April 21, 2008 (#104)

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 21st, 2008. Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and try and catch up on lots of information to do with this wonderful Brave New World of New World Order. I fill in a lot of the bits in history for you. It will save you a lot of time, so listen to as many of the free audios as you can and try and catch up. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can download transcripts in the various languages of Europe.

It’s funny too – funny strange, that is, to be talking about this New World Order, this ongoing project, the long-term business plan we call the world.   I was thinking today as I was running through town and burning up coffee, that Aldous Huxley talked about how easy it would be for a few very rich men to form a sort of consortium and with the ability of science they could take over the entire planet and everyone and everything on that planet. Basically, you see he wasn’t just making a guess at the future because Huxley was a member of those elite families. He’d grown up listening to the conversations of his parents and their friends. He was involved in Tavistock and various futuristic movements. These futuristic movements were meant to give you predictive programming through scientific fiction, basically, to get you grabbed on ideas which they would put out and would make you feel excited about them, get you involved in the story. You wouldn’t realize that you were getting downloaded with ideas for an agenda, an agenda in which you would play your role but you’d never really know what the final outcome was really, really supposed to be. You’d think that you did, but you would never know the final outcome; and that’s happened to the entire planet, mainly through fiction, and we also have been well managed since the days of Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon said it’s best that the people who are governed know not what or why the governance or where they’re going he says. Not where they’re going he says or why they do it. It’s best the public don’t know. In other words, we’re given public relations. Public relations is nothing new, nothing new at all.

We’ve been lied to our entire lives. We’ve been standardized by a national and international educational system, which was planned that way through the United Nations. We all have the same opinions and everything. We think we’re all normal because we all have them, but meanwhile these opinions have been downloaded into us through education and then through the media, both fiction and non-fiction. There’s nothing that you can touch that you can enjoy in this system that doesn’t have a hidden, an embedded message, an opinion which will one day become yours, and that’s how the system is run.  I’ve been talking for years about how they’d take over the entire resources of the planet and make you completely subservient to the small clique of incredibly rich people, rich families. That means food and water and everything you need for personal survival, and we are living through that phase right now. I’ll be back with more concerning this coming crisis in the making after these messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix. The matrix is this big illusion that’s been drummed into us and repeated over and over and over until we think everything is natural, everything is normal and things just progress along some strange willy-nilly fashion, some road that no one really plans, and politicians just hammer out the problems and the crisis as they arise; and nothing is further from the truth. Nothing at all is further from the truth.

You should look into the League of Nations, the precursor of the Phoenix-like United Nations. In the League of Nations they talked about taking over everything to do with humanity in a socialist-type manner, but on behalf, of course, of the big boys who set it up in the first place – and that was the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They funded it and they pushed it and they pushed it through Wilson in the U.S. too, and he was subservient to Grey. That was his contact from England from London and Grey gave him his marching orders through House and they set up the League of Nations; and even then, they were boasting about taking over all of the haphazard functions that farmers did for themselves and how communities already worked. It was just too untidy.

They didn’t have enough profit coming in to the big boys at the top and so they set to work through science and through combinations, as they call themselves, cartels, to take over the entire resources of the planet and wrote about it. Of course, at the time, no one really believed it, just like today when some of the top players come out and blatantly tell us where they’re taking us; we don’t want to believe it. “I hear what they said but they didn’t really mean it.” That’s how we react because of our indoctrination, because our indoctrination has taught us that we’re children and we’ll always be children and rightfully so. We should just play until we die in some geriatric home and leave all of the major problems in the world to your betters, you know those invisible ones at the top with the suits and ties and briefcases that are just somehow there. They just happened to be there. You’re born into the system and they’re there you see. This system, this part of the system, this phase of it, is transforming into the next phase of total control.

In the 1800’s, Karl Marx talked about the three major trading groups in the world under a world government. A united Europe would kick it off, followed by the united Americas and then would be the Pacific Rim area, the region they called it.  Lo and behold, we’ve lived through this happening, just by chance of course, and we’re guided along this path towards world government, where scientific socialism, a science of the mind, will guide and control the general public; but at the moment they’re using the Orwellian phase before they go into the complete Huxley phase and the Orwellian phase is the big boot stamping on the face forever. That’s why we’re seeing force being used or the threat of force all around you to get us all trained to go along to the next step, which will eventually transform into the Huxlian stage where they will create brand new types of servants. They won’t give them any problems for perpetuity. That’s the agenda.

