May 26, 2008 (#119)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 26, 2008:

"Con of the Carbon Life-form –


'If You Live with Credit of the Affluent,
You Can Buy Credits for Your Carbon Footprint,
Life at the Bottom will be Crowded and Policed,
Shafted by Governments, Ordered and Fleeced' "
© Alan Watt May 26, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 26, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 26th of May, 2008.  I generally ask newcomers to look in to - there’s always people coming in of all age groups - and go through the previous talks and you’ll find a lot of information to help tie up this big net that we call reality.  I tie it together to show you that nothing, nothing that you hear in the major way through the media is there by chance.  Nothing is just evolving.  You’re simply living to a big business plan, long-term business plan and that’s all that life is, your life, your predecessors and those who come after you.  It’s ALL arranged that way by the experts at the top, the ones who run the cultures and create societies and ALTER the societies.  You can also look into for transcripts you can download and print up and pass them around to your friends.  Make sure that they are your friends.  If you think they can’t handle it, don’t give it to them.  Why break the friendships?  It will just bring grief upon yourself and you don’t need that in your immediate area of living. 


Now, I generally never decide what I’m going to talk about until I sit down 5 minutes before the show, but it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing rattling around in the old noggin, the head.  There’s all this stuff rattling around because if you live the way I do and you’ve grown up the way I do, you process information differently from other people.  I don’t get hooked in to the mainstream media.  I don’t sit and watch Google all day long.  There’s plenty, I’m sure, to amuse people or fascinate them for months or maybe even years on end.  I don’t do that.  I don’t watch major newscasts.  I pick up a couple of articles and I ponder them.  Eventually, all that you’ve learned all through your life comes in to play.  That’s how REASONING is supposed to work.  You are supposed to come to conclusions for yourself


You see, for a generation or longer we’ve been trained that the experts give us our opinions.  All we do is adopt those opinions.  We don’t come to our own conclusions and yet people are willing TO FIGHT each other over opinions given by experts.  Opposing experts.  They always give you this or that point of view and you pick the one that you want and that becomes your opinion.  These things can even lead to wars.  Wars in families.  Wars in nations.  Because people ADOPT opinions but they don’t REASON anything through for themselves.  And because they get caught up in the emotion, they don’t see any long-term strategy or ask where anything is actually leading to. 


For quite some time, I’ve gone in to the histories behind the Cold War and prior to the Cold War and the eventual MERGING of the two systems together into the ‘third way’ as it was planned to do, all along.  Where a new system called ‘commutarianism’, as Bush Sr. coined it to the public, would be pushed across the globe.  Nations, really, are gone.  They’ve been gone since the 1960s when things drastically changed.  A new, very wealthy class had arisen IN ALL NATIONS who were international because all their businesses and all their investments were international.  They had a finger in every pie in every country and therefore, they wanted this global society.  It had already been SET UP under the League of Nations as far back as the end of World War I, the same idea.  It’s an ancient idea, a transnational system. 


Eventually, in the global society, there would only be the names of nations.  They’d be sort of antiquated, old-fashioned terms that we’ll still use for a while when we refer to America or US or Canada or Britain but you’ll ALL be under a world government.  That’s what’s happened and the big, old United Nations was set up to be this world government and to take over this structure of the global system. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and just explaining this long-term business plan that you think is life, to show you where we’re going and why we’re going there.  Since Charles Darwin came out and influenced ALL SIDES - at the top of all sides - with this whole eugenic idea, the program was to perfect humanity on behalf of those who RULED over humanity, to make it easier to manage the people.  Psychopaths have their own particular ‘footprints’ (I’ll use that term because it’s going to become very popular shortly.) all down through history.  They always end up culling off large populations that they rule over because they fear them, primarily.  Since psychopaths can only get to the top in this system, this IS their system.  It’s made by them for them.  They always get to the top and they get to the same stage. 


We find in the Soviet system, they had a whole idea that man was infinitely malleable.  You could perfect them.  They also went in to the same trap of categorizing people as in ethnic races, ethic groups, IQ levels and so on, physical health, ill health types, that kind of stuff… all to do with the same eugenics program AS the West was going in to.  Now that they’ve come together, they’re pushing ahead full steam.  You see little bits coming up in newspapers about the low IQ of the working classes compared to, you know, the wealthy elite that get in to Oxford University and so on.  This stuff is right out in your face now. 


