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"From ABC You Learn to Train,
From a Long Process into Your Brain,
The Military Boys have the Answer to Time –
Downloading Directly into Your Mind"
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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen
There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 30th of May 2008.  For newcomers, and there’s lots of newcomers always coming in… it’s surprising how the word gets around even on this old, big planet with so many people, so many thousands of radio stations, but eventually, one way or another, they get turned on and I ask them when they come in to this show to look in to and listen to as many of the previous talks I’ve given over the years piecing this big jigsaw puzzle together.  There’s a lot I say straight out, there’s a lot I say embedded in the talks for those who are a bit further on, because there are so many layers of this on the go at the same time.  Everyone can understand the exoteric.  The exoteric is what the media throws in your face.  There’s always another side to things because this particular world order is not really new.  It’s a new phase for them, those who control it, but they also controlled the last one too, and the one before that.  It’s an ongoing, intergenerational war.  Also look in to for transcripts which you can download, written in the various tongues of Europe. 


This is truly an intergenerational war.  If you look IN to the histories of the British establishment, they had 50-year plans for certain agendas, 100-year plans for others.  This carried on in to the League of Nations, then the United Nations with the 5, 10, 15, 50, 100, 150-year plans.  That’s how it’s done, INTERGENERATIONAL.  The communist system was exactly the same.  It’s ALL the same system.  It’s just the two hands of the same system and that generally confuses most people because they pick one side or another never realizing they’re all going in the same direction.  That’s how the trick works. 


Now for those who’ve donated, I have to thank you.  I try and get back to everyone because that’s only the right thing to do and you can’t get back to everyone that’s written, the handwritten letters, I try or I’ll send a card, but it’s impossible to do all that plus everything else I’m doing.  It’s hard not to try and keep up with just the topics and so on and how to put things across to people that make sense to them.  There’s no point in just repeating stuff unless you analyze stuff and you must analyze everything that’s handed out because ALL the major stories that you get are really handouts to the media, handouts by big public relations firms, or the military or the government or many of the HUNDREDS OF LAYERS of government as we have today.  It’s the biggest industry on the planet… governance, as they call it today. 


We are IN a global system.  It’s tied economically together.  No one can avoid being in it.  If they won’t come in to it, they’re POUNDED in to it through war and they’ll always drum up a reason for a war or get one started by supplying one little country with arms and kicking it off.  Then, of course, the United Nations comes in and says we’ve got to stop that and we also have to bring UNESCO in and then of course, we bring in the whole kit and caboodle of the UN in and then we standardize your system until it’s exactly a clone of the ones that we have already.  In this agenda, NO one is going to be allowed to have a different way of life.  It’s got to be this new idea, which really is a world order, but it’s a con game based on democracy, even though the public have no input whatsoever. 


The music’s coming in and I should be back in a few minutes after the following messages.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to show you the other sides of this big existence we call reality and giving you some of the background on how we got to where we are and where it’s supposed to go.  Now, at the top of this big pyramid we call reality, you have the few, the few who inherit wealth down through THOUSANDS, literally thousands of years.  The few who go country to country setting up empires, building it up financially and then walking out with all the loot and collapsing them behind but always keeping them at a certain stage of togetherness, like Commonwealths.  They call them commonwealths.  The whole idea is to create a world commonwealth and it’s here.  It’s actually here.  That’s why they set up the United Nations.  Read all the data you can get on the United Nations.  Read the stuff that was written at the time, in the 40s, in the mid-40s too.  When big players in politics were writing books thinking that because of World War II, the world would be ready to give up national sovereignty and allow themselves to be RUN by this global society.  To a lot of people who were war weary, it made a lot of sense because the history of the world, because of the financial system, truly is a history of war after war after war.  That’s how the wealthy got wealthier and that’s how they took over countries IN to empires.  So lots and lots of followers helped this system along.  Well meaning in a sense, but not realizing that above all that, these characters at the top didn’t just want a global government, they wanted a scientifically run system where people would be assigned their positions in life, their status in life. 


