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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 14th, 2008. I hope I'm on the air because we've had two false starts here and all I had was phones ringing once the studio hook-up came, so I hope I'm on the air and I'll continue as though I were. Newcomers look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for the transcripts you can get from the various languages of Europe. Some people have been working hard trying to get transcripts up there and there's more coming in. You can download them, print them up and pass them around and also look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download lots of the previous shows which have lots of information, which help to tie this massive jigsaw puzzle together. The pieces are scattered and that's how you've been taught to see them, in bits and pieces all over the place, unrelated, but it's all from the same jigsaw board. It's been cut up and we have the illusion of it being scattered. It's all very coordinated in reality.


We're living through the greatest changes in history probably, because never before have so many sciences come together quite a long time ago and become a sort of dominant elite – a new type of religion where their theories become the gospel truth and they're treated as that by those in the top. All these theories come together and you have a big technocratic elite at the top, too, working with big institutions, big foundations and the elite above government, the supra-elite. The people may have been in politics, not all of them, but some have been in politics, even prime ministers and presidents, who create up this parallel government as Margaret Thatcher called it and they all interact with each other creating this.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back with Cutting Through the Matrix. There's odd things happening at the studio when I go on because the phone seems to be going in a loop somehow and we've had odd things happen before when everybody ends up talking like Donald Duck and I don't know what causes it. I don't think they can find out either, but who knows. Maybe there's bigger powers playing games on some server or something.


I'd like to talk about what happened not long ago with the torture incident we were all filled with in the news, and this is from Strut online. It's part of the Detroit Free Press. Also I think it comes under Freep.com and this was April 12th, 2008 it was written. It says:


            "What torture? We went shopping."


Alan:  It's well worth reading, by Leonard Pitts, Jr.


            It says:


            "The Iraqi prison was the epicenter of an international scandal in 2004 when it was revealed that U.S. soldiers were mistreating detainees, forcing them to stand in stress positions, sexually humiliating them, menacing them with dogs, denying them clothes, dragging them on leashes, threatening them with electrocution.


            All of it was captured in photos that shocked the world. One of the most memorable showed then-21-year-old Army private Lynndie England, cigarette poking from an idiotic grin, index fingers cocked like guns as she pointed to the genitals of a naked Iraqi man. We stared at those images and asked how this could have happened, how American soldiers could have become so degraded and undisciplined, could have wandered so far afield from the moorings of simple, human decency. Many answers were proffered. Mob mentality. Dehumanizing conditions. Lack of oversight. But as the years have passed, a truer answer has coalesced. Where did these young soldiers get the idea that the rules were suspended, that free rein was given, that they could do whatever they wanted to the men in their custody? It came from the top.


            The latest proof: a recently declassified 2003 memo from John Yoo, then a Justice Department lawyer. The memo, eventually rescinded by Justice, authorized torture as a means of interrogation, a finding that carried the force of law. Much of the media coverage of the 81-page document has focused on the -- and this word is unavoidably ironic -- bloodless legalese in which Yoo contemplates the permissibility of putting a prisoner's eyes out, slitting his tongue, scalding him with water, dosing him with mind-altering drugs, disfiguring him with acid. But what is also appalling is Yoo's contention, repeatedly restated in the memo, that the president in times of war…"


Alan:  The president.


            "…in times of war enjoys virtually unfettered authority over, is accountable to no one for, the treatment of prisoners. Legal scholars have accused Yoo of sloppy reasoning. Eugene Fidell, who teaches military justice at Yale and American universities, told the International Herald Tribune the document was a monument to the "imperial presidency." Yoo disagrees. He calls the memo a "boilerplate" defense of presidential authority."


Alan:  It's like something out of the Middle Ages really, isn't it? And we forget for all our sciences and our so-called advancement and technology that the human mind, especially with those who crave power, has never changed at all.


            To continue:


            "Your humble correspondent doesn't know from legal scholarship. He does know this: Seven years ago, when the nation was attacked and Americans wanted to pitch in, wanted to help, wanted to sacrifice, our leaders told us to go shopping."


