June 18, 2008  (#129)

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"Mr. Blair's Over There Evoking Integration,
Yorkshire-Pudding and Caviar, Quite the Combination,
No Economic Protectionism, Yet Open Immigration,
Closer Ties that Bind do Come to Mind,
As They're Burying the Nations"
© Alan Watt June 18, 2008


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen
There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 18th, 2008.  For newcomers, look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com ‘cause there’s lots of information from previous shows on this big, big reality of ours and where it’s going, who created it, who guides it, how it works on the public and how we always go along with it.  We’re very adaptable as a species.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download written in the various tongues of Europe. 


We really are on a roll as everyone can see.  We’re all getting pushed in to the crisis, crisis everywhere, situation where the sky is falling… almost literally because they’re spraying us and using HAARP on a good part of the planet and definitely North America is getting and awful lot of deluge coming down, on a daily basis.  The HAARP is playing away.  So much so, that those on satellite are having a hard time picking up anything at all.  Like myself, for instance.  I’m talking about the satellite I use for uploading and downloading from the internet.  The air is full of electromagnetic waves and that’s what they’re using in conjunction, as they SHOCK AND AWE the whole world into a new deal.  A new deal with a new way of life.  That’s what it’s all about.  Crisis.  We are the herd.  The human herd and long ago societies which joined up and linked up together, along with the very rich men of the world decided they were taking it all over and they knew too, that in a post-industrial era, they didn’t want all the ‘useless eaters’ around.  So much so, they actually printed it and called us ‘useless eaters‘.  Like Bertrand Russell.  No problem with that at all… and no shame because they’re psychopaths at the top.  However, they do HIRE very good think tanks to plan the strategy because everything that happens is just long-term strategy for a long-term business plan as they take over everything in the world. 


Meanwhile, the public across the planet must be persuaded, not only that they’re the problem, they’ve got to start to believe they are the problem.  The victim must accept that he or she happens to be the problem.  Exactly as George Orwell described in his book, 1984.  It wasn’t good enough that you parrot your torturer’s signals.  ‘How many fingers do I have up?’  O’Brien tells him, ‘How ever many I say are up, are up.’  That’s how it is.  You’ve got to obey them and BELIEVE IT.  You have to believe in Big Brother and you have to believe that you are a problem.  Little ole you, happens to be the problem.  We’re being bombarded with propaganda from ALL WORLD TV and radio on that very issue to convince us we are the problem.  We’ve had YEARS of preparation gradually escalating up to the present… TO CONVINCE US OF THIS. 


Now you’re hearing people on the street in conversations using the terminology of ‘carbon footprints,’ ‘greenhouse gases’ and all this magic paraphernalia that comes out of the abstract ether of the brain cells of the guys who dream it up.  We simply parrot it to each other until we make it a reality.  This is going to be the big green police for the future.  Our whole world and our whole way of living is to be altered to go along with the greening for the planet.  Any volunteers for euthanasia?  Not yet.  But they will come, I guarantee it.  Back with more after the following break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the shock-and-awe tactics that are being used WORLD WIDE now.  Suddenly, everything is crisis.  There’s going to be a food shortage.  The money is collapsing.  There’s just no gasoline anywhere and ya-da ya, on it goes.  Already they have had riots in some parts of Europe and big demonstrations in Paris and Brussels and a few other countries to do with this.  This is what it’s meant to be. 


The big people who work at the top, the REAL economists, the ones that don’t write for newspapers and who are IN on the big agenda don’t make mistakes.  THEY DON’T MAKE MISTAKES.  Whatever’s happening on an economic level was meant to happen because out of all of this is supposed to come a brave new world.  A New World Order.  That’s a completely different way of doing everything, everything you can image.  Completely alien to anything we do now.  A controlled society with BIG family planning, the global family.  We know what that means.  It will also mean not just ‘school to work’, you’ll be trained for specific tasks IF they need you.  IF they need you.  That’s been printed in some of the big boys’ books.  You don’t have to imagine where it’s going to take us because if you’ve studied the foundations and the big organizations like the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute for International Affairs and a whole myriad of other ones that are ALL interlaced - there’s literally a thousand of them - then you find they’re ALL GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION WITH THE SAME GOAL, the same objective. 


