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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 5th, 2008.  I always ask the newcomers to look in to  That’s my web site and you can download lots of talks on our main subject all coming to light in this day and age to do with the histories of the world and how it’s got where it is and where it’s planned to go, who’s doing it and the foundations and organizations that intermesh to bring it all about. 


Also look in to and you can take transcripts and download them.  They’re written in the various languages of Europe. Pass them around to your friends.  Now for those who send me paper mail, I read it all but remember, I can not reply to everyone.  I don’t have a secretary and I can’t spend my life just answering mail.  However, for those who do send the occasional donation, I have to THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I hope, I do hope to get back to those ones because that’s what keeps me going.  That’s the bread and butter here that pays for everything.  Like everyone else, I have to live too.  You can also donate on the web site.  You can find out how to donate to me as well and that also keeps me going.  I try to get back to those people as well because this is really, basically a one man band type show where I do all of this work here at home and I run off to the mail box, I run off to the post office, both of which are a few miles away from me.  I make up the orders myself and send them out and also do these shows.  Even today, after being on the Alex Jones show for a few hours, one of the computers crashed with all my mail on it.  So this is the sort of stuff that you have to allow me to do and not be so impatient.  There’s always a few impatient ones that think you should get back to them right away.  It can’t be done.  I can’t be done on a shoe string.  It can’t be done even physically because I’m doing too much as it is.  The weekends are just the same.  At the weekend, I have to try and catch up with all the stuff I haven’t done during the week and it’s still impossible to even do.  It’s impossible.  I try but I’ll never do it.  So please just accept that’s the way it is. 


Now, I’ve been going on about genetics for a while and the genetic agenda and maybe carrying on, in a sense, from today’s 2 ½ hours or so with Alex Jones on this particular topic.  I’ll continue tonight on the same topic because it’s so VITALLY important to understand where we’re going, why we’re going in this particular direction.  You got to understand the REAL agenda because NOTHING IN THIS SYSTEM HAPPENS BY CHANCE.  Nothing is just evolving by the actions of independent players or corporations.  That’s so unreal.  Everything is coordinated and has been for a long time.  In fact, the largest corporations on the planet are really just a handful of families at the top running them.  They have the shares for the public to buy but they always own and control the controlling shares in these big organizations.  Many of them in the high tech industry, for instance, were actually set up by the CIA in America and MI-6 in Britain and other major societies that work for governments in secret capacities.  They could not allow true free competition in these areas and they have a different agenda.  I’ll be back with more about this particular agenda after these messages. 


HI folks.  I’m Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that everything that we’re TAUGHT in the mainstream news to do with the present crisis all over the planet, that it’s pretty well BOGUS.  Big think tanks were employed 30, 40 years ago to plan this phase of it, to convince us that we must come together as a global system under a global governmental organization.  Professor Carroll Quigley talked about it.  He talked about the some of the big foundations that had a hand in this bringing in of a new feudal system where the CEOs of the big international corporations would appear to the public to be the new feudal overlords.  That’s what’s happening.  They’ve gone after the food of the planet.  They’ve gone after the oil.  They’ve gone after EVERYTHING that you now need today, in this day and age, to live.  Your water is being taken over as well, piece by piece, across whole nations and privatized, supposedly, and put into the hands of a couple of major international players.  So we’re being made to be INTERdependent, as they call it.  INTERdependent.


Now, these guys don’t make mistakes.  They don’t put out Monsanto seeds and then howl and cry that there’s fungus killing off the plants across the planet.  They must create a WAR situation world wide.  And what do you have in war?  You have food rationing, that’s mandatory.  They also want, eventually, through all of the chaos that they plan for 30-odd years (according to their own information) 30-odd years of rioting and so on, but they also want to have BIG MOVEMENTS OF PEOPLE, just like refugees, moving IN to the big, major cities.  That’s why the United Nations, quite a few years ago, mandated that every country must create what they call ‘Super Cities’, extensions of the existing ones where we’re all crammed in.  We’ll all be living on top of each other.  That’s what they have.


However, that’s not to last forever because they DO plan to bring down the population pretty drastically, step by step.  These characters work INTER-generationally.  Many of them working today toward this won’t be alive in 30 years but they don’t mind.  They know that their descendants will take over and finish it off, carry it through.  That’s how they’ve always done this. 


This goes back, as I say, to this odd thing called eugenics, a term coined back in the 1800s to do with selective, special breeding and it was built on the supposed doctrine of Charles Darwin.  Although Darwin himself simply got it from his own father.  His grandfather, too, before had written similar stuff to do with selective breeding and survival of the fittest.  In reality, the Darwin family were already practicing special selection in their breeding practices and had been for generations.  You’ll find this with ALL THE TOP PLAYERS.  They’re all pretty well the same.  However, with the massive publication of Darwinism, it caught on like wildfire amongst an upper middle class who also were terrified of the masses beneath them


This was the age of Karl Marx, remember, and all the other big MASS movements.  They talked about the public as being one conglomeration, one big mass and that terrified the upper middle classes that one day they might be over-thrown by what they thought were inferior types.  This worked into a doctrine.  Personally, I think this doctrine ALWAYS existed for thousands of years, but certainly in the books that have been written since the 1800s by some of the major players themselves, it EMERGED in public, for the first time, OPEN to the public for those who could read at the time.  


The flag was taken up, this flag towards special, selective breeding for an elite while they decimated an unfit public down beneath them.  It was taken up by the Carnegie Institute in the United States with funding from the US Congress and they discussed this in the late 1800s.  The big players came in to it.  They started up the American Census Bureau on behalf of the eugenics societies and Carnegie eventually was helped and funded, as well, by the Rockefeller Foundation and other foundations.  I’ve told you before, these foundations all work together.  They’re FRONTS.  They’re big, incredibly rich fronts that work for the most powerful, wealthy and Royal families too on this planet.  You can trace their genealogy back for, supposedly, thousands of years, according to themselves.


The Cold Spring Harbor that was set up to do some of this experimentation, they also called it The Station for Experimental Evolution.  They truly believed then and they’ve never, ever changed that if the lesser species, being those who had not evolved, and they BELIEVED that thousands of years ago there was a great evolution but only for the few, that was themselves.  The proof being self-evident to them that they ruled the world already.  They ruled continents and nations.  They ruled and owned all the necessities of life.  They ruled OVER the lives of the lessers beneath them.  So they believed the lessers, the masses, were going to be a problem and under the Darwinian theory, if those particular ones were allowed to go into a new era, they would bring down the higher evolution of the elected ones, you might say.  That was their big fear then. 


This was added to with the findings, of all people, a man who was a monk.  This monk was Mendel, Mendelson some call him.  He came up with the theory of selective breeding for vegetables of all things, peas especially, and he just happened to find the right amount of selected pairs to breed HYBRIDS.  They tried to apply this to humans to see if they could actually breed good traits into bad varieties.  Of course, they came up with the idea that it wouldn’t work.  Therefore, although they could TRAIN the masses to alter their behavior, but they claimed that when the masses had children, those children would be exactly the same as their untrained parents had been and you had to train them all over again.  Therefore, the masses would have to be gradually, very gradually, be sterilized or eliminated one way or another. 


This particular experiment that went on in Cold Springs Harbor, started off the Eugenics Movement with sterilization being passed by the US Congress and through different states in the United States.  They did this with the so-called feeble-minded and the un-fit but what they meant at the TOP, and this is in their writings of some of the founders like Charles Davenport who was in charge initially of this particular institute.  What they said was that there was also a POVERTY GENE.  They believed that people literally were in poverty because it was genetic thing, a genetic problem, a recessive gene.  They couldn’t get ahead because it was not in their nature to do so.  They were programmed.  This has never changed since those days. 


With the beginning of the census in 1890 and then 10 years later and so on, they also tried to select as much information on individuals including medical records and criminal records and so on to try to keep the trace, or histories, of family genealogies.  They’ve done it up to this present day.  You have so much data on your lineages it’s incredible.  Really, if you want to find out about your ancestry, it’s a pity we can’t get into the government departments to find it because they’ve got it all there, going back for hundreds of years, across the Western world, because every other country in the Western world were doing the same thing. 


We’re now going to the stage where we’re being sterilized… gradually.  They’ve admitted themselves, from the United Nations, and I say this ad nauseam.  The United Nations every year published its findings on the male sperm count in the Western world.  They never follow it up with an explanation or they never say it’s a crisis.  But if you’re 75% sterile as a male in the Western world, compared to your dad’s or granddad’s in the 1950s, SOMETHING DRASTIC HAS HAPPENED to you.  This is not by accident.  That’s why it’s not followed up with any comments.  You get the blind stats and that’s that.  It’s meant to be.  It’s been done on purpose.  They can certainly target you and your genetic reproduction through simple inoculations, for instance.  They’ve been at this for a long time. 


Now, in the 1800s and 1900s… you think superman is a new idea?  We’re always given this red herring of Hitler, thinking this anomaly appeared in history called Adolf Hitler.  He was bad man and did all these bad things and he had weird ideas but you see none of Hitler’s ideas were weird at all.  He got them all from London and the United States.  In fact, there was nothing original in Hitler’s whole program that didn’t originate in the Eugenics Societies of the Western world.  Many of these big authors that they employed at these big foundations, like HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw, WROTE about the coming SUPERMAN.  In the 1800s and then into the early 1900s, Shaw wrote a book called Man and Superman where he states in the book that those unfit to pass through into a new age would have to perish… by necessity.  That’s how they got ideas into MORE middle class helpers by directing novels in fact, and by writing their ideas through apparent fiction.  That way they couldn’t be sued but then many of the readers of the upper middle class became devotees and helpers towards this particular agenda thinking they were also superior and they’d get saved as well. 


Someone recently sent me a page from the Globe and Mail and it’s called Globe Review.  Thursday, March the 20, 2008.  This is in the entertainment section, I guess, Visual Arts and it’s on about the Curator of Ottawa’s National Gallery of Canada leaving but before he leaves there’s going to be a big exhibition and I’ll tell you about this particular exhibition after the following messages. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and before I take the callers, I’m just going to read a little bit of article here from the Globe and Mail.  It’s called Globe Review written on March 20th, 2008, section R as a part of the entertainment page here.  It goes on about a big upcoming exhibition of art that was done in the 1930s.  It says,


The one created with greatest expectations and the biggest budget, about $1.6 million, is a 1930s, The Making of the New Man.  An ambitious thematic potpourri of more than 200 paintings, photographs, sculptures, works on paper and films on display at the National Gallery from June 6th through September 7th.  Four years in preparation drawing on the resources of private and public collections in more than 15 countries, The New Man offers a sweeping examination of the convulsive beauty (Alan:  This is how they phrase it, convulsive beautythat informed much of the art of the 1930s. 


While there previously had been exhibitions portraying the relationship between art and state power, as it was practiced in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Soviet Russia and other countries.  The New Man show focuses instead on the connection between art and biology.  (A:  Because they were talking about literally creating a new type of human being but mainly a type that would serve this elite at the top.)  As Gene Claire former head of the Paris Picasso Museum and guest curator of the Ottawa Exhibition observed biology was the rising and leading science of the decade.  Totalitarian regimes on the left and right saw the application of science in conjunction with political power as a way to build a new man free from the terrors of the past, strong and full of vigor.  Etiologies of degeneration  (A:  This is what I’m talking about here.  They called it DEgeneration.  The masses were called the degenerates.  Etiologies of degeneration), regeneration and reeducation proliferated with artists in all countries variously amplifying, exploring and criticizing these themes in their paintings and photographs.  (A:  You should read this part for yourself because you see, this has not changed.  And just as today, the biggest artists are funded by big government grants and handouts because culture is given from the TOP - THAT’S ALL CULTURE.  It was the same back then too. 


Now, I’ll go to the phones and we got Mark from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Hello Alan.  Good evening.


Alan:  How are you?


Mark:  Not so bad.  Quick question for you.  I was turned on to a musician… yesterday, in fact.  I invested a good part of my evening searching You Tube and watching his amazing video interviews and his name is Frank Zappa.  Do you have any good stories about him?


Alan:  I wouldn’t tell stories on this particular show or I’ll be talking about music from morning ‘till night. 


Mark:  Right.  Well, anything good or bad about the guy?  I mean, it seems like he’s been right on and talking about what you’ve been saying now for about 35, 40 years. 


Alan:  Frank went to the same school, as I say, most of these characters came out of, Theo Adorno and so on, the Frankfurt School, so they understood this stuff.  They understood… a lot of them understood their part in it.  They understood what culture creation was.  That’s what they were taught at that particular school.  How through poetry, music, the visual arts and all the rest of it - all entertainment - you could shape the minds of complete societies. 


Mark:  But it seemed like he was speaking out against it.  Do you think that’s just a shill?


Alan:  Don’t forget that a lot of the ones who bring on the culture at that level are actually used.  Even John Lennon thought that he could, he and others, could bring on a new society where the youth would decide for themselves.  It wasn’t until a few years later he was informed, especially here in Canada by a professor, that he and the rest were being used for a different purpose and they didn’t know it themselves.  They didn’t understand that themselves.  A lot of the musicians in that era did not know their real agenda.  They were too young.  They were very idealistic.  They didn’t realize there were very old families and old science behind all of this with a different agenda. 


Mark:  The one thing that kind of turned me off while I was listening to him was he was encouraging people to vote. 


Alan:  Oh yeah.  This voting thing… read the writings of Aristotle.  It’ll just floor you.  He goes through the whole con game of voting even back then.  He talks about republics.  He talks about democracies, oligarchies, plutocracies, theocracies.  He goes through every bit of it.  And he tells you how the game is played.  They understood this thousands of years ago. 


Mark:  Thank you.  Have a great night.


Alan:  You too.  Now, we’ve got Shakir from Nova Scotia.  Are you there Shakir?


Shakir:  Hello there.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Shakir:  I have a situation.  I heard your many, many talks on vaccinations and my wife just recently informed me that IF, and I quote her, the government forces me to, I will vaccinate my children.  Our children, I hope she means.  I’m sometimes excluded from this so… now… for some strange reason… without exploring that aspect of… How many times - this is what’s occurred to me.  I’m definitely going to attempt to convince her otherwise, although she surprised me with this news.  I wouldn’t have married her if I thought she was going to behave that way in the first place.  Now here I am in this situation.  I have 2 young ones who need to enter the school system.  The school system in Canada requires that you be vaccinated before you go to school, by law.  Now, how many vaccinations would YOU estimate would be required to do as you said, I think I quote you, to cause a frontal lobotomy effect?


Alan:  Probably one.


Shakir:  Only one?


Alan:  Probably.  Some people… hang on and we’ll talk about this after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt back with Cutting Through The Matrix and talking to Shakir from Nova Scotia who’s in a fairly typical problem today, where one member of the family is aware of what inoculations can do to the children and another member who still believes in the medical system and probably… I don’t know if your wife watches a lot of television.  Does she?


Shakir:  Actually no.  She’s been well informed prior to our.. Prior to the act taking place of consummating… We researched this in great depth.  We were doing the home birthing and vegetarianism and now she’s suddenly…  I don’t know.  I’ve never understood estrogen in my life anyway.  I don’t know of any of the other guys out here have in their life.  But she’s made this sudden switch where now, even though we were home schooling our children, she’s decided to have a full time babysitting service, which is to send them to school.  You see, we’re paying taxes.  Why not?  And I don’t mean that either. 


Alan:  I know.


Shakir:  I would rather not send the children to school.  Now, the children have already entered the school system.  They say it’s brutal, the people are nasty.  The students are mostly violent and they were not raised on these principles or on these lack of morals or… And so they’re being traumatized.  They’re being traumatized.  But she doesn’t seem to understand that and now she’s in a position of saying and I quote her in saying, if she is forced to by the government.  Well, I was trying to visualize.  How are you forced by the government?  Is that at gun point or… How could you be forced?  We could remove the children, leave the province, leave the country rather than… We’re not financially… not of means, you see.  But she’s still prepared to… So I’m very, very worried.  And you say it’s only one vaccination?


Alan:  It depends on, again, your actual physiology.  Some children… we know for a fact that just the first MMRs they even get as babies, some of them will go under right away.  They end up with autism.  We know that attention deficit and all these other problems are just degrees of the same problem, coming from the same source.  Also, some of them act almost like the cocking of a hammer in a gun, the first inoculation.  The second one sometimes will trigger it off and in comes other problems like juvenile arthritis and so on.  There’s so much documentation, as I’m sure you’re aware, on this whole topic, this subject here.  You might have to eventually leave the province if that’s the case because they seem to be coming down with a heavy hand now.  They want everyone into the same system.  In fact, they don’t want any alternative system or even home schooling.  As you say, the children that go into school are brought up often with single parents, or parents who watch TV and the children are playing games, or bringing themselves up.  They DO get their values from the STATE and they are pretty well violent amongst each other.  Your children are like a fish out of water in that milieu so you have to really take some steps to rectify the situation before you ruin their lives completely, you know.


Shakir:  Absolutely.  Yes and so to revisit that, your thought, it may be only as little as one vaccination.  You see they haven’t been vaccinated yet so it may be only as little as ONE that could alter their physiology to the point where they’re only capable of picking up something and moving across to the other side. 


Alan:  It could be that or they come down with massive physical problems and allergies too.  And allergies generally deteriorate into this new type of rheumatoid arthritis very early.  That’s one of the most common problems today, even with young people in their 20s and 30s.  They’re coming down with this, and this never happened before.  20 years ago, 30 years ago this was pretty well unknown in young people and now it’s becoming very common. 


Shakir:  She… My God.  Alan…  Well thank you.  Thank you Alan for this information.  I know how to behave now or how to react.  I’ll be on my knees to her… to try.  Okay.  Thank you Alan and I wish you a good night.


Alan:  You too.  It’s a difficult situation and I hear that from a lot of people who’ve really studied up on the issue.  It was Don Scott, in fact, Don Scott from Sudbury, Ontario that gave out a lot of declassified information from governmental departments.  He talked about the world meetings that they had many years ago, when they said that they’d bring Africa down QUICK.  Meaning quick kills and death and so on but for the West, it’d be too much of a hullabaloo and too many questions asked so they’d give debilitating illnesses, long lasting, degenerative illnesses to make people ineligible for marriage partners.  And voilà, in the 70s you came up with all these crippling, chronic fatigue diseases, Epstein-Barr virus and so on.  It’s knocked out so many, many people.  Now you have men with lupus, another disabling disease that never happened in men before AT ALL.  It’s all after the big world meetings.  These guys mean business.  We see the evidence and they’re being successful.  If you can not protect your children, what kind of person are you?  What kind of human being are you if you won’t protect your own children… REGARDLESS of authorities and threats and so on.  When you know what’s happening, you have to take steps to save your own children.  No one else will.  That is so important.


Now we’ve got Mark from California.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Hi Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Mark:  You know I’m on a web site right now, the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and it shows Abraham Zapruder, Freemason 33°.  I find that interesting and I wonder what your comments on that are?  If you think that he was put there by the organization that killed Kennedy.  They’d record the ritualistic murder of the king.  What are your thoughts on that?


Alan:  I’ve never really given that site much attention.  It’s so flashy and show-offy.  I often wonder how much is put there just to intrigue the public.  And they also make sure that so many of the public do know about them.  It’s a huge site on the internet and it certainly can keep people amazed and amused for many, many years, but I don’t take much credence in what they show the general public.  It’s more important what they don’t show the general public.  The facts too, they speak for themselves.  Every town and village and city that you drive into - about a mile outside town or sometimes half a mile - you’ll see the biggest board you’ll ever see - a billboard - and it’s the Masonic associations.  They’re telling you, this is who runs this town or city or this village and we accept that as being normal.  It’s one big club that pays off each other.  They do live off of the public.  They do give each other favors all the time.  That’s all we really need to know.  They’re a secretive society.  They’re just a clique, really.  They’re sworn to help each other out and they’re also sworn to ignore the profane.  Meaning, if you have a hardware store and you join Masonry, and the guy down the road already exists with a hardware store, all the Masons MUST visit the Masonic one.  He’ll get the business and the other guy will go out.  They don’t believe in playing fair at all.  That’s standard with all these major fraternities.  I don’t even bother with the stuff they put up for the public to see.


Mark:  Okay.  So you’ve never really, were able to confirm whether Abraham Zapruder was a 33° at that time in 1963 or anything like that?


Alan:  No and I wouldn’t even waste my time to find out.


Mark:  Okay.  I just thought that was interesting.  Thanks Alan.


Alan:  Bye now.  Now we’ve got Terry from Calgary.  Are you there Terry?


Terry:  Hi Alan.  Thanks very much for taking my call. 


Alan:  Go ahead.


Terry:  It’s a pleasure speaking with you.  For quite a while now I’ve been running a web site and just trying to keep track of the New World Order and what they’re up to and all the different groups.  One of the things I’ve had trouble in narrowing down is the hierarchy of power.  Who’s at the top?  You know?  The 13 large banking families… I mean, is there indeed, 5 families that control everything and if so, who’s at the top?  Who do you think they are?


Alan:  I don’t think it’s just them.  There are other groups.  You see, anyone who’s  - and they’ve stated this even in ancient records - those who are in the public eye, in the limelight, they might be high level workers but they’re still workers none the less.  Bankers too have to be involved in what’s going on so technically they’re still workers as well.  The true LAZY BOY, as they call them at the top… there’s a play on the letter Z there.  It’s la zee.  The Z boy, in high masonry.  These are the characters who really, really run the world and their names are NOT generally found in the newspapers.  They do exist but they don’t do what we think of as work.  Worker bees do the work.  These characters… I’ve no doubt too, they’re descended through even the Knights Templars and even beyond the Knights Templars in the ancient Middle-East and even Egypt.  I’ve no doubt at all, it goes all the way back because they’ve used the same symbology down through the ages and they’ve always used the same genealogical terminology to describe themselves and to describe the lesser types that work for them.  It’s the same group.  It’s a religion too.  It doesn’t mean that everyone in a family - even an elite family - must understand what’s happening.  They test even their own children out.  Their children are sent to higher masters and if one’s a bit dim, he won’t get in on the real act.  Whereas, if the brother is and he can keep his mouth shut, he’ll go up the ladder even further and get in on the big picture.  So they even screen their own because they do have problems, because of their inbreeding with their own families.  Not everyone is allowed into the big picture.  Traditionally, and I mean traditionally, the women are kept excluded from the reality of what’s really going on.  Now, some of them obviously catch on and some of them are wiser, some of the women, but they do keep very quiet about it.


Terry:  So families like the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers, do you feel that they are just the worker bees as well?


Alan:  They’re very high worker bees but they’re still worker bees.  There’s no doubt about it.  These characters are DEDICATED to a religion because even old David Rockefeller doesn’t sit down very much.  He’s on the trot across the planet all the time.  They never retire.  They’re always working towards the same agenda, which means they are worker bees, but they’re TRUE BELIEVERS.  They’re TRUE BELIEVERS in this particular cause.  Make no mistake.


Terry:  Would you place the Pope and the Vatican and the Queen as around the same level as them?


Alan:  There’s no doubt.  You could not go into the Vatican and get access to that kind of data.  They have records going back, even personal letters between kings and queens from centuries ago.  They have the real histories in the archives in the Vatican.  And you could never, and they have a very good intelligence service, you could NOT miss what’s happening in the world.  I’ve no doubt that Malachi Martin and others were quite right, that it was certainly infiltrated long ago and taken over.  Although, I do suspect at the very beginning, that the higher ones who started up that particular church, when they amalgamated all the pagan religions into it, which it’s called The Universal Church for that reason, I think they already knew what the agenda was.  I think the big players have been involved in every major religion, sometimes continuously and sometimes on and off, down through the many, many centuries.  You couldn’t leave that alone.  You’d have to control them. 


Terry:  Very interesting.  Just one other quick question, if I can.  Listening to Patriot radio sometimes, I find… I think there’s a little psychology being played on me at times.  I feel like maybe there’s a certain agenda that they’re pursuing.  I sort of feel like a dog chasing my tail after listening to Patriot radio for a while and that’s why I really welcome listening to your talks and your pod casts and downloading them all.  I feel that you fill in a lot of holes that seem to be missed.  You mentioned once on one of your pod casts that there was a gentleman with connections to the London establishment that helped to publish the videos and of all the large players in Patriot.  Do you have a name for him?


Alan:  I’m trying to remember back now.  How long ago was this?


Terry:  You mentioned he called you and spoke to you for a couple of hours and wanted you to do a video program and include the alien conspiracy and you said…


Alan:  I wouldn’t say that on the air, but I think everyone gets the idea.  You got to understand too, that from the days of even Alistair Crowley, the elite were putting out… even before Crowley… they were setting up mystique or institutions to mystify the public, cult-like in a sense, where they would take truth and wrap it with a lot of fiction as well.  When anyone heard the truth, they’d mix it up with the fiction and discredit the truth.  That’s called counter-intelligence.  Now, you can’t stop people following that which fascinates them and they always make sure, just like Crowley, the stuff they give out fascinates them.  Crowley was using a lot of information to do with the coming World War II because he worked with MI-5 and MI-6.  He was mixing it up with Nostradamus’ sayings.  Mixing it up with channeling that his wife got from Thoth, supposedly, and putting this out to his followers.  Thousands of followers believed this man and his propaganda but it turned out later he was working, as I say, for the British government.  So they set up fronts.  Now, some might be genuine and are just simply crazy.  It’s difficult to say, but some are certainly put out there and Crowley was a MEMBER, remember, of an aristocracy in London.  He was well connected.


Terry:  Do you feel that the time’s getting fairly close?  Are we going to find ourselves in martial law, here in the United States and Canada?


Alan:  We’ve already been TOLD we’re under martial law.  When Allan Rock came out in 1998 when he was the Attorney General for Canada, he brought through the Omnibus Crime Bill which was actually a whole bill to do with marital law.  Even the newspaper reporters were saying, ‘Well, what’s happening?  What is this for?  There’s no trouble in the world.  There’s no trouble here.  What’s going on?’  9/11 hadn’t happened yet and they were given NO ANSWER.  But that was the same bill he rammed through that eventually became the Patriot Act in the United States much later.  And what happened to Allan Rock afterwards?  Well, they sent him off as an Ambassador to the United Nations.   


Terry:  The anti-terrorism act passed 10 weeks after.  Unbelievable.  Alan, thanks very much for your time.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


These characters are sent in, they’re TECHNOCRATS, into governmental positions like Allan Rock.  They do what they have to do, what they’re told to do and once it’s done, they’re moved on to another position.  This is standard when you watch these characters.  Same with Maurice Strong, he’s done the same thing.  And many others… Kissinger, and you can go on and on with these guys.  They’re called technocrats. 


Now, I’ve got Charlotte from California.  Are you there Charlotte?


Charlotte:  Yes I am.  Good evening Mr. Watt. 


Alan:  How are you doing?


Charlotte:  I’m doing good.  I received your book about a week ago.  I read it once but I know I’m going to have to read, like you suggested, a few more times.  The question that I had for you was we have 2 children, they’re my step-children…


Alan:  I can hear the music Charlotte, could you hold on ‘till after this break and we’ll carry on then?


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ve got Charlotte from California.  Will you continue Charlotte?


Charlotte:  Yes.  Regarding my children, 11 and 14, we’ve been open with them in regards to the events happening in the world.  I don’t really feel that they should be sheltered from that.  I wanted to get your opinion on that because they’re my step-children and their other home, they’ve made comments, you know, ‘You couldn’t believe the things coming out of the boys mouth,’ you know.  They want to have a discussion with us, over coffee and I feel that they’re going to bring that up.  What’s your feeling on… because I heard you made the comment that this is no time for pussy-footing around.    These things are going to happen.  I want my kids to be aware and this is going to be their world.


Alan:  That’s right.  They’re going to have to grow through the worst of this and the worst is yet to come.  There’s no doubt about it.  They have to know what’s going on rather than be shepherded along by the main stream and guys with guns.  They’ve got to know what’s really going on and the forces behind it because it can not be fought in any other way.  IGNORANCE WILL NOT WIN THIS.  Only understanding will. 


Charlotte:  That’s exactly the way that I feel.  I think I just wanted confirmation for that.  It just feels right for them to know the truth and it has opened their eyes, because they come back and tell us things that are done at school.  For example, I don’t remember what it’s called, but some weapon that they use on the adolescents in England, I believe, that only affects their hearing.  My daughter who’s in high school, she said that the kids use that on their cell phones so that the teacher won’t hear it.  But the other kids, during, you know, in that age range, where it does affect their ears.  So she wouldn’t be aware of these things if we didn’t talk to them about that.


Alan:  Absolutely.  They are using technologies in the classroom.  It’s been in the mainstream media here and there, supposedly to help carry a teacher’s voice over any length in the class so each child will hear just as clearly.  But there’s other frequencies involved in that.  Some of this technology was used in the Soviet Union.  It also makes them very placid in the classroom.  That was part of it too, so it does alter the mindset of the child.  They’re using a lot of stuff today and they haven’t told the general public what’s really going on. 


Charlotte:  Well, I want to go in, you know, when they want to have this discussion.  You know these things are happening, but it’s hard for people who aren’t in it, it seems like in our home, we’re cutting through the matrix here and over there, they go back IN to the matrix.


Alan:  They are because they are probably watching television, getting main stream and they’re being lulled to sleep thinking that everything’s just wonderful and being taken care of by professional people and they have nothing to worry about.  That’s the system that’s all around us.  we’re living in a dangerous time now because you have to be very careful what you say and who you say it to.  You’re absolutely right, when children are involved, you have a problem there.  I know people who already have raised children and they’ve told them, you can’t tell this to anyone, just anyone, because they will not understand. 


Charlotte:  We do expound on that with the kids… because you never know.


Alan:  Well, thanks for calling.


Charlotte:  Thank you.  Have a good evening.


Alan:  That’s the end of the show for tonight folks.  So from Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and your God or your Gods go with you.



Article: "Show reveals 1930s race to 'build a new man' " by James Adams (Globe and Mail Newspaper) - March 20, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana