January 21, 2013 (#1253)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 21st, 2013:

Those who Dare Legally Declare:

"Many Think U.S. uses Same Constitution,
Obama Speech Sounded New Year Resolution,
With Cryptic Phrases, Yet Undefined,
The Old U.S. has Been Undermined,
Socialist Plans Seem to Be Trending,
Beating Recession by More Spending?
Gov. Grows Instead of Getting the Axe,
And Those Still Working to Pay More Tax,
Obama Bathes in the Dawn's Early Light,
America has Fallen with Hardly a Fight"
© Alan Watt January 21st, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan. 21st, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 21st of January, 2013.  For newcomers, I always get this out of the way at the start, I’m sure most folk who listen regularly omit this part, but rather than pester you all the way through, I remind the listeners that you bring me to you so it’s up to you to keep me going if you want to.  You can go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, remember, and there’s well over (I don’t know how many audios there are now, well over) a thousand for free download where I go through the system you’re born into, your parents were too (grandparents as well), and to show you that you’re living through a big planned agenda (a script, if you like) towards what they called “utopia” in times gone past and today it’s called the new world order.  And of course it’s not a utopia for the general populations at all; it’s a scientifically designed system owned by the money men who set up all the utopias before it, by the way, that all failed miserably, except for themselves who always seem to profit incredibly well from all failures.  Anyway, I go through the history of the foundations and organizations that formed (all connected together, mind you, like a big club) to take over the world’s resources and to bring in academia to get a good managerial class for each generation to manage us all.  This is the age of world managers, remember, and we’re managed minutely from cradle to grave, basically, and it’s to get more and more intense very shortly in fact as we get more and more socialized.  So, help yourself to who is behind it, as I say in the audios and so on, and remember too you can get transcripts for print-up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com in English.  If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages.


Remember too, you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and I go through in a semi-humorous way, but also a factual way, of how conology (it’s called conology), the art of ruling the minds of millions of people, is an ancient art and how it’s been used down through the ages, so you should get them too.  From the U.S. to Canada remember you can use Personal Checks still; you can also use International Postal Money Orders from your Post Office still; and you can use PayPal or send cash, it’s up to you.  Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal.  And straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome as we go through hyperinflation (or quantitative easing, as they call it).


We truly are run by, as I say, experts who give us new terms all the time, and the terms themselves become fixtures in our minds and take out someone’s idea from an abstract and make it more concretized, like “austerity,” like it’s something we’ve got to go through, this whole thing of poverty (it’s a better way of saying “poverty”; austerity sounds a bit nicer, doesn’t it?).  But it means all of you have to go through this post-industrial/post-consumerist era and go into poverty as you pay for the future ones to go on into the future for their particular utopia, you see, which is for “special people” with “special genes” (you know, “better” genes than everyone else), and they can go on with their children as well into the future while you will be left behind eventually and you’ll die off because you’re not breeding, or you’re going sterile (one of the two), and, as I say, you’re not then using up the resources of the special ones at the top.  This is all planned out; it wasn’t just science fiction that HG Wells wrote about; he was deeply involved with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and their left-wing societies (they run both sides of everything), the Fabian Society.  He wrote lots of nonfiction works on this too.  He was also picked out by Sir Thomas Huxley to promote these ideas into the public; once again, an abstract idea, and get it out there and get it parroted until it becomes from an abstract into some concretized thing in the minds of people —that’s how we’re run (an easy technique actually if you have the money and the institutions and own all the press, which of course the big boys do).


Back with more after this break…


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system you’re born into; and folk don’t realize it, that you’re living through a script, really (a very well planned script).  Many, many think-tanks, hundreds and hundreds of think-tanks, work on the script all the time.  They’ve already done this part (what we’re going through now) probably about 50 years ago and planned it all, every part of it.  Because you see, the big system that runs the world has been behind all the big revolutions down through history.  And they plan in 10, 50, 100 year goals; they do the same thing at the United Nations, you’ll notice, for certain topics, certain areas.  And the Soviet system ran on the same principles of 5 year plans, 10 year plans, 50 year plans and so on.  So, it’s quite easy to not just predict the future, you make it happen, because you plan it that way.  And you get all academia on board with the ideas and topics that they’ll start to espouse when the time is right (and they do), and they all work together at the same time; and in a sense it’s predictive programming, in a sense: we hear the terms and it’s repeated to us many times by so-called “experts” on television, generally, and other ones pick it up on talk radio so that you hear it all the time (it’s in the newspapers); and again, you’re concretizing something that’s an idea – it’s some think-tank’s idea that’s very important to them because it will influence your behavior because it will alter the way you behave because you now think about something in a different way.  That’s how things are done; it’s very simple.


