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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 16th, 2008.


I got up this morning hitting the floor as usual, running, because there's so much to do and it's non-stop seven days a week where I am because I'm doing a lot of – pretty well everything that a team would do.  I'd gone outside to see if I could get some fresh air and there's all the spraying right above your head, just going at it like never before. They're really stepping it up in criss-cross patterns and these checkerboard patterns across the sky until the whole thing is just one chemical mush and people think they're going to have some kind of freedom if they complain to politicians and yet the politicians and all the media won't touch this vital subject.


We're being poisoned, poisoned and I'm kidding you not. We're getting poisoned everyday and you wonder why the cancer rate is through the roof in young people. I talk to surgeons who tell me this kind of stuff. Since they've been spraying heavily for 10 years, the cancer incidence has gone up incredibly. You couldn't even dump talcum powder into the atmosphere on a daily basis without it affecting your health. The stuff that they are dumping into the atmosphere has been well analyzed, not just by me, but by others too, and you can look into my site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for the previous reports I've done on this. Some were done by television stations in the U.S. and they have the barium in it. There's cadmium in it. There's aluminum oxide and goodness knows what else in it.


Until the spraying is stopped, we don't have a hope in hell because they are drugging the public as well. I'm sure of that. I've watched how their IQ has been dropping on heavy, heavy sprayed days. Not only their IQ, their topics of conversation become more and more routine—as in from the media, that is. The average person that you can point up to look at that, look at the spraying, if you see them walk away from you or turn their eyes back to the ground because you've said something that's simply not within their downloading, that person is a goner. They're already gone and you have to understand that. You can't wake those kind of people up when they cannot see what's happening in front of their eyes.


That's my little beef for tonight because this is incredible. It's going on and on and on. Everyone's got ongoing bronchitis with it. When they stop spraying you'll find that people get nervous and anxious because the tranquilizing agent within this spray, this concoction up there, this multipurpose concoction, they find that the loading dose in their bloodstream is dropping and when that drops they get irritable and anxious. Once they start spraying it's back on again. I think the music is coming in, in the background, so I'll be back with more of this after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through the Matrix and hopefully cutting through this smog that's dumped over our heads every day by some big Air Force that everybody's "keeping mum about" as they say in masonry. "Mum" is the word if you wondered what it was and it's an ongoing assault on the health of everyone beneath across the planet. It's happening in China, Japan, everywhere. Of course the optimists will say "well they're trying to save us from global warming," because their global warming brainwashing has worked on them because it's an utter farce, this whole con game to do with global warming. It's nothing more than just an utter farce and we've gone through the records of some of the think tanks that came up with the idea in the first place and admitted in their own publication that it was a con to get the world together under a unified world system and not a happy little democratic world either.


They favored they said the same people when the Club of Rome who published the book, "The First Global Revolution," they favored collectivism. In other words, the Soviet type system was the better way to rule over people and to get your way. After all, the little people at the bottom don't really know what they want. They want entertainment and have fun and they want to be happy all the time and purchase and buy things and all that kind of stuff. As far as they're concerned at the top, that's the only purpose that we have and they've decided a long time ago that that purpose really had no function anymore. It was time to bring the population down. For only the wealthy elites, you know the ones who really control this world, the ones who are interbred down through the centuries, they should have the world to themselves; and with technology being at such a high degree of advancement and a lot of stuff we're never told about, of course, never will be told about until we see it, then they could do without the need for all this human labor. Apart from that, they could make better types of slaves anyway and that's where your tax money has been going for 100 years, into genetic research and all other kinds of research to make the ideal creation to serve the masters.


We're also seeing crisis everywhere. This is the age of crisis creation. People come together and do what they're told. They obey orders during crisis, during war time scenarios, and that's why they needed a war on terror. An ambiguous term, "a war on terror," because terror is a technique of war itself you see. This is a war on what? A war on technique. It's a made-up nonsensical term because they can't think of any other enemy anymore since we're global. You can't have enemies in a global society unless you look at the general population and that's exactly what they've done.


