January 8, 2013 (#1244)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 8, 2013:

Dysfunction's About from Marxist Fallout:

""Experts" on Violence Continue to Prattle,
While Jails are Busting, Chain-Gangs Rattle,
No-One Condemns Entertainment for Dysfunction,
Slaughter Movies Galore Cause much Destruction
As is Intended, Culture's Been Pulverized
By Experts, Leaving Parents Demoralized,
The New Normalcy Given by Agents of State
Because Old Culture Revolutionaries Hate,
It Prevented Them from Complete Domination,
But That was Then, They're the Abomination"
 © Alan Watt Jan. 8, 2013

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan. 8, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January the 8th, 2013.

For newcomers, as always, I suggest you make use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the free audios; there’s lots of them to choose from. And I go through the system that you’re born into and explain how it came to be about. It didn’t evolve by itself. It wasn’t a natural evolution. It was a designed society; a designed system. And, of course, they use the old communist techniques, of course (like the United Nations does, as well) of fifty-year plans, hundred-year plans, hundred-and-fifty-year plans, for different parts of this long-term goal (agenda) towards global government. But not just global government; a type of government run by the people who believe it’s their right to rule all the rest, you see. And they brought on academia, on board with them (in fact, they put most of the big professors in the big academies) to make sure that the proper doctrine is taught to all the newcomers. And it’s been like that for an awful long time. A reality is given to us, in other words. And the cards are definitely stacked against anyone who tries to find things out by themselves. You really have to search for previous historians who lived through these times of changes and kept track of what was going on and who was doing it and what their goals were. There’s lots of information out there, so help yourself to the website, as I say.

Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you and you can help me keep going by just buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donating. And remember, from the US to Canada, you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office or you can send cash or use PayPal. And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal, once again.

We truly are living in a planned society. Most folk don’t know it. They don’t even know why there’s so much chaos today. And the chaos is very, very easily explained if you just go through the changes, the revolutions they call them, that took place, from about the 1940’s onwards, to the present time. We’re still going through parts of the same revolution, with a whole list of people to be freed, supposedly, to help destroy the old existing culture; that’s the whole aim of the whole plan, in fact, in order to give you a new culture. And the culture, really, is obeyance to the new system. And we’re all in it together; perpetual warfare forever basically, perpetual terrorism forever. And everyone is under suspicion; that’s exactly how the communist system worked, as well. Because after they had sealed off their borders in Russia and overtook some of the countries and brought them into the bloc, they also did the same thing: they had to find a reason to keep this military-type system in place. And they went after counter-revolutionaries; they were everywhere. They were under everybody’s beds: counter-revolutionaries. They even churned out stacks of movies about it to brainwash the people, just like we have here, in fact, by the Pentagon, about the terrorists who apparently are everywhere, too. So, it’s the same system, by the same people, by the way, who are running the system today. They own the media; they own, pretty-well, all of the media and that was part of their plans an awful long time ago. And I’ve gone through the history of how Rockefeller and others got together back in the thirties and found out, did a survey to see how many papers they’d have to own, so that they could control the information for every American. And all the smaller papers would copy their lead, you see. And they came to a magic number of about thirty. Now they own them all actually; it’s just a handful of people in one club, that own all of your news, whether visual or written or whatever. So, we’re living in that time. And it’s not just America; it’s across the world, today.

So, standardization is very important for mass control and they’re guiding us through the changes (the planned changes), into the new austerity system. Austerity, because, apparently, you see, you’ve all had it too good; all of you, no matter what country you’ve been in, you’ve all had it too good, according to those who rake in trillions off of your labor. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And with all of this talk, of course, about gun confiscation, because of violent acts, etc, people overlook lots and lots of other topics related to it, because, as I say, the system (the world system) declared an awful long time ago (even when it brought in the League of Nations, before the United Nations), that eventually they would have a disarmed society across the whole planet, except for their military force. The UN has repeated the same things over and over again. And there’s even been a treaty signed by every country, in fact, at the time of JFK, that they would disarm the public worldwide, to bring in this world of peace, ruled by the authoritarian body, you see, the new authoritarian body. And that way, there’d be no repercussions or  backlash against them if they went into austerity, obviously. And of course, that’s going to happen too, which is one reason why lots of these shootings will keep happening until these big boys try and get their way. But you read the reports that come out even from the so-called think tanks, that all work for the military, as well, remember. And when they publish items for the public, it is for public consumption. And it’s very schizophrenic because they always leave half of the story out. And here’s one of the articles here, for instance. It says,

“Media Violence Consumption Increases the Relative Risk of Aggression, Analysis Shows”


Alan: Thank god for experts, eh? What would you do without experts, to tell you stuff like this? And it says,

“As president of the International Society for Research on Aggression...”


Alan: And there’s an international society, remember, for research on aggression. It says,

“... and with consent of the organization’s elected council, Craig Anderson appointed an international Media Violence Commission last December to prepare a public statement on the known effects of media violence exposure, based on the current state of scientific knowledge.”


Alan: Now, remember, I’ve done screeds of stuff before on video games, for instance, that were all developed by the military to indoctrinate soldiers and to get them to kill on command, basically, without thinking at all, and to desensitize them to actually killing real people; that’s what the video games were meant to do. And so they’re way ahead, again. So, here’s this think tank that obviously knows all this stuff, but it doesn’t mention who puts all this stuff out or why it’s being put out (all the violent stuff); cause and effect, right? So, they go through this hoopla here. It says,

“The Iowa State University Distinguished Professor of psychology appointed 12 IRSA researchers to the commission, including Douglas Gentile, an ISU associate professor of psychology. The Media Violence Commission’s research-based report concludes that the research clearly shows that media violence consumption increases the relative risk of aggression...”


Alan: Well, thank god for experts, as I say, eh? Amazing, eh? See, the public have no brains because you don’t have all the letters behind your names, apparently.

“...defined as intentional harm to another person that could be verbal, relational, or physical. The report is published in the September/October issue of the journal Aggressive Behavior.”


Alan: Remember, the military wants aggressive behavior. It’s the first thing you’re taught to do, once you’re in the military: you better get aggressive or you’re going to get stomped on. It says,

“‘Basically, the commission looked at, ‘What does the research literature say?’’”


Alan: And it goes on and says this.

“In their report, the commission wrote that aside from being sources of imitation, violent images -- such as scenes in movies, games or pictures in comic books -- act as triggers for activating aggressive thoughts and feelings already stored in memory. If these aggressive thoughts and feelings are activated over and over again because of repeated exposure to media violence, they become chronically accessible, and thus more likely to influence behavior.”


Alan: In other words, it works, just like the designers at the Pentagon thought it would work. I mean, have you seen how many movies these guys at the Pentagon promote and fund? when they want lots of young idiots to go into the military and fight wars, and they’re given the most basic form of propaganda (that’s all it takes now, is very simple propaganda) and away they go and fight wars. Well, they use all these techniques on them, you see. And for over twenty-odd years, thirty years really now, they’ve been giving you nothing but more violence, more violence and blood and guts in the movies. And you can’t even say who is the bad guy or the good guy anymore, except the good guy ends up getting the blonde and he’s got a badge at the end of the show, as well, so he must be the good guy, because he slaughters as much as the bad guys. And that’s the message to children; that’s what they get out of it. They don’t want to be the weakling – they want to be the guy who wins, you see.

So, they admit here, that scenes in the movies and games and so on, are stored in memory and then, over and over again with repetition, they become chronically accessible and then they start to mimic the behavior; they show the behavior (they manifest the behavior). And that’s the same with sex, as well. Because the same group, that wanted to destroy your cultures across the world and brought you psychiatry, for instance, are also into the same destruction of all your cultures, including making sure that the end of marriage (the plank of the Manifesto, again: destroy the family unit). It’s all been done, folks.

