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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 22, 2013:

Schemes Past Have Never Changed,
Simply Updated, Improved, Rearranged:

"Behaviour Modification, So Easy to Train
By Knowing Formulae that Work on the Brain,
Plato, in "The Republic" Told How to Breed
Specialized Workers to Suit Elites' Need,
Tyrannical Guardians would Be Well Protected
By a Military Class Mated, Selected
From a Mixed-Gender Army, Now Sensational,
Birthing Military Fodder, Inter-Generational,
Yet Even Plato Back Yonder couldn't Dream
Of High-Tech Surveillance-on-Society Scheme,
Masses Indoctrinated by Mass Communication,
Though He would Approve without Hesitation"
© Alan Watt Feb. 22, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 22, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 22, 2013.  Newcomers, as always, please help yourself to the free downloads of audios Iíve got up there Ė well over a thousand, maybe one-and-a-half by this time Ė and youíll start to understand the system youíre born into, hopefully.  Believe you me, itís quite the system you do live in and the truth behind it is kept quiet from the public. But weíve been under a kind of privatized system for an awful, awful long time, well over a hundred years of private corporations working together, in a pyramid fashion mind you, well-controlled by a Capstone on top, that really came out in the open in the early 20th century. It had different names in the 19th century but they came out openly then to form what sounded like very officious and official type national organizations that were approved by governments, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations; the same thing for other countries.


Bands of men got together; they were international money lenders, they lent to nations. And they managed the books and the bookkeeping of nations; thatís how you get awfully rich. You donít get rich by making and producing things. You get rich by managing the books of countries and managing something called money, which is a great trick to do when youíve got a monopoly on it in the first place. So anyway, they got together and they decided to take over the worldís resources, all of its resources, natural resources, including water, food, everything. This is the stage weíre at now where theyíve got the water and the food, and theyíre going after that big time. Theyíve got everything else, the gold, the minerals and so on, lumber, you name it, across the whole planet. Everything that people would need to live on, they have. 


This is your new world order. Itís non-democratic. Their Club of Rome, big think tank for the United Nations, has already said that, that democracy wouldnít work in the long term, it gets in the way with too many competing parties and conflicting points of view, and to get this big agenda through you need an authoritarian society.  Much like Germany did; they threw out democracy at the end and became, really, tyrannical. Because they were copying the Soviet Union, that was all paid for by the West anyway. So theyíve tried it out before, you see, but this time theyíre doing it more carefully and casually by training the populations intergenerationally to accept it. And most people do accept it without even thinking about it. Itís really astonishing how out of the picture the general population happens to be, because theyíve been entertained to death, theyíve been brought up in the school system, scientifically indoctrinated as Bertrand Russell said, and they accept everything the way it is. Itís quite natural for people that are somehow superior to you, just somehow vaguely superior to you, that theyíll never meet of course, have the right to manage the planetÖ like Santa Clauses.  Itís all based on faith, you see, and conology, because all that faith comes out of the marketing strategies, because everything, ALL news, everything, is marketed to you by professionals to make sure you get the right point of view on things.


So help yourself to the audios and so on. Remember too, you can get transcripts for download too on those sites at cuttingthroughthematrix.com in English.  If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages for print-up as well. And you are the audience that bring me to you. I donít bring on advertisers as guests, who really terrify you for 50 minutes and then sell you their products. I donít have shares in any companies or anything like that thatís selling products to the people. All I do is this and itís up to you, the listeners, to keep me going, if you want to.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations, really, are seriously, seriously welcome in these days of hyperinflation Ė they call it quantitative easing.  But anyway, this is the system that youíre born into and itís on a roll now. Itís all here.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  And this world order as I say is really rushing ahead at a tremendous pace, because everything was set up years ago for every part of it to take over and implement itself throughout society, in every single area of living. Thatís the whole point of it. Itís a new world order with a new way of living for everyone. Not for everyone actually... well, it is for everyone, itís just different kinds of new ways of living. Those at the very top will live like people have never lived, even higher than kings and queens in ancient times, with the kind of cash that theyíre raking in, because itís plunder like never before. But those at the bottom of course, and itís going to be the majority of the public at the bottom, as they wipe out the middle classes and so on in certain countries, will be living in an absolute hell. And thatís the whole point of it.