Then of course, as I say, when you read it off over the years, people don’t want to believe you. They’re off to their fast-food places and they fill themselves with all that junk and food and all the rest of it is plentiful, and yet here we go. I’ve been telling you that eventually you’ll get rations and ration cards. That’s part of a wartime process and remember, remember at all times we are in according to the big boys a hundred years war. They mean business. A hundred years, not just against the Middle East but to transform all of society. Starting with the Branch Davidians, they hammered a church publicly on television. Now they’re after the Mormons you see and all the media goes into action talking about polygamy, polygamy in an era when we have licensed orgy houses for the bigwigs in places like Canada, licensed. It went to the Supreme Court of Canada by a lawyer to stop raiding these orgy houses that the elite frequent and they can have complete orgies, but the media quietens that up, but they go after someone who’s a polygamist, like wow, in this day and age. Quite astounding, isn’t it, the hypocrisy? but that’s what bends the people’s minds because people don’t think for themselves. They’re actually told what emotions to have when they give you a story. There’s a little attachment to it and that gets embedded in your mind.

This particular story is to do with the food and the coming crisis now as they create the crisis. Now that Monsanto and the other big agri-food businesses, the big cartel at the top and that’s what they are. They’re not independent companies. You’ll find they’re all interrelated. They’re authorized to be there. They’re authorized to have done what they’ve done and that’s to take over the seat of the world; that came from a higher decision than some corporate CEO.

This is from the New York Sun. April 21st, 2008. It says:

“Rice is stored at National Food Authority warehouse at Manila, the Philippines, on April 17th.”

Alan:  Now they’ve already told us that there’s riots going on in places like Haiti and so on because of some rice shortage and a wheat shortage and so on because of some fungus that’s hitting the Middle East. It’s even gone into Pakistan apparently. Go into the warfare techniques in the various books that have declassified information on government warfare techniques for total war.

Deadly Allies: Canada’s Secret War” is a good book to start with. Try and find it. You’ll find it for a few cents used and that goes into the creation of fungus and various other things to attack particular wheat and corn. This is stuff they had in World War II. You must create the crisis to come forward with a preplanned solution, very simple.

“Rice is stored at a National Food Authority warehouse at Manila, the Philippines, on April 17.”

It says:

“Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks.”

Alan:  Big joke.

“At a Costco Warehouse in Mountain View, Calif., yesterday, shoppers grew frustrated and occasionally uttered expletives as they searched in vain for the large sacks of rice they usually buy. "Where's the rice?" an engineer from Palo Alto, Calif., Yajun Liu, said. "You should be able to buy something like rice. This is ridiculous."

Alan:  Now this is a PR piece remember. This is given by the media to once again get it in your mind that there’s a real crisis going on across the world.

“The bustling store in the heart of Silicon Valley usually sells four or five varieties of rice to a clientele largely of Asian immigrants, but only about half a pallet of Indian-grown Basmati rice was left in stock. A 20-pound bag was selling for $15.99.”

Alan:  Then it goes on to say.

"You can't eat this every day.”

Alan:  And so on, so the rest is a filler. It’s a filler to get it through your head that there’s a real crisis going on across the world, but if you scroll down on it they go in to the fact that eventually rationing will be considered by various governments. That’s really what the whole object of the story is, to get this through your head. They even have Mr. Rawles, a former Army intelligence officer, saying:

"Even if people increased their purchasing by 20%, all the store shelves would be wiped out."

Alan:  Now that’s meant to get you into a scared state you see, get you used to it, predictive programming. Also look into Mark Baard at Parallel Normal.com who’s also done a piece on this. This is going to be a drum beat, this food and water, food and water, and of course gasoline for energy, oil, et cetera – a constant mantra until people will come to predetermined conclusions by their programming, gradual programming, and they’ll all be talking about the same things as though it was all real and just happened by strange chance all at once. Then they’ll be guided through the fact “we can’t live like this anymore. We need an ordered society. We can’t breed like we’re breeding and we can’t pick our own mates either because there’s too many inferior types amongst us,” and therefore they might even bring out special tests and so on and permission, permission to have a child.

