March 21, 2013 (#1292)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 21, 2013:

Don't Be Rude--Have 'Wellness', Love Your Servitude:

"You Simply Must Admit It, The Cons Today are Slick,
Batteries Of Marketers Work Hard Making Your Mind Sick,
They Study the Latest Tests on Manipulating Folk,
So the Elite can Be Wealthier as All the Folk Go Broke,
Battalions of Experts Advise Govs. How to Manage
All the Big Agendas without Admitting to the Damage,
"Sustainable Development", "Austerity", Global Warming,
As We Freeze Our Butts Off Watching Snowstorms Forming,
Pavlovian Response Comes from Imprinting Recognition
Followed by Bertie Russell's Clue, Constant Repetition,
Everyone Must Be on Board, Climate Denial is Just Rude,
Aldous Huxley said, 'You'd Come to Love Your Servitude'"
© Alan Watt March 21, 2013


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 21st of March 2013. For newcomers, I hope you can make use of the website; there’s lots of information for downloading, lots of information to lead you through the system that you’re living in, to tell you what it is. Most folk have a suspicion there’s something else going on of course, but they’re trained not to really question it any further. The media doesn’t help you either because it’s all part of the system.


I go through the history.  The big boys got together over a hundred years ago to plan a new world order, an orderly world order, under their orders naturally.  It would be decided that all the big decisions would be created by the guys at the top, scientists, those in academia, and all working for the big international economists and bankers that run the whole world. Because everything runs on finances, you see. So they decided a long time ago, rather than leave it to the different classes of people right down to the bottom, to make their own decisions, what they want to do with their lives and so on, they’d bring in a planned society. They’d reduce the populations, or they’d increase it in times of war and decrease it in times of overproduction and so on. This is all part of the big planning. Lots of books were churned out at the time about it, under the guise of socialism. But it’s really all to do with this world order you’re living through today.  You’re going through the big, big changes that were planned an awful long time ago, just like a big business plan. Business plans can go for 50 to 100 years. The same with the foundations, they can go for 100 and 150, 200 years to get their agenda through. They are private and they run the world basically. So you’re going through it now.


So help yourself to the website as I say. And remember too, you can also help me tick along here by buying the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully welcome, because things are awfully expensive, as you know.  Because we’re going through austerity as they call it, which is training you all to live in a post-consumerist society, again, an idea not just tossed around but heavily debated a hundred-odd years ago, to bring in this system you’re going into today.


Inflation of course works hand-in-glove with the whole thing because those who run the money run the world. It’s very, very simple. Most folk don’t even know how money is even created, never mind the interest rates and so on that you cannot get out of when it’s compound interest and all that. The big agencies took care of that a long, long time ago when they gave you something called democracy for the Western countries; they tried the same thing in other countries with different names and so on, but ultimately it’s the same system with the same people running the world. Because everything revolves around economics. Everything.


The wars are all economic wars too, as they standardize the last few countries that don’t have central banks belonging to the private central banking group that’s under the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. Once they’re bombed into the Stone Age then they’re given loans by the International Monetary Fund, a private organization, and The World Bank, a private organization, and they are also run by the Bank for International Settlements, a private organization. That’s the real system that you live in. So how can you have democracy and any kind of freedom when there really are private organizations, so secretive too in what they do, that run your lives? They can raise a country up or collapse it overnight, very simple, by shifting vast amounts of money around the world. And they do that. And they’ve been doing it recently again of course. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system. And the big system is all pervasive. It’s all there is in fact, because it covers everything and every angle of everything too. It’s your whole existence because you’re born into it, you’re programmed into it, your parents programmed you into it because they don’t know what’s going on; they think they do because they think they’re sane – and everyone thinks they’re sane – because you’re born into a system that already exists; everything in it must be normal, right. That’s how simple it is.


Then when you go to school you get the reinforcement of the system again.  You’re taught NOT to do your own reasoning, except for at the higher schools of course, where they turn out the world leaders, but the rest of the people get dumbed down in fact.  There’s lots of books out there on The Dumbing Down of America, Charlotte Iserbyt, and so on, and John Taylor Gatto is another guy who put a good book out too, to do with the dumbing down process and how deliberate it is. They have lots of information to back up their claims and so on from big players in the educational field. So this has happened across the world at the same time, to bring in the societies that would be more obedient, actually disinterested in what’s happening in the world around them, even in their own world around them, until it hits them personally and then of course they’re howling. But most folk today are detached.