Alan:  Now do you remember that? That came out the next day in Canada, Britain and the U.S. The tops of certain departments in Canada, with Allan Rock who was the Justice Minister at that time, told us to go out and be patriotic and shop. Just shop, shop, shop and keep the economy going. The same thing happened in the States. They were told to do the same thing. That was being patriotic.


            "Go shopping. And we did. Nor, scared as we were, eager for the illusion of security as we were, did we look too closely or examine too intently the things that were being done in our names. We became, many of us, expert at ignoring the screams from behind the curtain, discounting the growing mountain of evidence that things were not as we had been told, brushing off nagging questions about what we have become and how that does not square with what we are supposed to be. We shopped, and did not fret overmuch about the price of our moral laxity. Maybe that's because the price is paid in tiny increments of our national honor, yet somehow, never by those who most deserve to foot the bill. So that, seven years later, George W. Bush is still president of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld is working on his memoirs, John Yoo is a law professor at U.C. Berkeley. But Lynndie England is a single mother, on parole and looking for work, living in a trailer with her folks."


Alan:  That's a little article there but it's got a little punch in it because we have to ask ourselves how come, how come. What has degraded society to this extent that people can be made to do these things so easily and actually perhaps even enjoy it?  I said years ago that a generation was growing up being conditioned with military type indoctrination through video games that were used for the military (they were invented for military use) to desensitize people from horror and the horror of war and it's been done.


We've also had the complete abandonment of all traditional morality. Traditional morality, family, community and nation has been under attack for over 100 years, primarily coming out of the culture creation industry as we lap up one movie after another and then emulate what we see. We emulate the characters just as we do with music. It sinks in. It sinks in and we become the new culture that we're programmed to be. It's not something to be terribly proud of and they're on a roll of course because they must bring a 100 years war, a 100 years war to this culmination so that maybe one or two, perhaps three at the most generations—it used to take 30 years as a maximum of functional use within their system—three generations to come to a preplanned new type of society, a global society that will be so remote in every detail from the present society that those people in the future if they can think at all for themselves, which is highly unlikely actually.


They would find very little to compare with their own in this present one. They'd have no such thing as marriage at all. There will be no such thing as having children because you want to. You'll work and serve the state and you'll be new types of creatures in 100 years, you wait and see. Shortly, they'll be introducing different kinds of humanoids specially designed for specific tasks. After all, if humanity with all of its flaws and problems is not worth hanging on to, then there's nothing to fight for – and that really is the big question for those who have woken up. You have to revise anything you ever thought about, everything you ever knew about and ask yourself: is it worth keeping a hold of or should we find an alternate way? We can't go the way the planners have determined because it's death for most folk. Even if you're still alive, you'll be brain chipped like a zombie. You won't be unhappy because you won't know what unhappiness is. You won't have the ability to even feel unhappy, so we have to really decide what it is we're fighting for and what is worth fighting for.


Now most of the things that we used to fight for have already been destroyed. If we go back 200 years we find on the list of various manifestos, including the communist one, including the elitist one in Britain, the so-called opposition of communism, they wanted to eliminate the family unit because people stood up for their families, which were just small clans, and they would help each other out, but they'd definitely stand up for each other and governments don't like anyone standing up when they go for a target. We have to figure out what is worth saving and what is not, but certainly we must find a new way, a new way. If we're all fighting each other we'll all go down the big whirlpool and down the drain together as those at the top gleefully watch on.


Now I'm going to go to the phones and we'll see who we've got. We've got Keith from Dallas. Are you there, Keith?


Keith:  Good evening, Dr. Watt.


Alan:  How you doing?


Keith:  Fine. Thank you. If you can hear my daughter, I apologize because she's kind of loud. Anyway Dr. Watt, I wanted to – I appreciate the conversation you’re talking about right now and I wanted to say that what never occurs to people is that – I remember that Abu Ghraib incident and of course we both know – we saw – everyone saw the pictures. What it never occurs to people is that it could very well even be Americans that they're doing this to and that never dawns on us. That's what I wanted to call about because my head is about to explode just from being out here in the land of the dead and blind, it's so incredibly tasking because it's hard to me to just relay even a simple thought that I have with just the average person. You should have seen the media – well, you should have seen the sheep out here in North Texas. They were dancing along with [inaudible].