HG Wells wrote about it in The Shape of Things to Come where Mr. Everybody leaves school, like everyone else, looking for a job and he sets up doing what other people are doing and competing and competing.  That, to them, is so untidy.  It worked for a while but they’d rather DESIGN YOU for the job that you’re supposed to do.  In fact, they’d rather have the right to deicide if you should even be born to fulfill a job that they want you for or they need you for.  That’s coming along. 


In the 50s, big players wrote about creating APATHY.  The creation of apathy makes people easily lead, EASILY LEAD by governments and experts.  That has been accomplished.  We’ve gone through, basically, what is a mini-depression, financially, for 20-odd years and in Britain and parts of Europe, it’s been much longer.  People are rather apathetic.  When you add a FEAR element in - fear of not even heating themselves, because fuel is going through the roof, by design, and you add on the food going up in price and everything else going up in price and your taxes increasing too, there’s no let up here - then it creates an ABUSE TYPE of mentality.  You are an abused person.  You’re an abused society and you’re easily led by the experts that claim they have all the answers.  Since we’re trained not to think for ourselves, most folk go along with the experts and their answers and then they wonder why they’re worse off than they were before.  It’s as easy as that. 


When you have a world society being FED the same entertainment and the same news across the whole world - remember, entertainment is your main indoctrination method, through entertainment - then it’s quite easy to bring a whole society, a WHOLE WORLD SOCIETY along this ‘greening path’ as we eliminate ourselves and our numbers and allow the scientists to tamper with genes and then bring out the new type clones with all the rights of the old humans.  THAT’S the whole agenda.  For some people, of course, they think it’s science fiction.  Well, forget those people.  They haven’t even lived yet.  They are still in the land of the dead. 


You know in Britain, when I was small, a series came out that was called, ‘Just Alf’.  It kind of played a few runs and then it faltered and fell.  The whole idea was based on a guy in London, a comedy, who was prejudiced against everyone else, classes, races and so on and they turned it in to an American hit.  Over in America it took off.  They gave it a different name, different actors but the same scripts and made a hit out of it.  In Britain, they also brought in a series back in the 70s called, I think it was, ‘Robin’s Nest’.  A guy living with 2 girls and they called it a different name, ‘Three’s Company’, in the US.  You don’t realize that ALL the programs that you watch, start off in Britain, where Tavistock runs the whole world’s DRAMA and comedies and so on.  They get your own actors from your own country with different accents to play out the same roles.  It’s all called ‘Predictive Programming’.  You can get a lot more through, for political correctness, through comedy than any other way.  People adapt through it and feel ashamed and they adapt all the other nonsense that comes down with it.  There’s always an element of truth, but attached to it - just like the attachments on your email - comes a whole bunch of stuff on top of that until you’re parroting it like a robot.   That’s how simply it’s done.  ‘Archie Bunker’ was the guy in the states.  It was modeled after the British one, ‘Just Alf’. 


It’s the same with ALL the things that you watch now.  It’s the same with major media.  Major media gives out handouts.  If you look across the newspapers in Britain today, you find the same stories that they do on Yahoo and so on, in it WORD FOR WORD.  These are handouts to the major media.  When you read it, it’s predictive programming.  It’s getting an IDEA in to your mind that this is coming, it’s inevitable and you have to look at it CLOSER to find out why it’s coming.  This is a story about the matrix and they say ‘kids’ because ‘kids’ now are what children used to be.  You call them ‘kids’ now, young goats.  The dehumanizing of humans… as Lenin said they’d do by the use of terminology.  So they call them ‘Kids set for Matrix future’ and this is from Yahoo today and it’s also in the major newspapers word for word, VERBATIM. 


  Kids set for 'Matrix' future

Children will learn by downloading information directly into their brains within 30 years, an education expert has predicted

(Alan:  There you have ‘education experts’.  Immediately you believe it, as predicted.)


