April 30, 2008 (#108)
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"Farmers Go Annually for their Need
to Acquire Monsanto's Terminator Seed,
Expensive Chemicals to Ensure a Yield -
Food from a Deadly Carcinogenic Field"
© Alan Watt April 30, 2008

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 30th, 2008.  Newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and look over all the different programs I’ve done on the past that help to piece this great big matrix together – the matrix being the world as it's been presented to you from birth; the real world is vastly, vastly different.  Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in various languages of Europe.

You’ll find we’re really on a gallop now as this whole world agenda, something in the planning for centuries and centuries, is coming to a head, because they’re starting to stampede the people; and once you stampede the herd, they don’t really look at where they’re going or what they’re passing, they just sort of go through this dazed stage until they end up somewhere else – never dawning on them that they were guided there the whole time.  That’s what’s happening with this whole North American Union and the global society and the United Nations rearing its head for more power as the big world government, the Big Brother.  As gasoline and diesel and all the foodstuffs and everything else in the stores escalates in price, and truckers go out of business, they’re having big demonstrations in Washington right now with convoys of truckers hoping to protest this; they’re going out of business because eventually there’ll be one or two trucking lines that are big consortiums, and that’s what the big boys planned all along.  As all this goes up in price and people start to complain and find they can’t keep up, the first riots will start when expected.  I’m not sure when that time is, but the big boys do; they’ll have it down to a fine art, with all their predictions and statistics and all the rest of it, and they’ll even know where these will break out first, in what parts of the country and what parts of the world, because they don’t employ thousands of think tanks and pay them big salaries for sitting on their hands.  They have all the data; and they say knowledge is power, and they certainly have enough knowledge and data on everybody across the whole planet.  Since only a handful of corporations really own the resources of the planet today, it’s quite easy to withdraw the vital necessities of life from any part of the world, at will.

There’s an article I’m going to read shortly, after the break, about not just Monsanto but all the other big modified food companies and the whole idea of the progressive scientific farming and what it’s doing across the planet and what it’s already done to us in the western hemisphere.  Nothing happens by chance in a system that is based truly on eugenics and survival of the fittest, a history that’s been well hidden from the general population and a history that you’re not taught at school.  The reason you’re taught to go to school is to give you a fake reality so you’ll all think the same nonsense.

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, and just keeping us up to date on what’s really going on in the world.  I mentioned before the break, that in order to create a world society that believes a fictional story of reality, then you must have a universal schooling system; and that is what they’ve done long ago.  You have a whole population in the world taught fake histories and they have no idea what reality is.  Reality is given to them really by osmosis, through movies and fiction and drama, just like Plato said it would be done, thousands of years ago.  It’s an art, and most people don’t break out of that; they think it’s impossible that a few people could understand such a science and actually control your minds by it – not just your mind but billions of people.  That’s precisely what is done, and it’s not difficult to understand when you’re all given the same indoctrinations, a worldwide indoctrination through a united educational system.  Now that they have the internet, a tool designed for and by the military-industrial complex and given to the public, the public can be further indoctrinated much more quickly, because they’re reading, again, mainstream news now, whereas before they often would ignore it altogether; so one way or another you’re getting it.  Some of it’s okay and other stuff is misleading, but most stories have tremendous spins to them.  The internet was given simply to get us step-by-step to what they call the “new man,” the new creation, a new society – a society that’s called “utopia” by some in previous centuries; a utopia where the masses of people simply won’t exist, there’ll be no purpose for them; and those who do exist as servants or slaves to the elite, will serve them perfectly because they’ll be re-created for their tasks – specially, purposely designed.  That’s what it’s all about and that’s why for a hundred years your tax money has been going primarily toward genetic research.

In the 1700’s great men at the time, they call them “great men,” came out with the whole idea of  “survival of the fittest.”  Darwin simply caught on to that phrase later on and used it in his whole theory, which wasn’t his theory either, it was a Masonic theory of better breeding and inferior breeding, and they wanted to breed out the inferior genes in society.  Their big fear being that the inferior genes would eventually intermarry with the superior and drag the superior down.  Therefore they went full-tilt at this and brought out lots of books; and as long as you say this is a scientific fact, you can prove anything, just like religion before used to say the same thing when it was a papal bull—the only part of the truth was the bull part—and scientific fact is just the same, it’s used in the same way.

