April 25, 2008 (#106)

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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 25th of April 2008. Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as many of the old talks as possible, which help to fill in the big blank spots in history between the dates and the battles and the victors and the vanquished. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can print up and download in the various tongues of Europe.

I’ve had people over the years wondering just how much the public will take and in Canada there’s a minister for privacy, the Privacy Commissioner, who’s part of the government. Every few years they publish their findings and they warn the public you’re losing your privacy and then we find out the man has no power to uphold any laws on behalf of the public. His job is just to tell you you’re losing your privacy. Hardly a week goes by now in this information age now that we’ve all been conditioned to share everything about yourself on this gimmick called the internet, the gimmick that was given to the public by the war industry. They had it back in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, this internet, and they had computers way ahead of things you even see today and they give to the public to train us to do what we’re doing and that’s put your whole life up on the internet for all to see. Then they try and encourage everyone to join their community area through various little programs they give you and you put your photographs up and all about yourself for all to view. That’s to get what they call “the open society,” a society that will not ever – in fact they have no memory of what privacy used to be or rights.

People used to have wars (go to war) over the right of having privacy. When kings ruled, the king was the law and wanted to know all about you, you were numbered along with his cattle and his deer and all the rest of it and people literally fought wars to get the rights established for the first time, but isn’t it amazing? They give you a toy called the internet and suddenly everyone forgets the past and the history and gives up all their privacy quite happily, so it seems.

After the break, I’ll be reading this article from the Telegraph, which goes into even more bizarre things coming up to do with losing privacy and the even more bizarre reasons they want to know certain things about you, including your sex life, and the penalties if you don’t comply and tell Big Brother what they want to know. That’s the world we’re living in, a world which is almost like Disney. I think the break is coming up. I think I hear some music coming up and I’ll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and before the break I was mentioning how far we all let it all go. When it comes to losing all your privacy, most people today are so domesticated they don’t mind what their master knows. They think they’re living in a wonderful world where everything is being taken care of by their betters.

Here’s the next step they’re going into, from the Telegraph on Wednesday, 23rd April 2008 edition. That’s from the telegraph.co.uk.

“Government to Quiz Households on Sex Lives and Salaries.

            By Lewis Carter

“More than 500,000 people a year are to be questioned about their sex lives and salaries by Government inspectors, it has emerged. Officials will ask for information about former sexual partners, contraception and how long couples have lived together before getting married. The 2,000-question survey…”

Alan:  2,000 questions!

“…which will be carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), has prompted fears of further data security breaches as both names and addresses will be logged by inspectors.”

Alan:  George Orwell warned us about this because this great department that he knew was created during World War II would become a very powerful institution, The Office for National Statistics, and our lives are now run by statistics and we’re all part of it apparently.

“Critics also say the £3.5 million-a-year cost will be a waste of money as people tend to lie about their private lives and begrudge intrusion into personal matters. Eric Pickles, the shadow communities secretary, said: "Day by day, the liberty and privacy of the British public is being undermined by Labour's surveillance state.”

Alan:  It wouldn’t matter if it was labor or conservative because they’re just a front anyway.

“People will be shocked that taxpayers' money is being spent on intrusive surveys.”

Alan:  Would they be shocked? I wonder.

“Now state spies want to log and record who sleeps with whom and how often. Not even the Stasi went this far. Inspectors will ask the questions as part of the new Integrated Household Survey. They will visit 200,000 homes at random each year and question each occupant, meaning that about 500,000 individuals will take part.

One of the questions asks: "Have you ever had a baby - even one who only lived for a short time?" Interviewers are warned: "Exclude: Any stillborn; Include: Any who only lived for a short time." The survey features intimate questions on exact dates when relationships ended, and the precise amount of money people take home. There will also be 35 questions on contraception, such as whether men have had vasectomies, the brands of Pill women use, and whether they have ever taken the morning-after Pill.

