March 29, 2013 (#1298)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 29, 2013:

Huxley Prolific on Tyranny Scientific:

"There's So Many Laws Coming Down the Pike,
Amendments to Old Ones, None which You'll Like,
The Ultra-Controlled Society is Coming into View,
Where Government Agencies Manage Me and You,
From Birth to Death, Psychological Evaluations,
No Child Left Behind, Standard Across Nations,
In a Generation, There'll Be No Individuality,
A Mass Mind, Authorized, Will Be Commonality,
This Scientifically-Run Tyranny Should Last Forever
Said Aldous Huxley, Who was For The Endeavour"
© Alan Watt March 29, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 29, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 29th of March 2013. Newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of my website  You’ll see a bunch of other sites listed there, they’re all mine; these are the only official ones I have. They all carry transcripts in English for print-up of lots of talks I’ve given, and they all carry audios too for download.


And I go through the system, the big system you’re born into, the way it’s run, constructed and so on, to show you that you’re living through a big business plan run by very wealthy people who have been around for an awful long time. They formed clubs a long time ago, an awful long time ago in fact, and they’ve run the world for a long time. They are simply updating the system to suit themselves and their future.   Not your future but their future. They use every trick in the book of course. They own the media.  They have big foundations. They own all the NGOs across the world that you hear about, that are always pushing for law changes and so on, exactly what the foundations want, and what the politicians who are put in there by the foundations want as well. You’ll find that society doesn’t simply evolve by itself. Everything is engineered from the top down. Not from the bottom up but the top down, everything, all culture, everything, across the world. It’s an old project, as I say.


Now remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you. You can help me keep going by the getting the books and discs at I go through some of the conology, the techniques that are used, in the books, of how the world has been run for an awful long time. It’s simple conology. It’s a form of control; it’s a control of the mind. You simply have to give their reality, the authorized reality, to the public and they seldom question it once they grow up; it’s indoctrinated into them and they never figure their way out of the box. So as I say, you can help buy the books and discs or donate.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations, as I say, are awfully, awfully welcome as we go into forced austerity, planned long before the crash of 2008, the planned crash; that helps it get going, you see.


The bankers lost nothing. In fact, they got away with an awful lot, plus they got all the bailouts given to them by you. It also gives them more power over countries because now they totally dominate countries, for generations to come; we’ll have to pay off all of that debt. That’s how it works. It’s very, very simple.  Remember, if you’re in debt you’re a slave, and the boys who run the banking system really believe that. It’s a very old religion. You’ll find it even in the Old Testament in fact, about slavery, it was okay there in the Old Testament, and it’s never really changed. So if you were in debt and your government puts you down as guarantors to pay off loans and debts and so on, then you are the slave. It’s very, very, very simple.


As I say, most folk never figure their way out of the box, because your parents didn’t know it.  Most of your parents didn’t know what was going on, in their lifetime, or your grandparents even. Because generations, as I say, have grown up through this indoctrinated process.  Scientific indoctrination they call it actually, and big players who helped create this system, and worked their whole lives – very long lives generally; these guys live for an awful long time, like Lord Bertrand Russell – wrote lots of books on it and the system to come. Because every change, from the cultural revolutions of the 60s, sexual revolutions and all the rest of it, right to the present time, were all promoted and written out back then, with a timetable of implementation, including the changes that are happening today, by the way. It’s literally a long-term business plan, and it’s pretty well on queue as to where they wanted it all to go. Most folk never really think about it. You’re bombarded with the data of today’s news and you never think that today’s news simply is part of the construct of control, because it is. It doesn’t give you any history of the whys, never does. Because the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR owns all the media across the planet, and the top reporters on television and in news print too. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system. And that’s all there is really to talk about, because that’s all there really, really is about anything at all. In this system, as I say, they control the culture, they upgrade the culture, they alter it, they can reverse it in fact. They can do anything they want to do and they do it very, very well. But it’s not surprising since they own the media and they own the culture industry. And that’s what they call it in Hollywood themselves, ‘the culture industry.’  We’re always being shown how to behave, what’s politically correct, what’s the in-thing to be against or for, by the culture industry. We’re taught how to behave and what morals to throw away, here’s the new morality, etc. etc. And it works awfully well.


We’ve seen that since the revolutions from the 60s onwards. These were really planned, well financed revolutions. People thought they were doing it all themselves, especially the teenagers of that particular era, but they weren’t. They were being guided, by a much more intelligent people, with lots of sciences behind them, who have known this system for a long, long time, because they’ve done it before in different ways too.


