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Bureaucratic Niche for the Nouveau Riche:

"Holy Science's Tenets Changed, yet No Histrionics,
"Overprinting Cash Causes No Inflation", IMF on Economics,
We Know the Money Game is as Old as the Hills,
Democracy is Bankers' Lackey, You All Pay the Bills,
Government's Herd Manager Class is the Nouveau Rich,
Bureaucrats Never Break a Sweat, If They did They'd Bitch,
Peasantry is Now Defined as a Renewable Resource,
Increasing the Tax Base, Upping Managers' Pay of Course,
For Parents of Children, Look at Bleak Unemployment,
Ensure Offspring Become Bureaucrats, Good Pay, No Sweat, Enjoyment"
© Alan Watt April 10, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 10, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 10th of April, 2013.  For newcomers, help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. You’ll find other sites listed there, these are all the official sites that I have. They all carry audios for free download, where I go through the system and the history of the system you’re living through, and the future of it too because these guys at the top plan at least a hundred years ahead in order to maintain power. They’ve got lots and lots of think tanks working for them, thousands actually, working on every facet of society and culture and so on.  And even the cultural changes they have to bring in, to bring in this new global scientifically-organized system that we’re all in right now.


Of course it was set up a long time ago by the wealthiest guys on the planet basically. They based themselves in London, although most of them came from outside of England, and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Their other parts are called CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, across the other countries of the world.  These guys literally run the media.  They run the think tanks that advise all governments. They put in the top guys in governments, and the bureaucrats, in most governments across the planet. And they run the world.  A private organization runs the world basically and they run the governments too. So that’s the kind of system we’re living in.


So remember, help yourself to the website and make good use of it. Also too, those sites listed have transcripts for print-up as well in English of some of the talks I’ve given. If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages. And you bring me to you. You are the audience that supports me because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and so on. I don’t take money from advertisers. I have no products to sell that make you live forever or whatever. I just sell the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And if you want to do that or give donations you can contact me as I say through the website.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


We truly are going through massive transformations all the time. This is the age of course of transformation, and this is the age of change. The Century of Change they called it in the last century because the 21st century was the century in which the old revolutionary organizations, that are all controlled with a single head at the top of course, in the 1800s, and 1700s too, were to see their whole agenda fulfilled.  The proper society would be brought in, and mandated through laws and so on, and we’d all be basically, eventually we’d have to get permission to breed even, only certain people will. In fact, that will be a privilege down the road to have an offspring, meaning you’ve got good genes, etc. etc., written about a long, long time ago, all of this stuff, by guys who knew what they were talking about and took part in this system and the making of it too. And also they’ll create a new race basically of servile classes to maintain what needs to be maintained for foodwise and so on, to keep the big boys happy; cloned obviously. That’s where they’re going right now with all the genetic tampering.


It’s quite amazing, whenever you find something that’s such a massive issue, when there are so many other massive issues maybe more important to take care of, they’ve been into genetics for such an awful long time, to find out how to alter all of us. You can go back to Thomas Malthus and even before Malthus too, other people too, because this is an ongoing thing, about the inadequacies of basically the majority of people, meaning the lower classes; that’s how it’s seen from the top down. We’re going through the changes now. As I say too, we are already being programmed, expertly, through school. It’s called scientific indoctrination and they give Toolkits out to the school teachers on how to present things in a certain formula that embeds in the children’s minds, so they will all be good little programmed children. And you see the effects today, many of them are now adults. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, you’ll find that if you really go into the history of this big system, which is vast actually, and it’s written about by people who were involved in creating this system and the cultures that had to be changed, step by step through different generations until we get to the present time, and beyond even. Guys who are long dead actually designed the system and they said that we’d be at this stage now, where we exactly are, with all the cultural changes, and what is still to come. So as I say, every facet of your life is basically a script. Everything that you believe pretty well and the changes that you’ll go through, believing different things as you go on, are all managed way ahead of time by think tanks and professionals, behaviorists and neuroscientists and so on. Massive think tanks have these guys work on making sure that the elite get exactly what they want down the road.


Those who are in power, I mean real power... Money is power. Money is the biggest power on this planet. Everything else runs on its money and so if you’re in charge of the money you run the planet. It’s quite simple. You run the governments and everything, and they go to you, cap-in-hand, to borrow from you, and you can then put in your demands along with the debt payments. So it’s always been like that. And those who are in power never want to give up power, therefore they make sure they plan the future that’s going to serve them and their own offspring better, naturally. That’s how they do it. It’s always been that way.


So we’re given at the bottom a plethora of often unrelated news. I’ve noticed even in the last few weeks there’s a change in the media. Even the better newspapers are becoming tabloids.  And it’s very, very obvious to see, the sudden change, so something was agreed to at a very high level.  And it’s not impossible because as I say, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations runs pretty well all the big news chains across the world, and the big television companies and so on. They’re all on board together. Because in order to run the world and direct a global society you have to standardize everything, especially information. And that was done actually a long time ago and they’re simply solidifying it now and tidying up here and there.


But as I say, we’re getting more and more trivia dished out to us and the rest of it is emotive topics. Emotive topics are meant to get you angry, and to get you and your family and whoever is sitting next to you to argue about things. Mind you, there’s no resolution because you’re arguing over something that’s either already done or passed by law or whatever, so you have really nothing to do with it, except be affected by it. So these are techniques of keeping you under control, you understand. Also too, the change in the media, more recently in the last few years, has been for direct handouts to media from government departments that go through their public relations departments, and public relations consists of people in marketing who know the psychology of the general public, the mass public, and they write things in such a way as to hide certain things, and give us all we need to know about something you might say. Not what we should know but what we need to know, according to them.  Therefore, the media has very few real reporters that delve into anything anymore. They’re quite happy to get these handouts, because they’ve basically fired lots of journalists down the road over the years.


Now you’ll find too, as I say, as we go through this new system, and a long time ago they even churned out sci-fi movies about this system, when there would be so much pollution created, especially by the up-and-coming countries, the emerging countries as they call them, that you would need more and more organs for replacements, for the elite, the very wealthy rich and dominant minority that runs other countries.  You’ll see in Australia, for instance, that the federal government is now going to give a minimum wage for six weeks to those who donate kidneys. Remember too, there’s no guarantee that it’s used in your own country; it’s often passed off somewhere else, to China or something like that. I’ll put a link up tonight on that to do with organ donors to be paid six weeks’ salary on minimum wage. Like, wow, minimum wage, eh. And of course they’ll get free treatment, I guess, medical costs and so on if there’s any side effects because often there happens to be side effects too.


But as I say, that was written about a long, long time ago and now we’re getting the stories on it, as it becomes more normalized.  And everything that used to be horrific to us is normalized as we go through the great transition, as they call this time too. This is part of the great transition, is basically indoctrinating the public into basically being a form of harvesting, you are there for the harvesting.  In the old days in economics they just simply talked about the masses and the mobs and so on, and wages for the mobs, and the higher the population the lower the wages because you’re ten a penny, and of course that’s still taught in economics today. But now they’re going further, into the fact that you’re also human resources, and we’re called human resources through Manpower and so on.  We are self-reproducing, in other words. So the government doesn’t have to pay us to breed, we do it quite naturally. Most folk don’t bother breeding today so maybe the price of organs will go up, as we go down with our certain genetic types and so on.  But anyway it says…


Cash for kidneys as organ donors set to get wage from government

news.com.au / Samantha Maiden / From: News Limited newspapers / April 7, 2013


The federal government will trial a scheme to pay employees wanting to donate an organ six weeks’ salary on minimum wage. 


Now I don’t know if they’re paying them as well for the organs, because they are in some countries already, and they’ve certainly floated the idea. And again, the people at the bottom, again, the ones who are to be harvested, are just the working class people, who generally have no work at all, or you wouldn’t be doing it, for most folk. As I say, there’s a lot of problems involved too. They’ve had documentaries on the Philippines where rich people in the US especially were paying money to have organs from donors, living donors, and the side effects with some of the people with postoperative infections was incredible; it costs them way more than the money that they were getting paid at the bottom level and so on. But this is it, we’re getting harvested, as I say, and this will increase as much of the foodstuff gets more and more polluted with all of the heavy metals, etc.  Especially if you’re living in an area near China at all, you’re certainly going to get dosed with that stuff, because in China they are really heavy, in all their fields and so on, with cadmium and various other heavy metals and it’s having an awful side effect on the public there and cancer and so on is skyrocketing. So it’s very practical for those who run the world to prepare for all the fallout, for themselves, by using the resources available.


Now, earlier in this week too I read an article from Canada, where there was a big bank in Canada laying off their staff and retaining a few to train the new incomers that they were bringing in from India. And I couldn’t believe this, I thought it was… When I saw this article I thought it was a repeat article of the same one; they’re doing the same thing in Australia. You understand, the system that allowed them, through the World Trade Organization, to do this, was signed in France back in I think it was the late 80s. It was kept really secretive from the public. The governments worked on this. Everybody sent diplomats over and bureaucrats over to France under the World Trade Organization to set up the system, to where they could allow themselves to do it, do all the legalities you might say, to make it all legal. Remember, they can make anything legal or illegal, at the top, and they do it frequently.  So here’s an article that says…


Ultimate insult: Sacked Westpac workers forced to train replacements

news.com.au / Helen Pow / January 22, 2012


Westpac IT workers Americo Paita, Belen Juco and John Wallace are angry that they have been replaced by cheaper Indian contractors.


The Finance Sector Union says at least 188 employees have been made redundant in a large-scale restructure of the bank's technology and back office divisions and up to 2000 Westpac jobs could go.


But The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that, before they leave, staff are being made to train Indian workers, here on temporary visas, at the bank's Sydney CBD offices.


"She has been shadowing me, sitting next to me and I have to teach her how to do my day-to-day job," Westpac staffer of 15 years, Russell Siachico, told The Sunday Telegraph. 


What a slap in the face, isn’t it? where folk living in the country, native Australians, have to train people from outside, brought in to fill their places at a much cheaper paycheck of course. Again, they set up that system a long time ago through the World Trade Organization, every country signed onto it. And they kept it as secretive from the public as possible, because this was always the agenda.  You’ll find that too, once they’ve set all these things in motion you’ll see it emerging into society about 15 years later or so, as they push it, without any explanations to the public and that’s how we’re trained.


Also too there’s an article that’s called...


The next domino: Australia doubles tax on retirement savings

sovereignman.com / Simon Black


(Alan:  So they’re taxing it at both ends. It says…)


Though Australia’s national balance sheet is comparatively quite strong, the government has been running at a net deficit for years… (A:  Well they all do, don’t they?) and they’re under intense pressure to balance the budget.  (A:  Balancing the budget, by the way, means getting enough cash in to pay off the interest on the debt – this is how the whole system across the world is set up – not to pay off the debt itself.)


The good news is that Australia now has a goodly number of investor-friendly immigration programs designed to bring productive foreigners into the country, similar to the trend we’re seeing across Europe.


On the flip side, though, the Australian government has just announced new rules which penalize citizens who have responsibly set aside savings for their own retirement.


Any income over $100,000 drawn from a superannuation fund (the equivalent of an IRA in the United States) will now be taxed at 15%. Previously, all such income was tax-free.


The really offensive part about this is that the government is going to tax people’s savings ‘on both ends,’ meaning that people are taxed on money they move INTO the retirement fund, and now they can be taxed again when they pull money out.  


Now remember too, the top socialists in the Fabian Society, which runs the left-wing side of the world system for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they said they’d bring in this system back in the 1920s. Eventually they’d bring in this system where the big stick, government, would be all-powerful and they would destroy all the middle class and so on and everyone would serve the state ultimately. That was always their goal, that we’d all serve the state. So hence you hear this attitude of, what can you do for your country and service, etc. etc. And it’s happening in the US as well, service, what can you doServe. Well, the servant class went out in the old feudal system, where serfs were basically slaves; you were bought and sold with the land. And guess what? As I say, Carroll Quigley who was the historian for the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations said that. He said, they were going to bring in a new feudal system. So you’re back to serfhood again. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about serfdom and so on. And we’re all serfs in one way or another. As I say, Charles Galton Darwin said that in his book The Next Million Years, there’s always been slavery in some form or another and we’re simply creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery. In other words, you’d be taught that you were free, but really, if the real thinkers, the few thinkers that can still think, under this enormous attack that you have on your own brain, would figure out that you’re really a slave. And you are a slave to the system.


And I’ve mentioned so many times that the whole system was to go into a kind of communistic/collectivistic society to run the public, and the bureaucracies and governments would grow massively to handle all of this. At the top of that, above them you would have the parallel government, those who own all the wealth of the world basically, and the factories, across the planet, and mineral resources, water rights, food, all that kind of stuff. They would be the new CEOs, feudal overlords basically. And that’s already happened.  In the last few years it’s all happened.  So whenever these guys write their big books, these boring books, even when they retire, the big players, you should read them. And try to stay awake because here and there you’ll hit a page once in a while that startles you with its candid reality and truth, and you can take it to the bank. Whatever they say they’re going to do and plan to do, they will do. I’ve never seen them back off of any part of their agenda.


This article here too, mentions, again, this big system to start drawing in the money from offshore bank accounts. Now, the elite always have big loopholes built into every budget and so on, so it doesn’t affect them. I’m talking about the really, really wealthy, the ones who are into the multibillionaire class today. I mean, a billion is probably worth about what a million used to be worth about 60 or 70 years ago, because of built-in inflation. The system we live in has got built-in inflation and this is what they call normal, you see. And perpetual debt, that’s why debt can’t be paid off at the top. It’s not meant to get paid off, it’s the interest – you’ve got to balance the budget, pay the interest off it. The bankers don’t want the debt paid off; they live off the massive interest. It’s all a con anyway. But the whole idea is that eventually they’ll rope in even the middle class guys who find ways to get money offshore, and don’t have massive sums of money. But the elite always have their own loopholes. And big corporations of course, you’ll find often don’t pay any taxes at all; and I don’t think that’s going to change. In fact, governments woo them in, they say that they woo them in, countries will woo in the big international corporations with the intent of getting them in the country with their wealth, and maybe factories, and maybe not factories, maybe just office towers, and they’ll often pay no taxes at all. Some of the US states woo in businesses that way too, tax-free for so many years and all that kind of stuff. 


So anyway, as I say, there’s always loopholes built in. But for the rest of the public it’s not of course. So the government right now is going through this thing of trying to rope in the wayward people who are not paying what they call their fair share of taxes. Now remember too, a few years ago and I read this on the air too, many different articles about Cass Sunstein and others talking about training the public, and Sunstein was working with the US government at the time. He said, we’ll train the public to want to pay taxes, by using psychology and neuroscience, neurolinguistics and all the rest of it, make you feel bad or like an outcast if you weren’t paying your fair share. Now, taxes of course, even the word ‘tax’ is another word for ‘labor’; you would labor yourself, or tax yourself if you went on a long journey. Well now it’s the same thing of course, except that people forget it’s their labor. They’ve been taught it’s their fair share... to what?  ...for what?  You know.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Global Resistance to Tax Havens Grows - spiegel.de


Well, again, the greenies and that will push it to save the earth, all the different programs that they have to fleece you and various other things like that. But if you look at the salaries of those in governments, it’s astronomical what they’re getting. I mean really, public servants, how can you call them servants when they have more incomes than kings and queens did about 150 years ago? They’re living an incredible lifestyle. The new royalty, really, is bureaucracy and international bureaucracy and politicians. Many of the bureaucrats actually get more money than the guys that are put out in front to pretend that they are prime ministers and presidents and running the country. But anyway it says here…


Austria feels heat of EU's anti-bank-secrecy drive

reuters.com / Apr 8, 2013


(Reuters) - The European Commission warned Austria on Monday that its banking secrecy regime would leave it in a "lonely and unsustainable position" if it did not follow the same rules as other countries in sharing information on foreign depositors.


As part of a drive to curb tax evasion, Germany has been putting pressure on all "offshore" banking centers in Europe to apply uniform rules on exchanging account holders' information, with particular attention on Luxembourg and Austria, the only EU states holding out.  (A:  It’s interesting that Luxembourg, years and years ago, when they were trying to push this whole communistic amalgamation of a Europe and a European Parliament idea, we’re all one, but in a communistic sense, which of course it’s turned into that, for the public at least. They set up Radio Luxembourg and many of the wealthy elite of the world that were behind this move went to live there so they got tax exemption and so on. It was actually a haven, again, for secret banking, so Luxembourg is definitely one of them. So now they’re going after Luxembourg, because all the elite have moved out of there, you see. And they’re going for Austria as well and they’re going to try to push them to start paying up as well and turning over all their banking accounts over to the main EU body.)


Last month's bailout of Cyprus, where the banking system was swollen by foreigners (A:  It was mainly from Russia.) drawn by low taxes and easy regulation, has served to focus attention on such jurisdictions across the EU.   (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, I’ve mentioned many, many times that the whole so-called science of economics is bogus. I remember many years ago there was a program called Man Alive, I think it was.  Man Alive, it was kind of like 60 Minutes, but they talked to many ex top economists, that packed it in, saying the whole thing was that, it was just bogus; it wasn’t a science at all, it was conology.  And true enough, you see it’s very much like even psychiatry, as it changes its stances on things after doing a hundred years of study on different things, and giving into political pressure and okaying certain things that were once called deviancies or mental illnesses, for political reasons. So it’s no science at all when you do that. It’s the same thing with economics. You find it says…


Work by economists at the Washington-based institution found the historic link between unemployment and inflation has weakened “over the past several decades” (A:  So they’ve got a historic link between unemployment and inflation, right, and they called that basically inflation and you go into hyperinflation. And the headline is actually...)


Billions of pounds of QE (A:  ...quantitative easing, which is inflation, which is printing money…) unlikely to cause inflation - IMF

 telegraph.co.uk / Philip Aldrick / 9 Apr 2013


(A:  So here they’ve completely reversed the standing tenet of what they call a science, right. The whole idea was that you would get, if you had too many folk in the workforce then of course the prices would go up, they would claim, you know. It’s all nonsense now because they’ve completely reversed it, which means it was utterly nonsense to start with. But it says…)


Central banks can unleash billions of pounds more quantitative easing with little threat of stoking inflation, according to analysis by the International Monetary Fund.


(A:  Now, the IMF is the big stick, heavy stick, the heavy you might call them, for debt collecting and so on for the big world bankers that run the world.  I’ve mentioned before too, the Royal Institute of International Affairs was comprised and set up by a lot of these bankers, and they created different wings, and they wanted to create a world bank. So they did, they created the World Bank; it would take over eventually. And they created the Bank for International Settlements, that would be the big, big one; and now it’s only coming to, what, 80 years later, that’s at the top of the tree now, the Bank for International Settlements.  And they said the IMF too would be the heavy, heavy negotiating body for all of them, for all the private central banks owned by the same bankers. They’ve got what they wanted; they’ve conquered the world. So the IMF is saying this, so it’s okay, you can now change the whole outlook on inflation and employment and unemployment. It says…)


“Looking to the future, our analysis suggests that ongoing monetary accommodation is unlikely to have significant inflationary consequences, as long as inflation expectations remain anchored. In this regard, preserving central banks’ independence is key,” (A:  So the private central banks have got to be left independent, but under their own private system to the Bank for International Settlements.  And that was said by…)  the IMF said in a pre-released chapter of next week’s World Economic Outlook.


“Indeed ... any temporary over-stimulation of the economy – perhaps stemming from misperception about the size of output gaps – is likely to have only small effects on inflation.”


The findings will be welcomed by the Chancellor, who is pinning his hopes for growth on the incoming Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. (A:  He’s a Goldman Sachs guy.) Mr Carney has indicated he is willing to take radical action to revive growth in the UK. (A:  So yeah, mass printing of money is not going to cause inflation, like supposedly it was always a problem before. This has changed because you see, up and down can be reversed at any time in this new world, from the top you see, from the guys who create your realities.)


Also too I’ve mentioned there’s a good video actually on this that’s called Starsuckers, not to be confused with the porno one, by the way, by the same name. But Starsuckers came out about the gullibility of the general public, in a celebrity age, where they actually set up fake tents inside malls and had signs up, your child can be a star. And mums were handing their children over, to total strangers, just on these billboards and so on. Anything could have been done, and actually a few things were done, and they showed them doing it. But it showed you how stupid people are today with celebrity culture and television and all the rest of it. But it also did a really good part, near the end, on the fake massive charities of big celebrities, that are involved in gathering billions of pounds in aid and none of it gets to where it’s going. And speaking of that, well…


Bono has ONE wish as he meets Merkel in Berlin

independent.ie / Laura Butler / 9 April 2013


(A:  This self-appointed guy on behalf of, you know, Soros and all the rest of them.)


The U2 frontman was in Berlin yesterday to remind Germany of its promise (A:  ...right.... So they’ve got countries now, Germany, of its promise…) to spend 0.7pc of its GNP on development aid. (A:  So now they want a chunk of your whole GDP basically.)


The Killiney-based musician wants a new generation of evidence-based activists, or "factivists", (A:  I call them fascivists...) to see that come to fruition.


His trip to Germany, where he spoke to a group of young campaign activists, is part of his efforts to try and urge governments to continue providing funding for programmes that combat poverty and disease.


Now, it’s such a massive scam, this, because you understand, it works in with the IMF. It works in with the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements.  Your leaders, at least the guys that pretend to lead you, that you see, your prime ministers and presidents, and your governments in fact have become...  they’re in the banking profession. They borrow money from the world bankers, they put you all down, the citizens, as guarantors to pay off the loan, and they give this money to other third world countries. And when the third world countries can’t repay it, which seldom they can, a few years later the government comes up with it, it’s all in the paper about it, then the government will just scrub it off. Bono and these guys come out, oh scrub it. Okay, just scrub off the debt.  But the country, you lot, the guarantors, are left to pay it off. And then your leaders will then give them another loan. This is how the con of banking also works, folks. But you’ve got to watch that Starsuckers if you can get a hold of it. It’s so good.  It’s really so good on the cons that have been pulled in the past. You’ve got to see it.


Back to Cass Sunstein again, who although he’s not a neuroscientist he reads a lot about it and he kind of sees himself as up there managing the minds of the public, because we’re not too smart at our level apparently. But he says…


Cass Sunstein on making government simpler, not smaller

marketplace.org / Kai Ryssdal / April 8, 2013


Whenever a federal agency sets new standards, say about the environment, or the financial industry, there's an office inside the White House that has to put the final seal of approval on those regulations. It's called OIRA (pronounced, "Oh, Ira") -- the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. (A:  ...a very important office in the US, and most of the citizens don’t even know about it.  ALL data, ALL info goes through the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.  Now, it’s interesting too that Orwell and other guys of his ilk could write books a long time ago, where every country would have an Office of Information. I mean, Britain’s had it for as long as I can remember; everything goes through the Office of Information.  It’s different from the Office of Love, you know, stuff like that, where they torture you.)


Up until last year, Cass Sunstein ran that office for President Obama. And he's got a new book about making government, and its rules, work more elegantly. It's called "Simpler".


(A:  Now listen to this, he says…)  "Think of a large company which is not going to get smaller. It shouldn't. (A:  So he’s all for big government. See, this is the age of big government to manage all of the big population of working class people. That’s what it’s for, the communistic style for all the working class people. And the people at the top who run the money systems see our countries as banks, we are the producers for the banks. That’s what we are. You are resources, including your labor. Everything you produce, like Marx says, comes from labor. So he’s looking upon your country as a business and that’s how the big boys do it. And it says, so government, just like a business, shouldn’t get smaller…) It should grow. But it can get simpler. (A:  ...in the way it works.)  It can make the experience for its own employees and for its customers easier," Sunstein says. "My suggestion is that governments can serve their citizens a lot better if they get simpler."


(A: Then he goes into the complicated system of course…) The current regulatory system in the United States is undoubtedly complicated, with state and local agencies issuing their own rules. (A:  He wants to do away with the states issuing their own rules too.  He wants a complete centralized government, the typical Marxian concept, you see.)  That's in addition to the sometimes conflicting policies coming out of multiple federal agencies. At Sunstein's former post, OIRA, the focus is on negotiating and solving those potential conflicts.  (A:  I’ll put that up tonight too. All these links I’ll put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com remember.  Also too...)


An excerpt from Cass Sunstein’s “Simpler: The Future of Government”

tv.msnbc.com / Morning Joe staff / 04/08/2013


It’s worth a little bit of a read. His books aren’t that great actually.  He pretends to know more than he actually does on neuroscience, but he gives a little bit out of the bag of how they really view all of you. You are what they make you – that’s how they view you.  And actually, they’re quite right in many, many ways.


Also too...


CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher  wired.com / 3.15.12


...how it’s linked up to the smart meter and all the rest of it and all the other appliances. I’ll put that up as well. And this other one is called…


The Connection Between the Smart Grid and Agenda 21

canadianawareness.org / Frankie Gotz / April 5, 2013


(A:  Now, IBM, remember, self-appointedly, apparently...  I mean, it’s great having this wonderful world democracy that we’re always getting touted, this global society; the big corporations just seem to be running the whole show, isn’t it? The new feudal system again. And somehow every government got on board and gave IBM the rights to create the smart grid, smart cities, smart all this and smart. And with totalitarian control, total information network and so on is done through private corporations. And Agenda 21 from the United Nations is linked in with it, of depopulation, getting the folk off the land into the old cities that are just full, stacked with all kinds of cameras and listening devices and so on, so they can monitor you from cradle to grave and they can nip any signs of any possible coming revolt in the bud before it even happens, before even you know it yourself.  Before you’d know it yourself, like pre-crime, you see... this person’s starting to wisen up and getting angry about things, maybe they’ll stumble onto the whole con. It’s far better than waiting for rebellions to happen or sporadic outbursts, isn’t it? So…)


The Smart Grid is being implemented in countries all around the world. (A:  And it’s amazing, that. So IBM got a global contract, right. Did you get any input into it? No, of course you didn’t.) A smart grid is essentially an electrical grid that uses information and communications “smart” technologies to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers. The good aspects of the Smart Grid is it improves the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity but in my opinion it’s mostly beneficial to the electricity suppliers more than the people. (A:  Now, it’s not going to make it any better for the people, by the way, because they’re going to have rolling blackouts and brownouts down the road. Again, that came from Maurice Strong.  Maurice Strong said that back in the 90s when he worked at the United Nations AND he worked at Ontario Hydro at the same time.  He was getting two paychecks; that came out in the media at the time. He said, the future is where the big corporations will start to regulate, in this big world grid, electrical supplies; and if they want more to go off to another country, they will send it off to another country and cut you back at home. It depends on how important your little country is. So it says anyway here that…) Smart appliances within the home will be able to communicate to the Smart Meter and send back information to the electrical company. C.I.A in the United States admit they will use the Smart Grid with the combination of Smart technologies to spy on the population.


Now and in the future the Smart Grid will essentially be an information gathering control system where “Smart Appliances” (such as smart tv’s that have built in cameras, smart phones, smart washers & dryers, smart fridges, DHS gunshot censors, smart cards and more!) will be hooked up to the Smart Grid. (A:  ...including all your phones and all the rest of it.) The Smart Grid will be also be a systematic spying device because all the CCTV facial recognition street cameras and intellistreet lights will be hooked up to it as well. Possibly even the announced 30,000 drones to be in American skies for 2020 (A:  Actually, they’re going to start releasing them in 2016 it says now.) might also be hooked up to the Smart Grid.


SmartGridNews.Com reported that: “The Smart Grid can be considered a “transactive” agent. That is, it will enable financial, informational, as well as “electrical” transactions among consumers, grid assets, and other authorized users. ”  (A:  Now getting back to that part, meaning also the cashless society, Bertrand Russell wrote about that in the 1940s and 50s. He said in his books that, eventually the population will get credits issued to them, down the road, when they standardize everything completely. And he said, eventually if you’re a bad citizen, antisocial behavior, whatever, it could be anything at all, just even complaining about government, they’ll call you antigovernment – even if you’re only complaining about one facet or one aspect of their policies, you’re called antisocial or antigovernment – then they’ll punish you by withholding your credits, you see. So you can’t pay your rent, your bills and utilities and so on. That’s coming with the smart grid, folks.)


Although they are actually talking about transactions of energy I construe this as even our electric transactions such as debit, will also be hooked up to the Smart Grid via “Smart (debit) cards“.


In the province of Ontario it is the Ontario Energy Board that is implementing and perpetuating the smart grid locally. The Board regulates natural gas and electricity utilities in the province of Ontario. This includes setting rates, and licensing all participants in the electricity sector including the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), generators, transmitters, distributors, wholesalers and electricity retailers, as well as natural gas marketers who sell to low volume customers. The Board oversees the electricity market and ensures regulated gas and electricity monopoly utilities comply with Board decisions and orders.


Smart Meter Entity means the entity that collects and compiles Smart Meter data.  (A:  So there’s an organization already set up called Smart Meter Entity, in each country, and they compile all the smart meter data. That’s all your data, from all of you.) The Smart Meter Entity for Ontario is the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). IBM has made a 5-year $68.5 million contract with IESO. Under the agreement, IBM will enhance the overall performance of the system through new computing infrastructure, enhanced web services facility to support increasing volumes of requests for consumption information, enhanced disaster recovery capabilities, and operational improvements with a focus on reducing risk and costs.  (A:  What it actually does too, is to compile all the data on every single citizen, on all your usage. Actually, all these items in your home can communicate to each other and give a picture of inside your home, including you walking through it. So they get all that data too.  Then it goes into some of the history of IBM, and it’s true enough, IBM did actually work in Germany during World War II and did the punch card systems and so on and tracked people. But they were on the go long before that too doing something similar with the Cardex systems.)




The United Nations openly admits they want establish a one world government and one world banking system under U.N control. Canada is signatory to the U.N.


In 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Agenda 21 was created by the U.N which is an implemented action plan with regard to sustainable development. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).  Agenda 21 is a plan that they want to accomplish by the end of the 21st century. (A:  Actually, they want it done before the end; they’re actually implementing lots of it right now, as you know. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and I'll see if Carlton is still on the line from New York. Are you there Carlton?  Nope.   So I’ll continue what I’m reading here about the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and the smart grid. It says…


U.N. Agenda 21 Quick Facts


- Governments take control of all land use (including water)

- Decision making NOT in the hands of private property owners  (A:  ...anymore.)

- Individual rights are to give way to the needs of communities (A:  ...which is...) (collectivism)  (A:  It’s called the Big Society in Britain and they’re already implementing it.)

- Needs of the community determined by the governing body

- People packed into human settlements, islands of human habitation, close to employment centers, and transportation

- Wildlands Project tells how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans, meaning “NO HUMAN ZONES”.

- Control over all minerals



Alan:  I think Carlton’s there now. Are you there Carlton?


Carlton:  Yes, Mr Watt. How are you doing?


Alan:  Not too bad. 


Carlton:  You touched on that movie, Olympus Has Fallen, last night. I actually went to go see it last weekend.  It’s the type of propaganda... and it based on the South Korean thing. Basically one of the main things that stuck out in my mind was the fact that, the reason they wanted to seize the whole White House thing, because they were against globalization.  That’s just like a little side note on that. But I was thinking honestly, about all the spraying in the skies; I’ve watched that a lot here recently. And I hear you always say that they really started it back in like 98. But I can remember when I was a kid, like that was 93, 94, I used to always look up at the sky and look at the clouds and just fantasize about little animals and figures that they make. But I used to see spraying in messages, it would be like an advertisement or a message, like an I love you message, and then it would just…  you know what I’m saying, it would expand and expand and eventually it would dissipate.  But I was just thinking about that here recently.


Alan:  Yes, oh yeah. And also too, there’s a lot of documentation getting released, over many years, that they’ve been spraying and testing the sprays out, different kinds of sprays, since the 1950s. In Britain especially, they even sprayed cadmium over the people over on the East coast of England for years, and they were testing them through the National Health Service to see what effects it was having on them, without the people even knowing. So we’re just little guinea pigs, you see; we’re all disposable. They were doing the same in the US too, and in New York, around New York State as well. So once ’98 came along they signed the Open Skies Treaty and that’s when they started the heavy, heavy spraying, daily pretty well, until they said they would conquer the weather. In fact, the U.S. Air Force, remember, had the article in their magazine that said, in the 21st century we shall own the weather. Well, they’ve done it.  It’s here.  And the geoengineering articles that came out back in the 90s talking about possible, coming geoengineering, said that if they dosed it enough in the stratosphere, with enough loading dose of these heavy chemicals and minerals, you would get eventually, it could take a hundred years, even if they stopped it after a few years, it would take a hundred years before the effects would stop altogether. In other words, they could blanket out most of the sunlight for a hundred years. I mean, they knew everything they were doing back then. But thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  



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An excerpt from Cass Sunstein's "Simpler: The Future of Government"

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