Then the big, big players that were put in too, to work together in huge think tanks, international think tanks, the Bertrand Russell’s of the world, and before him even the HG Wells of the world, and the Huxley’s and all the rest of them, churned out lots of information which you have to understand and read to get the picture of what’s really happening in the world.  Because those guys with the big groups that they set up back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and all going today too, with new names in fact – some of them have changed their names, these organizations, because they were too well known, but they still exist today under different guises. They planned the whole future including the various revolutions which are cultural revolutions: the feminist revolution, the sexual revolution, all this kind of stuff, all the hippy era.  Even the music revolution, that was all planned too by Adorno and the Frankfurt School and other people who were brought in to take over American culture, which would eventually be copied by other cultures across the world, which it was, very quickly.


So you’re living through a planned reality, you might say.  Very much so, it was planned. And they wanted to destroy the family unit – it wasn’t just the communists; because they all work together at the top. And that’s true because Carroll Quigley talked about it. He said that he was the historian for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization, worldwide organization, that does put lots of members into government every year, all governments by the way, across the world. They have different names, again, the Council on Foreign Relations for the American branch. They’ve been running the system for an awful long time.   He said himself, as the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, for America, he said that they’d have to go along with all the same plans, of course, because they work together, the communists, the capitalists, and all the rest of it. And by capitalist I mean the money system of private banking at the top, central banks, and with the big secrecy of how it’s even made, and who the big shareholders are.


Also he said, we’d have to bring down the populations, etc., etc. They really worked hard and heavy on reducing populations, and I think personally from my own investigations, they’ve been doing it for an awful long time; you don’t know it. Why do you think sterilization is going up by itself?   It’s not doing it by itself; things don’t happen by itself. But the Western world has actually got a massive decrease in sperm, of even young men today. And again, that’s well studied too.


So we’re going through a big, big system that literally runs our lives for us. And Quigley, again, being the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, also said, he says, we don’t care who joins us, we’ve got communists, we’ve got far right, we’ve got everything in it, even dictators, in the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs across the world. Although in this day and age of course they’re getting rid of the dictators; they’re actually turning on some of their own.  Because they set up the United Nations – this same organization – and they said in their charter that when people were elected into office in any country, NATO and all these countries would not go in and unseat them. Well, they’ve broken every law that they made. You see.


So you’re living through a system, as I say, planned well in advance. They got all the initial guys in on it, at the United Nations, and now it’s time to mop up the world, to standardize the last few countries into what they call democracy, which is, again, the same system of a private central bank. Remember, every Prime Minister and President has to go to the private central bank every year with cap in hand to ask for more money.  So you tell me who runs the country.  It’s very simple isn’t it?


So you’re living through the transition. This is called the Great Transition.  This is the age, the Century of Change as well, that they talked about bringing in. And you’ll see those terms all over the place now. They’re replacing your income now and your spending power, and spare spending power, the extras, into wellness. As long as you feel well about things it doesn’t matter how poor you are. I mentioned that last night too. It was international wellness day, like just switch yourself on and be happy for a day sort of thing. Utter, utter nonsense. But you understand, neuroscientists and behaviorists are behind all this stuff. And it actually works in a lot of people. A lot of people actually take this stuff and say oh that’s nice and away they go; they switch themselves into be-happy mode for a day. So we’re run by experts, and all facets of experts, all kinds of experts, and all specialists. And the people still don’t get it.


I remember too, when Aldous Huxley talked at Berkeley back in the 60s – and you’ll find the audio up in my archives section at  He talked about people being made to love their servitude. And people today pretty well have been.  Whatever was in them that was wild and free has been destroyed, for most folk, and they kind of love their servitude. They take it for granted there are special people running the big problems of the world above them. They don’t know that these people above them actually create the problems of the world. So they’ve been taught too, to be egocentric and egosyntonic. Again, Bertrand Russell, a guy who worked with international organizations to set up this present period, and there’s still more to come, and yet he’s dead, he’s gone. He said that, we’ll make them egocentric and we’ll make them narcissistic until they have no time for anybody in the world except themselves. That’s already happened. But when you do that there’s no cohesion, there’s no collective cohesion for defense for the people at all; it’s all broken down and then government truly is in charge.


If you want to find out more on that go way back to the days of HG Wells, the propagandist who talked about all this system.  He was a propagandist for it in its early phases under the name of the Milner Society, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He talked about that, eventually government will achieve its goal when it can talk down to the individual with no one, no spouse, no relatives, no one, not even neighbors, standing up in their defense to help them. That’s where you’ve gone, right down to the computer stage, where governments now are not only watching everything that you do. They’ve admitted, and I’ll put a link up tonight too, where all the agencies that have the private agencies now have access to everything, your bank accounts, you name it, they have the whole lot there now.


US plans to allow spy agencies to monitor every citizen’s finances – report - / March 14, 2013


And there’s no murmur from the general population as usual. In fact, when there’s a murmur from the population it’s because there’s an organization already set up, in a particular area, whatever it happens to be, that stands up immediately and speaks, supposedly, for you. But they don’t really. All they say is, oh dear, dear, that’s bad, stop it please. It doesn’t stop anything as you well know. It stops you from doing anything more about it and pushing yourself to stop it.


So you’re living in a completely controlled society.  Now, part of it too, is to get rid of...  in a postconsumer society, is to inflate the currency until it’s worthless basically, and you’ll be paying pretty well all that you earn or bring in to pay your basic rent or mortgage. And the mortgage too, eventually will go under as they go through the great transition into no private property, except for the big, like chain, chain property owners throughout the cities that you already have across Britain and the States and elsewhere in the major cities.  And no private vehicles except for emergency vehicles and vital vehicles only. That’s all part of Agenda 21, also attached to the Millennium Project; you’ve got to read both of them because they’re both the same really. It’s being implemented big time. So all your spare cash will go to pay for bare essentials, bare essentials for pure survival... food, shelter, clothing, heat and so on. That’s already happening now.


And I’ll tell you one thing, when you study all this stuff for years you’ll find out they never change their mind on anything. That’s the only thing that you can take to the bank, some kind of bank anyway, because they never change their mind. And if you think that they’ve ever backed down on something, don’t believe it. They’ll bring it through in some omnibus bill and some altered name and ram it through anyway. That’s how things have always been. That’s how it’s always been.


Now, part of it too is the climate change nonsense. Remember, right now there’s a whole bunch of international summits going on to do with sustainable development. That’s why there’s so many articles in the newspapers, amongst all the trash, the rest of the trash in the papers because the papers today, now, honestly, even looking through them today, it was utter trivia on so-called mainstream papers across the world. Utter trivia, rubbish. But in amongst that is all the rest of the propaganda like I say this one here, for instance.  It says…


Funding Shortfall: Germany Forced to Cancel Climate Programs / 18 Mar 2013


And it’s from the Spiegel online and they go on to bemoan the fact that Germany literally is cutting back on all of its sustainable development, alternative energy, renewable energy sources and so on, all the cash, because they’re broke basically. And Spiegel is bemoaning it basically. The reason they give for it in here is because they’d hoped, all the governments have hoped, by the way, that this big con of carbon taxation, with carbon revenues being put up into the big giant carbon casino too, to accumulate more cash for the guys at the top – it’s all fallen through. It’s not working the way they wanted it to. And they put bets on it, basically, hoping that they would get about 20 euros or whatever a ton, and it’s only about 6.47 dollars a ton; that’s how far it’s got to so far, or even below. So they’re complaining because they’ve cut back on all their electric cars, and all the stuff that doesn’t work very well at all.  They’re very expensive to maintain to keep, never mind the charging time as well of course; there’s energy coming from somewhere and it could be used on other things couldn’t it? Their batteries don’t last long, nothing lasts long, and it’s really meant, again, for very wealthy folk to live in the special cities they’re setting up across the world. The rest of you are to be crowded into the already overcrowded cities; I’ll be touching on that tonight because they’ve already got it in the newspapers. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big, big system, of course, and all the hullabaloo that’s going on. Because as I say, Germany is bemoaning the fact, at least Der Spiegel is, that they’re cutting back on all their renewable energy projects, or a lot of them anyway, because they can’t afford it. Of course it was supposed to be a beautiful utopia where everyone was getting forced off the road with carbon taxes and so on; it hasn’t quite happened yet you see. Because the carbon prices on the big trading casino up there hasn’t really taken off very well at all and they were all counting on it. But don’t hold your breath. They’ll bring it back in a bigger, bigger fashion.  They’re already talking about it.


They’re talking about what they call backloading – that’s the term they’re going to use for it – to reduce the supply of certificates that the government hands out, to the big corporations, to start the carbon taxes rolling. And they get free tickets and they start gambling amongst themselves, before we’re all forced to go into it; we don’t get a choice, and we don’t get them for free either. But they’re going to backload them; they’re trying to take some of the certificates away from the present supply to boost the prices. I mean, it’s just amazing. Even with silly ideas like that, and fantasy, they can even bring that into the same con as everything else, with their accountants and their economists. It’s just amazing.