Years ago when they were pulling the fast one over the eyes of the people in Europe and especially Britain, with the Economic Union that stated off as a form of free trade, they used to use little buzz words and terms and one of them was ‘closer ties’.  Every year the Prime Minster went off to meet other Prime Ministers and all they would say to the newspapers is we’re cementing or brining ‘closer ties’ with France or Germany or wherever it happened to be.  The same kind of terminology that Thatcher used about the ‘special relationship’ that she meant with the intelligence services and military between Britain and the US.  So here’s Tony Blair who’s just left as the Prime Minister of Britain.  These guys don’t retire.  Remember Thatcher said that there’s a parallel government and because we’re EX Prime Ministers and Presidents, we all know each other and we work together for a common cause and we’re unimpeded by the public because we’re NOT responsible TO the public as politicians any more.  They can work in these organizations towards their agenda and get things done in a hurry and it’s not thrashed out in any Parliament or Congressional floor.    That’s how the parallel government works.


This is from the telegraph.co.uk.  It says here, it’s actually updated on the 17th of June, 2008.


Tony Blair sidesteps democracy issue in call for ties with Russia and China

Tony Blair yesterday urged the West to forge strategic partnerships with Russia and China, despite concerns about both countries' human rights records.


By Adrian Blomfield in Moscow

Published: 9:35PM BST 17 Jun 2008

[emphasis added to article]


Addressing an investment conference in Moscow, the former prime minister warned that the balance of world power was undergoing its most profound transformation for several centuries.  (Alan:  Well, he’s telling the truth there because, you see, they had planned to have 3 trading blocs set up as Karl Marx mentioned in his book, Das Kapital and they’ve already got their United Europe that’s still bringing membership countries in.  We have the rush on now for the whole of Latin America.  A few countries are lined up after Chile to come in after Mexico once it’s all cemented.  They’re already setting up the real government for the Far East / Asia Pacific Rim.  As they’re doing this, now they’re pushing for a WORLD government over the blocs.  Exactly like Karl Marx said.  That’s what’s happening right now.)


"Power is shifting to the East and it is shifting fast – not just to China and eventually to India but also to the Middle East and to Russia," Mr Blair said.


In a speech that gave short shrift to the role that democracy has played in defining Western ideology – indeed he did not mention the word once – Mr Blair suggested that the West faced stagnation if it did not strengthen ties (A:  strengthen ties) with the emerging powers.  (A:  Same terminology, integration, you see.  That’s the same threat they used for Britain and all the other countries in Europe.  They’d stagnate.  They’d be ‘left behind’ if they didn’t join this world trading organization… or world government, really.)


"In the end the need for an important strategic relationship is more important than these issues," that come between the East and the West, he said. "We need strong strategic partnerships between the West and China, the West and India, the West and Russia."


Mr Blair acknowledged that Western political leaders were facing the greatest period of pressure "for a significant period" and called on the world to pursue greater liberalisation.


But in comments that will dismay human rights activists, the former prime minister made it clear that he was talking about economic rather than political liberalisation.


(A:  Now listen to this.)

The West had to reject the temptation to pursue anti-immigration policies or to pursue economic protectionism, he said.  (A:  Now, here’s the man who was banging the British people and he belongs to a big group who were banging their own people in different countries about OVER POPULATION and all the rest of it.  And yet he wants… so he’s blaming… and people REALLY believe it’s their fault.  All immigrants go in to the big cities so you certainly become over CROWDED especially when they’re not building new building because of ‘urban sprawl’.  They don’t want urban sprawl.  So here he is advocating that immigration go on unabated, you see.  So he’s pushing all of that.)


Speaking three months after a heavily criticised election that allowed Vladimir Putin to remain Russia's most powerful man in a constitutionally dubious power grab, Mr Blair shied away from anything that sounded critical of the Kremlin.


Instead he heaped praise on the stability and strong leadership that Mr Putin had given Russia in his eight years as president – a period in which critics say the fragile seedlings of democracy sown in the 1990s have all but been crushed.


