got a clue of what the original problem really, really was.


You'll get the official explanation later on of authorized history, but you have to dig in to find machinations of what really happened and brought it about.  It's fascinating to see the hands of these characters as the techniques were expounded through different countries through this real, and that's the key to organization, yeah, organization is such an important word.  Those who are well organized, and secretive naturally about their affiliations, with each other even, if you can get a bunch together, like they did in times gone by, they could manage just the money itself, hm.  That was the so-called genius of the Rothschild family, that wasn't the first family to try all that out, by any means, and take over about five different countries, you know, initially, by creating a form of centralized lending eventually, that's what became of your central bank system, that's what it eventually became, and the Federal Reserve Bank in the States. But the thing is, it didn't stop with that, you see. 


Now that you've got a Federal Reserve Bank or a centralized bank that lends to government, as opposed to just having different private lenders all maybe collectively putting money in the hat you might say for governmental wars.  Like you had with Wellington, they had to actually drum up the money.  And Nelson too even for his, in fact Nelson was worried, he wrote about it before he died, eh, before he was killed, to a friend I think it was in Spain, another officer who lived in Spain.  He was worried about his own personal finances. Because even then investments went up and down, especially when it was to do with trade and goods that came by sea, and lots of ships would get sunk, you know, every year across the globe in the trade routes through piracy, bad weather and various other reasons, even disease too.  So, it was an iffy kind of thing. He lost investments as well and he was worried about his family. This is an Admiral, hm, and he's worried about his family not being able to survive if anything should happen to him.


So, the ones who controlled the money always had incredible power. As far back as Rome, you can actually find out who was financing the different leaders and rulers of Rome for their wars across the world. And they got well-paid, mind you, because it was all lent money.  You can see the precursor of what became the central banking system in Europe, for different countries of Europe and America, you can see it in ancient Rome.  And even before that in Greece, you know.


So, you find that even the philosophers, it's like today, hhhch, it all ties together, today money creates stars that you follow. There are lots of philosophers and you only, the ones that are picked, cherry picked by those who rule and have the money and the wealth, are going to be made stars for perpetuity, you see. So, you go back to the ancient times as well, Aristotle became a mentor in the mysteries in philosophy for Alexander. But Aristotle was given a wife from the Levant, from one of the wealthiest lenders there, merchant lenders, you know.  So even then you can see the influence of who made Aristotle Aristotle, because he became very very famous after he got married... and he went down in history that way. 


Nothing has changed. Money creates those that we end up reading about.  Except for the bad guys. The bad guys are always the losers.  It doesn't matter where across the world, you look at losers, they're always put in the books as the bad guys, and you get the bad guy versions of it.  Even in kingdoms, as they called it, like Britain, or the UK, I mean, you had Wales. At one time Wales would fight with England. But more often it would fight alongside England because they were always given the next monarch.  A young monarch before he became king was a prince, and he was always given the title of Prince of Wales, so the Welsh would think... 


It's easy to appease people, in old times too, that was a legitimate government, remember, that's all they had.  It would give you a little bit of snob appeal, again, well, we've got a prince, y’know, who's going to be the king one day. Simple things like that can get folk on board with you. And they used the peasants eventually to fight other rebellions, inside England sometimes.  Then in Scotland as well, you know, as archers mainly, they'd be part of the English army.  But you had Northern Ireland as well.  Really, that have got hammered since Queen Elizabeth I time.  Which always is a little thorn in the Scots, eh, the Scots' side.  Because in Scotland they don't ever address Queen Elizabeth, the present one, as Queen Elizabeth II because she was never, Queen Elizabeth I was never the Queen over Scotland, you know, so there wasn't a first for Scotland, you see. So, a little, it's a little technicality there.


But anyway, you have these kingdoms, that's all the folk had.  Yeah, they had all their shires and their reeves and so on that would keep the peace, and other ones would collect taxes.  And from the people because the system of collecting taxes, giving you the cash to start with [Alan chuckles.] and then collecting taxes is very, very old.  In Scotland it was so bad in some parts of England too, that when they went around to collect the taxes for the Lord, you know, on behalf of the Lord, they would, that was your feudal tax, your fee, your feu-, for existing, you see. But also, for existing on what was his land, even if your ancestors predated his, it didn't make any difference.


That's the power of might, you see.  That's what everything was based on, the power of might until they become, it becomes the power of right, because they're still there and now they're posh and they've got fancy castles and they talk in a different accent. Actually, it truly is a different accent that they develop, to be different from the peasantry, you see.  At one time they used to be pretty happy, but once they were posh, they had to be heppy, we're heppy, you see, a different accent. And then you'd say, my, that's a really posh person, that, whenever you heard that language spoken. So anyway, it's quite comical looking at history and Britain used to be pretty good at putting out good comedies about the kind of evolution of societies in Britain, from wearing furs in the caves and all that, all the way up to the posh ones that we have today, or even better ones we had in the past in fact.


But regardless, as I say, that was the only system the people knew. But from the year dot, really, when money was coined, especially, even before it was coined, before... At one time, in the days of Moses and so on, you wore your money around your arm. It was very similar to a religious thing that you [Alan chuckles.] can wave around your arm [Alan chuckles.] and pray too. [Alan chuckles.]  I mean, they had good reasons for praying I suppose.  But at that time, it was gold, and you would wrap it around your arm. You would snip off so much in payment for whatever it was you were purchasing before they developed a coin. That was the system they used for a long long time.


It used to be silver, then it became gold, silver was there first.  The Phoenicians tried to make their, the coin, the coin of not just the realm but what they saw as their realm, which was a good part of the world at one time, wherever they traded and had factories. They had factories making pots and different things and different goods that would go in the pots, along the way.  They also used slaves too, you see.  They even had factories, they actually had mines going into the Urals in Russia, for folk who don't know that. The old records that were seized eventually by Romans, and were kept actually, said that they used slaves from... Slav, is where the word slave comes from and they were often used for mining in these mines in parts of Russia that the Phoenicians owned long, long ago. 


They had it worked out the cost of a slave according to how long he would live. Because they only lived a certain amount of time in these mines, eh.  You can only be, it could be days or weeks depending on the type of mine, if it was wet, dry, and so on. And sometimes they'd have to go through things like asbestos, you don't realize you actually had to cut through asbestos that you find in these chalk areas when you go through chalk and all kinds… Even that was recorded, these diseases recorded, even by the ancient Romans, you know, and the actual type of thing they had to cut through. Because they took over you see, from many of these organizations that ran it before, all of this kind of thing before them.


But it's fascinating again to see it, this craving for wealth, and metals that were to be used. It must be very, very old indeed. But they would be used to buy power.  Money bought power. It was power and it bought power, power over others. Especially when you had a big enough society to accept it as power, you know, oh, I want that, y’know, give me some of those things.  But about 800 I think it was BC, maybe or even, not BC, it was about 800… Yeah, 800 BC I think, they think that coins came in, the actual first coins came in.  They were different shaped ones; it wasn't just round ones like the moon and the sun sort of thing. It was, they'd have different triangular ones and so on.


But from its inception, that's really where your history starts. Because it gave, it created a leisure class. I've mentioned this before that the philosophers in Greece for instance created the school system, schola, and that means 'leisure', you see, only those in leisure could attend and learn things that, really, that they thought weren't that relevant, their parents didn't think they were very relevant. Chatting about the meanings of life and all that really wasn't that relevant to hardnose businesspeople that owned fleets of ships for trading.


So, it's quite interesting to see how much of it was recorded, of the data of the times recorded.  Then you can compare it to today and it's not really that different.  You have of course Europe, you had, I would call them practical schools for the working classes coming out, really being created for the factory system, the industrial era.  It was a minimalistic training because often these children had to also work in the factories, even when they were children, maybe 10 years old and so on.  But it enabled them to read basic instructions for whatever they were making and so on.


Then it developed further and further into education for, again, really to the job they had been picked to do. They really, they were pretty well, hhhch, a form of paid slave because they were stuck in that job, often in the same factory for the rest of their lives. If, and I say this tongue-in-cheek, if they were lucky.  Meaning, because you know eventually in the 20th century the idea was to do away with a job for life in anything really, unless you were much higher up the ladder. Unless you're a politician, you know, it didn't matter if you're good at what you did or not, you would never get fired. The same with civil servants, eh? 


So, it's interesting to see the education system developed the way it did. From a necessity to teach them basic instructions and so they could comprehend basic orders and so on, and eventually led to setting up school systems for working-class people. You'd always had ones for the wealthy, either trained at home, homeschooled and then they'd go off to maybe universities later on, from early days. In fact, way back in Britain the Romans had records of Universities in Scotland! – how about that, eh – they'd often send their children to at one point. And here they are telling us we ran around there all hairy chested and stuff like that, eh, big beards that were so long you could trip over them.  Ttt.  And there's a different story altogether there.


So, they had, you know, universities for the wealthy people.  It wasn't just Romans, I mean, Greeks would come there too and other people as well. It's quite fascinating even, I'm getting off the topic anyway but, it's quite fascinating to see the mystery religions when you read about Plato and others.  That it wasn't just a learning of philosophy, as you well know, it was learning of the mysteries, as they called it. The mysteries were their form of, hidden under philosophy, a lot of philosophy was a way of life, and the mysteries often times were the secrets of being successful in that life and dominating others. Most success came from domination of something or another, of yourselves over something else. 


They had at least three, at least three places, sometimes five schools, mystery schools they would go to for learning.  I gave these talks many years ago of where they were.  They had them in Egypt. So, the Greeks for instance would go to Egypt.  They'd also go to a place which later became India, hm.  In fact, two in that whole, it's a massive subcontinent really, two in India. Then one in the Middle East area, call it the Middle East or the Levant they used to call it.  And another one that was based in old Persia.  That's when they became a master eventually, when they did the whole circuit, you see. They'd send youngsters about the age of maybe 15 for their final education.  That's just a by-and-by.


But it hasn't changed really that much, except now it's all mathematics and we call it basics, I suppose, education, extraneous stuff too of subjective material as opposed to just basically objective material. But for the working classes, working classes had, they make… Really, there'd be no industry at all if it wasn't for the working classes, as you all know.  There'd be no real progress in anything if it wasn't for working classes that put in your sewer systems and made the pipes and all the rest of it.  So, they were given more of a polytechnic type course, practical courses to get things done. That's why you have what's called civilization today. Because if you didn't have all that going in, your sewer systems and your septic systems and everything has to be put in there, and tradesmen and electricians and plumbers and so on, you'd all be living in squalor.  I don't care where you'd be, they could be talking posh all they wanted at the very top, but you would not be living in a very healthy system at all.


You're always fighting nature, as they say. Don't ever, this great, this is a great thing that came up from the days of, it wasn't just John Dewey that was behind it. He's part of the organizations I'm talking about too, the World Wildlife Fund and Prince Philip going way back again to Darwin, hm, and you know, the ‘most favored races’ theories, etc. And meaning also the ones that should maybe get, even amongst your own race, weren't up to par.  This is where eugenics all came from, going back to Thomas Malthus as well who came out with the scale, oh, there's too many people and eventually they'll all be standing on each other's heads. They didn't need a computer then, they just did mathematical, you know, equations and worked out if so many people had so many children today and by the years so and so they'll all be standing on each other's heads.  Nothing happened the way he said. And everybody was going to starve to death as well.  But he had the ear of kings and queens and governments in his day.  That's where it started.


He did a lot of good, lovely charts, like the ones they churn out, just like the ones you churn out for Covid, you know, with all the big spikes and everything.  It's very impressive, you know, all these charts, it convinces a lot of people.  But he was wrong again.  But that idea was always there because there is always a fear from the people he served that, the real nobility, and in all nations, they've all had the same thing, if there's too many people maybe the people would overthrow them for any...  They're always living in worry, you know, fear.  Also, too, if too many people would eat all their food supply and take all the space up that would then, they may die as well when there's just too many people.


That's always been a favorite theme, there's too many peasants, you see. Now it's not just peasants, they'll say under Covid, are you necessary or are you not necessary?  You know? That's how they got you all worked out, according to your age, gender, physical abilities, mental abilities, etc. etc. etc., and necessity, are you essential? Are you an essential person? Should we keep you alive? That's what bioethics is doing now too, isn't it, eh?  Ftt.  Uuuuuuuhh, that would make you sick, wouldn't it, eh?  It doesn't change that much.


But we live through it, and it keeps going on and on... as most folk pretend it doesn't exist. They don't really mean it... They get the guys like Sir Attenborough.  Odd named that, Atten, eh?  From ancient Egypt, Aten, borough, the borough of Aten.  But anyway, there he is there and constantly saying there's just too many of you, not enough of these animals, you see.  He doesn't bother, and he never gets lambasted for what he says either, does he? Have you noticed that? 


What you've got in the States at the moment, are cities getting burned and so on under the pretense that's been given to you, backed by the media, that it's not happening, and what is happening is for legitimate purposes. What's happening is not protesting, as you well know.  They're fronts, well exposed fronts of who funds them, what their goals are in the Marxist organization.  But again, that's a front in itself.  The followers as I say never really know.  Like the old Illuminati idea, which didn't fade away by the way, you know, they had kings and queens into the organization eventually, across the planet, and the top bankers across the planet, who all profit by the way on the wars and everything else that goes along with it.


But as I say, you cannot judge the past by the present. You can always say what was wrong and the horrible things that were done at times, absolutely. No doubt about it. But people were brutal. M-hm.  People were brutal.  It takes a long time to civilize us all, ourselves. And civilization, I think it was Reagan said something like, that civilization, meaning a working system where you all respect each other to an extent, even if you disagree with me, you respect it's a working system, civilization is just a generation away from barbarism, it was something like that, to paraphrase it.  And isn't that so true?


Because in a generation, hhmph, an organized group that's already in universities, has been for a long time, comes forth with a generation, and I said this before, a generation which they trained to hate themselves, to hate their parents, hate the system, to hate the country.  Now, that's warfare.  That's what the Communists tried to get done a long time ago, and the groups associated with all the different, myriad of branches of them all working together to destroy a functioning system.  That's the point of it. Something that's functioning, which is an enemy of those who want to supplant it and then take over and be the bosses of it, must get rid of it by getting the folk to turn against it themselves. That's the first step of warfare, psychological warfare.  They bring in critical theory and everything gets criticized until eventually one generation is all you need to have an army of youngsters; which they can unleash on the people anytime they want. I said, I warned this years ago this would happen.


The subversion has been, you paid for your own subversion through all your taxes and through the school systems and so on. Folk never realize how they've been taken down.  Very old techniques.  Very, very old techniques.  Going back to even ancient China they had manuals on it, how to subvert nations before you even have to have physical warfare.  You might not need physical warfare if you subverted it over a period of time, and then destroyed it.  Gramsci also said the same thing, the communist who was based in Italy at one point, who said, rather than just have basic fights and going out and slaughtering citizens, he says, we should maybe subvert the culture, go in and take a long time subverting the culture, until we are the culture, our leaders in a generation could really have filled all the positions of leadership.  So, the whole culture has been changed especially if you use it for education. That's all happened, you see.


Folk read these things and they can't believe that these things would ever happen. But the books were all there, and what the Marxists taught their followers was all there, it's all published information. It's that folk didn't want to read it, you know, thinking it's some kind of little, little sect that would just go away by itself somehow, hm.  Ftt.  Again, Marxism is a front, all groups are really fronts for one big organization. They are. It's a myriad, it's myriads of arms on it, into all kinds of things, but it's one organization.  Marxism is one where you pick people who are, as I say, have a chip on their shoulder, they can't fit in, they feel that they've been let down, they feel they've been left out, and you use them. You use the leaders especially, who are a bit higher in the agenda, they've got a better idea of the real goals, for their level, but they don't let the followers know that.  They just, yeah, yeah, right, these rotten sods were bad to you, now it's your turn to get revenge.  So, you use them, you see.


You dispose of them too because once you bring in this system and you've conquered the old system, and the ones who are above communism who run it all take over the system, they cannot have those same people running around loose. They want to then convince what's left of society that now you're in a safe obedient society.  You can't have them loose anymore, and they won't get tamed now that they tasted blood and the burning and so on.  So, they get eradicated. That's the standard procedures. There are many groups out there across the planet that have been developed by one group above them who will take over eventually, all these positions, all these nations, into one global structure and dominate it. 


Very old agenda. Very old plan.  You're living through it. My parents were living through it and my grandparents were living through it, they didn't know.  Some of them had a little bit of an inkling there was something much bigger on the go, but they wouldn't have so many facts as they have today.  Np.  If they want them that is. 


Again, money is the key to so much of it because with money you can buy all the politicians off quite easily. Not hard to do. Especially with politicians, since they are, they don't really have many, um, state values most of them, they're not what you call states people, statesmen and women. They’re psychopathic, you know.  They don't know how to run anything except their mouths off. And even then, they have to follow scripts written by other people, who are professionals, the politicians generally are not professional, but the ones that write the scripts are. And even the ones that are screaming the Communist Manifesto out there in public and in the States right now are still reading stuff off scripts. By the Masters above them. And their paymasters. A lot of them are getting paid from different sources as well, and the funding they're getting, we can trace the funding actually, it's quite out in open. You're not allowed to speak about it because they'll cut you off, and maybe even worse, rather quickly, because it's getting to that stage now.


Your governments are definitely bought off completely I'd say. I think this whole Covid idea shows you the uniformity of allegiance across the planet from politicians as they all go along with what the general public are bewildered with, hhhch, when the evidence of a horror really isn't there in front of you. Except the horror of what's happened with the reaction to this Covid and damage it's caused. Facts don't matter when they're all completely, complete, almost without exception on board with the same thing, let's bring back the terror syndrome for the winter. I said this would happen back in February.  Oh, the spike will come, oh my God, and then, yeah, and the useless tests are guaranteed to show positive. But not illness, you know. Illness doesn't matter. Until you get your immunity passports, which is really, it's just a record for the rest of your life of your annual updates, and every vaccination out there by the way.  Huh-huh.  You'd have to be superhuman to take all those vaccinations and NOT get side effects from it. Really. 


But all the politicians are completely on board. Britain's going overboard with it now, you can see them, and tonight I'll be putting up different articles about that.  And Australia that's a good case study actually in what they're up to, with something you would expect to have seen in a Banana Republic with the way that the police are literally just like space-age hoods really, getting set loose in the general public, with extreme force, hm.  There's other reasons for that too, that Australia really is owned and has been owned really lock stock and barrel by those who own America. Eisenhower as I say, set out the marching orders for the future of Australia from then on.  That's why the US has it's listening posts all across it.  It's an outpost of American now, or for those who rule America.  Even America's completely different from what used to be, obviously.


There's one group at the top that runs it. You know that. You all know that. You suspect it, put it that way. If you got 40 classmates together, old classmates, I'd like to see you all agreeing on everything all the time that's politically correct. You'd expect some dissent somewhere, a different opinion, or even a parallel, similar type of opinion, but a little bit parallel, a little bit different at the same time. But when you see across the board with all these characters, it tells you they’re all bought and paid for. Try to tell me that no one has got the guts and the decency and the honor of saying, we're not, I'm not going to take the people along this road.  Hm?  Or are they really terrified?


Something you've got to accept as well, there are people in this world who get bumped off all the time across the planet with different agencies that are on the go and doing the killing. All kinds of ways of dispose of people. They don't have to show you some horrible thing, oh, mass poisoning in the streets, or the Skripal affair they had in Britain that made no sense at all, that kind of thing. There's far more people killed all the time, deliberately. They even have YouTube ones up of some of them, of hit squads, professionals killing folk. At least they used to have it up on YouTube.  You'd actually see them, the authorities had pieced the characters together coming into airports into their country, they knew where they came from and what targets they were going after, in France for instance. Then they showed the hotel camera showing them going in, first in goes the person who does the job, the deed you know, in goes the sweeper after and clean it all up and get fingerprints, anything out of the way, everything out of the way, get in and all that kind of stuff. There's about three different levels of it, then they all get out. Then one by one they're all split up and you see them one by one at different times a few hours apart going through the airport and so on. This is how it's done. That's professional, you see.  Happens all the time.


Most of them are just accidents. Lots of accidents happen. A few years ago, there were, hhhhh, stacks of biochemists dying.  Some of them went to meetings and maybe 3 at a time would die.  [Alan chuckles.] I guess because they wouldn't go along with something, or held out for more money, or they couldn't be bribed, or who knows?  But it was happening all the time. They had lists of them. It was just a dangerous thing to be involved in. Never mind David Kelly as well that was involved in that kind of thing as a government agent who was sent across not just working with certain countries to make biological weapons, which he did talk about, that was one of the last things he disclosed before he was found suicided.  He also was sent across to inspect other countries laboratories to make sure they weren't doing biowarfare or had the signs of it and so on.


Yeah, it's a very dangerous field to be in. Because it is, I always said it, I wasn't really worried about the atomic bomb so much getting used deliberately to kill masses of people.  It's far better with the quiet wars, eh, or the silent wars… or silent weapons, I should say, for quiet wars where you've always got plausible deniability.  Just like Covid, eh, oh, guess what broke out?  Oh my goodness, it's a new kind of, a novel, a new type of coronavirus.  And out comes all the data bit by bit by bit, and even right down to how it got to China, you know.  Once we had the data there all admitted to from the lab in China and so on, and here's it's gene sequencing and here's the four inserts, etc., and the cleavages in them and how they put them in and yada ya.  Then the government gets a bit restless and changes its tune and says, oh no, it probably developed naturally.


After it was admitted they got the coronavirus that came from North Carolina University, Fauci had dominion over that area too, had it sent over after a meeting in the States with the Pentagon and the rest of them that this was a bit too dangerous to do gain of function, making it more infectious, in America if it got loose, they said.  I've got the papers here, we've all got them, it's been up on the Internet too. If it got into the public, it could be disastrous, so they gave it to China and gave them the money, millions of dollars through Fauci signing the agreements to continue the work.  And bingo, bingo!  Then we're told now it just happened to... But regardless, and now you've got another woman from China coming over, another defector last week, saying yeah, she worked on it too. She was given it to investigate once it had broken out in China, and they realized what it was too and the gene sequencing of it all. It was, you know, she claims it definitely came from a China lab. 


