January 16, 2013 (#1250)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 16, 2013:

Hell is Repetition:

"Tyranny Marches On, Under Many Guises,
Inflation, Robbery Subsequently Rises,
Collective Punishment Decreed Over All,
As Legislators, Planners Jump On the Ball,
Now What Comes First, Cause or Effect?
Should You Study History, You'll Detect
Similar Plans with Covert Themes,
With Unpopular Agendas, End Justifies Means"
© Alan Watt Jan. 16, 2013

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Jan. 16, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January the 16th, 2013.

For newcomers help yourself to my website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll see on that site lots of other sites listed there.  These are all my official sites and they all carry lots of free audios for download where I go through the history of the big system you are born into and its plans and where itís supposed to go and who set it up and why and all the rest of it.  And it saves you a lot of time and a lot of homework in fact by taking these shortcuts to find out whatís really happened over many, many, many decades to bring us to where we are today.  Because itís all planned that way you understand.  You are living through a big plan.  Remember too all those sites listed on the .com site carry the audios; they all carry transcripts for print up in English and if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages to choose from.

Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me tick along by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because Iím not paid for by advertisers or anything like that and or anybody else for that matter.  And I depend upon the contributions and selling the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.

From the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks remember and you can also send cash or use Paypal or use an international postal money order from the post office.  And youíll find out how to do it as I say at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And across the rest of the world youíve got Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And remember straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome during these incredibly austere times.  I was in town today and every time you go in there even the food has gone up about a third each time.  Each six weeks you go in there it has gone up and up and up like crazy because you see a handful of companies literally own the worldís food supply.  And they own all these big chain stores and everything else too.  Itís the appearance of competition, there is none at all.

Anyway as I say I go through the system.  The system that youíre born into and how we are indoctrinated very early on according to the needs of the masters.  And weíre taught exactly what weíre meant to believe in for the rest of our lives.  And most folk really do believe that media is there, like an appendage to their brain, to do their thinking for them, without realizing they are private companies with the editors and the owners and many of the top journalists all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a private organization.   And theyíre privately owned anyway, the companies.  And they have their own agendas of course; itís a big, big club, a big world agenda.  And the public unfortunately, they simply have been trained from an early age that the TV is somehow special, itís like holy.  Itís separate from everything else.  So itís a kind of holy status itís got.  And unfortunately it works awfully well with most people today.  And even as Iíve mentioned many times before Brzezinski talked about it too, he said that shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves, theyíll expect the media and the television to do their reasoning for them.  And thatís happened unfortunately, it truly has happened.

And of course with television too, seeing is believing, so whatever you see on television must be true, especially the way itís presented to you as well.  You should go back to the movie "Wag the Dog" and watch the movie again.  Itís an excellent way of how things can be done to shape your minds and fool the people.  Itís an amazing movie indeed.  It should actually be taught in school in fact because they show you how to con the public by experts.  And itís done all the time in fact.  It really is done all the time.

Now weíre going through the biggest changes right now.  This is the Century of Change, the 21st century.  Academia prattled on about it for a half a century in the last century because theyíre all onboard with this globalist system as long as they manage to keep their high pay checks and go up with it too and theyíre completely all on board.  Basically they believe themselves to be better than the average person.  Theyíre in academia you understand.  And theyíve been chosen by those who run the world to run the world for them by indoctrinating the next generation of world managers, quite an easy system.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system and the Century of Change.  This is the old dream of all the revolutionaries long, long ago.  Not the ones you are thinking of, itís the ones that have been really behind things and making the big, big changes right through the 20th century up to the present.  And theyíve been looking forward to bringing in this lovely world system for a long, long time, where they have a planned society of the population.  You wonít get born unless they need you to work at something.  And if they do need you they will literally test your genes, probably as a fetus, to see if you have the right stuff for the particular work theyíve got you planned for.  If you donít theyíll just put you down the chute and thatís it.  And Iím not kidding about that too because itís to be run by scientists at the top and then bureaucrats and government agencies below, masses of government agencies.  This is the new democracy.  This is what they mean by "the new freedom" or "change is good" you know.  This is what theyíre talking about all across the whole planet.

And you canít move from your area without your special ID and all the rest of it.  Itís a communistic system for the general masses of people run by a mass of levels of bureaucracies and agencies, government agencies.  And then the fascist elite at the top.  Itís wonderful because see theyíve really always worked together when you really look at it.  Sometimes they even have pacts with each other.  Like the Stalin-Hitler Pact for instance, you know, they were both socialist type governments, both funded by the same bankers in the West.

Anyway, when a countryís conquered you understand you produce nothing except pain and misery, when youíre conquered.  And you can be conquered from people who live within the country or even outside the country.  Other countries can then use you like the British Commonwealth used lots of other countries to further their wars.  And it wasnít British either by the way because it was London and London generally wasnít made up of British people.  You have to go through the history of London to see who was running it.  But you get all the signs of decay.  Now the big boys who set up this global system knew there would be millions of people left unemployed permanently when they signed the World Trade Organization, basically not just allowing but paying companies to move up their tooling and factories, everything, and move over to China, paid for by the taxpayer.  They knew all of the consequences long before they touched it, but then once the folk started to catch on, saying, whatís happening, everybodyís moving: oh donít worry, youíre getting a "service economy".

Well Britain discussed this "service economy" back in the 1970ís.  And the top economists then said itís like a dog in a swimming pool, all you can do is keep paddling to keep afloat until you have no strength left and you drown.  You see you either manufacture stuff, thatís the top level, and all the processes up to the manufacture of the final product which gives lots of folk jobs, never mind all the companies that support the main factories as well, and all the mines you have, or youíve got nothing at all.  In a service economy you just buy things and then pass them around from middlemen to middlemen to middlemen.  And then you sink especially when the U.S. for instance was to take over from Britain, which they did, with the cost of policing the world.  Not policing the world to keep peace for the world but policing the world to make sure that they could standardize and pulverize every other country into this world system, of a system dreamed up in London a long time ago.  It could have been anywhere in the world but Iím saying London because thatís where these guys decided to settle and they were international bankers or money lenders.

And Iíve talked before about the Milner Group that merged with the Rothschildís and Cecil Rhodes Group and then they called it the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  These guys were behind wars.  Their own historians give you a different version of history.  Theyíre very proud of it too.  That they needed world wars to bring the world, get the world to their knees so theyíd give up nationalism.  And once you give up nationalism you see then they can destroy whatís left of the nation by massive immigration so as another group can survive at the top, a new dominant minority.

But the signs of a destroyed country are very evident if youíve read post World War II Germany for instance and youíve seen what happened with Russia.  Russia took over the eastern part of Germany and moved whole factories wholesale into Russia.  And other countries too plundered it.  And thatís what happens when you are defunct.

Well in the U.S. now that everythingís pretty well gone except the debt that keeps growing.  It says here, itís quite amazing the little story.

"As the broken city thinks big and radically about its future, a developer is stepping forward with a revolutionary idea:† Sell the cityís Belle Isle park for $1 billion to private investors who will transform it into a free-market utopia."

Alan:  Free-market, free trade, right?

It says:

"The 982-acre island would then be developed into a U.S. commonwealth or city-state of 35,000 people with its own laws, customs and currency."

Alan:  Now, if you go back to 2008 or so when I put up the ninety-page report that came out from the Department of Defence for Britain and NATO countries, they projected the future of America.  And then the Department of Defense for the U.S. came out with a very similar one a few months later, pretty well identical.   They talked about breaking up America into city-states.  There will only be a few city-states.  And so this is right along with that plan you see, a city-state of 35,000 people with its own laws, its own customs and currency.  Well I wonder who they will be.  It wonít be the ordinary people obviously.

"City officials are likely to reject the plan.  But on Sept. 21, supporters including Mackinac Center for Public Policy senior economist David Littmann, retired Chrysler President Hal Sperlich and Clark Durant, co-founder of Detroitís Cornerstone Schools, will present the Commonwealth of Belle Isle plan to a select group of movers and shakers at the tony Detroit Athletic Club.  Among the confirmed reservations of about 50 people who will hear the pitch are Sandy Baruah, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, and Beth Chappell, president and CEO of the Detroit Economic Club, organizers say.  Itís not clear if they know whatís in store.  "We are among the people looking for answers to the cityís problem," said Rodney Lockwood, a Bingham Farms developer who is the driving force behind the idea.  The former chairman of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and current board member of the free-market-oriented Mackinac Center for Public Policy has written a self-published book about the plan called "Belle Isle: Detroitís Game Changer."  A website called commonwealthofbelleisle.com debuts on Jan. 22."

Alan:  So there are things going on that sound kind of silly, youíll probably ignore them, but keep your eyes on them because theyíll come to pass as big, big plans.  Remember Jacques Attali who was the main advisor to about three or four, he was the real boss in other words of three or four presidents of France.  And he now works at the United Nations.  Remember your presidents are nothing; your prime ministers are nothing; theyíre just front men.  The guys that are behind them are the bosses.  And Attali put out a book in the 1990ís called, "Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order".  As I say heís now at the United Nations working and he talked about these city-states as well would come up, in his second book he did that too.  But so did the Department of Defence with their projections up to the year 2030, 2050, they also said the same thing.  So keep your eyes on this kind of thing because theyíre not talking nuts after all.

Now as everyone knows Iím sure...

It says:

"From the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo"

It says:

"Dear Fellow New Yorker,
Today, Governor Cuomo signed the NY SAFE (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement) Act..."

Alan:  They love these little acronyms donít they?

"Ė groundbreaking legislation that will put in place the toughest gun laws in the nation to better protect our residents from senseless gun violence, while respecting the rights of legal gun owners and sportsmen."

Alan:  And it says what theyíre going to do here is to...

ē††† "Ban the sale of assault weapons;"

Alan:  Now any weapon can be an assault weapon, even a brick you know.

It says:

ē††† "Require mental health professionals to report to local mental health officials when they believe a patient is likely to engage in behavior that is dangerous to themselves or others;"

Alan:  And that really, you can see the point to an extent with psychiatrists who have psychotic people, you understand that, but there are also people who are not psychotic who might get labeled as well.  And then again theyíll want everyone who wants to have a firearm to go and see a psychiatrist.  Now these psychiatrists will all be appointed by the government and local government in the city.  And theyíll be against guns anyway.  So if there is anything they can get on you at all or even if they donít theyíll just make it up and thatís you for life, for life thatís it.  Never mind other people phoning in too that just have got a grudge against someone.  It happens all the time from the citizens, especially if they get anonymous tips and so on, thatís that.

Anyway it says:

ē††† "Make New York the first state in the nation to ban any magazine that can hold more than seven rounds and run instant background checks on all ammunition purchases at the time of sale;"

ē††† "Track ammunition sales in real time to alert law enforcement to high volume purchases;"

Alan:  Well the biggest high volume is the government itself and all its different agencies buying it up like crazy.

ē††† "Create a statewide standard requiring recertification of pistol permits every five years;"

ē††† "Ensure that private sales of guns are subject to a background check; and,"

ē††† "Toughen criminal penalties on those who use illegal guns including measures to help combat gang violence."

Alan:  Well thatís a joke because gang violence has been here for a long time and itís going to stay.

And it says:

"The bill balances the urgent need to both crack down on these lethal weapons and keep our communities safe, while still ensuring that sportsmen and other legal gun owners have access to the guns to which they are entitled."

Alan:  You see everything is a privilege you understand.  Thatís what entitlement is too, itís a privilege you see.  Mind you, I donít know if youíve ever read the book by Victor Ostrovsky.  He was a Canadian who, he was Jewish and he was recruited by the Mossad when he went down to the States and he said that there were cells in every city across America of the Mossad and they were armed to the teeth.  Armed to the teeth.  Iíll bet you anything there were big magazines there and no permits allowed.  Mind you they would never get raided though.  Itís different strokes for different folks.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and also too as I say that book I was mentioning there by Ostrovsky was called "By Way of Deception" which is part of the motto of the Mossad, itís called "by way of deception we shall wage war".  And itís worth reading, and his second book was "The Other Side of Deception" and he exposed an awful lot and eventually went on the run when he came back to Canada because he had let too much out of the bag.  But he had a conscience.

Now another article too is...

"Christopher Monckton of Brenchley..."

Alan:  Everybody knows Christopher Monckton of course; he comes out with the facts that the climate change characters donít want to hear but heís also coming out now too because Obama is pushing, again, this complete integration of all European countries, which again is this world agenda thatís been here for an awful long time.  A minority group runs it and pushes it because they feel safer when everyoneís multi-cultural and they themselves will then dominate them all.

But it says here that:

"A senior official of the Obama ďadministrationĒ has gotten himself into hot water by telling Britain what to do.  Obamaís view, apparently, is that it is in the interests of the United States that Britain should remain a mere satrapy or vassal state of the hated European tyranny-by-clerk, and should not think of leaving.  So let me introduce your Kenyan president to Thomas Jefferson."

He says:

"Come with me, Barack, into the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial, pre-eminent among the numerous wonderful examples of the High Classical Revival in your nationís glittering capital."

"There you will see a dignified statue of the great man, 19 feet high.  Inscribed on the frieze surrounding him, at his head height, is the following quotation from his many trenchant and always elegantly expressed contributions to the philosophy of government:  ďI have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every tyranny over the mind of Man.Ē"

Alan:  And you understand too the thing about people is youíve got to recognize tyranny in the first place.  Itís when people tell you what to think, what they forbid you to say or even ask questions about.  Thatís tyranny folks.  I hope you realize all of that.

It says:

"When Jefferson gave your nation ďa republic, if you can keep it,Ē he gave your nation democracy, too.  Government of the people, by the people, for the people, as your 16th president, in the greatest speech ever made, neatly put it.  In the Old Country, we had had a similar moment 798 years ago, on the banks of the Thames at Runnymede, where the Barons of England (now the House of Lords) persuaded the ruthless King John that he must no longer govern by the arbitrary and capricious exercise of his will, but must instead accord to the people, and entrench by his signature on the Great Charter, the rights and freedoms we have enjoyed ever since."

"Until the European Union came along.  It is not just undemocratic but anti-democratic.  Every five years, mere voters are permitted to participate in the pantomime of electing their representatives to the European ďParliament.Ē But the soi-disant ďParliamentĒ is powerless.  This Parliament of Eunuchs cannot even sire a bill."

Alan:  And itís true they have no power, these front men that just give the appearance of some kind of democracy.  They canít change a bill.  They canít pass a law or strike down a law.

It says:

"Now, even the right of habeas corpus, the fundamental right not to be imprisoned without trial, has been swept away.  Any tin-pot EU government can exercise the arbitrary powers of an absolute monarch by issuing a ďEuropean Arrest Warrant.Ē  There is no trial.  No extradition hearing.  No requirement that there should be even a smidgen of prima facie evidence against the victim.  He is arrested, brought before a judge to ensure that he is the person named in the warrant, bundled into a plane, and locked up and starved in some foul foreign calabozo for indefinite periods Ė often months at a time Ė without trial."

"We Brits are not prepared to tolerate this disgusting reinvention of tyranny for a single instant longer.  If we have anything to do with it, government of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats, for the bureaucrats shall perish forever from the Earth.  Whether our governing class likes it or not, we are going to have a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or come out.  We are going to vote to come out.  A recent Europe-wide opinion poll showed that 48 percent of the citizenry favored EU membership.  No surprises there:  Half the EU member states heavily subsidize the other half.  Those on the receiving end are in favor of being on the receiving end.  The same poll, fascinatingly, showed 96 percent of Europeís bureaucrats and politicians favoring the EU."

Alan:  Well they all get paid awfully well for it.

"Support for the tyranny among the tyrants is twice as great as among their victims.  The United Kingdom Independence Party, which Ė as its name implies Ė wants to win back independence for the United Kingdom, is now riding high in the U.K.  It may even become the largest U.K. party in the European Parliamentary Pantomime next year.  What really frightens ďDaveĒ Cameron, the massively inexperienced PR person who is now prime minister, is that UKIP now threatens his Tory Party in U.K. Elections, too.  At the last election, a couple of years ago, we took enough Tory votes to prevent him winning an overall majority in Parliament.  Now his back-benchers are telling him to give us a referendum on whether we stay in or come out of the tyranny-by-clerk.  Polls show two-thirds of us want to leave.  Why is it that ďDemocratsĒ are so anti-democratic?  Our equivalent, the Labor Party, is at one with your president in opposing the notion of a referendum to let us decide whether we get our democracy and our independence back.  The left have always been, and will always be, dedicated supporters of tyranny."

Alan:  And itís true, under the guise of liberalism theyíre the most intolerant people of all.  Iíve always said that.  They forbid you to say things.  They forbid you to think of things.  They even forbid you to ask questions or have an opinion on certain things.  Itís forbidden.  They actually pass laws about it.

Remember what Khrushchev said, Oh in American we donít call them communists, we call them liberal, he says.  He should know because all their professors were working in America by that time from the East.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just finishing an article by Christopher Monckton where heís talking about Britain and the U.S.

And it says:

"The left have always been, and will always be, dedicated supporters of tyranny.  The National Socialist Workersí Party of Germany, the Fascists of Italy, the Communists of Russia and China Ė all were parties of the hard left.  So the last thing their political heirs today will countenance is the notion of letting the people decide whether to live under a stifling tyranny or whether to live in democracy and freedom.  It is an intriguing irony that we, from whom your nation won its freedom,"

Alan:  Heís talking about, you know, Britain.

"...now find ourselves reading and re-reading the great speeches and writings of your Founding Fathers, to relearn from them not just the rhetoric of freedom, but its meaning, too."

Then he says:

"God bless America!"

Alan:  And also tonight Iíll put up a list of the actions, the executive actions Obama plans to take as part of this so-called anti-gun violence plan.  Itís so crazy when you look at it.  I mean most of the news for years now, since the 90ís, has been about American troops abroad with their guns which the government gave them.  You see it reminds me you understand of Britain in wartime.  And Britain in wartime, and Iíve had relatives and grand pops that were in World War I and in World War II.  And these guys couldnít own anything over there, even a pop gun, you know.  And come the war though, you know, they want you to join up and in the Second World War they drafted folk as well and theyíd train you and theyíd give you a rifle with real bullets and real bayonets and showed you how to kill folk.  So itís okay to go off and kill people for the empire you see.  It was the Queenís empire too remember, still is actually.  And then they went off and fought and the ones that came back and survived and lived had to, their weapons were all taken from them on the boats and debarkation.  And they were back to square one again you see.

So itís okay to go off and slaughter, on mass that is, anybody you want to, as long as itís over there somewhere that they point to.  Itís okay to slaughter any of them, and to defend yourself too, but you canít do it at home you see.  Only the authorities can do it at home.  And that always sounded crazy to me in the first place.  The very fact that you were willing too to go off and kill people youíd never knew, had done no damage to you at all, you know.  And folk were so willing to do it and yet they couldnít get a firearm at home to defend themselves if the case.  In a lot of places in England now especially, the big cities, and there is so much mass immigration, a lot of gang warfare from Eastern Europe too, big gang warfare, who are running drugs too, and the ordinary folk are completely defenseless.  And they want to keep it that way you know.  But there you go, it just sounds crazy.

Buy anyway:

"List of executive actions Obama plans to take as part of anti-gun violence plan"

Alan:  As I say under the last few presidents thereís been nothing but violence abroad.

It says:

1.      "Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system."

2.      "Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system."

Alan:  So theyíre going to get your health and everything else there too.  If youíve ever been a bit depressed as a child for instance or a teenager as you were growing up, that will disqualify you as an adult even.

3.      "Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system."

4.      "Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks."

Alan:  Theyíve got a revolving door down there for the criminals.  Do you think this is by pure chance theyíve got a revolving door?  The article I read last, was it Monday or last week there, but the woman, who a guy who was just out of prison, heís been in prison a few times, decided to invade her home and she went into a crawlspace upstairs with her two children.  When he opened the door she had a 38 revolver and she started blasting away at him.  I mean you understand that the guy will probably be back out, she didnít kill him.  Heíll be back out again in a couple of months.  But they keep saying itís the gun thatís the problem.  But that saved her life and her children too because if that guy obviously came across, and she could describe him, then heíd have to kill her and the children.

It says:

5.      "Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun."

6.      "Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers."

7.      "Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign."

8.      "Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes."

Alan:  And that all came, that was all done before in Australia before they confiscated the guns in Canada and so on.

9.      "Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations."

10.  "Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement."

11.  "Nominate an ATF director."

12.  "Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations."

13.  "Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime."

14.  "Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence."

Alan:  {Laughs} The children have been brought up playing video games that are meant for the military so that they have no inhibitions about shooting real people.  Thatís what these games were designed for.  Iíve gone through the whole history of them years ago.  They know all this stuff.  You understand they know all this stuff at the top.  Itís meant to be that way.

15.  "Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies."

16.  "Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."

17.  "Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities."

18.  "Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers."

19.  "Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education."

20.  "Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover."

21.  "Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges."

22.  "Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations."

23.  "Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health."

Alan:  So itís all going to come down to "mental health".  You understand if you want a gun in the first place theyíre going to query your mental health for wanting one.  Do you understand how itís all going to work?  Mind you there is nobody testing the crooks that get them.

I was reading in Australia there, thatís been heavy on so-called gun control, especially taking pistols and so on off people quite a few years ago.  And Gillard is going to have a bigger crackdown on gun violence in some of the big cities there and sheís blaming the crooks bringing in unregistered firearms and for crime reasons, for criminal reasons with the drugs.  Well of course they do that.  They do that in every country.  And they donít register them.  But the populations are helpless when it ends up they canít shoot back when they get invaded.

And then this article too, you get little victories but it doesnít matter when youíre up against the big, big giants with such massive money behind them.

"The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, better known as "vaccine court," has just awarded millions of dollars to two children with autism for "pain and suffering" and lifelong care of their injuries, which together could cost tens of millions of dollars.  The government did not admit that vaccines caused autism,"

Alan:  They never do you see.

"...at least in one of the children.  Both cases were "unpublished," meaning information is limited, and access to medical records and other exhibits is blocked.  Much of the information presented here comes from documents found at the vaccine court website."

Alan:  And the link is here too.  Iíll put all these articles up tonight remember at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.

"Some observers will say the vaccine-induced encephalopathy (brain disease) documented in both children is unrelated to their autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Others will say there is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise.  Whatís more, these cases fit the pattern of other petitions,"

Alan:  And they give you examples of other petitions.

"...in which the court ruled (or the government conceded) that vaccines had caused encephalopathy, which in turn produced permanent injury, including symptoms of autism and ultimately an ASD diagnosis.  And most of these children now have taxpayer dollars earmarked for applied behavioral analysis (ABA), an effective therapy specifically designed to treat ASD."

Alan:  So Iíll put this article up tonight too for those.  Now whatís interesting as well, none of the banks are trusting each other now as big moves are afoot to do many, many things in the world right now.  But it starts off, it says...

"It Begins: Bundesbank..."

Alan:  In Germany

 "...To Commence Repatriating Gold From New York Fed"

"In what could be a watershed moment for the price, provenance, and future of physical gold, not to mention the "stability" of the entire monetary regime based on..."

Alan:  Gold and so on.

It says the:

 "German Handelsblatt reports in an exclusive that the long suffering German gold, all official 3,396 tons of it, is about to be moved.  Specifically, it is about to be partially moved out of the New York Fed, where the majority, or 45% of it is currently stored, as well as the entirety of the 11% of German gold held with the Banque de France..."

Alan:  So this is what they do.  You often do your debts and so on with the gold; they just move it around a room you know.  Literally they just move it around a room, all the different countries have it in the one big place.  The Bank of England is the same thing.  The only difference was Adolf Hitler, he came over before World War II started and took all the gold out.

Anyway it says here:

"And while it is one thing for a "crazy, lunatic" dictator such as Hugo Chavez to pull his gold out of the Bank of England, it is something entirely different, and far less dismissible, when the bank with the second most official gold reserves in the world proceeds to formally pull some of its gold from the bank with the most."

"In brief: this is a momentous development, one which may signify that the regime of mutual assured and very much telegraphed - because if the central banks donít have faith in one another, why should anyone else? - trust in central banks by other central banks is ending.  Much more importantly, it is being telegraphed as such...."

Alan:  And it goes through whatís really happening as they move gold back and forth across the planet.  And also tonight too Iíll put an article up and videos to do with mass shootings and big Pharma.  Itís quite interesting, about the psychotropic drugs that are used.  And itís true, they have to admit it from all of their studies that ninety-odd percent of mass shooters are on psychiatric drugs.  And itís just astonishing the stuff that theyíre on all together.  Mind you this is the age of you know... You see itís all to do with transgenderism and all the rest of it too.  Many, many years ago they said they would like to have the little boys in school behaving just like the little girls.  Well a lot of the girls were pretty quiet in school and they could sit still.  Little boys you know between 5 and 12 are, and Iím telling you youíve got, you just canít sit still.  Youíve got energy.  Youíre supposed to be climbing trees and things and running.  But in came big Pharma.  Because you understand with the far left and all their belief that gender is something thatís put on you by your parents, you learn your gender by your parents and there is no difference in the genders, so they have to make it so by drugging the boys.  And remember too most leaders come from the boys.  And most opponents that would grow up being opponents of this New World Order system would be males.  And so they wanted to get rid of the ones who would be the leaders especially, by drugging the children and making it a common thing.  Popularizing it through all the big TV talk shows and stuff.  And itís happened.  There are big, big reasons behind everything; itís not just all money.  There is big money all right but itís not just all money.  Never believe that for a second.  Youíre going through a system here that knows exactly where itís going.

Now in horsemeat.

"Horsemeat found in beef burgers in UK and Ireland"

Alan:  Iíll bet it tastes better than the regular beef because you donít know what youíre eating anymore.  In Canada you havenít got a clue what youíre eating.  The junk they sell as food, which goes up about 30% each time you go in there every few weeks.  Iím not kidding either.  Itís the same in the States.  Itís all just shooting up as they inflate the currency as you call it.  You donít know what youíre eating, itís tasteless, tasteless.  A lot of it you canít eat.  And because again youíve got a monopoly of these grocery chains there is no competition.  Monopolies are hell, folks.  Itís all part of the New World Order too, monopolization.  If you have small mom-and-pop stores, and you used to have that even in the big cities, all lining the streets too.  You had umpteen green grocers, umpteen butchers, and all the rest of it.  You had competition and you got good stuff.  But once the monopolies kicked them all out in every sphere, even with hardware and everything else, then there is no competition, they jack their prices up and youíre at their mercy.  But when youíre at their mercy for food, youíre in trouble.  Because you see they donít eat the junk they give you.  I mean junk that they give you at the bottom.

Anyway it says:

"Millions of beefburgers on sale at several supermarkets in the UK and Ireland are being pulled off the shelves after food safety officials found they contained horsemeat.  Investigations have been launched at three meat processing plants in Yorkshire and the Irish Republic.  The Food Safety Authority of Ireland, which had carried out checks, said the products had been stocked by a number of chains including Tesco stores in the UK."

Alan:  So I guess thatís called filler now I suppose.  Maybe itís the only protein they put in it, eh?  Who knows?  Now Iíll also put up this article too.  And New York City is amazing because itís a place unto itself, isnít it?  Letís not argue about it.  And Bloomberg who is the great dictator there, the guy who said heís got his own personal army you know.  And mind you too, I mean you talk about mafia, thatís the real mafia.  And in the contracts that are put out by government and the kickbacks that theyíre getting to different people who give the contracts out, itís massive, massive, massive cash.  But Bloomberg also is the guy too who became a specialist in dietary things and so on, like he bans salt and tells folk not to eat so much salt and sugar and all that too.  He cuts down the size of the giant jumbo soft drinks that you can get.  Yeah, the great dictator, isnít it?  But now you see heís become a specialist.  Heís a doctor now, heís a specialist now in pain, measuring pain in people.

And so he says:

"ĎSo youíll suffer a little bití: Bloomberg says combating addiction Ďepidemicí is priority as he hits back at claims that plan to restrict prescription painkillers will penalize poor"

So he:

ē††† "...has launched a crackdown on prescription drugs being dispensed at the cityís emergency rooms on Thursday"

ē††† "Claims there is a citywide and national prescription drug abuse epidemic "

Alan:  Well they have had that for years.  Big, big, New York runs on this kind of thing.

ē††† "Critics attacked the plan claiming it would penalize the poor who frequent ER more than others"

ē††† "But Bloomberg said there was Ďno evidenceí theyíd be worse off and if they were they could Ďsufferí a bit for the greater good"

Alan:  Well these guys will go bananas to get cash just to get it on the street.

So it says he:

ē††† "...has launched a crackdown on prescription drugs and said patients who genuinely need painkillers might have to Ďsuffer a little bití..."

Alan:  So hereís your collective punishment that these guys are really into, you understand.  One guy shoots someone, ban all guns, you know.  Youíve got a junkie here, well folk who are dying of cancer will just have to suffer a bit.  Do you understand, this is collective; these are the same characters that ran Russia the same way.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the great dictator Bloomberg.  And it says here that some people claimed that it would hurt folk who didnít have any insurance and hurt the poor who could be terminally ill and all the rest of it too.  And he said well, he says they wouldnít be any worse off he says...

"...and if they were [worse off] they could Ďsufferí for the greater good."

Alan:  Thereís compassion for you.  Itís just them; you know them, them, the others.  So Iíll put this link up tonight too for those who wonder how we got in the mess weíre in and are ignorant of it too, because you shouldnít be ignorant of why youíre in the mess youíre in at all.  You really should not be.

And also too weíve got Prince Charles.  Prince Charles the guy who, oh, the lost Prince, the guy that had no function until they got a function for him for wildlife and all the rest of it.  This guy was an idiot in his schools.  I mean he failed every exam he ever sat and mind you theyíre so inbreed.

But anyway:

"New Population Study:"

Alan:  It says he now endorses a new Draconian population study.

"Prince Charles has openly expressed support for a recent population study by biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich,"

Alan:  Remember them?  The Population Bomb and all that stuff.

"...calling for drastic global efforts to reduce fertility worldwide."

Alan:  Thatís for you lot, you know you lot.

"On the official website of the Prince of Wales, prince Charles commended Paul and Anne Ehrlichís latest population study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society on January 8 of this year, calling among other things for globally provided ďback-up abortionsĒ to avert overpopulation catastrophe.  The prince writes: ďWe do, in fact, have all the tools, assets and knowledge to avoid the collapse of which this report warns, but only if we act decisively now.Ē"

Alan:  Now when these characters say this and theyíre at top meetings you understand they put things into action they wonít tell you about.  Like whatís in your food, itís been in your food for an awful long time and in your water and in your inoculations.  Donít forget that at the end of World War II the king at the time, before he died, before he croaked, had a world conference in London about depopulation and they kept most of it secret, except they did come out with a worldwide inoculation plan.  That was interesting.

Anyway it says:

"In their latest study entitled Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?, biologists Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife repeat their decade-long mantra, namely that global population growth is certain to collapse civilization as a whole- and only a concerted global effort to reduce fertility may avert the feared catastrophe."

Alan:  Now donít forget that all the countries in the West Ė and the United Nations admits this now as well because they give you the stats every year Ė the native populations are plummeting and have been for years.  And theyíre flooding immigration in, not just to destroy the culture, which theyíve actually admitted, at least Tony Blairís cabinet did.  They admitted it, why they were bringing them in.  Because a lot of them didnít get jobs; it was just to destroy and weaken the existing culture so they couldnít ever rise again as a culture.  But also, they also said that it was to pay off the national debt.  That was a good one, that one, because the folk that were there, the British folk werenít having children or enough children because they were ďgoodĒ people.  They were doing what they were told, Ďdonít have children.  Donít have children.  If you do, have one.í

So anyway it says:

"ďMonumental, but not impossible if the political will could be generated globally to give full rights, education and opportunities to women, and provide all sexually active human beings with modern contraception and backup abortion.  The degree to which those steps would reduce fertility rates is controversial, but they are a likely win-win for societies.Ē"

Alan:  And it goes on and on and on by this prune that couldnít even pass an exam.  In the 70ís they kept saying ďthe king with no direction.Ē  They didnít have a job for him so they shoved him into this end of it too.  Suddenly he was in nature, then he jumped into overpopulation of, well, you know the peasants.  You know the peasant class for goodness sake.

Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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