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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 14, 2013:

Sanity is Evading Upgrading:

"Daily Conditioning Makes it Hard to Think,
Scientific Propaganda Makes Own-Thought Sink,
Behaviourism and Neuroscience Rule Today,
Very Few Think Critically, Have Much to Say,
Standardized Behaviour, Beliefs, Opinions
Via Entertainment, Or News for the Minions,
A One-Hour Documentary can Reverse Your View,
Using Techniques of Persuasion Known to Few,
Utilizing Guilt, Envy, Selective Fact Sways
And Standardizes Opinion says Edward Bernays"
© Alan Watt Feb. 14, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 14, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 14, 2013. Newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Thereís lots and lots and lots of free audios for download and youíll start to understand the system youíve been raised in, that youíre born into, your parents were born into it and grandparents, and how literally there are big agencies or societies or foundations all working together to bring in a new world order, including a new reality for you, for every generation. In fact, in one generation they can keep changing your reality so many times and giving you different priorities as you grow up.  And of course, youíre managed; this is the Era (they call it) of World Managers. And the world managers are appointed people; many of them are actually parts of foundations. They are nonelected, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the biggest think tank, with the Council on Foreign Relations Ė the same group Ė to advise all governments across the whole planet. They set up the United Nations too and they have a big long-term plan and goal to manage the great herd Ė as they like to call the general public Ė although they are awfully good at covering that up with the different things that they put out to the public to read, the different PDFs from their own institutions, basically made by marketers and so on to con you into thinking they really care about you. Itís really amazing. Itís a great science these days. But government never tells you the truth, and I mean that, about anything. They coerce you into the way that they want you all to move as a herd, or think as a herd, or believe as a herd, at the same time, and itís always done to help youÖ to help you, you see. But thatís the technique of governing peoples.


So help yourself to the audios as I say. Also remember too, you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are seriously welcome because I donít bring on advertisers as guests; I donít sell you things after terrifying you. I just depend upon the people to keep me ticking along and pay off the debts that I have here, just to do this particular show because Iíve got to get satellite and all the rest of it, to keep it all going.


So as I say, youíre living through, really, a managerial system run by unelected people. The biggest organizations on the planet are not governments actually.  Theyíre actually these private foundations; there are so many of them. They fund all the NGO groups that you see. They put on big meetings for governments to attend. Many of the people who belong, and who are made into personalities by these foundations, are put in there by the foundations Ė they belong to the foundations first Ė and theyíre put in as prime ministers and presidents across the world.  Their own historian was Carroll Quigley Ė they have their own private archives of history. He wrote a book about it, a couple of books actually, because he thought it was so important the public should know that these guys had literally been running the world for over a hundred years.  And the public didnít know about it. He thought it was about time that they did. And he did not disagree with anything that they did; he was all for their big agenda because he also was an elitist himself.


So the elitists who believe that they are also the intelligentsia of the planet, have the right to rule the world; thatís how they really basically put it.† And those who are the richest ones and intermarry people with lots of money, for generations, maybe thousands of years, obviously get the best educations that money can afford and they have the high societal status, so they can run the world. Thatís the agenda. Itís been here for an awful long time folks. But in between you and them they have governments; they put governments in. They make the mandates for governments and they run the world right now. And itís getting worse and worse all the time for the people as they get more and more into their stride. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and it truly is a deceptive system, and itís only deceptive because you havenít been told, since childhood, that it actually exists. Your parents didnít know; they simply blame it all on politicians or this party or that party as things change and get worse and worse. They have no idea of how old this big agenda is. Theyíve never read any of the books put out by the big people who were put forward into the public domain, basically, to try and encourage all of these processes to go forward. They didnít look at the big groups that were formed during and after World War II to change, radically and drastically change the whole system for the first world countries especially, so that they wouldnít resort, supposedly, to Nazism; that was the reason that they gave for it all. Thatís also the reason for the multiculturalism too by the way and the dissolution of old nation-states as they used to be.


You have to go into the Macy group and you have to go into the writings of Bertrand Russell and others to find out, because they were part of these big international groups that were formed to put all this forward. Governments agreed and the White House actually gave the Frankfurt school, the Macy group and different groups working together with Russell, they put them in charge of it Ė the White House literally put them in charge of creating a new culture for, say, America and elsewhere. Most folk havenít a clue.