Chris Parry, the new chief executive of the Independent Schools Council, said "Matrix-style" technology would render traditional lessons obsolete.


He said: "It's a very short route from wireless technology to actually getting the electrical connections in your brain to absorb that knowledge."


Mr Parry, a former Rear Admiral, spent three years determining the future strategic context for the military in a senior role at the Ministry of Defence.  (A:  I’ll repeat that part there.  Mr Parry, a former Rear Admiral, spent three years determining the future strategic context for the military in a senior role at the Ministry of Defence.  So there’s a tie-in right away.  All this technology is from THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE who also know they have an agenda to work out through society.)


He said the Keanu Reeves thriller may not look like science fiction in 30 years' time.  (A:  That’s to throw you off, to make you not so scared of it.  Believe you me, they CAN DO IT NOW.  They can do it now, but this is meant to make you think it’s coming, accept it, but don’t worry, it’s a long way off.  They can actually do that stuff now.)


"Within 30 years, sitting down and learning something will be a thing of the past," Mr Parry said.


"I think people will be able to directly access, Matrix-style, all the vocabulary you need for a foreign language, leaving you just to clear up the grammar."


Mr Parry is now preparing the ISC's 1,300 private schools, which collectively teach half a million children, for a high-tech future.


So what you get from that is, you see, he’s already teaching the managers of society… the private schools… along this line of, again, it’s a segregation of society in to the elite and the masses.  This is the elite that he must train, to condition their minds to go along and help push all of this in their lifetime ON to the public.  You’ll find, too, when they actually do it, they’ll use this technology first on the bureaucracies.  That’s where they’re going to use it first BEFORE the masses get it.  So that’s a little, as I say, predictive programming handout given to all major media.  As I say, when they hand it out… and here’s from a guy, a former Rear Admiral - he’s not a petty little fella, who also worked for strategic context in the military - this character knows what he’s doing.  He’s been sent… he’ll be one of many, by the way… and their job is cut and dried for them as they program the CONTROLLERS, the ones who will control society, the bureaucracies, the ones who will grow up to be bureaucrats, in to a certain way of thinking.  They are going to be ruthless with this agenda, believe you me. 


The military GAVE the public the internet.  They could not bring off a totalitarian society without the computer… without knowing ALL your data, without you getting HOOKED on the computer ‘till you think you can’t do without it.  Most people truly believe they can not live without it.  Even those who don’t make their work or their employment by using it. 


The Americas have 2 years to go, 2 more signings to go, before they are the same as the European Union.  We’ve been signing agreements DEEPER in to the amalgamation OPENLY since 2005.  That was even broadcast on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Now, you must look at Europe if you want to know where it’s going because that’s the first one.  Remember, Karl Marx said Europe first, America second, then an association of Eastern-Asiatic Rim would be third.  This article I’m going to read now is from The Telegraph.  I’ll read this when I get back.  It shows you where we’re all going. 


Hi.  I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix and showing you how America and every other continent, really, follows Britain.  It’s at the avant-garde of the unifications and all the techniques that are used in Britain are eventually used everywhere else.  America, the Americas, are fast on the heel of Britain these days.  This is an article from the Telegraph. 


European Parliament to ban Eurosceptic groups

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Published: 6:53PM BST 27 May 2008

Plans to eliminate Eurosceptics as an organised opposition within the European Parliament are expected to be agreed by a majority of MEPs this summer. 

(A:  That’s Members of the European Parliament)



The European Union assembly’s political establishment is pushing through changes that will silence dissidents by changing the rules allowing Euro-MPs to form political groupings.


Richard Corbett, a British Labour MEP, is leading the charge to cut the number of party political tendencies in the Parliament next year, a move that would dissolve UKIP’s pan-European Eurosceptic (A:  euroSKEPTIC) “Independence and Democracy” grouping.


Under the rule change, the largest and most pro-EU groups would tighten their grip on the Parliament’s political agenda and keep control of lavish funding.


