January 15, 2013 (#1249)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 15, 2013:

All Glory is Gory:

"This Global Agenda Tends to Be Boring,
Years of Study Leaves You Snoring,
Your Head is Full of Documented Facts
Showing All Crises to Be Planned Acts
Towards Societies with Placebo Leaders
Serving their Purpose for the Top Feeders
Who Now Own the World, Pull the Strings,
Knew Years Ago what Tomorrow Brings,
Neuroscientists, Behaviourists, Near Pinnacle,
According to Their Masters, Worked a Miracle,
Conditioning Generations to Be Thick as a Brick,
Obedient and Ignorant, Now There's a Trick"
© Alan Watt Jan. 15, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan. 15, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January the 15th, 2013.

For newcomers, I suggest you do make good use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And if you plod through that you’ll start to understand the system you’re born into. Your parents were born into the same system (a complete system) and your grandparents too. We’ve been under a form of occupation or takeover for an awful long time and the average person doesn’t know it and they’re given all kinds of alternative reasons as to why we’re in the mess we’re in. But, of course, agencies and organizations blossomed at the turn of the 20th century and came out openly with their big agendas, including the Royal Institute for International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations (same group actually), who put branches in every country and they claim they’ve been putting prime ministers and presidents in, for over a hundred years now, to all countries across the world, to bring about this global society which they themselves would rule. It wasn’t just to make a nice, happy planet where we will all smile and share our chocolates or whatever; it’s because the big boys want to bring in a scientifically-created society, where they’d have a very obedient population and compliant population, who would work, pay taxes and do what they were told. And, at the same time, the big boys wanted to, eventually, even create new kinds of humans, that would serve them better towards the end. And that’s all being touted today through all the scientific magazines, if you go through them.

So, a big long-term plan. And we’re used... every generation is used toward this plan and we help further their goals for them; we work their ideas into existence for them by complying. And, as I say, it’s not to be a pleasant world at all. They blame all of you for using their resources, you see, because these boys at the top, naturally being survivors, want to make sure that they and their offspring and their offspring to come, way off into the future, will have lots of things to work on and work with in natural supplies and so on and resources. And, unfortunately, you see, we are now classed as “surplus” by them, especially the Western countries which have fought all the wars for them to bring this global world about (this society about) and also, we’ve helped plunder the planet for the big corporations that rule us; it’s all part of the big club at the top. And academia is all on board with them too, so you’re not going to get the truth out of academia; they’re part of keeping you dumbed down, stupid and giving you fake histories and even a fake reality, in a sense too. So, you’ve got to figure it out for yourself. It’s a hard thing to do, so help yourself at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you’ll start to find out how it’s done.

And, remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donating, hopefully, in these austere times. And from the US to Canada, remember, you can use personal checks and international postal money orders too, from the post office, to Canada, and you can also send cash or use PayPal. Across the world: Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal, once again.

And, as I say, we don’t have nice times ahead of us at all. We’ve been planned to go into austerity for a long long time. Back in the 1970’s, for instance, the Club of Rome, came out openly, in one of their big books and talked about bringing austerity in; a post-consumerist society, they called it, where your extra cash that’d you normally spend for things you might want or like, would go to paying basic expenses for energy and utilities and rents and everything else, mortgages. So, we’re well on the path there and everything’s going as planned. The bank crash itself was planned long before it came down. All the top bankers got together (they’ve admitted that) and had many, many meetings over years. And they knew that they were too big to fail and that the public would bail them out. They had all their boys in politics, anyway, to make sure that happened. And they lost nothing at all, whatsoever. And it helped also to bring down the power of the countries, the taxpayers who were then left with the big bills, because all that money to pay off the bankers was borrowed money. And I hear the music coming in, so I’ll be back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And it’s quite the matrix indeed, because most folk are completely stupefied when they find out what’s been going on in reality, as opposed to what they’ve been told by the news; when they find out the reasons for things, the reasons for the wars abroad, who is behind it, who benefits from it, who pays for it and who runs the world, basically. And it truly is quite a journey and most folk really can freak out when they start to understand what’s happening. And I tell them: don’t freak out, whatever you do, don’t go crazy because you’re getting downloaded with information that you start to understand. And don’t try to alienate yourself from those around you by becoming a kind of preacher almost, an evangelist and you’re evangelizing to your parents or your family, because you’ll lose them all... you’ll lose them all. You’ve got to find people who are already asking questions and then you don’t overdose them with your information, because you will alienate yourself down the road and that can be quite unsafe these days, too, in certain instances. So, start to share your information wisely with those who are really asking the questions. Don’t bother with people you’re trying to convert, because, you understand, social indoctrination is a science and it works with most people... it works perfectly with most people.

When you go into the history of education, for instance, you find that good big philosophers like Jacques Ellul, talk about indoctrination, and a form of brainwashing, and he says it’s essential. And the elite all know this and they’ve always known this: it’s essential that you must get the young first, at school, for the initial indoctrination. If they don’t get that initial indoctrination, then their adult indoctrination, which is continuous, won’t take on them (it won’t work), so it’s very important that they’re given their fake history. They’re taught not to reason things out at school; just parrot what they’re told and get little gold stars and be accepted by the group and that’s what they push in schools now: group thinking. And then you all have group decisions and come to consensus. They don’t like people who stand up and say, I don’t go along with that; that’s nonsense. They want everyone to be in conformity with the rest. School standardizes you, you understand. So much so, that people will grow up in some countries, especially the US, and never question... never question the news. They really believe that what comes across the news is somehow from government and it’s by government, but it’s not. It’s private, private industries, the whole news industry. And they have their own goals, believe you me.

An essential part, if you want to go into any country and dominate it, is to make sure you gradually take over all culture industry; you must take over all education; and you must take over all the media. And then you convince the public, gradually, that you’re somehow part of their reasoning mechanisms; that’s what Brzezinski said in one of his own books. He says that shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves and they’ll expect the media to do their thinking and reasoning for them. And when my parents were around, and my grandparents, they didn’t trust the media at all in a place like Britain, because they all knew the history of the media in Britain and elsewhere. It’s all owned by private companies that have their own agendas. And they really do have their own agendas, believe you me. So, the public has been taught to forget that, because the TV is a permanent part of their daily life. And they laugh and they weep, depending on what they’re being shown and they also sit and get indoctrinated by their media downloads for their news every day. So, it’s a scientific indoctrination that works awfully, awfully well, so if you’re trying to wake up people like that, you’re wasting your time. And you’ll just end up having arguments with them.

So, the world is changing fast, because we’re coming to the end of a stage. And you’ve got to understand that when the Royal Institute for International Affairs set up their offices in the early 1900’s or 20th century, they, under the authority of the Queen (so they’re a private company but authorized with royalty behind them) they would decide who would get elected to parliament. They vet everybody who gets in. They do the same thing with their branch in the US (the Council on Foreign Relations). The Council on Foreign Relations also runs your media: every top media personage is a member of the CFR/Royal Institute for International Affairs, every single one of them. Every reporter would love to have them ask to join because that’s a real leg up the ladder if you’re asked to join these organizations. You can’t apply for it. You’ve got to be asked. And then once you’re asked, you go along with everything they tell you. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong; you do what you’re told and they’ll look after you.

So, remember, culture has been taken over. Your media is completely controlled and your government is, as well. It’s all working together towards an aim, which is not for the public whatsoever. Remember, Karl Marx came out, in the 1800’s, with the three-bloc plan (trading blocs for the world), that would be under a “super government,” he called it. But it would start with “free trade” between countries that would then form blocs and eventually they’d have the European bloc; that would expand all the way through to Russia and beyond. And that’s happening today. They also wanted a United Americas to follow, secondly, and that’s still on the go yet too. We’re integrating and so much so, that the US NSA and CIA and all the rest of it, shares all their data on their citizens with Canada and vice versa, and we also have treaties on all kinds of import tariffs and so on and so on and they share the loot on that as well. And then you also have the Far-East Pacific-Rim region and the ASEAN countries that were to form the third bloc and that’s underway, now too. China is to be the big major domo of that one and that was arranged an awful long time ago.

Now, the public in all of these things are never consulted, because, you see, you have no democracy. Democracy is not standing up for the rights of LGBD or whatever else it is. That’s not democracy at all. Democracy is supposedly when the will of the majority of the people have been asked what their will is and you’re never asked what your will is. And the reason is partly because those who are socially indoctrinated and culturally indoctrinated with their scientific indoctrination, take it for granted that other people will do all the voting for them and they will stand up and complain for them, and that’s not participatory democracy.  Democracy is, supposedly, when you participate, yourself, and get involved. So, we don’t have any kind of democracy; we have just simply, leaders chosen for an agenda by big organizations in a pyramid-type structure. And it’s across the whole world. They have every country on board with it. Don’t think for a minute that China is completely independent here because the West created China. We funded China into existence. We signed the World Trade Organization. We gave them all of these free trade deals and then we also paid for all the factories that were here (in Canada, the States, Britain, elsewhere) to uplift all their stuff and move over to China. We paid for the moving. And we also trained all the engineers that China didn’t have for the new factories. We trained them for 30 years prior to this (before they even had places to go back to and work in). In Canada, we trained them in the universities, (Britain, the States, and elsewhere too). So, this is how far in advance big plans work, you see. And we’re just simply living through it. We’re taught by the media that things just happen spontaneously and crisis after crisis happens. Nothing is further from the truth; it’s all planned out in 10-year plans, 50-year plans, 100-year plans and more, just like they do at the United Nations and just like they did in the Soviet regime, with their, 5-, 10-, 50-, 100-year plans, because it’s the same boys who started up all of these organizations, at the top.

Now, today, as the system is getting integrated, and with the whole NAFTA deal (North American Free Trade Agreement) and integration, we’re still paying a lot of countries in Latin America right now, in order to have a lot of forests cleared just to plant the big agribusinesses. And some of them haven’t even fully joined it yet but we’re paying for it. We’ve been paying for it since the late 80’s, by the way, for the big five agribusinesses to have places in Chile, etc (that’s where all the food’s going to come from in the future). And the public are totally ignorant of what’s really even going on and where their money is going to. We’re still building hospitals in China, even though China is making more billionaires than any other country in the world right now, through the free trade deals. And they can pollute as long as they want to and they don’t have to reciprocate with any kind of tariffs at all or free trade into their country, because they’re allowed tariffs on importing into their country. And if they say that they’re not making enough money, at the end of the 15 years, they can reapply and have it stamped for another 15 years. This can go on forever; same with India and all the so-called “emerging countries,” that we are all funding, as we go down the tubes. This is the great plan, the great work, you see.

Now, part of the NAFTA deal too, was that they brought in all the Caribbean countries. And one of the exceptions (countries that they didn’t want to bring into it) was Cuba, but Cuba supposedly was run by the communist system. But they’re changing that gradually now. Now it’s time. And they’re starting now with the Cuban changing in migration policies. It says,

“The new major provisions to Cuba’s migration policy, allows Cubans, who obtain their passports, to travel as long as they have an entry visa from the country they intend to visit and ticket and eliminates the need for an exit visa and letter of invitation. It increases the time that Cubans may stay outside of the country, from 11 months to 24 months, without losing their status as residents of Cuba.”


Alan: And it says,

“Previously, Cubans were given permission to visit for up to 30 days, after which, they had to pay a fee for each additional month extension, up to 11 months. It allows those younger than 18, to leave the country with notarized authorization of parents or legal representatives. It allows Cubans, who have emigrated, to visit the island, for a period of 90 days (60 more than currently allowed). Allows those who were previously barred from returning, such as those who left for humanitarian reasons, rafters, and athletes and professionals who left their teams or posts while on official trips abroad, to return. Those who escaped through the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo will still be banned for defense and national security reasons. Allows those who left Cuba illegally after the 1994 migration accord with the United States to return as long as eight years have passed since their departures.”


Alan: And so on and so on. So, that’s gradually being changed, as everything gets all-readied for the complete integration of the Americas and the surrounding islands and so on. That’s what it’s all about. What was that, a 60-year plan there? Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And talking about the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute for International Affairs. They were working since the 1920’s to bring about, as I say, the ASEAN bloc countries in the Far East. And they had many front organizations but it was definitely them behind it. In fact, their main historian, Carroll Quigley, has that in the Anglo-American Establishment, an excellent book you’ve got to read to give you all the fill-ins of the histories, which they omit in regular books, because there is an alternative history here. And it says here,

“In a region largely bereft of regional organizations, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been the most significant multilateral group in Asia for the past forty-five years. Since its inception in 1967...”


Alan: Well, you’ll find out they were planning this, as I say, in the 1920’s, in the CFR. It says,

“...ASEAN has largely achieved its initial purpose of preventing Southeast Asia from further outbreaks of war following the Indochina Wars, and has also accomplished several notable achievements in the economic and nonproliferation realms. Yet ASEAN today lags woefully behind its full potential. Unlike other regional institutions...”


Alan: That’s what they call them at the CFR, is “regional institutions.”

“... ASEAN does not maintain a peacekeeping force, have the authority to enforce human rights, or posses a formal mechanism for conflict resolution. Most Western leaders and even many of Southeast Asia’s top officials do not consider the organization capable of handling serious economic or security challenges, including disputes in the South China Sea.”


Alan: And it gives you a link here.

“ In this International Institutions and Global Governance program...”


Alan: This is from the Royal Institute for International Affairs.

“...Working Paper, Joshua Kurlantzick analyzes the major obstacles facing ASEAN today and prescribes recommendations for the both the United States and ASEAN that will enable ASEAN to firmly establish itself as the essential regional organization in Asia.”


Alan: Now, as I say, the CFR, they went further and so did Carroll Quigley, when he said, that eventually, they would raise China up to be a power down the road. And, in fact, the CFR and the Royal Institute for International Affairs had groups working from Australia. In fact, some of the top people there were working for this integration and eventually they’ll be swallowed up by it too. So, I’ll put this link up tonight.

And also too, an address that was given in 1992 by:

“President Jacques Delors to the Royal Institute of International Affairs- London, 7th September 1992: The European Community and the New World Order”


Alan: And it’s quite an interesting speech because back in ’92, he laid out the whole integration strategy for Europe. As I say, it’s much older... the whole idea is much older; Marx mentioned it and they’ve been working on it steadily since, with the big bankers on top, because, you see, at the top of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, including them themselves (the top boys), it was started by world bankers (you understand, money lenders who are world money lenders). And it’s still the same today. And the whole world was to be run by the power of the purse, some of them said. So, anyway, then their sons took over and they also fomented revolutions across the world too, to expand the British Empire and then they were to use the British Empire as the template basically, and used those countries to expand further, as they handed power over to the US, to take up the cost of it all, because Britain was going to run dry by losing men and the cost was going to be phenomenal. And that certainly happened. But the US was given the task of taking over and even Kipling talked about it too, and came over and gave a speech to the US Senate (that we hand the flag over to you - all of that kind of stuff) and the US has been the whipping boy ever since for getting it all done. But they’re not finished with it yet. So, I’ll put this link up tonight, by Jacques Delors at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, telling you about what was to come.

And also, this one here to do with... Canada’s native chiefs are in disarray, apparently. They’re trying to get some land rights back, because the government’s pushing for lands rights and there’s big money involved as well. And there are a lot of corporations that want to get onto their lands, as well. So, I’ll put this link up tonight. They are supposed to be meeting the prime minister and hammering out their ideas. But the Indians at least have a long memory of deception, so we’ll see how this goes.

Now, in Pakistan, that’s been a thorn in the side of this order for a long, long time – another Muslim country, primarily – and the Muslim countries all have to become, basically, secular administrations. That’s the prime, again, of the CFR... a prime command of the CFR. They’re trying to get secular administrations in – at least they say secular, but it’ll be from a particular people who will end up running them. But, it says here,

“Court Orders Arrest of Pakistani Prime Minister amid Mass Protests”


Alan: So, they’ve got a good Colour Revolution going there.

“Pakistan has plunged into a leadership crisis. As hundreds of thousands demonstrate against corruption, the country’s high court has ordered the arrest of Prime Minister Ashraf. Populist cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri has declared a ‘revolution.’ The streets of Pakistan were packed on Tuesday, when hundreds of thousands of demonstrators joined the protest called by Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, a self-proclaimed revolutionary leader. Indeed, it was to be his day of ‘revolution.’ He likely wasn’t expecting help from the country’s highest court...”


Alan: Well, they took time to work that in. It doesn’t just happen like that.

“...but in the middle of the march, the news suddenly broke that the court had ordered the arrest of Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on suspicion of corruption and nepotism. The demonstrators cheered wildly when they heard the development.”


Alan: Mind you, it’d be amazing if the West took some lessons from that too and got rid of some of the corruption in your own countries. {Laughs} Wouldn’t it?  Well, we cheer this kind of thing for others.

“The order issued by the Islamabad-based court came following hearings in a corruption case in which Ashraf, who has been prime minister since last June, stands accused of having received bribes in connection with an energy project during his stint as minister of water and power from 2008 to 2011.”


Alan: He bought property in London, with the cash, they claim. Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re going through the big changes, of course, that were planned before we were born and we’re living through them like a script. That’s all it is; life is a script. And everything that is happening today was planned long before you were born, including the wars too (even the line-up of the wars: who would be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on); planned long before you were born. But, as I say, getting back to creating the three-bloc trading system for the world, under a super-parliament idea: that was to start with the blocs and they’d get the super-parliament and then you’d simply make them subsidiaries of the main one, a world government. But Members of the European Parliament in Brussels cost three times more than the Members of Parliament in Westminster in London.

“MEPs in Brussels cost three times more than MPs in Westminster, shocking new figures reveal.”


Alan: Why is it shocking? I don’t know.

“The annual bill for a member of the European Parliament is almost £1.8million, compared to £590,000 for politicians in the House of Commons.”


Alan: And that’s too much, even for the ones at home. Anyway, it says,

“David Cameron has repeatedly demanded cuts in the running costs of the entire European project.”


Alan: And so on. And the European parliament having three different homes, it says.

“The Eurocrats...”


Alan: Themselves... they call these members of parliament, ‘Eurocrats”... they say,

“...it’s like comparing apples and oranges.”


Alan: Because they need three homes, apparently, you see. And the last time that Cameron complained, which is all just show and theater for the public, because he’s all for this whole thing; that’s why he was chosen (not by the public):

“Late last year the Prime Minister was dumbfounded to discover that during a summit at which member states refused to impose reductions on EU spending, leaders...”


Alan: Were having some sort of do and they

“...were quaffing £120 bottles of wine.”


Alan: But that’s standard stuff. But it says they’ve got three homes anyway, they’re allowed to have three homes, and they live like kings and all that kind of stuff; the old kind of stuff that we’re kind of used to. It’s like Ancient Rome and other countries too.

And this article too, is from the Council on Foreign Relations. You’ve got to read their stuff and always take a look at who writes the stuff; it’s awfully interesting, you’ll get a lot from it. It says,

“About the Global Governance Monitor”


Alan: Because they’ve got a global governance monitor, to see how it’s all going, you see – all the foundations that they have with thousands of armies of NGOs working towards this, and they’ve got think tanks galore, drafting up treaties and the next treaties and the 3rd and 4th, 5th, 6th treaties down the road, for integration – to see how they’re all doing. And so this monitor is one of their papers, you see, from the CFR. And it says,

“The challenge of global governance has never been more imperative and more daunting to realize. The headlines are filled with transnational challenges, from terrorism to climate change to weapons of mass destruction.”


Alan: See, it’s all done by fear and hype and nonsense. It says,

“To foster better understanding of modern global challenges--and the international community’s record in responding to them--the International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) program has launched the Global Governance Monitor. The guide’s nine components assess the human rights, nonproliferation, finance...”


Alan: That’s a very important one for these boys.

“...oceans governance...”


Alan: Because they’re taking over control of the oceans, too.

“...climate change...”


Alan: To control all of us.

“...conflict prevention, public health...”


Alan: Which is really as basic as you can possibly get it down to.

“...and transnational crime, and counterterrorism regimes.”


Alan: All the reasons that they say that we must have global government, you see. And it must be their one because, after all, these are the guys who have been working towards it, all by themselves, with incredible, unlimited financing. So, I’ll put this link up tonight, too, Global Governance Monitor.  They actually have a Council of Councils, that’s at the head of the pyramid, managing all this integration for the world.

And, here’s another one too:

“The New Global Health Agenda”


Alan: Did you know that? It was not just Obamacare, you know, you’ve got to pay for the world’s health now. And this is also from the CFR. You think your governments run things? No, they don’t. And this comes with a PDF and it gives an overview, as well. The overview says,

“The field of global health is witnessing a shift in focus from disease-driven initiatives to projects aimed at increasing the sustainability and strengthening of health systems. A crucial component to this is universal health coverage...”


Alan: Yeah, that’s “universal health coverage”

“... which seeks to address financing schemes for health, separate from efforts to provide both adequate numbers of health workers and structures for health-care delivery.”


Alan: Now, they’re talking about the West paying for it all, of course.

“UHC may be provided by government or through a combination of private insurance schemes, public-sector planning, and employer-based programs. Countries across the world, from China and India to Rwanda and Mexico, are beginning to implement different universal health coverage schemes, marking a rise in interest and political will for universal health coverage. In The New Global Health Agenda: Universal Health Coverage...”


Alan: This is one of their PDFs.

“... authors Oren Ahoobim, Daniel Altman, Laurie Garrett, Vicky Hausman, and Yanzhong Huang discuss this rise in support for universal health coverage and the financial benefits that may be reaped by implementing such schemes...”


Alan: And you understand, if you get through all the hoopla, it’s all about a universal common health coverage that we’ll all pay for to some one big insurance company, at the top. Probably it’ll be under Goldman Sachs or something and we’ll pay for the whole world, you see. Isn’t that wonderful? Were you asked about that?  Of course you weren’t. Also, I’ll put up tonight, again, another Global Trends, that came out, to 2030. I’ll put it up again. I’ve put it up before. It’s a publication from the National Intelligence Council and it’s called:

“Alternative Worlds”


Alan: And they go into what they plan and predict for the future and you can take what you want from it. And also, there are a few PDFs I can put up tonight too, to do with drafting guidance for the Office of Parliament in Britain and it’s for all British Commonwealth countries, mind you. And it goes through the bill formats and it’s got PDFs for the whole bunch and it’s got the one at the bottom:

“Crown Application”


Alan: Because everything passed in Parliament (in the British “democracy”) has to go through the Queen, you see and she can either say yea or nay.

And, this article too, is to do with fraud. And it’s by Christopher Monckton and it says,

“The truth is out. No amount of hand-wringing or numerical prestidigitation on the part of the usual suspects can any longer conceal from the world the fact that global warming has been statistically indistinguishable from zero for at least 18 years. The wretched models...”


Alan: All these supercomputer models.

“... did not predict that. When I told the December 2012 UN climate summit in Doha that there had been no warming for at least 16 years, the furious delegates howled me down.”


Alan: It’s a social agenda. It’s a social/political agenda. It’s nothing to do with science.

“The UN later edited the videotape to remove the howling. The delegates were furious not because I was speaking out of turn (they did not know that at the time) but because the truth was inconvenient. The Guardian carried a sneer-story about my intervention. When a reader sent in a politely-worded comment to the effect that, objectively speaking, it was true that over the relevant period the least-squares linear-regression trend on the Hadley/CRU global surface temperature data was as near flat as makes no statistical difference, within two minutes The Guardian deleted the comment from its misleadingly-titled ‘Comment Is Free’ website. The determined reader resubmitted the comment. This time it was gone in 45 seconds...”


Alan: You understand, it’s a big agenda. The Guardian, of course, is in on it too.  We’ve had cabinet members in parliament in Canada, who have come out and said, it doesn’t matter if it’s all bogus science; it’ll help redistribute wealth across the world to bring more equality. That’s part of it and it’s not getting to the people. It’s for big corporations for the world government idea; that’s what it’s for. And it’s also to manage all your lives, as well: you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you do what you’re told; more government bureaucracies and agencies and so on. It says,

“The Met Office, as WattsUpWithThat revealed recently, has noticeably downshifted its lurid warming prediction for the rest of this decade.”


Alan: And it says that,

“When it predicted a ‘barbecue summer’ (wrong: that summer was exceptionally cold and wet), and then a record warm winter (wrong: that was the second-coldest December in central England since records began in 1659); and then, this spring, a record dry summer for the UK (wrong again: 2012 proved to be the second-wettest on record: not for nothing is it now known as the ‘Wet Office’)...”


Alan: Instead of the “Met Office.”

“...it trumpeted its predictions of impending global-warming-driven climate disaster from the rooftops. And the scientifically-illiterate politicians threw money at it.”


Alan: Your money at it.

“If the Met Office’s new prediction is right, by 2017 the global warming rate will have been statistically indistinguishable from zero for two full decades. So, did the bureaucrats call a giant press conference to announce the good news? Er, no. They put up their new prediction on an obscure corner of their website, on Christmas Day, and hoped that everyone would be too full of Christmas cheer to notice. That raises – again – a question that Britain can no longer afford to ignore. Has the Wet Office committed serious fraud against taxpayers?”


Alan: And then he says,

“Let us examine just one disfiguring episode. When David Rose of the Mail on Sunday wrote two pieces last year, several months apart, saying there had been no global warming for 15 years, the Met Office responded to each article with Met Office in the Media blog postings that, between them, made the following assertions:”


Alan: It says:

“‘… [F]or Mr. Rose to suggest that the latest global temperatures available show no warming in the last 15 years is entirely misleading.’ 2. ‘What is absolutely clear is that we have continued to see a trend of warming …’ 3. ‘The linear trend from August 1997 (in the middle of an exceptionally strong El Niño) to August 2012 (coming at the tail end of a double-dip La Niña) is about 0.03 C°/decade …’ 4. ‘Each of the top ten warmest years have occurred in the last decade.’ 5. ‘The models exhibit large variations in the rate of warming … so … such a period [15 years without warming] is not unexpected. It is not uncommon in the simulations for these periods to last up to 15 years, but longer periods are unlikely.’ Each of the assertions enumerated above was calculated to deceive. Each assertion is a lie. It is a lie told for financial advantage. M’lud, let me take each assertion in turn and briefly outline the evidence.”


Alan: Then he goes through the evidence, to knock them down again. But, as I say, this argument will go on forever, because it’s an agenda. It’s a top mounted agenda, from the very, very top, to change how we live completely, including, you know, post-consumerism and post-industrial and everything else. It’s also to fall in with Agenda 21, where you won’t live on the land, unless you’re absolutely necessary, on a corporate farm, one of these massive corporate farms. And it’ll actually run your whole life for you too. They’ve already indoctrinated the children, who will have no chance at all. Once that early, intense, scientific indoctrination of it gets into their heads, they’ll never get out of it, so they’ve already prepared for the future, through the children, which is standard.

Now, in Britain, of course, since everything runs on economics these days – we’re economic units and we’re a renewable resource – they decided of course to save money by, basically, if they can’t get straight euthanasia through, they’ll put you on the “death pathways” in hospitals, where they just starve you to death and don’t give you any fluids too and let you die. It’s much cheaper for them, you see. Because the government needs all that money to hand across the world to big corporations. And why should you be spending it on yourself, trying to live a bit longer? Your time is over. We’re all functional units, you understand. If we’re not functional anymore and we can’t pay the taxes and we can’t contribute to cash-cash-cash, then you’re defunct, you’re a bad world citizen. And the United Nations said that, because their definition of a good global citizen, under the United Nations, is a producer and consumer. If you’re starting to just consume, well they’ve got to dispose of you. So, they’ve been doing this death pathway thing and even giving cash incentives to the hospitals, to push more of it through. It says,

“Some hospitals have received six-figure sums. Care minister announces sweeping changes to Liverpool Care Pathway. Every year 130,000 are placed on the scheme”


Alan: For extermination. So,

“Hospitals will no longer be able to profit simply by putting dying patients on the Liverpool Care Pathway. NHS trusts have been receiving six-figure sums for using the controversial end-of-life regime.”


Alan: Because they’re still saving money, even though they’re paying big bucks to the hospitals for this, to get them on board with it; it’ll save them a lot on medications and staff and all the rest of it. It says

“But care minister...”


Alan: How Orwellian it is, eh?  A “Care minister”... we’ve got care ministers.

“...Norman Lamb said these ‘bribes’ would have to stop unless it was shown suffering had been reduced. It is feared the incentives pressure doctors to use the pathway even when a patient’s life may not be nearing its end.”


Alan: So, it’s going to make sure that you die, you see. This is the 21st century and folk can’t understand the nature of what’s happening, at all. They can’t understand it, because their heads are full of propaganda. It says,

“Freedom of Information requests show Aintree University Hospitals Trust, in Liverpool, received £308,000 last year for achieving ‘goals including the Liverpool Care Pathway’. Part of the money was tied to it achieving an LCP figure of 43 per cent against a target of 35 per cent.”


Alan: So, they’re rewarded for saving the National Health Service money.

“Salford Royal NHS Trust had LCP-linked payments halved for failing to hit targets.”


Alan: So they give them incentives and punishments if you don’t hit your target, for killing people.

“Mr Lamb, who has commissioned a review of the pathway, said payments should be made only if it can be demonstrated that individual patients have experienced reduced suffering as a direct result of being placed on the LCP.”


Alan: You know, it used to be one thing, when they had some kind of morality left in the West (long ago, actually – before TV knocked it all out of them) and life was deemed as being precious. Of course, they still had an aftermath of religion, at that time (Christian religion, that is), which, at least, had advocated that life was a precious thing. And they used to point their fingers at countries where it wasn’t so precious, but you can’t do that anymore, because all the countries that had some sort of morality, left over from Christianity, are defunct now; they’re atheized. I could say something else, which would be more true, but they’re actually going along with everything because they’re basically atheists now. And their culture is not Christian; it’s something else and it’s from another people’s religion, actually.

And, this article too is to do with... it says

“Here’s How the Obama Administration Defended DEA Agents Who Put a Gun to a Little Girl’s Head”


Alan: And it says,

“The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that the DEA’s use of force against the 11-year-old and 14-year-old daughters of Thomas and Rosalie Avina--which included putting a gun to the youngest girl’s head--was ‘excessive,’ ‘unreasonable,’ and constituted ‘intentional infliction of emotional distress.’ Attorneys for the Obama administration defended the raid, and Reason has obtained the brief the DOJ filed to the Ninth Circuit. In it, the Obama administration argues that ‘the DEA agents’ conduct was plainly reasonable under the circumstances.’ After subduing their parents, agents broke into the two girls’ bedrooms during a wrong-door raid...”


Alan: Right. The wrong door, as usual. And luckily they never slaughtered them because usually they just slaughter whoever’s inside. This was back in January 2007, but it’s being held right now.

“The oldest of the two girls dropped to the floor and was handcuffed by agents before being dragged into the living room and laid next to her mom and dad. The 11-year-old, however, was sleeping when agents came into her room. As they began to shout at her to ‘get on the f-cking ground,’ the girl woke up and ‘froze in fear.’ Agents then dragged her from her bed to the floor. One agent handcuffed her while another aimed a gun at her head.”


Alan: That’s standard stuff that they do, everywhere now.

“Citing Muehler v. Mena, the unanimous 2005 Supreme Court decision that established the right of law enforcement agents to detain residents during a raid for an unspecified amount of time—Iris Mena and several of her tenants were handcuffed and left in a garage for three hours while federal agents ransacked her home looking for evidence to use against a suspected gang member boarding with Mena—the Obama administration argued to the Ninth Circuit that the DEA agents were acting within the law when they handcuffed the entire Avina family.”


Alan: So, it’s OK now, to put guns at children’s heads. It’s amazing, that, because Obama OK’d it, but he cries when guns shoot children in schools. Strange that it’s not consistent logic. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And I have one more story for tonight, here. It’s to do with China. China was a big experimental basin, basically, for a new system, of the perfect society, who would obey and do what they were told. They introduced a lot of schemes into China, all ‘for the good of all’ type thing. Now they’ve got this massive politburo at the top with multibillionaires running them, just like every other country. And, of course, that’s how it was really set up a long time ago. Anyway, it says,


“They were known as China’s ‘little emperors’ – the offspring of one-child families born after the country’s draconian family planning policy was introduced in 1979. They became the ‘spoilt generation’ of teenagers who didn’t experience the joys and heartache of sibling rivalry or share and share alike – at least this was the simplistic stereotype of the singleton children born in modern China, based on little more than anecdote and hearsay. But now, scientists have produced the first convincing evidence to suggest that the one-child generation of China has indeed become a rather maladjusted lot. The one-child policy came about after a rapid growth in the Chinese population in the 1950s and 1960s. It was strictly enforced in urban areas, with reports of forced abortions and sterilisations, as well as heavy financial and social penalties for those who dared to transgress the one-child law.”


Alan: That, by the way, is the model state for the United Nations, that have said openly that China’s policies are the model for the world, for those who haven’t quite got it yet. Anyway, it says,

“Chinese authorities claimed the policy was a great success, preventing more than...”


Alan: All these births and so on.

“However, more than 30 years after it began, an unintended consequence has emerged; it has fundamentally changed the psychology of young Chinese men and women, scientists said. Chinese children born after the policy have grown up to become less altruistic and trusting, more timid, less competitive, more pessimistic and less conscientious than the Chinese who were born just before the policy, they claimed. The study has broken new ground by analysing the attitudes of young Chinese adults using games designed by economists to test behaviour and intentions, such as whether the subjects are likely to share something with a stranger or are ready to trust someone they do not know.”


Alan: They have the same game theory games that they do in America and elsewhere too.

“When the scientists compared two age groups born a few years before the policy was introduced, with two age groups born just after, they were surprised to find such marked differences in the kind of personality traits which influence social relationships, that could have important ramifications for China’s future. ‘We find quite large impacts. Those who are the only children as a result of the policy are considerably less trusting, less trustworthy, more risk averse, less competitive, more pessimistic, less conscientious and possibly also more neurotic,’...”


Alan: Sounds like the West, doesn’t it?

“...said Lisa Cameron, of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. ‘These behavioural impacts could have economic consequences in addition to the more obvious social implications.’ ‘For instance, we find that those born under the policy are less likely to be employed in risky occupations, such as self-employment, freelancing or the financial sector. So it may be that the one-child policy generation will be less entrepreneurial,’ she said.”


Alan: Well, that’s perfect for the mass factory system. That’s where they’ll sit there and be depressed forever, you see. It’s perfect. And what they don’t mention here, is that they did allow more than one child, for the upper class in China. You just paid a little fee, you see. Because they’re truly into eugenics. It’s a eugenics world. It’s all run by eugenics. And they actually have more children for the politburo’s families, the ones that become the billionaires and own all the factories and stuff. It’s a great experiment in democracy, China, you know, communism.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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