Remember that China according to the United Nations is the model state, meaning nation, for the world. That means to follow, including the one child per couple policy and they really admire China because they really have created a mass type culture where everyone automatically obeys the system. Rulers love that. They love to watch that. They said the same thing about Hitler when he started off the Natzi party and all the bigwigs from Britain and America went over to observe. Remember Hitler was Time-Life’s Man of the Year twice in the ‘30’s because they loved the way he ordered society and brought in this bureaucratic socialist system of control. They’d already done the same thing after the Russian Revolution but especially when the Bolsheviks took over with a coup and they wrote lots of books about this. It’s all aristocrats that went over. It was so bad that Trotsky complained to Lenin initially. He said why are we giving guided tours of our system to the aristocracy of London?  It’s because the London aristocracy were very interested since they funded the revolution in the first place. They were so interested to see how millions of people could so quickly and easily be controlled in a new system, a brand new system, all working for the state – the government, in other words. Everyone worked technically for the government and they were taking lots of data on this; and now, of course, East is merged with West. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and we’re cutting this lazy hazy matrix, trying to point out to people who are waking up. There’s more people waking up because it hits them personally. That’s when they start to squeal because they generally don’t care who’s getting hit across the world, but they’re going to find out we’re all going to be squealing just as loud as everyone else across the planet shortly as the big boys turn the screws.

I was talking about how the United Nations that took over from the League of Nations from the beginning was to be set up as a global government. Make no mistake about that, but it was to be a front organization, a non-democratic organization, that would run the world in a dictatorial fashion. That’s food, water, housing, standards of housing, all your plumbing, electric codes; everything comes from the United Nations and has for years. Their job is to promote the scam of helping third-world countries get further into debt until they have to take over with the International Monetary Fund. They’ve been doing this scam for years and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is just a front shell company, organization, private of course, which is like the Bank of Canada. We don’t really have a Bank of Canada. You won’t find it in the phone books. It’s simply the floor of a building that representatives of the lenders meet in with representatives of the Canadian government. That’s what the Bank of Canada is and it’s the same with the World Bank.

It’s the same big 12, 13 banking families that lend to countries that comprise the World Bank and their other organization is the International Monetary Fund. They act like the heavies. Once you’re in debt and you can’t get out, they come in and they become part of your government. They tell the government how to run their economic system and they scoop up billions from every country in debt. They scoop it up with their compound interest et cetera.

This is an article tying in with all of this and this is the UN’s propaganda. It was on the news, the BBC.co.uk and I think it was maybe the 15th of April. Here’s the UN’s spiel.

Farming practices must change. A United Nations sponsored report has warned that modern farming practices and rules must change in response to rising food prices. Business as usual is no longer an option says the report as extra food costs threaten to plunge millions more into poverty. The study published by UNESCO…”

Alan:  You know, that wonderful organization that was set up to create an international brainwashed society of children. That’s its purpose you see.

“…UNESCO in Paris calls for more emphasis on protecting natural resources.”

Alan:  Remember, Aldous Huxley’s brother was the first CEO of UNESCO.

“More natural and ecological farming techniques should be used, it says. These should include reducing the distance between production and the consumer. The report is the result of three years of work involving scientists and other experts…”

Alan:  There’s that term “experts.” As soon as they say “experts” you think it’s something holy.

“…as well as governments of developed and developing countries. The authors conclude that progress in agriculture has reaped very unequal benefits  and that it has come at a high social and environmental cost. UNESCO notes the “considerable influence” of big transnational corporations in North America and Europe.”

Alan:  Of course it does, because they get funding from them.

“Urgent action is required. By contrast, Latin America and the Caribbean are largely dependent on imported food. The UN body describes a need for action is urgent warning that staple food prices are likely to continue to rise because of increased demand from countries like China and India and an alternative use of maize and soya beans for biofuels.”

Alan:  That’s nonsense with the biofuel thing actually. Remember, too, part of the United Nations agenda is go into these little biosphere areas, the habitat areas, where you’ll only have public transportation. No private transportation, so they’re going to blame this – they don’t want any fuel being sold to the public at all.

“The report says more than a third of the world’s most degraded land has been caused by farming.”

Alan:  They’re blaming the farmer. They’re not blaming the big agri-business that basically encouraged farmers, including their governments who were all paid off to do it, back in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s and ‘60’s to start using all of the artificial fertilizers et cetera to keep their crops growing and make them depend on the weed killers and all the rest of it sold by the same companies. It’s even worse now, that Monsanto seems to rule the world and there’s a very video up on Goggle on Monsanto. It’s “The World According to Monsanto.”  You should look into that. Lots of evidence there, documented evidence and even little talks by people who helped push Monsanto through various government agencies, including the Canadian ones who admit they were bribed. They were asked if they’d take a bribe of $2 million to get this stuff pushed through Canada. Remember, it goes back to what I talked about earlier where Huxley talked about small cliques of men, very extremely rich men who could take over the world. Well, it’s been happening.

“France has called for more European help for poorer countries and for farmers worldwide to raise their output but is resisting the pressure to ease support for EU farmers saying Europe must remain a major producing continent.”

Alan:  Now that’s the UN’s spiel from one side of its mouth because remember the United Nations has already stated in their Department of Agriculture that food will be used as a weapon and also that farming as it’s been must go. It’s too important to be left to farmers. Back with more after these messages.

Hi folks. This is Alan Watt. We’re cutting through the matrix, cutting through the illusions and the con games that are going on, as we’re herded towards something which is called “interdependence,” which means total independence individually on a system, a system that isn’t finished with us yet. They want to rule us for every morsel of food we eat. They want to make us obey and serve them, a world state of service – the dream of tyrants through the ages; and through the manipulations and the cunningness of public relations and the marketing agenda that’s used from governments to the public via media, they’re pretty well there.

I’m going to jump to the phones now and talk to some of the callers. We’ve got James from Ontario there. Are you there, James?

James:  Hello Alan. I’m here.

Alan:  How are you?

James:  Okay, thanks. How are you? When you were talking about chemtrails and also at times about autism, it reminded me there seems to be a common link of heavy metal toxicity and I was reading about some parents have had luck with their autistic children giving them clay baths with bentonite clay and been able to pull out some of the heavy metals. A very simple procedure and perhaps that’s something that can be applicable to--

Alan:  There’s a lot of these things been tried and pushed over the years. Now there are methods in medicine itself where they can take a lot of toxins out. They’re very expensive, but as far as the clay stuff goes and so on, I’ve never seen a report that verifies in blind studies and you’ve got to have these reports and blind studies before you promote something. There’s a lot of cons out there, too, and a lot of people getting very rich off misery, it’s the easiest thing to get rich off of, and so I’ve got to be very careful when I see these things and I’d like to see the blind studies where treatment is being done and there’s at least two study groups involved. That’s the only way you can actually verify these things.

James:  Yes, yes I agree. I just thought since it’s a fairly cheap thing it’s worth looking – you know reading about or looking into. Also with the chemtrails, when I was looking up and starting to see them more, it’s also worth noting when you see planes overhead that aren’t spraying, then you can sort of educate yourself or educate others and say, see, there’s a plane and there’s nothing coming out the back of it; and I think that’s worthwhile too.

Alan:  You can also too, you’ll see the same planes sometimes stop spraying and continue going no trail and then start it up again, and if that was a condensation trail and they turned off their engines they’d be falling out of the sky.  No, the white stuff you’re seeing is chemicals and there’s no doubt about it, it’s all over the world now. I’ve got hundreds of photographs here. There’s no point in even putting them up because they come in everyday and those who can’t see it by now are literally goners. They’ve never been conscious obviously.

James:  I guess what they’re trying to do is try to make them look like puffy white clouds.

Alan:  They’re more artistic. They’re more artistic than they used to be.

James:  The tic-tac-toe. Well I have seen a lot of the straight ones coming across the sky here and over time they can dissipate and I guess go over the whole sky and then given time you don’t really see a cloud at all. It can just be – I think eventually it can be like a blue sky again, but it’s all saturated.

Alan:  It’s saturated. It’s a milky whitish and even when it’s a fairly blue sky, if you look towards the horizon and see the milky horizon you know they’ve been spraying and it’s just a bit thinner above your head, that’s all. Okay.