But again too, they had to get in this new authoritarian society. Now, the authoritarian society was put out by the Club of Rome back in the 1970s. The Club of Rome, again, is one of these big foundations and think tanks. Their job was to find ways of bringing in a world government and to bolster the United Nations; they are one of the main think tanks for the United Nations in fact. They were given the task to find a way to unify the planet, and it had to be a threat, an external threat, they thought. They took an old idea that was put out a long, long time ago by John Dewey in fact. He was the first guy to talk about, if there was an alien threat or a threat from outer space, we’d all come together to fight it, etc. Ronald Reagan and many others, in fact one of the prime ministers of Canada long before that said the same thing, we could do it with aliens and so on, invasions from outer space would pull us all together to fight them, and we’d go under unified government in the process.


It’s very, very similar to the war on terror, because the war on terror has done the same job really. And just like aliens, it’s very amorphous. It can be anything at all. Terrorism can be defined as anything at all whatsoever. In fact, they have been defining more and more, legitimate crimes basically, as terrorist events, rather than just crimes. But again too, some people saw this coming. As I say, back in the 90s Bill Clinton tried to get an anti-terrorism act put through the US. It didn’t work and that very weekend, boom, up went the Murrah building in Oklahoma City and that started it off.  They actually passed the law, the terrorism bill, that weekend, the following weekend in fact. So if they can’t get what they want they cause the events; it’s very simple. It’s not new today, it’s been done over many, many centuries, even thousands of years ago, this kind of event, to get things under terrorism. The Romans often did it too, to their own people.


So we’re living through systems that have always worked, and Plato said it too, that everything is a formula – everything to do with behaviorism is a formula – and whatever the public have done in the past, anything at all that’s been done in any culture in the past, if you understand the sequence of how it was initiated, then you can put it back into force today, or at any time at all, in the same sequence, and the same result will happen. If you want people to sacrifice their children, they’ll do it, because you know the formulas to make it all happen, things like that. So we’re run by old, old sciences that are kept in archives. And these archives do exist, by the way. The real histories and so on do exist. Different professors have said to me that they knew of them, and a couple of them had actually been into archives. They themselves think that maybe 1 in 80-odd professors, in any particular field, is allowed into these particular archives, where they understand these systems, you see. Knowledge is never lost, especially knowledge that gives you power. Never lost. They don’t burn down libraries and just walk away, unless they’ve got copies elsewhere. So that’s how things really work down through the years.


Again, Machiavelli, in The Prince, and so on, it’s a good starting point for those who want to understand how people have managed, even from the Middle Ages onwards, using these techniques on how to manage the public. Francis Bacon is another one too. Because these characters used to write kind of almost résumés for Kings and Queens, to get jobs as advisers. And every King and Queen wanted advisers because these advisers, just like today, are more important than the King himself, in a sense.  Because they KNOW all the tricks and dodges and the psychologies of the masses. And the mass mind, believe you me, is well understood, long before Bernays came along, long, long before Bernays came along, on how to manipulate masses. And it works awfully well.


Now, fear is a great thing.  Fear is a terrific thing to manipulate the masses. I can remember even a few years ago a member of the Green Party in Britain said that they would like to use something like the blitz in London, in World War II, where under a wartime scenario everybody did with less, they were on rations, they accepted it.  Because you become collective as a society, you pull together; it’s a tribal instinct in a sense. You will put up with more misery and so on, and even starvation if need be, to try to survive through it, or let others survive, so you can win. And by using those tactics, terrorism is something that really took over from that too; it brings in the same scenario.


I can remember before 9/11 happened Bill Cooper came out in fact, and he talked about Bin Laden in June of 2001, before it happened. Because at that time the press had come out and said that a team of journalists had gone over to Afghanistan and found Bin Laden, who was going to be the next terrorist leader, they said. And supposedly the CIA were all over the world scouring for this guy, and they couldn’t find him, supposedly. It was all nonsense. It was getting the idea into the public mind that something big was going to happen, you see. Bill Cooper actually talked about it and he put a video up, actually I think it was more of an audio, his audio show. But I’ll put up a link tonight for those who want to hear him talking about this. Because he goes through it, on June the 28th, 2001, and talks about Bin Laden and how they were going to use Bin Laden for some terrorism act in the US, long before it happened, and it would be followed immediately by martial law and a socialist world order. That was the point of it all.