And those who have been in charge of governments down through history are perfectly aware of this science; they know it very, very well –very, very well.  I’ve mentioned before that even Plato talked about culture and how all culture has to be authorized from the top (those already in power), and that was thousands of years ago; and otherwise, something that came out of the grassroots, out of nowhere without authorization, could upset the whole plan, and the applecart, for the future.  So, everything that happens is planned that way; and that’s why the big organizations, the nongovernmental organizations that push for different changes get incredible financing and incredible media coverage as well (when the time is right they do it).  And we see many examples of this today from all the different “gay rights” and all the rest of it, as though it’s the most important thing on the planet.  You understand the world, the press, the media, is all one big club —owned by a handful of people who all know each other and all believe in the same philosophy (and they actually have closer ties than that, in fact).  And so you’re on a planned agenda.  They are also the ones that give you your school books and your university books as well.  They give you what is “authorized history” that you’re going to learn about in the future about the past, and it will conflict if you have a mind that remembers things: it will conflict with what you remember (but that’s the authorized version); that’s how it’s always been. 


Now, one article came out recently, and it’s by Zbigniew Brzezinski on advice to Obama, you see.  And he talks about… it’s quite interesting the way it’s phrased.  It says…


To be sure, he is not a dictator. Congress has a voice. So does the public.


(Alan:  I wonder where that one is.)


And so do vested interests and foreign-policy lobbies.


(A:  Very important, foreign policy lobbies.)


The congressional role in declaring war is especially important not when the United States is the victim of an attack,


(A:  That’s when you had to be the victim of an attack, with 9/11. "We need a Pearl Harbor event" said the PNAC group, remember.  It says...)


but when the United States is planning to wage war abroad.


(A: That’s when you got to get approval by the Congress, according to them.)


Because America is a democracy


(A: It’s not a republic anymore, apparently...)


public support for presidential foreign-policy decisions is essential. But no one in the government or outside it can match the president’s authoritative voice when he speaks and then decisively acts for America.


(A:  He says...)


This is true even in the face of determined opposition.


(A:  Now listen to this part; it’s quite interesting, the way it’s worded...)


Even when some lobbies


(A: They’re always lobbying.  They’re the most powerful ones, you all know who they are, in Washington.)


This is true even in the face of determined opposition. Even when some lobbies succeed in gaining congressional support for their particular foreign clients


(A:  Foreign clients... right...)


in defiance of the president, for instance, many congressional signatories still quietly convey to the White House their readiness to support the president if he stands firm for


(A:  What they call...)


"the national interest."


(A: That’s what they go to war for too: the national interest.)


And a president who is willing to do so publicly, while skillfully cultivating friends and allies on Capitol Hill, can then establish such intimidating credibility that it is politically unwise to confront him.


(A:  But then he goes on, when you scroll down... And I’ll put all these links up that I’ll mention tonight on cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast.  But, he talks about, again, more foreign policy and so on.  And he says...)


For example, on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the unfortunate fact is that under the last three presidents, U.S. policy has been either sincere but gutless, or simply cynical. The recent Palestinian statehood vote in the United Nations, in which the United States -- despite its intense efforts -- obtained the support of only eight other states out of a total 188 voting, marks the nadir of the dramatically declined global respect for U.S. capability to cope with an issue that is morally troubling today and, in the long run, explosive. It dramatizes the consequences for the United States of declined bipartisanship in foreign affairs and of the increased influence of lobbies,


(A:  And it’s true: the lobbies run Washington.  But they’re not just lobbies, often they’re foundations and so on.)


thus underlining the need for assertive presidential leadership in foreign policy and national security.


A:  So in other words, the U.S., of course, voted No to giving anything to Palestine because of the lobby groups that are awfully powerful in the States —and everyone knows it in the world.  And so, he gives a little bit of advice to Obama and so on.


Now, another article here is important because you have to understand what “declarations” are.  Declarations, supposedly, are really authoritative legal announcements which have legal effects.  And when presidents especially and prime ministers announce something to the general public that sounds a bit vague to them, there’s a reason for it being vague (it’s because generally the public wouldn’t like it if they understood it).  But, for instance, FDR talked about the New Deal; the New Deal was taking over and directing away from what was called the Constitution of the United States (that’s why they used the term the New Deal —the old one was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, for those who don’t understand it), and it swayed off the U.S. into a different role completely.  And this article here is kind of similar, and it’s about what Obama supposedly said.  Mind you, who knows who wrote the speech for him; probably his master.  But it says…


Declaring "our journey is not complete," President Barack Obama took the oath of office for his second term before a crowd of hundreds of thousands


(A:  So, "our journey is not complete..."  It doesn’t define who "we" are, to be "our," and it’s not "complete," so, what mission was this?  What mission was it?  And, this was on...)


Monday, urging the nation to set an unwavering course toward prosperity and freedom


(A: Well, this is the same term that they use, "prosperity and freedom partnership" for NAFTA, and so on; and they’ve used the same terms in Britain as they go down the tubes.)


and protect the social safety net that has sheltered the poor, elderly and needy.


(A:  The biggest safety net that came was to bail out the big bankers at the top, and after that, the military-industrial complex that’s got all the wars going on —that’s where the cash goes.  He says...)


"Our country cannot succeed when shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it," Obama said in a relatively brief, 18-minute address. "We believe that America’s prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class,"


(A:  I wonder which one; it must be the technocrats —you know, the new world managers, because nobody else is rising.)


echoing his calls from the presidential campaign that catapulted him to re-election.


(A:  He then...)


...declared a decade of war is ending,


(A:  Well, it’s not, really.  See, the war is continuous. It’s like Orwell’s 1984. It’s not meant to end.  It’s continuous.  And when it’s not getting hammered with physical weaponry on somebody else, as they’re getting hammered with physical weaponry or psychological weaponry on you back home; because, you see, there’s a mission at home and it’s not finished yet, he says:  "The journey is not complete," you see.  Now, it’s interesting too that it goes on to say...)


In an era of looming budget cuts, Obama said the nation has a commitment to costly programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. "These things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us," he said.


(A:  Well that’s the same doublespeak that Britain was told to use twenty years ago, you know.  And...)


Sandwiched between the bruising presidential campaign and continuing fiscal fights, Monday’s inaugural celebrations marked a brief respite from the partisan gridlock that has consumed the past two years.


A:  That’s all just show, folks.  See, these scripts are awfully important though.  But that part is important: "our journey is not complete."  Now a journey has to have a start; someone must start it and set out an agenda, you see: "we’re going from here to there," that’s the goal, and that’s a very important thing to realize, that something’s been said here again, just like Bush Sr. when he said the new world order is coming into view; it’s very important, you got to understand that.  Big, big, big changes, massive changes are coming, very quickly.  And by the way, they’ve already agreed to go to war across North Africa after they’ve finished just with the Middle East itself; that’s already been agreed.  It was agreed in Bush Junior’s term and I’ll touch on that tonight as well —so it’s to be continuous war.  Understand too, at home under the warfare technique, when you’re under kind of forms of martial law and so on, you give up all your rights so that they can create massive social change from the domestic people at home, as opposed to those abroad that you’re fighting.  Carroll Quigley went through that awfully well, the changes.  You can get more done in five years of war (with the new laws that the government rams through) than 50 years of propaganda and persuasion.


Now, I’ll touch on another article on the same topic when I come back after these messages…


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the future.  The present is always tied to the future because the present was planned a long time ago and the future is already planned at the present as well (it really is planned); all the wars definitely are, the bank crashes are, years ahead of when it happens.  All these things are known long in advance and definitely planned as well, because it’s time for austerity, you understand, where you become austere paying for the big salaries for the banks. 


Anyway, this article too is from the Foreign Affairs, and it talks about the crisis of democracy.  It says…


The crisis of democracy identified in the 1970s never really went away; it was just papered over with temporary solutions and obscured by a series of lucky breaks.


(A:  I wonder what the lucky breaks were.  It was all going to globalization, wasn’t it?)


Today, the problems have mounted, and yet American democracy is more dysfunctional than ever -- and it has fewer levers to pull in a globalized economy.


(A: That’s because the boys who ruled the U.S. already planned the globalized system and it was going to put everything off to China later on; and that’s already happened, right.  It says...)


This time, the pessimists might be right.


(A: It says.  And it goes through Obama’s reelection and so on and so on.  And then it goes through the usual ballyhoo of pretending they know about economics and how things will get better and all that.  But when you scroll down this article (and I’ll put this up tonight too) it says...)


In 1980, the United States’ gross government debt


(A: gross government debt...)


was 42 percent of its total GDP; it is now 107 percent.


That phrase might sound familiar. By the mid-1970s, growth was stagnating and inflation skyrocketing across the West. Vietnam and Watergate had undermined faith in political institutions and leaders, and newly empowered social activists were challenging establishments....


(A: Well they’ve been doing it since they came into the country, long before that.  It says...)


In a 1975 report from the Trilateral Commission entitled The Crisis of Democracy, distinguished scholars from the United States, Europe, and Japan argued that the democratic governments of the industrial world had simply lost their ability to function, overwhelmed by the problems they confronted.


A:  Remember, the Trilateral Commission was also created with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs to bring in world government and to bring in, eventually, a world parliament system.  So, they say what they’ve always said.  That’s their mantra: "it’s not going to work, we need a global system."


So, I’ll put this link up tonight too as they go through a new crisis of democracy, whatever this democracy is; I’ve never known a static meaning for "democracy" in my lifetime; it keeps changing. 


And also, out now too is…


CIA’s free reign on targeted killing: Pakistan exempted from agency’s drone ‘playbook’


(A: They call it the “playbook,” all their targeting, and the ones they want to kill.


A new CIA manual that limits the agency’s ability to use drones and creates strict guidelines for targeted killings is being finalized. Pakistan was exempted from these restrictions in a compromise between the CIA, State Department and the Pentagon.


The Washington Post has revealed that John Brennan, the counter-terrorism adviser nominated by President Obama to be the next head of the CIA, has agreed to temporarily exempt the spy agency from the new manual's guidelines, which attempt to codify the use of drones to kill Al-Qaeda members,


(A: Which is generally the general public, it seems, and children.)


other terrorist organizations and even US citizens.


The manual sets out stricter standards and rigid rules for the use of US drones. Some of the guidelines include requirements for White House approval of drone strikes and the involvement of multiple agencies, such as the State Department, in adding new names to kill lists.


(A: Amazing, you’ve got kill lists, eh, in this advanced democracy, they call it, eh?)


However, none of these stringent rules apply to US drone attacks in Pakistan, which started under President George W. Bush.


A: Well nothing has really changed, actually; in fact Rumsfeld said that a few years ago.  He slapped him on the back, Obama, when he got in the last time, and congratulated him for carrying on the same thing as the PNAC group that Rumsfeld was in —the same agenda.


Now I’ve mentioned before how television is your programmer; it gives you predictive programming of what’s to come, through fiction primarily.  And it’s done in many, many ways.  It can be done through comedy as well.  Often the sexual stuff is first put on comedy and then you start howling at it, and then they’ll start getting it into plays or dramas, and you don’t react the way you would have before you were indoctrinated and laughed at yourselves being degraded —but they also do social changes too.  Now, Star Trek (I’ve mentioned this many times before), the whole series was worked out, not just with NASA, but with Rand Corporation, it says here, and it was predictive programming.  And it talks about one of the first captains that they had, I think it was in the first series or first show, was called Jeffrey Hunter, he played captain Christopher Pike in the Star Trek pilot “The Cage.”  And he talked about that the Rand Corporation, people from the Rand Corporation, also were involved in this.  Now the Rand Corporation is classified as a nonprofit, a sort of charitable thing that works for governments in all areas or projects.  They were the guys also who ran the Game Theory system.  They had every American and Canadian and British and all the Europeans, in their computers simulating games on how you’d react in certain situations, and it was all run by statistics.  And the Rand Corporation also was employed by Obama, because even though they’re tax-free they charge millions to be consulted.  And Obama also used them for his health care package; he says, what’s the best system to emulate? and Rand came back with the British system (which is going down the tubes as you well know), so that’s ObamaCare.  It’s really to get massive abortion in and things like that, and bring the population down and mandatory inoculations. 


