May 28, 2008 (#120)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 28, 2008:

"For 'Trekkie' fans, It's 'Red Alert!'
As Captain Kirk tries to Assert,
"There's Too Many Humans on that Planet There!
Nature Will Kill 'cause Nature Does Care,
I'm Transhumanist Now, Let Nature Decide,
Perhaps Part-Alien, I've Crossed the Divide,"
Well Cap'n, from Scotty, Try This On for Size,
You Know Where to Stuff Your Great Enterprise"
© Alan Watt May 28, 2008



Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 28, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 28th, 2008.  Newcomers look in to the web site where I’ve got lots of talks both from radio and the little ‘blurb’ talks I give once in a while, where I can go in to things in a little bit deeper depth.  Download as much as you want because I try and piece a lot of this big puzzle together for you.  It is coherent.  There is a coherent plan here.  It’s not happenstance.  It’s not just the times in which we live where people are more psychopathic than they’ve been in the past.  There’s plenty of them out there for sure.  However, there’s certainly a plan, a very old plan that’s been going on for hundreds of years coming to fruition in this day and age.  Look in to as well, for transcripts you can download and print up from the various tongues of Europe and you can pass them around to people or places in your area… if anyone’s interested.  Don’t try and force it on people because, remember, they’re in a different world.  They are in a television world.  They’re in a major media world where everything’s just happening daily and politicians argue and fix it.  They truly believe that’s how we stumble down through time.  They have no idea of reality. 


This term ‘conspiracy theory’ that’s been bandied about was given from the top down for everyone to talk about and so you’re branded as conspiracy theorists and that’s what they want.  The media, mind you, can make them believe anything at all, which is absurd enough in itself, but that doesn’t matter because very few people really think for themselves.  They’re not really conscious.  You have to understand that because they all parrot the same things and say the world is round, they think they’re quite sane and they know all they need to know.  The last thing they’d ever want to believe, and that’s the key, THEY WANT to believe, is that there’s another force at work here with a rather shady and dark agenda which might involve them. 


A long time ago, Bertrand Russell and others said that they were creating an egosyntonic society, a society that would go for pleasure and avoid pain at all costs.  Yet pain and even the pain of knowledge, and it can be really painful, is essential for survival.  If you don’t know what’s happening in your environment, YOU’RE A GONER.  Every wild animal knows that instinctively.  That’s why it surveys its routes, every day, and anything at all that’s different, even a tree that’s fallen down, it will stop and watch from ALL angles before it continues. 


We on the other hand are shepherded.  We are domesticated.  We’ve been taught and trained to believe that we should leave the big, big problems of the world to our ‘betters’ – those families above us, those hereditary families, these big dynasties, who inbreed and are multi millionaires, maybe even billionaires because we’re taught to respect the massive accumulation of wealth.  All it really shows you is the top psychopaths get to the top because they’re VICIOUS, CUNNING.  They see through every scam because they’re the masters of the creation of scams.  The system that we live in, is theirs.  They give us their psychopathic culture to follow and emulate. 


Our whole training from childhood right through life is to serve them and to produce and consume and to allow ourselves to be taxed.  Through the taxation, they employ other humans to work for them and build all the infrastructure, the scientific infrastructure, which eventually and already, in fact, has enslaved us. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt back with Cutting Through The Matrix.  Sorry about getting cut off there but sometimes the feed doesn’t work right when I get the queues and nothing comes through so I prattle on all through the break and it’s a tremendous waste of breath.  I say some amazing things, mind you, but you never get to hear it.  Anyway, getting back to what I was talking about, how this system is very old and it’s a system that knew where it was going HUNDREDS of years ago.  That’s the most astonishing thing because when you go IN to many of the organizations that sprouted out, or up, and it could be out, as well, across the whole planet, connected organizations that were higher branches of what was initially ‘The Rosy Cross’ or Rosicrucianism.  People go all la-la and la-la over terms like the ‘Illuminati’, which is only one branch of the same organization that was dedicated to revolution. 