Also too, we know that right now the big conferences are going on that tie in with the last Rio conference, by the way, again, all sustainable development, Agenda 21 and all the rest of it, and the Earth Summit. It’s all part and parcel of the same thing; it’s all the same parcel actually. But here is the kind of pablum that they chuck out there at this time of year. Actually, they admit it too, and I’ve gone through articles before, where they admit they give us scary scenarios; the top guys say that. We give them scary scenarios, otherwise we don’t listen to them, you see. That’s what they say. So they’re back at it again and this says…


Pacific to suffer worst climate change impacts  (Alan:  ...once again.  Apparently, by the way, a lot of the islands in the Pacific should have been sunk, under the water, with the sea rising about, oh, 30 years ago. It hasn’t happened yet, you know.) /  Jemima Garrett / Mar 21, 2013


The World Bank (A:  ...again, this private organization, that you think is a world bank there to loan cash out at high prices and so on to the poor folk of the world.  Here they are in the same business as sustainability and climate change. And you don’t ask why. How come, you know.) is urging the international community (A:  ...that’s someplace off in Mars I think...) to heed the plight of Pacific island countries and take action on climate change.


The bank's vice president for Sustainable Development (A:  ...right.  Do you know that they’ve got a sustainable development manager, vice president and so on?  ...and also so does the IMF have one, so does the big central banks have them. They have tied everything together you see, with eugenics and sustainable development, depopulation and all the rest of it.  So their sustainable development manager or director or whatever...), Rachel Kyte, says Pacific nations will suffer higher sea level rise than other parts of the world.  (A:  ...nothing to back it up, you see.)


She says the impact of climate change will threaten the very existence of some countries in the Pacific.   (A:  Just keep repeating the same pablum, without telling you why.)


Ms Kyte also warns Australia will see some of the most extreme droughts, with summer temperatures of over 40 degrees becoming commonplace.  (A:  It doesn’t give you a timetable, even though, again, they’ve been soaked last year and the year before and so on, and it hasn’t really quite worked out that way.  See, it doesn’t matter what reality is, they just keep bringing back the same rubbish. Repetition, repetition, repetition…)


She has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat a lack of action on climate change is undermining efforts by the World Bank to address global poverty.  (A:  Well, the World Bank has been here since about, you know, the 1920s I think, and look at the state of the world. It’s getting poorer all the time.)


"Imagine we've laid the table, ready for the economic and social solutions to ending poverty and building prosperity," she said.  (A:  Now, this is all part of the Millennium Project, and there are links in this article right to it in fact at the United Nations, and Agenda 21.  So understand, the whole climate change nonsense is nothing more than a camouflage, complete camouflage to redistribute the wealth from you to the big bankers, not to the people, that are going to be there to help, you understand; this is the con of it all. So I’ll put this up tonight and you’ll actually see the rubbish that they’re chucking out once again to us, to say, oh my God save us, save us.  They’re going to throw dollar bills in the sky to stop it all, you know, apparently.)


So they want smart agriculture. Now remember too, the Department of Agriculture at the United Nations said before, quite a lot of years ago, that farming cannot be left to farmers. They want corporate, big international business farms only. That’s already happening as they put all the farmers under, across the world, and you have these big Agri-businesses.  Five Agri-businesses run the world’s food supply now; there’s probably the same shareholders in the five of them too.  So that’s total control of your food supply. Remember what you need for survival? Food, water, shelter, clothing, heat... Quite simple. But they’re going to con you into giving everything up. See, they’re very legalistic; you’ve got to do it legally, willingly.


Remember what Sunstein said too, Cass Sunstein, the guy who was up there with Obama; I think he’s left, I’m not quite sure. But he loved neuroscience.  He wasn’t one himself but he used a lot of their stuff. He said eventually... again, remember, going back to that statement I made before where Huxley says the people could be trained to come to love their servitude. Well Sunstein said something very similar. He said, we can train the people – and I read the articles last year from him and they ended up in the newspapers across the world, because they get instant access to all the media, since they’re brainwashing us. But he said, we can train the public to love paying taxes, they’ll really want to pay taxes, extra taxes. Well, this is what sustainability is all about; don’t you want to save the planet? You see.  And I’ll touch on this article that I’m going to read when I come back from this break, as they go for the last of your protein.  Back after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was mentioning before too, that they’re taking over the food supply. In Canada for instance, you don’t know what you’re eating anymore; everything tastes the same. Put a blindfold on and you don’t know if it’s chicken, beef, or what; you have no idea. That’s how bad it is now, the junk that they’re selling you. And we already know they’re putting different things in and calling it beef and all the rest of it too; it’s broken out into the papers. But really, we don’t know what we’re eating anymore and there’s a lot of junk going in there. Everything is, what they call, reconstituted, or whatever they… It’s kind of minced up together and chucked in there.  Even the roasts, two years ago I read the article on the air.  The roasts that are sold in Canada and some other countries are actually put together, by the big meat companies, from across the world, all their cut-offs and they glue them together, so well that it looks like a roast, until you start cooking it and it tastes all weird. You’re already in that phase if you’re just an average person. If you’re pretty rich you won’t, you get access to really good stuff, and I mean access to it. It’s not a matter of buying it; you have to get access to it.