Every email, every phone call, every fax is listened to. It's recorded and stored immediately. Even your paper mail is getting opened. If you've noticed, there's little almost invisible white tape they put back on it again when they seal it up and we're told this is the "new freedom," a term used by Bush Jr., Little Boy Bush. The new freedom. You should listen to these terms and take note because they're giving you a legal definition. A new legal definition of something: the new freedom. The new freedom means you do what you're told. He also said, "if you're not with us, you're against us."  That means anyone who is not for the war policies, and I mean the whole war, the 100 years war policy of those in control, are now an enemy of the state and you'd better believe they mean business.


These are psychopaths at the top. They have thousands and thousands of helpers that they recruit from universities to do all their work for them. They have psychotic scientists working for them making nice little viruses and bacteria to kill you all off and they've been at this for a long, long time. There are books out published with declassified information about this kind of thing. That's not off the top of my head. It's not some kind of paranoid delusion. Believe you me, I'd rather not talk about this at all. I'd like to live in a real world too, where perhaps I could just write books or play nice music and make people happy.


We are living at a time where we're the last generation (amongst us, that is, not all of us), but within this generation are the last people who can convey their thoughts clearly enough and succinctly enough and have enough data and memory to put it across to others. The generation growing up now don't have that ability. Even the IQ is officially being lowered. We've been under tremendous attack, long in the planning and long in the implementation. Amongst all the crisis that they're after, they use the traditional methods of war. They go after water and food. Now it's food, food, food. Oh my goodness, we're running out of food. Suddenly, suddenly we're running out of food. Suddenly now that the five big agri-food businesses have control of pretty well every grain on the planet, suddenly we’re running out of food. This is a planned agenda and yet if you just read the media, the little bits of stories that come out here and there, you'll be able to put a big picture together that totally contradicts all their hype and hysteria and what you'll see is a planned deliberate agenda taking place right now.


This particular story I'm going to read right now is from The Chronicle Herald, a Canadian newspaper. This one is from the Halifax, Nova Scotia edition. The Chronicle Herald and it's April 15th. Now tell me if this makes any sense to you, especially when you hearing nothing but hype and coming food shortages.


This says:


            "Ottawa will pay pork producers $50 million to cull their animals as a result of the collapse of the pig industry."


Alan:  This is from the Associated Press.


            "EDMONTON — In what is being called an unprecedented move, the federal government will pay Canadian pork producers $50 million to kill off 150,000 of their pigs by the fall as the industry teeters on the brink of economic collapse. The animals are being destroyed at slaughter plants and on pig farms in a bid to cull the swine breeding herd by 10 per cent.


Alan:  Now this is coming remember from the top of government, who really have taken over the farming industry—at least the law-making decisions part of it. The rest of it's owned by their pals, the big five agri-businesses.


It goes on to say:


            "Related: UN warns of food emergency as prices escalate."


Alan:  Here they are, killing off – now if this is happening in Canada and they're killing off pigs, you can guarantee they're doing it in every other country at the same time. That's what I've found down through my life. They do the same things everywhere else at the same time.


            "…UN warns of food emergency as prices escalate. Most of the meat is to be used for pet food…"


Alan:  Ha.


            "…or otherwise disposed of…"


Alan:  That means dumped.


            "…but up to 25 per cent of it will be made…"


Alan:  This is to make it more palatable.


            "…will be made available to Canadian food banks."


Alan:  That's a joke. That won't happen.


            "The value that the market is providing to hog farmers for their breeding animals has fallen to virtually nothing," said Martin Rice, executive director of the Canadian Pork Council on Monday."


Alan:  Now what they're not saying here is most of the pork coming into Canada now is coming in from countries like China. Even the insulin that comes from the livers of pigs for diabetics, insulin is coming from China. They just recalled a whole batch of it because their pigs were eating contaminated food.


