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"Blackwater, that Mean Slaughtering Machine, will be Coming Home to You"
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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 4th, 2008.  Newcomers look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  There’s lots of information concerning this big matrix of ours.  It’s not really ours.  We’re IN it and we think it’s normal so we say it’s ours but it’s really controlled by others.  I try and fit lots of the pieces of the puzzle together going down through time.  No knowledge is ever discarded by powerful elite.  They always acquire knowledge down through thousands of years and since human behavior always repeats itself, if you give a person a certain set of sequences to follow, they’ll come up with the same outcome.  So, it’s the same kind of thing.  Everything is METHOD and it’s very mathematical in concept as to how we would behave and we’re being studied all the time.  We ALWAYS have been studied by those who rule over the people.  Priests in ancient times used to do this.  Now we have scientists doing the same thing but they still use the old, old histories too.  Why throw it away?  It’s very useful.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and they’re written in the various languages of Europe.


I try not to go into what’s given to the public to simply follow and repeat and chatter amongst themselves because that’s what it boils down to.  I’ve watched this for years as people chatter about the news they’re given that upsets them or frightens them or whatever.  It’s meant to.  Most news is meant to keep you off kilter to make you feel unsteady; that you have control over nothing.  When you look around you, everything really, that you depend upon in this INTERdependent society, as they call it… and it’s true.  You have no real powers over the major things.  Banks can devalue the dollar tomorrow.  Presidents can do it too.  Your economy is shipped off overseas without any input from the public whatsoever because of GATT and treaties and so on.  Where, again, the public have no input.  Then you’re left with a service economy where you simply buy stuff and pass it around between middle men down to the consumer, everybody taking a cut.  Yet, those economists well know and they’re trained in universities to say so, they know that only the producers are the dominant countries.  If you’re not producing, you’re not dominant any more.  We’re sort of finishing off an old, old part of a plan, very old plan, to bring the world under complete, standardized, one world system.  Standardized culture, standardized… everything has to be standardized.  Same with opinions.


We do have politically correct people around, the PCPs, and that’s most people, unfortunately.  Most people sit and watch television all the time.  Don’t think for themselves.  They simply get almost by osmosis from television what’s now politically correct and they have to prattle it amongst themselves to make sure you’re one of the crowd.  They don’t want outsiders.  People are terrified today of being different.  Even the youngsters who think they’re rebelling are given the outfits to wear.  Whether that’s drain-pipe trousers and winkle-picker shoes or baggy pants with the crotches down to their knees, they’re all given BY very OLD experts in culture creation to make you think this is YOUR generation.  Planned from birth to death.  That’s the dream of the new golden age for those who rule.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi, I am Alan Watt back with Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight, I’d like to mention there is something I was reading about Blackwater, this big, PRIVATE army that really is an arm, an extension, of those who control the world system because it will become A WORLD ARMY.  It’s not responsible to any public, that’s why it’s private and given governmental backing.  They’ve caused quite the scenes over in Iraq by shooting down different people who were doing nothing at all… not even throwing stones… just trying to drive through a street.  These armored vehicles just riddled a car.  This was last year.  Of course, they’re doing an inquiry at the moment.  It’s amazing what’s transpiring and the cover up that the US government itself, from Bush right down, has gone to to protect this particular Blackwater group. 


Blackwater, remember, is made up of mercenary troops that are a little bit even lower than the regular army.  And that’s saying something.  The regular army is full of young guys that don’t know any better.  They’re still children playing cowboys and Indians.  The mercenaries LIKE killing.  They like killing.  I don’t know if you’ve ever met mercenaries or people in special forces… or a bunch of them when they’re together.  All they do is talk about weapons.  They toss knives and handguns between each other in company as they reminisce about their killings, etc.  That’s the mentality we’re talking about that go in to Blackwater.  They enjoy killing.  They’ve been given pretty well permission to do as they want.  They’re completely covered.  Special laws have been created to cover them so that regardless of what they say during an inquiry, they’re not held responsible in any court of law.  Now, when you see that happening in the world, and let it go and let it go on unpunished, this big eating machine that’s over there, remember, is to be used back in the US some day not so far in the future. 


