May 12, 2008 (#113)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 12, 2008:

© Alan Watt May 12, 2008


"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May 12th, 2008. Newcomers look into and you’ll find lots of previous shows that you can download and listen to your heart’s content. The information won’t make you too happy but that’s not the intent of it. It’s to make you more conscious, to try and make you wake up into the higher reality, the true reality that’s been hidden from you and the one that you’ve been indoctrinated out of or away from. Also look into where you can get transcripts which you can download for printing and pass around to your friends. They’re done in different tongues of Europe.

People who listen to me frequently will find it’s much like turning on the TV or the radio and someone’s there every time and you expect it. It becomes routine and you don’t ask questions as to how they manage to do it. Well, I don’t do this because it makes a lot of money. It does not make money. I do it because someone had to come out into the patriot business and try and get a different perspective out to the people with the history and all the histories I’ve been giving out to do with this particular system of mind control, and that’s what our society is really based upon. For those of you who’ve contributed to me, I really thank you but there are thousands out there who listen in all the time. There’s even authors that have admitted they’re making money off the talks I give. They take all the data and put it into books and sell it. Other stuff goes into videos.

Meanwhile, I don’t bring the money in here and one day I won’t be here. It will be just very quick, very sudden and I’ll be off because I don’t sell very much at all. I sell my books and so on, that’s all I sell. That’s all I exist on. I don’t push and promote advertising. If I did I’d have an easy five-grand at a time, but then it would be commercial you see and it’s hard to mix what we’re doing right now in this particular war with commerce. I try not to compromise myself. The particular radio station I’m on right now manages to keep going because advertising will pay for all the staff they need to put these shows out; but for me, I don’t get paid, remember, by the radio station. I’m not out to make a great name for myself or give out stacks of stuff totally free, because if I do that I’d have to push advertising as well to support myself. That’s how others do it. So for those who want to contribute, you know how to do it. It’s on my website and you can certainly do so. Otherwise, one day I will go off and just start teaching small groups again into the higher realities behind all of this. The stuff that’s normally referred to by those who don’t understand it as the occult and there’s a lot of occults behind this system with a very, very long history and I know a lot more than the stuff you get taught in the books that you buy off the shelves or by supposed ex-illuminati.

That’s my self-promotion—my shameless self-promotion—for today, hopefully for this week. It’s a bad thing when you have to push this out because this is a full-time job. It’s seven days per week. I don’t have staff. I do the secretarial work. I cook. I take the dog out. I go to the stores. I post the stuff off and it literally leaves me no time, seven days per week, for myself. I’ll be back with more and hopefully not too much more bitching after these messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, and I’ve been going on about eugenics and how the system really works for quite some time – the big institutions behind it, the power organization at the top of it. Since the days of Thomas Malthus, of course, they have published their agenda, although it was not new even in Malthus’ day because the ancient Greeks also had ways of depopulating their islands when they thought they were too numerous. They’d actually arrange for wars to be fought, including arranging who was going to win and including who would sell how many slaves they would capture and how they’d split the difference. There’s nothing new in all of this. Plunder is plunder and people are just collateral to be bought and sold or used in this system, and it doesn’t matter how many names they give it. Democracy, whatever, or commercialization, or capitalism, it’s all based on the same old tier system. All systems technically have always been fascist; and if they don’t start that way, they become that way rather quickly once hereditary oligarchies are in place.

Talking about oligarchies, here’s a man here, Prince Philip of England, the Queen’s husband. The one who each time he opens his mouth gets “in the soup,” as they say, because he can’t help, but being a good Natzi the man has said many statements in the past along the Natzi lines and it’s no secret now that mainstream authors have done their homework and they’ve gone into the Royal family’s connections in the past even with the Natzi movement. They weren’t just sympathizers. Some of them were heavily involved in it and one king actually advocated because of his feelings. Prince Philip himself had an uncle, and I think it was his father too, but his uncle for sure who was given a Natzi SS uniform personally by Adolph Hitler and that was all documented in the British newspapers a few years ago.

Prince Philip of course is the titular head of many of the organizations to do with sustainability, the World Wildlife Federation and all these big foundations that work together to project a plan into the future and get the public to comply and the public do. They adapt into all these things thinking it’s wonderful. It’s nice and we all like furry animals et cetera and we don’t realize there’s another agenda. There’s always another agenda behind it to serve a few, not to serve the many.

Here Prince Philip opened his mouth again, in between taking sips of well-stocked brandy, and this is from the Telegraph on the 10th of May 2008. It says:

“Prince Philip: Just too many people to feed.”

Alan:  And I was waiting for them to come out with this stuff. We’ve heard about the sudden crisis in food supply. Very, very sudden and you look into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, I’ve gone over the fact that they’ve pushing an agenda on all these coming food shortages for years. They have think tanks working on it and have published their own findings on their own website. Look into it. Here they get the big shots now to come in on it and convince us there’s too many of us. This is by Patrick Sawer.

“The Duke of Edinburgh says global overpopulation is to blame for rapidly rising food prices. In an interview for a documentary with Sir Trevor McDonald, he says: "The food prices are going up – everyone thinks it's to do with not enough food, but it's really that demand is too great, too many people."

The Duke adds: "It's a little embarrassing for everybody, no one quite knows how to handle it. Nobody wants their family life to be interfered with by the government." He says that overpopulation is to blame for many of the problems afflicting millions of people around the world. The comments will spark renewed debate about population growth and birth control…”

Alan:  Exactly. That’s what it’s meant to do.

“… and refocus attention on the Duke as a figure of controversy. Sir Trevor was granted unparalleled access over several months to the Duke, who, while playing a central role in Britain's monarchy since his marriage to the Queen more than 60 years ago, has remained something of an enigma. The film paints an intimate portrait of the Duke and his dedication to conservation.”

Alan:  Now that’s a little phrase there, “dedication to conservation.” You should really go in to all the meanings of that and don’t just see it from your own little box or your own little spot on the planet. Get above it and see it from the elites’ point of view.

“In it he condemns the present preoccupation with animal rights at the expense of "hard-hearted" decisions…”

Alan:  Another little phrase to think about.

“…hard-hearted" decisions about the conservation of species.”

Alan:  He’s also talking about you and different classes of you because this again is a eugenics agenda. Too many of the lower types at the bottom and they have to eradicate them to preserve themselves at the top. It’s a prime belief system that they have. It’s a prime tenet of their belief system.

“The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip, is to be shown in two parts on ITV Sunday and Tuesday at 9pm.”

Alan:  Now they’re bringing out, which was expected, the big shots who have made no secret of their distain for the multitudes in past years and Prince Philip has made so many comments and put his foot in it, it’s just unbelievable. Back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s he was out in the newspapers telling the British population that they were just too lazy, they were terrible workers compared with the Germans, we should all emulate the Germans—who, after having billions of dollars pumped into the German economy to get it off the ground after World War II, was leading Europe and he was envious of this. He had disdain for the British worker. It’s no wonder there because he himself is really purely Prussian, even though he came from Greece. He’s purely inbred Prussian, so that shouldn’t surprise anybody.

However, it’s amazing as we’re taught to believe we’re somehow progressing along down through time and space on planet Earth and people change and become nicer somehow. That’s why the unions have all disappeared. A great propaganda campaign has been waged through big corporations down to the man in the street to make you think we don’t really need the unions anymore because people who own corporations have evolved into nicer beings and they care about you. That’s why your pensions are tossed out the window or lost in the big casino they call the stock market or you’re just laid off and you lose everything when one corporation dies out another, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Nothing has changed in human nature for thousands of years. Nothing at all. The only thing that’s changed are the techniques of controlling the minds of the masses. There’s never been such a time of unparalleled science available to those at the top, sciences which are psychotronic and psychological. They’ve never had a universal schooling system (education system) where everyone on the planet is going to be taught the same history, the same facts, the same disinformation, the same reality, and they’ll all come to the same conclusions about everything thinking it’s their own conclusions. They have to arrive at those conclusions because that’s how their program works, but very few people realize this as they dance down through time and each generation is separated from the last and previous generation because the size of even separating the age groups has been perfected.

At one time not so long ago, generation after generation (especially on the land) wore the same kind of clothes as their parents did. They sang the same songs as their parents did and great, great-grandparents did.

What’s happened? What has happened to separate all the generations?

Well that had to be done because as they said in the 1700’s, to destroy the family unit you must first destroy the generations. That’s grandma, grandpa, et cetera and then you start separating the children from the parents, man from wife, and then you must separate the generations within even the younger age groups. That has been done so successfully; and sure enough, we hum the songs and sing the songs and whistle them that we’re given for supposedly “our” generation. Because you will identify with the young guys on TV, never dreaming that professional people, often very old people, put them together as groups and wrote this stuff that they put out called music, gave them the fashions to wear to promote to the youngsters and you’ll never get out of that imprint that’s put into your mind that this is your unique generation. This is your stuff, your fashion, your music. That’s how it’s done, very simple.

I’ve gone through in the past some talks in books put out by the big behavioral psychologists like Skinner and others, to show you the kind of grasp they already had on the human mind of both genders and both genders down through their lives from all the age groups. They understand what you’re going through at five, what you’re going through at 10, 15, 20, 40, 50, 60, all the way up until about 80. They know the changes that you will go through. They know exactly what opinions will change as well as you get older, but more importantly, they know that the older you get the more defeated you will think you become because the world and the weight of the world and changes and the rapidity of changes will seem overwhelming, and that is true. Most people are giving up, giving up when they hit 40 or so and start seeing their own mortality for the first time. They give up on that drive of life. They give up on participating in things and then once they hit 50 they’re looking forward to a pension and they hope, they hope the last 10 years will whizz through so quickly and they can put their feet up and go fishing and hopefully die in their sleep one day.

What a sad future for people to look forward to, and yet I’ve met people personally, even relatives, who’ve said these very things to me. You can see broken people when they’ve lost enough jobs and they’ve watched factory after factory closing down. It’s a sad thing to see a relative, an older one, telling you he wishes he was retired and speed up and get there so he can go fishing for a few years. Back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. This is Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, giving you unpleasant news but it’s the only news that really matters because we’re in a fight, a real literal fight for life and death, and people don’t realize this war has been going on against them their whole lives. On the one hand, they’ve been taught they have the greatest medical system ever devised, that science is on the cutting edge so technically we should be healthier and healthier, so what’s the problem?

When you go into the writings of the same peoples who own the sciences and you find out that their agenda is depopulation, why should they help you or extend your life or help you be fit when they actually want to eradicate most of you?  Then you start to put two and two together. Yes, we have been under attack our whole lives long by people a bit smarter and employed to be smarter. People like Prince Philip and it doesn’t take too much more to be smart or smarter than him. However, he has the power and he’s up there where the psychopaths are and he doesn’t have to have the smarts. He can employ people to have the smarts and use it for him on his behalf.

Last night, I was on a show and someone phoned in about funerals and about what they do with the blood and so on from the bodies they extract, and the funeral racket as we know is a massive racket. It plays heavily at times of grief where people are more apt to part with lots of dollars or everything they’ve got sometimes so that so-and-so can have a good send-off, so they dress them up like some wax dummy and do all kinds of things like take organs and sell them to medical students for experiments and it’s all like that. This is the great macabre world of the funeral home; and how you treat your dead in all cultures and ages reflects on the culture of the people, the mentality and the morality of the people. I don’t mean simply the indoctrinated morality which can be flexible and plastic. Being good at any era does not mean that you’re a good person. It means you follow the rules of your particular era, even if they’re opposite those that were given to the previous generation. I’m talking about real morality because people in all ages find that by mourning those who die – the shock of the death itself gives you more of value on life itself. When people begin to debase the whole experience of dying and death, then that culture has lost an awful lot because they have no real regard for life.

Here is a little article that was sent to me from The Seattle Times, Friday, May 9th, 2008. It says:

“A nation report…”

It says here:

“Device similar…”

It’s called:

“3rd Option: Dissolve bodies…”

Alan:  It’s not just the way or what it says that’s so important. It’s the way it’s sold to the public here this whole thing. It’s called greening too.

“A greener return to dust.”

Alan:  See how we’re conditioned with any kind of nonsense and people start to parrot the words, the terminology. Remember what Lenin said?  “We shall win by slogans.”  Well, that was a psychological technique. They understood people mimic, they repeat and the more it’s said, even though they don’t really understand, the more it seems real to them. It’s very simple. Most folk don’t really understand what they’re saying. They just repeat little slogans as though that’s the answer. The slogan itself is the answer and it reminds me of Lord Bertrand Russell when he says, “there’s no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed (the belief) of the vast majority by adequate government action.” 

That’s the same with the whole greening phenomena and all the buzzwords they put into it, even though the Club of Rome came up with the whole idea of blaming the public for destroying the planet so we’d be the enemy and we’d have to reduce our numbers and so on and do what we’re told, allow ourselves to be governed and we’ll be under authorities rather than under governance and that’s been very successful. It’s under a rampage right now.

Here getting back to the body issue and how when you have no respect for life or death or the dead, it reflects both ways. If you don’t respect the dead, it means there is no respect for those who are living.

This is called:

“3rd Option: Dissolve Bodies…”

Alan:  They sell it through the greening agenda. It reminds me of “Soylent Green” and who knows where it will go after Prince Philip’s talk on food shortages.

“Device similar to a pressure cooker church critic calls process undignified.

By Norma Love from the Associated Press

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Since they first walked the planet, humans have either buried or burned their dead. A new option is generating interest: dissolving bodies in lye and flushing the brownish, syrupy residue down the drain. The process, alkaline hydrolysis, was developed in this country 16 years ago to get rid of animal carcasses.”

Alan:  Now we’re down to animals you see.

“It uses lye, 300-degree heat and 60 pounds of pressure per square inch to destroy bodies in stainless-steel cylinders similar to pressure cookers. No funeral homes in the United States — or anywhere else, as far as the equipment manufacturer knows — offer it; two U.S. medical centers use it on human bodies, but only on cadavers donated for research.”

Alan:  It’s fascinating as they go on and on to explain how environmentally friendly this new process is, even though tyrants in the past used to dispose of dissidents by this very method. People should look into this and read to see where society is going. You have a thousand clues every week as to where we’re all heading in little snippets of information. Often either aside or above and below you’ve got little quips on who’s doing what to whom in Hollywood and who’s having affairs and yah-de-yah, so it’s all surrealistic, but nonetheless you’re being told and programmed as to where you’re all going. I’ll be back with more after this break.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and trying to point out the necessity in healthy culture or society where you have respect for the dead. It’s a time where everyone reflects on themselves and it gives them the appreciation of life and the fragility of life, too, which is very, very important in a society that’s healthy and where people bond together and respect each other.

During the whole Cold War period when they were amalgamating really the two systems (and that was their function), if you go into the Norman Dodd report and the Reece Commission to do with the big foundations amalgamating the Soviet system into the American and Western system because those at the top, as was confirmed, too, by the Club of Rome (the other big think tank). They call themselves the premiere think tank. They found that collectivism is much, much better and easier to manage the people, less obstacles in their way when they can just rush ahead and there’s no dissent from the public, so they had to demoralize the populations, too – demoralize the people, degrade the people actually and once you accept that you are degraded and behave that way, then they can reshape and remold you.

To bring a new system in, you must eradicate by degradation all that was before. Everything that was held up and treasured by a culture must be eradicated and we’ve lived through most of it and still a little bit to go, not much, and life itself is scoffed at. When you have no respect for life, many things, major things can be done to you and everyone you know by big authorities, including whisking you off to grab your organs or whatever they want to do with it. That’s what totalitarian systems do and that’s where we’re going very quickly.

This last article is bolstered by this article that was from and it was on the 30th of April, 2008. It says:

“Things Your Body Can Do After You Die.”

Alan:  Read how it’s put across this article because for the first half of the article there’s a lot of humor involved as they talk about cadavers and how you can be used, parts of you can be used after you die, and it’s very humorous. If you go down past the “Get married,” one; Number 2 is “Unwind With a Few Friends” and they’re talking about Egyptian mummies, but here’s the real part that’s meant to get into you, too, to make you degrade even further.

“Tour the Globe As a Scandalous Work of Art.”

Alan:  I’ve already mentioned this exhibition was on in California at one point.

“Beginning in 1996 with the BODY WORLDS show in Japan, exhibits featuring artfully flayed human bodies…”

Alan:  These were real cadavers which they’d somehow preserved, “Artfully flayed.” Would you believe you’d ever read something like this?

“…human bodies have rocked the museum circuit. BODY WORLDS is now in its fourth incarnation, and competing shows, such as Bodies Revealed, are pulling in $30 million per year. The problem is, it's not always clear where those bodies are coming from. Dr. Gunther von Hagens, the man behind BODY WORLDS, has documented that his bodies were donated voluntarily to his organization. However, his largest competitor…”

Alan:  They’re in business competing with this stuff.

“…Premier Entertainment, doesn't have a well-established donation system. Premier maintains that its cadavers are unclaimed bodies from mainland China. And therein lies the concern. Activists and journalists believe "unclaimed bodies" is a euphemism for "executed political prisoners." The fear isn't unfounded. In 2006, Canada commissioned a human rights report that found Chinese political prisoners were being killed so that their organs could be "donated" to transplant patients.”

Alan:  China, remember, is what the United Nations has said a few times before is the model state for the world, and that means to emulate.

“And in February 2008, ABC News ran an exposé featuring a former employee from one of the Chinese companies that supplied corpses to Premier Entertainment. In the interview, he claimed that one-third of the bodies he processed were political prisoners. Not surprisingly, governments have started to take notice. In January 2008, the California State Assembly passed legislation requiring body exhibits to prove…”

Alan:  Rather than ban them as being disgusting, you see, here’s their spin.

“…requiring body exhibits to prove that all their corpses were willfully donated.”

Alan:  You see how it’s going and I have photographs of the one that’s set up in California when the exhibition was there and here’s these flayed corpses strung up on wires in different postures and they call that “art.” What a degrading, degrading system we live in today and this is only the latest disgusting thing that’s happened under this great thing that’s called art. Remember art is controlled from the top down like all other culture creation. When they were putting fetuses in jars of urine and calling it art and so on, everything to literally dehumanize, de-spiritualize humanity has been shown to us – been slapped in the face with it and we sit back and we watch these freak shows and that’s what it is. It’s freak shows they’re putting on for the public and unfortunately, just like an old circus in the 1800’s, many flock to see these freaky shows and they tend not to be too high up on the mental ladder, however, but this permeating society as we allow ourselves to be completely and utterly debased.

I’m going to the phones now and we’ll see if Mark from Wisconsin is there. Are you there, Mark?

Mark:  Yes, hello.

Alan:  Hello.

Mark:  I was going to mention that I saw a video clip where the victims’ families of 9/11 were complaining about what they were doing with the ash. Apparently, workers were finding body parts in the ash and they had it all piled up in a field and so what they did is they were filling holes in the street with some of this material.

Alan:  That’s right. I read that part on the air from the newspaper at the time. Actually, they transported it all the way to New York in fact, some of it, and they were filling potholes in New York with it too.

Mark:  It’s incredible what’s going on. Hey, have you heard anything about what’s going on in Iowa with ICE setting up a FEMA camp and doing raids on illegals?

Alan:  No, I haven’t. I do know that the CIA director, when he made that big announcement about the coming interracial strife and ethnic tension in the U.S., was really giving the command to proceed; so I think they’re going to start to stir it up very quickly. They already started in Britain with sending a battalion of about 1,200 police to go through a certain area in London and that’s to get all the strife up. They want internal strife across the Western world, and, of course, out of the chaos and suffering will come their particular order that’s already pre-planned; so get ready for it, because they’ll stir it up at the right time.

Mark:  Well my antenna went up when they had a million Mexican immigrants march on May Day and we’re finding out that many of these really far-right illegal alien groups are being funded by the CIA.

Alan:  The CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation, they set up La Raza. They funded it and that’s the premier one. It’s the same bunch behind everything. Most people never protest anything; it doesn’t matter what ethnic group you belong to, or you think you belong to, or you want to belong to. They need leaders to come forward and do it and financing, and so when you see big movements like that coming across, it took organization, it took funding and you’ll always trace it back to the big foundations or the CIA. You’re quite correct.

Mark:  I mean for me, Alan, it’s not even believable. The U.S. government has pretty much paid these people to come in. Free housing, social security, free medical and I mean it’s so obvious that they planned this whole thing.

Alan:  You’re right and they did the same in Britain, too, when they opened the flood gates, mainly from India. At the same time, they were telling you that Britain was overpopulated as it was, they were claiming, even though the rate had dropped drastically since the 1940’s. They opened the flood gates claiming they had to do this to pay off the national debt. There weren’t enough Britains being born to pay off the debt, supposedly; and I knew then, I said they’re setting up the chessboard for the future internal strife.

Mark:  Right, right. And I’ve heard, too, that the local police departments where they’re having these Muslim riots and such, I believe in France, found out that they were pretty much all staged.

Alan:  That’s right. That’s what I tell young people from all groups: don’t join groups, because I’ll guarantee you the person you’re following is paid by your own security forces. That came out in Canada by the way.

Mark:  Right, right. Those agents who were acting as demonstrators at the SPP. There was a demonstration against the SPP. Well they found out three of the guys who were about to throw rocks were actually policemen and the Canadian government has already admitted to it now.

Alan:  The young guys who got in trouble with supposedly planning some terrorist attack in Canada, they found their leader on the internet who was well funded and who is a Muslim and who works for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. He was on television admitting it.

Mark:  Right, right. So it looks like they’ve got ongoing operations. They’re getting ready for racial strife. They’re setting up mock FEMA camps to train the policemen and the military to start processing large numbers of people.

Alan:  That’s right.

Mark:  Where do we go from here, Alan? I mean I do as much as I can informing people, but it’s almost as if people don’t even want to hear it. I mean I’ve called I don’t know how many – 10 state and federal officials two days ago and told them about the chemtrails. The Department of Natural Resources is looking into it and one of him said his friend has sent him some pictures, but they said they haven’t had any complaints at all.

Alan:  It’s a lie. It’s a lie because I get enough people who have sent me documentation and copies of the letters they’ve sent and there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.

Mark:  I actually left a message on the executive officer’s message machine from the air base where these planes are coming from, and guess what? He didn’t get back to me.

Alan:  No. No, they won’t. They won’t do that, no; but thanks for calling.

Mark:  Thank you. Now I’ve got Michael from Pennsylvania there. Are you there, Mike? Hello Mike.

Mike:  Yes, Mr. Watt, I’d just like to say first off it is a pleasure to speak with you. I first heard you on Coast-to-Coast AM back in April of 2006 and I have all your books and they’re just great. This is my third time that I’m reading them. The first time it was like a little hard to comprehend, but I have a few questions, but I want to say one thing real quick. About a year ago, I wrote you a handwritten letter and you sent me a handwritten letter back, and I thought that was just so great. Thank you so much. That just meant so much to me. What do you call it? My first question is my wife is due on the 20th of this month and what can I do about not having the doctors give my daughter the vaccines?

Alan:  Well the first thing is, of course, that there really isn’t a law that they have to. The way the laws are set up and they’re trying to push it through to get into school you’ll have to have vaccines, but this is giving you breathing space in the meantime. You don’t have to have babies inoculated so far and there’s lots of sites up there that are leading this campaign – the truth campaign to do with inoculations. There’s lots of data and as long as your wife goes along with it, you’ll certainly save the mind hopefully intact of your child.

Mike:  Yes, because that is my main, main, main concern. With all the spraying going on over our heads 24/7, it’s like this is war. Like this is World War III.

Alan:  This is war. You’re going through war right now.

Mike:  You know me and my wife try to do what we can. We have a lot of can goods; we seal dried goods. I have a water filter and a water distiller and we have water and all of that, but God knows what they have in store for us. My last question is – and thank you for telling me and giving me the courage to say no to the vaccines because I thought it was a law. I did not know that I had a say-so.

Alan:  What you’ll find, too, and I’ve found this personally with people I know personally, it started with one man and it’s been repeated many times since. One man whose daughters both were married and had children and they’d all had inoculations. They all came down with what’s called (and even the doctors are taught this) the common “childhood problems” with the earaches and the bad sinuses and so on; and he managed to convince both of them not to get their third children inoculated and these are the only ones who had none of these supposed normal childhood aliments. The proof is there over and over and over.

Mike:  Do you think that the vaccines are stronger now than, say, they were in like 1981 and the mid-1980’s, because that’s when me and my wife were born? Do you think they’re stronger now than were before?

Alan:  I don’t think it’s just a matter of being stronger. To be honest with you, I believe that they were never meant – what we were given is not what it says on the vial. That’s how paranoid I’ve become about it. Now I personally had a set of boosters shots because I was going abroad again on a tour about 12 years ago and within two weeks I came down with crippling—and I mean I was crippled—Rheumatoid arthritis. Every finger on my hand popped. Every knuckle bust and I had to treat it myself because all the stuff they had was killing me and I literally splinted every finger. Right now, I’ve got another attack of it; it’s been years since. I’ve got my fingers splinted as we speak here and that was definitely – I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or detective to figure out where it came from. I was fine and healthy up until it and it was the booster shots that got me. Therefore, I don’t believe that whatever they give you, whether it’s polio or whatever, I think it really has always been from the beginning simple bio warfare. There’s no doubt the stuff they’re giving the children now, especially when you look at charts of autism and the skyrocketing autism coupled with inoculations, there’s no doubt about it. They’re far more precise and effective for disabling people. There’s no doubt about it.

Mike:  Oh my gosh, yes. Okay, thank you so much. My last question is okay. What can I say to all the people who think it’s all the Zionists? I mean I argue with these people on the internet and they just don’t get it. It’s not all the Zionists. It’s not one big Zionist conspiracy and I don’t know how many times I’ve stressed that, Alan, but I just can’t get through to them. What can I say?

Alan:  I wouldn’t even bother wasting my breath because you’re talking to conditioned people and it doesn’t matter what evidence you show them, they will believe what they’ve been indoctrinated with and they’ve chosen to believe, especially when they’re reading nothing but the same literature over and over and over. There’s nothing that you can say that’s going to change their minds, so spend your energy on those you can help.

Mike:  Yes. All right.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Mike:  Thank you, Alan. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Alan:  We’ll talk again.

Mike:  Bye.

Alan:  Back after these messages. Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Now we’ve got a caller from the UK here and one from Ireland. I’ll take Mick from Ireland first. Are you there, Mick? Hello Mick.

Mick:  Hello. You were talking about targeting dissidents on biological warfare. Over here – do you know the connection with consciousness and then [cannabis?], so over the last two years you started seeing [silica?] added in with [cannabis]. After the [silica] added in with [cannabis], then they got more advanced and then lead with [cannabis].That’s a way of targeting.

Alan:  Ireland unfortunately is on the list. It’s always been on the list. Even Scotland’s been on the list as well with some of the other authors even over in the U.S.  Certain peoples – what I noticed was the people who were all on the list are the ones who’ve given this system of commerce and banking trouble down through the centuries and haven’t gone along. These are the people on the list as to be eradicated.

Mick:  Or is it the ones who are always been targeted?

Alan:  Yes. It’s obvious.

Mick:  I’d say Ireland more and Scotland is more a test site, because if you look at the smoking bans, they come in for us here; you look at the cops, they come in for us here; genocide worked here you know.

Alan:  They’ve had genocide for centuries in Ireland. As I say, it’s not just a potato famine. They were exporting more grain and foods to Britain to keep its wars going as the people in Ireland were starving and they even got the dragoons in to guard the ships while they were taking the food from the people.

Mick:  Yes, or the Druids, the [Vatican?] came in and wiped them all out. They’re building a big motorway through Tara at the moment.

Alan:  That’s right. They tried to destroy all the national monuments, all the history, by putting a motorway through one of the oldest sites not only in Ireland but in the whole of the UK.

Mick:  Yes, they kicked all the occupants off there.

Alan:  Yes, and Tara’s an ancient, ancient place, well connected too, with ancient history and far older probably even than Stonehenge and here they are going to flatten it because it’s still – see, they’re trying to eradicate all culture and cultural history that keeps the people together. You need a history and culture to keep you together, so you’ve being deculturalized at a big rate.

Mick:  Culture seems to cause more problems than anything over here.

Alan:  I know and because those at the top know exactly how to get it fomenting wars amongst people. In fact, I think Ireland was a test bed for a lot of it.

Mick:  What do you make of the [Cannabis compoundations?] work?

Alan:  I really haven’t gone into that much at all.

Mick:  All right, that was it.

Alan:  Well thanks for calling.

Mick:  All right, cheers.

Alan:  Bye now. Now I’ve got Justin in the UK as well. Are you there, Justin? Hello Justin.

Justin:  Hi Alan. It’s good to speak to you. I’ve only just encountered your work recently. I’ve been trying to absorb as much of your work on your website as possible, so just wanted to say it’s good to see someone with a more pragmatic approach to this sort of, I don’t know what they call, the alternative history or conspiracy theory type of thing. I just had two questions as regards of your work so far regarding what appears to be the power elite, which appear to be of the high Masonic tradition as you say. Do you think – two questions. Do you think, from what I’ve heard you say, that we might see the so-called unseen inner core of this power elite?  Do you think they’ll make themselves known? because it appears that there are other people on the periphery that we see.

Alan:  They’re called the hidden masters.

Justin:  Do you think we’ll see the core or the power elite at any time?

Alan:  The music is coming on for the end of the show. I’ll just say yes, they’ve said that in all their books at the right time at the end they will appear to the public, but the public obviously will be so dumbed down they won’t even comprehend what they’re seeing by that time.

From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.


(Transcribed by Linda)