June 11, 2008 (#126)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 11, 2008:

© Alan Watt June 11, 2008



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June 11th, 2008. Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as much information as you can, because who knows in these days how long we’ll be able to put this kind of information out and have it up there on sites. Everything is changing very quickly and there’s a whole new internet system coming in, in the near future, where people will be pretty well licensed and approved to put anything up at all. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can find transcripts there in the various languages of Europe, which you can download, copy and pass around to your friends.

We’re in the big maelstrom now. We find that things are changing very quickly. For those who have been following it for a while, it’s not surprising. Even for some of those in fact it’s a shock because everyone would like the system to just stop short of going into pure crisis. We all like to keep what we have, keep the system that we’re used to, even though that system had nothing to do with us. We didn’t design it. It was designed for us, just as our parents’ system was designed for them and the grandparents’ before that, going all the way back through time, because rich elites have always given us the system which we simply are born into and adopt as being natural. When you look at all the cultures in the ancient past, some of them even with the Aztec’s for instance, where they could even grow a whole tribe and keep them in captivity to basically cannibalize them when necessary. That was normal to them, too, if you were growing up in it, so anything technically can be made to be normal and it’s the change we always fear.

What people are reacting to now is change and the death of the old system where you were trained, and you were. You were born and trained to go out and earn money and pay taxes and go off to wars and fight and die, and all this kind of stuff, and you thought that was all normal, too, simply because your parents didn’t know any better; they also adopted the system without question. That’s the key to it, environment. As Skinner said, “if you want to alter the behavior of a species you alter something in their environment,” and sure enough, when Brzezinski talked and before him Huxley and others talked about a technique of basically full mind control. They were talking about initially radio, then television and when you think about it, you have billions of people across the planet watching the same television shows, getting the same news from two or three sources spread out through a multitude of little sites beneath them, but it’s all the same stuff. You have a world population today being programmed and that’s what it is. That’s all it is, propaganda and programming along the same track, and most are born into it and think it’s all quite natural.  After all, their parents are glued to that television too, it must be natural; and that’s one of the main techniques that’s being used apart from the schooling, too, which has gone in the last 20, 30 years more and more so into pure social engineering where our values and the new upcoming values are instilled in the young.

I talked about Beria. Beria who was the NKVD police chief of basically the Soviet state in the ‘30’s talked about this: The ability to indoctrinate youngsters in kindergarten and update them every four years as the next intake comes in. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and just talking about what we’re going through now and what we expect to come through, because you see this is a long-term strategy that’s simply unfolding today, a long-term plan with military precision. Every part and every move was debated and debated and debated, went back for review and debated again before we even knew that the game was on. War was declared on the public a long time ago and I refer people back to the writings of Thomas Malthus for an example. It’s never changed. Eugenics and the Malthusian concept has been here for a long time of population control, and I think it was Charles Forte that said amongst many, many things that he said, he said, “I think we’re being farmed.”

What does a farmer do? Well, he raises his particular animals and the animals must be domesticated. They must have trust in the good shepherd, never knowing that their real purpose is to be eaten one day, or sold and eaten, and fleeced as well if they’re sheep, but for profit you see. When there’s too many of them and he can’t afford to feed them all, he culls them down. In the past we were bred up at the right times for warfare purposes when it suited certain nations to do so and then culled off again throughout those wars as the big boys profited and formed their alliances with every country they took over. Today we’ve come to the world society, the world government, which has been here for a long time, and they’re simply moving on to ensure that everything they’ve planned—and I’m talking about incredible planning as I say with military precision—comes off the way that they drafted it out to be.