Alan:  I tell what you do, Keith. Hold on and we'll talk about this after the break. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix here and we have Keith from Dallas on the line and you can hear his frustration as he explains the people around him how they're reacting or not reacting to the current situations. Go ahead, Keith.


Keith:  Okay, thank you again. About a month ago the media had their usual four-year frenzy with the primaries and of course it was sickening, okay. I mean I wish I would have had time to go to Denton to ask Chelsea just one question like, well, since your father was the real butcher of Serbia along with Wesley Clark, as opposed to the purported butcher, [SlobodanMilosevic], don't you think your mom is going to slaughter at least four times as many people, especially since she's so much for gun control? And I'm sure I probably would have been subjected to an incredibly vicious audit by the IRS or whatever and we all know how that goes. 


Alan:  Or worse.


Keith:  Oh yes sir. Speaking of Bill Clinton and the Kyoto accord and weather warfare and all the green, green, the other night Dr. Watt there was an incredible amount of micro-bursts all over north Texas and so that morning when the sun finally came up the media of course had another frenzy with it and they showed us about a couple of million broken trees, maybe a few turned over cars or whatever, and so after about a good day or so, here comes the clincher. The city of Carrollton is urging its citizens to conserve power and I'm telling people don’t you see what's going on. Okay, I was talking to this guy, he was about 50-60 years old, and we were talking about Charlton Heston and so they run a piece on one of the shows here, one of the local stations, talking about Charlton Heston and essentially it was about – it looked like they were just advertising Ben-Hur and the Ten Commandments and Planet of the Apes, and then they wanted to I guess talk bad about him in the fashion that they showed. They presented the information about him being in the NRA, but my point was there was not one mention about the movie "Soylent Green"—nothing.


Alan:  No. It's a bit too close to home, isn't it?


Keith:  Absolutely and that's what I keep telling people. Do you know out here in north Texas – I'm sure it's statewide because it's a law – it's going to be a law in February of 2009 that you have a digital box or a digital television or you won't be able to catch the TV signal. I'm just asking people why do you think they're making this a law? I mean it's just like everything else. It's the same technique over and over and once enough people have it, they make it a law.


Alan:  That's exactly right. In fact they're starting too in 2009 in the U.S., the Homeland Security's drafted up a whole new bunch of procedures. It's very important because it's called the Western Hemisphere Project for Travel for American Citizens. You'll also require permission to leave the country, never mind get back into the country and so the borders are going to become your gates basically, your fences, and I think people should start realizing that they should look at things from every angle and not just the way it's presented to them. Most folk think it's just to do with traveling abroad. It's to get out of the country if you have to; they can say no.


Keith:  That's right. You know that's something else. All the people around me with their flags even on the cars and I'm just like you know there is no United States.


Alan:  No.


Keith:  Another thing, you call yourself a patriot, you can't use the Constitution to defend yourself. Then he's talking about since, well, since you like judge shows so much, why don't you research a case try [inaudible] and then tell me if you can use the Constitution to defend yourself. And so I'm telling people these things and they just don't want to hear it.


Alan:  A guy at the FBI main training camp or place there in the States sent me – he trains in the FBI, he's a sergeant there, and he sent me a bunch of stuff that's given to all their officers including the lower police officers and it states right on it that anyone who's quoting the Constitution is to be regarded as a potential terrorist.


Keith:  Incredible. I guess by definition we're all terrorists because we're against global governance?


Alan:  Yes, you're exactly right. In fact, that's what was said by Kissinger. Kissinger was asked when he was over in I think China. He says you've all heard about terrorism and he says we should classify or define how we classify terrorism. He says in the United States a terrorist is someone who is anti-globalist.


Keith:  This guy just doesn't go away. How old is he, like 84, 83?


Alan:  They keep growing him new hearts and lungs and kidneys, I think.


Keith:  Just one more thing I want to touch. The media ran a story out here about how if you refuse – now I don't advocate drinking and driving, all right, but this story though. The media ran a story talking about if you refuse to take a breathalyzer in the field that they are going to drag you downtown to take your blood; and what they don't tell you in the story, of course, and we all know this, is that if you refuse to go downtown of course they're going to kill you.I mean that's just the bottom line.


Alan:  At the very least they'll taser you a few times.


Keith:  Absolutely and that's what kills me is how they always show these police after they kill someone and they get paid time off of course. They show them and then they say something like, well, I had a family to think about and I had my own family, my family, my family; so you kill someone else, never mind the fact that they have a family. Never mind the fact that--


Alan:  Also they get counseling. They get counseling on the taxpayers' expense to help them deal with the killing of someone else.


Keith:  Thank you Dr. Watt. It's been great talking to you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and we've got Joe from New York City on the line. Are you there, Joe?


Joe:  I am. Thanks for taking my call. I have to admit that I'm newly awakened and I have to say sheepishly I guess I liked my life a little bit better before. I knew of--


Alan:  Ignorance is bliss, right?


Joe:  Yes, that's what they say. No kidding though, it's easy for me recently to get saddened, almost depressed by all of this. It just doesn't look anything worth—like you open the show with, worth looking forward to. How do you stay up? How do you not let that get you down?


Alan:  It's a matter of knowing that there's always hope as long as some of us can still think and express our views that gets through to other people because eventually waves are formed. Big waves are formed from small ones and all we can do is divert the course we're on. Who knows where we'll go, but we can't go along the one that's being programmed out for us because we know where it's supposed to end up and we don't want to go there. As long as there's hope there, we can do something about it.


The problem is that everyone individually has to go through their own personal battle because you will go through in a circle. You'll realize that the old structures have been almost completely destroyed. Not totally everywhere, but mainly destroyed. The bonding between society and members of society has also been pretty well destroyed by design. We have to try and get some of that back and stop fighting each other to realize that if we're going to come out of this at all, we've got to stand up to it and stand up to the evil that's being done right now in many different areas; and believe you me, it's through the school system. It's from kindergarten onwards. It's through the inoculation programs. We have the statistics here. I just read one recently from Utah where the Mormons never had their children inoculated. None of them have ever had a case of autism. It's unknown. As far as I'm concerned, that's the proof right there. We're getting sprayed from the skies, too, like bugs, and we've got to stop all this scientific tinkering with our bodies because it's on a massive scale right now.


Joe:  It is and it's amazing how – I reverted back. I'm saying to myself, well, what does people that I drew inspiration before have to say about it?  Then when you start to read you start to see kind of a pattern of language and you say wait a minute, that sounds familiar to what I now know. Then you go and you do some research and no kidding, you know, one by one, everybody that I've looked up to isn't who I thought they were and things that I thought were aren't what I thought they were.


Alan:  I keep telling people that really in this battle here you are your own champion. They tend to give us the champions down through history to look up to and we get led in circles or into the slaughtering pen, and we've got to stop this. We’ve got to stand up for ourselves and we have as much right—each individual has as much right—to decide the course of the future as the guys at the top who've already decided. They've done it for us, but they can't do it for us. In fact, they need our permission to do anything and it's time we took that back, that right to give them permission to do anything. We’ve allowed ourselves to be herded in this paternalistic system at the top for far too long and it’s time they were reminded who they are; and with their own particular scientific religion at the top, that's got to get put on the back burner and they can give their theories out to politicians if they want, but it's time the politicians stopped acting on them as though it was some kind of gospel truth.


Joe:  Absolutely. Well I've never been one to back down from a fight, so now knowing what I'm up against I'm willing to go forward and in doing so trying find ways, make preparations for the difficult times to come the best I can to protect myself and protect my family. You listen to some people and they say that martial law is imminent, it's weeks away. Listening to you, there's a hundred-years war, so that makes me think I've got some time. I'm not going to – I know asking for dates is something you're probably trying to avoid giving specifics on, but how much time do we have? How would you prepare kind of short-term, medium-term?  What I'll do is I'll thank you for taking my call and for the things you do, and I'll take my answer off-air.


