March 15, 2013 (#1288)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 15, 2013:

Non-Selective Breeding Marks Offspring Unfit for Keeping:

"Most Proud Parents Celebrate Their New Child's Birth
Ignorant of "Bioethicists", Deciding What it's Worth,
We're All Studied Intensely to Keep a Genealogy
Of Hereditary Traits for Winners or Life of Criminology,
Eugenics is Always with Us, Ancient as the Hills,
And if You Knew Elites' Plans, You'd have the Chills,
Negative Words Like Culling have Been Replaced
By "Family Planning", Sounds in "Better Taste",
Europe's Elderly in Winter Die Cold in the Millions,
Productive Life is Over, Import Fresh Young Minions,
Economic Eugenicists Use Power of "Balancing Books"
To Eliminate the Losers, Elderly, Poor and Kooks"
© Alan Watt March 15, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 15, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 15, 2013. For newcomers, as always, look into and youíll see a bunch of the official sites listed there. These are all the sites that I have. They all carry transcripts for print-up in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given and they all carry audios. If you want transcripts in other languages go into, for transcripts in other languages. If you find sticking too on the com site try some of the other ones because lots of folk go into the com site at about the same time every night and youíll find easier downloads perhaps.


Remember too, that this broadcast Ė I donít call it a show, because itís not a show. Itís not a business either. Itís just a way of explaining actually whatís happening to the public, who havenít studied their whole lives on whatís been happening and who is behind it all and the big foundations, organizations that advise governments Ė in other words, tell them what to do. You take the basic truth, is, most people in government have got very shady records, in fact. They publish them every so often in Canada, all those that are running and who get in, bankruptcies galore in their past, charges for credit card fraud even, and overbilling, and all this kind of stuff, and overcharging their accounts, many, many times. In other words, theyíre greedy people. And lots of them have no experience either in ruling other people, so they depend upon the bureaucrats that are in those positions, when theyíre appointed over a department, to run their system for them. So when they have no idea what to do about certain things, in come the think tanks that are privately organized.  Theyíre owned by the big banking boys who have front foundations; Iím talking about international bankers who have been at this for hundreds and hundreds of years. So they advise them on what to do in various social policies and so on. Thatís the way that the world really, really runs. Your politician is basically a front man. He acts like a little puppet in fact. Theyíre all preselected by these big foundations before you get to see them to vote for them and they will go along with any agenda at all that theyíre told, from their own Masters, the guys who put them in. And thatís not the voting public.


And again, Iím not talking off the top of my hat.  Professor Carroll Quigley who worked with the US State Department for many years and advised all their foreign-policy experts and so on, he was the guy who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is an American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which again is a private organization. So I go through the history of this with their big plans for the world, the societal changes, the cultural changes, mass immigration changes, and a unified world basically, a global society where a new feudal system comes in, very authoritarian, and youíre all taught now to accept it. Most of you have already accepted it already without even consciously reasoning your way through it. Itís been done for you through othersí opinions, expertsí opinions, for you.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you bring me to you, and I need you to just even tick along, sometimes I donít even tick at all, it just goes to a dead stop like a cardiac arrest, because Iíve got big expenses here. I donít sell any products except the books and discs, my own ones, at, and the occasional small donation. So for those out there who want to keep me going you can [Order and donation options listed above.].  Remember, straight donations are awfully, seriously welcome, especially when Iíve got so much trouble right now trying to get decent speed on some kind of system up here. I mean, in Canada, you understand, thereís no competition really. Itís a monopoly of Internet and the airwaves and so on. So itís very, very expensive and Iím getting lots of hassles from XplorNet right now too. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back. Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve talked many times about this big system, and people get awfully depressed of course because itís a nasty system, mainly because most of the public are really out of the decision-making process, of how life is supposed to go, where itís going and so on. Most people feel helpless in fact. The ones that do think about it, consciously as to the whys of it all, why do you never get ahead in life, why whenever you get a few bucks in the bank they devalue your cash currency, they cause inflation, the prices go up anyway and you never get ahead Ė well, itís all by design, naturally.


