March 20, 2013 (#1291)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 20, 2013:

The Revolution to Force Evolution:

"This 21st Century is the "Century of Change",
They've Been Chomping at Bit to Rearrange
Society's Structure from Bottom to Top,
Efficiency Demands Freedoms All have to Stop,
Experts to Rule Everyone from Cradle to Grave,
Training Prole to Be Happy, Gross-Well-Being Slave,
Genetic Testing Mandatory Before You can Breed,
Even Then it Depends on How Many They Need
For an Efficient System to Serve World Masters,
Ensuring Their Survival Through All Disasters,
It's the Elite's Utopia, This Dream Revolution,
Toward Their God-State with Forced Evolution"
© Alan Watt Mar. 20, 2013
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 20th of March, 2013.

Newcomers as always help yourself to the website  There are lots of articles for downloading, lots of data, lots of information on the system, the big system that is the real world that we live in, the one that’s not mentioned by the mainstream media.  And I go into the histories of the big organizations that got together a long time ago to form their global club with the intention of taking over the world basically, running it in a scientific fashion they call it.  And also to bring in a planned society worldwide, regulated and so on by the intelligentsia on behalf of the big bankers who fund them all of course and run them.

So this is, it’s much like Plato’s "Republic", the book he wrote a long, long time ago about the system to come, special breeding and all that.  It’s all happening now in fact, all of these topics that he mentioned all that time ago.  So we’re going through massive changes and the big foundations themselves, the philanthropic foundations as they call themselves, are really helping run the world.  In fact they do run the world, they don’t just help it.  They put their own boys into governments too, and they have them across the world, worldwide, prime ministers, presidents and so on.  And I’ve mentioned all the names of the organizations involved, not all of them, there are so many of them.  But they all form one big massive club and they have everything working together.

So anyway help yourself to the website as I say and remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me tick along by getting the books and discs at  And hopefully I can just tick along a bit longer if that’s so.

And from the U.S. to Canada always remember you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office, or you can use Paypal, or you can send cash even.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And donations are really, really, really welcome especially at this time of the year when there are so many renewals for sites and everything else to get done at once.

But as I say we’re going through massive changes.  This is the Century of Change; the 21st century was always to be the century of change and academia prattled on about it for the last century, for the last 50 years, because this is when all the big, big changes had to get rammed through and the world is standardized, this one system across the entire world.  One type of government which they call democratic and they force it upon countries even if they don’t want it; they’ll just invade them like they do across the Middle East and so on.  And they get them onto a central banking system.  In comes the IMF to lend them money since they’ve demolished all their infrastructure and then the debt system starts for them.  Central banking, private central banking runs them and the central banks all belong to the umbrella group under the Bank for International Settlements.  And they work with the IMF to regain their debt money and so on.

So it’s a one world system on behalf of economics, run again by scientific societies or agencies.  And the whole idea is to get a population that’s post democratic, a people who will accept authoritarianism; it’s the fastest way to get things done as they say at the top.  Bill Gates even mentioned that recently too.  And as I say too the Club of Rome mentioned that many years ago, the big, big think tank, that they could never get things done fast with all the arguing parties and factions within politics, therefore we’d have to go into a post democratic system.  And guess what, it’s all happening now.

And of course every crisis that’s caused, every single one, through the financial system, which is all a con to start with, is used by the same banking systems to consolidate their power over the planet.  And that’s what they’ll use the runs in Cypress for, for instance, for the whole of Europe.  As they integrate Europe even further and further with the power from the EU itself, the parliament, and the little countries become satrapies or little provincial governments that once were sovereign governments.  That’s already happened.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and it’s not very often we get any good news at all from the small guy standing up to the big guys of course.  And it’s actually happened in the case of Katerina Jeleva.  I’ve mentioned her quite a few times, I’ve had her on.  And she has been fighting to get her son back from the court system and the family court system in Utah for quite some time and she’s actually won the case.  So I’ll put a link up tonight to tell you all about it.

It says:

"Katerina Jeleva and Son to be Reunited After Court Victory"

"After nearly a year-and-a-half-long battle with DCFS, the Utah Family Court System, rogue Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Amber Ruder, and an ex-husband’s legal team determined to pull every underhanded trick in the book, it appears that Katerina Jeleva’s ordeal is finally coming to an end.  Judge Mary Noonan...."

Alan:  That’s the one that lots of you contacted by the way and I should really thank you for all getting involved because I’m sure it had a big, big thing to do with the swaying of this.


"...ruled on March 19, 2013 that Katerina will indeed be reunited with her son within a period of 90 days."

So it says:

"For those who may be unaware of the situation surrounding Katerina’s separation with her son, please see the following articles..."

Alan:  I’ll put the links up tonight.

"...for a detailed chronology,"

Alan:  Of what happened, and so on and so on.  Incredible amounts of pre-trials, pre-trials, pre-trials and eventually she got the actual real trial.  And so many underhanded tricks too by the Utah family court system with their Guardian ad Litems and so on.  It’s just astonishing that there are no charges laid against those people for..., I mean the cost to the taxpayer too is just phenomenal, never mind the money that it’s cost Katerina and so on.

So, it’s astonishing.  This is one case.  There are thousands of them happening all the time.  You should understand that the kidnapping of children by the court systems is a big business.  I mean it’s huge business.  One child has to see a psychologist and clinical psychiatrist and all this kind of stuff and therapist and yada-yada-yada-ya.  And it goes on and on and on and the taxpayers pay for it all.  It’s very lucrative for all those involved, except for the people who are charged in the first place, the ordinary people.  So anyway she’s getting her son back within 90 days.

And it says here that:

"As a result of this ruling and, after 90 days, during which Katerina and her son are required to go through a brief reintroduction period,"

Alan:  I mean can you imagine how screwed up the children are, any child is actually after this?  They’ve seen all these professionals, and a child isn’t... They’re in a land of kind of make-believe, dreaming and so on, and reality all at the same time, and fantasy.  And after getting indoctrinated with all these different people, asking them these strange questions, that children shouldn’t even be going near in fact, you can imagine how they will look at everybody else they used to know afterwards.  So you’ve got to get a reintroduction period...

"...the child will return home with Katerina and she will have full physical custody."

Alan:  After she’s gone through all this reintroduction period.

And it says:

"The reintroduction period stipulations were made based on the recommendations of the child’s personal therapist in conjunction with the current Guardian ad Litem, John Moody,"

Alan:  Who replaced the one that I think because of all the people who complained about her, got rid of the nasty, nasty one that was dealing with it all before.  So John Moody is very good apparently and he’s more neutral and he stands aside and allows things to be said and justice to be done, so there are some glowing reports about that.  Anyway we’ll see what happens now because...

"The Judge’s orders will soon be put in writing and, after the ruling is filed, Brett Beyer..."

Alan:  This is the ex-husband.

"...has 15 days to appeal the District Court of Utah if he desires to do so."

Alan:  But it would cost him a fortune to start all this up because now he has no, the charge for abuse and so on is completely thrown out.  So there is nothing to stand on or to go on with the case if he tries to appeal it.  So that’s good news as I say, seldom we get that in this day and age.  It’s very, very seldom that we get any kind of good news at all, especially after such powerful agencies like family court systems and so on.  As I say it’s massive money.  You should really look up yourselves to see in the different states because they publish the incredible amounts of billions of dollars that get thrown at them every year, into these systems.  And of course they’re very jealous, the systems that run them are very, very jealous to keep that money going and they don’t like to be proven wrong.  And they don’t like to lose.  If they start losing, then it gives credence to the fact that many other people are trying to get their children back and they can claim there have been false charges laid and so on.  So this opens up a precedent too for others to get some hope.  So I’ll put this link up tonight for those who have been following this too.

Also tonight too, it’s interesting that there are so many people in the U.S. now trying to eke out a living by so many different means, alternate means, because so much work has gone abroad.  Fantastic amounts of work has gone abroad over many years now.  And there is less and less work at home.  And of course years ago they kept telling folk to work at home, use your computer etcetera, try to make ends meet.  And lots of people started internet retailing businesses as you know.

And it says:

"Internet retailers bash Senate attempt to ‘sneak through’ online sales tax"

Alan:  This is going to put them all under if it goes through.

"Opponents of an online sales tax measure are pushing back on efforts to get the bill added to the Senate budget this week."

"Phil Bond, the executive director of the WE R HERE coalition, accused backers of online sales tax measures of trying to “sneak through” their legislation outside regular congressional order."

Alan:  This is how they do these things.


"“There are good reasons this policy hasn’t been considered in the US Senate for over a decade:  Taxpayers don’t like it, it turns the Internet into a tax collection platform,"

Alan:  Again it’s a precedent.

" allows state tax collectors to exercise authority far beyond their boundaries and it will put thousands of small businesses out of business,” Bond, a top Commerce Department official under George W. Bush, said in a statement.  Groups like the National Retail Federation and the Retail Industry Leaders Association, strong backers of the online sales tax measure, have been urging supportive senators to offer the bill as an amendment to the Senate budget."

