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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 11, 2013:

Brain Down the Drain:

"Toxic Entertainment Gives Some a Flutter,
While Leading Basic Instincts to the Gutter,
Behaviourists Knew Their Science was Power,
Changing Culture Incrementally to Make it Sour,
Weaponizing Entertainment, Each Generation,
Could Be Easily Led to Degradation,
Cultures Strong for Their Own Survival,
Would Decline in Preparation of Arrival
Of the Global Society, All Nations Kaput,
Ruled by Unchanging Minority, Resolute"
© Alan Watt Jan. 11, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 11, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 11, 2013.  For newcomers, I always suggest at the beginning of the show, even though most folk skip this part, that you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, lots of free audios for download and transcripts as well for print-up, on all the sites you’ll see listed on the .com site. Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts for print-up in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you – this is the bit everyone skips of course because I do it at the beginning of every broadcast. But the fact is, the people who support me, are the ones who supposedly listen, and very few actually do. It’s been the same people all along and many people, believe you me, MANY people across the world are into the sites every single day. In fact, it changed the whole avenue of even the patriot movement quite a few years back with the information that came out here. It’s up to you the listeners to help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and also supporting me through donations. So I’d really appreciate it if you tried to do so.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are really, really welcome in these inflationary times.


What I do is I go through the history of the system we’re born into and how it developed, and the various power groups that were working during your lifetime and before you were born too, to bring in a type of world society, run by what they thought were professional people. Rather than just allow people to go to school and pick the occupation they wanted, they wanted a planned society, and that included who would get born and who would not get born according to society’s needs, and powerful wealthy elites were running the whole show, still are today.


They set up their central banking systems, private banks. The central banks all work under the International Monetary Fund; they set that up too. The same organization set up the Bank for International Settlements to manage all the central banking systems of the world. And if you own the money supply or even the production of money, the printing of it, whatever, then you own everything else underneath it that runs on money. Forget prime ministers and presidents, they give you your prime ministers and presidents. Even their own particular historian from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Carroll Quigley, mentioned that, that the Royal Institute of International Affairs has picked the presidents and prime ministers for the last 100 years. And that’s not joking, folks, across the whole world.


So this is to bring in a world society and modernize it, as they say, by having experts run our lives for us. That’s our thoughts, our opinions; it’s all given to you. You don’t arrive at your own conclusions; you’re guided to conclusions. It’s a technique, very simple technique, very simple science, an ancient science at that too. It’s taught even in philosophy; if you understand philosophy you can see how the techniques of getting you to agree are used still today. Look at Plato and his dialogues, etc. and how he convinced the person you’re having a dialogue with to come to your, your more reasonable point of view. Once you do that you move onto the next reasonable point of view, until they’ve got you in the bag. That’s what they do on talk shows on television as well; they do the same technique.  They try to set you up, and make a laughingstock out of you too. But you can’t go along with them because it’s a well-used ancient technique of setting you up, as I say, and making a fool out of you. That’s the whole idea of it. So you can’t go along with them.  So you’re living in a society now that’s using science, in a big way, TV, Internet, everything, and the Internet, believe you me, is not free of these characters too that run our minds for us. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  You’ve got to understand too, as I say, a particular culture wanted to dominate the world. It was well structured. It was a very old culture.  It had problems from other countries in the past. They set up their own organizations and their own methodology of stopping what they saw was repression of their own people. Then they sent out Freud, actually.  Freud was there, who said that he would bring a plague to America. The plague was psychoanalysis, based on basically sexual repression; that was his theory of course. But it was really a political tool, or a social tool, and he claims that it would stop certain types of harassment against certain peoples by unleashing their sexual desires. He said, the reason that the West wasn’t up to being taken over in a sense, and taken over he meant too, was that they were too repressive in their sexual desires therefore they would liberate the sexual energy and that would stop it. In other words, it was to destroy the dominant cultures, he was talking about. That’s what it was for; look at where we are today.


Talking about the destruction of dominant cultures, this is from the BBC of course and it’s about Jimmy Savile, the perv who got away with it for such a long time. Because he was a procurer, he procured children for gangs, even though this particular report tries to say they can’t find out any evidence of a particularly organized child porn gang or anything like that. But of course we know from other articles that came out that he definitely was in charge of a big porn gang for very wealthy and very distinguished people, put it that way.  This is the final report and it says…


Jimmy Savile scandal:

 Report reveals decades of abuse (Alan:  ...which we already knew.)

bbc.co.uk / 11 January 2013


Adults and children, including a boy of eight, were abused by Jimmy Savile, a report detailing allegations over 50 years has revealed. (A:  Now remember, you can’t get away with 50 years of this working at the BBC, and for all these so-called charitable groups, without them knowing what you’re up to. And of course they did all know what he was up to. Many have come forward who worked in these institutions; he even had keys to the hospitals and so on and he would go up and diddle all the children in their beds, for God sake.)