As we’re so busy playing ourselves and being happy and yapping at the cell phones, or watching TV and laughing at canned comedies, remember what’s really happening in this world and what you’re allowing to happen BY YOUR SILENCE.  Because, you’ll eventually be eaten by this big eating machine that’s going around the world.  I will put up the transcript of the inquiry and a link to the audio, as well, from a witness who was shot a few times in the back but managed to survive. 


This is the GLORY, the GLORY of war.  You can almost hear the brass bands and the marching going on.  We’ve got to start thinking what’s really, really happening in this world and where it’s supposed to go.  Remember, it’s supposed to come right back here because that which the U.S. has created and maybe, perhaps, even the very reason for being that America was set up to do, is almost accomplished.  Once it’s accomplished, they’ll be doing the same thing back home.  You’ll SUBMERGE into the world system you helped create. 


Once and while I give little tests… for myself really.  It’s almost like doing little polls to find out who’s awake, who’s really awake and I know today people are overloaded with data.  That’s part of the problem with the system that we’re living in.  It’s also a HELP to those who control the system.  They KNOW everyone’s overloaded with data and memories are very short.  They’re very short as you’re always given daily some new crisis to talk about.  Right now we have the Bilderberger meetings going on and so on.  These have been going on, remember, since the 50s.  The people who attend don’t discuss what they do.  However, we do know that those who are invited, end up being governors or Presidents or Prime Ministers.  They get the nod and the wink to carry on. 


Rather than follow the mainstream news at the moment, I mentioned something that’s very, very important because last week and then on Monday, I mentioned the fact that a Rear Admiral, Chris Parry, was now the head of a whole collective of private schools in Britain.  I mentioned the fact, too, that he talked about creating a real matrix system where they could download children with languages, for instance, new skills without having to study.  Now, don’t you ever believe for an instance that a Rear Admiral Mr. Christopher Parry is going to do this to help the children.  This man was the HEAD of Britain’s Department of Defences.  Department of Strategy.  Now, when I say strategy, I’m talking about these guys that sit and look at the world geopolitically… for 5 year wars here, 10 years in the future a war there, maybe 30 even 40 maybe 50 years another war there.  That’s what they mean by strategies.  It’s ongoing.  Between those wars, they have softening up periods and détente and so on where they put in agents and pay-offs to try and alter the cultures before they take those countries over.  Long, long term strategy.  That’s how Britain’s always worked. 


I mentioned too, in the last talk, about a Chris Parry, a rear admiral, who at the time, in 2006, wrote a book called, The New Goths are Coming.  This is the same guy, you see.  It’s the same guys.  He was the HEAD of the Department of Defence’s Strategic Planning Committee.  The HEAD who’s now in charge of schools.  That should be a red flag right away.  This is the same man.  I wanted to see how many people connected the two talks with the same name.  I got ONE person who realized this was the same guy.  Such a little survey, you see.  This also tells you, all of you who think you’re awake and most folk DO, who listen to these shows, that you’re still not thinking.  You’re still not connecting for yourselves because of information overload.  It’s quite understandable. 


This character who wrote this book about the Goths and so on, The New Goths are Coming, and everything’s going to be terrible in the future, and you’d have to use all these new kinds of new weapons, etc to control peoples is now in charge of the private schools for Britain.  Why would they put a guy like that in charge of private schooling?  It’s because the techniques and technologies that he’s talking about, he’s discussing, are here.  They have them.  They will be using them FIRST AND FOREMOST on those who are going to be your middle-level overlords, the bureaucracies, and they come mainly from the private schools.  That’s why. 


To show you how they’ve debased the culture so much with all these shows and reality shows and all the rest of it and I was mentioning before that all shows, all major shows, START in Britain and then you have spin off copies across the planet.  Most countries don’t realize they all come from Britain.  Here’s one now, to show you how far we’ve sunk… from supposedly a 70s peace time and demonstration era.  Even in to the 80s, we had big demonstrations and there’s none today.  This is how far we’ve sunk and we’ve become war-like.  We’re all in to the G-man stuff and the Robocop and the new trooper with all his smart gear on.  Everybody seems to be impressed.  Here’s the BBC, which doesn’t surprise me, it’s the British Broadcasting Corporation.  Remember, it’s OWNED by the government.  It’s always been used as a tool of manipulation of the minds of the whole society of Britain. 


Inventors urged to devise weapons 

(Alan:  This is for a TELEVISION show.)

Page last updated at 09:43 GMT, Friday, 30 May 2008 10:43 UK


Inventors are being asked to come up with new military weapons, but their ideas first have to get past a Ministry of Defence (MoD) panel.  (A:  Now, this is modeled after a show they started you with about a year ago, I think, where you come up with new businesses and you come up in front of these tycoons and get the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down according to your idea.  You see where it’s going?)


In a similar format to the hit BBC TV show Dragons' Den, academics will pitch ideas at the Centre for Defence Enterprise in Harwell, Oxfordshire.


The MoD said new innovations on any area of the forces, including weapons, bombs and clothing would be considered.


The project has a £2m budget to fund the development of selected projects.


But Dr Helen Almey, from the centre, said inventors would not face the type of grilling handed out on Dragons' Den as they would not be seeking investment in their own companies.


She added: "That show is very much where people are looking for investors.  (A:  In that one.)


"We are not involved in tasking equity, we are offering research contracts so we can get the best science and technology into armed forces.


"We are looking across the board - anything for the army, navy and RAF will be considered."


The MoD said it had a £2m budget to fund early developments of any ideas, but if any projects needed to be taken further the science program budget worth £500m could be used.  (A:  This is them getting ALL of society in to this war thing.  Isn’t it incredible?  And all the weirdoes with strange ideas will be just sweating to get in this kind of stuff.  I’ll be back with more after this break.)


I’m Alan Watt back, Cutting Through The Matrix and reading this article where they’re trying to get the public, you know, excited about entering for this TV competition on creating new weaponry.  I’ll continue this little piece.


Dr Almey denied the MoD had itself run out of fresh ideas.


"We have some excellent scientists within the MoD but nobody wants to be insular," she added.


"There are a lot of ideas out there and if we are going to get the best for our armed forces will we talk to the wider world to see what it can offer."  


This is, as I say, a DREAM for all those weird ones that you knew probably from when you were children.  You know, the ones that picked the legs off insects and stuff and did odd things like that.  They’ll be just DYING to get in to this kind of stuff and make weapons that’ll slaughter and kill with better precision and all the rest of it.  A paradise for these kind of characters.  You have to really ask, what’s in them?  Are they really…  What’s in them?  Is it really them?  Is it really them?  Are they just basic psychopathic types?  You have to understand what a psychopath is and you’ve got to understand how they think.  That’s the type that go in to this kind of thing.  They work their whole life long often in jobs well paid by government agencies to create new kind of viruses and that kind of thing, to kill whole populations.  The only time they wake up and become enthusiastic is when they talk about what they do.  That’s it.  The rest of the time they’re just dull and dreary and drab, but they come alive when they talk about their pet… their pet thing.  Here they are, offering this to the public. 


Are we really surprised?  We’ve created a generation of people made for military that have been grown up on movies and TV dramas with cops and military and all the rest of it and video games where you slaughter, slaughter, slaughter and that was done intentionally to create this very society today because it has to finish off a particular job.  Meanwhile they’re trying to weed out the other weirdoes that weren’t picked up at school that they can use to create better weapons. 


That’s where we’re falling.  We’re falling in to what’s very obvious.  You don’t need the news to tell you where you’re going.  It’s all around you.  It’s ominous times to be alive.  The signs are very ominous because we KNOW that those at the top, already and have been for a long time, openly totalitarian… and that’s your bottom line.  Totalitarian.  They’re prepared for MASSIVE RIOTS, this Department of Defence.  The same Department of Defence that’s giving out awards for weirdo, wacko psychopaths to give out bigger, better weaponry.  It’s the same Department of Defence that predicted that 30 years of riots were coming up and they’re ready for it… right down to using neutron bombs in selected areas and so on… ON US… US… WE THE PEOPLE, you see.  That’s what we’re living in.  Terrible times… and there’s no marching in the streets here, with protest banners.  Where are all the big NGO groups?  Well we know who employed them.  That’s why they’re not on the streets.  Its believers are very well employed, very well paid too.  


I’m going to go to the phones now and talk to Andrea from New York.  Are you there Andrea?


Andrea:  I am.  Hello, Alan.


Alan:  Hello


Andrea:  A few years ago in New York City there was an opera produced called, Violet Fire.  It was about the life of Nicola Tesla.  Just recently I was reading that Violet Fire also had to do with the star Sirius, the dog star.  You know about this?  Do you know about this connection of… or the connection between Nicola Tesla and Violet Fire and this dog star Sirius?


Alan:   That’s standard stuff to do with Orion, the hunter of all ages and his faithful follower, Canis Major and Minor.  Of course, Sirius is the dog star.  They’re talking about the EYE of the dog star, really, is what they always refer to it with that particular title… of violet fire. 


Andrea:  What did it have to do with Nicola Tesla?  If anything.


Alan:  It depends who wrote the article.  You find a lot of organizations try to claim him as their own.  Meaning he was inducted in to the societies, etc, etc and they would claim that he was one of theirs.  You’ll find even the Rosicrucians at the top claim he’s one of theirs, in to alchemy, etc, etc.  Other organizations in other Masonic groups will claim that he belonged to them.  But they all go along with the same terminology they’ll use and allegories and they always use the stars or solar or lunar terminology to describe certain actions and things and so on.  That’s how the alchemists used to talk to each other.  Rather than speak openly, because even they were in to making weaponry and all the rest of it, they used vague terminology which they all understood but the listeners would never catch on to what they were actually saying when they talked amongst each other. 


Andrea:  Okay.  Thank you.


Alan:  Okey-doke.  Now we’ve got Redwan again from Jordan.  Are you there Redwan?


Redwan:  Yes.  I’m sorry for stalking you. 


Alan:  That’s alright.




Redwan:  I didn’t see this one because we had a gathering last evening and we had a discussion with 10 persons about connection that…


Alan:  Hold on till after the break.  I can hear the music coming in. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ve got Redwan from Jordan.  Are you still there Redwan?


Redwan:  I’m still here.  I’ll try to be short.


Alan:  Yes.  Go ahead.


Redwan:  We had a gathering and we had a discussion about a club.  It’s called the Toastmasters International Club and I found the proof that they were the connection between the Toastmasters International and the Toastmasters in Britain.  Do you know something about that?


Alan:  About the toastmasters?


Redwan:  Yes.  Toastmasters. 


Alan:  For what organization?


Redwan:  It’s an organization.  It’s a Freemasonry organization, Toastmaster.  I thought maybe you knew something about them.


Alan:  They all have their toastmasters.  In fact, many people go to functions that are laid on by Masonic groups and they don’t even know and it becomes tradition, even through society, to have the toastmaster as well.  Is there more to this story or you’re trying to connect Freemasonry in one country to the next?


Redwan:  They have a club here in Jordan.  It’s Toastmaster International Club in which they do communication skill exercises and what I wanted to know was, is there a link with Freemasonry?


Alan:  Oh, there will be.  There’s no doubt.


Redwan:  If you look to their logo, they have the globe of the earth with 2 wooden gables in the cross behind the earth.


Alan:  Well it’s the same thing.  The earth even could be symbolized by the square or the earth, itself, a globe because that means the female and the compass is the male or spirit and that’s what they’re referring to.  There are many ways they do their symbols but it’s the same symbol.  Sure, a gable is just, again, the shape of a gable is a compass, you see.  These organizations are world wide.  You find them all through India.  When the British army when there, they used to have the traveling lodge with them and they thought they were the only ones who had Freemasonry at that time, when they went in to India.  They were shocked to find lodges all over India already there.  You’ll find them throughout the main cities of the planet, wherever you go.  This is the religion behind all religions.  You’ll find those who are the heads of the mainstream religion are very often Masons themselves.  They guide the shepherds along this Masonic journey, unbeknownst to the followers.  They have them in the Vatican.  They have them everywhere now.  I think even the Archbishop of Canterbury for the Anglican Church is a Mason.  He’s also a member of the old order of Druids, which is another shoot off of the Masonry.  Winston Churchill was in it at one time.  Anyone who’s anyone in this system is a member of this hidden religion.  It’s out in the open but it’s hidden too. 


Redwan:  The group was inviting, entreating the neutral ones.  You had the ones that gathered in that toastmaster club and then me actually being the conspiracy theorist.  So I thought maybe you knew some more about them, but okay.  I think this will do. 


Alan:  There’s a lot more.  I’m trying to get my screen up though.  I can’t get… okay.  We’ve got a bad connection here.  That’s what it is.  They’re going play some music so you can call me back.  Thanks for calling in though.  I might go on about that in more detail in some talk.  Okay?  So I’ll hang up right now while they call me back.  [music playing]


Hi.  I am Alan Watt back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix AGAIN.  We’ve got a new line.  Something happened to the other one.  This is pretty common.  You know, people can put it down to coincidence and so on but remember, I’ve read reports FROM the papers themselves from official declarations from the Pentagon and others where they have these special teams all set up now either to harass people they don’t like or simply pull you down.  I do get a lot of problems on the internet too now, it’s every day, so you know you’re being played with, with these youngsters they employ to do this harassing.  So we’ve got to keep going on and do it.  Now, I think Redwan in still on the line.  Are you still there?  He’s gone.  Okay. 


Freemasonry, really, it’s amazing how it’s within every little village, town, city and people take it for granted it’s some little institution but you have to get in to the books to find out what they’re all about.  You find, as you go up the ladder, in ALL these groups because they’re ALL different names for the same bunch, really, that you’re in to EUGENICS.  It’s all to do with breeding programs, superior types, inferior types and even the higher ones were in to the old golden age stuff they’re always prattling on about.  How they’re going to bring back a new golden age where the gods ruled and walked the earth and GUESS WHO THE NEW GODS ARE?    You know, those who’ve already understood that they’re at the top of the food chain, they own the planet, they have the power of life over death and the power OF life over people and death over people.  They can decide if you’re going to be born or die.  That’s where it is today.


These are the new gods, of course, and they’ll have the longevity genes given to them like David Suzuki, the geneticist, who does all the popular animal shows on television and has brain-washed us all in to ‘we’re just a virus on the planet; there’s too many of us.’  He works for the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund and all these organizations.  You’ll find that eugenics is at the top of Freemasonry as you start to go up their books and selective breeding, special breeding is a prime part of it and they have no problem at the 33rd degree….


[Broadcast interruption.  Music playing]


This is Alan, back again, on Cutting Through The Matrix.  I shouldn’t really mention the fact that they have these teams that are set up to harass people because I just got cut off again.  I guess we have a little nasty… a little nasty psychopath, very young one probably, who’s bored being on the late shift, who’s been told he can play himself and he’s doing it.  That’s what these new CYBER COPS are doing… is playing with us, you see.  They’ve been given ALL the power and right to do it.  And of course, there’s no come-back.  You know they’re doing it because it’s so darned frequent, but you can’t come back and get them on it, especially when they have the backing of the Pentagon. 


I was going in to Masonry there, as I said, and I was talking to myself, again.  I’ll try to talk to you now since I’m re-hooked and tell you that Freemasonry is all about eugenics.  Simple enough.  Inferior types.  Superior types.  And those at the top of the tree, through eons of special selection of their mates are the new gods, you see.  They have the right to lead all the rest OF YOU along a certain path or even to your own extinction.  They have the power of Gods, Gods, you see.  The old Gods of the golden age, they had the right of power of life and death over people.  THEY WILL decide if you should live or die.  In some countries, they already do.  When they have their full scientific way and back it with SCIENCE, SCIENTIFIC REASONS, you see, it will be the normal.  That’s where it’s all heading towards. 


Now, I was reading a study recently about cell phones and how we adapt, again, remember what Skinner said.  Skinner talked about, if you want to alter behavior, you alter something in their environment.  That includes putting something IN their environment that wasn’t there before like a radio, a television or even a cell phone.  We adapt to it so quickly.  Maybe one out of 5 million will ever stop and question why they’re given this.  We just want it.  They just want it.  I want to buy that.  That’s it.  There’s no question to it.  There’s never any quiz as to the work that went in to it, why this particular type of a device, what else can it do, why would these people at the top give us this particular thing?  Even when they unravel what they’ve been doing with it such as tracking and tracing people and so on, it still doesn’t bother them.  They don’t think that they’re one of those who are being followed and watched and all the rest of it. 


Here’s an article from Scientific American and it’s about cell phones.  I’ve got quite a few articles, including all the studies that MIT are doing with tracking people and so on and following up their behavior and getting patterns of behavior from every individual by tracking the phone AND the messages too, by the way.   This is Scientific American


May 7, 2008

Mind Control by Cell Phone

Electromagnetic signals from cell phones can change your brainwaves and behavior. But don't break out the aluminum foil head shield just yet.

By R. Douglas Fields   


Hospitals and airplanes ban the use of cell phones, because their electromagnetic transmissions can interfere with sensitive electrical devices. Could the brain also fall into that category? Of course, all our thoughts, sensations and actions arise from bioelectricity generated by neurons and transmitted through complex neural circuits inside our skull. Electrical signals between neurons generate electric fields that radiate out of brain tissue as electrical waves that can be picked up by electrodes touching a person's scalp.


And to cut a long story short, they’ve found that they can actually do the same thing with a cell phone.  They can use it as you would use an electroencephalograph.  You don’t have to actually strap it on your skull or put on probes.  It can actually pick up the very FAINT electromagnetic patterns in your brain AND they can send it BACK to anyone who’s looking in and those with the right equipment and monitor your brain wave patterns.   This ties in with projects that Windows happens to doing.  Windows is one organization working on this - I’ve no doubt that Admiral Chris Parry and his bunch at the British Navy were another one - to do with a virtual reality because one device that they have is a ring to put on the head so as you become interactive with a computer.  It will basically READ YOUR BRAIN PATTERNS, it will record those patterns.  In other words, it was recording YOU as an individual and then it will coordinate new messages IN to your brain and you will see, maybe see or feel or even sense a sort of presence of people around you as you’re in to this brave new world of a virtual reality.  That’s ONE method.  The other one is with a type of antenna, a broadcasting antenna, built IN to the screen itself.  So you won’t have or even need the helmet on top or the little circle on top of your head, your little HALO.  It will be able to pick you up as you sit in front of the computer.  As I say, this is all tying in together.  You got to always tie things together to see where they’re going and where they’ve actually been.  Because whenever we get the news, it’s old, old stuff. 


Now, I’ve got callers back on the line so I’ll try Mark from Kentucky.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Yes.  I’m here.  Apparently you’re really pushing someone’s buttons as they keep doing that kind of stuff to you.


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  I was just thinking, you know, I’m pretty much along a Christian line of thinking but even I am beginning to understand that this problem that we’re dealing with as far as the Illuminati, even Zionism and everything else really also goes back many thousands of years, even past the biblical history going back to places like Egypt and all that.  What I’m trying to figure out is who… what is the head of this beast?  Is it the Illuminati that’s the bloodlines and so on and so forth that are controlling all this or is it the Zionists that control the Illuminati that’s controlling all this?


Alan:  What you’ve got is even a PRE-Judaic system.  It was on the go, I am sure, from the very BIRTH of Sumer.  I think it came from a previous age.  I think that the…


Mark:  You mean the Sumerians and all that?


Alan:  Even the Hurrians and LONG before the Sumerians.  We’ve been here for MILLIONS OF YEARS.  Archeologists are turning up even older civilizations all the time, civilizations that HAD certain sciences, etc.  Remember the first science that the psychopathic type goes for is to understand the people.  Even when Sumer came in to existence, they understood the collective mind, the people themselves.  They brought in a system, that’s the key.  They brought a SYSTEM (it did not slowly develop), a monetary system and commerce and priesthoods… pretty well sprung up quickly, each with the same thing.


Mark:  I’m also on the line, I wouldn’t blame it solely on the Zionists but I will say this.  When I’ve been able to read and understand about it is that we do have the Illuminati and it does go all the way back to ancient Egypt and all that and beyond.  But the ones that seem to be implementing it the most, actually with the idealisms and stuff like that, the secret societies such as skull and bones and the masons and everything else, it’s like a form of Cabala which looks into all that back there in that time too. 


Alan:  See, you got to understand, even the term Zionist… Most Zionists are not Jews. 


Mark:  Oh no.  You got Christians…


Alan:  And technically all Freemasons are Zionists.  You see, ZION is a composition, Cabalisticly speaking, of the sun and the moon.  That’s the compilation of the two words together.  The ZION.  It’s the sun over the pyramid, the capstone, which you see in movies and so on.  Hold on and I’ll be back after these messages.  


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  See, the true Mount Zion, the true Mount Zion is a perfect pyramid.  That’s what they mean.  That’s why it’s given all this holy allegory and so on.  It’s a perfect shaped pyramid.  PERFECTING THAT WHICH WAS LEFT IMPERFECT.  Meaning, any mountain, is therefore imperfect in their eyes.  It’s to be man-made, etc.  It’s talking about society and the world and everything in it.  That’s what they mean, really.  And SIN, you take the first 2 letters of SIN, which mean the world of darkness and under the moon, the land of the profane, as they call it, the wilderness of sin.  You take that and you take ON, which is the virile part of the sun, the phallic symbol of the sun, and so it’s a unification of the sun and the moon.  Also symbolic of heaven and earth coming together.  THE PERFECTION, as they call it, in their own religion… and this is not Judaism.  This is the HIGH OCCULTIC TRADITION of all the ages.  They’ll make a world which is symbolized as a perfect pyramid which will be capped.  When it’s uncapped, they’ll often show you the uncapped pyramid with a sun going over the top in movies like Arthur C Clark’s, 2001, near the beginning.  That’s what they often show you.  That which is to come… through science, mind you, because it’s through science that they will conquer.  And ‘science’ is so close to ‘séance’.  If you go in to a lot of the big scientific names down through history, they’ll tell you that their ideas came to them… almost like in a dream, from elsewhere.  Kind of interesting. 


You have to really wonder what IS guiding this world and what’s IN these particular people.  Some say it’s the battle of the ages of good and evil.  A battle that never stopped.  It’s still ongoing.  The end is yet to come.  In the meanwhile, we do have people who truly believe and the ILLUMINATI, as such… which is a vague term because it encompasses so many levels of them.  Technically, again, all Freemasons are supposedly ILLUMINED when they’re risen up in the master’s degree. 


You’ve met them in your own areas, not too bright, but they’ll never get up the ladder.  Those who DO get up the ladder with the right qualities and credentials can create an awful lot of mischief and they do.  They get powerful positions.  They’re the psychopathic types that are weeded out and they’ve been tested and tested and tested, often unknown to themselves, to see if they can keep secrets and keep their mouth shut.  Those are the ones who go up to the top.  They have a desire for power over people. 


The world they’re bringing in, in the SECULAR world, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, means ‘secular’ or ‘worldly’.  The secular world to be run by the minds, supposedly, of the best men who, of course, as I said, are all psychopaths… means we’re in big, big trouble.  Because there’s no sacredness in anything left, even our own human bodies.  They do as they wish.  They’ll take organs from them even if you’ve said NO.  That’s law already in some countries.  I’m talking about countries in the West, as well.   We’re in for a horror show as science becomes the new lord and master.  The science and the wisdom of the ages manifests and rears its ugly head.  We should all be very worried and it truly is a WAR of the individual against this monstrosity at the top. 


So from Hamish and myself, it’s good night from Ontario, Canada and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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Transcribed by Diana