April 11, 2013 (#1307)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 11, 2013:

Not Allowed--Defiance to Neuroscience:

"As Your Nerves get Frayed, Almost Raw,
Reality's to Be Re-Defined via Neurolaw,
Pre-Crime Predictions, Psychoactive Drugs
Will Be Prescribed to Potential Young Thugs,
You See, None of You are What You Think,
Run by Chemicals, Synapses, Makes You Blink,
You're the End Product of Competing Cells,
Electrical Transmitters, Neuroscience Tells
You've No Free Will, Behaviour Predictable,
You're All Capable of Doing the Unthinkable,
But Hail Genetics, Neuroscience the Saviour
By Selecting Genes They'll Perfect Nature,
Removing "Wrong Genes", In Vitro Fertilization,
Move Over God, Science Will Save Civilization"
© Alan Watt April 11, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 11, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 11th of April 2013.  For newcomers, make sure you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, lots of free audios for download. All the sites listed there carry transcripts too for print-up in English of many of the talks I’ve given over the years. If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you, because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I don’t make a business out of this. I only came out because I had so much I had to say that it was time to say it. I knew what was happening, where it was all going, long before 9/11 happened in fact, and it had to be said so that people could understand the world direction you were set to go in. Because we’re living through a script basically.


I go through the history of the big foundations and so on that formed, openly that is - because they had formed before that in the 1800s under different guises. But in the early 20th century they formed openly as private institutions and foundations which were tax-free foundations. They hired thousands of think tanks across the planet, still do, and they work with each other. They each take an aspect of society and that’s their particular area that they cover, how to change society, guide society through cultural changes into a new type of humanity, to suit the leaders of course, themselves, how to step up the sciences that would come in and be the big boss over everyone, from medicine and psychiatry and so on.  All that’s happening today in fact, as we speak. And of course to turn things that were called services into authorities, like health services becoming authorities, things like that, until basically they can create a new type of society by training us, generation by generation, very quickly now of course, into the society that they want. So, it’s already happened. And also too, it’s to be a post-democratic society, an authoritarian society and, as I say, run by experts; all your betters in other words, the ones above you that get all the big paychecks and work for governments and stuff like that. 


So if you want to keep this going you can help me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully welcome in these ‘quantitative easing’ times, which is just simply inflation of course and devaluation of your currency, as it’s always been.


We’re being trained now to go into austerity and of course everyone is in on it at the top. You understand, you think of banks as having one function, and banks really are part of the control mechanism on society. It’s the big stick in fact, today, the final big stick for the final push into the new system. It was always designed that way and they mentioned that a hundred years ago too, the big foundations, at the end they would use the massive power of the purse. And that’s what you have today. Of course those big foundations put their own members into government at the top. They put their own bureaucrats in; they become your bureaucrats in your countries, across the world. They run the media, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, and all the magazines that you read too. And every class is catered to, for your own psychological type. So everything has been covered an awful long time ago.


Of course you all get your appropriate standardized education so that whatever is taught as being new, even if it’s the opposite of the old normals, they give you a new normal, you’ll all believe in it at the same time. That’s how easy it is to control and train society into each step that you have planned for them. Very, very simple. A lot of your stuff is through fiction too; it’s a better way, actually, through fiction because your firewall is down. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve mentioned so many times about how we’re controlled, how our minds are controlled, because we’re all fed the same news and the same data. People who watch television and the news all the time are even more controlled, because it’s done so slickly, and you’re hypnotized watching that screen. Of course, it’s rapid-fire, pictures and so on that you get, bits and bytes of information that sticks in your mind without you reasoning through any of it. It’s basically downloading into you. And that’s how it works so well for most folk. They never question what they’re seeing. They take it as some kind of authoritative truth, as though it’s coming from government. But in fact it’s coming from private corporations that run the media.


Years ago, as I’ve mentioned many times, most folk even in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s were suspicious of media because people had always known that private organizations that ran media always had a different purpose for different political parties and so on. And nothing has changed really, only there’s a greater relationship, I’d say, between government and media today, because the boys that put them in, who control the media, also control the guys in governments.  They put their own guys in, from the same organization, the CFR in America for instance.


So anyway, we’re always being lied to of course, and we get these simplistic lies. Remember, propaganda has to be very simplistic, not complicated. If it gets complicated they can often get caught out, so they keep it very simple. So we’re given these bits and bytes of information, such as Obama saying that they target specific terrorists, Al Qaeda members, and of course it’s been blown wide open from different articles just recently, that they’ve been hitting all kinds of people, who are unidentified peoples too. Before, under the law, it’s supposed to mean that they would identify the person as a definite threat to America. Well, that’s not happening that way. I’ll put up some links tonight. One is called…


Out of Sight, Out of Mind - drones.pitchinteractive.com


And I’ve got a couple of other ones to go up as well on the same topic, that’s disclosed information quite recently, to show you that they’re blowing all kinds of peoples up. They can’t even identify who they are, or care for that matter. Not that the public cares either; I don’t expect any reaction from it at all. I think everyone’s so jaded today they don’t really care about things. But I’ll put them up anyway at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of this broadcast.


US lied about targets of its drones - presstv.ir / April 11, 2013


An Inconvenient Truth – Finally, proof that the United States has lied in the drone wars. – foreignpolicy.com / MICAH ZENKO | APRIL 10, 2013


Also too, I mentioned this about a month ago I think it was, but it’s out in the mainstream now. It says…


Climate change included in US science teaching guidelines for the first time - guardian.co.uk / 9 Apr 2013


So the indoctrination is starting now to teach the children about climate change. Since they can’t get the adults all on board with it, go for the children, brainwash them, give them scary pictures and things and little videos and they’ll believe whatever they’re seeing. It will work very well. I’ll put that up tonight too.  And also...


Cyprus Suspends Probe (Alan: ...of course they were going to…)

Into Who Withdrew Money Early (A:  ...out of the banks and crashed it.)

 zerohedge.com / Tyler Durden / 04/10/2013


Of course they were going to do that. Can’t tell the public who they were. Too many important people. 


Now, everything is changing, as I’ve mentioned before, into new normals. And this is not new at all really. You’ll find a lot of this stuff going back to the early 1900s, even before that, like HG Wells when he tried to push what they called free love, in the late 1800s. HG Wells went to what was called the Red Tie School; selected members were picked out of school, put into a special school, to become the future guides of humanity by writing articles or books, or fiction even, because most folk follow fiction; that’s how their minds are changed. He had teams working with him all through his life, not just himself, to get all this stuff correct. But he pushed free love.  Even in his own particular life apparently he had a lot of sexual problems that were classified as deviancies; he even made some of his wives sign statements that they would never disclose what exactly he was up to. But anyway, he talked about new normals would be created for the public down the road. They’d abolish all religions eventually.  In his book The Shape of Things to Come he even had them actually, this sort of Air Force and other ones, going after the Vatican, and the remainders in the Vatican would run to Ireland and so on and then they’d be extinguished there.  So he was a complete socialist of course, an elitist socialist. All the top guys who ran the socialist movement at that time where elitists and eugenicists. They didn’t believe in the lower class at all. It’s amazing how guys who hated the social classes at the bottom, formed an organization to use the people at the bottom, all the labor parties and so on, the Fabian Society.  But he hated the working class people and he wanted to eventually eliminate them all by sterilization and let them all die off; he wrote about that in his book called A Modern Utopia in fact. 


So it goes on and on and on and again, new normals all the time are to happen and all social mores and morals were to be changed. Now it says here…


DC (A:  ...that’s the comics group.)

Introduces First Transgender Character in Mainstream Comics

wired.com / Laura Hudson / 04.10.13


Once banned from the world of mainstream comic books by the infamous Comics Code Authority, LGBT characters now have a stronger presence in the world of superhero comics than ever before, with gay and lesbian heroes like Batwoman, Northstar and Green Lantern Alan Scott openly declaring who they are — and even getting married. (A:  This is for… I think they start reading these things at about the age of 5.  And so of course, it’s again to bring up another generation where anything goes... and anything will go, you see, because the Masters have deemed it so. It’s quite simple, that’s why it’s happening.)


Now also, I’ve mentioned before how psychiatry was put to the top there – you can’t go completely into the story. However, psychiatry was brought out by Freud and of course Freud belonged to a particular group that deemed that all people around them, outside the group, were technically insane and that everyone should get measured and tapped for their intelligence and any mental defects at a very early age, and they would train all societies that this would be the way of the future. Because again, he was a totalitarian authoritarian character; he also wanted to destroy all the old existing systems of the Western world in Europe and so on.  That was the function of it, it was a political objective and a social objective; it wasn’t really a psychiatric or medical objective at all. And it’s been awfully successful of course, because people believe in experts; they’ve been trained to believe in experts.


Now here’s an article to show you how it’s going now. And I’ve mentioned before too, that new normals come across all the time. Psychiatry lost any credibility as a science when it used a hundred-odd years or more of studies, intense studies on peoples, certain peoples, and signs and symptoms and so on, and then threw it all out the door, on one particular group, because of political pressure. Now, when science caves in because of political pressure it’s no science at all. You either stick with your science and say but this is how it is... I mean, if politics wants to outlaw gravity, it’s not going to change the fact that gravity exists, does it? So this is what you’re getting of course, especially in sexual ways too; once they normalize it, it’s no psychiatry. So here’s the latest part as they go towards their final goal, where anything goes. It says…


Kinky in the bedroom? You're not crazy! People with 'abnormal' sexual interests no longer classified as mentally ill - but only if you're happy

(A:  ...with whatever it is that your main thing is, your main kink is.)

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 13 March 2013


(A:  It goes into...)

Like spanking your partner in the bedroom? . . . Sexual masochism, fetishism, transvestism, and sadism are no longer classified as mental disorders of 'abnormal or unnatural attraction,' according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA).


A new edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has renamed these kinky sexual interests with the word 'disorder' tacked onto the end; a distinction that means a person must 'feel personal distress about their interest' in order for it to be classified as a mental disorder.  (A:  So only if it makes you unhappy with yourself is it a mental disorder.)


The fifth addition of the manual (DSM-5) (A:  I like the D...SM, it could be sadomasochistic, you know; anyway, it doesn’t matter.), which will be released in May this year and used by clinicians to diagnose and classify mental disorders, will state that happy people with kinky interests do not have a mental disorder (A:  ...except for those who are unhappy in doing it...) - but those who are unhappy, do.


In 1968, masochism, sadism, transvestism, and fetishism were labeled as mental disorders and 'sexual deviations' alongside homosexuality and criminal pedophilia.


American psychiatric consensus has continued to lump noncriminal paraphilias (sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not considered normative) together with criminal paraphilias as mental disorders.


The APA eventually removed general homosexuality from the seventh printing of DSM-2 in 1973, but instead introduced a new condition called 'sexual orientation disturbance' (SOD) for people 'in conflict with' their homosexuality.


The 1980 DSM-3 replaced SOD with 'ego-dystonic homosexuality,' but the basic principle remained the same: happy homosexuals did not have a mental disorder, while unhappy ones did.  (A:  I guess that’s why unhappy ones can’t say they’re gay, right?)


After a lengthy struggle, all forms of homosexuality, including ego-dystonic homosexuality, were finally removed from the revised DSM-3 in 1987.


Although kinky sexual interests that are considered 'unusual' by society are no longer defined as medically unsound by the APA (for those who are comfortable with their sexuality), some argue that those 'distressed' by their sexual interests are not mentally ill, either.


Then they go into some of the organizations that are into particular areas of fetishism, and of course they want their things all to be normalized as well; of course the door is wide open for everybody to get normalized. I mean, technically, folks, if a guy is happy flashing in front of children, with himself, technically they’ll say, well he’s a happy guy, he’s a happy flasher, right, so there’s nothing wrong with it. Right. I mean, it’s wide open, the sky’s the limit. But that’s where they’re going with it all anyway.

Now again, when you go into this socialistic Soviet type system, – it’s to be pushed on the world. Remember too, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and their boys in the US, which they initially called the Council on Foreign Relations – now they have the CFR across the whole world now in all governments – they wanted to bring a new type of human being in, down the road, through science.  In Russia they called it the Homo-Sovieticus, I think they called it, the perfectly trained person, using Pavlovian conditioning and all the rest of it. Well, they’re going the whole way today with new mental guidelines for children. Back with more on this after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the mental care system, or mental health system, and how it’s really an authority now; it’s getting stepped up to be an authority. This global system always uses trial countries, or trial counties sometimes, to try different things out on different people, on select populations. In the US back in 2007 it says…


Mental screening for young to begin

boston.com / Carey Goldberg / December 27, 2007


Massachusetts doctors to offer questionnaires for children on Medicaid.


As of Monday, annual checkups for the nearly half a million Massachusetts children on Medicaid will carry a new requirement: Doctors must offer simple questionnaires to detect warning signs of possible mental health problems, from autism in toddlers to depression in teens.


The checklists vary by age but ask questions about children's behavior - whether they are spending more time alone, seeming to have less fun, having trouble sleeping - that are designed to trigger discussion between parents and doctors. The conversations may or may not lead to a referral to a specialist.


Over the last several years, such questionnaires have increasingly become the standard of care in pediatric practices . . . 


And so on.  So that was in 2007. Understand, this is all going back to Freud who said they wanted the whole world, especially with the children, start with the children, and they’d retrain the children to be what he would classify as normal, whatever that happens to be. But this article goes on here, and this is in January 2013…


Mental health screening for kids: Column

usatoday.com / Rahil Briggs / January 31, 2013

Problems can be found before there is gunplay.


Children can't enroll in school without a doctor's verification of good health, and many districts also require visits to dentists and eye doctors. The Newtown school massacre has focused attention on dealing with mental health. A key step should be adding mental health screenings to the list of required checkups.  (A:  ...for very young children.)


Such screening is rarely done and represents a huge unmet need: Best estimates suggest that fewer than 2% of schools have a systematic mental health screening program.  (A:  Now Scotland is another test bed for that too and I’ve mentioned it before. You can go into my archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com to see how they’re doing it on EVERY child in Scotland, from the age of a few months onwards.)


Most perpetrators in a mass shooting suffered from mental illness that could have been identified at a young age. But spree killings are not the only reason to make such a change. Young people with undiagnosed mental illness are at higher risk of suicide, more likely to use drugs and alcohol, and twice as likely to drop out. Moreover, since the Columbine High School killings, two reports from the office of the U.S. Surgeon General have supported making mental health screenings of children routine. 


So this has always been their goal, the push, the push, the push to have everyone evaluated, and then if they say there’s something wrong you’ll get intensive conditioning routines taught on you, and drugged no doubt as well, until you have the citizen potential they want you to have; you’ll grow up pretty dumb, stupid and you’ll believe all the news that you’re given. Because that’s what they’re going to do with you. So I’ll put this article up tonight too, because there’s a big push and Obama has just allocated another 280, I think it’s, million dollars for this kind of program for children across the US. 


Once again it gets back into the State now is in charge of the child. Remember that Julian Huxley, who worked at UNESCO, the brother of Aldous Huxley, and they were both globalists of course. But Julian said that the state really should be in charge of the child and the culture, the parents are contaminated, even if they’ve been updated to the present, you understand, completely different from their grandparents, with the cultures, they’re still contaminated with something of the old culture, that served its purpose as they were changing us all to the present. Therefore, the State should give them their new values, along with the media and entertainment. Bertrand Russell also said the same thing. So, it’s pretty well here folks. It’s all here. We’re really going through the scientific age and most folk are completely unaware of it, that it’s even going on.  So I’ll put this article in, plus the one from Obama with the money that he’s putting forward towards it, to see how they can head it off at the pass, so to speak.


Fact Sheet: Medicaid Expansion- mentalhealthamerica.net


But remember too, psychiatry is anything but really objective in a sense; it’s very subjective and lots of guesswork is involved. And of course you get different diagnosis about everybody.  Even ones that have been cleared by 10 psychiatrists can be caught with another two or three psychiatrists that’ll give them strange diagnosis; it all depends on the personality that’s diagnosing you; and that’s a fact in psychiatry.  So many people have gone into psychiatrists, for making videos, with hidden cameras, claiming they were feeling this, that or whatever. The same symptoms they would give to about three or four or five different psychiatrists and they would get diagnosed with different diseases by each psychiatrist and given different drugs. Look at YouTube, it’s just fantastic. So it’s a con game as far as I’m concerned, with psychiatry; they’re in the dark. But it doesn’t matter, they’ve got to pretend something else because you see, neuroscience is the new term as they pretend they’ve got even more ability to diagnose you by looking at different scans of the brain and all the rest of it. They must bring up neuroscience – this is the big one for psychiatry and behaviorism – to get more control over society under the guise of science. You tack science onto anything and people start to believe it, it doesn’t matter what it is.


Also I want to mention too, that in the system that we’re living in today we have philanthropists going to the top of the tree. Articles have come out a few years ago where they say it’s time now for big philanthropists to take part in global governance along with the regular governments. Well, we didn’t vote for that. And what makes them special... to decide our lives? Just because they’re stinking rich? Generally you don’t get rich without a massive crime there somewhere. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and questioning why philanthropists, so-called philanthropists, that are really just crooks, like George Soros, are supposed to help guide us all now and tell governments how to manage their money and so on. This is the guy who boasted that he broke the Bank of England, when he phoned two of his pals up, they manipulated the stock market and crashed the British pound. And they bet on crashing it. And they raked in a lot of cash because of it and got awfully wealthy, more wealthy than he already was. Nobody hung him up for that, you know; nobody locked him away for that. No, they elevated him to a star status because he did it, oh how clever… The guy’s a crook. But you see, the world is run by crooks, especially in the area of money, always has been.  And Soros is the perfect type for it, so they elevated him up to stardom, basically, through PR, and now he’s advising governments about their money. I’ll put a few articles up tonight about that too, because he attended the Boao Forum in Asia recently, and he’s over there right now in fact I think, and he’s telling China what to do, and other countries what to do. He’s also told Angela Merkel to start selling Eurobonds or get out of the euro all together and stuff like that.  These are little dictators, you see. But again, they’re not doing it on their own.  The big organization above them has put them there to do what they’re doing, obviously, very obviously.


George Soros Holds Forth in Boao - blogs.wsj.com / April 8, 2013

George Soros' Speech at 2013 Boao Forum- english.caixin.com / 04.09.2013


Now, getting back to our future where every child and everybody’s going to be…  it’s not just children by the way; they want to test you all through your life, maybe twice a year in fact. This is the big goal of the top socialists, so as that the fascists at the top can breathe easy and rest easy at night, when they go to their orgies and things.


So neuroscience also goes into Neurolaw.  You see this is where neuroscience is trying to get into to start changing all the rules about charging people with crimes and so on, especially specific people, like murderers and that, Well if he’s a psychopath he can’t help it. They’ve already got psychopaths off with it, by claiming he can’t help it, this scan shows he’s got a different mass in the frontal lobe than other people and he’s got a tendency to psychopathy. Well, lots of people have tendencies to psychopathy but they don’t do it. In fact, two YouTube videos up there that were the first ones to come out with all the various scans they were doing on it.  The two psychologists – two different videos; these guys didn’t even know each other – ended up going through the scan themselves and they had it; they would be classified as psychopaths themselves. But it doesn’t matter, you see. It’s to give them credence by pretending that they’re scientific, so they could elevate psychiatry up and give it more authority over all of us. Anyway it says…


‘Neurolaw’ (A:  ...from neuroscience…)

changes the landscape of criminal responsibility

Advances in science could have profound consequences for law, morality

Peter McKnight, Vancouver Sun / December 10, 2012


Neuroscience evidence can help a defendant establish the necessary elements of an automatism defence and, more broadly, can influence jurors’ — and judges’ — determination of whether a defendant should be held criminally responsible.  (A:  ...for whatever they’ve done.  Then they give you an example; it gives you one in Canada.)


One early Saturday morning in May 1987, Kenneth Parks arose from his bed and went outside to his car. He proceeded to drive the car more than 20 kilometres from Pickering, east of Toronto, to Scarborough, where his mother- and father-in-law lived.


Upon arriving at his in-laws’ house, he retrieved a tire iron from the car, entered the house, and bludgeoned his mother-in-law to death. He also nearly suffocated his father-in-law, though the man survived.


After the attack, Parks drove to a police station and told police that he thought he had killed someone. He was charged with murder and attempted murder, but he pleaded not guilty, arguing that during the entire time that morning — while driving, while attacking his in-laws and while speaking with the police — he was asleep.


One year later, a jury agreed. The jury acquitted Parks, in part as a result of evidence that electrical signals produced by his brain — as measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) — were extremely unusual, and further evidence that such readings are, unlike a polygraph, impossible to fake. 


