January 23, 2013 (#1255)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 23, 2013:

Change is Good,"Hey Bud, any Food?":

"Ban Ki-moon in Speech States His Position,
World's Going Through "The Great Transition",
Deliberately Vague, Its Meaning Obscure,
For Insiders a Code-Name for The Big Cure,
The Word Democracy, Is The One and Only
System Allowed or You'll Be Bombed and Lonely,
World Bodies to Rule Over Food and Water,
World Army Formed to Finish the Slaughter,
Redistribution of Wealth Means for the Seeker,
First World's Duty to Be "His Brother's Keeper",
The U.N. has Plans to Take Every Dollar,
Until You're in Poverty, Living in Squalor"
© Alan Watt Jan. 23, 2013

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 23rd of January, 2013.

I always suggest that people make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  There’s lots to download for free, there are lots of audios where I go through the system you are born into and explain how it works and how it works on your mind too and how indoctrination is put into your head.  You’re really indoctrinated from the time you’re born really and then television takes over, watching cartoons and it’s amazing how much money goes into paying cartoons to put in all the PC updates as we evolve as they call it at the top.

And then you go on to school and you’re further given scientific indoctrination.  And then the media takes over from there so you are really kept in an artificial way of looking at the world.  And of course that’s the way your masters want it to be.  You understand there are different levels of reality and even the stuff that we get for news is at the bottom level of reality.  It’s been authorized to be out there because all the mainstream media is owned by those who rule the world and are directing the world along a particular course.

Remember as well that you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help me tick along hopefully by getting the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donating.  And you’ll see how to do it on the website.  And remember too from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders or you can send cash or use Paypal.  And across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  But straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these times.

And as I say you should read the books too because I show you things in a different way, of conology it’s called.  It’s like Machiavelli, Machiavelli was a con man and all advisors have always been con men to the so-called kings and queens and now it’s presidents and prime ministers.  That’s how the world’s been run for thousands of years.  The guys with the knowledge of how to control vast populations, how to stop them overrunning the guys in the government, keep them at peace, keep them in obeyance or fear, it’s often combined together.  But never give them the truth and that’s what’s really done.  You are run by fear.  Most of it is about things that will never happen but it’s how they’re even getting the global warming thing through as well as we freeze.

I mean last night here it got to 42 below Fahrenheit, and it’s almost the same as centigrade, so there is hardly a peep in the papers about anything like that.  And it seems they’ve got a storm going across Europe and there are folk dying in Eastern Europe too because of the intense cold, which is only about half of what it is here actually but never the less that shows you that there’s no hype about it.  But when you get a warm sunny day it’s oh my God, it’s Global Warming.  So you are run by conology and the art of conology is ancient, ancient.  And it’s taught to specific people, not at the regular universities either, on how to as I say control billions of people’s minds.  How to keep you running around chasing tails, generally your own, and getting nowhere for most of your lives.  Or lots of trivia that has got nothing to do with anything and also misleading you, or bits of truth with big, big spins on them too.  Because whatever happens in the world they want you onboard with the big agenda and to do so they must lie to you profusely, which they do.  And they must make big things happen now and then to get you all onboard with them.  Especially when you feel threatened about something, oh those guys are going to kill us all.  That’s been used so many times in history, it’s very nauseous but it works every time.

So we’re run by intelligent people.  People who know the techniques that go way back to Plato and beyond in fact and have been known by specialists in the area of advising.  The advisors remember are more important than the front men they put out there for you to throw tomatoes at.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I am back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system.  And the system remember never stays static even when you think it’s quiet for a little period there are big think tanks across the whole world, hundreds and hundreds of them, working on their special areas to do with all of us to make us change our ways of thinking and viewing specific topics, modifying our behavior, all of these kind of things.  Always on the go, all working together actually.  It’s massive, it’s incredibly massive.  And it’s a very old system this whole part of it because I’ve gone through the history remember of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and before they were called Lord Milner’s Group and they also had the Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild Group as well who used the British system, the British Empire system because Britain was conquered you understand; they were simply using the British people to conquer the rest of it, by the banking fraternity that is.  And they were using the British system.  And then the boys who ran the money lending system decided to use America to take over because Britain was bankrupted long ago with all its wars.  And America was to take over and even their historian at the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations, same thing, said in his book (he was their own personal historian) that there is a parallel history and these guys should get their mention eventually because they have so radically altered history all through the 20th century and obviously into the present century too.

They were the same guys who set up the United Nations.  He says they’re often, Quigley says they’re often mistaken for communists because it’s the same, using the same techniques as communism too.  By the way the boys were all for communism as well because ultimately they’d bring in a system where the big boys at the top, the intellectual elite, the banking fraternity, the scientific community, would run all the people beneath them and the middle men would all be bureaucrats and social agencies, etcetera, running everyone’s lives in a communistic fashion.  I’ve said that for years and years and years.  And it’s good that others pick up on it and understand what’s going on.

And you’ll see that the United Nations is a big, big player.  Most laws that have come down over many years now, even right down to your building codes in every country come from the United Nations.  And all the things about, for instance, the "Great Transition", I’ve talked about the Great Transition.  You understand when they put these terms out as I say they’re abstracts and they’re meant to be repeated and repeated in such a way that they sink into your mind even if you don’t understand what it means totally, it sinks into your mind by osmosis as Jacques Ellul said about it.  Most folk learn by osmosis, not by understanding things.  They repeat terms they don’t even understand but it concretizes, it makes concrete something which is abstract, and then you give it more respect as a concrete thing, like a carbon tax for instance.

So anyway I’ve mentioned the Great Transition.  So for about a year or more they’ve been putting out the Great Transition articles on websites from the United Nations but across the whole world.  It will emerge from Britain; it will emerge from different countries, on the Great Transition.  And communitarianism is also part of it too, as Agenda 21 is as well, collectivism and so on.  It’s all part of the same thing.

And it really is the culmination of the dialectical process of using two opposites to bring in a middle way, because you merge things together.  You have a compromise and out of that you have what you were after all along.  That was your goal.  So the right and the left worked together whether you know it or not, at least the banking fraternity did and the communist fraternity, because it was all funded by the bankers to bring in this system so as that the elite would manage us all.

Remember too in communism it was never believed that the average person was capable of running their own lives.  And you’ll see so many articles coming out from Obama’s group for instance pretty well saying the same thing, it’s a world of experts to run you, that’s what you need you see.  It takes a village, and all that nonsense, to raise a child.

So you understand you’re almost at the end of a whole phase of this.  It’s not like it’s not happened, it’s already happened.  Most folk out there have been socialized without even knowing it and domesticated into socialism without understanding it, by very clever techniques as well.  And it’s very effective.  You understand a brainwashed person doesn’t know they’re brainwashed.  In fact they’d fight you physically before they’ll admit they could be wrong.  They won’t even look at evidence to the contrary no matter where it comes from.  They will not even look at it.  Their minds are fixed.

And Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations gave a speech a few days ago in California and it says here that...

"Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivers a lecture at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California."

And it says:

"The world is undergoing big changes in the economic,"

Alan:  Now this is to do with the redistribution of wealth, which is one of the whole planks of the Communist Manifesto.

"...development and political spheres,"

Alan:  It’s all referring to communistic things.  It’s very similar to Obama’s speech for those who don’t understand communism.  So it says he gave a lecture at Stanford University...

"...highlighting three essential ways to navigate through this “Great Transition.”"

Alan:  See, the Great Transition, the Great Change.  Remember I’ve mentioned that in the last century for fifty years or more in higher academia professors talked amongst themselves and so on about the "Century of Change", which is to be the 21st century when all of what they’d worked for, for the last hundred-odd years, would be done, completed in this century, the 21st century.  It’s the same thing, "Century of Change", "Change is Good", "Great Transition", it’s all the same thing.

"“Throughout the ages, people have said that the world is in the midst of big change.  But the level and degree of global change that we face today is far more profound than at any other period in my adult lifetime.”

Alan:  And he calls it the Great Transition.

"In his speech, entitled ‘The United Nations in a World in Transition’,"

He says:

"At the current rate, we will soon need two planet earths.

Alan:  He’s talking about the population and so on.

"But we have only one planet.  There can be no Plan B because there is no planet B.  Both science and economics tell us that we need to change course..."

Alan:  So economics, and this is what the whole point is in communism, science was eventually to run you with economics along with it too.  They both go together.  And the old priesthoods are all gone.  They’ve been demolishing religions for a long time.  They’re still demolishing one of the last religions across the Middle East right now.  And it’s not finished, it will go on for many, many years yet as they go onto other Muslim countries to bring in the proper system, which is the one we’re in.  They call it democracy by the way at the top.  And it says here...

"He noted that the transition is economic, as engines of growth and economic power continue to shift with the rise of the Asia-Pacific region."

Alan:  Now all your countries were onboard.  All the leaders of your countries were onboard with and signed the GATT treaty.  We all paid.  All the taxpayers of the West paid to set up modern China as modern China, and gave them all the factories and everything.  And economists were all paid to go over there, by us again, to show them how to do all their economic systems and so on and so on and so on.  It didn’t happen by itself.  Which meant that there’d be no work left pretty well in all the western countries.  So the boys who you elected in, or you think you elected in, who were all pre-chosen again by the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, regardless of the party they belong to, were all onboard with selling all of you out and to become service economies.

And it says:

"The transition is developmental, as the world seeks a more sustainable path for people and the planet."

Alan:  So you’re back into sustainability, Agenda 21, population reduction and so on.

"The transition is also political as landmark change in the Arab world and beyond brings new hope to places that have long been deserts of democracy."

Alan:  Now the United Nations for many, many years, all through the Soviet era too, had dictators onboard with it as members and all kinds of people.  It was okay as long as they were communistic and served their purpose.  But now he’s telling you that this thing, this term called democracy—which is really collectivism or communism but at the top you’ve got the elite fascists obviously—is now in place.  And that’s why they’ve been demolishing all of the Middle East because they don’t run on this so-called democracy principle.  And neither do we by the way.

It says:

"“I believe we face a unique opportunity.  Because the changes we face are so profound – the decisions we make will have a deeper and more lasting impact..."

Alan:  And so on and so on.

"“We have no time to lose.”"

Alan:  So they always rush on ahead.

"He highlighted three essential ways to navigate through this Great Transition:  by truly advancing sustainable development; by helping people meet their aspirations for democracy and dignity; and by empowering women and young people."

Alan:  They always push the same communist stuff out and it’s all loaded of course because they also want to get women not to marry all together eventually and not have children.  And young people, they are the next army of indoctrinated youth.  They always indoctrinate further with every generation who will be the young "greenies" who are just like the Young Communist party.

"On sustainable development, Mr. Ban pointed out that in the next 20 years, the world will need at least 50 per cent more food, 45 per cent more energy and 30 per cent more water."

He says.

"“At the current rate, we will soon need two planet earths.  But we have only one planet.”  He noted that, with the eighth-largest economy in the world, California has a special role."

Alan:  So then he praises them even though they’re bankrupt you know, massively, but he really praises their way of handling things.  He says:

"While working to achieve sustainable development, it is also vital to strive for sustainable peace..."

Alan:  He says and then he went on about the conflict in Syria which of course they’re all funding from the West, to get rid of the old system.  And remember the Muslim countries are generally run through family.  It’s almost like kings and their relatives, it’s very, very similar and that’s how they’ve been running for a long, long, long time.

He says:

"“You have seen the tragedy play out on your television screens.  Neighborhoods razed.  Hospitals destroyed.”"

Alan:  Etcetera.  And he talks about Syria is in a death spiral.  And of course they want money again to send to the United Nations to help those that have been dispossessed and lost their homes and so on.  And then he goes on about:

"The UN humanitarian appeal is less than 50 per cent funded, while access continues to be a problem, with UN and other humanitarian actors not able to physically reach all people in need."

Alan: Well that’s not their goal, is to reach all the people in need.  Wherever the United Nations has gone it’s either by using NATO to slaughter folk or to kill folk off even through vaccinations if you’ve been following the trails of them across the world as the sperm count suddenly plummets and all that.  And I’ll be touching on that tonight too.  It’s nothing to do with saving everybody for all their talk, nothing at all.

But again he praises the bisexual, transgender community, it’s the biggest thing apparently, the most important thing in the world, and so on and so on and so on.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and I’ll put another link up too on Ban Ki-moon as well where he goes into it in a bit more detail.  I’ll put the two links up.  I’ll put all the links up tonight in fact that I’ll read tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Now part of the United Nations agenda too, because they’re really, they’re told what their agenda is.  They’re put in there by very, very wealthy people, into office, all of them, believe you me and they’re all onboard with it.  You wouldn’t get into the United Nations unless you were onboard with this whole global agenda where everyone apparently is responsible for his brother everywhere across the planet under this collectivized system.  And it says here that:

"Sweden Mulls Carbon Tax..."

Alan:  They’re putting the carbon tax...

"...on Meat to Reduce Emissions"

Alan:  Now remember that’s one of the big priorities too of this globalizing system and the Green Agenda.  Only the very wealthy will get meat in the future because they don’t want you to be so, you know, tall, bright and all the rest of it, as they are themselves.  Just like they called them the little people in the Middle Ages, the peasantry, because they were malnourished.  So they use this to reduce emissions you see, they’ll stop the farting of cattle apparently.  And it says here that:

"Sweden’s Agricultural Board on Tuesday proposed a tax on meat, to discourage consumption of a product that supposedly strains the environment because much of it has to be imported.  The news report said Swedish meat consumption has increased around 33 percent over the past 30 years and is now higher than the EU average."

Alan:  It’s probably because they’re the only ones there that can afford it anymore because it’s so darn expensive.

"Beef production in particular uses a lot of resources...."

It says:

"“Our mandate includes looking at sustainable development and food production that benefits the consumer,” board spokeswoman Gabrielle Cahlin was quoted as saying.  The report offered three solutions:  Less meat consumption globally, the possibility of taxing meat, and international agreements to support sustainable meat production."

Alan:  You understand all your food supply is owned by five Agri-businesses right now.  They’re putting all the small farms under.  Years ago the Department of Agriculture at the United Nations, the head appointed at the time said that, she said that farming can’t be left to farmers.  In this whole world in fact everything is to be international corporations and so on.  And your food supply is to go up on the planet.  In fact the Ministry of Agriculture at the United Nations, the same woman said that eventually down the road the U.N. will be responsible for dishing out the quotas to each nation or region she called it.  And those within the region would have to agree amongst themselves how to distribute it.  And if the rationing got less and less then they’d be forced to, your own people would be forced to sterilize you and so on and so on.  That’s literally what the agenda is folks, for those who can’t quite get it, what’s happening.  It seems too horrific for them.  This is all happening you know.  You’re already trained for it in fact; most won’t even mind.

And it says:

"Sweden’s finance minister reportedly has ruled out a specific meat tax."

Alan:  But regardless they’re going to start putting some kind of tax on meat, whatever, a specific tax.  But it ties in too with the Ministry of Health for Britain.  I’ll put that up tonight too, who is the parliamentarian that’s been appointed over the health industry there or what’s left of it.  And she said you can spot the poor people, they are the fat ones.  The reason that they’re fat folk is because they’re eating mainly carbohydrates, stacks of carbohydrates and sugars, that’s why.

And this article too talks about cops now.  And the cops for years, not just in the U.S. and Canada and elsewhere, have been on steroids.  In fact since the Schwarzenegger movies first came out, that really pushed it and gave the final kind of applaud and approval for steroid use.  And I used to live in Toronto at one point and you go past the Gold’s Gym and you’d see a lot of these guys with their big gym bags outside of Gold’s Gym and different places and you’d see them opening them up and they had all these injectable steroids there, and testosterone and all the rest of it there.  And they’d be selling them to each other and so on.  That’s been an old, old thing because they want to be tough you understand.  They all know it inside the police forces and some places in the States actually promote it.  I’ve read the articles from some police chiefs in the U.S. who have got the testosterone patches and they have mandated that all their staff should get them too.

And it says that:

"Dozens of police officers..."

Alan:  In Britain.

"...are being investigated for using anabolic steroids supplied by criminals in gyms,"

Alan:  That’s your clubs

"...a report has revealed.  It also says some officers abuse their power to obtain sexual favours.  The Association of Chief Police Officers in England and Wales ordered the report from the anti-corruption group Transparency International."

Alan:  You understand even this is all international.  Everything is international you see.  In fact the Association of Chief Police, actually they’re all members of the United Nations, for those who don’t get it.

It says:

"The Police Federation of England and Wales said a "very low" number of officers tested positive for drugs.  Transparency International is a non-governmental group which monitors corporate and political corruption.  Its report urges "zero tolerance" on corruption and says forces should not "fire-fight" their way from crisis to crisis.  The spokesman on professional standards, Staffordshire Chief Constable Michael Cunningham, said the problems caused by officers taking steroids were "a significant threat" to the integrity and professionalism of the police service."

Alan:  Well actually you’ll see them when they go crazy wanting to beat up people because they’re so high on these steroids, they’re like cavemen.  And it also makes them really swell up and then look like balloon people or Michelin people and because they don’t get the exercise to use it properly anyway.  It doesn’t turn into muscle; it turns into kind of flab with them.  But they put the weight on, they pack the weight on.  But also it makes them go crazy at times as well.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the big system.  I’ll also put another link up about the steroid use by British Police as well; as I say they’re all using it across the planet.  It’s been used for oh I don’t know, who knows how long, thirty years or more and getting worse all the time.  And allowed to as well because they want more aggressive guys on as cops, and they want the public to be scared now because you’re going through the Great Transition.  And you’ve got a lot more orders that are going to get barked at you; you’re going to have to obey very quickly.  They don’t want you saying I’ve got rights and stuff like that.  And as an example too of totalitarianism and how it gets in, remember the European Union which is a new soviet, in fact it’s a soviet on steroids itself.  It’s non-democratic although they always use democracy to push their wars on every other country but just like Australia, they want to sack, the power to sack or suspend journalists it says, and they had their Lord Leveson inquiry.

And it says:

"A European Union report has urged tight press regulation and demanded that Brussels officials are given control..."

Alan:  So they want their own you know Stasi, Brussels Stasi officials in government to be given control…

"...of national media supervisors with new powers to enforce fines or the sacking of journalists."

Alan:  I hope you understand the gravity of all this.

So it says:

"Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry did shine a light on some genuine and shocking abuses of press power."

Alan:  It says.  But it says:

"The “high level” recommendations that will be used to draft future EU legislation also attack David Cameron for failing to automatically implement proposals by the Lord Justice Leveson inquiry for a state regulation of British press.  A "high level" EU panel, that includes Latvia’s former president and a former German justice minister, was ordered by Neelie Kroes, European Commission vice-president, last year to report on "media freedom and pluralism".  It has concluded that it is time to introduce new rules to rein in the press.  “All EU countries should have independent media councils,” the report concluded."

Alan:  It’s like the politburo.  You couldn’t even write poetry in the Soviet Union unless it was all passed as okay by panels of people in the politburo.

It says:

"“Media councils should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.”  As well as setting up state regulators with draconian powers, the panel also recommended that the European Commission be placed in overall control in order to ensure that the new watchdogs do not breach EU laws."

Alan:  So it’s all here.  You know it’s all here and what happens in the European Union happens everywhere else too.  As I say Australia has already got the same thing on the way there too.  They had their own lawyer there to draft out thousands of pages. You understand we’re under a global system; what happens in one place happens everywhere.  Although they won’t tell every country at the same time that they’re actually doing it.

And also to do with the, remember the swine flu shot.  It came out about two years ago or whatever it was that it left a plague behind them of people who had narcolepsy, children especially, in Sweden and Finland and places like that.  And this article here is about the update on it all.  And it gives you different cases of people who had it in 2009…

"...after being immunized with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine made by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline."

Alan:  And it gives Emelie Olsson for an example.

"Emelie Olsson is plagued by hallucinations and nightmares.  When she wakes up, she’s often paralyzed, unable to breathe properly or call for help.  During the day she can barely stay awake, and often misses school or having fun with friends.  She is only 14 years old, but at times she has wondered if her life is worth living.  She is one of around 800 children in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe who developed narcolepsy, an incurable sleep disorder,"

Alan:  That’s for life.

"...after being immunized with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine..."

Alan:  “Oh you better get it now.  You better get it now before we run out”; remember all that stuff?

"...made by the British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline in 2009.  Finland, Norway, Ireland and France have seen spikes in narcolepsy cases, too, and people familiar with the results of a soon-to-be-published study in Britain have told Reuters it will show a similar pattern in children there."

Alan:  So there are more of them.

"Their fate, coping with an illness that all but destroys normal life, is developing into what the health official who coordinated Sweden’s vaccination campaign calls a medical tragedy"."

Alan:  Tragedy, that’s all.

"...that will demand rising scientific and medical attention.  Europe’s drugs regulator has ruled Pandemrix should no longer be used in people aged under 20.  The chief medical officer at GSK’s vaccines division, Norman Begg, says his firm views the issue extremely seriously and is “absolutely committed to getting to the bottom of this”..."

Alan:  Which will never happen of course.  So it’s pretty nasty and that’s what you get you see when you just fall for all the propaganda and you fall for the hype and the fear, "You better get it now, better get it now." Because, you know, that’s what happens folks.

It says:

"In total, the GSK shot was given to more than 30 million people in 47 countries from 2009-2010.  Because it contains an adjuvant, or booster, it was not used in the United States because drug regulators there are wary of adjuvanted vaccines."

Alan:  And so, as I say, it will go on down the road before you get the whole number of folk who have signs and symptoms of this.  Remember too like every illness that’s there or is created it will have different levels of it.  Some people will just go to sleep all the time, other ones will just feel tired once in a while, overwhelmingly, and sort of cope and they won’t know they’ve got it.

Now in this world system you have to be treated, medically that is, according to your status and importance to society, for those who haven’t quite caught on to what it’s all about.  And I mentioned too about Britain as really the flagship for a lot of this stuff, with its National Health Service that’s been cut to the bone, and the “no resuscitate” messages they have in code on the bottom of everyone’s bed on the chart there and so on, who to resuscitate, who not to resuscitate, and it really is according to your status in the community.  It’s not just the medical condition itself.  Everything is coming down to economics you see and you’re an economic unit as a producer.  If you’re not a producer anymore and you’ve got say an illness that’s going to disable you or give you long-term treatment, then you’re going to be a problem for them.  You’re a loss to them.  And this is literally how it is today.

So anyway, they’re bringing lots of doctors in from abroad that aren’t half trained, into Britain.  Some of them you can hardly understand and you wonder how they got passed in the first place.  But it says here:

"Girl dies of brain tumour after doctor tells her ‘headaches are caused by stress’ "

Alan:  This is your sort of diagnosis you get in Britain now.  Now I’ve read the articles too, to do with the fact that the government has told them that the GP is to cut back on referrals to specialists and to hospitals to save money.  This is an older article here mind you but this sort of stuff is going on all the time too in Britain.

And then this one too is a recent one; it says:

"Mother saves son’s life after Googling revealed he could have a BRAIN TUMOUR not simply ‘migraines’ "


"A mother saved her seriously-ill son after she realized he could have a brain tumour by searching for his symptoms online.  Sabina Jones knew there was something seriously wrong with her son, despite doctors diagnosing him first with a stomach bug and then with migraines.  She pleaded with doctors to give him a CT scan, which revealed the cancer."


"He got an emergency operation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to remove the inch-long tumour."


"He had started suffering persistent problems with vomiting, his vision and headaches during last summer.  Mrs Jones and husband Dave said they took him to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on three separate occasions, where his condition was firstly dismissed as a stomach infection - and then as migraines."

Alan:  Can you really believe that?  I mean he’s got the symptoms of something wrong with his brain; the first thing you do is to check for infections to see if they’ve got encephalitis or meningitis, and if it’s not that you check further and you find that there’s a tumour when you get vomiting like that and the headaches. And I’ve got spinal problems too. Anyway this is the sort of staff they have now and this is what they bring in, they want to bring into the U.S. as well.  Because as I say the Rand Corporation is the one employed by Obama’s team, to study the best system, and they said that they’d copy the British system.

Now as all this is happening too and I’ve mentioned over the years about men’s sperm count plummeting.  And it was all a big mystery of course and of course there is Bisphenol A and different things like that all involved and xenoestrogens, those are the synthetic estrogens, involved, in your food and the pop that they drink and lots of other things too, but it’s more than that I’m sure.  And they’ll go anywhere except go into the fact that it is possible to sterilize people through giving them vaccinations for supposedly other things.  Now the U.N. has admitted they did that through Africa and India at one point quite a few years back.  Because they did give out so-called free tetanus shots to women, pregnant women only.  And they all ended up aborting their children and a lot of them ended up sterilized completely because it caused massive inflammation in their ovaries.  So it was weaponized.


"Sperm quality has declined by 38%..."

Alan:  This is in Spain.  In ten years only.

"...in a decade - and poor diet and lifestyle could be to blame"

Alan:  And they blame the poor diet and lifestyle, could be to blame it says.  Now the thing is too, when folk had poor diets in the past, they didn’t have a population problem.  You can look at Britain and other countries too where the average person who joined the military in World War I was undersize and they sprouted three to four inches in the first year because they were getting meat for the first time and protein because they couldn’t afford it otherwise.

So anyway it says:

"A Spanish study has found that even in young men, sperm concentration fell by an average of two per cent a year - and could soon hit levels where fertility is compromised."

Alan:  This is all an agenda.  What was he saying there, Ban Ki-moon, about sustainability, sustainability? it means depopulation folks and not having children.

"A ten year-study of more than 200 men found the average concentration went from 72 million spermatozoids per millilitre in 2001 to 52 million/ml in 2011."

Alan:  And they found…

"The researchers, from the University of Murcia, say the findings are important because previous research has shown that a concentration lower than 40 million/ml makes conception more difficult.   ‘If the rate of loss we have outlines continues, with an average decline in quality of two per cent per year, the sperm of young men could reach this danger level of 40 million/ml in a very short space of time,’ said co-researcher Professor Jaime Mendiola."

Alan:  So that just ties in with all the other studies, "The Disappearing Male" and all the rest of the articles they’ve put out over the years.

Now I’ve mentioned many times before and simply reinforcing what’s actually happening, is that the big push now on, is again, you’re an economic unit.  And the United Nations said that a good world citizen is a good producer and consumer, not one or the other, you’ve got to do both.  But if you get sick of course then you’re a burden to the state.  It doesn’t matter if you paid for all the insurance, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever, because they can obviously use that money for wars and various other things, or corporate welfare, or whatever.  But the push is on in Europe and Britain and Canada for the "dying with dignity" legislation they call it, which is euthanasia.  And of course it’s an emotive topic so folk get pulled into the emotive part of it.  Now for many, many years folk and their families have dealt with the terminally ill in their own families because most folk treated them at home all down through many, many centuries.  And it’s up to them what they do themselves.  The fact is, here, what you’ve got is government wants to get involved.   Now governments have agendas, folks.  They’re in politics.  Politics have parties, and parties have agendas.  And that’s why you can’t hand this over to government.  I hope you understand this.

Government is going to… Do you understand they’re replacing all your old Deities?  Government becomes God.  They’re going to decide if you are allowed to have a child shortly in the future.  I’ve read the articles on the air here where they’re bringing out the debates to get you used to it.  They call them trial balloons, to get you used to the idea.  So they have the power of life and the power of death over people.  That’s Godlike powers.  I hope you understand it.  All power is in the state; all power is in the state.  This has been part of this long, long war for an awful long time for one group to run the planet, using the ballyhoo of science and getting the public to yeah and cheer and give up all their rights along the way.  Because they’re conned so easily by emotional topics and so on.

Anyway it says:

"Quebec to proceed with ‘dying with dignity’ legislation"


"The Quebec government says it will proceed with so-called "dying with dignity" legislation aimed at allowing doctors to help some terminally ill patients end their lives."

Alan:  That’s how it starts you see.  And we saw what happened in Holland when it started.  Now the state will send a van around to your place if the doctors don’t want to kill you.  And they’ll send their own ones to go up the stairs and in your room and kill you instead.  It never stops.  Once they get it on the books it expands to the real purpose.

"A provincial panel of legal experts studying medically assisted end-of-life procedures released its recommendations Tuesday, suggesting Quebec could bypass the Canadian Criminal Code — which prohibits assisted suicide — and allow doctors to help some people who wish to die at a time of their own choosing."

Alan:  That’s how it will start.

"The panel concludes that when a terminally ill patient is receiving palliative treatment and can demonstrate with lucidity the desire to end his or her life, helping that patient carry out that wish should be considered part of the continuum of care."

Alan:  Now that’s how it started in Holland too and I’ve read articles here where even a nun was killed by them, by mistake supposedly, because they just put you down as a dead loss literally and that’s what they do with you.  They kill you because you’re a burden on society.  And they could save a lot of money, you see, you might live another few months and take medications and the occasional nurse to check in on you and so on.  And as I say they’ve got better uses for it; they’ve got to take the wealth and spread it across the world to their international corporations.

Another article too is about how society is kaput anyway.  It’s finished, it has been for a long time because the war also, and I’ve read from the Frankfurt School, from the articles by Adorno and others, where they said they would totally destroy existing cultures to bring in this new society which of course they would rule.  And he even gave the reasons why they’d have to do this.  Right down to necrophilia he said, we’ll bring it down to necrophilia.  I’ll put up a necrophilic article today as well and it’s from California where a male nurse apparently was having it off with someone who died in a hospital.  So all the things that were unimaginable many years ago, have accelerated, they’re all here now.  They’re even in movies for goodness sake.


"Names of top politicians, royal aides and a famous pop star on list seized by police investigating child paedophile ring at suburban B&B List"

Alan:  They call it a Bed and Breakfast.

And it says here:

"...found among documents after raid at the home of former child protection worker"

Alan:  They were using the children of course.  Child protection is into a lot of weird stuff including renting children off to very important people for their orgies.  This is in England.  There was even royalty apparently on the list.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and we’ll go to Anthony from New York if he’s still there.

Alan:  Hello?

Anthony:  Hello, Alan?

Alan:  Yes.

Anthony:  Hi.  Yeah, I was going to actually ask a question separate from the topic but because the information that’s coming from you is so good I just don’t want to interrupt it at all so I’ll just go ahead and let you continue.

Alan:  Well actually I was just going to talk about this, what’s been happening in Britain as they go on with these investigations.  And now they’ve come up as I say with a child protection worker who kept documents hidden from the police on behalf of the madam of this B&B, which was actually a place she was renting out to for homosexual parties that were bringing in young children and abusing them there.

And it says here that:

"Police investigating allegations of a child paedophile network have seized a list naming top politicians, members of the royal household and a world-renowned pop star, it was reported today.  They were allegedly visitors to a bed and breakfast guest house which operated as a brothel where youngsters were abused at gay sex parties.  The names were recorded on a handwritten note found by police at the North London home of child protection worker Mary Moss during a raid.  She had initially declined to co-operate with the investigation.  Documents and a laptop were seized and Ms Moss later handed over other 19 files she had put in a neighbor’s shed.  The papers include a list of men who went to sex parties in the 80s at the Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south west London.  Among them were two former Conservative Cabinet ministers,"

Alan:  That’s politicians.

"...four other senior Tories [Conservative Members], a Labour Member of Parliament, a prominent Irish republican and a leading National Front member, according to the Sunday People.  The note also allegedly names two members of the royal household – one a former Buckingham Palace employee – plus the owner of a multinational company and two pop stars."

Alan:  As well.  And:

"One of those is a best-selling musician, but like some others on the list he is not suspected of being involved in any child abuse."

Alan:  In other words they’ve got his name on the list but they can’t have anything connected if he actually took part in something.

Anyway that’s part of what I’m talking about too, like that case in California with the necrophilia.  Remember that Theo Adorno from the Frankfurt School said we must totally destroy American culture and Western culture all together, right down to necrophilia, he literally said, and rebuild society according to their own view.  Now he was totally communistic in his outlook that specialists like himself, he believed that he was part of the elite, an intellectual elite, should rule the world.  And he made no bones about it.  Neither did the rest of the people at the Frankfurt School.

So we’re well on that path today and it’s funny too that, as I say, never mind all the things that are happening in the world, the catastrophes, the wars that are going on and so on.  Obama is giving a speech, here’s one about…

"Obama’s call for gay rights makes history."

Alan:  Is this the most important thing on the planet, gay rights?  No, this is part of the agenda that was set out a long time ago and even all of these rights were mentioned by the Frankfurt School and others of the communistic society.  To destroy the societies was the reason that they said it.  They had to destroy the natural family unit.  And if people aren’t breeding then there are no children, which also falls in with Agenda 21, depopulation and so on and so on.

So literally we’re well on our way and people are indoctrinated into it.  They’ve all adapted into their conditioning through quite a few generations now.  And you couldn’t sit with your great-grandmother in the same room and watch what you see on television today because she wasn’t indoctrinated to the next step, to the next step, to the next step, to the next step.  So now you’ve got mothers sitting with their daughters who are six or seven and they’re putting them into pole dancing because they’re watching it on TV.  I mean this is quite normal now.  Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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