Revolution isn’t just a bloody… most revolutions are bloodless.  They’re CULTURAL revolutions.  You find they were sprouting up… the Golden Dawn was one of them.  Eventually, in Germany, they had the Virile Society and the Thule Society, a whole bunch of them.  You’ll find that the big writers and authors, of fiction as well - because they must program you through fiction when you least suspect it - were members of these societies.  Even some of the biggest poets that also influenced generations of youngsters, were members of these societies.  Apart from all being Masonic societies and more elite or wealthy branches of them, they were also dedicated - all along, from the very beginning - to remaking the whole world to function better… to PERFECT it.  They all truly believed in eugenics.  From them branched out the Communist Party.  The Communist Party too, based on Marxist teachings, was all to do with the malleability of people and how they too could be perfected by those who knew how to do it.  They all believed that science would be used along side indoctrination. 


Those who’ve already looked into Freemasonic books and literature, even at the very bottom, will get the hint of self-perfection.  Most folk think when they’re joining it, apart from the fact that they’re going to get helped up the ladder (in life that is, by getting the better jobs or getting custom if you’ve got a business) they think they’re joining a self-improvement type club.  It’s much, much more than that because it’s a weeding system.  You weed out the ones you don’t want and the ones that have the ‘right stuff’, as they call it, are pulled up the ladder.  Those who have ANY sway over the public, in public positions at all - even small newspaper men in your local little areas - can get up higher because they create public opinion. 


As I say, the odd thing was and is that the agenda literally has never changed.  It’s been a complete WAR on everything that was.  Every system and parts of culture… everywhere… that was, to bring in a NEW.  For those who cheer on - I understand it too - but cheer on the loss of power of the old religions, what’s being put up now, around you, is going to be a thousand, thousand times worse than any totalitarian type regime or religion you’ve ever, ever seen on planet earth.  It’s already showing its teeth in a thousand quarters.  It’s already completing its agenda and depopulation in different places across the world and at home.  They don’t come out, at home, in the so-called first world countries and tell you they’re doing it, but the signs are all around you.


We have been trained to follow the stars, the wandering stars.  They used to call them ‘wandering’ at one time because all the actors and actresses used to travel in troupes.  They were authorized and licensed to travel from city-state to city-state.  They’ve always been used by Kings and Queens in ancient times to control culture.  They’ve been used, too, by the main religions.  At one time, all they could put on were plays to do with religion.  They were called Morality Plays.  That’s ALL the people in the middle-ages could go and see.  Today, we’re taught more than EVER to follow these stars as they change and break and recreate culture from one normal to the new normal and we all swallow it up because no one wants to be politically incorrect. 


Here’s one  - I’m trying to find a name for the character - this one person who belongs to one of the societies who has led a generation, literally, to grow up and follow a whole bunch of conditioning, TREMENDOUS INDOCTRINATION through very fascinating stories, the stories of Star Trek.  Where literally, in allegorical form - because it was set in space and planets - it showed you about a World Federation.  They just called it The Intergalactic Federation, based on free trade, which is, of course, the free trade of the United Nations and all the blocs it’s setting up.  They’ve just announced the THIRD major bloc for the Asian areas is almost up and running.  It’s strange that Carl Marx could talk about that in 1800s and here it all is.  Strange to those who don’t really know, that is. 


Here’s Captain Kirk, a sort of worn-out actor, who’s had his face stretched umpteen times because he doesn’t want to change his name from Peter Pan and this is meant to sway people who followed the series and him.  It’s fiction remember, because the fiction is more real than the person.  We don’t KNOW the real person.  It’s like politicians.  You don’t really KNOW them.  Public relations companies make an image for them and we never know the real people. 


Here’s what it says in  That’s Mark Baard’s web site.  It says,


“Kirk” calls for depopulation

2008 May 26


If Man won’t do it, Nature will, William Shatner says.


(Alan:  It’s got a picture of him talking to Spock, another actor of course, another fiction.)


In the Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror,” Kirk meets a wicked Spock in a parallel universe. He dissuades his first officer from eradicating an uncooperative humanoid race. Image:


Star Trek star William Shatner said last week that the earth is striking back against humans with natural disasters.  (A:  That’s the nonsense they started back in the 70s with the Gaia Organization.  Again, WELL FUNDED by the big boys.)


“They [people] are pressed together, defecating into the ocean,” said Shatner  (A:  This is from a ham actor who’s stooped as low as to push Bran Flakes on television.  He‘s talking about feces.), who played Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek. “The earth can’t take it.”


