April 3, 2013 (#1301)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 3, 2013:

In Ontario We're Wheezing 'cos It's Still Freezing:

"We Must Admit, When it Comes to Deceptions
The Mass-Mind Trainers Now Dominate Perceptions,
Nothing is What Is, But What They Wish You to See,
Perception Managers can Easily Change Reality,
They've Experimented On and Studied Us for Ages,
Can Alter the Thoughts of Herd in Stages,
Prattle from Experts with Much Repetition,
Stops Many from Coming to Logical Decisions,
Like Carbon Taxes, Global Warming, It's a Sin,
Do You Believe Experts, or Your Lying Freezing Skin?"

© Alan Watt April 3, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 3, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 3rd of April, 2013. Newcomers, as always, please help yourself to cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. Youíll find other sites listed there, these are all my official sites. They all carry lots of audios for download for free and they all carry transcripts for print-up in English of lots of the talks Iíve given over the years. If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu youíll find transcripts in other languages to choose from. And I always remind the audience at the beginning, rather than pester you all through the broadcast, that you bring me to you. I donít bring on advertisers as guests. I donít get paid by advertisers either. I could, of course, and really pester you like most other hosts do, but I just basically want to get the facts out of whatís happening in the system that we are born into.


I go through the history of this system and the big foundations that really are a parallel government. They lobby governments in fact with their thousands of armies of NGOs, all working for them on full-time salaries, mind you Ė these so-called charitable institutions Ė to change the way of life, to suit those who are already the dominant minority, the elite of the world. Of course itís always under the guise to help everybody else, and itís nothing of the kind of course. So I go through the scam. I go through the system and a bit of its history too, how it started up, and the fact that they run pretty well all the media across the world. In fact, to get up there in media you have to basically join them, and only then if youíre asked to join them too, and play the game with them and then get standardized news.  To get everyone on board, you understand, in the world, youíve got to get public opinion swayed your way and the easiest way to do it is to standardize all the news.  Remember too, as I say you can buy the books and discs that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donate.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


And once again, straight donations are awfully, seriously welcome as we go through austerity, the planned austerity that was planned back in the 70s, at least it was announced then that theyíd bring us into austerity. But of course they had to make bank crashes happen, and get all the bankers on board. So they did get on board because they knew that the public were going to bail them out, regardless, and so they lost nothing; in fact, they gained an awful lot out of it. Everything is planned that way on a big scale. You donít hire the best minds, supposedly, in their particular fields, thousands of them across the world, who canít figure out whatís going to happen next in the field of economics. Itís rubbish. Itís a rubbish science, obviously, if thatís the case. But no, these guys donít make these mistakes. It was all planned long before the bank crashes. Even the big boys admitted themselves, years later, they were pulling out their own cash out of these banks four or five years before they crashed, before the public knew it was going to happen.  So, planned austerity to bring in a postconsumer society for first world countries.


Depopulation is a big part of the agenda. Youíve got bigwigs up there Ė they call them the bigwigs, the toffs they used to call them in London in England Ė and these guys are the ones who are coming out openly, the professors at the Royal Society and so on, too many people, we need rapid depopulation, the same as the Rockefeller foundation, because they all belong to the same organizations.  So everybodyís on board at the top, all the elite, of how they want to run the world and now itís a matter of keeping us busy, entertained, running after trivia, or worried about things we canít even change ourselves. Thatís why there are so many things which are emotive, emotive responses that come out of you when you read them, but you really feel helpless. Thatís a technique as well; it makes you feel helpless, because thereís nothing, technically, that you can do about most of it actually because itís all done way above even your governmental level.  Your government is not your government at all, hasnít been for an awful long time. You have international government.  What do you think the G20 technically is? Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system because really thereís nothing else but the big system, is there? And they run the world. They run the media. They run the culture industry. They run the educational systems. Everything is on board with it of course because they have to bring everything together at the same time to push forward, into their Ďbig leaps forwardí as they like to call them.  So many 50 year plans, 40 year plans, 10 year plans for different parts of their big changes.


This is the Century of Change; Iíve talked about that so many times. The Century of Change was an academic expression used in the 20th century describing the 21st century. This is the century where the world would begin to be run properly by experts and the public would be taught, incrementally and then speeding up, to obey the experts and just believe it or else. Now of course if you donít believe it youíre a conspiracy theorist, whatever the theme happens to be.  So youíre going through planned change and this is the time when itís all happening. Thatís why Obamaís slogan at one point was change is good. People never asked him what change he was talking about. But those in academia certainly knew, and those in the big, big foundations that run the world, knew as well since they helped back it all.