But they’re going for the fish too as we know, with the salmon and so on, the GE salmon. And it isn’t just salmon by the way. They’re into everything else, even freshwater fish too, across Canada, have been for years. But it says here…


Major US supermarkets to boycott GM salmon / 20 March 2013


A number of US supermarket chains pledged on Wednesday not to sell genetically modified salmon, in a sign of growing public concern about engineered foods on the dinner table.


The US Food and Drug Administration (A:  ...of the US.) (FDA) is in the final stages of deciding whether to allow GM salmon on to the market. If approved, AquaBounty Technology's salmon would be the first genetically engineered animal to enter the food supply.  (A:  And it’s not the first at all, by the way, you know, ...if you want to call it an animal either. But anyway, who’s to complain about the newspapers?)


The company combined genes from two species of salmon with a pouter eel to produce a fish it says it can bring to market twice as fast as conventional salmon.  (A:  Well, it’s just like the vegetables that you eat too. I mean, some of these vegetables that you’re buying, that you think look the same and all the rest of it, which they pretty well do look very, very similar, except for the crops that are left after you’ve harvested them.   Look at the corn for instance; the tractors need special tires, the kind that the military uses that don’t get blown up easily, because it tears them to shreds, the stalks literally tear the tires to shreds, this new stuff.  Never mind all the genes they put in it, from hundreds of species, to make that one thing. And remember too, a lot of the guys who worked on the genetics programs worked with the military for years before that, working on ways to kill populations across the world in times of war. So that’s who is making your food now. Do you trust them? I don’t. I don’t, no way at all.)


The GM salmon is the first in some 30 other species of genetically engineered fish under development, including tilapia....


However, those plans could be blocked by Wednesday's commitment not to sell genetically engineered seafood from national grocery chains including Trader Joe's, Aldi and Whole Foods, as well as regional retailers.


Between them, the chains control about 2,000 outlets – a fraction of supermarkets across the country. But campaigners said they represent a growing segment of the population that is concerned about GM food, and willing to pay higher prices for healthier foods.  (A:  In other words, they’re paying higher prices, you’re willing to pay it for healthier foods. You understand even what you call organic is actually normal food. It was normal up until they brought in nonorganic, the genetically modified. And now you’re paying through the nose, for the normal food, if you can get a hold of it, that is, even. I mean, you get it in all directions, right? You bend down, you get it. If you turn over, you get it. It’s as simple as that. That’s the world, folks. Everything is a racket and a con.)


Anyway it goes on about the FDA and so on. Now, is the FDA really there to help the people and make sure that they’re eating properly? If they were they wouldn’t be letting you eat all the junk you’re already eating. I mean, your food today is literally a cesspit of dumps.  It’s just a dumping pit really for the chemical industry and all the byproducts that they throw out there, that they used to have to pay (to get rid of), a lot of this stuff that was actually pretty lethal, and they end up putting it in your food. It’s just astonishing. I’ve done lots of articles on this in the past, it’s astonishing what’s been done. And the public haven’t a clue, most of them. And meanwhile, their body shape is changing, everything is changing, they’re being reengineered. And of course, they have noticed that in medicine for an awful long time, at least since the early 60s, that literally the physical appearance of both male and female is changing, of humans. Quite something else. So I’ll put that up tonight too.


And also from Washington’s Blog it says...


Action Alert: We Have 1 Week Or Less to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers / March 20, 2013 


America has been decimated by the breakdown of the separation of powers between different branches of government. For example, the executive branch is negotiating laws in secret – and grabbing powers – without telling Congress.


And life-and-death decisions about who the government labels an “enemy combatant” and assassinates are being kept away from the judges altogether.


At the same time, government agencies like the FDA go to great lengths to cover up the potential health damage from genetically modified foods (A:  ...and by God they do. Because there’s a lot of damage done; they know it.), and to keep the consumer in the dark about what they’re really eating. Remember, genetically engineered foods have been linked to obesity, cancer, liver failure, infertility and all sorts of other diseases....  (A:  Now, these are scientific studies that were done at the very, very beginning even, and done over again too. And even the most recent ones that they’ve done have found that, that it causes obesity, cancer, liver failure, infertility, and all sorts of other diseases it says.)


Things are about to get a lot worse within the next week … unless we stand up and say “NO!”  (A:  Well, good luck. Good luck. I’m sorry to say it, but America is run by corporations, multi-nationals, monopolies; that’s how America is run. The world is run that way now, by the way; it’s the whole damn world.)


Specifically, a law has been snuck into the Agriculture Appropriations bill – which will be approved by March 27th – which would destroy the separation of powers by stripping courts of the power to challenge genetically modified foods.


How? (A:  How is it done? It says...)


The “Monsanto Rider” (section 735) uses “farmer-friendly” happy talk, but is an iron-fisted ploy to allow GMO crops to be planted even if a court has ruled that planting them is illegal.


If the United States Department of Agriculture – which suffered “regulatory capture” by the big food companies decades ago – approves a genetically modified food without any testing, a court can enjoin (i.e. halt) production of that food until testing occurs.


Yet the Monsanto Rider would strip the courts of power, and would allow GMO crops to be planted and put in our food … no matter what a judge has ruled.  (A:  Never mind the judge.  What about you, folks? You are the guys that are eating it. We’re always waiting for someone else to do something.  So I’ll put this one up tonight too and it goes through a lot of the bill. It’s a long article here; it’s not bad, it’s not that long. But it goes through the GMO, more history on it and so on, and what’s happening, etc., etc.  So, again, it’s giving Monsanto special powers that overrides the Congress and anybody else. I mean, this is wonderful isn’t it?)


Now, also Berlin, that’s again, I’ve just mentioned it, Germany at the start of the broadcast, Germany is cutting back on all of its climate stuff and renewable energies and all this kind of stuff. The incredible money pit it is. And it’s a great money pit because you don’t have to produce anything. Give me a few billion dollars and I’ll try to see if this works; that’s all you have to do. You don’t have to promise anything. We’ve seen that happen with company after company. In fact, they make a business of just starting up company after company, raking in the cash, collapsing it and getting more to start something else up. Everything is a racket, folks. And they know that at the top; they’re all in on the racket.  But Berlin, it says…


Berlin Sets 100-Year March Snow Record… (A:  It just broke its record.) /  P Gosselin / 20. März 2013


Today Focus magazine reports that Berlin has set a new record for the amount of snow on the ground in the month of March. The online news magazine writes:


A 16-centimeter blanket of snow covers the capital city on the first day of spring. ‘It’s the highest amount of snow that has been measured here in March in 100 years,“ says meteorologist Dominik Jung of the weather portal”


In Germany it’s getting so that children will soon no longer know what bare ground in the wintertime is.


High-profile German meteorologist turns skeptic


I recall getting a bit agitated a year or so ago because Jung once repeated the usual global warming rubbish we always hear in the media. But now that Germany has recorded its 5th colder than normal winter in a row and Berlin and Hamburg find themselves digging out from record snow, Jung apparently has looked at the science (A:  ...this is a big scientist up there, Mr. Jung...) and data for himself and now seems to conclude that the CO2 theory is indeed over-hyped after all.


Hopefully he’ll pick up a copy of Die kalte Sonne to get complete overview of the science, if he hasn’t already.


Jung’s skepticism is now being reported in major media outlets all over Germany. For example Germany’s no. 1 daily by circulation numbers Bild quoted Jung’s website in bold print yesterday:  (A:  ...where this top scientist that was all about global warming, up until recently, he’s changed his mind…)


“Winters clearly have gotten colder,” says meteorologist Dominik Jung of the weather portal Moreover: “In the year 2000 the climate experts prophesied that winters with ice and snow in Germany would no longer exist. (A: would be a thing of the past, you see.) That this claim is false is shown by current facts, and in many regions with just a glance out the window!” 


So you see, reality is always getting…  It doesn’t matter what reality is, the big boys at the top say that we give you your reality, we can remake it anytime we want. Remember, George Orwell’s 1984; you’ve got to read the book or see one of the movies that they made on it, where he’s getting tortured, Winston is getting tortured, the character in it, by the guy who represents the big establishment, the real establishment.  The whole idea was to make Winston believe whatever the boss said. If the boss says, if I can fly, you’ll believe I can fly, and you’ll really believe it. And if I put up two fingers or three fingers and say how many fingers are there, and you give me the wrong answer, he said, if you don’t say five then I’ll shock you, I’ll give you electrical shocks. In other words, reality is whatever the boss tells you it is, and you better really, not just say it to please him, you’ve got to come to BELIEVE what he tells you. And that’s already happened with most folk, they believe what they’re told. And they really are, they become the willing fools, that Albert Pike and others talked about. It’s happened, folks. 


You got to understand the power of persuasion, of neuroscience and behaviorism, and the massive psychology they have and studies they’ve done on people. It’s pretty well perfect. They understand exactly what to input into your mind and how you’ll come and be guided to the conclusions they want you to have. And give up ALL your freedoms, ALL your rights, and you’ll get on your knees and say please save us, from whatever doom it is today.


Now, here’s a great piece of propaganda, fantastic piece here. It says…


Terrorism plot size of 7/7 attacks 'foiled every year'  (A:  ...right.) / 21 March 2013


Police are foiling a terrorism plot as big as the 7 July attacks every year, a senior officer has said.


Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne added that the threats against the UK were constantly changing.  (A: kidding.)


Mr Smith, senior national co-ordinator for counter-terrorism, said Islamic extremists were planning in smaller groups in a bid to avoid detection.


It came as the Home Office revealed the number of terror arrests had risen by 60% in the year to September 2012.


The co-ordinated attack was linked to al-Qaeda.  (A: know, the guys that the US and Britain are funding to go into Syria and take them down.  [Alan chuckles.]  I mean really folks, eh. There’s reality for you.)


Mr Osborne said: "On average we've probably had about one potential attack planned with an intent to create something similar to July 7 every year.


Although it may have that effect, the aim of Stuart Osborne's message was not to alarm people.  (A:  Now, scattered throughout this article too, in every two or three lines, are pictures and statements to do with the ONE bombing that they had, that still stinks by the way, to make sure that you get the message; there’s your association, with these statements. Now, he’s got nothing to back up his statements, you see, but this is how they justify the kind of cash they’re spending and the fact that you’re all under, really, incredible watch by Big Brother. This is how they justify it. So it says…)


 . . .  Stuart Osborne's message was not to alarm people.  (A:  ...oh no.)


He was simply painting a picture of the complex and rapidly changing terrorism landscape, containing small groups, "lone wolf" terrorists and international networks.


What is so different now is that police have more resources and expertise than they did before 7/7: almost 4,000 counter-terrorism officers and staff in hubs across the UK - plus MI5, with whom relations are said to be better than ever.


But the arrangements may not last long. Police are having to make deep budget cuts, and a long-awaited review of counter-terrorism policing is set to begin once the National Crime Agency (NCA) is established in October.   (A:  Understand, now ALL crime is going under terrorism. I hope you understand that. [Alan chuckles.])


"The UK threat as we stand today remains at substantial, which means that a terrorist attack remains a strong possibility and could occur without warning."


Mr Osborne said the hatching of plans in small groups followed the foiling of large-scale terrorism plots.  (A:  Again, no evidence of anything.  Then they go back and give you...)


These included a scheme to blow up passenger jets with bombs disguised as soft drinks (A: know, your lemonade…) in 2006, and more recently a Birmingham-based plot to set off up to eight rucksack bombs.  (A: kidding.)


"Some who have been trained actually are becoming quite self-motivated, they are beginning to plan in small groups which are hard to detect," he said.  (A:  Well, how can he say all this if they’re hard to detect? He seems to have no problem detecting them, if he’s talking about it all, right?)


"There is no doubt that the big sophisticated 9/11 or 7/7 (A: you’re back to the one thing that you’ve all got visions of in your head, they’re stuck and it’s imprinted in your brain.) type plots are much harder to organise, they did need a lot of overseas direction and some of the al-Qaeda leadership have said that's good if you can do it, but if not, any attack whatever you can do at whatever size is useful.


This is what they’re claiming, Al Qaeda, you know, this bogeyman.  This is the Goldstein, the Goldstein of 1984.  Again, you have to see the movie and read the book because they always give you the archenemy; you never find him.  You seek him here, you seek him there, you seek that Pimpernel everywhere. In other words, it’s completely elusive, ALWAYS, you see. But it’s always there, you can’t give up, you can’t stop the totalitarian system. It’s all part of the totalitarian system. I mean, if you stop doing it all the totalitarian system just falls apart. When it falls apart people start getting self-confidence back and they start questioning things, like you can’t do this to us, and stuff like that. And they don’t want that anymore. They want you trained and fearful and go along with anything. Remember what they said many years ago. Even the greenies, the head of the Green Party said it. If we can get Britain and other countries into this stage of war, like wartime London, where they all gave up their rights, they obeyed all the officers and the air raid wardens, to do anything that they were told, and they put up with hardships and poor food supplies, rationing, all that. If we can get that same scenario then we’re on our way.… to sustainability. It all ties together, folks. So anyway, he goes on and on and on and repeats the same rubbish over and over and over again.  Over and over and over again.  Remember too, in 1984, you constantly listened to the Department of Statistics; they keep giving you statistics on things.  But they can’t back up them, they just give you statistics; that’s good enough. That’s good enough for most folk, you know.


Back into sustainability again, it’s all at the same time, it says...


World's cities to expand by more than twice the size of Texas by 2030

(A:  ...SCARY SCENARIO, right....) / Ian Johnston


Cities worldwide are on track to expand by nearly 580,000 square miles – more than twice the size of Texas – in less than 20 years, according to (A:  ...once again...) experts at a major international science conference.  (A:  Now, who is all there?)


Yale University professor Karen Seto said the North American suburb had “gone global, and car-dependent urban developments are more and more the norm.”


The world’s population is expected to grow from the current 7 billion to about 9 billion by 2050, according to the United Nations.


Experts meeting at the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference in London (A:  See.  Again a private organization, a big foundation again, all linked with the usual foundations, and the Royal Society, and the eugenicists, and all the rest of it, you see, sustainable progress and so on they call it, Agenda 21, as they cram you all into the existing cities. Getting you used to it... repetition, repetition, repetition. Back after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I was mentioning before though, the big cities are to be overcrowded with more and more people coming in all the time; they want this actually. They want under Agenda 21 everybody, all nonessential people off the rural areas altogether, for the big corporate farms. The United Nations has stated too, by 2030 or so that there will only be a tiny minority of people living in rural areas, who are incredibly wealthy. You see, you’re going to get taxed and forced off of it by the government agencies, who can fine you forever for having a faulty downpipe or something from your gutter, things like that. There’s a method to the madness. And of course it’s mad, getting fined 10 grand because you’ve got a faulty gutter. They are reasons to get you off, obviously.




Internet tax proposal up for a vote in Senate this week / Declan McCullagh / March 21, 2013


Internet tax supporters are hoping that a vote in the U.S. Senate as early as today... (A:  Now, who are these tax supporters for Internet shopping?  Well, it’s the big international corporations…)


...Walmart, Macy's, and Best Buy... (A:  ...and so on, all the big chains, want to put all the Internet shoppers into... you know, off, out of the way, get rid of the competition.)


Senators Mike Enzi (R-Wy.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) are expected to offer an amendment to a Democratic budget resolution this week that, by allowing states to "collect taxes on remote sales," is intended to usher in the first national Internet sales tax.  (A:  And it’s due out today, I haven’t heard the results yet.)


"We're working overtime in pushing this, talking to our members, activating our grassroots," (A:  ...which of course is an international corporation.) says Stephen Schatz, a spokesman for the National Retail Federation. The group's board members include OfficeMax, Macy's, the Container Store, and Saks, which argue it's only fair to force Americans to pay sales taxes when buying from online retailers.  (A:  So they want you to buy it from their overpriced stuff they have in their stores.)


The justification for the proposal reprises arguments that state tax collectors have made for at least a decade: online retailers that don't always collect taxes are unreasonably depriving state governments of revenue (A:  ...taxes again.) and enjoy an unfair competitive advantage over big box retailers that do collect taxes. On the other hand, there are close to 10,000 jurisdictions that can levy taxes, each with its own rules and ability to conduct audits. . .    (A:  ...and so on.)


(A:  But the fact is, you understand, the government and the central banking, when they brought in the banking and the national taxes and so on, in all countries by the way, even your income tax was a temporary tax; in Britain it was a temporary war tax, and I think in the US it was a victory tax, things like that. And they’ve got all employers working as tax collectors now; they just deduct it off your wages. The same with all the stores, it’s all included there. So everybody is working for the government. And the person who told me that was a person in the federal government themselves.  [Alan chuckles.] Everybody’s working for the government. Do you think it’s that different from communism? Really? Anyway it says…)


Taxpayer advocates say an endorsement of a multi-billion dollar tax hike on Americans shouldn't be snuck into an unrelated budget bill (PDF) (A:  I’ll put the PDF up, for the whole thing if you want to see it all.) that's expected to be voted on before senators leave for an Easter recess. (A:  Well, this will be a beauty, this one, this PDF actually, because they’re going to really smack it to you, in a whole bunch of ways, I’m sure.  Because that’s why they’re leaving for Easter recess; they’ll go through it then and then they’re gone, you see.).   The National Taxpayers Union set up a petition to Congress this week calling the amendment "really just a way to unleash state tax collectors on the Internet," and 15 conservative groups sent a letter last week to members of Congress saying an Internet tax law is "is bad news for conservative principles and the cause of limited government."  (A:  Well, limited government went out an awful long time ago.)


So I’ll put this up too, as we all go down the tubes in so many different ways. But it’s done in the proper way by the big boys at the top. And that’s not the guys who you see on TV and your government; that’s not the big boys.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  



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