Briefly acknowledging that relations between Russia and Britain had been "difficult" (A:  Now, that’s a bit of an understatement.  Difficult.  Supposedly during the whole Cold War, we were going to nuke each other any day.  That’s how they kept the people terrified back then… on all sides.)  Mr Blair called on the West to understand how the former superpower had changed.  (A:  I guess psychotherapy works, hmm?)


"Russia feels more assertive" he said. "Russia feels it has got over the past." Mr Blair's comments reflect a shift back to the early days of his premiership, when he made a greater effort to woo Mr Putin than any other world leader despite international criticism of the war in Chechnya. 



Now, do you realize that the whole Cold War was a fiasco?  On a HIGH level, it was a fiasco.  On the lower level, a lot of it was very real.  Real people got very, very hurt, indeed.  However, at the top, this was found by some people within MI-5 who were on the trails of spies and double agents.  Each time they were ready to grab the agent, someone higher up that them, tipped off the agent to get out of the country.  This was written in a book called, The Fifth Man.  Only 2 people got the ultimate rating orders from MI-5, MI-6 and one of them was the royal family.  Another one, of all people, was Victor Rothschild who was THE HEAD of ALL the major security forces in Britain when they all amalgamated.  He was the head guy.  There was only the 2 of them.  One or the other had to have tipped off the spies to get out of the country.  Fascinating read. 


We also know, too, that the wall in Berlin didn’t just fall down.  They didn’t just get up one morning and say ‘well, I guess we’ve had enough.  Let’s all be friends.’  No, this was planned that way and telephone calls were made to all the Soviet bloc countries TELLING the Prime Ministers to sort of step down and let this all happen.  That’s how it went in reality, because it was time now, to blend the 2 systems together.  Exactly as Senator Norman Dodd mentioned in the Reece Report that they did with the foundations in America.  When they went to investigate why the big foundations seemed to have their fingers in so many of the communist pies.  Dodd was told from the CEO of the Ford Foundation that their job was to blend the Soviet system quietly and painlessly with that of the West.  Well they’ve done it, you see.


Mr. Gorbachev, remember Gorbachev?  He was wooed by Margaret Thatcher when he was the head of Russia, Soviet Russia.  They brought him over to the West and they did a World Tour with him.  She had him on her arm the whole time, introducing this new TYPE of communist.  That’s how it was put across in the newspapers.  This new, with-it, trendy type of communist with tailor-made suits rather that those baggy things he used to wear.  It wasn’t until about 6 months or a year afterwards the media ADMITTED that the condition they had to interview Gorbachev was to promote him as this particular spanking-new type of Soviet, a trendy one, who was progressive.  They were also asked to NOT ask any questions about conditions of poverty, etc in the Soviet Union.  THEY ALL COMPLIED. 


That was a staged job with Thatcher and Gorbachev and the powers that backed them.  That’s what really happened there, because the job was over.  They’d built up all the research and development for high technology on both sides.  Now it was time to share it all and use all of that high tech IN to the new world order.  The stuff that we’re seeing NOW and being used on the public across the planet.  Including the STAR wars campaign too.  Which also, is sitting, waiting to read your chips when you eventually get them.  They were put up there years ago.  These guys work so far ahead, it’s mind boggling – but only if you’re stuck on the low levels of the matrix.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix.  This devious, multi-layered reality that we’ve been brought up in.  A reality that very few break through to the surface because after all, why should you question it… if your parents didn’t know what was going on?  Big powers were at work to make sure they didn’t know.  Then why should you ask?  That’s how devious this is.  The people at the bottom are treated truly like cattle… or mushrooms.  You’re kept in the dark and fed you know what.  Just before I finish, this article here says


Mr Blair's calls for a new partnership with Russia were echoed even more strongly by the archdeacon of Realpolitik, (A:  They should have really called him ‘the dark force’ here.  The arch deacon of darkness.)  Henry Kissinger.


Richard Nixon's former secretary of state, now 85 (A:  These guys never retire.  You see, they‘re always at it.  This is a religious cause with them.  That’s the only place you’ll find this kind of dedication.  They don’t put their feet up and go fishing.  No, they’re rushing all over the world working at the same agenda.), urged Russia and the United States to put their differences behind them and cooperate in a new relationship between two great powers to address the world's problems.  (A:  It’s amazing they could make it out.  Henry Kissinger always appeared on TV with a big, sort of dark aura around him.  He mumbled all the time and no one could understand a word he said.  So he’d always have to get someone to tell you what he said.)