So youíre going through the massive changes and the transfer of wealth from first world countries to the third world countries. And itís not really going to the third world countriesí peoples, itís going to international corporations and the United Nations. The United Nations of course was set up and planned by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization, another big foundation that runs all the politics across the world. It even puts prime ministers and presidents in different countries across the world and theyíve been doing it for a hundred years now; their own historian at the Council on Foreign Relations Carroll Quigley said that in his own book. So youíve got to understand youíre living through a script basically. After all, you donít let the future happen if you are a powerful minority. You always plan to make sure that your offspring will still be in charge in a hundred yearsí time, or longer. So thatís how you plan it. The power at the top never gives itself up. It never does. It doesnít walk away and say okay letís be fair to everybody and give people power. It doesnít happen. Never has happened.


So today they use conology. Conology is a very old art actually. It goes way back, thousands and thousands of years. And of course the biggest art in ancient times was those of the advisors to kings or queens, all the way up through into this age of so-called democracy where the advisors now simply advise presidents and prime ministers. Advisers of course are taught at special schools, international ones generally. They are in on the big world agenda, they have to be because the front puppet that they have to advise generally doesnít know too much about it. So they write the scripts and they make sure itís all on course. And all countries sign binding agreements at the same time across the board. Itís quite simple really.


Talking about the foundations that fund so much of this, and so much of the articles that youíll get in the press these days are straight handouts from the various foundations that run the thousands of non-governmental organizations, that are all paid full-time salaries now by the big foundations themselves, and they lobby governments. And the governments are waiting to be lobbied by them, because they know the act, and then they sign things into the bill and say, well the people of Canada or the US have spoken. Well, you had nothing to do with it; these NGOs are privately run basically, but they pretend to speak on your behalf, even though they are unelected.


So thatís how the world is run today, is by conology and swaying public opinion. Even the first polls that were ever introduced...  The first polls came out and Bernays goes through that stuff too, Edward Bernays who gave you the consumer society.  He also gave you different wars as well, by the way. He actually used the American army against a Latin American country, where one of his biggest clients was and they ousted the president and so on in that country, and he got his client back, and a big, big reward for doing it. But he actually used the U.S. Army for that. Isnít that some power to have, eh? ...for a private individual?  But anyway, Bernays talked about it too, and the power of persuasion, and persuasion is vitally important.  Youíve got to understand too, that most people are the mass man, you call them, or the mass mind. People like to belong to the biggest club out there.  And wherever public opinion is pointed to be the majority, most folk will just waver and join, cross the line and join them because they want to be on the winning team.  Thatís how simple it is to create the Flat Earth Society or whatever else it is.  As long as the vast opinion is towards it then the rest will get swayed and go towards it too. Very, very simple stuff. 


So donít be upset when you read nonsense getting put out there by so many people believe in reptilian people or lizards running the world. These are of course meant to be farcical.  Unfortunately they have put guys out there that have pushed the farcical and then they lump in something that really is going on like, do you believe in global warming, youíre another conspiracy nut. They put a big poll out today, for instance.  Now, polls initially were put out, as I say, by guys like Bernays in order to sway public opinion.  Just give them a lie, say the majority of people believe this, and the rest will jump in to be with the majority. Thatís how simple it is to do. So that was the function of polls, to sway people, not to get the truth, you understand.


So once again, getting back to the point that global warming now is the big one, the right to tax first world countries in order to supposedly pay for third world countries not to cut down their forests and trees and things like that. Itís not bad, eh? But of course it changes through all these hands, like the United Nations; lots is skimmed off the top.  And this big program is called REDD actually from the United Nations, Iíll put a whole bunch of links up tonight on that in fact. Itís quite interesting because, you understand, you cannot keep up with everything thatís going on, with all the cons and the massive funding that these cons get behind them from the big foundations. Thereís trillions of dollars that get spent on propaganda, you understand, and you canít keep up with it all. You canít fight it yourself. To fight everything thatís coming down the pike you would need your own equivalent amount of foundations, with equivalent money, equivalent staff and all the rest, to fight it, and keep up with it. No kidding.


So as I say, weíre living in an age too where technically thereís no power in the hands of the people at all, unless they literally wrested it away; thatís the only way theyíre going to get it. But theyíre not going to get it by complaining or accepting things. We donít have democracies, and we donít have people that stand up for us as representatives. Thatís why they created parties, so as the guy you elect goes off to their main capital and he says, well Iíd like to vote for my people here but I have to vote with the party instead. So whatís the point in having them?  Whatís the point in having them, folks?


But hereís one here, it saysÖ


ĎForests are not for carbon stocksí

iol.co.za / December 2 2011 / Yusuf Omar


(Alan:  This is this REDD program.)


Bolivia came out swinging at its first press conference of the climate change conference yesterday, criticising the Green Climate Fund Ė which is meant to help developing countries adapt to climate change Ė and opposing the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation scheme (Redd).


ďBolivia is showing strongly against the mechanism of Redd. The role of the forest is not for carbon stocks,Ē said the head of the Bolivian delegation, Rene Orellana.


(A:  Well, this is very interesting because the links Iíll put up tonight will show you, theyíre trying to reword what Ďownershipí of land is, from the United Nations, folks. That means all across your countries in the first world countries too. And the usual sort of way they bring in legalists there to use their terminology to redefine what ownership happens to be and try to obfuscate it, etc.  And, do you really own this? Do you really own that? Do you own the carbon thatís in your land? Do you own? Do you own? Do you ownÖ And the whole idea is to eventually start wresting away from everybody thatís a property owner their ownership of the land they sit on and they pay taxes on and so on. Itís a very clever scheme, very clever. Iíll put about four or five links up plus a PDF from their own website at the United Nations.) 


Redd is a set of steps designed to use financial incentives to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation and forest degradation. The forest produces carbon credits and therefore becomes an emissions offsetting scheme. (A:  So the carbon credits, this thing out of nothing, that the big corporations are getting for free from your governments so they can start gambling like a stock market with them, and youíre paying for it all of course, is the big, big bonus that the big corporations are getting. Theyíre going to literally make billions off it, for doing nothingÖ nothing, folks.)


While most countries have been hesitant to overtly state their positions at such an early stage in the negotiations, the Bolivian delegation took a strong stance against the mainstream consensus of the talks thus far.


ďAs people who live in the forest, we are not carbon stocks. We disagree with Redd because we oppose the commoditisation of the forest,Ē said Orellana. Fifty percent of Bolivia is blanketed in forest, 40 percent of which is in lowlands near the Amazon.


ďItís a complex and dangerous situation to see forests as carbon stocks. The forest provides a role as food security, a water source and biodiversity for our indigenous population. Redd reduces the function of the forest to just one, carbon stocks,Ē he said.  (A:  Why? Itís because itís for big money, folks.) ďWe have an alternative proposal, not based on market solutions.Ē


The joint mitigation and adaptation plan mechanism proposal, called ďsustainable forest lifeĒ, outlines three main principles: (A:  ...and he tells you what they are.)


Now, if you go into the other articles that Iíll put up to do with REDD, as I say, what theyíve got is the first world countries, they call them rich nations Ė thatís you that have lost all your homes and stuff with the bank crashes and youíre paying for bailouts, and with the transatlantic partnership of Canada and the United States.  Canadaís already paying money to help the bailouts in Europe, and the US will be doing it shortly too.  Your moneyís going across the world. Now itís going to go across the world too to have forests just sit there so as that these big guys that are swapping the carbon credits at the top, that youíll never meet or hear about, make billions off of you, and youíre going to pay so that they donít chop down any trees. Isnít that a wonderful idea?


About the UN-REDD Programme - un-redd.org


Global forest-protection plan depends on carbon credits - theglobeandmail.com/ 4.02.13


Two Seminars in Norway Tackle Corruption in REDD+ - un-redd.org


You understand, your governments are all in on this. They know all this stuff; they get these things in before you do. Their bureaucrats go off and sign the deals on behalf of the politicians, and youíre the last to know that your country is borrowing more money, putting you all down as the guarantors to pay off the loans, and the money that youíre handing off to these third world countries, itís just astonishing.  Itís utter plunder. Utter plunder. Welcome to the new fascist communism.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím talking about this REDD program where, again, through the United Nations Ė that you had nothing to do with of course, and of course no one elects the United Nations; itís a private organization, that helps run the world on behalf of the masters who set it up, and still own it by the way. So here they are, just going into their great carbon credit schemes, of course, Al Goreís schemes and the other boys with him, who are going to make billions off of this. The money of course goes through the Rothschilds private family bank in Switzerland. It was Rothschild himself who put that proposal through in Britain, so they will deal with incredible amounts of money flowing through from carbon and energy, because again, theyíre transmuting the energy into carbon basically, if it happened to be carbon, and coming out with all these vast, terrific algorithms and mathematic equations.


So anyway, itís all a con job to plunder the planet and plunder all of you and to make you awfully, awfully poor. Post consumerist society, right. Meanwhile you have to pay for the third world countries not to cut down their trees and so on and so on. But thereís a lot of corruption already involved in it.  Even Interpol has talked about the corruption.  Because thereís so much money coming from the first world, rich countries, you know, the ones that are all bankrupt now, going to these third world countries. But thatís how it really works. Everything is done under a guise of something else.  The climate change nonsense and the carbon taxes, thatís all one big, big, big part of the massive change into utter poverty, as they call it equalization of the planet.  Making equity. You canít be more equal than others, they say, except for the ones who run it all. So Iíll put that up tonight.


Also too, talking about when they started off with global warming and that was to be the big, big one. Remember too, and Iíll put up again tonight all the articles I mentioned about a week or two ago from the 60s and 70s where the climate scientists at that time Ė that are just fronts for the big international communist organization actually, run by the fascists at the top Ė that were pushing for a global ICE Age and they were pretty certain that was going to come. Because they knew it goes back and forth. It always goes back and forth, so many years of this, so many years of that. So they put all their money on the coming Ice Age and they churned out all their books, all their propaganda.  All the scientists stood up at the Royal Society and elsewhere saying, yep, weíre all going to freeze to death, and we have to pay money to stop this and blah-blah-blah, same thing. And of course it didnít work out that way. So the Club of Rome was told to find another way, so they came up with global warming in the 1970s and so they put all their money on that for a while. Now itís going back to freezing again. So it doesnít matter.


Now theyíre calling it just climate change and extreme weather. See, when theyíve got an idea that theyíve put all their bets on, they ainít going to give it up, folks. I donít care if all the gods in history, that ever existed in history, came down all at once and said itís all rubbish, theyíd still have to kill all the gods because nothing is going to change this agenda. Nothing. Itís got more than just taxing you to death and bringing you into a postconsumer society. Itís also got to do with making you utterly poor and taking you back to the Stone Age. But hereís an article here on the great global warming stuff, it saysÖ


East German March 2013 Coldest In 130 Years. ďDramatic Temperature DeviationsĒ All The Way To Siberia!

notrickszone.com /  P Gosselin / 3. April 2013


The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Central German Newspaper) reports on Europeís extended brutal winter. In todayís online article, it reminds us that the cold is not only a phenomenon that is isolated in Central Europe, but one that is widespread and extends all the way across Russia to Siberia.


The article writes that thereís lots of data showing that March, 2013, was a record cold month, citing German meteorologist Dominik Jung


In northeast Germany, March 2013 was even the coldest March in 130 years. However (A:  Itís all over the world...), not only Germany and wide areas of Europe suffered from the cold wave reports Dominik Jung: ĎQuite to the contrary, the dramatic negative temperature deviations from the 1981 -2010 longterm mean were widespread across western, central, eastern Europe, all the way to Siberia.Ď  Moreover, there were many regions in North and South America where it was very cold. Ö the cold in Germany was no single isolated case here.Ē  (A:  And those of us who still live in the colder regions certainly know it this year because itís still freezing outside here; this is April where I am in Ontario, Canada.)


So it wonít matter.  It wonít matter, this big agenda is up already.  Theyíre already trading these phony carbon credits that the big corporations got for nothing, from your governments Ė you paid for it all Ė to get it all kicked off so they can start trading them like, you know, football cards. But nothing will change it. See what Iím saying is, we donít have democracy, and we have fronts of course that pretend theyíre democratic, which are the nongovernmental organizations, which are all owned kit and caboodle, set up, trained and paid by the big foundations, the parallel government, as Thatcher called them, that she was quite happy to work for after she retired.


We find too, the countries that really fought against the European Union, joining it that is, and they kept saying no, no, no, and they kept coming back, oh youíll be left behind, you better vote again. So they keep getting you to vote until you get it right and you go okay and you give up. Ireland was one of them and many other countries were the same, the same boat. But that was a massive multimillion dollar campaign of propagandaÖ Oh if you donít join the EU youíll be left behindÖ Oh the moneyís going to be pouring out of everyoneís ears, a beautiful utopia is just over the horizon and so on and so on. Look at the mess theyíre in now. 


See, everything is run by a con, youíve got to understand this. Everything is run by conology. Old trick. Politicians are good at it. Politicians are good liars; thatís what theyíre picked for. They can lie without blushing because theyíre psychopathic. The boys who really run the world pick them for those qualities, you see.  So hereís all these countries, as I say, that should be living in a utopia and having the good life and all the rest of it, and here they are borrowing money to throw at sinking countries in Europe, the black hole of Europe. No one tells you where the money goes. Itís going somewhere, folks. Someone is getting awfully rich, probably the guys that own the keys to money heaven. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the conology that we all live through.  Most of our lives in fact is full of declarations on more and more conology from the media thatís all a big part of it of course, and the education system.  And even fiction too, fiction is far better.  Through science fiction movies and that, they give you all these disaster movies and you think, oh we better pay up money so as they can fix global warming, etc. etc, you know, or stop asteroids hitting the planet and on and on it goes. Endless isnít it, where your imagination can go? And they play on that too.


But also remember that the big goal too is to have the world run centrally by centralized government. Thatís what the United Nations was initially set up for, and before that it was called the League of Nations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs set that up too.  This private organization set up this other private organization, a corporation, and then it transformed into the United Nations after World War II. They tried to get global government through at the end of World War II but the general population, especially of America, werenít going to have it. So they thought theyíd do it the slower way, which theyíve been doing since.


But you find most laws and all the rest of these big cons come through the United Nations.  Now, under that group too, the group headings, also comes from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland.  That was to be the top honcho eventually, the top, top bank that will sort out all the worldís problems and deal the cash for the planet. Underneath the BIS you have all the private central banks, that democracy demands apparently; youíve got to have a private central bank that borrows from the World Bank, another private organization, that also gets funding from all our countries whether you borrow from it or not. And what a deal that is, eh? Also, then you get the IMF that acts as the part of the heavy, the collector, the debt collector for the usurers, you see, if you canít pay your way. So here is Ireland here and Iíll put two articles up tonight on Ireland. It saysÖ


IMF delivers tough assessment of Irish economy

rte.ie / 3 April 2013


The International Monetary Fund has delivered a tough assessment of Ireland's economic situation, highlighting lack of progress by banks and dangers of the country's debt becoming unsustainable if growth forecasts are missed.


The fund has criticised Irish banks for "inadequate progress" in dealing with non-performing loans.  (A:  Now, Irelandís got different laws to do with evictions; you canít just evict people because the banks say so. It takes a process to go through. So the IMF wants Ireland to change its laws so as they can just throw them all on the street, as theyíve been doing for thousands of years, you know, the usurers, and get all the property, you see.)


In its latest review of Ireland's bailout programme, the fund also raises concerns that banks are losing money even before putting cash aside to cover bad loans.


The IMF states that lenders are "only beginning to tackle non-performing loans".


It says repossessions are low at 0.3% of total mortgage arrears in 2012, compared to 3.25% in Britain and the United States.


The IMF suggested a need to strengthen the efficiency of the repossession regime.  (A:  In other words, they want the laws changed in Ireland.)


It also said that the designation of specialist judges could concentrate expertise for handling a "potentially larger volume of repossession cases in an expedited manner", (A:  ...just like a factory, just stamp, stamp, stamp, youíre all on the street. Thatís what it means.)  while maintaining protections for homeowners.


While acknowledging progress to date, the fund expects Ireland's economy to grow by 1.1% this year, by 2.2% next year and by 2.7% in 2015. (A:  ...which is kind of odd because the IMF said that Europeís not going to grow at all, in all the European countries, for another five years. But of course they can say that when they want the cash from these people here in Ireland. Quite something isnít it, eh? Mind you, the banks that the IMF is representing, the World Bank and all the rest of them, they were quite happy to throw these loans out in the peopleís faces initially, didnít they, whether they could pay them back or not. They knew it too. Of course they know it. So this article goes on and on and it talks aboutÖ)


The IMF also has called on the EU (A:  ...the European Parliament.) to deliver on pledges made to Ireland, including recapitalisation of Irish banks from European funds, to ensure a successful exit from the bailout programme. 


Itís just astonishing, this money go-roundÖ Itís like musical chairs as they move money from one country to the next, and they make your country borrow it from them, the World Bank, to throw at some other country. Itís just astonishing as the debt grows and grows and grows. Fantastic utopia that they gave us isnít it? A fantastic utopia. Conology, join the EU, amalgamate or youíll be left behindÖ Oh, bad things could happen if you donít join it. Well, Iíll bet theyíre all wishing, those with memory, they had never, ever heard of the thing by now.


Irish Legacy of Leniency on Mortgages Nears an End

nytimes.com / STEPHEN CASTLE / March 29, 2013


Also remember too, all the news articles that are chucked out for us are just that, theyíre chucked out for us to prattle on about, by the big media, you see. You got to understand that everything runs by systems. Everything runs by systems. Memes, themes and so on are put out by the big boys all the time, and everything is okayed, itís stamped quality approved for the cattle down below to yap about and get upset about. And I hate even reading a lot of it too. Because youíll notice the big boys are really taking over the Internet completely, they really are. Before you even had a lot more alternate sites and then of course the NGO groups funded by the foundations started to take over those particular sites too, big fancy sites and so on pushing the left-wing and the various other wings.  They have all these different wings of course but itís all the same bird as far as Iím concerned, and going in the same direction. So you have to really read the articles, and force yourself to read them, and then find out whatís false and what isnít, if you think at all. Thereís no article that you should read and just take it at face value and believe it. They hope that you do. Most folk do actually, unfortunately. But youíve got to always think, whatís the purpose behind this article? Lots of them, there is no purpose, itís just junk, itís just data to crowd your mind. And folk today are overloaded with data.


Now this article here saysÖ


American Babies Born Right After Fukushima Show Elevated Rate of Abnormalities

alternet.org / April 3, 2013 / Steven Hsieh


A new study (A: Why put out a new study?) suggests nuclear fallout from Fukushima caused a spike in congenital illnesses among infants in the United States.  (A:  ...like they didnít know before? When that happened, they knew what was going to happen. Look at all the stages the countries went to to quieten it all down. And they changed all their acceptable levels of different kinds of radiation; they upped the acceptable levels, to keep us all quiet, you see. And of course itís affecting people.)


The peer-reviewed research, published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics, found increased rates of congenital (A:  ...meaning youíre born with it.) hypothyroidism (CH) in West Coast babies born within nine months of the Fukushima meltdowns beginning March 11, 2011. Newborns in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington showed up to 28 percent higher rates of CH than in 36 control states. If left untreated, congenital hypothyroidism can impede physical and mental development. (A:  Well, theyíll fit right into Washington DC then and get jobs there.)


Researchers working with the Radiation and Health Project noted that even low doses of radiation have been associated with congenital illnesses, (A:  Now, theyíve known that since the first atom bomb was dropped in Japan. There have been many, many documentaries put out there and studies done, and itís still going on in some of those areas too.  They call them jelly babies, they literally turn out, you know, when theyíre born, a lot of them are half-formed and all the rest of it. Because your genetic system has been completely altered, the parents.)


Exposure to radiation, especially the thyroid-seeking radioiodine isotopes, should be considered as one of these factors.


(A:  Now, thereís many kinds of radiation that came out of those explosions. There was plutonium that came out of it too, the really dirty stuff. So itís not just the thyroid, folks. Itís not just the thyroid, you know. And folk too, were really swigging down the potassium iodine and so on, as they were getting pushed to buy the stuff and take this and then hopefully you wouldnít be absorbing so much that was in the air, radioactive iodine. And remember too that even the potassium iodine was developed FOR the military so that they could get to a battle and win it, before they died. It doesnít keep you going forever, you understand; it doesnít matter how much you take. Thatís not how radiation works. Itís all through your body. Itís everywhere. If itís that loaded in your system itís not just going to the thyroid, itís going through your kidneys and everywhere else and your liver. Remember that too. Radiation is nasty, nasty stuff.)


The study also confirms that the elevated CH could just be a horrific beginning to the revelations. Health departments will soon release data on ďfetal deaths, premature births, low weight births, neonatal deaths, infant deaths, and birth defects.Ē Not omitting the far worse devastation in Japan, researchers said their findings demand additional studies.  (A:  So theyíll keep on giving us studies, and bad news, for a long time to come because this stuff just doesnít go away just like that.)


Elevated airborne beta levels in Pacific/West Coast US States and trends in hypothyroidism among newborns after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown - http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=28599


And also, Iíll put up again, the UN passed their historic Arms Trade Treaty by a huge majority it says, even though a lot of people didnít sign it. Of course theyíve been at this for an awful long time, because they wanted, if you go into, I think itís General Disarmament in a Peaceful World at the United Nations Ė Iíll put the bill up again; Iíve got it here. It was actually signed by the US back inÖ I think it was Kennedy that put it out in his day and it was signed by the US and other countries then, of complete, general and complete disarmament in a peaceful world. Iíll put that up again tonight. This has always been the agenda. At the United Nations they said, eventually only their authorized Army will have the legality to the use of force, any kind of force, lethal or nonlethal. Thatís the agenda... in the planned society, in the managed society.


UN General Assembly approves global arms trade treaty - un.org / 2 April 2013


PDF--Freedom from War--The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World--1961


Also tonight Iíll put up an article, itís calledÖ


Camp Nama: British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad

theguardian.com / 1 April 2013 / Ian Cobain


Where theyíre torturing lots of people, and it doesnít bother folk anymore, weíre so jaded now with horror movies and slaughter movies and so on. The folk canít get outraged about anything, unless it happens to them.


Also Iíll put up too this article to do with the FCC, it saysÖ


FCC looking into update of allowable radiation levels in cellphones

fiercemobilegovernment.com / April 3, 2013 / Ryan McDermott


The Federal Communications Commission is investigating whether standards protecting people from cellphone radiation need to be updated, according to an FCC report (.pdf) (A:  Itís got a PDF on it, Iíll put that up tonight too at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.) and request for public comment. 


Before the Federal Communications Commission



The current standards have not been updated since 1996. That limit was based on a 1991 recommendation from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, but IEEE updated its recommended radiation limit in 2006. (A:  ...to give you more of it.)  That limit could allow for more radio-frequency energy exposure from cellphones.


The 1996 guidelines set a maximum radiation exposure level based on how much heat is emitted and absorbed by mobile phones.


Since 1996, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has developed a recommendation supported by the World Health Organization, and the IEEE has revised its recommendations several times, according to the FCC report. But the National Council on Radiation Protection has continued to support the recommendation that the FCC currently uses. (A:  Now Iíll bet you anything this report will end up upping it again, folks. Because they want you to sort of, you know, keel over and die off.  Theyíre really intoÖ What do you think rapid depopulation means? Remember the Rockefeller recommendation, rapid depopulation? Öand the Royal Society, rapid depopulation? What do you think it means? Are you going to volunteer? No. Well, they want it, so they get what they want, they simply donít tell you. But they want it and they do it, by many different methods.)


And also too, in Britain, again, going back to the stealth taxes and carbon taxes and all this nonsense, it saysÖ


Energy bills to soar due to Ďstealth taxí

scotsman.com / KRISTY DORSEY / 31 March 2013


ENERGY-intensive industries are bracing themselves for a renewed surge in utility bills tomorrow when the UK governmentís highly controversial Carbon Price Floor starts feeding through into energy costs.


Although critics say the funds should be ploughed back into the green energy technologies (A:  ...that always fall flat and itís all con jobs by crooks.) that the price floor is intended to support, the money will instead be absorbed for general use by the cash-strapped Exchequer.  (A:  So itís not going to go, for all the greenies that shouted for all this, into green energy. No. Itís going to get taken as general taxes, because they need them so badly to pay off all their debts because theyíre borrowing money from the World Bank to throw at other countriesí black holes to stop countries from sinking, under the utopia of the EU.)


Michael Murphy, energy partner with MacRoberts Solicitors in Glasgow, said all business and residential consumers would be affected, with heavy industries, hospitals, councils and other large-volume users bearing the brunt of the increases.


ďWhat we have said to our clients is that we are telling you this not because there is a clever way to avoid it Ė we are telling you this because your utility bills are going to rocket,Ē he said. 


Now this is going to happen across the world, because thatís the plan, folks. Iíve said it for years because Iíve read all their articles over many, many years. Theyíve said from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Royal Society and all the rest of them, this planned society that theyíre bringing in, youíll have no free money to spend on any extras; it will be going for pure basic survival, folks. Thatís the agenda. What do you think they mean by austerity?


And also...


Euro-area unemployment hit record high of 12 per cent in February

irishtimes.com / Apr 2, 2013


(A:  Now, thatís a vast understatement there.)


19.1 million people unemployed in single currency bloc.


The euro-area jobless rate rose to a record level in February, adding to signs that the currency bloc's recession (A:  ...recession, eh...) extended into the first quarter. (A:  And it gives you all these statistics and all the rest of it and so on and so on which I wonít bother reading.)


But the fact is, the whole thing was meant to do what itís doing, folks. They knew it before they even created the EU, all of the fallout theyíd have. But itís a must-be, itís a must-be for the big boys to have their global society that they will completely dominate, understand that. Karl Marx talked about the EU being amalgamated as one, under one government, subservient to a world government at the top.


Also tonight too Iíll put upÖ


Problems plague cleanup at Hanford nuclear waste site

usatoday.com /  1/18/2012


(A:  Now, the Hanford nuclear waste site was set up during World War II when they were creating the atomic bomb in the US, and the thingís been a mess ever since. Thatís what scientists do, they leave you to clear up the mess, and die off; of course they all move away to other areas.)


HANFORD SITE, Wash. Ė Seven decades after scientists came here during World War II to create plutonium for the first atomic bomb, a new generation is struggling with an even more daunting task: cleaning up the radioactive mess.  (A:  ...which youíll never do because this stuff is sunk into the ground, soaked in.)


Hanford's Reactor B made plutonium for the first atomic bomb ever detonated. It also produced the plutonium for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, in World War II. It was shut down in 1968.  (A:  ...and just left.)


The U.S. government is building a treatment plant to stabilize and contain 56 million gallons of waste left from a half-century of nuclear weapons production. The radioactive sludge is so dangerous that a few hours of exposure could be fatal. A major leak could contaminate water supplies serving millions across the Northwest. The cleanup is the most complex and costly environmental restoration ever attempted.


And the project is not going well.


A USA TODAY investigation has found that the troubled, 10-year effort to build the treatment plant faces enormous problems just as it reaches what was supposed to be its final stage.  (A:  So Iíll put this link up tonight too. It gives you the price tag of what itís cost so far and how much itís likely to cost, etc. It saysÖ)


The plant's $12.3 billion price tag, already triple original estimates. . . (A:  They always do that, eh?  When government gives you an estimate you can always at least triple it, it doesnít matter what theyíre talking about, hey, building all these things that they do too. Back with more after this break.)


Could toxic tanks in America's most contaminated nuclear site be ready to explode? Fears over Manhattan Project site 'where atomic bomb was built' - dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 3 April 2013


Hi folks, Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, I want to mention too before the night is just over, mentioning Ireland previously and the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, this private organization that set itself up and is really the big bully boy for getting cash back for all the big central, or private banks I should say. It saysÖ


Landlords [in Ireland] facing 120% mortgage payment hike as Bank of Ireland tears up tracker terms, but watchdog says it can't help

dailymail.co.uk / Gaynor Pengelly / 30 March 2013


Thousands of unlucky landlords are bracing themselves for a 120 per cent increase in mortgage costs in a month (A:  ...in a month...) as Bank of Ireland forces through a controversial rate rise Ė and the Financial Services Authority says it is unable to intervene.  (A:  Again, itís the IMF thatís demanding it. Isnít that something else, eh?  Isnít that something.)


Mind you, Iíll put up a happy story tonight...  The Queen got a big pay raise, 16%Ö  for waving her hand, you know, and stuff like that. Itís really a hard task, that. Iíll put that one up just to cheer you up.


Queen receives 16pc increase in funding

telegraph.co.uk / Victoria Ward / 2 Apr 2013


And this is a good article too; itís to do with Obama. Now again, everything is stage-managed BIG TIME that you see on television or whatever; itís all photo-ops and all the rest of it. But now theyíre really, really wrapping up, and theyíve done this in Britain for years, they can wrap up a Prime Minister, for instance, and kind of keep him out of the limelight when big, big things are getting rammed through; he doesnít take the heat then.  They bring them out for photo-ops when they smile and pick up babies and kiss them and stuff, or diddle them as a lot of them do too, Iím sure, because there is so much of that going on too these days. It saysÖ


How Obama is blocking out reporters and wrapping himself in a bubble so he can exercise ultimate control over his public image

dailymail.co.uk /By Associated Press Reporter / 2 April 2013


(A:  Itís quite a good article.  Everything is public image and perception management. Itís all perception management.)


It's all courtesy of the Obama image machine, serving up a stream of words, images and videos that invariably cast the president as commanding, compassionate and on the ball.


In this world, Obama's family is always photogenic, first dog Bo is always well-behaved and the vegetables in the South Lawn kitchen garden always seem succulent.  (A:  Thatís how everything is, isnít it, portrayed to you these days?)


You'll have to look elsewhere for bloopers, bobbles or contrary points of view.


Capitalizing on the possibilities of the digital age, the Obama White House is generating its own content like no president before, and refining its media strategies in the second term in hopes of telling a more compelling story than in the first.


At the same time, it is limiting press access in ways that past administrations wouldn't have dared, and the president is answering to the public in more controlled settings than his predecessors. It's raising new questions about what's lost when the White House tries to make an end run around the media, functioning, in effect, as its own news agency. 


But again, itís all perception management. Everything has changed. Everything is changing all the time, as the professional image makers take over, and theyíve been doing this sort of stuff for many, many years, many, many years. Really since the advent of, even before TV. But now itís perfected, and you get the image that the big boys, who own the presidents and prime ministers, want you to have. Remember, Bernays said that, presidents and prime ministers, they donít really matter, he says, those who own the image machine own the countries.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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PDF--Freedom from War--The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World--1961

Camp Nama: British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad

FCC Looking at Cellphone Radiation Levels

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UK ----New Energy-Use Tax

Euro-area unemployment hit record high of 12 per cent in February

Problems plague cleanup at Hanford nuclear waste site

Could toxic tanks in America's most contaminated nuclear site be ready to explode? Fears over Manhattan Project site 'where atomic bomb was built'

Landlords facing 120% mortgage payment hike as Bank of Ireland tears up tracker terms

Queen's Pay Boosted to 36.1 Million Pounds

How Obama is blocking out reporters and wrapping himself in a bubble so he can exercise ultimate control his public image


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