The changes, massive upheavals in the world, are happening because basically a handful of cartels, monopolies (a handful of them) own everything that you need to live: your food, in many places in cities their water supply, gas, natural gas, food, everything. That’s the system that has been created to make sure and this is not a new idea, it was written about hundreds of years ago, to make sure they brought in a system of interdependence. That really meant, under the scam of national and international interdependence, they really meant personal interdependence – where you would be dependent for everything you need for living on the system in which you do live, but you wouldn’t be able to be independent in any one single area; and that is an offshoot of the Industrial Era (and the Great Depression too) where they moved so many people off the land. They were doing it in Europe long before America and putting them into the big cities (new manufacturing cities) and even then, they were writing books at the top, top people and economists, projecting how long this era would last and what they would do with these massive industrial cities which they’d built up and the populations they no longer need. That’s all been done and now we are post-industrial and all we hear today on what we think is independent media, which is a con game because they’re all linked together – media is the middle man who peddles the propaganda from the elite to you at the bottom. That’s their job.

The media is essential arm of government and social control. It’s also an essential arm of manipulation and culture creation towards the next step and the next step; and repetition, remember repetition as Bertrand Russell says, is so important, they must keep repeating the same little slogans until you start repeating them in your normal conversation. By repeating nonsense, utter nonsense, abstract gibberish, you bring in something which is concrete, like global warming and carbon footprints and overpopulation, by repetition. When you have all these masses of experts appearing on this media and millions upon even billions tuning in to the same stuff and the children getting taught it in school, that becomes a reality.

We forget – we forget so easily that for many, many, many centuries the majority of the people the world over, who were kept in a state of complete illiteracy, were taught or the priests taught them on their holy days and nothing more. They were taught that kings were there quite by nature, by God in fact, placed there by God; and their job was to serve, right to the very peasant at the bottom, and to be quite content for what you had; and if you didn’t go along with it, God would strike you dead or bring curses upon you and illnesses and death and so on. They were kept in utter fear and they were given lots of rituals to go through, magic rituals to please the deity, and they talked about these magic rituals just the same way as they talk about global warming and carbon footprints; and they did novenas and goodness knows what else to placate the deity and keep the system going. That’s what they intend to do as we go through this new system into the whole new planned world order.

It’s not just family planning anymore. It’s the global family. They’re talking about forced sterilization down the road. In fact, they won’t need force because you’ll have volunteers coming out of the schools and when you see the indoctrination the children are getting today, they will sacrifice themselves to save the planet. This kind of mentality is well understood. The means to achieve it is perfectly understood and it’s all scientifically done.

We are the most studied species on the planet. The children today are getting green, green, green and nothing else, nothing else. So much so, that there’s even articles out there being sponsored by the state to further this fear in children. Fearful people tend to end up be incredibly dogmatic and even vicious when they grow up. That’s what fear does to people.

Here they are, getting to the very young and this is from a newspaper in Australia. It’s called “The Register” and it says:

“OZ TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early.

June 3rd, 2008.

It says:

“Go Now for Gaia’s sake. Carbon Cult sickos are under fire for an interactive website that tells children they should die because they emit CO2.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Planet Slayer" site invites young children to take a "greenhouse gas quiz", asking them "how big a pig are you?".

Alan:  This is from the government remember, government sponsored.

“At the end of the quiz, the pig explodes, and ABC tells children at "what age you should die at so you don’t use more than your fair share of Earth’s resources!" It's one of a number of interactive features that "Get the dirt on greenhouse without the guilt trips. No lectures. No multinational-bashing. Just fun and games and the answers to all your enviro-dilemas," ABC claims.”

Alan:  ABC when you speak it is “abyss,” by the way, in the occult.

It says here:

“Die, puny CO2-emitting humans!”

Alan:  That’s one of their slogans.

“The site is aimed at 9-year olds. However even a "virtuous" rating (e.g. not owning a car and recycling) is outweighed by eating meat, or spending an average Aussie income - with the result that many 9-year olds are being told they've already outstayed their environmentally-compliant stay on the planet.”

Alan:  Now remember that Newt Gingrich was giving out a book called “The Third Wave,” written by one of these environmental wackos up at the United Nations. He was the main propagandist for them, who said the world they’re bringing in will be a vegetarian society only and that’s a whole other topic.

