May 23, 2008 (#118)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 23, 2008:

"The Mass-Man Moves toward Integration,
The Few with Spirit toward Separation,
These are the Times when Your Next-of-Kin
Will Take Offence and Turn You In"
© Alan Watt May 23, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 23, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)             


"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on Friday the 23rd of May, 2008.    Newcomers are always coming in of ALL age groups and I suggest they go in to and look through all the previous shows Iíve done and listen - whenever you get the chance - to different bits and pieces to build up the big picture as to where weíve come from, how weíve got to where we are today and where weíre all going according to our mastersí decree.  Because thatís what it is.  Weíre under a new type of feudal system with new feudal overlords and theyíve been there for a long time, the ULTRA WEALTHY, ULTRA ELITE that have created their new world order.  The last ones to understand whatís going on are all the little people at the bottom.  Thatís by design.   Also look in to where you can download transcripts and print then up in the various languages of Europe. 


Itís just incredible that the news thatís coming out now is so legalistic and by that I mean theyíre telling the public, at least the ones that want to think and know, where theyíre taking us.  Theyíre so blatant and arrogant today.  It doesnít surprise me because when youíve dehumanized a world society to the same kind of debasing education, when youíve tossed out all the religions out the window and declared that a new secular, scientific Darwinism is GOD, then youíre on the road to horror because when MAN thinks heís God, anything will be made to happen.  Unfortunately, itís already happening. 


Weíve watched society PLUMMET moralistically, socially, interactions with each other for the last 50 years and we always say to ourselves, how far can it go?  Believe you me, in hell thereís no bottom.  THATíS where the big boys are taking us.  As I say, now theyíre telling where they plan to take you and what they plan to do with all the useless eaters.  Useless eaters being ALL those that at one time would belong to an industrial society and have jobs in factories and so on, or theyíd be working on farms, but they donít HAVE those jobs anymore.  Itís all done elsewhere.  So weíve all to go DOWN the big tube, down the sink gradually until thereís none of us left.  Whoever in this upcoming society in the future gets born will have PERMISSION TO BE BORN to serve the world state.  The perfect slave.  Thatís what itís all about. 


A Darwinistic social order where the survival of the fittest is rule, is king and those at the top who basically ownÖ I mean, 6 thousand families OWN all the resources of the planet.  They OWN the financial markets of the planet.  Itís their world.  They think they can do as they want to and really thereís nothing to stop them except for the will of the people and THATíS what theyíre trying to demolish.  Back with more after the following messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and trying to keep a frog out of my throat.  The reason thereís so many frogs about is because weíve had so much rain up here, this last few weeks.  Theyíre all over the place.  I canít believe some of these shows where they say, ĎWhatís happened to the frogs?  Theyíve disappeared.í  Well, theyíve all moved up here.  Thereís billions of them.  Theyíre hopping all over the place.  Thatís whatís happened to them. 


To get back with my story tonight, Iíve mentioned it before about HOW a society was to be created where they wouldnít mind having all their data KNOWN and shared by everyone else.  A society where you literally rob the public of their survival capabilities and THATíS what you see when that happens.  People donít care.  Theyíll give their name and their address and their phone numbers to anyone that asks them.  Or their social insurance numbers.  Iíve seen them do it at checkout counters.  They do it automatically like robots.  That means that theyíve LOST their survival capabilities.  That took a lot of training and work through surreptitious means to get them to that stage but itís been very effective. 


Now that they have the public at that stage and sharing all their whole life on Facebook and all the rest of it, the Home Office in BritainÖ The Home Office is a big government office.  They call it the HOME Office, domestic affairs, but itís for the whole British Commonwealth too.  Thatís all the commonwealth countries including Canada.  It also means that this has been done in the US as well because they have a Ďspecial relationshipí with AmericaÖ as theyíre fond of telling us.  That means that MI-6, MI-5 and the CIA are totally integrated, you see. 


This is from the Telegraph.  Iíve referred to this before but Iím going to read it out again to see if it really penetrates the peopleís minds and whatís actually happening.  It says,


Home Office plans to create 'Big brother' database for phones calls, emails and web use


The Home Office will create a database to store the details of every phone call made,

(Alan:  EVERY phone call made)  every email sent and every web page visited by British citizens

in the previous year under plans currently under discussion, it has emerged.