And the children don’t have the parents they used to have, or at least one person at home that would see little Johnny playing outside the window there, and sword-fencing with his pals, with sharp sticks and let them know, enough of that, you know, when the time came, enough of that. And that’s how folk were trained. All the young boys went through it when I was small. And they had toy guns and they had toy swords and all the rest of it, but no one got hurt and they didn’t grow up to be crazy, either, because someone was there watching them and if your mother wasn’t there, a neighbor was watching you, because all the women used to do that, because at that time they weren’t running after the almighty dollar. So, the destruction of the family unit helped this come into being. And also too, they’ve found out with lots of the gangs in the US and elsewhere across the world now, and Britain, they don’t have fathers. There’s no male role model there, at all. In today’s generation, the dad is seldom involved even with the children; he’s either too busy or the children have been taught to ignore their parents, which is through all the comedy shows that you watch especially: ignore dad, or they’re into their electronic games. And this has finished off the family unit, basically, or passing on what you think of as morality, to help them through life. It’s done, you see. Remember what Bertrand Russell says... Lord Bertrand Russell says about this... he says, eventually the State will give the new morality to the children. That’s been done.  The State also includes the media and all the movies and entertainment. It’s been done. That’s where they get their morality from (the new morality). And he actually said too, that he thought that at one time they’d have to remove the children from the parents, because the parents of the old culture were contaminated with old ideas (“contamination” was the communist term, too, they used), and therefore, the State would have to give them the new morality. It has been done. So, here’s all these experts in this article here, coming out with their lofty thoughts about what happens... stuff we all know, of course – if you watch blood and guts over and over again, if you watch pornography over and over again, you’re going to start to imitate what you see, and especially children. It says,

“‘One may also become more vigilant for hostility and aggression in the world, and therefore, begin to feel some ambiguous actions by others (such as being bumped in a crowded room) are deliberate acts of provocation,’ the commission wrote in the report. The commission recommends that parents know what media their children and adolescents are using.”


Alan: Now, I don’t think that’s even possible these days, because if they’re not watching it in your house, they’re watching it somewhere else, on their own cellphones or something like that.

“Rating systems...”


Alan: And they go back to the old story of rating systems, which is absolute rubbish, absolutely nonsensical because if it’s rated, at all, the child is going to want to get a hold of it and they will. And then:

“‘Parents can also set limits on screen use...’”


Alan: So, this is a big foundation/academy, talking about their expert opinions. They don’t mention the destruction of the family unit. They don’t mention that the military funds most of these aggressive movies, and blood and guts and blood and guts all through them. The latest Judge Dredd one is just one slaughterhouse, right through the whole movie, from beginning to end, with minimalistic speech at all, just little sentences here and there (probably stretching to about a paragraph in the whole movie) and the rest of it, they probably fired more blank bullets than they did live ones in World War II, making that movie. And that’s what the children are fed. That’s what they’re fed, folks. This is deliberate. So, the parents are at fault here, according to them.

“The commission recommends improving media ratings”


Alan: Like that’s going to make any difference, again, too. The same old stuff, same old stuff, same old stuff. It says,

“‘But the other piece is education, and if parents aren’t educated -- not just about what the ratings system does, but also about why it’s important for them to take control of their child’s media diet -- then it doesn’t matter how good the ratings system is, because they’re going to ignore it anyway,’ he added.”


Alan: Thank god for experts, eh? Well, here’s another spin on it, you see. And you have to go outside the box, to get the other spins on it. And you can actually go into articles... let me see if I can find this one here. It’s this one here. It says,

“Why Americans cannot discipline their children”


Alan: And it says here,

“The ultimate reason that Americans are unable to discipline their children is that they have no authority over them. The American state, together with private industry, especially the ‘helping professions,’...”


Alan: Like psychiatry and psychology and so on

“...have usurped their authority in loco parentis, thus empowering physicians, psychologists, judges, social workers, dentists and other health workers by, in effect, reducing people to parental incompetence. American children run amuck, throw tantrums in the ‘terrible twos’ and ‘fearsome fours,’...”


Alan: All these terms come from your talk shows on television.

“...and commit indignities against their parents and maliciously disobey them such as to shock the rest of the world. A Eda Leshan in 1985 published a book called When Your Child Drives You Crazy. Children’s actual socialization comes from the ever-present baby sitter, television, and the school,...”


Alan: Which gives you your doctrine.

“...neighborhood pals and their interaction at play. American parents are reduced to their entertainers, meal tickets and gift givers;...”


Alan: Now, Bertrand Russell, who helped plan this part that you are living through, today, of culture change – everything that’s happened, he was a big, big part of the world think tanks on this – Bertrand Russell also said, we used to think that we’d have to take children from their parents at birth, but now with scientific indoctrination at school, he says, they can go home afterwards and it doesn’t matter what the parents try to say to them, the scientific indoctrination will make the child reject the parent’s advice. That has worked. I’ll be back on this, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt, discussing this article here, about Americans cannot discipline their children, it says. And bring in Bertrand Russell, who said that eventually the only function the American parent will have is for providing economic support for the child; in other words, raising the child just by giving them cash. The State would be in charge. And that’s happened folks. Remember too, they also brought Dr. Spock in, Dr. Spock: don’t scold your child, don’t spank your child (all that kind of stuff). It’s interesting at the end, once they’d been very successful in pushing this over – because remember, there’s a war going on to destroy your culture and your families and the whole bit. This was all part of it and Spock was part of it. He said at the very end of his life, he said, we’ve raised a nation of psychopaths, because of the lack of discipline. But again, it was with help, again, from the media and so on and entertainment. Now, it says,

“American parents are reduced to their entertainers,...”


Alan: ...for children, their...

“...meal tickets and gift givers; in the U.S. the glorification of consumption and the warfare of status materialism see the parents constantly showering their ‘kids’ with presents, all too often in place of true love and affection. The mother resorts to shrewishness and constant nagging to obtain minimal obedience from her children, while the deadbeat American husband and father...”


Alan: That’s how he’s portrayed in all the comedies and so on.

“... has emotionally abandoned the family and takes little part in family life. A 1971 study by college psychologists of fathers in the Boston area found that they spent a grand total of 37 seconds a day on average spending time with their infants. Parents do not guide, comfort, govern, teach, nurse, control, restrain or mentor their children, although they are fond of giving them a good teasing now and then. Sadly, the author has observed thousands of times children crying and reaching out in misery and just begging for comfort and reassurance from their parents, who stand there helplessly as if paralyzed or moronic as to what to do, or they insensitively without any insight scold their offspring for being ‘cry babies.’ The bewildered parents simply do not know what to do, and the surfeit of advice from so-called experts, which has increased exponentially since 1945, has ameliorated the problem not at all; mothers who diligently study Chilton-like manuals to learn ‘maternal instinct’ still are incompetent, and the malaise has only intensified after that year.”


Alan: Because, you understand, when I was young, when women had children quite naturally as they always did, quite naturally – it was no surprise – and being pregnant wasn’t treated as an illness, by the way. And they didn’t have to go to hospital for exercises and advice from experts on what to expect, because, you see, their mothers had been through it, their other relatives had been through it, the people in the street had been through it and they all talked to each other and they knew what to expect and they knew how to deal with simple, simple things that came along; they were not problems. And it says,

“Permissive child rearing, the way Americans raise their children, may seem to be an issue championed and criticized by conservatives. James Dobson, a conservative, wrote the bestseller Dare to Discipline, the chief virtue of which may lie in the sensible message of its title. The Duke of Windsor (King Edward Vlll), notably remarked in 1957, ‘the thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.’”


Alan: It’s a fact; that’s how fast it happened, with the big push with the Frankfurt School and all the rest of them, who put psychiatry to the front and brought in the Freudian disciplines, until all that nonsense destroyed people’s own logic. And they lost their ability even to value their own thoughts: I can’t be right, they must be right; the specialists must be right. You see. It says,

“But actually criticism of and effective action against permissive child rearing ought to be a cause of radicalism.”


Alan: And it goes on and on and on about how bad it is. But you understand, there’s been a war on, and you’re living through part of it and the fallout and the chaos is all part of it, too. Society has been wrecked, for most people out there... completely wrecked. And the ones who are being wrecked are still glued to the television, that mocks them – with their sitcoms and their comedies and so on – it mocks them and they’re laughing at themselves, being mocked by those who help destroy you. You got to throw that darn thing out the window, that television set, I’m telling you, you got to do it.

And, getting back to this con again, from those who want to disarm the public in the US, because, remember, the US is not a British colony—at least it wasn’t (put it that way); it might be again, after the CFR got established in there because it’s part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (they run the whole country and the media and their politics). But you’ve got to remember too, that if a science is a science, like psychiatry – I call it “trick cyclists,” you know, psychiatrists, because that’s what it really is, it’s a joke, but it was brought in as a weapon. In fact, when Freud was brought across to see America, in New York, he says, I’m not bringing them help, he says, I’m bringing them a plague... these were his words, check it up, it’s in his own memoirs... to destroy, you understand. Anyway, they’re always blaming the parents for whatever, for school violence or guns. And it’s so true, what happened in Rwanda, when the Tutsis and the Hutus went at it together? I mean you had thousands of people with machetes, that just kept slashing at people for days and days and days; it doesn’t matter what they’re using... it wouldn’t matter what they’re using. They should be asking, why is this happening in the States? Apart from all the ridiculous things they will not tell you about these... even when they put gag controls over news stories, so as you don’t know what’s happening in these so-called school shootings. It makes you suspicious, as well. Why won’t they tell you what happened? How can you have a debate about anything until you find out what happened, with all parties, anyone involved? You cannot get a proper debate because they don’t want a proper debate; they want to simply ban the firearms, that were the weapon of choice at the time. Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And, talking about psychiatry and its big role, as it’s pretending that it’s a real science. And, really, psychiatrists today don’t bother so much with psycho-therapy; they simply dish out the pills – that’s all they do and, try this one or try that one and it’s all try-try-try. There have been many exposés of folk going into psychiatrists’ offices with cameras, you know, hidden cameras and going from one psychiatrist to another, with the same complaint and getting a completely different diagnosis from each one and different medications from each one. So, it’s a joke. It’s part of the control mechanism. And, of course, those who deemed that they were the dominant minority who should rule the world said that, that was part of their strategy, a long time ago; that they’d have to use psychiatry and promote it, because they believed, or had to make the people believe, that everyone who opposed multiculturalism and a global government, were psychologically ill, pathologically ill actually, they said. And that still is repeated today, at the high quarters and echelons and so on. So, here’s an article from France. I mean psychiatrists should be held to account – if they call it a doctrine then it should be held to account, right?

“A French psychiatrist whose patient hacked an elderly man to death was found guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday in a groundbreaking case that could affect the way patients are treated. A court in Marseilles said Daniele Canarelli, 58, had committed a "grave error" by failing to recognize the public danger posed by Joel Gaillard, her patient of four years. Gaillard hacked to death 80-year-old Germain Trabuc with an axe in March 2004 in Gap, in the Alps region of southeastern France, 20 days after fleeing a consultation with Canarelli at Marseilles’s Edouard Toulouse hospital. Canarelli was handed a one-year prison sentence and ordered to pay 8,500 euros to the victim’s children, in the first case of its kind in France. Defense lawyers said the ruling would have serious repercussions for treatment of the mentally ill. ‘If a psychiatrist lives in fear of being sentenced, it will have very real consequences and probably lead to harsher treatment of patients,’ said Canarelli’s lawyer, Sylvain Pontier.”


Alan: Well of course they’ll say that. But, the fact is, you see, she didn’t notify the authorities that this lunatic was on the loose, that wanted to go and kill this particular person and then actually what he did do, he just went straight to him and you know, hacked him to pieces. So, they should be held to account. And all these school shootings that you see too, it’s always the same story: the person’s been on drugs, they’re seeing a psychiatrist – often military psychiatrist, strangely enough, even the one they had in Dunblane, Scotland, that was seeing a military psychiatrist and of course the guy who was the perpetrator wasn’t a member of the military. It’s kind of interesting, that in itself. But the psychiatrists keep it all to themselves, you see, and suddenly these folk go crazy and they go and do a mass shooting, which always ends up in the papers for the big call for gun control, you see... always fulfills its destiny. And it’s used awfully, awfully frequently today (this kind of thing) by those who have to destroy the culture. You understand, the culture has pretty-well had it. It truly has. There’s only a few folk here and there that have got any sense of morality (the old morality), at all. And with the old morality, you had a real culture and even if you didn’t believe in your given culture, the one you were born into, of religion, at least you still understood its basic tenets and laws and that gave you a morality that you followed, whether you liked it or not, and you did, everybody did. So, that had to be awfully well demolished and it has been really demolished now, as well. So, I’ll put this link up tonight, as well.

Also, in between stories here, people don’t know about the fracking... not just fracking that’s going on; there’s geothermal testing going on, where they’re trying to tap into volcanoes, folks, and explode the upper crusts and tap the geothermal heat and so on, that comes out of it, for future energy. This article says,

“A Seattle-based energy company is now finished creating miniature earthquakes in Central Oregon.”


Alan: It says,

“AltaRock Energy of Seattle wanted to see if they could expand an exploratory geothermal well, dug by another company, into a geothermal reservoir. Executives said they did just that. Starting in October, AltaRock pumped cold water into the 10,600-foot well...”


Alan: That’s quite deep, you know.

“... which is near Newberry Crater. When the cold water hit the hot rock, deep in the well...”


Alan: With it getting pumped in...

“... it created fractures which would serve as a reservoir. The Bend Bulletin says the firm also pumped in bits of biodegradable plastic, to clog the newly-created cracks. This allows the cold water to create even more fractures. AltaRock finished that work on December 7. All this fracturing created tiny earthquakes in the region. Scientists registered 26 seismic events of magnitude 1 or greater since October. Residents had expressed concerns over the possibility of larger earthquakes and over the use of plastics and chemicals in the water.”


Alan: Well, I’d say so. And,

“The US Geological Survey did monitor the project and there is a final public meeting about the experiment to be held at the end of...”


Alan: This month.

“... January.”


Alan: So, we’ll keep an eye on that one to see what they do with their earthquake making and earth crust blasting.

And also, I’ll put up tonight too, one I’ve put up many times before; it’s one of the top pioneers in creating vaccines. It’s a YouTube, where he admits about adding cancer cells and viruses to the vaccines and how they all knew it and so on and so on. I’ll put that up again, tonight too, for those who want to have a look at it.

Now, talking about drugs and psychiatry and so on, and it’s no secret to those that follow Jane’s magazine; I think twenty years ago they talked about the pharma soldier of the future, who would be in a kind of numb state as far as feelings went, but he’d be a great soldier and a good guy to go out and slaughter people. And they’ve achieved it, but what a cost, too, because now suicides in the US Army have overtaken all the other kinds of accidents that happened to them or getting shot or whatever... suicides. It says,

“Last year, the Pentagon spent more on pills, injections and vaccines than it did on Black Hawk helicopters, Abrams tanks, Hercules C-130 cargo planes and Patriot missiles — combined. Some of the prescription drugs that have fueled the military’s skyrocketing pharmaceutical budget are the same ones that have medicated the civilian world over the past decade. Since 2002, the Department of Defense has spent more than $5 billion on Lipitor, Plavix, Advair, Nexium and Singulair. Rather than a reflection of the drugs needed to treat wounded troops, the top-selling prescriptions signal an increase in aging military retirees covered by the military’s health program, Tricare, with drugs for arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes costing billions. The Department of Defense also spent more than $380 million on erectile dysfunction drugs and $238 million on testosterone therapy drugs over the decade.”


Alan: They really pump them up with amazing amounts of testosterone. It causes awful problems, mind you, down the road, too, and it shrinks their testicles, as some people who are awfully famous actors found out.

“But the military drug purchases also paint a picture of a fighting force increasingly reliant on antidepressants, psychotropic drugs and powerful narcotic painkillers that critics call dangerous and that have been involved in a growing number of prescription drug overdoses. The military spent at least $2.7 billion on antidepressants and more than $1.6 billion on opioid painkillers such as Oxycontin and hydrocodone over the past decade. More than $507 million was spent on the sleeping pill Ambien and its generic equivalents. The details come from an unprecedented American-Statesman analysis of nearly every individual drug purchase made by the Department of Defense since 2002. The paper’s analysis also showed that many drug manufacturers saw their revenue from military sales soar over a decade that featured two wars and a large influx of beneficiaries covered by Tricare, the military’s health program. They were led by giant Pfizer [corporation], with more than $8 billion in sales from the Department of Defense since 2002. Abbott’s sales jumped nearly 300 percent and Novartis more than doubled its military sales to around $400 million in 2011, according to data provided by the military. In one sense, the drug analysis is but another reminder of skyrocketing health care costs. Veterans groups say paying for the health needs of America’s fighting force and retirees is a cost of war and part of the nation’s moral debt to its troops. Yet experts say that the rapidly rising cost of health care for active and retired service members — the overall military health budget has nearly doubled since 2002 — could imperil the nation’s safety by potentially siphoning off money that needs to be spent for training and weapon systems. High-priced specialty drugs, in particular, will continue to drive military drug spending, predicted Jim Wilson, a University of Texas College of Pharmacy professor and former head of the Army’s pharmacy programs.”


Alan: So, it goes on and on, actually, but you’ve got a completely drugged military out there, completely drugged. And these guys, once they come out of the military, they’re addicted like crazy, to all these drugs; never mind the side effects and the permanent side effects that a lot of them cause, as well. Total war, indeed, eh... total war.

Now, it’s bad enough that we’re already eating GM vegetables and so on (genetically engineered). And genetically modified fish is now on the dinner table, it says here.

“US decision after 17-year battle over fast-growing salmon could pave way for same step in Britain”


Alan: It says. And, it says,

“A GM salmon which grows twice as fast as ordinary fish could become the first genetically-modified animal in the world to be declared officially safe to eat, after America’s powerful food-safety watchdog ruled it posed no major health or environmental risks. The US Food and Drug Administration...”


Alan: Which is all on the take, of course.

“... said it could not find any valid scientific reasons to ban the production of GM Atlantic salmon engineered with extra genes from two other fish species – a decision that could soon lead to its commercial production. The verdict clears one of the last remaining hurdles for GM salmon to be lawfully sold and eaten in the US and will put pressure on salmon producers in Britain and Europe to follow suit.”


Alan: So, I’ll put this one up tonight too, plus one where they’ve put human genes in rice, growing in the US, of all places. And they already did it to pigs, mind you, in the 1970’s. Did you know that?  Maybe that’s part of the giving you the finger, folk who like to eat that kind of stuff.

Now, also, this article here, is very interesting. It says,

“The Overlooked Costs of the Permanent War Economy...”


Alan: You want to know why they want to really take your guns off at this step? I mean they always wanted to do it, but at this particular step, because they know what’s coming down. You’re into austerity, you’re going into post-consumerism, your energy prices are soaring across the world; it’s meant to do it all on cue – these public-private partnership deals, where the public pay for everything, including the upkeep of all these big systems, and the boys who own it just rake in profits. So,

“The Overlooked Costs of the Permanent War Economy: A Market Process Approach”


Alan: It says.

“How does the permanent war economy interact, and subsume, the private, non-military economy? Can the two remain at a distance while sharing resource pools? This paper argues that they cannot. Once the U.S. embarked upon the path of permanent war, starting with World War II, the result was a permanent war economy. The permanent war economy continuously draws resources into the military sector at the expense of the private economy, even in times of peace. We explore the overlooked costs of this process. The permanent war economy does not just transfer resources from the private economy, but also distorts and undermines the market process which is ultimately responsible for improvements in standards of living.”


Alan: And there’s a PDF that comes with it and I’ll put that up tonight too and let you peruse it. And it’s from the GMU Working Paper in Economics No. 12-51. Because this is the real reason... Americans haven’t got a clue (and I really mean that) of the standards of living in Europe and how folk are scrimping by. And how the arguments in the homes, as they break up, are generally all about money and not about extras; it’s about basic things like rent etc. That’s where America is supposed to go. And they can’t imagine it. And the big boys know there’s going to be trouble. They know that. They know there’ll be skirmishes here and there and they don’t want to be on the losing end of it, so they’re getting ready for it all; that’s why they’ve been building up a private army inside America for thirty years, for goodness sake.

Now, eugenics is the big, big thing today. And getting back to the Frankfurt School and all these boys that brought in psychiatry, because all the other cultures apparently were all pathological, basically, pathogenic societies, because they weren’t the same as the culture that was coming in; that’s why they called it that, you see. But they also brought in all these genetic reasons for why the people were all sick. And it wasn’t the Germans that were the biggest eugenicists, believe you me. The ones who rule this world today are the biggest eugenicists. And, this article here is one of these happy-happy stories. It says,

“When the Francis Crick Institute opens next to London’s St Pancras station in 2015, Nobelist Paul Nurse...”


Alan: Now, I’ve mentioned Paul Nurse before, who is one of the heads of the Royal Society of scientists in England, who have been at, basically, you know, improving the race, since its inception, but not the general people; their own race, you know. And it says here that it won’t be just growing

“...bacteria, mould or stem cells. ‘As soon as someone becomes a star, universities do everything to hold on to them,’ says Nurse, a 2001 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine for work on cell cycle regulation and a former president of Rockefeller University...’”


Alan: Where else?

“‘...in New York. ‘As soon as we have a star, we will do everything to get rid of them.’ Nurse is leading a four-year effort to build the facility at a cost of 600 million pounds...”


Alan: And it actually says here, the other estimate is $962 million.

“At 1 million square feet and with as many as 1,500 employees, including 1,250 scientists, he says the Crick Institute will become Europe’s largest science research center in one building.”


Alan: Now, the science they’re going into, of course, is to do with genetics. And he actually refers to this; he’s leading the four-year program and so on... and he says:

“His ambition is for the eight-story Crick Institute to rival the U.S.’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.”


Alan: Go into my archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and I’ve done talks on the Eugenics Society of America – again, Rockefeller funded it all up and funded the cash for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where they were going to find ways to kill off all the dumb folk (the ones with bad genes). They even said that folk who can’t get work have “poverty genes” and so on and so on. And Nurse (this guy Nurse I’m talking about that’s opening up this English one), is a complete eugenicist and elitist in his thinking.

“‘This can become a very attractive place, a magnet for international recruitment,’ said Nurse, who still oversees a research lab and serves as president of the Royal Society, a position once held by Isaac Newton. ‘We will very rapidly turn into the same type of location as these other international institutions.’”


Alan: And he’s talking about eugenics institutions. And, of course, they come down with the usual stuff, oh we can find ways to stop cancer and all that... all the same, all rubbish. These guys are into eugenics, folks, to give longevity to themselves (the elite) and how to bring down the rest of the population. Complete eugenicists. It’s what it’s about.

And, this other article too is to do with non-governmental organizations. There’s thousands of these armies of NGOs, making good livings and wages and retirement benefits, protesting governments – who are simply waiting there to be protested by them, mind you, because they all know the same thing – in order to change what’s left of society and guide it into the new society. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And just before I go to the caller, I’ll put up this one too:

“NGOs Plot Wave of Criminal Referrals to Legitimize International Criminal Court”


Alan: They’re trying to bring it up to an international status for the world global system. Now, I think there’s Darin, in Ireland, hanging on there. Are you still there, Darin? Hello?

Darin: Hello, Alan. How are you? How was your Christmas?

Alan: Yes. It was a quiet one.

Darin: There’s a book I was reading by a Lord {inaudible}, it’s one of them kind of treatises similar to Machiavelli but predates it about two thousand years. And then there’s one part I just kind of want to read out, which is kind of fascinating because it’s kind of the same topic that comes up in a lot of other ancient texts. And it goes like this and it’s from Chapter Eight, Policies: “The one who could conquer a strong army is he who has had first time conquering his own people, for, in a way, in which conquering his people is based upon regulating of the people, like defective smelting, in regard to metal or the work of a potter, in regard to clay. If the base is not solid, then the people are like flying birds and animals.”  And I was reading a lot of ancient scriptures through the Koran and the Bible, and even in the Book of the Dead, it makes references to man being made from clay and I was just wondering what your view is on that.

Alan: In the Old Testament, there’s always a bit of an esoteric, depending on which faith you’re looking from, at the whole thing. Most folk think Adam... Adam means red, ruddy, from the humus, the earth. If you read Genesis, there’s really two Genesis in there; the first one ends with God made man and woman. In his own image, he made them, perfectly... perfect image... in other words, they’d have the powers too. This is taught by another religion. Whereas in Genesis it goes on, then it says, there was no one to till the soil so God made Adam. So Adam, in other words, was made to be a worker, a toiler of the soil. And so that’s part of the meaning behind that, you know. So, what’s the next part that you asked there?

Darin: Just one more quick question. It’s kind of interesting, people’s names and I was reading a lot of stuff about Native Americans and even in older cultures, they always named people in regards to kind of something... you know, like names today are kind of meaningless, but even in the past, they actually meant something, like there was more of a kind of emphasis in their name. Do you think a name of the person can affect them down through life? and I even see this in history with people’s names and it just kind of does something even maybe subconsciously to people without them knowing. I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that.

Alan: When you actually follow the whole history, from, say, Mazzini, who studied under Albert Pike, to take over the World Revolutionary Party, that turned into the Communist Party, you’ll find a lot of these agents actually had names which fitted their purpose very, very succinctly and they’d often adopt these names; otherwise, their parents would actually change the name for the purpose of the family’s mission. And sometimes they would go through two or three generations with that particular mission. That was their part of the mission. And that still holds true today, by the way. There is such a thing as an ongoing international revolutionary body and they do have names often that go along with their function (their particular function) and it’s inter-generational. So, there’s no doubt about it. And some of them change it, like Armand Hammer, his dad changed it to the arm and hammer for the communist flag. But thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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