Because youíre living in a system that basically was decided a long, long time ago, that the big eugenicists boys... And it was a massive movement. Eugenics is thousands and thousands of years old in its history, you understand. And some groups have practiced it right down up to the present time, from thousands of years ago. Some of them claim thatís why they are superior. Some groups certainly think they are superior today; and they tend to inbreed a lot, you know, and for certain traits. And they call that positive eugenics. Negative eugenics is where they tried in the early 1900s, in the late 1800s too, starting in the US, and actually Britain was doing it long before that, but to kill off or sterilize those that they deemed unfit, the ones who didnít get people of high IQ, and they believed there were far too many of the working class then, with low IQs and so on.  So that was called negative eugenics. They would make laws to make it very hard for them to have children. Part of it too is to make sure that thereís a certain base income you need to even support yourself and a family on top of that, and most folk could hardly even afford themselves during the Industrial Revolution. However, when they need more folk for wars they would make their currency worth more and encourage them to breed, for long-term wars, and then send them off to win for the Empire, which meant private corporations, that would get more resources from any defeated enemy and it would also kill off lots of the unwanted. So they put them to good use, they said, in their own books. And thatís true today, it has never changed.


Itís still going on. They tend to change their names, of course, with Ďbioethicistsí now, who are self-appointed; they used to have eugenics courses at universities and now itís called bioethics courses. These guys come out believing in moral relativity Ė thatís what theyíre taught.  They really are the ones who are now placed; these self-placed experts above us are speaking on our behalf, supposedly, because they know whatís better for us all, since weíre all dumb and stupid at the bottom.  And they can decide how far to push the envelope with the next step, the next step and the next step of practicing eugenics on the populations, including covert sterilization, etc. Now, covert sterilization is nothing new, because the ancients, Plato brought it up. He said that they should really have a sort of lotto, a kind of lotto, what we would call today a lotto, and what theyíd do is mark up everybodyís status, in the system that he lived in in his day, and their offspring, how well they could accumulate money and do business and transactions, things like that, and they could be encouraged to breed and mate up with similar types, just like itís going on today, and even so within certain groups still today. And at the same time they should covertly sterilize the ones who were unfit, or at the lower end of the strata.


So this was a philosophy that came all the way up into Charles Darwinís day.  Charles Darwin of course Ė and they donít go into this very much Ė his family, and many others of these strange little families, were introduced.  They were very important families, because they were made famous, because they already were stinking rich... very, very rich people.  And they might have come from outside Britain initially, in fact.  And it doesnít matter about the fact that they could become Christian, that was a cover for a lot of things, in any country that you wanted to go into from outside. They also tended to marry their immediate relatives. Charles Darwin, for instance, his family always married into the Wedgwood family, for generations, his father too, and grandfather. The Wedgwoods, the big powerful Wedgwood family, the Wedgwood family is still going today, under the Benn family, Wedgwood-Benn, in politics; he was in it forever; now his daughter is in it now. They always, strangely enough, come out under this left-wing type system, because under the left-wing youíll find thereís actually more totalitarian agendas and socialist totalitarian agendas under them than there is with any right-wing. True right-wing, actually, has very little laws, to do with anything; itís the least government possible, and of course thatís all been forgotten today.


So eugenics is very, very, very old, as I say, and thereís many ways to talk about it and how they would implement it, etc., a long, long history. And in England, too, Malthus of course got a big name for introducing a form of eugenics, or improving upon it I should say, in Britain and advised that the councils and the towns should settle the excess populations in swampy areas where it was damp, unhygienic, cramp them together, and hope they would die off quicker basically. They also were responsible for bringing up the poorhouses, they called them, where anyone who got sick at work or maybe her husband would die as a miner or whatever, they would put the wives and children into the poorhouse. In other words, they were bad stock; the husband had died, they didnít have money to fall back on.  That was the basic proof that they were inferior, they had no money, and no bank account left, and they would put them in the poorhouse and work them to death. That was acceptable then. And everybody knew about it, what it was really, really for, but it never changes.


Today of course, they simply put stuff in your food. Actually, Plato talked about covert sterilization, he said, because the public probably wouldnít like it very much if we asked them to do it. So you understand, big things that are done are never told to the public, first at all. Even today it goes on. Thatís why you can get so many articles out Ė Iíve got lots in the archives at Ė of articles that Iíve read over the past to do with eugenics and depopulation, sterilization, and infertility, in males especially, all the causes that are known Ė theyíve always been known Ė to cause infertility in males.  And the very products that they discovered in the late 1800s they actually put into their foodstuffs, and water too, soft drinks, that kind of stuff, to sterilize the men. They know what theyíre doing. They know what theyíre doing. This is all, again, a form of negative eugenics.  Because the elite are told not to drink these kind of things, or eat these kind of things too. They donít eat what you eat either. And now of course theyíre doing it all in your food supply, big, big, big time.