At one point in a long conversation with talk show host Glenn Beck, Shatner decried humankind’s penchant for reproduction. (See clip, and an excerpt from the transcript, below). (A:  It’s terrible, isn’t it?  All these inferior types breeding.)  It is a position he shares with his fellow transhumanist, Max More.  (A:  See, they belong to the Transhumanist Organization.  This is an organization which FRONTS for one of the many organizations which FRONT for the EUGENICS program.  Well funded, lots of professors in it who all deal with the social sciences and all the rest of it… and economics because economics is a big part of it.  Here’s Mr. Kirk fronting for them.  No doubt he’s got paid for it as well.)


In a strange blurring of real and virtual reality, both Shatner and his Star Trek character are heroes to the transhumanists, who view the human body as limited, imperfect, and in need of artificial augmentation.


The transhumanists also want to bring about “a social order where responsible decisions can be implemented.” 


Now, what they’re talking about there is the fact that we’re all too stupid to live our lives the way we’re living them.  We’re fat, dumb, lazy people because we’ve been made that way, you see, by the same culture creators.  Apart from that, we like to make decisions for ourselves.  We like comfort and so on.  We don’t like starvation.  These characters don’t like that.  They don’t like you picking your own mate and maybe breeding, you see.  It’s not efficient.  You have all these problems because you can’t have predictable offspring. 


The whole eugenics business which is so big, so huge, such an essential arm of this hidden government - and it IS a hidden government, although it is coming more out in the open as they said they would - the biggest part of it is bringing down the population DRASTICALLY.  Then creating the worker bees and perfecting them, this time, to SERVE this already augmented, they think, upper class.  You know the winners.  The ones who made it and kept hold of power over a few centuries through selective breeding and not squandering their money, just accumulating more.  That’s the proofs that they are the ones who’ve made the Great Leap Forward in evolution.  We’re all the junk genes at the bottom.  This is how they push it out there to people.  They get what they think are STARS, stars - a guy who pushes Bran Flakes - they get someone like him to tell us, thinking we’ll follow his opinion.  Unfortunately, it works.  Unfortunately, for a lot of people, it works.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re back Cutting Through this matrix to show you come of the techniques that are used by the ones at the top that know that the people at the bottom are trained, we’re trained to follow the stars, as I say.  That’s why they always pick personalities, as they call them, to promote politics or whatever else that they’re pushing.  They DO get paid for it too AND they’re being politically correct to do so.  So they know that their career gets a little boost.  The public don’t see it that way.  We’re trained to follow the stars.  So and so’s on television.  That means they’re important, therefore, their opinion is somehow better than your own and you neglect your own sensibilities and you adopt that opinion.  That’s what they hope to do with these idiots that they put on in front of us, like the one I just talked about.   Look in to and look it up for yourself. 


Now, a while back I talked about the bees all dying off and how it was known here for years because Canada, you see, was the test bed for all this genetic modification.  The population of Canada for 10 years was eating the stuff before it was found out to the public, it was all done in SECRECY, admitted to by the government, who signed secret deals with Monsanto and others to test it on us and study us like little ants, as we all got sick and keeled over.  It only broke out in Canada because they were introducing GMO food, or thinking about it, in Britain.  It was an NGO group that declared the fact and it spread over in to Canada and there was a little, very little, very, very minute uproar about it.  Then they brought out the bigwigs, like David Suzuki, to convince us it was alright.  After all, he’s another personality on television and he must speak the truth.  That’s how it was done.


I mentioned at the time, that the beekeepers in Canada…  I know the head beekeeper for Ontario, the Ontario Association of Beekeepers, and he had found out that all his bees that went north from his particular place were coming back and slowing down and just keeling over.  Eventually, he got it from the government that sure enough, just to the north of him, were a few test beds for the GMO food where they were really dosing on the chemical pesticides.  It was no big mystery as to why the bees were dying off.  Well, here’s an article here from the on this very issue. 


Pesticides: Germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee devastation

Alison Benjamin,

Friday 23 May 2008 12.35 BST


Germany has banned a family of pesticides that are blamed for the deaths of millions of honeybees. The German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has suspended the registration for eight pesticide seed treatment products used in rapeseed oil and sweetcorn.  (A:  There’ll be more of them, believe you me.)


The move follows reports from German beekeepers in the Baden-Württemberg region that two thirds of their bees died earlier this month following the application of a pesticide called clothianidin.


"It's a real bee emergency," said Manfred Hederer, president of the German Professional Beekeepers' Association. "50-60% of the bees have died on average and some beekeepers have lost all their hives."


Tests on dead bees showed that 99% of those examined had a build-up of clothianidin. The chemical, produced by Bayer CropScience (A:  I wonder if that’s Bayer of the Rothschilds, I don‘t know.  Someone should look in to that and see because that is their real name.  I know they have the Bayer company that‘s in to pharmaceuticals, as well.), a subsidiary of the German chemical giant Bayer, is sold in Europe under the trade name Poncho. It was applied to the seeds of sweetcorn planted along the Rhine this spring. The seeds are treated in advance of being planted or are sprayed while in the field.


The company says an application error by the seed company which failed to use the glue-like substance that sticks the pesticide to the seed, led to the chemical getting into the air.  (A:  I’m sure.)


Bayer spokesman Dr Julian Little told the BBC's Farming Today that misapplication is highly unusual. "It is an extremely rare event and has not been seen anywhere else in Europe," he said.  (A:  Well, that’s enough of that nonsense.  That’s what public relations do.  They’re told to LIE to the public.  That’s what they do.  They get paid to lie to the public.) 


So look in to that.  That’s an interesting little article.  If people dig in, they’ll find an awful lot more to this because it’s happening with other chemicals as well, including all the stuff that Monsanto sprays on all the different crops that they own the patents on as well.


Always remember, as cancer skyrockets - in ALL age groups - that we EAT this stuff, ourselves.  We eat this stuff.  It’s proven lethal to everything that’s eaten it that’s smaller than us, from insects all the way up to animals, lab animals, and we eat the damn stuff too.  Don’t forget that this isn’t just sprayed on top of the plant.  The plant soaks this stuff up as well… like a sponge from the roots, from the soil and it’s IN the plant.  Never mind the fact that some of these plants MAKE, also make pesticides in the growing process.  We wonder and we scratch our heads.  We throw millions at charity work about fighting cancer.  Who’s kidding who?  They KNOW what they’re doing at the top.  They don’t eat this rubbish that they feed us.  They don’t eat this stuff.  It’s amazing.  This is just amazing how we’re lied to and fooled and conned over and over again because we’re taught to trust.  From childhood, we’re taught to trust our betters, the specialists, the experts.  Back in a moment, after this break.  


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Sometimes I like to hear that last riff there, just riffing along, because it’s wailing and that’s what we’re doing, we’re WAILING about everything that’s happening in the world right now and so we should be. 


We’ve got Steve from Ontario on the line.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Yes I am, Alan.


Alan:  Yes.  Can you go ahead?


Steve:  Good evening.  There’s certainly not a shortage of things to talk about is there? 


Alan:  Oh, no.  It’s overwhelming, as always. 


Steve:  Absolutely.  It’s funny, I got an email a few days ago from one of my contacts and this is an alleged quote from a celebrity.  He has apparently said, “I want Barack Obama to be the next President of our country.  As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you.  [laughs]  And he’s a certain actor who’s had starring roles in recent movies.  I’ll just leave it at that.  Anyways, that’s not the point of my call.  I just thought that was kind of on topic.  I was visiting a web site today and again, this is something else that I wanted to talk about it.  It’s Planet Slayer, The Adventures of Greena.  It seems like complete propaganda.  It’s linked form  It’s along the lines of a questionnaire and you go through it.  It tries to calculate your carbon footprint.  It’s so cartoonish.  It seems to be geared towards kids and what happens is at the end, when you click the last button, you submit your questionnaire, it will show you, depict you as a PIG and you explode into a pool of blood in this crate and it says, ‘You’re going to die at the age’… whatever.  You know, you’re going to die at 3, you’re going to die at 8... And it shows you a blowing up pig and that’s humanity.  How it’s been degraded to this point because of your carbon footprint.  Like I said, it’s from a mainstream source.  Sorry, can I have the line for just a second?  I’ll be quick as possible.  A thought that crossed my mind, you know, how this so-called movement seems to be very divisive.  You know.  People close to you, turn on you and you see the mainstream media calling for certain celebrities to be hanged and what’s happening with former Presidents being ostracized for speaking out.  Then you look back at Brzezinski’s quote that you mention a lot, ‘let the dead bury their dead’ and even the Club of Rome’s quote about ‘the enemy is humanity itself’.  ‘The enemy is humanity itself.’  So I had a eureka moment after seeing that stupid flash video.  Maybe it’s not so much just about this whole environmental issue, people being the enemy because we’re consuming too much.  Maybe, we’re being turned on ourselves.  Is that possible?


Alan:  You’re right.  We are.


Steve:  Is it possible that the environment could be SO divided that we’ve become the new enemy because we’re being turned on ourselves?


Alan:  Now we’re being convinced to believe it. 


Steve:  It was just an observation I had and that’s all I wanted to say.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Steve:  Thank you.


Alan:  It’s true, it’s absolutely true that the children today are getting taught this stuff in kindergarten to make sure they’re eco-fanatics when they grow up.  The parents think that’s okay because the parents themselves have given responsibility TO the state to raise their children, EXACTLY what Bertrand Russell said they’d make happen.   And it’s happened.  That’s how they get them.  They put these cartoons out there and little games and so on, and repetitive information with the terminology that CONCRETIZES A COMPLETE ABSTRACTION, which is a carbon footprint, until they associate it with something REAL and ominous and terrible.  You’re going to be taxed for every single thing that you need for living and you’ll even be taxed for the air you breathe, eventually. 


As I say, if you thought the old Vatican system was bad or any previous authoritarian type religions systems or world systems, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING, NOTHING YET AT ALL.  These guys at the top are ruthless.  You also have a psychopathic type personality, millions of them, flooding in to bureaucracies and governmental departments because that’s the biggest growing business on the planet.  And they all want to make it big.  They are all taught to be innovative at their university courses that they attend to be CEOs, future CEOs and they run your institutions.  The things that you NEED used to be called ‘services’.  They run them as businesses.  Professors are making sure they’re training this way.  Professors have helped change this world by SELECTIVE EDUCATION for the last 100-odd years, OR MORE, but definitely the last 100 years.  They were the ones that helped shape communism within your own countries and lo and behold, we find out years later, most of them that pushed communism in your own countries WORKED for the CIA.


You see, the enemy is never out there.  It already was a world wide enemy.  It was everywhere, within every nation.  It had everyone fighting everyone else in the Hegelian technique to bring you to a synthesis and here we all are, as they combined Capitalism and Communism together, the two sides of the same coin.  One runs completely on materialism.  The other one deals with economic materialism.  And they’re joined now because they always really were.  Both of them wanted a subservient, PERFECTED society where the elite would decide who would be born, who would not be born, how you would live and by using science, eventually, they would eliminate the ability for any future problems or revolutions FROM the masses… the peasantry, as they like to call them, the great unwashed.  We are at that stage today.  It’s quite astounding.


The indoctrination is blatant.  It’s in your face.  You can’t watch a comedy without hearing the terms bandied about.  That’s how they get political correctness of all kinds in to the mainstream.  Everyone picks up the little buzz words and terms and repeats them.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  Then it becomes a reality for most people.  Almost holy, in fact.  One day all these terms, if you were to say what I’m saying today, will be called blasphemy.  I’m not kidding you.  They’re all using that term blasphemy.  They used that in the European Parliament a few years ago when some people said that they didn’t have the right to make the countries do what they were doing.  The guy at the head of the European Union said, that was BLASPHEMY.  Blasphemy… a religious term.  We better realize, we have a RELIGION running this world.  It’s a complete belief system, a eugenic belief system of superiors and inferiors.  They don’t have to pretend they have a deity as a go-between where they have to appease him and speak nice to the little people.  These guys are authoritarian to the hilt.  We’re going to see their teeth very shortly as they tax us in to the ground. 


They’ve been preparing for this for such a long, long time.  Preparing for riots that would come from about 2010 onwards for 30 YEARS OF RIOTS.  They’ve been preparing for THAT since about the 1950s.  Gradually, they’ve been building up INTERNAL ARMIES to cope with it.  That’s how far ahead they plan everything.  They plan every part of their plan, and the introduction too, and every part of the plan, what the repercussions will be from the public, how they will deal with that, YEARS BEFORE YOU EVEN HEAR ABOUT THE PLAN.  They’ve gone over every possible reaction there could be and how they can overcome it.  That’s long-term military strategy.  That’s how it’s done.  Fascinating.


Now, here’s another.  I think it came out of the UK and it was in the Guardian.


Surging inflation will stoke riots and conflict between nations, says report 

(A:  Exactly what I’m talking about.  As if they didn’t know this would happen.)

·Merrill says gap between rich and poor will worsen

· Governments must curb rising prices, insists bank

(A:  These are the guys that CAUSE inflation and RUN the big organizations.)

Andrew Clark in New York

The Guardian, Friday 23 May 2008


Riots, protests and political unrest could multiply in the developing world as soaring inflation widens the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots", an investment bank predicted yesterday.


Economists at Merrill Lynch view inflation as an "accident waiting to happen". As prices for food and commodities surge, the bank expects global inflation to rise from 3.5% to 4.9% this year. In emerging markets, the average rate is to be 7.3%.


The cost of food and fuel has already been cited as a factor leading to violence in Haiti, protests by Argentinian farmers and riots in sub-Saharan Africa, including attacks on immigrants in South African townships.


Merrill's chief international economist, Alex Patelis, said this could be the tip of the iceberg, warning of more trouble "between nations and within nations" as people struggle to pay for everyday goods.


Now, having said that, you know what’s happening here in Canada and the States.  You’re watching gasoline starting to go up through the roof and it’s just started.  It’s just started as to where they’re going to take it.  As they’re doing that, like Ontario and other places in Canada, they’re going to start taxing the rural areas maybe double or triple taxation.  That was announced just today in Ontario.  So it isn’t enough that you’re sinking and holding on with one hand to the gunnels of the ship, here they are with the hammer trying to hack off your fingers so you can sink in to the sea.  This is intentional.  All of this is INTENTIONAL to cause great chaos.  They want the folk to get back in to the big cities where they have NOT been building extra accommodations.  So it’s going to be VASTLY over crowded very much like the beginnings of Russia, the communist system, where everyone flooded in to the cities.  They were forced off the land.  They lived on top of each other, basically.  That’s what’s going to be made to happen.  That’s WHY for years now they’ve been setting up these armies to deal with the coming strife, in mainly, the cities.  Where you can all be watched and tracked and traced.  They can come and get you where ever you are, whenever they want you.  They plan SO far ahead and the last ones to catch on are the people who literally go daily to the news to find out what’s happening thinking again, everything is UNRELATED and SPONTANEOUS.  Everything that happens in this world is foreseen because it’s planned that way.  It’s planned that way. 


Nations were gone, really, technically gone as far back as the signing of the document of the United Nations.  That was to be the end, really, of national sovereignty.  And then a mini war went on as the two authorized sides, and I mean AUTHORIZED sides - Capitalism and Communism - vied for the upper hand for the planet.  You know who paid for the European Union primarily and who ordered it to happen, was the American President in World War II and then Truman took over.  The US citizens paid for the start up and all the organizations to be started up to work the European Union in to existence.  Now, it’s the US’s turn to sink in to this system, in the Americas that it helped build in the first place.  As I say, now, the far eastern rim, Pacific Rim, are talking about this MERGER as they become the third main trading bloc.  Exactly as Carl Marx talked about… IN THE 1800s.  Is that a conspiracy theory or a COINCIDENCE THEORY?  You tell me. 


As everything is going up, remember, gasoline and diesel, you’re finding that everything in the stores is going up too.  They know that.  What do you think they pay all these economists for?  They know what’s going to happen.  Cause and effect, cause and effect.  Very, very simple. 


Now I think we’ve got Richard in Alabama on the line.  Are you there Richard?


Richard:  Hi.  I disagree with you on this issue of population reduction and the eugenics.  I don’t see any evidence at all of any real eugenics program.  Instead I see dysgenics, which is the opposite of eugenics.  They talk about eugenics but the results of all their policy always turn out to be dysgenic.  As for population reduction, I see them implementing a policy that is opposite of reduction.  They are replacing the slow reproducing races with races that reproduce very rapidly.  They try to encourage fast reproducing peoples to immigrate to nations that have slow reproducing races and replace them, eliminate them. 


Alan:  You see it as a racial issue rather than a eugenics issue?


Richard:  Well, if one race is reproducing much faster than another and it’s the government policy to bring in the fast reproducers and eliminate the slow reproducers, that doesn’t sound like population reduction.  That means population increase.


Alan:  Why do you think they’d be bringing in the races that are still breeding up to a higher level?


Richard:  They hate civilization more than humanity.  They want to destroy civilization. 


Alan:  No.  They don’t want to destroy civilization.  See, they RAN civilization, they RUN civilization.  All they’re doing is destroying the last vestige of the previous type.  Believe you me, it doesn’t mean that the next type that comes in are going to have an easier turn of it either because as soon as they get in to this system, they start dropping their birth rate as well. 


Richard:  That’s a theory.  It doesn’t work out in practice.  Instead, they get on welfare.  They demand government jobs.  They demand day care and all kinds of programs and they wind up making more babies than ever before.


Alan:  They don’t demand it.  You see, it’s laid on for them.  It’s laid on for them, you understand?  All this is laid on because, you see, the old system and the old society and those with a memory of freedom, have to be eliminated. 


Richard:  Yes.  That’s just… That is happening but that is the opposite of population reduction.  That’s population increase. 


Alan:  No.  It is population reduction.  Those people too, who then replace you will find that their populations will start getting reduced once their job is over as well.  Everyone here is being used, one after another.  The genders have the same thing.  You had the ‘gender wars’, once again, revolutions, you see.  Revolutions mainly are bloodless but they’re cultural and that was to destroy even the mating of the domestic stock and it’s been very successful.  You find that most of the whites aren’t breeding because they can’t stand each other.  They can’t even live with each other any more.  The male and female can’t get on any more.  That’s been very, very successful.  That was a 40 years war to bring it to that stage.  That, eventually, will be used on the newcomers, at the right time, as well.  And it will work as well with them.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through this matrix and it really is deep.  You must always think and look and think beyond the answers you’re given and the general media reasoning.  You will find everything is always planned that way, long term planning, intergenerational, and it works every time.  Now, we’ve got Robbie from Missouri.  Are you there Robbie?


Robbie:  Yes, sir.


Alan:  Yes.  Go ahead.


Robbie:  Alan, did you mention in the past a book called The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby?


Alan:  I don’t think so. 


Robbie:  Okay.  Are you familiar with the book?


Alan:  I’ve got an idea what it will be about because it’s a….


Robbie:  DNA and the origins of knowledge.  I read it just recently, a couple times, and it’s crystal clear to me what you’re saying about the genetic modifications that are going on.  It’s so presumptuous to insert or remove a gene someplace to improve something.  It’s in the food chain and what we’re seeing is, you throw this in there and this in there and it does maybe work for what they’re trying but when it goes up the food chain, you get 3 legged frogs and cancer.  Am I kind of right on that?


Alan:  Well, it’s true, however, these characters have overcome some problems.  Believe you me, in genetics what the public are told is ANTIQUE, always.  They’re way ahead in that and they initially thought that they could control our minds by using brain chips and that might come yet.  In fact, they could convince the public quite easily to take them because everyone’s used to the computer, ‘it will enhance your memory’ and all this kind of stuff and this is how they’ll sell it to you.  That will certainly give them control over the public for a generation or more while they go on with the further genetic side of it, the perfection of what they call the perfect, obedient slave.  All of these tactics are used or will be used on the populations at the right time.  Now, they’ve already talked about putting in implants… they’re already putting implants in certain places and they’re doing it in hospitals with babies and ya-da, ya-da, ya, folks with Alzheimer’s disease, etc.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s mandatory FOR EVERYONE.  However, it’s be a two-way chip, believe you me.  It won’t be just sending out information as to where you are.  It will also be… you’ll be able to get programmed remotely, via the cell phone technology that’s all over the place.  That’s how they work.  It’ll actually imbed in your nervous system and transmit to your brain.  This has been discussed at the world meetings at Loyola University on 2 or 3 occasions. 


Robbie:  I got to remember that they’re always ahead of what I’m reading.


Alan:  They’re always ahead of what we get.


Robbie:  Quickly, I have a book called Forbidden Knowledge by Roger Shattuck.  Do you know anything about that?


Alan:  That’s not the one on… I think I’ve heard of that. 


Robbie:  From Prometheus to pornography.


Alan:  The show’s winding up now because the music’s starting.


Robbie:  Okay.  Thanks for talking to me.


Alan:  I’ll go through a whole bunch of books some time.  From Hamish and myself up in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.





" 'Kirk' calls for depopulation" by Mark Baard - May 26, 2008.

"Pesticides: Germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee devastation" by Alison Benjamin ( - May 23, 2008.

"Surging inflation will stoke riots and conflict between nations, says report" by Andrew Clark ( - May 23 2008.



Transcribed by Diana


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