Feb. 28, 2013 (#1279)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2013:

State No Position,
Else You Get Visit from Speech Inquisition:

"The Ministry of Truth is at it Again,
Targeting "Phobics" Who are Usually Men,
In This "Age of Diversity" We should Find
All Types of Viewpoints from Others' Minds,
But We're in Doublethink, Thoughts Sublimated
For Fear of the Smear as "One Who Hated",
Professional Hate Sniffers are on Witch Hunt
For Offensive Utterances, Spontaneous, Blunt,
So Be Careful on Answering "This-That Position"
You'll get Visit from Self-Appointed Speech Inquisition"
© Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 28, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 28th, 2013.  Newcomers, as always, help yourself to the audios at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And you can also get print-ups too if you go into that site, print-ups in English on all the sites listed.  Plus if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts for print-up in other languages; so thereís audios and print-ups available there too. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you and itís up to you if you want to keep me going or not. Because times are awfully hard, as we all know that. In fact, businesses are falling all over the place, big corporations too. Big corporate businesses and shops and so on are just closing down in all countries right now. But itís inflation.  Of course itís inflation; theyíre always devaluing the currency. They have been for your whole life and long before you were born actually; itís built into the system.


For those who want to keep this particular broadcast going, they can certainly help me tick along too. You can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or you can donate.  [Official sites listed above.]  And it doesnít matter how much either. Because as I say, things are getting tight too and my expenses are going up all the time too.  Plus Iím fighting with XplorNet right now, the satellite that Iím using here, because they tend to try and go after you every two years or so to make you upgrade; they tell you your stuff is not working so as they can sell you new gear. This is standard with XplorNet. And Iíve been going through that for two weeks now, two weeks solid. Thatís why Iíve been late getting stuff up; I either get internet or they cut me off altogether. So as I say, itís their sales pitch. They just switch you off at the other end of course and then they make you jump through hoops at your end thinking itís your equipment. Itís not my equipment at all; itís all tested. So thatís how theyíre doing it at XplorNet. But this is a standard after-sales market stuff they go through. They sell about a thousand dollars to each person per time the guy comes out to put anything in. Anyway, I could use your help too, to keep me going.


What I do here on this broadcast is go through the system, the real system youíre living in, without the hoopla and without the circus, you see. I donít believe in circuses. I just give you the plain truth as it happens to be. Itís logic, logic and reason. I go through the history of the system youíre born into and how it was set up, who set it up, the organizations they control, which is worldwide.  The very fact that one organization has been responsible for putting in governments for the last hundred years, the prime ministers and presidents all belong to this one organization, and their own personal historian, a professor, talked about it in one of his books.  So youíre living through an agenda, like a big long-term business plan in fact. And even, especially I should say, even wars are definitely planned way ahead. It takes a lot of work to get wars on the go, and logistics and everything else all set up, long before they actually go into battle, and take over countries in order to loot them. They even have to spend years just getting the propaganda departments and spins all worked out, with all their handouts that theyíll eventually hand out to the press to download on to you. Thatís the real world that you live in.


The system theyíre going through right now is a transitory system. This is the Century of Change.  Thatís why Obama kept saying that change was good. And academia was using that term last century, because they knew that the 21st century coming up, which weíre in now of course, is the Century of Change, when the big long-term agenda was to be fulfilled. Man was to be completely retrained and the lower types, the excess population types that they donít need anymore, if they have no industry for you, are to die off through sterility and simply not having children and so on. Itís all working to plan, as we go along. Also too, theyíre planning for the big collapse because the bank collapses are planned ahead, long ahead too, way ahead in advance, to bring in austerity and to get you used to consuming less. Because you see, they donít need you so much anymore; there are up-and-coming countries where they can sell all their products to down the road. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about low-level reality, thatís the general reality of most people. Itís low-level reality. Thereís many higher levels above this. Iíve always mentioned before, in previous talks, thereís about three levels of all sciences. The ones at the bottom level, at the university level, dealt with by professors and so on, thatís the bottom level of reality, which they really truly believe is the only one there is. Above them is another one too, mainly into the weapons industry and various other gadgets and gizmos that the CIA use in certain levels, and not all of the CIA of course, just certain levels within the compartmentalized system.  Then above them is the real one at the very, very top. The latest weaponry and so on is never given out to the public, even the knowledge of it is never given out to the public. So whenever weíre told about something you can guarantee itís about 20, 25 years, 30 years old, minimum. This case in point is to do with The Mail Online, like itís an exclusive story, right. And it saysÖ


(dailymail.co.uk / Nick Mcdermott / 28 February 2013)


Scientists have developed a crude form of telepathy in animals by enabling a pair of rats to pass instructions using only their mind.