To continue with this article:


            "It is due to the economic collapse of the industry. These are farms that families have spent decades building up. We cannot see relief coming. It is agonizing for them. It takes a toll. Producers are weighed down by the cumulative impact of low prices, increasing feeds costs and the high value of the loonie."


Alan:  That's a dollar.


            "They are also facing new country-of-origin labelling rules for meat products in the United States that are to go into effect later this year. Canada’s 10,000 pork producers are mainly in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Farmers who wish to take part in the cull can apply for federal compensation payments until the end of August. Those who qualify for payments must agree to kill off an entire breeding barn of pigs and not to restock the barn for three years. The program is retroactive to November 2007 and farmers have until this November to complete the cull. The council estimates that about 50,000 pigs have already been destroyed, with about 100,000 more to come by the fall."


Alan:  It's quite amazing. As I say, here you are with the hype, hype, hype about food shortages everywhere, people starving in parts of the world, and here's your own governments again—who truly are not yours after all, that's the big secret, they're not your governments whatsoever—creating a further crisis, a much, much further crisis.


A few years ago, Newt Gingrich was handing out a book to every congressional person in Washington and it was called "The Third Wave" by Alvin Toffler. In that book, Mr. Toffler states that the coming world will be a vegetarian world. No meat eaters at all and "it must be so," he said. He didn't explain why it must be so, he just said, "it must be so," and you'll find these characters at the top pushing this particular part of the agenda for a long, long time and I'll speak about more of this after this break.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and as I was saying before the break, these boys at the top have planned a particular type of society which will be vegetarian and the vegetables that we'll be eating will all be genetically modified, which will also modify the eater of course. You are what you eat and I don't trust these characters at the top whatsoever. The same characters who did secret deals with Monsanto and others to test out this new food. Food that was put together by top geneticists from all branches of all kinds of departments and specialties including warfare departments to bring you a better carrot or a spud. I don't think so. I think they had something else in mind, and believe you me, they've used food as a weapon for thousands of years and they're using it again.


This is another article I'll read a little bit of before I go to the phones. It ties in with this too, because you see the big boys have said from their front organization called the United Nations and the Ministry of Agriculture, they've said that food was just too important to be left to the farmer. That's why they've been putting you out of business for 40, 50 years.


This particular article came out on the BBC News and this is from 14th April 2008.


            "French Push For Economic Union Food Response. France is urging EU countries to come up with a global initiative on food security in the wake of violence linked to price rises in basic foodstuffs.French ministers fear the scenes in Haiti could be repeated elsewhere."



Alan:  Well this is hype again to get us all terrified and used to this whole idea. Remember what I said from the Department of Defence's 90-page document they released last year, where they said that we'd see 30 years of escalating riots. Well they know what's going on because they're in on the agenda. That's how you can plan and predict what's going to happen.


            "Agriculture minister Michel Barnier said Europe could not remain passive and leave the situation to the markets."


Alan:  Now, that also means to the farmer.


            "As he spoke, UN special rapporteur Jean Ziegler accused the EU of agricultural dumping in Africa. He said producing biofuels, a key part of the EU's plans to tackle climate change, was a "crime against humanity".


Alan:  This is all a con to get you believing that the biofuels that are being sown and harvested are really part of the problem that they're not growing crops anymore. That isn't quite true. Only a tiny fraction is going towards this biofuel and the government has been paying farmers across the world for the last 25 years not to grown certain things and to leave their fields alone, so that throws that one out the window.


            "The European Union has set a target of providing 10% of its fuel for transport from biofuels by 2020, which its own environment advisers have said should be suspended."


It says here:


            "We cannot, and we must not leave food for people to the mercy of the rule of the market alone and to international speculation," Michel Barnier, a French agriculture minister said. The European Commission said on Monday that there was no question at the moment of the target being dropped, as work was currently under way to implement it in a sustainable way.


Alan:  There's the sustainable part again.


            "According to a spokesman, less than 2% of EU cereal production is currently used for biofuels."