It says here:

"Do you think it's appropriate that the ABC ... depict people who are average Australians as massive overweight ugly pigs, oozing slime from their mouths, and then to have these pigs blow up in a mass of blood and guts? asked Senator Mitch Fifield in the Herald-Sun. The state-sponsored broadcaster (why is that not a surprise?) defended the morbid quiz, with ABC managing director Mark Scott insisting "the site was not designed to offend certain quarters of the community but to engage children in environmental issues."

Alan:  The psychopaths can’t help but lie, eh?

“Which is eco-speak for frighten them witless. However, as the excellent science blog Watts Up With That points out, the site clearly breaches Australian broadcasting guidelines on "harmful or disturbing" content. Meanwhile, the site's designers are revelling in the controversy: "Thank God for outraged senators - you can't buy publicity like that," PlanetSlayer's "creative director" Bernie Hobbs crowed to the New York Post. So how, according to ABC, does one appease the vengeful Death God, Gaia?

Alan:  It goes on and on and you can search it all yourself, read the second page and all of that, but this is what they’re doing. Now that’s just what they’re putting on for children. That doesn’t include the indoctrination they’re getting in school and kindergarten. Back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks. This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and that little bit guitar piece there was just to wake you all up, just to grind on your nerves a little bit and get you awake because we’ve got to be awake these days. We’ve got to be ready for what’s coming down and it’s coming down fast. This is all coordinated today. Everything as I say that you depend on is now in crisis, man-made crisis worldwide. Not just in one country. My goodness, the big coincidence it’s worldwide and oil is being pumped out just as fast as ever and about a year ago of course we even had the U.S. government meeting with the oil companies and asking them to stop producing so much oil and we see it all being set up.

When we have memory, we can see how they set things up and with the farmers that for years and years with the farmers because the governments been in with the farmers, really a partner with the farmers since World War II now. They’ve put so many of them out of business and the rest of them they tell them not to grow this and not to grow that and if you just simply grow nothing at all we’ll pay you for it, and then they claim there’s a big food shortage. As they’ve been putting the smaller farmers under and using HAARP, by the way, and weather modification to flood them for the last umpteen years, then you can see how the big agri-businesses have taken over. Again, a cartel with different names but they’re all in cahoots. They work together as a cartel, a monopoly, to sew up the world’s food supply; and believe you me, if they were independent and simply reaping massive profits by doing what they’re doing, they would be taken out so quickly by the elite and the fact it doesn’t happen means, no, this is meant to be. The elite have told them to do this. I guarantee you.

This is a worldwide crisis creation scenario to bring us all into the Brave New World that they’ve set up with all their theory and planning long ago, including how we would react to every part of their implementation and how they would counter our reactions to that, and so on and so on, like a chess game that’s being played over with the reactions from the opponent before the opponent knows there’s a game going on. That’s how it’s been and many people today think they’ve woken up but they’ve not really. They’re simply reacting to what they see happening around them when they personally are being hit. That’s reacting, not waking up. People haven’t really thought it through at all. I’ve said to people before, if you’re going to fight for something, you better know what you’re fighting for. You can’t save a system that wasn’t yours. It was simply a passing phase on the way to the elites’ next system.

And truly, deep down, the only thing that would possibly alter the course of this is for the public themselves to regain something they’ve completely lost, that’s been drummed out of them as culture has been debased since about 1950 onwards on a steady decline, and that’s GETTING BACK THEIR HUMANITY AGAIN because a people who cannot be cohesive and help each other out will not survive. They’ll react against each other and that’s what the elite will stir up. Remember that Department of Defence 90-page document predicting 30 years of escalating riots as they take us through all of this preplanned scenario. We can’t go along the way they predict we will or it’s over. We have to regain that ability to get along with each other and it won’t be easy because there are vast sections now in our society, especially within the cities, who have been so debased and debased and debased they will be a problem to everyone.

Cities, remember, are the places you get put into in the days of Nimrod onwards so that those who control the city can control and manipulate you, because in a city you are helpless. You’re dependent on that system of the city for everything you need. You can’t even grow anything for yourself, at least not enough to survive on. That’s why they use cities and culture in a city can be altered so quickly. They adapt so quickly through fashion, through music and so on, and topics of conversation are given to them. They’re feed to them and they parrot. You can alter the culture into any direction, infinitely malleable, as the big boys have said before, and yet the city is the most abnormal place to be.