Itís authoritarian, as I say, from the Club of Rome.  They said there had to be an authoritarian society to ram all this through at the end. Thatís whatís happening now under the guise of antiterrorism since 9/11.  Every country, as you notice, went in with the same policies, at exactly the same time, right after 9/11. They were all identical, every country, the same so-called antiterrorist policies, that were meant to expand into every area of life. So it was arranged long, long before 9/11 happened, obviously. Politicians and bureaucrats that travel back and forth to countries arranging things, take YEARS to get anything changed and agreed upon, so God knows how long this plan was in the wings.


Anyway, you go back to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they talked about this in the early 1900s, when they said they would bring in a world government, eventually, down the road, and they said that they would also bring in trading blocs, under free trade. And they brought in the World Trade Organization thatís like a court, a star chamber really, that decides who gets what, who gets to trade, and fines and fees on countries and all this kind of stuff. We havenít voted for any of this stuff, mind you, and yet they keep yellingÖ   Because they only use democracy when they want you to go off and believe and fight for causes, for the big corporations, and to believe that youíre bringing them democracy. When the Bush bunch were doing it they called it revolutionary democracy, invading countries to push democracy on them; thatís what they said.  And of course it was a scam. But the corporations, as I say, already, and itís been in the papers in Britain and elsewhere. The corporations and oil companies already had been to see Tony Blair in Britain Ė and it was in the papers Ė long, long before they invaded Iraq and other countries, and to divvy up the oil fields amongst themselves, long before they even invaded. The same thing with Libya and everywhere else.


Thatís how the world is really run. Itís a big long-term agenda, plan, like a big business plan and the public are meant to be conned at every stage of it, so that we believe in somethingÖ It puts you into a form of cognitive dissonance where youíre clicking left and clicking right when things donít mesh together properly and then you just give up and go with the standard flow and opinion. Thatís how it works.† And thatís really what all the marketing is meant to do to you, to put you into that stage of click-click, what do I believe here? So big powers are working on you all the time through regular media. Thatís what regular media is for. Remember, Iíve mentioned so many times that all the top boys and editors, newspapers, owners and journalists too, the top journalists all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs, the European Council on International Affairs, and the CFR bunch which is all over the planet. And Canadaís one too that changed its name a few years ago because it was getting so well-known, with their running politics, this private organization. And they changed it to a form of international governance group basically, but itís the same thing.


Itís international governance which is bringing the whole world into a standardized system under the guise of free trade.  Massive movements of populations from certain countries to the first world countries to destroy what used to be seen as dominant cultures Ė that was the reason for it Ė and then the cultures fade away with the massive immigration, from not just any culture, but diverse cultures; definitely not from European cultures, which was traditional for an awful long time. So itís been awfully successful and the public donít know. Theyíve adapted. Theyíve been conned into it. And the indoctrination in school as I say has been really well done, and then itís also taken over by the regular media. They embed the ideas in novels and movies and so on, and these guys get paid for this kind of stuff, to embed this stuff in movies; you get grants from governments to do so. And now when they talk about multiculturalism, or pluralism, or any of these things, youíre supposed to be all for it. And without ever saying, well why are we supposed to be all for it? Why? Who set it up and whatís the main reason? Who benefits from it all?  Itís never asked, you see.


Youíre conditioned, in other words. Youíre all conditioned for what youíre supposed to think, believe, how youíre supposed to behave and what your new culture is, which is the same as everybody elseís culture, which is just massive promiscuity, have fun, party as much as you can, spend your cash today, worry about tomorrow when it comes, and never grow into a wise person. Right to your death in fact. At one time elderly folk as I say had so much information to pass on to the young. But that was destroyed when they destroyed and divided the actual generations up. It was all intentional and thereís nothing to get passed on anymore. All you get are the lies from the victors who run all your educational history books and so on.


So this is the true world that you live in. Itís mind control. Big boys who planned this a long time ago came out openly with their many, many books, that very few folk bothered reading.  These guys worked in global societies and structures and meetings to bring in the cultures. And as Iíve said so many times, Bertrand Russell was involved in so many of them, itís worth reading his books because he was all for the agenda. He was part of what he saw as an elite; interesting family history the guy has got too. He worked with prime ministers and presidents across the world who all signed on eventually to the United Nations treaty and agreed to allow his group Ė which involved about three or four different groups altogether, the Frankfurt school, Macy group and other ones Ė to create a new culture for the West. And itís been done. Promiscuity, by the way, was way up there, on top there, to destroy marriage and then they would have no offspring, you see. Then when they have no offspring they say, well thereís not enough young people getting born, so then they bring in the multiculturalism; We need young people coming in from all countries to pay off debts and so on. Itís all been used. And they wrote about this back in the 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s. And they designed every stage of the way.