Alan:  Now again, I think it was just the beginning of this year, the U.S. Post Office jacked up all their fees for especially mailing abroad.  I think it went up about four times what it was already, maybe even more.  And that already put a lot of them under; they can’t afford to send things abroad now because of the incredible cost of shipping.  So this is the next part too.

Now when you’re living in a depression, let’s call this what it is, in the world it’s going on, not these recessions and slow economies and all that rubbish.  It’s a depression.  It’s a manufactured depression too.  And when your governments start to cut off people who are just surviving and getting by, by introducing more laws to make it even worse, you got to ask yourself are they really that stupid?  Well they’re not stupid.  This is intentional folks because you’re getting forced into a new system that I’ve been talking about for years.  And austerity is one part of the system, communitarianism is another part of it too, Agenda 21 where you’ll all get stuck into your little community areas.  Eventually by the way you won’t get out of your community area because this is a more perfected form of what they tried in the Soviet Union.  This is what it’s about, as you go into austerity and so on.

Oh, by the way, just to augment that one, this also, this article here is to do with today.  Today, for those who don’t know it, you know the United Nations has so many special days for special nonsensical things.  This is the first International Happiness Day.  Did you know that?  So it says here, the Department of Public Information from New York and from the United Nations...

"Marking First International Day of Happiness, United Nations Academic Impact to Co-host Event on ‘Happiness and Well-being’."

Alan:  Now well-being was even mentioned by the U.S. Federal Reserve head about a year ago too, and I’ve read different articles on well-being.  You see well-being is to replace being conscious that you’re living in poverty. You understand?  And so it’s a new rating system.  And they actually have experts, you know experts and con-men going around different streets in places like Britain, and now it’s in the States and so on, to convince people that well it could be worse you know, it could be raining for instance if you’re living on the street.  And just be happy, just be happy.  And they’re giving you alternatives to the material things that get you by and so on to make you happy, because after all happiness is all in the mind.  Contentment is all in the mind; it doesn’t matter if you’re starving.  You can convince yourself with a lot of work of course, or maybe a blow in the head, that you’re really living at the top of the planet in your lifestyle.


"To mark the first International Day of Happiness, the United Nations Academic Impact of the Department of Public Information will host, on Wednesday, 20 March, a conversation on “Happiness and well-being:  Essential for a sustainable future.”"

Alan:  In other words you might be starving and you’ve got one set of clothes and that’s it and you can just barely pay your rent, but they’ll train you how to be happy and have well-being.  And you’ll get little charts to fill out every month or so, on your well-being.  How is your well-being?  What’s your weight of it this month?  How high is it, and your happiness?  They can turn on happiness just like that.  Do you understand the insanity of this?  But you’re living in times of incredible mind warping and bending and tinkering with, again, real experts, the marketers, the behaviorists, the psychologists, and the neuroscientists.  So this is all part of the new system as they train you to love your servitude, as Aldous Huxley talked about.  It doesn’t matter how the circumstances are, just love your servitude, be happy, be happy folks.  What a world, eh?

Now we live in utter corruption and we always have actually lived in utter corruption but it’s got a lot worse.  I can remember when I was pretty small if there was any tint, or hint I should say, of a scandal in politics, in Britain for instance at that time because it was the old system.  And you would find before it would even hit the papers sometimes the person involved would step down out of government.  They’d step down, you see, and go away; that was it.  But not now, people have so much gall, it doesn’t matter what they’re charged with, they’ll still be up there.  And actually they get off with it a lot of times now because now we have no morality at all.

Anyway it says:

"French Minister Tasked With Fighting Tax Fraud Resigns For Having A Secret Swiss Account"

Alan:  His job at the head of France was to fight tax fraud, right?  He was the top investigator for tax fraud.  He’s resigned for having a secret Swiss Bank account himself.  {Laughs}  And I’ll put this one up tonight too for those who want to have a little chuckle.

It says:

"While everyone awaits in stunned silence to see what Citadel, GETCO and of course the NY Fed will do with stocks in the aftermath of the shocking Cypriot decision, which nobody has any idea how to respond..."

Alan:  And so on and so on.  It says there is no plan to fix it.  That’s all in the same article.  But, as I say, who investigates these guys when they are the top investigators?  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the corruption which is normal today.  Everything is cons at the top you see.  In a sense government is a con, you know.  It’s got to have lots of crises going on to justify why it exists in the first place, so it tends to make them.  And when you think about it, government is someone’s idea.  You’ve got to understand that; there are lots of theories about what government is.  And we take it for granted because it’s been brainwashed into us that they’re somehow indispensable etcetera, etcetera.

But this article as I say is to do with Jerome Cahuzac, his name is, in France.  He is the budget minister for France, way up, the high chutzpah.  And his job too was also to battle tax fraud.  And as I say he’s now stepped down because he’s got his own secret Swiss Bank account as well and so he’s been doing a bit of evasion himself.

