June 6, 2008  (#124)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 6, 2008:

"Cor Blimey! as Nations are Pulled Asunder,
Who'd 'ave Seen the Land Down Under,
Which Rudd et al See Nothing Finer,
Than to Merge the Ozzies along with China,
He says It'll be Years 'fore it's On the Go,
But We All Know that's Just for Show,
The R.I.I.A. has Worked without Pause,
To See the Day We All Pull Rickshaws"
© Alan Watt June 6, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 6, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)



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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix time again.  It’s June the 6th, 2008 on a very stormy, thundery night in Ontario, Canada.  Newcomers look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download as much of the transcripts and audios on both sites as you wish.  Pass them around to your friends, if you have any left.  If you still have some friends, maybe it’s best not to pass them around in this time because people are getting pretty scared with all of the changes that are happening.  Even those that don’t follow this are getting the wind up that something big is going down. 


I got a copy of the military bulletin, or magazine, that they have in Canada here and there’s a big DO to do with 2010, some sort of great preparedness for 2010.  We know that the last signing, the FINAL signing for the total integration of the Americas, Canada, the US and Mexico, happens in 2010.  That’s coming down pretty quickly and they’re even publicizing little bits about it, really, in the military magazines.  Although they’re not telling them exactly what’s happening, mind you, in the military you don’t really care.  You just go and do what you’re told and bash folk on the head and kill them… and you follow orders.  That’s how you get up the ladder in the military.  Thinkers are not really very welcome. 


As I say, so much is happening that you can’t keep up with it.  You find that not only… and I’ve spoken about this for over 10, 12 years now and long before, I was telling small groups and private groups, that Marx talked about the integration of Europe to be followed by the integration of the Americas and then a far eastern-pacific rim bloc was to follow.  It’s been boring living a life knowing all this is happening, reading all the books too put out by the big institutions that were working on this.  The biggest organization that spearheaded all of this for Europe, the Americas and the Asian/Pacific bloc, is the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  That is the organization - MASSIVE organization - that’s a PRIVATE organization, but it has all the backing of the British aristocracy and the aristocracy of Europe.  Incredible backing.  They’re the REAL government, you see.  Not the ones we elect.  As Quigley said, they always put their own men in at the tops of all parties and the minor politicians are allowed some sort of competition but at the top of all parties, IN EVERY COUNTRY, there’s this parallel government because THE LEADERS ARE PICKED ON ALL SIDES.  They all work for the same organization. 


We find that World War II was the greatest thing that ever happened for this organization.  World War I, in fact, they had a hand in getting going but World War II set up the United Nations after the League of Nations to help BE at least the primary world government… that we’ll see anyway - There’s still a power behind them - but that’s the ones that the public will see when they take over for world rule.  What they’ve been doing since at least the 1950s and rolling onwards, is STANDARDIZING the whole planet under the education system teaching the same political correctness world wide through UNESCO and many other organizations.  There are no nations anymore.  The nations are gone.  When anything is announced to the public, it’s a done deal, it’s over really and done with.  They used to say in Scotland, ‘it’s all over bar the shouting‘.  That’s after the battle and that’s almost where we are.  I’ll be back with more of this after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and before I go on with my talk tonight, I should remind people they can buy books on the web site at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can also have discs, CDs and DVDs and that helps to keep me going.  You can also donate if you wish.  The buttons are there.  They’re up and working now.  One of them wasn’t working that well.  It was bouncing things back and I didn’t know they were coming in.  Everything’s working now and you can go ahead and donate if you wish.  It keeps this going.  I’m not a salesman.  I don’t push myself and I’d rather not be doing this, in fact.  It’s just that it HAS TO BE DONE and someone has to come out with the basic truth without giving you cotton-wool to land on because this is terribly serious.  It’s been serious our whole lives and we didn’t know it. 


There’s been a war on against the peoples of the world and we’re just going through the end of one phase of it as they bring in the next phase, the transhumanist type society.  I understand even at the Bilderberger meeting, there’s some leaders of the transhumanist people there.  Some of the top characters are already attending it.  You’ve got to ask yourself why are they asked to go?  These people who plan to have us part cyborg, chipped.  I’m talking about brain chips and all the rest of it.  The placid, compliant society.  That’s what they’re after.  However, it will be an elitist system none the less, believe you me.  The ones at the top have said they will NOT change THEMSELVES.  They will not be chipped.  They will not have their brains tampered with.  So, big things are happening. 


Now, the Royal Institute of International Affairs has its counterpart in the U.S., its cousin.  They couldn’t call it ‘Royal’ in America, it wouldn’t go down too well, so they called it The Council on Foreign Relations.  They have many fronts out there and they were departments of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  One of them was in Institute for Pacific Relations.  This is the one that has run New Zealand and Australia for the last 40-odd years. 


Sure enough, as I was talking years ago about the 3 blocs, the 3 trading blocs, here’s the announcement to the public.  This announcement comes way to late because they’ve already tied them together, all those little countries.  They’ve been working through tying their economy together and their tax laws and even the military together.  But they’re pretending here, they’re getting you used to the idea of amalgamation of the Asia/Pacific rim.  The latest Prime Minister of Australia is called Kevin Rudd.  I understand he speaks Chinese.  What a coincidence in this day and age, for his particular role he was picked and chosen to do.  This is from the BBC news. 


Rudd moots EU-style Asia-Pac bloc 


Page last updated at 06:40 GMT, Thursday, 5 June 2008 07:40 UK


Australian PM Kevin Rudd has proposed the creation of a new Asia-Pacific bloc, similar to the European Union.  (Alan:  It’s boring reading this because it’s like deja-vu.  You’ve read this years ago from their own books from the Royal Institute and how they’d do it and here they are admitting to it.)


Mr Rudd said the organisation would co-operate in economic, security and political matters and reflect the region's growing importance.


He wants the new body to be in place by 2020 (A:  That’s a joke.  This whole spiel here by the BBC is just to get you used to the IDEA because they’re already half way or three quarters the way there ALREADY.) and span the region, including the US, Japan, China, India and Indonesia.


It would incorporate a broader remit than existing bodies like Apec, Asean and the East Asia Summit, he said.


'Unresolved conflicts'


Mr Rudd, elected in November, discussed the idea in a radio interview on Thursday after outlining it in an address the previous evening to the Asia Society Australasia in Sydney.


"Remember, the region is currently host to a whole range of unresolved territorial conflicts: the Taiwan Straits, the Korean peninsula, Kashmir, involving a whole range of nuclear weapons states," he said.


"We can either stand back and allow things to drift, or we can say, actually, there should be a better way of handling this. And that's what we are putting forward as an ambitious proposal for the future."


He said any future Asia-Pacific Community would not need to mirror the European Union, a 27-nation bloc with some common trade and development policies.


The government is to appoint a diplomat to discuss Mr Rudd's idea with relevant nations.  (Alan:  Well, they’ve had diplomats discussing this for, as I say, about 50 years.)


Andrew Robb, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition, dismissed Mr Rudd's proposal as "presumptuous".  (A:  That’s him playing his role as the opposition.  That’s what they do.  It’s just a Punch and Judy show.)


"His first job is not to be making pronouncements about grand architecture for the region, telling China, Indonesia and Japan and India how they will be organised as a region by Australia in the next 20 years," he said.


Mr Rudd should develop strong bilateral relationships before he tried to shape the region, he said.  (A:  So that’s the opposition, the phony opposition saying what he’s supposed to say to this proposal.)


As I say, they’re already three quarters of the way there in integration.  Many departments under the Royal Institute of International Affairs have been working steadily and relentlessly for years to integrate them JUST as they were working in Britain since 1948 to join Britain in to the whole European Union and every other country in Europe.  In the late 90s, it was only THEN they admitted that they did this ALL IN SECRECY AND THE PUBLIC WERE NOT TO BE TOLD UNTIL IT WAS COMPLETELY DONE.  A done deal.  That’s the same thing with this Australian thing.  When they’re announcing it, you’re almost there. 


I can remember when I was small, when this idea was tossed around as they floated their trial balloons to the public.  People said, well integration and competing as blocs means there’s a race to the bottom.  Because obviously the country with the cheapest labor will be the country that gets ALL the work, all the manufacturing.  And that’s China, as we know.  So we’re all supposed to eventually end up competing with China.  So much for this progress that they tell us about that’s always going on.  I often wonder who defines this thing called progress. 


So there you are.  As I say, it’s like deja-vu and life can be awfully boring when you’ve read all their books all your life and no one wants to listen to you.  Sure enough, eventually it pops out in to the open and it’s a ho-hum type of thing from the MAJORITY of the public who still will not get it. They think this whole new world order will allow them to carry on as they’ve always been.  Even as it’s changing, they think that.  Their life is changing by the week or the month now but they still think they can go on as they always have done and that’s what Plato said 2300 years ago.  He said the public are adaptable.  They adapt so quickly to everything that’s given to them and their memories are so short.  Well, isn’t that true.  They’re adapting themselves in to the most well made cage ever devised… right to their own extinction.  That’s really what we’re seeing happening in the world.  It’s an old, old agenda.  It’s a long-term business plan. 


I talked last week, or last time I was on, about how they have 10-year plans for one aspect of it, 50-year plans for another, 100 years for another.  They’ve always gone along on this path.  Whenever they announce something is happening, it means it’s DONE.  It’s actually done… tied together at the hip.  When you try to back out of it, it’s oh you can’t do that, ‘you’ll be left behind‘.  That’s what they used for the British people and the European people, ‘you’ll be left behind, no one will trade with you.’  And they’re quite right because under the GATT Treaty, if you do not join them, they will not trade with you or allow your stuff to be exported to other countries.  PURE BLACKMAIL, plain and simple.  It isn’t simply to do with joining them that way in an economic system, it’s joining them in the CULTURAL, the new social/cultural society that they’ve designed.  Which is to do, as I say, with transhumanism and depopulation of the planet and TRUE planned parenthood - eventually, NO PARENTS AT ALL, actually, when they eventually clone the worker bees.  A long-term business plan and the public go along with every step of it.  They adapt themselves IN TO OBLIVION


Now here’s another little article here, which is interesting to do with adaptation.  When cell phones were first given to the public, like everything else is GIVEN out for the public to buy.  Now, if they ORDERED you to get a computer and said it’s law, you’ve got to have a computer, or they ORDERED you to have a cell phone, you’d be a bit suspicious.  So what you do is you put it out there.  You do massive advertising campaigns and YOU will buy it thinking it’s fantastic.  Meanwhile, there’s a good reason you’ve got it and it’s good enough for you but then there’s a real reason.  The real reasons never come out till much later once you’re addicted to it.  This is again to do with cell phones.  Also from the BBC news.   


Mobile phones expose human habits 

By Jonathan Fildes

Science and technology reporter, BBC News 


Page last updated at 17:00 GMT, Wednesday, 4 June 2008 18:00 UK


The whereabouts of more than 100,000 mobile phone users have been tracked in an attempt to build a comprehensive picture of human movements.


The study concludes that humans are creatures of habit, mostly visiting the same few spots time and time again.


Most people also move less than 10km on a regular basis, according to the study published in the journal Nature.


The results could be used to help prevent outbreaks of disease or forecast traffic, the scientists said.  (A:  This is the excuse they’re giving to the public.)


"It would be wonderful if every [mobile] carrier could give universities access to their data because it's so rich," said Dr Marta Gonzalez of Northeastern University, Boston, US, and one of the authors of the paper.


Dr William Webb (A:  There‘s a nice name for you.  They love giving us webs because we’re in a web.), head of research and development at the UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, agreed that mobile phone data was still underexploited.


"This is just the tip of the iceberg," he told BBC News.


I’ll be back with more of this after this break because it’s an interesting article on how you’re being monitored and watched, as you pay for it


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix as it’s thundering down outside there.  Boy, there’s a storm going on out here.  Even the satellite’s down.  Reading this article here about how this is only ONE of a few universities tracking the movements of people.  Now, we know that the National Security Agency’s tracking everybody and they’re also trying to figure out you and who you talk to and getting all your groups and your clusters, they call it - your own personal cluster of friends - trying to get similarities between you and so on as they basically dissect you and then get your whole personality profile together.  So this is Dr Webb saying "This is just the tip of the iceberg," he told BBC News.” 


Researchers have previously attempted to map human activity using GPS or surveys, but it is expensive.


One innovative approach tracked the movement of dollar bills in an attempt to reconstruct human movements.


The study used data from the website wheresgeorge.com, which allows anyone to track a dollar bill as it circulates through the economy. The site has so far tracked nearly 130 million notes. 


Studies such as this suggested that humans wander in an apparently random fashion, similar to a so-called "Levy flight" pattern displayed by many foraging animals.  (A:  You see how we’re all being dissected and watched and studied like creatures, just creatures, by these psychopaths at the top?  There’s no privacy and here they are studying and they’re in to your phone calls and all the rest of it, seeing what you’re doing and talking about because they’re fascinated by it.  It says here, )


Man talks on mobile phones in Cuba.  All of the mobile phone data was collected anonymously. 


However, Dr Gonzalez and her team do not believe this approach gives a complete picture of people's movements.


"The bills pass from one person to another so they can't measure individual behaviour," she explained.


The new work tracked 100,000 individuals selected randomly from a sample of more than six million anonymous phone users in a European country.


Each time a participant made or received a call or text message, the location of the mobile base station relaying the data was recorded.


Information was collected for six months. But, according to the researchers, a person's pattern of movement could be seen in just three.  (A:  So they can figure you out in 3 months.)


Model behaviour


"The vast majority of people move around over a very short distance - around five to 10km," explained Professor Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, another member of the team.


"Then there were a few that moved a couple of hundred kilometres on a regular basis."


The results showed that most people's movements follow a precise mathematical relationship - known as a power law. 


"That was the first surprise," he told BBC News.


The second surprise, he said, was that the patterns of people's movements, over short and long distances, were very similar: people tend to return to the same few places over and over again.


"Why is this good news?" he asked. "If I were to build a model of how everyone moves in society and they were not similar then it would require six billion different models - each person would require a different description."


Now, modellers had a basic rule book to follow, he said.


"This intrinsic similarity between individuals is very exciting (A:  ha ) and it has practical applications," said Professor Barabasi.


For example, Professor John Cleland of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Disease (LSHTM) said the study could be of use to people monitoring the spread of contagious diseases.  (A:  This is the rubbish they’re telling the public.)


"Avian flu is the obvious one," he told BBC News. "When an outbreak of mammalian infectious airborne disease hits us, the movement of people is of critical concern." (A:  So it’s for your own good, you see.  Really what they’re doing is figuring out and feeding all this data in to computers.  Here’s the real gist of what all these organizations are doing - that are using your tax money to do it - is to work out a society, a workable society, in the transhumanist tradition.  Part cyborg, part this, part that, where everyone’s programmed for their jobs and how much communication they would need to have between each other and main computer stations and so on.  That’s what it’s to do with and how satisfied the person would be living in a world where they follow instructions… ALL THE TIME, ALL DAY LONG.  That is what this is really all about.  They don’t spend this kind of money and do this kind of exercise and collect the data because they’re worried about the Avian flu.  Especially since a good portion of the planet don’t have cell phones anyway.  This is the sort of NONSENSE we get fed.  It says here )  


Sensor overload


Although the scale of the latest study is unprecedented, it is not the first time that mobile phone technology has been used to track people's movements.


Scientists at MIT (A:  Now, that’s the BIG one, MIT.  They get so much government funding, Pentagon funding and so on to do with high tech.)  have used mobile phones to help construct a real-time model of traffic in Rome, whilst Microsoft researchers working on Project Lachesis are examining the possibility of mining mobile data to help commuters pick the optimum route to work, for example.


Location data is increasingly used by forensic scientists to identify the movements of criminal suspects.  (A:  Well, we’re all criminal suspects these days.  YOU KNOW THAT?  Anyone with a thinking brain is NOW a terrorist or potential terrorist.)


For example, the technique was used by Italian police to capture Hussain Osman, one of four men jailed for the failed suicide bombings in London on 21 July.  (A:  FAILED suicide bombing.  I guess he was an attention seeker.)


Commercial products also exist, allowing parents to track children or for friends to receive alerts when they are in a similar location.


These types of services and projects will continue to grow, Dr Webb believes, as researchers and businesses find new ways to use the mobile phone networks.


"There are so many sensors that you could conceivably attach to a phone that you could do all kinds of monitoring activities with," he said.  (A:  Now, we know that the inventor of the cell phone has already put out an article recently where he said that eventually embedding a chip in the person without the need for a phone is really what his end purpose was… hopefully.  Be back with more after these messages.)


Hi, I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and going through a massive thunderstorm right now too.  I think the satellite’s back working again.  It was cut out there as the strikes were coming down out of the sky and hitting the ground all around.  Not that I’m paranoid or anything.  There’s one caller on the line.  I should really take that before going on to this next article.  I think it’s Rich from Florida.  Are you there Rich?


Rich:  Yes I am Alan.  I’m from Sarasota, Florida. 


Alan:  Good.  How are ya?


Rich:  I’m very well, thank you.  I found you quite by accident this evening, called the number and my God, unlike calling some of the numbers that you get on the radio with Rush and such, got right through. 


Alan:  You got right through.


Rich:  Your term the matrix and I really don’t know the issue specifically that you’re dealing with tonight but I hear you use the term matrix and I find it to be very appropriate to the research I’ve done.  There is an element missing from the dialogue that’s going on within our nation, the United States, that unfortunately we’ve been brow beaten to stay away from.  As we all know, the poor Jewish people were disadvantaged and beaten up and destroyed in the Holocaust.  It was a horrible event.  No one has paid attention, however, that the Holocaust was in fact supported by the family that in fact created the Federal Reserve of the United States in 1913.  They actually planned it from before then in 1897, the Rothschild family.  The Rothschild’s and the Warburg’s, Paul Warburg, in fact wrote the Federal Reserve Act, the technical details of the Act, at Jekyll Island in 1910.


Alan:  I know all this stuff.  I don’t need a history lesson, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. 


Rich:  I know.  But the reality is, the Federal Reserve was formed for the one purpose of bankrupting it.  That’s demonstrably proven.


Alan:  You had Warburg’s too, who were on both sides.  The also were in charge of the German debt, for the German side, the brother was and his brother was head of the Federal Reserve in the U.S.  That’s just how they do it.


Rich:  It’s fascinating. 


Alan:  It’s just a ludicrous as George Bush Sr. being at a business meeting with his partners, Bin Laden’s family, on the day that 9/11 went up.  That’s how incredible…


Rich:  Isn’t that curious?


Alan:  Isn’t it?  We get these amazing coincidences all down through history and we’re not supposed to say, well, wait a minute here.  What’s the odds, in ALL the people…


Rich:  It’s more coincidental when you get back to George Prescott.  George Prescott was working for Brown Brothers in 1923.


Alan:  I know.  Then Brown, of course too, we know all that stuff and the bank too, was actually closed down for trading with the enemy. 


Rich:  Prescott was set up to be a director in the Union Bank that funneled money to the Fritz, Tyson and Crooks families.


Alan:  That’s right.  Again, you find the same names, Tyson, and all these, right down to the present time still getting massive contracts from government and so on… and in to the food industry.  It’s always the same few dozen players.


Rich:  What we fail to recognize is that we as a government in the United States are over a barrel without a dab of Vaseline in sight.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Rich:  We are a debtor.  We are a debtor to the machine that these people put in place in 1913. 


Alan:  I go even further.  It’s not even 1913 because, you see, they already had control of the gold industry before they brought in the Federal Reserve and paper money and all the rest of it.  This is an old, old game.  It’s gone on for a long, long time.  The key to it always, is money.  You know yourself, even the few who could found a country that did mint its own money, it would be corrupted before a generation was out.  You’d have the big psychopaths at that top controlling it all, deciding how much it’s worth and what its buying power is.


Rich:  What we find when we look really close, the one world government is a myth.  I’ll probably be attacking and not on purpose some of the theories that people had.  The goal of the Rothschild or House of Rothschild, because they do date back prior to Lincoln trying to undermine this nation, but the goal that they’ve had is to collapse and consolidate currencies.  As we know from Natty Rothschild’s chant in February of 1812, let me control the issuing of currency, a nation’s currency, I care not who makes its laws.  He was very accurate there.


Alan:  That’s right because he knew.  The whole laws of economics - it’s in all economics books - is that all the laws of any nation revolve around its economic system.  That’s top, first, right off the bat in economic classes.  This is standard stuff.


Rich:  It is the [inaudible] controlling the show.  Our nation is in debt to these people and their surrogates.  And the Bush family, I don’t wish to forgive them, their hands are dirty and bloody.  But the Bush family, I firmly believe, is on the side of this nation because they got caught dirty early. 


Alan:  You’ll find every major politician, almost every politician in history has been part of this scam… in every country. 


Rich:  Absolutely.  In fact, the poster child is Tony Blair because he’s at the top of the heap.  Well, you go to the Fabian Society in London, in Britain.


Alan:  I’ve done lots of talks on all these subjects and given histories of them all and the Fabian Society.  This is a GIANT scam but the world has been run by scams for many, many centuries and this is just the latest scam.


Rich:  It’s de facto government that’s hidden behind all world governments.  If you go back to Natty Rothschild’s lectures...


Alan:  Never mind Natty Rothschild.  I’ll tell you about the Rothschild’s.  The Rothschild’s did not go out to take over the economies of countries.  They were BROUGHT in by the elites of those countries.  There’s your big link there.  If you think that one person could possibly sink the Bank of England and buy it out for peanuts and get away with it, with a government with a history of massive assassinations and would let one guy walk around those streets of London without getting him, you’re on the wrong track.  They brought these guys in for their expertise because the Royalty already identifies themselves as a superior species over the ordinary public.


Rich:  I’m sorry.  Say that again.  I’m curious about what you just said there.  That missed me.


Alan:  The Royalty already accepts itself as a superior, more evolved group over the public. 


Rich:  Oh.  Yes.  They’ve got the blood line. 


Alan:  They don’t identify with the people that they rule over.  The aristocracy never did and they were very blatant about that in the British histories and all of the histories of Europe. 


Rich:  If we go back to the 1600s, we find that the King looked at the Jews, unfortunately in a very pejorative way, as the King’s Jews, he owned them.  But the reality was that they lent him money so he covered them.  He assigned them favors.


Alan:  Here’s the key to this too.  It’s a term.  It’s like everything else, we use terms like slogans and we adapt them.  It’s not THE Jews.  How many of THE Jews that you know who own banks?  You’re talking about a small aristocracy who run Jewry at the top. 


Rich:  Let’s do an analogy.  The Italians until 1950s were looked at as being the Mafia and the reality was the mafia was a crime syndicate within an Italian group of people but the Italians were not bad people.  The Jews, the same way but they’re not a mafia.  They call themselves a brotherhood and they are within the Jewish people.  The Jews are innocent as a people, at large.  I agree with you 100%. 


Alan:  I’ll tell you another thing too.  When the common Jews… because there’s an aristocracy and there’s commoners.  When the common Jews have been useful enough, they’re also wiped out because the aristocracy don’t relate to them either. 


Rich:  Let me ask you, Alan.  How old are you?


Alan:  I’m not going in to all this right now.


Rich:  The reality is you’ve touched a nerve.  I’m surprised you’ve got the wisdom.  Most people don’t understand that the Jews have been killing other Jews. 


Alan:  And there’s an aristocracy.  You’ll find the same brotherhood throughout ALL peoples… ALL peoples. 


Rich:  Now, the Jews have done…


Alan:  It’s not THE Jews.  It’s like saying, THE Scots or whatever or even THE Italians…


Rich:  Whether you call them Zionist… I’m not so sure that’s even a fair term. 


Alan:  You’re talking about a people who believe, in every culture, that they’ve risen to the top of the heap through evolution and they are superior to those below them and they call those beneath them commoners.


Rich:  I’m Irish.  I don’t know what your background is.  We kind of think we’re superior but on a small level, in a family.  We enjoy life.  But when you deal with some groups, as you’re outlining, they believe that they have the ability to dictate to the world.  This group that is within the Jewish people, if we will, feel that they are the aristocracy of the world.  Mr. Rothschild is known, within his Jewish people, as the King of the Jews. 


Alan:  He’s called a messiah; but you understand, Hebrew terminology, then everyone who furthers a particular goal is therefore called a messiah.  There can be many messiahs in Judaism. 


Rich:  Listen carefully because when the word Hebrew is used it is not analogous with the Jew.


Alan:  I’m not going to go in to this.  I don’t need a lecture on Judaism.  Believe you me, this audience understands all of this history that you think you’re giving them for the first time.  So they don’t need to have all this stuff.  Britain set up Israel.  They put them there.  They funded the darned thing.  They got the Ottoman Empire out of there.  They set it up for a long-term project that’s only now coming to fruition.  Believe you me, once they’ve served their purpose, they’ll have no more purpose for them either.


Rich:  Israel is merely a headquarters for the Rothschild apparatus to build a currency that’s issued throughout the world.  Whether it takes a century or three centuries.  Israel wants to…


Alan:  No it’s not.  Because we won’t have a currency shortly.  Thanks for calling though. 


You won’t have a currency shortly because they’re going in to a cashless society completely and then eventually as Bertrand Russell says, you’ll be issued credits by the state.  Now, he’s talking about the world state.  Money is only a means to an end.  As long as we believe it’s real, we use it.  We’re trained from birth to go out and earn money and we do so.  Then we pay a lot of it back in taxes…


Okay, I’m back on again.  I don’t know what’s happening here tonight.  I’m getting odd things happening with the phone too. 


We don’t need lectures with the same old standard stuff that’s pushed out there in the same books that are heavily financed.  Don’t forget too, there are many sides playing this game.  It’s all the one side and you find that THE Jews get the blame for everything.  As I keep saying, how many of THE Jews own banks that you know of?  Most of them don’t.  They work as well.  The one thing they are trained to do is stick together and all stand up for each other.  That’s drummed in to them.  That is true.  However, when you get them on a one-to-one basis, they will tell you what they really think about the world, too, and their own fears and they even ask the question, what on earth is Israel playing at?  They’re not IN on what’s happening either.


Everyone is used is turn.  Every nation, remember, every nation and patriotism has been used in EVERY country.  Every country.  They used to say, ‘my country right or wrong’ and you went off and fought all these wars.  For centuries and centuries, Britain was involved in 400 years of war against other nations, dominating them.  Very, very seldom did anybody stop and say, what are we fighting for?  Young guys love to fight.  That’s why they pick young guys to go off and do it.  They’re not too bright. 


Now, I’ve go Derrick in Vermont on the line.  Are you there Derrick?


Derrick:  I was just thinking about Wednesday’s show where you were talking about cell phone technology and whatnot.  I’d like to share an experience I had with your listeners.  This was probably in February or March.  I’m driving around at night.  It’s kind of misty night, up in Vermont.  I noticed what looked like a radar blip up in the sky, like illumined particles on the cloud.  It was as if there was a lighthouse right above my car.  As I’m driving around, I’m watching this happen and kind of knew what was going on and then it disappeared for a little while and then it came back.  This time it was a lot higher up.  I thought it would be a good idea to tell one person about it.  So instead of using my cell phone, instead of dialing his number, I thought I’d text message the guy and I got a pretty good surge.  I had to drop my phone and massage my hand for a little while and stop using the phone.  But ever since, it seems like, including right up to tonight, any time I touch any sort of… not ANY electronic device, but a lot, like even a mouse, mouse pad, cordless phone, you can feel it in your hand. 


Alan:  Like a surge.


Derrick:  It’s something else.


Alan:  We do know that they’re using very high technology out there.  I’ve watched the sky ripple across here at night, last fall, micro bursts of lights that were going from South to North, North to South, and I’ve watched it 4 to 5 hours at a time.  They admit they’re playing with HAARP technology.  They’re combining it with even HIGHER technology coupled with satellites and we know that the satellites, too, are used for tracking cell phone users.  They’re using a lot of different experiments right now on the public for, I think, reasons that they’ll be showing us pretty shortly… for kind of lethal and non-lethal weaponry, in fact.  There’s an awful lot getting used right now and tested out on the public. 


Derrick:  I kind of wonder if all the spraying we’ve been breathing has something to do with all of this too. 


Alan:  Well, you see, even if you’re breathing or drinking water that’s contaminated with aluminum particles and other metallic particles, which is in the spray… it’s been analyzed enough… then you’re becoming a conductor.


Derrick:  Sure enough.


Alan:  You’re a walking conductor, a walking antenna.  That could be something to do with it.  Sure.  Absolutely.


Derrick:  Why not?  All the panels you see on the buildings and the towers and… Alright, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Derrick:  Take care.


Alan:  Then we’ve got Zee in California.  Are you there Zee?


Zee:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Zee:  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Zee:  I was listening to your show and right when you were cut off, exactly when you mentioned how there’s going to be a cashless society… there’s going to be no cash, you made that point.  As soon as you said that, it was almost funny how somebody clearly just pushed a button.  No, don’t say it.  But I just wanted to ask you a question.  Do you know that movie THX 1138?


Alan:  Yes.  Excellent movie.


Zee:  Yes.  Exactly.  I found out only from you because you mentioned those movies, many movies, in your shows before.  I had a question.  That black guy, at the end of the movie, the big black dude who sort of walks out of the white… the holographic character.  Do you know anything about what he represents in that movie.  That sort of threw me off.  I’ll take your answer off the air.  Thank you.


Alan:  That movie, which guy was it that made that movie?  He was right up there in all the sci-fi… George Lucas.  That was his first major movie, heavily backed, way ahead of its time, to LAUNCH him.  The black man always stands for Jethro in the Occult.  Jethro was part of the quaternary.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and hopefully we don’t get the strange happenings we get with the telephone lines.  Wasn’t cut off, it just faded away apparently.  We get played with these days and I expect it.  I should also mention that there are people out there that do belong to groups and agencies who are told to scan all the radio shows and try and get in with their talks.  They try and give these silly little history lessons.  I’ve listened to these for years and it’s the same spiel they give you.  Believe you me, if you don’t think the CIA is also at the top of these things, see who’s in to publishing their books for them, supposed white supremist groups and so on.  You’d be surprised at what the CIA is involved in.  And they do.  They scan the airwaves to see what talk shows are on and they’ll call you cold, haven’t talked to you before, haven’t even heard your show before, just so as they can give you their little thing and try and sway a few people to create more problems down the road. 


Strange things, as I say, are happening with the phone calls these days and I get this all the time now.  We do know that there’s these teams set up by the Pentagon.  It’s been in all the newspapers where these people simply play with your computer.  They can get in to any computer.  They’ve all the back doors built in to them.  All the companies that make the computers have purposely put the back doors in.  That is LAW.  They also play with your telephones and so on.  At the moment, they’re just in harassing phases but they’ve already said, they’re going to treat it as total war.  Therefore, people who speak out AGAINST the system and where the system’s taking us, are classified as enemies and they will come under attack.  They’ll actually fry your computer or anything else that’s electrical, if they want to… including your phone.  They can fry that quite simply.  That’s how ahead they really are in the real world.  If people remember what George Bush said after 9/11, ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us.’  That was a declaration, a LEGAL declaration to the world and every American citizen too.  That if you’re not with Georgey boy, then you are an enemy. 


Of course, at that time, if you think about it, he wasn’t telling you what ‘with us’ even meant.  As I say, ‘my country right or wrong’, that’s what he was really telling you.  In other words, this whole agenda is to go forth, this WORLD agenda for WORLD order, a world society, every country now is literally under a form of martial law having signed the same documentation as the homeland security bills.  That took YEARS of setting up PRIOR to 9/11 for that to come in to action ACROSS THE WORLD.  Years of negotiations and the countries all working together… under the United Nations, by they way, quietly to bring us ALL under this totalitarian system. 


The object was never, ever to destroy the guys in Afghanistan or Iraq.  It was simply to take over those countries.  They’re the last countries that have held out from the world order.  They haven’t joined the World Bank.  At least they didn’t then.  Now, they’re in it, of course.  They were forced in to it.  They have no debt to speak of.  They teach their culture to their children.  THAT’S A NO-NO today.  As Bertrand Russell said, the parents always contaminate their children with old ideas.  That will not do for a new world order.  Therefore, the state has to bring up the children and given them their ideas and that’s what’s been happening.  An INDOCTRINATED population world wide.  STANDARDIZATION. 


We now have politically correct people, PCPs, everywhere… all prattling the same little terms they’re given to prattle about and little SLOGANS.  Remember what Lenin said?  WE SHALL WIN BY THE USE OF SLOGANS.  That’s all you hear nowadays.  Quite amazing.  What did Plato say?  We’re so ADAPTABLE as a species.  Adapting ourselves IN to the cage. 


Well, from Hamish and myself on a stormy night in Ontario where lightning is flashing all around, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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Transcribed by Diana