Police and the NSPCC (A:  National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, who also, no doubt, were also quite happy to get cash flowing from Savile to them too, you know.) outlined offences by the late presenter at venues including 13 hospitals and a hospice.


Some 214 crimes were recorded across 28 police force areas, including 34 of rape or penetration, the report said.


The CPS apologised for missing the opportunity to prosecute Savile in 2009, while he was still alive.  (A:  No, they couldn’t prosecute him then because it would have opened up a tinder keg basically of all the other Sirs and Lords up there that he was mixing with. That’s why they didn’t want to do it during his lifetime.)


The Metropolitan Police said the victims' accounts painted a "compelling picture of widespread sexual abuse by a predatory sex offender", and Cdr Peter Spindler, who is leading the investigation, said Savile had "groomed the nation".  (A:  That’s a good term. The TV and the BBC and Savile, along with a lot of other trash that they were throwing out to the public at that time, ala Freud in other words, to destroy, you know, and liberate the sexual revolution, they ‘groomed the nation’, you see, so the predators could work on everyone.)


The NSPCC said Savile had been one of the most prolific sex offenders in its 129-year history.  (A:  No, he’s only the most prolific that they’ve actually caught, although they didn’t catch him; he’s dead isn’t he? Because there’s lots more. I’ve read some articles here in the past about some of the Lords who have strange proclivities, who even like to get young boys off the street and have them poop over glass while they lay underneath it. I’ve read these from mainstream on the air. That’s Britain for you.)


The former BBC presenter of Top Of The Pops and Jim'll Fix It, who also worked as a Radio 1 DJ and received a knighthood in 1990, died aged 84 in October 2011 - a year before the allegations were broadcast in an ITV documentary.


Revelations that Savile had sexually abused children prompted hundreds of victims to come forward, including those who said they were attacked on BBC premises and a number of other institutions.  (A:  By the way, he wasn’t the only one who was at it in the BBC. Other young people who took part in the BBC programs also were raped there by others IN the BBC; that’s also been disclosed. Remember, the BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation; it’s the mouthpiece of those who rule Britain, and it’s taxpayer-funded. They give you the culture, or the degradation of culture, depending on how you want to look at it.)


NSPCC director of child protection advice and awareness Peter Watt said: "The sheer scale of Savile's abuse over six decades simply beggars belief.


"He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across and every number represents a victim that will never get justice now he is dead."


The Giving Victims a Voice report set out the findings of Operation Yewtree, which launched three months ago to investigate the Savile abuse claims.


The 30-page document detailed a number of findings, including:


-Savile offended at 13 hospitals, including Great Ormond Street, with one offence recorded at Wheatfields Hospice in 1977


-A total of 14 offences were recorded in relation to schools  (A:  He went to orphanages by the way too, including Jersey, and what a scandal that place is.)


-Savile's youngest victim was an eight-year-old boy, and the oldest was a 47-year-old woman


-The earliest allegation is from 1955 in Manchester and the last is from 2009


-Offences were carried out at the BBC between 1965 and 2006, including at the last Top of the Pops recording (A:  You actually see him grabbing or putting his hand up someone’s skirt there, you know.)


-Peak offending took place between 1966 and 1976


-A total of 450 people have made sexual abuse allegations against Savile since October - of whom 73% were under 18, with most aged 13 to 16


There is "no clear evidence" he operated in paedophile ring, (A:  Well actually, there is.) although "whether he was part of an informal network" is still being investigated.  (A:  Well, they can’t go any higher than that because it would destroy… You understand, all governments are the same. They’d rather repress stuff at the top when there are scandals because the people will ‘lose confidence’ in the government. That’s what they always say. So they repress it all, which makes it continue, you see.)


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt: "We want to know that we have the right procedures in place".


In response to the report, the BBC said it was "appalled" some of the offences were committed on its premises and restated a "sincere apology to the victims of these crimes".


The report also revealed 16 offences were committed at Leeds General Infirmary (A:  ...at the hospital.) between 1965-95 and 22 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital between 1965-88.


One offence was committed at each of the following hospitals . . . (A:  Then they name them all, psychiatric hospitals and everything, and high-security ones as well.)


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he wanted to be able to assure National Health Service  patients (A:  These are the ones that were all getting buggered, folks.) that it would be "much, much harder" for abuse on such a scale to happen again by establishing whether NHS procedures were to blame.  (A:  All the nurses knew what was going on and they were told not to open their mouths about it. And that all came out too during the inquiry.)


He told BBC Radio 4's World at One programme that the scale of the challenge for the NHS's investigation into Savile's abuse on its premises was "absolutely huge" because it would cover a period of about 40 years.


Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper called for "a proper overarching review led by child protection experts into why everyone failed (A:  Well, why bother with these experts, because they all knew it was going on at the time, folks.) to stop Savile and what should be done now".


"A myriad of small reviews and inquiries into how it could happen in different hospitals or the BBC are just not enough," she said.


The Crown Prosecution Service also published a review of a decision in 2009 not to charge Savile with sexual offences in relation to four complaints made to police in Surrey and Sussex.  (A:  When you’re awfully famous, you see, and you’ve been given the little dabbing of the sword by the Queen, nobody’s going to touch you, and Savile pretty well said that too. So it won’t go any further. They’re telling you basically that this won’t go any further, trying to put it all on Savile. There was a lot more than Savile involved in this and they all darn well know it. But they won’t go any further with it, so that’s that.)


A little bit about Freud, as I mentioned too, when Freud came to America; this is by the Chronicle Review. It talks about… It doesn’t go into, by the way, why he was using the sexual liberation technique, but you have to go into the Frankfurt School to see, because you find that the authors there were much more frank as to why they were pushing this sexual liberation, which is also to destroy the dominant cultures, by the way, so that another culture could take over.


When Freud Came to America - chronicle.com / September 21, 2009 / Russell Jacoby


And after reading that now, about Savile, you’ve got this article here…


Lower the age of consent to just FOURTEEN, say civil servants...

(A:  These are the people who work as bureaucrats and politicians for Britain.)

 and let's make nudity on the streets legal too

dailymail.co.uk / James Chapman / 10 January 2013


- Civil servants were asked for ideas to cut state intrusion into everyday life

- 'Outrageous' suggestion to lower consent age was rejected by ministers

- But reforms to nudity laws are still being considered, sources say


(A:  You see, the same agenda that Freud brought over is still on the go, folks, often by the descendants of the same people, who started it off in the first place.)


Lowering the age of sexual consent to 14 and allowing public nudity were among the suggestions made by officials drawing up new laws on personal freedoms.  (A:  ...‘personal freedoms’... to destroy what’s left of whatever culture you have.)


Number 10 asked civil servants to produce a list of ideas that could be included in legislation to reduce state intrusion into everyday life.  (A:  I guess they’re talking about things like Jimmy Savile. If you just lower the age of consent then you can screw whoever you want to I guess.)


The ‘outrageous’ suggestion to lower the age of consent has been rejected out of hand by ministers and their advisers.


But sources said reforms to nudity laws, which would give men and women the right to wander naked on Britain’s streets and beaches without fear of arrest, were still being considered.


Men bathing naked on a beach not designated for naturism, or appearing nude in other public areas, can face prosecution under the 1824 Vagrancy Act, which makes it illegal to expose the ‘male person’. Women can be charged under the Public Order Act.


In a joint appearance at Downing Street earlier this week, David Cameron and Nick Clegg revealed that a new ‘Freedoms Bill’ (A:  ...a Freedoms Bill… oh what a nice name for it.) would be among key priorities for the next two and a half years of coalition government. (A:  This is the most important thing on their agenda? Hmm? Can you believe this, folks?  See, society’s been gone, your culture’s gone, and they’re not finished stamping it into the mud yet. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the system, the system that you’re living in which didn’t just arrive by itself. It’s always guided. Culture and cultural changes are always guided, with big money too.  But this goes into the history of the sexual offenses act and so on and it says...


In 1875 the Offences Against the Persons Act raised the age of sexual consent from 12 to 13 in Great Britain and Ireland. (A:  That only came about because royalty at one time used to marry so young.) Ten years later, the Criminal Law Amendment Act raised it again, to 16.


Some libertarians have argued that the law should be reformed as it is routinely flouted, with 40 per cent of teenagers becoming sexually active by the age of 15.  (A:  Well they are now because they all watch that television, that’s got a massive agenda behind it.)


'The Liberal Democrats are leading on this Bill and people were in shock. With everything that’s going on with Jimmy Savile, you don’t need more than two brain cells to realise how toxic this is'


Academics have proposed that the age of consent could be reduced from 16 to 14 – but only for young couples who are less than two years apart in age, to prevent paedophile relationships.  (A:  Well, that wouldn’t stand up in court, if you got them sexually active then, at a very young age.  It wouldn’t stand up in court.)


According to organisations such as the International Child and Youth Care Network, an age of consent of 16 criminalises more than half the teenage population (A:  Because you see, they’re all told what to do by their television, and music television and all the rest of it. All you see is sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.) and makes it hard to give them proper advice and support to prevent diseases, unwanted pregnancies and abuse.


But one Tory (A:  Conservative…) source said the Prime Minister had been ‘appalled’ to discover that lowering the age of consent had ever been considered.  (A:  Well they should take a little survey of who works for government. Shouldn’t they? I wouldn’t be surprised at the results.)


‘The Liberal Democrats are leading on this Bill and people were in shock.


‘There is some sensible stuff in the Bill, such as making it easier to get permission for street parties and other public events. How these other ideas even came to be put down on paper is beyond comprehension. They are bonkers and we insisted they were abandoned.’


Lib Dem sources insisted it was ‘categorically untrue’ that the party had ‘in any way been pushing the idea on sexual consent’.  (A:  What a joke. Of course they have been.)


So anyway, that’s the ones who are put in power, or they put themselves in power by the real power that runs the world to destroy your cultures, folks. And they’re pushing as always until you’re totally defunct. You understand, you have no idea how contaminated your mind becomes with television. Someone sent me some links recently to the comedy shows in the US; I think it’s Comedy Central, some of them. Literally, here’s all these adults giggling and laughing at what you used to call fart jokes. Fart jokes are popular between young boys between the age of five and maybe 10 at the most. So they’re still stuck at that age of, you know, perversion basically, simple perversion. And you’re supposed to grow out of it as you get older. But the comedians there don’t seem to have got out of it with the stuff that’s coming out of their mouths. But that’s part of the cultural destruction as well. 


And it’s not a matter of having choices. This is a plan to destroy what’s left of culture. And you already see the chaos of the damages done already, with the massive abortion industry, which had to come out of the same... the same slime, obviously, of promotional sex, you know, and throw it out everywhere, just do it, just do it, just like the ads say, just do it.  Unwanted pregnancies too, and single mothers, single parent families, children having children... and the state pays for the tab. In other words, the public pay for it all, which is a big part of the banking system you live under. They love big welfare systems; it’s part of their control over you. It’s not about stopping you having fun, folks.


Also I’ll put up an article tonight; it’s to do with illnesses and unvaccinated children. Studies have been done between those who had vaccinations and they found out that the unvaccinated children are far less likely to be affected by common diseases than the vaccinated children. There’s quite a lot of studies that have been done actually.


State of health of unvaccinated children



Due to the fact that the majority of children in the survey are between 0 and 2 years of age and some diseases generally do not appear in this age group, the results are subdivided into different age groups (you can see that by clicking on the chart). (A:  It goes into all the effects of those who had vaccinations versus unvaccinated. The vaccinated end up having massive allergies, they have neurodermatitis, they’ve got asthma and many other problems too. The unvaccinated ones don’t. So I’ll put that article up tonight; I’ve got about two or three that’ll put up on that in fact.)


Unvaccinated Children are Healthier - vaccineinjury.info/ Sue Claridge


And also…


Rogue virus in the vaccine: Early polio vaccine harbored virus now feared to cause cancer in humans

eugenicsanddepopulation.blogspot.ca /  January 12, 2008


I’ve mentioned that before. The other night I put up one by the man who spearheaded, he was the pioneer for vaccine creation, for all the big companies. You’ll hear him, himself, talking about it on YouTube, that they knew they were putting in all these cancer viruses, especially in the polio vaccine. Not just the polio vaccine by the way, they’re in pretty well every kind of vaccine that’s out there.  Because they grow a lot of these viruses on human tissue and the human tissue they prefer is actual cancer tissue, like the Hela tissue.  That’s all simply mushed up in a blender and they try to get the pink bits out so you’re not disgusted, and then they inject it into you.  That’s how simple vaccination really is.




POLIO: the virus and the vaccine - http://www.sparks-of-light.org/References-Polio-articles.html


Now, Canada is no different than other countries now by the filth we watch on television and the effects it has on the minds of young people. They’re getting rape cases now, now they’re attacking young men. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, talking about the sexual assaults that go on. Of course the big thing is that it’s also homosexual assaults and pedophilic assaults; it’s happening more and more commonly. I think it was earlier last year, the year just past, in Nova Scotia they had been attacking young boys there for sex. Now they’ve got it happening on the West coast in British Columbia and it says…


Six arrested after ‘horrific’ sex assault on B.C. boy

bc.ctvnews.ca /  January 10, 2013


Prince George Mounties have arrested six (A:  These are gangs of them now.) suspects in connection with what they describe as a “horrific sexual assault” that left one boy in hospital earlier this week.


Officers received an anonymous tip Monday directing them to a local apartment building, where they found the victim lying unconscious in a snow bank.


He was taken to the University Hospital of Northern B.C. for treatment, where he remained in serious but stable condition Thursday night.


“This is a very disturbing investigation,” Cpl. Craig Douglass said in a statement. “We will do everything we can to bring those responsible to justice.”


Mounties believe the boy, whose age has not been released, was lured to the apartment before being beaten and sexually assaulted by a group consisting of both youths and young adults.  (A:  There were also females there too.)


A second boy is believed to have been lured to the same apartment, but suffered a less-severe attack.


Investigators eventually identified six suspects, all of whom have been arrested and remain in custody. They include a 20-year-old woman, an 18-year-old man and one girl and three boys whose ages have not been released.


None of the suspects have been charged or identified. Police say they are due to appear in court later this week.  (A:  And they’re asking for information.)


This is, again, from the boob tube and the cultural degradation, because all you get now, through what you’re watching, is degradation. It’s weaponized. Do you understand, your entertainment is totally, totally weaponized, for a reason; it’s not just money. They get big bucks all right but it’s not just money. I hope you understand that.


And also this article here, it came out to do with Planned Parenthood, which is to do with abortions across the planet. Planned Parenthood, it sounds different than abortions, you see.  There’s a great history to that as well; I could go into that forever but I won’t bother. It says…


New Record: Planned Parenthood Performed 333,964 Abortions In 2011

ExplosiveReports.Com / Jurriaan Maessen /  January 8, 2013


In its newly released annual report for fiscal year 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood records no less than 333,964 abortions in 2011. (A:  This is just ONE organization.)  In the same report the organization states that 45% of its revenue in that year came from taxpayers.  (A:  So you see, you do pay for the fallout.)


Town Hall reports that over the past three years, Planned Parenthood (carrying the slogan “care, no matter what”) performed nearly a million abortions.  (A:  By the way, they don’t just toss those babies away. They can sell the parts, you know, for serums and things like that, stuff to inject into you and all that kind of stuff.)


In the preface of the report, the organization’s chair and president state:


“We are so proud of the year’s many successes, and deeply grateful to all the partners, supporters, volunteers, staff, and friends who helped make them possible.”


Well, the majority of revenue’s received by Planned Parenthood in 2011 consists of American taxpayers, contributing no less than 45% of all income. Contributions from “friends” make out only 26% of the total revenue received in 2011, while another 26% is from “non-government health services.”   (A:  One way or another it’s all funneled through the government, even from the foundations.)


Planned Parenthood, described by Douglass R. Scott Jr. as the “most proficient killing machine in America”, (A:  ...and that’s true. They’re on about gun control and gun shootings, well look at the record of this bunch here.) is heavily involved into the Obama campaign. Here’s a depiction of PP’s president Cecile Richard, leaning no doubt as to her political allegiance:


As Politico reported during the Democratic convention late last year, the current Democratic platform is carefully avoiding taking a stand on one of the most divisive issues in the United States today: the practice and principle of terminating unborn life. (A:  And it depends how you even phrase it. It depends on what religion you believe, you see, because a certain religion doesn’t believe you have life until you’re born. It doesn’t matter that it’s been growing inside of you all that time, they say that’s part of the woman’s appendages.  And that’s taking the predominant view, over other predominant religions.) Instead the current Democratic convention hopes to avert the looming specter of electoral defeat, addressing the issue indirectly, framing the issue in such euphemistic words as “human rights”, “empowering women to make their own decisions”, and last but not least: “reproductive health”.


As national polls have indicated, a majority of Americans favours more strict regulations in regards to abortion. The Democratic National Convention therefore has carefully avoided using the “a” word. After all, campaigning history has shown that such words can and will be used by the other side to slam the democrats for recklessness at election time. Rather than taking their positions on the subject, the Democrats have included typical United Nations euphemisms designed to make abortion an issue of “human rights”.


As the Politico article puts it:


“(…) don’t expect them to focus on abortion- or even necessarily use the word. Instead, they’ll defend Obama’s record on reproductive health and reproductive rights. And, as they have before, they’ll accuse GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his party of waging a “war on women.”” 


(A:  You understand, everybody’s being used, by a particular group that wants to dominate the world. They’ve done it already, in fact. It’s been done. And all this is just the chaos, and again, the planned society. It’s not just Planned Parenthood. Remember, a planned society, underneath that comes many other different parts of the plan and one is Planned Parenthood, you see. Old stuff, written about from the eugenicists long ago.)


In their rhetorical manoeuvrings, the democratic party has attempted to play into the feelings of the majority of “pro-choice” party-members, while at the same time avoiding a direct clash with a majority of the American people, not quite as inclined to embrace abortion as a morally viable option. (A:  I don’t know if it really matters because folk don’t realize how much their minds have been poisoned by what they laugh at as entertainment. And it really does affect you. It’s meant to. It’s weaponized, by specialists.)


I mentioned too, that the Council on Foreign Relations, that’s part of the big world governmental system; is simply one of the branches of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – you can’t call them ‘Royal’ in America so they call it the Council on Foreign Relations.  The same in the European Union, every member of Parliament over there and the guys who run it all at the top, the shadow bunch, are all members of the European Council on Foreign Relations and George Soros is the head of that one. The top bankers in the world set up the Council on Foreign Relations and they set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  But they’ve always pushed for intense multiculturalism as an intention to destroy dominant cultures, so as that they can be replaced.  That’s the real reason for it, not to bring in world peace.  Look at the history of US Immigration.  It’s quite amazing to look at the records and who is fighting what and who came up against it and tried to get it all through, and generally was successful, for change.


U.S. Immigration Reform Will Happen—At Last  (A:  ...it says.

 This is from the CFR’s website, by Richard N Haass who’s the President of it.)

cfr.org /  Author: Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations /  January 1, 2013


The November election had many consequences, but few may be as profound as its impact on the likelihood of immigration reform. (A:  So, ‘at last’, it says…)


Why? It has a good deal to do with domestic politics. One out of every six Americans is of at least some Hispanic heritage. The Republican party will not continue to be a national party able to compete successfully in presidential elections unless it embraces a more open approach toward immigrants and immigration. It doesn't hurt that two potential Republican nominees in 2016 — former Florida governor Jeb Bush and current Florida senator Marco Rubio — are strong advocates of just such change.


Understanding the consequences of immigration reform for the US requires unpacking the issue into its three essential components. The first, illegal entry, has largely been resolved, the result of increased vigilance at borders, a slowed economy that offers fewer jobs, and smaller family sizes in Mexico that leaves fewer young men wanting to come to the US.


The second dimension is the most controversial: the state of the 11m people who entered or have remained in the country illegally. Forcing them to leave or "self-deport" as Mitt Romney put it is not a serious option. But forcing these men, women, and children to live in the shadows is inhumane and limits what they can contribute to US society.  (A:  So anyway, it’s a rah-rah thing for opening up the floodgates. And it’s not just Mexico they’re talking about either, if you look into the records in the history of what the CFR actually is; most folk don’t bother looking into it.)


Also too, with the future going along the way of Demolition Man and everything else and all the other Sci-Fi’s they’ve given you, and with the higher tech weaponry – they’re way ahead of anything they show you, by the way, on movies.  They’re way, way ahead; 30 light years ahead with high technologies.  But with drones coming in, and drones policing and all the rest of it, and drones being used in the military, it says…


Rheinmetall demos laser that can shoot down drones

bbc.co.uk / 8 January 2013


(A:  They give you a little show of how this thing automatically can track drones and shoot them down with lasers.)


A laser weapons system that can shoot down two drones at a distance of over a mile has been demonstrated by Rheinmetall Defence.  (A:  They’re not the only ones that have that. I saw one earlier in the year where a US company had them as well. These things automatically zone in, very quickly, and just blow them out of existence. They’ve used lasers, by the way, for many, many years. They’ve even brought down planes in the past and blamed it on terrorists, but that’s a different story.)


And the big bank, it wasn’t a “crash”, it was a planned takedown, by the bankers themselves who met years before the crash and discussed how they’re going to make billions off of worthless mortgages by jacking up their prices and passing them around and selling them to each other, and that they’re just too big, too big to fail, then. They had actual meetings of the top bankers and they said, the American citizens would have to bail them out. So they knew what they were doing; it was a strategy.  It was also to get you into more poverty to the same bankers, by the way, and they would be the bosses over you, which has happened; of course, they’ve been the bosses over you for an awful long time.  But the same farce of this is still going on and it says…


Bank of America to pay Fannie Mae billions to settle mortgage claims 

(A:  They’re still fighting between each other as they pass these worthless mortgages on and jack up the prices.)

bbc.co.uk / 7 January 2013


Bank of America has agreed to pay US government mortgage agency Fannie Mae $3.6bn to settle claims relating to residential home loans.


In addition it has agreed to buy back 30,000 mortgages for $6.75 billion and pay a further $1.3 billion in compensation.  (A:  It’s just amazing all those folk who ended up on the streets, and the bankers somehow still have titles to all the homes. Quite something eh. Isn’t it something.)


Also, this article is called...


"The Art of War"

Netanyahu’s black line

voltairenet.org /  Manlio Dinucci / 7 October 2012


Israeli Prime Minister wanted to impress public opinion by brandishing a naive drawing at the podium of the UN General Assembly, (A:  We all saw it, he had that round type Inspector Clouseau bomb, you know, with a little fuse on top that they light.) on 27 September, to accuse Iran of developing a nuclear bomb. But his approach backfired: he only succeeded in demonstrating the emptiness of his arguments and made it clear to everyone that he had much to hide.


We now know what the Iranian nuclear bomb will look like: a ball with a lit fuse, as portrayed in children’s comic strips. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu presented a drawing of it at the UN General Assembly and, just like a nursery school teacher, he pulled out a felt pen and drew a beautiful red line intersecting the bomb. Here, he said, is where the "the world’s most dangerous terrorist regime", the Iranian, must be stopped "before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb."


A completely different scenario should have been presented at the United Nations: that of the powerful Israeli nuclear arsenal, surrounded by the black line of secrecy and omertà. According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, Israel - the only nuclear power in the Middle East - has 100 to 300 nuclear warheads ready to launch ballistic missiles which, as in the case of the Jericho 3, can reach a range of 8 to 9 000 Km. Germany supplied Israel (as a donation or sold at bargain price) four modified Dolphin submarines: in addition to the original six torpedo tubes for launching short-range cruise missiles, each vessel has been equipped with four extra tubes for nuclear-armed Popeye Turbo cruise missiles with a range of 1500 km. Israel’s German-built submarines are extremely quiet and can remain submerged for over a week. They are currently cruising the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, ready around the clock for nuclear attack.


The United States, which has supplied Israel with more than 350 F-16 and F-15 fighter-bombers, has pledged to provide at least 75 dual-capable, nuclear and conventional, F-35 jets. The Pentagon, which withholds the access codes to F-35 software even from countries (such as Italy) involved in its construction, will nevertheless make them available to Israel so that it may integrate the F-35 in its own electronic warfare systems. The Pentagon will also give priority to the training of Israeli pilots, preparing them for nuclear attack with these fifth generation fighters.


Israel, which unlike Iran continues to refuse to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, will not admit that it possesses a nuclear arsenal (whose existence is recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency) while suggesting threateningly that it has it and that it can make use of it. Accordingly, it also refuses to participate in the conference for the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East, for which Iran has signed up.


Meanwhile, Israel, which according to SIPRI has produced, up to 2011, 690 to 950 kg of plutonium, continues to turn out sufficient quantities to produce each year from 10 to 15 bombs of a power equal to that of Nagasaki. It also certainly produces tritium, a radioactive gas with which it manufactures new-generation nuclear weapons. (A:  These are what they call field nukes.) These include mini-nukes for deployment in a minor theater of war and neutron weapons which generate low radioactive contamination, but greater lethality due to their fast-neutron emission: the most appropriate for striking objectives at a close distance from Israel.


The Arab State members of the IAEA, who had prepared a resolution on "Israel’s nuclear capabilities" have, under U.S. pressure, agreed to delay its submission until 2013.


Meanwhile, the wick of the bomb - not the one on the drawing, but the real one in Israel’s possession - can be lit at any time.


And this article too, it’s quite interesting as well. It says NGOs...  Non-governmental organizations, now you’ve got armies and armies, thousands of them, thousands of armies of NGOs across the world, all connected together through central heads that manage them all, bound to the big foundations, the tax-free foundations, which is actually the parallel government; that’s what Quigley and others have called them. And they are, they were the ones who are always lobbying government for changes to societies, etc., all on course with the original agreements they’ve drawn up, all these front foundations that the big bankers brought into being, these tax-free foundations, for charity, you understand. They have these NGOs who are well paid at the top, better than politicians and so on, and still call themselves charitable institutions, lobbying to change all our ways of life, you know. It says…


NGOs Plot Wave of Criminal Referrals

to Legitimize International Criminal Court

thedailybell.com / December 28, 2012


(A:  Now, when they set up the League of Nations they also set up the embryo of an International Criminal Court, for a global society; that’s how old the system is.  And to give it legitimacy they’ve got to start taking various crimes and referring them to the criminal court, who will then accept them; the more they accept, the more it legitimizes itself. That’s how things become legal, just through time and use. So this article here says…)


NGOs Submit Evidence to ICC on Crimes Against Humanity and Impunity in Honduras, Call on Court to Take Up Case ... Today, two leading human rights organizations submitted evidence to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, including expert testimony, periodic compilations of crimes against humanity committed in the last year, and evidence showing there has been no accountability so far for the crimes in Honduras since the 2009 coup. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) made the submission.  (A:  So they’re pushing for, to have full legitimacy across the world. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix. And also, it’s interesting the doublespeak that’s used as we’re spied upon by Big Brother. Well this article here is to do with the Perfect Citizen Program. It sounds awfully nice. It’s like Planned Parenthood, it’s planning… you know, planning is a good thing, isn’t it? But it’s the Perfect Citizen program and it says…


EPIC obtains documents on NSA Perfect Citizen program

thedailysheeple.com/  Madison Ruppert - End the Lie /  January 4th, 2013


The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has finally obtained documents on the Perfect Citizen program, run by the National Security Agency (NSA), which monitors private computer networks in the United States.  (A:  ...the ones who are spying on you all, call it the Perfect Citizen Program.)


This program, which the NSA claims is an effort to increase domestic cybersecurity, sounds much like proposed legislation I reported on in February of 2012 (A:  The link is here for that too.) but this is being done without any such authorization, although Obama was reportedly considering the implementation of cybersecurity measures by executive order.


The NSA has increasingly shifted their focus toward cybersecurity and digital communications with the construction of a massive, heavily fortified $2 billion spy complex and a close relationship with Google which we will probably never know the details of thanks to a U.S. appeals court.  (A:  Well Google is part of the NSA/British system as well; the American/British system.  Well actually it’s not even the American/British; that’s what they’re often referred to.)


The “Perfect Citizen” program was first revealed to the American public by a story published in the Wall Street Journal on July 8, 2010.


The program was supposedly just in the planning stages at that point and would include sensors in private computer networks which would only be activated by unusual activity and wouldn’t constitute persistent monitoring.


However, when the Wall Street Journal gained access to internal emails from Raytheon Corp., the contractor awarded the secret contract worth up to $100 million according to sources familiar with Perfect Citizen (though the documents seem to indicate the contract is worth up to around $90 million), it was revealed that Raytheon didn’t see it as such.


One email stated, “Perfect Citizen is Big Brother.” Unsurprisingly, Raytheon refused to comment on the find.


The newly released documents (A:  And all the links are on this article which I’ll put up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.) (mirrored here), obtained by EPIC through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, are heavily redacted with large portions of paragraphs removed from many of the 190 pages released by EPIC on January 2, 2013.


The documents reveal the justification for Perfect Citizen, namely, that the “prevention of a loss due to a cyber or physical attack [on Sensitive Control Systems, like large-scale utilities], or recovery of operational capability after such an event, is crucial to the continuity of the [Department of Defense], the [Intelligence Community], and the operation of SIGNIT [signals intelligence] systems,” according to EPIC.


While the NSA has claimed that Perfect Citizen is nothing more than a research and development program when the program was first revealed, the newly released documents paint a different picture.


“The documents obtained by EPIC suggest that the program is operational,” stated EPIC.


Indeed, the documents seem to show a fully operational program even with the great deal of redaction in critical areas.


Did I forget anything or miss any errors? Would you like to make me aware of a story or subject to cover? (A:  And this guy gives you an email of where to contact him.)


But remember, that’s the Perfect Citizen Program – it’s a spy system on all of you, everybody. That’s what it’s all about, folks. This is the brave new world they’re bringing you into, because certain people thought you were just too dumb and stupid to rule your own lives, you see. Mind you, the media has gone to great lengths with entertainment to try and make it that way. Unfortunately a lot of people grew up with this degraded system thinking it’s all quite normal. And we become what they want us to be. But it’s up to you to stop it. And it’s quite easy to stop it for yourself.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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