So anyway, that’s standard, that’s standard stuff.  And we get all these stories all the time and nothing happens, it just gets worse and worse because you see all of society is going down the tubes because we now have a psychopathic, and I’ve mentioned the idea when psychopaths run the world they give you a psychopathic culture, and that was in "Political Ponerology", the book.  It was quite a good study on psychopaths at the top, and we have that.  We’ve had it for quite a long time actually.  And it can only get worse from now on because the general population have lost any idea, any value, in fact it’s been trained out of them at university, to do with anything to do with “Right” or “Wrong”.  There’s no such thing as right and wrong now, it’s what you can get away with.  It’s all your point of view and how you see something.  And moral relativity, in other words, is what we have.

So you’ve got people rising up in the system from the bottom even sometimes, well seldom from the bottom, but anyway they get up in the system and they’re all crooks, because they represent now the general public too.  I’m sorry to say they do.  But you really have the ultimate ones that are intergenerational at the top.  They’re always there.


"Anti-corruption police raid the home of International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde..."

Alan:  This is the woman who pays no taxes.  Because it got written into the charter that she doesn’t have to pay any taxes as she forces it down the throats of everybody else.  So they raid the home of the IMF chief Christine Lagarde.  By the way it was the IMF chief and also the German Chancellor there that forced Cypress to go into this new system there of grabbing and stealing their money.  So, the head of the IMF, Lagarde:

"...after claims she “authorised £270m payout to a convicted fraudster”"

Alan:  You see.  And so:

•  "Police today raided the International Monetary Fund’s Paris home"

•  "Relates to £270m payout to Bernard Tapie when she was finance minister"

•  "Court of Justice of the Republic ruled that she may have abused her position"

Alan:  I’d say I’d have to question it indeed if it’s that kind of payout, right?

•  "Her lawyer said the search will ‘help uncover the truth’... "

Alan:  Oh sure.

"...and ‘exonerate’ her"

"It follows claims that the former French finance minister authorized a £270million payout to a prominent Nicolas Sarkozy supporter when she was finance minister.  The Court of Justice of the Republic, a special tribunal qualified to judge the conduct of government ministers while in office, said that the 57 year old may have abused her position to help a controversial businessman.  Mrs Lagarde is said to have allowed the equivalent of some £270million to be awarded to Bernard Tapie a convicted football match fixer and tax dodger who supported her governing UMP party."

Alan:  So he contributed to her party.

"Mrs Lagarde’s lawyer, Yves Repiquet, confirmed the raid saying: ‘This search will help uncover the truth and will help to exonerate my client from any criminal wrongdoing.’"

Alan:  That’s what her lawyer said.

"But news of the home of the world’s most senior banker being visited by detectives is bound to have disastrous repercussions for the IMF."

Alan:  I wish something would because otherwise you see the IMF has got disastrous repercussions for the whole planet.

"It comes after Dominque Strauss-Kahn, another senior French politician, resigned as IMF chief following allegations that he sexually assaulted a chambermaid in a New York hotel two years ago."

Alan:  And he went to all these orgies too but he got the legal bypass, he says, well I never paid for prostitution; somebody else did, you see.

So it says:

"Ms Lagarde, a lawyer and retired synchronized swimming star, who is facing a criminal trial of her own, as well as a possible jail sentence."

Alan:  Well don’t count on it folks because these folk have so much dirt on other people that they tend to pull a lot of strings themselves at that level you know.  Apart from that they don’t like someone at her level going down the tubes because it can open up the doors to other ones saying well we can get them down too.  That’s how things really work in the world.

Now I’ve put up lots of links in the past to do with vaccines and the adverse effects it’s had on adults and children.  And there are so many studies it’s mind boggling.  And even after the latest ones will come with a whole bunch of top scientists and so on, immediately they come right back from the government generally that buys all the vaccines and they try to counter it and so on.  But anyway they’re going ahead with experimentation now again, not that they’ve ever stopped, on children in the U.S., with new vaccines, pure experimentation.

It says:

"A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them.  The report, however, released on Tuesday by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues,"

Alan:  And by the way that’s an incredible organization that they’ve stuck in there, this Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, these are the guys who are right into genetics and all the rest of it, complete eugenicists in fact.  And they’ve got so much power.  They should have no power at all as far as I’m concerned because these kind of things, in the eugenics level, they should be given to the whole public to discuss and decide on.  You can’t leave it to these guys who hide themselves under bioethical groups, because they are eugenicists.  So now they’re going into an Anthrax vaccine trial with children.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Alan:  Hi folks.  I’m back and as things go forward, the way they’re supposed to go, the first idea was to get people on the internet and make it essential to them and then they’d start to rein it in of course and they’ve been doing a lot of that over the years.  And yesterday I mentioned the fact that the British government had passed laws to do with censorship of even bloggers on the internet and so on, under the guise of a press bill.

But it says here that:

"Someone said this is a carrot and stick approach."

Alan:  This is The Guardian.

"There doesn’t seem to be too much of a carrot."


"Bloggers could face high fines for libel under the new Leveson deal..."

Alan:  Leveson inquiry and so on.  Lord Leveson was the guy who pushed this all through.

"...with exemplary damages imposed if they don’t sign up to the new regulator, it was claimed on Tuesday.  Under clause 29 introduced to the crime and courts bill in the Commons on Monday night, the definition of "relevant" bloggers or websites includes any that generate news material where there is an editorial structure giving someone control over publication.  Bloggers would not be at risk of exemplary damages for comments posted by readers. There is also a schedule that excludes certain publishers such as scientific journals,"

Alan:  By the way the big foundations like the Rockefellers and that, they put all their NGO world domination stuff through scientific journals and so on.  So if you do that you can’t get fined.

"...student publications..."

Alan:  Are out of it.

"...and not-for-profit community newspapers."

Alan:  All your paid for by the foundations, NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations), that want to turn the world green and get you into austerity and poverty.

It says:

"Websites are guaranteed exclusion from exemplary damages if they can get on this list."

Alan:  Any of these lists.

"Kirsty Hughes, the chief executive of Index on Censorship, which campaigns for press freedom around the world, said it was a "sad day" for British democracy.  “This will undoubtedly have a chilling effect on everyday people’s web use,” she said.  She said she feared thousands of websites could fall under the definition of a “relevant publisher” in clause 29."

And she says:

"“Bloggers could find themselves subject to exemplary damages, due to the fact that they were not part of a regulator that was not intended for them in the first place.”  Exemplary damages and costs imposed by a court to penalize those who remained outside the regulator could run to hundreds of thousands of pounds, enough to close down smaller publishers."

"Harry Cole, who works for the Guido Fawkes political blog, said it would not be joining the regulator and believes that because its servers are based in the US it will be excluded from the exemplary damages clauses."

Alan:  Well they’re going to try to bring in this worldwide you understand.  They’re already pushing it through in other countries too, especially the British Empire countries.  It’s still an empire, let’s call it what it is, this Commonwealth of Nations as they reworded it all into.  It’s still under the same rulership from the capstone at the top.

Anyway it says:

"“I don’t see I should join a regulator.  This country has had a free press for the last 300 years,"

Alan:  Well I’ve never seen that in Britain either.

"...that has been irreverent and rude as my website is and holding public officials to account.  We as a matter of principle will be opposing any regulator especially one set up and accountable to politicians we write about every day,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme."

Alan:  And so it’s been rammed through as it was intended to do, but this is to bring in real, real big censorship, folks, until you get only the authorized ones out there that will spin it all and play the game, play the game; that’s what it’s called.

Now there is nothing new in trying to get famous or get up there on stage.  And people have sold their souls and lots of other parts of their bodies for years to get up on stage and of course you’ve that going on in Hollywood and lots of exposés for many years.  It’s the same though with the models that try to get on the runways.  They’ve had very good exposés in the past about the guys they have to go through, well literally they have to go through lots of panels of men, put it that way, sometimes one at a time, to get up on there.  But even in ballet it’s the same thing and I’ll put this article up tonight.

It says:

"Bolshoi ballet..."

Alan:  In Russia

 "...was ‘giant brothel’ claims former dancer"

Alan:  And true enough, I mean this is how things really work in the real nasty world.

But it says:

"Volochkova made the allegations during an interview on a television talk show in Russia on Sunday, later repeating them in a radio interview with Russian News Service."

"“It mainly happened with the corps du ballet but also with the soloists,” she said."

And she says:

"“Ten years ago, when I was dancing at the theatre, I repeatedly received such propositions to share the beds of oligarchs.”"

Alan:  Well that’s how you get up there and that’s how you stay up there.

"“The girls were forced to go along to grand dinners and given advance warning that afterwards they would be expected to go to bed and have sex,” she alleged."

Alan:  As I say there is nothing new in this kind of stuff because that’s the way things really are you know.  Power does this kind of stuff and they demand these kinds of things to happen.

"Anyone who refused was told that they would not go on tour or even perform at the Bolshoi theatre."

Alan:  So, there you go and that’s just life in general.

Now Britain’s the first country to go ahead with the three parent family idea which is actually eugenics.  It’s actually called positive eugenics as they call it where they try to eliminate bad genes and bad mitochondria from people and replace it with the good ones.  You know the ones specially selected to make good obedient people who will love their servitude under the government.  And they always give you sad-luck stories.  Whenever they want some big change in law, just like this one here or even like the chips of course, like DARPA, the guys who love society.  It’s there to help people, DARPA, right, DARPA?  You know what DARPA is, don’t you?  They do all the military testing for the U.S. government and the army and military.  When they put the chip in the person who is a quadriplegic, not because they wanted to help quadriplegics, it was to see if they could actually make it work, but I’m sure part of it too is to see if they could remotely control the chip.  I’d guarantee it.  But they always introduce something like oh we’re there to help the people.  Well it’s the same thing here too and here are two different articles on the same topic.  And one of them starts off with the usual sad stuff, the BBC.

"The woman who lost all seven children"

Alan:  You see.  And it goes through this stuff and oh how terrible it was, and oh, terrible, terrible, terrible.  And then along comes of course the scientists and the doctors and they’re able to diagnose the problem that she has and that she’s got a defective mitochondria and it causes problems in the child; it ends up getting nasty diseases and so on.  So that’s how they get you on board with it.  It’s the same when they show you these things on television, that’s how they present it, the long lead-up to it and there’s the tears and the whole thing, you see.  But this article actually goes on to the bottom to do with the other, the other aims of all of this of course and it’s nothing to do with helping people at all.  I’ll put it up tonight and then I’ll put another one up too that’s more spot-on about what it’s all about.

And this says:

"Britain on course for ‘three parent babies’"

"Britain is on course to become the first country in the world to legalize the creation of IVF babies with three biological "parents" after the fertility watchdog..."

Alan:  Can you imagine you’ve actually got a fertility watchdog now?  I mean at one time anybody that watched you doing anything fertile at all was, generally, you know, went over a cliff or something.  But anyway the government does it all the time now that it’s in charge of who breeds and who doesn’t.  And that’s where it’s all going for those who don’t quite get it yet.

I’ve mentioned the movie too, "Gattaca", quite a few times.  You’ve got to see it because that really showed you what’s coming down the pike, a different class society with the special ones who are cleared on so many levels.  They won’t get sick with this, or they might not get sick with this.  It’s never “they never will”.  They probably won’t.  That’s how they word it, to get sick with this and that and so on.


"...the fertility watchdog announced that the public is in favor of the controversial technology."

Alan:  I haven’t seen any vote on this.  I haven’t even heard of the public being asked about it.  This is how they present it even here.

And so:

"A major consultation found that a majority of people would back the therapy, under which a small part of mother’s genetic material is swapped with that of a healthy donor to eliminate the risk of passing on a host of hereditary diseases to her child."

Alan:  And it’s not guaranteed that you would get these diseases and they missed the “may” part out on this one.

"By removing faulty DNA from the mitochondria, which is always inherited from the mother, experts believe the child and future generations could be spared from a collection of devastating conditions affecting the heart, muscles and brain.  The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA)..."

Alan:  Yeah, authority.

"...has advised the government that there is “general support” for the treatment and there is no scientific evidence to suggest it is unsafe."

Alan:  Now you can imagine that if this starts – well, now it’s given the go-ahead, it’s going to go ahead.  It’s already going to create a different class of people who are supposedly going to have better insurance coverage, for a start, with less risk and all that kind of stuff.  And employers are going to want them too.  Well they’ll be less risk of being off sick, you know, at least according to this chart here.  It doesn’t guarantee it mind you.  That’s enough to start the whole process going.  And of course the next step will come in after that you see.

But I’ll put this up tonight for those who want to have a little gander at it.  And you can see where it’s all supposed to go.  But not everyone is happy of course because some of them, people and scientists, are aware of the real con that’s going on here and where it’s really headed, where it’s supposed to go.  Eventually of course they’ll simply say everyone must get tested.  This will come once it becomes common, then everyone will have to get tested and then they’ll say oh you can’t have a child because you’ve got bad mitochondria, it may do this or it may do that.  And it may not, you see.  So this is where it’s all going, eugenics is in control because they must bring in their planned world society.  It’s all part of it folks.  It’s all part of it, the planned world society.

And everyone knows what happened with the incredible mortgage scams in the U.S. and so on.  When the banks were underwriting people who really couldn’t afford to pay back mortgages in fact, never even get the full money for the down payment, but anyway in Britain the state’s now doing it.

It says:

"Budget 2013: Should the state really be underwriting our mortgages?"

"Did the phrase “sub-prime” flit across your mind when George Osborne announced his stonking £130bn mortgage guarantee scheme for people who cannot find the necessary deposit?  He is right that the biggest barrier to people entering the housing market at the moment is not their inability to service a mortgage; interest rates are historically low, after all.  It is the 20pc or higher deposits that the banks and building societies are demanding before agreeing to loan the money.  But is it right for the state to underwrite the risks?  After all, mortgage guarantee used to be commonplace for advances in excess of 80 per cent of value.  But the guarantee was underwritten by a commercial company and a premium was paid by the borrower."

Alan:  So now Britain is going to go ahead and literally be the underwriter for the whole thing and take the risk on the taxpayers.  All the taxpayers will have to pay for those that go under.  It smacks of something else, doesn’t it? for those who understand what it is.

And again in an age of corruption, mass corruption and degeneration, people have become degenerate.  That’s all they watch for movies and that; in fact they don’t even see it as degenerate anymore because they’ve been conditioned their whole lives for it.  And they watch standard fare today that would have been big, big news and blacklisted a long, long time ago.  But now that’s the standard stuff because the envelope is pushed every year too by the culture industry that’s part of the massive control system of the world.  Most folk get their ideas and opinions not from just regular news but they get it from fiction.  And they get their history from fiction as well.  And they definitely copy what they see; their behavior is modified through fiction.  And those psychologists and so on that know how to put these scenes into movies that stick in the mind can effect your opinions on everything, anything at all by the way it’s put in there and imprinted in your head.  It’s very easy, an old trick but it’s very easy to do.

But things are so degenerate now that you can’t shock people at all, really.  Even the Jimmy Savile scandal and all the different VIPs involved, it hasn’t really touched the people.  They’ll forget it within a week or two, which of course the elite at the top are well aware of.  But it’s only the tip of the iceberg and it doesn’t really matter, but anyway:

"Hundreds of files on celebrities, politicians and other VIPs accused of sex attacks and abuse were so heavily protected by senior police..."

Alan:  In Britain.

"...that investigating officers could not access them, it emerged today.  Information on high profile suspects was marked as ‘secret’ or ‘restricted’ and only available to a small number of officers - a system which may have helped prolific offenders like Jimmy Savile and MP Cyril Smith escape prosecution.  The approach to sensitive files was designed to stop officers from leaking information to the media."

"The issue of detectives being unable to access relevant intelligence was highlighted in a report on the effectiveness of the Police National Database (PND) in the wake of the Savile scandal.  It came after complaints about Savile made to different police forces across the country while the TV presenter was still alive were not able to be shared by detectives.  Metropolitan Police Commander Peter Spindler confirmed that famous people were protected by high levels of confidentiality built into intelligence systems.  ‘Any high-profile or sensitive case will be restricted on our systems because we are not going to let 50,000 people (Met officers and staff) across London read sensitive material about celebrities, politicians or other high-profile people,’ he told The Times."

Alan:  Well if everyone else is subject to them snooping and seeing everybody else’s, why is this special thing given to these people?  Why?

It says:

"“We have had some officers and staff who were prepared to leak information to the media for payment and the mechanism to prevent that was to restrict access to that information.”"

Alan:  So this is their excuse.

"But police believe their new PND, launched in 2011, will help prevent similar errors in the future."

Alan:  Yeah right.

"The system allows sensitive material to be located but accessed only with the right clearance."

Alan:  So it’s actually making it harder.  {Laughs}  Everything’s doublespeak isn’t it?

"Speaking after the report was published last week Chief Constable Mike Barton, the Association of Chief Police Officer’s lead on intelligence, said the current system is capable of being interrogated by any trained officer across the UK to ‘identify suspects, offenders and patterns of behavior’."

Alan:  So again it’s just more levels actually to actually make it even harder to find out who’s doing what at the top.  These are the people who lead you, who run the world, eh.

And China too of course, China being a communist country although it’s really run by a bunch of multimillionaires at the top or billionaires now actually.  A millionaire is nothing these days with inflation.  But being communistic in their birth of the nation, the communist nation, they have no problem going along with eugenics and so on and so on.  And creating, like Plato said, you know, special ones to guard the system and all that.  So they’re into eugenics big time.

It says:

"China Is Engineering Genius Babies"

Alan:  And it says here Genius Babies, it’s not actually genius.

It says:

"It’s not exactly news that China is setting itself up as a new global superpower, is it?  While Western civilization chokes on its own gluttony like a latter-day Marlon Brando, China continues to buy up American debt and lock away the world’s natural resources.  But now, not content to simply laugh and make signs as they pass us on the geopolitical highway, they’ve also developed a state-endorsed genetic-engineering project."

Alan:  I’ve got two articles on this.  And this other one goes on to say here:

"According to a leading evolutionary biologist, the Chinese are engaging in a massive breeding operation with the aim of ultimately creating a breed of cognitively enhanced individuals.  And what’s more, the China-based eugenics factory recently bought up a large genome research institute in the United States, giving the Chinese access to the DNA of Americans."

Alan:  Interesting eh?

"In a recent interview with Vice magazine, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller admits to have donated his DNA to an endeavor headed up by the world’s largest genetic research institution based in China’s Shenzhen province.  Miller, by his own admission, is one of 2000 “brainiacs” selected by IBG Shenzhen for their transhumanist project.  Asked how the company goes after potential DNA-contributors, Miller answers:  “They seem mostly interested in people of Chinese and European descent.  They’re basically recruiting through a scientific conference, through word of mouth.  You have to provide some evidence that you’re as smart as you say you are.  You have to send your complete CV, publications you’ve produced, standardized-test scores, where you went to college… stuff like that.”"

Alan:  All the stuff that’s going on, eh?  But after all, intelligence doesn’t mean that you’re a good person, does it?  Look at the state of affairs today.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  I’m back, this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the human tinkering of genes and so on that’s going on.  And I’m talking about China here too and how they’re into a eugenicist or eugenics program under the guise of looking for the genius gene basically, and to raise the IQ and create their ubermensch and so on.

So it says here that:

"Just two days ago BGI Shenzhen..."

Alan:  The company that’s into this big time.

"...announced having completed the takeover of the US-based Genome research institute “Complete Genomics”.  According to the press release, the takeover was “the first time a Chinese company has successfully acquired a US public company”."

Alan:  I wonder if that really is true, the first time.

"Chinese state-sponsored genetic engineers are now expanding their operations to the US.  On its own website,"

Alan:  And I’ll put the link up tonight, all these links I’ll put up tonight at

It says:

"...Complete Genomics boasts that “Our human genome sequencing technology, which is based on our proprietary DNA nanoarrays and ligation-based read technology, is superior to existing commercially available whole human genome sequencing methods in terms of quality, cost and scale.”"

"This superior technology is now in the hands of a professed eugenic institution from China, dead set on creating “enhanced” people.  The notion to create, through genetic interference, so called enhanced people isn’t just on the mind of Chinese geneticists gone wild.  It’s on the mind of the global elite.  In an article titled The Populations Problem..."

Alan:  And I’ll put the link up for that tonight too.

"...written in October 2012 by Herman Daly, a former World Bank luminary and current professor at the University of Maryland, the suggestion is made that climate change should prompt the scientific community to genetically design smaller human beings."

Alan:  That’s what they’ll probably do.  They’ll get the smart ones who will be tall and healthy and all that and a higher IQ, and then they’ll breed the small ones to be the new slaves, you see, like the Hobbits.

It says:

"Breeding smaller human beings, Daly asserted, “could be the simplest way of increasing metabolic efficiency (measured as number of people maintained by a given resource throughput).”"

Alan:  It says.  And so here you go, I mean it’s going on all over the place.  And these are the only ones that get into the media.  I’m sure there are lots of institutions across the planet, probably on some islands too just like the James Bond movies, where the bigwigs have done all the experiments that they want to do and they know exactly what they’re doing now and where it’s going and so on.

Also it was just announced in Britain that the supreme courts of justice in Britain can use secret, basically secret records and so on that’s not read in court to make their decisions about things.

So it says:

"Court ruling casts ‘chilling shadow’ of secret justice over top court"

"Justices at the Supreme Court have ruled they have the power to consider secret evidence in cases, even though at least one of the parties involved..."

Alan:  Probably the ones they want to convict.

"...would not be allowed to see it.  The decision is in stark contrast to a separate ruling by the same court in 2011 that secret materials could not be permitted in civil cases."

Alan:  So they always go back and get what they want when they can’t get it the first time.

And also too there are more and more U.S. servicemen that were around Fukushima at the time the reactors went up.  They were in the Navy at the time a lot of them and they have now come forward, they’re starting to come forward in big, big lawsuits because they’re coming down with radiation poisoning, tumors, cancers, and the usual stuff that you get from radiation.  I’ll put that link up tonight too.  It’s just amazing; mind you the whole planet got it and we could follow the spread right up, right across the Pacific and up through I think California and then up into, it took a northeastern turn up to Toronto, the jet stream.  And then of course it went over the whole country of Canada.  So everyone’s got a good dose of it now but that’s the way it goes.  Because we’re run by superior people who already are donating their genes and all the rest of it to create more special folk who will run the world in this fashion that will kill us all off.

Well from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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