Frank Furedi, a professor of sociology at Kent University, said: "When researchers ask about sexual habits there is a very strong tendency for ­people to clam up, or to say what they think they want to hear. "I would resent being asked these questions and I don't think the Government should be doing it." A spokesman for the (Office of National Statistics) ONS said the survey was the most efficient way of meeting the Government's "information needs". He said that all names and addresses would be deleted from the files once they arrived in the main office.”

Alan:  Har-hardy, har-har. That’s how far they’re going now into your private lives, by law, supposedly, and you have to stand back and think outside the box to see why, because you see, you’re just cattle. You’re cattle and the owners of the cattle just want all the data to do with the beasts that they own, which are the human beings. That’s what it’s all about. We’re cattle or chattel. It’s all the same thing to the masters.

How much will the public take?

Well, I think the public will take it in a bent-over position as always because they’re taking all the other stuff that’s coming their way with such quiet compliance that it’s rather disgusting. It’s the same at the airports et cetera, where they take your shoes off you and your belt so you’re left to hold your pants up. These people know that that’s what Adolph Hitler did to his enemies when he put them on trial; he took their shoes from them. Taking your shoes from people, in even Moslem countries, means you’re now submitting to an authority. You take your shoes off when you go into a mosque or into some important person’s house. You’re actually going through a ritual of subservience and when you have to hold up your pants at the same time, you’re being taught to accept to humiliation. That’s what that’s all about.

The public again, as I say, don’t expect the public ever to stand up on mass and complain because they won’t. It’s up to certain individuals here and there to cause as much stink as they possibly can; and it’s only with enough complaints coming in from people who are willing to stand up, with their belt on and their pants up, that people eventually listen to them. The masses follow those who get up first. They are followers.

That’s what’s happening there and that little routine is they want to know what your sex life is all about and do you really believe they'll keep it all quiet? Britain’s already in trouble for losing discs sent out from one government department with millions of names of people receiving welfare.

Here’s another article here too. This is to do with the United States, which ties in with Canada, and it says here:

            “U.S. to Expand Collection of Crime Suspects DNA. From the Washington Post, 19th of April 2008.

“The U.S. government will soon will soon begin collecting DNA samples from all citizens arrested in connection with any federal crime and from many immigrants detained by federal authorities, adding genetic identifiers from more than 1 million individuals a year to the swiftly growing federal law enforcement DNA database.”

Alan:  This is for arrests now, not for conviction.

“The policy will substantially expand the current practice of routinely collecting DNA samples from only those convicted of federal crimes, and it will build on a growing policy among states to collect DNA from many people who are arrested. Thirteen states do so now and turn their data over to the federal government.

The initiative, to be published as a proposed rule in the Federal Register in coming days, reflects a congressional directive that DNA from arrestees be collected to help catch a range of domestic criminals. But it also requires, for the first time, the collection of DNA samples from people other than U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents who are detained by U.S. authorities. Although fingerprints have long been collected for virtually every arrestee, privacy advocates say the new policy expands the DNA database, run by the FBI, beyond its initial aim of storing information on the perpetrators of violent crimes.

They also worry that people could be detained erroneously and swept into the database without cause, and that DNA samples from those who are never convicted of a crime, because of acquittal or a withdrawal of charges, might nonetheless be permanently retained by the FBI. "Innocent people don't belong in a so-called criminal database," said Tania Simoncelli, science adviser for the American Civil Liberties Union. "We're crossing a line." She said that if the samples are kept, they could one day be analyzed for sensitive information such as diseases and ancestry.”

Alan:  Ancestry again. They want to know the eugenics in your family.

“Justice Department spokesman Erik Ablin said the collection of DNA samples "will provide an additional form of biometric identification from persons who would normally be fingerprinted." FBI rules preclude using DNA samples to determine a person's genetic traits, diseases or disorders.”

