March 6, 2013 (#1283)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 6, 2013:

Creeping Tyranny's Insane, to the Healthy Brain:

"Bush Jr. Announced "The New Freedom",
In Authoritarian Society the Less You Need Them,
Most People have Accepted Pat Down or Gropes,
Total Information Collection Dashed any Hopes
Of a Temporary Tyranny then Back to "Normal",
But Avalanche of Decrees Announced so Formal
Have Trained All, Anti-Terrorism's Here Forever,
No Mass-Demonstrators have Come Together
Opposing Regime's Obvious Horrors to Come,
No Peace, Safety, There's Nowhere to Run,
Shortly Be News of Campers Eating with Fork
Blown Up by Drones---in U.S.--- No Joke"
© Alan Watt Mar. 6, 2013
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March the 6th, 2013.

For newcomers help yourself to the websites at, lots of audios to download.  To understand the system you are born into you have to really go through the history of it and the big foundations, the big clubs that formed a long, long time ago and literally got all of academia onboard.  They got the top scientists and different professions onboard to bring in a set stage-by-stage system of upgrading populations, generations, down through the next hundred-odd years.  They already did it in the last hundred years and they’ve already got the next hundred years planned in fact.  And it sounds rather crazy to people who have never really studied it at all but that’s the way it really is.

If you have foundations you can literally start with an agenda and that’s the function of your foundation, and there are hundreds of them, and they can hire and retire and hire and retire for generations until they get their goal fulfilled.  And they do it by basically backing or creating front groups of charities or non-governmental organizations which constantly lobby governments for changes, specific changes, and that’s how they can change society, cultures, laws, everything.  And it’s all been done.  And it’s still going on too as we live.

So help yourself to that.  Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I don’t have any income out of the advertising that you’ll hear and I have no shares or anything in companies selling any products.  All I have are the discs and the books at  And for those who are interested in buying the books or the discs you can go into the websites as I say and you’ll find out how to do it.  And from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks and you can still use international postal money orders from the U.S. to Canada, or send cash, or you can use Paypal.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And straight donations are awfully, awfully, seriously welcome.

But as I say the world and the future is already planned step by step.  Hundred year plans, sometimes they have a specific agenda that’s broken up into different pieces, different areas of it.  Five year plans for one thing, ten year plans for another, fifty for another, one hundred years for another.  The Soviet system was built on the same system.  The United Nations has the same system on the go and the Royal Institute of International Affairs which started all of this and guides it all has the same thing.  It’s all one big plan run by the big boys at the top with their private foundations, private clubs.  And you can’t join these clubs; you have to be asked to join after you are vetted.  You won’t even know you are being vetted but they vet you for a long time.  All their top reporters in the world for all newspapers and magazines are vetted for it before they’re asked to join.  And also all your news anchors and so on.  One big, big club because, understand, if you want to control the world you’ve got to standardize the media and all the stories have to tally together with all the other stories.  And then you have no other opinions on any particular topic to follow.  You are given your opinions.  You are given... In fact you are given your emotional arguments by those at the top as well.  Should you go for this or should you not?  Is it right for this or is it wrong for that?  And you fall into it and then you start arguing at the bottom and you don’t understand.  You’ve never reasonably thought anything through using reason and logic.  It’s all given to you by what you think are experts, who shape your minds.

And as I say it’s really speeding up now.  Remember this new world order that Bush Sr. first mentioned openly to the nation and the world in fact.  He saw it coming into view and all of that, the big idea.  And then of course it was followed on later on big time, actually by every president that’s been in but then when we got in Bush Jr. and the neocons that was the big push for the war starting and the authoritarian society.  Because the authoritarian society has already taken over what you think is democracy.  And people still actually think they have freedoms and rights.  But it’s an authoritarian society you’re now in.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system and everyone takes it for granted.  You’re born into it; every child around you the same age as you takes it all as normal because it exists.  It’s as simple as that, it exists this way so it’s obviously all normal.  And it takes a lot of time and aging and knowing and learning and inquiring to understand the big system you’re born into.  Most folk don’t really go into it at all.  They accept everything that they’re told by the media as being the truth and of course Brzezinski talked about that in the 1970’s in his book and he mentioned that shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.  They will expect the media to even do their reasoning for them.  And they’ll have nothing to talk about except what was given to them on the previous night’s news.

