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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 11th, 2008. Newcomers, look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. That's the official website and download as much information from previous talks and help to patch up this big jigsaw puzzle that we call (at the least the big boys have given us the term) "The New World Order."  They've had many in the past; this is just the upcoming new New World Order. Also, look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download transcripts from the various languages of Europe. Print them up and pass them to your friends because the time is getting short before we're closed down all together. That's on the cards. There's no doubt about it.


The big boys are on a roll now and it's not simply a matter of them passing laws, as it appears to be to the public at the bottom level. These organizations, these intermeshing myriads of institutions and think tanks have been working very, very hard for a long, long time, many, many years, long before you were born, in order to create this global society but not a global society based on any kind of democracy, but it's a global society based on a form of scientific dictatorship. They want it to be tidy. A tidy system and at the moment you see with us having some kind of free will, or at least the memory of free will, most people don't really have free will. They have programs that they simply repeat. However, free will you see is still a memory and freedom too is a memory in some countries, and that has to be eradicated through a more totalitarian regime worldwide. Instituted worldwide from the top because as I say it's too untidy when we make our own decisions.


Right now, we've been brought up with the television generation. People are in old-age homes now who've been brought up from birth on television, thinking that they're whole reality was the way it was portrayed to them on television and of course that's the fake one. You tune in every night, you get this bizarre downloading of partful truths, complete lies and utter trivia. Everything is so surrealistically intertwined and meshed together that it seems like a strange pantomime where nothing really matters anymore and that's intentional because the news was not always like that. That's been the same way, at least the version we have at the moment, for about 20-odd years, but before that it wasn't like that at all. Actual news was to be kept separate from sports. Hollywood and trivia and fiction and sports only came on at the weekend generally for a few hours on a Saturday and that was it.


Why have they done that?


Because you have to be put into a kind of la-la land where as I say nothing is real, like the Beatles songs go, "Strawberry Fields Forever."


Long ago big players in this agenda came out publicly voicing not so much their concerns but their opinions on society and how it should be run. Aldous Huxley was one of them. The Huxley who wrote novels was also involved in many of the big think tanks based in New York and London. It's an odd thing that he died of cancer of the tongue – something reserved for those who say too much. I hear the music coming, so I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Just before the break, I was mentioning the fact that this new part of the New World Order wants to tidy up the planet, and by that, I mean that it's simply too inefficiently run at the moment where we're all making our own personal choices. That's just too untidy and so they want a planned society. Now we've heard of Planned Parenthood. They want a Planned Society where people for the next 20 or 30 years will be voluntarily sterilized to save Mother Earth and they're already indoctrinating children in kindergarten along this particular road. So don't be surprised when you see them growing up and wearing little badges saying, "I was sterilized to save old Gaia."  That will definitely come.


Anything can be made to happen with enough indoctrination at the right age and we're on a roll as I say and people have been noticing strange things with the internet; it's because all the big servers are coming together as one and piping everything, all information, through the NSA. For those who are expecting mail back from me, I'm getting blocked to a lot of people now. A lot of blocking just comes right back to me. The games are at play and they've admitted at the top through the newspapers that special teams have been set up to attack websites that don't go along or are "anti-government" or don't go along with this particular program of the governments at the moment. So I'm one of them, I'm getting attacked all the time. As I say, if you haven’t heard back from me it's not because I haven’t written, I just get all the mail bounced right back.


Now I've mentioned as I say that the majority of the public float through their lives never ever really knowing what's going on and because they parrot the same information to each other, generally from the previous day's news, they all think they're sane. However, the things that are happening today were discussed and published in big books by big players, 50, 60, 70 years ago including a need to reduce the population because even with world wars the population will still be too high (for their books, that is) and they do love accounting at the top and neatness and tidiness. Therefore they went over all the systems that depopulated people in the past and you'll hear Huxley, you'll hear Wells, you'll hear many of the big players, Charles Galton Darwin, bemoaning the fact that the Black Death had been sort of ruled out and bewailing the fact too that with our rising healthcare the public would live too long. That annoyed them and upset them, especially when they said that we're all "useless eaters." We don't really have an important part to play in this destiny of the world. We're just consumers and producers you see. We don't have the right intellect. We have no "virtue" and they love the word virtue. That's why you have virtual reality coming in (high Masonic term) and therefore most of us have to go. We have no real purpose in the world.