They TRAIN the public.  It’s call ‘social approval’.  You create social approval and social disapproval when you want them to change certain habits like smoking.  They’re now going to use the same techniques on the obese people.  They’re even putting out a book about it, the guys who formulated this technique and they copied it from China.  They’re using it on the public here.  They’re now going to focus on obese people to make them feel ashamed. 


They know it will work on the middle classes because in all their studies they found out that the better educated people are easier to adapt in to it because they want to be part of their own peer group.  You see, they want to be all the same.  Which means if you’re poor or you have less education, you’re more individualistic, obviously.  They always do it through the middle classes who adapt quickly and chat about the same latest authors at their cocktail parties where they’ll stand there and sip wine and push out the latest politically correct terms and phrases to show that they’re not being left behind.  They’re very quick to adapt. 


Here is an article that really means an awful, awful lot to us all because I’ll interpret the article as I read it for you.  It’s obviously a handout by the British government to all the newspapers because it’s the same handout, word for word, that they all have.  There’s an absence of all MP’s (that’s members of Parliament) names except for the one who’s in charge of it.  That’s to keep them all out from public flack.  They won’t get heat.  This is from the BBC, the BBC’s version here. 


MPs back personal carbon credits 

Page last updated at 08:18 GMT, Monday, 26 May 2008 09:18 UK


 The government should go ahead with a system of personal "carbon credits" to meet emissions targets, MPs have said.  (Alan:  See that vague term, MPs.  Like this faceless crowd… MPs have said.)


The Environmental Audit Committee (A:  We have an Environmental Audit Committee) said the scheme would be more effective than taxes for cutting carbon emissions.


Under the scheme people would be given an annual carbon limit for fuel and energy use (A:  I‘ll interpret this part for you.  This is called RATIONING.  It‘s called rationing.  You‘ll be given an annual limit for carbon, for fuel.  That means all fuel now including gasoline AND heating oil and energy use, which, you could exceed.)  - which they could exceed  by buying credits from those who use less.  (A:  So if you go over the limit, you buy credits.  That‘s rationing, you see.  Remember Agenda 21 under the United Nations where ALL laws from your building, plumbing codes, electrical codes, and so on have been coming for the last 50 years, by the way.  They’re behind all of this.  Agenda 21.  Because they’re going to get you all OFF THE ROAD.  That’s the whole purpose of the gasoline going through the roof and now they’re going to hit you now with this.  This carbon tax on top of it.  They’re not tying this all together for you, I’m doing that.  They know you can’t reason, you see.  You’re waiting for the experts to tell you what to think.)


Ministers said there were practical drawbacks to the proposal but they were looking at other initiatives.


(A:  They also say that ) The MPs admitted the public were likely to be opposed to the move.  (A:  Well, no kidding.  Then it says here…)


'No barrier'


The committee's report criticised the government for shelving the proposal following a preliminary study.


The MPs admitted members of the public were likely to be opposed to the move, but urged the government to be "courageous".   (A:  A courageous government.  Wow.  That’s a first in history.)


Their report said: "Persuading the public (A:  Listen to how it’s worded.  Persuading the public) depends on perceptions (A:  They love double speak here.  They know everything is done by altering your perception of things.  This is not what you’re really seeing.  HERE is what you’re really seeing.  Take it from us, we’re the experts.) of the government's own commitment to reducing emissions, (A:  If the government would just go on holiday permanently, we’d all be fine because they create the most hot air than any group on the planet.) and of the priority given to climate change in its own decision making."  (A:  So there’s climate change as though that’s a FACT.  You see, this is how they put things right in front of you as a FACT.  It’s to be parroted by all the middle class at their cocktail parties.  Climate Change.  Carbon Footprint.  Ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Total abstractions that are made in to real entities BY REPETITION.)


It added: "Further work is needed before personal carbon trading (A:  Personal… that’s you and me.) can be a viable policy option and this must be started urgently, and in earnest.


[Theme song of the Twilight Zone playing.]