It goes on to say:


            "Humanitarian tsunami…"


Alan:  They're using all the warfare little words here to make us all terrified.


            "The EU is well aware of the risks of soaring food prices…"


Alan:  Well it should be. See, the EU when they first brought it into full strength, in fact, long before that, they had what they called butter mountains. This imaginary butter mountain and sugar mountains and crop mountains and so on, and they were dumping thousands of tons of foodstuffs in the English Channel to keep prices up and that wasn't done by the farmers or the middle men. It was done on the orders of governments to keep the foods and the prices of the foods high. Here's the same characters at it again who are now saying they're doing this for our own good.


            "The EU is well aware of the risks of soaring food prices and, only last week, Development Commissioner Louis Michel warned of the crisis leading to a "humanitarian tsunami" in Africa. France will take over the presidency of the EU in July and, in a statement on Friday, four ministers made it clear that the violent response to price rises in Haiti could easily be replicated in 30 other countries."


Alan:  Well sure, they've done all their studies on that. They've got them all lined up like bowling pins.


            "Protests because of a big increase in the cost of rice have led to a number of deaths in Haiti as well as the fall of the government. Mr Barnier told French radio on Monday: "We cannot, and we must not leave food for people…"


Alan:  Food for people.


            "…to the mercy of the rule of the market alone and to international speculation."  He is proposing four ideas:"


Alan:  Now these are the four ideas that the UN's been wanting all along.


            "Production of more and better food…"


Alan:  Now what is better food?


            "…to enable Europe to respond to the food challenge.

            To bring together the efforts of various member states to help developing countries rebuild their agriculture…"


Alan:  In other words, they want the UN in on every third-world country and in will come the World Bank and lend money with compound interest, which will bankrupt them all and then the UN runs the country under the International Monetary Fund.


            "To redirect public development aid towards the agriculture sector.

            To ensure that poorer countries do not become the victims of the WTO's Doha round of negotations."


Alan:  Back with more after these messages.  Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through the Matrix, and it's quite easy to get a tad upset these days when you see coming into being all the things you've been studying your whole life. The stuff that no one wanted to hear years ago and here it's all happening and it's presented to the public as just all happenstance and coincidence and oversights and all of that kind of utter nonsense; and the public, of course, being the good conditioned flock that they are, want to go along with that because the unthinkable is on the other side of the coin. The unthinkable being that they've been lied about everything they've ever been taught in their entire life and most cannot go there. Most cannot go there.


Now I'll go to the phones now and there's Tim from Indiana. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Yes, I'm here. Just sticking on topic with the food as a weapon tonight. Me and my fiancé we went out with her friend and we just talking and her friend ended up like having this peanut allergy and where she could like basically die, and I was thinking about all the stuff as far as like with allergies and whatnot. Do they like modify the peanut to make people like really allergic to that or do you know anything about that at all?


Alan:  The whole thing with the peanut started in the late '60's suddenly, and personally, I don't think it was the peanut that was altered. I think it was the fact that we have been altered with the inoculations and some people react to it more than others. I think that really is the link in the chain there.


Tim:  Because she goes to an allergist and she gets loaded with like shots and all that stuff and I'm thinking – I didn't want to say anything because you don't want to freak people out if that's what they do, but I'm just thinking like wow. That's pretty much it. I was just listening and just wanted to try to stay on topic, so I'll let someone else get in there.


Alan:  Okay. Bye now. Since the 1950's, people's health has sunk. It's been plummeting since we've had all this wonderful healthcare and shots and inoculations that can protect us against all known diseases; and meanwhile the death rate is skyrocketing from all kinds of tumors, cancers and diseases and we even have juvenile arthritis and almost sterile men walking around today according to the United Nations.  I think they're right on target. They're bang on target. We're all getting killed off and sterilized by the looks of it.


Now we've got John from Florida there. Are you there, John?


Johnny:  Hey, it's Johnny.