With this great healthcare industry that's been promoted worldwide, the first part of it of course being abortion worldwide through the United Nations and through every country funding it, especially to third-world countries. Along with that, we're seeing people in the so-called first-world countries get sicker and sicker by premature aging diseases. Incredible, incredible rates of arthritis and juvenile and adolescent arthritis and various other aliments that should not hit people at that age and everything ties in to the inoculation agenda. There's no doubt about that. When most people in the Western world have compromised immune systems, something attacked their immune system. Read the old books and you'll put two and two together and you'll come up with the answer because they published these facts and I've read them before. Even the ones from Lord Bertrand Russell where he said the needle would be used with good effect; the needle. The horrific part is most people can hear this stuff and read it for themselves, and still say, "well, I know they said it but they didn't really mean it. No one could be that monstrous," and that's precisely why those at the top, this big global elite club, get away with it. We've been trained we love this paternal organization at the top that somehow are born from different wombs with a special altruistic gene. They want to help us, Big Daddy, and goodness gracious daddy is showing his fangs.


I've mentioned too that above parliaments and governments you have big foundations that are the front organizations to fund the non-governmental agencies that pushed the policies and draw up the policies for the planet. In Britain they used to have Royal Charters to exist. You cannot put the word "Royal" in anything without a charter from the Crown – this strange supra-governmental organization called the Crown. The base of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England, their home house is called Chatham House. Chatham House is the home of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. In New York they call it the Council on Foreign Relations. It's the same organization. You couldn't call it royal. It might upset Americans of the past; I don't think about the present. I don't think it would upset too many because of the propaganda that's being undertaken and in New York is the Harold Pratt Building.


Now this non-governmental organization which drafted up the policies and the strategies for the integration of the Americas and it came out on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television that they'd done it. They were very proud of themselves. This non-governmental organization that has think tanks and fingers in every pie across the globe has written about the fact that they've been studying a project to do with the world's food supply for the next 50 to 100 years.


Now Chatham House also was turned into the headquarters of the OSS during World War II, and from the OSS came MI6 and the CIA. Same building, same house. This is from their own website.


            "UK Food Supply in the 21st Century: The New Dynamic"


Alan:  Now here's this non-governmental, non-political organization that drafts up policies that governments sign into law on about the food system. Now that there are five big agri-food businesses and you'll find the members who have the controlling shares in them all are members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.


            "UK Food Supply in the 21st Century: The New Dynamic

            In addition to established areas of research, Chatham House undertakes an increasing number of initiatives that combine our regional…"


Alan:  Regional again. That's the UN regional parts.


            "…andthematic expertise to focus on specific areas of policy. This project, 'UK Food Supply in the 21st Century: the New Dynamic', is a major component of that effort."


Alan:  Now this is not just Britain. Every Commonwealth country across the planet has its own RIIA organization and the U.S. is simply called the Council on Foreign Relations, so they're doing the same thing in every country.


            "The project was given its public launch in 2007 following 18 months of evaluation. Project stakeholders can login to the Food Supply Project Website. The research is focused on the future, examining the effects of global trends on the networks that supply two staples, wheat and dairy, to the UK market."


Alan:  Now you've seen the news, after all, this was published a while ago. In the news now suddenly, suddenly, all of a sudden there's a massive wheat shortage worldwide. It's going to cause disaster. There's already riots in Haiti. I told you years ago food will be used as a weapon. It is already and here's the guys behind it.


            "The work is built around a core panel of stakeholders with research expertise drawn from centres of excellence around the country. Highlighting the challenges to be faced, it is giving participants a system-wide perspective and will develop, through scenario-based analysis, the options open to professionals across each supply network. Research undertaken between March and November 2007 included a series of interviews and discussions with leading players within and around Britain's wheat and dairy supply networks. The work indicates that there are widespread doubts about the ability of global food production to meet rising demand, with constraints on the availability of energy…"


Alan:  They own that too, remember. They've gone after all your energy through the Kyoto.




Alan:  Another staple that you need for survival.


            "…and land frequently identified as issues of particular significance. Overall, there is an expectation of significant structural change in existing food supply arrangements and the policies that support them; and there is a belief that Britain as a society has a number of important choices to make if it is to secure the kind of supply arrangements that best support its interests.


            These preliminary findings will influence the next stages of project research, in particular, the development of four global scenarios that could shape the future of the UK's food supply. The range of variables to be considered in this process include:


            •  global responses, including from major emerging economies such as China and India;

            •  the role of science and technology;

            •  the respective roles of government, industry and consumers and the best way to encourage desired behaviours…"


Alan:  Interesting phrase.


            "…the best way to encourage desired behaviours and operating practices. Much of the work will be done in a series of by-invitation workshops…"


Alan:  In other words, don't try to go—you won't get in.


            "…over the next six months; the next, to be located at the Headquarters of the National Farmers' Union in Stoneleigh, will be held on 11/12 and 18/19 March. A major review conference will take place in the last week of June 2008."


Alan:  Back with more after the following messages. Hi folks. This is Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix, trying to show that nothing is happening by chance. You're simply living through an agenda, a big long-term, long-range business plan set out long ago. They looked at society and what society needs to survive and how to make people obedient by using all kinds of weaponry, including food and water, energy for heating and all the rest of it, and now they're closing the net on the public. This is the age of crisis creation. Crisis creation – everywhere you look it's a crisis. Suddenly it's a crisis. There's nothing sudden about it, really, because as I say they wrote about it a long time ago and now the big boys that are interlocked at the top worldwide are pulling it off through their front organization called the United Nations.


This is from MSN News, April 11th.


            "UN food agency…"


Alan:  This is to tie in with all the stuff that the Royal Institute for International Affairs is putting out you see.


            "UN food agency: Soaring prices to persist. Millions worldwide are vulnerable; developing nations especially at risk.


Alan:  It gives you a picture of protesters.


            "Protesters are blocked by riot police as they try to march towards the Presidential Palace to deliver a mock birthday cake and gift to the Philippine President Gloria Arroyo on her 61st birthday in Manila. The protesters called on Arroyo to step down, blaming her government for rising food and oil prices."


Alan:  Now you can see why they've been building up this international army of riot police and military and it goes on to Haiti.


            "Haitian prime minister told to step down on April 10th. Haitian senators called for the resignation of Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis after a week of violent demonstrations against the climbing cost of food. The violence killed at least five people. NBC's Mara Schiavocampo reports on Nightly news."


Alan:  There's more links to that to do with it. Now remember Haiti as well, another country that the United Nations has been heavily involved in for about 15 years now, in which it's policed actually by, of all things, the RCMP (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) who donned blue berets years ago and went over there to stop other riots in this poverty stricken country. Wherever the UN goes it gets worse. In comes the World Bank that gives out the loans to start intensive farming using all the chemicals which deplete the soil in no time at all, making them more dependent on the chemicals, which keep going up in prices, and the people can't pay it back. It's just simply too high. These loans are extortionate and it's not meant to help them out. It's to put them into further servitude to their masters; and Haiti and those who used to control Haiti have long memories because it was the first country really occupied by slaves that rebelled against their masters a long time ago.


Before I go on to callers, I'll read this other part too. It's exactly the same news we're getting worldwide in different countries but it doesn't tell you that if you look into particular countries news. Whatever laws are getting passed in Britain are getting passed in Canada and the States at the same time. We're all tied together you see under NATO, the scrambled ATON.


            "All UK citizens in ID database by 2017

            By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor

            March 7th, 2008


            All British citizens will have their fingerprints and photographs registered on a national ID database within 10 years under plans outlined by the Government. Millions in sensitive jobs, including teachers…"


Alan:  Sensitive job, eh, teacher?


            "…carers and health workers…"


Alan:  In other words, all those who get a government paycheck.


            "…will be among the first to be entered on to the identity register. In a bid to kick start the project - the world's biggest - foreign nationals working in Britain will begin to be issued with cards from November. Starting next year, the first British citizens will be enrolled beginning with some airport staff, power station employees and people working on the London Olympics site. Fingerprint kiosks, modelled on existing photograph booths in stations and shops, could be set up around the country to help people enroll. Plans outlined by Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, yesterday envisage a fee of £30…"


Alan:  That's about $60.


            "…for a stand-alone card, and more than £100 for a combined ID card and passport."


Alan:  Well, that's the beauty of democracy you see. You get to buy your own chains and the rope that hangs you.


            "But ministers have been told by their own expert that enrolment should be free if the scheme is ''to win hearts and minds''.


Alan:  Oh my goodness, got to win the hearts and minds of the little people.


            "A report commissioned by Gordon Brown from Sir James Crosby, a former banking chief…"


Alan:  I was going to say chef there because he cooks the books.


            "…raised the prospect of the taxpayer stumping up the full cost."


Alan:  Of course they will.


            "The Government has insisted all along that the multi-billion pound scheme would be funded through fees and not taxes. Sir James also came out against including a digital image of the cardholder's fingerprints on the microchip in each ID card."


Alan:  There's a microchip in the card you see.


            "For security reasons, the card and database should only hold some elements of a biometric, he said."


Alan:  That's to begin with, of course.


            "His report was published alongside a new Government timetable for introducing a universal ID scheme by 2017."


Alan:  The same as every other country on the planet.


            "From the start of 2010 young people…"


Alan:  Again, they love 2010, don't they?


            "…young people will be able to get an identity card if they chose and will be issued with a unique personal identity number. Later that year the scheme will be opened up to voluntary applicants of any age."


Alan:  Got to use the mouse trap. I'll be back with more after these messages.  Hi. I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix and showing you that what's happening in your own countries is happening in every other country, but no one wants to mention that fact, so you have to scour all the different papers.


This is from The Telegraph. One more paragraph then I'll go to the phone.


            "From 2012 - after the next general election - anyone applying for a new passport will automatically be fingerprinted and 49 pieces of personal information…"


Alan:  Same as the U.S. and Canada.


            "…will be logged on the database."


Alan:  They love 49. That's why they drew up the parallel between the U.S. and Canada. The masons did that you see. 49'er, my darling Clementine.


            "This is three years later than planned when the scheme was first proposed after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001."


Alan:  I guess the author forgot to mention they tried to pass it in 1998 but there was no reason to do so and the public objected. Now I'm going to go to the phones and we have Brian from Brazil. Are you there, Brian?


Brian: Yes. Hello Alan. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can. Go ahead.


Brian:  I'm just calling to comment on chemtrails that I've been observing a lot lately for those who have been following in North America and Europe. Brazil the majority of and most of South America is also receiving heavy, heavy spraying, through Argentina as well, and this past two weeks in the northeast here we're not used to any rainfall at all. We had a migration of about 400,000 families moved off their land from massive rains and flooding in the northeast and it seems to be Agenda 21 in motion.


Alan:  It is in motion and you're right on, it’s Agenda 21 and there's no doubt about it. They do use the spray coupled with HAARP to bring on tremendous storms and that is in the Weather Warfare Treaty signed at the United Nations in the 1970's. People should check into it. Yes, it's happening.


Brian:  Also I want to comment on the chemtrails from H.G. Wells "Things to Come."  He talks about the manufacture of this stuff and the day may not be distant when it has eugenic applications or for manipulating the genes of the populations.


Alan:  That's right and this weekend I'll be doing a special on the chemtrails because now there's evidence, as I've been saying, there's aerosolized Prozac and Valium in it as well to drug the public.


Brian:  Yes. You can see the reaction in the public. Like here you have in the northeast an exodus of 1.5 million people and there's not a blink of an eye or a reaction.


Alan:  Yes and that tells you it is the agenda.


Brian:  Yes, yes. One more comment too about your work on the United States as the first openly Masonic republic or country. Brazil as well, looking into the history, is intensely Masonic and the agreements are published too with the Grand Orient of England as well.


Alan:  Yes. Anything to do with "Bra" – "Bra," by the way, is a little Masonic joke for two, the duad. It's a cross-your-heart type deal; but there's no doubt about it, if you look into all the Latin American countries and you'll find high Masonic symbolism. The whole of the Americas in fact is the same as well.


Brian:  All right, thanks a lot, Alan, and I hope to call in again in the future.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now I've got Rick in California. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Hi Alan.I just wanted to mention a couple of things. I hear people complaining about the system a lot and I'll chime in and I'll say yeah they want to catalogue children based on their DNA that they'll be criminals and they'll be on parole; or I'll say the British government wants to microchip prisoners or microchip people, and they'll say oh, I think that's a great idea. People say that just so flippantly, casually and so it just shows how brainwashed people are. That's the first thing. The second thing I want to mention is you know that caller who called in arguing with you about religion, Jeff from Texas I believe it was?  I went to his YouTube video and listened to it and he got kind of angry and told on himself. He had said when I was in the military – he mentioned he had been in the military and he said that during 9/11 in New York he was in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which you could be sure it's probably pretty expensive. You were talking about the ark, his thing to refute that he said oh I'm a specialist in foreign languages and I told someone that. I told a friend that and they said that's intelligence. That's military intelligence and so he kind of tells on himself a lot and then the other guy Lucas, that called after him, he apparently knows him too.


Alan:  I'm sure they'll know each other and you've got to understand too, there are also plants. Organized plants out there who try to trip up hosts because under various hate law crimes, if they can try and trip you up, they can get you off the air. These guys can also work for the CIA, who generally are behind all this kind of stuff.


Rick:  I already called Republic, Michael Powers, to offer my support and say how much I like you and to keep you on the air no matter what and asked him if anybody has called. He said this guy Jeff said he's going call radio shows to "expose" you.


Alan:  There's a definite attack and I'm well aware of them and I expect it, because I talked about last week many of these supposed hate groups were actually CIA front organizations that use various hate terminology to try and trip you up, get you fouled up and get you off the air. As long as they get you off the air, that's the main purpose and they'll use any technique to do it.


Rick:  What can I do to help? I mean I'd like to contribute and I will. I have in the past and when I get some more money. I'm kind of having a hard time right now financially, but what else can I do to help to stop people from getting on you?


Alan:  There's not a lot you can do and I tell people to use their own common sense when they're listening to shows and realize that there are government sponsored agents out there just like they have scouring the internet, they scour the radio shows. The Pentagon has already admitted it. They have organizations set up to go over every radio host and everything they've ever said to see if they can find any reason to bring charges against them for being "anti-government," and so they have their plants out there who are paid to call in shows and really harass the hosts.


Rick:  Okay. Well, that's all. I just wanted to say how much I like you and Mike Powers said something about you getting on five days a week so that would be nice, but I don't know if you have – well, I just want to offer my support and I'm with you, Alan.


Alan:  Okay, thanks for calling.


Rick:  Okay, you're welcome. Bye-bye.


Alan:   Bye now. Now there's Mark from Wisconsin. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Aldous Huxley. I believe it was 1962, 1961 at Berkeley. Are you familiar with that speech?


Alan:  It's on my website.


Mark:  Yes it is. Everyone should download that because he speaks rather frankly about how governments use terrorism to create stress to increase suggestibility in the populations.


Alan:  I have another one, too, I'll be putting up from another interview he gave where he goes a bit further even than that one.


Mark:  Oh, I would be very interested in getting that. What's that one called Alan?


Alan:  I'll put it up this weekend on my site. I'll be doing a special talk and I'll add that to it, so you'll be able to find it.


Mark:  Okay. And it peaked my interest because he was speaking about suggestibility too. Twenty percent of the population is extremely suggestible. There is a middle part and the top part is 20 percent, so I guess that leaves 60 percent in the middle.


Alan:  Sixty percent actually go under. He actually said in other talks he gave and his figures were much higher. He said 60 percent go under suggestibility immediately. In other words, 60 percent of the public don't question the media much at all. They think it's all true.


Mark:  That's what I was thinking. Now it may have been true back then, but I think people are much more suggestible now.


Alan:  They are. They definitely are.


Mark:  And that brought me to another question. I've heard some subliminal tapes before and I know it's rather important to – the narrators will say please make sure you have the left side on – you know how the speakers are separated left and right and I guess that's rather important. Can you explain why that's important?Why they have a left and a right audio feed?


Alan:  Left and right, again, it's to do with the different parts of the brain. Your speech centers – well, your hearing is in your temporal lobe and I think the only organs really that come together into the same part are the eyes, but the hearing and everything else is to do with two different sides of your brain. Logic versus emotion, so you can actually work things depending on how you set up a hall with lighting and sound and it's used even in the music industry to get special effects in the audience if you know what you're doing. It's a science in itself which will affect behavior and mood and so on, and even they use it in big cinemas, big theaters and movie houses where the speakers will – you'll hear a certain sound during a horror. It might come from one part of the hall and not the other speaker, and it's to affect the emotional side of your mind.


Mark:  So when we go to the movie we can actually be programmed in a hundred different ways with these various methods of programming.


Alan: You are. They wrote a lot about in the '60's. They tried different techniques of even bringing smells and scents into the theater. They even had some theaters rigged so the chairs would even shake or move if you thought you were in a car. The whole idea is the more senses they can fool the more believable the story is, and therefore whatever messages are in the story will be downloaded and stay in your memory much, much easier. This is a technique that was used a long, long time ago and it's actually better today. The high-definition television is even better than normal eyesight. If you're looking outside you don't see everything in focus at the same time, so the idea is to make you get used to eventually having implants in the eye. That is coming with cyborg-type technology. It's already here actually. They can do it and it will also, I have no doubt about it at all, the high-definition. Why would it be passed by law that every manufacturer must put out high-definition television? There's a reason for it. It will be far more effective than the regular television is and that's bad enough.


Mark:  That also brings up the government is planning on giving out vouchers to people so that they can get on cable.


Alan:  That's right. I mean that's a priority, isn't it? So they want everyone to have their very specialized downloading that will be more effective than even the old one and that was bad enough.


Mark:  Right, right. Well okay, thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, we're on a role of indoctrination. Huxley was quite right. He did take part in some of the big think tanks. That's why he could speak kind of openly – well, partially. He was guarded on certain topics but he did lay out the agenda. He himself was terribly worried about overpopulation and again he mentioned the food supply, riots, but he also mentioned the fact that private organizations – he saw the future as being run by big international corporations that would take over from governments and be further apart from democratic systems than ever before. That ties in with Professor Carroll Quigley's summarization of the same technique and when he said the next system will be a new feudal type system where the CEOs of corporations will be the new overlords of the public. Well, you see that's what's happened and it was planned to be that way. It's not by mistake. It was planned to be that way.


Democracy was given to the public for a short time to stop them from rioting within their own countries, to stop them from rebelling, but the real governments that already existed, an elite type of government, never went away. It sat in the background. Still controls things. Still does and now they're simply taking us on with the next level of control and over the long-term plan and they always work long-term. They hope to have a hundred years war and out of that hundred years war everything that we know today as being kind of normal—whatever is left of normalcy, that constantly changes, and the trouble with normal is it always gets worse—is that a hundred years later you could never recognize the kind of society that would be. It truly will be a Brave New World à la Huxley and you'll have special-designed people or slaves to do specific tasks, ideal design. That's the real meaning of ID, ideal design, and it's coming upon us very, very fast.


For those who wonder why the big boys, certain big corporations like Gates, for instance, Bill Gates – I Am the Will of the Gatekeeper. They always have a gatekeeper in the lodges you see. How he was put up to be the front man and broke every rule in the book regarding ownership and patents and all the rest of it from other companies. He just simply amalgamated them all into his own company and was put to the top without ever ending up in court. It's because the CIA controls the biggest corporations. They set a lot of them up in fact from the very beginning; because in a new world where supposedly science and technology would dominate over enemies, then you had to make sure there was no real free competition. You have to make sure that everything that comes out technological-wise is stuff that you put out and have authorized to put out, and that's why Mr. Gates was put to the top.


Same with Monsanto. Monsanto has taken over most of the seed of the planet; simply did it because no one had thought of patenting the seeds that were handed down for centuries and centuries and centuries, so by using legalism they simply say "well, no one's done it before, it's ours. We'll just put the patent on this and that seed. It's now ours. Now you can't use it without paying us a fee," and they're doing that.


In Vanity Fair, of all magazines, which I think was another one put out by the big boys a long time ago, they have an article on this "Monsanto's Harvest of Fear" and this says:


            "Monsanto already dominates America’s food chain with its genetically modified seeds."


Alan:  Not just America by the way. It mandated it in India and the Rothschild's have been buying up hundreds of farms in India as they throw the farmers off the land and they own a good part of the planet now.


            " Now it has targeted milk production. Just as frightening as the corporation’s tactics–ruthless legal battles against small farmers–is its decades-long history of toxic contamination."


Alan:  That's on May 2008, Vanity Fair, and it goes into their tactics and how literally they're untouchable. Every court, every judge in the world so far has been told to always back Monsanto in all of the cons that they've pulled on the farmers. Every court, as far as I know, has gone along with this and always found in favor of Monsanto. In other words, it's a "must be" that this corporation rules all the seed of the planet. There's no doubt about that. Once again, it will be CIA, MI6 backed from the very, very beginning. It's untouchable obviously, untouchable.


The courts cases they had in Canada they stated to put the farmers out Alberta way, Saskatchewan, that if you had their seed on your land growing, even if it came off a truck or a bird pooped it out on your land, they don't care. By law, you're guilty and they charge you so money in the fines. They put you out of business. This again, it's a must-be. It’s a must-be. What kind of justice is that? Masonic justice, you see. It's a must-be. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and we're mowing through it today. Now I've got one last caller. It's Robert from New York City. Are you there, Robert?


Robert:   Yes. Hi, Alan. I have a question about – you know how you mentioned that the original assassins were shown you know these luxurious places and that was used as a lure or used to tempt them to become assassins in the hope that they could have that kind of luxury.


Alan:  They were actually taken in as orphans in Afghanistan by the first Grand Master, the "old man of the mountain," and they were brought up in a mountain paradise and given lots of hashish and so on. That's where the word assassin comes, Hashishin (Hashshashin), and so they were trained and they were given education too and then sent out into the world to become advisers to other Caliphs and so on and kings and princes across the areas. They could work for them for years and years and years, but if the command came, it was like a sleeper and spy syndromes, they would simply do what they were told and they'd be the lone knifeman. They'd go up there, kill who their target was, even the king, and stand there waiting to be caught.


Robert:  I see. What I was going to ask was do you think there might be some kind of modern equivalent of that where people who are say politicians or media people are shown a place where the elites have say all of their secret technology?


Alan:  I'm sure there's layers of it in fact. They'll never see the top but they could certainly be shown what appears to be a showpiece with the promise that if they go along with it they and their families will be spared. You probably know that all politicians in the Western world back in the mid '90's admitted (it was in the newspapers at the time in Canada, too) that all politicians and their families would be given special hospital treatment for anything that happened, in very good military hospitals where the public would be barred from them. They never told us why that would be. However, along with that they were also promised, I know this, I know that they were promised special REAL INOCUATIONS against specific diseases that would break out; and so they're paid off and bribed off and of course they think they're special. However, I do believe that once their usefulness is over they won't get into any underground paradise.


Robert:  Right. Do you think that the elites might have secret colonies maybe either inside the earth or on Mars or somewhere else?


Alan:  They have them on the earth; we know that. If you go into the writings of Herodotus, for instance, the Egyptians even had underground places to go in times of trouble, so did the Greeks of Mount Parnassus, so did the Brahmans of northern India in the Himalayas. They've got whole chambers dug up where you could hide for 100 years.


Robert:  Well, I mean not only times of trouble but where they you know let their hair down and use all their neat stuff like anti-gravity and maybe--


Alan:  Whatever high technology will certainly be available and the real ones – as I say, there'll be front ones too for certain people to be shown to get them in to work for them – but there'll be the real ones with the high technologies that's never shown to the public.


Robert:  I see. Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Well, that's it from Hamish and me on a sleety, rainy, snowy day in Ontario, Canada. Thanks for those who put in donations. It keeps me going. Don’t forget to keep it coming. So from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)