I don’t know what happened there but we got cut off and I guess we have to get used to this as time goes on with all the different things that are happening with the special teams employed by government agencies.  I think I was finishing carbon tax and how the credits were going and so on.  Each person is going to be given a PERSONAL carbon tax limit for fuel and energy use, which they could use or exceed by buying credits for those who use less.  As I say, it’s RATIONING.  This is rationing folks, but the wealthy will be able to buy over that, OVER the ration limit and still go on their holidays.  You won’t even be able to go on a BUS trip into the country.  The minister says,


"In the meantime there is no barrier to the government developing and deploying the policies that will not only prepare the ground for personal carbon trading, but will ensure its effectiveness and acceptance once implemented."


(A:  Now, here’s the little part the public will be fooled on.)


'Cash benefit

(A:  See ‘cash’ is good.  ‘Benefit’ is good, isn’t it?  Cash benefit.  Benefiting whom?)


Committee chairman Tim Yeo said it found that personal carbon trading had "real potential to engage the population in the fight against climate change and to achieve significant emissions reductions in a progressive way".   (A:  Well, we all like ‘progressive’ don’t we?)


He said "green" taxes (A:  Green taxes.  All the words are being used here aren‘t they?  Little conditioning words…), such as a petrol tax, cost poor people more because everyone - "billionaires and paupers" - paid the same amount.


"Under the personal carbon trading, someone who perhaps doesn't have an enormous house or swimming pool, someone who doesn't take several holidays in the Caribbean every year, will actually get a cash benefit if they keep a low carbon footprint."   (A:  Carbon footprint, again, you see, a total ABSTRACTION put in to reality by repetition.  Shortly, too, around to all the little cocktail parties with the middle class as they parrot off the new politically correct phrases.)


He said it could be administered by the private sector (A:  So here you are.  The private sector who is for profit, remember.  They‘ve put the price of electricity through the roof.  Everything that they‘ve taken over, they‘ve put through the roof.  So here they are going to take over this thing they‘re going to start up and catch you on your carbon output and the private sector is going to take it over.), following the model of supermarket loyalty schemes in which a complex computer system is accessed by a "single plastic card".


Implementation costs


But Mr Benn said there were problems with the plan: (A:  I guess this is Mr. Bill and Ben.  And they use Big Ben.) "It's got potential but, in essence, it's ahead of its time, the cost of implementing it would be quite high, and there are a lot of practical problems to overcome."


Mr Benn said that the report found the cost of introducing the scheme would be between £700 million and £2 billion, and would cost £1bn-£2bn a year to run.


There would also be difficulties in deciding how to set the rations (A:  There‘s the word.  ‘Ration‘ is right there, see.), taking into account a person's age, location and health.  (A:  So here’s your age is going to be a factor, your location and your HEALTH is going to be a factor.)


Climate Change Minister Joan Ruddock said work on personal carbon trading had not been completely abandoned.


"We have simply decided not to undertake further work paid for by the taxpayer (A:  ha, ha.) when a number of other studies are under way," she said.  (A:  I should add, by the tax payer.)


Environmentalist George Monbiot applauded the scheme. "It's more progressive than taxation, it tends to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor (A:  Ha.  Ha.  Here‘s Robin Hood again.); it's transparent; it's easy for everyone to understand, you all get the same carbon ration.


Back in a few moments after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix and reading this article which is a promo type article to be FOLLOWED by other countries very quickly.  Because, ‘we’re all in it together’.  This is a world society in this commutarian world, this planned society.  Everything is to be PLANNED, you see, can’t have untidiness at all.  Toward the end it says here,


"It also contains an inbuilt incentive for people to think about their energy use and to think about how they are going to stay within their carbon ration."


So here you are.  Rationing is coming.  I believe there’s already a Member of Parliament in Canada stood up the other day, in synchronicity with this one, and put forward the idea for a bill on the same topic in Canada.  To be followed by the British Commonwealth, no doubt, because we’ve never had independence in any of these countries.   This is Agenda 21.  The United Nation’s Agenda 21 right here.  Where you’ll all eventually be priced out of living in the country or wherever you are, except the very wealthy, and you’ll have to go into the cities and become a Soylent Green type city, where you all live on top of each other, but the ‘green’ part is nice.  We all like green.  That’s very popular right now.   That’s what’s planned.


These old science fiction writers didn’t dream these things up.  They SAT IN at these meetings and they got it from The Futurist Society that’s TOLD what to write and put the ideas in our head by predictive programming.  That’s why they’re spot on on what’s coming to get us ready for it and used to it. 


Right now, there’s a generation growing up and they have been through kindergarten onwards with this greening, greening, greening.  The New Religion that Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev talked about, a form of earth worship where literally, down the road, they’ll be sterilized voluntarily to save mother earth.  I’m not kidding.  This is coming.  Remember what Bertrand Russell said, with enough government funding you can make the people believe anything.  It’s very simple. 


When you look at these programs on so-called primitive cultures and all these ethnologists walking around, taking notes and watching and studying them, you see, all that stuff is used as data of how ALL human being act… and how you can MAKE THEM, reshape them in to a completely different culture and to get them to go along with it, without thinking.  That’s how it’s done. 


We all get the same basic education, or indoctrination, world wide.  We’re told what are FACTS, they’re presented as FACTS to us.  Well, we all believe it and we chat about these facts and we all think we’re sane because everyone else has had the same indoctrination.  As they introduce NEW ways for you to go along with, your carbon footprints or any other kind of footprints for that matter, then you adapt quickly into the new culture.  You ADAPT the terminology, even though it’s all abstract nonsense. 


You know, years ago, in Catholicism, the biggest criticism of Catholicism, especially in the middle ages, was indulgences.  That meant when somebody died, one of your relatives died, and was stuck in purgatory, you see, and if you had the money, you could pay the priest to say all these prayers and hopefully it would given them a little nudge every time he said a prayer and they’d get higher up to heaven out of purgatory.  In other words, a complete abstraction was taught as a fact and people were taught to believe it.  And they paid money for it. 


This is the same technique being used here for environment and your carbon footprint and all this kind of stuff.  A complete abstraction will be talked into reality by repetition.  People will believe it just the same way as they believed they were stuck in purgatory.  Same thing.  Same technique.  The only difference is guys in white coats - the technicians, the specialists and scientists  - are there to tell you this.  You’ve already been taught that these guys are experts.  They’re superior than you are.  It never dawns on you, you can get someone called an expert with a PhD and a Nobel peace prize who can tell you an absolute fiction, but you are going to believe them because you’re taught that way… to trust them.  It’s very simple.  Simple techniques.  We are going to get taxed for every breath we take eventually, and every mouthful of food we take eventually too.  That’s the system.  It’s a PLANNED SOCIETY.  Planned society. 


Here’s another little article to do with getting the public used to being tracked by chips and global positioning satellites.  It’s from Dallas. 


Dallas ISD's chronic truants back on the radar

 with GPS devices


11:59 AM CDT on Sunday, May 25, 2008

By KENT FISCHER / The Dallas Morning News


For Joshua Cervantes, the black pouch clipped to his belt is a daily reminder of where he was, and where he's now headed in high school.


Inside is a black Global Positioning System device that allows a truant officer to zero in on his location 24 hours a day. As a result, Joshua is now in school every day and, he said, thinking seriously – for the first time – about where he's headed in life.  (A:  This is a PR thing to push this system.  You can tell by the way it’s written.)


"The main thing is it got me thinking about my future," said Joshua, a freshman at Bryan Adams High School. "What's going to happen to me if I don't care?"


Judge Rey Chavez, a county truancy judge, ordered Joshua and eight other students at Bryan Adams High to wear the GPS unit. The school is completing its second year in the Attendance Improvement Management Program, which is funded by a mix of county, nonprofit and private funds.


Last school year, 46 "chronic truants" were ordered into the program. Results were surprising: Their attendance improved from 84 percent to 97 percent during the six weeks they wore the GPS device.


"We have witnessed changes in some students that are almost beyond belief," Bryan Adams principal Cynthia Goodsell (A:  She’ll be a GOOD master, that one.  Cynthia Goodsell.) wrote in a letter to the project's supporters. "What has amazed us is the number and type of students who responded so well to the program's intensive supervision and coaching."


Back with more after this break. 