Using microchips implanted in their brains to communicate, the rats were able to collaborate and solve simple puzzles, even though in one experiment they were thousands of miles apart.


Researchers claim this is the first example of a 'brain-to-brain interface', raising the prospect that one day animals - and humans - could be able to read each other's minds.  (Alan:  I mean, itís all about humans, folks. I mean, forget this mice and rats stuff; this is what they test them on, at the lower level, because itís all been done before.† And thereís a telling part in this too. It saysÖ)


The team from Duke University in North Carolina said: 'As far as we can tell, these findings demonstrate for the first time (A:  ...and thatís the telling part right there.) that a direct channel for behavioural information exchange can be established between two animals' brains without the use of the animal's regular forms of communication.'


(A:  Then it goes into the different researchers and so on and so on, and how they worked it.  But you have to go way back, and Iíve mentioned Joseph Delgado many times before; thereís videos up on YouTube; you can do a search. He was implanting them in animals, but he was also implanting them in people too, if you go into his story. He worked for the FBI and the Department of Defense and the CIA, this guy, and he was doing this stuff back in the 70s and 80s. And also back in the 70s in Sweden they were using prisoners, volunteer prisoners for direct brain to computer interface projects, the first tests. They were wired right in, no doubt; it wouldnít be wireless, but it would be wired right in. And so was the US doing the same thing as well. So hereís these guys many years later, starting from scratch, and itís an exclusive, like itís just happening now.  Everything that you get given to you by the mainstream is antique. Itís actually antique. The ones at the top are way ahead of what theyíre allowing out now, way ahead of what this is about, rats and so on. Anyway it saysÖ)


Lead researcher, Miguel Nicolelis, a pioneer of research into brain-computer interfaces, said the study was the first step towards the linking of multiple minds to form an 'organic computer' or 'brain-net' that would allow sharing of information among groups of animals.  (A:  ...because itís so important to get groups of animals to share their thoughts with each other, right? Isnít it?  Ha!  Itís nothing to do with animals.  It reminds me too, of HG Wellsí world brain, the system that would link the whole world up together, or going into Professor Persinger who does these kind of experiments in the field of Wi-Fi, where weíll all be linked together, weíll know each otherís pains and emotions, if someone in Africa is hungry youíll feel it over in America or Canada, and all that kind of stuff. This is all to bring in perfect peace in society. I always remember what the communists said about peace, when they defined what peace meant, because very few folk asked them. Most folk think, well we hear what theyíre saying, it must mean what I think it means.  Peace was defined as the absence of all opposition. And they claim at the top of course, thereís too many people, the people will never get on with each other, yada-yada-ya, and weíve got to control them all. So this is ideal. Itís also, this article itself too, youíre going to see it come out in children in your lifetime when they put it into the brains of children, who will actually want it because theyíll start putting lots more of this stuff into the movies, you see.  And children love fantasy, they think itís reality; they want to have super powers and all that. But it saysÖ)


'We cannot even predict what kinds of emergent properties would appear when animals begin interacting as part of a brain-net,' he said.


'In theory, you could imagine that a combination of brains could provide solutions that individual brains cannot achieve by themselves.'


He said it could even lead to one animal incorporating another's sense of 'self', although there are fears it could result in the development of mind control. 


Well, thatís the whole point of it, is mind control. Thatís the whole pointÖ Whoís funding all this stuff? Hmm? Itís mind control. Remember, at the Loyola University back in 2000, I think it was 2001 Ė they have meetings every year. Newt Gingrich at that time led some world science meeting there and he kicked it off by introducing the top speakers.  And one of them was a professor from Japan, who stated, at the time by the way, that they HAVE chips ready to be implanted in the human population, and he said what they would achieve and so on. He said eventually the people would no longer see themselves as individuals, it would be impossible to distinguish yourself as a separate individual with your own thoughts. You would hear the whispers of other peopleís thoughts going to the central computers or regional computers, and back again along with your own. Now, that ties in with that. When all these animals, theyíre all like a collective here, someone else is literally pulling the strings. And thatís what they want to do with humans, you understand. And theyíve had these meetings ever since that one at Loyola. They said they had the chips ready but the only problem they have now is convincing the public, step by step, to take them. So they give you trashy articles like this, like this is the stage theyíre at, which is rubbish.  Obsolete.  Everything that you can think of that could possibly be done has already been done. Itís already been done.


