April 2, 2013 (#1300)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Apr. 2, 2013:

No Defiance to Neuroscience:

"The Average Joe is Trained to Be Oblivious of Knavery,
Unaware of C.G. Darwin's "More Sophisticated Form of Slavery,"
He's Trained to Be Egocentric, Even Narcissistic,
Obsessed Metro-Sexual Over Various Shades of Lipstick,
Mystic New Agers' In-Group Opinions are All Relative,
Taught to Purr Over Happy Things and Ignore the Negative,
All History is Irrelevant, Nasties won't Occur Again
Because Now We are Civilized, Run by Special Expert Men
Who have Visions, They Release, in Bright Rippling Waves,
Encouraging Us to March Forward as Obedient Ignorant Slaves"
© Alan Watt Apr. 2, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Apr. 2, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 2nd, 2013.

I always start off the broadcast by advising newcomers to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and make good use of the website because there’s lots of audios for free download there, where I take you through the start really of the system that you’re born into. The start happened a long time ago, when big foundations created themselves as fronts basically for the parallel government. And they had millions back then, about a hundred-odd years ago, to play with and form NGOs and pressure groups to lobby government. And now, of course, they’ve got trillions to play with and they are the parallel government. They are set up by the big international banking families, the ones that literally lend to nations. And they thought that they could bring in the world as it really should be run, by them, of course, naturally, since they believe they’re the most advanced people on the planet, since they had all the cash, all the loot and they’d held onto it for generations. That’s one qualification you’ve got to have, is that your offspring, with selective marriage and so on, will hang on to the fortunes and increase them, and hang on to the power. And that’s one of the criteria to get into the big club at the top, of course. So they decided to take over the world and get academia on board. Hire lots of think tanks – create them, in fact. And the think tanks themselves work on altering society, altering the cultures and bringing in their world society to serve them better in the future, on a scientific basis they claim. And, of course, what we’re seeing today, in the 21st century, is the clash of so many things, even civilizations, you might say, and cultures, as we go into the massive multi-cultural mode for a global society. And there’s lots of fall-out, naturally, which was expected. And they wrote about this well over a hundred years ago, when they planned it all. And you have to put up with it, apparently, because there’s no stopping it at all.

And also, the big banking families would set up their private banks at the top – the World Bank, the IMF and so on and all the private central banks all work together as one club and they are the big club, actually. They club and club you on the head or smash you into pieces, if they want to, or they can raise you up, and of course that’s where the power lays today, is in the hands of the big international bankers.

So, help yourself to the website. As I say, remember too, you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And from the US to Canada, don’t forget, you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders, to order, or you can use PayPal or send cash even. Across the world: Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal. And remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.

Now, some folk think that it’s a dry topic. You know, reality is a dry topic. It’s really pretty dry, because it’s not so exciting. You’re living through depressing times. And it’s interesting too, how they always couple the word depression with the economic downturns, as they call them now, but it’s the same thing (recession, depression), because people are out of work, across the planet; there’s big shake-ups, of course, as we go totally, totally global. And investors from all countries can invest into any other country in the world. And even your domestic food market has its produce up on the big world casino to the highest bidder, so there’s no such thing as nationalism anymore or taking care of your own first – that’s out the window too – and it’s all part of it as well. And folk haven’t got used to the idea yet, but they’re going to, because, as I say, this is called the Century of Change. The 21st century was to be the Century of Change. That’s why Obama talked about change is good and all the communists and the top fascists are all in this together because it’s one system. They played the dialectic to bring it all about, to make it happen. And we’re living through it as we go along.

Now, again, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, the BIS and so on, were all talked about by the Council on Foreign Relations’ own private historian, because they’re the big club that formed all of this system. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And, as I said, it’s depressing topics, really, isn’t it? Because that’s all you get now, really. It’s either utter trivia... utter trivia or bad news and of course it’s all intentional too because, as I say, the big organizations, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs, that set up this world organization that drafted up the European Union, for instance. They drafted up and admitted it on Canadian television, the whole integration for the Americas, for NAFTA and so on and they’ve also got the same thing with the Pacific Rim region, as well. They’ve been at this for an awful, awful long time – about a hundred years, as I say – to work out this new system to run the world “properly” on behalf of the masters of banking, at the very, very top. It’s a very old plan. And remember too, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR, brought in all kinds of people into their organization. They still do. They have utter communists, outright communists on one end and they have outright fascists and even dictators on the other. Now they’re going through the stage, of course, of trying to eliminate some of the dictators and standardize their countries under what they call “democracy,” which is the same system we’re all under, which isn’t democratic at all, of course. And a democracy, as they define it is one with a central bank (a private central bank) which borrows from the World Bank and is run by the IMF, etc. And, of course, they must all be on board with the whole world global agenda, where any big business, any big corporation, can invest in some sector of your economy, in your country. And eventually, eventually – it’s in their own writing too – they’ll be able to bring in their own workers. They’re doing that in some countries already and undercut your own, even your basic minimum wage. I noticed even in the British papers they’re floating the idea today, in parliament, that they might have to eliminate the minimum wage, altogether.