And it’s very, very true.  And you can actually classify them into different categories too, the ones who will talk generally at work is trivia, whatever trivia is the main trivia of yesterday.  So whatever’s the fanciest thing or the most outrageous thing is what they chat about.  And that’s how they see life.  Everything really is above them.  They understand there’s a big presence of a system above them but they don’t think beyond that as to why it’s there, who controls it, what are its real agendas.  They simply know it’s there, like the special people who come out of special wombs that manage everything.  In other words it’s a form... All tyrannies you understand are tyrannical in nature.... And by tyrannical I mean that they teach the population that they have no power.  And they teach.... socialism is a good example, communism is a good example, collectivism, same thing, is a good example because they keep the bulk of the population in a sort of childlike state, where you will accept that, ‘it’s not my job to ask the questions from those people above me, the special people who run everything.  It’s my job to just do my little bit, work hard, pay taxes, and so on, do what I’m told.’  And that’s perpetual childhood.  And they think that the big problems are really settled by people who seriously sit down, seriously considering things and so on, when the whole thing is planned out at the top where they’re going.

All the front people you see as politicians are exactly that, they’re front people.  All of them are, front people.  They all know the game.  And it’s called the political game; that’s why they call it the game.  And the game of course is a show.  It’s a theater for the general populations.  And the real policies are made by the parallel government.  The parallel government consists of ex presidents and prime ministers and high bureaucratic figures across the world who are brought into this parallel government club.  They all know each other.  They can get the job done without being responsible to the public.  They know the agendas and parts to fulfill that they have to do, and they get it done.  They’re technocrats.  And I’ve gone into the histories of that over the years too, how it works and even the people who have joined it after leaving politics, like Margaret Thatcher; she mentioned, I now belong to the parallel government.

The parallel government was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations is another branch they have in other countries like the U.S. and Canada.  They have it in Australia.  They have it in New Zealand, all the old British Commonwealth countries because the Royal Institute of International Affairs came from the Milner Society which merged with the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  Rhodes and Lord Rothschild created the Cecil Rhodes foundation and they created eventually the Royal Institute of International Affairs when they merged.  And they wanted to take over the world using the British Empire as the embryonic system and they would then hand it over because they knew that they would bankrupt Britain in the process which they had already done.  And they’d hand it over, the baton you might say, to the U.S. to pay the taxes, to supply the troops, the bodies, the armaments and so on to take the world over.  Not so that the world would be some big happy place, all kind of standardized in a happy way, but really to standardize it in such a way that the big corporative power brokers would run the world because they truly believe in Darwinism at the top.  They truly believe that all those who were excessively rich, that formed this institution at the very beginning a long time ago, proved by the Darwinian theories that they were at the top of the tree because they’d held on successfully for generations to lots and lots of money.  And their children, literally they were breeding, specially picking wives and so on.  They didn’t pick them themselves.  It’s almost a priesthood that picks their wives for them.  Actually it is a priesthood.  And they breed them for intelligence and they bring them from families who are also very successful too.  So they’re really into eugenics.

And therefore they decided they had the right to run the world, to manage it properly.  They couldn’t have all the rabble at the bottom deciding what they wanted to do individually and therefore they’ve been training us for an awful long time, as they take over the resources of the world for their private corporations, all resources including your food and water.  And they also want to standardize all the governmental systems.  And that was a very old agenda and the boys who formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as I say it’s had many names before that down through the centuries.  And right back to Marx even, Marx in London, he was well aware of the agenda; they put him forth, he was a hack writer, a hack journalist basically, who was a front man too and he talked about the world being set up in three main trading blocs.  The whole of Europe would eventually get united right across Russia, right across the east eventually, and then they would have a provisional type government set up for that.  It’s now called the EU parliament, it’s happened.  And also the second one was to be the United Americas.  That’s still going on.  And the Far East was the Pacific Rim group that would come under China eventually because they were going to raise China up into a top industrial power and it’s all happening too.  And all these provincial governments, these three provincial governments would then be subservient to a world government.  And the world government as I say is simply another puppet regime for these big private individuals who own incredible, incredible amounts of wealth across the world.  It’s not just money; real wealth is many, many other things too, massive land rights like you wouldn’t believe in the most mineral rich countries in the world.