Anyway, I’ll go through some of this article when I come back from this break...


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about predictive programming and how it works.  As I say, you get familiarized with the idea.  If it’s in a fictional form you’ll watch the movie, or the series, or whatever, and gradually you’ll start to say “yeah, I guess, I guess, I guess so,” and then when it happens in reality you’re all ready for the big changes to come.  Now when the Star Trek series came out it was just before the massive push for multiculturalism was going on, and then during it it was on, the big push was on.  And you saw this ship, you know; it’s very much like they say in the U.S.: God bless us on this Enterprise, you know, and that’s what they called the ship, the Enterprise, as well.  Those that set up the US had a particular enterprise in mind supposedly, or it certainly was taken over by others later on.  But the idea was that they went in to represent earth, which had a unified government, a world government system on earth at the time, and the ship went on supposedly to get peaceful trade, and so on, throughout the galaxy, with all the different groups they’d meet, which represented different ethnic groups, with beliefs and behaviors and looks and all the rest of it, the same as multiculturalism would do.  And those who would adapt and join the world system, this global earth system, were the good guys, they could trade and all the rest of it, and travel, but the bad guys that wouldn’t go into this world system were always easily depicted as the awful bad guys with horrible habits and terrible cultures and awfully barbaric.


And that’s really how the world —eventually— has been run since, if you understand the massive multiculturalism and how you must accept all things which you maybe disapprove of even.  And also you must accept free trade and a world government.  That was all part of the whole engineering of a generation to accept these things.  So this article goes through it, talking about that, that the Rand Corporation was also involved.  Gene Roddenberry was also a member of NASA remember; he sat on the board of NASA.  But it says here that they took the Rand Corporation’s projection of things to come, and also worked on that as well.  Then it goes on to talk about the predictive programming.  So I’ll put this link up tonight too.  It’s quite interesting about the different characters that were involved for the social changes and so on.


Now, this is a good article here too.  People don’t realize that multiculturalism, who pushed it in every country (because one group pushed it in every country) or why they pushed it in every country.  And some people say, well, it was based on the old British Commonwealth idea —and it wasn’t really.  The commonwealth idea was simply that Britain was already conquered by the people who ran the big banks in London, and it was their idea to form the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, and Rothschild’s (who was in with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation) and couple it with the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner, who eventually became the director of umpteen different banks, including Barclays, and create the Royal Institute of International Affairs using Britain as an embryo for it to be built on for a world empire government (not based in England, by the way).  And they passed on the cost of it all, eventually, or most of the cost, to the U.S. and that’s why the U.S. has been the policeman of the world since. And along that Star Trek scenario, they’re hammering all the “bad guys,” the bad guys that you’re allowed to hear called nasty names in all the propaganda movies that the Pentagon funds about them, in wars and so on, and all that kind of stuff.  Anyway, here’s an article to do with the so called… You understand, the multiculturalism that they pushed was not for assimilation.  In fact, the ones who pushed it actually are totally against assimilation.  But they told the people to keep their own cultures, and you end up with this morass of no culture at all.  And even the domestic culture gets destroyed and don’t know what it is anymore: that was all part of the strategy towards global governance, you see, by those who run it.  Anyway, it says…


Invasion of the foreign supercops:


(A: In Britain.  The Prime...)


Minister wants to hire U.S. crime busters to take over British police


(A:  This is part of the international police force now.  It says...)


Former Army officers will be recruited as police superintendents


(A:  And the...)


Changes rip up tradition of only British citizens serving in the police


(A: So they’re bringing the top ones in from all over the world, apparently.)


Foreign crimebusters such as US supercop Bill Bratton will be given the chance to take over British police forces under radical new plans to be unveiled by Home Secretary Theresa May.


And former Army officers will be recruited as police superintendents in an attempt to end the ‘closed shop’ police culture blamed for bungled investigations and corruption. The changes, set to be fiercely opposed by police chiefs, rip up the centuries-old tradition of only British citizens serving in the police.


A: Now, the one on immigration and multiculturalism...


Mother who dared to tell the truth about immigration on the BBC


(A:  And it says here...)


When she arrived at Lincoln Drill Hall for BBC1’s Question Time last Thursday, Rachel Bull took a seat towards the back of the audience, never imagining that she would speak during the live television debate.


(A:  I mean, everything is produced on TV, especially the BBC, and it’s all supposed to be very proper and you keep away from nasty subjects, you know, taboo subjects which everybody is taught are taboo, you see.  It says...)


At first, 35-year-old Mrs Bull listened quietly to the panellists discussing issues such as the future of the High Street


(A: In London...)


and the scandal of supermarket burgers contaminated with horse meat.


(A: The usual, the trivia stuff that they’re putting out there.)


But when the topic shifted to immigration in her family’s home town, Boston in Lincolnshire, she found she could remain silent no longer.


After hearing Cambridge University professor Mary Beard airily dismissing claims that migrant workers were overwhelming the market town, office manager Mrs Bull almost leapt from her seat, waving her hand frantically in the air until she caught the attention of presenter David Dimbleby.


(A: She says...)


‘Boston is at breaking point. All the locals can’t cope anymore,’ she said, her voice trembling with emotion and outrage. ‘You go down to Boston High Street and it’s just like you’re in a foreign country. It’s got to stop. The services are at breaking point.’


(A:  And it’s true.  People years ago paid for all these services, and the National Health Service, and now it’s bust because they’ve got to take on everyone that comes in for operations or healthcare and so on.  I mean, never mind that, their pension plans have all been spent as well on bringing more in and retraining them and then they’ll end up leaving the country or whatever.  But the fact is, it’s been advertising for 50 years as the easiest place to get on welfare and so on, openly.)


When she finally finished speaking, there was a moment’s silence and then rapturous applause.


In less than a minute, this ordinary working mother had given a snapshot picture of a town at the end of its tether and voiced the fears of huge swathes of the population.


After the show had finished, audience members were still feting Mrs. Bull like a heroine, shaking her hand and congratulating her for daring to speak out about the lasting impact of mass immigration.


Since then, Mrs. Bull, who was born and brought up in Lincolnshire and lives with her marine engineer husband Steven and their ten-year-old son Luke, has had time to reflect on her impromptu television appearance.


While she is rather overwhelmed by the attention her impassioned outpouring has attracted, she has no regrets....


A: Well, people are terrified to say what’s obvious because everyone knows it’s taboo to say what’s now mandatory.  And I’ve read the articles before, that they’ve talked about destroying the British culture.  See, all cultures eventually have to be destroyed —same in the U.S.  You think about all the debate about the gun control; they’ve lost all their rights since 2001 and we’re getting snooped on like you wouldn’t believe —everything.  They’re getting almost raped at the airports for God’s sake; everything’s changed —everything has changed— and now it’s to change further with Obama’s little speech there (there’s more to do).


And it’s bad enough in Britain.  It says illegal immigrants are now paying criminal gangs one-and-half thousand pounds a time to smuggle them out of Britain.


Illegal immigrants pay £1,500 to be smuggled OUT of Britain


The foreign nationals – many of whom sneaked into the UK undetected in the first place – are put in the back of lorries [trucks] and transported to France.


By avoiding contact with the authorities they can travel on to a European destination of their choice, rather than risk being sent back to their homeland thousands of miles away.


(A: See, they come in through Greece, or whatever country they come into, and once they’re on there and accepted as European they can go anywhere in Europe.  And most of them head to Britain because it’s the easiest way, there’s no questions asked.  It says...)


It is feared that foreign criminals on the run from the police are fleeing in this way.


A: And then, also, there’s another article about Dublin, I’ll put this up tonight.  It’s from Dublin and it’s a vigil, actually a pro-life vigil that they had, because there’s all this hype about them not joining in the mass, you know, killing-your-baby scheme that the U.N. has pushed for years.  And it says…


Crowds demonstrated in Dublin to highlight their opposition to abortion law changes


A: And there’s over 25,000 have attended a “Vigil for life” event, to say that, no, we’re not all on board with it.  And apart from that, it’s against the constitution there.  But again too we’re all getting told your old laws are gone; your laws are gone, right, and we’re accepting that as well (we are).  It’s not just gun rights that go, everything is gone: this is a new world order —order, you know.


And this article too...


Bill Gates interview: I have no use for money. This is God’s work


A: He says.  Now, the last time we heard that, was it Bernanke that said it at the Federal Reserve: "I’m doing God’s work."  No one asked him, "what are you talking about?" during an inquiry, "what God is this?" you know.  Here’s Bill Gates with a mandate to vaccinate people across the planet with the polio vaccines and all the rest of it.  And he also said too this will bring down the population.  And we know that the polio vaccine already has condemned generations to cancers, and probably sterility too.  You’ve got to start putting things together when they make these little comments, "this is God’s work."  Now, any member of the public saying that would be classified as a nutcase or somebody with a messianic complex, but not with these guys.  This is an in-house term that they use with each other.  And you better look into it yourselves and find out what they’re talking about.


And, talking about vaccinations, and how they also said a long time ago the biggest threat to the world (at the United Nations they said) was the individual.  They want the collective society; you know, the ones who all agree with the P.C. stuff.  And they must also get rid of leaders. Leaders now, remember, don’t go along with the herd (that’s why the herd follows them), so you’ve got to get those who’ve got potential leadership abilities and cripple them when they’re at school, and they come up with autism and so on, and classifications such as ADHD, etcetera.  And this is a new study, but, it simply confirms all the other studies they’ve done before.  They know all this stuff.  It says...


Boys on ADHD medication ‘growing more slowly’


(A:  It’s stunting their growth.  Well, about 10 years ago they said it was stunting their brains, which is only part of the rest of their body, so, it’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing; it’s having the desired effect.  They won’t grow up to be leaders; don’t worry about that.  They’re not going to be leaders.  So...)


University of Sydney study has found adolescent boys being treated for ADHD are growing more slowly during puberty.


(A:  And they find that...)


...more than three years on ADHD medication can stunt their development.


A: And it can do it permanently, by the way; they’ve found that with the brain too.


So, I’ll put this link up tonight as well.  And, another little one too.  It’s a bit off the topic, but you never thought that ballet was a dangerous occupation, but apparently it is.  In Russia it’s pretty dangerous because they can have little tiffs between the top dancers, the guys that is, you know —little tiffs.  I’ll put this one up tonight about the dangers in ballet dancing today; it’s quite the tiff.  Also tonight too I’ll put up…


Farmers fighting for a fair go. Updates on The Thompsons and Peter Spencer


A:  One in Australia, and another couple that went to Australia to farm; and because of all the laws now that’ve changed everything, they just can’t get the farm off the ground because of bureaucracies and changes in the laws.  I’ll put that up tonight too for those that want to have a wee peek at it.


And also tonight this one here.  Now, I mentioned a few years ago that Goldman Sachs and the rest of them, right after the bank crash in fact, they found out that they were also putting up…because I mentioned before, 5 agri-businesses run the world’s food supply.  And, see, at one time when you were national countries (and you aren’t national anymore; you’re used as national when it’s for war and that but you’re not national anymore, but) they had to make sure that enough grain and all the rest of it and food was kept in your country for your own population, to keep the prices low and convenient and affordable.  Now they’re going out of sight, as you know, because we’re global.  So they can sell all the stuff off for the highest bidder.  So, it went into derivatives now, and they’ve got the food up, all your world’s food supply up on the big global casino there, the guys that own it all, and they’ve taken it over.  And it says…


Goldman bankers get rich betting on food prices as millions starve


(A: And, the...)


Bank criticised for making £250m after destructive spikes in global food market


(A:  And I’ll put that up tonight too.  It says...)


Goldman Sachs made more than a quarter of a billion pounds last year by speculating on food staples, reigniting the controversy over banks profiting from the global food crisis.


(A: Well of course they are.  They run the world, the banks.  Goldman Sachs is into everything, into every country, into every politician —into everything.  It says...)


Less than a week after the Bank of England Governor, Sir Mervyn King, slapped Goldman Sachs on the wrist for attempting to save its UK employees millions of pounds in tax by delaying bonus payments, the investment bank faces fresh accusations that it is contributing to rising food prices.


(A:  And it says they...)


...made about $400m (£251m) in 2012 from investing its clients’ money in a range of "soft commodities", from wheat and maize to coffee and sugar,


(A:  So if you’re wondering why the prices are going up on all these things.)


according to an analysis for The Independent by the World Development Movement (WDM).


This contributed to the 68 per cent jump in profits for 2012 Goldman announced last week, allowing it to push up the average pay and bonus package of its bankers to £250,000.


A: Not bad, eh?  You understand too, there’s only a handful of people that own all the top corporations and banks in the world and they have shares in each of those companies.  In other words, a handful of people own pretty well everything.  You’ve got the appearance, sometimes, of competition, but there is no competition; it’s just meant for appearance’s sake.


And also too, I’ll put up this one about arthritis.  Now, we always go through new normals as we’re upgraded into the big system.  You have lots of problems now with young people getting old-age diseases.  And this one is…


I thought arthritis only hit elderly – yet my girl had it at TWO


A:  Years old. It’s become a new normal now because they stuff so many inoculations into them before they can even say “dada, mama.”  Some of them never recover from the inoculations and end up with autism, as you know.


There’s the music coming in.  I’ll be back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, I’ll go now to the caller there.  There’s Tom from Wisconsin hanging on the line there.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  Yeah, I’m here Alan.  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes.


Tom:  Excellent, excellent.  I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job as usual.  And, there’s not a whole lot that can be said.  I mean, what we’re really doing is we’re just trying to cover all the bases before all of that connection that we have now with one another disappears into the darkness of the new dark age whenever that comes.  But, a lot of it is very much like when dealing with the general public who are really unaware of most of these things that you talk about on your show and on other shows like this…It is the parable of the matrix, where they will fight to their death to defend it.  Even if it is their death, it’s their existence.


Alan:  Yeah, and it’s going to change very quickly too.  I mean, you can feel it; it’s in the air actually, you can feel it, the big, big changes coming on.  It doesn’t matter how unhappy people are about different things, different issues; they’ve all become taboo issues because the government’s got a different take on everything and we’re supposed to adapt to their take and be politically correct, which defies logic and it’s telling you to technically become insane to be politically correct to go along with them. So, you’ve been denied to use your own reason and logic when you can see everything that’s happening and you know the whys.  So, they’re going to get tough, get really tough shortly; I know that, yeah.  It’s coming.


Tom:  There’s definitely going to be a separation of the strong from the weak in the coming times and that’s very near.


Alan:  Oh it’s definitely here; it’s definitely coming near.  And the fact that everyone is under surveillance.  There is no free speech, really, you know.  And years ago I talked about the Pentagon, from their own website, saying that they had virtual everybodies: we are in it; the virtual you is in their computers.  And they do exercises on you as you update your personality every day, what you’re into, what you’re interested in; they update that into your avatar and then they put tests on it to see how you’ll react in situations when government makes the next move and the next move and the next move, literally.  And we think we’re free?  We call this democracy? you know.  No, this is not democracy.  We’re getting treated like robots, basically, with no privacy on any accounts whatsoever. This is what they’ve been after for a long, long time. Aldous Huxley talked about it and many others did too; back in the 1930’s they knew they were going to bring in this system.


Tom: Well Alan, they have people so docile and domesticated that they will march into the pits and thank their killers for killing them.  That’s what they want.  And the god ol’ boys that I work with, they are one step away from that.  So domesticated.  Even though they’ve got all their guns and all that; it’s like a state of mind, that even with their guns, they don’t have, which is what concerns me about this whole second amendment thing.  How domesticated are the American men?  How domesticated are they really, even the ones in their 40’s and 50’s, you know?


Alan:  Absolutely; they’re absolutely domesticated.  They’ve been conditioned to be so with very good scientific indoctrination (perpetual too); every day you get your downloads from television, and they adapt to the changes —that’s the whole point: people are the greatest adapters of all.  Darwin talked about that too.  So they use your adaptation ability as they change your societies, bit by bit by bit, until you’re facing 180 degrees and they don’t notice it.  They still think you wave that flag and we’re still some kind of old America; that’s all gone (it’s already gone).  And they did nothing about it because they weren’t aware it was happening, or did nothing then.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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