Alan:  Now to jump to Canada on this. This is all nonsense this stuff. You see this was planned years ago. About 10 years ago, maybe 12 years ago in Canada the CBC on one of the standard news shows showed you a brand new facility in Montreal. A massive building that cost millions of dollars and it was for the federal police basically across Canada and they showed you inside the building and there was a conveyor line assembly with all these robotic arms. They could take test tubes, maybe two-dozen at a time, put them on different places on the conveyor belt, et cetera, et cetera, fully automated to do DNA testing; and they told the public at the time they built this multimillion-dollar facility because it was for the occasional criminal, the very hardened criminal that they put their DNA in this database. This obviously has enough ability to do the whole of Canada and that was the point of it. We’re told utter lies when these guys go ahead and build these monstrosities, that it was so obvious it’s for the whole of Canada and every other country has been doing the same thing for 10 years. They were doing this and preparing for all this long before the very necessary 9/11 incident happened. They needed 9/11 and they’ve gone hog-wild ever since.

Nothing as I say happens by chance. Nothing happens by some spur of the moment decision in politics and government and you’re finding now that these services – remember the police are supposedly a service. They’ve now become an authority. They make up their own laws and demand that the government pass them and the government does so. Also around 10 years ago, the same companies that outfitted countries like Britain with all the thousands and thousands, maybe millions of cameras across the major cities held in Montreal for the American and Police Chief’s Association a big expose to show their wares and all the cops went back demanding money to buy all these good toys with. Our servants have become the masters. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix as they turn the screws on the public across the planet all together, one big club, trying to make us into one big happy family or one big happy herd, they’ll be domesticated even further into serving their masters all the more efficiently.

Now we have a caller on the line. It’s Garrin from Rhode Island. Are you there, Garrin?

Garrin:   Hello Alan. I want to talk about the chemtrails because I’ve been noticing them very often. In the past, I’d say up until the last few months, I noticed them once in a while. I mean initially I heard of them but I had never seen them until a couple of years ago – a few years ago and then a couple of years ago I noticed them once in a while and now the last few months I’ve been noticing them – I mean recently it’s almost non-stop. Almost every time I look up in the sky, I see these trails which are definitely not contrails or condensation trails. These things go from one end of the horizon. They usually come out of the west going towards the east, west by northwest and they travel these trails from one end of the horizon to another. They linger. The trails spread out and they don’t dissipate, they disperse and yesterday I was looking out and I saw one go by. A couple of minutes later a plane’s laying another chemtrail. These things are definitely chemtrails. They’re not contrails. I know what a condensation trail is and the airport that is nearby and I’ve seen plenty of contrails.

Alan:  There’s no question about it. It’s chemicals. They’ve been analyzed. I’ve had them analyzed. Other people have had them analyzed. One television show had them analyzed too and we know what’s in them. We know we’re being poisoned every day. It’s going across the whole planet. I’ve got people just back from the Middle East a couple of days ago and they said the skies beneath them were criss-crossed the whole way across Europe, across the Middle East as well, and the sky turns into this milky white color where you had a really blue sky and everyone’s getting sick, bronchial problems. Their minds become slow and we’re being affected by them for sure, there’s no doubt about it.

Garrin:  Oh, even in the Middle East, that far?

Alan:  They’re really laying it on over Iran right now.

Garrin:  I can imagine, and I noticed like yesterday it was one. It was another. There is another. I mean this evening again you look up in the sky and then these trails in x-formations at times. Sometimes and after a while you could almost mistake them for clouds because after a number of them disperse and then there’s three, four, five of them, they can almost look like clouds but there’s no doubt this is going on.

Alan:  It’s going on and even when they’re not spraying directly overhead, you’ll often see them coming in with the prevailing winds. They’ll spray outside of the cities to fool you and so a lot of folk in the cities don’t know they’re getting sprayed, but when you can detect them you know what they look like when they’ve just been sprayed. You’ll see them blowing over and the sky becomes that milky color. That polymer squeaky-like color and the sun’s hiding behind this strange haze and you’ll start feeling your sinuses get blocked, you get all kinds of bronchial problems and they’re using HAARP on top of it as well, but regardless, I’m sure it’s killing a lot of people across the planet. Even if you were spraying talcum powder, anything that shouldn’t be in the air and that’s got a constant irritant is going to have a detrimental effect on the people down below.

Garrin:  Yes. I mean it could be salt. I mean if you’re breathing in particulates and things like that, I mean it’s – wow. It's so frequent I’m almost amazed. It’s like we’re just doing this, we don’t care.

Alan:  Well they don’t care and there’s nowhere to complain to because they have a global Air Force doing this. The planes that are doing it, there’s no markings on them that you’ll notice when you look through high-power telescopes and they must have built up a world Air Force to do this because it’s happening worldwide every single day. I read in the papers there recently some other bigwig at the Scientific Boffin Association wants to start spraying sulfur particles into the atmosphere as well, to supposedly stop the global warming fiasco; and sulfur, if you start breathing in sulfur particles – also the same guy wanted to bring in crushed glass. Very fine powdered crushed glass that would reflect sunlight back out. Well hell, that’s as bad as breathing asbestos. Once that’s in your lungs, you’ll never get rid of it.

Garrin:  Well yes, breathing in fine glass particulates wouldn’t be good for someone.

Alan:  But they don’t care. I mean this is their agenda and even though the global warming is being found out as an utter scam, they have another agenda at work and this is bringing down the population. The amount of young people now with cancers and have never smoked in their lives, lung cancer is skyrocketing. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, and we’ve got Tim from Indiana on the line. Are you there, Tim?

Tim:  I’m here.

Alan:  Yes, go ahead.

Tim:  Just those chemtrails again, a little bit, they cut back and like at nighttime they start spraying where I’m at and I get up early and I can see the X’s right before everybody else does. Anyway, I’ve been reading some of the books you kind of suggested through your blurbs and just one quick question and I’ve got all your books and I think they’re great and I think everybody should just get them, because if you really want to understand things, you know to get that mind working, go ahead and do it. But just a real simple thing that I really can’t comprehend, like the word “to-day” and “to-morrow.” In H.G. Wells’ book he writes the word “to-day” like you write it in your book and I’m just trying to understand like okay what does that really mean and I’ll just take it off the air.

Alan:  In masonry they go on about the singularity and in fact if you read Albert Pike’s descriptions of numbers, because he was into the unity of one, but he also goes into the duad. The duad is more important than the one and yet the duad to an extent is part of the “mystery religion” as they call it. Male, female blended into one, the perfection of coming together, but coming together in a more intimate bodily sense, the hermaphroditic perfection. That which was left imperfect – they claimed in the ancient mystery religions that god, which was one, created an Adam then an Eve from the same being.  Eve came from the same being, meaning technically that god itself was a hermaphrodite making Adam in his perfect same image. Adam was the same perfect image, containing female within him too; and in the Hebrew they don’t say a “rib” was taken. They say a “compartment” was taken, they’re talking about the womb, from him to create the separate Eve and that was the fall. In other words, it was stated what two and one together in perfection, the same exact image of the god, then we would have perpetual bliss type of thing. That’s what they mean by that. It’s all to do with the meanings of numbers and of course you have low-level meanings for the low Masons and most of them that’s all they know, if they even remember that much, and much higher meanings for those at the top. That’s really what it boils down to: the perfecting of that that was left imperfect, meaning bringing it back to its initial perfection.

Now we’ve got Brenda from Tennessee on the line. Are you there, Brenda?

Brenda:  Hi, Alan. How are you?

Alan:  Not so bad.

Brenda:  Good. I thought I might be off topic but I can see that I’m not. My brother passed away later yesterday afternoon and I found out after he passed that he was a Scottish Rite and I’m told that they would have a Scottish Knight and I have two other brothers that are Masons. I don’t know what degree because I don’t really associate with them because they’re views and mine are so different and I have a brother-in-law that is a Shriner, so I don’t know what is a Scottish Knight and what is a Scottish Rite. I know there’s York Rite and Scottish Rite and I thought if anybody knew that would be you.

Alan:  Again, Albert Pike talks about all the different degrees and the Scottish Knight. At that level he will have what they call an arched funeral. Have they talked about giving him a Masonic funeral?

Brenda:  Well, since he just passed away late yesterday, well, around quarter to six yesterday, I haven’t really talked to his daughter very much. I just kind of got this through my daughter and it’s like usually people if they pass away it’s only three days, but with him it’s going to be like they’re not having this until – and there’s no autopsy or anything. They’re not having this. They’re having a viewing for the family on Sunday and then Sunday night is Scottish Knight and I don’t know if they will have a Masonic funeral or what they will have. My husband’s uncle had one and he said it was so strange.

Alan:  What they do is they normally put pike staffs as an arch over the grave in the form of the pyramid and all this kind of stuff and they wear their aprons in a separate ceremony for themselves, for the brothers. They even do it in the military. They even do it in the Canadian military when one of theirs gets killed and they bury them. You’ll see them do the same kind of stuff with their aprons and so on.

Brenda:  So no one else that’s not an initiate of whatever is going to be allowed into the Scottish Knight?

Alan:  Generally not. At least that’s how it used to be.

Brenda:  I don’t know. The whole thing is really strange to me.

Alan:  Oh, it’s strange all right, but you’ve got to understand that this is the religion that runs the world. This is the religion behind all religions that runs the world.

Brenda:  Yes, that’s why I don’t have much to do with it because I believe scripture and I don’t keep worldly holidays and all that because they’re all pagan and so I don’t do that and they think I’m weird. I’m the strange one. I’m the ostracized one. I’m the black sheep, except that I stay away from all of them because I know that they are very dangerous people, especially you know like by brother-in-law the Shriner, then I don’t really know what my other two brothers, they’re in the Masonic lodge, but I don’t know what they are and so I stay away.

Alan:  At that level, too, they will have some power and influence within their own area.

Brenda:  Yes, I know that because it’s a small town and I know that there’s things that have gone on and I had to leave there because of, well, strange happenings that was going on, even though that’s where I was born and raised, but I left because of – well, I was told to keep my mouth shut or I was going to die because I’m one of those very outspoken people and I stand up or things that are not right and just, and I was told not to do that.  I didn’t know – I did not know what to expect, so there will probably be like a Scottish funeral, I mean a Masonic?

Alan:  Again, it’s actually a name of a particular Masonic sect—

Brenda:  I’m just getting into Albert Pike’s “Morals & Dogmas” so I don’t know a lot. I just knew it wasn’t a place for me.

Alan:  Yes, and of course it wasn’t invented in Scotland. It was brought over to the U.S. initially by a guy from France and they gave it the name the Scottish Rite of Masonry and when you leave the Blue Lodge that all Masons go into, you can either go into the York Rite or you can take the Scottish Rite.  In the States it’s often the Scottish Rite that they take. You’ll find everybody in town who’s anybody, who is on the school boards and council boards, mayors, they’re all part of the Scottish Rite.

Brenda:  So probably if I just kind of hide somewhere and watch all these people go in, I’ll know who is and who isn’t?

Alan:  Yes, you would.

Brenda:  That would be interesting.

Alan:  It would.

Brenda:  All right. I appreciate the information.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Brenda:  You have a good evening.

Alan:  You too. Now we’ve got Will from Pennsylvania. Are you there, Will?

Will:  How you doing Alan?

Alan:  I’m not bad.

Will:  A few callers prompted a few thoughts – the previous caller from Tennessee. You always talk about a portico, an outer portico of protection, and I think you would agree that her loved one, deceased, was probably just that.

Alan:  They’ll probably be low enough members but high enough to get perks in their own community. They always make sure they get perks.

Will:  That’s one thing the Masons let people know, right?

Alan:  Yes.

Will:  I heard you on a show, prior, on someone’s show and you said that you experienced possession – someone being possessed. You mentioned the girl in Italy that was seen being possessed by demons purportedly.

Alan:  It wasn’t Italy, but I’ve seen people what they would be called or described as possessed.

Will:  I was wondering if you could go into that a little more and divulge as much as you could, and also the musicians with the OTO, The Ordo or Templi Orientis. I was waiting for more about that but I didn’t get to hear it. Also, would you agree they’re ushering in a new age with the 2150 Being the Age of Aquarius and if we’re in the age of Jesus?

Alan:  There’s no doubt on that. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Journal, their monthly journal back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s was called “The New Age Magazine” and they claim that they were spearheading the world into this wonderful new Aquarian age, and of course they were, and they were bringing it out through different means and methods.

Will:  And so basically they’re going to kill Christianity and bring on, maybe, would you say, an Earth worship? Worship the Earth with the guy with the picture of water?

Alan:  All people, all religions were to eventually be eroded. All existing religions were to be eroded as they brought in the new structure, the New Age philosophy, based on a form of Earth worship and harmony, where we’re kept in harmony with the planet by keeping our numbers down. However, behind Masonry, as I say, if you go into it and you understand the rituals, which very few of the guys who actually participate actually do, it’s to do with eugenics.

Will:  They use this age like the Age of Aquarius. They’re going to wash the world clean?

Alan:  The symbol of Aquarius, remember – Aquarius was raped by the god Zeus. It’s actually a Greek story they took into Rome and they called it Aquarius, and he was raped because the god had the right to rape male or female and I guess he enjoyed it so much he placed him up in the stars forever, but he carries the pot of water—which is symbolic of the pool of life; and when that comes in, he’s emptying out the pool of life—symbolic of the gene pool, the creation of a new man to come.

Will:  Wow. One more thing. Well, actually two. One side note.

Alan:  You have to be very quick. There’s more people here.

Will:  If I were to type in Alan Watt and then put music next to it, would I get any of yours?  And there’s a guy named Leo Zagami, he claims to be a Mason, have you heard of him?

Alan:  I don’t know of him, no.

Will:  Okay. Is there any way anyone would be able to hear your music?

Alan:  Maybe down the line. Maybe down the line, I’ll see how it goes.

Will:  Okay. Now if we did a search for Watt music, what would we get?

Alan:  You’d be hard pressed to. I used different names.

Will:  All right, sir. Thank you very much.

Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling. Now we’ve got Moe from Oregon. Are you there, Moe?

Moe:  Yes, Alan Watt. How are you doing tonight?

Alan:  Not so bad.

Moe:  All right. Since this is the topic of religion I believe tonight, I would like to ask you. I mean in Christianity there are 800 divisions and there are a couple of divisions that they worship a snake. They call themselves snake worshipers and still they believe in New Testament Bible. I mean can you comment on that please?

Alan:  They took that from a part of the writings of Paul in the New Testament, where Paul says “and you shall lift up serpents and they shall not harm you”.  It’s an allegory of something else, but of course these people a long time ago took it literally, as the masses always do, and they don’t understand the esoteric meaning behind things. They do use snakes in their particular worship and they are rattlesnakes and so on, and a lot of them do get bitten by it; but in the world of exoteric religion, nothing ever surprises me because the masses always turn things into a basic understanding. Very basic, very primitive and that goes for all regular religions too. There are preachers and ministers and priests who give stories every day or every Sunday to their congregation and they haven’t a clue what the esoteric story behind what they’re telling the public is, which is just almost fairy stories for the masses, but there’s always an esoteric truth hidden within.

Moe:  Exactly. I agree with you 100 percent and especially when the Pope visits to the United States. When you look at his eyes, you’ll find something wrong with his eyes. Don’t you think so?

Alan:  I haven’t even seen it you know.

Moe:  The eyes are the door to your soul and when you look into his eyes you see that he’s a part of the elite. He also belongs to Masonic elite also. I strongly believe on that because he doesn’t even smile. I mean when he came out of the plane when they show him he doesn’t smile. He didn’t even kiss the U.S. ground. Usually he kisses the grounds of other countries. Then he went to 9/11 area and et cetera. I mean it’s all publicity though.

Alan:  Malachi Martin said years ago that the Catholic Church had been taken over by freemasonry a long time ago.

Moe:  Right. Thank you very much sir and you have a good night sir.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Moe:  Bye-bye.

Alan:  All major institutions are part of the whole New World Order as it must be. The good shepherds that control flocks, vast flocks of people, have to all be onboard with the one singular world agenda and that’s what we have. As I say, there’s so many – I mean don’t throw religions all out the window thinking you don’t understand them and it’s all rubbish. There’s a lot of ancient philosophy in there. There’s a lot of hidden wisdom, too, tucked in, but there’s always the basic rituals for the general public. That’s why you have a mass for the masses. That’s what they call it. It’s for the masses. Even for the great supposed fictional Moses going up the mountain, the symbol was that he was the only one allowed up the mountain because he was illumined. He had understanding, therefore he was closer to a deity and he was allowed to go up the mountain. It tells you right there the rest of the public couldn’t get up there; the lightning and thunder, that stopped them from getting up there and they turned back to making things which they did understand, the things of the world, which was money, gold statues and all the rest of it. That’s where their faith was, meaning they were still creatures of the world. The elevated man goes above beyond that and can communicate with God. That’s what the whole story is about. It’s not a real story of a thing that happened. It’s a symbol of the higher man and the base people. As I say, what’s left is exoteric stories for the public, little moral stories on the rules of the culture and how to follow the rules and that’s all you’re left with.

Jumping back to what we were talking about with the OTO, how it’s connected with masonry. They created a new branch and that was the OTO in the days just before Aleister Crowley took it over. It was already in existence. It had been officially given a charter to exist by the British higher-ups and the idea was to create a society of Masons that would run all arts—all of the arts, the writers, musicians, everything—to control the minds and create this new culture for the youth. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. This is Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we’re almost up to the line tonight. I should mention before I go that remember that this show is brought to you by you and if you like what you’re hearing and you like the information that’s being put out and you like the interaction of the callers and so on, it’s up to you to support me—which you can do by going to cuttingthroughthematrix.com looking at the site and sending donations or buying some of the things I’ve got up there for sale, things I’ve written myself or produced myself, and that keeps me going because it takes cash to keep all of this going. 

The costs are increasing all the time as the dollar shrinks in value. We’re all feeling the pinch. I know that. I see the price of posting a book abroad is $30 minimum airmail now for one book and so it’s expensive to keep this whole thing going and print them up and all the rest of it, and plus this enormous postage they’re now hitting us all with. It isn’t so bad posting off to the USA right now, but that’s going to change too as the price of diesel goes up; everything that’s transported is to go up in unison. Tough times are ahead for everyone and when I think there’s no more backup or want for what I’m giving out here, I’ll just go off the air if it’s the right time and go off and do other things and there’s no lack of other things to do, believe you me. If I had to live this life over again I wouldn’t choose to do this. I do this because it’s a must. I have to do it. There’s no other game in town in this world of ours. It’s the only game that’s going on and this game is for keeps. It’s for everything that was, everything that is, and all that could be, all the children et cetera that could grow up in a completely different world.

Remember what Lenin said and he was taught by the best bankers of the West. He said “mankind can go off in a thousand different kinds of social societies but the public must not be allowed to know this. They must think that the one they’re born into is the only one that could have possibly evolved and it was rightfully there because it simply was there.” That’s how simple it is.

In reality, “we’re all in a new form of slavery” as Charles Galton Darwin said in this book “The Next Million Years.”  He said (on behalf of the elite, mind you), “there has always existed slavery in one form or another and we are simply creating a new more sophisticated type of slavery for the people.”  It’s been introduced and as you can see by the lack of feedback from the general public as they’ve lost every right that ancestors and previous generations fought for. It makes you wonder because all you have to do is spoil one generation, give them toys and lots of entertainment, bread and circuses, and they give it all up so readily—as though it had no value whatsoever.

That’s a sad thing, a sad thing that previous generations scraped and fought and had strikes and everything else to try and gain some rights in this world fascist system in which we are born into, where handfuls of bankers for some reason are given the right to control the debt of the entire world, where whole countries are put up for sale basically to the debt buyers—and we call this civilization.  I’m sorry but it ain’t mine and it shouldn’t be yours either.

I’ll be back with more next week. From Hamish and myself, on a rainy Ontario night, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.


(Transcribed by Linda)


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