Hello.  I am Alan Watt and we are Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing this article on global positioning satellite trackers that they’re putting on students now.  This is a PR piece really of how wonderful it is.  It goes on to say that they’re having shortfalls in FUNDING unfortunately and they’re having 3 different companies, private sectors, to give them money.  No doubt there’s a lot of money’s getting put in to the hands of the people who are also in charge of the children here because that’s how the world generally is.  The world really is run on what we would call at the bottom level, corruption.  At the top, it’s just normal, normal business.  It says here


Program managers are seeking a combined $615,000 from the Dallas Independent School District and Dallas County, which operates local truancy courts.


Dr. Pottinger said school district officials told him they would include funding for the project in a pending federal grant application, but Thursday night a district spokesman said the district has not applied for the money.  (A:  Then he goes on and on about the money and the cost and all the rest of it and how wonderful it is, etc, etc.  And how there’s also a cell phone where the truant officer, if you’re not where you’re supposed to be, can phone you and you have to clock in 3 times a day.  If I was these children, I would play truant ALL the time.  Instead of going to the library, I’d be figuring how to work this thing and rearrange it so it would read that I was always in school.  I’m sure it can be done by some clever ones out there. 


Well, I’m going to go to the callers now and we’ll try Dave from California, are you there Dave?


Dave:  Alan.  Good afternoon.


Alan:  How are you?


Dave:  I’m fine, thank you.  It’s a great honor to speak to you, sir.  I wanted to say that I first heard you a while back being interviewed by Alex Jones and I found that to be the most amazing, densest amount of information I’d ever seen on a radio show in the course of an hour and a half or so.  Also, I wanted to thank you for sending me the CD of the conversations that you had with the lady on Liberty Radio.  That was excellent.  I enjoyed that very much and listened to it a number of times.  I was going to comment on the carbon footprint thing.  I want you to know that I’m doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint by breathing less.


Alan:  That’s right.  I was thinking that they’ll probably do it with joggers.  There’s no heavy petting anymore.  Whatever you do, that’s out. 


Dave:  Yeah.  But I’m really concerned about the methane butt print. 


Alan:  Oh yeah.  That’s it.  Well, actually, I was thinking, when I was reading that article that most of the methane is generated in these parliament and government buildings.  Because they have the BEST food, you see, the richest food of all.  It’s high and spicy.  It’s also non-GMO food.  That was Tony Blair that passed a law before he left that they could only import non-GMO food FOR the politicians.  So they have that with their brandy but they do give off a lot of methane in that building.  There’s no doubt about it.


Dave:  Yes sir.  I got one question for you.  One of the things that interested me very much on that Liberty Radio deal was the issue of the priesthood bribing the priests so that when you die, you go to heaven as apposed to Gehenna.  Would you discuss, would you comment on Gehenna and how that works again, please?


Alan:  Well, Gehenna, in the old Hebrew tradition, it really didn’t have an idea of hell but when they incorporated it with, really, a Greek, a new type of Greek - well, much newer in a sense - but a Greek philosophy or a religion or a mythology, they had Hades.  They had to find a way to punish the people, keep them in fear, so they copied the Jewish Gehenna, which was really the rubbish dump, the garbage dump, where everything BURNED outside Jerusalem.  That’s where they got the idea of a hell, something that was burning perpetually.  That’s what you find if you leave garbage dumps like that.  They burst into flames and they keep burning and smoldering.  So they adapted that whole idea into Christianity to keep FEAR over the people to make them OBEDIENT.  You’d be made to be more afraid of what happens after this life than the actual life you were living in the physical world, no matter what status you were.  If you were at the bottom, your life was already hell.  They actually made you terrified of an even worse hell to come.  That’s how they kept people in check for a long, long time. 


Dave:  Isn’t that amusing that they try to keep us in fear all during our lives and then they wave the boogey man of hell at us after we’re dead.


Alan:  Exactly.  Really, people for thousands of years obeyed and lived in utter misery and poverty in a feudal system.  A feudal system that was very, very old with a set order of priesthoods, Kings, Queens and Lords down below and then right down to the peasants who produced everything for all those above them.  They were to be given no education except the Bible, what they were told about the Bible, and Hell was the main thing that was drummed into them.  It was in every sermon. 


Dave:  Can I ask you one more, Alan?  I read the Bible a little bit and I’m not exactly what you call a Christian but I do think that there’s some good lessons in there, as there are in the Koran as well, which is a lot like the Bible.  Now, what do you feel about just sort of following the words and deeds of Christ as a model?  You know, setting aside the rest of the stuff in the Bible, but Christ himself?