Now itís the same with the Military-Industrial Complex; theyíre all on board with it too. Because you canít really tell the difference between just simple corporations anymore, international corporations and the Military-Industrial Complex.  Anybody whoís anybody at all is part of the Military-Industrial Complex in international business; itís that simple. Itís always been that way.


So weíre going through the population changes. Weíre going through the great transition, which they call it. Also itís training the public under Agenda 21 to go into poverty, which they call austerity; it sounds better. Itís just like when they used to call slaves in the Middle Ages serfs, rather than call them slaves; it sounds better doesnít it? So youíre going into austerity, which is really poverty.  Plus weíre all debt slaves as well, because your governments, with your permission, theyíll claim, they will claim with your permission, because you didnít disagree, and your governments kept borrowing money from these private bankers, then you get put down as the guarantor to pay it off, and your children and your childrenís children and so on and so on. Very ancient idea, youíll find it all in the Old Testament.


But itís been on the go for an awful long time and itís pretty well here. As I say too, with your indoctrinations, youíll see the younger the people are the more indoctrinated they are with their default positions, as Cass Sunstein and others have talked about. Now, he himself isnít a neuroscientist but heís studied some with it and heís worked with many too.  And his job is to know what default positions theyíre setting in people, so that youíll blush and feel guilty if a topic comes up and you have a bad thought about it, like, I donít really like that or I feel uncomfortable. Well, you will feel bad about that, not because youíre surrounded by people dressed up in strange gear or whatever feeling your bum, something like that. Thatís how it really works, folks. Thatís how it really works, your default positions. And the young folk really have had incredible indoctrination about that.


The ones who are perfectly indoctrinated will turn on you, because youíre supposed toÖ Itís a crowd mentality, and they use the mentality of the crowd. Youíre supposed to be like the rest of the crowd. Remember what the United Nations said a long, long time ago, because they knew the agenda, since they were also set up by the same banking boys and the Royal Institute of International Affairs; they set up the United Nations to bring all of this in.  They said that the enemy to world peace is the individual. Individualism is a fairly recent thingÖ fairly recent. It took off a little bit in Britain at one point, but it also really took off in the early Americas, individualism, where people could think for themselves and didnít have to go along with the crowd.  In fact, you were guaranteed that, really, under the U.S. Constitution, at one time when they actually thought anything about it; they donít think anything about it today. But that gave you the rights to think as you wanted to think, without being told how to think or blush when you felt guilty about something that you shouldnít feel.


So as I say, incredible indoctrination went into this, and so many groups involved.  Presidents gave the Macy group, the Frankfurt school, Bernays Ė they all worked with him too Ė permission to create a new culture. Bernays already had given America their consumer society but he was also involved in creating the new culture that weíre going through today. A lot of these guys are dead now but what they drafted up, itís still to go another 50 years by the way. I mean, the cultural changes to come they also wrote about. They knew where we would be today with the present culture. They knew thereíd be massive unemployment, as they brought in the end of free trade and built China up; they knew that back in the 1930s. They also knew there would be massive unrest in so-called first world countries. They also knew thereíd be a super-rich, a super elite and a world managerial class... all that time ago. And here we are living all through it.


But itís promoted to you through the media, which again is owned by the same bunch, as just happenings Ė as they used to say in the hippy era.  Itís just happenings, you know, like coming out of the blue, hitting you suddenly and unpredictably. No. Itís all planned that way. The bank crash itself was meant to plunder the public into austerity, as part of the excuse for austerity. It wasnít just for the bankers to get stinking rich; of course that was part of the plan, because they always do, by getting bailed out by you. But under the bailouts you end up, again, with more debt on your headsÖ because you are the guarantors for every loan thatís borrowed from these bankers, you see. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big world weíre in and moving into. Itís just to get worse and worse of course. And governments throughout the world since 9/11, actually long before 9/11, were already militarizing police forces. Multi-jurisdictional task forces they called some of them in about the 90s. They had all different groups practicing together, military, police and so on. Militarization of the police, very bad sign, always, in any era. When you militarize the police they lose what their whole function is; theyíre not really police anymore. They ARE military. Military are let loose on people to kill people; thatís what military does. The military doesnít go into countries to become social workers and hand out chocolate bars, except for PR shots for the PR papers back home. They go into countries to kill people; thatís what they do. So when you militarize police youíve got a problem, because eventually theyíll be used on the general public; thatís always been knownÖ always been known.  Since the 90s, even the early 90s, since Gulf War 1, theyíve beenÖ Iíve read articles over the air over the years where the massive recruits that come into the US police forces are coming straight out of the military. Bad, bad sign, that.  Bad sign. Especially now that so many of them are on drugs, when theyíre in the military.


So anyway, this is the world theyíre prepared for. They knew theyíd bring us to this stage and they knew we had to go through the great transition. We have to get the folk off the rural areas under Agenda 21 and into the overcrowded cities. And theyíve already built special cities for the elite to move into across the whole planet; they are lying empty, some of them. But we have to all go down over the next 40 years, 30 Ė 40 years. It will happen too because most folk arenít having children, and even once the immigrants come into the country they eventually adapt into the system too, of having less children.  They go for the material goods, the car, the house, mortgage and toys and all the rest of it.


But in the meantime as I say weíre all being trained into the new system under various guises, austerity, global warming was the big thing Iíve mentioned before from the Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome put different books out on this in the 1970s. They were given the task, by the United Nations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs Ė the big global bankers. They were given the task of finding a reason, an excuse, to dominate every individual across the planet, to run their lives. it had to be something life-threatening to make them give up all their rights and so on. And they came up with the idea that global warming, famine and the like, drought and the like, would fit the bill.  ...ďfit the billĒ... These are the words they used. So they passed it onto their other think tanks that they have to actually draft it all up and find out how to work it into the public, all the marketing companies and so on. And youíve been indoctrinated with that ever since.


Eventually they started off the carbon taxes with the big corporations, the ones that they would say were heavy polluters, to get you used to it. Already in Australia theyíre passing the costs, naturally, onto the people at the bottom. Theyíre not going to lose any money near the top with their extra taxes. Theyíre going to pass it on to the people at the bottom. But eventually every single person is to get personal carbon taxes. In other words, itís to be a privilege to be alive in their system, in this new feudal system. And itís a feudal system. Itís not run by the public. Governments donít exist anymore on the sufferance of the public, to serve the public. Thatís a joke! Itís a joke. They laugh at it at the top; they have for an awful long time. Thereís no pretense at it anymore. Youíre under authoritarian systems as they planned.


And most folk have accepted it because theyíre still left with their modicums of freedom. The older people understand how much freedom theyíve lost. The young people donít.  Theyíve grown up being searched at school, going through metal detectors and they think itís all quite natural to get patted down or raided. And theyíve got all their lovely entertainment, very, very cheap entertainment, they can carry it around with them in their cell phones and so on and they think life is just wonderful. All young people are like that in every generation, the system that they are born into must be natural because it simply exists. They have no idea how it got that way. But it must be all right because thereís no real bad people in the world, obviously, doing anything to you. I mean, in ancient days they had tyrants and things like that; we donít have that today. This is how they think; they think very simply, in black and white. Thatís why they also use young people for protest groups; theyíre very easy to get stirred up. They can see whatís wrong, as soon as itís explained to them. But they can also see whatís wrong if only half a story is explained to them, and they can be used by the big boys, and they are all the time. You donít start to get some wisdom until youíre past that stage and youíve put a bit of life into the system and you see what itís all about. Thatís when you start to gain wisdom.


So the young are always used by tyrants. We saw that in the Soviet Union with the Young Communist Party; they also had it in other countries as well. They generally give them uniforms and things like that. And then the Germans took it over for the Hitler Youth. And of course you got Obamaís various versions of the same thing coming in too. But itís the same technique; you always must grab the young. Lenin said it. Lenin said, you must grab the young. And Stalin said it too.  And you must pay your teachers with some of the highest wages, along with the military and the police. Because the military and the police will keep the people in their place and the teachers will ensure you have passive, loyal citizens, because theyíll grow up being utterly indoctrinated at school, by these prostitute teachers. Thatís the real system you live in. And itís all been done. Itís all been done.


You canít give wisdom to someone, remember. And if youíve got a child, for instance, that grabs all the candies at the checkout counter Ė thatís why they put the stuff there; the marketers, they know how we think and how we behave at every age and they stick it all there where the child will have their little tantrums before mommy gives up and says okay you can have it, and gives in.  Well you give people the massive promiscuity etc. theyíve had so far, they think theyíre free, until theyíre about 50, or 40 even, and theyíre seeing psychiatrists and they wonder whatís happened and where life went and they have no function in life. And you canít argue with them; theyíll fight you. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and talking about the big system and where we are in it and so on. Thatís why the big boys themselves have so many documents out now up to the year 2030, 40, and 50. Iíve read the articles before from the big think tanks that work with the Ministry of Defence for Britain and NATO, the 90-page report they had out Ė youíll find it in the archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And they predicted the whole future, because it was all planned that way. Austerity is planned. The riots are planned, in different countries. They know exactly where theyíre going to bring us all. And yet most people are still in disbelief... Oh theyíd never do that. Well, why would they never do that? Look at what theyíve done in the past... in this century and the last century, and the centuries before. Itís the same people, folks, the same people.


They had no problem slaughtering people before, in every century, down through thousands of years, and nothing has changed, with the same mindset.  Nothing at all.  And yes they will do what they plan, thatís why they have these big think tanks, and thatís why they do train the military on coming civil unrest and all the rest of it. Thatís why thereís plans to pick up all the people they want to pick up if anything breaks out, even people who are not involved in protests or riots. The ones who could be leaders and so on are all to get picked up, quietly, and disposed of. Thatís the big plans that they have.


And again, theyíve got big plans to bring in all the smart meters across the whole globe, the smart grid; IBM is apparently in charge of it and other ones too. We, again, didnít get the vote on any of this. We didnít even have the say in Canada whether we wanted them or not; they just put them in quietly and most folk didnít even know they were getting put in because they donít come into your house to do it.  They just go out to the box outside where the big glass dome is, pull it out, three screws, and shove the new one in; it only takes them about two minutes.  And then itís broadcasting the Wi-Fi through it and youíre getting blasted with Wi-Fi all the time. They donít care how they kill you off, because you understand, theyíve been killing us off for an awful long time. An awful long time.


I mentioned Malthus before, and other ones even before him, even the ancients; they knew how much to feed, they tried experiments in ancient Egypt on what to feed the slaves, to get enough energy out to make them work but not enough so they become brighter and their mind would start to work as well and they might think of escaping or fighting back. Thereís techniques that are ancient techniques, you understand. Malthus was the same. Malthus also was in charge of the coloniesóI wonít say that Britain owned, because Britain didnít own them; the folk who came in and took over London owned them, abroad. And he talked about how many calories the slaves would need on this particular Caribbean island or whatever, planting whatever they were working with, so that they wouldnít run off. Theyíd have enough energy to work during the day, how long, but they wouldnít have enough energy to run away at night. And all this stuff is very, very old.


Itís the same with you too. Youíre eating more garbage, which comesÖ Itís like your fluoride in your toothpaste. Itís an industrial waste. Poisonous. And the big boys of course, who owned the aluminum industries came up with the idea: †How do we make the schmucks buy this stuff? So you get the health guys out, you pay a few of them off, big names, you know, and thatís all you need. These were Bernaysí ideas.  Edward Bernays came up with the idea. Youíd open up an office, you get a few of these scientists to put their names down on something, and you had one person manning the phones, so any newspapers that would phone up would say, we hear that this is a great idea. Oh yeah, itís fantastic, and all this kind of stuff. This is how they do it. All you have to say to the people is, Ďexperts say,í and then away they go. And these guys who put their names down for the experiments and that, they didnít even have to appear at that office or have anything to do with it; they just got paid annually for having their names on as experts that say itís good for you. So eventually you buy the waste product. And it saves the big boys because they used to have to pay the mob at one time to dispose of this stuff, because itís highly toxic.


Anyway, they do the same with everything else; it ends up in your food now. In your food, and youíre eating the stuff.  Not just with the horse meat and all the other stuff thatís come along, itís also the drugs they give the animals, the race horses and so on, that are highly toxic and poisonous to the public.  Stuff that was banned as anti-inflammatories on people in the 1920s is in the horse meat. It was banned in people because it destroyed your whole system, but it definitely destroyed your organs very, very quickly, kidneys and everything started disintegrating. But itís still a pure substance in the horse meat... itís okay.


Horsemeat scandal: Bute found in eight horse carcasses - bbc.co.uk / 14 February 2013


Phenylbutazone - en.wikipedia.org


Theyíve been killing you off in so many ways you donít know it. And thatís why, too, cancers have been rising since they started bringing in, to help you, you understand, massive inoculation policies and vaccination policies. Autism skyrocketed like a rocket to Mars and at the same time these brand-new cancers came out, until itís normal for everyone to die of cancers, even young; it doesnít matter. Itís normal. You see, we accept it so easily and we adapt to it so easily. Every change, we adapt to it. And itís easier for the young, as youíre growing and going through life too, itís so easy when youíre younger to adapt. So easy. Because you feel indestructible when youíre young. Thatís why they recruit young people for the military; they donít have the wisdom of life.  They donít know the scams that have gone on, and the futility of slaughtering people for corporations to end up being stinking rich, or even richer than they already are. And sure enough, always, years later, after theyíve left the military, or thereís the end of a world war or whatever, they publish the books 40, 50 years down the road to tell you the truth about all this stuff; during the time they give you simple propaganda. Nothing changes.


You know, Plato said the same thing.  Everything is formula, how you present things to the public, to make them change behavior. And for every change of behavior they want they have a formula, because theyíve tried it all before. Even before Platoís day, he said that, all the formulas were there, all you have to know is the sequence and how to introduce the parts of the change to the public and they will all adapt into it, the same thing. Thatís how predictable we are.  But as I say, weíre heading towards it very, very fast now. And as I say, they donít care about the folk in their 40s even, or even late 30s.  They donít care because they wonít be around, most of them anyway, by the time 2040 to 2050 comes up; theyíll be dying off of cancers and all the rest of it.


So anyway, theyíre going ahead with the smart meters, thatís meant to, again, come down on everyone as they cut down your electrical usage according to your status in society. Thatís what itís all about, the rationing to come. And even though youíll be rationed, getting less electricity, the companies arenít losing anything because youíll be paying an awful lot more for every little bit of electricity you get, than they were paying at the beginning. Thatís how it works. Itís so simple isnít it? I mean, if they want to give you a cup of water and charge you a thousand dollars, they can do so once they own it. You better wisen up. Most folk wonít though.  Again, back to disbelief, oh itís okay right now, I can turn the tap on and...  Thatís how people are. Thatís how they are. Or they hear about it getting introduced somewhere, well thatís not me, itís there, over there somewhere, not here.  [Alan laughing.] 


Anyway, this one article here, it saysÖ


Maryland and Smart Meters Ė HB 1038 and HB 1066

mdlegwatch.wordpress.com / February 20, 2013 / Maryland Legislative Watch


(Alan:  Two bills introduced into the legislative system in Maryland. And if youíre caring about it at all you can put your name down and get involved in this, because it saysÖ)


HB 1038 prohibits electric companies from installing smart meters if the customer does not wish to have the meter and prohibits penalties for this ďopt outĒ.


So itís these two bills introduced and if it gets put through then hopefully you can hold onto not getting nuked every day by the microwave from the Smart Meter, or having it gather all the data on each time you put a bit of bread in the toaster, you know, and all that kind of stuff. Because theyíre all communicating with each other. Iíll put this up tonight for those that care. Plus, a video goes with it too.


How to Opt Out of your Smart Meter installation in Maryland

~ BGE, Pepco, & Delmarva Power Customers - marylandsmartmeterawareness.org / August 1, 2012


And also, Iíve always mentioned, when government farms out...  Because itís fascist today, in the true definition of fascism, where corporations and government work together. Itís nothing to do with the people. Itís the corporations. And again, most politicians have already worked for corporations; they are in and out like musical chairs to the same corporations they deal with when theyíre politicians. But it saysÖ This is typical for the kind of cash that they blow. And Iíve read so many articles over the years, itís like repetition. And they say that hell is repetition; well thatís what weíre in today. But it says hereÖ


5bn scheme finds jobs for just 20 people

metro.co.uk / 22 Feb 2013


(A:  A five BILLION pounds scheme, in Britain, finds jobs. This is how the government does it, for job finders, right, and to rehab people into work. It cost five billion pounds to find jobs for 20 people. Thatís when government does it, along with their public/private enterprises.)


Committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge said the findings were Ďshockingí


Just 20 former incapacity benefit claimants placed on the governmentís back-to-work scheme (A:  These are folk who were claimed as disabled; theyíre trying to get them all into work, you see.) have found jobs (A:  20 of them found jobs, for £5 billion it cost to find them jobs, right), a damning report by the Public Accounts Committee has revealed.  (A:  Can you imagine if you ran your house like this folks? Can you imagine? You know. But governments do this kind of stuff all the time.)


During the first 14 months of the Work Programme, to last July, only 3.6 per cent of claimants on the scheme moved off benefits into sustained employment Ė less than a third of the 11.9 per cent the Department for Work and Pensions expected to achieve.


The report branded the programme, which is expected to cost between £3billion and £5billion in its first five years, Ďextremely poorí.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.]  Thatís why you have experts, to give us these comments, Ďextremely poorí.)


Chairwoman Margaret Hodge said: ĎIt is shocking that of the 9,500 former incapacity benefit claimants referred to providers, only 20 people have been placed in a job that has lasted three months, while the poorest-performing provider did not manage to place a single person in the under-25 category into a job lasting six months.í


Not one of the 18 providers has met its contractual targets to the scheme and their performance Ďvaries wildlyí said the report.  (A:  Now itís alsoÖ Itís so amazing how communism and fascism is the same thing, when you really, really study it. Because what theyíve been doing for many years now in other countries is to have the government pay the wages of the person and the company will take them on as workers. So in other words, for the company itís free. And theyíll give them trial periods, three months, six months, without paying them anything, then theyíre supposed to, well then theyíre asked, will you employ this person? No, I donít want them, you know. Then next week the same company asks for another one, another freebie. So itís all conology that runs the world. Iíll put this up tonight.)


Iíve mentioned before that the Frankfurt School said theyíd have to destroy the European cultures altogether; thatís what comprised America at one time. It was an enemy of a particular people, and the Frankfurt school made no bones about it. Theo Adorno, for instance, did say theyíd have to bring them down to necrophilia, theyíd destroy the whole culture until it was disgusting and there was no trace of the culture left. It saysÖ


Ohio doctor 'raped, killed and did 'inhumane' things to corpse of pregnant mother, 23, after she responded to his ad on Craigslist'

dailymail.co.uk / Helen Pow /  21 February 2013


Pakistani-born Dr Ali Salim, 44, is accused of murdering pregnant Deanna Ballman and her unborn baby last summer.


Mother-of-two was found dead in her car on August 1 after man allegedly gave her a lethal heroin injection.


Family says Ballman answered an ad for housecleaning, but reports suggest she agreed to model for the amateur photographer.


Salim is expected to be released on $1 million bail and be under house arrest until May trial.  (A:  So heís going to be under house arrest, eh? A general practitionerÖ So they give him a GPS, I guess thatís for GPs, eh?  [Alan chuckles.] So anyway, it says here...)


Ballman, who was nine-months pregnant and had two kids at home, was found dead in the backseat of her car in woods outside of New Albany on August 1.


Salim, 44, pleaded not guilty today to two counts of murder as well as rape, felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. He is expected to be released on $1 million bail as soon as Friday.


(A:  It says she answered the ad and so on, and it says here...)


... she may have met with Salim after he put a call out for models.  (A:  And he actually described what kind of underwear to wear and all thatÖ all the usual stuff that theyíve got, in all these kinky sods, you know. And this is how crazy society is.)


You know, at one time when things were a bit different, not that long ago actually, nobody wouldíve responded to these ads, except just basic prostitutes. But what is a prostitute today? What does prostitution mean today? Going back to Plato, and Bertrand Russell, he thought the world of Plato, you see. So did HG Wells, mentioned him often. Plato talked about the elite were almost a separate species, even in his day. He was an intellectual elite too, you see, and a real snob. But Plato talked about that eventually all women will be held in common. Shared in common. And how do you share women in common? Well you create massive promiscuity and eventually each one will get around to somebody, you know, do the rounds. Thereís many ways to introduce what he was talking about. Itís done.  Itís happened. But people think theyíre making their own choices. Itís quite amazing isnít it? So anyway, Iíll put this article up tonight too for those who want all the awful details about it.


And again, eugenics is going full-steam ahead, because eugenics again is a big part of this thing. You found when the Frankfurt School, again, that hailed Freud as the big guy who was put out there to convince all the people who were enemies of certain people, that they were psychotic if they didnít like them. If you didnít like certain people you were psychotic. Thatís why they brought in psychiatry. Itís still used today to label people who donít go along with certain things, or who maybe even think about certain things theyíre not supposed to and their default position doesnít happen.† So, youíll see in the Soviet Union that they claimed that those who were hostile, hostile to the government, or even disagreed with the government, or disagreed with anything to do with communism in the Soviet system, HAD to be psychotic, for the very point that they disagreed with it at all; that was the proof. That was the proof. And we know there was slaughtering, they slaughtered by the millions in the Soviet Union. We also know that ordinary prisoners were treated under the Pavlovian system; you retrain them. You know, a man is a machine, he can be retrained and taught to behave in any way that you want, through science, through science, you see. And itís never stopped, you understand, as these elite keep practicing on the general public to get the perfect, almost a drone-type character that will do what theyíre told, until they bring in the real ones, the clone types that will be all manufactured, to serve them after the year 2040 or 50.  So here is aÖ


Call to screen prisoners for brain injuries

scotsman.com / GARETH ROSE / 17 February 2013


(A:  In other words, if they are recidivists and always committing crimes, thereís got to be a brain injury there; it canít be anything else. Now, why donít they apply that to the same guys who ran all the banks and plundered us all?† See, in real philosophy logic is consistent, you simply apply it in one position and it should apply to another position, and it should be the same results. But they always go to the bottom level, the guys in prison, not the guys who plundered us all and got rewarded for plundering us all, and a lot of them got promoted too. Why not screen them for brain injuries? Because itís all nonsense. Itís nonsense. You have free will, you understand. Free will. And some people on the low end, on the bottom end of society, are psychopathic, just like the TOP end. Lots of them are psychopathic.  The difference is, it depends on the status of the family youíre born into.  If youíre born into a wealthy dynasty youíre hailed as a great important person, as you plunder people or arrange for countries to be slaughtered so as you can take over their gold reserves or oil or whatever it happens to be. But at the bottom level of course, youíre just a lowlife. Itís that simple. But here they go, call to screen prisoners for brain injuries in Scotland. So theyíre going to put them all on mood-altering drugsÖ)


PRISONERS in Scotlandís jails should undergo tests for signs of brain injury and be prescribed mood-altering drugs. . . (A:  Now remember, back to 1984, and even before that you also had in 1933 Brave New World... mood altering drugsÖ Weíre living through a script and an agenda, folks. This will be used on all the population eventually, because youíre all potentially criminals. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíll talk to Larry from Louisiana if heís still there. Are you there Larry?


Larry:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hi. 


Larry:  I think the smart meterís about rationing all right, but I think itís more about its observation capabilities. You have read the patent for the HDTV screen havenít you?


Alan:  Yeah.


Larry:  Okay, so it wasnít reliable for me to put my little ole pidinker antenna up and receive the HD signal through my box, and transmit it back through my little ole pidinker antenna. Itís much more reliable to transmit that smart TV back through that SmartMeter to get, you know, the perfect image.  Now, case in point, I believe you saw that man shoot the school bus driver and steal a child and go to his bunker, correct?


Alan:  Yeah.


Larry:  Okay, the news man came out every day and said oh weíre pretty sure heís watching TV so we have to be careful what we say.  Well the next story, just before the last one was, we saw him wield a gun, point it at the child, so we had to break through the door and shoot him. Okay, fine. Now, the next day they came out and covered the story by saying, well he wasnít watching TV, oh and we snuck a camera down in there and thatís how we saw him.  I think itís pretty obvious that... So that means that the little screen on this cell phone I got, the screen on my computer and all those HD screens are actually two-way communicators.


Alan:  Oh, they are; they call it Ďthe Internet of Thingsí. Everything is communicating with every other device, and itís all going back to the main authorities. Absolutely, yeah.


Larry:  Imaging and audio devices, theyíre getting the perfect color picture and audio. In fact, did you see what the ladies on The View said? They said if your TV set hears you arguing with your spouse, the TV will send you a commercial on which marriage counselors in your local area to see.They also said, they went farther, if it sees you and your lover hugged up on the couch it will send you a commercial on what contraceptives to use.


Alan:  Thatís right; I remember reading that one on the air, in fact. Thatís right. And itís going to go a lot further than that too, because if they start arguing at all itís going to get to the stageÖ And I really mean this, because Iíve read articles 3 years ago on this one. They said that eventually SWAT teams will come in with social workers. This is where theyíre going to go with it all.


Larry:  Yep. Itís here, Brave New World, full-time observation.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Larry:  Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


And thatís true, because itís the Internet of Things. Every device is communicating with everything else and your smart meter is a big part of it too, because itís getting all the data from all these things and sending it to the main authorities and the Pentagon and everywhere else.  But also the Pentagon did put out stuff years ago talking about how they can actually kill a person by high-definition TV, and your computer screen as well, by pixelating certain patterns there, and colors, that you wouldnít notice if you were looking at a particular page, you wouldnít notice the little changes.  And they can actually program the brain to lower its heartbeat, or elevate the blood pressure, and trick them in certain ways. And they actually said they could kill a person if they wanted to. This is how far ahead it all is. So high-definition TV is absolutely essential for this. Because it also alters the alpha waves and beta waves in your brain, and you go into a REAL hypnotic state now, much worse than the old television. Because your eyes donít focus normally on things that are near and far away at the same time, and in high definition they do. So it throws your brain off and youíre wide open now for all kinds of programming to get put right into your head. But yeah, they have two-way communication; I mentioned that the other day too. And the new black boxes and the Toshiba HDTV, theyíve got it all in that stuff too, to watch you and what youíre doing. Absolutely. This is all behavior modification as well, and training youÖ training you all the time, that youíre being watchedÖ to alter your behavior. You do alter it when you know youíre being watched all the time.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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