Now, if you look at all these different treaties that have been signed too, I’ve been reading them off this last week or more, about the Transpacific Partnerships and the Trans-European Partnerships, and all these different trade agreements, these are all part of the socialist world order. Don’t think socialists are not multibillionaires at the top. They are. Just like the communists were too, by the way; the top guys were loaded. Loaded. And they like socialism because it’s big government, and big government keeps all of you in check. And all the cash that they want to skim off of you goes better under socialism, you see, with all the government agencies, under taxes, fines and fees and all the rest of it. So that’s where we’re all going of course. So I’ll put this up tonight too, “Milton William "Bill" Cooper predicts 9/11 and MORE on June 28, 2001,” for those who want to listen to it.


But he knew what he was talking about. He had a big following. The reason he was killed is because he had a big following, because he knew… And I heard him on September the 11th talking.  He knew that was going to be either the breaking point of the US, and the world too, or else people would have to stand up and stop it, nip it in the bud before it got started. Because once they introduce all this stuff it becomes normal, and you adapt to the changes, and the ID checks and all the rest of it, and no privacy, and then it’s normal. Then it’s too late, folks. It’s just too late. So I’ll put that up tonight and you can have a good listen.


Now, getting back to the 60s and so on, and the free love aspect, people don’t realize that, as I say, the culture is always manipulated from the top down. Plato, again, said it, that all cultural changes had to be authorized by the elite, the dominant minority, and any grassroots change in culture would have to get nipped in the bud because it wasn’t authorized, and it would interfere with the plans of the elite and their cultural changes and domination. So they always nipped it in the bud. 


So you know, the Greeks too, they had different sexual things going on there too, and different strange old religions and things. Some of it was an outlet for the public too, especially in times of hardship or war. They’d give them these things to let the steam off, you might say, a safety valve and so on. But also too, they knew that if it went too far they would lose control of the public. And they would eventually, in fact they did eventually, they went down the hill. Men started to mate with men, and there was no offspring at all of course, and women with women. And the same thing happened at Rome at the end too. In fact, Rome tried to pass laws to make the noble classes and the ruling classes breed, to have children, actually have real children and offspring, because the women were aborting their children too.


So as I say, when you see these things happening it’s the end of a system as you know it; it doesn’t mean the end of humanity. But I was looking at an article here; it’s more like a handout or an ad for dating clubs. But it’s for people with sexually transmitted diseases. And interestingly too, they don’t call them sexually transmitted diseases now.  (Look for the slight changes in things that you’re used to.)  They call them as STIs, like infections; it sounds better than disease doesn’t it? So you understand, it’s all how to make things sound better. This article says…


Got a sexually transmitted disease and looking for love?

No problem, just log on to a dating site for people with STIs / Fiona Keating / 28 March 2013


Dating can be a nightmare for many, so dating websites for people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), can save embarrassment and rejection.


And so on. So there’s people with herpes and HIV and different things, and genital warts and all these kind of things. It’s just astonishing that they’re pushing this out there. But again, this is an outcome from the promiscuity that was promoted, mainly from the 60s… Actually, they tried it before in the roaring 20s when they made the booze cans awfully popular, and sexy, and they churned out all the gangster movies too, to again make it very sexy to go to these nightclubs and so on. They brought out the miniskirt in the roaring 20s and the Charleston dance and all that. But they couldn’t handle the side effects, which was of course illegitimate offspring. They didn’t have free abortions back then and so lots of orphans were created. There was no penicillin either, so STDs, sexually transmitted diseases just skyrocketed. So they put it on the back burner, went back and worked on and created the Pill, and then brought it back for the 60s. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system and the cultural changes, which are managed by very powerful forces that run the world. Money runs the world, so those with the biggest amounts of money can create massive think tanks that work on every aspect of society and culture. They can simply draft up their pages, that they put right into newspapers in fact, without any changes whatsoever.  The newspapers grab these things because it saves them writing anything up themselves.  They do this all the time. You’ll find lots of this stuff, daily, in all the major media. So culture is managed.


Getting back to the roaring 20s, and then back to the 60s when they created the Pill of course, and they had penicillin by then.  Then they brought it back again with the hippie generations and the pop music, they called it at that time. Then it went into rock music... Sex, drugs and rock ’n roll. That was the whole thing... sex, drugs, rock ’n roll.  It was to bring down and separate a new generation, from the old generation, which – they said, like HG Wells said it, and Huxley said it, and so did Bertrand Russell – they said because the old culture was contaminated, meaning they had old-fashioned values. Now, these old-fashioned values kept people collectively pretty strong against all outside influences that try to destroy them. So the outside influences had to destroy them, in order to take over. And they did an awfully good job of it. It worked out perfectly.