Of course it isnít just to do with the nations. Itís also to do with the genders and everything. Everybody is at war with everybody else, if you notice, and thatís because families, families used to stand together and communities would stand together because they all had so much in common; they were generally all married with children. Of course that was a big, big impediment to the State to take over. You find propagandists for this big agenda like HG Wells in his nonfiction books, talked about this too.  He said, eventually the government will have the full authority to be able to speak down to anybody in society without the interference of family or community around them to help them. Thatís here today folks. You think youíve all been freed up by the old bonds of the past; thatís what youíve really been taught to believe, under the guise of liberalism and to do your own thing, as they keep you perpetual children forever; thereís a reason for all of this. And itís happened. Itís all been done.† And now society is a basket case and as it becomes a basket case, of course, and has become, you have all these different agencies and supergovernmental agencies put out there over you to take care of the mess. So government becomes the true boss of the people using all kinds of authorities and so on, and thatís the reason for it. Most folk havenít a clue.


Now, Iím going to start with a little bit of trivia in a sense. But to understand whoís supposed to represent you in government... whoís supposed to represent you, and itís a joke really. I donít believe in politicians at all; theyíre con men. They are selected, preselected by committees. And again, even the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in other countries itís the Council on Foreign Relations, they preselect all of them for appointments before they even run for election. Quigley said that too, that there hasnít been a President or Prime Minister that wasnít a member of this group. He wrote the book in the 1960s and it goes back into the late 1800s because they were a different name at that time. Today itís the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, as the main titles they go under.


But Members of Parliament here, it saysÖ


Mental health treatment funding approved for MPs

bbc.co.uk / 13 February 2013


(Alan:  ...now, right.  Now, they get all other kinds of special perks and all the rest of it.)


MPs will be entitled to receive mental health treatment in Westminster, a parliamentary committee has announced.


The Commons Members Estimate Committee has approved an annual budget of £25,000 (A:  That will just skyrocket of course, because it will be more than that for each oneís visit.)  to help MPs with mental health problems access treatment.


It is hard for MPs to access mental health services in their constituencies because of "their profile in the community", the committee said.


The arrangement was not "preferential treatment" (A: ...of course.), Labour MP Kevan Jones said.


Then they go into the usual stuff about how they suffer from depression or anxiety; one guy had an obsessive/compulsive disorder and so on. Then they go into, well mental health is very important, so they use the sympathy part.  Which is true, itís very, very important. But thereís a difference here. These guys supposedly, supposedly are going to help run your lives. Thatís the difference. Thatís the difference, folks. You cannot have someone whoís suffering from a mental illness running such vital things as your life. You cannot do it. It canít be done.


Regardless, government pretty well in itself runs by mandates that are made by private organizations, like Maurice Strongís organization, the Earth Charter, all part of the Rockefeller foundation group who set it all up. Youíve got the Carnegie foundation, Ford foundation, lots of foundations and they all contribute to the big, big agenda, the big plan as they like to call it. And they tell governments what to do. They also have incredible money to lobby them as well. And they can also get them out of office if they donít go along with them, for those who donít know that.


Because the same boys who own the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, their members also own the media of the world, the major media of the world, TV and print and all the rest of it. And in the past, if you go through the archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com youíll see how they, back in the 30s, Rockefeller and other ones got together to find outÖ Theyíre always doing studies, always doing studies on all of us, how we are influenced and so on, and they wanted to know how many major newspapers they would need at that time to influence all the other newspapers across the whole country of the US.  And at that time they had a particular figure.  Now they own them ALL actually. But they also went into different type groups, like politicians for instance, certain magazines that they get attracted to, they give ones for the bureaucracies that exist in different countries.  They cater for every group and class, and itís perfect today. Perfect, believe you me. Now all of your news is standardized as well, which is imperative if you have controllers at the top wanting you to all believe the same things and behave in the same way and be all for whatever agendaís pushed your way.


So anyway, as I say, here they are getting all these perks. Really part of the problem too is the booze and all the parties they go to; thatís their main problems. A lot of them have problems with their drugs and lots of them too, go to way too many parties. Itís not conscience, believe you me, thatís making them depressed. Itís not something to do with conscience because most of the politicians, to get up there, they are actually graded as psychopathic people. They go along with anything thatís detrimental to the general population, as you know. So literally, you classify them as psychopathic types. And never mind that too, the psychiatrist can give them lots of drugs as well; donít forget that part of it as well; they can legally prescribe them lots of good drugs, you see.


Now, in the US, thereís no country where you can really see it so fast and sharp, although Britain is much the same in a different way. Britain is a basket case. Every part of the Communist Manifesto, by the way, has been fulfilled in Britain and some other countries in the so-called Commonwealth of Britain. In the US itís a bit different because they had a different type of system of government.  No other government had this idea that the people formed their own government, at the very beginning, by revolution, which gave special rights to the people themselves and the government was supposed to serve them. No other country in the world ever had that. You were always subject to the King or the Queen, or the Crown as they call it, and other countries had dictators; a lot of them still do. Many of the so-called democratic systems, even throughout Latin America, even though they call them democratic, are still run by dictatorships and gangs at the top, have been for a long time. But in the US, as I say, they had to go through a lot of hoops in government in courts and things to prove that a person was guilty or not. So much so that often the guilty would get off because of technicalities and so on. I used to wonder about it, because again, I wasnít brought up in the US. I thought oh, well, you know, is that right? Then it was an American woman reporter who wrote an article in the paper which she said, itís far better this happens once in a while than lots of non-guilty people end up going into prison.† And I thought well thatís quite right. In other countries they donít bother, they put you in prison and throw away the key and thatís it.  And it might take 20 years and theyíll say oh the guy is innocent because of DNA or whatever, and thatís it; thereís no apologies or anything like that. And we call this a fair system.


Anyway, getting back to what Iím saying, the US is a different system. And you can see, again, the chaos as they go completelyÖ Now, multiculturalism is a fairly new term; before that it was mass immigration from the world, but everybody adapted into the existing culture. But with multiculturalism suddenly, about the 70s, they were all told, again from the United Nations, who were also told by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and so on, for the people to keep their cultures.  So you can go into areas in all countries now in the West, and in some of the streets and shops and that you canít even read the signs anymore; they donít talk the language that you are talking. Some of them donít like you actually; you get that impression too. Thatís what they call multiculturalism, to further fragment the old society and to destroy the old culture completely. Thatís what itís for.  Very simply, thatís what itís for.


But also you get the ongoing militarization of the police in the US, itís just incessant now. The cops, thereís so many cases that Iíve read in the past I just stopped bothering reading them now, where folk are killed or tazered to death and thereís no inquiry. Itís happening across in Britain and other countries as well. The cops know they can get away with it. Theyíve been given a form of immunity; they all know this. So as they know this it gets worse and worse. Plus you have a society today where, again, the entertainment industry Ė which really is always spearheading the cultural changes; thatís its purpose Ė itís not there to entertain you.  Thatís a side effect, for all the stuff that they get through during the actual movie itself. Itís there to indoctrinate you.  Everything has got little quips in it and so on that youíll remember, but youíll never really reason them through; youíll just adopt the new attitudes, etc. But that goes for cops too or guys who want to be cops. Because they see the cops being the big guys with all the power, in every movie they watch, and youngsters with no power want to become one. Iíll read one article when I come back that shows you how bad itís getting. Back after these messages.


Hi folks, Iím back, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system and how itís really progressing along its path, its chosen path of course. Itís a very old agenda and it knows exactly how to implement things. Now that everyone is on the Internet, theyíre all tweeting and so on, theyíve got instant access to how the public think about any particular topic whatsoever. They know how to adjust our thoughts very quickly too by releasing articles into the paper, making things popular and so on. And they can upgrade us as we go along without us even knowing how itís done. Itís very simple.


But also too, getting back to the authoritarian system thatís here, I was thinking that this article Iím about to read is very much like whatís happening across places in Afghanistan and other countries, where families can be sitting and starting their dinner and some drone a long ways off, they donít hear or see this thing, it just fires a missile at them and blows them up. Of course NATO and whoeverís involved always says, well you know we got the real target, the guy was a terrorist, and they make up any old story. And each time that different, separate inquiries come out that theyíre blowing up children all over the place they keep denying it. It doesnít matter. The message youíre getting is, we donít matter. I hope you understand this. We donít matter, weíre just the herd.


You have to go into, again, the elitists themselves and the propagandists that they employed; many of the ones they employed actually, even back in the 1920s, were still into writing novels and so on like HG Wells. He was an official propagandist for this group and he had stacks of other books out which were nonfiction.  So the idea is, you make a person a star, you give them a big, big staff and you get ghostwriters too to churn out the books. It still happens today by the way. And you incorporate the politically correct updates in every book that you put out there, to change your fans, theyíll start to emulate youÖ oh this guy is great so Iíll emulate him. And thatís how they go along. Today with the movies itís much, much easier. 


But he actually was a complete elitist. He believed in a superior class running the whole world, did not believe in democracy. Wells himself was picked out by the friend of Charles Darwin and taught specially for his purpose by the way. They called them the Red Tie School; every child that was picked/selected was given a red tie; I think it was Sir Thomas Huxley that was involved in that.† And he goes through this system. And in some of his books, which were turned into old movies too, you can still get them, like Things To Come, you get instances of the big herd down below as they advance into this system, where the elite take over to stop all wars.  Under the guise of stopping all wars the elite take over, and the elite live in these massive towers. And theyíre all specially bred, because youíll notice, even in the movie, that is supposed to be generations later, the elite still look exactly the same as their predecessors, their own ancestors. But of course they get to a stage in this movie, or the book, where the general population are so sick of rapid changes, that they canít stop and just be themselves. Thereís no community as such; everything is moving, moving, moving fast with science spearheading it all. But thatís how they get it through to you.  And they created lots of fans who were on board with this whole agenda.


Even Bertrand Russell, a complete elitist, the guy who said weíll even use Ďthe needleí to dumb down the public Ė the needle... Injections, vaccinations Ė had lots of members in the general public who read his books because he was made, again, into a star Ė you make them into stars. We have organizations today that make scientists into stars if you didnít know that; theyíve been here for a long time actually. Iíve even gone over it in some previous talks. Anyway, weíre being taught that weíre just the herd. Thatís why life is cheap now. And weíre being taught, with everything that happens, itís getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.  With the articles that Iíve read in the paper about the elderly left to die in hospitals and so on, because youíre not a good consumer and producer, which is the definition of a good world citizen according to the United Nations. And through the movies for about 40 - 50 years now, all youíll see are the young people in the movies; old folk are always senile. Have you noticed that? Or they just simply donít exist.


Anyway it says here... this is a typical one; itís desensitizing you to what lifeís all about.


Police gave NO WARNING as they mistakenly shot woman, 71, delivering newspapers and then target another innocent bystander during California manhunt for 'killer' ex-cop

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 9 February 2013


Los Angeles police have been accused of resorting to 'street justice' in the hunt for suspected killer ex-cop Christopher Dorner, after they mistakenly shot a 71-year-old woman delivering newspapers and left her truck riddled with bullets. (A:  Okay, sheís 71, ah well, you knowÖ  71.  See, thatís the first thing you get at, you see.)


The victim, Emma Hernandez, said the officers did not give any warning or commands and just began firing at her blue pickup truck (A:  ...just like the movies, you see.), according to her attorney. Her 47-year-old daughter was a passenger in the car at the time.


'Tragically, we believe this is a case of mistaken identity,' Charlie Beck, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, said about the incident.   (A:  Just mistaken identity that they blasted...  There were about a hundred-odd bullet holes in this van!  So hereís two people at the bottom scale, you see, one is elderly, the bottom scale of what the life, you know, the life chart Ė how important are you, whatís your social standing? Ė delivering newspapers.  That tells you how wealthy they are, right; theyíre delivering newspapers, two of them. And they just get blasted like that.)


Hernandez was shot twice in the back and was hospitalized in stable condition. Her daughter, Margie Carranza, was a passenger in the truck at the time of the shooting. She was wounded by glass from the shattered window.


The two women were distributing copies of the Los Angeles Times before the terrifying incident. They were driving an aqua blue Toyota Tacoma unlike the description of the Dorner's vehicle, a gray Nissan Titan.  (A:  But that doesnít matter... Well, it was kind of like it, isnít it?)


When police began firing and gunshots entered through the back windshield of the truck, the terrified women just 'covered their faces and huddled down,' (A:  What else can you do?)


Then it goes on about how, well, you know, we will try and get them another vehicle and all that. Well, would they get them an old secondhand coffin if they had killed them? You know what Iím saying? This is pretty common now folks. And itís also training YOU to expect more of it. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this, we call it the system today and how everyone is degraded. If you donít have status, high status today youíre very degraded.  You see, youíre one of the herd. And this is the age of herd management; the medical profession calls it that too and other ones at the top as well. All the CEOs of the top international corporations like IBM call us the same thing. But they have great techniques of putting it across in a different way to us, to get the herd to go along. Because they use massive professional marketing, or propaganda, experts who understand how you think. Persuasion is an art. Itís a very old science.


Getting back to this story here too about the mistaken identity, blasting this elderly lady and her daughter Ė trigger-happy cops as always, because they watch all the movies. It made me think of Judge Dredd. Now, you think too that all these cartoons and everything else that youíve been brought up with are just there to make money and to entertain children. No. The art of conditioning your mind to the future is very, very, very old. And youíve got to see that these are all super-human comic types. But getting back to the early 1920s and before that even, when the elite decided that they were going to really rush ahead and bring in this totalitarian world system, they had all of their authors out there like HG Wells, who believed in Ďthe super-maní, and George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman; read the books. ....long before Adolf Hitler came up with the idea; he just copied what they were all putting out. Now these guys who put it all out have conjured up the magic act and people believe that there are kind of Supermen, and they wear black outfits and have machine guns, and theyíve got some kind of insignia stuck on them somewhere to make them part of the authoritarian society.  Remember, Judge Dredd is conditioning you for the age where he is judge, he is jury and executioner. Thatís what itís for. Thatís all they are for, folks. Thatís all itís for.


Now, getting back to, again, the elderly and all the rest of them are just a nuisance today, it saysÖ


£75,000 cap on cost of care will lose thousands of pensioners their homes

dailymail.co.uk / Daniel Martin /  8 February 2013


(A:  Now, thatís all part of the agenda.  If you go into the IBMís Smart City system, they actually mention that.  Iíll touch on that tonight.  In fact Iíll put a PDF up from them tonight, where they actually tell folk, tell all the authorities to start encouraging single elderly people to get out of their expensive homes, thatís what they say, Ďexpensive homesí, and that will save the Ďfuel povertyí, that they canít afford the fuel anymore. Because theyíre old, you know, oldÖ you know, that useless kind of thing, old folk, you know. No kidding you. Iíll put that up tonight.  But it says £75,000 cap, so theyíll lose, thousands of pensioners, their homes; that is the big agenda, across the world.† So...)


...Lord Warner warned that setting the cost of long-term care cap so high could mean thousands of pensioners will have to sell their homes


A chief architect of plans (A:  They love this terminology, the Ďarchitect of plansíÖ itís like the Ďgrand architectí.) to limit the cost of long-term care has criticised ministers for setting the cap so high that thousands of pensioners will have to sell their homes.


Lord Warner is warning that if a husband and wife both move into care, they could have to pay £150,000 before the state steps in Ė wiping out almost the entire value of an average house.  (A:  Now, it doesnít matter that these folk have paid taxes and insurances their whole life, mandatory by the State.  Every penny you put in is invested immediately by the State in all these different projects across the world. And out of 1 pound, by the time youíve finished, at the end of your life, thatís probably brought in, oh, thousands and thousandsÖ each 1 pound has brought thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds into the government, through all these investments over your lifetime. But that doesnít matter.)


The peer sat on the Dilnot Commission, which aimed to safeguard elderly peopleís houses by imposing a cap of about £35,000 Ė after which the state will meet care costs.


But ministers (A:  ...politiciansÖ) are expected to announce next week that they will set the cap much higher than that.


It has been widely reported that the cap could be as high as £75,000.


There were rumours yesterday, however, that the final level to be announced on Monday may be lower Ė £60,000, uprated by inflation in future years. 


Now, they always do this. Itís the same with your gas when you go to the gas station. Theyíll jack it up, way up, suddenly, and then youíre all bitching to each other Ė well, the people used to bitch; they donít bother anymore. But then theyíll drop it a few cents, maybe four or three cents, and oh, thank God, you breathe out. Well, sorry, they still put it up an extra 20 cents; you donít mind that. Itís so clever eh? So the storyís saying 75,000, no itís only going up to maybe 60,000 pounds. See, this is the con that they do all the time. They understand how we think so perfectly. Weíre so studied. There is no creature on the planet so minutely studied as the human person. Anyway, theyíre going to end up losing their homes and theyíre bringing in a stealth tax so as you canít have an inheritance to pass onto your children. They donít want a rising middle class, you understand. Even if these guys, you wouldnít even classify a lot of them as being middle class, but they donít want one to arise. So Iíll put that up tonight.


Inheritance 'stealth tax' to fund care for the elderly - telegraph.co.uk / 10 Feb 2013


Also too I will put up this one on IBM, the Smart Cities, where they actually tell the governments and the city councilors and all that how to get the old folk out of their houses. And this one is Smart City Glasgow; the PDF is here; also, they say in it that...


The over 65s need the option to move to more suitable places in their local community (A:  This is communitarianism; they like to call it that.) rather than staying in expensive homes where their income is tied up and getting caught in Fuel Poverty.


Well, theyíre all getting ripped off left, right and center because of the gangsters who own all the fuel industry, as we well damn know. And thereís more fuel today than thereís ever been in hundreds of years, way, way more. But the prices donít come down. But they do want the old folk to get out of where they are and theyíre starting with the 65 who are still single, because see, theyíve created a world where most folk today are single; they destroyed the family unit. Do you understand how clever they are?  Öhow clever they are, eh.


So this is from IBM, that somehow gave itself the right to create, across the world, smart cities and smart grids and all the rest of it, and somehow, somehow all the politicians, even though we didnít vote IBM or any of their bosses in to take care of us or rule over us, somehow your governments are going along with them as though they did. Isnít that kind of odd to you? No, itís not odd at all because thereís no such thing as democracy. Your government is put in by the big boys at the top. Always. It doesnít matter what party you vote for, thatís how it is folks. Thatís how it is. Itís been like that for a long time. As I say, Quigley mentioned that too, that there hasnít been a single Prime Minister or President put in, from any party Ė in his day it was the 60s Ė he says, since the late 1800s that wasnít a member of this organization, for this whole world agenda. And Quigley was all for it, thatís why he wrote the book.


Now, we hear about Africa, and they go on about Mali and all the rest of it, as they extend their reach into the other countries in Africa. Africa is going to get plundered more and more as they go on. Because this is the time, under the guise of theyíve got to exploit all natural resources.  Itís not because youíre running short.  Itís because youíre run by super gangs. Thereíll be one super gang, you see, to be in charge of the worldís water supply, one in charge of all natural gas, one that will be in charge of this, that and the other, whatever mineral it happens to be, and one for oil. Thatís where itís all supposed to goÖ supposed to go, you understand. Lenin talked about it. He said eventually youíll have one factory just making shoes for the world. They both work together, folks, because the folk who brought up this whole system run the left and the right wing.  And itís all coming together today.


AAR extends airlift contract for military

upi.com / Jan. 23, 2013


WOOD DALE, Ill., Jan. 23 (UPI) -- A provider of airlift services to the U.S. military is renewing its contract for transport of cargo and personnel to West and Central Africa.  (A:  So this is like indefinite.)


The services in support of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command and the U.S. Department of Defense Counter Narco-Terrorism Program (A:  ...itís all to do with drugs, you seeÖ) Office by AAR Airlift Group will involve two aircraft.


The subcontract for the services was issued by Academi, LLC. (A:  Thatís the private boys, remember, that used to be Blackwater; they call them Academi now.) It will run until the middle of June and carries an estimated value of about $9 million.  (A:  Not bad contracts, when youíre in the killing business eh? for the bosses that want all the mineral rights and the gold and diamonds and uranium and all that. Thatís not bad at all. Good business at the top.)


You understand too, you donít even know how they live at the top anymore. They are a super class that Bertrand Russell said would come to be. They would see themselves as a separate species. Theyíre not brought up with the rubbish for education that you get taught. They donít get all the political indoctrination that you get taught, and you accept and you even become advocates of it all. No, they donít go for that. Theyíre brought up in a different reality.  They call it REALITY at the top; youíre not living in reality. Youíre living in conditioned responses, even the things that youíre angry at or you support or the things you join.  [Alan chuckles.]


And also, hereís how bad itís getting now. It started in the schools, where they had zero tolerance for anything.  Even, I mentioned that one about the little boy Ė earlier in the week or last week Ė that pretended to throw a pretend, imaginary grenade at something, a box at school. And they arrested him...  for pretending that he threw a pretend grenade. Thatís how bad it is. Itís called zero tolerance, you see, as they condition and recondition you all to be really against all that kind of stuff. Only the guys, the thugs they employ and who want to go out and kill folk, like the two guys who were shooting the vans up, only they can get taught the other way, that theyíve got special rights. Anyway it saysÖ


Police Lose All Perspective: Armed cops swoop on Action Man (A:  ...remember the Action Man toy?) looking for a mortar (A:  ...toy...) after owner posts picture of TOY weapon on Facebook

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 13 February 2013


Ian Driscoll posted photo of Action Man as his profile picture on Facebook.


In the background was a toy mortar gun, about six inches tall.


More than a month later, five officers, including two armed with submachine guns, arrived at his home.


The armed police who stormed into the house after reports of a mortar gun discovered it was an Action Man toy 6 inches tall.


The submachine gun wielding police raced to the home of Ian Driscoll, 43, after he posted it on Facebook.


...Action Man plastic figure in the background with the toy mortar gun. 


The mortar gun was next to a TV remote control, clearly showing its small size, but someone who saw it contacted the police.   (A:  Thatís all it takes now. Youíre scared stiff about silly people. Theyíre all brainwashed, you see. Where do you think they get their brainwashing from? So they contacted the cops and the next thing you know youíve got guys storming you with submachine guns.)


Five officers including two armed with submachine guns then arrived at his home in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.


Mr. Driscoll said, ĎAfter showing them the offending toy the police apologized and left.í


(A:  Luckily they didnít kill him.  That might have happened in the States, they probably wouldíve blown up the house and set it on fire, because they love to worship fire, these guys. Ever see the Waco thing? when they burned down all the people there with the tanks and so on, and they burned all the people who were underground even in the cellars, they burned them all out too, men, women, children. And you see all these guys with the black outfits on, they were all bowing to the fire. You didnít see that? Itís still up there; I think on YouTube it was put up there. You see them bowing, and making a strange sound... like itís a hail sound, you know.)


Mr Driscoll said: ĎI was shocked and stunned. It was just mad. Five officers turned up in unmarked police cars.


ĎThey flashed the search warrant in my face and said it was lucky I was in so they didnít have to break my door down. (A:    [Alan laughing.])


ĎThe Action Man looked a bit like me so I decided to put it as my Facebook picture.


ĎI didnít even notice the mortar in the background.


He says.† So there you go, nothingís safe anymore, because theyíve trained the public, who are already stupid, a lot of themÖ They are stupid, letís be honest. I mean, if you go and give them the same questions to a whole bunch of topics, you get the same answers from them all; itís their standardized answers on everything.  They canít think or reason for themselves. Their conditioned responses are all set in them by outsiders; they donít even know itís happened to them, themselves.


Now as I say, the elderly now have to get euthanized. This is what itís all about folks. Itís ďwhatís the value of your lifeĒ, ďwhatís the cost of your lifeĒ to the big boys that own the world, the big gang. And if youíre not producing enough, youíre consuming, youíre starting to consume rather than just produce taxes and everything else, then youíre a bad world citizen. And theyíre really showing this across the world.


Woman dies after waiting 3 hours for ambulance

cbc.ca / Angela Gilbert and Nicole Reinert, CBC News / Feb 13, 2013


After woman stopped breathing, call level jumped to 'most urgent'.  (A:  ...right...)


An 87-year-old Toronto woman died in December after waiting three hours with abdominal pain for an ambulance that was delayed "due to limited resources," a CBC investigation reveals.


An internal Toronto Emergency Medical Services ambulance dispatch record also shows seven ambulances were dispatched to her location but then diverted to other calls(A:  Why? Because they do that triage stuff Ė whatís the most important? Thatís what itís about folks. Whatís your status, whatís your importance in society? Oh, sheís over the... look at her age, ah...  take them to that car smash or something.)


The incident highlights a growing challenge for Toronto and the rest of Canada, as an aging population (A:  Theyíve never had aging folk before, you know. Aging people are a new phenomenon apparently. Think. Think. Think. Think, start thinking for yourselves folks. How things are termedÖ Terminology is everything, to shape your minds. Theyíve never seen old folk before, itís a brand-new phenomenon.) puts more demand on emergency services, including ambulances, advocates for the elderly say.


"When we're talking about people in retirement homes or nursing homes, by definition people are there because there are certain things they can't do for themselves," says Susan Eng from CARP, a not-for-profit seniors advocacy group. (A:  Well, CARP... well Iíd forget that.)


Anyway the fact is folks, thatís the status of the elderly now. As I say, Iíll put up the IBM one telling them to get them into these very places, where the ambulance isnít going to come and get you anymore. They just want you to die off. And this does tie in with the articles Iíve been reading over the years, and stepping up recently, because theyíre really pushing euthanasia. Itís a lot cheaper for the boys at the top isnít it? They can keep all that profit that you put into their system for your whole life and offer you a cheap little cyanide pill at the end, rather than treat you for your illness. You think Iím kidding. Iím not being sarcastic. Iím telling you the truth. Because thatís how they view you all.  If youíre not one of them, youíre part of the herd.


And also this article here, again, itís how itís worded, rightÖ


Card-carrying shoppers shun cash (A: and itís Australia)

adelaidenow.com.au / Jeff Whalley / Herald Sun / February 12, 2013


Australian consumers are embracing the "cashless society", racking up a record number of purchases on their credit and debit cards. 


Now, this is all to do with smart cities and smart grids and all the rest of it. And they know everything about you, what youíre into, what youíre buying, what you eat, what you snack on.   All that goes to the health authorities too and one day theyíre going to contact you and tell you to stop this and stop that. Iím not kidding. Theyíve already talked about it. But yeah, cashless society, itís for your benefit... Itís so easyÖ  Is it really? No. Itís for their benefit, folks. Everything, even the computers they put out were, that you buy...  If they forced you to take in computers youíd be a bit suspicious. No, they make you buy them and tell you how wonderful it is. You know, even the British government mandated that all the people in Britain, back in the 50s and 60s, had to get television sets. China did the same thing a few years ago. India did it too. Why? Itís the most indoctrinative tool ever invented. It standardizes the peopleís minds. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís Jim hanging on from New York there. Are you still there Jim?


Jim:  Hello Sir.† God bless you first of all. I wanted to know, whatís the true meaning of our American flag over here in the States?  ....as our rights get taken away. Is it bloodletting under the stars for rights that God given? And second of all, with the Egyptians, with them over there, is it true that those kings over there, were they descended from the gods? Thatís what they say, with the headdress and everything with the snake. What your take on that? Thank you Sir. 


Alan:  Well, the flag itself, if youíll notice thereís colors, colors are awfully important. Colors, remember, is also the term that warring factions use; they always have colors.  Even the gangs have what they call colors. Very important. If you go into Pythagorean stuff too, not just with the magical numbers and all the rest of it, he also went into colors, color coding. And you have red, white and blue. It was the same as Britain was taken over by the same people, or London was, who ran all of Britain and they got the Empire going. Itís red, white and blue, the same as America, red, white and blue. And itís interesting too that America was to take over from Britain, according to Carroll Quigley, because Britain had started the Empire and it was to be the embryo for a World Empire. Thatís where theyíve gone with it. The US has been supplying the cash and the men, the bodies basically, to make it happen, and the taxes until then.


The ancient Egyptians, no, because every elite at one time in the past always wanted to be descended from the gods. I mean, that was a very simple religion that you taught the peasantry that it was true, and after a generation they believe it. Because after all, they were covered in rags you know, and they were covered in gold and things at the top so it had to be true. It was very simple logic for simple people. But youíll find that even Cleopatra wasnít really so much Egyptian. She herself was descended from Ptolemy that was a general from Macedonia and Greece, that was put in by Alexander and he won; he was really the predecessor of Cleopatra. And she became a member of the gods. How Ptolemy got in to be the leader for a while of Egypt, he had a dream one night Ė see, they couldnít do it through his genealogy so a dream was good enough. So he had a dream that the old Pharaoh came to him and appointed him in spirit as the new ruler, so a genetic spirit was as good enough as the real physical genes and he became the ruler for there.


So they always do the same con today. Believe you me, in elitism it hasnít changed today, hasnít changed at all. Because they use the same analogies all through Freemasonry down through the ages. Even though Freemasonry really, as we know it today, only came out in the 1700s, to get a big Army of ordinary folk to back something they didnít understand, for another minority altogether. So they took over the cities and towns and became the mayors and all the rest of it, and the politicians. Thatís what Masons are for, on behalf of another group altogether that dominates all the rest of it. So no, this God thing is a very typical example of how to fool the peasantry in all ages. Now, they want to say that they are like gods. What is a God, to them? A God is someone who is better than the rest, heís all-powerful.  Now, a president with all his toys at his command of weaponry can say the same thing if he wanted to. Or a Prime Minister of Britain, although heís going to get a cheap psychiatrist now, or free psychiatrist apparently, like the article I read tonight. But they can also have power over life and death of everybody Ė and now they want to go all the way in deciding who has a child and who will not have a child; and itís all eugenics Ė technically he has a lot of power of the gods, of gods in the past. So technically they can call themselves that. Prince Charles once said he was a member of the Olympian club; these are the guys at the very, very top. But they ainít gods. They pull their pants down and go to the toilet like you and I.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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