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The 'Big Idea' is Becoming Clear,
Crisis, Crisis, Growing Tension
Brings in a Whole New Dimension,
The Fittest Claim they Now are Leading
The Masses with Inferior Breeding,
Intensify Problems, Remove the Border,
Then Out of Chaos will come Order"
© Alan Watt May 2, 2008



Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 2, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)             


"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the May the 2nd, 2008.  Newcomers look into and try and listen to as many of the talks Iíve given in the past because within those talks, I put together a MASSIVE jigsaw puzzle.  The only way to get it through to people is in this particular fashion because there are so many facets of society, culture and history involved that makes it all happen, makes it work for the big boys that planned it all.  In reality, thereís nothing that happens in your lifetime on a major scale that wasnít planned that wayÖ including warsÖ including this war thatís going on right now.  Also look into for transcripts from the various countries of Europe, languages that is, and you can print them up and pass them around to your friends. 


I was saying earlier about how culture is created and how we grew up and were born into it and we ACCEPT is as it is never thinking that it was designed this way.  If your parents did know either, then youíre doubly-fooled, you see.  Itís so simple to accept.  It seems to be THE NORM.  When everyone else in your generation accepts that which just comes along FOR their generation, you think youíre quite normal.  Yet, weíre accelerating at an incredible pace towards a brand new society.  The ĎBig Ideaí as George Bush, Sr. called it.  A Ďnew world orderí and itís not just a take over of a Western culture that dominates over the old communist system on a world scale, itís a whole NEW society.  A society that was planned long ago, hundreds of years, in fact, but definitely printed about, written about in the 1800s when the big foundations that were to FRONT for these particular groups to guide the culture, to guide the world, when they were set up.  They printed what their agendas were all about.  Theyíve even disclosed many of the personal mail shared between the founders of these foundations. 


They were all eugenicists, a religion that did not start with Charles Darwin.  He was simply someone that was put up front to legitimize a new religion, really, which was in fact a disguised, very ancient religion.  Darwin talked about Ďsurvival of the fittestí among species.  During the same period, the rise of a higher middle class was on the go because of the industrial revolution.  These were the ones who championed eugenics.  I think the musicís coming in so Iíll be back with more after the following messages. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to point out that everything thatís happened in the last 50 years especially, at an accelerating pace, in fact, has turned society upside down with new norms.  Thatís the key to it, new norms, all leading towards an actually preplanned agenda, the culmination of a lot of planning - a planning to create new types of humanity to serve a new elite all the more efficiently. 


Part of it was to destroy all that was OLD, all that had been.  That was the family.  The family unit, man, wife and all that kind of stuff and children, etc.  That had to be destroyed TOTALLY and eventually people had to also cast off all the old religions because the old religions, regardless of the fact that theyíd been used by elites all down through the ages, still tended to give a lip service towards the poor and the sick and the weak, etc.  That was to go because when they brought the Darwinist THEORY to the surface, they claimed that the unfit, the weak, the homeless, even, those who couldnít work, the poor, the extra poor, they claimed, even then that this was an hereditary disease.  You mustnít forget this.  This has never changed in their theory at the top that you inherit POVERTY.  Not just by your circumstances but they BELIEVE, truly believe, that itís in your genes


Therefore, they CLAIM although they can better the race, as they put it, by conditioning, social conditioning and improving your standard of living, the fact is, because you have recessive genes still laid back there, theyíll come to the surface in the next generation and they get throwbacks.  So, in other words, theyíre terrified that the UPPER elite, who truly believe that they are further evolved, they are a new species, they really truly believe this.  They believe that if they intermarry with the LOWER types then the lower will drag them all down.  Because the lower, they claim, always predominates in genetics and this is a great fear.  This was propounded by Charles Galton Darwin in his book, The Next Million Years.  Itís never changed, the same theory.  Their whole strategy today is not to help the world.  Thatís all a front to bring us all into this new system where we allow ourselves to be herded and managed from cradle to grave, all the more efficiently, as they bring down the populations of the world. 


How many people know, for instance, since about 1900 that every census that was taken carried an 11 digit number, FOR YOU?  That had your medical history in it because they were doing this all that time ago.  Comparing your medical data to see if you had INFERIOR genes, etc.  Comparing it to your work histories, education, IQ levels and all the rest of it.  This has been done COVERTLY.  Yet with, not just the acceptance of the US congress, for instance, that helped FUND the Carnegie Foundation INTO this particular project, itís been done across the world, the Western world by the big countries involvedÖ the British Commonwealth countries too.  Now, thatís why theyíre going for the PUSH, the final push for collection of everyoneís DNA.  Through that, they claim, theyíll see who has inferior genes.  The genes will cause throwbacks in the future and those people eventually, THEY HOPE, will accept sterilization.  If they wonít accept it, theyíll be done anyway, one way or another, openly or very quietlyÖ through means youíd never even think of. 


This is the real world that we live in.  Itís run by DECEITÖ and the shepherd must train the domesticated animals to love them.  The domesticated animals must believe that their future benefit lies in the same direction as the shepherd.  Thatís the trick of the shepherd.  But thereís a completely different agenda on the go. 


Theyíve always blamed, as I say, the inferior types from different countries because this started off, at least in the 1800s, primarily as a Germanic/Anglo association, an Anglo/Saxon type association.  Eventually, they brought others into it from OTHER countries who had achieved dominance over the people IN those countries for a few generations.  However, theyíre going to create racial tension, create a massive STRIFE across the world with food shortages, with disease and all the rest of it and let all the different cultures go at each other, which they will and theyíll be stirred up to do so.  Then theyíll come forward, gradually with the solution.  Because these guys at the top have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.  THEY WORK INTER-GENERATIONALLY.  Thatís how itís pulled off.  Professor Carroll Quigley put this very plainly when he said a foundation can start up with a particular agenda in mind, put it in print, hire, train and use employees while recruiting more for the next and the next and the next generation.  Even if itís a 150 years later, they can PULL OFF THE FINAL GOAL THEY PLANNED AT THE BEGINNING.  Thatís how it works in the big foundations and institutions.


Thatís why Joe average canít imagine it because he or she can not believe that there could be something that could be planned such a LONG time ago and pulled off.  They personally would lose interest.  Thatís how we are as human beings.  Our life spans are very short.  We are short-term planners.  We often go for something and change our minds.  However, when itís a job, like a business, the mandate is different and they can pull it off even if it takes 100, 200, 300 years. 


The Department of Defence and the big think tank that WORKS for the Department of Defence disclosed their 90 page agenda for the next 30 years with riots and so on across the Western world.  They knew whatís coming because itís been set up this way.  Itís a big chess board.  The one thing the shepherd must always have is the COMPLIANCE of the sheep.  You must believe everything is evolving the way it is presented to us on mainstream television, mainstream news, and that people are simply dealing with the problems as they arise.  Yet, as I say, this was planned a long time ago. 


Hereís an article from The Washington Post


CIA Chief Sees Unrest Rising With Population


By Joby Warrick

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, May 1, 2008; Page A15


Swelling populations and a global tide of immigration will present new security challenges for the United States by straining resources and stoking extremism and civil unrest in distant corners of the globe, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said in a speech yesterday.


The population surge could undermine the stability of some of the world's most fragile states, especially in Africa, while in the West, governments will be forced to grapple with ever larger immigrant communities and deepening divisions over ethnicity and race, Hayden said.  (Alan:  So heís playing his part here.  Thatís how itís to be presented to the publicÖ as though this was fact.  Now, we know for a fact that in the Western hemisphere the populations of the domestic people IN those countries has been dropping and thatís what a little bit of wealth brings.  You have one child, two the maximum.  If you have two children per two adults, you have a stable population.  If you have one child per family, you actually lower your population.  For instance, if Chinaís population policy is in effect, which itís supposed to be, in a few years they should be half their present populationÖ by using their own statistics.  So whatís happening?  Whatís happening is theyíre opening the flood gates of the world to the Western hemisphere to give the IMPRESSION that the WHOLE WORLD is just over, vastly over populated.  They havenít been building the houses to accommodate people for many, many years since the 50s and 60s, in fact, when they created the green belts and stopped what they called ĎURBAN SPRAWLí.  They only allowed REbuilding to go on where present buildings had already existed.  So you have over CROWDING and the APPEARANCE of over crowding.  This is how it was planned.  To go on with Mr. Haydenís speech here, he says )


Hayden, speaking at Kansas State University, described the projected 33 percent growth in global population over the next 40 years (A:  Now, theyíve been using statistics, FAKE statistics since the days of Francis Galton and even before that with Thomas Malthus.  They always used graphs and charts which are completely out of whack and never, ever come to what they say theyíre going to come to in 30 or 40 years.  So heís saying that 33 percent growth in global population over the next 40 years) as one of three significant trends that will alter the security landscape in the current century. (A:  Now, remember too that the UN gives us our statistics every year and theyíve been telling us for the last few years that the Western male is down 75% of his sperm count from what it was in 1950.  So how come the population is going to explode over the next 40 years?  This is all nonsenseÖ because theyíre eventually going to give you SOLUTIONS to what you will PERCEIVE - and thatís the important part - what you will PERCEIVE as problems.)  By 2050, the number of humans on Earth is expected to rise from 6.7 billion to more than 9 billion, he said.


"Most of that growth will occur in countries least able to sustain it, a situation that will likely fuel instability and extremism, both in those countries and beyond," Hayden said.


With the population of countries such as Niger and Liberia projected to triple in size in 40 years, regional governments will be forced to rapidly find food, shelter and jobs for millions (A:  Now this is, again, following hand in glove with the United Nations thatís pushing now the TOP to become the master of the food supply of the world.  It all ties together.), or deal with restive populations that "could be easily attracted to violence, civil unrest, or extremism," he said.


I can hear the music coming in so Iíll continue with this particular topic after this break. 


I folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from an article in the Washington Post on the CIA Director whoís been talking about the coming strife thatís been planned for an awful long time.  They will give you SOLUTIONS once weíve had enough of it.  He goes on to say,


European countries, many of which already have large immigrant communities, will see particular growth in their Muslim populations while the number of non-Muslims will shrink as birthrates fall. "Social integration of immigrants will pose a significant challenge to many host nations -- again boosting the potential for unrest and extremism," Hayden said. 


The CIA director also predicted a widening gulf between Europe and North America on how to deal with security threats, including terrorism. (A:  What a farce this terrorism is.)  While U.S. and European officials agree on the urgency of the terrorism threat, there is a fundamental difference -- a "transatlantic divide" -- over the solution, he said.


While the United States sees the fight against terrorism as a global war, European nations perceive the terrorist threat as a law enforcement problem, he said.  (A:  Well, thatís typically from London.  They would call it that, a law enforcement problem.)


"They tend not to view terrorism as we do, as an overwhelming international challenge. Or if they do, we often differ on what would be effective and appropriate to counter it," Hayden said. He added that he could not predict "when or if" the two sides could forge a common approach to security. 


(A:  Now hereís a big interesting part here.)

A third security trend highlighted by Hayden was the emergence of China as a global economic and military powerhouse, pursuing its narrow strategic and political interests. But Hayden said China's increasing prominence need not be perceived as a direct challenge to the United States.


"If Beijing begins to accept (A:  Now listen to the wording.) greater responsibility for the health of the international system, as all global powers should, we will remain on a constructive, even if competitive, path," he said. "If not, the rise of China begins to look more adversarial."   (A:  "If Beijing begins to accept greater responsibility for the health of the international systemÖ)


That goes back to statements made in the 1920s and 30s by Professors who were well known at the time, like Arnold Toynbee when he mentioned the fact that the US would stay as the policeman of the world for a while but towards the end of the millennium and into the new, China would be brought up to power and one day THEY would take over as the policeman of the world.  Remember that China in its present state was FUNDED by THE WEST, the same as the Soviet Union was. 


Big banks of the Western world with the cooperation of the real governments of the world, the ones ABOVE the ones you elect, CREATED the Soviet system and they CREATED China.  Why China?  Because in China they didnít have the same kinds of religions that would be hard to get rid of, they could create a more atheistic society very quickly and that was very important if they were one day created to a WORLD leader, as I say, where all existing religion is to be destroyed to bring in the new.  They donít want the Muslims because the Muslims have a very old religion with specific tenets that they hold on to with a lot of belief, and itís family orientated. 


In China, everyone accepts the government as it is, as the big power monger.  Theyíre far more apt to go into the mass man phase working for the good of the state, as they call it at the top.  And that falls right in line with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which from its very foundation has said they were going to create a world where service TO THE SYSTEM, OR THE STATE, would be your only function in life.  Your PRIME function in life.


So hereís the CIA director talking about China and pretty well hinting that they will take over as the policeman of the world "If Beijing begins to accept greater responsibility for the health of the international systemÖĒ  What is the international system?  Who voted the international system in to power?  Well, none of us did.  It just sort of appeared that way.  Itís repeated over and over and over, just like the United Nations been repeated over and over and over, another NON-democratic institution.  This was all set up a long time ago and they talked about it, as I say, in the 1800s, and even the foundations were set up back then. 


The Soviet Union has been well documented regarding its history and the funding they got from the Western powers.  There were even banks in New York that were caught giving millions of dollars for the Soviet system to help the Bolshevik Revolution take over from the Socialist Revolution that preceded it.  They caught Trotsky in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on his way over, with suitcases full of cash.  Thatís documented in Canadian history.  He was let go because the president of the United States had a passport printed and rushed up, express courier, for Trotsky as a US citizen so he could be let out of detention to carry on with his DUTY. 


The Soviet system was the test bed.  A test bed, a big laboratory, without any interference, where ALL of the sciences that have been dreamed of by these characters down through the ages were allowed into play with no hindrance and no religions to stop them.  And theyíve learned a lot since then.  This is to be used on the whole world, the collectivist system.  Back with more after the following messages.  


Hi folks.  Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  And what a matrix it is because when you understand what is happening and all these little unrelated stories that come out at the same time, seemingly unrelated, ALL GO ALONG A PARTICULAR ROUTE.  Even in the film industry and the movies theyíre making are about pushing the envelope now towards different kinds of sexual attitudes and even hermaphroditic films are coming out shortlyÖ to identify with because thereís a bit of male and a bit of female in there and everyone will identify with these characters and weíll all feel sorry for them.  Youíre going to see these characters appearingÖ but purposely designed ones, not mistakes of nature, not aberrations.  Theyíre purposely designed ones because thatís the future, the future types of slaves that will come.  Thereís men alive today who will see this come in to being, not in the too distant future either. 


Now weíll go to Vernon in New Hampshire.  Are you there Vernon?


Vernon:  Yeah, Iím there.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Vernon:  Alan, I was listening to you tonight.  Youíre doing a pretty much great job.  Youíre talking about ancient knowledge.  You know your self.  I know myself.  We know who we are.  When youíre talking about it, Iím not trying to put you down.  Itís so boring.  Itís so obvious.  Itís so boring.  We know the agenda and we know whatís going on.  Youíre doing what youíre supposed to do.  Youíre fellow incarnate and you know whatís going on.  So all I got to say is keep up the good work and help those who need to get help.  Itís just obvious.  Thereís no need to go out of your way.


Alan:  I know.  It is obvious the more you study it.  It should be obvious to everyone.


Vernon:  Itís right in our face though.  Itís right in front of your eyes.


Alan:  It is.† Hereís the key to it though.  Most folk think it doesnít concern them.  They think theyíre doing well.  They donít realize that theyíre also slated for extinction because thereís no need for them eitherÖ as useless eaters.  They donít know.


Vernon:  All Iím saying is that, you knowÖ I just want to uplift you and I know you know where you are.  I know who I am.  And this is like a, I donít even know how to describe it.  Itís like a childís play.  Like grade school.


Alan:  I know.  It is.  Itís a big play on a stage.


Vernon:  Yeah, just like a play.  Just like a play, right, a childís school play.  Itís nothing to it though.  Itís right in your face and itís obvious.  Those who donít understand it is like, I donít even understand why.  You know, theyíre on the planet with us but itís like they on a differentÖ


Alan:  They do believe.  They do believe they ARE a different species.  They truly do.  They believe they have evolved.  They really have evolved and they are a higher species.  They WRITE about this and that comes from their own words. 


Vernon:  I honestly have felt something deeper before, before I came to this, I mean, before I was born into this world, I knew all this stuff.  Not when I was born but early in my life.  I grew up, itís like, you know, itís not like nothing like so complicated.  Itís like, so easy to understand.  It comes naturally though.  Itís like a natural understanding of whatís going on.  I donít know how some people, itís so hard for them to see and understand theyíre living in an unnatural world though. 


Alan:  Well, thanks for calling.


Vernon:  I just want to you know, uplift you and say what you doing what you supposed to be doing right now and keep it up.  Iím with you all the way.


Alan:  I appreciate that.  You take care.  Now weíll go to Keith in Dallas.  Are you there Keith?


Keith:  Good evening Dr. Watt.


Alan:  Hello.  How are you?


Keith:  Iím fine.  Thank you.  First of all, GREAT show, as usual.  I just wanted to comment, first of all, before I get to what I originally called about.  Poverty in your genes, thatís the elite for you.  First, you know, they break your legs and then they give you crutches and then they tell you, see, we told you that you needed us.  Iím just floored by what you just said.  Then, as far as overpopulation, Iíve been talking for so long that that is such a con, like everything else.  You could place all 6 billion of us in Texas and everyone would have like about 1000 feet!  Itís justÖ Iím just so sick of it. 


Alan:  I know.  It really is.  Itís amazing how they pull these statistics out.  As I say, the first guy to do it was Thomas Malthus and all his statistics and graphs have been thrown in the trash since.  That doesnít stop the next one using the same technique and drawing up a new graph with projections and nonsense like this.  Itís all to hype the public into believing that something has to be done.  Thatís the whole point of the exercise. 


Keith:  John Dee must have really, really loved Plato. 


Alan:  Oh, they did.  The thing is too, when they set up the Carnegie Institute at the department at Cold Springs Harbor, they called it the station for experimental evolution and thatís where a lot of this stuff came from.  They believed they could breed up the higher race and gradually exterminate, and this is their words, gradually exterminate the lower classes and their races.  That was funded by the US congress and the institute itself. 


Keith:  American tax dollars at work, your hard tax dollars.Dr. Watt, I wanted to ask you.  I wanted to know if you could speak to the IMO tablets for me, please?  I was told to read them 100 times, right.  Of course, I havenít got that far yet but they do seem quite interesting.  They definitely lead one to believe that at least Atlantis could have existed or they lead one to question whether the flower of life is the same thing as the tree of life in the Kabala.  I mean, I totally agree with Thothís statement that magic is knowledge and only a science.  They also lead one to believe that Khufu did not build the pyramids in 2500 BC but that Thoth did.  Now, how can that happen if Thoth represents thoughts? 


Alan:  I know.  You see itís a lot of allegory.  Thereís a lot of allegory involved in ALL of this stuff, even Atlantis.† Remember, itís those who hold up the pillars of the world, the REALITY that they give the public, so thereís a lot of allegories involved.  Khufu, again, simply laid a plaque there.  They commonly did that generation after generation, a pharaoh would dedicate a plaque to the builders and years later they think it was actually him that built it.  Even though some archeologists say they could be 10,000 years old.  Thereís even older ones than that across the world that are being uncovered, even in North America here.  Youíll find that with America BC, a fantastic book to read by a Harvard Professor.  They uncovered some in Algonquin Park.  Then the government came in and fenced it all off.  So these characters have been around for an awful long time, down through the ages, bringing a system with them.  America was never lost.  They never lost it.  Theyíve found so many artifacts from the ancient world, especially along the eastern seaboard, and writings from the Phoenicians and so on, chiseled in stone, even graves, that it can not be denied that America was never lost.  We know that Columbus did marry the daughter of the top Mason of the day, for Spain.  He was given the maps and where to go and he went right to where the gold was.  They simply let the Aztecs and the Incas collect it for a few centuries and they went in and took it.† It was planned this way.


Keith:  Wow.  That sounds like Fort Knox.  I was having a conversation with someone about Fort Knox and I was telling them, you know, most of that gold is already gone.  Itís not at Fort Knox anymore.  You know, lets just call them shadowy European speculators. 


Alan:  Well, I donít know if you saw that documentary done by the guys who found the Titanic.  They were following the sea route, the World War II sea routes, for American shipping.  They hit Greenland and they went on to the Soviet Union.  They supplied the Soviet Union with arms and so on, but what they really were also supplying them with was gold bars.  Itís never been explained all these sunken ships that theyíve found.  Theyíve managed to find a lot of the gold and collect it.† Why on earth, if the US was sending this to the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union was never on the gold standard.  So you know where your gold from Fort Knox went to.  It disappeared to the Soviet Union during World War II. 


Keith:  Amazing.  I know on 9/12/2001 some of the Bin Laden family was paid in gold bars as well, because you know, they were the only ones allowed to fly that day. 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Keith:  Amazing.  Incredible.  Thank you Dr. Watt.


Alan:  And of course, the guys who rebuilt the Trade Centers after the first bombing happened to be the Bin Laden/Bush consortium.  They have a consortium.  They build bombproof shelters across the world.  On the day of the bombing, the last bombing that is, on 9/11, George Bush Sr. was having a business meeting with the Bin Laden family.  That was on the CBC news here in Canada. 


Keith:  Wow.


Alan:  You couldnít dream this stuff up.  You could not dream this stuff upÖ in a novel.


Keith:  Right.  Absolutely.  Thatís exactly right.  You canít make this stuff up.  You know someone told me, Ďyouíre just an angry black guyĎ and that is the lastÖ Iím telling youÖ most people who tell me that, thatís someone who says, Ďoh, you just blame everything that happens.  Well, God wanted it that way.í  Thatís someone who has no argument at all.  No knowledge.  Thank you Dr. Watt.  It was great talking to you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Honestly, you could NOT make this stuff up.  Hereís the guy whoís the ex-President of the United States, an ex-CIA director too at one time, having a meeting with the supposed family whose son blows up the World Trade Center.  You couldnít dream that up.  Whatís the odds on that happening out of these billions of peoples on the planet?  Itís impossible.  Impossible.


Weíve got Mark from California.  Are you there Mark?  Hello Mark?


Mark:  Yes, can you hear me Alan? 


Alan:  Yes.  Go ahead.


Mark:  Alan, can you explain the real meaning and nature of Zionism?  And maybe tie that in with the creation of Israel?  Kind of like what the meaning behind all that is?


Alan:  Thereís a lot of occultic stuff.  I was reading an article recently by an ex-Knesset member from Israel who says quite openly that the ancient Israel is a fiction.  That archeologists have tried and tried but they can not find any relics or a trace of an ancient Israel people.  They find people in Jerusalem but not a 12 tribe ancient Israel.  After all the records theyíve found from ancient Persia and Assyria and Babylon and also Egypt and lots of records have been found, they have NO mention of an Israel people.  However, he said that this myth has served us well.  Itís been a cohesive people thatís given them a vast, rich culture that bonds them tight towards a common cause.  He didnít elaborate on the cause.  But thereís no doubt about it, thereís different meaning of Zionism.  Now, Einstein in most of his talks did not talk about science, he talked about politics.  He always made the statement, Iím a Zionist.  Now, Israel was already established when he said this.  He wasnít referring to Israel as a place.  He was talking about a world society.  Again, it ties in.† On the higher level of Zionism, unknown to the common Jew even, the higher level of Zionism is to be a WORLD UNDER LAW and theyíre talking about SCIENTIFIC law and again, going into the same eugenics program that Iíd been talking about earlier.  The TOP, the elite aristocracy of every people are now IN, IN ONE BIG CLUB on this goal.  They use different codes for itÖ The Greater Society, The Great Leap Forward, all of these terms are all the same thing.  Itís the same meaning really.  Itís a world where everything will be planned and directed and created for a purpose, including humanity itself. 


Mark:  Then there is a tie with Zionism to British Israel.  Is that right?


Alan:  British Israel was given the charter to exist.  Remember, British Israel is also the World Federalist Association.  Itís one and the same association.  So its goal under the British Israel Association, which was pushed by the British Crown because they wanted people to believe world wide, that if you believed that you had a religion to back you, and your superiority, then youíll do it with more force.  You will work hard, with more force to create a world society.  The Crown definitely backed the whole idea of British Israel to take over the world and create the world commonwealth.


Mark:  Is there any tieÖ I heard you mention in a previous show a little while back, talking about a new Middle East empire.  Is that coming out of this?  Do you look at them shelling America in a move to this new Middle East empire? 


Alan:  Iím pretty sure they will go to another place. The elite will move.  Theyíre already moving actually.  Theyíre building cities even in China that are ultra modern solely for Western people and bureaucrats and business leaders.  And theyíre moving in and they have been for the last few years.  Dubai, for instance, and the Middle East will be set up too with these ultra, ultra modern cities, the most advanced cities, because theyíre going to create the tensions back in America and they donít want to be around when all hell breaks loose. 


Mark:  Wow.  One last thing.  Maybe a little comment about the significance of the number 9 11?


Alan:  Well, thereís whole.. I could go on about 9/11 for ages according to the different numbers, what are the meanings of them but Iíve done this before in previous shows with 9/11.  Including the whole birth of a new creation on 9/11.  Itís the Ides of September.  It falls into the Ides of September where the goddess is born out of the head of Zeus by her own free will.  She WILLED herself into existence.  Meaning, this is a system coming in to place which could not have come by nature.  It was created by PURE will power by the efforts of people involved.  Thatís why they chose 9/11. 


Mark:  Thanks so much Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And we have Rick from California.  Are you there Rick?


Rick:  Hi Alan.† I wanted to make a comment on something and this is about Africa.  You know, I noticed that when we watch the TV programs and the European think tanks and stuff, would have us believe that Africa is like this really crowded cesspool and with lots of children but Iíve been to Africa twice in 2002 and 2007, in two different countries and one thing I noticed.  Itís almost scary, the land is just completely empty.  Thereís almost nobody on the land.  All the people are crowded into the cities and the reason why thereís lots of children, they always show you lots of children, to kind of convey this psychological message that theyíre breeding out ofÖ


Alan:  I know.  They do the same with India.  India has thousands of miles of jungle but they always show you the same couple of streets in Bombay!


Rick:  Well the reason why thereís so many children is because the parents have died because of the diseases, the bioengineered viruses they released, you know, AIDS and all that.Another thing Iíve noticed too isÖ see Iím an artist and I paint really, really dark skinned black women because I feelÖ and I tell this to friends of mine who are blackÖ I say the best thing you can do is breed and select for darker people.  Not because one race is superior to another but because I want a future where thereís diversity.  They seem to be getting rid of the darkest people and they seem to be glorifyingÖ   Can I stay on the line through the break?


Alan:  Iíll hold you over.  Back after these following messages. 


Hi folks.  Alan Watt back at Cutting Through The Matrix with Rick from California on the line there and did you want to continue Rick?


Rick:  What I notice is, when I go to the store to buy my Foreign Affairs Magazine, across, on the other aisle, thereís all these rap magazines like Black Men Swimsuit and The Source and these different magazines and I noticed that a lot of them tend to promote lighter skinned black women with blond hair.  I call it the Brahmanization (thatís a term I came up with) where theyíre trying to create this culture where theyíre trying to get people to select for lighter and lighter skin so the darker people disappear.  You know what Iíve learned, because I studied ecology and one thing Iíve learned is that MORE genetic diversity is always better than less genetic diversity. 


Alan:  Weíre finding that in everything, even with the crops.  We know darned well that with the modified crops theyíre all one particular new strain so theyíre wide open to ONE disease killing them all off.  So itís true that if you hybridize anything, and this is the key to it.  Youíre right enough, itís hybridizationÖ once you get into hybridization, all the problems come out and youíre more prone to physical problems and other kind of problems too. 


Rick:  One last thing I wanted to ask you and thank you very much.  I just wanted to ask you can you go into the esoteric meanings of The Holy Mountain, Monsanto and Round Up andÖ


Alan:  I did that years ago in fact.  I could do it again, maybe in a blurb, in fact, and explain some of these meanings, such as ADM, Archer Daniel Midlands, is just Adam.  Theyíre the owners of the earth, you know, for growing.  Itís so in your face, all this stuff that they give you.


Rick:  What does holy mountain have to do with controlling seeds?  Because I have my own perceptions of what I think it is but I wonder if theyíre the same as yours. 


Alan:  Iíll do that in a blurb because it will take a whole talk to go into the higher meanings of the mountainÖ and the pyramid too is just a perfected mountain. 


Rick:  Okay.  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Okay, weíll try and get Tim from North Carolina in.  Are you there Tim?


Tim:  Hey Alan.  How you doing buddy?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Tim:  Just wanted to comment on one of those little 25-cent books I found.  Itís called, I donít know if you, lets see if you ever heard of it.  Itís called Scientific Answer to Human Relations.  Itís like 68 pages.  Itís from the University of Science.  Have you read that?


Alan:  I think I read that a while back.  Thereís a whole bunch along the same topics. 


Tim:  Itís full of everything youíre talking about.  It was just loaded with it.  Iíve got one question about Revelations, if I could ask that.  Itís Revelations 22:16.  It says, ďI, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify to you these things in the churches.  I am the Root and the Offspring of David, The Bright and Morning Star.Ē  If Iím not mistaken, isnít the bright and morning star Venus but they had another name for it right? 


Alan:  Itís the lover at night and the huntress in the morning.  Thatís the key to it in the esoteric.  Itís a dual function and of course, thatís high Masonry too.  Albert Pike said, isnít it a strange name to give Lucifer the title, the Morning Star.  So they mean Jesus and Lucifer.  It means that every person born has, at the beginning, the choices to make, what path they follow, the evil path or the good path.  Thatís what it basically means. 


Tim:  Okay.  I know youíre endings coming up and thanks man.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Well, thatís it for tonight on a rainy Ontario night in Canada.  From Hamish and myself, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.  



Article: "CIA Chief Sees Unrest Rising With Population" by Joby Warrick ( - May 1, 2008; Page A15.



Transcribed by Diana