Today they’re on a roll to bringing down the inferior types, and here’s an example of it too.  This is from the BBC News, Saturday the 26th of April 2008, about what’s happening in India and what’s happening there has been exposed, even though they’ve been doing it to the West for fifty years.

Punjab reaps a poisoned harvest
By David Loyn, BBC News, Punjab

The governments of many poor nations are alarmed at the rise in food prices.  There are even problems in the Indian region of Punjab, where science once seemed to have found answers for a hungry world.  […]  The first thing Satpal Singh sees when he walks out of his bedroom door in the morning is a gleaming tractor, without a speck of mud on it.  It is given pride of place and washed down before being put away for the night in its garage built into the middle of his house.  This is a sign of the wealth that has made this the richest farmland in India.  In Mr Singh's front yard, half a dozen cows chew contentedly on a maize-based mix, processed in his own machine in the corner.  But behind this idyll serious questions are being asked about farming practices in Punjab, which have consequences for the looming crisis in world food supplies.

Alan: And it boils down to:

Pesticide fears
Before Mr Singh's father died young of cancer in 1992, none here suspected that the technology that had brought wealth to these farmlands in the 1970s might have a downside as well.  The new strains of seed and chemical pesticides and fertilisers, certainly brought high yields.  They called it the Green Revolution.

Alan: We had the same thing here, they called it the Green Revolution; that was the big P.R. job put out by multi-millions of bucks by the big companies behind this, with chemical industry and so on, and Monsanto and all the rest of them.  It says:

…But today the food the cows eat and the milk they produce, along with the water the cows and Mr Singh's family drink, all show high levels of pesticide residue.  As well as being a successful farmer, he works part-time as a health co-ordinator in the village.  He took me to meet a group of farmers, who all spoke of health problems and knew of deaths they believed came from the use of pesticide sprays.

Alan: Now, it’s got to be realized, too, that Monsanto tried to get India to use all their modified seeds with the terminator gene in them; that way you go back to your master every year, you can’t keep the seeds that don’t work the next year, so you go back to your for seed.  That’s what it is, a master-servant relationship.  Hundreds of farmers in India committed suicide eventually, as they lost their farms; the government were on the side of Monsanto, quite easy in India, you just bribe the government; everybody bribes everybody in India, that’s just the way it is.  They eventually forced the farmers to use all these modified seeds, with all the toxic chemicals they need to grow them.  We find now that the Rothschild family are heavily involved in India buying up all these lands that were once used by the farmers, the ones who all committed suicide; and I’m not kidding, there’s hundreds and hundreds of them, and they’re buying them up for peanuts, which is a standard Rothschild procedure.

It says here:

No protection
The problem here, as in many other places in the world, is that the benefit of high yields from new seed types was not long-lasting, and the pests kept ahead of the pesticides.  An old man, suffering from cancer, told me that in recent years he has had to spray round the clock to keep the pests off his wheat.  […]  The sprays all have instructions demanding that they should only be used with face masks and protective clothing.  But the farm workers here do not use protective equipment, and they spray far more than the recommended amount.  The cause of cancer is always a contentious issue, but a new study from the Punjabi University at Patiala ruled out other potential factors like age, alcohol intake and smoking, concluding that the way the sprays are used is causing cancer. 

Alan: Well, what’s so amazing about this, really, what is so amazing?  We found that the pesticides that were tested back in the 50’s and 60’s on various rats and mice, and all the rest of it, causes cancer; we found it does the same thing with human tissue.  This is just proving once again that these chemicals are deadly.  You don’t find the elite eating this kind of food—food coming from fields with modified crops and sprayed with all of these carcinogens; the elite have their own organic farms.  In fact, the elite of Europe you’ll find have tenant farmers; they’ve had them for centuries.  Look at the ones Prince Charles, he owns about forty or fifty of them, they all do across Europe, and they have cows that are naturally raised, all the food is naturally raised.  The crops they have, have no chemicals put in them, high maintenance for sure, manual labour, and they have all the manual labour they need; they get paid peanuts.  They’ve even done stories about Prince Charles’ tenant farmers in British newspapers.  That’s what they eat, you see; and you’ll find it’s the same with the high-based politicians and so on, they’re let in on the good stuff. 

Meanwhile, doctors are being turned out of universities today, being told that one in two people will die of cancer and that this is quite natural.  If that statement was made to doctors fifty years ago, or even less, they would have been bowled over; so anything can be made normal depending on how it’s taught.  Everyone goes into university and never realizes they’ve been taught new normals with every intake and output; that’s how simple it is to control the minds of so-called professionals.  And we are dying off because it’s planned that way.

Look into the League of Nations.  People should look into the history and the lead-up and the big players who put together the League of Nations.  The League of Nations was the precursor of the United Nations; from the very beginning, one of its main projects was to reduce the population of the world, and they were rather blatant about it because they did mention by all means possible.  Since the boys behind it all who set up the League of Nations were all eugenicists, they truly believed in the white Nordic race, but not all of the white Nordic race, only those who’d proven by special selective breeding that they were fit to survive.  They believed in poor white trash just as much as everybody else did, and they didn’t put them on a higher level than any other culture.  These characters go back to at least the 1700’s with their publications, and they put together the League of Nations, which became the United Nations—which is a front for the same powerful families, with the same heritage and their own inner belief system.  They believe that people who pick their own partners for “emotional” reasons are simply inferior types who will produce inferior types, and that all partners must be selected specially for specific qualities to ensure that the offspring are superior themselves.  These characters are now running the world, and they’re also inbred psychopaths.

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Hi folks, Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just pointing out the way things are going; there’s so much to choose from because everything’s predictable.  So predictable in fact, that I guarantee you as they rush this terrorism nonsense ahead and bring up the monetary crisis to the crunch and get people complaining and all the rest of it, and lots of stories in the newspaper, at the right time they’ll tell us, in 2010, we’re now completely unified, completely integrated, one big bloc—Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.  That was always the agenda anyway, but they’re going to use this as a way; and my goodness, we have to compete with the EU in Europe and we have to compete with China, we’re just not big enough, being all separated and everything, so it will be much easier when we’re all integrated.  It’s so darn predictable it’s boring.  It’s boring to live through this agenda when you’ve studied it all, you’ve read their documentations, you know how they work and you watch it come into action; it becomes incredibly boring because it’s as though children had written it.  Unfortunately, they’re not so much childish, they do understand us the people because we the people have been dumbed-down to such an incredible extant they can do pretty well all they want to us and no one really cares—they’re all living in fantasy land—right down to the black uniforms coming back to some parts of the U.S.

This is another little article here, it’s from foxnews.com, it says:

Massachusetts Police Get Black Uniforms to Instill Sense of 'Fear'

Alan: This is the headline here.  Now, I mentioned years ago when suddenly, overnight, the cops across Canada started wearing the same black uniforms we’d seen in some parts of the U.S., with the pants tucked into combat boots and all the rest of it; and I said at the time, on the air, this is what the hangman wears, the executioner wears black, that means that they’ve moved from blue, to serve the people, to black, to threaten the people.  Sure enough, that’s when they called it “law enforcement” instead of “police services”; and here it is in the Massachusetts police:

Get Black Uniforms to Instill Sense of 'Fear'
Thursday, April 24, 2008
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Springfield’s men in black are returning.

The city's new police commissioner, William Fitchet, says members of the department's Street Crime Unit will again don black, military-style uniforms as part of his strategy to deal with youth violence.  Fitchet's predecessor, Edward Flynn, had ditched the black attire as part of an effort to soften the image of the unit.  Flynn left Springfield in January to become the police chief in Milwaukee.  Sgt. John Delaney told a city council hearing Wednesday that the stark uniforms send a message to criminals that officers are serious about making arrests.  Delaney said a sense of "fear" has been missing for the past few years.

Alan: “A sense of fear” – We’re supposed to fear these guys who get the military crew cuts and want to wield power, the kind that you used to see bullying people around in schoolyards.  This is quite amazing what’s happening and we allow it to happen; and it works, it works so well most of the public didn’t even notice in Canada the uniform change.  They didn’t notice that one day the cops had light blue shirts on and suddenly the next day everything’s black, including the tie, and their pants are tucked into combat boots.  I walked down a little spud town in Ontario and saw this.  I’d read a little article in the paper, one paragraph, saying that you’ll see police in groups of threes and fours, dressed in this new attire, to accustom and acclimatize the public to seeing them wearing it.  When I saw these characters walking along, I didn’t know if they were ready to go to a battle or what, because that’s a military uniform.  When you see military uniforms patrolling the streets, and this was in ’98, before 2001 (this big so-called terrorist attack), I knew something big was coming down; and that’s where we are today.  We’re in a police state, believe it or not, with ever-encroaching powers given to them and our private lives—we don’t have any private life, it’s as simple as that.  Most people don’t even seem to mind giving it up, they do it voluntarily, and those people are “goners.”  They’re already gone, so I don’t waste my time with them anymore.

I’ll go to the phones and we’ve got John from Colorado there; are you there, John?

John: I just had a question.  I guess about a week or so ago, you and another caller were talking about a book called “The Rich and Super Rich” and I got myself a copy of that and started reading it, but I wanted to know what your take on it was.  Is the author like Carroll Quigley, where he’s a guy who was formerly in on things?  Is this author similar to Carroll Quigley?

Alan: I couldn’t really say if he was in on this or not.  However, Quigley broke the ranks and kind of came out and admitted at the beginning, the preface of his books, that he was definitely a member player.

John: Because I was reading reviews and some people say this was a guide for the rich, so I didn’t know if he was actually writing it as a book aimed at rich and how to--

Alan: You’ve got to remember too, a lot of books out there are written in such a way you can read it from both sides.

John: Okay, I see.

Alan: That’s probably how it’s done.  Back with more after these messages.             (Break)

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, and just pointing out what should be obvious to everyone who lives in a real sentient awareness, as opposed to the utter rubbish we get on mainstream media every night, mixed in with Hollywood, romance break-ups and who’s doing what to whom in the starlet division.  It’s just astounding what we’re fed, like little children, and nothing becomes real anymore, it’s all very surrealistic and that’s meant to be that way, so that horror is mixed with fantasy, worry about coming food shortages is mixed, again, with bizarre fantasy and nothing’s real.  When that happens, you allow yourself to guided much more easily because you’re confused and your “betters,” you know all the experts out there, can herd you better along the right pathways.

Now we’ll go down to Mark in California; are you there, Mark?

Mark: Yes Alan, I have a question.  I was reading a little bit of “Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P. Hall and I wondered what your take on this was.  Is America today a representation of how the founding fathers wanted it?  And the second part to that question: What was the reason why the secret societies gave the gift of freedom to the common man, when it seems they’re trying to take it away on a daily basis?

Alan: Well, if you believe they gave gifts of freedom to the common man, you read the wrong constitution.  You’ve got to read that very carefully, to be honest with you, and don’t forget the second time they drafted up the Constitution in the 1800’s, at least some people had caught on to the fact this was not meant for the common man at all.  People were making vast amounts of money over the common man.  You already had the robber barons in place working very quickly towards this new world system.  The founding fathers certainly did know that this was Masonically founded and they used all of the old Masonic emblems rather openly.  It’s no secret reading Benjamin Franklin’s letters – and you can get them from the Franklin Institute, from his family, they still run them and show you them – he tells you this was a Masonically-created Congress that they first set up, and he toasted Washington as “the Grandmaster of these United States.”  He also said, along with Jefferson, that they hoped this would be the beginning of a federation of the world, which would eventually be run by twelve wise men, that’s in your Congressional records, so I don’t understand where you get the part about freedoms for the common man.

They had to give some show of freedoms for a while, but what they can give, remember, “what the lord gives the lord takes away,” and it wasn’t very long before they were taking it away.  Once they got a good war started, that’s a tradition, they got a civil war started, they took all that away from you and brought in martial law for the first time.

Mark: Now, one last thing, Alan.  Do you see different factions vying for power here, or is this pretty much the illumined, the ‘illuministic’ mind over all of humanity?  Or do you see different factions vying for this power?

Alan: You’ve always had different factions in the past, up until about the 20th century, and the victors in the 20th century consolidated their powers and now they’re simply wiping out the ‘smaller fry,’ maybe powerful wealthy people in families, but they’re wiping them out to take over the whole world.  You have one very big gang against much, much smaller gangs; that’s all you’ve got left.

Mark: Thanks a lot, Alan.

Alan: Thanks for calling.  Now I’ve got John from Florida; are you there, John?

John: Hello, how are you today?

Alan: I’m surviving

John: Good, my friend.  On your web page you’ve got a logo of a ninja man kicking the one-eye bandit of the capstone of the pyramid, and this ninja man is kicking, which depicts force against the one-eye.  One of your callers on Monday was talking about Carroll Quigley and the White Man’s Burden and he finished his conversation by admonishing the audience to take a mental approach toward this whole scenario we’re going to be facing, and to which you disagreed and told him we have to take this a higher level.  Now I kind of agree and disagree to his approach where we have to take a mental approach and awaken ourselves, but you went to tell him that we have to hold our leaders accountable; in other words, you were saying we should ask them which kind of organizations they are members of. 

Alan: Absolutely.

John: Until we pass that threshold, and to which I kind of disagree because maybe on your side of the border that might still be feasible, but here, in America, we have passed that threshold, Alan.  The reason I say that is because, I don’t know if you remember, a couple of months ago the judiciary committee issued a couple of subpoenas to Harry Myers [?] and another of his cronies to present themselves and give testimony to Congress in regards to the firing of ten lawyers from the Justice department, and they declined to show up and they gave the Congress the finger.  Such have been numerous cases where the executive branch has given the Congress the finger on various issues.  Now, if this is the executive branch and the leaders of government doing this, what do you expect the civil servants are going to do?

Alan: I know.  It was the same in ancient Rome.  Ancient Rome ran by well-placed bureaucrats who knew who their masters really were, and it’s the same in the United States, really worldwide, but definitely more so in the United States and they tend to show it there much more openly that they’re one big club at the top.

John: As I see, Congress has been totally, totally obliterated.  The only thing that Congress does nowadays is collect a paycheque at the end of the month.

Alan: They do; they do what they’re told.

John: And invest in the military-industrial complex.

Alan: Both sides, all people, it doesn’t matter which bunch of multi-millionaires you vote in, they’re all involved in the same big game.  As Carroll Quigley said, it doesn’t matter, left or right, we always put our own man in at the top from the Council on Foreign Relations and a few advisors, the rest of them, the lesser politicians are allowed some free competition amongst themselves, but that is all; so it doesn’t matter who you vote for; and Quigley admitted that.  Remember, he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations; they had their own historians’ building down in the States, the Harold Pratt building, and he was given access to all their records.  In the 1960’s he said, this system has been run this way for the last fifty years

John: The last time you and I spoke I asked you how we’re going to tackle this thing and you told me we’re going to have to weather this underground.

Alan: Yes, there’s no doubt.

John: And the reason I started my conversation with your logo is that I realize they’ve got the biggest weaponry in place, they’ve got the panoptic infrastructure in place and some say that force will not do it, to which I kind of agree.  But over the weekend I smelled some fresh sea breeze; I came across files of an interview that Jeff Rense did with a guy by the name of Benjamin Fulford from Japan.

Alan: I saw that interview.

John: That gave me some hopes there, where this guy is willing to take on the eye of the pyramid with force.  I tell you, I was kind of hesitant to go through the interview, but let me tell you, I went through the six hours of MP3 plus a forty-minute video that they did.  I don’t know if it’s a hoax or what.

Alan: I sway towards the latter part, I think it is a bit of a hoax, to be honest.  You don’t just get an interview with David Rockefeller.  You see, these characters, when you get an interview with the big boys at the top, their managers will ask you what questions you want to ask, and then they’ll stroke out the ones they don’t want you to ask.  You’re not allowed to ask these questions unless it’s already prearranged.

John: Well, I wasn’t too impressed with the interview, I will tell you, but I was impressed with the interview he gave to Jeff Rense, where this secret society from China and Japan are willing to take on these bigwigs of the big eye, because they know that they will use ethnocentric biowarfare against them.

Alan: We’re getting it used now in fact, it’s already being used and they know that in the Far East, they know that even the SARS outbreak specifically was designed for the genes of Chinese and Chinese-descended people.  That’s a fact, that’s well known, so they understand that; but the whole world hasn’t even seen the high weaponry yet.  We haven’t seen the full force of technotronic warfare, which they’re using on a low-scale level right now across the planet.

John: Well, I would surely love to see because he claims that 100,000 army strong of ninja assassins are willing to take on these bigwigs of the Illuminati, if biowarfare is declared against the Asian population.  I would really love to see that enacted, you know, because I tell you, I don’t think the Gandhi approach is going to do it.

Alan: The Gandhi approach won’t work with psychopaths and it won’t work when you have a population who are so out of it they don’t care what’s happening to other people.

John: Because these guys have declared open war on us, Alan.  These guys view us as the commoners, the cattle, the sheep, useless eaters, and they abide by a philosophy of the strongest will survive.

Alan: That’s correct.  They’ve made no secret about it.  H.G. Wells was a main propagandist for this establishment and he called it “The Open Conspiracy,” meaning they publish what they want to do and they’ve let the public know, and it’s almost a legality; they’re very legalistic.  They do tell you what they want and what they’re going to do, and when there’s no reaction from the public, then we’ve just acquiesced to their demands, we’ve given in and accepted their plans.  That’s how legalism works.

John: As I see it, Alan, shots will have to be fired and blood will have to be shed.

Alan: It’s going to happen because they know it’s going to happen, in fact they’ll bring it on, with the food riots that will come down the road.  They’ve been building up an internal army for the last thirty years to deal with this and cops now are really just soldiers (the policemen), they’re given SWAT training and military combat training; they’re integrated really with the military.  They’ve been planning this for years and unfortunately you’re right, the cops now are getting taught that this is inevitable.

John: Well, hoax or no hoax, I hope this is something, some light down the tunnel, what this guy says.  I don’t know, I guess time will tell.

Alan: Time will tell and I think people have to start reclaiming their rights, even on a personal level.  We’ve got to stop waiting for saviours to do it for us; it doesn’t happen that way.

John: Yes, I guess nobody wants to be the first one to fire the shot or to die, you know.

Alan: That’s correct.

John: Alright, my brother, give thanks, okay.

Alan: You hang in there.

John: Alright, take care.

Alan: Bye now.  Now I’ve got Maggie from Texas; are you there, Maggie?

Maggie: Hi, yes I am, Alan.  I have two questions, both dealing with the subjects you’ve covered tonight, if you have the time.  The first one is, regarding terminator seeds, where do the replacement seeds come from that the farmers go to Monsanto to get?  How are they created?

Alan: They’re specially bred by Monsanto; they’re created by Monsanto’s own botany gardens and all the rest of it.

Maggie: Is it a whole separate stock of plants, just endless numbers of plants?

Alan: I guess it must be; they’re very secretive about it.  All we know is that when you buy the ones with the terminator gene, they won’t reproduce a second time.

Maggie: Right, so perhaps Monsanto is somehow cloning those or splitting them or something, and getting new stock all the time.

Alan: They must be.

Maggie: Okay, thank you.  My second is regarding what you mentioned tonight and your last caller also touched on this.  The masters of this one-world plan believe strongly in the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race; but then on other occasions, you’ve said the big boys are all the same at the top, including China and Japan.  So I am just wondering if that is indeed the case, although you’ve just suggested that the Anglo big boys are lobbying race-specific weapons at the Asian big boys.  And I’m just wondering how they, the Anglos, could ever bring themselves to deal with even the leaders of what they consider an inferior race on an equal footing.

Alan: If you read the books, there’s two books put out by H.G. Wells and he worked for the Royal Institute of International Affairs; he also worked for the Fabian Society, which was authorized by the Crown to exist to lead the left-wing towards a new man too.  That’s the whole thing about the Fabian Society, it wasn’t just to create workers, it was to create a new breed of workers and the superman image.  He published a two-part series called History of the World and his son finished the latter chapter.  His son, remember, was left to train under Pavlov; Wells took him to Russia and he trained under Pavlov, and I think he became a zoologist or something in the U.S. afterwards.  Anyway, in History of the World Part One and Two, get the original two volumes (the second one was compiled into one volume), he lists out what they’d found, where they used to believe it would be Anglo-American, they’d eventually bring in a certain few other peoples that had proven their worth.

Hang on and I’ll go into more of this after this break.             (Break)

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the groups that would be allowed to survive at the top and those who wouldn’t.  As I say, H.G. Wells wrote a two-volume work, History of the World Part One and Two, and in the first edition he had listed those groups who would be allowed to survive and eventually join the Anglo-Saxon elite group on certain conditions.  The conditions were that they should have proven their special selective breeding by breeding the right partners over a period of at least seven generations; that was very important to them.  He said that they used to think that it would have to be only Anglo-Saxon, but then they looked around and saw other peoples who had also done similar types of special breeding.  He mentioned, number two, they would bring in the financiers from the Jewish race but not all Jews; most Jews don’t specially select their mates, but the high aristocracy amongst them do.  Then he went on to list the other peoples of other countries, including some of those in the Middle East as well, that hung on to special breeding and power and money for seven generations, and hadn’t married “commoners” as they said, so that became a criteria to belong to the club.  As time went on, they started to accept the fact they’d have to bring on other rulers from other nations; as long as they followed the right criteria, then they could be allowed into this big global club and global society.  They’ve had that for quite a long time now and what they’re wiping out across the world are the smaller gang leaders who don’t have those credentials, they don’t have a history of special breeding for their seven generations and the acquisition of power which they’ve held on to for seven generations.  Do you understand now?

Maggie: It does seem to me that the psychopaths at the top of China must realize that they’re in a position to really challenge and not just accept being brought into somebody else’s idea, because they themselves are big enough to perhaps want it all.  Do you think that?

Alan: It’s possible but when you realize that those who rule China today, behind the scenes, they’re very big, old Chinese families.  I’ve got photographs of some of the estates they own, they’re just like Grecian palaces, you wouldn’t believe what they’ve built, and they still run China from behind the scenes.  The old power structure of China may have a new face called “communism,” but it’s still the same bosses who are behind it.

Maggie: Okay, well thank you very much.

Alan: Thanks for calling.  Now we’ve got Clarence from Oklahoma, we’ll try to squeeze you in, Clarence; are you there?

Clarence: Yes, hi Alan.

Alan: How are you?

Clarence: Oh well I can’t complain but it’s never done me any good.  I see we’re getting close to the time on the clock, but you were talking about the commoners and the elite.  I remember a local deejay on one of our radio stations, many years ago; I don’t know why I remember these things.  Remember when Mountbatten got blown up by supposedly the IRA or whatever it was and that was supposedly Prince Charles’ favourite uncle?

Alan: That’s right, they called him Tricky Dicky, for good reasons.

Clarence: This deejay made the mistake of saying that he was a commoner.  Someone called to correct him and said, no, he’s part royalty; and he said, I stand corrected, however I did once see him wipe his mouth on his sleeve.

Alan: Mind you, it was gold-braided so that’s okay.

Well from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.

Transcribed by Samantha.

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