James:  Yes, that’s it.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

James:  Thank you.

Alan:  Now I’ve got Maggie from Texas. Are you there, Maggie? Hello Maggie?

Maggie:  I called with a question about Monsanto but this last caller’s comments on chemtrails reminded me that when I was in Washington, DC, a year ago the skies over DC were full of it. Now are they spraying themselves? What is it?

Alan:  I think they’re doing it – I’ve seen it over Ottawa when they give you a photograph or in the news on Ottawa, you’ll see them above the Parliament building, but it isn’t that. You see for everything they do there’s antidotes. It’s a very high level of science which is never given to the public and even professor level, they don’t know it either. There’s much higher level of science and these guys can be detoxed by advanced technology. All politicians in the Western world around 1995, and this came out in all the newspapers across the planet, suddenly voted bills through where they allowed themselves to be treated, the politicians and their families, and the high bureaucrats had their families, at special military bases. It didn’t explain why that would be, or what purpose it would be for, or why they would get the special treatment; and I’m sure it’s to do with the upcoming spraying that’s now taking effect. They can be detoxified, I’m sure, by means which we will never ever hear about.

Maggie:  Really. That just sounds so extraordinary. Yes, okay. Do you have time for a question about Monsanto? I worked there at a long-term temporary job in the mid 1980’s just before the great plan emerged and I was pretty well asleep then, although, so I didn’t retain as much as I wish I had, but I did notice certain things. At that time, they were talking about – how shall I say it, selective pesticides and Roundup was one of them and they were talking about the corn and soybean crops in particular. Now we have genetically engineered corn and soybeans and I guess my major question would be: are the seeds we’re thinking of, corn in particular, are they what are termed Roundup ready seeds? because it seems like they have a whole – at least three different types of genetic modifications attached to them?

Alan:  The Roundup ready is being used not only on the soya but on many crops now. It kills every kind of other plant off and they can dose their particular modified plants with 10 times the dose and the plants soak up this pesticide, remember. It stays in the plant but they will grow and they’ll grow big.

Maggie:  Right, okay. Now the pesticide that it soaks up is actually a herbicide and is that the substance that is detrimental to humans and animals when they eat it? It’s a herbicide not a--

Alan:  That’s what has been killing off the bees and remember that West Nile scare they had a while back there, if you notice the first birds into crops when there’s young shoots coming up are crows. That’s why you have scarecrows; and they were the ones dropping dead and they blamed it on a West Nile virus. It was because they were eating the modified shoots of these plants; and the bees too. It was found out in Ontario, Canada, from the head of the beekeepers association that lives near Shelburne, Ontario, all the birds coming back from the north of his area and all the other beekeepers were dying. He sent off to the government and got their test fields for experimental stuff by Monsanto and others, and sure enough, that’s where those bees were coming back from, from those particular fields and they were all dying; so they’re killing off the bees too.

Maggie:  Okay, so they know a lot about that. And is this terminator seed feature added to this same seed?

Alan:  That’s right. They’re putting out the terminator gene so there’s no – you can’t replant your own seed. You have to go back cap-in-hand every year to the masters who will decide to give it to you or not.

Maggie:  Right, okay. Just one more thing. Prior to Roundup, there was a product called Lasso which worked with a different main chemical ingredient. It was called alachlor and Roundup is a glycosate, I believe. Anyway, Lasso was the product that was essentially carrying the whole Monsanto agricultural products division, was a pre-emergence herbicide in soybeans and corn and it suddenly disappeared so fast and so completely that I’m just wondering if you know anything about that. It was all over the world. It had different names, Lasso, Lazo, [Pyrina]. What happened to that?

Alan:  It think they’re still using it in some of the so-called developing countries. They’re still selling it under different names in different countries. That’s how clever they are.

Maggie:  Yes, so why was it taken off so completely and so immediately?

Alan:  It would be because of the findings coming back on the effects on humans.

Maggie:  But they don’t care. They don’t care what it does to humans--

Alan:  They don’t care, but they still sort of have to pander when overwhelming evidence comes up about the cancer rate and so on, and eventually they won’t have to care, but at the moment they still have to give some lip service and do tremendous public relations to keep going.

Maggie:  Okay. Thank you so much. I wondered about that for years. Thanks.

Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, they are amazing corporations, but look into “The World According to Monsanto,” one of the best studies done and you have clips from various bureaucrats, high-level bureaucrats in the U.S. and Canada, who were approached by them. Some of them pushed their bills through for Monsanto and you’ll see the bureaucrats from Ottawa who admit under oath that Monsanto attempted to bribe them and those three bureaucrats who were whistleblowers were eventually fired from their jobs, which is standard procedure, because Monsanto has more clearance than you think. These are not just big businesses. These are authorized businesses, just like the big boys that run the electronics and computer industry, they’re all linked at the top and they’re given permission to be a good front. Real company but a front nonetheless, because you’ll find at the top of the CIA and MI6 and so on they started up many of these companies and that’s why no one can stop them. They have higher authorization to do what they do. That’s why every judge across the country has always sided with Monsanto. The judge in Canada, after taking down a farmer out Alberta way or Winnipeg, the judge said I don’t care how this modified seed got into your fields. He says whether a bird poops it out or whatever, or the wind blew it, the fact is it’s on your fields; and the guy literally lost his farm. That tells you the kind of backing that Monsanto has. Judges will not stand up against it.

Now we’ll go to Moe from Oregon. Are you there, Moe?

Moe:  Yes. Thank you very much.

Alan:  Be quick now. Be quick.

Moe:  I would like to tell you that United States is under the siege, especially in California, that when people are outspoken about the unfairness of their treatments about this housing bubble, they are then to be taken by the law – eminent law to take their homes. I give you website called ahrc and in that one there’s a lot of information regarding that even the judges are paid by the government to deny the cases of bankruptcy or deny any other cases so people still be enslaved until the end of their lives for that proposal; and so is it the same in Canada?

Alan:  It’s the same worldwide. You see, we don’t have democracy. We’ve never had democracy. We have old school ties and boys clubs that become men’s clubs, and they all grow up together and they all go to Ivy League schools together and they run the world. It’s very, very simple and through their associations and their licensing bureaus they can keep any judge, lawyer or whatever in line and everyone smells the wind and they know which way it’s blowing and they know when to be politically correct and do what they’re told to do. We’re run under an authoritarian system. Very simple, very simple.

Moe:  Yes. Have you seen the “Trojan Horse” the new North American movie that was made in--

Alan:  I don’t want to go off on other tangents right now, Moe. We could go on forever and discuss the whole website with everything, but the fact is – as I say, getting back to what we were talking about, the judges are well aware of the agenda. They want their jobs. They like their positions and they do what they’re told. Okay?

Moe:  All right. Thank you very much, sir.

Alan:  Thanks for calling. Bye now. Now there’s Mark from Wisconsin. Are you there, Mark?

Mark:  Hello Alan. How are you?

Alan:  Not bad.

Mark:  I’m looking at a brand new ’08 Passport right here and it says “this document contains sensitive electronics. For best performance do not bend, perforate or expose to extreme temperatures,” so that’s already got RFID in it.  There was a couple of quotes in the visa sections I wanted to run across you. The first one was: “For this is what America is all about. It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge. It is the star that is not reached and the harvest sleeping in the unplowed ground. Is our world gone? We say "Farewell." Is a new world coming? We welcome it--and we will bend it to the hopes of man.” Lyndon B. Johnson.  Can you believe they would put that in an American passport?

Alan:  Yes and you’ve got to understand what they mean by “man” and those they don’t include as men.

Mark:  Oh, Alan, this is over a picture of a herd of steers with cattlemen driving them.

Alan:  That sounds appropriate.

Mark:  I kid you not.  They’re herding steers.

Alan:  Well, that passport is your brand.

Mark:  Okay. And there’s one quote I don’t really understand. I thought you might understand it or can decode it for me. The whole thing is highly Masonic. I mean there’s Masonic pictures all over it. But anyway, here it goes. “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.” George Washington.  Do you know what that means?

Alan:  Again, their “standard” has many meanings. On the one hand, it is standardization. That’s why you put a standard in. That means you’re conquered. When you put up a standard in the battle you’ve conquered the battlefield and it’s to do with the standardization process of their plan. Now remember, Washington and others when he was toasted in by Benjamin Franklin with the picture of the sun rising behind him in the portrait and Franklin said we welcome their first president, he said, the first Grand Master of the Americas. They knew, this same guy, remember, Benjamin Franklin, said they hoped this would be the beginning of a world federation.  That’s right in their own writings.

Mark:  Right. I mean this thing is just full of Masonic stuff. It’s really incredible. It’s unbelievable.

Alan:  Yes, and it’s in the open.

Mark:  Do you know what the golden spike is?  Because there’s another quote here that says, “May God continue the unity of our Country, as the Railroad unites the two great Oceans of the world,” inscribed on the golden spike Promontory Point, 1869.

Alan:  Remember, the part with the railroads, you’ve heard this term when they talk about “team players.” This is the whole thing about team players. You’re “on track.” If you’re also on the sea you’re “on board” with the plan or you’re “on track” with it. Now remember, a track runs two ways and there’s also two tracks, you see, two lines, two railways, so you can go one way or the other. We all are going one way and of course this bunch are going the other. It’s a Masonic coding of perception and how perception is altered. The golden spike is also a reference to an obelisk, turned upside down, and it’s a reference to the Golden-Thighed Pythagoras, those who perfect their offspring; so the allegory is they have golden penises, technically.

Mark:  Imagine that. Okay, thank you.

Alan:  Thanks for calling. Back with more after these messages. Hi folks. This is Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix. Okay, let’s try Tom in Massachusetts. Is Tom there?

Tom: How you doing, Alan?

Alan:  Not so bad.

Tom:  Good. Question for you about that doomsday seed vault up in Norway, they say that that’s been set up to protect all these varieties of seeds in case of some overwhelming natural disaster. Would that be more likely a repository for non-genetically modified seeds that are going to be kept for the elite?

Alan:  That’s right. That’s what they are. They’re taking the old grain from every country and having it sent to them from Africa from everywhere, the old stuff, the hardy stuff that’s proven itself down through the centuries, and that’s what they’re doing. Remember too, when they show you one place, they always have other ones which they will not tell you about. They’ll love to tell you to “watch this hand,” like the stage magician, but don’t watch the other hand, so this is pretty standard.

Tom:  Oh yes, I figured that. Another quick one, I’ll try to make it quick anyway. You spoke at times about secret archives or portions of areas of certain buildings where material is kept that isn’t for the profane or the person off the street to do research and make that available to them. Do you have any ideas as to what type of knowledge that might contain or information?

Alan:  They have real histories of the world. Carroll Quigley went into this in fact in “The Anglo-American Establishment,” being the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute for International Affairs. He was the official historian and he had access to the records in Chatham House in London and also in the Harold Pratt Building in New York.  He filled in all the blanks and tells you how the wars really started, who was behind them, what was the object and who gained from it. He openly admits that these institutions had furthered revolutions and wars towards a particular agenda and it’s a fascinating book to read, “The Anglo-American Establishment.”  They have them and lots of them are held in country estates and mansions far away from prying eyes and they have the histories of the world. They have techniques of control and formulas of control. Whatever has worked before, if you understand the formula, whatever has worked before in humans can be done again and again and again down through history if you do it in the right sequence.

Tom:  Wow, very good. I appreciate the information and keep up the good work. I’ll let somebody else pose a question to you.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Tom:  All right. We’ll see you.

Alan:  I’ve got Will in Pennsylvania. Are you there, Will?

Will:  Good evening, Alan. Maggie in Texas prompted my call. What many people don’t understand is that these chemtrails, besides the ethylene dibromide, nanoparticulates of aluminum, barium, [cationic], they have a polymer fibers which pretty much it gives them an estimation of where this stuff is going to land; and like you said to detoxify, but they don’t have to breathe this stuff in to begin with.

Alan:  That’s the only real defense you have, is not breathing the stuff in.

Will:  Yes. If anyone wants to see something kind of amusing, you can Google – it’s on YouTube. Weatherman Radar Gets Jammed by Chemtrails. You’ve got this guy that he basically spills the beans. He calls it chaff. It’s all over Northern United States.

Alan:  That’s right. Even NASA came out with a blurb last year on it and it does even interfere even with the satellite upload from my house for the website; but we have to go now. That’s the end of the show, so from Hamish and myself, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.


(Transcribed by Linda)