Alan:  Well, what you’re given is a perfected being.  Which technically for a normal human being, is impossible to emulate… in that kind of perfection.  So much so that at least up until recently, you couldn’t have a virgin birth.  I’m sure you can do it now with genetics.  Even the fact of a supernatural birth means you could never live up to that anyway.  The whole idea is you were to live up to it as best you could by simple rules.  It was very simple rules that you were given.  It was nothing really deep….  There’s esoteric built IN to it, there’s no doubt whatsoever, but it’s very simplistic and written in such a way you can’t even debate it.  Just be good to other people and you know, things work out and you forgive, etc, etc.  However, they also altered it over the years.  Many, many times that they rewrote it.  They altered it each time to SUIT the ones who were already the overlords and masters.  What was unfortunate from the beginning was that when the Catholic Church - the Universal Church - took over, Rome was already a political, international power.  So it was merged IN to a political system at the very beginning with Rome.  Because of that you had this hierarchy where they dealt with politics as well as religion and it became politicized.  The whole idea already with politics was a hierarchy of elite people living off the backs of everyone else at the bottom.  The Catholic Church KEPT that feudal system going for about 1500 years.  It tried to fix it like that, never change it.  They thought that was the ideal order.  That’s why it got such a backlash eventually many centuries later with people who were just fed up with the whole system and the corruption at the top, as you must have when you have a system which deals with politics and the spirit.  You can’t merge the two together. 


Dave:  Thank you very much and it was nice talking to you. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There’s Will from Philadelphia.  Are you on the line Will? 


Will:  Good evening, Alan.  There’s a little delay there.  I just want to thank you so much for exposing the root and allowing us to chop at it and for you chopping at it yourself.  I’m tired of pruning the branches, basically pruning evil.  I just want to thank you.  The peace sign, what do you think about it… It’s my understanding that Bertrand Russell commissioned Gerald Holtum to design this.  Do you think Holtum knew what he was doing?  Do you think it was purposely a cross upside-down… symbol of death, like black propaganda?


Alan:  It was also an old, an ancient symbol, that one, which they turned upside-down.  It also is a semaphore.  If you stand with semaphore flags, you put one right up and one right down, that’s the N and then the D is another one.  You have - the D looks like a Y - so you put the two together and you’ve got that symbol.  It was for nuclear disarmament. 


Will:  I remember reading that.


Alan:  That’s what they claim.  That’s what they claim, however, they’re well known for using their old occultic symbols regardless what the exoteric meaning. 


Will:  I have a deprogramming technique.  Now, it’s going to seem a little inhumane at first but bear with me.  The people that don’t want to listen, I strap them down to a gurney and play your CDs.  I call it Watterboarding. 




Will:  You’re so stoic, I had to get a laugh out of you.  I’m glad that worked.  I tell everybody, donate.  You’re one of the, in my opinion, you’re one of the people that really, truly do great work.  If there’s one thing I can ask - you’re full of so much knowledge - if you could just drop some Google words for us every once and a while because you have this exhaustive, encyclopedic knowledge and we’re all in the dark here for the most part.  Just some words to Google, maybe.  And keep exposing the root, Mr. Watt. 


Alan:  Okay.  I will do.  Thanks for calling.


Will:  Thank you, sir.


Alan:  Yes, we live in such a world of deception but these are really old sciences, very old sciences.  It’s all sciences of the mind.  Remember, I keep telling people to go back in to ancient philosophy because when you read the writings of many of the philosophers and guys especially like Plato, they lay it out on the line on how the culture is created and updated BY the elite.  He said that it all must be authorized from the top down.  They won’t allow anything to come from the grass-roots because it would upset their whole plan and their control over everything.  Therefore, whatever is put in to culture, is planned FROM the top and disseminated down TO you.  You simply adopt it into your life and it becomes part of your culture.  Whether it’s fashion or behavior, music, whatever, or even topics of conversation.  Like this nonsense with the carbon footprint, carbon footprint and….  I wonder how much they’ll tax Big Foot on that one eh? 