By Andy Bloxham

Published: 6:09AM BST 20 May 2008



The Government wants to create the system to fight terrorism and crime. (A:  Because you see, you might be a potential terrorist.  You might have terrorist thoughts at times.  You might get ANGRY at government officials and all that kind of stuff.  Youíre really a terrorist, SECRET terrorist and you donít know it.  You might wake up from a dream one morning and just go crazy, bananas.) The police and security services believe it will make it easier to access important data as communications become more complex.


Telecoms firms and internet service providers (ISPs) have already been approached (A:  Of course they have, years ago.) by the Home Office, which would be given customer records if the plans were realised.  (A:  Now, itís already been discussed by the Channel 4 team in Britain a couple of years ago that MI-5 and MI-6 had put black boxes in EVERY service providerís systemÖ a few years ago.  So they already have all this stuff up and working.  This is really for public consumption, this stuff.  Itís to get us to acquiesce to it, to ACCEPT it like good slaves.  Thatís why theyíre telling us this.)


The security services and police would then be able to access records for any individual over the previous 12 months by gaining permission through the courts.  (A:  Now, thereís no court thatís going to be involved in any of this and thatís also rather obvious.)


The plans will raise concern from data protection and civil liberty campaigners and fuel objections to the perceived rise of a "Big Brother" state. There will be worries about the Home Office's ability to safeguard the data from loss or theft, after recent incidents such as when the child benefit information of every family in Britain with a child under 16 were mislaid.  [laugh]


There will also be doubts about its capacity to manage such a large volume of information. About 57 billion text messages were sent in Britain last year, while an estimated three billion emails are sent every day.


Since last October, telecoms companies have been required to keep records of phone calls and text messages for 12 months.


The plans are being considered for inclusion in the draft Communications Bill to be published later this year. They are at an early stage and have yet to be passed to ministers.


A Home Office spokesman said the move was needed to reflect changes in communication that would "increasingly undermine our current capabilities to obtain communications data and use it to protect the public".



So the public are to be spied on to protect the public.  Which means that they donít have much faith in you at all, really.  No faith whatsoever, eh?  Just like Orwellís 1984, you might not know that youíre a terrorist.  It might come as news to youÖ and youíll need the EXPERTS to actually find out and tell you and then youíll be so gratefulÖ so grateful. 


Isnít it amazing.  Isnít amazing how you can give this information out to the people that you know, who live in TV world when they tune in everyday and get their downloading of trivia, indoctrination and political correctness, and you can give it to them and it just bounces off them because they really do believe it DOES NOT concern them.  Those people are GONE.  They are gone.  They are Ďthe deadĎ.  They are the walking dead.  People have been complaining for years that you canít wake them up and I AGREE.  Thereís no point in trying to wake them up.  The amount of information that you can gather and pass on has to be given out to the right people.  Donít waste your energy on the walking dead, because as soon as they agree with you, theyíll be back in to the television and just going in to la-la land.  It triggers them to go in to la-la land.  If that TV comes on with the regular shows, the world must be just okey-dokey...  just fineÖ  just swell, as they used to say, and youíll be called a raving lunatic for talking about stuff that makes them so uneasy.  They donít like to be uneasy. 


An egosyntonic society has been createdÖ where they will always avoid pain, any kind of pain, thatís emotional pain too, and seek pleasure.  That was pushed from the 50s onwards from Tavistock and its minions and itís never ceased.  Most people truly will look for any escape from pain, mental pain, and discomfort and see pleasure.  Anything to distract them for another half hour or an hour on television so they can laugh.  Thatís why you have canned laughter on these TV comedies. 


Canned laughter gives you a Pavlovian response.  So youíre being insulted when they switch on the canned laughter and you automatically laugh because you hear it.  Youíre just like Pavlovís dogs.  Very simple.  But thatís what most folk will go for.  They even have to be TOLD when to laugh. 


Now, thereís one caller on the line already and itís Hella, Invictus.  Are you there on the line caller?  Hello?  Hello?  No.  Heís not on the line.  Either that or the engineerís not there.  So Iíll continue with what Iím talking about.


All this Homeland security, etc, etc thatís just burgeoning into the open and the people donít know whatís going on.  They donít WANT to know whatís going on.  The ones who do are almost OVER educated in this area and they donít know who to share it with.  They feel tremendously alone and they generally also isolate themselves from people they know.  Because, they donít want to know eitherÖ and they think youíre a weirdo.  ĎWhy canít you just be happyÖ and contentÖ like everyone else?í  Thatís what theyíll tell you. 


Itís, as I say, roll time.  Itís roll time when you see man rising to the position of Godhood.  I would not be surprised if one day these big organizations at the top actually elect a human God, the top of the tree.  And youíll have lesser Gods, just like the ancient times, they had lesser Gods, as well.  And Iím not kidding because itís been done before.  Ancient Greece and ancient Rome, every emperor was a GOD.  He has statues built and if you couldnít get the real thing, the living human being, you could always get a facsimile to pray to.  And people did that.† They prayed to them as Gods. 


Even in the Christian societies in the middle ages with King James, of the King James Bible fame, people would actually ask if they could come up and touch his cloak because they still believed that he was like a God.  If they were sick or whatever, theyíd be magically cured.  It seems to be an innate thing with human beings, this need to deify other human beings.  Iíve always said, I would never deify anyone that has to go to the bathroom like me.  Maybe when they stop doing that, I might start thinking about it.  But until then, Iíll keep my point of view. 


Weíre in a world of secular humanism, basically, where the economy takes precedence OVER people.  It takes precedence overÖ  We used to have SACRED RIGHTS of life, for ourselves.  The right to food, shelter, clothing and so on.  Today, thatís all gone.  Youíre literally written down in the books of economics as your value to a system, this present existing system.  If you donít have a purpose, they truly DONíT WANT YOU AROUND.


Weíve now got bigwigs and professors come out of universities with their statistics and their studies telling us that the lower classes have poor IQ levels.  Theyíre like stupid, you see.  That would never have happened back in the 60s and the 70s.  Those professors would be tossed right out.  Weíre seeing the RISE OF ELITISMÖ and itís in your face today and itís time you started getting back to these guys rather sharpish and quickly BEFORE they go to the next step down this road.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, and talking to the choir to an extent; however, we have to talk to each other because, believe you me, itís the only way to keep your own sanity.  As you collect this kind of data and you digest it and you understand the import of it.  We have to know whatís happening.  Itís very, very important to know whatís happening because whatever happens, we will go through hell and some of us will come through the other side.  These big boys at the top can not keep such a secular system going forever.  In ancient times when they tried it, they ended up slaughtering each other and slaughtering a lot of the peasantry along the way too, mind you.  Iíve no doubt it will happen again. 


Psychopaths tend to repeat the same things over and over.  They canít help themselves.  Thatís just a fact of history.  However, it doesnít help the little people at the bottom because they get stamped in the mud when the titans start fighting, especially with all their high-tech weaponry. 


Now, Iím going to try and get that caller again if heís still on the line.  Are you there caller?


Vic:  Yes, sir.


Alan:  Yes.  Go ahead.


Vic:  You know me.  Itís Vic from Hella. 


Alan:  I do.  I do, Hella.


Vic:  Planet earth here.  Iím a terrorist and didnít know it. 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Vic:  Everything you were saying pertains to exactly what I went through.  I have a story to tell your people.  Normally, I have a lot of questions for you.  Now, I have something to say.  I just got locked up.  For the last 2 weeks.  I just got out of County jail.  The charge was simple battery because I threw a slice of a tomato at my dadÖ whoís been abusing me my whole life.  I threw a tomato at him, finally, and he got simple battery.  My grandparents, with whom I live with would have came and got me.  Guess why they left me there to rot?  Because of talking about the truth.  Iím on the phone with my grandmother, ĎI thought you guys loved me?  Do you know how bad this is?  This is torture.  They feed us pig slop.  Theyíre treating me like a maggot.  I might get raped.  I might get killed.  Can you please get me out?í  You know what she said?  She said youíre a totally different person for the last 2 years.  Thatís when I woke up.  They were leaving me in thereÖ 


Alan:  To teach you a Ďlessoní.


Vic:  This is real.  And when they were arresting me, my grandfather is talking to the police officer and heís saying to him, ĎYeah.  In addition to this heís in to all that Illuminati, conspiracy, anti-government stuff.í  My own grandfather snitched me outÖ to the cops.† We are in 1984 right now, ladies and gentlemen.  Itís not a joke.  Fuck a FEMA camp.  I just did 2 weeks in county, dressed out head to toe in orange jumpsuit chained to peopleÖ for thought crime.  For being a free thinker, for speaking the truth to my family.  It causes so much drama, so much conflict in my own household.  Thatís why they left me in there.  And they would have continued to leave me in there.  I would still be in there if it wasnít for this angel that came and bonded me out, whom I met at a 9/11 truth movement meeting.  SHE bonded me out.  My family would still have me in there but she got me out yesterday.  I just did 2 weeks for being a THOUGHT CRIMINAL.  This is real, ladies and gentlemen.  I was just locked up.


Alan:  Youíre not the only one.  I get calls from people in similar circumstances who have been turned in BY their relatives and thatís becoming more and more frequent now.  So youíre quite right. 


Vic:  Itís amazing that it happened because the stuff your talking aboutÖ it just goes like that.  It absolutelyÖ you think, ohÖ even in your own head, when you know the truth, youíre like, well thatís a few years down the road.  NO.  They donít even need new world order cops.  They donít need these robots or half-breed lions and humans, whatever, psychopaths.  They donít NEED them because your own family will turn you in for being a thought criminal. 


Alan:  They will.


Vic:  My whole neighborhood thinks Iím crazy because I dropped offÖ You know what I did?  I printed out one of your transcripts and wrapped it up in a pink bow and I put it on everybodyís front porch.  Wrapped in a really pretty, frilly pink bowÖ for my whole neighborhood and it was where you were talking about the, you know, where they split up the tribe and how neighborhoods donít look out for each other.  You know, nobody knows their neighborís names any more, thereís no sense of community, no family.  So I did that to maybe unite at least that one street.  But because I titled it, ĎGuess who Britney Spears is fucking?íÖ because, you know, thatís what Fox News promotes and thatís what tabloids promoteÖ  All I got in return was, ĎOh my God, my kids can read and they read the word fuck.í  They didnít even read the rest of it.  Iím trying to do a positive thing here and all I got was negativity.  So this is the world weíre living in.  So the whole neighborhood probably thinks I deserved to be in jail. 


Alan:  Hereís the problem too.  The problem is, weíve had the Pentagon in the US and the Canadian taxpayer FUNDING these anti-terrorist dramas that are all over the place.  And the average Joe is sitting watching this stuff every night.  They get hooked in to the drama.  They get hooked in to the human story and theyíre being brainwashed quite easily.  They lap it up.  Now, theyíre starting to actually emulateÖ MIMIC WHAT THEY SEETheyíre turning in their own relatives when they hear them use these terms, these phrases, these little comments that theyíre making.  You must have something WRONG with you, youíre anti-government.  Iíve been telling people for years, be CAREFUL, BE VERY CAREFUL because itís always those that you know who turn on you and turn you in. 


Vic:  That is the most amazing part of it, because Iíve been scared of monitoring and CIA and cameras and guns.  You donít even need that.  Your family and friends will turn you in for knowing the truth.


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Vic:  How do we balance this?  You know, when you know the truth, how do you balance talking to people that could be effective or talking to the dead?  How do you know?  How do you judge it?  Like when you talk to somebody, what do you say first off?Ö to make sure theyíre not going to be an enemy.


Alan:  I say simple stuff.  Very simple things.  Just a couple of sentences generally tells you where their head space is.  I donít waste my time on them ifÖ if thereís no light in the eyes, I donít waste my time.You canít afford it these days.  But also, I separate from relatives.  Hang on the line.  Iíll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and I think weíve still got our ex-prisoner on the line here.  A man that was turned in by his own relatives and left to deteriorate in a hell hole of a prison there until he saw the light and the error of his ways. 


Vic:  [laugh]  Yes sir.  Arrest.  Apparently that means arrest from what you were previously doing or talking too much.


Alan:  Yes.  Thatís right.


Vic:  I was curious if you haveÖ I know youíve addressed this but I would just like at the moment, a comment about it.  When you encounter people or you know people that know whatís going on, they know whatís up and their conclusion is, ĎDude, you canít do anything about it so just shut up and go make money, get a girlfriend, relax, forget about spreading this truth bullshití, I mean stuff.  What do you say to these people that, you know, that they know the agenda but theyíre still, their conclusion of it is, youíre so small.  And it is the truth.  I donít have an army.  You donít have an army. 


Alan:  What it is, I just forget them all together because theyíre the same.  They will also turn you inÖ those same people.  They always play safe right to the bitter end and when the bitter end is coming upon them, theyíll go into a state of shock and disbelief.  Because each one of them thinks itís a long-term agenda and itíll be worse after Iím dead.  They all seem to think that.  They liveÖ theyíre very optimistic in that regard.


Vic:  I have friends that say that thereís nothing you can do about it, never can, never will so just live your life, basically, be selfish.  Who cares about that?  And it is so overpowering.  You realize theyíve been planning this for centuries. 


Alan:  Yes.  You got to remember tooÖ.


Vic:  Actually, I want to know this Alan.  In your head, because you know how deep it goes, like the depths from history, all the hidden stuff, so if theyíve been planning things and they have the world THAT organized, even from space, these scalar weapons and nuclear satellites and everything, you know all that, and diseases they can let loose, what motivates you?  Why is it you do what you do?  Because could we ever really have an effect?  Wonít even our names be wiped out from the history books? 


Alan:  Itís very possible, but hereís the thing.  We forget that Ö see, weíve never, ever had such a recent time in history that we have had, where we had ANY RIGHTS AT ALL.  Having rights is a recent phenomena.  In the 1700s, you hadÖ up until then, no one had ANY rights.  The king granted rights and the king made sure there was a rigid structure and any Lord across Europe, right into the 1700s, could slaughter any peasant, which they called a villain, for any reason - even a bad mood or a bad hair day - and get away with it.  There was no laws on any books to punish that man.  So, youíve only had a short period of time that CAME AT THE SACRIFICE OF MANY, MANY, MANY MEN to get rights at all.  It went right up in to even the labor unions to get decent working wages, etc. so you could buy those cars and have a decent home for the first time in your life.  So itís happened before where the people have and it takes a time for this big locomotive to begin.


Vic:  Wait, so that actually happened by the people.  I though that was just a joke of the American experiment was to tell people they had rights when they didnít.


Alan:  Oh, the people themselves fought for them.  They FOUGHT the Rockefellers.  They did have armed conflicts and the Rockefellers did turn out militias and gun down hundreds of families.  That happened in the United States but it did not stop the people who kept coming back in different guises, different forms and pushing, pushing, pushing.  It really was that phenomenon, the pushing against at the top now, to stop it from going any further.  So itís happened before.  Itís happened before where people CAN gradually, over a long period of time, start gaining rights.  Even though we seem to be under such intense weaponry today, psychological threats and goodness knows what else theyíre doing to us, thereís always that HOPE.  Now, Iíve never said that we could SAVE the system.  I DONíT WANT TO SAVE A SYSTEM THAT IS TOTALLY CORRUPT.  You canít do it.  Itís like the tower of Babylon.  Itís held together by band-aids.  Itís so broken, you canít put any more band-aids on itÖ and keep the same corruption in existence.  Whatever happens is some of us will come through and all we can do is keep and retain memory and teach another generation AFTER we come through it so that this will not be repeated again.  They elite can not help themselves.


Vic:  Do you really think thatís possible?  Do you actually think thatís possible because it seems that the way theyíve organized it, is that theyíre going to be robots and they are going to assassinate everyone who is not a literal robot.


Alan:  We will definitely go through a hell of a hard time but not everyone will go under.  Not everyone will get caught and succumb. 


Vic:  So you think thereís certain mountains or pastures where you can have a safe haven somewhere.


Alan:  Thereís no doubt about it.  You can train yourself too.  You can train your thoughts so that you can not be detected in certain places. 


Vic:  I would love that.  Iím actuallyÖ whatís concerning me is a double edge sword that you talk about on the internet.  They already know my name and everything I do.  My MySpace page, my email, my phone number.  Theyíre studying who I am right now because I just called YOU. 


Alan:  Oh, of course. 


Vic:  So what the hell do I do with that?  Itís like, you communicate with people by these means but yet you donít want to be noticed.  But Iím already on the list, whatever they call it.  Everybody who calls your show is on the list. 


Alan:  Itís very possible weíll all get wiped out but there again, the amount of people you touched and taught already will go through unscathed and it might even be up to them eventually to carry on to the next level.  Who knows?  But the fact is we all have to carry this torch and in some ways we have no option.  Some of us have no option here.  We definitely have a destiny to fulfill here. 


Vic:  There was somebody I was talking to on my forum that I have and they were basically like, teach the children because weíre through.  They got it set up for us.  Like if you have any hope, donít even bother waking up people even over 30... Just talk to kids, like little kids.  Say, forget what youíre learning in school; this is whatís going on.  Because theyíre the hope.  So basically, weíre sacrificing our own life.


Alan:  Thatís the way it is.  You can only give it to those who still have the fire in them.  They still know what right and wrong is.  Itís an INNATE thing.  Knowing whatís right and wrong is innate.  Iím not talking about cultural new normals or political correctness.  We all know whatís right and wrong and children see it very clearly, VERY CLEARLY, before the world jades them. 


Vic:  They havenít been indoctrinated yet.  Itís kind of like the movie 300.  Have you seen it?


Alan:  Not yet, no.


Vic:  Please watch it.  Itís about the Spartans.  I know youíve talked about the Spartans defeating the Persians with their really small army.  They knew they were sacrificing their lives.  Just 300 guys against an empire and it was in the name of freedom.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling and hang in there.


Vic:  Thank you.  I really appreciate that Alan.  Have a good night.


Alan:  Bye, now.  And we have Dave from Calgary on the line there.  Are you there Dave? 


Dave:  Hey, you there?


Alan:  Hello.


Dave:  How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Dave:  Well, I was just calling in about your last caller.  About him being throw in the clink and all the rest of it and his grandfather was the one who basically called the cops.  Youíve basically enlightened me about 10 years ago.  Iím a first time caller to your show and I will be buying your books but it would be niceÖ you gave a talk, I think it was on God Box Radio or with Sweet Liberty probably about 8 or 9 years ago, and you were talking about Ďgas lightingí.  I thought that and Iíve been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks that it would be really good to hear YOU discuss that topic.  With what it is, how it works and Iím not talking about the high tech end of it because I know that happens but just the gang stalking and that sort of thing where you really, essentially in the end, you feel like youíre losing your mind.  I just thought it would be, maybe it would help him understand what happened to him, your previous caller, and at this point in time.  Because so many people are being led in so many different directions, as you say, I think maybe a show on that topic.  I just thought Iíd ask you to do a show. 


Alan:  Maybe I can do a show as wellÖ. Possibly a show, as well, listing ALL of the government sponsored anti-terrorist DRAMAS that are all over the place and how itís affecting the average person.  Itís all MEANT to do exactly this, to turn people in and to get people turning in their relatives.  This is intended for this to happen.  And itís working.  Itís actually working. 


Dave:  And thatís the thing, why I wanted you to do, you know, maybe talk on that for maybe one show because itís happening to so many people now that I see around me but they have no idea.  They just, they would never clue in to it.  But I think it would solve a lot of peopleís problems to bring that issue up again because itís an old issue. 


Alan:  It is.


Dave:  Anyway, Iíll let somebody else call it but I just thought Iíd say, thank you for everything.  Thanks for taking my call and I will be getting your books at the end of the month.  Iím selling a classic 50 amp 410 to do it.  [laughs]


Alan:  Okay.  It breaks your heart, I know. 


Dave:  It does.  It does.  You take care, okay.


Alan:  Bye, now.  Now, weíve got Jennifer in Kansas.  Are you there Jennifer?


Jennifer:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Jennifer:  Alan.  Hi.  I sent you a donation on the 15th of this month through PayPal and I just wanted to make sure that you got it.


Alan:  Okay.  Iím sure I did.  Iíll check back and see. 


Jennifer:  I sent you an email but I canít trust my email anymore either sending or receiving.


Alan:  Iíll check back and see.  It should be listed there.  Sometimes I get so carried away with what Iím doing here, I canít get in to even check them.  Itís maybe once a week or once every two weeks I can get back there and look and see.


Jennifer:  Okay.  I wanted to tell you Iíve been in the process of waking up for about 15 years but I wish that Iíd discovered your work long before I did, which was about a year ago.  I think Iíd be in a completely different place in my life if I had because I wouldnít have fallen for a lot of the dumb things that Iíve fallen for and all the traps that they set for people that are trying not just to wake up but are trying to communicate it to other people and trying to do something.† Because Iíve done nothing but put myself at risk and isolate myself from everybody.  Itís done no good at all.  Itís justÖ I know I wouldnít have fallen for some of the dumb things I have if I had been listening to you even 2 years ago.  Iím just going to say something on the air for the sake of posterity, so that itís there for people who will listen because most peopleÖ except my mom is the only person who believes me.  Iíve been being attacked with some kind of weapon for 2 years now that leaves actual, physical marks - burns and puncture marks - on my skin.† If I look at my face under a black light, my whole face looks burnt.  I can see a lot of marks mostly on my legs and butt.  A couple of times Iíve heard very distinct voices in my head, arguing with my thoughts.  One of these times it hit me so hard in the head, I thought that I was blinded.  It actually blinded me temporarily.  A lot of the times theyíll just do something once, just to let me know that they can do it.  So then, Iím living in fear all of the time whenís the next time theyíre going to do it.† Itís like this big mind game.  Itís more of a mind game than anything.  Iíve known about these weapons systems for about 15 years.  If I didnít know what this was, I donít think I would even be able to handle it.  I think I would just lose it. 


Alan:  A lot of people do lose it but thereís been too manyÖ I know some.  Iíve actually visited them whoíve been attacked by some of this weaponry.  Some very good people have come forward, some very good, intelligent, well educated people IN this field and admitted and got government records too PROVING that theyíve been using various kinds of psychotronics and weaponry, TESTING it out on unsuspecting individuals for many, many years.  Itís driven them in to insane asylums, some of them.  Because naturally it sounds so crazy and yet voice-to-skull and other techniques are so advanced and theyíve been used on such a big scale.  Even now theyíre using some of this technology.  I read about it on the air FROM major newspapers.  Theyíre using it to sell advertising by literally bouncing it right in to your head from towers in cities.  Thatís been passed and accepted by the legal system.  This is stuff they initially tried out on different people and individuals and then theyíd follow you down through your life to see if it did drive you crazy, how youíd cope with it, etc, etc.  Weíre all guinea pigs in this type of system. 


Jennifer:  Iíve even been to several doctors.  They look at these marks.  They donít have any idea what they are.  But still, the people around me think, oh, you must have some kind of medical condition that they havenít figured out yet.  You know.  All these excuses for a whole bunch of different things.  Anyhow, I know what itís like to know something and not know, at the same time, because I was trapped there for a very, very long time.  But I just wanted to thank you for all the work that youíve done.  I know how important you are and I hope that youíre able to keep on doing it.  I hope people support you.  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


I should remember too, people can help support me.  I keep forgetting to plug myself so Iíll do my shameless self-promotion right now.  Look in to the web site and you can either buy the stuff I have for sale or you can donate.  That keeps me going.  Itís expensive keeping all this going here.  This is kind of a one man band and thereís really no profit comes out of this.  The only thing that comes out of this is knowing that the right thing is being done.  THATíS the only reward there is and thatís enough, really, as long as I can keep feeding myself, basically, and continuing on.  Thatís as far as I see.  I donít seek to become big or great or some kind of superstar or build up some big institution behind me.  So, you can donate if you want to through Pay Pal and other means and itís all on my web site on how to do it. 