Now, you can find lots of variations in the readings of electroencephalograms, but anyway, they’ve used this to get the guy off with it; they got another guy in the States off with shooting people outside his home and killing them.  So now they’re getting this kind of excuse going along with it, the person can’t help what they do. So a guy who murders, can’t help murdering. You understand where this is all going? Meanwhile, they can grab you, and you’re perfectly placid, and say, well you’re capable of going ahead and committing murder; they might start treating you then by court order. This is what it’s all about. It’s total control over all of us, all our behaviors, and who to put inside for treatment, mandatorily, and also to make society even more chaotic as they let other ones walk out the door, because they were asleep while committing the murder. You understand where it’s going? Order out of chaos? And another one too, it says…


Future Tense Event Recap: Will Neurolaw Change the Judicial System—and Does Free Will Exist?

slate.com /  Torie Bosch / Oct. 22, 2012


At “My Brain Made Me Do It,” a Future Tense event held at the New America Foundation on Monday, Oct. 22, scientists, lawyers, and journalists gathered to discuss the mounting use of brain imaging in the courtroom to determine biological origins for crime... (A:  Now you understand, eugenicists and sociologists in the Soviet Union always believed that they could change anyone’s behavior with the proper Pavlovian type conditioning. They still believe that today, that they can still change all of us with the right kind of conditioning, at an early age, all through our lives, lifelong conditioning. And these boys that go under the guise of neuroscience want the power to go ahead and do it. And it seems that they’re getting it too. So it says...)


...to determine biological origins for crime, to detect lies, to mitigate sentencing, and more. According to our panelists, neuroscience won’t yet—and maybe never will—completely upend the justice system as we know it. But it will only come into play more in the coming years.


(A:  Then it tells you where neuroscience is now and the different top scientists involved with it and different cases too.)


What should we do with those who might become criminals? (A:  Now, this is pre-crime, remember, pre-crime; this is all part of it.) Kiehl, Pope, and Gary Marchant—who is Lincoln professor of emerging technologies, law, and ethics at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law—are all intrigued by the idea of developing treatment programs for those with brain scans and personal histories that suggest they are predisposed to criminal behavior. “The legal system and some of the tragedies you read about underscore importance of using this technology for prevention—not to put them in jail but to try to stop it from happening,” Marchant said, echoing an argument he made in a Slate piece recently. Sally Satel, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, pointed out that treatment could depend in part on whether there may be “an acquired psychopathy vs. an innate one”—but the panel wasn’t sure which “flavor” might be easier to remedy.


Then they go into law and how it’s going to affect all kinds of law. Now, this is going to be a big, big, big one, folks, because it’s going to change everything, the way that you think and so on. And they’re going to get YOU so unbalanced you won’t know if you do have free will or not, and stuff like that; that’s what it’s all meant to do. It’s just like the Kinsey report was put out to change the whole mores of all sexual behaviors, put out as absolute scientific truth. It was all bogus because Kinsey hired prostitutes, male and female prostitutes as the so-called average American person. And he was into so much kinky stuff.  I mean, he even hired professional…well, professional people… They worked for government by the way, the US government, to literally bugger young babies… BABIES – I’m not kidding you – with stopwatches to see if they screamed and so on, and then he said that the screams actually were sounds of enjoyment.  But it changed the mores; it changed all the court laws about sexual behavior when it came to court. And so is neuroscience going to do it way beyond that, way beyond that.  And I’ll put up a few articles about neuroscience tonight remember too.


My Brain Made Me Do It - futuretense.newamerica.net

‘Not criminally responsible’ reforms put public safety at riskvancouversun.com /  March 15, 2013


Now another thing too, it says…


Six officials held over New York mayoral race 'bribery'

bbc.co.uk / 2 April 2013


(A:  ...scandal.  So there’s nothing new in New York about scandals in mayoral races.)


Two New York state lawmakers are among six officials who have been arrested over an alleged plot to rig the city's mayoral race, prosecutors have said.


State Senator Malcolm Smith and City Councilman Dan Halloran were detained at their homes.


Mr Smith was attempting to "bribe his way" on to the ballot for the vote in November 2013, prosecutors said.


Charges include bribery, extortion, as well as wire and mail fraud, according to the criminal complaint.


Mr Smith, a Democrat from the New York borough of Queens, is accused of bribing the leaders of local Republican county committees to get the certificates needed to let him run as a Republican.


Also charged are Bronx County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Savino; Queens County Republican Party Vice-Chairman Vincent Tabone; Noramie Jasmin, Mayor of Spring Valley, New York state; and her deputy, Joseph Desmaret.   (A:  And then you get this that came out of it…)


Governor Cuomo Proposes New Class of Public Corruption Crimes



(A:  ...because they’ve got so much corruption there, which is normal in New York; it’s a gangster place basically.)


Albany, NY (April 9, 2013) –  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced new legislation, the Public Trust Act, which would create a new class of public corruption crimes and enhance New York prosecutors’ ability to crack down on public corruption across the state.


Currently, the laws defining public corruption in New York are obsolete and far less effective than federal statutes for prosecuting individuals who commit public corruption crimes. The Public Trust Act announced by the Governor today would establish a new class of public corruption crimes and expand the current definitions of public corruption offenses to enable prosecutors to hold accountable those who violate public trust. (A:  It would be something if that was across the board, eh, right up to the federal level too.) The law would also impose tougher jail sentences on individuals that misuse public funds (A:  Ha!) and permanently bar those convicted of public corruption offenses from holding any elected or civil office, lobbying, contracting, receiving state funding, or doing business with the state, directly or through an organization.  (A:  So, that’s just New York. But I mean, this stuff is going on in every big city. In Canada too, we get that too, the same kind of stuff. Gangsterism. You understand how much money goes through the hands of mayors even for contracts for the state, and the kickbacks that they normally receive for giving them out there, to their pals, you know.)


Now also I’m putting up tonight, it says…


Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, Inc. announces initial release of funds

stamfordplus.com / By Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation / April 10, 2013


The Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation (The Foundation) today announced the release of $4 million to be disbursed by an interim advancement committee to 40 families most severely impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The 40 families are those of the 26 victims, the families of 12 surviving children from classrooms directly involved in the shooting, and the families of 2 people injured in the tragedy. The interim advancement committee will also consider disbursements to address immediate needs of first responders and teachers/school personnel in its funding decisions.


So far it says they have over 11 million dollars collected for this. And you know, the way I see the world, it was the same with 9/11 and many big disasters that happened and so on too, massive money flows in. We’ve seen it too with the earthquake from Haiti – and then everyone gets involved and all the good folk throw the money out there.  And then remember they put I think it was Bush and Bill Clinton in charge of the charity once it was up and running; and I think none of it went to where it was supposed to go. But you understand too, there’s no check on where it really does go. And when I look at these shootings and the money that it ends up bringing in, and I wouldn’t put it past… I mean, when you look at criminality and understand criminality, there’s really some amazing criminals in the world. They could bring on shootings and make things happen – and I’m not kidding about that – and plan ahead that they would be the ones to collect the funds. This is the world we’re living in today, folks. It’s full of tricks and sleazy people, often high up too; in fact, most often high up. It’s sad to say but it’s true.


Also getting back to morality, morality is changing of course and talking about the diagnostic manual for psychiatry and all. But culture has been degraded, again intentionally, step by step, generation by generation, until literally there’s hardly anything left to change; it’s all pretty well in the gutter.  But it says…


Mayor Anthony Weiner? It Could Happen.

blogs.forward.com / April 10, 2013 / Josh Nathan-Kazis


(A:  Remember weenie Weiner, the guy that was photographing his bodily parts and sending them across to certain women and so on…  He may run for the mayorship of New York.)


A ho-hum New York City mayoral race just got a whole lot more interesting.


(A:  They call it...) Sext scandal-ridden former congressman Anthony Weiner announced, a few paragraphs into a laudatory New York Times Magazine profile, that he’s considering joining the crowded Democratic field.  (A:  I guess he’d fit right in.)


That could shake up allegiances among New York City’s political clans (A:  This is from the Jewish newspaper The Forward...), including some city Jews. And analysts warned against betting against Weiner, given his potent resume and proven vote-winning prowess.  (A:  If it hadn’t happened, you see, he was going to be right up there. If he hadn’t blown it by getting a bit, what would you call it, overconfident, you can say overconfident, then I guess he would have been right up there anyway. He was getting groomed for all this kind of work anyway. So anyway he’s thinking of running for it, so he’ll fit right in I guess.  There’s nothing you can say about that.)


Also here there’s an act getting passed in Canada, it’s called…


Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act

pm.gc.ca / 8 February 2013


Vancouver, British Columbia – The Government of Canada is committed to protecting victims of crime and to making streets and communities safer for Canadians. To this end, on February 8, 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the introduction of the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act. The Act was tabled by the government this morning in Parliament.


The Act would ensure that public safety comes first in the decision-making process with respect to accused persons found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (NCR) (A:  Well wait till the neuroscientists get in to it.), and enhance the safety of victims and promote greater victim involvement in the Criminal Code mental disorder regime. 


So that’s going to, again, open the door to a lot of the neuroscientists and psychiatry, and massive lobby groups because remember, big Pharma is into the psychoactive drug thing; that’s big, big money in that stuff. Then they get their main doctors to lobby government on behalf of neuroscience, so as they can get in on the act, you see. So that will be the next step. You see how things work? ...step by step?  The government puts it out, Pharma responds by massive payouts to these guys, and then the psychiatrists lobby governments on behalf of Pharma, then they get in on the act. And rather than protecting the victims, it will change off into, let’s get these guys off the hook from doing whatever they happen to do. Everything is very predictable in this system, because this is where they want to go. They’ve written about it a long, long time ago, many times over.


Also too, in Australia they’re going the same way with vaccinations, because big Pharma, again, is behind it all too, and they’ve got government on board with them because they get their own people involved in government, in fact on government sometimes, out of Pharma companies, in the high positions to do with vaccination and the National Health systems. They’re now saying that if you don’t vaccinate your children you won’t get them into school and the parents of the children should be punished.  Back with more after this.


No vaccine, no school, says AMA chief - smh.com.au /  April 11, 2013


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll take Jolie from North Carolina if she’s still there. 


Jolie:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Jolie:  Yeah, I wanted to comment on the DC comics and their introduction of the first transgender character. Yeah, that would be Batgirl’s roommate, Alysia Yeoh;  2 Y’s in that name. I started looking through on some of the people behind this.  One of the co-publishers of DC Comics, he also created the OMAC project. OMAC is an acronym for basically these cyborgs that exist in their DC Comics universe and they are cybernetic monsters that inhabit human beings, as hosts. And you know, I got to thinking about your Cutting Through series and how all of this ties in with the one hermaphroditic/androgynous agenda and you know, perfecting that which has been left unperfected, merging male and female into one, and then the interfacing with humans into machines and leading to the brain chip.


Alan:  Absolutely. There’s no doubt about it. They’re heading exactly towards this whole thing. The androgyny look of course is getting pushed by part of the culture industry, which is fashion. And some of the latest fashion shows apparently have these very skinny, skinny girls wearing men’s suits and so on and trying to make them look more mannish.  So they’re trying to – and have been for many years – do away with the gender differences altogether, as though it didn’t exist. It’s quite amazing. It’s like saying it doesn’t exist – this is what they want you to really eventually believe – and that men are just taught to be men by watching other guys around them, older people, and women simply are given dolls to play with and that’s why.  They’re changing all of nature. I mean, guys, at the moment, can’t bear children, women can; that’s the way it’s always been.  But these guys literally are going beyond all this, and all sanity, by saying, no, there’s no difference whatsoever, so you can change your gender whenever you want, or even psychologically change it whenever you want, as though you could just switch it on and off. I mean, how ludicrous can it be? But this is the big, big, big agenda of those at the top that manage all of society and they know exactly where they’re going with all of it, all of it, you know.


Jolie:  Well, you know, there is nothing new under the sun. The corporate logo… DC comics is owned by Time Warner. Their corporate logo is the all-seeing-eye, the eye of Ra.  And so we look at the merging of male and female and you know, that whole ancient religion that you talk about in your books, which have been so helpful to me.


Alan:  They’re definitely following it all too. And they got Disney involved big time as well, departments of Disney. They also bought one of the big comic guys out too, I think, the organizations out too. They’re definitely heading out that way with all the warrior princess type things, and warriors in all the latest movies, it’s all young female warriors. Again, it’s to change society and hope that young girls will start to emulate these new warriors. We’re always given the heroes, remember, and these guys know how we tick, how our minds work, perfectly well. And it will start working like that too; you’ll see women becoming more masculine in their behavior, apart from the fact they’re getting dosed with high estrogen content in all their foods and so on; it actually makes them more aggressive and more masculine when they go over the normal levels. So this is all planned and again, Charles Galton Darwin said that in The Next Million Years, we shall alter the hormonal structure of both male and female; the males will become placid, the women will become more aggressive. It’s pretty well been done. But thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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