March 13, 2013 (#1286)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 13, 2013:

Bioethicists Demand Power of Decision
Over Who Should Die or Go On Livin':

"If You're Not Contributing to "The Great Society"
You'll Be Offered Little Health Care, Less Variety,
From 15 to 40 yrs, You're More Essential
As Productive Taxpayers, Treatment Preferential,
If You're Classed as a Burden of Low Standing,
"Experts" are Pushing Governments, Demanding
They Refuse Treatment to Save a Buck
And Offer an Exit Pill, 'cos You're Out of Luck"
© Alan Watt Mar. 13, 2013
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 13th of March, 2013.

Now there are always newcomers coming in so I’d advise you to make good use of the website  There are lots and lots of audios for free download and you’ll find sites listed on the .com site that also have transcripts for print-up in English.  And if you go into you’ll get transcripts in other languages of a lot of the talks I’ve given over the years.  Because understanding the system you’re born into is quite something else because it’s hard for most folk to believe that they’ve been indoctrinated from birth and everyone you know is in the same boat basically.  They all agree about the same things because they’re all given the same indoctrination about the same things.  They’re given, the topics are given, the conclusions, and they think they’re all quite sane and natural.  That’s why it’s so easy for those at the top who gave you this system, who control it, to manipulate everyone and update you as they guide the whole world into this new world system of complete, you know, socialism basically.  Intricate socialism though and not on behalf of the people who are at the bottom at all.  It’s often supported by them because they’re conned, but it’s actually to bring in an ordered system with the proper people running the world properly in an orderly fashion.  No more self decisions to make, the state will make all your decisions for you and so on and so on.  And the big foundations set themselves up long ago as charitable philanthropic organizations and they’re now called the parallel government by the insiders themselves.  They even put their own members in as prime ministers and presidents of countries.  They have for a hundred years.  And they have their own historians who actually boast about it in their books like Carroll Quigley.

So I go through the big system and their plan is not a secret; it’s called the open conspiracy because H.G. Wells was a propagandist for them and he titled one of his articles and his books "The Open Conspiracy".  So everything is published, it’s just that most folk don’t want to read them.  They are dry books, very dry, and it’s not like a novel with chases and sex scenes.  They’re very dry and depressing to read, but the fact is you’ll see it all coming true in your lifetime.  Every step, every plan, for fifty year plans, a hundred year plans, a hundred and fifty year plans for different aspects of society change, it’s all been done.  And there is more to come yet.

So go into my website as I say.  You’ll find out what’s really happening in the world and don’t be startled by it.  Once you understand it you’re never startled by anything that happens; you know what’s got to come next.

And also too remember you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I don’t sensationalize anything.  I just tell you the straight hard facts and it’s rather sad but that’s the way life really is, hard facts.  And you find out that everything is happening by deliberation, by big powerful organizations at the top that you don’t elect at all that have been running the show for a long time.

So you can help support me to get along by buying the books and discs at and you can possibly donate as well because I have no shares in any companies selling anything at all whatsoever.  So to do so, as I say, go into you’ll find out how to do it.  From the U.S. to Canada remember you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office or you can send cash or use Paypal.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And as I say straight donations are really, really welcome as we go into so-called austerity.  The planned austerity that was talked about over a hundred years ago.  They even knew the time they would bring it in.  And it was to be towards the end when they’ve almost got the whole global system standardized and that’s why it’s being brought in now you see.  Everything is on cue, like a big long-term business plan.

And I hear the music coming in so I’ll be back after these messages.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix and it really is a matrix because you think you’ve... You go into conspiracy sites and so on and sites on symbolism, etcetera, that can trap you for years and years and years just going round in circles and round in circles, because you have to get into the system as it really is.  Start off with what is self evident and the history of what’s been happening is out there from the associations and foundations that bring it all about and who are constantly working upon it you see.

And most folk don’t know that at the end of World War II, organizations were already formed during World War II, but at the end of World War II at the United Nations a certain group was given power over all the rest.  And the power that they had was to examine the causes of war, what they thought were the causes of war, and who were the victims of war.  And therefore it was decided that countries that participated in the wars, on the victors’ sides as well, the U.S. and Britain and so on, would have to be altered in their culture because they could be the next one, these people claimed (the ones who claimed they were victims), they could be the next countries to become fascist.

And so I’ve mentioned before that the Macy Group and others, Bertrand Russell worked with them.  He worked with the Frankfurt School as well.  And there were members who had left from the Vienna School as well.  They all got together and they started to work together to create new cultures for those countries, the victors themselves.  And then the U.S., the president of the U.S. actually, gave them authority to recreate the culture.  They worked with Bernays as well who also had already changed the culture of America or guided it into a consumerist type of society.

But most folk don’t know that they also worked for these massive foundations, philanthropic organizations, tax-free of course, that have trillions and trillions of dollars to spend and massive investments too, all tax-free.  They run thousands, literally thousands, of non-governmental organizations across the planet.  Incredible.  And as I say that’s the parallel government.  But for Britain they wanted to massively denationalize the country and the same with the U.S. too.  And one of the ways to do it, and they signed this in in the charter too and behind closed door meetings, they actually in San Francisco at the U.N. meeting, they actually said that Britain would have to deindustrialize.  Now they never told the public in Britain about this.  They didn’t tell them either that it was also an agreement that they’d have to eventually work pretty secretively towards a complete European Union with a European parliament.  Exactly as Karl Marx had talked about a long time before that.  And they brought in initially the free trade deal through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, another private foundation, that sounds very official but it’s privately owned, set together by top bankers of the world.  And these were the guys who set up the United Nations as well and they ran all the media.  They now run all the media of the world pretty well through their other branches, Council on Foreign Relations, etcetera.

And so Britain was getting deindustrialized and it really started to speed up at the end of the 1960’s.  And through the whole 1970’s all you heard on the news was factories up and going; of course they weren’t telling you they were already moving them off to third world countries.  They just said they were up and leaving or packing in.  And it was a daily routine to hear of all this massive unemployment and getting added to, and the suicide rate became phenomenal; it actually overtook Sweden, way above Sweden in fact, for a long time.  But the public weren’t told about it.  And even then when you’d see these covert little terms that they always used, you see when declarations are made through politicians, verbal declarations, they are legal announcements to the public.  And if there is no reaction to the announcement then it becomes officially law basically.  And they kept saying that your prime minister, it doesn’t matter what party it was, one after the other in Britain, would go over to France and Germany and they’d sign for closer ties, closer ties for the EU.  That’s a term they always used, "closer ties".  And that meant they were signing deeper integration and binding integration until everything was completely equalized amongst them.  They’d merge their economies.  They’d merge their banking systems and so on until you couldn’t get out of it.  And it wasn’t till the late 90’s once they had the whole thing up and running, with this new EU parliament, which for about thirty years they denied they were going to make, they actually came out and said that, that the people in Britain were not to know until it was up and running and finished.

Now as I say deculturalization was also a part of it too.  Mass immigration from diverse countries was to happen.  And the people in Britain weren’t told either that many people were being encouraged to come in from say India and countries like that.  And they were given first dibs in fact in opening up businesses.  Many of them got deals where they didn’t have to pay any taxes for ten to fifteen years.  That’s quite a deal to get.  Plus they’d also get grants for opening them up.  And they started off really with corner stores throughout housing schemes and things like that until folk got used to it.  And then more would come in and so on.  And they did the same thing in other countries too.

Back about the same time too after Pierre Trudeau in Canada was in.  And I know this first-hand because when I applied to come to Canada from Britain the consulate told me, the Canadian consulate told me, he was a French Canadian, he said you know you people are not as welcome in Canada as you used to be.  He was kind of hostile you know.  And I still didn’t quite clue in to the big message he was giving to me.  But years later I noticed that one of the writers for the Toronto Sun at the time, Clare Hoy his name was.  Clare Hoy had managed to get the immigration statistics for Canada through the 80’s and so on, and to the present time I think.  It probably hasn’t changed.  It was to be 97% non-white.  That was the official immigration quotas, to change the face of Canada too.  Now they’re doing the same in Britain and now it’s happening, the same thing in the States.  This is how they’re bringing in this world order and destroying the original cultures but mainly basically the European cultures had to be destroyed.

This article here says:

"‘Old-fashioned Britain [is] gone’: Most Brits unhappy at home, consider emigrating"

Alan:  I can remember too in the 90’s there were jobs, five jobs going for engineers in Australia.  And in a place in England they were gathering to apply to it, I think it was London in fact, the queue was five miles long of people trying to apply to these five jobs.  It’s very hard for ordinary Britons to get out of there.

Anyway it says:

"A new survey has found many middle-class UK families want to emigrate as Britain can no longer offer them a good quality of life.  Almost two in three families surveyed want to emigrate due to the economy, weather..."

Alan:  Of course.

"...and a loss of national pride."

Alan:  Now this is very important, this little bit here.  When you see little memes that come across different articles they’re all connected.  And they all generally work together, the ones who are behind it all, "a loss of national pride" you see.

"­The research titled ‘When the British built Adelaide..."

Alan:  In Australia.

"...they wanted to build a better Britain’ was conducted by Huddersfield University which polled 1,000 British families."

Alan:  So of course they complain about the weather, which is true, because all the British folk really up until the age of twenty are really tall and then they start shrinking, there’s so much rain.

Anyway it says:

"“The British weather was named as the number one reason to leave the UK (59%), followed by economic downturn..."

Alan:  Which is, let’s not call it a downturn, this is a forced depression.  That’s what it is.

 "...(49%), expensive housing (43%), bad manners (35%)..."

Alan:  Because now you’ve got... They’ve had years of deculturalization just like the U.S. has had through their Hollywood versions too and you end up with a lot of these yobbos on the streets.

"...and a loss of community spirit..."

Alan:  Of course there’s no community anymore.

"...and neighbourliness (33%) in British society,” reads the report RT obtained from Huddersfield University."

"85 per cent of families confessed they wanted their children to grow up in a country “with a stronger sense of community” than they believe exists in the UK."

Alan:  That used to exist in the UK.

"At the same time, nine out of ten British parents said they want their children to live in a country with a less celebrity-obsessed culture and a more optimistic ‘can do’ attitude."

Alan:  It’s very pessimistic in Britain because government interference is so thick in Britain.  There are government offices everywhere.

It says:

"But when it comes to moving abroad and starting a new life there, Britons prefer to stick with traditions and values they are accustomed to."

Alan:  As does every other people, right?

It says:

"Nearly two third of families said they would like the country they are moving to have a "sense of Britishness"."

Alan:  I guess that’s like what it used to be basically.

And then it says:

"The study suggested the reasons behind many opting for Australia, were shared cultural values."

"Gravitation towards the community in the South Australian capital Adelaide, hence the title of the study, was particularly highlighted."

And it says:

"UK’s living standards deteriorating

­With the economic downturn..."

Alan:  The depression which they’ve been in for years, forced depression.

"...Britain’s living standards have been declining as household bills rise such as fuel, mortgage, and food prices."

Alan:  They have for as long as I can remember.  And people have been running for years, thirty years at least, probably more, trying to keep up.

"According to a new research released by audit firm KPMG this week, nearly 5 million workers in the UK are not earning enough to maintain a decent standard of living.  The study concluded that twenty per cent of the working population receives less than the minimum wage, which is $13 an hour.  It also showed that workers are quite pessimistic about their future.  Almost half (47 percent) think their finances will be in a worse state over the next year, while almost one-fourth (23 percent) believing their job security has deteriorated."

Alan:  Well there is no job security there.  But you see the goal has been achieved.  This was all a goal you understand.  It’s not happening by chance.  As I say Britain was forced, they signed an agreement to deindustrialize.  And Britain had a massive industry at one time, massive industry.  And every prime minister that’s been along of all parties has played their part in signing them down the tubes by design.  They all knew what they were doing.  Left wing, right wing, they all knew.  There are no sides in anything, it’s all a con.  And they all go by this charter which they all signed a long time ago.  And they will not break that charter, so it’s fait accompli.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  To tie in with the last article too and talking about memes and themes that they put out there, as I say, when you see the same articles touch on the same kind of topics then there’s a connection going on too.  But I’ve mentioned these...  The world is really run by these private foundations and they have think tanks.  Some of them are think tanks and some of them have many think tanks in fact.  And they advise governments you see.  They’re just so altruistic they want to advise governments and help them you see.

Anyway here’s one here and this is quite the organization, it’s called Demos.  Now Demos has been there for years, all through the Cold War too and people often wondered if it was communist or what it was.  Technically it was running both sides because the folk who ran communism and capitalism are the same people actually; they go for a different purpose, which is the New World Order you see, the blending of the two.

Now communism too and socialism also want this ordered society with the experts running the world you see.  The same as communism did.  You didn’t elect these guys into the top of the soviet system; you were given politburo 1, 2, or 3 to choose from.  And they were all sworn that the elite, the intelligentsia, that wiped out the Russian intelligentsia and they moved in another intelligentsia and these guys were running the show.  And they think that’s more efficient.  The same with the Club of Rome, a private organization too and think tank, that works for the United Nations and advises governments, they said the same thing, that eventually democracy would have to go, it doesn’t work.  It’s not fast enough to get things done.  All the experts know what has to be done you see.

Anyway this one here is from Demos.  Now Demos as I say is really Orwellian.  It uses a lot of doublespeak to throw people off the track but it’s got quite a history too.  Anyway here is their latest thing here, and it says:

"The Progressive Conservatism Project"

Alan:  Now this organization is anything but what you think is conservative, as the traditional conservatives go.  But Progressive Conservatism is a term that Maggie Thatcher used.  It’s like neo-con.  That’s what it means if you don’t get it, if you don’t understand it, Progressive Conserve, right?  Progress Conserve, kind of at odds with each other, it’s the neo-con thing.

Anyway it says:

"Conservative means can serve progressive ends..."


"The Progressive Conservatism Project at Demos is Chaired by David Willetts MP (Member of Parliament), Minister of State for Universities and Science."

Alan:  Now Demos works through universities because if you’re going to change culture and direction and ideas and opinions on things you must work through the universities.

It says:

"We look at how progressive ends can be achieved using conservative means.  The project develops policies and ideas that are firmly rooted in the conservative tradition but also reflect the progressive values of personal and community empowerment,"

Alan:  See, it’s got both the socialism/communism and so-called fascism combined because the new system truly is run by people who have used both techniques to get what they want.

"...combating poverty and tackling inequality.  The Progressive Conservatism Project is run by Max Wind-Cowie and you can contact him...."

Alan:  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  And I’ll put all these links up tonight for you to read.  But here’s their project, for the latest Demos project, these guys that were all pro-Soviet and so on and altering the face of Britain and yada-yada-ya.

"An investigation into the state of pride in modern Britain."

Alan:  It ties right in with the last one you see.  Because, understand, to destroy the culture you’ve got to find out what makes them proud in the culture and start bringing it down.

"This project will include extensive new qualitative research, new polling and longitudinal analysis to establish what British people are proud of, what damages their patriotism..."

Alan:  That’s a very important part.

"...and what activities, rituals and institutions bolster their sense of belonging.  This work is being funded by the Pears Foundation and will be published in the Autumn."

Alan:  It says.  Then it goes on to say "Are we there yet" and so on, blah, blah, blah.  Now who are the "Pears Foundation"?  And that’s quite interesting too.

And it says:

"Who are we:"

•  "We are a British family Foundation rooted in Jewish values."

•  "Our work is concerned with positive identity and citizenship."

•  "Our approach is based on research and inspired by the urge to ask questions."

Alan:  That’s not a bad thing, asking questions.  And they want to project Jewish values and so on.  And then the next part is, from the same organization, the Pears Foundation.

"Israel as a global citizen"

Alan:  They’re pushing global citizenship you see.  I’ll put this link up as well to do with it.  But they’re all working in cahoots of course with Demos because they all work together, these foundations.  So on the one hand they’re talking about what creates pride for Britain, and then they’re talking about global citizenship.  You understand if you’re really proud of your culture, and your country, technically you don’t want to be part of this kind of strange foreign thing that’s called global citizenship.  What is a global citizen?  Now global citizenship awards of course have been pushed by the Rockefeller Foundation for years, on high members of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, etcetera, who are all working towards this world that’s to be run by a world government, where you get massive immigration all over the place, free movement of labor only if the corporations, international corporations, need that labor to move in and out.  But it’s not for the ordinary person to go in and out ultimately, it’s if they want you or need you.  So there’s a lot to it.  And I’ll put these links up tonight for those who see all the shenanigans going on behind the scenes by different organizations, that you’ve got to really look into to find out what they really are, not what they say in one page.  And find out their connections and who is funding them and why they’re funding this and so on.  Ask the right questions, right?  If you don’t ask questions, and if you’re forbidden to ask questions there is something really wrong.  Really, really wrong.  You’re under tyranny if you’re forbidden to ask questions.  Children learn by asking questions, so should adults too, and we’re in a sad state when it’s verboten.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and you know the big boys have crashed the economies and plundered the public, as I say, at least twice a century.  That’s the standard going.  That’s what they do.  And of course because they run the legal systems in the countries they also never put any laws in to stop it from happening again because they always plan to do it again you see.  But guys like George Soros, who has plundered countries openly by rating different markets and so on, is quite another character indeed.  And again he is up there as the head of the European Council on Foreign Relations you see.  So there are no enemies amongst the guys at the top.  There are no other sides.  There is only one group you understand.


"Billionaire George Soros, 82, claims former lover, 27, threw a LAMP at him as they fought in bed over $2m Manhattan apartment"

Alan:  This is a Mail Online story.  So, this is the big thing, that here he is fighting with this young shiksa.  They call them shiksas who throw themselves at these guys, the guys with all the cash.  But that’s not the important part.  I’ll put this link up tonight and you’ll see a little bit about what he did to get some of the cash and how he sunk Britain.  It doesn’t give you the whole story in this article but it goes onto the fact that he broke the Bank of England.  That’s what he was called, the Man Who Broke the Bank of England, after making millions during the 1992 UK Currency Crisis.  Now what he did, he actually said this in the papers at the time, and you can go back in the articles and check yourself, that he phoned two of his friends up and they were the guys who successfully started dumping bonds and so on and betting on Britain taking a dive and having to borrow.  And he made millions out of it.  They set it up to happen.  There is no law to stop them, there never will be, you see.  And that’s the important part, the rest of it is just the usual junk because after this bimbo it will be somebody else and so on, and so on.

Now there is always plenty of money to throw in all projects.  Even though we’re all broke supposedly.  You understand there is only one honey pot and that’s the taxpayers honey pot.  And that’s why big corporations get in there too.  And any big, big industries, including the whole green energy projects for private organizations.  We’re paying for all the construction and so on of all their projects.  And they get it all for free.  It’s just quite amazing plunder and robbery that’s going on right now.  But here’s a…  It’s not a lot of money, this one, but it shows you a…

"Public health study spends $1.5million to find out why ‘three-quarters of lesbians are obese’"

Alan:  Do we really care, huh?  I mean do we really, really care?  And the only thing that might come out of it, I don’t know, will be to do with the super intake of hormone estrogens, xenoestrogens, artificial types and so on.  That’s also affecting the men as well.  And that’s maybe what will come out to do with that I bet you.  We’ll wait and see anyway.  But there is no end of money to spend on nonsensical things at all.  There is just no end of it at all.

And also too, it says:

"The judge in the horrific abortion case involving Kermit Gosnell..."

Alan:  I mentioned him a few days ago.  This guy was an abortionist who was killing women as well.  But he also had body parts and baby parts all over the place.  He was killing babies after birth.  And his staff…  What kind of staff would you have where they’d put their sandwiches in the fridges with body parts and stuff like that?  I mean really?  Really?  Honestly, eh?  This is beyond horror movies.  I mean this is really happening.

Anyway it says:

"Jury selection has concluded in Gosnell’s case and Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart has sent home any potential juror that professed to be pro-life."

Alan:  So I guess you’ve got to be pro-death to get on the jury so as that this murderer here can get off with it, which he probably will actually.  That’s how bad things are today.  You see when you get to the stage when all things have been destroyed, the same thing has been done in times gone past in ancient empires for instance, the Greek and the Roman and so on.  And so those who know how to do this, because knowledge is never lost; in fact historians, especially ancient history historians, are brought in to top-level meetings of all these big foundations, like Carroll Quigley.  He was brought in to advise on ways, this worked with this country and that country or this empire in the past.  Plato said the same thing, if you know the formulas you can alter human behavior if you introduce the formulas in the right way, it will always repeat itself again.

But during the end of a collapse you get all this weird perverted behavior going on.  And the New Age stuff is phenomenal; you push that on especially women.  They go into the magic ends of things.  We’ve had the C.I.A. backing different women in the past, even creating magazines for them to make them go into the New Age things and all that kind of stuff.  And it’s still going on you see.  So, ancient techniques will always work once you bring it in to bring cultures and societies down.  And then you get these weird things happening, again, which is typical of this period we’re going through, when all values are lost you understand.

"Kindergarten teacher fired after bringing vial of her blood into class and letting children taste it"

Alan:  I think last year I mentioned the fact, it was in Canada here, that two teachers, well more than two actually, but two, a woman and a man put on a lap dance for the children, a dance, and of course that kind of faded away because they didn’t want to bring it up again, it kind of faded out of the newspapers, but this is how bad it gets as every few years people turn eighteen and they’re more corrupt than the ones from the past because of the indoctrination they’ve had.  They don’t know it themselves they’re corrupted.  They think it’s all normal because their age group is all the same.  These are techniques.

It says:

"Up to a dozen Norwegian children may have ingested their kindergarten teacher’s blood after she brought a vial of it into class.  The teacher, who has not been identified, reportedly asked the nurse at a recent doctor’s visit if she could have a vial of her blood to take with her to the school where she taught.  When ‘sharing time’ came,"

Alan:  That’s quite a different new name for it, eh?

"...she took out the vial, poured it in a plate, and let the students pass it around the classroom, said Inger Lise Andersen, director of the Dravhaug kindergarten."

And then:

"‘The children asked if they could touch it and she allowed them.’  Then they asked ‘how do we get it off?’ so she put her finger in her mouth and the children followed suit.  There were a dozen students in the class."

Alan:  I mean what’s going on?  What’s going on here in people’s minds to allow this kind of thing to happen?  You think about it.  See, we’re living in a form… This is a created hell to destroy anything and bring in utter chaos.  To bring out the new order you must create utter chaos.  Everything is turned upside down.  Right is wrong, wrong is right, and so on.  It’s all been done by design by the formula.  It’s no coincidence.

Also tonight too I’ll put up this article, it’s called:

"Killing Us Softly – Euthanasia Policy Makers & Those Who Fund It"

"H.G. Wells in Anticipations (1901), described the coming “world state” where there would be “the merciful obliteration of “weak and silly and pointless” people."

Alan:  This didn’t start with Hitler.  Hitler copied Britain.

It says:

"In Robert Hugh Benson’s, Lord of the World (1907), he said there would be Ministers of Euthanasia (like Jack Kevorkian) in 1998 under American Socialism. (A few years later, but I believe we’re there.)."

Alan:  It says, but that was written back in 1907, Ministers of Euthanasia.  That’s where we are today.  They’re talking about your value in society, whether they should give you treatment or not.

"Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, who our [American] President appointed Health Advisor, promotes the “Complete Lives System”"

Alan:  It’s called.  I’ll put this link up tonight too.

"...that is being implemented to ration [health] care.  (Dr. Emanuel makes a clear choice:  “When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.”)"

Alan:  What’s your value to society?  How important are you?  That’s what it means.  It’s all here folks.  And you’re living through this massive change.  And you’re watching Disneyland and everything else to do with television.

It says:

"Donald Berwick, who our President appointed administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is a strong proponent of “Comparative Effectiveness Research” which will also be used to ration care.  (In the United Kingdom, rather than focusing on the individual needs of patients, the National Health Service (NHS) uses comparative and cost-effectiveness information to limit options as a budgetary tool.)  There is little doubt the same will happen in the US."

Alan:  Actually it will because I’ve mentioned before, and I’ve got it here, the Rand Corporation was given this, again, a private not-for-profit foundation that rakes in billions for every little investigation it does.  They did the one for Obama and they came to the conclusion that they would copy the British system.

"Under the new law, “Accountable Care Organizations” are set up which will force very aggressive rationing practices by medical groups. (The health-care law calls for paying providers for the services they use and for rewarding them for any savings, initially in the Medicare program.)"

"Cass Sunstein, who our President appointed “Regulatory Czar,” (and who thankfully resigned) states that unless you specifically record your wish not to donate organs, doctors should be able to harvest your organs (should you be declared “brain dead”) for donation on the basis of “presumed consent,” even if you never actually give consent.  He also has stated that an economic crisis can be “used to usher socialism into the United States.”"

Alan:  That’s always been the agenda.  Do you understand what socialism is?  It’s not what the folk at the bottom think it is.  It’s the opposite of what you think at the bottom what socialism is.

It says:

"The President appointed John Holdren as “Science Czar.”  Holdren is the co-author of the 1977 book, Ecoscience that promotes ideas like forced sterilizations and abortions to limit population growth, compelling single mothers to give up their children to others, putting chemicals in water supplies to prevent births, and a planetary world government that would implement these ideas for the good of the world."


"Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, has stated,"

Alan:  The guy who has been put in charge of this system.

"...“services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed.”  These are the people in society who Emanuel considers “useless eaters.”  They are no longer productive, and therefore, these vulnerable citizens should die."

It says:

"This is not surprising since Dr. Emanuel is a fellow at the Hastings Center … the same Hastings Center co-founded by the euthanasia proponent, Willard Gaylin, MD … the same Hastings Center whose other co-founder, Daniel Callahan, explained in 1983 that taking all food and fluid away from vulnerable patients was probably the only way to make sure certain patients actually die (without legalization of euthanasia in America)."

Alan:  So we’ll not euthanize them, we’ll  just starve them and dehydrate them to death.  Do you understand how they do it?

"This is the same Hastings Center that has worked side-by-side with hospice industry leaders to transform hospice and palliative care into the practical laboratory where its utilitarian, pro-euthanasia ideas are implemented, practices we now know as stealth euthanasia and direct euthanasia."

Alan:  And they’ve got the link for that too.


"The Project on Death in America, financed by billionaire George Soros..."

Alan:  The guy who is out with the shiksas.

"...and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation poured more than $200 million over the last decade into end-of-life programs and research."

Alan:  They’ve got the link for that too.


"Robert Wood Johnson II built the family firm of Johnson & Johnson into the world’s largest health products maker.  He died in 1968.  He established the foundation at his death with 10,204,377 shares of the company’s stock.  The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation has given the Hemlock/Partnership for Caring and Last Acts merger, now known as Last Acts Partnership, over $1 million.  According to the foundation, a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood and euthanasia, Last Acts was the launching pad for an $11.25 million grant to “elevate awareness”... "

Alan:  In other words indoctrinate the public.

"...and “inspire improvements” on end of life health care."

Alan:  Improvement means the faster the better of killing you.  That’s what it means.  It saves them money you see.

So it says:

"The Soros project plans to act as a resource center to encourage other donors to support death-and-dying causes."

"The leaders at the top of the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (“NHPCO”) are the Euthanasia Society of America’s heirs and benefactors philosophically."

Alan:  It’s got a nice name for it, the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization.  It’s for euthanasia.

It says:

"The NHPCO is legally and corporately the final successor organization of the Euthanasia Society in the very strictest sense of the terms."

Alan:  And it goes on to a whole bunch of other ones associated with them too.  And as I say there’s more on George Soros too with his further plans on euthanasia.  I’ll also put up a .pdf tonight too and again it’s put out by the guys I’ve just been mentioning in fact, the Department of Bioethics.  Bioethics is the new name for eugenics.  Eugenics got a bad name only when Hitler actually put it into practice.  It was okay when they were using it in the States, and the Rockefeller Foundation promoted eugenics and sterilization in the States for years, but after World War II of course it declined, the bad name, and they had to change their name so they came up with Bioethics.  So these specialists in bioethicism are the ones who now give us our new values.

And it says here that:

"National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA"

Alan:  And it says the authors are Govind Persad, Alan Wertheimer, and Ezekiel Emanuel again.

"Allocation of very scarce medical interventions such as organs and vaccines is a persistent ethical challenge.  We evaluate eight simple allocation principles that can be classified into four categories:  treating people equally, favoring the worst-off, maximizing total benefits, and promoting and rewarding social usefulness."

Alan:  I’ll say that again, and promoting and rewarding social usefulness, folks, huh?

"No single principle is sufficient to incorporate all morally relevant considerations and therefore individual principles must be combined into multiprinciple allocation systems.  We evaluate three systems:  the United Network for Organ Sharing points systems, quality-adjusted life-years, and disability-adjusted life-years.  We recommend an alternative system — the complete lives system —"

Alan:  That’s the one I’ve been talking about.

"...which prioritizes younger people who have not yet lived a complete life, and also incorporates prognosis,"

Alan:  Meaning what’s the chance of your survival, how fit will you be and so on, because you’d be a good taxpayer and producer.

" the most lives, lottery, and instrumental value principles."

Alan:  And so they go through the whole kit and caboodle.  You’ve got to really understand what they’re saying because they’re awfully good at doublespeak, folks.  But for those who’ve been following this stuff for a long, long time it should be rather easy to decipher.  This is hell on earth coming down.  And as I’ve said for many, many years, here it is now.  You’ll be evaluated upon your productivity and your taxpaying and also for your standing, your standing in community or society.  Are you necessary? in other words.  How necessary are you?  It’s all here folks.  It’s all here.  But again most folk will just… You know most folk are gone.  You know that, don’t you?  The incredible indoctrination, mainly through fiction actually, they’re addicted to fiction on television.  That’s where they get upgraded all the time by their owners, I call it.  Once you have lost your mind you understand someone else owns it.  And it’s the ones who have got over your firewall.  You have no firewall of the mind and you’re brainwashed.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and a little bit of trivia too but this is the time we have mass corruption especially in countries that really run on slavery.  And there’s so much getting built into China there and of course the big politburo at the top, which is the same as the soviet bunch at the top, living on the mass of peasantry who work for peanuts.  But there are such big scams going on there too...

"Hong Kong woman jailed for laundering $860m"

Alan:  $860 million.  She was illiterate too.

It says:

"A woman has been jailed for 10 years for laundering about $860m in Hong Kong.  Lam Meiling, 61, made almost 40,000 bank transfers between 2002 and 2005."

Alan:  You see they are more healthier in China.  I mean at 61 years old, 40,000 bank transfers you know in three years, that’s not bad.

"She said the money came from a factory owner from her hometown in Dongguan, and that her job was to transfer the money to other factory owners in mainland China."

Alan:  Anyway she had all these fake accounts set up and so on.  I mean, boy, there’s ambition, eh?  That’s ambition. But you understand that’s probably fairly common over there now as multitrillionaires, more than anywhere in the world, are just springing up all over the place in China.  Because it’s so massive, the profits are massive with a slave labor, massive profits.

Remember China is to be the model state for the world according to the United Nations.  Because it’s so orderly and the government is dogmatic and it’s a one-party system, Communist you see.  Communist, fascist, I mean it’s all the same thing, there is no difference you see.  For the good of all you understand, for the people.  And the ones at the top, the big politburo, that stuff their pockets and end up with all this kind of cash, living on a peasant society and cheap labor, are doing it for the country.  They represent the people.  {Laughs}  Beautiful isn’t it?


"California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms"

It’s from Bloomberg and it says:

"California Department of Justice police agents walk towards a house near Ontario, California."

"The agents, working for the only state-level program to confiscate illegal firearms from owners, targeted people who’d once legally purchased firearms and lost the right after being convicted of violent crimes, committed to mental institutions or hit with restraining orders."

Alan:  Actually all they need now is a complaint that the person was violent on some occasion or other.

And it says:

"Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California (STOCA1) Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles.  They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital."

Alan:  See, they’re using psychiatry for everything now you see.  Understand, that’s to be the new boss.  Everyone is going to have a boss and an evaluator, you see, to see if you’re politically correct.  If you’re not, my God, you’re mentally unstable.

"They knocked on the door and asked to come in. About 45 minutes later, they came away peacefully with three firearms."

"California is the only state that tracks and disarms people with legally registered guns who have lost the right to own them, according to Attorney General Kamala Harris.  Almost 20,000 gun owners in the state are prohibited from possessing firearms, including convicted felons,"

Alan:  Including convicted felons.

"...those under a domestic violence restraining order or deemed mentally unstable.  “What do we do about the guns that are already in the hands of persons who, by law, are considered too dangerous to possess them?”  Harris said in a letter to Vice President Joe Biden after a Connecticut school shooting in December.  She recommended that Biden, heading a White House review of gun policy, consider California as a national model."

Alan:  That the rest have to copy.  So, it’s all going on, folk.  But again the commies said that. Communism was a front for something else you understand, for another group all together.  And they said they’d have to disarm America, as early as the 1920’s they said that; now it’s happening.  But now they have psychiatry you see, experts to say if you’re quite sane or not.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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