"For the first time in history Russia is becoming integral in the world economy," Mr Kissinger told the conference, organized by Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital. 


"For this reason it is necessary for the US and Russia to cooperate in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. (A:  They want Russia to come IN with their military power, as well, you see.)  None of this can be dealt with by confrontation between the US and Russia." "I hope that the disagreements of recent years will be seen in a larger perspective and that on the global challenges that face us, Russia and the United States will work together as partners and not as adversaries."


So, the big boys are at it for an old, old agenda.  A very old agenda discussed in the 1800s and written about by some players of this world system to be set up with 3 great trading blocs that technically wouldn’t have any REAL political power.  They’d all be subservient to a global government.  WE’RE SEEING IT ALL HAPPEN.  WE’RE LIVING THROUGH THIS.  But it isn’t just a time of upheaval where you eventually settle down and breathe again and carry on as usual.  It’s not a change of bosses.  It’s more than that.  It’s a change to a NEW SYSTEM ENTIRELY.  They’re already conditioning the next generation that are going in to kindergarten now, the young ones in school, that they’re going to be the real greenies and they’re going to be taught NOTHING, NOTHING BUT saving the planet and green and all the rest of it and sterilization, euthanasia and all the things that will become necessary to save the world.  That’s how it’s going to be presented to them.  It already is, actually.  It already is.  We’re on a great slide towards this new, brand new system.  Not so good. 


This is one more article I’m going to read here which shows you nothing changes and techniques never change.  Someone once said that ALL the systems, regardless of communism, capitalism, are essentially fascist in nature.  It is true.  Both of them are based upon materialism.  It’s all materialism WITH the belief that sciences, ALL SCIENCES, become the new priesthood, you see.  That’s what we have today.  Science is the new holy Rome, the Roman Empire, and the scientists are the new priests.  We’ve all been taught and conditioned, growing up, till the present day, whatever they say is HOLY.  You can’t question it.  They’ve been given all this power to rule our lives and dictate to us how we should live.  So much so, that now governments push laws through to make us obey them.  Again, it’s all based on materialism, pure materialism.  Capitalism and Communism had to come together because they were both to do with production and consumption and the mass man.  Both of them came OUT of the industrial era.  They called the masses ‘the mass’ for the first time.  It was all planned back then. 


Well, here’s another little article here and it’s from The Guardian. 


Could humiliation be the next weapon in our war on crime?!


Julian Borger and Joe Jackson

The Guardian

Tuesday 17 June 2008


(A:  Now before I go in to this.  It’s to show you, and I’ve mentioned it before.  They’re using, from the United Nations, they’re using the Chinese MODEL to be used for the rest of the world.  Remember, the United Nations said CHINA was the model state, THE model state for the world to copy.  They use the ‘social approval’ techniques they’ve got in China and ‘social disapproval’ techniques that they use in China.  That’s what they used for anti-smoking.  Now the UN has declared a war on obesity.  They’re going to use the same techniques on obesity.  But here’s the NEXT step which they also used in China.  Could humiliation be the next weapon in a war on crime…)


British offenders depressed at the prospect of sweeping out bus stations in a fluorescent jacket identifying them as a criminal, or being shamed in a "conviction poster", can console themselves with the thought that they could be at the cutting edge of a historic revival.


The reforms, suggested in a report by Louise Casey, former head of the government's Respect Unit, (A:  the government’s RESPECT UNIT.  Did you know you had a government respect unit?) hark back to the days of Ancient Rome, where prostitutes were forced to wear a man's toga as a badge of shame,  (A:  Back with more on this particular technique after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back and Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m reading this little article here from the Guardian about this new technique of shaming people who’ve broken the law.  The way it’s going now, we’re all going to end up in labor camps in one form or another for being politically incorrect or whatever it happens to be.  They’re using the Soviet, again, the Communist and Chinese system over here.  It’s world wide.  That’s the only way you can blend them all together is bring in the dominant one’s system.  They’re all for this type of thing. 


The reforms, suggested in a report by Louise Casey, former head of the government's Respect Unit (A:  I don’t know who respects the government.  Uh-oh.  I just committed a crime there.), hark back to the days of Ancient Rome, where prostitutes were forced to wear a man's toga as a badge of shame, and to China's Cultural Revolution, when class enemies were paraded around with self-condemnatory slogans on their clothes. Originally used in Medieval Europe as a means for the community to punish petty offences, "degrading treatment" was outlawed in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.


According to Amnesty International and Penal Reform International, contemporary examples of "shaming sentences" are rare. If the British measures come into force, we will apparently share honours with China, rural India, Rwanda and a few jurisdictions overseen by particularly imaginative judges in the US.  (A:  They should also add Nazi Germany to that as well.  They were good for pinning little stars and so on, on certain people when they were going after them.  It’s to shame you.  I’ve no doubt there’ll be a different color for every category of speak-law that gets broken - Speech Law, call it speak-law - because you’re politically incorrect, of different colors to show them what you are.  This is coming on in this time of control freaks because this, again, is the age for control freaks of ALL kinds to get put up there and get little uniforms and little arm bands to go around homes and schools, etc and find out who’s not going along with the agenda.  It’s all out in the open now.  And there’s lots of control freaks out there.  Lots and lots of them to recruit from.)


I’ll go to the phones now and we’ve got Rick from California there.  Are you there Rick?


Rick:  Yes.  Hi Alan.


Alan:  How you doing?


Rick:  Good.  How are you doing?


Alan:  I’m surviving up here.


Rick:  Yeah.  Me too. 


Alan:  I’m shrinking, though.  I’m shrinking with all this rain.


Rick:  Oh.  I guess you’re getting some of the stuff that’s going on in Indiana, from the tail end of that or something.


Alan:  They’re bashing the bread basket of Canada and the States again.  It’s just weather warfare because they must create the real crisis and then blame us for it. 


Rick:  I have a story I wanted to tell you.  It was an experience that happened to me yesterday.  I’ll try to make it short.  I heard on the news the night before, on Monday night, that there was going to be this huge bio-tech conference here in San Diego, in my town.  Bio-tech Convention, and they said the protesters would be in the ‘free-speech’ area which is off to the side.  So I went down there yesterday.  I just strolled around in front of the convention center and I started asking people questions.  I wanted to see if the transhumanists were there.  I went inside and I noticed everyone was wearing badges.  I went in side and somebody said… somebody let me inside and said, can I help you?  I said yes, I just wanted to see where the registration area is.  I want to register to go inside but let me just take a look at this and there was a huge placard there, this huge billboard.  Let me take a look to see who’s represented here.  Monsanto was there and all the big ones were there.  The guard came up and said excuse me but you’re going to have to come with me.  You’re going to have to leave.  So he escorted me out and I was in a conversation with a man outside about the nicotine vaccines and a man who knew about it and I was talking to him.  Then I noticed that police started surrounding me.  Before long, there were 3 or 4 cops and I said what’s going on?  They said we’ll wait till your done.  I said I’m done now.  So then they detained me there.  They said you’re not under arrest but you’re being detained.  You need a badge to go inside.  You need to pre-register.  I acted real nice to them.  I acted like I was going there for a job.  They asked me all these questions.  Do you have any tattoos?  Have you been arrested before?  Then, I had this brochure in my hand I was flipping through while I was waiting for them to check on my ID, I noticed that Colin Powell is the keynote speaker.  I didn’t know that.  They didn’t say that on the news.  That should be a red light to people right there that Colin Powell, military guy, big brass, is going to be the speaker at this bio-tech convention. 


Alan:  Well, it’s the same thing to do with Newt Gingrich who started off as speaker for all the conferences they had on the bio-chip that’s to be implanted in folks bodies.  I mean, these guys are definitely in on all these big conferences so I’m not surprised at all.


Rick:  Then the corporate security guard, a big fat guy, came out and said, can I help you?  Real accusingly.  Nobody was friendly.  He took away my brochure because I’d asked them for literature.  I said, I just want some literature and they’d given me some.  Then he came and took it away from me.  I noticed that they were real secretive about it.  Then I got on the bus home and there were no protesters at all.  Then I found the protesters about a half a mile away… surrounded by cops. 