Charles Galton Darwin who wrote the book “The Next Million Years,” meaning the next boast where the elite will rule for a million years, and he himself came from a long lineage of interbred psychopaths called aristocracy, he said this in that book, talking about the city, knowing you see that the city is a very unhealthy place to be if you want a healthy mind you can expand and broaden and go beyond.

He says:

“Already there are many who prefer this crowded life…”

Alan:  Because they’ve made it so, you see, after the Great Depression, especially in America, 90-odd percent of the public lived on the land and after the Depression it was a reversed situation.

“Already there are many who prefer this crowded life, but there are others who do not, and these will gradually be eliminated.”

Alan:  You think Agenda 21 and all of its contents are a new idea? This book was written in the 1950’s. It was all down to a science then. Back with more after these messages.

Hi folks. This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix, this thing we take for granted as being all quite natural. We’re born into it. Our parents are born into it and no one communicates to the next generation and says, “look on son, here, I think there’s something wrong with all of this. It just doesn’t smell right.” In fact, parents generally seldom talk to their children anymore. Everybody’s watching TV or playing on internet or whatever, and just like Bertrand Russell said, the parents just bring up the children economically. That’s all they are are economic caretakers and the state gives them their indoctrination.

Getting back to the city and how they knew they could attract millions of teenagers into the city life and why they must do so because they’re just too independent. You see, rural people have always been incredibly independent. Even when Rome was being attacked by the Goths and Visigoths and Huns and all the rest of it, it wasn’t just that was going on. The biggest problem they had, those who were attacking them, were the rural folk who had risen up. They were so sick of having all their goods and produce stolen from them and their being taxed and so on they were attacking the city. That’s traditional down through history. People who are closer to the Earth have a deeper meaning of life and they can’t be pushed around so easily, so they had to get people off the land one way or another.

I’m going to read the whole part of this paragraph from Charles Galton Darwin’s “The Next Million Years.”

“Already there are many who prefer this crowded life, but there are others who do not, and these will gradually be eliminated. Life in the crowded conditions of cities has many unattractive features, but in the long run these may be overcome, not so much by altering them, but simply by changing the human race into liking them."

Alan:  That’s how simple it is. That’s how simple it is, and how do you do that? Well, in the ‘50’s, around the time this book was written, there was a whole splurge of movies that came out for teenagers and it was all to do with people in the city and how exciting it all was and how that sex was so freely available and all this kind of stuff, and how you could be smartly dressed, have a nice clean apartment and all the rest of it, maybe even have a car. All that kind of stuff and there’s music everywhere and that was to start to get them in to the cities and they would move in there, sure enough, looking for the fantasy that never materializes, because, after all, fantasy is fantasy. They’d get stuck and sometimes they’d mate up, marry, have children and be stuck there because the cost was so high to live there. You can’t even move. You’re tied to the job. You’re imprisoned. That’s it. It becomes normal, then those children grow up in the city.

Nothing is impossible if you understand human nature and understand the power, the power of fantasy and libido, of course, very, very important and how to use it. Use your own instincts against you. These are all scientific techniques, as Mr. Bertrand Russell loved to call them.

I’m going to go to the phones now and we’ve got Invictusman from Heliopolis. Are you there? Hello Invictus. 

Invictusman:  Hello. Yes sir. It’s Vic. How you doing?

Alan:  Good.

Invictusman:  I’m wonderful. It’s my birthday.

Alan:  It’s your birthday.

Invictusman:  Yes sir.

Alan:  Congratulations for making it.

Invictusman:  I thought I would be in the orange jumpsuit but instead I’m having a good time. We have some pressing questions. I actually asked you this the first time I ever talked to you. If it’s this serious, why is it that you think they left you alive? because you know what they did to Bill Cooper. You told me before, like I might have some powers that they don’t know about. I thought you meant like guys with shotguns protecting you, but you were referring to something spiritual?  You debunk the religions, so what does that mean?

Alan:  Partly it’s the fact you never come out – see, if you know the laws you can say an awful lot and when you’ve read especially the Homeland Security laws (we have our own in Canada here too) you know how it works. Anyone who threatens violence to the government, or anyone in it, or anyone employed by it, is automatically considered a terrorist.

Invictusman:  Oh, so that was the mistake he made?

Alan:  Yes, and Bill did this all the time. He kept talking about the great “continental army,” he called it, that was going to start taking out all these people, so he made the mistakes there and of course no continental army came to his rescue when it happened as well, but he knew it was coming. He did know it was coming, that’s why he sent his wife away.

Invictusman:  So that’s what you mean about being legalistic?

Alan:  You must be legalistic and not allow yourself to be entrapped because there are ones who will call up over time and try and trap you into saying something so they can come and get you. They will eventually because they’re not messing around now. They will eventually come around and collect up people like myself--

Invictusman:  I figured you’d be the first one, you know, so why do they let you get away with doing what you’re doing? How are you on the radio?

Alan:  I’ve stuck to the facts. I haven’t overblown the facts, but I’ve also given them the hard facts and mainly from documentation written by the big boys themselves. It’s hard to them to get you on anything which has been published and put out there by the big boys, which they’ve all read at the top, and it’s very hard for them to justify it. It’s not so much that they don’t want to, but to justify it to other members of the public what they’ve done to you. That’s really what it is, but that’s coming to an end and I sense it. I sense it that our days – at least my days probably will be numbered.  It’s a sense. You can feel it closing in and I do know that they’ve been tapping my phones for 10 years, but it’s getting worse and worse.

Invictusman:  I’ve been hearing the same clicks that you talk about on my phone.  In addition to that, when I first asked you that question, you like jokingly said maybe I have some powers that they don’t know about; and people were telling me he’s referring to something spiritual. You debunked all the religions so is that what you were talking about?

Alan:  It’s up to yourself--

Invictusman:  That there might be somebody else outside of us looking out for you?

Alan:  As I say, you can always – it’s up to the individual how he sees that, but there are forces in this world. I’ve no doubt whatsoever in this world. I’ve seen pure evil. I have no problem at all accepting that there’s such a thing as a force of evil, as either an entity or something that works through people; I cannot ignore that. I don’t put it down to simply human or animal behavior. It’s definitely a force.

Invictusman:  Do you feel that there might be the opposite working in our lives?

Alan:  It could be. I could be that we’ve simply because you’re on the right path that certain things will go with you. It’s hard. We’ll never know the answers, to be honest with you. We’ll never know the answers and definitely in this lifetime. You can speculate forever and I do look at all the different theories and yah-de-yah-de-yah and I do know that all the occult, all the ancient stuff, but it’s up to you eventually as to how you see it. However, I do know, regardless, that if you have what they call “spirit” in you, that thing that drives you. That’s what spirit used to be referred to – someone who had spirit in them meant someone who was driven. As long as you have that, you have to use it because it’s purpose – most people today and those without purpose will go under quickly. They’re already doing it. I’ve talked to people who are cracking already under fear of what they see already. You have to have spirit that drives you forward with purpose, and there is purpose.

Invictusman:  That’s one of the things that Bill Cooper said, was like if you haven’t found something in your life that you wouldn’t die for then you shouldn’t even be alive.

Alan:  Well that’s true because then you are just scared and interdependent and waiting to be helped or killed or whatever and you have no--

Invictusman:  So then we won’t have anything to worry about legalistically as long as we don’t make violent threats?

Alan:  That’s right.

Invictusman:  So you can speak the truth all day even on the radio and be comfortable?

Alan:  Yes, until, again, that is made forbidden. Eventually that probably will. Just speaking the truth eventually will be forbidden and they’ll be bringing out new laws to interpret or reinterpret your words. I mean lawyers can wangle anything to try and make you say you’ve said this or that or whatever. That’s what their job is.

Invictusman:  How long do you think we have until then?

Alan:  Well they’re talking about the riots. Now the riots have already started in parts of Spain, Portugal and France because of the food shortages and the gasoline hikes so everything is skyrocketing. They don’t get the wages we’ve had here and the cost of living is high so you’re seeing the outbreaks start already, which was predicted by the Department of Defence for NATO. It will be about within the next six months to a year I’d imagine here, 2010 for sure.

Invictusman:  So get out of America?

Alan:  It’s pretty well what’s left. You see, here’s the key. Most people as I say are fighting for an illusion. They’re fighting for a system they never controlled.

Invictusman:  Alan? On that topic, there’s people that I know are curious about this. You know how you say the public are always given their leaders? You do Alex Jones’ show. He talks about getting America back. He’s the leader of the 9/11 truth movement and he gets really angry. It sounds like what you’re talking about. He’s probably going to inspire a violent revolution, which is what they want.

Alan:  It’s hard as I say for people who haven’t thought all through the whole system, as I say, and realize wait a minute here, I’m trying to keep something for the same elite corrupt people who were in control when I was five years of age, 10, 15, 20 and 30, so how can you keep it with the same corruption? You can’t and people have to think beyond this and say well what kind of a system should we actually have?  It isn’t until you realize that this whole system that you have at the moment and have been living with all your life would have to be totally cleared. Totally cleared and start again at the bottom, that you’d realize you have a chance; by getting anything back you’d have to actually create something new and that’s the key to it and the elite understand this. They understand our logic. They understand our reactions. It’s natural to want to get something back, even if it’s just a time period that you were familiar with and that’s what it is. You’re conditioned to be familiar to that time period—but we never owned it then.

If you look at the wars the U.S. was involved in, the open ones and the covert ones all over the world and Latin America, there’s never been a time when the U.S. government wasn’t working towards this world system and so there’s never really been peace for very long within the United States, so what time do you want to go back to? Do you want to back to George Washington’s day? Well, most people in George Washington’s day they lived on the land. It’s the opposite of what we have today. Even Jefferson mentioned, he said as long as every family has a cow, a goat and a field and be self-sufficient, he says, as long as they have that they’ll have their freedom, but if they go into industry and start into cities he said that will be gone. He knew that. They all knew this. They all understood it and that’s why really you had the massive move to create what was called a Great Depression – a coordinated effort and a global system of finance too, it wasn’t just national, so that a few people could then manage the money of the planet and exchange rates and all the rest of it, and get all the people into the cities where they could be controlled, a new culture given to them and that’s all been done you see.  You have to think through what you really want.

People have never really sat down and said “what do we really want?” Now if it’s just getting some rights back, well, that – maybe, maybe you could demand them. Whether you’d get them I don’t know, but the only chance you would have from that angle is to literally say to all these politicians, all the civil servants you meet, every cop you meet, every guy in a black uniform you meet: “Excuse me, but you are a public servant. You’re job is to serve me, not harass me,” and you’ve got to start putting them back in their cage. That’s the only chance if you want to go back a little bit where you had at least a bit more rights and you could walk safely in peace and travel in peace. You’d have to remind every one of these characters – mind you, they’ve had 20, 30 years of TV watching cops just barge down doors. All the dramas and the movies with cops have intensified that so people have just taken it for granted that you have no rights. That was all done through fiction, but you’d have to demand to have those rights back and remind everyone that you meet that’s paid by the public “you are a public servant” and the master must regain control that way.  Okay?

Invictusman:  Do you think it’s a good thing if people make songs to wake people up?

Alan:  Waking up is a deep process.

Invictusman:  Obtain their songs that people can play, could I possibly tell them where to go?

Alan:  I think you should write a whole bunch of new songs for the era.

Invictusman:  Yes, I actually have them and so does another artist and I can tell people where to go.

Alan:  Okay.

Invictusman:  Look up immortal technique, watch his YouTube videos, immortal technique; and also me, myspace.com/invictusman and there’s three songs, Disinfo, Good Guy and the Real G and immortal technique has a lot of songs to effectively communicate the information. Everything that Alan talks about.

Alan:  Okay.

Invictusman:  Take care.

Alan:  Now we’ll go to Rusty in Alabama. Is Rusty there?

Rusty:  I’m here. Are you there, Alan?

Alan:  Yes, go ahead.

Rusty:  Yes sir. Good to talk to you again. I’m a real proponent of what’s called the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I believe that with a lot of the information you’re providing that there’s a real movement there where we stop resulting to stuff being shipped from far away and we all go back to the lands, you know. I live in Alabama and we can grow certain products here that are very important to the local agriculture and if everybody would just stop shipping things from far away we could really change things as far as our interdependence on our culture, because I know you’re a big proponent of Malthus – you talk about Malthus – and I can’t remember his name all of a sudden, but just how everything has been engineered to be a corporate system and we should be able to sustain ourselves locally and everyone should be able to be a community. Before the Industrial Revolution everybody had a local community they could sustain themselves on local produce. A big thing that people don’t understand is if you’ll just look at your neighbor and say hey, two acres, four acres, five acres, if we can just all stop thinking on this level – I hear the music. Can you carry me over?

Alan:  Yes, sure. Back after this break. Hi. This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and I’m talking to Rusty from Alabama, who’s going back to the soil with some people and I really wish you good luck on it. The problem is again that you see when commerce came in with the big capitalist system, executive branches grew up and the executive branches gained so much power over people and policies and government.

Rusty:  Aldous Huxley when he did “Brave New World,” one his primary works was a book called “Middletown: A Town in Transition.” I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that work.

Alan:  Yes.

Rusty:  He studied, it was an anthropological study of that town when the steam engine came in and it explained how a kind of a cellular area of the world during the agrarian culture could sustain itself. They were interdependent. They were like their own little organisms and when the steam engine came in it changed the way the people thought. They started shipping things in from far away; and the thing is, the model is changing now. Like I don’t know if you know about the tomato crop thing that’s happening in America now, where they said, oh, the tomatoes are contaminated. Well I’ve got enough tomatoes on my acreage right now to feed 15 families and so it’s insane to think that these multinational corporations should be in control of our produce.

Alan:  The problem is you see these multinational corporations really run your government. They’re the biggest lobby groups. They’re more powerful than the citizenry. That’s how it’s developed you see.

Rusty:  But they’re not more powerful than the word of mouth because the people…

Alan:  Yes, I know. I know.

Rusty:  …that I know locally that know each other are understanding. My wife has a milk goat and we can produce 2-1/2 quarts of milk a day and a milk goat is much more beneficial to the human body than a milk cow.

Alan:  That’s the difference between doing it for pure commerce and profit, and doing it to sustain yourself and a few others.

Rusty:  And not just for me. It’s for my friends and family. There’s an underground community being born in this country and people don’t like that, especially the multinationals. We are bartering now.  We don’t operate on a money system. I left a multinational corporation where I was building cars for a living and I was jumping in and out of a van every 79 seconds and being worked to death and I left that. I left it and I went on to – I jumped off the grid.

Alan:  Well that’s it and these small communities that can sustain themselves will be the ones I think that come through all the crisis that’s planned as long as they can stay where they are.

Rusty:  I don’t mean to interrupt you, but they’ve always been there and that’s the thing. Alan, I respect your research and I respect you as an intellect but you kind of aggravate me in a way because you have a pessimistic attitude towards the world. There has always been this tribal nature, this familial nature to people that says we can take care of our own if we just--

Alan:  Hold on, hold on. Hold on a second. You have world government planning the world and dictating to your own governments and it doesn’t matter what we say at the moment. They have their own agenda. They won’t allow any country to be independent or anyone in it to be independent and we know that’s coming down. They’re already coming out to clear people off the land.

Now it’s coming to the end of the show, and from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, where it stopped raining eventually, thank goodness, I’m shrinking. It’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.


(Transcribed by Linda)