As I say, it wasn’t a new thing because HG Wells tried this too in the late 1800s. Some of his first books that he came out with were to do with free love, they called it, back then, free love. Remember, he was picked up and trained by Darwin’s best pal that took over the whole idea of eugenics, etc., and added to it; that was Huxley, Sir Thomas Huxley. So you’ll find that everything is managed from the top down. Then of course you find HG Wells also was a founding member of the Fabian society which pretended to be left wing. In fact, at one time they corresponded directly with the Kremlin, and papers went back and forth all the time for many, many years.


The idea was to get the working people on board for these big cultural changes, which the bankers wanted. The bankers funded communism, remember. There’s lots of data, it’s all been disclosed, even from the old Soviet Union now, on the funding, of the Western bankers, especially in America and London, that funded communism into existence. In fact, the West kept Communism afloat because they couldn’t even feed themselves, for their whole entire existence. Canada and the US used to compete every year for the big contract of grain from the US or Canada, to the Soviet Union, right until the Berlin Wall went down, and afterwards too.  So anyway, it’s hard for folk to get their heads round that, that the communists actually were funded by the top capitalists... the top capitalists.


As I say, they wanted a socialist system, because there’s less freedom under a socialist system, and you can expand government until you have so many bureaucracies and agencies that the public are stifled and smothered basically, and then you can bring them up under the proper eugenic fashion, where they’re taught what to believe, by order of law; and any other opinion and they take them off to this new science, this bogus science called psychiatry, where they drug you. That’s all happening today. All planned, written about, over a hundred years ago.


But as I say, HG Wells pushed it, and the roaring 20s pushed it, the free love idea. Then in came the 60s when they really did it.  Because as I say, they had to separate one generation that they claimed would be different from the old generation. And out came the slogans from the communist side saying, don’t trust anybody over 30, then they even reduced that age limit too. And it worked awfully, awfully well. Massive propaganda, massive funding, it didn’t come by itself. And here you have it today. You have the socialist system in place, which is far more totalitarian than the old system ever was, and it’s going to get a lot more so, where now teachers are all getting told to help diagnose children that they claim have got disabilities in class, and they get them on drugs very, very quickly. That way too, any person, any young child, especially the young guys who’ve got any leadership qualities, are grabbed right away and they’re drugged. And believe you me, once they’re on these different drugs their brain literally shrinks. They know that too; it’s in all the data of these particular drugs, the brain shrinks, and they’re never the same after that, at all.  So as I say, I’ll put this link up tonight to show you the fallout, as I say, with all the STDs, which they call STIs here. And to show you that it’s all normal. So everyone having these diseases is normal. It’s normalized, you see.


Remember too, I’ve read articles on the air where Julian Huxley who was the head at UNESCO at the United Nations, the first head, also head of Planned Parenthood at one time too.  He, along with Bill Gates’ dad, he also said that they would bring in a promiscuous society, but they didn’t want children from this promiscuous society. And that’s happened. Everything that they talked about years and years ago has all happened. And we’re going through the changes. They’ve actually told us where it’s all supposed to go. Read the rest of it. They tell you the next hundred years.


So this article is quite good in one respect, it gives you some of the statistics of many are getting the diseases and so on. And it says…


The rise in these dating sites coincides with increasing rates of STIs. In the UK there was a two per cent rise in new cases from 2010-2011, according to the Health Protection Agency's latest statistics. (Alan:  Now, how can you have a Health Protection Agency when they’re promoting this stuff?) More than 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with genital herpes or HPV every year(A:  That’s NEW people, 100,000 new ones every year. That’s the ones that are diagnosed; that’s the ones that go in and say what is this? Lots don’t bother. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, talking about the STDs that are skyrocketing of course. And they’ve known this for years, this is part of the consequences, cause-and-effect, isn’t it? But as I say, many more folk are getting STDs every year; it’s just skyrocketing, in every country, in the Western countries and so on. It says…


Meanwhile, there are about 20 million new STI cases each year in the United States (A:  20 million… Now that’s the ones who go for checkups and so on that find it. There’s probably about the same amount that don’t go for checkups.), and about 110 million in total, says the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). . . (A:  I like the name of that, disease control, you know...  and they do, they control diseases, as much as they want.  And it says here too that some people get it from partners they’ve been with for a long time, who have been sleeping around, and then they find out, they catch it too. So it’s quite amazing. So I’ll put this article up tonight to show you the consequences too.  And it says...)


More than 15,000 under-16 [year-old]s were diagnosed with diseases including gonorrhoea, chlamydia and genital herpes in the last three years.  (A:  That’s in Britain I guess.)


The number of children aged under 16 with STIs nearly doubled in the last 10 years – and there are fears the situation could be worse because many boys do not get tested.  (A:  And of course they’re promoting sex like crazy right now too, just like you wouldn’t believe, because that’s part of the agenda. The more partners they have the less likely they are to bond for life, because they want to destroy what’s left of any family at all. That was the whole point of it.)


The Health Protection Agency figures, obtained by the Mirror under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed 13 children aged under 16 are diagnosed with STIs every single day.  (A: Britain.)  The number of children aged under 16 with STIs spiralled by 93% from 2,474 in 2003 to 4,777 in 2011.


Infections contracted included chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes, genital warts, chancroid and lymphogranuloma venereum.  (A:  And there’s a lot of nonspecific urethritis and all the rest of it too, that’s generally taken, and so on; that’s another thing. So there’s lots of diseases there. By the way, there’s well over 30 genital warts you can get, and of course the vaccinations they’re giving the children now say they MAY stop three of them.  ...MAY... It doesn’t say they will… And you’ll find out, I’m sure, once they’ve done enough testing, that those children will grow up and still get it regardless.)


So I’ll put this article up tonight for those who give a hoot, you know. But not that you can do much about it because this is the new normal. This is all here, it’s all through society. This isn’t the first generation that’s been doing this either. So it’s well on its way to permanency.  And again too, the socialist system thrives on this, because they have more and more departments of government agencies taking care of it all, etc. etc.


Now, we know too that when you make corporations, or corporations make themselves, and eliminate all competition, which they all do; that’s the whole point of the big corporations. You find out that they get massive shareholders in, lots more shareholders, and then they have to generate more income for the shareholders and so on. So their fees go up and up, or whatever they’re selling goes up and up in price all the time. Now Amazon is doing it…


Anger as Amazon introduces punishing fee hikes for the third-party traders who generate millions for the online giant / Peter Campbell / 29 March 2013


Small traders who sell their products through Amazon are facing potentially crippling fees set to be imposed by the internet giant.


Traders selling items like electronic accessories, automotive parts, tires, through the website will see fees soar, rising as high as 15% in some cases.


The sellers who use the world’s biggest online retailer to reach customers and collectively generate huge amounts of business for Amazon, have reacted to dismay to the increase.  (A:  Well, there’s nothing they can do about it; it’s a monopoly. Unless someone starts an alternative competitive one up, who will end up the same way eventually anyway.  That’s what happens, isn’t it?)


But I’ll put this up tonight, because I know that the new laws in the US with the Internet trading are going to hurt MILLIONS of people, and they know this too. Because any economy at all they’re trying to shut down, any small economies. Small businesses have to be shut down. I can remember Thatcher back in the 80s said that eventually there will be no small businesses at all, that the way of the future would be international corporations only. And they make sure of that because they give you so many tax things to fill in; half your day in a small business is filling in forms for government. It’s all deliberate. They’re not stupid; they know what they’re doing.


Also tonight too, from the I’ll put up an article.


Army officer: Obama's DHS intends to kill "you and me!" / March 23, 2013 / Dave Gibson


On Thursday, Terry M. Hestilow, a retired Army officer with nearly 30 years of service under his belt, as well as combat experience in both Vietnam and Afghanistan issued a dire warning to all Americans.  (A:  And the whole thing is, he’s saying, he wants to know and get all the data on it, why the DHS, Department of Homeland Security, are they actually preparing to declare a war inside the US? with all the...)


. . . 3,000 new armored vehicles (A:  they’ve ordered) (MRAPs) and 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition (A:  It’s 2 billion rounds now, I think it is, the latest thing is.  And all their new weapons and so on...), with associated weapons, (A:  He says…) who in the U.S. do they intend to kill? Short answer: You and me! Anyone they think is standing in their way to impose a new Marxist government!


And it’s true enough, you’re under a Marxist system now, whether you know it or not. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves, you have to go by the MOs of what they use to decide what they actually are. And it’s a form of Marxism. But that’s what the capitalists at the top want. 


Because as I say, the new system, the new world order is an elite – and I’ve said it for many, many years, since I came on radio.  The elite at the top are all fascists, technically.  But they’ve got in between them and the people a massive bureaucracy, many layers of government, managing the public from birth to death, and that’s the communist type of style. So that’s why it works that way. They work together. So I’ll put the whole article up tonight and you can see what he’s talking about it too and see all the rest of the stuff about it.


Now, yesterday I touched on the fact that so much happens… you understand, we’re at the bottom level of reality. That’s why the news is all standardized, through Reuters, so that all media talks about the same things. This is the stuff that is actually, literally authorized for us to get. But for years they can con you and laugh at you and mock folk who are saying what they think, things are happening and so on. But a few years ago we’ve had starlings fall out of the sky and so on. Yesterday I put up a whole bunch of links to do with the Food and Drug Administration and Agricultural Department of the US, killing off millions of birds every year, by law. Because the big corporations and corporate farms now, Monsanto’s boys and all these guys, are complaining their seed is getting stolen by birds. So they’re killing them all off. 


Even up here in Canada I’ve noticed over the years the massive decline of birds. You can walk through the forest, I did last year, I kept walking through the forest and you wouldn’t hear a single bird chirping away; it was that bad. Then you find out, my God they’ve been killing them.  From their own websites they tell you this. This article here I mentioned yesterday too and it says…


When the sky rains starlings / March 12, 2013 / Bob Confer


Niagara Gazette — In incidents that seem to have become rites of winter throughout the northeast, rural residents living within a couple of miles of large dairy farms were recently subjected to an odd, even frightening, sight — starlings literally falling out of the sky and dying before them. When the carnage concluded, homeowners found dozens of the birds dead in their lawns. This columnist picked up an even 10 dozen from his.


At first blush, some might think that a deadly contagious illness overtook the avian community. Others might believe it’s another sign from an angry god that followed once in a lifetime blizzards in the northeast and meteors exploding over Russia.


Their deaths were caused by none of the above.


Instead, the birds expired due to an application of a chemical agent known as “Starlicide.” This compound is produced by Purina (A:  You know, the one that makes the dog food and cat food. Purina dog food... That’s who makes this stuff, the Starlicide, the poison.)  (which some may find strangely hypocritical given the company’s basis in animal health) and it is the most effective tool — maybe the only effective tool — in controlling this most onerous of birds. Upon consuming feed tainted with Starlicide, starlings slowly expire over a 24 to 36 hour period as their organs congest.  (A:  Remember, they’ve been falling out of the sky and the governments are shaking their heads, oh it’s just strange; we don’t know anything about it.)


As unsettling of a sight as hundreds of dying and dead birds may be to the average person, it’s a welcome sight to farmers, aviators and nature lovers.


They are all affected by this invasive species, brought to our shores in the 1890s when fans of William Shakespeare made the ill-advised decision to release every bird mentioned in his plays to the Americas (the very same reason we are inundated with English/house sparrows). The starlings multiplied and took over the skies, being just as much at home in the big city as they are in farm country. It is estimated that there are over 200 million of them in the US. 


Now, the thing is too, the articles from the US ministry of agriculture also admit that it’s killing off all the other birds as well, and all the songbirds. Now, they’re using this stuff in Britain too. There are still articles coming out, even today, that oh, they’re all confused about why – the government, that is – they’re confused why there are so many birds just dying off. It must be man-made problems, taking over their habitat. So we get blamed for what the government agencies do; they’re killing them off themselves, and blaming us. Very simple. Very, very simple. I mean, this Starlicide doesn’t say, oh, starlings only, please, eat here. No, they all go and do it, crows, the lot. And that’s what they’re doing, they’re killing them off. I’ll put this link up tonight too.


Now there’s also another… You can’t keep up with the laws today. I mean, the whole idea with the Internet was oh, there’s going to be free speech and all that, everybody will get their say and so on. And we’ve been watching them, again, since 9/11, roping them all in, law by law, until you can only say what’s politically correct. And there’s threats coming out all over from different governments about different topics and so on. So anyway…


Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 2013:

(A:  It’s already in effect, but they want to expand the powers of it.)

New CFAA Draft Aims To Expand, Not Reform,

 The ‘Worst Law In Technology’ / Dave Smith / March 28 2013


The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was passed in 1984 to combat the cracking of huge computer systems owned by financial institutions and the government. (A:  See, every law they bring out has one thing to get it through, so you’ll all yawn and go back to sleep. But its real intention is to start expanding once it’s in.) Nearly 30 years and seven amendments later, the law is regarded by many lawyers and academics as overly “expansive” and “sweeping,” as it lets the government incarcerate “any Internet user they want,” according to former federal prosecutor Orin Kerr.


According to the new CFAA draft, Internet activist Aaron Swartz could have spent up to 80 instead of 20 years in prison for hacking and distributing JSTOR documents from MIT.


“The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is the most outrageous criminal law you’ve never heard of,” Tim Wu, a Columbia law professor and pioneer of network neutrality, wrote in the New Yorker. “It bans ‘unauthorized access’ of computers, but no one really knows what those words mean.”  (A:  You understand how vague everything can be? That’s why they want things vague; they can then get you if they want you.)


Despite the enormous reach of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as it currently stands – it was the same law used by prosecutors to torment late Internet activist Aaron Swartz prior to his suicide on Jan. 11 -- the House Judiciary Committee has actually proposed a number of expansions to the law in a new draft, which Tech Dirt says will be “rushed” to Congress during its “cyber week” in the middle of April.


You can read the proposed Computer Fraud and Abuse Act draft in its entirety here.  (A:  And I’ll put the link up tonight for that one too at


Among many additions, the new CFAA draft expands the number of ways a person could be prosecuted by punishing anyone who “conspires to commit” violations just like those that have already “completed” the offense. (A:  So you conspire with them, or you heard about it, or you may have knowledge of it – you are also involved.)  It also adds computer crimes as a form of “racketeering activity,” to allow the Department of Justice to hit computer criminals with further charges in court. And if you’re found guilty, the new CFAA endorses more severe punishments for any offenders by raising the maximum sentences available for certain violations.


It goes into different examples too of how they’ve used it already.  Even lying about your age, by the way, on a computer, if they get their way, will be… that’s illegal. Any organization or even app that asks you your age, they want your exact age; you can’t lie anymore and say, well I’m Santa Claus, you know, and I’m about 5000 years old. It won’t do. So they’re really wanting to go… It’s all about ID’ing everybody basically and tracking everybody – that’s part of it, I would say – and, again, making sure that you don’t try anything else. This is why they put the articles out, to terrify you.  ...just to let you know.


Again too, we’ve all seen… People won’t remember it probably but we’ve seen all the articles to do with the farm raids in the US to do with unpasteurized milk.  I mean, it’s just disgusting. Because if you do get unpasteurized milk, from good farms, and remember, people have been drinking milk for thousands of years. And you need that stuff; you need the Vitamin D in it for good bones and so on. In Britain, right up until about the 1970s, you got milk at school mandatorily, at school, every day, because so many of the children in Great Britain – you know GREAT Britain, that owned the world – well most of the folk had rickets, the common working folk, because they couldn’t afford decent food and so on. GREAT Britain… for the minority. But anyway, that’s coming back by the way in Britain too. Because of the rubbishy milk there, that kills off everything in it with pasteurization, including the protein; everything gets killed off in it. But that’s part of the agenda, make you weak and sick. Weak and sick folk can’t rebel you know. Of course governments have always known that; ask Malthus.


So anyway, they’re putting a tough code through for unpasteurized milk. They only brought the unpasteurized stuff back not so long ago, and even the Queen drinks it of course, but she’ll drink it regardless because she’s got her own tenant farmers all over the country that supply her. It says…


Dairy UK to Issue Tough Code for Unpasteurized Milk


The new guidance includes a detailed Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (A:  They love these names don’t they?) analysis covering animal health, milking, storage, separation and blending, filling and microbiological testing. It said the code had been drawn up with dairy farmers and technical experts, but denied it represented a softening of attitude towards raw milk.


But the thing is too, it was one of the big companies, one of the biggest lobbying bodies, Dairy UK it’s called, that wanted it to be put through. Because they want to get rid of any, ANY competition at all; this is what it’s all about. It’s eliminating competition, by keeping you all safe. You hear the same thing in Canada and the States too, with the big boys. Everything is going to the big boys. All small guys have to get wiped out; that’s beekeepers and everything. The same thing, it happens with them too. Everything is to go monopoly, you see; that’s what it’s all about. So forget all their health concerns, that we’re here to help you, as they shut you down.  [Alan chuckles.] Ah dear.


Now also too, all the fallout, again too, getting back to the sexual problems with the sexual, so-called, revolution. And that’s what it was called, the sexual revolution. It was a revolution from the top down, promoted through BBC and so on. And it says…


Two senior Doctor Who staff (A:  Remember the Doctor Who series…)

'used their jobs to sexually exploit young male fans of BBC show in 1980s' / Rebecca Evans and Damien Gayle / 24 March 2013


I’ll put this up again tonight too, to show you that it’s just all-pervasive, what the BBC was up to. But then again, these are the guys, again, who promote the culture, the changes in culture that is. So you would expect to have the biggest pervs at the top wouldn’t you? Of course you would. They were raping folk and everything. Mind you too, if you watch all the trash they put out there, as we go down the tubes in culture, through all their dramas and all this kind of stuff, these dreary, dreary dramas they put on there, you’ll end up being just as sick as they are. Back with more after this break.


Alan:  Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. And we’ll go to Leif in California if he’s still there. Are you there Leif?


Leif:  Hi there. Thanks for taking my call. I wanted to say something.  You know, I listen to an awful lot of Alex Jones during the week and I hear him talking about, you know, false flag terror attacks, warnings, that sort of thing. I don’t think they’re going to do it. I think they’ve already got us in the matrix, you know.  Everybody’s on drugs. Everybody’s afraid. Everybody’s watching the news, watching movies.  And I just don’t think that we’re going to see another 9/11 or anything like that.


Alan:  Well, if they think at the top that they need another one to get some other part through they’ll do it. But the way things are going, as you say, people are… See, people are adapting all the time to all the new normals. They started off with the airports and the checkouts and the x-rays and so on, and they accepted all of that without a problem. Then you got it on the streets with the TSA as well, they accept that. So the people are being trained and trained into the new system. They’ve had years of training now. Most have accepted it and really they don’t need anything else. But the big boys take no chances – I must admit, they do take no chances – because when they plan big changes, which they have, you have to go into massive austerity in the US remember, massive austerity...


Leif:  Yeah, and then I used a litmus test recently, I asked the people I know, have they heard about Google Glass. I’m sure you’ve heard of that right?


Alan:  Yep.


Leif:  Well it’s just exactly what they show on Star Trek with the Borg.  And I don’t hit them too heavily with it but I kind of talk to them a little bit about it, gently, to see if they realize where that’s going. And most people I know – who in 1984 would be, you know, maybe party members, not inner party members of course – they are all for it. They think it’s great.


Alan:  Oh yeah. I mean, the whole point too, was technology’s good, technology’s good, technology’s good; that’s been the mantra for years.  And the public don’t stop and ask, what else can this technology do? What else can it be used for? Can it be used against the people? They never question that. And of course, every exposé from all the science magazines is a rah-rah thing, a cheerleader thing for any new thing that comes down the pike. But again, it’s all to dumb down the people. They are dumbed down already; we know that. Their food is awful; they don’t know it themselves. They’re getting sprayed from the skies; that’s affecting them too.  The IQ is plummeting; even the UN said that, the IQ is dropping about 3 points every 5 to 6 years. So that doesn’t happen by itself. So now you have a public that are dumbed down, they can be malnourished, even if they’re obese by the way, because the food doesn’t contain all the nutrients it’s supposed to. That’s all by design as well. They know all this at the top.


Leif:  Well that’s true. You know for most of my adult life I’ve been stuck at a certain weight, 150 pounds, and I couldn’t gain any weight. Then last year I became a vegan and eating just raw foods.  Now, after quite a bit of detox I’ve actually gained 15 pounds and I look a lot healthier. But that’s from eating all organic food, you know.


Alan:  That’s right. I mean, there in Britain, they’ve just announced there that a lot of the stuff in Chinese restaurants and the Indian restaurants is probably dog and cat food. I mean, they don’t know they’ve been eating that for years. And the horse meat is getting put into it and so on. There’s so much soya, but they call it meat and they stick it in there too as filler. But the thing is, the public have adapted and adapted to it. And it’s the sauces, as you know, that are addictive to them as well, so they go back to the fast food all the time. But as far as needing another big event, I don’t think so, unless they plan to bring on the crash to get through the austerity measures much, much faster. And they’re taking no chances. They might have to do something to really kick it off. But right now the public, they’re going along with it all. The dollar has been devaluated for years; it’s still going down, with purchasing power. And they don’t really need to really push it very hard at the moment, that’s for sure. Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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