Alan:  Okay. The think tanks, pretty well all, are saying the same thing, that the scenarios that they project with rioting from the public will all start around 2010. Now it could spark off much quicker but they themselves are tossing this 2010 scenario about. Now that the UN has jumped on its saddle once again, once they've had enough conditioning of the public with the coming food crisis, the UN is now hyping this up, that there's going to be a world disaster unless they get total charge or control of all foodstuffs for the planet. Now remember, the United Nations, even when it was called the League of Nations, wanted to be the distributor to each nation of the food supply and that would keep the populations in every nation down. You couldn't go above it because you wouldn't get more food. Well, this is all part of the same scenario almost 100 years later where they're pushing the same thing. They want control of all foodstuff and we will be subservient to this world government for the very bread and the water we drink—total slaves. Slavery is what it is and we have megalomaniacs at the top. They're born in every generation. We keep seeing Adolph Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin or Lenin or Napoleon down through history. These characters are born in every generation and this incredible drive to dominate others is one of the most potent powerful drives there is for these fanatics and we've got to realize they have a big club at the top, a world club of all nationalities combined, and they've all agreed long ago on this particular agenda and we have to start exposing it and say wait a minute. You are in your positions on our sufferance. Not the other way around. We've got to put them back in their place or it's game over for all of us.


Now we'll go on to Randy from Chicago there. Are you there, Randy?


Randy:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Randy:  How you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Randy:  I just had a quick question for you. I was reading about Henry VIII and a question jumped out of the back of my head. How did the Catholic Church or did they have any involvement in terms of the concept of being married for life?


Alan:  To be married to the what?


Randy:  Say like male, female, the whole marriage. Once you're Catholic and you get married, that's it. There is no turning back. How did that come about?


Alan:  It came about because the Catholic Church started off, remember, before it was a church. It was already a governmental empire and it married into religion and then that became predominant but it still was married to governance, total governance and obedience, and it came out of Rome. Now in Rome you had to obey the Caesar. That was just the law and everybody had to bow down to the law. Now the Caesar was a god as well. You couldn't break away from that. You couldn't give any kind of feasance to anyone else without being killed in fact; and the Catholic Church, because there was nothing else standing against it after a few centuries, like all institutions becomes totalitarian in its methodology and it wants to protect itself first and foremost. That's what all governments do. They're not there to serve you. They eventually end up serving themselves and trying to defend and protect themselves above everything. The church was the same. If you belonged to the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and you broke away, you were now a heretic and they could actually execute you as a heretic for breaking away from the church at one time. Later on, they started to do more excommunications, which just meant you couldn't get into heaven kind of deal and it also meant you were shunned by your community for a few centuries. That's how that was handled. It still works in some places yet, even in Quebec. People have told me from Quebec they've been excommunicated and even the local shopkeepers in the community are not supposed to even talk to them or their families. You see all power becomes corruptible after a while.


Randy:  Well somehow by instituting that laws and I've heard you talk about how Masons have their – I guess you can call it breeding program and only certain Masons can mate with certain women at a certain point. Is this a type of like breeding program to make sure they kept certain families together or bloodlines?


Alan:  You'll find even within the Catholic Church they have their own aristocracy as well – aristocratic families within the Catholic Church. There's no doubt about that. They're very, very big wealthy families that have come down through the centuries working hand-in-glove with the church. In every institution in very country and every religion you always have your noble families going along with their particular religion, sure.


Randy:  Do you know of any old books that I could look up in terms of trying to find the history of that institution, because I know in the encyclopedia they hit just certain things but then all of a sudden the information just drops off?


Alan:  You have to go into books remembering they're all tampered or else they have their biases as well and some of them have agendas, but one is called "Caesar and Christ" by Will Durant.That's got quite a good history. Again, he admitted at the end and he did the histories for the Rockefeller Foundation and part of their purpose was to destroy old religions; so you have to remember there is a lot of bias there as well, but there's also a lot of truth in how it started up.


Randy:  Okay. Thanks a lot, Alan, and thank you for your work and you stay safe up there.


Alan:  I'll try to.


Randy:  Good-bye.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We've got Smokey from Ohio. Are you there, Smokey?


Smokey:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Smokey:  How we doing tonight?


Alan:  We're surviving.


Smokey:  Yes. It sounds like you're a Brit.


Alan:  Yes.


Smokey:  I was over in the desert with some of you folks, enjoyed it, and had good beer most of the time, too warm, but other than that it was okay. Are you a psychiatrist or anything or psychologist? Do they call you doctor or something?


Alan:  I get called a lot of things and I allow myself to be called anything including nasty names.


Smokey:  Except late for dinner. I just listened to some of your conversation. I thought I'd get in there real quick. The Norman Dodd interview expresses what the Ford Foundation, the Rockefellers and the Carnegie Institute had in mind on that monopoly which they've created and they want it all and if I print the money I'm going to have it all. It's just pretty simple I think. That's how the evil has taken over and most of the stuff they seem to be doing to us seems to be behavioral psychology 101. If you look at Sodom and Gomorrah, that's what that was. It's behavioral psychology 101.


Alan:  It's perfect. We're the most studied species on the planet.


Smokey:  Right. We're intelligent; we just don't have any wisdom. You know what the Bible says the beginning of wisdom is, don't you?


Alan:  Go ahead.


Smokey:  The fear of the Lord.For I think if God's not going to rule, you know, you'll be ruled by tyrants. I think one of our forefathers said that and we weren't paying attention and we still don't seem to be.


Alan:  Again, too, you've got to learn to rule yourself as an individual.


Smokey:  Absolutely. You've got to have some self-discipline and most of us don't.


Alan:  The problem is, too, that these characters have studied all cultures and we have all things in common with other cultures and if you understand how the cultures work, how the psychology of the cultures work--


Smokey:  Right. If you read "The Source" by Michener, I think he went through a lot of those different cultures and how they come about the religions and I thought it was very interesting. I'm a Michener fan in case you haven't noticed.


Alan:  Once they brought in the big advertising agencies like Madison Avenue and they did. The foundations brought them onboard and many of them talked about doing so back in the '40's and '50's, then they started to use the same techniques of advertising and marketing ideas into your mind.


Smokey:  Right, the brainwashing techniques used by – actually Freud was a coke head. Did you know that?


Alan:  Yes, I've talked about that many times.


Smokey:  Yes, I didn't know that and his nephew is actually the one that got fluoride put in the water.


Alan:  I thought his other one was a comedian on British television.


Smokey:  I tell you what. Did you ever see the Global Warming Swindle?


Alan:  Well, it's going on right now.


Smokey:  No. I mean the BBC did it. The Global Warming Swindle, that was the name of it. Have you seen it?


Alan:  Haven't seen that one, no.


Smokey:  Oh it's good. I think they – how would you put it? They tried to eliminate it, shall we say, like they'd like to eliminate me.


Alan:  What they do is they're very legalistic at the top and they'll show you a truth, then you won't ever see it again.


Smokey:  They don't want to hear truth and if you start saying the truth they easily tell you to shut up. Just keep telling you shut up and then hang up on you. And I appreciate you. If I'm on this long, that means you must be on the same path I'm on I hope. Are you in Christ, sir?


Alan:  Well, I have a different definition from a cultural Christianity, put it that way. I don't along with--


Smokey:  Are you born again? You know what I mean by that?


Alan:  I've had my own experiences, put it that way.


Smokey:  Yes. I mean how can you be born again unless you're dead to sin? You know what I'm saying?


Alan:  If you look around you, you'll see most folk are dead because they've never been conscious.


Smokey:  Well, we're dead the same. We think with immunity before we're born again, I think. Once you realize--


Alan:  The fact is, as I say, most people in today's society have never been conscious. They've been brainwashed since birth.


Smokey:  No, no, no. Nobody's born a Christian.


Alan:  Yes, yes, yes.


Smokey:  No one's ever born a Christian.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


Smokey:  Wait a minute. Hold on.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. Bye now. We don't need religious indoctrinations from any particular group and the problem with most cultural Christians is they want you to have exactly the same ritual and pattern as they have themselves. That's the problems with religion—unless you're identical with the same formulas and it's just formulas. They don't hear what you're saying and what you're saying could be closer to a truth than they've ever experienced themselves and it could be closer to the more ancient truth because modern Christianity is so remote, especially American Christianity. It's so remote from early Christianity that the early Christians wouldn't recognize being in America at all because it's wrapped into a new type of commercialized culture and a completely different system. People were "born again" long before Christianity came along and that's what people should realize as well. It was an ancient, ancient saying, the "born again" phenomena, and it always meant you were born into consciousness – meaning you had to have obviously been dead before. That's what it meant and that's why it says in the New Testament "let your dead bury your dead," and they're all scratching their heads and saying well what does he mean? It meant those that were walking around but they're not really conscious. They're technically dead. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and when you see how everything meshes together, the food crisis that's coming up, the big food shortages that are coming up, and I've told you to look into the Royal Institute of International Affairs think tanks, that's up on their own site, the RIIA. Look it up and look into their project on the coming food shortages. They've been working on this for a long, long time and of course many of the members of this institution are also the same members who own the controlling shares in all the big five agri-food businesses.


In other words, it's a cartel or a monopoly. A mono-poly. Mono-poly (many make one) and they've pretty well sewn up the whole world's food supply and given us the terminator genes and the seeds and so on to try and make sure that we can't even collect our own seeds and sustain ourselves. You can't have people being independent in an interdependent world. What it really means is that you'll be on our knees to your lords and masters in this new feudal system unless you do something about it now, now. Too late shortly in fact to do anything about the seeds even. Try and get the seeds from people who still have the original seeds. They're still out there unless Monsanto snaps it up and puts a patent on it simply because no one has done it before and then fines you for owning those seeds and having them in your possession.


Also look into Mark Baard's Parallel Normal website. I was looking into one of the old ones today, May 2nd, 2007, and the article there is:


            "Prepare to be "transitioned" into your new "habitat."


Alan:  I think I read a bit of it on the air at the time. It says:


            "One of the backers of smart growth plans for major cities envisions a global “Great Transition” of humans into concentrated population centers. Paul D. Raskin, director of the Boston-based Tellus Institute…"


Alan:  That's T-E-L-L-U-S; tell us or tell U.S. perhaps. It says:


            "…expects people to resist the Great Transition."


Alan:  We’re expected to resist getting moved off your land into these overcrowded cities where the masses will be sustained supposedly until they start dying off. Look into that particular article. It's well worth reading.


Now for those who write to me and expect personal letters back, I should tell you that I get overwhelmed with mail here, a lot of letters and questions and answers and so on, and it's impossible. It would be impossible if I had 10 people to try and get back to you. It's just too much to go, so I read the letters but don't sit there and wait for me to answer. I could spend my life doing nothing but answering questions and answering the mail.


I think we've got one last caller. Is it Bob from Texas there, is it?


Bob:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Bob:  I just thought I ought to call in and remind your previous caller that before you try to take a splinter out of your neighbor's eye, you should get the mote out of your own.


Alan:  That's true.


Bob:  And you know recently like the first part of January, George Bush went to Israel and participated in a Masonic black mass in Zedekiah's Cave with the head of the Sanhedrin and the top ranking Jewish officials and they gave him a parchment that was made from ancient parchment in which they addressed him as 'the esteemed George W. Bush, the chief prince of Meeshek and Tubal".


Alan:  I don’t know where this came from, but is there any proof of it?


Bob:  Yes. It's on their website.


Alan:  Because generally they don't tell you what happens. Malachi Martin mentioned a particular lodge there that people from all parties go, including the ones that are supposedly their enemies. That's it for tonight, folks, so from Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)