So, it’s all working as planned. And that’s what you’ve got to understand. The things that upset you, is well understood by the journalists that write the stories to upset you because they know the big plan too. You can’t work at these kind of jobs for a while without all the rumors coming down from the top. And you know what you can write about and what you can’t write about, but never tell the public that you’re simply living through an agenda. You can never tell them that. And so they give you things which make you emotionally upset, so you get emotive responses, but you don’t get any resolution to it. In other words, you’re left out of the picture, what does your voice count and then eventually you come down and realize it counts for nothing. So, you’re being trained too that this new kind of democracy isn’t democratic at all. It’s called the new democracy, the new freedom, as George Bush Jr. called it too. And this new freedom is to obey the government, which is all-wise and all-powerful. That’s really what it is. And it’s run on principles of economics. And human life is all down to economics now too, the cost of human life, (keeping you alive if you’re sick and so on). That’s all a big, big part of it and hence the overhaul of healthcare across the world. Eventually, as Marx said, there’ll be one system where a factory in one part of the world could make the shoes for all the rest of them, one factory could turn out the furniture for all the rest of them. Well, think about it this way too: one insurance company will run the healthcare for the whole planet, eventually. And it will go that way. That’s where it’s supposed to go. It’s designed that way.

So, right now we’re going through the bank crashes, as they plunder the public for redistribution of the wealth, because you can’t bring in austerity unless you create the crisis. And remember they wrote about bringing in austerity before the 2008 bank crisis. And so that was all manufactured too. They knew five years in advance (the big bankers then), that they would create a collapse around 2008. They knew that. They discussed it. They all got together and discussed it many times. So, everybody knew except the general public and that’s pretty typical. So, now it’s the next step too, to bring you down to austerity, by plundering your bank accounts and all the rest of it, to flatten the board and get rid of all the middle classes (what’s left of the middle classes) and bring us all down to the very, very rich and the technocratic class and the very poor, and the bulk will be in the very poor category, naturally.

Now, in Cyprus, again, we’re getting trained again... Cyprus will happen elsewhere. The technique of simply closing the doors to the banks and so on and so on. Now, it’s true that Cyprus, Malta and a few other countries were havens, for offshore tax havens for big companies and often illegal companies too. But what we also know too, is that the biggest companies of all (even from Russia, the Russian mobsters) got all their money out before it happened and so did many others because they have their guys inside the banks, you understand. It’s their own internal law. You must notify the big boys first to get out. That happens in every country. So they did and of course Cyprus, the Cypriots themselves are left with a massive bill for it all, plus they lose their savings and everything else. Now, theft is theft, folks. Forget this “haircut” thing, it’s more like scalping. And theft, it will always be theft. And when it becomes a normal thing, as they’re trying to make this out to be, you see, normalize it, then you’ll see it happen in all the countries. Canada, as I said yesterday, on yesterday’s show... I gave you articles and links to do with newspapers that had gone through the Canadian budget and they’re setting up a system in case the big banks fail in Canada. It’ll be the same thing again, you see. So we’re getting trained. Naturally trained.

Now, the big boys, of course, are unaffected because they’ll simply move their money in advance to other offshore havens, like the Queen where she’s got places all over the planet, for instance. They’ll never ever grab that lot, believe you me. More than heads would roll. But this article here says:

“If the suffering, yet docile, Cypriot serfs thought deposit confiscation would be the end of their problems under the European feudal system...”


Alan: And it is. It’s the new feudal system.

“... they are about to be shocked. Because as part of their banking sector bailout, the country is set to get a ‘loan’ from the Troika, a loan which comes with a Memorandum of Understanding...”


Alan: Now that’s what the IMF’s calling it now, because as soon as they crash your economy and so on, they bring in the IMF. That’s the big muscle-man who takes over your governance of your country, until the debt’s paid off. And so the Memorandum of Understanding that comes from them is...

“... a ‘blueprint for austerity’, with dictates terms for government revenue increases and spending cuts (of the variety that nearly caused America’s leader to blow a gasket when he was describing the untold devastation that would result if the rate of acceleration in US budget spending dared to be slowed down even by a tiny bit). Today, a draft of the revised Cypriot MOU being prepared by the head of the IMF mission to the island nation...”


Alan: It says it was leaked. And I’ll put the link up tonight. You’ll get the whole twenty-four-page austerity report from the IMF for Cyprus. I’ll put it up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com after this broadcast. But it says,

“However, for the benefit of our Cypriot readers, here is the important part: the listing of the anticipated austerity tsunami coming, not to mention healthcare system, ‘pension reform’ changes and other proposals the ECB and the IMF are imposing on Cyprus as part of their generosity to keep the recently insolvent country as a well-behaving serf in the Eurozone.”


Alan: And that’s what they actually do. They reduce you to serfhood. And it says they’re going to:

“Freeze public sector pensions”


Alan:  Because they did that in Greece before, of course, and Italy and Spain, and so on.

“Increase the statutory retirement age by 2 years for the various categories of employees. Reduce preferential treatment of specific groups of employees, like members of the army and police force, in the occupational pension plans, in particular concerning the contribution to the lump-sum benefits; Reduce certain benefits and privileges for state officials and senior government officials, in particular by suspending the right to travel first/business class by state officials, senior government officials and employees with the exception of transatlantic travel. Increase excise duties on energy, i.e., on oil products, by increasing tax rate on motor fuels (petrol and gasoil)... Increase the standard VAT rate from 17% to 18%. Introduce a tax of 20% on gains distributed to winners of betting by the National Lottery for winnings of EUR 5,000 or more. Increase fees for public services by at least 17% of the current values. Increase excise duties on tobacco products, in particular on fine-cut smoking tobacco, from EUR 60/kg to EUR 150/kg. Increase excise duties on cigarettes...”


Alan: And it gives you the price of them and so on.

“... Introduce a contribution of 6.8% on pensionable earnings by officials, who are entitled to a pension and gratuity but are not covered by the government’s pension scheme or any other similar plan; Actuarially reducing pension entitlements from the General Social Insurance Scheme by 0.5% per month for retirements...”


Alan: And so on.

“Ensure a reduction of seasonal hourly paid employees by 992 from 1806 in 2012 to 814. Implement a four-year plan as prepared by the Public Administration and Personnel Department aimed at the abolition of at least 1880 permanent posts over the period 2013-2016. Ensure additional revenues from property taxation of at least 70 million by updating the 1980 prices through application of the CPI index for the period 1980 to 2012. Increase the statutory corporate income tax rate to 12.5%; Increase the tax rate on interest and dividend income to 30%.”


Alan: And it goes on and on and on. And, of course, it hits the pensioners and everything else there too. So, massive taxations, going in for the ordinary folk, who were not behind the problems of this bank, because it was all to do with outside investments coming into the country for tax-free havens and all the rest of it, from big mobsters and very rich people who didn’t lose a thing. They got it all out, of course. In fact, that started the run that caused the problem in the first place. They all got wind of what was going to happen. So, that will happen across the world and no country is safe now, because this is a plan to bring the whole world under the same system, as I say, the World Bank at the top, the Bank for International Settlements, which runs all the private central banks, that all countries have to go into, under this world society that we’re in now. And they end up running the system. Everything runs from cash and money and so on. Everything in the system does. So, that’s the future and the Cypriots are getting hammered. And it will get used elsewhere. And more so, actually, because what you’re reading is a legality. You’re reading something and if you don’t respond to it and demand that your governments prevent this sort of thing from happening, then you’ve acquiesced by your silence, for it happening to you. That’s how law works. Back with more, after this

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the big system. And what a system it is, isn’t it? Because if you were going by philosophy, nothing would make sense to you, at all. In philosophy, if you take one instance of one area, a particular, or a happening, or occurrence, that particular philosophy should work in the same sequence in any other similar event, but of course it doesn’t today. Because you find special folk get off with special things and folk who do lesser things don’t get off with anything at all; they’re hammered severely. And it’s like Bonaparte talked of England – England was already run by the big money boys by the 17/1800s, and it really changed, that’s when the empire really took off (when the money boys moved in). And they were behind it actually. But we find that Napoleon said of England, he called it Perfidious England, meaning you could never trust them, the British government, because they made alliances with different people and then they’d turn their backs on them if it suited them, whenever it suited them (at the last moment, it may be); things like that. Or they’d use countries in alliances and once the countries had aided them in a war against somebody else (the “balance-of-power act,” they called it), they then hit the country that helped them, so as they couldn’t rise up either. But it also happens all through politics today, too. It’s an old, old system.

And it says – this is from Brussels – it says:

“Seventeen men and women directly accused of murder, torture, rape or kidnapping in Zimbabwe have been given the green light to travel to the EU.”


Alan: To the European Union. And it says,

“The names feature on a list of 81 people and eight companies taken off the EU’s Zimbabwe sanctions list on Thursday (28 March) as a reward for the country’s ‘peaceful and credible’ constitutional referendum two weeks ago.”


Alan: So, up until two weeks ago they had massive slaughters going on, of all their enemies and now they’re de-listing these folk that were on terrorist lists, as being good guys now. They’re now good guys, you see. So,

“The move was announced earlier in the week, but entered into force when the decision and the names of those it covers were published in the bloc’s Official Journal.”


Alan: And I’ll put up that whole list tonight.

“Dozens of the other de-listed people are said to be guilty of ‘involvement’ in President Robert Mugabe’s ‘campaign of terror’ against the MDC opposition party during elections in 2008. According to the US-based NGO Human Rights Watch, Mugabe’s men murdered up to 200 people, beat and tortured 500 more and forced 36,000 others from their homes. But the group-of-17 is special because EU diplomats on the ground got information about their direct involvement in crimes.”


Alan: So, these are definitely known to be involved in crimes, but now they can come into Europe.

“The roll call includes...”


Alan: And it gives you the whole list of the seventeen people and some of the murders and so on and the names of folk they murdered. But that’s OK now. They’re pals. They’re pals with the EU Parliament. And I’ll tell you why at the end. It’ll become clear actually.

It also includes Sibusio Moyo (‘murder of MDC supporters’)...


Alan: And it goes through more of them that killed more and tortured more and so on. It says,

The EU in February already delisted 21 people, several of whom had similar profiles, as a teaser for Mugabe. The President himself, his wife Grace, and eight other henchmen, including his head of intelligence, Happyton Bonyongwe, and three military chiefs are still personae non grata. Mugabe’s diamond mining company, the ZMDC, and Zimbabwe Defence Industries also remain banned from doing business with EU companies.


Alan: Which is not really true because you know they smuggle this stuff into the States, into New York. It gets worked on, all the diamonds and stuff.

“But the EU is to review Thursday’s decision every three months from now, with diplomats saying that if general elections go well in July the arch-villain [Mugabe] himself and his diamond firm will get off too.”


Alan: And they can go wherever they want in the world, as well. So, it just shows you, special... different strokes for different folks, isn’t it? Isn’t it? And, of course, all the big NGOs will be kind of quiet about that one because they do what they’re told, you see. They attack who they’re told to attack and ah well, you know, that’s how it goes.

Now, folk have been complaining for years and years and years about the taxes you have to pay for schools. In most countries, it’s the same thing. And the reason is because you have international organizations working the school industry. And it’s very important too, for the global society, to brainwash children when they’re very young. Lenin said it and Stalin said it too – that you’ve got to have a really international system for teaching the same stuff to the children so they’ll all believe the same stuff and grow up all across the world all believing the same stuff. It doesn’t mean if it’s true or not. So, they said you have to pay your teachers very well because they’ll brainwash the next generation, which is true. It’s already happened to many generations already. And then you pay your policemen well and your military and then you can stay in power that way. But it’s awfully quite a deal. It says,

“The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has struck an agreement to purchase 70% of three Australian telecommunications companies. Sydney-based Leighton Holdings Ltd. will retain the remaining 30% stake in Nextgen Networks, Metronode and Infoplex, which have a total value of A$885-million.”


Alan: Not bad, eh, being a teacher.

“The transaction, which must get approval from the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board, is expected to close in mid-2013.”


Alan: That’s not bad at all. And they’re doing awfully well. You see, the ones who help control this system and brainwash are very important, as I say, so they get paid awfully well... paid awfully well. And the public never get a say in anything when it comes to taxes, do we? On anything... should we pay this much or that much, what do you think? And get a vote on it, for instance. But of course you’ll never get that kind of system coming down your way. Won’t happen.

Also, the BRICS country, that’s of course the combination of countries that have got together with their similar kind of world bank institute, that will eventually merge with the World Bank. It was just to get them in to form a big group, adjust all their laws and then they’ll be so adjusted, they’ll be ready to merge right with the World Bank. And whether they like it or not, now they’re in with the system that they didn’t want to go into in the first place. That’s how you work these things, the dialectic. But anyway:

“BRICS dumping euro amid simmering EU banking crisis”

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the BRICS countries dumping the Euro, the coinage...

“...amid simmering EU banking crisis”


Alan: And it says,

“Brussels has been forced to eat a generous slice of humble pie: A massive sell-off of the euro is underway in the wake of a persistent financial crisis, as holdings in the European currency by emerging economies were slashed by almost 8 percent last year. Emerging economies – including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ...”


Alan: These are the BRICS countries.

“...are dumping the euro, having sold €45 billion of the currency in 2012, according to data gathered by the International Monetary Fund.”


Alan: The IMF is running everything, all sides in all so-called competing systems.

“The euro represents just 24 percent of their reserves, the lowest level since 2002 – the year when euro coins and banknotes first entered circulation – and down from a peak of 31 percent in 2009. At the same time, the euro’s share of total global reserves has also fallen. This change of fortune for the euro is blamed on several factors, including sovereign debt crises and rapid growth by BRICS nations.”


Alan: They don’t mention here too, that under international agreements at the United Nations and so on and the OECD departments (that they all have in first world countries) they’re also paying for these countries (Brazil, India, China) still, still paying for China, and South Africa, money to invest with. We give them money every year. And we also give them the right to put tariffs on anything we export to them, but we can take things from them without any tariffs at all, to make it easier for them. And now they’re set up to compete with you. It says,

“Last week, China and Brazil agreed to a $30-billion swap deal that would give each the ability to borrow the other’s currency in the event of future turbulence in the global financial system. The move undercuts the need to use the dollar as a reserve currency; given China’s increasing economic might, Beijing appears to be steadily promoting its national currency, the renminbi.”


Alan: … it’s called... their national currency.

“The US dollar, which has been designated the world’s reserve currency since the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944, continues to hold ground at about 60 percent of emerging markets’ reserves. This ‘euro flight’ is disturbing news for Brussels and the eurozone: The euro’s challenge to the international status of the US dollar has been ‘set back a generation,’ as new data show developing countries dumping the European currency from their official reserves...”


Alan: So, again, it’s just massive manipulation by the big boys at the top with all their banking. You understand, there’s only about 200 banking families that really control the stock market everyday. And they put in billions, billions and billions into the stock market, every single day. They can raise countries up and drop them the next day if they want to. It’s quite easy for them to do it. And we call this system “normal.” Isn’t that amazing?

Now, France, of course, has always been way ahead of most countries into the free love and all the rest of it, but now they’re making abortion free there for everyone. Before that it was only certain people who could get free abortions. It says,

“The French state now reimburses 100 percent of the cost of an abortion.”


Alan: I guess they don’t want any children either there, and it says,

“In France, any woman who chooses to can have an abortion for free.”


Alan: ...nowadays. And it says,

“...the French state covers 100 percent of the costs... Previously only girls under 18 could claim the full cost back from social security, while older women would receive between 70 and 80 percent.” 

“The new provision, introduced as one of Socialist President François Hollande’s campaign promises in early 2012 and approved in October, is part of a drive to bolster women’s reproductive rights.”


Alan: So they can kill their children. So, I’ll put that one up tonight too. It’s called progress by the way, this system. I don’t know who defines it but they always call it progress.

And also too, you’ll notice that the drones... that they’re trying to change the... because of the bad connotations of drones and drone attacks and overseas and families getting blown up in the Middle East and Asia and so on... they’re trying to get rid of the nasty old word and they’re calling them “UAVs” now, you see. So it sounds much better and it justifies the price a bit more than a drone, you know. It says,

“They’re not just for hunting terrorists anymore. Once commercial drones are allowed in the sky, the impact on how we grow food could be enormous.”


Alan: Now, this is going to be a big one, on food. In fact, tonight I’ll put one up on a party in a private charitable animals’ rights group supposedly in Australia, that just bought a fourteen and half thousand dollar drone to spy on farmers to see if they’re being nasty to their animals. But, of course, when it comes to America and Canada and elsewhere, they’re going to monitor you like crazy and eventually, by the way, and I know this is coming, if you’ve got a big garden, they’ll be wanting to see what you’re growing and are you selling that stuff too. They don’t want gardens at all. They want everyone to be inter-dependent. See, if you’re independent, then you’re a bad world citizen. So it says,

“3 ways that it can transform America’s food system”


Alan: It says,

“If the FAA keeps to its deadlines, September 30, 2015 will be the day unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, or drones) are allowed enter the airspace for commercial use. And on that late autumn day, many of the first businesses to take their robots out of the box and prepare them for liftoff will be farms.”


Alan: But it’ll also be the ministries too, that will watch over the farms.

“It’s expected that agriculture-- not public safety--will be the number one market for domestic drones. Across the country, land grant universities are researching ways to make use of the new technology, from aerial imaging of fields, to crop spraying, to monitoring airborne plant pathogens. Robotics manufacturers who have typically eyed the Department of Defense for contracts, are beginning to look to the fields. And lobbyists are hard at work on the Hill, spreading the word to congressmen and FAA officials that ‘drones’ (a word they hate, since it implies there’s no one holding the remote control) can do a lot more than just fight shadow wars in the Middle East and East Africa.”


Alan: And they say:

“The economic impact will surpass $13.6 billion. Of that economic boost, the much of it will be in agriculture.”


Alan: So now they’ve got an Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, and so on. It’s all about big, big money and believe you me, the sky’s the limit on spying on everything. That’s really what it’s all about. And the biggest purchasers, of course, are all going to be government agencies. But now they’re trying to sell it as a great thing, for disease detection and all the rest of it and all that nonsense.

Now, the Air Force also has put out contracts. It...

“...Wants New Energy Weapons to Cause Non-Lethal ‘Bioeffects’”


Alan: It says here. So,

“The Air Force is preparing to spend millions researching the biological effects of non-lethal directed-energy weapons... ”


Alan: And it gives you two versions of the Active Denial System there in a picture.

“The Air Force is preparing to spend millions researching how unknown ‘bioeffects’ happen when the human body is blasted by radiowaves and high-powered microwaves — which the Air Force hopes could lead to exotic new energy weapons.”


Alan: How can you put exotic new energy weapons into this?  Understand how they bring sexual connotations into everything, you know. It’s very close to erotic, isn’t it (exotic new energy weapons)? Are they going to use them in the tropics or something? It says,

“Recently, the Air Force Bioeffects Division announced it’s exploring how radiation from non-lethal energy weapons can causes changes to the body at the molecular level.”


Alan: Meaning cancers and everything.

“The Air Force is pretty broad about what kind of weapons it wants to test: ‘directed energy, riot control agents, broadband light, acoustic sounds, and blunt impact materials.’ An award for a $49 million contract to conduct studies, laboratory tests and field experiments is expected in September, and tests in San Antonio are expected to last for seven years. If those weapons are developed by another nation and used on Americans, the Air Force wants to know what kind of unusual health effects its troops might encounter. But there’s a flipside. The announcement notes that discovering new bioeffects on the human body could have ‘defensive or offensive’ uses, and lead to the ‘development and deployment of future DE [directed energy] weapons.’”


Alan: ...systems. So, it’s nothing to do with what other people are doing. They want to just go ahead and find a really big super-weapon, basically.

“The Air Force still has to do the research first. For that, it’ll carry out ‘proteomic, genomic, and metabolomic studies that identify critical biochemical or molecular changes following exposure to DE [directed energy weapons] prior to or during mission operations.’ That could mean looking at how concentrated blasts of radio frequency waves and high-power microwaves manipulate our proteins, DNA and metabolites.”


Alan: Now, they already know that, folks. If you don’t know that. They’ve been doing tests on animals and even prisoners for donkey’s years and a donkey year is an awful long time. And it says,

“To be clear: The Air Force doesn’t want to kill you by messing with your DNA.”


Alan: At least not right away.

“‘These are explicitly tests for non-lethal weapons. The announcement notes that the tests may involve human subjects (and animals), and that it will ‘prohibit research that presents unacceptable hazards or otherwise fails to comply with DoD procedures.’ Most directed-energy weapons are also — in theory — supposed to leave you unharmed after you’ve run fleeing from them, possibly...”


Alan: ...throwing up as you go.

“If the Air Force wants to stop a stranger from approaching a base, a heat-ray or sound-blaster are useful ‘escalation of force options,’ as the announcement sensitively describes it.”


Alan: Now, they’ve had these things for years. They even used them back in the 70’s on protests against American bases in England. And it was a lot of women that were outside and they all got sick and started throwing up and so on. So they would’ve got a lot further, obviously, they were doing other strange stuff, because when you blast somebody with microwave, it’s just like putting something in the microwave. All your molecules just dance around and get hyper-hot and all the rest of it and it causes them perpetual damage. Anyway, it says,

“That’s somewhere on the scale between an audio warning and shooting the person. And these machines are not exactly new. Sound cannons like the Long-Range Acoustic Device use a combination of audio frequencies that are so loud and horrible it can make you vomit. Being blasted by a pain-ray like the Air Force’s Active Denial System — which uses millimeter waves to make you feel like you just stepped into an oven — will still hurt, but the idea is that you’ll survive. Turn it up to full power, though, and you could put someone in a hospital burn unit.”


Alan: It can set you on fire, you’ll explode {laughs}. Isn’t life wonderful, folks? They’ve got so many ways to use your tax money, to make sure that your oppressors will always be in charge. Because, eventually, it’s to be all used on you, you understand? It’s for domestic use. Think about it. You’re paying for it all. You know, we’re the greatest people of all today because we’re the most well-informed slaves that have ever existed. You’ve never had slaves in the whole history of humanity that got all the knowledge of what’s going on as we do. So we’re the most well-informed folk of what they’re going to do and what they have done and what they’re doing to you now and so on, and most folk, again, the folk are trained to go out and play and put it out of your mind. Don’t look at the negative, think of the happy things, happy, happy things and be perpetual children. And you pay for it all. We always pay for our own chains, don’t we? Always do. So, technically, the historians are right when they say, you know, it was their own fault, they accepted it, you know. And the countries are all broke, supposedly, and they’re putting this kind of stuff forward as imperatives. They’re disarming their own public for goodness sake, in America. And yet this is the country that’s gone full-steam ahead to find ways of disabling their own populations at home. But, well, slaves are quite happy. And we forget that too, there have been times in the past, in Egypt and so on, I’m sure there were happy slaves here and there, you know.

“The UN General Assembly has adopted a historic treaty to control the trade in conventional arms, voting it through by a huge majority. Member-states voted by 154 votes to three, with 23 abstentions, to control a trade worth $70bn (£46bn) annually. The treaty went to a vote after Syria, Iran and North Korea blocked its adoption by consensus. Russia and China, some of the world’s biggest exporters, were among those who abstained from the vote in New York.”


Alan: So, I’ll put a few links up tonight, to do with that from different websites or BBC and different newspapers. But it’s interesting too that one of the Syrian ambassadors that was against it said that they wouldn’t sign it because... and Syria is not selling arms across the world, like the West is, you know, giving arms to all the rebels they send in to attack Syria – and that’s what the Syrian ambassador said, he says there’s nothing here about terrorism by outside forces, supplying weapons to these groups (meaning these Colour Revolutions that are armed and so on, like is happening against Syria). Everything is hypocrisy and lies, you understand. There’s always alternative reasons they want you disarmed. Always. Remember too, the United Nations said at one of their big speeches in ’46, that eventually they would train all the nations, all the signatory nations, that only the United Nations police and military would have the right to use of force. Only them. That’s where they’re heading for, that’s what they want. They never change their minds. At the moment, it’s your governments that still reserve the right to use the use of force on you, if need be, but eventually it’ll just be the United Nations. So, I’ll put the articles up from the UN tonight.

Now, again, most folk are so out of what’s happening, because they’re not consulted to do with any big changes in their own countries or even where their tax money goes. But we are informed. We get informed after the events.

“British aid is ‘helping fund re-election campaign of Bhutto family’ in Pakistan. Britain is giving £300m of taxpayers’ money to a controversial programme of cash handouts in Pakistan which is accused of bankrolling the re-election campaign of Benazir Bhutto’s former party.” 

“In evidence to a parliamentary inquiry, a leading development economist said the Benazir Income Support Programme was being used to buy support for Mrs Bhutto’s widower, President Asif Ali Zardari, and his party.”


Alan: And it says,

“‘It is not stolen to the extent to which previous cash transfers were stolen, but this is the mechanism - which is funded partly by DFID - to make friends and influence people. This is the re-election campaign of Mr Zardari, which is funded by DFID,’ he said. ‘Well done.’ The Select Committee on International Development is due to publish its report into aid to Pakistan on Thursday. Britain has rapidly expanded its assistance in recent years. Pakistan is on course to become the biggest recipient of UK aid, receiving £450m per year by 2015.”


Alan: Well, so much for the British, eh? What do they get out of this? They get the debt handed to them. Slaves, eh?  What was it Charles Galton Darwin said, he said there’s always been slavery in one form or another, down through history and he says, we (he’s talking about his own particular clique) we are now in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. It’s all done. You’ve all been raised in it. That’s why you accept things so easily. Folk have no idea of the amount of psychology and behaviorists and neuroscientists and so on, that work on everything that you read, everything that you hear, everything you enjoy in fiction, it’s all done... high science.

And now again that your food is up on the big global market,

“Beleaguered farmers’ third poor harvest in a row means British shoppers will rely on imported food - and prices will rise.”


Alan: And it says,

“Crops from potatoes and peas to cereals are being hit, leading to increased reliance on imported produce. Britain’s farmers are facing the third poor harvest on the run as the coldest March in 50 years plays havoc with crop planting – already significantly down because of last year’s wet weather. With the cold snap set to continue through April farmers say crops such as potatoes, peas, tomatoes and ornamental flowers have either not been planted, are not growing or are being stunted by the lack of light. This follows low winter planting levels of cereal crops – a fifth down on last year because of the wet weather. A shortage of spring seed is adding to the problems. Lower UK crop yields will make UK consumers more reliant on imports and the vagaries of the international markets, which could push up prices. Livestock farmers have been struggling to cope for some time with feed shortages due to poor grass...”


Alan: And so on. But we can give millions to Pakistan. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And, since the whole carbon credit nonsense was dreamed up by crooks, to start with, who deal with high finance and so on, but definitely crooks, with the whole idea to fleece the planet, of making you pay for breathing and all the rest of it. And meanwhile they have their own big organizations and they get free carbon credits given to them by governments just to kick off the ball, to get it rolling. It says,

“Carbon Credit Thieves Jailed”


Alan: It says.

“Three men who attempted to steal nearly €8million worth of carbon credits have been sentenced to more than five years following an international investigation by SOCA. The case concerned a computer hacking ring that between June and November 2011 attacked the web sites of carbon credit registries and brokerages, banks and financial services companies. On 12 October 2011, an unauthorised transfer of 350,000 European Union Allowances (EUAs) - also known as carbon credits – worth approximately €3.7m occurred on the Spanish Carbon Credit Registry RENADE. The EUAs were transferred to the account of a UK-Registered broker, who sold 8,340 of these to an unsuspecting third party for €89,000 before the Spanish authorities alerted the UK and the remaining 341,660 EUAs were frozen.”


Alan: So, they’re already... I mean it was set up by crooks, for crooks and so they’ll catch the lesser crooks, of course; it can only be the big crooks that can use the system and get money off gambling with carbon credits and all the rest of it. So, I’ll put this up tonight too, for those who care about it.

And, also, this article too, is from The Sun, the British Sun newspaper, and it’s a map of the most popular destination for Iraqis and other countries and Chinese and so on, moving to Britain. And it’s quite interesting when you go through the map, to see where they’re all coming from, all over the world. In all the war-zone countries that have been displaced as homeless, they’re all moving into Britain and China’s moving there big time too, because this is the international system, where the domestic populations have to be kind of eventually, well, merged and then gone I guess. That is the agenda, by the way, to make the world safe... to make the world safe and it’s working awfully well. It’s a holy thing. You can’t say anything negative about it, you understand.

Ecuador too...

“Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies”


Alan: Now where’s the greenies on this one? You won’t hear them because, you see, like any big organization, they’re run by bigger people than them at the top. They tell them what to protest and what not to protest. So, don’t join any of these groups. You’re all used. You all get used. And it says,

“Ecuador is planning to auction off three million of the country’s 8.1 million hectares of pristine Amazonian rainforest to Chinese oil companies, Jonathan Kaiman of The Guardian reports. The report comes as oil pollution forced neighboring Peru to declare an environmental state of emergency in its northern Amazon rainforest. Ecuador owed China more than $7 billion — more than a tenth of its GDP — as of last summer.”


Alan: Now, this all came out too, by the way, this land-for-debt swap, from the United Nations and the World Bank and all the rest of these guys. So, this is what you’re seeing; land-for-debt swap. Can you imagine what they’ll do when they try to claim their cash that America owes? Can you imagine, folks, eh? Can you? I wonder if you can.

“In 2009 China began loaning Ecuador billions of dollars in exchange for oil shipments. It also helped fund two of the country’s biggest hydroelectric infrastructure projects, and China National Petroleum Corp may soon have a 30 percent stake in a $10 billion oil refinery in Ecuador.”


Alan: So, yep. This is big global business, folks. And the rich get richer, don’t they? Don’t they? Well, as I say, we’re the best informed, most well-informed slaves on the planet. Most folk are egosyntonic. They’ve been trained to be that way. Egocentric and narcissistic, they don’t mind as long as they’re quite happy in their own little bubble, until it encroaches upon their bubble, then they howl and squeal, like stuck pigs, as they say.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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