Alan:  How you doing?


Johnny:  How you doing, Alan?


Alan:  I'm surviving, just about.


Johnny:  All right my friend. Just greetings here from sunny, sunny Florida to you. I heard one of your callers a couple of days ago and who confessed that he had just recently been awakened and he admitted to you that he was better off or felt more comfortably in his ignorance, and you commented to him that ignorance is bliss and I guess he made that comment because of the realization of what’s coming on on the tube you know.You also made the comment that when Kissinger went to China he made the comment that anti-globalists are terrorists or will be considered terrorists and I was listening to you today on the Intel Strike Report where you made the comment that no matter who the players are in the government, there's a continuum on the agenda and it will have to come to pass, okay? So no matter who the players are, this agenda has to be fulfilled. That's what I understood.


Alan:  That's right.


Johnny:  My question to you, Alan, is that it's good to be awakened and have all this information and I'm one of those who's been listening to you for a while and I have read a lot and I see what's coming down the pipeline here in the United States and I see the guns are being turned on the citizens. One guy called it the panoptic infrastructure is being turned on us. The satellites are being turned on us. The guns are being turned on us. The eavesdropping is being turned on us. The spies on the streets are being turned on us and the question I have for you is: How do we fight back? Because if an anti-globalist will be considered a terrorist, Congress just recently passed HR-1955 about domestic terrorism. Dissidents will be considered terrorist. Anti-abortion leaders will be considered terrorists. Anybody who dissents will be considered a terrorist.


Alan:  That's right.


Johnny:  They've started a program now where they're going into your houses and taking away your guns.


Alan:  Yes, I know.


Johnny:  They've got the bigger guns. They've got the infrastructure. They've got the helicopters. They’ve got the M16s, F-16s. How do we fight?  Because if I as a little man take the step of dissenting, I will be thrown into a concentration camp.And if I go into the institutions, the very place, right now, namely like the ACLU or if I go to the lawyers guild, these institutions are worthless right now because with all the talking they're doing, with all the suits that they are doing against the government, the government is laughing.


Alan:  They are. I know.


Johnny:  Look at the recent thing that just happened with the memo from Yung Yu that just came out and the report by ABC stating that the bigwigs at the White House were involved in this thing.And what has the Congress done? They are just sitting down and playing with the White House.


Alan:  I know. Well, you see we don't have a government and we haven't really had one for a long time and you'll have classes – now you have bureaucratic classes and you have professional political classes; they see themselves apart from the general population and they all play the game with their masters that are much higher than them even and they are immediately politically correct. Whatever is wrong today is right tomorrow. They'll immediately adapt to it and they'll speak about it in the next day as though they've always said that their whole life long. Political correctness rules at the moment and that term "political correctness" came right from the Soviet Union. You had to be very politically correct and when up became down overnight, you had to say so and parrot it exactly; and these shysters at the top are just a bunch of small players really. They're all millionaires perhaps in their own right or in their families' right, so left and right is big joke. They all have investments in the same international corporations. They've all had seats on the boards as CEOs of these corporations and now they pretend they're in politics to serve the public. Well who's serving whom? They certainly aren't serving the public. They're serving us up for catastrophe. That's what they're doing.


Johnny:  Right, right. Well this is the way I see it, Alan. A couple of years ago the population voted the Democratic Congress into power in the hope that they would change things and we can see the façade that they're playing and they realize that the people are waking up. They realize that the 9/11 façade that they put up with the commission report that story is falling apart, okay?


Alan:  Yes it is.


Johnny:  And they have sped up the agenda. Do you follow me?They are just clamping down left, right and center because they know that the populace is going to rise against them so they need to take away our guns and silence us because they know that they are in for some big problems here.


Alan:  Well they've known as I say for about 30 years that this would happen. They'd bring us to this stage and for 30 years mainly in the United States they were building internal armies through police recruitment and special branches of police and levels of SWAT teams, all for what's coming up today. Their think tanks are employed and they're paid big money to read the future and make long-term projections and they have access of course to long-term investments and everything else the U.S. is going to do, so it's no big deal for them to pull off a stunt 30 years after they planned it, but they certainly have tremendous weaponry at play to start herding the public at the right time. The scary part is so much psychological warfare has been done on Joe Average he can't even see it. He doesn't even smell the wind. He doesn't smell the fear coming his way, so most of the public are already, and I really mean this, for them, unfortunately it's already over.


Johnny:  Coming to my question at the inception: I mean if this has to pass, right, how – I mean what can we do? How do we fight the system?


Alan:  I think it's more of when you realize how long this agenda has been going on and the fake world we were brought up in, as opposed to the real one the elites' families are brought up in, then you can't stop this thing with a simple solution or even deflect it with a simple quick solution. In fact we don't even have – there's no complaints department here. I think what you have to do is probably weather this out almost like an underground and it will be fought like an underground war. A covert type war and you have to have just a few friends and even if you have cells, this is traditional down through the ages, if you have cells of four or five you make sure one person knows another cell and no more in the group knows it because everything is being infiltrated right now. You have to really trust just one or two people and try and prepare to come through this yourself because it's your knowledge – you see, after this is all over and all hell breaks loose, and hopefully the big boys start fighting each other, then we need people with memory and history to teach the next generation so that we never repeat this.


Johnny:  Right, right.


Alan:  That's how bad it is.


Johnny:  All right my brother, I'm going to let you go so some other callers can get in and I just wanted to compliment you for the good work and keep up the good fight my friend.


Alan:  You take care.


Johnny:  All right my friend.


Alan:  Bye now. Now I've got Carl from Canada. Are you there, Carl?


Carl:  Oh yes I am, Alan.  I, like your caller before me, have not been able to locate the complaints department, so that I made some notes here as to what I was – gee, I can't read my own writing so I'll have to take it off ad-lib here. I implore you. I consider you to be in many, many ways my guru all right. That's not a compliment. It just happens to be a fact. I've listened to you for such a long time religiously and if I miss the call I always tune into the archives and we have great discussions on your lectures afterwards and I've come to the conclusion that this agenda, that the New World Order is unleashing upon us, the new Armageddon, is definitely going to occur. I have no doubt.


Alan:  It's actually occurring now.


Carl:  Yes, oh yes. And so my intention and my purpose for calling today is to request of you. It's a request that – you see for myself I have a home in the city and I have a home in the countryside also and I intend to be in the countryside and if I'm able to read the indicators before they unleash this (as I call it) "Armageddon" on us, I intend to be in the countryside. But unfortunately, even though I have my food storage and my alternative forms of energy and I really doubt that when they're finished herding the sheep (the city sheep), which I happen to be off and on, and when they finish herding the sheep into their collection depots and I don't want to explore what they're going to do with these sheep or how long they'll do it for with these sheep; but those of us in the countryside, how are we going to avoid detection? I was hoping that I could perhaps make a request that maybe your dialogues could include a little bit of how to – I noticed one caller once called in. That was about a month ago and he was talking about how they would be able to pass a house and with their radar devices they would be able to see inside the house, exactly what [inaudible-audio] the United Nations or for myself. Are you interested in perhaps maybe just giving us a little bit of the techniques on how we can – as this one fellow elaborated on how to cover the inside of your walls with some kind of metallic--


Alan:  You can go to all these lengths and these have been discussed over patriot radio for years on what you can do, but I think, to be honest with you, this war will be fought on two different planes. You'll have people who come and go from those in the country and going back into the city and it will be a very hush-hush type of communication. It would have to be and also those in the country have to expect to move deep into wilderness if need be and survive that way because you're quite right. They plan eventually to try and corral the whole planet and everybody in it, but that will take time. However, sitting in a house is going to be like a sitting duck, really, eventually.


Carl:  There you go, so it is that grim. We agree then. We agree. I wanted to hear you say that.


Alan:  It is that grim. There's no doubt about it. These guys literally – you see, to be a god you have to have everybody bowing the knee. One person who is not bowing the knee, it means that they haven't achieved full god status. These characters who are sadists basically want everyone corralled into their system and being subservient and bowing to them, so they're going to go after everyone eventually; but you're right, the cities are to be corralled first. The plague will be the greatest excuse for doing so and I'm sure that's eventually what they'll release at the right time. They don't even have to release it. They can just tell you they've released it and show you some pictures with two guys with a stretcher and that's all it will take to convince the public. I might do more talks on that in the future though.


Carl:  Okay, thank you. I'd appreciate it. I'd love to hear some of your – maybe the techniques.


Alan:  Will do. I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through the Matrix and there's four callers that just came in, so we'll try and rush through as fast as we can.


I've got Mark from New York. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Yes I am, Alan, thank you. You woke up to – they sprayed this morning you said.


Alan:  It's been happening for a few days but really, really bad now, yes.


Mark:  Yes. Well for a change over here in New York, I monitor the sky everyday and for three days it's been crystal clear out. Can you believe it? I'm in shock. I haven't seen any streams coming out of any planes. I'm very grateful because I've got a little bit of that bronchitis as you were saying. I called you about two weeks about the truck drivers in America who wants to go on strike and I really believe that can still happen at the end of the month because I've noticed the fuel prices went up about exactly $0.10 in one week over here and of course nobody's talking about it.


Alan:  They don't even complain anymore. You see, the people are drugged. I can remember when they would bitch about $0.03 and now they don't even complain when it jumps 5, 10 or even 20.


Mark:  Now over here it's $3.59 a gallon now. I can't afford it and I have a decent job.


Alan:  Here in Canada it went up to about 1.23 cents per liter. There's 3.8 liters to the gallon so we're paying about 4.50 or 4.60 a gallon right now.


Mark:  Oh God. And last I wanted to ask you a question about the inoculations. I'm trying to talk to my daughter. I just became a grandfather and already my grandson is already three weeks old and he's already gotten his second immunization shots. He's had a hepatitis shot. I didn't think they gave hepatitis shots to such young kids, young babies. I don't know if you're up on that, but is there anything that I could say to her that – she doesn't want to talk to me about it.


Alan: You can't. The medical industry geared all their dramas and fictional TV things and doctors and hospitals, they geared it toward the female psyche. From the very early days of Dr. Kildare and all these TV fictional dramas, it was aimed at the female and it's the mother who generally takes them for their shots, so they wanted – this was an agenda a long time ago. It's unfortunate because I just read a report from the Mormons in Utah, strangely enough now they're under attack as well by the federal government after a document was released that they have no autism at all. They don't have all these childhood diseases that we think is normal. It's only normal because we get all these problems with the sniffles and earaches after the inoculations. That's obvious evidence.


Mark:  Well what I'm going to do is I'm going to burn a disc of this program and send it to her because I think she'll respect someone other than her father giving her advice because I'm very concerned about the inoculations. Thank you very much for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Ross in Washington. Are you there, Ross?


Ross:  Yes, I'm here Alan. Thanks for taking my call. Like yourself, I also have a Celtic allergy to tyranny and that's why I called.


Alan:  It's awful, isn't it?


Ross:  You just can't help yourself. What I wanted to talk about briefly was instinct. I recently picked up a copy of Huxley's "Brave New World" and I haven't gotten to about page 19 when they were already talking about putting babies in a room and assaulting them with sirens and loud explosions, and it took back to my first day of primary school when my mom took me by the hand up to a large foreboding Victorian building, sandstone iron gates, and I did not want to let go of her hand. Oh man, I did not want to let got of her hand, but of course I did and I went through all the same conditioning and just not as concentrated to spread over through my primary and high school years.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling though, Ross. That's the end of the show kicking in there, but call in again.


Ross:  I'd love to talk to you again.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)