”It would prevent single issue politicians from being given undue support from the public purse,” said Mr Corbett.


”We want to avoid the formation of a fragmented Parliament, deeply divided into many small groups and unable to work effectively.”


Mr Corbett’s proposals will also give the President of the Parliament sweeping powers to approve or reject parliamentary questions.  (A:  They already found, by the way, that the average politician IN A YEAR to speak his mind in that Parliament because it’s so huge, gets about 20 SECONDS.  Where’s the democracy there, eh?  Well, it’s not meant to be democratic, that’s just it.)


Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, claimed that the move goes hand in hand with the denial of popular votes on the new EU Treaty.


”Welcome to your future. This shows an EU mindset that is arrogant, anti-democratic and frankly scary,” he said.


”These people are so scared of public opinion they are willing to set in stone the right to ignore it. Freedom requires the governing elite to be held to account. They must be getting very worried if they are enacting such dictatorial powers for themselves.”  (A:  Well, look around you Mr. MEP because they’re building up a militarized society everywhere.  Where everyone else and your neighbor and YOU happens to be the terrorists.)


Current rules allow 20 MEPs from a fifth of the EU’s member states to form groupings, giving them a say in the Parliament’s administration and power structure.


Under the changes, the threshold would become 30 MEPs from one quarter of the EU’s member states.


The Liberal Democrats, Greens, the far Left, Eurosceptics and other groupings have vowed to oppose the plans during a vote scheduled for July 9. Andrew Duff, leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrat Euro-MPs and a committed EU Federalist, has opposed the silencing of UKIP on the basis of democratic principle. 


”Whatever one’s views about their politics it cannot be argued that these small groups do not represent a strand of European public opinion,” he said.


”If the European Parliament is to be the legitimate forum for post-national democracy (A:  POST-national democracy, see, this is where they put these little phrases.  Post-national democracy), all sorts of minority opinions have to be given effective, if proportionate representation.”  


This will shortly be heard in 2010 when America or the Americas - that’s the US, Canada and Mexico with Chile ready to join right in - come together.  Like the old Beatles song, ‘Come together’ over me.  They’re coming together in 2010.  Total, total and complete integration.  INTERMESHING of ALL your governments come together.  ONE MASSIVE new parliament for the Americas with a lot of the smaller countries in Latin America ready to join right in… or to be bribed right in, one of the two.   Everyone at the top actually, of all these countries, will be bribed in.  That’s how they did it with Europe.  They’re not democratic systems.  It’s meant NOT to be a democratic system.  In fact, democracy, according to Margaret Thatcher, was just to slow, too much argument went on and nothing could get done.  They had big plans to complete, you see, and that’s why Thatcher talked about the fact that she BELONGED to THE parallel government, comprised of EX members of Parliament, Presidents and Prime Ministers who all knew each other.  She was referring to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. 


They do, as Carroll Quigley said, work BEHIND THE SCENES.  They’re NOT answerable to the public so they can rush ahead and get all these things done for this big world order and the public have no comeback.  There’s no complaints department.  If you’ve noticed, really, even in what’s left of the old system for the public, there’s no complaints department now either.  I’m surprised how many organizations that were set up as government institutions to SERVE the public are now under Homeland Security.  Anyone who gets a public paycheck from government is now a member of Homeland Security, including the postman.  It’s incredible what’s going on.  Again, as long as most folk have enough money to still play, which they do at the moment even with gasoline going up and fuel going up and all the rest of it, as long as they can play and turn on the television to their favorite comedies and their favorite shows, they’ll think everything is just hunky-dory.  God help them when it all goes down.  I’m Alan Watt.  I’ll be back after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I hope the vocal quality is okay because I hear some of the daleck sounds coming in and that’s happened before so I hope it stays away.  Before I take the callers, I’d like to read this little article here.  It’s from Canada and it’s very interesting  because Canada, as I’ve mentioned before, happened to be the test guinea pig population for the various GMO foods and so on.  Why?  Because we’re very placid in Canada.  We’ve had a lot of brain-washing and we come from a British type system where you’ve never really known any real freedom.  Government’s always been some magical boss, like a priesthood, that you simply obey.  Mind you, it’s rife with Freemasonry too and that also backs up this system.  They teach us to obey because the Masons get their little freebies and they get off with a lot of things the general public don’t.  This is an article from ANI, from Toronto. 


Alarming levels of hazardous chemicals in Canadian canned foods  

ANI     Thursday 29th May, 2008    


(A:  Here’s another little experiment here.)

Canned foods commonly served to Canadian children contain the estrogen-mimicking chemical bisphenol A at concentrations twice as much as the levels that made many consumers to stop using plastic baby bottles and water bottles made from the controversial material, a new study has shown.


The highest amounts were in tomato sauce - a food often consumed by children - which had 18.2 parts per billion.


But the news organizations tested 13 other canned goods purchased at Toronto stores, including beer (A:  BEER, huh…), ravioli, apple juice and cream-style corn, and found bisphenol A in every sample.  (A:  Well, I’m not surprised.  I’m not surprised at all since Charles Galton Darwin talked about using these techniques in the food and in water even, to effeminize the males.  Because they didn’t want the sort of virile, angry males at this particular time in history.)


Tomato juice had 14.1 ppb, chicken noodle soup as much as 9.9 ppb and ravioli 6.2 ppb.


It is the first time such a review of common, everyday food items has been done in Canada, and indicates there is widespread exposure to the chemical, also known as BPA, among those who eat canned goods, even if they do not use polycarbonate plastic bottles.  (A:  This is from CANS.)


"These results provide further evidence that Canadians are marinating in this chemical on a daily basis," quoted Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence, a Toronto advocacy group that has been lobbying Health Canada to ban bisphenol A from food and beverage containers, as saying.


The method of testing used most closely mimics the canning process. Fourteen cans of popular Canadian foods were sent to XenoAnalytical LLC, a laboratory in Columbia, Mo . The cans were emptied of food and rinsed five times before being filled with water and heated for 24 hours at 95 C.


Studies have shown when cans are heated in the manufacturing process, BPA (A:  That’s the bisphenol A) leaches out of the linings. Foods are first sealed in cans and heated to kill bacteria in the food. Cans are heated to temperatures between 116 C and 121 C, and the length of time varies according to the type of food.


Because these findings show that BPA leached out of the cans and into water, it can be assumed that the chemical is leaching into the food itself when the cans are heated during the pasteurization process.  (A:  Now, why do they even LINE the cans with this stuff in the first place?  You see, they never used to.  They did that AFTER complaints came in.  See, this is an agenda folks.  It’s an agenda.  You’re being BIO-ENGINEERED.  Bioengineered.  Exactly along the same route told by Charles Galton Darwin and others.  It’s being DONE.)


People should read the whole article here, it’s quite interesting.  Again, Canadians being the passive schmucks they are, are the guinea pigs.  Even after reading this, they’ll believe, ‘oh, they’d never do anything to hurt us’ because we truly believe the experts are very altruistic and they’re very daddy-like - they’re good daddies - in Canada.  That’s how we’ve been taught to believe. 


Now, we’ll go to the phones and we’ve got George from New York.  Are you there George?


George:  Hi Alan.  I guess it takes two seconds, somebody said once before.  So I want to change gears a little bit and then change gears a little bit.  The same social engineering, you know?  It’s quite interesting.  Here in New York another crane went down today.  You got a little view on that or you think that’s a little bit of terrorism on their part?  I mean, all these years, these cranes, two of them going down in a couple of months? 


Alan:  I guess there’s more guys drinking on the job and they’re coming in half-cut in the morning.




George:  That’s what it is.  They’re amazing, those things too.  So, to shift gears again, here in New York, this social engineering, how they brain-wash you and how they have you set up to be a kid now.  I guess you’re a kid until you’re 40 or 50 years old, right?


Alan:  Forever.


George:  The kids, they have their spots, you know.  They go around for the women and this is the problem.  They’ve been engineered to go to war, given a gun at 17, 18 years old and sent around the planet to bring it under control for whatever the powers may be.  Probably it’s the bankers and whoever’s behind the bankers, but they’ve been pretty successful at that, huh?  But they’ve never conquered the woman part, you know the old daddies haven’t taught the young men how to love the women, huh.  How to service the women.


Alan:  People forget, George, too, they’ve had 50 years straight, 50 years straight of the destruction of the family and male and female.  This was literally a designed, WELL FUNDED, HEAVILY FUNDED WAR to destroy a people so that you don’t breed among yourselves and people don’t realize that the only reason a man would fight back home, at one time, was that you FOUGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY.  You’d do anything and you’d put your life down for your family.  Today, the males have nothing to fight for and the only way they’re allowed to fight at all, for anything, is when the government puts a uniform on them and gives them medals and tells them they’re very special.  It’s the only area where a guy is allowed to be kind of like a guy, immature though it may be. 


George:  Well, there might be still be some areas, our Celtic ancestors who mixed with the injins and everybody else down there out in the mountains, the Ozarks down there.  They still get married young.  Well, if you got 2 couples and you get along and one couple got a girl and one couple got a boy, genetically, already, they probably get along so as they grow up and you bring them up together and they like each other and so 12, 13 years of age, they just go to it.  They got training ‘cause the old timers have told them the situation of life and a lot of them are lucky enough, by 15, 16 years of age, to really, really get in to the glories of the art of sex which they haven’t been taught, or most people, but these ones have been given background and they get to it.  There are areas in India too, Hindu people, I’ve heard of in my travels in New York, people tell me that they get there too.  There’s probably some other pockets around the planet but the way you’re talking, they want to bring all this down.  But you see, what they have now is it’s ‘so plastic’, they used to use the expression in the 60s… plastic.  I didn’t understand it too well.  Plastic.  You’re so plastic, right?  Then the meat packing area in New York, they have… I tell you, you get to New York, I mean gorgeous women, and I call it the ‘street-walker look’, you know, this is the look they all have.  The modern street-walker look, you know, but gorgeous, gorgeous women but I’ll tell the guys, these girls are really just high-class hookers.  They’re just looking for a guy to pay their bills.  Then you have the lower east side now is evolving into a very hip area for young couples to meet.  But people travel around and then you have, of course, the hustler industry, the [inaudible], these dance clubs and this is becoming a rave too.  There’s different levels of money and even couples, married couples, there’s places where the lap girls will do the dance for the women and women have told me.  I says, you done that?  And they says yeah, it’s very unique, it’s very interesting.  But this is where they’ve evolved and people say well why talk…


Alan:  It’s not EVOLVED, George, this is where they were LED.  This is where they were led by the nose because they didn’t dream this up by themselves.  The whole culture has been under attack for 50 years, of social engineering.  What you’ve got today is a society where the males and the females can not live together for any length of time.  You’ve got men who don’t know how to lead.  In fact, they feel inadequate because they’ve been TRAINED to feel inadequate by everything they’ve been told at school.  The females themselves have had YEARS of schooling to make them assertive, which is actually aggressive, and they will not compromise.  They will not allow the men to lead.  That was done on purpose because they were following the Soviet system.  The Soviet War, the Communist War wasn’t over in Viet Nam; it was not over in Russia; it was being done right home.  Right at home.  Then, what you find now with declassified information… who was behind it, who was behind the whole culture industry.  The CIA.  Your own CIA were funding it all in to existence.  And monkey see, monkey do.  That’s traditional from Plato’s time to the day.  The youngsters are fed a certain combination of music, MuchMusic and all the rest of it and they EMULATE the characters and you have this society today where there’s more children who are thrown in to furnaces before they’re born than actually get live births.  We think… we call this ‘civilization’, because science tells us it’s civilized.


