June 9, 2008  (#125)

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"The Only Way to Save the Nation is to Replace Education
with Natzi-Soviet Indoctrination"
© Alan Watt June 9, 2008


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Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 9th 2008.  Newcomers, as I always say at the beginning of the show, look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you can find lots of previous talks dealing with this vast array of what we call today the new world order, which is simply an upgrade of the old world order run by the same people or their descendants.  Look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can print up and pass around to people that you think might have a chance of waking up.  Don’t waste your time on those who don’t want to know.  You can not MAKE people know.  It’s a decision that they have NOT to see.  It’s a real decision and we have to respect that.  You’ll also be doing yourselves a favor because you have only so much energy to put out there.  Put it out wisely to people that have a chance of waking up or asking basic questions… and don’t overload them. 


We are really rampaging ahead with this pincer movement.  It’s a pincer movement from so many directions.  In fact, it’s coming from everything that you need for personal survival.  Your food has been taken over.  The whole food supply of the planet has been taken over a long time ago.  You’re finding the gasoline is going up so everything in the stores is skyrocketing.  This is ALL on the agenda.  This was published a long, long time ago, what they’d do to bring us in to Agenda 21.  That’s the United Nation’s agenda for the 21st century where everyone will be living in these overcrowded habitat areas which are just the existing large cities.  Of course, like the Soviet system, those who serve it well, the educators, the bureaucrats, the bureaucracies, etc, they’ll live out in the country in these new… and they have them up for sale, some of them.  They have these new houses that are energy efficient and filled with solar panels and they’re guarded, etc, for the very wealthy.  This is already underway. 


People are going in to shock when they realize that everything they NEED to exist, IN this system as it stands, is outside of their control.  That’s a real shock for most people.  Yet other ones who really want to stop what’s happening but they haven’t figured out where they’re going to go with it.  Because you can not keep a system that was never yours in the first place.  This system and even the previous generation’s system was designed and run and controlled by the same elite.  If you’ve noticed for the last 50, 60 years, we’re being degraded and degraded and degraded in to a society which is non-functional anyway.  You can’t save something which is totally broken.  You have to decide where you would go with this.  If any of us come through this, where you’d go with it and what kind of society you’d have.  That’s never asked.  These questions are never asked, but it’s of prime importance. 


You can’t, for instance, DEMAND that all the factories come back to the USA.  Would you really want that anyway?  Our parents worked in factories their whole lives, many of them, or in mines and so on.  What an existence, tied to conveyor belts.  The very system now that China is going through, their industrial revolution, we passed a long time ago.  That was not civilization either, not from MY perspective, but it was from those who controlled the system and owned all the factories.  So we have to start thinking, where we’d go with this.  I’ll be back with more after the following messages. 


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve been mentioning the fact that people are going in to shock when they realize that everything that they took for normal, this particular society, in this age, with this culture, as all quite natural.  Now this wasn’t just taken over a little while ago by some bad guys.  The bad guys were always there deciding the next hundred years and the next hundred years and so on.  Yet, they’re really rushing ahead, steamrolling ahead to get the Agenda 21, this is the Agenda remember for the 21st century.  The United Nation’s agenda for the 21st century. 


A few years ago, the UN put out a call for all cities, major cities, to become ‘super cities’, to start expanding and amalgamating all the smaller ones.  After all, centralization is essential for total control.  That’s what we’re going in to.  The big boys have planned for this for a long, long time, long before we even had the Agenda 21 given to the public to read, by building up the forces necessary to contain people.  The forces that will contain the riots which they know will break out and they’ve published in the Department of Defence in Britain.  It’s on the web site, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  30 years of escalating riots as we go through a transition phase from one PART of a system, one TIME of a system, to the next time or age of a system.  That’s when, of course, they hope to have the transhumanists in full steam where they can create new part-cyborg or even completely cloned people from scratch.  Designer workers is what they’re talking about. 