This is the kind of nonsense we’re fed and people simply repeat it.  Remember, Russell says repetition is so important.  However, the unfortunate thing today, the unfortunate thing is that they set up an INTERNATIONAL school system where they get the children VERY YOUNG.  Remember, Russell says get them at 2 and then any input or moral input that the parents try to give their children will be null and void because in kindergarten they’re already getting scientific indoctrination.  A whole generation are growing up that will be the new ECO-NAZIS who will literally lock you up or kill you on the claim you’re destroying the planet and they’ll be ZEALOTS, UTTER ZEALOTS and full of zeal for what they’re doing because they’re creating a FANATICISM IN THE YOUTH ABOUT THIS and this youth will turn on the ones who are older.  The old type that must die off, as they say at the top.  That’s how it’s being implemented. 


The whole bogus… if you listen to all these characters… and remember what I said, READ THE BOOK where they ADMIT… the think tank that came up with the whole scam of global warming, which is the Club of Rome.  The 2 founders of the Club of Rome wrote the book called The First Global Revolution and in there, they tell you that they looked at a way to unify the planet, make people obedient and subservient and go along with this agenda.  They thought of all ways to bring people together in a WAR situation, because we all work together towards something under war, so they thought it would be a war of the planet against the humanity.  MAN WAS THE ENEMY and that’s what they said.  That’s why they chose global warming.  It’s a complete fraud.  An utter fraud.  Having said that, what’s interesting too is they can create ANY PHENOMENA, any phenomena.  Which is very interesting.  They’ve actually followed this little blueprint of Revelations in the New Testament.  Everything that they say at the END: plagues, famine, earthquakes, changes in the sky, etc.  They can change the weather, they can create earthquakes with technology and HAARP today, the spraying, all that kind of stuff, pestilence is easy to do since they’ve modified insects.  Go in to Monsanto, they’ve also been modifying insects galore.  They can create the pestilences.  They can create the famines, food shortages.  There’s only 5 agri-businesses that OWN the food supply of the world.  There’s no shortage of food, it’s that they’ve been putting all of the other farmers out of business.  Now they control it; now they’re tightening their grips, going to make it a scarce commodity, you pay more for it.  They did the same with gold and silver and anything else that’s precious.  That’s how you do it in business and they’re doing the same thing again.  They’re convincing us, the victim, as always, all down through the ages, that we are the problem…we are the problem. 


Behind this is the big eugenics movement, the big plan to eradicate ALL of what they call ‘inferior types’.  They’re out in the open now.  Professors are talking from Universities about the inferior intellects of the working class and so on.  We’ve got other ones like Watson who had to leave.  He was the guy who came up with the double helix and he was a geneticist.  All geneticists are TRAINED in eugenics, and it attracts that type IN to it.  That’s why for 50 years they’ve been using your tax money to find the genes and tamper with the genes because their plan always was to eradicate the inferior types and those who have the possibility of passing on genes which will make people grow up to be sick or infirmed or hereditary diseases and so on. 


We should take this VERY SERIOUSLY to heart because these guys mean business.  They are psychopathic.  They’re ALL UNITED at the top because this mantra, the eugenics mantra and the genes and inferior types and all this kind of stuff and global warming and ya-da-ya, all these mantras are being chanted by the upper-middle classes that want to get to the upper classes.  That’s what the middle classes do.  They don’t belong anywhere.  They despise those below because it terrifies them they might end up there again, so they’ll grovel and do everything.  Their PCPs (politically correct phrases), that’s all they spout to please their masters above them.  They talk it in to existence.  The MAKE it work in to happenstance, into reality. 


We’re going to go through hell in this world as they start rationing food.  They get you off the land.  They drive you in to the over-crowded cities while they have the real modern habitat areas for the bureaucratic helpers, the society and the wealthy people, high-tech ones.  They’re already building them.  They’re selling them, these units.  If you go in to some web sites, you’ll see them. 


That’s how they did it in Russia.  See, the Soviet Union was the model for the world.  That’s why Mr. Gorbachev, who was the President, remember, of the Soviet Union, who was a KGB, had been brought up in the KGB from a very wealthy family.  They had their own class system in the Soviet system.  He was brought over to help implement that system and MERGE it with the West.  And it’s all being done.  The last people to know what’s going on are people who watch television, because they’re never going to come out and tell you the absolute truth, as to the why’s it’s all being done.  The job of TV and media is to get you to parrot it to one another.  Parrot the experts until you SPEAK IT IN TO REALITY for them, on their behalf.  You’ve got to start thinking for yourselves. 


Alan:  I think we’ve got Tom in Massachusetts.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  Yes I am, Alan.  How are you tonight?


Alan:  Not so bad.  Go ahead.


Tom:  Good.  Couple of quick questions if I could.  In the past, you’ve recommended that if a person wants to leave the city environment where we’re definitely going to be facing a lot of these problems, they should probably consider moving to a rural setting.  You mentioned, forget about moving south but move north.  Why would that be?


Alan:  Hold on.  I’ll answer that after this break. 


Hi.  I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix and there’s a caller who’s asked about why move north.  It’s on the cards that they’re going to start riots further south.  This has been a long-term agenda.  It was written about back in 1990, I think it was, by Jacques Attali, who was up there.  He’s now at the United Nations.  He put the book out on what would happen to the US and the massive immigration but he also talked about there’d be massive riots and problems.  That’s planned.  They want riots to happen and they’ll make sure because they control the leaders of all groups.  That’s why I tell people, don’t follow anybody.  However, they will bring it on, at the right time and after enough frustration and worry and war between peoples.  They’ll come out with the solutions when you’re all war weary and you’ll find out that you’re worse than before because of new plans for you all.  You don’t want to be in the south, plus water rationing in the south is going to be a BIG STICK, a BIG STICK.  It’s not because you’ve got shortages, really.  It’s because of the management systems that they’ve got already and the privatization of it all that they’re going to make it like gold, the price of gold to live there.  Therefore, only the ULTRA wealthy, eventually, after all the riots and all the rest of it will be allowed to live in those areas because they can afford it.  And they’ll be away from all the peasantry, all the little people at the bottom.  That’s what’s on the cards so you have to go north and you have to look at it long term.  Even in Canada here, there’s people been moving in to Canada for the last few years FROM the States knowing this is all going to happen.  Canada will be slower.  The United States is to be HIT faster and harder than any other country because even though it’s the driving engine that’s financing this whole global structure, its time for that is almost over and it must merge IN to the structure and they must eradicate any idea of the old way of life, especially to do with independence or freedom of any kind.  That’s why the US… look at the army that’s been built up within the United States to deal with what they KNOW is coming.  They plan it to come.  It’s massive.  That’s your warning what’s going to happen there.


Tom:  Right.  Got time for another question?


Alan:  I have to try and get somebody else in before the last 2 minutes.


Tom:  Okay.  I’ll let you go for now and I appreciate the help on that one.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There’s Chip in… is it Indiana or is it Idaho?


Chip:  Idaho.  You know, I read that Wilson article about the weather control that you have on your web site and I’ve been watching the skies like some kind of oddball guy because nobody I mention all these trails across the sky to seems to have noticed it.  It’s amazing, like you’re saying.  People are brain dead.  I don’t know if that’s what you’re saying but it’s like….


Alan:  What it is, they literally will NOT see anything unless the major media… Brzezinski said this.  They’ve trained the public that if it was NOT on the main stream media, it was unimportant, it doesn’t exist.  They will deny their own perceptions.  They will deny what they see or feel if it’s not on the media.  That’s a fact.  That’s happened already.  Most people are really never conscious.  They can parrot all the stuff from the media but they’re not conscious people. 


Chip:  One of the things that a friend of mine has been doing some research in to and has found some interesting results is hydrogen peroxide.  I don’t know if you’ve considered this or if you’ve read much about it but it seems like it’s definitely involved in weather.  Big time.


Alan:  Well, I’ve done analysis, so have other people, on what’s in the spray and it’s definitely heavily metals, even cadmium.  There’s aluminum oxide and other things and I think they’re also using tranquilizers as Rumsfeld mentioned on one media blurb.


That’s it for me for tonight from Ontario, Canada.  So from Hamish and myself, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





"MPs back personal carbon credits" ( - May 26, 2008.

"Dallas ISD's chronic truants back on the radar with GPS devices" by Kent Fischer, Dallas News - May 25, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana


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