Regardless, everything is pro and against, isn't it? Everything, it's just a massive psychological warfare at the same time. Until the general public won't be able to make their mind up on anything. That happened with 9/11. The same darn thing. Exactly the same thing.  You’ll get all this evidence coming out and then once they give it maybe a week to soak in to the public and get repeated and so on, then they come out with a completely alternate reason for everything happening, for EVERYthing happening.  Then after that they added more and more things, maybe it was this, maybe it was that, maybe, maybe, maybe, until the public switch off.  That's the psychological operation, you see. So, we don't know where we are with Covid yet.  Except we do have the trail that certainly a Covid type was given to that lab by Fauci.  In fact, this defector said, ask Dr. Fauci, he knows all about this.


Amazing times isn't it?  It's amazing times we're living in where there's such overt evil on the go. Overt it is. The public feel the evil, they can.  They'll try to find other ways to describe it, but they FEEL it.  You're either at least uncomfortable, at least uncomfortable, right, or right to those who are absolutely terrified of what's coming down.


But we've got to remember, we have to remember that you all have voices, all of you have voices, and to stop the greatest evil we've seen probably in our lifetime, across the globe, you will all have to start saying NO.  To different things, no. Because this is a hell on earth, like a permanent hell on earth that's coming down now.  Absolutely. 


Don't be terrified by the brutes that are set upon you.  Governments go this way when they're utterly corrupt and desperate. They'd rather you all just comply, naturally. But when they go to brute force and try to show actually through all the media that they've got to terrify you further into compliance, you've got to start saying no, this is enough.  This is...


You've got to, when you get through this and win by the way, you know, you've got to get all the policeman's names, their badge numbers, their supervisors, the politicians that advocate, and THEY ALL GO ON TRIAL.  I mean ON TRIAL, publicly on trial. Like a new Nuremberg, eh.  Including the scientists that are behind it, and the people who pretend they're, they're all part of the WHO, World Health Organization who are put in place over our countries, hm, they've all snuck in somehow, hm, and they're all part of the Gates group and the GAVI group.  All this clique that's involved in all the vaccinations, all the preparations as well, one small clique really. Running everything.


They'll have to go on trial for what they've done here!


And deliberately destroying the planet's economy!  Well, what d'you think you're going to live in [Alan chuckles.] or how do you think you're going to live after this? Well, total austerity, like I've said for years. I read the articles from the UN for years, how do we get the people into accepting austerity? Austerity is poverty, basic survival, that's what they mean. Well, bingo, here’s the plan.  Hm?  First, they used the climate agenda. Then they complained that folk aren't listening to us, we'll have to do something more drastic. Bingo, the next year, or even late that year in fact, out comes Covid.  Fft.  M-hm.


Now remember again before I go any further you can help me out too by getting a few bucks sent my way  You'll see how to do it. You can send checks; you can send cash even and use PayPal. Just ordinary post is fine, things don't get lost. One thing about the postage system, it's good. Don't express anything. Don't register anything for special extra higher cost. They're guaranteed to stop them and give them more scrutiny and stop everything. Just send it regular post, whatever it happens to be, regular post all the time and that's just fine. It's dandy. It helps me tick along.


I've got articles here tonight, I knew it would come, I was waiting for it. Because Event 201 and even the one going back into the Lockstep, the 2010 Rockefeller one, but Event 201 that they were all involved with, with the Gates foundation and Johns Hopkins University with their so-called, you know, their plan of it all and their exercise IF it should ever happen, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. They said that, they had a 4 to 5 stage plan of introducing laws to come down on the public, that wouldn't comply, and then laws that would come down and come down to folk who wouldn't shut up. Initially they would label it as disinformation or wrong information. Then they would go after them for their finances, trying to lock them down.  Just… Just…  Isn't that tyranny, folks?!?  This is what you used to read in all the movies about tyrannical governments in the past, or Mexico or some other Latin American country or whatever it happened to be. And you've got it HERE.  The dirty, dirty tricks squad, hm, as they try to shut you down by every means possible. 


You see, what you're under, and this is comical in a sense. I used to, strangely enough, years and years ago I couldn't, I had no patience for any kind of TV shows that used to be on. But years later, years and years later as I say, somebody once sent me literally discs of say, Dad's Army, the old series in Britain, a comedy series, a kind of almost slapstick about World War II and the Home Guard units.   Guys who were miners and butchers and everything else couldn't get in the Army because they were, again, they were preferred or their occupations were essential occupations to keep the system going, but they could form the Home Guard in case they were invaded.


They had lots of good comedy through it and reality too mixed in with it. Because folk were put on austerity rationing.  But also, in one or two of them they had Mainwaring, their captain was also the bank manager, introducing martial law when bombs had come down and hit the water supply lines, the pipes and I think the gas lines as well.  So, he took charge of it all instantly, because he liked to strut, shows his stuff, and it was a comedy.  But instantly he introduces, he says, you can't have a bath because the water supply's been hit, so you need a chitty from our office if you want to take a bath, you know. And he says, and no meetings in the streets of more than five people. And all the stuff you're seeing with Covid, he reeled off in a comedy sketch. Because that's emergency powers, it never changes.


That's what you've got right now. They introduced emergency powers. So, under this emergency power they can do whatever they want. Now, we saw that with 9/11, when they all went across the board doing the same darn thing with 9/11.  Oh, you can't have any rights anymore because we're being attacked, and the whole world's been attacked.  They signed into law by the way, all NATO countries signed into law that they'd all been attacked as a unit, so they'd have to enforce the same kind of totalitarian system across all their citizens, total surveillance, yada, yada, ya.  I've got it here actually; I might put it up tonight what they signed back then.


But it never changes, does it? It just doesn't change at all. So, as I say, I'll put a lot up there at the end of the talk.  You can get the links and the PDFs and keep them for posterity because you're living through amazing history right now.  IF we get through this. We don't know what they've got planned next. And I really, you know, I'm not sitting worried about things because there's no point worrying. It will immobilize you. That's what they would LIKE to happen, fear is meant to immobilize you.  Then they show you a choice of this or that, you always take the easy choice, which they know you will, and you end up losing, you see.


You've got to stay stable, don't panic, as Jonesy would say in Dad's Army, and you'll get through. You'll get through.  If you've got a few friends and so on, and you'll definitely, you've also got to help each other. You've got to help each other out. It doesn't matter.  And stay in with, don't argue with your family because you'll need them.  And some folk will crack up, there's no doubt about it, during all the things that are coming down the pike. The authorities know that too. 


We're guided like a herd of sheep step-by-step; you understand that.  Because from the very beginning there was no possibility they would change their course here. That's a fact. Anything else was just to, oh, maybe they're going to back off. No, they're not. I said that again back in February, I says, Fauci's laid down the law what's going to happen, you're never going to get out of your homes, never getting back to work, never going back to ANY kind of thing that you thought was normal, unless you get the shot, a shot, and you also get the cards, the immunity passports, the Gates idea, which also is World Health Organization, which he pretty well owns by now with the money he puts into it. And he himself is a front man for the same secret organization, secretive organization we were talking about before.


Think James Bond. As I've said so many times, the biggest problems in the James Bond series were never really countries. But you had these private shadowy organizations, you know, that had their fingers in everything. You have the same kind of thing in Sherlock Holmes with Moriarty and this incredible genius organization of criminality across the planet that had their fingers in every pie. As they said even with Moriarty, you couldn't whisper something anywhere of import that one of his spies wouldn't hear, they had so many of them.  [Alan chuckles.] It's not too far from the truth, folks, especially now with all the surveillance upon you all. They want to push us like a herd of animals step by step by step down the preselected path, predetermined path that they know they’re going to take us down.


So again,  You can buy the books and discs. Send a few bucks my way as well.  Remember I always put the links up to the articles I mentioned so at least you've got some proof that they were actually published, that they're out there in the first place. It doesn't mean they're 100% sure, you know, you can never be hundred percent sure of certain things, but you've got more validation than normal, it's not just hearsay.  There's a lot of fake news getting put out deliberately by the other side by the way for folk to grab a hold of, in the hope that you'll publish it, then they can point to you, oh look at all that fake news.  Then you lose credibility. This is total war.


I mentioned the group in Britain, eh, the 77th Brigade they called it with the leader in it, he was in the newspapers talking about his job and how they've got thousands of these guys in cyberspace attacking everybody all the time and manipulating people's thoughts and minds. It's a step above the behavioral insights team, although it's connected to them as well. But yeah, they attack everybody. Massively so. There's one in Canada too working with them now, I've got that for tonight, I'll put it up. They have a team working with the military of Canada to attack people who are going to complain about, ah, they keep saying Trudeau's plan. This guy couldn't plan anything, you know.  So, it's not his plan.  Canada is well in the bag of control, it doesn't need, any figurehead would really do right now but they've got perfect compliance with the politicians in Canada pretty well. But yeah, they're going to turn the troops loose eventually. 


By the way, Canada will be using the troops as well going around door-to-door. It's a martial law scenario, we've got it here. So does the States. It's all the same thing across the board. And to the very end they'll use basic, we're really pretty well nice people and they're just going to help you here... You'll get images of guys with rifles helping old ladies across the street, that's what will get put in your head, you know.  It will be the furthest thing from the truth.  But it's for total compliance. They even have a staged plan of those who will comply and those who won't comply, they've already got it made up, the ones who are already speaking out about it and how they're going to deal with them. Including imprisonment. That was also in the early plans that I read months ago, it's just confirmation of the same thing. Australia of course is doing that already, so they’re going ahead and just grabbing folk who show that they have a different opinion.  There's a price you pay for having different opinions, hm.  Quite amazing. But that's the system we’re living under.


There's so much happening right now too. You've probably already heard about Newt Gingrich who was on Fox News a few days ago. They were talking about the riots in the States... Oh sorry, the protests in the States, you know. He said, and I've got the link to it and the whole thing, I think he's up on Bitchute still at least.  He said, well, when you see these Attorney Generals, these district attorneys and so on that are put in place across different states in the US, and the funding behind them all came from the same source. He mentions the source, and it's taboo to mention the source by the way. [Alan chuckles.] Literally taboo, like illegal, hm, in some countries. ...who funded them, some of them with millions of bucks behind them to get them in, who literally are, some of them have concepts of having no prisons at all.  They're not even putting the rioters and the arsonists they're catching in jail.  They're letting them go right away with it. So, they're back on the streets just doing it, continuing.


This is total, a total revolution. They know who's behind it, financing it, the different people. Why don't they arrest them? It's because again the guy, this guy, we all know who he is, hm, Georgie boy, eh.  We all know who he is. He's obviously way up there already in the controlling, at least on a part of the controlling system of the whole planet right now, funding this across the world. Bill Gates is a front man. He wasn't a self-made man. Neither was his daddy. They put these people out there and they have missions. They’ll live awfully well their entire lives; they'll get a lot of publicity and be made to be important. But they're all front people.  Absolutely. No doubt about it.


Anybody who's anybody in the communications area too is absolutely a front person. I don't care what Facebook or anything else is there for you to peruse, eh.  You have to look at the CIA and say what IS the CIA? What on earth is it, really, eh?!  Have you had anyone ever explain what the CIA actually is in this day and age?  You all hear, oh, it started off with the OSS during World War II and… You know, it was a combination of the British Secret Service and, also this oversees, the Secret Service, SOE group as well.  Long stories to all the stuff but anyway...


Oh, that's what it was for! It was to fight to Germany at the time. Oh my goodness, yeah. And they put their agents in all media, I don't think they ever left, to give the right kind of propaganda. George Orwell mentioned he was in it during World War II, so was Arthur Kessler, Bertrand Russell and a whole bunch of other people.  They had communists in there too, absolute card-carrying communists.  They were all pals back then because, remember, the idea of this illumined group at the top running everything was to bring them all together to knock out certain countries, then have you all fight each other once it was all over. That's exactly how they did it. Again, you can't get change without having conflict. So, you create sides, have conflict on the go, then you got it where you want it to go. Then you have a different part of the plan afterwards with different names and everything else.  That's how the world is really run.


But the OSS was an amazing organization. Then of course after World War II became the CIA. You'll see many times politicians down through different generations literally have asked, what is this, you know, they try to get information. They can't get anything out of it. For national security, that's the excuse given.  But we know it's been across the planet's fomenting wars and overthrowing governments, mainly for resources for the richest folk on the planet.  That's what always happens. They're not doing it just because they don't like your politics. It's to do with the resources and finances, etc. Wealth, hm. 


So anyway, yeah, so the CIA, I've said this before, and the Mossad, MI6, and many other organizations across Europe are all part of the same, they’re literally one system nowadays.  Have been for a long time.  What is this organization then, eh? This compartmentalized organization? Where the guys at the bottom will get nothing, oh, no, we're American, we're still American, you know. But what about their superiors above them? different compartments, up and up and up and up?  Hm?  You see, when you smell something, something really smells wrong, beyond wrong, it's wrong and confusing, it's confusing because it DOESN'T make sense, then something else IS always going on. Always going on.


So anyway, I'll put up the link with Gingrich getting cut off. He was the ex-Speaker of the House, eh, so he was cut off live.  You can see the woman, the host, the women hosts that were on it who had their little, all had their little invisible earbuds in their ears, you know, and they got the word, NOPE, you can't mention that man's name who's funding all of this thing, you can't do it. Why not?  That's what he said, Newt Gingrich said, well why not? He says, well he is, we all know he is, we've got all the evidence here.  I'll put a link up to his own site, Newt Gingrich's site.  Oh, not to his site, he's on a different site actually, his articles are on it. You can see his take on it afterwards on what happened there. It's quite interesting.  He puts the links up to justify and to verify what he said.  He wasn't making things up.


So it's verboten?’: Fox News panelist STOPS Newt Gingrich from discussing ‘Soros-elected’ district attorneys - / 16 Sept 2020


But how come no one touches this character that's funding all of this, who’s funding the folk who are the leaders of the rioters in the streets and the arsonists? No one's touching this guy. So, what is this big organization way above, where governments won't touch him? No police force will ever go near him, or even accuse him of anything.  The politicians and everybody across the media are terrified to mention it, because they'll lose their JOBS. That's POWER, folks. What are you pretending you live in some kind of Democratic Republic for when this kind of thing is happening? Who's kidding who?  [Alan chuckles.] I tell ya.  It's quite something. Strange days indeed.


So, I've been, again, thinking about the news.  When you see it live, you see these people getting their orders live, and they follow, they obey it and they shut up.  There's no honor in them obviously. But again, they had no honor before the Covid thing. The media had lost all credibility over the years. More so since 9/11 happened and everything that they pushed, and they were all on board for it and so on and loss of freedoms and privacy and so on.  They had completely lost all credibility as they all reported exactly verbatim, word for word the same news articles, across the country, from it didn't matter what stations they were.  That's all one organization eventually, obviously.


All they had to give you to keep folk [tuned] in was bits of almost soft porn about and celebrities and what they're up to, rubbish like that, you know. So, when Covid came along, oh, they're back on board again.  Terror is a great thing, if you look it up… If I don't look in, I’ll not notice something that's going to save my life that's in the news, I'd better tune in every day.  Then you get into the daily dose of addictive terror, hhhhhh, oh my God, oh my God, until eventually you'll be asking, no, demanding to have the vaccine.  And folk will fight. 


I can remember doing the shows on the radio at the time, I think it was 2009 when they came out with the big pandemic then, it was going to kill us all then as well, you see.  It's the same one too where eventually they told all the doctors in Canada, don't bother testing the patients in the clinics, walk-in clinics, don't test them just put them down as having this virus.  So that was all such baloney then too.  Folk weren't dying all over the place either.  It didn't matter, because facts don't matter, you see.  But the media were all behind it, completely on board with it. I'm sure they're well rewarded for going into overdrive with telling the folk we're all going to die.  You see, it's all been done before. All of it.


What it was really, it was a big training exercise of, and they actually mentioned that in recent articles, that all the training that they got and the education they got and the studying of the public's reactions to different things, it was well studied for today, so they could make it more perfect, the unrolling of this whole Emergency Powers Act idea. Today all the things that they tried out before to coerce the public into by terrifying them, that's all they had at that time. They didn't have any other way to force you into it. So, they perfected techniques by using these previous attempts to get you all to rush off and get shots and so on.


And it's strange, we all survived that last one that fizzled out too. They had millions of doses of a vaccine that they had to ditch eventually. The States had it; I know it was millions of them were ditched in North Carolina in some River. I don't know why.  But the FDA went in afterward and said it probably didn't harm anything.  [Alan laughing.] Ahiy tell ya. This world we live in is quite amazing. But yeah, they've tried everything before to terrify us all and to see how we react, and study us so they could try and close any loopholes that they probably couldn’t get around in previous times.


Now, what's the chances of unleashing the story and the terror across the nations, and when that's going on, again, the same characters that's funding all these, this Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, you know, but we know who he is.  And he's only one of them, you know.  There's the Tides Organizations and different ones fund these people too.  They're all set up in advance, these foundations for them to fund NGOs, as they like to call the groups going around arsoning and burning places down. They're NGOs, you know, tax-free and they get funded to do it. As I say, the ones who are following and getting carried away thinking they're really doing it, they're all behind it themselves.  They have no idea who their leaders really, really are. These are operatives.  These are agency operatives obviously.  And they're well-funded, well-paid, as I say, they have pension schemes and everything.  Once this is over, they're often into something else, maybe even some other country in fact, and they'll leave everybody else to take the heat.


But the OSS, as I say, the OSS was an interesting organization. Even I think it was Christopher, not Christopher Lee... Yeah, it was Christopher Lee was part of it during World War II, and Special Operations Executive he was part often, and he had his card to pop into the different allied special forces areas including that one at Hereford in England and in Wales. So, he was well known amongst all the different generations of guys in special forces.  But yeah, they all had their, you'd be amazed how many people are involved in this. There's a lot of them too who are put into the news media.  Lots of them. That's all been explained and admitted to over years.  Even lists of them came out, people in the media, American media who were really CIA trained and operatives. Most of them are assets, really, you know.


The same in Canada, even CSIS has, most of them are really just, you can get little contracts you can sign on for and pass information. It's almost like a pay-as-you-go, you get paid as you go I suppose picking up information here and there. They have them for universities and things like that but a lot of that is dying off with, not all of it, you also need physical people, but they've got the Internet now.  Then they've got the NSA for the States that shares it with Canada. And so on and so on.


So, there's nothing happening today with the Covid that wasn't tested out before, even as far back as the first SARS outbreak in 2003.  Then too it turned out in China, I've got the article still, China accused eventually, at least put out the idea, or the thought [Alan chuckles.] that they wondered if America had designed this, they thought that was designed in a lab at the time. Again, you don't know who's telling the truth here because China will refute anything you say. What was interesting, it seemed to be mainly attacking people with the genetic makeup of their own people in their homeland and who had settled in Canada too.  So, in other words, you know, like ethnic group specific. 


But we'll never know these things. Never. It's quite easy to take them and alter them into... Don't forget the people who become your saviors, the scientists who work on the vaccines, are the same scientists who work on creating the disease. You do know that [Alan chuckles.] don't you? Yep.  Because these labs are, that's where they do the experimentation with virologists working on them. We have the ones working on the mRNA, the messenger RNA as they like to call it.  Interesting, one of them who most people in Canada didn't even know existed, is really the guy who was behind Moderna, and he worked on a lot of this stuff for years and he had moved to Canada.  And he moved to the States, I think he was working at Harvard for a while.


Yeah, these characters work in these labs.  You can't work on these, with the viruses to get vaccines unless you work in these labs. They're containment labs, hm.  Which really were designed for warfare purposes.  If you're dealing with viruses and putting in gain of function into them, just to find out IF it ever became a really deadly disease by itself, maybe in 10 million years’ time, you know, maybe, maybe, you know, maybe, maybe even 50 million years’ time, you know, then you should be ready for it. That's the excuse. That was how they get around all the biowarfare treaties they signed, well it's really just for medical reasons now, it's for safety, you know. No, no, it's for creating the same darn things again.


So anyway, I'll put some of these things up tonight. But folk have no idea. Most folk, if you watch TV, you won't have a mind of your own. It's weaponized and it was weaponized a long time ago, television.  Through crisis situations they go into overdrive with propaganda. That's going to be the same uniform propaganda, it doesn't matter what paper you look at, it was a newspaper in the old days, or some TV station today, or channel, it's just repetitive propaganda that they're all repeating.  And the same day... If Bill Gates comes out on one day, they'll all have Bill Gates live, supposedly, giving the same talk on how you should all just submit and go along with it, at the same time.


And Mr. Fauci that has this little smirk there, you know, he's always got a little smirk on his face like a... Because of course, he’s up the chain there. He's in with Fort Dietrich, you know, he’s overseer of that group too. He's worked with these...  Why do you think this little guy came out and really was put to the top very quickly? The job again is gain of function, creating diseases.  Hm?!  And again, standardizing information amongst their own level of scientists. Any scientist who wants to say something different is, phew, they'll lose their license so darn fast, you know. And this little guy is the boss of it all.  He got Judy Mikovits out rather quickly, and many others too by the way. But yeah, he's in with Bill Gates. And Bill Gates owns GAVI.  Bill Gates funds massively, even over half of the World Health Organization's expenses and so on. He decides, he's got vaccinations going across the whole planet, this guy who doesn't have even a first aid certificate, you know. 


That's the world we live in, isn't it? Scary times indeed. And it's going to get scarier, so you've got to keep your head and don't panic, again, as I say, don't panic, don't panic. Because they have to unleash the brutes eventually. Unfortunately, as I've said so many times, no generation is devoid of brutes that are employed by tyrannical governments. All governments become tyrannical in times like this. Obviously. We see it in Australia, the things people never thought they'd see in what they called civilized countries, democratic countries... Of armies of these cops, dressed in battle gear really, wearing black because black is the uniform of death, that's why they picked black back in the 80s.   As I've said before, in the late 80s, or into the 90s actually when they came out, they changed the outfits in Canada – I don't know about Australia – at the same time for the police that used to be...  The police used to be approachable and didn't look like military, didn't look like Darth Vader.  They had light blue shirts on and were pleasant, a bit more pleasant, and you could approach them and ask the time or directions or something like that.


Once they came out, and they came out with them, even put promos out to get the public used to them. Oh, maybe you've seen it, maybe you've seen your local policeman walking around in your area in different uniforms. And most of them are models, they actually had models going out in different even small towns like where I was living. Because I never knew these faces before so they were probably the models.  They're walking like four abreast, walking down all smiling and happy looking, and dressed with the black gear on.  Which is just military gear, right down to the military boots on and the pants tucked into the tops of the boots and so on.  And completely black outfit including the black ties and shirts.  That's the sign of death.  That's the hangman.  That's the executioner.


That's why, it's meant to be more intimidating. That's why they changed it over, in preparation, in preparation, right, for what was going to come along the pike which was 9/11.  And all the NATO countries had to be on board.  This is getting it all ready 2 1/2 years, two, three years before it actually happened.  Allan Rock was on board with an omnibus crime bill, which was a martial law bill with arresting any suspects, it didn't say for what [Alan chuckles.], and put them in confinement, without charge, indefinitely, etc. etc. Before 9/11.  This is two, three years before 9/11 happened. He put it through himself, supposedly, he was the head of it. Then he was sent off from being the Attorney General for Canada for the feds, and he went off to work at the United Nations. I heard he'd just come back recently, and the other communist Bob Rae went over to take his place.


So anyway, that's how the world's run.  I always go back to Caroll Quigley who was an elitist himself. He had no sympathy for ordinary people at all. He thought they were pretty well scum. Intelligentsia aught mattered, that's what he thought mattered.  He became the historian for, and he loved to boast about it, for the Council on Foreign Relations and got access to the records, which was combined with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, hm.  That was, I've heard this from other professors too, there are certain archives in each country where they’re given access, certain ones.  CERTAIN ones will be given access where they have material that you never see anywhere else. Well, Quigley was given that. He boasted about it. He said, I had the history, I suddenly had the real history of why things happened and what caused them to happen. He said that.  He said, I work for this group on behalf of the group and he said I have no objections to anything that they do for their plans. These are the real globalists, eh.  He says, I have objected occasionally to some of their methods, but he had no problems with them at all.  He took over for a while or worked with I should say as well and took over to an extent as well as the archivist for them. They've got a massive, you know, massive library of what they've done to make things happen all down through history. Well, history for the last few hundred years.  [Alan laughing.] This is from a top man himself. He wasn't hallucinating. He wasn't tripping out on LSD.  He was just, he was boasting about it.  Because to him it's such an honor to get in and get access to the archives.


He started to write about it. It wasn't just his big tome of a book that he put out there that everybody generally quotes.  The other one was The Anglo-American Establishment. Awfully important. He went through how they had literally taken over Africa, South Africa.  Even now they had manipulated the British government into supposedly going into save the people from the Boers, when in reality this particular group got mercenaries to invade the Boer territories and had them retaliating. That's what they did but they kept that out of the media.  But he said, yeah, he says they were behind the different wars, and how they wanted the war for World War I and they worked behind the scenes to make all that happen.  This is real history. This is what...


You see, this is what you're looking at with the real [Alan chuckles.] illuminati group, you know, at least one layer of it. They have in Britain the Royal Institute of International Affairs that used to be the Lord Alfred Milner group, that picked them all and they were lifelong members of All Souls College, that's where they met, you know, at times for big projects. But they also had an inner group and the outer group and a society of friends as well.  The inner group is highly secretive. That's where George Orwell, that's what he was talking about when he talked about the party, and the inner party and the outer party and so on.  That's how it's done. Compartmentalized. The same with the CFR inside the States, then you have a higher group from the CFR, you got, one of them is the Trilateral group, that's another one above that.  So, everything's compartmentalized.


That's how the world is really run. Unlimited financing because the people who run the Federal Reserve's and the central banks are on board with them, they're part of it. That's another layer of it. When money is out of nothing, you know, they can collapse economies to make the people suffer to change your behavior, etc. if they want to. But they don't lose anything because it's all fictitious money anyway, isn't it, backed by nothing?


So anyway, yeah, that's how the world's run. If you go into Quigley's writings he talks, he really glorified these guys, you know, how they so cleverly took over parts of the world and fomented revolutions, got the stage set working inside Germany and Britain and elsewhere for a war, you know, things like that.  And how they were all for their Soviet, the Bolshevik revolution.  There were members of the Bolsheviks in the group! [Alan chuckles.] maybe more than you think. 


Then they studied it all, they studied the Soviet system, the great experiment, the second experiment, America being the first. And here's a little unpleasant thing because people don't like unpleasantries, eh, we shy away from them, don't we? But if that was called the second great experiment, the Bolshevik revolution, that was a take over as you know.  That most of the Bolsheviks had all run out of Europe before, had been chased out, then they were formed in New York mainland and Standard Oil picked them up and train them as, you know, to be revolutionaries, again.  [Alan chuckles.] They even mentioned the camps they were trained in across America and then sent back to take over Russia. You have to wonder to yourself, they called America the first experiment, great experiment. Was it the same organization behind that too do you think?  Hm?  You've got to think about it.


And yeah, you have your own, everyone's got a founding myth, you know, a foundation myth for nations. Well, everybody has it.  Rome was good, they had Romulus and Remus and I quite liked that one.  You had I think it was the crow, was it the crow, native Indians, or Native Americans I should call them really.  What an insult to call them Indians when they're not Indians, they're not from India.  It was applied to them, eh.  But as I say, the Native Americans, the crow one was good.  They actually got their name, and a very simple, you know, creation myth. The crow literally, a big, big crow flew over and stopped next to a riverbank I think and lay the eggs on the bank, and one became a male, one became a female.  Very simple and easy and quite nice and quite pleasant imagery.  I like that one. Again, Romulus and Remus for Rome. So, you have these foundation myths.


But what you do get with America is the Francis Bacon New Atlantis. There's no doubt about it. He was referring to a place out, it would be West, out West in the Atlantic somewhere. Right down to how it would be designed and set up. That was so fascinating really. A good science fiction read if you want to take it as science-fiction.  He said that underground, under, he said the true rulers would live 3 miles under, inside mountains, kind of like Cheyenne Mountain, you know, or 3 miles deep in rock, you know underground, and they would have laboratories there.  


Remember, behind the mystery religions and alchemy and all the rest of it, they know that the symbols too ended up being scientific symbols as well. Science was always part of it, you see. And science was power.  You kept science secret and quiet.  The underground stream of knowledge, things that were taboo to talk about even when certain religions would go after you. But they'd always been, some of them wrote about it. The members of the groups wrote about it that eventually, it wasn't some kind of prediction because they had been doing it for a long time.  They said eventually it would be so powerful, as scientific advisors and makers and manufacturers, that governments because of their military needs will come to us and gradually we'll get more and more money and we'll get more and more power and esteem and status, until we will rule everything.  That was behind that, for those who don't quite know it.


It was a mixture too of mysticism and Kabbalah at one time. Because all the old mysteries had really I'd say Kabbalah in them in one form or another, eventually anyway, eventually they did as they amalgamated different beliefs together in different nations.  But Kabbalah was part of it, and you had it with those who are involved in science in Francis Bacon's time.  So much so that some of them learned Hebrew, you know.  Even when America before it had its independence, I think it was in Yale, and maybe another one too, I know I was reading about, some of them had courses in, where you had to take Hebrew, [Alan chuckles.] no kidding, back then.


So, you have to realize that you had a mix of mysticism mixed with, out of mysticism you get a kind of prolific philosophy. In other words, it's an agenda driven thing, hm.  Change is the word; you get change in all kinds of mysteries. Changing spells, that's what magic is supposed to be about too, you change something, right. So, science is the same. Chemistry is the same. How can you, if you add this and this, can I change it into something else and so on, and what do we get out of it?


Right now, you've got the mRNA, the messenger ribonucleic acid, and you're going to change it for a vaccine, to change the cellular structure in your lungs and in your nose and so on, permanently. There's a change for you through alchemy, eh.  Hhmph.  Which will obviously change the human to an extent into something slightly different from what the human was before. Obviously, that's what's happening, you see.  And you have to have no say in the matter.  It's awfully important to those who own you, I would say at least, very important to them.  At least they think it's important. And you have to get no say in it at all. 


I guess to save you, they'll have to kill you if you don't accept it. You know? You see the police sometimes where they get called out to someone who's going to attempt suicide and they've got a knife or something and they're ready to cut their own throat.  That happened in Canada a few years ago.  The guy literally, the cops killed him. He wasn't running at the cops with a knife, he was going to cut his own throat, so they shot him.  Saved him the trouble, I guess.  So, you don't call the cops if someone's committing suicide, I mean, just don't do it.  And I understand it too, they're not meant, they're not trained to deal with that. I mean who… You need special training, and you get time, time, teams and funding for people to stop that kind of thing happening. But not the police. The police are a FORCE; their job is to use force for whatever object is desired.


Going back to Francis Bacon, yeah, he says this New Atlantis would be a light to the world, eh – this is very telling, the terms they use are telling, you understand – a light to the world and they would have higher morality in their dealings with all foreigners that would come in with shipping and stuff, or places they would send their ships to, and they would be very honest and trusted and admired throughout the whole planet, you see, to bring in a global structure.


But the sci-fi part, some of the sci-fi parts are really good. He said that on the surface there'd be the appearance of a form of government that the people would think it was all there was, the general population. But he says underground they'd have a secret government, the true government, of scientists.  Now, Novus Ordo Seclorum, in the States, a new earthly order, you see, that's really important. It means a secular order, which is an earthly order, nonreligious, that's what it means.  Even though their symbols are highly religious and very, very ancient… because they will deceive, right. [Alan chuckles.]


He said too that underneath the ground everything would be powered with scientific inventions, one of which, he said, would control the weather and could make a perfect day by giving sunshine, clearing clouds, or they could bring in storm clouds, or they could actually somehow trans.., beam it over the ocean, or today I guess we’d say today they'd hit it off the ionosphere and it would reflect it down and aim it just like the HAARP technology. But he says, it would be powered with something that gave the heat of the sun.  That's like nuclear energy.  [Alan chuckles.] He said they could literally be used as a tremendous weapon, or else it could calm the seas, or use them to sink whole shipping, like armadas if you like.


So, what's interesting again [Alan laughing.] was that one of the old homestead Francis Bacon had, I think it was Francis Bacon, he had meetings in it, eh, with members of his own little ilk, his lodge I suppose they'd call it.  They did scrapings, universities, I don't know if it was Oxford or... They did scrapings of the beams in the ceilings, and they found heavy traces of cannabis and things like that. So, they presumed that these guys, that literally, don't forget too that they had different sea captains coming and going all the time, were trying different things, including probably opium too, I'm sure.


It's amazing, and whenever they find that stuff they say, oh it probably helped him to [Alan clears his throat] really imagine things, you know, it helped their imagination, writers just love this kind of thing, it makes them do… Have you read the gibberish of the morning after of folk that had been partying with marijuana?  [Alan laughing.] These people literally, they'll grab you and hold you and they'll say, and they'll tell you, and stare so sincerely and honestly and earnestly and they'll tell you that, what they think is amazing philosophy at the time.  Then they'll go and write it all down, screeds of it. Then in the morning they look at it and they shake their heads and say, who wrote that?  You wrote that.  NO, and then you see them blushing and they just tear it up immediately, it's so terrible, but at the time they thought it was astounding genius.


But anyway, yeah, so Francis Bacon talked about this power of the sun technology as heat and light that give them such energy to power everything. Way ahead of its time. Even I would think for science fiction writers [Alan chuckles.] for even 100 years later or 200 years later could imagine. But he was into it.


That's what they said, you know, so it will be a secret society really running the show.  With a kind of layered degreed system of hierarchy. On the surface there'd be a form of government which the people would believe in. Well, that's what you're in, folks. You have, you look at these prunes that you get presented to you as politicians, with the classic ones you're getting, the classic ones.  Even today, there's more classic than ever today you know, where they give you the ones, here's the communist radical one, here's the communist ethnic radical one, here's the communist blah blah blah, and then you get the other one. 


Well, where's the right wing? What IS the right wing now? It's kind of died off, isn't it?  You don't have that. You have neocons which blossomed into the next one which Obama went in and he took over from them and continued their wars and got congratulated from the neocons like Rumsfeld for continuing and expanding the wars until there were more of them under Obama. So, he was a neo-Dem I guess you'd call him.  Now you're back to the neocons again.  And you have no choices for what, the meanings now are almost, the old meanings are meaningless now. The old terms are meaningless now of Democrat and Republican.  And the Republicans have been on the payroll, as you long know, as have the other groups like Obama's group with, from... Hhhch, the neo's, let's call it the neo's, eh? [Alan laughing.] The con part comes later. But that's what you're living in, it's an amazing deception.


It’s just interesting to toss these ideas around in your head as kind of subjective I suppose really.  But a lot of it can be definitely proven. You're living in a system very much like what was described by Francis Bacon in The New Atlantis.  He even told you which groups would have more rights than others in fact in his writings, would be held in higher esteem.  [Alan chuckles.]   


So yeah, I often wonder if America was the first great experiment, and the Bolshevik group was the second.  And where we're going today is for the total grand finale, the cap, you know, the globalization agenda, post productive, postconsumer to an extent, into an austerity system.  And post Democratic they said that from the inception of the Club of Rome, the big think tank that works for the United Nations and it works for this group at the top.  An intermediary think tank that talks to us at times, the Club of Rome, telling us blatantly that there's too many of you and democracy doesn't work anymore, it's too complicated in the society for democracy, can't get things done efficiently.  Who praise China because being a communist totalitarian tyranny, you know, or a government where you don't really have personal opinions in different groups, they can get things done quickly, they just say it and shout at the top and they all obey down below, all the way down. They praised them for it.


That's where it's all supposed to go, under martial law. If you notice your democracies are out the window. Come on!  I don't know why they even go through this pathetic game in the States of election time, really. Because you know what you're really getting, don't you? Why would the neocons praise Obama as well? Praise him? for continuing the same agenda which they had started, with the same list of countries to get taken out.  Hm?  Then into Donald [Alan chuckles.] who is praised again for continuing and is getting ready for the big one I think really. I said that before, I think that's really why they put him in. He would, he promised to take direct action against Iran, you know, at certain meetings he had, and which were published.  And he got in so maybe that's what he's got to do then, get it all going. You can see the movements towards Iran right now. And that they've been hammering Syria from Obama's time all through into the present one.  They won't give up on them either. They want Syria and Iran demolished into the Stone Age like the rest of them. We could go on forever about this, although you can't really say too much on the topic in this day and age.


A good part of the world is still not in shock with all the Covid thing, is so sick of this!  It's been, look how long these wars have been going on, eh. Before 9/11 they were going on. They had the Gulf War One, [Alan chuckles.] eh.  I saw another article by the way talking about the divvying up of the oilfields during Gulf War One, how they would take over eventually once they had completely destroyed Iraq, down the road.  I've already mentioned the one that Tony Blair was in.  It was in the newspapers, and I put out the articles years ago. It was admitted that he and the CEOs of the top oil companies Dutch Shell and BP and all the rest of them came in and they all hammered out amongst them, this is before they started destroying Iraq, who would be getting the different oilfields.  This is reality. This is not conspiracy stuff, you know, it was admitted to.  They went through the records of those who went to Number 10 and the meetings they had and what they discussed and yada, ya, it's all published. Afterwards, years afterwards, eh. 


Tony Blair is out there again with his foundations, you know he's such a great man, this one-man band to get Britain into the war with Iraq, nobody else want it except a small clique around him, very small.  He's out there with his foundations talking about, you've gotta make sure that everyone gets a vaccination, because it's going to be mandatory and… blah blah blah, and you've got to bring in a kind of world system to manage it all, etc., etc.  The same little front psychopath.  Now, he's a low-level psychopath, well rewarded though for his taking Britain into a war that had nothing to do with them.  M-hm.  A war… And by the way, one of his foundations is to stop racial tension amongst groups in Britain. He helped demolish the countries that caused the mass migration, that they knew would happen and they helped them get into Britain. Then you watch the chaos start, and then you start ac blaming the folk in Britain for having resentment against what's happening in their own country!  You see how it works now? Are you starting to get the picture?


This is straight out of the playbook of what was called initially illuminati in the old days, eh.  Now you have myriad companies all branches of the same secretive organization running everything, eh.  Meanwhile we're all stuck in a system of losing our, it doesn't mean the countries you're brought up in were always totally evil by the way, and you want to demolish its history just like that. Because you cannot bring today's thoughts and today's standards into the past, you cannot do it. People were primitive back then, more primitive too.  Yep.  That's what it is, you see.


So, you had, as I say, Quigley that was over the moon to have access to these archives.  He said, yeah, we have all kinds of people belonging to our group, our level, communists, dictators, it didn't make any difference to them.  Yet the same people are telling you to hate people, that run for low-level politics, with the same designations, running for different groups. You see how you're all getting used and stirred up? Where the ones way above you have all the leaders of different, like, section leaders way above and as part of their group running, helping to run their departments, eh, keeping the trouble going... While they all meet together and have their own secret meetings the public can't get into, as they're deciding how, different tactics and where they're going from there. It is astonishing how the world really runs, isn't it?


But again, the first and foremost thing you have is to train the public to be naïve. Awfully important. I've said it so many times.  And we believe it. I mean, why shouldn't we believe it? Here's your history, here's your culture, here's your people, here's your leaders, and you're not too bad a people, etc. etc.  And because they keep telling you that, and, you're civilized, they keep telling you you're civilized.  Yet when it comes to war and things like that, you'll see different people emerging suddenly on the stage in the theater of war, you see these different players getting these amazing powers, emergency powers given to them immediately.


Churchill literally rounded up hundreds and hundreds of people instantly with the Secret Service police that the public didn't even know that they ever had up until then. Because a lot of folk didn't want to go into a second world war.  They didn't see, Britain was already bankrupt from it, and it was going to get a lot worse.  And you couldn't pay this thing off in a few years, the debt that you incurred for that.  So, a lot of folk were against it, you know. Again, the victor’s always write the histories and paint the bad guy as the ultimate enemy and the most, the evil Empire, etc.  It's been done before, and it will be done again. And has been done even with the Middle East.  Saddam Hussein was suddenly an evil, you know, a great Satan. So was, you know, Qaddafi.  They're all suddenly Satan’s, etc.  Hm?  The same terminology is used over and over, eh.  Because they must always over rationalize the wars once they've happened. Because they don't want the people starting to dig out, and wait a minute, that's not exactly what they told us at the beginning...  We’re always being used, always being played for games which you’ll never figure out. Never figure out.  Np.


I've mentioned before too, you've got to look it up as well.  It's a TV maybe half-hour show I think it was back in maybe the 1970s, or 60s even I think. You'll see Donald Pleasants, and I really like Donald Pleasants, great actor. He died.  I believe he's dead anyway.  He was a great actor and he could play these parts awfully he well. And a well-trained actor too, when they had real professionals, you know.  But it was called The News Benders, The News Benders. He recruits people who don't know this organization even exists. He gets journalists that are a bit wayward or whatever, but they've got the abilities of imaginative writing. So, this guy is brought into his office one day, and it's a tower in London, on this particular floor, and Donald talks to him. He says, yeah, you're going, we want you to work for us.  This reporter says, and he's cocky and all that, and he says, well what d'you mean, who are you, I don't even know who you are, never mind work for you.


He says, well we decided we want you in, we've watched you for a long time.  The journalist says no, how could you have watched me for a long time? No one's watching me. He says oh, we know all about you, and Donald Pleasants sits down and opens up this booklet.  He says, yeah, you had a falling out with your girlfriend, with your wife a while ago and you had an affair, we know all about that.  He names the names of the people and all the rest of it and what happened, when it happened.  Of course, the journalist is getting a bit paranoid, and he says, oh how do you know all this, you been following me around? He says, no, we don't have to follow you around.  He says, where did you get all this data?  You went into hospital, he says, a few years ago to get an abscess, or something, an abscess, a minor operation, he says, we put an implant in you then. This is 1967 or 68 I think this was released. He shows him this little thing in his hand, the size of this, he says, you know, we put that inside you. He says, do you want to hear what does it? So, he plays a bit of a recording, and he says, this is your heartbeat, d’you hear the bump-bump-bump? Then you get the voices over the top and he says, we've got the recordings of everything you've said in the last 10 years, or however long it was. 


It was a bit ahead of its time.  The whole point of the section he was going to recruit him into, and he took him through this other room, and they had models of, like, the moon landings [Alan chuckles.] models, of the latest missiles, they had models of a mountainside that had been, it looked like a nuclear bomb had hit it.  This is the stuff, he said, this is what we put across on the news, he says, this is for next year's news here, we've got all this, and he tells him, this is what the story is going to be. He even has a big rack with magazines on it and newspapers, he says, this is, these are like prototypes of how the news will be in that day in this year and so on. 


The guy is astonished. He says, what, we make the news?  Yeah, he says, yeah.  It's much better, since the end of World War II we've run the whole show making people think they’re going to get blown up any minute so that they, no one dares take the first move, we know what's going to happen.  So, they keep them in a state of terror you see, strategy of tension they call it.  They make the news, it's all fake stuff. Including the trivia.  The guy is astonished and astonished, and he says, but I still can't, I can't go into this. He says, this is too much coercion, and you have all these powers.


That's where he was cracking up knowing that his reality, his nice cozy reality of the system and the world was completely fake, he was learning here, hm.  As he tried to walk out the door, and he said, I wouldn't do that, he says, this thing also has a little explosive in it.  [Alan chuckles.] Anyway, the guy eventually, he's offered I think three quarters of a million pounds or something, something like that. He says, oh yeah, we pay our people very well, money is no object. Since they make it, you know.  So, he was on board with it. 


A good statement in it, I think a good statement. Donald Pleasants when the guy says, what, you mean you make of the news? And he says, But I've been reading this stuff for years, even writing about these things I'm getting right now. He says, yeah, the news is the most perfected form of fiction.  And I thought, that's it right there, eh!  The news is the most perfected form of fiction.


You're seeing that today.


People across the world have watched cities getting burned and people on camera saying they're just demonstrating, it's just demonstrators, as the flames are in the background.  [Alan chuckles.] And drive-by shootings, people getting shot and killed and so on, they're just protesting, and looting the stores, whole streets looted. There's fiction for you.  What?  Forget your lying eyes and take our word for it, what you're really seeing is just peaceful protests. You're LIVING through it, gaslighting. All the time. Actually, The News Benders is tame compared to what we've been living through for years actually, never mind recently. But if you can get a hold of it, it's worth looking up. You'll enjoy it, these little quips from the 1960s.


They make the stars remember. They always make the stars.  It's like Al Gore, Al Gore when he, years ago he was in all the papers giving his speech about, you know, the coming catastrophe of the planet if you didn't start paying carbon taxes to his carbon exchanges. No kidding you. Here’s the crooks, folks, here's the real crooks right here, eh.  M-m-m.  Ftt.  They belonged to the real, the real organization, the Bond type organizations [Alan chuckles.], the bad guys. Yeah. They set up exchange banks where they're going to sell carbon, fictitious carbon. Like, they don't store it in anything, they're just going to say, you probably released this this day, so we want you to pay so much towards what you probably released this day into the air. Then they trade it, and it's like stocks and it goes up in price, and they sell it. Blood and Gore was the name of his company.  Ftt.  But anyway, Al Gore, they launched him too during that time, trying to make him famous. Because he wasn't famous for anything.  So, he says, I invented the Internet.  [Alan laughing.] There ya go.  [Alan laughing.] There ya go.  N-n-n. Blood and Gore was the name of the company though.  Ftt.  I tell ya. An inconvenient spoof indeed.


This is what we live through folks, there's an agency above it that owns the star making machine.  People don't just rise to the top through skills and talent, anywhere. They must be presentable. They've got to appear what they want them to appear like, like a good actor. If it's a good scientist that they want you to believe in, they'll create that scientist. Or they'll give you, they'll give you, um, a technocrat and launch him to the world as being some wonderful genius.  And give him lots of financing.


You had the same thing happening with Epstein, hm, and Maxwell, part of a group.  For years folk literally, that was the persona they created, he was a multibillionaire.  But in reality, the money was all owned by the company, the group that ran him. We know that too.  That's supposed to be taboo to mention it now, you see.  Very powerful indeed. It's the same too with Zuckerberg and all the rest of them that are, ohhh, these geniuses, it's just astonishing, as they're launched as front people to really run massive spying operations over the planet, and having control over everything and free speech, total control over speech.


And folk think they're somehow going to evolve into a higher form of democracy?  Whoah.  I tell ya.  N-n-n.   Completely censored everywhere you look. And it's going to get worse and worse because this 5G is for the world, it's part of the whole reset, the global reset idea from the World Economic Forum. A whole new way of living, or I call, existing, it won't be living anymore. Because it's bad enough being spied on, on all electronic communications, when you're getting spied on everywhere you go, everything you do, every transaction you make, everything you purchase, all on their system, every thought that you have pretty well on their system, that's where it's going.


I said years ago the elite will not be content to that phase of it, after that, it's a whole different phase again.  But getting up to that phase they won't be content until everybody is completely 100% predictable. That's the intention of it. The people above you have no love for you at all.  The people, hhhch, that you think funding even the revolutionary movement have no love for the folk that are doing the revolutions. At all. None. Zilch.  None.  N-n-n.  They are all being used. But the front leaders are getting well-paid to be used.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's kind of like the Specter and the different groups that you hear about on the Bond groups. That's where they got the whole idea from it, again getting back to Conan Doyle, it wasn't just some obscure idea of the Moriarty who was the genius, they had geniuses at the top absolutely.  But they had no problems with murder and mayhem, you know. 


Now, there's no doubt about it, we've been heavily manipulated, on a scale never done before with electronic media.  Including all those that, who are joining different camps, you see, the pros and against and so on of whatever it happens to be. You find crowds gather. I remember years ago I gave the talks on The Crowd, it was an old book put out years and years ago of the early studies of crowds, then later studies on crowds, it would add to it throughout the years by behaviorists. They're constantly studying us. You understand, if you understand human behavior and what you can manipulate people into doing, and you know how they immediately form their pros and against, you see, for and against, that always happens, then you can use them very, very effectively and very efficiently for your own purposes without them realizing that they're being used.  Because most of it is emotional. Emotion runs crowds and overtakes pure logic and reason.  It's the right buttons to press. 


All the way back to Plato again, Plato said, you use the same techniques used before to get the same results.  If you know the sequences of implementing something that worked then, it will work again in the future if you use the same sequence. That's how it works with manipulation of the psyche and the emotions. Emotions are very easy to manipulate, really.  Because we have inbuilt likes and dislikes, some of them are to do with survival. That's why folk hate the idea of abortions, a lot of people, because it's killing ourselves in a sense, you see, and when we start killing ourselves, there's no end to what the next step is. Start off with the young, then end up with the elderly.  Well you know they don't know what's happening, just...  Then just folk who are getting fed up living, let's add them to it. Let's add folk who are depressed to our list.  Add folk to it that are just physically ill in some areas, although they could live for years with help.  That's already happened, I've done the stories live a few years back.


It doesn't stop, you see.  Because the system doesn't exist for you. Again, you're given the myth of a caring system by gushing psychopaths.  When in reality it's vastly different.  Behind the gush is a cold clinical evil mind and that's what runs you for profit and for efficiency. Humanity has got nothing to do with it. At all. That is the system you're in.


So, you have these inbuilt things, so at election time you always get the same topics.  Abortion, pro-and against, you see.  Which are instant, they're very guttural, you know, they're really... By guttural I don't mean deep in your throat; that's down in your stomach really, it's abdominal, it's a reflex action you'll have about things. Because you're killing something that's not diseased, it's not unhealthy, it's healthy.  So even medicine goes down the tubes, long ago with it too, it lost its credibility of do no harm, first, first to do no harm.


We live in a corrupt system, very, very, corrupt, and they must corrupt the people to go along with it, naturally. That happens over time. The folk adopt the views given to them and opinions given to them, very cleverly given to them.  They don't even know they've been downloaded into them in a sense, bits and bytes by techniques, with languages specialists.  Language is more than just how to convey messages. It's how to have people implement it within themselves, with guaranteed results, eh.  You have psycholinguistics and even other related arts to it, all connected, that will give you the correct views and opinions, and emotions to go with the opinions.


So, the crowds are very easy to create.  You get the ones that, as long as you get the, you find chinks in the armor.  The Communists knew back in the early 20th century, actually even the late 1800s, they already sussed out America and how they could get America to have a revolution inside of it to overthrow the system into the next system. You see?  They'd already had a previous revolution to bring in one system, then they...  So, it's always the elite really who are bringing in their own revolution. I hope you understand that's what's happening today with the global reset from the World Economic Forum.  The revolution it’s created, it's theirs.  It's not the ones in the streets that are doing it or the ones who think they're communist, etc. It's the ones way above them who own this system, that's why it's being allowed to happen. Haven't you figured that one out yet?  That's why it's ALLOWED to happen, and that's why the media is all on board with it, they're told to be on board with it. It's the elite system going to the next phase for themselves. This is what you live in.


It's bad enough being lied to, to the bitter end until you get the jabs in your arms or wherever they want to stick it. But it's just, you know, conning you all the way to it. Oh no, we might not do it. Oh, we might do it. Oh, might not do it. You know, you're going to get it. And you still have the choice. No, you won't, and it's going to be mandatory.  This is how they play with you, you see. 


But it's the elites global reset for themselves, and most of the folk on the planet right now they claim are superfluous. The Georgia Guidestones, no one's blowing them up. Where's Antifa and the rest of them there? Because they're talking primarily to start with, with the Third World countries, with the massive populations… There's no, there's nobody going down there and knocking them down.  And I'd like to see them try.  Suddenly you would see some amazing force on the premises that would stop them rather than have… You know, buildings are okay to burn down and people's homes and stuff but no... [Alan chuckles.] I'd like to see them go; they won't go anywhere near it because their leaders tell them what to do.


It isn't just the leaders that you'll see, there are the spokespeople, they have ones below them, they have three ranks, you see, and they're all like NCOs behind them. And they're all paid, these ones are all paid. Then get the rest of them to go along and do what they're told.  And take the heat and the blame afterwards.  And the prison sentencing. That's how it works.  But it's for the elite at the top for goodness sake.  You haven't seen them either going for the top banks or anything, you know.  Why haven't they gone to the Federal Reserve building?  Hm?  [Alan chuckles.]   


The answers is in what's not done during these things. That's what tells you so much.  M-hm.  There ya go.  Anyway. 


You're living in a system that's, the owners of it have decided to go onto the next phase for themselves. All of this is getting used to bring it into a world of sustainability. You've heard too all the articles recently or read them maybe. Most folk hear things or see them now because they all watch TV. I don't watch TV.  I get clips sent to me on the Internet here and there or folk send it on discs because my Internet speed is so slow.  Because I get hammered for what I do here, for what I say. I mean, it's almost dial-up speed during the day I'm getting now.  M-hm.  It's all intentional. And plausible deniability… Well, it's not on our end, sir, you know, it's maybe your equipment, maybe, maybe, maybe. I've been through it for years back and forth with them. That's what they do. That's the reality.  M-hm.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Once again before I forget  Throw a few bucks my way. PayPal. Cash. Check is fine. I think even Money Gram still works today. Some countries can still get international postal money orders to send, but not inside America anymore apparently, US. They'll cash them but they won't write them to send elsewhere. Definitely not Western Union, it's not worth it to anybody. Western Union takes such a chunk of everybody's money, both the sender and receiver, it's not worth doing. And what you have to fill in there is just, forget it, the data is incredible just to send a few bucks. The other methods are there You can buy the books and discs too if you want.  That helps me tick along. 


So yeah, you're living in a system that Caroll Quigley more than hinted at. He listed the cover to an extent too.  Don't forget his book, the one, his main book that he's known for, literally it was banned eventually by, the printer grabbed it, or the publisher and printer, I think the one publisher that did that one, Tragedy and Hope, was the one that did them for schools and colleges too, well known.  They said that they broke, they literally got the hard, you know there's the physical plates they use for printing and smashed them all up. Luckily there was a edition out there, and then afterwards quite quickly everybody started grabbing it for free, and publishing it for free, without any rights to it. I've actually got the audio where Quigley talks about all that in some talk he gave on what happened to him. He was surprised to see a complete duplicate of his books put out there.  He said they were authentic, nothing was added to them or detracted from them.  One way or another the information got out.


He lets a lot out of the bag, you know, of how they think. What you see by studying Quigley himself is the mindset of the people who run at his level, their level of the control over the public.  You get a study in the person themselves, that tells you a lot.  Of course, there's audios out there too which I also have where he talked to some of the students, privately, while they were taped, and give them advice on what to do, what to say, what not to say. Even, he even mentioned [Alan chuckles.] to one of them which is a well-known one, with one of the students he says, look at that, and he gives him a dollar bill.  Everybody's going, oh, no, no, not that again. Well, that was way back then in the 60s. He says, look at that bill, and he says, that's, why is the symbol, of an ancient symbol of a power, a world power in its day, and a mystery religion, on the dollar bill?  He starts to touch on it, and he says, now, don't talk about this to anybody, or it will ruin your career. 


So, here's a guy who's involved in all of this stuff, who was obviously a member given access to the archives, and also, he worked the archives for them, and they were creating real history.  Not the paperback book version you get put into the bookstores after wars, like World War II and so on. They got the real archives as to how they helped set things up and provoke countries into war and manipulate them into war, managing the financial system, the loans and debts and all the rest of it, for power and control over all the countries after the war, and amalgamating whole countries together into European Unions and things like that, eh.  So yeah, I mean, it is quite fascinating to see how they... And he thought it was wonderful, you know, that on its own mankind was just too dumb and stupid to make a go of it by themselves, they need the elite, the proper thinkers to do it all properly, you see.  He's lauded for it naturally.  A lot of what he talked about in his book Tragedy and Hope was true to do with the banking system or the financial system for the ones that deal with the general public.


He also talked about how medicine would eventually become so incredibly expensive no one could afford it. He blamed the ordinary folk rising up into the middle classes, and losing the ethics that they used to, that the old ones used to have. A lot of old doctors at one time came from old families and they didn't really have to work, or it wasn't the main income or a desperately main income. They were in it because they liked it and they felt drawn to it and they wanted to do a good job. So, he blamed the middle classes for getting too greedy, and he said the time will come where the greed factor will destroy the system. Well, he was right on that.


But again, he also knew that above all of it was the manufacturing drug systems, and the Rockefellers who set up the whole AMA for America and for the medical drug association, and the whole medical system for America, deciding what treatments will be used and what wouldn't be used. Also, all the drugs, the cartels of drug companies that sprung up around Rockefeller, it's just astonishing. Anything that wasn't under their control they simply banned or ridiculed as ridiculous and put out their own stuff, all their medications. That's the same to this present day. Rockefeller himself was again a front man for the big enterprise system that really runs the world.  M-hm. 


So yeah, you're living in a system vastly different from what you ever imagined. I remember reading books when I was young.  In Scotland you're not really young, you're wee.  You know, you're wee, when I was wee.  It was interesting to read about how well-known authors and ones from Oxford and different universities, authors that, and teachers who taught there, Masters that taught, they actually put out books talking about the histories and so on. But the terms they used often about, well in the Middle Ages most of the little people were, didn't know too much. And they talked about them as though they were a dumb animal. But not in a hateful manner, you know. Generally.  Hhhch.  But that's how they talked about them, as though they somehow, they couldn't ever aspire to anything, even if they had been told or given a basic education, that's really the impression that you got. Very class ridden indeed. That was not an unusual thing.


You had the same thing across Africa and different places and different tribes as well. Look at India. Even inside the Hindu culture with its stepped system right down to the Untouchables at the bottom, it's written into basically their whole cultural law that this is quite normal. That's how they perceive it. And there's no chance to change it, you see. They add karma to it, that's your karma as well, so you couldn't change it.  You see what I'm saying?  So, it's all fortified to stay that way and that's what they want, that's how the rulers want it, for thousands of years.  And it benefits those at the top naturally.


You can say all you want about it; eugenics are really involved with discussions on India.  They're fascinated by it, and they've studied it amazingly well.  Because if you get the ones at the very bottom breeding with the ones at the very bottom, they'll say you get the same kind again.  That’s literally, this is what they say.  But that's the same terminology they use for, as I say, for people in the British Isles for centuries and centuries.  You go back into... Ahhhh, I could go on and on. 


There are segments of society that are looked down on in different occupations.  One of them that's a favorite to be looked down upon is farming, for some reason.  Because it's the most important thing that you can possibly have, to get food, to live.  That's rather, I'd say it's more important than everything that lives on top of it, right up to the parasitical groups at the very, very top that obviously use everything that sustains the public, and the general population, they enrich themselves off of it.  Without farming none of that would exist. There would be no top.  [Alan chuckles.] Think about it. So, it's kind of ridiculous to look down upon farming, which is so essential. And it's also, there's a lot of science involved in farming to make crops grow, etc. It isn't just a matter of putting a hole in the ground and dropping a seed in, as Mr. Bloomberg mentioned in an article a few months ago, a couple of months ago. There's a lot more to it. And it's hard work.


None of us would survive without the farmer. It's the most basic thing. What do you need to live? Food.  In a system who believe that the highest thing is to get money and deal with money and acquire as much money as possible, then you end up with all the ills that that causes in the world, hm.  You really have dilemmas, don't you?  In other words the more psychopathic a people are, the more successful in that system they've designed for themselves will happen to be, and the more they'll despise the people at the bottom that really either can't or have no inclination to climb up there and acquire incredible wealth.


What they're doing is so vitally important, or the ones at the top would be starving to death. It's utterly ridiculous. You'd think the ones at the bottom would get more applause for what they do.  They're bent over and working hard...  And we owe so much to farming, absolutely.  That's why farming is the first thing to get controlled, eh.  They want to keep the prices high. I read the articles a few years ago in fact when the United Nations, because they have their own department for agriculture, and they get everybody else to sign on to their different agreements, and they can reduce the food supply of the planet and increase the cost.


Because as they say themselves, you see, again under energy, Technocracy, everything is energy, and Wells said it and others since then said it and ones at the United Nations have said it, If you feed the people, give them good food, then they're healthy, if they're healthy they can actually breed, successfully breed, you know, with less problems or stillbirths and problems like that, but fertility improves. You see, that's a bad thing having fertility improving when their whole objective is to bring it down, like the Georgia Guidestones.  The West, as Bertrand Russell said, had already been tampered with and that's why fertility would drop.  And what's the biggest problem in the West? Infertility.  Just coincidence, right. 


What I'm trying to say to you is, you've got to get out from underneath this umbrella of what you think is normalicy of the system under which you live.  We're definitely run by a world organization, massive, it's got tentacles into everything.  You're seeing it now with, as I say, every countries’ politicians on board spouting the same lines, just like the news, eh, it's like the news from Reuters, they're all spouting the same lines, line by line by line to the public. Why not just give us one news outlet? Hhhch, it would save a lot of money. Why have them all saying the same thing? Well, it's to give you the idea that they're all independent and different. Which they're not when they're all spouting the same stuff. That's why. And they've still got a few other things to finish off yet, you know.


You've got to start thinking for yourselves and not falling for everything that's offered to you. Whether it's information or anything else. Those in the streets, and this is how, when you study the psyche of the crowd or revolutionaries, when you study the writings that are put out by Weishaupt and his group, the reason that literally they were hunted, hm, in Bavaria.  But they had already moved out and long ago into the wider world through the lodges. It's been recorded they were all through America too.  It was the massive deception, how every layer of society would be getting conned basically and fed lies for different purposes, and different factions created to be stirred up and to be used against other groups [Alan chuckles.] that would be stirred up to be used. It's quite amazing to see how well it was understood way back then how to do it all. And obviously had been done already, through experience they had studied.


Can you imagine how well it's studied today?  It's understood today when you see it on the streets.  They know how to, again don't forget what Mazzini said. Mazzini was taught by Albert Pike.  At that time, they didn't call it the Communist Party, they didn't call it the Communist Party up until Lenin and Trotsky were IN power.  Up until then it was called The World Revolutionary Party.  It was the same party that others had fallen for, Lord Byron, you know, the poet and so on, and Tennyson.  They all thought it was a romantic thing to join.


You can read Burke talking about the French Revolution and other ones too, what happened. You can see the patterns in it, which never change, they always repeat themselves. What happens is they start fighting each other, as the folk behind, and doing all the burning and often the killing too, decide they're not getting all the things they were promised and then they start to see flaws in their leaders. The reason being the leaders are really there for a different purpose.  You see, it's all understood. It's all been done before, you know, over and over and over.


Again, Mazzini in his writings back and forth to Pike and you can actually see these where he actually said that they would unleash the nihilists and the atheists on the streets. That's what they do. That's what you're seeing in the US under the pretense of, or under the umbrella of BLM where the leaders admit they're trained Marxists. They're getting funding again just like they did before, the Bolsheviks, from outside sources, well-funded multibillionaires, and I mean billionaires, eh, and well directed to. It isn't just money they're getting, it's direction and training.


It's repetition. They say hell is repetition. You're watching it, you're living through it all. Again, you get the Antifa group that jumped on board. You see the ones at the front of the BLM, but it's mainly white youngsters. But again, there's certain amongst them too whose great-grandparents may have took part in the old Bolshevik revolutions. This is a fact. Some of them have been caught already. 


You'll see, I'll put a link up too, to the woman in Oregon, one of them.  Did you see what happened in Oregon? It was quite amazing, where immediately the media and the police tried to just say, oh no, there's rumors going around that these Antifa are starting to go out into the country and start fires. And they squashed that immediately that whole, oh, it's just rumors, rumors, there's no credence to it. All the media said that.


Oregon Woman Holds Alleged Arsonist Until Cops Arrive - / 15 Sept 2020


Oregon woman holds suspected arsonist at gunpoint as wildfires rage - / 16 Sept 2020


Then you see a woman jumping out of her truck with a camera on and grabbing, getting one at gunpoint who was setting fire to the brush near her home.  She held him until the cops arrived.  This has been happening all over. A few, a whole bunch of them were caught before that doing the same kind of thing. Other ones have had Molotov cocktails, chucking them from cars.  And yet the media is trying to tell you it's not happening? What kind of power has got that, has got the power to do that?  [Alan chuckles.]   


Do you understand, if they can't tell you that basic truth, there's nothing you can believe from them ever, folks. On anything. Fool me once, eh, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  You can't go back to believing the media when they go to such lengths to lie to you.


That's standard stuff that happened then too.  They're given their instructions, you go out into the rural areas to terrify the public and you burn their places down and yada, yada. The same thing happened in Australia, what was it a year ago they had all the fires going through there.  Under the climate change agreements and people weren't going along with it and all that. All of a sudden, all these fires just broke out in the brush everywhere?  And they got them, I read the articles, I kept the articles too, where the cops got a lot of them going out there and setting fire to the brush on the bush. So, it's repetition, folks. Standard stuff. But the media is going to tell you it's, oh, no, no, it's not. You're mind… That fire, look, ttt, are you going to believe your lying eyes or what I tell you, hm?


Also, too, I do read all the emails, it's awfully important to get information from people.  It's touching when you get into people's lives and you get the problems they're going through during the Covid, and with the personal things that are happening too.  That's the real world. That is the real world, folks. People are going through everyday kind of problems of all kinds and family problems and marital problems too in different countries.  Now they've got all this Covid thing on top of them as well. Lack of funds. Lack of money. Fear of losing jobs. Already lost jobs. Small businesses collapsing like dominoes, hm, one after the other. All by design, folks. Nothing to do with reality.


You've got a virus that, it won't get lethal or attack you as long as you're eating. But not drinking coffee or alcohol or anything, it will attack you then I guess.  But if you're eating, it's an intelligent virus you see it won't touch you. And you won't get arrested then for having a mask off to eat.  Isn't that pleasant?  Ohhhhhhhhhh, can you believe this nonsense?  Can you believe it?


Yeah, getting back to Dad's Army, that was the idea. During one episode of Dad's Army, a comedy, right, about World War II in Britain. Mainwaring declares martial law for the town and rattles it off, you know, one after the other, dut-dut-dut-dut-dut, and no more than five people gathering at any time during the day, and only two in the evening, if they've got a purpose for being there, blah blah blah, and curfews at night, yada yada yada. At least folk laughed at then. 


But today, whoa, whoa, whoa.  As I say, Australia, I tell ya... The whole world has seen the shame, the utter shame that these goons over there in uniform should be feeling, you know, for what's happening.  It's something else. But they've had this same police mentality since they were created as a penal colony, you know.  There are histories of some of the islands just off Australia where they put a lot of the prisons and so on, just horror stories when you look at the histories of them, absolute horror stories.  And the brutes that they had for, they tortured prisoners.  Don't forget in those days to get it colonized Britain had all the laws out, stealing a loaf of bread, and folk were starving, would get you shipped off there into prison. Then you worked as a slave, that's what it was, you worked plantations and so on as slaves.  What a horror show.  But they had that thuggery of the current system, and I've read quite a lot about different islands in the reports up to the present, from the present time even, and people going back into the history books into the records of these places and locals who lived outside could hear the screaming at night as folk were tortured and beaten. Horror stories.


Well, it's the same thugs that you put in uniforms today, folks. Unfortunately, it's true, when you look at Australia there's no doubt about it.  And it isn't just Australia. We've had, again, Xbox generation that wanted to get into either killing folk in the military, right from Xbox to uniform, or into the police departments. The attitude change is massive. It's different. And they’re so politicized. Certain groups they won't go near because they don't want to lose their jobs.  [Alan chuckles.] So certain groups can create mayhem and they're untouchable. So, you have select groups now that are okay to hammer with truncheons or beat them up or whatever because no one's going to stand up for them. That's where you are today with this. I've got old books saying this will happen from studies that were done years ago.  Sad isn't it? But that's where we are now.


I'm going to get into a few stories here. Again, keep the emails coming because I like to keep in touch. Because it's real history as folk, what you experience in your own life is the real history. I've always said that. The books are all fudged later. Reality is fudged right now if you read the mainstream. In real time it's fudged.  Your real stories are what matters.  That used to get passed down in families to children at one time, mainly through the mothers. That's what they wanted mothers out of the homes, because the culture primarily was put through the mother, the history of the family and the people.  Nothing happens by accident here, folks. Or to help women earn money. It's an extra tax base for sure.  But no, there's a different reason behind it all. 


Now, here's Helena Handbasket. Helena Handbasket gives you a good idea of Ireland. Ireland is amazing because it is a bit of a basket case, isn't it?


Áine McMahon:- It’s in Times like these when you need your head examined / 13 Sept 2020 / Posted by Helena Handbasket


In yet another disgusting display of gutter press, comic book degree scribbles, the Irish Examiner stoops to the level of anti-Semitic style (Alan:  This is psychological warfare…) sloganizing stating that at least 3000 ‘coronavirus deniers’ marched through Dublin yesterday afternoon.


(A: This is what they're told to put out. It was the same thing with the climate deniers, right, after the Holocaust deniers, they kept using it for anybody who wouldn't go along with anything at all or have doubts on anything. This is…)


In what is commonplace in the world of mainstream media, a so-called ‘journalist’, Áine McMahon of the Irish Times tweeted on behalf of the Irish Examiner in what is clearly collusion between these two mainstream media whore rags. But her gutter press nonsense can’t even stand up to the most basic scrutiny. She first claims that this was an “anti-facemask demonstration” before changing the narrative again:-


“There are at least 3,000 coronavirus deniers marching through Dublin city centre. Slogans range from “take off your mask” and “it is only a common cold” to “wake up people”.”


(A:  So, you’re a coronavirus DENIER.  Hhhhhhhhhh, there ya go.)


Did you hear too, and I'll put it up again the link to Robert Kennedy Jr, his talk in Berlin.


Legendarische Speech van Robert Kennedy Jr. tijdens demonstratie Berlin 29 Augustus 2020 - / 30 Aug 2020


He started off his talk to them in the open air in front of a big, massive crowd.  He said that the press said that I would be meeting, what was it, 5000 Nazis here. That's how they put it in the press before he even gave his speech. He said, I don't see Nazis anywhere. He let them have it, the folk that were, the press that were lambasting him for daring to speak out to the people and the injustice of the massive lockdown, etc.  You see, there's nothing they won't stoop to. That's straight out of the communist handbook too. And the Ayers manual too in the States is the same one, the Bill Ayers one, the Weather Underground.  Always give, you must give smear tactics on everything, smear, and repeat it and repeat it, it will stick eventually, whenever you use the same term in anything that happens, just keep using that same term, people will immediately back off no matter what the topic happens to be. It shuts them up.


So anyway, this is Helena Handbasket telling you what they're doing there, and how… with these prostitutes, these folk in the media are prostitutes anyway generally.  They know how to get their bread buttered and get promoted up the ladder.  Of course, they do.


Drunken Decision Making Tyrants Laugh at Publicans and the public whilst downing taxpayer subsidised booze at work - / 13 Sept 2020 / Posted by Helena Handbasket


Another article by the same author is…


Locking Up Infected Politicians Would Be A Start / 16 Sept 2020 / Posted by Helena Handbasket


As Dublin prepares for more mass protests against government tyranny under the guise of a fake pandemic, it comes as no surprise that the city has now been threatened with further restrictions on movement and gatherings.


(A:  Well, that’s emergency powers or martial law as they call it. All NATO countries by the way, I've got the article here, have signed on to this, this exact same agenda, right down to the forced mandated vaccination.  He puts up the links that they're all on board…)


Tyranny, once unleashed, cannot be curtailed unless the people gather in large numbers and demand, first vocally, and as a last resort violently, to overthrow their tyrants.


We have seen the same actions lauded in the mainstream media in countries supported by the west in North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, most recently Belarus, (albeit that this is orchestrated by the west) as courageous and noble acts by brave people to curtail tyranny to overthrow their brutal dictators.


(A: That’s a color revolution. You see, we’ve been funding all the revolutions, but if you have one at home yourself that’s not authorized, they won’t allow it, you see. By the way, I mean, I said years ago that they were training a generation to grow up, you know, to overthrow their parents and grandparents and the system. Through the colleges, through the schools and colleges.  I said the same thing too, I says that the great big eating machine that the West has been using for 30 years now, Gulf War One right through into Afghan war and into Iraq, and a whole bunch of other countries too across Africa, and eventually going into Syria and taking out Libya, one after the other. There's a whole bunch yet they still have to take out, Iran and so on. I said, eventually this big eating machine that you've all been paying for and supplying the troops and material for will come back home to eat you all. Well, welcome to it folks, here it is.  This is it.  [Alan chuckles.])


(A: You have big color revolutions that are the soft, this is the kind of soft, in between soft and hard power.  They call it soft if it's really protesting.  That's why they want to keep calling it a soft power at the moment, as they burn cities down. But that's a precursor to the big one, you know, and then they're going to use the troops on the streets with the Covid thing and the vaccinations and the curfews yada, yada, ya. This is what they want.  It's in their Emergency Powers Acts I've got here for Britain and for Canada too and a few other countries. But all NATO countries, it's the same one when you look at them.)


(A: But as I say, the hypocrisy of that same media, back to the article…)


The hypocrisy of that same media should be as clear as crystal to those with the eyes to see through the outrageous lies and propaganda of an establishment media intent on perpetrating terror upon its own nation; deceiving and lying blatantly to prop up the tyrants masquerading as the ruling government of Ireland, an unelected puppet regime bending over, some quite literally, to globalist masters the Irish nation have no interest in serving and the majority of whom know nothing about.


(A: The folk don’t know who’s running them, do they? They don’t know anything about it, what’s really running them, do they?)


They have knowledge to a limited extent of the European Union which has devastated the country on the back of massive loans which the Irish taxpayer has been put on the hook for.


(A: I’ve got the articles. I remember the videos too from the World Bank and the IMF when they were giving their diktats to the Irish, who were up in their eyes in hock after the last bank crash.  It wasn't just in the States, it was worldwide, right.  By the same crooks that are bringing you Covid by the way because that's the same system that's running it all. It's all parts of their program, you see.)


(A: I remember too, Ireland literally was saying, oh yeah, the EU kept saying, oh, take all these loans on, oh my goodness. And you get all these, and stacks of Russian companies rushed there too, there was a lot of crooks run out of Russia towards the end, believe you me with their loot and got out of the country and went all over the world. But some of them settled in Ireland for, they were getting tax funded backups on public-private partnerships. You know, we'll put so many bucks in and the public will put all the rest in. Then you're left holding the bill, you see, the tab to the big banks. That's how it was all set up.  Encourage the Irish to borrow and borrow, and oh, no problem, the sky is the limit because the future is so rosy and golden.  And they all fell for it, and you know, bang, now you're back to square one. Totally under the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, you know. There you go.)


There is no shortage of useful idiots waiting in the wings to be let loose on Irish society. We have seen such useful idiot scum on the streets under the banner of paedophile supporting Antifa in recent weeks.


(A:  It’s true, Antifa’s not just for destruction of the family unit, being Marxist and doublethink. It’s also supporters of intergenerational sex, etc. It’s very, very much what Adorno promoted, you know, that eventually down to not just pedophilia but down to necrophilia, and even then, anything left of the old culture had to be utterly eradicated including the people who REMEMBERED it, folks. Are you getting the picture? Uuuuuuuuuuuuurghh.)


They are simply a terrorist tool of government and as such deserve all retribution should they continue to show up at peaceful, anti-tyranny protests. It’s been good to see that these animals are not having it their own way at all. They are minute in numbers, clearly politically illiterate and are being called out as the perverts they clearly are;


(A: They’ve got other things happening in Ireland by the way by the pedos involved in this as well.)


It’s been good to see that these animals are not having it their own way at all. They are minute in numbers, clearly politically illiterate and are being called out as the perverts they clearly are; at least one attribute they share with their political pimps. (A: … the deviancies.)


People are not so blind that they can’t see these vile excuses for human beings for exactly what they are and thus treat them accordingly.


These are parasitical viruses drunk on the level of power they have to create chaos in the nation, knowing full well that every single news hack outlet and person within their disgusting industry will back them, prostituting themselves to the realm of evil for a vastly inflated pay packet or simply so they won’t be exposed as no better than Antifa in terms of their debauchery, albeit, better dressed and better smelling than their low level, useful idiot, paedophile colleagues on the streets.


You see, you don't realize this is part of the supposed, the revolution is a continuation of the destruction, not just the end of the family unit, another stepping up to the next step. Now, what's left? Well, you still got children, you know. Again, it's an emotional thing, it will get brought up and, oh, we're here to protect the children.  We can't even say that anymore when we're, when you're aborting most of them these days. I mean, eh, we've got to look at ourselves here. We’re all part of the society here, you know.  Again those who utterly HATE you, as a species, want to take it down till there's nothing left of any of your history, or even a memory of family units, or your old cultures, or anything to do with what we used call decency, has to be utterly destroyed. That's what Adorno was on about.  N-n-n.  And here we are watching it all getting promoted and promoted, eh.


In California, you probably saw that, they didn't pass a law, what they did was alter the law a little bit, they claim, to bring it into line with little girls getting raped supposedly, so that little boys can have affections with adults as long as the adult is no more than 10 years older than the child. 


Did California legislators just vote to protect (gay) adults who have sex with minors? - / 8 Sept 2020


So, it's just step-by-step coming down until... I gave the talks years ago from some of the top perpetrators that attended group meetings, of the censorship committees for media, who were all on board for it. They said the next step is for intergenerational sex, there would be no such word as pedophilia eventually, it has to be eradicated, that term even.  They always eradicate the terms, when they've succeeded and change the terms to nice terms, you see, nice things. Anyway, it's just intergenerational love, you see.  Hhhhhhhhhh.  I won't even get into that, I think we're so far gone as a society that, you know, the children don't have much of a chance.


You already had it with last week's talks when I talked about, when I mentioned one teacher in the US in New York who was far left, you might as well say he's communist too, who was complaining and worried because with the at home Internet learning, it was designed by the way by Bill Gates for those who don't know that.  [Alan chuckles.] He came up with the big program to, you'd all be reimagining, reimagining education. Just like you're reimagining policing and reimagining healthcare, reimagining… This is all from the same characters, eh. But anyway, that's what this teacher said, he was getting worried that the parents might catch on to what they're getting taught, these young children to do with you know, what we're talking about now, as an example.


But again, the folk have no idea there's been a war, there IS a war on you all. And there has been a war on your parents and grandparents.  Even further back than that. A complete war to eradicate your culture, and your memories, and your way of being... And to introduce this new one, which has been authorized.  Which would never work functionally because it's against all of the things that worked before. It CAN'T survive itself. Np.  That's quite fascinating just to even understand that much, to see how it was all getting pushed.


Anyway, Helena Handbasket here is talking about total rebellion and so on.  And talking about all those who caused the problems have to be basically brought to justice. And that's true.


I said it before, that Bush Junior after he was out, you know, with his slaughtering wars, etc., on behalf of others, leaving everybody with the bill at home, says, oh yeah, I remember telling, it was a guy next to him, I don't know if it was McCain or who he was telling. But he said I remember telling him, if the public ever find out what we've been doing, meaning deceiving them all and conning them into wars, if they ever find out what we've been doing, they'll chase us down the street in big mobs with rope in their hands. 


Well shouldn't he be brought up on crimes against humanity, a war criminal? All these folks who are on the drumbeat, the massive drumbeat to totally destroy society, even using Covid, closing down the entire world's industries, and small businesses completely gone most of them, by design.  First time in history lock down the healthy, [Alan chuckles.] stop all commerce. Guess what happens?  Oh governments, please feed us.  They'll come out and say, oh, the government's sending out squads of food to deprived areas, oh thank goodness, aren't they wonderful, immediately to action, aren't they wonderful?  Yep, Angels of Mercy in uniform.  Aarghhhhhhhh, you can see it all now.


But yeah, they should all be, and all these liars that have lied... Look at the lies they gave you and admitted to now eh, that they inflated the numbers, 96% didn't die of Covid that they had down before. And it's very doubtful if the other 6% did either, to be honest with you.  If they died of anything they're getting put down as Covid.  They're still, and I gave the articles out last week and the week before from the sources for Canada and the States and Britain. They're still saying for everyone that could have Covid, right, if you test for Covid on that stupid test, the swab test, which is completely bogus, but if it comes back positive, they can put down in their computer systems that they probably already infected 10 people, each one infected 10 and to inflate their numbers. They're still doing that.


Why don't these folk get arrested? And the folk who gave you these, who destroyed your economies by design in advance before you heard of Covid? This was planned, folks.  Event 201.  Lockstep as well.  I'll put them up. Another article too before I get away from Handbasket here…


Drunken Decision Making Tyrants Laugh at Publicans (A:  That’s people who own the pubs.) and the public whilst downing taxpayer subsidised booze at work (A: Talking about the politicians in Ireland.) / 13 Sept 2020 / Posted by Helena Handbasket


The latest stab in the back in this culture of establishment superiority complex on steroids, the Dáil private bar (A:  This is the politicians’ private bar…) is open to TDs (Totalitarian Drunks) whilst the rest of the country’s 3,500 bars remain closed,


(A:  You see, they closed all the bars.  But the ones for these politicians, they can go to their own bar, eh, and get drunk, eh.)


…whilst the rest of the country’s 3,500 bars remain closed, unless they can provide a ‘substantial cooked meal’.


(A:  What the heck is substantial, in this day and age? Substantial cooked meal… So, I guess the virus again won’t, if you’re having a drink it will attack you like crazy. This would be great for their prohibitionists eh.  Can you imagine if they could have drummed up the Covid idea back then, eh… Oooooo, the demon drink will get you, that virus is going to get in through that beer there… and down you go, eh, that’s it. But if you’re eating a meal, it’s okay, the virus says, ohhhhh, it’s a pitiful virus, says the poor soul probably needs that dinner there, hhhch.  Eh?  And we are dumb enough to believe it and go along with this nonsense eh.  Anyway…)


This assumes that the common cold or given its new normal name, coronavirus, knows you’re eating and therefore cannot possibly infect you. (A:  There you go, see, there you go.  N-n-n.)


It's true enough, I mean, we're living through absolute mockery of logic here, by design.  Another one too is…


A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 2021 / 17 Sept 2020


An experimental new vaccine developed jointly with the US government claims to be able to change human DNA and could be deployed as early as next year through a DARPA-funded, injectable biochip.


(A: I'll put this one up.  It says…)


The revolutionary breakthrough came to a Canadian scientist named Derek Rossi in 2010 purely by accident. (A: Yeah, sure.  Sure!  Sure, yeah.) The now-retired Harvard professor claimed in an interview with the National Post that he found a way to “reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in the human body, not to mention all biological lifeforms.


(A: So, you take the shot, folks….  eehhh, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  good luck to you.)


These molecules are called ‘messenger ribonucleic acid’ or mRNA (A: …the m is the messenger, you know…) and the newfound ability to rewrite those instructions to produce any kind of cell


 (A: Listen to this…)


to produce any kind of cell within a biological organism has radically changed the course of Western medicine and science,


(A: Well, maybe even the human bodily structure, eh?  Hm?)


even if no one has really noticed yet. As Rossi, himself, puts it: “The real important discovery here was you could now use mRNA, and if you got it into the cells, then you could get the mRNA to express any protein in the cells,


(A: That means, express is to switch on, you know.)


express any protein in the cells, and this was the big thing.”


It was so big that by 2014, Rossi was able to retire (A:  No joke.  Huge surprise.) after the company he co-founded with Flagship Pioneering private equity firm to exploit his innovation, – Moderna Inc.,


(A:  This guy is part of the establishment, you know, he is another front. Obviously. This is how it’s been done your whole life and before you were born. So, Moderna Inc, that’s invented nothing up until now, you understand that too, eh?  The only company that Fauci said he trusted them to make the vaccine. Just surprising.  Made nothing before.  All ready to go though, eh?)


Attracted almost a half billion dollars in federal award monies to begin developing vaccines using the technology. No longer affiliated with Moderna beyond his stock holdings, Rossi is just “watching for what happens next” and if he’s anything like the doting “hockey dad” (A:  That’s how they presented him in Canada, oh he’s a hockey dad, like we’re all nuts on hockey or something.) he is portrayed to be, he must be horrified.


Remote control biology

As early as 2006, DARPA


(A:  Right.  That’s the military wing for, that makes all that stuff for military, ARPA part.  Before they called it DARPA, it used to be ARPA and they give you the Internet from the Cold War days.)


As early as 2006, DARPA was already researching how to identify viral, upper respiratory pathogens through its Predicting Health and Disease (PHD) program, which led to the creation of the agency’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO), as reported by Whitney Webb in a May article (A:  …which I have as well…) for The Last American Vagabond. In 2014, DARPA’s BTO launched its “In Vivo Nanoplatforms” (IVN) program, which researches implantable nanotechnologies, leading to the development of ‘hydrogel’.


Hydrogel is a nanotechnology whose inventor early on boasted that “If [it] pans out, with approval from FDA, then consumers could get the sensors implanted in their core to measure their levels of glucose, oxygen, and lactate.” This contact lens-like material requires a special injector to be introduced under the skin where it can transmit light-based digital signals through a wireless network like 5G.


(A:  That was actually shown at one of the world’s technologies symposiums they had a year ago, maybe two years ago.  I’m not sure if it was Switzerland maybe, I can’t remember, they have so many of them.  I remember some organizations that attended that put out videos of, they actually had volunteers and you actually saw them implanting this thing in the back of the hand, eh.  This is a big, this is a real, there is video up there too, I think TruNews.  People sometimes come down on any kind of religious site, but they put a lot of good news out too.  They did have a clip I think of this happening in one of their talks this year.  You can actually see the guy getting the thing injected into his hand at the demonstration itself. So, this is going on, folks. Again, you had the old ones too from a few years ago where they tried some of these things out for people who went to discos in Spain and places like that and in California. You can actually use it like a credit card, you could take off, just deducted by swiping your hand across the machine the cost of your drinks and so on.)


“…with approval from FDA, then consumers could get the sensors implanted in their core… (A:  Right.)


hydrogel Penny

A penny aside a 3D printed hydrogel model of a lung-mimicking air sac in Rice University’s Houston BRC lab. Melissa Phillip | Houston Chronicle via AP


(A: So, it shows you the size of this thing alongside a penny, you know.)


Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate, unleashing a nightmare of possibilities. It is, perhaps, the first true step towards full-on transhumanism; a “philosophy” (A:  …that’s being rather light with the word I think.)  that is in vogue with many powerful and influential people, such as Google’s Ray Kurzweil and Eric Schmidt (A:  No, they’re just front people to promote it all.) and whose proponents see the fusion of technology and biology as an inevitable consequence of human progress.


The first term was used by Julian Huxley, transhumanism, and at that time that he referred to it, to people like himself who came up with the proper breeding, and kind of inferring that they’d been, their mothers and fathers had been selected carefully.  Just like Charles Darwin of course, who the Darwin’s only married with the Wedgewood family for generations, some of them married their aunts and so on. I think in fact Darwin’s wife died, when she died, he married was it his mother’s sister? They were all Darwin’s, you see. Anyway, yet it was the same thing with the Huxley’s, Julian Huxley. 


In his talk to UNESCO, part of it again was to create a world educational system to indoctrinate and get a standardized system of the public, under UNESCO, you’re using science, rather than any other moral authority, just science as the indoctrinative technique and purpose. He did say that we are transhumanists. Meaning the ones who want to change the world.  Meaning, this select strange group again, again the same group that brought in the Lord Alfred Milner group and all the different characters you read in the modern history, fairly modern history, belonging to this world dominating society for an Empire, standardizing the world and its resources under their hands.  But wanting to help the people, you see, they want to help people at the same time. They're doing it all for altruistic reasons like empire building and wars and things.  You know, they’re illuminated people, right.


So yeah, this is, he called themselves, we are transhumanists.  The very fact that we have these ideas to help society and the poor souls, makes us trans-human, we are willing to sacrifice everything to become trans-human.  So, a separate species ties in with Bertrand Russell when he said in his book, he said that eventually with the proper breeding and selective breeding, like, designed by experts for the upper classes, he says, they'll eventually become a separate species.  You understand that?  Anyway, there you go.


And by the same token, by bringing down and reprogramming the general public down below, the proles [Alan chuckles.], you become a separate species anyway, wouldn't you, a different one.  So anyway, this article goes on and on and…


A wholly-owned subsidiary

In July, a preliminary report funded by Fauci’s NIAID (A: National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases.) and the NIH (A: National Institute of Health, which is part, I read the other day, the NIH is part of the executive branch, eh.) on an mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 was published in The New England Journal of Medicine, concluding that mRNA-1273 vaccine. provided by Moderna for the study, “induced anti–SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants, and no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified,” and supported “further development of this vaccine.”


That was at the start, remember, that was in July. But then they did get some folk getting sick with it, yada, yada. Don’t forget too that this is common, most of these vaccines will give you, you’ll develop, you’ll find, oh, yeah, we took a blood sample afterwards and it had developed some immune cells to it, you see. Most of them will do that. The problem is when you meet a Covid virus or any coronavirus afterwards, not just the 19, or the COV2 as they want to call it as well, you might get a massive response to it, a vaccine enhanced respiratory response, which is a cytokine storm, which will KILL you.


That's what's happened with vaccines before, a lot of them. That's why you have this long-term study over a few years. This isn't happening this time. They've given themselves immunity. You'll see that with all the NATO agreements with all the emergency powers for the vaccine that I'll put up tonight. That yeah, they are bypassing all these tests and so on... And giving immunity to everybody involved in it and administering these vaccines to you all. That's nurses, pharmacies, and everybody else they bring in on the act, including the troops that are going to go around door-to-door.  There you go.


So anyway, I'll put this article up and some other ones as well to do with the same article. Because as I say, that was also in the National Post in Canada as well, and elsewhere. There’s quite a lot of data on this guy in the article too. It's just amazing, it's just coincidental that he formed the company years before, you know, and just in case, you know.  [Alan chuckles.] Yeah, here's the PR piece here it says…


Heroes of the pandemic: Meet the Canadian hockey dad behind COVID-19 vaccine developer Moderna - / 28 May 2020


That's from the National Post itself, eh, just wonderful, and it's hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, and yada, yada, yada. There's a little video there too if you want to see it. But yeah, hockey, hockey... hockey and Harvard, eh, there ya go.  Yep.  It's the usual stuff. It's the same stuff you would read when they create a pop singer or an actress or actor or something like that. Another one too is this article here...


3 Futuristic Biotech Programs the U.S. Government Is Funding Right Now / 31 Oct 2018


(A: That's from the Future Frontiers group here.)




Last month, at a conference celebrating DARPA, the research arm of the Defense Department, FBI Special Agent Edward You declared, “The 21st century will be the revolution of the life sciences.”


Biomedical engineer Kevin Zhao has a sensor in his arm and chest that monitors his oxygen level in real time.


Indeed, four years ago, the agency dedicated a new office solely to advancing biotechnology. Its primary goal is to combat bioterrorism, (A: [Alan chuckles.]) protect U.S. forces, and promote warfighter readiness. But its research could also carry over to improve health care for the general public.


(A: All this money, they just can’t stop worrying about you.  Oh.)


With an annual budget of about $3 billion, DARPA’s employees oversee about 250 research and development programs, working with contractors from corporations, universities, and government labs to bring new technologies to life.


(A: There ya go.)


Check out these three current programs:




A first-in-man trial for the glucose sensor is now underway in Europe for monitoring diabetics, according to Zhao..


“If this pans out, with approval from FDA, then consumers could get the sensors implanted in their core to measure their levels of glucose, oxygen, and lactate,” Zhao said.


(A: There ya go.  Wow.  Isn’t that wonderful.) 




Traditional vaccines can take months or years to develop, then weeks to become effective once you get it. But when an unknown virus emerges, there’s no time to waste.


(A: You don’t need it.  All you have to do is wear a mask during a pandemic, right, and guaranteed not to get it, pull it down and keep eating and you never get the virus. So, you don’t need this stuff.)


This program, called P3, envisions a much more ambitious approach to stop a pandemic in its tracks.


“… enlist the body as a bioreactor to produce therapeutics…”


So how would it work?


To fight a pandemic, we will need 20,000 doses of a vaccine in 60 days.


If you have antibodies against a certain infection, you’ll be protected against that infection. This idea is to discover the genetic code for the antibody to a specific pathogen, manufacture those pieces of DNA and RNA, and then inject the code into a person’s arm so the muscle cells will begin producing the required antibodies.


(A:  That’s what they’re doing with the Moderna, is particles of the actual viruses, mixed with another virus by the way, two different kinds put together, hm.  And it’s meant to reprogram the DNA through the RNA.  [Alan chuckles.] It goes through how it’s going to work…)




Epigenetics, that's where they switch on and off, they call it expression, different functions of cells and transmitters and so on. Switch them on and off. It's all switching. I remember reading that years ago this is where it's all going to go. And here it all is. You can switch it on and off in your brain too, different parts of it.  Even proteins. Even hormones on and off, eh?  Epigenetics it's like switching, switching points you might say.  So, they give this article here and I'll put that up too because it's too much to read obviously tonight. For those who are really interested, can read it themselves. Most folk really won't read this kind of thing.  They want the emotional stuff, the aaa's and ooo's. But if you really want to understand, here's the information, get it yourself.


A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection / 3 March 2020


If it wins FDA approval next year, the two-part sensor could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to show.


(A:  This is permanent lockdown, folks, with the stuff to be stuck into you, etc, you know.  Yep.


I'll put them all up, as I say.  There's just too many of them. Another one too is…


Taking the UK’s Testing Strategy to the Next Level / 17 Aug 2020


mass testing (A:  Hhhhh……)  – meaning testing the majority of the population, using all possible means at our disposal – remains the only way to restore confidence and allow the UK to live safely alongside Covid-19. This means an evolution in the government’s testing strategy, from one based on targeted testing to one that opens up testing to as many people as possible, as often as possible.


(A: D’you get that part…)


…as many people as possible, as often as possible.


(A: They’re going to order you again and again and again, test, test, test, hm.  Getting the point?)


We are therefore asking the government to make establishing a mass-testing regime its core objective.


(A:  Hhhhhhh.  There ya go. And this is the one I think Boris Johnson okayed.)


Oh, this actual article is from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. The guy who brought you the mass migration because they all got out of countries that got bombed into the dust.  Here he is again still stirring the pot, eh?  And yeah, he’s just such a great philanthropist. I guess he’s transhuman. He doesn’t look human, does he, hm, to me.  I'll put this article up too. But yeah, he's on board with it naturally for his bosses, total vaccinations for everybody forever, forever, more and more of them.  Here you go.


Another article…


The Stalinist Trial Of Julian Assange. Whose Side Are You On? / 7 Sept 2020


(A: It's John Pilger. Most folk have forgotten who he is.  [Alan chuckles.] The media want you to forget of course. He goes into what happened to him and how he's doing and so on.)


I had never heard a publisher or an editor invoke morality in this way. Assange believes that journalists are the agents of people, not power: that we, the people, have a right to know about the darkest secrets of those who claim to act in our name.


(A:  Well, that’s a wonderful dream, isn’t it, eh?)


If the powerful lie to us, we have the right to know. If they say one thing in private and the opposite in public, we have the right to know. If they conspire against us, as Bush and Blair did over Iraq, then pretend to be democrats, we have the right to know.


It is this morality of purpose that so threatens the collusion of powers that want to plunge much of the world into war and wants to bury Julian alive in Trumps fascist America.


In 2008, a top secret US State Department report described in detail how the United States would combat this new moral threat. A secretly-directed personal smear campaign against Julian Assange would lead to "exposure [and] criminal prosecution".


The aim was to silence and criminalise WikiLeaks and its founder. Page after page revealed a coming war on a single human being and on the very principle of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and democracy.


The imperial shock troops would be those who called themselves journalists: the big hitters of the so-called mainstream, especially the "liberals" who mark and patrol the perimeters of dissent.


It's just showing you how you get targeted.  By the way, all he's got in this article here, is to be used in the next phase against everybody who's speaking out against Covid by the way, using the military.  Military cyber warfare AND physical force if need be.  This is the next step of it.


Ontario imposes ‘highest’ fines in country for those who break new COVID gathering limits / 18 Sept 2020


(A: Oh Captain Mainwaring, [Undecipherable]...)


(LifeSiteNews) – Ontario Premier (A: That's like the governor that you get in the States.) Doug Ford has imposed “severe fines” which will be the “highest in Canada” for those who break physical distancing health rules put in place due to the coronavirus.


In his daily media update on Thursday, Ford said that his government “will throw the book at you if you break the rules” with fines of “a minimum” of $10,000 for anyone who organizes “illegal” social gatherings and $750 for those who are at such an event.


(A: There ya go.  You see, this is the next step. It was all put out by the way in Event 201 step-by-step the five different levels they would use, and now you’re going into the end parts of it.)


The new restrictions apply to “social gatherings in private residences, backyards, parks and other recreational areas. This includes: functions, parties, dinners, gatherings, barbecues, wedding receptions.”


(A:  No kidding, eh?!  [Alan chuckles.]  So, there’s no wedding receptions, no barbecues, no nothing.)


“The new limits do not apply to events or gatherings in staffed businesses and facilities because they must already follow specific public health and safety guidelines …


Well, all you have to do is put on black outfits and black facemasks and the logos, you know the logos they put on, and say you're, you know, it's really a gathering for, you know, the authorized protests and stuff like that.  I'm sure you'll get left alone then, they can't touch you, you're too politically sensitive then, you've got a legitimate reason for eating, you know, together.  [Alan laughing.] There ya go. 


The hypocrisy is....  Aaarrggggggggg, plainly you can't trust, there's not a single government department that have got any credence because the politicization of who can do things and who can't. Do you understand?  You're in trouble when certain folk can do all the things that you can't do because of, political authorization, because of who they are, hm. I'll put that up and another article here is by Whitney Webb.


Coronavirus Gives a Dangerous Boost to DARPA’s Darkest Agenda / 4 May 2020 / Whitney Webb


In January, well before the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis would result in lockdowns, quarantines and economic devastation in the United States and beyond, the U.S. intelligence community and the Pentagon were working with the National Security Council to create still-classified plans (A:  …and it’s got the links to all this stuff in the article by the way.) to respond to an imminent pandemic. It has since been alleged that the intelligence and military intelligence communities knew about a likely pandemic in the United States as early as last November, and potentially even before then.


Given this foreknowledge and the numerous simulations conducted in the United States last year regarding global viral pandemic outbreaks, at least six of varying scope and size, it has often been asked – Why did the government not act or prepare if an imminent global pandemic and the shortcomings of any response to such an event were known? Though the answer to this question has frequently been written off as mere “incompetence” in mainstream media circles, it is worth entertaining the possibility that a crisis was allowed to unfold.


Why would the intelligence community or another faction of the U.S. government knowingly allow a crisis such as this to occur? The answer is clear if one looks at history, as times of crisis have often been used by the U.S. government to implement policies that would normally be rejected by the American public, ranging from censorship of the press to mass surveillance networks. Though the government response to the September 11 attacks, like the Patriot Act, may be the most accessible example to many Americans, U.S. government efforts to limit the flow of “dangerous” journalism and surveil the population go back to as early as the First World War. Many of these policies, whether the Patriot Act after 9/11 or WWI-era civilian “spy” networks, did little if anything to protect the homeland, but instead led to increased surveillance and control that persisted long after the crisis that spurred them had ended.


Using this history as a lens, it is possible to look at the current coronavirus crisis to see how the long-standing agendas of ever-expanding mass surveillance and media censorship are again getting a dramatic boost thanks to the chaos unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic.


DARPA Dystopia

For years, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has remained largely out of sight and out of mind for most Americans,


(A: Then it goes into the different projects…) 


…their projects are often praised as “bringing science fiction movies to life.”


However, there have been recent events that have marred DARPA’s often positive portrayal by media outlets, which paint the agency as a beacon of scientific “progress” that has “changed the world” for the better. (A: They give you links to these articles too.)


For instance, in 2018, a group of European scientists accused the DARPA’s “Insect Allies” (A:  I remember reading that article.) program of actually being a dystopian bioweapons program that would see insects introduce genetically modified viruses into plants to attack and devastate a targeted nation’s food supply. DARPA, of course, maintained that its intent to use these insects to genetically modify plants was instead about “protecting” the food supply. (A:  You see how you play the game.) Regardless of DARPA’s assertions that it is merely a “defensive” program, it should be clear to readers that such a technology could easily be used either way, depending on the wielder.


(A: Don't forget too, DARPA, eeeeeh, even before you heard the term DARPA, before it really existed as such, were breeding mosquitoes, bomber mosquitoes we call them in Canada, at Beso, Ontario and sending them to the States when they had Plum Island on the go.  They could load, it was a big mosquito that had been developed for carrying an excess load of viruses or bacteria. Because it's the infection load that you initially get that can depend on whether it takes in your body, or if it's too little the body might be able to fight it at the source of entry, you see, where it's punctured you.  The more they carry the more effective it is for biowarfare. So, they developed these big bomber mosquitoes they call them and sent them to the States and used them. So, this is old stuff really.)


(A: They've also talked about giving viruses and plagues to people, they even had a program years ago where they wondered if they could even give you the antibody, you know, the actual kind of an antidote to some of them by using mosquitoes, you see.  Yyyyyyyyou wouldn't believe the stuff, it's way beyond sci-fi when it gets… I've even seen that thing in some sci-fi movies, where the military releases stuff to cure folk...  Aahhhhhhhh.  Anyway.  By using mosquitoes. But this is a good article here, they go into DARPA's BTO...)


...the agency’s “Biological Technologies Office” (BTO), created in 2014.


(A: …and the different things they’ve been working on.)


Following the creation of DARPA’s BTO in 2014, this particular program gave rise to the “In Vivo Nanoplatforms (IVN)” program. The diagnostics branch of that program, abbreviated as IVN:Dx, “investigates technologies that incorporate implantable nanoplatforms composed of bio-compatible, nontoxic materials; in vivo sensing of small and large molecules of biological interest; multiplexed detection of analytes at clinically relevant concentrations; and external interrogation of the nanoplatforms without using implanted electronics for communication.”


(A: Long-winded indeed, eh.  So again, they go into, well, we’re really trying to sense, nanoparticles and sensors and so on, so they can sense and treat illnesses and disease and infection on the inside of you. It ties in with the previous articles I mentioned tonight about these things too.)


…“soft, flexible hydrogels that are injected just beneath the skin to perform [health] monitoring …


So, they’re here to help you. This whole military-industrial complex is really a beneficent sort of thing that they can’t, they worry, can they do enough to help you.  Hm?  Are you starting to get the picture, this how things are always put across on you, eh?


Bill Gates Slams FDA, Doubts Agency Can Be Trusted With COVID-19 Vaccine / 15 Sept 2020


(A: There's quite a few articles right now, Bill Gates doesn't want anybody to test it, or even have any government authority, anything to do with the vaccine and in distributing. He just wants to make sure it's distributed and given to the people, but he doesn't want any testing done or anything else. So....)


Bill Gates just ratcheted up his PR campaign to sow doubts about President Trump's alleged 'political meddling' with the FDA, while also placing him in league - if only temporarily - with the vaccine skeptics Gates frequently rails against. During an interview with Bloomberg News, the Microsoft founder and Gates Foundation chairman, who has persisted in his defenses of the WHO (A:  Because he pretty well owns it.) despite growing evidence of missteps, attacked the FDA's credibility, claiming that he no longer believes the FDA is 'the world's premier public-health authority'…


 (A: [Alan chuckles.] Bill Gates, he doesn’t even have a first-aid diploma, [Alan laughing.] certificate. So, he’s [Alan laughing.] telling the FDA that he doesn’t believe that they’re…)


…'the world's premier public-health authority'…


Gates, who has helped finance several vaccine projects around the world,


Bill Gates doubts FDA and CDC can be trusted on Covid and vaccines - / 16 Sept 2020


Sure, let’s trust a non-doctor billionaire who pays media instead. Again, I’ll put some more of them up too, sterilization of Africans and people in India too. I’ve heard that they also did it in some place in Latin America.  But I know about India and Africa for sure with the so-called tetanus shots.  They had ingredients in them that interfered hormonally and made them abort their children, but also made them almost a permanent sterility in some of them. That’s a fact. This is all, I’ll put up the articles, this is not happenst... this isn’t just... a rumor, put it that way.


Bill Gates, Bill Gates really is, this character could have been sitting there with Blofeld in one of these movies, honestly, could be, eh, stroking a cat or something, with diamonds around its neck, I mean, really, he belongs in it.  What I'm talking about, this kind of agency exists, actually.  M-hm.  I tell ya, self-made people, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] Ha, ha, ha, sure.  Just like his daddy was.  Sure.  Hm.


Warning Australia is running out of RICE - and may not have a single homegrown grain left by Christmas / 13 Sept 2020


(A:  That’s to hype up the fear, you see. That’s the Daily Mail Australia.)


SunRice (A:  I guess that’s a company.) chief executive Rob Gordon warned families would soon be forced to eat rice imported from Vietnam as local supplies continued to dwindle.


'We are going to run out of Australian rice by Christmas,' he told The Daily Telegraph.


(A:  There you go.)


Low rainfall, dry weather and COVID-19 panic buying …


Well, they’ve made sure the folk are panicked, because you can’t trust the darn government.  They know what’s happening here, they know what’s going on.  Yep.  Don't forget too, how much are they exporting? 


It reminds me of Russia, the Soviet Union when it took over the other little countries around about it and it grabbed Ukraine.  That was the breadbasket not just of Russia, that was the breadbasket for a good part of Europe. Massive experts they were putting out. Well, once they came in, they take the people off the farms, only leave a few on it initially so that production just plummeted. Then they had riots going on inside the cities since they were pretty well starving.  This is what they always do to get control over the public. Then they started taking all the grain away from the Ukrainian farmers that were left, and their farming implements by the way.  In the old footage you see these walking skeletons, and children, this is what the Bolsheviks did to the people.  Are you getting the picture here?  The ones who say that they love you, and they're going to have revolutions to help you, and bring in a just society, and they starve all these folk to death?  You should see this stuff.   Woah.  Woah.  If you can stomach it.  Then again, then you found that Stalin was exporting stuff, what he could get for money. As the folk were starving.  Ftt.  Uuuuuuhh, uuuuuuuhhh.  Yep. 


And then you wonder why they're lauded in history. You never hear anybody attacking that particular revolution or the event, of what happened in it. Never.  How come? But Germany, oh, they were just the Evil Empire personified. But the Bolsheviks that did it all, let's just starve what, about 8 million of them in the Ukraine to death there, that will also teach these little peasant farmers lessons, eh.  Mmm. The spokespeople on behalf of the people, they represent the people.


Australia Pushes New Measure To Detain COVID "Conspiracy Theorists" / 18 Sept 2020


(A: This is the next step, as I say, you know.)


Aussies have vented their frustrations and attempted to take back control of their communities after a surge in virus cases prompted the government to re-implement


(A:  Again, I don’t, don’t use their terminology. These aren’t cases, these are folks who might have fragments of the viruses in the swab, but they’re not ill. They’re not ill. Big difference. So that’s the excuse of course, the government’s using it…)


… to re-implement some of the world's most draconian social-distancing measures.


And if there is one thing that terrifies increasingly tyrannical governments, it's a loss of control of the narrative, which is why the Australian government is getting a jump start on curbing any so-called "conspiracy theorists" daring to spread information that questions the fear-mongering being used to keep Aussie citizens under lock and key.


A new bill is expected to be debated by the Victorian government in the State Parliament this week. It gives local authorities the power to detain "conspiracy theorists" and people who refuse to self-isolate, reported Caldron Pool.


(A: This is actually the next unrolling of the British Commonwealth countries plans. They’re all the same, I’ve read them. Step-by-step.  They talked about it at again Event 201 what would happen, before it hit supposedly, or it was released [Alan chuckles.] on the public of what they would do and the different stages they would use on the public to make them obey and get them on their knees. They actually debated this, you know.  You can actually see the video of it for a lot of you, if you care to go through it, it’s five hours long. They were the ones eventually that were put in charge of it all.  That was their so-called test dry run.)


(A: But here it is, yeah. So, you’re put in prison if you're a conspiracy theorist, you know. This is what Russia did.  Russia had one of the most draconian systems of psychiatry, you see. If you didn't go along with anything, you MUST be mentally ill, or you would go along with it, only sane folk have no problem going along with this, and that was IT. That was it. You can't fight it back, discuss it, debate it, that was it. Oh, you're obviously crazy or mentally ill, or you're a conspiracy theorist, you're obviously a bit nuts, you see.  And here is the same... It tells me it's the same folk that gave you communism that's running all this at the very top. There's just too many, too many things going into place, tink-tink-tink-tink-tink, you see, too many things just falling into place.  The same stuff. Including a lot of the terminology, you know.)


… the rule could be applied to "conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people (A:  You see, there you go…) who do not have the capacity to quarantine." Those arrested under the new rule will be housed in quarantine facilities.  


(A:  That’s mental hospitals, folks.  Here you go. Welcome back to the new Soviet system in Australia. On behalf of the richest folk on the planet that own it all, just like they own us all [Alan chuckles.] in the West as well.  Hm?  The big organization that Gates and the rest of them all belong to.)


Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said the new bill would "allow us to continue responding to the challenges the pandemic presents, (A:  I wonder that that is, eh.) so we can keep protecting Victorians and delivering the services they rely on." (A: …as they’ve shut them all down, eh.)


So far, many of the anti-lockdown demonstrations have been held on the weekends. At least 200 people were fined and 74 arrested at a protest in Melbourne on Sunday. If the bill is passed, some protesters would be rounded up and arrested, and could spend time in a quarantine facility.


(A:  There ya go.)


… authorities have already arrested a Melbourne woman for allegedly writing pro-anti lockdown posts on social media.


There ya go.  N-n-n.  Remember the woman who had talked about a protest and so on, and you see them busting into her place in arresting her.  I-yi-yi-yi, there ya go.  In a country where they pretend they’re all so tough, eh, the guys are just all tough, and how they hate the old system because they were all ex-convicts and stuff and they all fought for rights and freedoms, and this is how they’re getting treated.  And they're accepting this rubbish?!?!  Hm?  M-m-m.  Quite amazing, eh.  There you are, using psychiatry again, and opinions. What's my opinion? You're obviously a conspiracy theorist, which is obviously a mental illness, eh.  N-n-n.  There ya go.


Another one, a video from a different site again…


Australia Runs Out Of Rice As Police Invade Farmers Markets / 14 Sept 2020


Australia will run out of homegrown rice by Christmas, which may help to explain why their police are kettling people at farmers markets (which clearly doesn't help social distancing) and becoming more violent in general -- if the state expects food shortages, they must bolster the police presence and acclimate people to increased totalitarianism, particularly around food. They are preparing -- are you? Start growing food today.


And the latest Chinese neurologist that just came into America…


Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: 'I know how they treat whistleblowers' / 10 July 2020


(A:  Well, hhhch, you've... luckily you didn't land in Australia, eh?!  Hhhhh, you'd be a conspiracy theorist and locked up, mentally ill.)


Li-Meng Yan told Fox News that she believes China knew about the coronavirus well before it claimed it did. (A:  Other ones have said that too.)


She says her supervisors also ignored research she was doing that she believes could have saved lives.


You don’t know what to believe about this particular one.  Because she obviously is wanting to give information in order to get into the country and stay here. On the other hand, she’s mentioning, it says, it’s worse than they’re telling you. Which would fall in with what they’re doing on this side.  You understand how it's getting played right now, where they want you to believe it’s a real horrible thing.  And maybe for the Chinese it is if it’s ethno-specific, hm.  But she did say that you should ask Fauci, he knows all about it.  And again, the coverups in her country over what's really happening, etc. etc. and the Communist Party too control the coronavirus narrative. Well, that's what we're getting too, they're getting control of the coronavirus narrative. Same thing, isn't it? The same thing. 


This other article here is… sometimes I’ll put them up, sometimes I won’t.  [Alan chuckles.]  The Prime Ministers SAGE, that's the group in Britain that's running the whole, it's like the group is to do the coronavirus and so on.  As opposed to the COBRA group that just deals with like terrorism. And I guess they just need a, I don't know, a VIPER project to deal with the politicians that are terrorizing the public. But anyway, it says...


PM's own SAGE experts warned


(A: This is Britain. Can you believe it, a broke country, just flat broke owing, if they ever have great, great, great grandchildren, that they're all down to pay off a debt, which is impossible to pay off. So, let's throw out...)


his £100bn 'Moonshot' plan


(A: This is the one to test 10 million people A DAY…)


to save Christmas by testing 10m people a day



PM's own SAGE experts warned his £100bn 'Moonshot' plan to save Christmas by testing 10m people a day might be a waste of money and will deliver too many false results - as ministers admit the technology may NEVER exist - / 11 Sept 2020


Do you understand what they're doing here?  This is, don't shake your head thinking, well... Because you know it's all rubbish, what they're telling you is nonsense.  It's obviously got a different purpose behind it. It's to convince YOU that this is a, it's UTTERLY necessary, it's, you're living in terror and fear and they're going to have to monitor you and test you for the rest of your lives on and off. Frequently, you know. I think I mentioned before I looked at all the different universities in the States, last week, and they had a graph up and a chart with all the testing.  They're testing all the students, the ones that are open anyways, testing them all for coronavirus. They had all the lists there, and it had a small amount, really, of students that would have the coronavirus. All down them, for all the universities, and straight-line top to bottom, hospitalized ones:  none, zero.  Not a single one hospitalized ill.  So, what is...? Again, you're meant to bash your head saying, for goodness sake, none of this makes any sense. It's not meant to make sense. It's for a different reason.  It's the global reset, a whole new way of living. That's what they said. It isn't just resetting money.  It's resetting you, physically, with vaccinations that are going to alter your genetic makeup permanently, and your offspring if you're able to get any afterwards. Forever.  [Alan chuckles.] Well, good luck if you have that kind of faith I suppose.


Emergency powers to allow use of unlicensed Covid-19 vaccination in UK / 17 Sept 2020


(A: Well, it's the same everywhere, unlicensed, it's untested everywhere.)


If a vaccine becomes available before the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December and it has not been approved by the European medicines watchdog, the UK will use its own emergency regulations to sidestep EU law to allow the jab to be deployed due to the serious threat the virus poses to human life.


(A: WHAT serious threat?  Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. So, they’re going ahead with it.  And I’ve got some from the government too I’m going to put up by the way from the governments websites themselves some of them. But this one here is not their website, although a lot of the articles are from the websites there.  But it says if a vaccine becomes available before the end of Brexit, yep, they’re going to…)


allow the jab to be deployed due to the serious threat the virus.


The government admits it would be an “very unusual” step to use the extraordinary powers for an unlicensed medicine (A: [Alan chuckles.]) but that it would be necessary, in those circumstances, to save lives from coronavirus.


(A: It’s going to…. Whhoooooooaahhhhhhh! They’ve already had bad effects from that, across the whole planet, and all the kinds of vaccinations they’ve tried out, everywhere.)


… the government tries to reassure the public that “unlicensed” does not mean “untested” and that it is expected the vaccine will have gone through several safety trials before use in the general population.


(A: It actually says in it, when you read them, that they first test it on about 20 people. Young people generally. Healthy. Then they go on from there, test them again and expand it a little bit and test them. But they’re not going to even go through even one year or two years testing here.)


However, the plans also include invoking a separate emergency power which would give the government and all firms, organisations and people involved in the supply chain, from manufacture to administering the jab to individuals, immunity from being sued in the civil courts if someone becomes ill or dies as a result of an unlicensed vaccine.


(A: I’ve got them here actually, I’ll put them up from the government itself that it explains this. They have blanket immunity on everybody, folks, as they could possibly kill you. And you can’t do anything about it. You’re going to be forced to take something and then it ki  That’s called murder.  Hm?  Well not everybody will die of it.  Whoever does die of it, it’s MURDER, if they’re going to be FORCED on the public.  We should start using the proper terminology here.)


Describing Covid-19 as the “biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history”,


(A: Can you believe this rubbish?!)


the document says a viable vaccine will go through “the usual rigorous testing and development process and be shown to meet the expected high standards of safety, quality and efficacy before it can be deployed”.


(A: It has to be tested for years, and follow-ups on this though, long-term effects, etc  Not done.  Oy-yoy-yoy.)


It says it may be necessary because of the, you know, THE EMERGENCY, to speed up the process of authorization, and give it and deploy it before it's fully tested. So, there you go, that's you, folks.  There you go. I'll put all the articles up from the government too. 


U.K. Gov. Consultation document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines - / 28 Aug 2020




CDC – Vaccine



(A: This one is from the government indeed. I'll put this one up as well. I've got ones for Britain, and I think Australia somewhere. I've definitely got, also got the US as well.  This is how many I've managed to get this week.  I don't get much sleep, as you can imagine.  This one's got 57 pages in it. It's for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC. September 16, 2020.)


(A: And yeah, it's all in here. It's got everything in it. Blanket immunity. It goes through it all, one after the other, all the immunity groups they're going to use, from the military police, pharmacies, nurses, helpers, assistant, nurses, all this kind of stuff, anybody who can give you a jab.  If you end up having, you know, a deadly reaction to it, well, no one's going to get sued for it, they're all going to be quite happy to do it to the next one. That's just what's going to happen folks. They've got...)


State and Local Coordination


(A: They've got everybody's names. They know all your homes, where they're going to go and yada, yada, yada.)


Large Number of Doses Available; Supply Likely to Meet Demand


(A: …likely to meet demand. They’ll have no problems with the demand of it, having it all made and so on.)


Identifying and Estimating Critical Populations


Describing and Locating Critical Populations


Vaccination Provider Recruitment


Vaccination Provider Enrollment


(A: They are bringing in lots of people literally. And I really mean that. I've read other articles where people who've lost their licenses are all getting brought in. They'll do it. They'll do it, they want the money.  [Alan chuckles.] But they'll also keep their mouth shut, probably lost their license for rather nasty things.  But yeah, this is what's going to come around you and jab you with stuff. And if you don't take it, well, you'll get locked up forever probably. Until you submit and go along with it. There's your choices, eh.  Quite something.  And they’ve got…)


Vaccine Recovery


Vaccine Storage and Handling


(A:...etc., yada, yada, ya.  And also, through all the different electronic gadgets you've got you'll get reminders from the government on second dose reminders.  Now remember, you might need three or four shots, so depending on your system, eh, so if you managed to survive the first two you might end up getting more to make sure you're definitely going to die with it.  That's what [Alan chuckles.] I mean.  But there you go. And this is literally to alter your genetic system.)


Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System


Vaccine Safety Datalink


(A:...etc. etc. It's got whole pages on immunity from prosecutions of all kinds, yada, yada, ya. Ones for children as well. It's a playbook, you know, we're going to play with you.  And from the CDC, eh.)


For the purposes of this document, “vaccination provider” refers to any facility, organization, or healthcare provider licensed to possess/administer vaccine or provide vaccination services. A “COVID-19 vaccination provider” is any vaccination provider who has been enrolled in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.


(A: That also means any cop could give it to you, or a grunt from the Army, eh, who'd been enrolled in it.  [Alan chuckles.] There you go. Also, Homeland Security is involved in it. Now you know what they’re all for, all these organizations.)


Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation program that jurisdictions may find useful as they plan their own



(A: Hm.  It will take a while to go through it all, mind you. It's like a military operation. That's what it is actually, it's a military operation the way they've got it all worked out here.)


State/Local coordination


Tribal Nations and Tribal Communities


(A: ...too.  It goes on and on and on.)


Anyway, I'll put this up. It's quite a read. I've got a few actually to put up.  I'll see what I can manage tonight because there's an awful lot to upload, etc.  Also, there's...


Dr. Breggin’s COVID-19 Totalitarianism Legal Report -


Dr. Breggin’s COVID-19 Totalitarianism Legal Report

and Resource Center for the Case to Stop Emergency Declaration in Ohio and Elsewhere

Peter R. Breggin MD Expert Legal Report (PDF link)


(A: He's a doctor who, and I think he's also a psychiatrist.  He came out with an attorney, got in touch with each other, to put a massive complaint in that the government has no, and the US has no legal authority to shut anything down at all.  There's nothing in the Constitution anywhere.  But they'll run over that anyway, they don't even bother with the Constitution.  It says…)


Determined to restore the Constitutional rights that have been stripped away by the State of Ohio’s unjustified actions regarding COVID-19, Ohio Stands Up! has filed suit in the Northern District of Ohio Federal Court to remove Gov. Mike DeWine’s emergency order. The group is represented by attorneys Thomas Renz and Robert Gargasz.


“We believe that the response to COVID-19 has been the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public,” Renz said. “The objective of this legal action is to force the state to honor the Constitution and to stop the lies, manipulation and fear-mongering intentionally being promoted by public health officials and elected officials.”


It goes on and on. He does a documentary, a little talk with it to on YouTube I think it is. I'll put up the link for that one as well.


Dr. Breggin’s COVID-19 Totalitarianism Legal Report - Attorney Press Release - / 30 Aug 2020


Peter R. Breggin MD Expert Legal Report – PDF - / 30 Aug 2020


Now, it's war on police now as you know because they're getting, and all the youngsters at the bottom are saying, well, let's go and kill the cops now and be a hero for killing the cops. Because everybody's applauding it, everybody's authorizing it, because they're not stopping this. Even attorney generals in some of these states are letting them go. They're not even putting them in prison when they get caught.  Anyway…


Dramatic moment hero mom-of-one cop, 31, saves partner’s life tending to his gunshot wounds after Compton ambush - / 15 Sept 2020


You actually see the video where they're sitting in their car and this little guy waddles up to them, pulls out a gun and shoots them through the window. Shoots them both, and she was shot in the jaw, and she helped her colleague out and tried to stop his bleeding and so on, they're both bleeding.  She was 31 and I think, a 31-year-old mum.  The guy who was with her in the cop car was a 24-year-old cop.  But it's just, you know, that's okay, there's no, that's not that terrible a thing to happen obviously, in this present climate, is it?  In fact, they've had lots of mail saying, I hope they died. And by the way, I think in the ambulance that were taking him to the hospital, was it a different one or was it the same one, and the Antifa groups and the BLM groups were trying to stop the ambulance getting into the emergency.


When all this is over, you know, people have got to put everybody that's pushed all this, from the very top, it's not from the bottom, it's from the top, you've got to charge them and have public trials for these characters. These are enemies of the people, absolutely, that put all this out here to destroy your culture using every means they can, destroy everything, locking everything down with the Covid thing that's literally, obviously has not been anywhere near as serious as they've said.  Yeah, some folk have died but they've died of the cold, the flu, and everything else too, they're so sick some of these people.  They know this. They've fudged the figures so much because there's a bigger agenda at work, you all know.


But the people involved, if you could catch them, if you had a real world and it was all real and it was just a few people, nasty people in a small organization, you could deal with it.  But you're dealing with something that runs the world, I hope you understand that. This is a big, massive organization across the planet. It's been here before you were born. And they don't get elected in.  They put the folk in that you elect.  [Alan chuckles.] Or think you elect.  And they choose them as well.


The Resonance of Extremist Narratives Among Young People in Britain:  New Research / 12 Sept 2020


The anxiety and uncertainty caused by the global health crisis is only exacerbating this, strengthening the hand of those seeking to undermine and divide societies. In the months leading up to the pandemic, the terror attacks at Fishmongers’ Hall and in Streatham showed how Islamist extremism continues to inspire violence on the streets of Britain, while the live threat of far-right terrorism …


(A:  This is Tony Blair again by the way, one of his many big foundations, eh.  The guy, again, he was picked to be a little star here, this little… disgusting bit of you know what.  And here he is as a front man again, still, with a foundation... A man who CAUSED mass migration by bombing folk out of their homes and their countries. A man whose sidekick, you know, his Deputy Prime Minister came out and said, well, he said he was going to destroy the cultural makeup and physical makeup of the British folk by mass migration of, you know, diffuse peoples from across the world. And here he is now saying things like this? …with the threat of far-right terrorism in Britain? Do you understand how they play the game here? This is standard Weishaupt stuff [Alan chuckles.] you're watching here, with the same kind of characters, eh.  What evil, evil, evil people.  EVIL people.)


Terrorist attacks, however, are simply a symptom of a wider set of societal challenges.


Yep. So they’re going to train everybody to be different, you see, and cause the chaos, blame the folk who live in the country, who descended from folk who didn’t live in the country, blamed them for the responses, and then, you know… Uhhhhh, what a piece of manipulative evil this psychopath is.  Oyyy.  Well-rewarded though by his bosses. Well rewarded.  M-hm-hm.


Another article here is…


Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends with global carbon tax / 12 Nov 2015


(A: This is from Cargill, the big food conglomerate, one of the five big agri-food businesses that own your supply of the world's food.  [Alan chuckles.] It's quite interesting because you'll find John Podesta is one example was involved in these food stress exercises. Small world, eh?  So, they did this simulation with a global carbon tax, if there was a world food crisis, you see. So…)


Climate, hunger, civil unrest and spiking food prices came together at the Food Chain Reaction game in Washington DC this week. Cooperation mostly won the day.


November 12, 2015


The game took the players from the year 2020 to 2030. As it was projected, the decade brought two major food crises, with prices approaching 400 percent of the long term average; a raft of climate-related extreme weather events; governments toppling in Pakistan and Ukraine; and famine and refugee crises in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Chad and Sudan.


Climate, hunger, civil unrest and spiking food prices came together at the Food Chain Reaction game…


They go into how it worked out and where it would go to, etc. etc., and how the US, the EU, and India and China would make deals together, and yada, yada, ya. But they would blame it on the weather, and you'd all have to pay carbon taxes. That's from Cargill Inc.  M-hm.  Yeah, you'd be surprised to see the characters involved there. You probably know them all, their names right away in fact.  And another one here, the same group, Cargill right, works with the World Wildlife magazine, you know, from the WWF, with Prince Philip at the top of it and the whole bit, and works without these groups too, eugenics, too many folks, etc....


How a new game helped us understand the future of food / Spring 2016


By 2030, the inevitable had happened. A coup in Pakistan. Flooding in Bangladesh. The world’s farmers were breaking under the pressure of volatile commodities prices.


Policymakers across continents initially reacted to these developments with ad hoc responses, ranging from a meat tax throughout the European Union to increased humanitarian aid.


(A: ...blah blah blah blah blah.  It's the same one actually...)


This scenario was part of Food Chain Reaction: A Global Security Game, hosted by WWF, Cargill, the Center for American Progress, Mars, Inc., (A: That’s interesting too, American Progress [Alan chuckles.] And it isn’t really American.) and game designer CNA (formerly known as the Center for Naval Analyses).


There you go. That's quite amazing who's all there by the way.  N-n-n.  And also…


Food Supply Spontaneously Combusting! Controlled Demolition Of Supply Chain / 31 Aug 2020


(A: I'll put that up as well. Part of the same kind of thing)


From grain elevators in Iowa, to sugar silos in New Orleans (A:  …they went on fire.), to food warehouses in Essex, to grain reserves in Beirut -- the world's food supply chain is going up in flames.


(A: Flames seems to be the in thing right now, isn’t it, from burning homes and streets and forests and stuff, you know, they’ve got them doing it too in Oregon and elsewhere.  Even though they’re trying to play it down and saying no, it’s not. Even as they get the photographs of them getting caught. [Alan chuckles.] Oh no, no, there’s nothing happening, you’re not seeing… they’re probably just out for a hike, you know.


From grain elevators in Iowa, to sugar silos in New Orleans, to food warehouses in Essex, to grain reserves in Beirut -- the world's food supply chain is going up in flames with farm labor running from COVID-19 tests,


(A: Which they are. Because there’s so many migrants, eh, illegal migrants.)


meat plants ordered closed,


(A: Again, if anybody tests positive, not ill with it but positive with particles of Covid that are dead long ago, then they’ll close the whole plant down. It’s all deliberate, folks.)


and weather warfare destroying crops, why not just torch the rest?


This is quite a good one here too for those that want to go through it. It's from the Ice Age Farmer, it's quite good actually, some of it. He's someone who really deals with food and storage and growing it and stuff like that, it's quite an interesting little site.  Again, I'll put up Newt Gingrich, an article from USA news.


‘So it's verboten?’: Fox News panelist STOPS Newt Gingrich from discussing [Alan clears his throat]Soros [Alan clears his throat]-elected’ district attorneys / 16 Sept 2020


(A:  I'll put that link up where he was cut off dead. Because it's illegal, you can't say it.  I'm surprised they even let you say Bill Gates. Maybe they'll ban that too, you see.  The big perpetrators, the Weishaupt types and Spartacus types and so on, they'll just ban you from mentioning it, you see. And if you mention it, you'll be mentally ill and put in prison.  M-hm.  This article here talks about it.  Also, it actually mentions this...)


Mr. [Alan clears his throat] funded prosecutors, who put them in office really, and let rioters go but declare not agreeing with BLM to be a hate crime it says.


Nor has [Alan clears his throat] influence been limited in major cities. His funding was decisive in the election of Diana Becton in as the DA in California's Contra Costa County just East of San Francisco Bay area. Despite a plagiarism scandal Becton became famous for pressing hate crimes charges against a couple that painted over the Black Lives Matter street murals during this year's Independence Day weekend.


Mentioning any of that is now partly off-limits on Fox news, however. 


The Soros Cover-Up - Newt Gingrich - / 17 Sept 2020


Fox cut off Newt Gingrich for Saying Soros Funds ANTIFA/BLM - / 16 Sept 2020


There you go.  I tell ya.


Bill Gates doubts FDA and CDC can be trusted on Covid and vaccines. - / 16 Sept 2020


Again, it’s another one and I mentioned previously tonight, it’s a different article from a different site saying something similar. Because he wants to have his own group in charge of everything. You see, government might say this, we’ve noticed the folk are just dropping, keeling over after the vaccinations here. He’ll say, oh no, no, they’re just tired and relaxing after the stress built up to getting the shot, you know, that’s how he’ll word it himself, I’m sure.  He’ll waved his hands a lot and all that kind of stuff, he does a lot of waving.  His eyes are cold and dead, you know, like some critter, [Alan chuckles.] you know, you wouldn’t trust that, he’s got the eyes of a predator, you know, beady. 


Also, an article about, it says…


Get Hume out of Edinburgh University / 17 Sept 2020


A place calling itself the University of Edinburgh (A: You see, there used to be a University of Edinburgh there and it was in awfully good University at one time.) has decided to remove the name of David Hume, the great Scottish philosopher, from the tallest building on its campus. 


The announcement comes from its Equality & Diversity Committee (A:  That’s the Marxist group.) and its Race Equality and Anti-Racist Sub-committee. 


Hume, it seems, has committed sins against anti-racism (as attested to by 1,700 signatories on a petition). 


Honors like having a building in his name must be stripped, and, perhaps, statues must also come down. (A:  …as the new Marxists, you see, of this century decide what’s right and wrong in the past. That’s what it’s about, you see.)


It says this maybe a good thing, maybe too good to be there nowadays, etc. etc.  As you fund the racists, on behalf of the elite though, because they promote it. And the leaders as I say, the real leaders get well funded to do all this by the richest capitalists on the planet at the very top. Quite amazing. As they play with everybody.


Consultation document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines


(A: This is another one here from the government of the UK. It gives you, well, you can download it yourself, get the link for it and the whole thing.  They go into...)


COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history, (A:  …same thing as the other ones, eh?! They’re all the same scripts.) 


COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history, (A: Really? Really?) which is why the UK government is working to a scientifically led, step-by-step action plan for tackling the pandemic (A:  Hhhhhhh, thank goodness, eh.)


The independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will advise the UK government on which COVID-19 vaccine/s the UK should use, and on the priority groups to receive the vaccine based on the best available clinical, modelling and epidemiological data. This will depend on the properties of the vaccine, those most at need (including health and care workers) and the particular medical circumstances of individuals.


(A:  Maybe that’s why they’re going to basically conscript all the folk who are either retired or lost their licenses, because the other folk, they’ll get it first and they’ll get sick, and they’ll have to replace them probably.  M-hm. There you go. It goes on and on and on. You have to read all this one yourselves too, to do with...)


Nature of the Consultation




Temporary Authorisation of the Supply of Unlicensed Products


Once again, same as the States as well. All the same stuff, isn't it? And they pretend you're all different nations, eh?


Kushner, Jared Kushner, what a character. I mean, it's so open what kind of organization you got here running the show right now. Americans have no real political parties left really. Not real ones, for themselves, to save themselves. Kushner, the accords, you know, this is the new accords they made, Israel has made an accord with the United Arab Emirates to do with getting, them ganging up, it's the first Israeli Arab coalition that's going to maybe go against Iran. This is the preparations for it. I've been waiting for this since Trump got in actually.  But Kushner, you know, folk must say, I mean, what is this administration? It says…


Kushner: Accords allow Arab states to separate own interests from Palestinians’ / 11 Sept 2020


(A: What does any of this have to do with America?)


White House adviser highlights Bahrain’s tolerance, intimates arms sales not a factor in deal, says assurance of Muslim entry to al-Aqsa Mosque will make region more tolerant


Kushner said Friday that the two Trump-brokered normalization deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will allow Muslim countries to prioritize their own national interests over those of the Palestinians.


“This will reduce tension in the Muslim world and allow people to separate the Palestinian issue from their own national interests and from their own foreign policy,” Kushner said.


This is from the Times of Israel, this article here.  M-hm.  Now also I'm going to put up…


I need help': Pennsylvania mayor makes desperate plea after fatal police shooting of Ricardo Munoz in Lancaster / 14 Sept 2020


(A: Again, they immediately got a whole group to go in there to that little place and it says…)


LANCASTER, Pa. — Demonstrators in Pennsylvania took to the streets for the second night in a row, this time more peacefully following the fatal shooting of a man by police on Sunday.


(A: You can actually see the video of it, I don't know if you've seen the video where it was a call to a domestic dispute by the mother of this guy.  And they always say they've got a mental illness, but a lot of them are on meth and so on. Anyway, the cop's just walking up to the door and the guy comes flying out of the door with a big machete or something in his hand. And the guy, I seen the photograph, this fella had to be in some kind of drugs because he's about 4 feet off the ground when he's jumping.  The cop ran away from him, and he had to turn eventually, and then he shot him.  That's what happened, that's what you see in the camera. So immediately the whole idea is to go in there and smash everything and so on by the proper troops and so on, etc., or the BLM groups and Antifa groups, eh.  So, the mayor…)


Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace


"I need help. We need help," Sorace said, calling on leaders across Pennsylvania to help forge a solution to shootings involving police officers.


(A: Meaning, police shooting.)


"I am clear beyond a doubt that we lack the tools, the resources, the expertise and the capacity to do this on our own here in the City of Lancaster."


"We need an evidence-based protocol for responding," she said. "What is that protocol?"


"Additionally, how do we create and staff a system that can respond 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and within minutes? These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered to create a countywide plan," she said.


Who was Ricardo Munoz and why was he fatally shot by police? - / 14 Sept 2020


This video may be inappropriate for some users - Lancaster Pennsylvania Police Shoot Ricardo Munoz - / 14 Sept 2020


And what is… I can remember quite a few years back they talked about something similar where we see they've done away with all the psychiatric hospitals and institutions.  And institutions, you always think of them by the movies with folk getting dragged in in straitjackets. People used to book themselves in when they felt stress coming on and they couldn't manage it in their lives. They could go to a restful place, peaceful, be looked after, fed, and out of the stress of the street and society in general.  But they're always painted as those crazy places and folk doing stupid things inside. Folk don't behave like that in the psychiatric hospitals that you see in these movies. It's nothing like that.


And you've got such a drugged population, with these drugs now that put them out of your skull on crystal meth, etc. They, you can't act responsibly if you go on that stuff. It can't be done. You lose your sanity.  Then when they go after cops with big knives or whatever, machetes, or anybody else for that matter, they're going to get, they're going to have to defend themselves. But you've got these groups saying oh, no, you can't do it, you can't deal with it like that. Well, what are you supposed to do? 


Unless you did have teams with a net and all the rest of it [Alan chuckles.] who could somehow corral the people that are losing it.  All been discussed before, years ago, and it crops up all the time. But it's true, you would need these massive organization, maybe even bigger than the police force, because you'd need teams of maybe a dozen at a time, at least, on standby, everywhere, to deal with these kind of things. Because folk are cracking up crazy now with drugs and the lockdown and so on. It's going to get worse.


This article here, it was about Sweden, and it was put out, again it's about food, “let's talk about food”. At the beginning of the Covid fiasco, and don't forget that Sweden didn't fall for the total lockdown thing either, eh, and didn't have the problems that the rest of the world had, naturally. This is from May and it says...


Let’s Talk about Food—and What Happens In a Crisis / 25 May 2020


Sweden is telling its citizens to be ready to feed themselves for a week. Other nations should follow suit.


(A:  This is what they were trying to tell you back then, oh, we’re going to lock you down, right.)


This week, Sweden presented a civil-defense brochure to be sent to the nation’s 4.8 million households. Called “If the Crisis or War Comes,” (A: If the CRISIS or WAR comes, eh, to the citizenry…) the 20-page brochure provides practical instructions, ranging from the signals that will sound in case of a national emergency, how to detect disinformation, how to get on without access to heating, fuel, the internet,


(A: Now, listen to this…)


how to get on without access to heating, fuel, the internet, medications, or public transport.


(A: It’s a cold place there in the winter, you know, like Canada.)


It also explains to Swedes how to plan for food disruptions and issues this sobering directive: every able-bodied resident will be expected to fend for him- or herself for seven days.


(A: Then it goes on though, it's interesting here.  It says…)


The U.S. imports a staggering 95 percent of coffee, cocoa, fish, and shellfish. Half of all fresh fruit and fruit juices consumed in the U.S. are likewise imported. Food import rates are similar around the developed world; the UK, for example, imports 50 percent of its food.


(A:  They never learn, Britain, eh? World War I they needed help from the States, World War II they were starving. But it keeps you under the thumbs of the controllers.)


 “Our food is transported via increasingly long and complex supply chains that often involve ships; at any given time there are some 100,000 ships at sea transporting food and other commodities,” notes British geographer Sir Nigel Thrift, a former vice-chancellor of the University of Warwick. “Most of the ships pass through a small number of choke points, which are very easy to attack.”


So, it goes through all the things that can happen to your food supply. It's quite a good article actually. It goes on and on and on. And about fuel as well.  Even things like fertilizer, if you had to, if it was protracted and drawn-out, what you would need to survive. And have energy cutoffs they call it too when things start to get cut back and rationed, etc.


You'd better start thinking about these things, because these characters at the top are going to use all the same techniques they used in the communist revolutions, or the Bolshevik ones, in the Soviet system and then it went into Poland and Ukraine and all the other countries.  That's the best way to get folk to their knees is through starvation, folks. And if you can't get heat and all the rest of it too, you're going to get made... Don't forget, Technocracy is the technique that they want to achieve, rule by Technocracy where experts will rule everything, all energy, including food which is an energy. You comprise energy.  Are you getting the picture?


It's getting crazier and crazier; they've got a video of a drunk man...


Drunk man shot dead in Philippines for not wearing facemask following President Rodrigo Duterte’s sinister threat - / 9 April 2020


So, he was drunk, and he didn't have a facemask, so he got shot. There you go. There's no riots about that though, you know, that's probably okay to kill folks then, you know.


Now, I've still got a few articles here and before I do the last articles, remember,  Send me a few bucks. Buy the books and discs if you want or just donate to me straight. PayPal, send cash, checks are fine, and I think there's MoneyGram too, which they use at the post office I think, is okay. And if you post anything just use normal post, don't spend extra cash to track, trace it and so on or insure it. You don't have to; the post is pretty decent.  Any parcels ever get sent to me never use UPS. They don't deliver to the door. Neither does FedEx. UPS will actually use the subcontractor ones they have for anything outside the cities, and they won’t deliver to my place. I've had arguments with them. So, don't ever.  Just use basic post. Basic post, no expedited post. Basic post to get to me. And don't do extra insurance or anything like that.  It WILL arrive.


Operation LASER


Operation LASER is the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) response to a worldwide pandemic situation.


During Operation LASER, the CAF (A: Canadian Armed Forces.) implement certain measures on their personnel and Department of National Defence (DND) employees to reduce the impacts of a pandemic situation.


(A:  So, this is the Armed Forces for Canada, right giving assistance to…)


Canadian Armed Forces assistance:


Assistance to the Public Health Agency of Canada

Support to long-term care facilities

Support to Public Health Ontario

Canadian Ranger support to Quebec

(A: They’re going to use the Rangers, Canadian Rangers for the northern parts of Ontario and elsewhere by the way.)  


Local Response Forces

The term Local Response Forces (LRF) refers to unit-level organizations across the Canadian Armed Forces that are not yet tasked as part of Operation LASER Task Forces but may contribute to community-level activities as municipalities continue to deal with the spread of COVID-19.


The LRF personnel may be Reservists who work out of armouries in cities across Canada, or troops on bases and wings who may be called upon to fulfill tasks in the local community. More specifically, LRFs may provide a helpful hand for short term general duty tasks (A:  …and so on.)


Deployment of Canadian Rangers in Saskatchewan

Deployment of Canadian Rangers in Northern Ontario

Deployment of Canadian Rangers to British Colombia

Deployment of Canadian Rangers to Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut


The three lines of effort for Operation LASER

Preserve and protect CAF personnel to maintain operational capabilities and readiness (A:  …and so on.)


Assess CAF activities at home and abroad including continuity plans, protecting defence supply chains, and taking measures to limit the chance of infection of CAF personnel.


Support other government departments to ensure the CAF are ready to support the Government of Canada’s objectives and requests for assistance.


Phase 1: Pandemic preparedness

Mitigation planning …


Phase 2: Pandemic alert

Active monitoring of the evolving pandemic threat, with some protective measures adopted

This phase is activated by the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS)


Phase 3: Pandemic response

Activated on order of the CDS, this phase is characterized by widespread and continuous transmission of the virus in the general population …


(A: Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t say illness or sickness.  I mean, there's hardly, most folk would test positive, if you've even been near anybody with a cold or you've had it yourself, because it's particles it picks up.  Well, it's such a bogus test to begin with, we know that. That doesn't mean you're sick. And herd immunity comes around that way anyway. Which you need.  Without a vaccination. But again, facts don't matter.  It has been written in stone obviously from before we heard the term Covid.)


The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) response will be dependent on the disease’s impact in and around the location of CAF elements and requests for assistance to civil authorities


Phase 4: Post pandemic restoration

…re-establishment of all DND/CAF services and operations to normal levels


This phase transitions back to Phase 1 (A: …etc.  Then they’ve got…)


Joint Task Force-LASER

Following the activation of phase 3 of Operation LASER, 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, a high-readiness, rapid-response unit based out of Kingston, Ontario.


From mid-March to mid-May, JTF-LR was responsible for the coordination and command of all domestic operations related to Operation LASER and played a critical role in the CAF response to COVID-19 by:


           Implementing and monitoring force health protection measures that preserve CAF operational capabilities; and

           Responding to and acting on requests for assistance from other government departments and agencies.


As of May 13, 2020, these functions have been assumed by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.


It's got a lot of PR photographs and stuff in support and gives technical details. There's a whole stack of it here too.  I'll put this up as well for those that want to have a little deco at it, you see. Not a peek but a deco at it.  There's another term for you as well.




FDA - Oxitec Mosquito / 5 Oct 2017


On October 5, 2017, FDA issued final Guidance for Industry (GFI) #236 –Clarification of FDA and EPA Jurisdiction over Mosquito-Related Products, which clarifies that mosquito-related products intended to function as pesticides (A:  …which I mentioned earlier.) by preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating mosquitoes for population control purposes, (A: I hope it’s mosquitoes they’re talking about.) and that are not intended to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent a disease (including by an intent to reduce the level, replication or transmissibility of a pathogen in mosquitoes), are not “drugs” under the Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act,


(A:  Hhhch, amazing how they alter their genes, well, we don’t have a law that says you can’t do that and release it, it’s all to do with drugs and things so it doesn’t come under that, so just release them.)


FDA - Oxitec Mosquito - / 5 Oct 2017


It's got a whole bunch of guidelines here on using it for different purposes, etc., for the company called Oxitec, eh. There you go. What a world we live in, eh, where the age of science being the great dictator.  And here it is. On behalf of those who really own it all, which is the same characters who owned it before.  [Alan chuckles.]  Before you had it.



Trump Health Aide Pushes Bizarre Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt / 14 Sept 2020


Michael R. Caputo told a Facebook audience without evidence that left-wing hit squads were being trained for insurrection and accused C.D.C. scientists of “sedition.”


Ah, maybe he’s looking at the streets, out the window. [Alan chuckles.] Maybe that’s what’s doing it to him, I don’t know. I’ll put that one up too. But he says, it's a conspiracy, without evidence, eh.  Hhhhh, oh, oh, dear, dear.  And another one from Fox news…


Hong Kong virologist claiming coronavirus cover-up tells 'Bill Hemmer Reports': 'We don't have much time' - / 13 July 2020


She's waiting to tell everybody her whole life story here of how she escaped the terrible organization from China.  Now, here we have an article from the Times, and it says…


More than 3,500 tracking devices issued to those serving Covid-19 stay-home notices outside of facilities / 13 Sept 2020


SINGAPORE - More than 3,500 tracking devices have been issued to those serving Covid-19 stay-home notices (SHN) outside of dedicated facilities.


(A:  All the testing, all the things that are going to happen here, they’ve already been tested over there. This is how they’ve always done it with Island Pacific places and so on.)

Those who arrived here from 11.59pm on Aug 10 and are allowed to serve their SHN (A: [Alan chuckles.] outside of facilities have been required to wear the electronic wristband device throughout their SHN period.


(A:  Now, Singapore by the way, is one of the complete, is more of the technocratically controlled country and it has been for a long time. Everyone’s got IDs they have to have with them at all times. It’s all cashless everywhere, for a long time. It’s very socialistic, managed that way too by massive bureaucracies, etc. You do what you’re told and obey and that’s it. But they don’t call it communist there, it’s a bit different.  But it’s the same kind of socialistic techniques that are used for compliance and managing the public. So, it’s an ideal place to test all this stuff out on obviously.)


Long-term pass holders may also do so if they or their family members own or are sole tenants of the residence. (A:  …meaning stay in it too.  So, they’re given these devices right…)


If the devices are not activated, the authorities will determine their location and help with technical difficulties or take enforcement action, as needed.


Children aged 12 and below are exempted from wearing the devices.


It has issued a total of 162,668 SHNs, of which 14,053 are active.


This is what they want to give you here, these... these really convict bracelets, eh, electronic convict bracelets that they put on certain people if they committed crimes. It’s the same kind of thing they’re using there.  This is what they want to unroll in Canada. That's what this character that's in charge of the health system of Canada, Tam, said in a documentary about 10 years ago, I think it was on the CBC, that they would use these kind of things on Canadians if need be. Well, there's nothing happening that's not planned this way. Of course, Tam was also placed here.  Again, Tam is also on the board of the WHO, a bit of conflict of interest you'd think since basically Mr. Gates owns it now, since he's the biggest financier of the WHO. It is a communist organization. I see the whole UN as a form of communistic system. But again, as part of the real system that runs the world.


Always, remember, getting back to Quigley, what did he say? We've got communists, fascists, dictators, we have every, all kinds in our organization as members.  This is how they run it all. Are you starting to get the real picture?  The Weishauptian picture of how it was all managed back then, why it was such a great threat to the system?  Interesting too if I remember...  Weishaupt, I think at the end when he was getting hunted, he went to one of these Germanic areas...


Germany wasn't a fully-fledged, a big one nation back then.  It was kingdoms, little princedom's and kingdoms.  You had the Saxe’s; they had the Coburg's and Gotha's and so on. He eventually was put up by one of them, and these are parts of the British Royal family today.  I'm talking about the Gotha or Coburg. But anyway, they put him up and gave him a pension for life. Why would they do that for this guy? It doesn't, it's never been explained why he was put up and supported and given a pension for life from them. Why would that be? Hm?  There's more to it than meets the eye.  And that's the official history, that's all we're given but that's the official history. Not conspiracy or anything.


You've got to always remember that this was, I think personally it had to be kind of on the go before Weishaupt took it over, that's what I suspect.  Again, it's everywhere. They run all institutions it seems. They put their people in, they have suborganizations like specialized ones like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they called them the Lord Alfred Milner group Kindergarten at one time in Britain when they ran the Empire. They put their own members in as the heads of the countries they took over as Governor Generals of these countries across India and South Africa. They put their own members in, and their own members ran the resources and the finances.  That's going on today, the same kind of thing, it's the same kind of thing on the go.


They financed, don't forget what they said, they did finance the so-called communist or Bolshevik revolution from the West, and they observed it and studied it and helped it through its entire existence as the communists USSR. We fed them too, for goodness sake. Then with the massive Cold War, massive money made too from guaranteed tax money for weaponry, weaponry, new missiles, new missiles, new missiles, etc. Great boon for them. They love war scenarios and cold wars because it's money for nothing, eh.  BIG money, eh.  But it gives them control over everything.


And with Covid, eh, we're not all dropping dead here. The hospitals haven't been overwhelmed. They’re still not overwhelmed. They've got staff out there getting fired for complaining that nothing's happening in the hospitals. This is a massive deception like never before. And they're trying to tell us, across the board, the same sentencing, everything, every country has got the same thing getting put forward by their front prostitute journalists.  We've never seen such a thing like this... since the great war, or for the Spanish flu... Never in peacetime have we had anything so drastic as THIS.  What nonsense.  What is this?  Talk about massive gaslighting, eh? 


Because this agenda, the Covid is the excuse for the whole program that sustainability couldn't get through by yapping about global warming and having nonbinding agreements with the climate agreements.  This is the whole agenda rammed through here on behalf of the WEF, World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome. And they admit it. I've given you the articles over the months where their members at the top admit it, they are rejoicing, they can ram it all through under Covid. That's the end of the story. A whole new way of existing. Right. The Fourth Industrial Revolution they call it, eh?  Which is no industry for you at all. [Alan chuckles.] And may be no life eventually, the way it's going, eh?  Total lockdown coming over the winter.


So, remember, send a few bucks my way. Help me toddle along here and get through with all my websites.  I try and to get back to people who email me, as many as possible. I'm overwhelmed every day. I mean, I get no, I'm at this all day long every day, eh.  Just uploading with the speed they are giving me, because I'm getting hit, penalized, for talking, then it takes me hours, maybe all night long just to upload my talks to my sites. Just that alone, eh? So, send a few bucks my way so I can survive through…


We're all going through it together, that's true. We are going through this together.  That's one part of the slogan that's right, we're all in it together. We're all going through it together.  We are going through history, and we need each other. And believe you me, you need an occasional voice here and there to keep you, keep your mind from cracking up altogether. And for those who are struggling, I'm with you. And I'm sure other people are with you too. 


We've got to be there for each other during these times. It doesn't matter if they are even faraway, it doesn't make any difference, if folk are in trouble get in touch and we try to help each other out.


Because that's what we can offer each other. That can be a big, big difference knowing that someone's thinking, you know, about you. It's very important in this day and age of isolation, this forced isolation that folk are suffering under. All manipulated and managed by the very evil people at the top, there's no doubt about it.


Very evil people who, well you could go on and on about what they've done in the past, but what they intend to do now is... is beyond comprehension for a lot of people. It's the same characters at the very top, they have no love for the general society at all. They have no affinity with you.


So, for myself from Ontario Canada where it's already every night as I mentioned it's in the freezing mark, it's about 32° right now.  I'll start to get this uploaded once I'm finished.


Take care of yourselves.


Don't give up, folks. It's not over yet, you know.


And you've got to learn to just, when to speak and when not to speak. I would say, learn to live inside your heads in company until you can listen to where people are at before you open your mouth, because they can turn on you so quickly when they're all living on the edge, they're frantic. So be very careful and don't jeopardize yourself by trying to convert folk into like a religious conversion. It doesn't work that way with the facts and the data when they're watching television every single day, maybe even all day long, some of them.


You've got to really just use your head. And have a few friends, just a few people that they can always count on each other. And you've got to get used to, don't tut-tut and so and so.  You've got to do it. You've got to do it; you've got to help each other.  Because eventually it will be your turn as well.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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