Now, how is it that guys like Plato, 2300 years ago in his book The Republic, say that they could easily, especially by breeding people - make them very tall to pick apples from trees, or make them very short and squat for miners and so on - by simply selecting the right mates and inbreeding them as you do domesticated animals.  Isn’t that amazing this agenda has never, ever altered.  Then you saw it breaking out again in Alexandria, in the Neo-Platonist schools.  The same agenda of an ELITE, an intellectual elite who looked around the world and thought it was just too imperfect and humans were too imperfect.  That’s where the whole idea came out… or it was REBORN, you might say, from an even older religion of what we term loosely today, The Illuminati.  Because all those in all the ancient mystery schools became ‘illumined’.  They all believed that they were superior creatures and they had the right to dominate the lesser and remake the world in its own image. 


It’s always been the same agenda.  The problem down through the ages, since the beginning of money and CITIES - that’s the artificial creation - you’ll find all allegories in the stories of Nimrod.  They’re all allegories of the system.  You create a city-state.  A city-state can not feed itself.  It must bring food in.  It must have something to exchange for that food and they have nothing to make or barter with so they create MONEY.  When they have money, they have a standing army employed.  They go off and conquer the rural peoples and force them to use money too.  It’s been a con game from the beginning.  We’re at the end of this particular stage. 


They want us all crammed in to the cities because in a city, you can really change culture quickly.  People are adaptable, as Plato said, very adaptable.  They adapt so quickly that they don’t really take notice, conscious notice, of their adaptations.  Their memory is so short, they can’t remember what happened or how they lived a few years ago, most of them.  They just simply adapt and adapt.  In a city, those who control the culture can change it so quickly knowing the people will adapt very quickly until ANYTHING CAN BE MADE TO BE NORMAL.  WE HAVE THAT TODAY. 


Big players like Charles Galton Darwin talked about the cities and how they’re completely unnatural and debasing, but they can MAKE THE PEOPLE, they can make the people begin to like them.  How do they do that?  They make it sound exciting to young people.  For 50, 60 years Hollywood has been pumping out movies to do with teenagers and so on, especially in the city.  That’s where all the action is.  And there’s all the guys on the farms watching these movies since the 50s, thinking ‘boy, that is where the action is.  I’m going off there’.  Once they’re there, they used to get married, they’d have children… they’re caught in the trap of the city.  They can’t get out of it.  They’re up to their eyes in debt paying off their rent and so on.  They’re tied to some job there.  The city is a trap that keeps them there.  All intentional, because in ancient times even, they wanted to CONTAIN the people to manage them much more easily.  Rural people are hard to be dominated.  They don’t like being dominated.  They have a natural independence that comes with being close to the soil.  So how are they going to contain the people in the cities?  Well, they’re already doing the combat training and this article is from The Indy Star.


Marines Bringing Combat Training to Indy  


By Vic Ryckaert

 The Indianapolis Star


May 28, 2008


(Alan:  It’s a handout too, to the media, you can tell by the way it’s written.  Everything today is handouts given by PR experts.)


U.S. Marine helicopters will land at the old Eastgate Consumer Mall, Brookside Park and other Indianapolis locations when the city becomes a mock battlefield next week.


About 2,300 Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, based at Camp Lejeune, N.C., will conduct urban warfare training from Wednesday through June 19 in and around Indianapolis.


Most of the troops will be deployed at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and the Raytheon (A:  Raytheon’s a big company involved in the military-industrial complex.) facility on Holt Road, said Debbi Fletcher of the Indianapolis/Marion County Emergency Management Agency.


(A:  Now listen to this…)  “We don’t want anyone thinking that there’s an invasion happening or that we declared martial law or something like that,” Fletcher said.  (A:  To jump down here it says,)


“Our aim in Indianapolis is to expose and bring realistic scenarios and stresses by operating in actual urban community therefore by increasing their proficiency in built up areas.” Colonel Mark J. Dessins, commander of the 26th MEU said in a statement. 


Some of the activities will take place around Camp Atterbury.  Residents in many areas can expect to see helicopters flying overhead, military vehicles on the roads and Marines patrolling on foot. 


The marines will practice firing weapons, conducting patrols, running vehicle check points  (A:  So here you are, the military doing vehicle check points.), reacting to ambushes and employing non-lethal weapons according to a statement.  (A:  Now how do you practice with non-lethal weapons?)


In addition to Eastgate and Brookside Park, Indianapolis offered the Marines 24 other training sites including the Raymond Park Middle School, Ellen Burg Park, Christian Park, the old Bush Stadium and Douglas Park.  (A:  It goes on to say,)


However, not all cities are so open to the training.  (A:  Thank goodness but they will be eventually, as they buy off the leaders.)


In February, after first cancelling scheduled training, Toledo, Ohio Mayor Carty Finkbeiner invites the marines to train the city but outside the downtown area. 


So here they are, training them for urban warfare because, you see, everyone in society is designated as a potential terrorist.  What do they mean by potential terrorist?  When the food goes and they turn off the water and create all the different panics and crisis that they’ve already said they will make them do.  They’ve published this stuff.  Then EVERYONE, when their back’s to the wall, will become a terrorist… if they start to say, ‘no.  I will not do this.  I will not follow these orders.  I will not go where you tell me to.  I won’t bend over.’ – you’re a potential terrorist. 


That’s what the whole 9/11 scenario was for.  It was to KICK OFF, it was to kick off this whole Agenda 21.  Kick it right off.  The whole world went in to action in unison.  Bigger things have happened across the planet but the whole world, for this one, went in to action and signed the same anti-terrorist laws, which took YEARS to draft up and YEARS to negotiate with other countries, to get them ALL to go along with it, but they all went through with it just like that.   That tells you, we were already international a long time ago… long time ago. 


People are always looking for a sudden ending to things.  I don’t know if it’s just a western psychology or a left over from a Christian revelations type indoctrination.  But they don’t realize that the world is always changing.  Look at all the changes all through your life and all the different aspects around you.  We’ve all lived through the recent, the fairly recent, emigration of ALL the corporations to China.  We all lived through the recent, suddenly everything’s imported and made in China.  We’ve all lived through it.  And no one, very few people asked any questions.  They didn’t ask questions because they’re unable to reason for themselves as Mr. Brzezinski said in his own book.  They expect the media to reason things out for them.  The media’s job is not really so much to do that.  They’ll keep you diverted and reason other trivia out to you but they won’t give you the big picture.  THAT’S NOT THEIR JOB.  The media is an essential ARM of governmental control and international control.


Look at the money that’s pumped in to Hollywood from the Pentagon alone.  Why would the Pentagon be pumping money into Hollywood?  They’re one of the best customers for Hollywood with all their war movies.  And not just the war movies.  All the sci-fi movies too that give you predictive programming and the heroes always have special powers that you can only get through a brain chip or being part cyborg.  We’re programmed in so many ways BUT MAINLY THROUGH FICTION to make it familiar to us on a subconscious level.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is everything you take for granted and think that everything is normal.  It’s the whole system around you.  It’s the system that brings your food to the restaurants and to the stores.  It’s the system that brings the money to your home.  It’s the system that takes it away out of your home again.  It’s everything you think is a normal way of living. 


All cultures are artificial in this day and age.  We don’t have natural cultures except unless you go maybe in to the Amazon and find a few of what’s called ’primitive cultures’ or ’arrested civilizations’, that derogatory term, which means, generally, they’re self-sufficient.  They make all they need to live on and they don’t want to improve anything.  That’s called ‘arrested development’ by the ethnologists, etc who study them.  They don’t like them very much, because they won’t FIT IN to this system and take money and end up working 8 to 5 or 6 or whatever or at weekends or doing shift work, to earn this odd thing called money that keeps getting devalued.  The boys at the top can tell you what it’s worth and half it, HALF its purchasing power any time they want or put it down to a tenth of its purchasing power.  It’s OUTSIDE YOUR CONTROL again.  It’s to make you further depend or embed into the system.  That’s why they have these fear tactics.  That’s why they make sure that you’re never in charge of anything you need personally for survival. 


We’ve been at WAR for a long, long time and we didn’t know it because they’ve declared from ONE SIDE but NOT OPENLY to the public.  We are the enemy.  HUMANITY, supposedly, is the enemy.  That was dreamed up, of course, this whole environmental scam and we’re causing the damage to the planet and my goodness, we’re breathing all this CO2 out and we’re getting global warming.  That was published and I’ve mentioned before in The First Global Revolution, printed in the 90s.  The authors of the book tell you THEY DREAMED UP THE IDEA at the Club of Rome.  The think tank, the main think tank, for guiding the world and its cons back in 1972.  They said they’d convince society that they are the problem.  There’s too many of them and it would create a wartime mode fighting ourselves as we try and save nature, you see.  In other words, we’ve got to depopulate the planet. 


Again, going back to what I was saying earlier, WE MUST ACQUIESCE TO EVERY DEMAND AND HELP THIS AGENDA ALONG FOR THIS TO SUCCEED.  They can’t do it WITHOUT OUR HELP.  They can not do it.  Most people, because they’re scared and terrified of losing friends, family or whatever, or being ridiculed and the fact that they are basic cowards, will not stand up.  Not only for someone else’s rights but even for their own rights.  They won’t stand up.  We have to accept that.  Most people are cowards.  They will go to their doom, if need be, in a state of abject disbelief, like all those before them in the 20th century that were lined up in firing squads either in Europe or Latin America.  Each one will do what they’re told.  They’ll run in to the trenches.  They’ll actually RUN to their doom, knowing what’s going to happen but believing, ‘this can not be happening TO ME… this will not, is not happening.’  BANG and it’s over.  DISBELIEF. 


The greater the level of dependence on the system, the easier it is to take it all down.  That was said thousands of years ago in Greece.  They knew all of this then.  Nazi Germany was at the height of the scientific world level.  They led it, in fact.  That’s why no one believed, when it first started, what was happening, that it could possibly happen there.  We’re so civilized, they thought.  That’s happening here too.  People believe they’re so civilized, we’re on the cutting edge of something.  SCIENCE, that’s what they mean by civilization.  Advancement in sciences.  Science has no emotion… whatsoever.  Science is not human.  It’s ANTI-HUMAN, certainly all the sciences we see being used on the people today.  We put more money in to weaponry to control ALL of us, even our minds - PSYCHOTRONIC warfare to control BILLIONS OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE PLANET - than we do on relief for anyone, to save people.  Why is that?  Most folk don’t care and the fact is too, the small bunch at the top are making sure they have all the big toys to use.  They never want to lose control


The next part of the culture for the next 30 years is to dumb people down even quicker in to an even lower level than they’ve already done since the 60s.  They don’t want a smart, well-informed, literate society who can verbalize things to each other and ideas and communicate as you’re taking it down to the next level.  You want to create LINGUISTIC MINIMALISM.  That’s been achieved ALREADY in some quarters. 


Here is an article from The Mail on this very subject. 


Drop 'middle-class' academic subjects says schools adviser

By Laura Clark

Last updated at 12:06 AM on 04th June 2008


Children should no longer be taught traditional subjects at school because they are "middle-class" creations, a Government adviser (A:  This is no ordinary little advisor here.) will claim today.


I’ll tell you who this guy is and you’ll be shocked at what he says… or maybe not.  Some of you are wiser.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the next stage of the dumbing down process because those who will go through this new system in schooling...  This is starting in Britain but it will be the same across Canada, the States and everywhere else.  Britain always is the leader in this field of creating culture and using forms of mind control.  From the Daily Mail it says


Children should no longer be taught traditional subjects at school because they are "middle-class" creations, a Government adviser will claim today.


Professor John White, who contributed to a controversial shake-up of the secondary curriculum, believes lessons should instead cover a series of personal skills.


Pupils would no longer study history, geography and science (A:  Now, I understand Geography because they keep changing the countries so fast now with all the wars.) but learn skills (A:  Now, SKILLS) such as energy-saving (A:  This is INDOCTRINATION, plain and simple.) and civic responsibility through projects and themes.  (A:  Civic responsibility, now remember, at the top, at least at the top of this particular pyramid - there’s a few of them, these pyramids, each specialized - you have the Royal Institute of International Affairs and in their earliest writings they said their job was to create the perfect society that will SERVE the state.  They meant the world state.  SERVE THE STATE.  Here you have them training a generation who are going to go through the MAJOR changes, from one system to another system, a completely different system coming up.  You’ll be taught these skills such as energy-saving and CIVIC responsibility.  That term, you see, can be exploded in to a thousand different directions.  It means indoctrination pure and simple… through projects and themes.)


He will outline his theories at a conference today staged by London's Institute of Education - to which he is affiliated - to mark the 20th anniversary of the national curriculum.


Last night, critics attacked his ideas as "deeply corrosive" and condemned the Government for allowing him to advise on a new curriculum.  (A:  So the government’s put this guy in charge of it, you see.  This is a ‘MUST BE,’ as they call it.  It’s going to happen.)


Professor White will claim ministers are already "moving in the right direction" towards realising his vision of replacing subjects with a series of personal aims for pupils.


But he says they must go further because traditional subjects were invented by the middle classes and are "mere stepping stones to wealth".   (A:  Which is a big joke.)


The professor believes the origins of our subject-based education system can be traced back to 19th century middle-class values.


While public schools focused largely on the classics, and elementary schools for the working class concentrated on the three Rs, middle-class schools taught a range of academic subjects.


These included English, maths, history, geography, science and Latin or a modern language.


They "fed into the idea of academic learning as the mark of a well-heeled middle-class", he said last night.


The Tories then attempted to impose these middle-class values by introducing a traditional subject-based curriculum in 1988.


But this "alienated many youngsters, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds", he claimed.  (A:  See, this is all the nonsense he’s going to feed up to the reasons to justify what they’re doing but let’s be honest.  When governments start to indoctrinate them in to the social values of a new system… and that’s what it is - it’s a system not here yet but it’s coming up - the ones that are going to grow up in to… then you’re in big, big trouble.  Big, big trouble, indeed.  Most folk, as I say, are oblivious to that fact that education is a big mover.  Lenin talked about it.  Marx talked about it long before him.  They understood the need for the indoctrination process to start in very young children.  It’s got to be young children.  It EMBEDS in their memories and they can’t shake it off.  You can make them believe anything… and they’re going to.)


Now, I’ll go to the phones and we’ll talk to Tim in Indiana.  Are you there Tim?


Tim:  Yes.  I’m here.  Just talking a little about the education part, I have a niece and I asked her a question about… they’re actually taking driver’s ed out of public schools.  When I first heard about that I was like, you know what, that doesn’t make sense.  People drive crazy enough as it is and now the children are going to be, when they get older, they’re going to be driving even crazier.  But then looking at it and putting things together, I guess they won’t need to drive since no one will probably be on the roads except for the elites. 


Alan:  Under Agenda 21 it actually says that.  There will be NO private transportation.  No public transportation.  Emergency vehicles only. 


Tim:  It just make sense so it’s like right there.  Getting back to what you were talking about earlier, the Indiana thing going on up North.  I live in the Southern part of the state.  This weekend I was driving on the Interstate and they have these little things out there that tell you, you know, traffic this and that.  I’ve been out of touch with news or just out of touch with the weather because they never really predict it right.  I noticed one day there was major flooding on 55, ‘road closed’ to go to Indianapolis.  I was like, what’s going on?  So a buddy of mine lived up there and where he lives at is all farming, it’s all agricultural.  It’s actually a beautiful drive going to now but all that just got WASHED away this weekend.  I’m thinking that man… he said 12 inches of rain and I don’t know how long.  Thinking about it, I’m… hey, man, they’re actually doing it and to make it ironic and a coincidence, they have all those people, all those military guys in that area so…


Alan:  Isn’t it though.


Tim:  It just makes sense man.  You put it all together.  Then you can’t… I’m at work thinking about this, reading all this stuff in the paper and I’m thinking, you know… I can’t, I want to say, hey, they’re actually, probably doing this but you feel like… you have to live in your mind because if you DO say stuff like that people look at you, like you always say, like you’re crazy or whatever.  It’s so blatant.  When you actually do the searching and find the things that they always talk about like, they own the weather and we’re going to run this system here, we’re going to run a training program and all of a sudden, this same week they do it, the last part of the weekend, they have 12 inches of rain that they’ve never had and it totally washes out all agriculture in our state.  So it’s ironic.  It’s funny.  So blatant.


Alan:  It is. 


Tim:  Just those observations I wanted to throw out there and that’s about it.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Tim:  No problem.


Alan:  It’s true.  It’s true enough.  We’re living in Disneyland.  There’s so much high technology in USE.  It’s quiet weapons for silent wars… or silent weapons for quiet wars.  They signed the treaty at the United Nations on Weather Warfare, which meant that THEY COULD DO ALL OF THIS.  They signed the fact that they could create tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, whatever.  You don’t sign treaties unless you already have the ability to make it happen.  This is child’s play today.  Out of all the places they could have had a flood, why would it fit right in with this particular exercise coming along?  It’s impossible otherwise.  Now, we’ve got Chris on the line.  Are you there Chris?


Chris:  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.  Where are you calling from?


Chris:  I’m calling from Hawaii. 


Alan:  Oh, you’re calling from Hawaii.  I wondered what the HI was there.  I thought it said hi.




Chris:  Well, from Hawaii, it’s aloha. 


Alan:  Yes, that’s right.


Chris:  I was listening to you today on Alex Jones’ show and a topic got brought up and it wasn’t discussed much.  It was pretty intriguing to me because I’ve done some research on it.  I was wondering if you could expand upon L. Ron Hubbard and his connection to the CIA.  It’s always fascinating to me how you have a popular culture guy who starts off as a science fiction writer as science fiction is taking off.  The next thing you know, he’s developing some pretty nefarious stuff. 


Alan:  Britain has admitted that Alistair Crowley, who started off one of the first major 20th century occultic, or at least he made it very popular, the Ordo Templi Orientis.  That was a Masonic organization and even though they tried to deny it, he has his own book out.  You can see him with his own Masonic regalia, all dressed up with the apron and everything else.  MI-6 and 5 have already admitted that Crowley worked for them.  Here’s a guy sent out in to the world to create mystery and delusion.  That’s the old term that they use.  They do this in every generation.  They give us the mystics to follow because it’s part of culture creation and control.  They wanted to kick off what they called, A New Age, mainly to attract youngsters in.  Crowley, I think, was even a cousin to Hubbard.  They were related in some way.  We know that they met on some cruises as well, on ships.  They definitely kept in contact with each other.  One goes off to do one part of the agenda, one goes off to the other and they’re very similar.  All these agendas end up on the same path.  All the new age agendas - it doesn’t matter what name it’s given, or group, or sect - end up along the same road of ‘a new world order’ where each member thinks they’re going to be part of it and they’re going to come through as PART of the chosen or elite.  It doesn’t work out that way. 


Chris:  Let me ask you this.  There’s obviously a conspiracy involved and there’s many, many families and groups that are involved in this.  Who are some prominent people that have been deep inside this that have actually come out and gone against it and been dissenters and tried to expose it?  Where I’m coming from is I remember reading a book.  Are you familiar with Monsignor Huge Benson, who was back in the late 1800s, early 1900s?  He wrote a book called, Lord of the World.  He was apparently the son of the Archbishop of Canterbury who was really in with all these families that were in the Fabian socialist movement.  It seems like there were some great dialogues that went on back in the early 1900s between guys like GK Chesterton and HG Wells where they debated this stuff out in the open. 


Alan:  You can actually get the lectures.  I’ve got books of their talks that they held at the Fabian Society and all the different speakers.


Chris:  It’s amazing when you actually see that this was discussed and not only discussed, it was debated and from the view point I come from - it’s a Catholic point of view - it seemed like there was a group of Catholic intellectuals and Christian intellectuals that were debating these guys, in the open, talking about this stuff.  It seemed to me like guys like HG Wells and the Huxley’s and that were just so arrogant about it.  But their attitude was, it doesn’t matter what you do, whether you expose it, WE ARE going to achieve what we want.


Alan:  There’s no doubt.  They were absolutely confident back then.  The reason they were so confident - even guys like Wells - is because he was shown archives of the histories.  He was shown the data they’d already collected on humanity and psychology and so on and how societies are created and moved and changed and so on.  So he had no doubt whatsoever.  He knew that they had the strings of the media firmly in their grasp, back in his day, and they could do it.  They were all absolutely confident, PLUS they had the okay of those who ruled and owned Britain and other countries behind them.  They knew that. 


Chris:  Well, I would just like to suggest to your readers if they could ever get a copy of that book, Lord of the World by, his name is Monsignor Huge Benson.  It’s an eye opener to see the stuff that he talked about that would be coming about.  Of course, it was in a Christian point of view, talking about the anti-Christ and how things might develop.  The things that he talked about in that book about how they would incorporate euthanasia and an individual would be raised up as a political figure and how he would sweep across with popular support.  It’s pretty shocking. 


Alan:  Even at that time, in those days, only a few people who had access to some of this material could even understand what was happening.  There were very few even then who get access to the meetings so that they could speak.  Today, you can’t even get access to the meetings.  You’re not allowed in.   I always tell people to try and look for books written around the 1800s, early 1900s.  After World War I, everything started becoming censored, rewritten and really took off after World War II until most of the stuff you read is just propaganda from one side or another. 


Chris:  Do you believe that L. Ron Hubbard, I mean was he connected with the CIA?  A lot of these…


Alan:  I’ve no doubt.  Anyone who changes society, especially in what’s loosely called the new age type phenomena, anything to do with social change on a big scale are authorized to do so.  They’re put out and authorized to do so.  If you’re not authorized, they come and do a Waco on you.


Chris:  Do a what?


Alan:  They’ll do a Waco on you.


Chris:  Oh.  [laughs]  It’s strange when you see how tied in Scientology is to Hollywood and how it shapes people’s perceptions and how they worm their way in.  It seems like they have a lot of influence in Hollywood. 


Alan:  Big time.  They’re sue-crazy.  They’re always suing people that speak out against them. 


Chris:  They’re psychotic.  Some of the things that I’ve seen on the internet.  I guess there was a guy from the BBC that just tried to do a documentary on it.  You talked about a private intelligence service trying to intimate people… it was mind blowing. 


Alan:  They’re well protected, well funded and they have their part in the agenda.  Even the culture creation industry has to have its own little religion to keep them in line.  You’re either in it or you’re out.  That’s how things work in this world.  They give a particular type of new age belief to every different section of society for what’s coming up.


Chris:  Well, I appreciate the work you do and I’m a short time listener but I’ll be continuing to listen more.  It’s fascinating.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. 


Chris:  Right.  Thank you.


Alan:  Bye, now.  It’s also interesting, too, that the connections between Crowley and Hubbard and another member, too, that happened to start off what eventually blossomed in to NASA.  He stared his own Masonic group as well.  There were three of them.  They’d all came from the same source, from Crowley initially and then blossomed.  This is what they do.  You’ll find they’re all in to the same particular Masonic type group and they blossom off in branches, specialized branches, with their own directorate, their own agenda to fulfill. 


Alan:  Now, we’ve got Robin in California.  Are you there Robin?


Robin:  Hi Alan.  I have a question for you, please.  It’s regarding who the elite, the very top ruling elite, who do they think they are and specifically, do they believe that they’re descended from fallen angels that are mentioned in the second chapter of Genesis?  Or is that…  I take that as an allegory, but how do the ruling elite… does that have any meaning to them?


Alan:  Some of them, they’re allowed to believe, in a sense, what they wish.  Although they’re all unanimous that THEY ARE Gods in their own right because they have such power over life and death over so many millions of people.  You’ll find some of their earlier writings that they do believe that they are ‘the rebels’ and that ties in with, of course, fallen angels and they do believe that the reason for their genealogy and their massive inbreeding was to do with when they were first placed here on earth.  I’ll go in to this very quickly after this break. 


HI folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ll answer that question by Robin of California very quickly.  It doesn’t do it justice, mind you, but I’ll try and bring it in to a minimal answer.  They say in the ancient writings that those that were cast here, because they had come from this - they were closer to this other world or dimension or heaven - they had powers with them, initially, very strong powers.  There were humans already here but they didn’t think they were good enough, the bodies, to inhabit.  So they, being spirit and powerful, they forced matter to create bodies that they themselves occupied.  After time, they started to inbreed with the humans, began to lose those powers and hence the need to start taking genealogies and try to get back to inbreeding to get back to the special bodies that they first had.  That’s supposedly the whole purpose of genealogies that are so important to these people, trying to regain the powers.  Again, it’s interesting to look at it ALL, long before Judaism and Hebrewism came along, you had the same stories in all religions, ancient religions, of this particular fall or imprisonment of these particular beings and their vow was always to recreate the world and everything in it.  Everything in it was imperfect, so they were going to make it perfect from their point of view… which meant, to serve them.  It’s so interesting that that agenda, right up in to the present day, has never changed.  They’re going straight ahead with the same thing.  Even so far as to create a perfect human race to serve them.  Meaning, dumbed-down, silly, but very efficient and probably programmable, very instantly programmable.  Through science, they’re actually going to achieve this.  So people can take it or leave it as they wish, but these are the ancient legends.  Even in the Hebrew myths and legends, they talk about ‘the hill’ that they first lived on.  It fits in with the same Greek stories of Mount Olympus and there’s other ones, there’s Parnassus and so on, where these Gods lived.  Eventually, they were attracted down over the ages and inbred with the people because the people down below were very sensuous, having a good time and all the rest of it.  However, a small cadre was left and they became the Olympians, as they called them.  These were the staunch ones who eventually kept going down through the centuries with their offspring, holding on to power and acquiring more and more power and dominating the world.  These are their old legends that they used to write about in the elite’s books in the 1800s.  So it’s up to the people if they want to believe it or not.  There’s no doubt at all, at the top of this, we have incredible, incredible evil.  This evil understands humanity perfectly, so perfectly well that sometimes you have to say, wait a minute.  Is it just human scheming that’s bringing all this about?  We know there’s workers making it happen but the coordination is so PERFECT in every facet of society and they never do something prematurely.  They work in centuries.  You got to ask yourself, what’s behind all of this?  We know where it’s going.  We know where it’s going.  They’ve told us where it’s going… in their own publications.  What’s behind it?  That’s the big one.  It’s not a pleasant thing to think about.


Then ends coming up so I can’t get to Rodney in New Brunswick.  Here we are in a thundery, rainy day in Ontario, Canada and from this place, it’s good night from Hamish and myself and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





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