George:  You think the abortion thing is that high?  You thought it was more… I thought it was 1/3 were being aborted.


Alan:  Oh no.  It’s more.  It’s much, much more.  In fact, a lot of it is done in private clinics and so on.  They try and keep the names off the books.  They did the same system in communist Russia.  In the Soviet system, they didn’t even give them the birth pill so the most common way of birth control was actually abortion.  Many women had 6 or 10 abortions.  That was fairly common because they were on the cheap in Russia.  All the money was to go to the boys at the top to keep them in luxury.  So this is an old, old thing.  But no, they’ve pretty well destroyed - for most people.  There is the occasional odd person out there, I mean very few, who’ve come through this and thought for themselves.  Most people do not think for themselves.  They adapt to the culture as it’s changing and as you’re being upgraded and reprogrammed and they adapt and adapt and they become politically correct.  This technique was used in China.  The United Nations is using the technique to stop smokers.  It’s called the creation of ‘social approval’ and ‘social disapproval’.  It’s quite easy over a generation, through massive propaganda, to get everyone to parrot the same thing.  They use that now.  That same technique is being used against smokers and now the UN is going to use it - using the same guys who started this technique for China and the smokers - for people who are obese.  So people, really, most folk have no minds of their own.  They simply take in all the little clichés and all the little slogans.  Like Lenin said, we shall will by slogans.  And they parrot them and they parrot it IN TO EXISTENCE.  You CAN make people believe anything you want with enough funding, as Bertrand Russell said. 


George:  Without a doubt and just like they’ll take these slogans, people who are just learning and parrot them and people think they know what they’re talking about and they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Hopefully they will, eventually, learn what they’re talking about. 


Alan:  Maybe one day, George. 


George:  Yeah, but time is running out. 


Alan:  It’s running out.  We’re on a roll now.  We’re on a roll to a whole new system, a whole new order and if you notice and I keep telling groups, people, who always think they’re winning something - and that’s the gays and homosexuals - because they want children now, you see.  Of course, everyone says aw, that’s a shame they can’t have children, but let’s be honest here.  What’s the real goal here which the gays and lesbians don’t even think about themselves?  It’s to bring in… get clones of themselves.  Here’s the big scientists in there with in-vitro fertilization and all the rest of it using donor mothers but it’s actually taking cells from the males.  They’re actually rushing ahead with genetic engineering to bring in a new type of human.  They’ve already said they’ll have the same rights as ones who were ordinarily conceived and birth and so on.  This is science behind this.  Science has replaced everything else.  It’s replaced nature.  It’s replaced the Gods.  It’s replaced everything.  It BECOMES the new God to a lot of these people.  What they’re doing is spearheading the way for new types of humans to be created and science loves to use these groups. 


George:  It is their God.  But they don’t even need to have artificial wombs too.  That’s where they’re going.  They won’t even need…


Alan:  Right now they’re using donor wombs.  There’s guys in the states there, couples who are having their cells extracted, flown off to India and it’s inserted in to some donor female for about $50.  She’ll carry it to term.  That’s been in all the papers.  And the lesbians are doing the same thing.


George:  Out of the gay and lesbian groups though, will come and has come and will come a lot of the most hip and smartest people because they’ve been outcast and they look at things.  As a matter of fact, they were so dangerous that’s why they killed them all off with AIDS.


Alan:  You don’t get the point, George.  The point is not to get smart children out of them.  The point is for science to re-engineer and genetically enhance because that’s what they were doing at the same time.  What size of child do you want?  What sex?  What gender?  What IQ level do you want?  This is the spearheading for all society and they’re using these groups, these fringe groups, to bring it in.  They’re unwitting fools, as they say.  All groups are used by these big powers that are for different purposes.  Now, I’ll go on to the next caller.  Antonio from Maryland.  Are you there Antonio?


Antonio:  Hello, Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Antonio:  How are you, Alan.  I was calling to say hello and follow where your last caller ended.  You mentioned that we’re all basically guinea pigs and they found a new group of guinea pigs today.  I don’t know if you heard about the group of people that they found in Brazil that had not been contacted yet by anyone from the outside world.  I guess that’ll be their new guinea pigs to actually observe as… from Mr. Huxley’s book the Brave New World, and is coming up.  The fellow who was just on, he doesn’t realize it’s more insidious, like you say, then he knows.  This begins at birth.  You have to realize that your mother is a computer and she’s programming you as she’s been programmed and so has your father.  So everything you’re taught… you got to realize these people, they had been taught to survive.  We have not been taught that from birth.  We’ve been taught to be dependent and then the molding occurs, as you said, when we go to school.  Everything you learn from the day… you’re only been taught the basics, as you say, what you need to know.  You need to know how to walk.  You need to know how to talk.  Count from 1 to 10 or further if you can and your ABCs.  It’s just… it’s a lot deeper and then when you get in to an indoctrination, then you end up to where we are now. 


Alan:  Hold on and we’ll talk about this after the break.


Hi folks.  Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix talking to Antonio from Maryland.  Are you still there, Antonio?


Antonio:  Yes I am, Alan.  I was going to say that after the indoctrination phase, you know, that’s when they begin instilling in you that everything is meant to change.  So you come to accept it all, this change must occur.  Like you said, it’s not happenstance, it’s planned way in advance and it’s gone on for a long, long time. 


Alan:  Yes.  It has.


Antonio:  You don’t realize how pliable your world is.  Things are constantly changing.  You wake up in the morning, there’s a new sign here.  You wake up in the morning the next day, there’s a new building being built here.  You just come to… they give you that sense of amnesia that you expect every day.  You expect that you saw something one day and that you don’t see it the next. 


Alan:  Things changing constantly, but there’s nothing now, no buildings anywhere across the world really, they’re always knocked down in a few years so that when you grow up, there’s no where you can go that your grandfather went or your grandmother went.  There’s no continuity and so it keeps you off kilter.  You feel you don’t really belong and that again, creates more apathy.  That’s done on purpose too. 


Antonio:  Of course.  Correct.  I just want to end with this point is that here in my area, most buildings once they reach the age of 100 years are going to become historical sites so they can not be changed or altered.  The way things are changed now, they’re not even giving old buildings a chance to reach that age, or anything in your surroundings to reach that age.  So it has sped up and it’s going to keep speeding up.  As far as waking people up, it’s going to have to begin with people who actually have young children and they have to basically reprogram their minds before they can even start to think about programming their children to think the right way. 


Alan:  That’s right.  There’s no doubt.


Antonio:  That’s all I have to say and good night to you and please, people, if you can, donate to Alan.  He needs it and it would help him.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  We’ve got Zee from California.  Are you there Zee?


Zee:  Hello Alan.  Sorry about that.  It’s that dreaded delay everybody talks about.  Question and a statement.  That was an excellent comment before from the other caller and I wanted to bring up the movie Wag the Dog.  You’ve talked about that movie many times and it shows very well how media (a) controls you and tells you what to do and what to say and what to think and (b) also it tells you about how pliable everything is because even the nations themselves are changing constantly.  I’m from Bosnia and literally from the second largest city in that state, that country, and it is basically become a capital city of another country.  This was in my lifetime.  Before me, my parents were World War II, grandparents World War I.  The country, the whole area was constantly changing and you never knew where you lived, in a way.  So I just wanted to bring up the movie Wag the Dog because that’s also another aspect to how everything interconnects.  What do you think of that?


Alan:  They literally followed the movie as the war.  The movie came out first and the war followed it exactly the same way.


Well, that’s it for tonight folks.  From a very wet, pouring rain Ontario with lots of black flies, and from me and Hamish, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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Transcribed by Diana