The elite, once again, donít eat what you eat. Why do you think guys like Tony Blair when he demanded that Britain and the British start eating the GM food? ...pesticide-soaked GM food? You canít get it out, because of the very fact that itís modified, these seeds can withstand far, far greater and worse kinds of insecticides, and they soak it into all the cells of course, naturally, through the soil. And itís in every cell throughout the vegetable, but youíre eating that stuff. And they know it causes cancer. Theyíve known it in all the tests from the beginning. But Tony Blair at the same time said that there would be exceptions. One of the first exceptions they made was for their own big massive, they call it, a cafeteria in Parliament for the Parliamentarians. He didnít want them eating this stuff, or his family or anybody. So they have special food for them. Thatís how it really is, folks. It really is.  After all, if it was so safe and so good for the British public, why would he make these exemptions for himself and his own particular class?


But again, the general public are trained that this wouldnít be on the shelves if it was harmful to us. They are taught to trust. They believe that there are organizations up there passing and stamping things on their behalf, that are approved to eat, etc., for human consumption; it must be all right. Itís like the cell phones too, it must be okay because itís been approved by this company or that organization from the government, even though they know what it causes in the brain.  Cluster tumors are just booming, and it all started really with the cell phone use; itís getting absolutely crazy out there, massive statistics in all countries. But again, they donít want you to really think about it; they want you just to go ahead and use it.


So anyway, thereís many ways to kill off the people. Wars are one big thing. Charles Galton Darwin, a descendent of Darwin, talked about it too. In The Next Million Years he talked about ways to sterilize the men, make them more effeminate so as they wouldnít argue about bringing in this new authoritarian type world society. It was to be a world global society. He was a member of the Royal Society.  He was a physicist himself.  He also was a eugenicist too. He said, we can actually add hormones to the water or the food, female hormones, and he talked about injections too, vaccinations which basically will eradicate the aggressive type males, so he wouldnít stand up and become aggressive, at times that he should stand up to be aggressive.  There are times when you have to be aggressive, if your life is threatened for instance, or even just to demand your rights; thatís a form of aggression. So now you have a very passive male population today. Of course, the effects too, when thereís excess of various hormones, he knew it would attack the women as well. As I say, you can see the effects all around you. We are being bioengineered and the effects are very obvious. Very, very obvious indeed. There is no mystery at the top levels, no mystery at all.


So anyway, here is one way to do it too.  Of course itís just creating more poverty, inflating the cost of basic essentials, like fuel for heating yourself in the winter. Understand, your basic rights are supposed to be food, shelter, clothing, and heating. Everything you need to live... food, water, shelter, clothing. The big corporations are already in charge of the worldís food supply; only a few of them are, the whole worldís food supply. Theyíre in charge now of all the fuel, if youíre using oil and gas and everything else. The big corporations too, are going after all the water supplies of the world. Theyíre going after everything that you need, and everyone needs to live on. So naturally those who canít afford it as all these things go up are going to die first. And thatís the agenda of course. Now, it saysÖ


1M BRITS DEAD IN WINTER SCANDAL /  3rd March 2013 / Alastair Grant


WINTER weather has killed a million Brits since the 1980s and will kill a million more by 2050, experts have warned.


Age support groups and doctors blame poor housing (Alan:  ...again, Malthusian.), high energy bills and pensioner poverty.  (A:  But thatís okay, you see. Itís okay. See, we all have to suffer when weíre going through austerity, so the unfit die first. I mean, theyíre unfit.  Theyíre broke, right? They must be unfit. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system, the hard facts of it. Itís not pleasant at all, naturally, but itís very deliberate, everything thatís happening in the world. You understand, those who are in control of the world have been in control of the world for a long, long time.  And they donít sort of bungle along and ĎWeíll try this and see what happens.í I mean, they know long in advance what theyíre going to do, and the things that they want to try have been tried, always, long, long before. They donít make mistakes at the top. You donít employ massive experts, RAND corporations, all the top think tanks to do studies on things, plus you have extra data which you never release to the public, and make mistakes. It doesnít happen in any way at all.


Anyway, getting back to this eugenics and so on, and theyíre killing Britons of course.  Because now Britainís been flooded and theyíre really pushing eugenics and all the rest of it as well. And they want younger, fitter people there. They donít want the elderly.  Iíll put up tonight in fact, a couple of links that I mentioned a couple of days ago to do with the same thing happening in the States, about rationing health care for the people in the States, which ties in with this as well, because this goes on to sayÖ


Many killed by the cold are elderly but the ill, vulnerable and very young also die. (A:  Thatís straight out of eugenics, naturally.)


A total of 973,000 people died due to winter weather from 1982/83 to 2011/12, Office of National Statistics data for England and Wales shows.  (A:  Thatís just for England and Wales.)


Pensioner organisations warned the current colder-than-average winter (A:  ...because of global warming you knowÖ) will kill more than 26,000 people by the end of March Ė as Britainís winter death toll reaches a million in just 30 years.  (A:  Itís actually more than that.)


The death toll since 1982/83 covers the period of the Governmentís Keep Warm, Keep Well winter health campaign (A:  They did awfully well. See, everything is double-speak, you understand, as they cut back. And they actually give them fuel allowances in Britain to heat yourself. And you have to pay for it of course as well. Everything you get has to be paid for in some other way.), launched after average winter deaths in the early 1980s soared to 42,000 (A:  Per winter.).


ONS data shows another million Brits will be killed by winters by 2050 (A:  Actually it will skyrocket way beyond that at the present cutbacks in fuel allowances and all that. See, theyíre rationing it for the people at the bottom.), based on the average of 27,400 cold weather deaths per winter in the last five years.  (A:  So theyíre averaging 27,400, IN their houses. These arenít people living on the streets. These are folk that they deem, ah well theyíre write-offs, you know, theyíre pensioners, theyíre past the working age. Theyíre actually using the money, that they paid in for the pensions, which the government put in the big casinos and made lots of cash off; theyíre getting back their little pittances, and the government needs that money.  So itís a good way to kill them off, you see, and the government has got all their cash.)


Doctors say cold weather causes higher blood pressure, tightened airways and reduced body temperature (A:  Iím glad theyíve got experts to tell us that. It reduces body temperature... isnít that good?), increasing deaths from heart attacks, strokes and respiratory illnesses Ė and worsening asthma and bronchitis.  (A:  Well these folk also of course are on bad nutrition, because if they canít afford their heating bills, theyíre getting the worst crappy food you can possibly imagine; you could hardly call it even sustenance food.)


The National Pensioners Convention called winter death rates a ďnational scandalĒ, (A:  Well, they always do that. Weíve always got groups that stand up and say, oh this is an outrage, but nothing ever happens does it?  See it stops us from doing anything ourselves, and getting outraged about it. Well, they will shout outrage for usÖ  They all work that way, you see.), blaming ministers [politicians] for not doing enough to tackle high bills and low pensioner incomes.


Age UK said ďtens of thousandsĒ will die every winter unless the Government makes ďmajor investmentsĒ in domestic energy efficiency.


(A:  And then they blameÖ) Poor home insulation contributes to Britain having a worse winter death rate than almost every country in Europe, University College Dublin expert John Healy said. 


(A:  Well see, the British public were the first public to go under this eugenics policy; theyíve been at it since about the 1700s fairly openly. They threw up the worst crappy buildings in Britain; they didnít put insulation in them. Then they had lots of council housing; they didnít have insulated attics. The people were kept on pretty well fixed incomes, even if you worked full time, because they had the rates so rigged for every profession, even trades and so on, you didnít get a lot of cash. They had it really literally worked out how much a man, a woman and the children, a couple of children, would need to live on, and they worked it out pretty precisely; you didnít have all these extras, etc. So you lived in theseÖ and these buildings are still used today, you see. And of course the government will match you, supposedly, with so much cash if you insulate your place, BUT most folk canít afford to do all the rest of the insulation themselves; itís into the multi thousands of pounds actually.)


Britainís death rate leaps 18% in winter Ė almost double the 10% increase in freezing Finland, where home insulation is better.


Five thousand people die every winter as they face paying more than 10% of their income on energy bills, Government fuel poverty review chief Professor John Hills said.


Department of Health chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies wrote in the Health Protection Agencyís cold weather report: ďMortality rises 19% in winter months in England. (A:  Well, weíve got lots of folk telling it.  I mean, what are they going to do about it?)


ďThese are not people who would have died anyhow at the time. Very severe weather can substantially add to this death toll.Ē


Again, they just repeat, see experts keep repeating each other, you know. And itís a national scandal and all the usual stuff, but theyíve said that every year; itís not going to change.† Understand, theyíve said it, made it quite open, today, in this day and age, and theyíve said at the United Nations too, that a good global citizen is a producer and a consumer. When youíre a pensioner you have become a consumer, you understand. And government and the economists and so on also believe that, yeah, now youíre taking from, your own cash actually, that you paid in for pensions which the government as I say invested many times over and taken the lionís share Ė they want it all, you see. I mean, why should you stay alive, youíve had a good life, youíve worked your fingers to the bone for goodness sake? Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, the other day or couple of days ago I mentioned, and it ties in with this too, that again, experts in the US, special ones that actually I think inbreed themselves, these guys, are definitely for positive eugenics. They have come up and advised the US government to get involved, and give priority healthcare to certain people, not for others as well, you see. And just at the same time, bingo, it comes out in Britain as well, and it saysÖ


People with healthy lifestyles should get priority NHS [National Health Service] care, says think-tank / 12/03/2013


(A:  ...the same one of course that helped work, Iím sure, with the ones in the US.  Itís Demos.† Demos is one of the biggest front-organization foundations that has always been classified as left wing, because it seems to push all the communistic one-world idea system. Sometimes they play at right-wing politics too, but theyíre always really far, far left. But theyíre all multimillionaire far-lefters. Youíve got to understand that the ones who run the far left are multibillionaires, actually. Youíd be surprised how many multibillionaires backed Lenin and Stalin and right through the communist era. It wasnít what you think it is. It never is, folks.† Anyway...)


Demos wants people who exercise and eat well to get priority medical treatment.  (A:  Now, who are they? Theyíre a private think tank, right.  Again, your governments are run by think tanks, that belong to foundations, that are privately owned, by philanthropic guys like Bill Gates, you see, and Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, thereís a whole bunch of them, thereís hundreds of these big boys at the top. Some of them are just front foundations to funnel more money to other NGOs and other foundations. Incredible. Incredibly well organized. Itís a parallel government, you see.)


Health insurance providers like PruHealth already offer incentives to their customers to encourage them to exercise and eat well (A:  Now, number one, most folk at the bottom end canít afford the kind of insurance to get PruHealth to start with. And they canít afford to eat well. In fact, in Canada the price of meat here is out of sight for most folk, even in Sudbury.  I mean real beef and things like that, out of sight. So naturally the people buy the rubbish thatís advertised on TV, the packaged stuff and itís full of chemicals, etc. Actually itís really the waste disposal areas for dumping chemicals from waste, into food. They call it food now, for the ordinary folk. Thatís what it is. Processed food is that, itís junk. I mean, they even put plastics in and melamine in and call it food; they managed to get some bigwig scientists at the top in the FDA in America to call it a protein, because it looked kind of like one, but itís not. Itís a plastic. They even put it in babyís food. But that doesnít matter, you see, again, itís practicing negative eugenics on the population.) . . .


Now, think-tank Demos has released a report suggesting that patients who try and lower their medical risk through healthy living should be rewarded (A:  ...again, the punishment and reward, you see, like animals.  Pavlovian.) with priority NHS hospital treatment.


This could include bumping professional people to the top of a queue when booking a GP appointment for a non-emergency matter. (A:  Well they already do that. Youíre run on a class system; even when itís a communist system itís still a class system. According to your status in society you are bumped up to the top of the queue, over all the rest of the people, you know, the plebs at the bottom, if you want to get into hospital. And thatís for a non-emergency matter.)


It also recommends that people who claim benefits and go to the gym on a regular basis should receive extra payments.  (A:  Well, most folk canít afford gyms. They canít do it. They just canít do it.  So they canít afford to eat properly and they canít afford to go to the gyms. Again, that shows you that youíre part of the weeds at the bottom that should simply just die off, you see. This is eugenics.  Bioethics they call it now, of course; it sounds better doesnít it?)


Report authors acknowledge that the proposals are controversial, but believe that people who take positive steps towards their health should be rewarded rather than penalising those who are lazy.  (A:  So you canít afford it, then youíre lazy, you see. So there you go, you see. Isnít it wonderful?)


The report's author, Max Wind-Cowie, said: "Obesity, type two diabetes, smoking and the overconsumption of alcohol are things which cost the NHS, which is a pooled resource we all share, huge amounts of money, as well as actually making people's lives unhappy and reducing their living standards.  (A:  Well, the obesity today is out of sight. I mentioned the other day there, theyíre pumping lots of money in to find out why so many lesbians are actually fat.


Public health study spends $1.5million to find out why 'three-quarters of lesbians are obese' - / Louise Boyle / 12 March 2013


But again too, youíve got it all through society. And what have you got here? Again, itís a massive increase in the xenoestrogens Ė thatís the artificial estrogens they put into all kinds of foods and in your bottled water and all the rest of it. Itís everywhere. Itís even in a lot of folksí drinking water. They know whatís causing it. They also know too, since they switched over to all these GMO vegetable product oils, that youíre taught itís much better for you, your body can absorb it like fat but it doesnít know how to break it down again. Because itís not natural fat, you see. See, when you were a caveman you didnít have that stuff. You ate fat, fat was fat, and thatís how your bodyís designed; you can burn it off.)


"So we're arguing that people who take the option of sharing their Tesco club card information, their gym information, with their doctor Ė it's up to them whether they want to share it or not Ė and then allow their doctor to monitor that, we would empower doctors to reward people in a variety of ways.Ē  (A:  So now doctors are going to get payoffs, you see. Now, itís the National Health Service that everybody pays for, from your taxes and so on, insurance, itís taken off your paycheck. So this private organization, again, you see even people at the top, think that they should run it and tell doctors who are going to treat you, that youíre paying for through all your taxes and your insurance, how to treat you or not treat you. It says...)


(A:  And they always give you the oppositeÖ)

However, critics say (A:  Everybody is so, you know, anonymous hereÖ) critics say that this is not the best way to tackle the situation. Katherine Murphy, the chief executive of the Patients Association, said: (A:  And then they go on againÖ) "Proactive investment in prevention, public campaigns and health literacy can deliver change more constructively than punitive sanctions."


(A:  Now, the fact is, most folk today are going into a world, a future, of unemployment. When Margaret Thatcher got in, she says, ...and she broadcast this on live television.  She said, a whole generation is growing up who will never see work in their lifetime. Now, the British folk didnít know about the ultimate, total integration with a European Union under a European Parliament, so Britain would become a little provincial government, which it has. They didnít know that all their factories had been signed off at the end of World War II to get moved out gradually, speeding up in the 70s, out of the country to other cheap sources of labor like China. They paid for it all too, your tax money paid for them to move. They had no idea of this stuff. They had no idea there was going to be no future. But she knew that. They all knew that, all the party members knew it, because they all work together. And thatís what she said, they will never see work in their lifetime.  Get used to it, she says. That was awfully, awfullyÖ I mean, you wonder why folk turn to drink, you know. Why do you think drink is so, itís always so abundant? And George Orwell knew this too. In his book 1984 and the movies that are out there too, there was no problem getting booze. You got this rotten, artificial food; he knew that was coming too, in the 1940s. He knew this.  He knew that back in the 1930s, because he worked and knew very, very well Huxley, that did Brave New World, in the 1930s. He knew eventually theyíd get the plebs at the bottom eating this almost like food stuff, but it wasnít food at all. Thatís what youíre eating now, yourselves, and you donít know it. Anyway it saysÖ)


If you want to be rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle, look for a medical insurance policy with a reward scheme for people who exercise and eat well.  (A:  You see.)


And of course if you go into silly things like that, then youíre just agreeing to get monitored down the road. Obviously theyíre going to monitor you to see if you are eating well.  And how are you going to do it? ...unless you start rustling cattle or something, you know. How are you going to do it? And by the way, a lot of folk in Britain already are rustling cattle, and sheep. Iím not kidding you, look them up.† And thatís how itís designed to go, as, you know, the unwanted types, the lesser types should just die off, under the, you know, negative eugenics. And then the better kind can go into positive eugenics and procreate, you see. And Iím not kidding. Itís not pleasant but itís factual, folks. Itís discussed at universities.


And this one here too, is to do with DNA itself. I mean, thereís a lot of baloney about DNA. If you understand the 1600s for instance, the 1700s, there was a big push as many of the people who were more ruthless got higher up into the middle classes, to run their big factory businesses during the Industrial Revolution in places like Britain. They would hire characters to go through their genealogies trying to prove associations, and get a coat of arms that they could hang above their mantelpiece to impress people, and to prove they were related to this guy or that guy, somebody, whatever. And it really was fudged, big, big fudging going on. Itís still going on all the time. Because within the people thereís a snob value too, a snob appeal; it works awfully well to folk, you see. And again it ties in with eugenics, because folk believe, oh thereís got to be an intelligence gene in there somewhere, or why would I get up from the lower ranks up to where I am now? Itís maybe because youíre a psychopath... I mean, it could be that couldnít it? But it saysÖ


Some DNA ancestry services akin to 'genetic astrology' / 6 March 2013 / Pallab Ghosh


Scientists have described some services provided by companies tracing ancestry using DNA as akin to astrology.


Some test findings tell people that they have links to groups such as Vikings, to particular migrations of people and sometimes to famous figures such as Napoleon or Cleopatra.


But researchers working with a campaign group say DNA tests cannot provide accurate information about ancestry.


Ancestry companies insist they are able to provide a valuable service.  (A:  Of course they are, for money, yeah; theyíll tell you anything. And one of the quotes that they actually made isÖ) 


ďAlmost every Briton is a descendant of Viking hordes, Roman legions, African migrants, Indian Brahmins, or anyone else they fancyĒ  Prof Steve Jones, University College London.


An increasing number of companies are offering to profile the genetic history of individuals based on a DNA sample for around £200.


But in a public guide, published by Sense About Science, Prof David Balding and Prof Mark Thomas of University College London warn that such histories are either so general as to be "personally meaningless or they are just speculation from thin evidence".

The scientists say that genetic profiles cannot provide accurate information about an individual's ancestry.


They say "the genetic ancestry business uses a phenomenon well-known in other areas such as horoscopes, where general information is interpreted as being more personal than it really is".


'Uncritical' coverage


They also highlight uncritical media coverage of the issue. Prof Balding, says that news items about famous people being related to historical figures often come from PR material (A:  ...public relations material, propaganda.) provided by genetic testing companies.  (A:  They just put them right in the paper as handouts.)


Prof Thomas says that the idea that we can read our ancestry directly from our genes is "absurd".


Scientists say DNA analysis can say very little about an individual's ancestry.


"This is business, and the business is genetic astrology," he said.


BBC News contacted five companies offering DNA ancestry services. We received a response from the DNA Worldwide group.


Their director David Nicholson told BBC News that all firms should not be tarred with the same brush. Some such as his, he argues, provide credible and legitimate services.


"With advanced testing you can provide a general ancestry indication i.e. Northern European, Western Africa or Middle Eastern and in some cases even more specific," said Mr Nicholson.


"DNA cannot tell you that your ancestors were Viking, simply that your ancestry came from a part of the world common to the Vikings based on historic facts. (A:  However, mind you, it will be mixed in with so many other genes of other folks too, along the way; you canít say what came first or anything else. You see.)


So thereís a lot of hogwash to do with that, but thatís a snob appeal that people have, you know, as they try to get up and be admired. Iíve met folk too, who are really into horoscopes and past-life experiences; big business that was for a while. Iíve met five, no, seven Cleopatraís.  Each one, Iíve said to them, jeeze, it must be awfully crowded in there, all these souls crowded in the one body. You know, it must be awfully crowded.


Anyway, now the thing is too, Iíve always mentioned that whatever technology is handed out to the people at the bottom is actually obsolete at the top. Because there are three levels of reality here, you see, on everything, including medicine too. And itís not taught from the professor level downwards, because theyíre taught the bottom level. But anyway theyíre giving you out something thatís supposed to be brand-new, eh.


Samsung Galaxy S4 (A: a real eye phone. It says...)

eye-tracking smartphone unveiled / 14 March 2013 / Dave Lee


The Galaxy S4 follows on from last year's S3, a product that sold over 40 million units worldwide.  (A:  Anyway, the thing actually, amongst all its other programs, can actuallyÖ It follows your eyes, as youíre watching it, and transmits data back, you see. If youíre watching a movie even and you look away for a certain amount of time, it notices that youíve looked away, and it will switch itself off. When you look back it will switch itself back on again. This kind of stuff.)


So this is old, old technology thatís given out to you at the bottom as the latest, obviously. The thing itself, of course, is really a handout to the BBC from the company telling you how wonderful it is. But there you go. You can imagine the kind of technology they really have watching you all over the place that you donít know about. 


Again too, Iíve mentioned before that how youíre trained is by repetition, to reinforce things that you donít consciously reason through for yourselves. Youíve been taught since 9/11 thereís no privacy, you donít deserve privacy, you donít need privacy, and youíre kind of helpless and thatís the way it is, and accept it. And the government is good, and all the government people have halos around their heads, thatís why theyíre good, and thatís why they are up there. And thereís no problem letting them have all your data and spy on you and all the rest of it. Thatís how simple it is, for simple people. It truly is. And theyíre always telling you that theyíre watching you and everything that youíre doing, tweeting, talking, whatever you do, is kept forever by them and analyzed constantly, and updated into, you know, avatars of you. Even the Pentagon admits that; they update it all the time and do little games on you, how youíd react in situations, because they know you so well, thanks to you putting all your data out there every day. So hereís an exampleÖ


FBI 'secretly spying' on Google users, company reveals / March 6, 2013


Now, why are they telling us this? Like we donít know this already.  No, this is to reinforce the idea Ė this is how you train folks. Itís just to reinforce the fact, and reinforce it and reinforce it, and you accept it, you see, and you think itís normal then.  Because you never reasoned it through for yourself. Youíre being trained Pavlovian style and you donít even know it. So Iíll skip the rest of it and just put the headline up tonight, the link up at


And alsoÖ


Germany's Green Energy Disaster: A Cautionary Tale For World Leaders / 3/14/2013


Thatís from Forbes; Iíll put that one up too. And howÖ [Alan chuckles.] you know, never mind the billions theyíve thrown into this nonsense. But itís quite fascinating to see the craziness of it all. Because itís really corporate welfare, isnít it, for the big boys. Can you imagine, governments say, oh weíll give you billions if you try that. So you give them a little scribble drawing of something, I donít know if it will work, and theyíll throw money at you. So you do a few more scribble drawings you call plans, and then declare bankruptcy while you pocketed all the money, and there you go, you can now invest in something big, you know. Itís all a con. Itís all a con, folks. Itís all your tax money, you know; thatís where the money comes from. You donít work for a living, youíve got to get up there at the top and jump into one of the government schemes. And this article too, is from the Telegraph, it saysÖ


When will this green madness cease? / James Delingpole / March 15th, 2013


When is a bird not a bird? When it's one of the millions of avian species splattered, decapitated, clunked, winged, brained or otherwise condemned to death by a wind turbine.  (A:  And it shows you this photograph [Alan chuckles.] with all these millions of birds getting shredded.  [Alan laughing.]  Back with more after this. By the way, the lefties say nothing.) 


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the birds getting slaughtered. Now, Iíll put up again tonight links to do with the American agricultural agency and also the British ones too. Theyíre all killing off songbirds, by the millions. This is an operation to kill off them all, because theyíre eating seeds from the big corporate farms now, you see, when they plant. And so itís been deemed itís okay to poison them all. Thatís why youíre seeing less and less birds, apart from the heavy spraying youíre getting all the time too. But isnít it weird that all the greenies and all that and all the big protest groups that are demanding, even PETA, etc., where do they all go when this kind of thing happens? Theyíre just silent. See, theyíre all controlled; theyíre told what to attack and when to be quiet. Everything is controlled. And it says hereÖ


When is a bird not a bird? (A:  And this is by Delingpole, and it says...)


Mysteriously, in the eyes of environmentalists Ė and bird conservation bodies such as the Audubon Society and the RSPB Ė all those deaths, no matter how rare the species involved, are acceptable collateral damage in the great war to save the world from the unproven threat of "man-made global warming." If you want more details of their dishonesty and hypocrisy, read here.  (A:  And itís from them by the way; the link will take you to these organizations that say itís okay, itís acceptable to kill off all the birds.)


Isn't it funny, though, how this bird-killing dispensation only seems to apply to those modes of energy-generation approved by green activists? Consider this report, from the Times, explaining why the development of Britain's spectacular shale gas reserves is proving so painfully slow:


Migrating birds have halted Britainís embryonic shale gas expansion in its tracks.


The company backed by Lord Browne, the former BP boss (A:  Thatís British Petroleum.), admitted yesterday that it must delay resuming fracking near Blackpool until next year because of rules protecting thousands of birds wintering in the surrounding picturesque Fylde peninsula.


Cuadrilla Resources triggered dozens of earth tremors in Lancashire two years ago when it became the first company to frack in the UK, resulting in a government ban. This was lifted in December and the company planned to begin fracking again in August this year. However, the presence of birds, including bar-tailed godwits and Bewickís swans, mean it must delay again.


It's not just in Britain where these double standards apply. In the US when a fossil fuel company is responsible for bird deaths, it faces near-certain prosecution. But when it's a wind energy company doing the killing, it gets a free pass, as this excellent Energy Tribune article notes:  (A:  And Iíll put that link up too, if youíve got the stomach to watch the birds getting slaughtered.)


By exempting the wind industry from prosecution under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and/or the Eagle Protection Act, the federal government is providing another indirect subsidy to the sector. Other energy companies have been required to pay hefty fines and perform mitigation work to reduce the risk that their facilities pose to birds.


And yet, despite numerous cases of bird deaths at wind-energy projects, the industry has not been prosecuted a single time by federal authorities. (A:  Strange how they canÖ itís okay to slaughter them by slicing them to death with these big swords that swirl around on these big towers, but any other way is bad.)


Subsidizing Bird Kills: The Wind Industryís Preferences Include Exemptions From Federal Prosecution for Killing Wildlife - / October 19, 2012 / Robert Bryce




Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and


Fish and Wildlife Service


National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC)





Dead birds in Sweden killed by 'external blows' - /  January 5, 2011


Final 100 ruddy ducks in the UK facing extermination - / 8 March 2012


Defra to remove problem monk parakeets from wild - / 24 April 2011


Mind you too, see these NGOs, etc, are funded by the big foundations, and the big foundations are owned by international bankers, who are all into government grabs for free handouts of course, billions like, for, you know, new energy projects, you see; free energy they call it, etc. And they also give grants, you see, to the NGOs; actually they fund the NGOs. See how it all works together? So they wonít attack these slashing, you know, these things that shred birds to pieces; itís okay to do that. Everything is fixed and rigged in this system, everything. As I say, they always give you your leaders to follow. Whatever your persuasion is, and what you want to protest against or be for, they already have it tailor-made for you, thereís a group out there for you to join. Itís all controlled. They always give you your leaders, folks. Sad but true.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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