Also too, necrophilia, Iíve mentioned that a lot of times because out of the Frankfurt School, Theo Adorno, who also said that all humanity was sick except one group, and theyíd all have to be altered because they were all psychotic. If they didnít like something then they were psychotic, and therefore theyíd all have to be treated or altered. He said weíll have to destroy all their cultures, and he mentioned all the list, the things that have actually happened since. Itís all happened, to destroy all the cultures until nothing stands together in a complete comprehensive fashion of structure; it all falls apart. Thatís what youíre living in today. Families fall apart. Communities are at war with each other, sometimes itís gangs all over the place. And youíve even got gangs of cops in the US; we know that from various reports when they get found out.


Anyway the fact is, everything that Adorno mentioned has happened. But he even mentioned bringing the public down to such abased state, of beyond sexuality, sadomasochism into necrophilia. And of course, cannibalism is becoming all the rage apparently, in the media. It saysÖ


America's 'cannibal cop' had a British 'mentor', court hears

A New York police officer accused of conspiring to kill and eat up to 100 women was in contact with a man in Britain who appeared to be instructing him in how to be a cannibal, a court heard.

(A:  Yep.  You donít see that on TV, this new chef stuff you know; they donít have that on.)

  Telegraph.co.uk / Nick Allen, Los Angeles / 28 Feb 2013


Gilberto Valle, 28, America's so-called "cannibal cop," exchanged emails and instant messages with someone in the UK who used the screen moniker "Moody Blues" and an email address containing the name "MeatMarketMan".


A series of grisly communications between the two were read to a court in Manhattan in which Moody Blues claimed to have eaten a five-year-old child.


Some of the passages described cooking and eating women. In one email, Valle told Moody Blues that a softball player he knew was "the most desirable piece of meat I've ever met," and that he planned to follow her home. (A:  Now I know the price of meat is going up, certainly, but this is a bit much.) Moody Blues then suggested knocking her out with a baseball bat for "poetic justice".


At one point Valle said he wanted to be the British man's "assistant", and asked him for expert advice on eating human flesh, saying: "Out of curiosity, are feet edible?"


His correspondent replied: "Yes. Pretty much everything is," the court heard.


But it turns out anyway, that they found the person in Britain who I think is a male nurse, who is married anyway, and he and his wife deal with children and people who live in special homes, homes for people who have disabilities and things like that; thereís another article on that.


British nurse arrested by detectives hunting online mentor to 'cannibal cop' Gilberto Valle - telegraph.co.uk / 28 Feb 2013


It just shows you how society is goingÖ the right way. The whole thing with the Frankfurt School was to take account of how a culture is strong. Because cultures outside this personís own culture, they said were their enemies, and theyíd have to completely destroy the cultures, COMPLETELY DESTROY the cultures. And thatís where we are today. Itís happened.


Now, Jimmy Savile of course, that was well protected by bigwigs, and theyíll never get the names of them because itís too important, there are too many up there in the House of Lords and all that and too many Sirs involved.  But it says here thatÖ


Savileís ĎBreakfast Clubí (A:  ...as they called it, in the morning.)

police friends face new questions  (A:  ...because they protected him too from inquiries.)

yorkshirepost.co.uk / 28 February 2013


WEST Yorkshire Police has launched an inquiry into social visits by on-duty officers to weekly tea parties held at Jimmy Savileís penthouse flat.


The force is questioning members of the disgraced late entertainerís inner circle over the so-called Friday Morning Club.


Although Savile was open about his friendships with officers, the force said in October last year it had no information on their participation in gatherings at Savileís flat in Roundhay Park, Leeds. At the time, a spokesman said officers were ďfree to do what they wished when off dutyĒ.


The force has now confirmed, however, that officers regularly attended when on duty after being encouraged to ďinteract moreĒ with the community.  (A:  So they go to him, like heís the community, right.  What did Savile offer the folk? We know what Savile offered the folk. He was a getter, he was a fixer.)


A spokeswoman said there was no evidence of wrongdoing but added: ďWe are now carrying out further inquiries to obtain a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the contact between West Yorkshire Police officers and Savile at the so-called Friday Morning Breakfast Club.  (A:  By the way, a lot of the people that came forward to complain about Savileís attacking them or raping them, were actually given visits by the police in the early days and told to leave it alone, even threatening stuff; that came out in the papers before too. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the system that weíre in. Now, when every country goes down the tubes, you see all the signs that come into play by government; they pass different laws to allow certain things that were forbidden before, as you go down the tubes. Because this is the time of plunder. Thereís always a big stage of plunder by everyone at the top before it goes down the tubes into the next stage. Itís not the end of everything; itís just going into the next stage, a new system, which is already drafted up and so on, a new way of living. There are many articles out there about it. This is the transition, the Age of Transition.  Anyway, gambling is one of them. It saysÖ


Christie signs New Jersey Internet gambling bill into law - komonews.com / Feb 27, 2013


Next to that one too Iíve got another one and itísÖ


Vermont Makes Progress in New Gambling Law - compatiblepoker.com / Feb 28, 2013


So this is going to be the big thing, as the poor folk, again, who are all broke and trying to pay their rents, everything is increasing, their mortgages, everythingís going up, theyíll go there hoping, just like a scratch-and-win, hoping to win, and of course they lose everything. And it causes more problems. But itís not the governmentís problems, because those folk end up on the street; itís their problem. So itís just a sign of the times as I say.


Now, the green lobby too, we know about the massive campaigning, with the incredible amounts of money they get in from the big foundations, that own them basically, because theyíre all fronts you understand, for other reasons. Their reason is to get new laws in, to control every single personís life, across the whole world basically. Thatís what itís for, from birth to death, total control, the authoritarian society, the Club of Rome idea, post-democratic and so on, and into Agenda 21.  And your new commissioners that will be dealing with you in your little community area, unelected people that are appointed.  This is the new upgraded Soviet system. Thatís what the green lobby is all about, nothing to do with saving the planet and all that stuff and the global warming and hype.  As Iíve said before, the Club of Rome came up with the idea, they were tasked with finding something to unite the planet, to give up, and share the wealth and all that, redistribution of wealth according to Karl Marx. So this is the way that they hit on... We hit on global warming, famine, drought and so on; that would fit the bill. And here we are with it. So theyíre losing public opinion; the public donít believe so much in it anymore, you see, even with the massive campaigns and billions of dollars spent on advertising and documentaries to brainwash them, and lots of fear-mongering.


Green lobby loses the public: Most people no longer consider global warming a serious issue in a recession

dailymail.co.uk / Damien Gayle / 28 February 2013


Concerns about the environment have reached a two-decade low since the start of the financial crisis, a global survey has revealed.


Fewer people now consider pollution, species loss and fresh water shortages to be 'very serious' problems than at any time since tracking began 20 years ago.


Fears over global warming are far lower than they were between 2003 and 2008, with less than one person in two regarding it as 'very serious'.  (A:  I think itís a lot less than that actually. Itís a lot less than that.  And of course all the activists are upset about it, after all their hard work and propaganda.)


Concern about air and water pollution, as well as biodiversity, is significantly below where it was even in the Nineties, found the poll of more than 22,000 people in 22 countries.


Many of the sharpest falls have taken place in the past two years, as increased fears of economic meltdown pushed worries of man-made environmental catastrophe (A:  They donít want to say global warming, right.) from the public consciousness.  (A:  ...because, in the States 650 records have been broken this winter, just with snowfalls and cold; the same in Canada I think too.)


Climate concern dropped first in industrialised countries (A:  ...because we are the first ones to get hit with all the higher fees and all that.), but this yearís figures show that concern has now fallen in major developing economies such as Brazil and China as well.


The findings are drawn from the GlobeScan Radar annual tracking poll. (A:  And it gives you all the data on that too.   And then all the fear-mongering guys are at the bottom of this article here...)


David Nussbaum, head of environmental pressure group WWF UK, told The Independent that political leadership was required to maintain the fight against climate change (A:  Isnít that kind of crazy? Fighting climate change? Itís always been changing. We didnít have to fight it before. It will go whichever way it wants to go, as I read from that Monckton article yesterday, which I might put up again tonight. Thatís if they keep me on the Internet here and donít bump me off again. But theyíre always fear-mongering and vastly overstating their claims, because they say that they need fear, they need the public to be afraid, to get them to act.)


Time to Jail the Climate Scamsters - theclimatescepticsparty.blogspot.ca / Feb 27, 2013


Now, Mexico is a basket case. Itís always been a basket case, because itís like Africa, corruption is normal there. And they donít see it as being abnormal in Mexico. If a cop stops you down there you pull out your wallet and thereís the cash, and he takes it, and away he goes, and away you go and thatís how business is done, in Mexico. Itís always been that way and itís the normal way down there. But it saysÖ


Mexico: drug violence turns churches into fortresses

speroforum.com / January 14, 2013 / Martin Barillas


The violence in northern Mexico has forced residents to take extraordinary steps to ensure their safety following several years of a deadly conflict between Mexican government security forces and various drug cartels. For example, to the west of Monterrey in the state of Nuevo Leon, a Catholic priest has enclosed the parish church with fortress-like reinforced concrete walls and armor plating over windows to protect his parishioners. Rev. Scott Michael McDermott Eichhorst built 20-foot walls around the parish church of St. Teresa of Avila in Colonia Mirasol and also pays for nine armed guards to patrol the church perimeter 24 hours per day.


Violent clashes and the loss of innocent life prompted the Catholic priest to take action. According to a report by the FIDES news service, Rev. Eichhorst said "One of these clashes lasted about 40 minutes ... there was chaos,Ē adding ďPeople did not know what was happening. Precisely for this reason, to immediately warn the faithful of what happens outside, we placed two traffic lights in the church: red indicates clashes, deaths or mobilization of armed police; yellow: suspicious vehicles or armed people outside the church; green means go ahead and that the road is safe."  (A:  Quite something, eh? Quite something.  But weíre all the same, you know. Weíre all the same, across the world. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks. Iím Alan Watt, talking about the system weíre living in. And what a system it is, isnít it really? We live as I say at the bottom level of reality, and there are different realities above us of course. The mediaís job is to throw out the trash to us, itís like droppings, you know, left over. And itís enough, mind you, to have us all chatting about it and so on, unless you look behind it and see whatís up.  But it saysÖ


Head of Mexico's powerful teachers' union jailed

news.yahoo.com / Feb 27, 2013


Mexico's most powerful woman (A:  ...the most powerful woman in Mexico, rightÖ) was formally charged with a massive embezzlement scheme on Wednesday, standing grim-faced behind bars live on national television in what many called a clear message that the new government is asserting its authority.


The country watched rapt as national teacher's union head (A:  This is the most powerful person in the country, national teacherís union headÖ) Elba Esther Gordillo heard the charges against her read by a judge in a grim prison in eastern Mexico City. . . .


Gordillo was charged with embezzling 2 billion pesos (about $160 million) from union funds. . .


She was arrested Tuesday afternoon as she returned from San Diego for a meeting of leaders of the 1.5 million-member National Union of Education Workers she has led for nearly a quarter-century. She was heading the union's fight with President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration over the country's most sweeping educational reform in more than 70 years.


Her arrest came a day after the president signed the reform into law.


But my God, I mean this is pretty standard down there, pretty standard. I mean, itís always been the history of Mexico. But thatís her, you know, at least up there. Now whether she gets off with it, she might very well do; itís also who you know, you know. Itís all who you know; itís very, very important, that.


And also too, talking about the BBC. As I say, the BBC is just an incredible system.  I think I mentioned the other day there too about their sadistic sexual violence story that came out.  They got all these complaints, 632 complaints where they had some woman, a warden or something with a truncheon and a prisoner in a jail; this is a drama. And they claimed, of course, that those who were watching the whole series would not be shocked. Meaning you get degraded as you watch.  You adapt, you understand, into degradation as you watch. So folk who didnít watch it before and saw the end of it, thinking it was the 10 oíclock news, were shocked. It just shows you how slick they are in degrading us all, you know.


BBC apologises for 'sadistic sexual violence' in Silent Witness after 632 complaints

 - independent.ie / 27 Feb 2013


I mean, as I said, one of the first articles I read here was about cannibalism now. I mean, everything is sadomasochism, you understand. And then you read this oneÖ


Web porn lad, 15, rapes schoolgirl

thesun.co.uk / ROBIN PERRIE / 28th February 2013


(A:  ...lots of these articles about; I read one a few months ago too. But this guy was into porn.)


A BOY of 15 brutally raped a schoolgirl after spending hours every day trawling hardcore porn websites.


He and a friend tied up the 14-year-old, threatened her with knives and put a plastic bag over her head before raping her.


The battered and bruised victim had to bite through the bag to breathe and has been left psychologically scarred.


Judge Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, said: ďI have no doubt the trigger for this offence was the childís wish for experimentation following visits to internet porn.Ē


He told the lad: ďThe full horror of what you did, only she can know.Ē Relatives of the girl AND the rapist yesterday called on the Government to stop kids being able to access online porn.


They wonít do that, folks, because you see, when they came out with the computerÖ Remember, this computer has got a whole big business to achieve, a GOAL to achieve, and thatís to get you all on it forever, so your governments can then talk down to you.  Iíve already mentioned the articles where government wants to be able to go into everybodyís computer and talk right to you, you see. Itís also to monitor everything that you do and say and tweet and all the rest of it.  Itís for your big boys, your controllers, your owners in other words. Itís for your owners to have. So they made sure at the very beginning, thatís all that people knew about it, thereís lots of pornography. Who told you? The mainstream media. Not a week went by, oh, lots of pornography on the InternetÖ to make sure folk would go into it. And the children too. So they go into it and then they try and reenact what theyíre seeing on the porn sites. So now the parents are saying, you should stop giving them access to online porn. Well, maybe the online porn shouldnít be there! Huh?... Hmm?  But mind you too, as I say from the last article too, about the BBC and its Silent Witness series, they call it, with the complaints about the woman with the truncheon and all the rest of it beating up a prisoner, in certain spots that kind of fitted the baton. But the thing is, itís getting into mainstream too, you understand, as society adapts and becomes more depraved. Thereís no end to it. And thatís the point of it.  Thatís the purpose of it.


Now, again, you always see too, I mentioned this before.  The group that tried to alter the culture, before even the Frankfurt School got on the go, the predecessors of them, the same guys in the same kind of club you might say.  But they brought out what was called the Roaring 20s. The Roaring 20s brought in the miniskirt for the first time Ė it wasnít the 60s, it was in the 20s Ė and the Charleston dance and the Charleston skirt and so on. But they also brought in cocaine with it, if you read your history. They also brought in prohibition to make booze cans exciting for youngsters.  Oh, itís forbidden, Iíll go thereÖ thatís how it works. Never mind it helped the Bronfmanís and other ones get awfully, awfully stinking rich, since they prepared for about 20 years for upcoming prohibition before it was passed. How did they know it was going to get passed?  [Alan laughing.] 


Anyway, part of the fallout didnít destroy society totally then, at that time, with promiscuity and so on and booze and cocaine.  Part of it was because they got venereal diseases and they couldnít treat it then; they didnít have the penicillins. They also had lots of pregnant girls, and abortion wasnít free in those days. And orphanages couldnít handle all the excess fallout from it too. But there was a massive increase in gonorrhea and syphilis and so on. Hereís this article today. It saysÖ


Cases of 'untreatable gonorrhoea' soar by 25% in a YEAR

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 26 February 2013


(A:  Getting back to what I was just saying though, they brought back the roaring 20s in the 1960s, again with the miniskirt, same things, drugs again, and Ďjust do ití. Free love they called it; just have sex with anybody. Then of course thatís when all the VD clinics just blossomed because of all the lineups coming in with gonorrhea and syphilis and everything else.  And the pill, they brought the pill in at the same time too, to stop the children, you see. So now youíve got untreatable gonorrhea and it soars by 25% in a year.)


21,000 cases of gonorrhoea were diagnosed in 2011  (A:  This is just in Britain.)


More than 20,000 new cases of the sexually-transmitted infection were diagnosed in 2011.


The spike has led to the launch of a new campaign to tackle the growing threat in England and Wales in a bid to reverse the trend.


Health experts are hoping the first Gonorrhoea Resistance Action Plan will increase awareness of the disease (A:  ...like they donít know, eh?), which is the second most common bacterial STI (A:  They call it infection; they used to call it STDs, now itís infections.) in England.  (A:  Itís best to call it that, rather than disease, you know. Oh, youíve got a little infectionÖ You had nothing to do with it, you know, like catching a cold.)


The plan, established by the Health Protection Agency, will monitor the global problem of increasing resistance over the last 10 years.


It comes after the 2011 data revealed up to a third of reported cases were repeat gonorrhoea infections. Over a third of cases were in men who have sex with men, up from around a quarter in 2010.


Professor Cathy Ison, lead author of the Grasp campaign, said: 'Ensuring treatment resistant gonorrhoea strains do not persist and spread remains a major public health concern.


'The Grasp (A:  ...thatís an unfortunate name. I think they should pick something else.) action plan raises awareness of this important issue and sets out practical, measurable actions to extend the useful life of the current recommended therapies in England and Wales.'


Gonorrhoea is treated with a single dose of antibiotics which are at least 95 per cent effective, according to the NHS. (A:  Thatís in the first week, folks.) However, if left untreated it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or infertility. (A:  ...and many other diseases as well.)


In England and Wales, the risk of gonorrhoea resistance developing in current first-line therapies (ceftriaxone and azithromycin) fell slightly for the first time in five years in 2011.


However, cases of treatment failure have now been reported globally and, with no new antimicrobial agents in the pipeline (A:  In other words, antibiotics.), Professor Sally Davies, England's Chief Medical Officer, recently advised government to add the threat of infection resistance to frontline antibiotics to the civil emergencies risk register.


Youíll find too, and they have documentaries up there on YouTube, which were mainstream too, that some of the guys who are having sex with men, you actually see them with handfuls of all kinds of antibiotic pills, mixtures of them, taking them before they go into have multiple sex partners. And this is part of the reason for it. I think itís part of the reason, too, that their immune system also gets destroyed. I think so. So things go on, you know.


And Frank Stronach from Canada... Thatís not his real name; Iíll put his real name up on the link tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  ďFrank Stronach stirs up Australian politics with a new party.Ē  Now, the guy is about 80-odd years old, but heís the guy who owned Magna International; still does, I think. Heís gone over to Austria to get himself heavily involved in politics now. He says heís glad to be returned home to Austria. And heís just worth God knows what...  Itís just an amazing amount of money heís got. Iíll put that up tonight too for anybody in Canada who wants to see whatís going on there.


Frank Stronach's Crusade to Transform Austria - spiegel.de / Walter Mayr



Disciplinary action over David Ward's (A:  Heís a politician I think.)

'Jews' comments adjourned (A:  This is in the BBC News.)

bbc.co.uk / 27 February 2013


Disciplinary procedures against Lib Dem MP David Ward, who made controversial comments about "the Jews", have been adjourned by the party.


This follows a meeting with Nick Clegg and Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael.  (A:  I guess they mustÖ Theyíre into S&M there too... Chief WHIPÖ)


In the meeting, Mr Ward agreed to work with the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel to identify "proportionate language" he could use in the future to express his views.  (A:  Itís all the thought police and the language police now; you canít say anything at all, even when thereís no offense meant.)


The disciplinary process will be reviewed at a future date.


Mr Ward was forced to apologise last month after saying on his website that he was "saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps, be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza".


Mr Ward initially defended his comments and said his party's response - reprimanding him - had been "regrettable", but later apologised for the "unintended offence" which his words had caused.   (A:  You see, itís all about who pretends theyíre offended now.)


He has insisted that neither he nor his comments were anti-semitic.


But there was subsequent controversy when a Jewish newspaper reported Mr Ward had asked if it would satisfy his critics if he changed the wording to read "the Jewish community" instead of "the Jews".


The party (A:  This is like communist RussiaÖ) The party began full disciplinary proceedings against the Bradford East MP following the comments.


In a letter to Mr Ward written after the meeting, Alistair Carmichael wrote: "At the meeting you undertook to work along with Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel and Simon Hughes MP to identify and agree language that will be proportionate and precise in your future interventions in this debate.


"We would also hope that this would allow you to achieve a better understanding of the legitimate concern that your comments has caused within the wider Jewish community.  (A:  And it goes on and on and on. So I guess you just canít talk about certain countries anymore either, and stuff like that, as we go into more and more freedom.)


And also too, in Canada, itís on hate laws, the Toronto Star, it saysÖ


Hate Laws: Supporting the victim against the victimizer

(A:  This is a weird case.)

thestar.com / CHRIS WATTIE / REUTERS / Feb 28 2013


In the William Whatcott case, Canadaís Supreme Court decision has reinforced protection against hatred for minorities.


Anti-gay (A:  ...or -homosexualÖ) activist William Whatcott was charged with promoting hate after distributing flyers in Saskatchewan condemning homosexuality.  (A:  Now, the thing is, this guy, William Whatcott, was an ex-homosexual prostitute, but now heís turned the other way, you see. Anyway it saysÖ)


The Supreme Court of Canada stood tall on Wednesday. It rightly decided that the original decision by a Saskatchewan human rights tribunal against homophobic William Whatcott was in fact constitutional.  (A:  I will not, I refuse to wordÖ What theyíre trying to get into is using psychiatric terms.  Homophobic means Ďfear ofí, not dislike of or repugnance of. And thatís really what most of them really mean.)


This decision has more than just an impact on Whatcott. Despite rumblings that this latest iteration of our highest court may use the Whatcott case to strike down our hate laws entirely, in fact the exact opposite occurred. In upholding Section 14 of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Act, the Supreme Court has reinforced our countryís commitment in law to ensuring that the fence of protection for minorities in this country remains solid against the winds of hatred.


Whatcott, formerly a gay prostitute turned (A:  And again they useÖ) homophobic crusader against gays and lesbians, was brought before a Saskatchewan human rights tribunal in 2002 for a series of hate-filled pamphlets attacking the gay community. He was found to be in violation of the act and was fined $17,500 for disregarding the tribunal order to cease and desist. The Supreme Court trimmed back the fine from $17,500 to $7,500.


So itís going on and on and itís just getting sillier and sillier all the time, you know. Things are getting really silly. And itís meant to as well, until literally you self-police yourself.  When someone asks you a question about something you canít give themÖ Youíve got to think, it could be an honest answer you want to give them, but itís nothing to do with honest answers. Itís now you have to rethink your language and who youíre going to offend, or possibly could offend, even if you donít offend anybody by using that language. It actually says that in it. Itís not offending, itís that it could offend someoneÖ you know, even if thereís not one complaint.† So, as I say, thereís no such thing as free speech.


Supreme Court twists the Charter of Rights in its haste to limit free speech - nationalpost.com / 13/02/27


Also too...


Online piracy: ISPs ordered to block access to three file-sharing websites

guardian.co.uk / Lisa O'Carroll / 28 February 2013


Oscar-winning Argo, still on general release, was top of the downloads on Fenopy. (A:  I guess thatís one of the providers.)


BSkyB, BT, Virgin Media and three other UK broadband providers have been ordered by the high court to block access to three music and movie file-sharing websites as content owners redouble efforts to stem online piracy.


Mr Justice Arnold granted an order to 10 record labels Ė including EMI, Sony and Universal Ė against six UK internet service providers, requiring them to "take measures to block or at least impede access by their customers" to three file-sharing websites. The ISPs have been given 15 working days to block access to the sites. 


This isnít going to stop there, folks. You understand, eventually, with all the laws that are getting passed, and all together, all these different laws, the ones Iíve been talking about, theyíre going to start closing down who they donít like. And I mean that. This is the whole intention of it all. Itís not this stuff about Hollywood and music and so on. Itís to start policing until if youíre not authorized to be out there and backed by the big boys financially, to lead people, then youíre out. Itís as simple as that. Simple as that.


In Australia...


Plug pulled on solar business

(A:  ...the greening solar business that gets nothing but massive handouts.)

au.news.yahoo.com / February 28, 2013


The company Unleash Solar has gone into voluntary administration (A:  ...that means bankruptcy.), a day after Consumer and Business Services issued a public warning about it.  (A:  ...faulty equipment, rotten work and so on. Back with more after this break.)


Hi, folks. Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the craziness of this system. Itís not crazy. Itís crazy like a fox, where itís all supposedly going. And we know where itís all going to. But itís interesting, this case I was talking about too, from the Toronto Star about the hate laws, and this guy from Saskatchewan and so on, to do with the so-called homophobic, meaning youíve got a psychiatric illness if you donít like a certain thing. But when you scroll down it saysÖ


In this decision, the Supreme Court went so far as to confirm that hate speech has a divisive impact on society. It also emphasized the added sway played by our digital age of social media and the Internet, exactly what Section 13 of the federal act addresses. The court suggests, therefore, that anti-hate laws must serve as a tool in fighting those who would knowingly vilify vulnerable groups.


The former president of Canadian Jewish Congress (full disclosure: I was its CEO (A:  This is Mr. Freiman, I guess it was.) when we decided to intervene on this case) Mark Freiman, who represented CJC on this matter before the court, explained:


ďI think because the debate tends to focus on what group is being maligned, we sometimes donít actually think through what the implications are. Thatís why the court is always very careful to separate the principle from any political debate. Whatís involved is not a political debate, whatís involved is an attack on people based on the fact that they are members of a group. Itís not just stereotyping, but itís demonization.Ē  (A:  So I donít even know why that comes into this story here, at all.)


Bernie M. Farber, formerly CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress has been recognized by the courts as an expert in hate crime. (A:  So, a self-appointed expert in hate crime, is now the expert, I guess, on this kind ofÖ It expands power, you understand.) Today he is senior vice-president with Gemini Power Corp working with First Nations on sustainable industries.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] But as I say, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, as far as Iím concerned.)


And also too, retirementÖ


300,000 pensioners [in Britain] aged 70 and over are still working

as they are 'too poor to stop'

dailymail.co.uk / Becky Barrow / 27 February 2013


Many women in 70s are cleaning people's homes or offices


ONS study relates to 193,000 men and 111,000 women


The ballooning number of older workers highlights a social revolution in Britain with people forced to work at an age when many assume they would have stopped years ago.


The figures, compiled exclusively for the Daily Mail by the Office for National Statistics, shows 193,000 men and 111,000 women are still working at the age of 70 and over.


The National Pensionersí Convention warns the majority are Ďordinary, working-class people who are having to take jobs because they canít make ends meet any other way.í  (A:  Mind you, they have their fuel poverty. They call it fuel poverty over there now, where folk freeze to death in the winters and all the rest of it because they canít afford the fuel.)


A spokesman added: ĎAnecdotally, they are not exactly doing jobs like becoming the Governor of the Bank of England.í  (A:  No, itís special qualifications for that.)


The ONSís research also reveals a clear gap between the types of job that older men are doing compared to those that women are doing if they are still working in their sixties.


For older men, the most common jobs are managers, directors and senior officials. For women, they tend to do more low-skilled jobs, such as being a cleaner or a secretary.  (A:  Thereís also over there, youíll see lots of guys sweeping the roads and stuff, you know, after the garbage trucks have been, and things like that.)


So this is the great future, you know, that weíre going into. In the 70s they said that weíd be happy to have a job, only a few folk would have to work; weíd be served by computers and machines and robots, and weíd all walk about in Roman togas and just look for entertainment. What happened to that, hmm?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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