So it was all planned a long time ago and they also had to get a population who were dumbed down enough not to ever figure out what was really going on.  You know in the 1800’s when they had to for instance in Britain give a basic education in some of the industrialized cities they created, for the overcrowded cities for the workers, and the industrial revolution and so on.  They had to give them a basic education to even read basic instructions in the factories they worked.  And at the time they had big, big meetings.  They didn’t want the people at the bottom even reading.  They thought it would be dangerous if they started reading and so at the same time they came out with an idea, they called it penny novels.  And so they saturated the markets with penny novels and advertising like crazy geared towards the people at the bottom who’d be into romance and all that kind of stuff, excitement, adventure.  Stuff they would never really see really, adventure and so on, but that’s what it was packed with, heavily funded, to make sure that they didn’t get into any serious literature.  And they also had discussions about should they keep them working at sixteen hours per day.  This is all in the history books if there are any left actually because they’re disappearing fast down the memory hole.  But it’s in the history books that they had meetings too because they thought they had to start giving them more time to themselves because the death rate was phenomenal in the industrialized cities, phenomenal.  They crowded these people into the rooms, sometimes twenty people in a room.  And that sixteen hours a day would kill most folk; they didn’t live that long.  And so they had to do something and they started to give them time off but they wanted to make sure that their time would be spent in some other way and that’s when they opened up, you wouldn’t believe it, all the authorized bars, pubs and so on they called them across Britain, to make sure the guys would, to escape their misery, spend most of their time in the bars and so on.

This is all discussed by the boys at the top.  How to keep them from getting together in a serious manner and discussing the state that they were living in.  Now nothing has ever changed except it’s even better today because today you have top marketers, you have neuroscientists, psychologists, behaviorists, all working in massive foundations, privately owned foundations, on every aspect of society.  Including all the cultural changes that they’ve already created, that’s happened, the ones we’re presently going through and the ones still to come.  That’s how minutely we’re controlled.

And of course education is standardized too.  It’s the big thing across the world because they got to get the same, not just basic education through; education today is social engineering.  You get quality stamped approved when you leave school believing in all the right things, including all the new normal things because they’re always giving you new normals and you will accept them quite naturally, right down to even sexual matters.

So it’s all done from the top down and the public really have no say in it at all and most of them never figure it out.  The wars come and go because the wars are all planned.  It takes a long time to plan a war you know, any war, an awful long time.  And wars again, as Marx said quite rightly, he says wars are done for economic reasons.  And the big boys at the top wanted to take over all the mineral resources, everything they needed to own everything that was made, and as I say, water, food, everything, that’s what war is for, oil fields, you name it.   It’s a war for resources, not for the world, not to share with you back home, the ones who are doing all the fighting, supplying the bodies.  It’s for you to give away to other countries actually because you will die for them, you’ll come back home and get your little tin star, you might get a pension, you might not, and that’s if you live that long, that is.  And your country gives the big oil fields to the big international corporations which then sell it all abroad, all their oil and so on while they really gouge you back home.  And that’s the reality of the world that we live in.  So if you’re going to fight for something make sure you know what you’re fighting for.  Make sure you’re not some patsy.  Because there are lots of crowds of patsies belonging to all these NGO groups that are all purpose-made for you to join before you even know they exist; they’re already there for you.  And be careful who you follow, be very, very careful.

Now we live in an Orwellian system and here’s an example of it right here, it’s a simple example.  Well I’ll talk to you about this when I come back after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system, very Orwellian of course and a simple example of the techniques that they use is this article here, even the wording of it.  Wording is very, very important by the way.  And it says here:

"U.S. coalition will no longer publish Taliban attack figures after mistakenly reporting that outbreaks in Afghanistan were down when there was NO decline"

Alan:  So there was no decline you see in the amount of U.S. troops and other coalition forces getting killed by Taliban in Afghanistan, so because they made a mistake, they say, a mistake, they simply won’t publish any more figures.  So you have not to know.  You have not to know how many of your own people are being killed.  Never mind how many people you’re slaughtering over there either.

It says:

"The U.S.-led military command in Afghanistan said Tuesday it will no longer publish figures on Taliban attacks, a week after acknowledging that its report of a seven percent decline in attacks last year was actually no decline at all."

Alan:  So that’s a great reason for not telling you now, isn’t it?  It’s very simple, isn’t it?

"Coalition officials, including Obama administration officials, had previously cited the reported 2012 drop in Taliban attacks as among a number of signs that the insurgency was in decline and that the Afghans could take on more of the fighting burden.  The Taliban have been pushed out of many population centers and have failed to regain territory they held before the surge of U.S. troops in 2010."

Alan:  Now if you have read George Orwell’s "1984" and the doublespeak and so on, you know the terminology and doublethink is another one too that most folk actually have all the time, but it’s right in here.  It’s all in here, plus including who are we fighting today.  East Asia, West Asia, I mean they kept changing their targets, right?  And they keep saying oh they’re coming and so on.  Oh the enemy is winning.  Oh we’ve pushed the enemy back.  Oh the enemy is winning again.  Oh we’ve pushed them back.  This is your standard nonsense.  All the stuff that you get remember in the mainstream is filtered through censorship organizations to decide what you will think, what you will think you know and so on.  And very little of it is true.  But then it goes on to say this:

"But they are expected to test Afghan forces as U.S. and allied troops withdraw over the coming two years."

Alan:  They’re not going to withdraw.  They’ve already said they’ll have the mercenary forces in, Blackwater, Academi, the different names that they keep using all the time, and so on.

It says:

"All foreign combat forces are to be gone by December 31, 2014."

Alan:  Now they’ve said all this before in years gone by, then they always extend it.  And as I say sometimes in the intervening periods they’ll use mercenaries.

Now a few… oh maybe last week in fact I mentioned that Blackwater, some Blackwater guys had been charged with gun running.  And it came out in court that they were doing it on instructions from the CIA.  So all these mercenary groups are either working for the CIA or MI6 or Mossad or somebody.  But you understand everything is a front for something else in this world.  Everything is.  I mean everything is a front for something else.  It’s just like the CIA have many big organizations, many real corporations.  Real working functioning corporations in electronics, in military designs and so on.  And not only in the U.S. but abroad too.  And so do all the other ones at the top, as I say Mossad, Britain and so on.  So this is standard stuff, doublespeak, doublespeak.  So in other words rather than give you wrong figures of course, which of course would be intentional, we’re not going to publish anything at all so you won’t know.  And that’s it.  That’s it.  That’s called censorship you see, censorship.

Now, also this article... There are quite a few articles coming out about the AIPAC speech.  AIPAC is awfully important to the U.S. and the world actually because right now we’ve been involved since really Gulf War I and then Gulf War II in taking out a bunch of countries across the Middle East and so on.  And many of them were on the list that Israel had too for getting rid of because they were deemed enemies to Israel.  But the big AIPAC meeting is going on...

It says:

"U.S. Vice President Joe Biden addresses convention held by pro-Israel lobby group;"

Alan:  It’s the most powerful one in the States.

And it says:

"...says President Obama is not bluffing on stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon."

Alan:  And it gives you all the spiel of what’s been going on, what they’re saying and so on.  And all the top politicians that are attending it that are in the senate or the congress and so on.  And they want a new deal with the U.S. basically to say that they’re kind of the most favored nation, in other words most favored ally of the U.S. to keep the funding going, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  But tremendous power, tremendous power in AIPAC and there is nothing else like it actually in the whole of the U.S.

So I’ll put this one up tonight, it’s from the Haaretz daily newspaper of Biden’s speech.  It’s not the full speech.  It says it’s the full speech but he actually had a few quips at the beginning which was quite funny, he said he was awfully good at taking directions and another guy there spoke up; it gives a lot of it out the bag I’d say.

And also this one too, this article from a Jewish newspaper, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez; this is the guy who was recently in the paper to do with the scandals of prostitution, getting prostitutes and so on.  And he just got cleared supposedly.  He just got cleared because he said something awfully legal; he said I never paid to have sex with that woman.  It’s exactly the same thing that we heard with Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  If you notice the wording is very important.  They don’t pay to have sex.  See, it’s illegal to pay to have sex with a woman, that’s called prostitution.  If they don’t pay, but if someone else pays for them, it came out in the Strauss-Kahn thing, then technically they were not involved, you see, they’re free.  So he spoke anyway, Menendez, at the AIPAC meeting now that he’s cleared.

Back with more after this.

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Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about as I say the AIPAC meeting and there are about three or four articles here on it.  And another one too is called:

"AIPAC: The ‘chosen people’ and the ‘elected people’"

Alan:  From the Jerusalem Post.  And again it’s bashing out at anyone who criticizes anything that Israel is doing.  That’s what the whole article really is about.  And yet as I say the whole world knows it affects, whatever happens over there is affecting everyone right now, everyone.  Because look at all the countries that have been involved for a long time now in the Middle East and so on.  And is it ever going to end?  And remember too that even I think it was Kissinger that said that or Brzezinski said that his idea, if he was to take the long stance on taking down the various Middle Eastern countries, he would have a long drawn out affair.  Lots of soft power, that’s internal revolutions like we see forcing democracy on the people from within, financing NGOs and so on, color revolutions.  Or he says if we could use hard power we’ll demolish all of their infrastructure; and that means that you can bomb them back into the Stone Age.  And then you fund the varying factions of Islam and get them all fighting each other forever.  Then they’re no bother to anyone at all, they’ll never unite against anybody, even to save their own borders they’ll never unite again.  And that’s pretty well happening.  But the countries too now are under the World Bank and the IMF, all those countries that are being demolished and they’re in perpetual debt.  And of course this was all started with George Bush and the neocons with their revolutionary democracy they called it.  You invade them and whether they like it or not you force something called democracy, which is an awful joke because we can see the mess they’re in now, upon them.  And the world sat back and everybody watched it happen.  Everybody watched it happen.

It’s very easy with the people over there somewhere, especially when they’ve been demonized for so long in movies and so on for many, many years.  And it’s quite easy for people to say well they’re not really the same as us.  In other words what you’re really saying is that they’re not human and so you don’t take their lives seriously as they get blown up and killed and so on.  And they always show you the same pictures of a bunch of guys with rifles, shooting them in the air and yelling all the time.  And that’s not how they live naturally of course, not at all.

But again seeing is believing and propaganda works awfully well through the screen.  They’ve even used the same shots often for different wars from different countries.  They were caught when they were into, I think it was Egypt, about the demonstrations there and so on when they were starting all that up and they were actually using big demonstrations in India and luckily some bright spark caught the flags of India in the distant background.

So everything as I say is propaganda and people just accept what they’re given.  Mind you most folk do feel awfully powerless about what’s going on in the world.  That’s true.  Other ones have been trained in socialism not to look at the negative.  In fact just ignore it all together; look at positive happy little things.  It’s the same with the New Age movement.  That’s what they push all the time, which allows rather evil people to do what they want in the world because of that.  You don’t want to even see evil.  If you don’t see evil then you’re doomed yourself.

And I’ve said before too, look at the massive military build-up inside the so-called first world countries to do with anti-terrorism.  This is to be perpetual, understand, perpetual anti-terrorism.  You will never ever get back to where it was before.  Now everyone is to be on cameras.  Now you’re going to have drones in the sky and also you’re going to have the drones eventually killing people.  I’ll touch on that tonight too because it’s come out at last on mainstream even that they are to be armed, some of them.  And they can be used to kill people within the United States of America.  But perpetual terrorism and as I say this is it, the authoritarian society.  Remember they said they can’t get what they want done at the Club of Rome, they can’t do it under democracy, it wouldn’t work so they’d have to train the public.  And they mean that, train you, while you still think you’ve got democracy.  Train you into obeying authority under an authoritarian rule and that’s what you’ve got.

Also, again big movements in Germany because the allied troops as they called them, the U.S. and British and so on, have been basically stationed in Germany since World War II and the British ones are now pulling out.  It says:

"Army bases to shut ahead of Germany troop withdrawal"

"Four Army bases are to close as part of a shake-up to accommodate thousands of troops returning from Germany."

Alan:  And it tells you a list of them:

"Claro Barracks in North Yorkshire, Howe in Kent, Craigiehall in Edinburgh and Cawdor in Pembrokeshire will be closed."

"Parts of Edinburgh’s Redford barracks, Forthside in Stirling and Copthorne in Shropshire will also close.  Returning forces will be stationed around seven sites, including Salisbury Plain, Edinburgh and Leuchars, Catterick and Colchester."

Alan:  So they’ve been there in Germany for nearly 70 years, it says, and they’re pulling out now.

"Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the return of troops from Germany marked the end of an era, and thanked the German government and people for their "material and moral" support."

Alan:  {Laughs} Which again, I don’t think they had much say in the matter, did they?  Anyway, a big, big shake-up is going on there.  And also the British House of Commons they call it, the Commons, not the House of Lords.  See, the House of Lords are all noble people and the commoners get represented by the House of Commons.  Although even the commons guys are a bunch of good psychopaths who all go to the best schools too.  In fact they hope to get into the House of Lords eventually.

It says:

"The Courts of Justice Critics say it should be judges not ministers..."

Alan:  That’s politicians.

"...who have the final say on what can be heard in public."

Alan:  And so here’s a big battle been going on to see who should say to the media whatever, the Courts of Justice and judges or should it be politicians who convey things to the public.  They’re trying to get everything to come through the court systems now under authoritarian society.

So anyway:

"Members of Parliaments have voted to back plans to allow more civil courts to examine secret intelligence in private, despite calls for more safeguards."

Alan:  And they also have passed a law for secret courts to be held.

Now remember they often say that Britain was the birthplace of democracy, which is the greatest propaganda thing ever done.  But this is what they call democracy.  Secret courts, secret courts inside your own country.

And it says:

"Cabinet minister Ken Clarke said it was "common sense" for sensitive evidence to be admissible in trials without intelligence sources being exposed."

Alan:  So this is the reason they’re giving for having secret courts, because there may be sensitive evidence from intelligence services that would come out during the courts.

And it tells you:

"Two Labour amendments, which attempted to introduce extra safeguards, were defeated by 297 to 226..."

Alan:  And so on.  They always give you figures, like it’s a scoreboard for a game, eh?

And it says:

"Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said he was "disappointed" with the result, but would look to the House of Lords to "bring some balance to the government’s plans" when the legislation returns there.  Ministers are concerned that millions of pounds have had to be spent settling civil claims which the government was prevented from challenging successfully, because that would have involved revealing secret intelligence in open court."

Alan:  They’re talking about rendition and so on.

"The government has already introduced more safeguards to the legislation currently being scrutinized, ensuring that judges and not ministers decide when so-called closed material proceedings are used."

Alan:  So it’s all in the hands now of judges.  No constitution, not that Britain’s got really a constitution.  They say it’s an oral thing, which of course is awfully flexible as they keep changing it when it suits them.  But that’s life isn’t it?  That really is life.

And then at the United Nations, as I say, the United Nations is a front organization set up again to kind of be the granddaddy for all the NGOs, the thousands of non-governmental organizations that are paid incredibly big money.  They’re full time, full-time jobs, these NGOs and charities that lobby governments on behalf of their masters, their paymasters, the foundations, the tax-free foundations.  But they’ve been caught in so many things, the United Nations and NATO and so on, with prostitution rackets and using troops and so on in different countries they go into.  Anyway:

"Crackdown on UN drinking culture as U.S. official accuses diplomats of being inebriated during key budget meetings"

Alan:  And they’re always asking for more of your money.  Everybody is asking for your money, eh?  They all ask for your money, everybody.  Actually they demand it, don’t they?

"A top U.S. official has suggested a new reason for the failure of sensitive international negotiations - it could be because the participants are drunk.  The country’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations is calling for a ban on excessive drinking during meetings designed to hammer out the budget."

Alan:  They’re hammered alright, but it’s not about the budget.

It says:

"There are reports that diplomats have been visibly drunk while serving on key committees - fuelled by the fact that the UN budget is usually fixed in late December.  But Joseph Torsella appeared to admit that the U.S. has in the past taken advantage of drunk negotiators to get its way without them noticing."

Alan:  In other words it’s not the drunks’ fault.  It’s the U.S.’s fault for noticing the guys are drunk.  {Laughs}  And they want to rule the world, eh?

It says:

"“We make the modest proposal that the negotiating rooms should in the future be an inebriation-free zone,” Mr Torsella said yesterday..."

Alan:  Actually they should test their urine for it over there.  They should do that because they want all of us to get tested for everything, don’t they, at the United Nations?  And they should test them for drugs too because they will find an awful lot of that there as well.  So there’s your nonsense you see.  We pay these front organizations, because they’re fronts, they’re all subservient to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization set up a long time ago, to do all that they’re doing.

And also:


Alan:  ...Couldn’t attend the AIPAC meeting but he had a televised thing that was shown and he says we need a…

"“Credible military threat” needed to stop Iran nuclear drive"

 Alan:  He says.  So that was his big input into it.  I’ll put that up tonight too.

Now again as I say we’re run by private organizations that create stars. You understand it’s no different than creating a movie star or a music star.  Anybody can be created to be a star with the right machinery behind you to make it happen.  They could take a tramp off the street and make him into a top professor in no time at all and everyone would listen to him if they dressed him up and promoted him and so on.  And you would believe it.  In fact they have done it in the past.  But anyway it’s the same thing with creating stars for Paul Ehrlich of course.  Paul Ehrlich is the guy, the Population Bomb, too many people, too many of the wrong kind, and all that kind of stuff.  An authoritarian society he wants and massive cutback on population.

So it says:

"Demonic Duo: “Back-Up Abortion” Prevents Global Catastrophe"

"Paul Ehrlich & Anne Ehrlich at it again: “The best way, in our view, to achieve (…) population shrinkage is to give full rights and opportunities to women, and to make modern contraception and back-up abortion accessible to all sexually active people”.  In a piece published March 2 titled Food insecurity will eat away at our civilization, neo-eugenicist Paul Ehrlich gives us a condensed version of his recent research endeavors, calling for “back-up abortions”..."

Alan:  It’s kind of like backing up the computer, eh?

" prevent what his colleague Philip Cafaro calls “interspecies genocide”.  In addition, he repeats the conclusions of his recent study for the American Institute of Biological Sciences, proposing mass mind-control."

Alan:  I’m not kidding you folks.

"...and increased environmental regulations."

Alan:  And the links are here.  I’ll put them up tonight.

"In their recent summary, the Ehrlichs write:

“The best way, in our view, to achieve (…) population shrinkage is to give full rights and opportunities to women, and to make modern contraception and back-up abortion accessible to all sexually active people.  While the degree to which these steps would reduce total fertility rates is a matter of controversy, they would deliver significant social and economic benefits by making huge reservoirs of fresh brain power available to solve our problems, while saving hundreds of thousands of lives by reducing the number of unsafe abortions.”"

Alan:  Remember he too, he advocated different things even further than that in previous articles he’s done, of even sterilizing everyone down the road whether you like it or not.  And also too they’ve discussed at the top think tanks that he works with, ways of putting stuff in your water or injecting you with something that would turn off sperm and all the rest of it.  And if you’re awfully, awfully good they might, and serve the system properly, they could turn it back on so you could breed one child if you were up high enough on the chain you see.  I’m not kidding, this is where they’re going with all of this stuff.

And it says:

"Paul Ehrlich and his wife are busy little bees these days, publishing their death-talk in practically every scientific institution with a printing press."

Alan:  Now as I say they’re made to be stars and look at the doors that open for them.  That takes a big organization above them to make it happen, like everything else.

"In their latest study for the Royal Society, endorsed by none other than Prince Charles, titled Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?,"

Alan:  And the links are all here for that too.

"...the demonic duo asserts that civilization is certain to collapse – and only a concerted global effort to reduce fertility may avert catastrophe.  The Ehrlichs describe this “concerted global effort” as a monumental task:  “Monumental, but not impossible if the political will could be generated globally to give full rights, education and opportunities to women,"

Alan:  They always say about women.  What they mean is giving them free abortions across the planet.  That’s what they mean by women’s health, that’s what they mean by that.

"...and provide all sexually active human beings with modern contraception and backup abortion."

"These words contain some drastic and draconian implications.  In order to provide “back-up abortions” to women on a global scale, a worldwide population reduction strategy must be outlined and then enforced by all nations of the planet."

Alan:  That’s them back to their old stuff again.

"The Ehrlichs concede that such a worldwide effort would not go down well with nations opposing abortions:"

Alan:  Well there are not many left now.  They’re getting bombed, the last ones that oppose it.

"“Obviously (…) there are huge cultural and institutional barriers to establishing such policies in some parts of the world.  After all, there is not a single nation where women are truly treated as equal to men.  Despite that, the population driver should not be ignored simply because limiting overconsumption can, at least in theory, be achieved more rapidly.  The difficulties of changing demographic trajectories mean that the problem should have been addressed sooner, rather than later.”, the Ehrlichs write.

Responding to countless recent studies showing that not overpopulation, but underpopulation seems to be an increasing problem, especially in Europe, the Ehrlichs state:  “That halting population growth inevitably leads to changes in age structure is no excuse for bemoaning drops in fertility rates, as is common in European government circles.  Reduction of population size in those over-consuming nations..."

Alan:  That’s all of you folk, first world countries, you see.

" a very positive trend,"

Alan:  So dying off, having you dying off is a very positive trend.

"...and sensible planning can deal with the problems of population aging.”"

Alan:  Well they want to kill you off with a little, you know the cyanide pill.  {Laughs}  I mean that’s where they want to go folks.  And you better see who’s giving them all this cash and who is behind them and the organizations and foundations that are pushing him and to have his trash published across the planet.  You better look into it.  These guys mean it you know.  Don’t forget Bertrand Russell knew these guys too.  They all work together.  And he says we can either put something in their food, in their water, through injections to do all this stuff.  See, it’s all been done already.  It’s all been done.  The culture professionals that gave you your culture and the changes in your culture did all the rest of it.  Very few get married anymore, very few have children anymore and it’s all quite normal now, isn’t it?  All quite normal and folk never catch on to anything.  They really think they’re just floating through some kind of natural evolution.


"Department of Homeland Security built domestic surveillance tech into Predator drones"

"The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has customized its Predator drones, originally built for overseas military operations, to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that have civil libertarians worried: identifying civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones, government documents show."

"The documents provide more details about the surveillance capabilities of the department’s unmanned Predator B drones, which are primarily used to patrol the United States’ northern and southern borders but have been pressed into service on behalf of a growing number of law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the Secret Service, the Texas Rangers, and local police."

Alan:  And I’ll go back to this one when I get back after these messages.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and reading this article about drones.  There’s a couple I’m going to touch on before the end of the broadcast here.  But it said here that…

"Michael Kostelnik, the Homeland Security official who created the program, told Congress that the drone fleet would be available to "respond to emergency missions across the country," and a Predator drone was dispatched to the tiny town of Lakota, N.D., to aid local police in a dispute that began with reimbursement for feeding six cows."

Alan:  That’s what it was for.

"The defendant, arrested with the help of Predator surveillance, lost a preliminary bid to dismiss the charges."

Alan:  It says.  So it’s getting used you see.  Now this one goes on to this one and it says that…  This is from Holder by the way, Eric Holder.  He says:

"Yep, Obama could kill Americans on U.S. soil"

"A Draganflyer X6, six-rotor remote controlled helicopter which can fly up to 20 mph and travel up to a quarter."

"President Barack Obama has the legal authority to unleash deadly force—such as drone strikes—against Americans on U.S. soil without first putting them on trial, Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in a letter released Tuesday."

Alan:  And I’ll put this letter up by the way, the link to it as well and you can have a gander at that.  So it had to come.  I said this when they started talking about it in the first place.  This is what it was all for.

And it says:

"But Holder, writing to Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, underlined that Obama “has no intention” of targeting his fellow citizens with unmanned aerial vehicles and would do so only if facing “an extraordinary circumstance.”"

Alan:  So there’s the doublespeak.  He has no intention of doing it but would do so only if facing an extraordinary circumstance.  And then it goes through a bunch, a list of the extraordinary circumstances that they could use them in, which of course escalates.  And it’s a letter he gave back to Rand Paul with the question, "Will these be used on American citizenry?"  And so Holder says yes, they can use them under certain circumstances against American citizens.  So, welcome to your new freedom, folks.  Remember the "New Freedom" that George Bush Jr. talked about?  Again in a major speech to the nation.  And people didn’t – and especially the media, they know not to ask the questions because they’re in on the act.  What do they mean by the New Freedom?  All these little phrases you hear, and people just chew their gum you know and blow bubbles, and that’s it.  You see "goodbye to the old" folks.  It’s never going to be here again.  The old freedom when you could go into an airport and get on a train without getting some you-know-what patting you up and down and feeling you up, or anything like that.  And now you’ve got drones coming in, armed drones by the way, armed drones.

And it says:

"Holder said, “For example, the President could conceivably have no choice but to authorize the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland..."

Alan:  So that covers everything.

" the circumstances of a catastrophic attack” like Pearl Harbor or 9/11.  “Were such an emergency to arise, I would examine the particular facts and circumstances before advising the President on the scope of his authority,” said Holder."

Alan:  In other words it’s very flexible authority.

And it says, Paul says:

"“The U.S. Attorney General’s refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes on American citizens and on American soil is more than frightening—it is an affront the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans,” the senator said in a statement.  The exchange came as the White House agreed to give Senate Intelligence Committee members access to all of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel opinions justifying Obama’s expanded campaign of targeted assassination of suspected terrorists overseas, including American citizens."

Alan:  So now they can do it at home as well.  As I say, welcome to the New Freedom.  Now you know what they meant by that.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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