Now weíll go on to Mike from Kentucky.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Hey.  Unfortunate what happened to that guy with his grandpa turning him in.  But, itís even spilling over in to popular media that basically a lot of this stuff has been going on for a long time.  Iíve heard about people from decades ago getting various problems and being denied due process in the courts.   Boston Legal brought this up.  Because the town in Massachusetts threatened to secede and itís kind of ironic because there were several secession drafts in different townships in New England that had been very close to passing before September 11th happened.  It actually made some little bit of main stream news and of course, the alternative media covered it quite a bit.  That guy, itís unfortunate what happened to him.  Itís not something that should happen butÖ


Alan:  Itís going to become more and more common.


Mike:  Well, I think he needs to realize that a lot of folks will not be woke up until something like that happens to them. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Hold on till after this break. 


Mike:  I just wanted to say that if he canít keep his mouth out of the sewer, he canít make a point.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Back after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll try and get the last 2 callers in and weíll keep it short if possible.  Weíve got Brian from Texas.  Are you there Brian?


Brian:  Iím here.  Thank you Alan.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Brian:  Thanks for taking the call.  I was actually calling for the same reason that the caller right before we left off on break.  He made a statement which is actually the reason I called, which was the first caller that called in that was turned in, the recurring theme this evening.  I think that something that is a tremendous threat, really, for the community of people that want to spread the truth and are participating in it, because it is very, very difficult.  Because everyone whoís part of it knows.  But if the approach is to start off by greatly offending people, I think it completely invalidates the movement and then to have your transcript attached to it, it drags you in to it.  I think that a lot of times peopleÖ Itís like sort of using a shock mechanism.  Just to start off greatly offending people and to do something thatís so completely off, so completely socially out of bounds and then to try to tie in Ďthe causeĎ, the truth movement to it, if you will.  I just think that it couldnít be further from the good approach.  I think itís very, very counter productive.  Thatís basically the reason Iím calling is to say that like you said, people are very zombiefied.  There are only a few people out there that will be receptive. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  I understand today people are getting desperate because we are reaching a crescendo here, itís definitely coming.  Some people are trying the shock tactics and hope that at least maybe 2 out of 1000 will come forward and ask questions.  So I understand how itís happening but weíve got to start realizing that society is breaking up into almost two species here.  The ones who are alive and who have spirit and the ones who are Ďthe deadí and live in television land, thatís where their reality comes from.  It truly is happening.  I keep telling people and I hear it all the time, theyíve got to start picking their friends very, very carefully.  It might mean that they have to move away from the area and start all over again and even away from their families.  Thatís happening all the time, in fact, with a lot of people.  They have to start anew because theyíll find that those around them will become their worst enemies and will actually turn them in.  The next thing they know, theyíll be on the couch getting shock treatment and their families will beÖ.


Brian:  Youíre right.  Itís already happened.  Itís already happened to a lot of folks in their lifetime, certainly in their parentsí lifetime.† I just wanted to say as well, that I think obviously the intent is good and he wanted to go out to get the word out.  That in a sense is a noble cause.  Thatís what we all want to do.  But I donít want to just call and have it seem as though Iím knocking him because I certainly applaud the effort and I think itís obviously very genuine.  Itís I think a very compassionate gesture, as well, to try to inform people but Iíd just like to, as you said, letís keep the call short.  Iíd like to conclude with, if you would please give advice to folks, including myself, in terms of what are effective ways that we can spread the word?  What are effective ways whereÖ.


Alan:  Iíll do an actual blurb on that, in fact.  Thanks for calling.


Brian:  Like you said, they have to have the life.  There has to be something in there.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Shawn are you there?  Shawn?


Shawn:  A really quick question about donating.  Is that through the international money order still or is thatÖ


Alan:  You can do international money order, personal check (U.S. and Canada) or through PayPal. 


Shawn:  Oh.  You got a PayPal account? 


Alan:  Itís on the web site.


Shawn:  Oh.  Okay.  Well alright.  Well thanks a lot.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  That fit in just perfectly.


So be careful out there.  This is a time of separation in many, many ways and weíve got to look after ourselves too, to continue.


So from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





"Home Office plans to create 'Big brother' database for phones calls, emails and web use" by Andy Bloxham ( - May 20, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana