June 16, 2008  (#128)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 16, 2008:

"When it Comes to The Agenda, There's No Trick too Low,
We'll be Praising the Veggies as We Eat GMO,
With Aspartame Dressings, Acquiring the Taste,
'Cause Shortly the Government will Measure Your Waist"
© Alan Watt June 16, 2008



Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 16, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and it’s Cutting Through The Matrix time again on June the 16th, 2008.  Newcomers, look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll find lots of talks from many years which help fill in all the pieces of the puzzle and there’s so many pieces of this puzzle because it’s your whole reality.  Everything you take for granted in your societal structure is basically designed and given to you.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can get transcripts downloaded in the various languages of Europe and print them up and pass them around.  Those who want to contribute to keep me going, can find out how to do it on my web site www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  This show is brought to you by you.  That’s how it is.  I try and give a deeper understanding in to the system than other shows.  Most shows just concentrate on what’s simply happening day by day and it’s very important BUT you also have to find out what’s behind it and how it works on such vast amounts of people simultaneously.  How we adapt in to the next phase, the next phase and the next phase until people really have no memory of what any normalcy ever really was. 


This has been going on for a long time.  We’re technically downloaded with updates, just like a computer.  What’s ever suddenly fashionable, we’ll find we’re bombarded with it - terms and the slogans from the media - until they become real.  They’re all abstractions like ‘carbon footprints’ and ‘global warming’.  We don’t get weather forecasts anymore, we have ‘climate changes‘.  This is the technique that’s done through repetition, as Bertrand Russell said.  They found out you have to repeat something a minimum of 8 times to the public - all advertisers know this - before it will stay in your memory.  Once they’ve done it so many times, hundreds of times, you’ll start repeating it yourself, in conversation.  Those around you, good little programs that they are, will also do the same.  They’ll parrot the stuff back and forth to each other.  It’s a very simple technique, well tried and tested.  So, as I say, if you want to keep me going with the more in-depth understanding of the overall system it’s up to you.  You can do so.  I know things are getting tight all around.  I see the prices going up in stores.  The food, of course, goes up.  Everything that’s transported - and that’s everything with diesel - is skyrocketing because the stores pass on the extra costs, eventually, to you.  That’s the way it’s designed to be.  Of course, we know that there’s more behind it than what we’re being told. 


The whole idea is Agenda 21, which is the Agenda for the 21st century, the United Nations.  They’re going to start to get the people off the rural areas in to the CROWDED cities, already crowded cities, where you’ll have a Soylent Green type scenario.  Everyone’s stuck together like sardines.  The elite will live in the old Soviet style with their wonderful dachas in the country and servants and all the rest of it and they won’t be crammed together.  Under Agenda 21, there will be NO private transportation.  LOOK IT UP.  Look it up yourselves.  It will be public transportation only.  Now that they’re doing various military tests across the world, in their own countries, there’s even tests going inside the United States - for road checks and so on - by troops, it’s getting you used to not traveling outside of your area.  All of these things that happen are to make you familiar with it. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before the break I was mentioning that most folk are downloaded and don’t really have opinions of their own because you have to reason THROUGH facts and data to come to an opinion.  We don’t bother with that today.  It’s too cumbersome.  We listen to the experts who will give us this side of a story or that side of a story, one or the other, because that’s how most folk think.  They take one or the other.  It depends on your personality type and you parrot those opinions, often for the rest of your life.  It’s designed that way.  Remember what Brzezinski said, ‘most folk can not reason for themselves, they expect the media to do it for them’… and that’s what it does.  Most people are being programmed day by day, week by week, year by year, all through their lives because we are so adaptable and they have no memory of how it used to be.  They think it’s always been this way, even though it’s 180° from last year.  They just think it’s all quite normal. 


Now, here and there you find someone who has a little bit of power - at least they’re up there in Parliament, in government - who says some of the right things.  If you’ve noticed since 9/11 happened, the politicians have closed ranks and they all had to come up with one voice behind the legislation that they’re passing like crazy.  The legislation you have YET to see enforced.  Once you see it enforced, it will put the Soviet system to shame.  It’s WAY beyond that.  Here’s a British politician here.  He resigned last week.  This is from the BBC on June the 12th


David Davis resigns from Commons 

Page last updated at 07:45 GMT, Friday, 13 June 2008 08:45 UK


Shadow home secretary David Davis has resigned as an MP.  He’s forced a by-election in his Haltemprice and Howden constituency while he will fight on the issue of the new 42 day terror detention limit.


Mr. Davis, 59, told reporters outside the House of Commons, he believes his move was a noble endeavor to stop the erosion of British civil liberties.


He’s one of the best known opposition MPs and his resignation came as a complete surprise in Westminster.


He told reporters outside the Commons, “I will argue in this by-election against the slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms by this government.”


Then it goes on with the pros and cons about party politics and all the rest of it.  But he said what had to be said.  Because it’s true.  Everything is happening across the whole world.  Isn’t it amazing how we’re all in step together… and we all still think we’re nations that are independent.  We’re all passing the same laws at the same time, in unison, which tells you we were international a long time ago.  As he said, “I will argue in this by-election against the slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms by this government.”


We have to remember that because that’s what’s happening EVERYWHERE in the world.  NATO countries had signed all these deals long before 9/11 happened to go into action together.  And they would force other countries, that they trade with, into going along with them too.  That’s why you have Finland and Sweden and all the other countries passing the same type of homeland security laws.  It’s all one big club at the top.  They’re doing exercises in the United States, as I say.  I read about that last week.  How even these troops will be doing road checks and practicing with non-lethal weaponry.  I don’t know how they practice with that. 


This is all part of totalitarianism.  It’s signs of the old Fascism.  People don’t know what Fascism is anymore.  In fact, children are taught the past is irrelevant in school today.  That’s vital to get them in to the NEW phase of the greening project.  All the past is irrelevant.  It’s just somehow bad, that’s all they need to know.  They don’t know what Fascism is.  Fascism is when government is in bed with the corporations.  Now it’s international corporations so it’s international Fascism running rampant over the people. 


The first country that really set up the Fascist state openly was Italy with Mussolini.  The excuse they used to come in with force was that the communists were running riots and partly that was true.  Communism and Fascism have been used together to bring a new system in.  This technique has been used in other countries too.  It’s interesting that here’s an article from The Scotsman newspaper, Scotsman.com. 


Berlusconi puts 2,500 troops on streets of Italian cities

 to patrol alongside police

Wednesday, 3rd June 2009

Published Date: 16 June 2008

By Nick Pisa


SOLDIERS are to be deployed in Italian cities as Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister, cracks down on crime as part of his government's new domestic security package.  (A:  Now, that’s right out of the Fascist handbook, even the way it’s written here.)


The troops – drawn from those who have served abroad (A:  Well, that’s what’s coming everywhere.)– will patrol alongside regular state police and carabinieri paramilitary police.


They will be able to stop, search and identify suspects but will have no powers of arrest.  (A:  Now, listen to this…)  Instead they must all for support or take suspects to the nearest police station.  (A:  In other words, they can’t arrest you but they can take you to the police station… well, under what… if they can’t arrest you?  Well, if it’s at the end of a gun, that speaks volumes.)


Defence minister Ignazio La Russa said: "We are talking about a contingent of 2,500 troops who will patrol, alongside ordinary police, in order to safeguard the security of citizens.


"The scheme will be initially for six months and then renewed for another six months as a one-off and that will be it.


"If it was possible to recruit and train 2,500 police officers immediately then I would be delighted not to use troops."  (A:  This goes on and on and on.  This is simple Fascism.)


It reminds me of the article I read about a month ago where over 2000 British policemen were sent in to one area in London to go through apartments one by one and stores and everything.  We’re seeing the same formula across the Western world… and no one’s thinking anything about it.  We should be.  Because this really is the big stick coming out now.  As always, you see, if you yourself are not being directly affected at the moment, you put it out of your mind because it doesn’t affect you.  It’s someone else.  Someone else is getting the end of the baton or the prick of the bayonet… but it’s not you. That’s happened at the beginning of ALL tyrannies until eventually it comes around TO YOU.  It doesn’t miss anyone. 


I can remember when some of the writers in the Soviet Union, like Solzhenitsyn, talked about the start when the NKVD, the precursor of the KGB, first started to come in to homes and streets and grab people out of their apartments to drag them off.  Now, they had to turn out the whole street to witness this, partly to terrorize and get their message across to everyone what was happening and what would happen to them if they didn’t COMPLY.  He said, that was right there, right then, he says, that’s when at the very beginning, we should have grabbed axes and pick handles and hammers and gone for these guys, these 2 or 3 cops.  Because once it started, it became familiar and we adapted to it.  When things start happening and it’s commonplace, you’re on your road to hell. 


Human nature is understood PERFECTLY, perfectly well by those at the top.  There are more sciences USED ON THE PUBLIC TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY.  Russell himself, talked about using Madison Avenue, those who understood how to MOTIVATE people into doing things they would otherwise perhaps not do.  Even want things, even get into debt to get things.  They brought them on board, the big think tanks, to guide society.  They bring top sociologists on, ethnologists and anthropologists and so on.  Massive teams of them work at think tanks to make sure that YOU and I behave the way they want us to behave, speak about the things that we’re supposed to speak about and ignore the topics we’re told to ignore as being taboo. 


I don’t know if people understand that the 2 men employed at the United Nations who came up with the whole non-smoking campaign, adapted the techniques of conditioning a whole population across the Western world into something they’d studied in China.  It’s called, ‘creating social approval and social disapproval’.  They observed that they’d NO longer NEED to bring the troops in to drag away pregnant women for abortions, with a second child.  Because they convinced the neighbors - through masses of propaganda for years - that that second child was taking food away from someone else’s mouth.  So it was an anti-social act to have a second child.  The neighbors would literally come in, like a mob, and pull them off to the clinic. 


Well, it’s the same technique they started to borrow and work on for the anti-smoking campaign.  The anti-smokers or the non-smokers thought ‘well, it doesn’t bother me’.  It used to be smoking was a choice.  That choice is gone now.  The U.N. has now set its sights, using the same techniques, on obesity.  A war on obesity.  Shortly YOU’LL be called in to have your waist measured… as they have in Japan.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix and I’m going through some of the techniques that are used on the public to make them behave in certain ways.  Skinner, of course, and many others have written extensively on the techniques to be used on the general public.  I’ve lived long enough to see it working on most people.  You listen to their conversations, whether it’s in a bar or having a wine outside somewhere, at a table, where the sun is, and most of their talk is straight out of their conditioning from the media.  They adopt the terms used and parrot them into reality.  Like carbon footprints and global warming and greenhouse gases… all these complete abstracts in which have as much credibility as saying 25,000 novenas did in the Middle Ages.  But that’s how.  They’re using the tricks they used for hundreds of years in religions… the same tricks on the people because THE SCIENTISTS ARE THE NEW PRIESTS NOW, you see.  We’ve been trained that they’re always right even when they keep reversing their decisions and coming up with new theories… THEY’RE ALWAYS RIGHT and you must obey.  


Most of what was called ‘services’, like Lenin talked about, that would be set up across the Western world, would eventually be turned in to ‘authorities’.  The League of Nations that was set up, the precursor of the United Nations, also had that in its charter.  That services would be set up that would eventually become authorities including A HEALTH AUTHORITY.  That has been done.  We’ve lived through it. 


Now Japan, Japan is an interesting country because DURING World War II, Hopkins was given the job with a whole team of people to come up with how the NEW Japan would be.  How it would operate.  They already KNEW they were going to set it up to be a main manufacturer.  They never had a country where people were so obedient before.  Very obedient.  They followed the laws and the rules and status and so on and the classes.  Everybody knew their place and they jumped and hopped and skipped to attention when authority spoke.  Here was a chance to use their techniques that would be used on the world in this little test country.  Hopkins came up with the whole idea.  They knew darned well they were going to set it up as the manufacturer for electronics.  It was U.S. money that financed it into being.  Because it’s so obedient a country and because the U.S. also thought they’d bring in this fascist type, keep-fit thing which they were doing during World War II and prior to World War II, if you go back into the old movies about it.  You’d have to do all these exercises before you’d get in to the factories in Japan, that’s how it works. 


This is from The New York Times. 


Japan, seeking trimmer citizens, decides to measure millions of waistlines

By Norimitsu Onishi

Published: Friday, June 13, 2008

[emphasis added]


AMAGASAKI, Japan — Japan, a country not known for its overweight people, has undertaken one of the most ambitious campaigns ever by a nation to slim down its citizenry.  (A:  Now remember, they won’t mention it here but go back to the United Nations to declaring WAR ON OBESITY.  You’ll find everything comes really from there.)


A poster at a public health clinic in Japan reads, “Good-bye metabo”  (A:  See, they give their little catchy word.  Again, Lenin said, by phrases and terms, they would speak these things into existence.)  “Good-bye metabo” a word associated with being overweight.  (A:  For metabolism.)  The Japanese government is mounting an ambitious weight loss campaign. 


Summoned by the city of Amagasaki one recent morning, Minoru Nogiri, 45, a flower shop owner, found himself lining up to have his waistline measured. With no visible paunch, he seemed to run little risk of being classified as overweight, or metabo, (A:  How many times do they say ‘metabo’ in this article?) the preferred word in Japan these days.


But because the new state-prescribed limit for male waistlines is a strict 33.5 inches, he had anxiously measured himself at home a couple of days earlier. "I'm on the border," he said.


Under a national law that came into effect two months ago, companies and local governments must now measure the waistlines of Japanese people between the ages of 40 and 74 as part of their annual checkups. That represents more than 56 million waistlines, or about 44 percent of the entire population.


Those exceeding government limits — 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women, which are identical to thresholds established in 2005 for Japan by the International Diabetes Federation (A:  Also associated, you see, with the U.N.) as an easy guideline for identifying health risks — and having a weight-related ailment will be given dieting guidance if after three months they do not lose weight. If necessary, those people will be steered toward further re-education after six more months.


To reach its goals of shrinking the overweight population by 10 percent over the next four years and 25 percent over the next seven years, the government will impose financial penalties on companies and local governments that fail to meet specific targets. (A:  You know they’re going to fire them.  They’ll fire the people if they can’t get them down.)  The country's Ministry of Health argues that the campaign will keep the spread of diseases like diabetes and strokes in check.


The ministry also says that curbing widening waistlines will rein in a rapidly aging society's ballooning health care costs, one of the most serious and politically delicate problems facing Japan today. Most Japanese are covered under public health care or through their work. Anger over a plan that would make those 75 and older pay more for health care brought a parliamentary censure motion Wednesday against Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, the first against a prime minister in the country's postwar history.


(A:  But here’s a thing too.  If your read on down this article, they also want to use anti-cholesterol drugs to get the big pharmas in on it and start drugging you and all the rest of it.  THIS IS OWNERSHIP.  THIS IS WEIGHING THE HERD.  That’s what it’s coming down to.  It’ll be in a country near you soon.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back and Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you how you can not miss things abroad, because what goes around comes around, because we’re all global already.  They’re on a massive push to declare world government openly once the Middle-East is conquered.  That’s what it’s all about. 


We’ll go to the phones now.  We’ll talk to Morris from Florida.  Are you there Morris?


Morris:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Morris:  I’m from Texas.  I just thought I’d say, that I was looking at a history book when I was in junior high school and Mussolini and, I guess, his wife or his girlfriend… but a lot of people don’t know how he died.  They captured him and they didn’t want… they wanted everybody to know that they caught him.  He was literally slapped to death by a bunch of little old ladies.  Have you heard that story?


Alan:  Yes.


Morris:  I read some of their journals.  Because the men surrounded him and the only people they would let in the center was a bunch of little old ladies.  That’s basically how he ended his life.  They kept telling them not to hit him in the face because they wanted people to recognize him and his, I guess, girlfriend.  I don’t think he was married.


Alan:  It was his wife.


Morris:  But the thing that I was thinking about, the smoking thing.  We had a thing here even in our city and we had a lot cancer money spent by The American Cancer Society which is like the last organization in the world that wants to cure cancer.


Alan:  That’s right.


Morris:  We also had another organization, a guy, Lance Armstrong, and the only people that were against them were basically the bar owners.  They could only come up with $13,000 and they ran a candidate on that platform.  If he’d have shifted his votes to another candidate we might have won.  But we were outspent 20 to 1.  So, what I was really wanting to call about is that there’s been so many times in my life and I’m sure yours and other people’s lives where the majority, maybe 80-90% of the people felt a certain way but it’s like it never changed my mind.  I do think there’s a genealogy of good and there’s a genealogy of evil.  I do believe that there are people that see, even though the masses, even if it’s 95%.  I just wanted you to talk about that.  WHAT is that because I’ve always said for myself, it’s not what life’s about but it’s who’s life’s about.  For me, I just had the fundamental believe of Yahweh.  Like Jim Jones out in South Africa where everybody drank the cool-aid… There were some people that got off that bus and the first thing he did when they got off the bus was to throw the Bible in a bush - and this is actually recorded in history - he said, we don’t need this.  There were some people who are trained in genealogy and beliefs knew that wasn’t the right path and they went and chose the good.


Alan:  The thing is, as I say, democracy doesn’t exist.  You see, there’s an agenda at work here.  It’s the same even when they created the ‘super cities’.  Again, that was a mandate that came down from the United Nations.  They tried that in Toronto and all the other little townships that weren’t amalgamated then said NO, they all voted NO… when they eventually got a vote at all.  They only got a vote because they demanded it.  The public demanded it.  It was overwhelmingly AGAINST the amalgamation and the mayor come out and says you’re getting it anyway.  That’s what happens over and over.  It’s the same with what we saw in Ireland.  They vote against this ratification of the treaty, this final ratification, and right away in the BBC the next day, it’s, ‘Oh, what went wrong?  We’ll have to keep at the people until they get it right.’  The campaign never stops.  People are being conditioned along the same techniques they used in China.  They worked very well.  They’re tried and tested.  They went after the smokers first to change their way.  Now, they’re going after obesity.  IT WON’T STOP THERE.  We’re all to be trained in a whole new system of greening.  Now, the big philanthropic companies, organizations and foundations are putting out millions there, behind the ‘greenies’ in every area.  They’re getting millions of dollars to start campaigning in their local areas for us all to start thinking GREEN, cutting back emissions and everything.  Eventually, they’ll come around INSPECTING YOUR HOMES.  I’m not kidding about that.   That’s the agenda. 


Morris:  I think a lot of the times we strive to tell the people here, the people that were informed and knew what was going on, this wasn’t about what they were talking about. 


Alan:  It never is.


Morris:  It never is.  What it was really about was property rights.  So, the thing of it is, that is the paradigm shift.  But all through civilization, all through history, it seems that people… there’s always that… I think the biggest thing… They always use the left side of their brain.  You understand what I’m saying?


Alan:  I know.  Thanks for calling.  There’s other callers here.  I have to get them on.  We’ll go to Joe from New York.  Hello Joe?


Joe:  Hi Alan.  Thanks for taking my call. 


Alan:  Yes.  Go ahead.


Joe:  Last time I called you I was rather despondent as I learned more and more about this.  To start off, I thought I’d throw out some encouragement to you and to other people who are trying to wake other people up because it can be a hard road to walk.  What I found is that when your whole world is rocked and turned upside-down, it has such a tremendous sense of loss.  That’s what got me down.  To get through it you have to almost look at it like psychologists talk about the stages of grief. 


Alan:  It’s the stages of grief.  At first, when you realize democracy is dead, then you go through depression, anger, all those phases.  The same way.  So you’re right.


Joe:  Absolutely right.  When you’re trying to change somebody else’s mind, you have to give them that opportunity to go through them themselves.  That’s why the first thing is denial.  Usually and eventually, if you keep at it, will wake more and more people up.  That’s my encouragement.


Alan:  That’s how you do it.  They might even turn on YOU in the early phases because they will get angry and you have to accept that. 


Joe:  When they did that at first, I would… I’d get turned off.  I’d say, this is never going to work.  These people are blind and we’re all doomed.  We very well may all be doomed but at least we’re all doing our part.  My question had to do with a book that I feel lucky to have picked up over the weekend.  It’s The Outline of History.  It was published in the 20s by HG Wells. 


Alan:  HG Wells, but it first came out in 2 sets but his son finished off the last couple of chapters because Wells died in I think ‘48. 


Joe:  Right.  It’s going to be quite an undertaking.  It’s a pretty thick book. 


Alan:  He goes in to the eugenics there and he also categorizes the superior races in a descending order and who will have to be eliminated.  It’s in that book.


Joe:  That’s what I was going to ask you to comment on.  What should I be looking for in the book and if there’s a spin?  I’ll take whatever comments you have left off the air and again, keep up the good work. 


Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling.  HG Wells went through the agenda because he was in on the big think tanks that planned the whole century and in to this century.  He talked about the new control system where everyone would be born and raised and trained for the specific type of work, rather than this competition style we have a the moment.  It’s just too inefficient.  He also had a descending order of superior types and inferior types that would never work in a new economic system and they’d simply have to be eliminated.  So he’s quite ruthless in the book.  If you get the earlier copies, they’re better.  They did alter some of the later abridged editions.  The first 2 came out separately, History of the World Part One and Two, and then they amalgamated into one volume and it was abridged so they cut a lot of the more arrogant statements out of it.  It was finished off by his son who he’d left with Pavlov because he was a hero of Wells.  A man who could do operant conditioning on animals and people.  His son learned the Pavlovian techniques and then he came over to New York to work in universities there and implement the same techniques.  It’s well worth getting a copy, a used copy if you can. 


Alan:  Now, we’ve got Maggie from Texas.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Yes.  Hello Alan.  The first caller’s question and then your response to it covered a lot of what I was intending to ask about so I’ll just make it short.  You’ve mentioned, I believe, that the international anti-smoking campaign was designed basically by 2 people.  Who were they and can you tell me a little more about that or where I can find some more information on them?


Alan:  Well, I got an email last week.  It took me to a link from a newspaper, if I could possibly find it, and these 2 characters have actually put out a book on how they did it.  They’re boasting on how they managed to change the minds of people.  They said in the book that they were now going to use the same techniques on the war against obesity so that they’ll make it ‘social disapproval’ for over-weight people.  They’ll separate you.  Make you feel like a leper.  That’s what they did with smokers.  It also trained the school children to point and all that kind of stuff.  Just the same as they did with smokers.  They’re going to use these techniques along with… mind you, that’s not all.  Vegetarianism is to come in with this along the way as well.  I’ll try and find that if I haven’t scrubbed it. 


Maggie:  Okay.  I’ll email you then with the request.  I find that very interesting because I knew something was fishy when this whole thing came in very abruptly about 15 years ago, if I recall.  I’m not a smoker but I was very, very offended by it.  I knew there was something bad but I couldn’t put my fingers on it… but I was not yet awake.  But now I am.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Maggie:  Yeah.  Sure.


Alan:  We’ve got Joel in Los Angeles.  Are you there Joel?


Joel:  Hi Alan.  This is Joel in LA and I was wondering about the book publisher Timson/ Hudson.  Have they been a publisher in, how would you say, good standing with the Tavistock Institute or the new world order agenda for a long time?


Alan:  I’d have to see their books, their publications of books.  You’re on the right path though.  I know what you mean because I’ve studied this for so many years.  You’ll find certain publishers come out along the same themes with different authors to do with sociology, social changes, that kind of thing.  Other ones cater for the new age, promoting the new age philosophies, etc.  There’s always a tie-in with those that create ALL of the culture.  That goes back again to the old Tavistock Institute and the big think tanks.  So there very possibly is, especially if you find the same kinds of books advocating specific types of directions of social change. 


Joel:  I see.  Okay.  The reason I was asking was in regards to the international graffiti sub-culture that has sort of gone all over the world.  I was a graffiti artist in the 80s and 90s and I noticed that Timson/Hudson was always publishing these books about graffiti that every graffiti writer all over the country or the world seemed to have.  Then I noticed that they’re putting out new stuff as well.  I was just wondering how this fit in to the big agenda.


Alan:  I do know that even governments, local governments, started to pay a lot of the artists, back then too, to start putting paintings up on buildings in the cities, as well.  Now, part of it was as Charles Galton Darwin says, because the people are crowded in cities and there’s a lot of terrible things happen in cities and the conditions aren’t pleasant, he says, ‘we can MAKE the people LIKE them’.  Part of it’s done by creating a bonding or a familiarity of certain things that you see and so on.  So they were giving out grants to specific, not all, but some of these graffiti artists to do large paintings, even along whole walls.  It was to make it more familiar and then get the community talking and discussing what was IN the art itself.  Then it would go under the local newspapers as ‘our community’ because they were pushing communitarianism.  That’s the term they’re now use in Washington D.C.  Communitarianism had to be PUSHED through all various kinds of ways and especially through the arts.  It might have something to do with that.


Joel:  Oh.  Okay.  Thanks for the info.  I’ll look more in to it.  Just before I get off the line here, I wanted to ask you about that vegetarianism thing.  If the food was non-GMO, would it be a good idea to be a vegetarian or is vegetarianism something that should be avoided? 


Alan:  Again, this is where I differ from most folk because I’m normal.  I would say it’s choices.  We’re not living in a normal phase because we don’t have people with choices anymore.  They want us to do what they want you to do.  All I can say is that in this last while I’ve known vegetarians that are keeling over dead.  Some of them are utter vegans.  Whether it’s the GMO food, I have no idea, but they don’t have the stamina left to overcome even little infections and so on.  There are certain things you will get in meat.  There’s enzymes and so on which are absent in a vegan diet.  You’ll find that vegetarians, especially when it’s in cold countries, have an awful time of it trying to cope with the cold.  Their circulation is generally poor.  That’s just the way it is.  It boils down, as I say… vegetarianism IS being promoted from the top along with the whole new age movement.  It’s not a new idea.  It came in in the 1800s.  They said they’d promote that because they said they were copying India, as a model.  In India, the people there were so well managed for thousands of years.  They did what they were told.  They didn’t think too deeply.  Didn’t object to any nasty stuff from governments or kings or princes.  Of course, that’s the greatest way to get an obedient people.  When you’re partly undernourished and if your body is not well, your mind doesn’t work at full capacity either.  You certainly are in NO mood for rebellion.  You don’t have the physical energy for it. 


Joel:  I see.  Okay.  Thank you and I’ll let you go for the other callers.


Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling.  It’s funny enough too, I just read an article there that came up about, and again, it’s pushed by the United Nations.  It’s to re-educate the public on going green, going vegetarian.  Then it’s got a whole list of stuff they get from the greenies about how much extra carbon animals produce - all the ones that you’re eating - what they produce and so on.  It’s nothing but a propaganda piece.  Get used to it because you’re going to get lots and lots of this stuff getting churned out shortly because the big boys have unlimited money and organizations and access to the media.  This is the mandate and we’re going to go though it.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix.  We’re on a roll from every facet, every part of your life is under attack right now.  Very quietly in some areas, more overt in others.  THEY WILL WANT ACCESS TO YOUR HOMES shortly.  They’ll do ‘carbon taxes’ and they’ll assess your home for your output, etc and all this UTTER NONSENSE that they’re going to bring in.  The whole idea too, is also to get you used to the fact that you have no privacy or private property.  They’ve been trying forever to get into people’s homes to get that psychological impact across.  Through laws, they’re going to have access to your homes so you’re as well as renting.  That’s the whole idea.  It’s to let you know that you have no real rights even in your own home. 


There’s an article that came out… from Scotland.  It’s quite interesting.  This is about a place called Stirling.  Stirling is where William Wallace defeated Edward’s army, just outside there, a little bridge.  It says here


Mother gets £1.25m to help cut Stirling's carbon output

(A:  See how they put a story across with this mother.  They won’t tell you all the other organizations she belongs to, mind you.)

From The Times

June 12, 2008

[emphasis added]


A woman who came up with a simple scheme that helps people change their lifestyle and save energy has been hailed as bringing in a new era. 


A young mother who has come up with an ambitious vision to make Stirling Britain's first carbon-neutral city has won £1.25million backing from the Big Lottery Fund (A:  Again, that’s how they decide… that through philanthropy WHO gets the funding, you see.  That’s how you change it… through NGOs.) and the Scottish government.


Rachel Nunn's simple scheme - Going Carbon Neutral Stirling - involves altering the way people think. (A:  What was it that Charles Galton Darwin said about the cities?  They’ll be unpleasant and nasty things but we can alter, make people like them.  Not by changing the conditions but simply making the people like them.  Here she is.  She said, “by the way people THINK.”)  It was hailed as “the start of an exciting new era”.


Mrs Nunn, 35, a mother of two young boys, said that under the scheme campaigners would visit community groups regularly and gradually encourage people to reset their aspirations and desires(A:  TRAIN you.  She’s TRAINING people.  Where’s William Wallace when you need him?  With that big sword of his?  Of course they’ve got it up at the Wallace Monument encased in glass.)


This is how they do it.  They select certain people who are fanatics, belong to the right associations, presented to the public as though it’s just a housewife.  You don’t just give a housewife £1.25 million.  You double that for dollars.  So they can go door-to-door - with NGOs - to start nagging you into altering your behavior.  That’s what’s happening.  And it will be happening in Canada and the States and everywhere else for that matter. 


Getting back to the start of tonight, I mentioned that YOU keep me going.  This show is brought to you by you.  I have a thousand things to do during a day.  I’m run off my feet.  Absolutely run off my feet.  I do most of the… it’s all secretarial work, really, and I’m doing it all.  That’s what really consumes the time.  I also have to get out and chop wood and all the rest of it for this winter ‘cause no one else will.  So I appreciate those who DO send in donations, etc.  You can also buy DVDs and CDs and my books on the web site.  How to do it is up there too.  I encourage people to go in there.  PEOPLE SHOULD ALSO START TO DOWNLOAD STUFF, BURN IT TO DISK BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THESE SITES WILL BE ALLOWED UP.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one day governments simply give the order and they’re all pulled.  Too late to download then, or save them… for posterity, or to pass on for children. 


Well that’s the music for tonight.  So from Hamish and myself, from a thundery Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



Topics of show covered in following articles:

"David Davis resigns from Commons" (news.bbc.co.uk) - June 13, 2008.

"Berlusconi puts 2,500 troops on streets of Italian cities to patrol alongside police" by Nick Pisa (news.scotsman.com) - June 16, 2008.

"Japan, Seeking Trim Waists, Measures Millions" by Norimitsu Onishi (iht.com) - June 13, 2008.

"Mother gets £1.25m to help cut Stirling's carbon output" by Melanie Reid (timesonline.co.uk) - June 12, 2008.



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