Alan:  That’s the new rules now.  Everywhere they go, they’re about a quarter of a mile away from actually seeing the people even getting out of their cars.  That’s traditional now.


Rick:  Then I talked to the protesters a little bit to ask them questions.  Most of them are your animal rights type people.  I said, you know, I could see a future where you have to get a license to even have your children because your DNA will be owned by somebody else.  The protesters said, na, we had a civil war about that, about slavery.  [laughs]  I just thought, you know, this guy… even them are… they haven’t even woken up, really.


Alan:  No.  No.  They’re in to their own little thing there.  Thanks for calling though.


Rick:  Yeah.  You’re welcome. 


Alan:  Bye, now.  There’s Jeremy in Pennsylvania?  Hello Jeremy?


Jeremy:  Yes.  I was just calling because I’ve been listening to you since about January and I just… I love your show.  I listen to you pretty much every night but I’ve been listening to the pod-casted version because I’m never really around the computer to listen to while it was live.  But I’ve been meaning to call you for a while because you’ve been talking kind of off and on for the past about 2 months about problems with computers and how the internet is being more and more restricted.  Often times when you introduce the show, you’ll say, you should probably just go the web site and download everything you have now because we don’t know how much longer it will even be available… if it ever gets shut down or something.  I actually know quite a bit of how to keep information secure and stuff.  I was wondering if there’s some way to contact you and explain this and maybe you could pass it on or maybe you have some time right now.  I could even…


Alan:  Not on the show.  It would take too long but what you can do is certainly email information.


Jeremy:  Is there anyway I can just call you after the show and talk to you that way?  I don’t particularly trust email.  I can help you through some encryption stuff with it. 


Alan:  Not after the show, I’ll be up until about 2 in the morning uploading this particular show.  That’s how long it takes me.  You can try tomorrow. 


Jeremy:  Okay.  Can I get some contact information from RBN then for that?  How would I go about that?


Alan:  What to do is you email me first, that you’re there and I’ll give you a call. 


Jeremy:  Okay.  Alright.  Well, thanks for you time and I hope everything goes really well for you.  Bye.


Alan:  Now, there’s Dave in California.


Dave:  Hi Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.  One little point on the humiliation issue and then another more pressing one about chemtrails and the environment.  I’ll make it brief.  I recently read a book about Mao as a young man and coming up through the power structure and all that.  One of the things that he put in to place in China was he would have political officers in every town or region call meetings at night after the poor peasants worked themselves to death, they’d have to go to these meetings for hours and hours.  They would randomly drag people out of the crowd, put them up on the stage and force them to confess every sin, every thought, everybody they told, in front of the people that they told and if they didn’t confess properly enough, they would keep them up there longer.  They would torture them.  They would kill them.  Then anybody that they fingered while they were up there, they would drag them up.  So it was not only humiliation, it was terror.  So anyway, that scared the heck out of me.  That seemed very efficient.  But I wanted to ask you, sir, I also live in a wilderness area.  I’m in remote Northern California.  I recently traveled between here and Northern Oregon and around through here and what I’m seeing is not just the bees disappearing.  They’re almost gone although we do see some other species.  For the most part it’s ALL the insects are disappearing a LOT.  Are you seeing that too?


Alan:  Not so much all the insects but I did notice 5 years ago you could walk through the forest and there was hardly a bird twittering.  The birds were dying, especially the smaller birds.  The larger ones and the hawks were doing well, the buzzards, etc, but the small birds were not.  There’s an absence of them. 


Dave:  Right.  Well let me tell you what it’s like here.  I’ve been up here a long time.  I used to like to lay in the morning and listen to the birds.  Now you may hear one songbird in the morning.  In the course of 3 years, I’ve literally not had to wash my windshield on my car one time because there’s so few bugs getting splattered on the windshield.  I do 10,000 miles or so a year.  I can leave my door open.  There’s never any flies in the house EVER or anywhere near.  I literally left some organic honey out in the sun last spring at the height of bug season for 2 weeks and I got like 8 little tiny black ants that I saw on it and 1 little tiny bee fly thing and that was it.  So this is really concerning.  Obviously what birds are left are going to be real hungry.  But you’re noticing the birds dying off up there too?


Alan:  You’ll find it with, again, the GMO food and all the pesticides and the spraying as well.  I think both of them together are doing this definitely.  The one thing that’s doing really good up here are mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes… I think they must breed them and who knows.  We know that they do breed them for military purposes but you wouldn’t believe it.  They’re THRIVING in this particular rainy weather we’re having. 


Dave:  We don’t even see many mosquitoes here, even at night, around an exposed light, outside, you hardly see any moths around it.  It’s very frightening.  The really scary part is, nobody sees it. 


Alan:  People adapt.  This is the whole thing.  People, you’ll find, the majority of people literally are not conscious.  They’re conditioned every day.  They speak about the same topics they’re given, like Brzezinski said, from the media, but they ADAPT DAILY AND EVEN WEEKLY AND MONTHLY to changes without ever reasoning through the changes themselves.  That’s why you can literally start spraying them from the skies for 10 years or more and they don’t notice.  They never look up.  It’s quite easy to control millions, if not billions of people by understanding their nature, giving them the topics to think about and worry about.  If you don’t use your own perceptions, you’re definitely in trouble.  You’re right.  You’re using your own perceptions. 


Dave:  May I ask you one more question?  I’ve heard you say that people who are preparing to fight to save this country, or their country, should be aware that they’re fighting for something that they never had.  Do you have any suggestions?  Aside from trying to stay alive, live hand to mouth and try to put the word out, are there any suggestions that we should be thinking about?


Alan:  I think we’re beyond that stage almost because you had a bonding and a common culture at one time.  That’s what got people through the major great depression, as they call it.  Even at that time when they were losing farms by the thousands and people were having camp cities built up, tent cities, you didn’t find the crime.  You found decency amongst people.  They helped each other out.  They didn’t strangle each other.  Well, we’ve become so materialistically inclined that they family’s destroyed.  People are created to be ego-syntonic, avoid pain at any cost and seek pleasure.  It’s like Dr. Spock said, the guy that said don’t spank your children, before he died he says we’ve created a nation of psychopaths.  That’s what he said.  [laughs]


Dave:  Right.  That turned out really well, did it?


Alan:  So you’re seeing… people could not hang together today to help each other out.  They’d be at each other’s throats.  That’s a sad comment but in a completely materialistic society that does not have a common grounding.  The common grounding we had too, we do know and this is true, it was taken FROM a Christian type background, a religious background.  At least they gave them a grounding on what was right and what was wrong.  Everyone knew the rules.  But that’s all gone too.  In an atheistic society anything goes.  You’d have bands of mercenaries going around just like they did after the great crusades.  That’s what you would have in America or anywhere else.  Most people have not thought what they’re fighting for.  That’s the most basic thing you got to ask, is what do we fight for?  You have to start to do with human values, not just your own, but everyone else’s values too.  What you have in common.  You must also accept the fact that EMPATHY FOR OTHERS IS ESSENTIAL.  See, that’s been knocked out of us by this materialistic society.  There’s no empathy for other people.  Empathy for others is a survival mechanism for everyone.  When you don’t have it, it’s dog-eat-dog.  You drop down, no one picks you up.  If you have empathy for others and you all pull together like a true tribal system or even a super tribe, who cares of the mixes, then you’re more or less guaranteed survival because everyone counts.  This present society… this has been a war, see, it’s been a long, ongoing war to literally destroy all those things which DID keep you together and gave human value and compassion and humanitarian values to life.  We don’t have that today.  People think they’re happy if they buy the latest gadget and they’re happy for 5 minutes and then they’re depressed again.  So it doesn’t speak well of the society today but that’s how they’ve been conditioned in this WAR that was definitely set out to destroy ALL that was, as they say in high Masonry, to bring in all that which will be… the new creature, the new man.  And we’re not it.  We’re the old man.  We’re supposed to perish when they bring in the new types through their beloved sciences.  So all you can truly do is HANG ON.  It’s like Orwell said in 1984, it’s not just the oppression and everything that gets you down.  The hardest thing going through all of this is hanging on to your humanity.  And that will be truth here again.


Dave:  Well, I salute you sir and thank you for your comments.  I’ll be listening.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Now, we’ve got Maggie in Texas.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Good evening, Alan.  You were talking about Eastern Europe before and I wondered if you have seen or had a look at Webster Tarpley’s new book on Obama which is really equally about Zbigniew Brzezinski.  Have you seen that or heard of it?


Alan:  I haven’t seen it.  No.


Maggie:  Okay.  His position, Tarpley’s, is that Obama is the puppet of Brzezinski and he talks as much about Brzezinski as he does about Obama, maybe even more.  He talks of Brzezinski as the person who will be pulling the strings if Obama gets in.  Now, according to him Brzezinski is motivated, and it’s planned because there are a lot of Brzezinski’s around and I knew there were several.  There were more that even I had heard of in positions of some power.  According to this historian Brzezinski is motivated by a hatred of Russia, single minded.  And so while you have people like Kissinger saying closer ties, meanwhile Brzezinski will be scheming in the opposite direction.


Alan:  I’ll answer that after the break.  Thanks for calling.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I generally don’t follow what they give us as main players because they’re not main players.  Even their books generally, by politicians, are ghost written for them.  They don’t even have to sit down and dictate.  It’s just done by someone who knows their agenda or their personality and they mix the two together.  However, we do know that there are no real sides on this.  The goal is the same regardless of which way you go.  Left hand path or the right hand path, they both meet at the same point down the road.  Kissinger, I know Kissinger and Brzezinski vie with each other once and while to do with the way the agenda should be run, but these guys are NOT the top.  Remember that.  They are not at the top.  They themselves might have access to incredible intelligence across the world, what’s happening, but they’re not really the bosses.  They’re big players who are pulled in by those who command them. 


At the top of all of this, as I say, there’s no difference.  Even the politicians are interchangeable.  Their faces are interchangeable.  Their NAMES are interchangeable.  The dramas they give us, it’s all nonsense because I’ve never seen this agenda falter because a certain Prime Minster or President was voted in.  It won’t happen here again.  It’s not going to be changed by them.  THEY’RE HAND-PICKED ON ALL SIDES by the same committee, basically.  They all belong either to the Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral but regardless, as Carroll Quigley said, we always OWN AND VET those who will be leaders on ALL sides, EVERY party.  That’s why the agenda had never faltered.  It’s the same in every country in the Western hemisphere.  Same thing goes there. 


Same with Tony Blair.  A complete unknown shot to the top and his only connection was coming from Oxford where he learned his oratory skills and he was picked for them and his ability to wave his hands around a lot when he was talking.  They’re all interchangeable and their names are lost in history because only THE AGENDA is worth remembering and what’s next, as well, what’s coming up.  However, I do know that Brzezinski and Kissinger would not appear on the same television interview when they came to Canada.  They came separately.  Interviewed by the same particular person, separately.  But that doesn’t mean that they’re on opposing sides on anything.  It’s much higher than them. 


As I say, during the whole Cold War it wasn’t just left against right, and Capitalism against Communism, THERE WAS A THIRD PARTY ABOVE THE TWO THAT MADE SURE THERE WAS A BALANCE THERE that no one did think it was real and rush ahead and try and take the other one over.  They always got tipped off on both sides.  There was a party at the top just controlling both sides of it all through the Cold War.  There was real murder and mayhem at the bottom level.  Of course, we had the communist countries rising up in the far east but at the TOP there was anther puppet master pulling the strings but definitely in touch with the leaders of ALL sides at ALL times.  That’s why they could tip off the spies on both sides when need be.  That’s how it happened. 


We know that Philby, for instance… They did a very good BBC documentary on him.  Very well worth watching if you can a hold of it.  It shows you the type of people they recruited and Philby himself was snuck out of Britain.  He was raised in Britain, went to the best schools and he eventually became one of the heads of the KGB.  So that’s a surprise too, MI-6 running the KGB. 


That’s it for tonight from a very wet and thundery and mosquito-laden country up here in Canada.  From Hamish and myself, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





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"Could humiliation be the next weapon in our war on crime?" by Julian Borger and Joe Jackson (guardian.co.uk) - June 17, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana