April 12, 2013 (#1308)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 12, 2013:

Humanity's Plummet to Elite's Summit:

"Humanity is Degraded, Plundered, Dishevelled
By Radical Change, Bewildered and Bedevilled,
They're Indoctrinated, Upgraded without Knowing,
Because the System's Slick, Hands aren't Showing,
Within Ten Years, No Privacy is Normal
Says Government Handouts, No Debate, Formal,
And the Great Human Herd is All-Accepting,
Never Asking Where We're Going nor Reflecting,
Oblivious of Sciences which Rule Their Thinking,
Something in the Ethernet is Surely Stinking"
© Alan Watt April 12, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 12, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 12th of April 2013.  I always suggest at the very beginning rather than pester you all the way through the broadcast, to look into and make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  There’s lots and lots of audios there, well over 1,500 now I think, audios for download for free – where I go through the system you’re born into, that you take for granted as being natural simply because it’s there.  I go into the systems that set it up and where they’re going with it too. I go through the cultural changes, because you got to change cultures incrementally to this new world order type scenario where we’re all controlled by a supergovernment basically.  And that’s where we’re all heading towards today, is the big gangs, because really, when you really look at history too, you understand that big gangs run the world; they always did though. The gangs become normalized eventually and become royalty and then they bring in governments, that are just sort of a new gang you see, and after two generations or so they are the real gang and they go for more and more power. Then they get in with other gangs, just like divvying up a city the way the mobsters used to do, they divvy up the world. Now they’re bringing the world together with their own share in their gang conquests. That’s really what it is. Of course too, the first mobsters you get are always the real hard guys, really tough and so on, but their offspring become, they go to the best schools, the top schools, so then they go into governments, then they go into technology and so on and so on, and they end up in big corporations, legal corporations which they set up. So we’re running through the system, really, of what’s next, and how we’re getting trained to suit the Masters, the new Masters in the technical age. And it’s all here. It’s all around us, for those who want to see it. So make good use of the website.


Remember too, you can get transcripts on that website, on every link I’ve got there, in English and if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember, you bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I don’t get paid by advertisers. I could be, and I could pester you all the way through like most do, bringing on guests who are really going to sell you something. I depend upon you to keep me going. You can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully, seriously welcome as we go through our quantitative easing, or inflation as it’s generally called, as we get taught to go into austerity.


You’ve got to understand, as I say, that we’re taught, in all ages, we’re taught by whatever dominant minority runs the show. About our society, we’re given, we’re taught to respect flags and symbols, symbols of the countries, and they use these same symbols and flags to send you off to war, which generally is for the big elite that already owns you, to get more and more prosperous, because they own all the armaments industries, in all ages, and they own of course the banking systems that also fund the wars, and then they use the public as the tax base to pay for it all, while they enrich themselves at the top by plundering, in today’s world, oil fields and things like that. It’s very, very simple and straightforward. Even at the top think tanks that’s how they view these things too, because they’re quite candid about how the world is run, how it’s always been run, and how the populations in the world have always been run as well. So now we’ve got the consolidation as I say into the global society and the big, big boys at the top are really just arguing out amongst themselves who gets the share of what. That’s really what’s going on. And they’ve got lots of, again, legitimate well-known organizations all working for them to battle all of this out, above our heads because we’ve got nothing to do with it; as George Orwell said, the proles don’t count. Even a lot of those who think they’re battling it, they should look at their leaders and find out who these NGO leaders are and who’s funding them, because you often find they’re all part of it too. Sad but true, isn’t it? Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system and where it’s going and where we are now. As I say, we have these big international meetings going on all the time, with big think tanks, again that are privately owned, representing governments now, you see. They’re really representing the established elite in each government, or country. They’re battling it out over territory and over who gets what, just like the old gang lords used to do in the 1920s in Chicago. So that’s what’s happening to the world as we get trained to go into the next step.


As I say too, many of the gangsters of previous days end up being the top elite families of the following generation and they’re into other things. Of course they go through the best schools, they get lots of media attention, praising them and flattering them and all that kind of stuff, and it’s PR basically to, again, keep that impression that they’re somehow all legitimate now and nice and good, you know. When you look at the Rockefellers and how they started, it wasn’t just being nice to your neighboring oilfield, that they took over other guys’ oil fields. It wasn’t like that at all, not in the least. There was a big oil war going on and they blew up each other’s oil wells and stuff and killed folk off. That’s how you get to be rich, like that. Then too, with the Bronfman’s, when they had Prohibition, basically ran most of the booze from Canada into the States, but look at the next generation. They weren’t the gangster types. They were through the best schools.  Now they’re into big foundations.  But they all start off much the same way. And that’s how history is.  It’s the same when Kings would get established after, say, the Norman Conquest and set up these foreigners over the people they were going to rule. But down the road, they become the top, because they’ve trained the public to worship them. And people do worship power.  And people do worship celebrities, obviously. Look at today’s society; it’s never been worse in fact for that kind of thing.


Once again they’re bringing in the high-tech age to rule the planet better. Because the public will always be the source of revenue and income for the big business, because we all fund big business with our tax money; they get, you know, corporate welfare. We fund massive projects across the world now from our tax money. We’re not asked about any of it of course. Just like the gangsters of old, they’d threaten you if you don’t pay up, if you don’t pay up your share of extortion money, and they use force if you will definitely not do it. So nothing’s changed. Nothing’s changed. You’ve been trained to see everything as legitimate, that’s the difference. That’s the only difference.


So now we’re going into the big, big system, and they couldn’t bring in the global society, with controlled populations across the world, without the computer. It’s all to do with computerization. That’s why they made sure that everyone would get a computer basically, and start bringing out the different front men, that would give you apps and so on, that would bring you in and put up all your data – you’d put it up willingly. And of course the Pentagon has already said that they grab it every day and they put it into a virtual you and play games on the virtual you; pretty much like the real you, they’re pretty certain you’ll behave the same way under the same circumstances in reality if it happens to you.


So we help them on their way towards this big nightmare of the totally controlled society.  The guaranteed stock, basically, the cattle market – that’s all of us – that are going to keep them alive at the top forever very, very well, because they depend upon us even for their legitimate businesses, to buy all the junk they sell us at high prices to keep them living very, very, very wealthy at the top and living in good standards of living. They depend upon us to pay their big, big building projects across the world – they’re always into big building projects – and also to fund their corporations, and their banks, when their banks have run afoul of each other, because they sometimes have inter-bank little wars going on, because it’s all gangsterism at the top anyway. So we always bail them out and so on.  And so we’re going into the digital age.


Now, into the Smart Homes too, it all ties in with Agenda 21, etc., etc, from the United Nations, which, again, is just a front organization for the biggest gangs. That’s how the Royal Institute of International Affairs set it up, and they still run it at the top, under a guise ‘it’s for the people’, and the people always swallow this stuff. But it says here…


Smart Homes: Our Next Digital Privacy Nightmare

readwrite.com / John Paul Titlow / March 18th, 2013


The hyper-connected smart home of the future promises to change the way we live. More efficient energy usage, Internet-connected appliances that communicate with one another and cloud-enhanced home security are just some of the conveniences we'll enjoy.


It's going to be amazing. It will also open up major questions about privacy.


We're already catching a glimpse of our futuristic living quarters with products like the Nest, the WiFi-connected smart thermostat with an Apple-esque sleekness. Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show introduces us a handful of new connected appliances and household items, each one bringing us closer to the so-called "Internet of things" we keep hearing about. Everybody from giant Internet service providers to scrappy startups are getting in on the smart home game, building products that will make our homes more efficient (Alan:  ...supposedly.), secure and livable. Before long, Jetsons-style robots will be feeding our pets.   (A:  ...that will be the day.)


If you think digital privacy is a contentious issue now, just wait.


Government Requests For Personal Data On The Rise


Consider this: In the last few years, Internet service providers and mobile carriers have seen a huge spike in government requests for data about customers. AT&T alone receives 700 such requests per day, according to The New York Times. They're not alone. Carriers and ISPs collectively receive thousands of requests for customer data per day from local law enforcement, federal agencies and courts. In many cases, they're willingly handing it over. In very few are they actually telling us about it. 


This uptick in government data requests corresponds with the rapid rise of smartphones and other connected gadgets among the general population. Naturally, as these devices proliferate, they are inevitably being used by some consumers to do bad things. But as we've seen, the technology has evolved more quickly than our society's rules about privacy — such as those enshrined in the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — can possibly be crafted.


Why does it matter what companies like Verizon and Comcast do with their customers' information? Because those very same firms are now selling smart home products that will allow them to collect more data about our lives than ever before.


"The information that's available in a smart home can be really extraordinarily detailed," says Rebecca Jeschke, media relations director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 


Analyzing a household's power usage alone can reveal details about a family's schedule and habits and may even one day hint at what different appliances might be used for.


"The technology is such that it won't be too long before you can look at somebody's power usage be able to know when they opened the fridge or how much food was in it," says Jeschke. "And that's without a wired fridge. That's just the power."


Your Smart Home Will Be a Trove Of Data


Every time we connect another one of our household appliances to the Internet, we're going to be generating another set of data about our lives and storing it some company's servers. That data can be incredibly useful to us, but it creates yet another digital trail of personal details that could become vulnerable to court subpoenas, law enforcement requests (with or without a warrant) or hackers.


Okay, so maybe you don't care if somebody else knows what's in your WiFi-connected refrigerator. But what about your bedroom?


Comcast is one of the many companies making a move toward the connected home. The cable giant offers a product called XFinity Home that offers the latest in home automation technology: smart energy management, remote-controlled door locks and in-home video surveillance. All of these features and more are conveniently accessible from smartphones, tablets and a Web-based portal.


Having remote, mobile access to our homes in this way presents enormous advantages. But it also raises a red flag when it comes to privacy, says Abdullahi Arabo, a research fellow at the University of Oxford who wrote a paper examining the privacy implications of smart home technology.


"In reality, our smart devices hold more information than our brains," says Arabo. "This makes them a good target for hackers, malware and unauthorized users."  (A:  They can actually tell, by even bouncing signals back and forth between the different appliances by the way, they can get an actual visual image of your rooms and everything, and where you are at that time and who else is there... very accurate ones.)


. . . In-Home Video Surveillance: Fair Game For Authorities?


The video monitoring feature alone raises some serious questions about privacy, hackers aside. These videos are living on Comcast's servers. If the police suspect me of being a drug lord and they ask Comcast for access for a live video feed into my house, will they comply? Would the police need a warrant?


As is often the case with digital privacy issues, there's no clear legal precedent to draw from. Courts and legislative bodies tend to move considerably more slowly than the pace of technological innovation, so we end up with awkward grey areas like this. (A:  Actually, they won’t even hesitate to use it; they’ll use it regardless.)


Comcast did not respond to multiple requests for information about XFinity Home's privacy protections. In general, the company's privacy policy acknowledges that "it is possible that we may be required to provide information about you to a court or law enforcement agency… [only] if we are legally required to do so."


. . . Historically, Comcast isn't known to be transparent about such requests. In the EFF's "Who Has Your Back?" (A:  ...there’s a link to it.) digital privacy scorecard, Comcast earned only one of four stars. While the company has been known to stand up for user privacy in the courts, it lost points for not being transparent about government data requests.


It's not just XFinity Home that offers this type of smart home service. Verizon has its own offering and its privacy record is even worse, according to the EFF's most recent report. AT&T, another telco with a less-than-stellar privacy record, is also getting into the home automation business.


So for those who are really wanting to get into the latest stuff, it’s up to you. I mean, you can’t help idiots. You cannot help idiots; idiots will do what they want to do. And they’ll take the consequences as well. The problem is that their children get trained in that system too and they think it’s all quite natural when they grow up and they go the next step, until privacy is gone. Remember, privacy... people fought for it, over many thousands of years, for privacy. Because in totalitarian governments you get no privacy, you understand. And this is the worst kind of system that’s ever been designed. Because at least in totalitarian governments you could always whisper to someone maybe in a back room or something, about just your personal thoughts and feelings on something. Today, they’re trying to take that away from you all together. And I’m not kidding you. You will be monitored by mental health experts too; that’s going to be the big one for pulling you in for, well, reconditioning... a few tweaks. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix...  and a train’s going by me too, you might hear it there. But anyway, another thing to worry about too, or just be careful about, and we can see the effects of it all around us… They’re not stupid up at the top, where they watch us all like guinea pigs. You can see the effeminization of males, and BPA was a big thing; there’s so many articles out about it over the years, and videos and documentaries about it too. The Disappearing Male was one of them; it was done by CBC.  And there are many other ones. But they said they were going to take it away, out of all the plastic bottles and stuff that your pop is in, that kind of stuff. And many other things it’s in too, and in the cosmetics because the mum absorbs it through her skin, into the fetal tissue; they absorb it and of course it affects the male especially, and he’s never quite the same afterwards when he’s in the womb. They were going to replace it with BPS and this article mentions it. It says here…


BPA replacement alters hormones at low doses, study finds

environmentalhealthnews.org /  Brian Bienkowski / Jan. 17, 2013


Just like the controversial compound it's designed to replace, a chemical used in cash register receipts and other consumer products messes with hormones, according to research published today. The study by University of Texas scientists is the first to link low concentrations of bisphenol S (BPS) (A:  ...the replacement...) -- a bisphenol A (BPA) alternative -- to disruption of estrogen, spurring concern that it might harm human health. Researchers exposed rat cells to levels of BPS that are within the range people are exposed to. And, just like BPA, the compound interfered with how cells respond to natural estrogen, which is vital for reproduction and other functions. (A:  Now, they’ve been doing this forever, and they knew what this stuff did back in the late 1890s. And yet they made sure the general public... And they even made trends for the general public to drink bottled water, and plastic this and plastic that – that’s not a coincidence, folks. It’s not a coincidence at all. As I’ve mentioned, The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin many times, he was the guy who said, we’ll have to dumb down the guys and take away their natural aggression, even defenses, by using hormones, altering their hormonal structure, and the same with women. With women, of course, if they give them too much estrogen, it goes the opposite way; they get too aggressive; and guys actually get awfully passive and effeminate. So when you’re reading these articles remember, this is not accident. They’ve had so many studies on this that all prove the same thing, over and over and over, and they keep using it. They even put it in baby food for goodness sake.  What do you think they do that for?)


“People automatically think low doses do less than high doses,” said Cheryl Watson, a University of Texas biochemistry professor and lead author of the study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. “But both natural hormones and unnatural ones like [BPS] can have effects at surprisingly low doses.”


Laura Vandenberg, a postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University who studies BPA, said one limitation of the research was that it used rat cells, but she was quick to point out the method is “extremely informative about predictions for a whole animal.”


The study “is a great first research step on BPS and, in my opinion, should be sufficient to say this is an estrogen and we don’t want it in our bodies,” Vandenberg said.


As its name would suggest, BPS has a similar structure to BPA, which has been used since the 1950s for a variety of purposes, including the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics.


In the past several years, BPS has replaced BPA in the printing of thermal paper used for cash register receipts. Every thermal receipt tested in a study published last year contained BPS.


Bill Van Den Brandt, a manager at Wisconsin-based Appleton Papers, said company representatives couldn’t comment on the Watson study because they had not fully reviewed it yet. (A:  In other words, they’ll keep using it until, well, until whenever they want to. And another article too is from the Natural Society on BPA and BPS, and I’ll put that up tonight as well. All these links I’ll put up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.)


Toxic BPA Substitute – BPS Chemical More Dangerous than BPA

naturalsociety.com / Lisa Garber / July 18th, 2012


It’s astonishing what governments really do. I can remember in Scotland when there was a doctor, it was a doctor from I think Pakistan that was working in Scotland at the time.  He was traveling through the countryside, past some of the lochs there – the lochs they call them over there, it’s like lakes – and he saw boats dumping these drums into the water. He found out that it was radiation, used radiation rods and so on; they were encased in a sort of crystal glass and they were dumping them in the loch in Scotland. That hit the newspapers; it was all the waste products from the big nuclear industry. Then they found out too, not only had they been doing that, they’d been drilling holes in the Grampian Mountains and dumping them down these deep shafts as well – because they don’t like Scotland much; it’s a colony.  Most of this stuff was coming up from England in fact; I think it all was. At the time, then they found there were big trucks with the radiation signs on them getting parked overnight outside of little restaurants and so on and left unattended. And these were the ones bringing them up, a lot of these things up, and then that got in the papers too. I think it was Maggie Thatcher at the time, she said that, we’ll stop all of that. And she did. She took the signs off the trucks, so no one knew what was in them. So, you think that these are odd things that happen once in a while. But the thing is, it’s one government after another that it happens to. It’s been happening for years.  Now...


Nuclear waste barrels remain strewn across floor of English Channel

rt.com / April 12, 2013


German journalists have found barrels of radioactive waste in an underwater valley in the English Channel, which were dumped there half a century ago. Politicians in Germany have called for the potentially harmful containers to be removed.


28,500 containers of low level radioactive waste were dumped into the English Channel by the British and the Belgians between 1950 and 1963. Most of them were sunk in an underwater channel near the island of Alderney, known as Hurd’s Deep. Several barrels were found by a team of the joint Franco-German public broadcaster ARTE in an investigative report set to air later in April.


As part of the investigation, the German Public broadcaster SWR sent an unmanned remote controlled submarine into the Channel’s depths. The team discovered two barrels just 124 meters deep, a few kilometers from the French coast.


Experts had assumed that the sea had rusted open the barrels (A:  ...this is what they’d all hoped for, you see.) and the contents had dissipated throughout the ocean, thus making the hazard innocuous.  (A:  In other words, weaker; it’s not gone.)


According to the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), the containers hold an estimated 17,224 metric tons of low-level radioactive waste. The British barrels are estimated to contain the equivalent to 58 trillion becquerels (units of radioactivity), while the Belgian barrels are thought to hold 2.4 trillion becquerels. The European Unions’ limit for drinking water is 10 becquerels per liter.


“We think that there are still many more undamaged barrels below,” Thomas Reutter, a SWR journalist, told Spiegel Online. He added that it was likely there were other containers that the expedition hadn’t located.


This is what they do, the big boys at the top. And the big boys, they get all the fancy contracts and so on, and throw these things out. It’s always the taxpayer that ends up having to bear the costs of massive cleanups, isn’t it? And speaking of that too, I’ll put an article up tonight too, it’s about all the con of recycling, from places like Britain and they find out that they’re dumping it in other countries, and burying it. And here you are told to (and getting fined if you don’t) put all the plastics in the plastic bin and the paper in the paper bin and so on, and here they are dumping this stuff. They train you like animals, Pavlovian style, and then they’re dumping it. Back with more after this break.


The great recycling con trick: How 12million tons of your carefully sorted waste is being dumped in foreign landfill sites

dailymail.co.uk / Steve Doughty / 5 April 2013


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As we advance in civilization, supposedly, it’s becoming more inhumane, basically, too, although the big boys who own us all say that it’s practical, it’s practical to kill so many, you see, because they don’t need us all, and so many of us too, can take money away from their big, big profits. Because that is what it’s all about, big profits. That’s why they’re bringing in euthanasia for the elderly too; it’s easier to give them a cheap cyanide pill than it is to treat them for some illness, you see.  Even though they paid into that, insurance policies and all the rest of it and God knows how many taxes, it doesn’t matter. That’s money that could be used by your betters for their big projects across the planet, for their big corporate plans and so on. I’m being honest here, that’s what it is. It’s not facetious, it’s real. That’s how it is.


And we accept more and more as we go through, even the last 30 years, we accept more and more dehumanization, constantly accept more and more. We’re trained in it, in fact. Now we see more and more elderly getting killed off across Europe with the cold, because of global warming you see. I always read the articles every year on how many folk die, say, in their homes… in their homes, not on the streets but in their homes, in countries like Britain. It says…


5000 extra deaths during March

ageuk.org.uk / Rob Mansfield / 5 April 2013


The number of deaths last month has increased by more than 5,000 (A:  That’s the increase, 5,000...), following the second-coldest March on record.


Official figures for the first 3 weeks of March 2013 showed that there were 4,206 more deaths than the average for the past 5 years.


With another 1,000 expected during the last week of the month, this pushes the number of extra deaths to over 5,000.


Michelle Mitchell, Age UK's Charity Director-General, said: 'It’s really worrying that the number of deaths in March this year are significantly higher than the average for the previous five years.  


(A:  This is why you need experts, folks…)  'Cold homes are particularly dangerous to the health of older people (A:  Well yeah, you freeze to death.  Isn’t it?) and are a major contributing factor to the high numbers of excess winter deaths in this country.


In total, there were 33,500 deaths over the first 3 weeks of March 2013, compared with an average of 29,294 over the last 5 years.  (A:  What do you think of that? Well… You’re probably yawning, eh? Because we’re all so desensitized to other folk’s sufferings now. And that means no one is going to cry for you when it’s your turn.   [Alan chuckles.])


The deaths come in spite of 635,000 cold weather payments during March - a result of 7 days of below-freezing temperatures - whereas last March, there were none.


Inevitably, older people are hit hardest by the freezing conditions - on average 90% of winter deaths affect people over 60.  (A:  That’s what they want, you see. Once you hit the retirement age they want you to die, rather than you actually claiming your pension. Because your government can use that for, say, their big building projects and stuff, or pay raises.)


'People living in the coldest homes are three times as likely to die from a cold-related illness compared to those in warmer homes,' said Michelle Mitchell.


So this is quite acceptable now, this kind of death. They have fuel poverty too, because they have to get sort of rations and chitties to get their fuel in so they can heat themselves. And this is acceptable today. Acceptable.  Well, we’re going down the tubes as planned. It’s all planned that way folks. I don’t think you can shock people with anything anymore, to be honest; they’re so well trained. They’re just bored. They’re bored with this kind of stuff.  It’s not sexy, you know.


Also, this article came out in Foreign Policy...


An Inconvenient Truth

Finally, proof that the United States has lied in the drone wars.

foreignpolicy.com / MICAH ZENKO / APRIL 10, 2013


It turns out that the Obama administration has not been honest about who the CIA has been targeting with drones in Pakistan. Jonathan Landay, national security reporter at McClatchy Newspapers, has provided the first analysis of drone-strike victims that is based upon internal, top-secret U.S. intelligence reports. It is the most important reporting on U.S. drone strikes to date because Landay, using U.S. government assessments, plainly demonstrates that the claim repeatedly made by President Obama and his senior aides -- that targeted killings are limited only to officials, members, and affiliates of al Qaeda who pose an imminent threat of attack on the U.S. homeland -- is false


They’re killing everybody else off; in fact, they put them down under all kinds of weird categories, and even ‘unidentified’. I mean, it’s just a big joke. It’s a killing spree, you know. Of course they’ve trained a generation to walk right into these jobs where they can sit at a comfy desk back in their homeland and slaughter these folk abroad. It’s just another game to them too; desensitized. Mind you, they’ll do it at home too when they’re told to, and that will come in the future. You know it will. It’s designed that way.  And...


Australian Medical Association calls for mandatory proof of vaccination

adelaidenow.com.au / Sue Dunlevy, Petra Starke - News Limited Network / April 11, 2013


(A:  They’re really stepping up the whole vaccination authoritarianism, because remember too, all these services, like health services, were to become authorities. Now they’re really pushing their muscle, you see, and flexing it in front of everyone.)


PARENTS who fail to vaccinate their children should face barriers to enrolling them in school and childcare centres, the Australian Medical Association says. 


Now, all these medical associations are under the supervision of the World Health Organization; that’s where all their orders come from. You can go way back before the United Nations was that, they called it the League of Nations; in 1919 they also had that in their charter, they were going to vaccinate mandatorily everybody on the planet for everything. They never change their plans, folks, ever, ever. And of course the vaccinations kill a lot off, because you’ve got the wrong genes, you see. Oh, it’s meant for the general genes, not the wrong genes, as they call it. And they get off with it now too. It doesn’t matter how many they kill off; they always come back with great propaganda campaigns, how wonderful it is. Of course all these guys involved in it are making lots and lots of cash, plus all the doctors who speak up for the vaccination are on the take, because they get paid big money by Big Pharma that makes the vaccines for the industries. Everything is a gang and a Mafia of one kind or another out there; everything really is. And the more cash they have, the more muscle they have, and the more propaganda they can put out, the more they can command governments to do. And it all works together. That’s the world we’re living in today.


And it gets worse and worse actually as we go into utter atheism, unfortunately.  It doesn’t matter what religion you were brought up in or what your cultural religion countries were, as we go into more atheism and you’re also getting taught moral relativity in the schools, then it’s easier for folk to grow up and they just, oh, join the Mafia gang, lie to the public and make big profits. It’s quite simple, make big money for yourself, self-interest. Quite something.


Now, most folk don’t even know how the European Union even got started. As I’ve said before that Karl Marx mentioned it in the 1800s, that eventually the world will be split up into three massive trading blocs and each one will be under a type of government, all subservient to a world government. And you have Europe to start it off, of course, then the Americas, then the Pacific Rim group as well. If you look into the Schuman Declaration...


Schuman Declaration



The Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950 was a governmental proposal by then-French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman to create a new form of organisation of states in Europe called a supranational community. (A:  Actually, it was ONE of the organizations that they formed to try to push this whole thing through.) Following the experiences of two world wars, France concluded that certain values such as justice could not be defined by the State apparatus alone. It involved far more than a technical Community to place the coal and steel industries of France, West Germany and other countries under a common High Authority. It led to the re-organization of post- World War western Europe by treaty. The proposal led first to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). It was also the forerunner of several other European Communities and also what is now the European Union (EU). The event is commemorated annually as Europe Day and Schuman himself is considered one of the Founding fathers of the European Union.   (A:  ...that nobody wanted, except BIG business.  [Alan chuckles.] ...the big gang.)


The Euro and the European Project - krugman.blogs.nytimes.com / January 3, 2011


So, getting back to reality, reality is a great topic because most folk don’t have it. You find out very quickly when you’re chatting to them that they don’t have it at all.  Because most folk just prattle off, like a pressure of speech you might say; that’s what they call it, pressure speech, when they’re just yapping, can’t stop yapping, unless they’re a disc jockey and they’re supposed to yap all the time and have no dead air, as they call it, on radio. 


But you find also that reality is, everything is projections of reality. Big corporations deal with reality making, for everyone, and the biggest thing of course for a long time has been television and of course the media. You find the same TV groups and all the media groups are all one big bloc in themselves, in that they all belong to the Royal Institute of International Affairs – they’re all members of it – and the Council on Foreign Relations, across the world. They give us all of our reality. Their members write most of the history books, by the way, for the big publishers, for the schools of all levels right up through university. But everything you’re given now is a PR shot on politicians and everything else. It’s all staged and it costs a lot of money to be staged too.


I mean, Buckingham Palace, years ago after different scandals broke out, many years ago, got their own TV crew in, they got a permanent TV publicity crew. Permanent. It does all the documentaries on the Queen and so on or any of the Royal families, to make sure that they can put on a good front to the public and it appears as though it’s all quite natural that someone just visits the Queen. There’s nothing more removed from reality than that. You don’t just visit the Queen and ask her for a chat. It’s all staged. Everything is staged, and they have scripts of course, and questions to be asked, and how the questions will be answered, all done just like any other TV drama series. But even too, your prime ministers and your presidents are all doing the same thing, and have been for as long as you can remember, all photo-ops and so on.  But in Australia, Julia Gillard, for her, you know, persona, for her image makers...


Julia Gillard costing taxpayers more than $70,000

to be followed by photographers

dailytelegraph.com.au / Gemma Jones / April 12, 2013


PHOTOGRAPHERS shadowing Julia Gillard on overseas trips to snap the Prime Minister as she meets world leaders and attends summits have cost taxpayers more than $70,000.


I’ll put this article up too, because it’s not really worth reading the whole darn thing. In fact, the media now has had a sudden shift, I’ve noticed, in the last couple of weeks. There’s very little real news, and I think it’s the new training of the public that the real news is altered – there’s been an agreement, a global agreement; I’m certain of it. There’s so much trivia out there, it’s just junk, so much of it.  And that’s by intention. That doesn’t happen by itself. I understand that most news companies now have very little reporters, very few. And they get a lot of handouts from governments and different agencies they’re happy to put right into the paper and slap somebody’s name on it in their own corporation, just to fill space. But we find the same thing is happening with stuff like this so I won’t even read it, the darn thing, except to mention that they go into some about the Queen and Prince Philip and Charles and so on, and how much it costs for trips, and for all the photographers, just on visits, just on visits with heads of state. It’s amazing. The public pays to get brainwashed. That’s what it is. That’s all it is.



Global forest-protection plan

(A:  I’ve mentioned this before and this goes into it in detail.) depends on carbon credits

theglobeandmail.com / ZINTA ZOMMERS / Apr. 2 2013


(A:  The big, big stick now for controlling the world, and to really fleece the serfs across the planet, is carbon credits. All energy, all taxes are coming down to the general public.  For everything you purchase, just for existing, will have energy taxes put on top of it. From a lollipop to clothing, everything, on how much energy or carbon was used or created to make that item, and you’re going to pay for it. But it’s also going to be detrimental to your way of living too, because they’re going to tell you where to live, and how to live, and they want you to all live together in your new community cities, which are generally the overcrowded present cities of the present day, cram you all in under Agenda 21. But this article here I’ll put up tonight; it’s from The Globe and Mail.)


The project, called REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) (A:  I’ve mentioned this before; go into the archive section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.), has a clunky name but comes with promises of billions of dollars in funding and the hope that it can reduce both deforestation and climate change.


Under the proposal, developed countries (A:  ...now, this is you, all the first world countries, developed countries. We’ve been in a depression for years, financial depression, we’re getting fleeced, we’re already redistributing the wealth, a la Karl Marx, across the planet, as we go down the tubes, and they’re freezing to death in Britain, in their homes, right...) will pay communities in developing countries to keep their forests standing (A:  ...so you will pay them NOT to cut their forests.), a bill that could amount to $28-billion (U.S.) a year.


REDD+ is expected to become a key part of a “post-Kyoto Protocol” global climate-change agreement. In anticipation, 17 donor countries have already spent more than $4-billion helping 50 poor countries build systems to monitor forests. (A:  What do you mean, systems to monitor forests?) Canada has given $71.5-million to support “REDD+ readiness” projects.  (A:  If you have children, make sure they go into these big NGOs, folks. There’s no point in working anywhere else for a living, there’s no point, and tell them how to go out and MAKE things, MAKE things and sell them, that folk need and stuff. Get them into these NGO namby-pamby sort of jobs, where they can float around the world and fill in little reports once in a blue moon, and have a great time and get lots of money, paid by the taxpayer, folks. That’s what to do because there’s nothing left. There’s nothing left for them. They’ll just be another slave that pays for everything otherwise.)


Local communities and the private sector also have big plans. The Kariba REDD+ Project, launched in July, 2011, in Zimbabwe, is a community-based forest conservation project managed by South Pole Carbon, a private company that specializes in emissions-reduction projects.  (A:  So there you are, a private company, dealing in the next con, you see, raking in lots of cash. So I’ll put this article up tonight too for those who want to really, you know, churn their stomach reading it, because it really gets you. This gets you upset, this kind of nonsense, this rubbish... this rubbish, under this new religion they’ve created of environmentalism and greening and all that rubbish. It’s the biggest con they’ve had for a long time. It really is. And global warming to boot. But I’ll put it up tonight for those who want to know that we’re all paying for all this nonsense, paying folk not to cut their trees in other countries. What a joke!)


Now, Helmut Kohl... it says…


Helmut Kohl: I acted like a dictator to bring in the euro

(A:  ...cash... the money.)

Helmut Kohl, Germany's former chancellor, has admitted that he acted like a "dictator" to bring in the single currency to the country, otherwise he "would have lost" had he held a referendum.

telegraph.co.uk / Jeevan Vasagar, Berlin / 9 Apr 2013


In an interview conducted for a journalist's PhD thesis, Germany's longest-serving postwar chancellor said that he would have lost any popular vote on the euro by an overwhelming majority.  


This is how things are really done, they’re just rammed through – isn’t that the truth – with big things that are part of the big establishment at the top, the real elite that run the world and put people into politics; they run the guys below them. They just ram them through whether you like it or not, just like joining Europe together basically, and all the rest of the cons they’ve pulled, or the Americas.   Back with more after this.


Hi folks. I can remember talking about Julian Huxley a few times, who was head of UNESCO, and talking about knocking man off his pedestal. He said, we have to dethrone him, knock him off his pedestal, teach the public they’re not worth much at all. In other words, stop all this sanctity of human life and so on, because they wanted to go off on massive abortion sprees, which they’ve been doing ever since; and he of course was up there with Planned Parenthood. And he thought it was fantastic, just slaughter, slaughter across the planet. He didn’t like the ordinary folk too much.  it’s to devalue human life in other words. But human life, and death even, has value. Understand, the peasant has got value, even when he dies. I also read last year about an article where they were using ashes from cremations, mixed in with that tar stuff that they fill potholes in, in the road; the black stuff, they mixed it in with that.  So you’ve got a use, you know, once you’re dead too. And of course you’re profitable, you’re always turning a profit for somebody.


How metal from cremated bodies is being sold off...

and recycled into road signs and aircraft engines

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 11 April 2013


Dutch company OrthoMetals, behind the recycling, says half Britain’s 260 crematoriums have signed up to scheme.  (A:  A lot of this metal too, remember you’ve got different kinds like titanium and things like that; you can’t have ordinary just steel parts that rust like crazy inside the body, so they have all the special ones that don’t get rejected by the body.)


Metal body parts from the dead are being recycled into road signs, car parts and aircraft engines.


Steel hips, plates and screws used in legs and skulls are collected after cremation and sold on – with money raised going to charity.  (A:  So the cheap stuff goes to charity. And even charities, I’ve told you, look into them carefully; there’s always a profit.  Big profit, oh, $750,000 one guy got for some big musical event for charity. Not bad, at the top, eh? That was his personal pay.)


Even metal plates from false teeth and old fillings are recovered and re-used, together with metal fittings on coffins.


High-value metals that survive the 1,000-degree furnace (A:  ...that’s the titaniums and so on.) are sold for use in the automobile and aeronautical industries.


These include cobalt and titanium, which are found in some implants and dental work, with the former used in aircraft engines.


Other, less-valuable metals are smelted down and sold for more general use – including road signs, motorway barriers and lamp posts.


Money made is donated to charity and almost £1million has been raised for good causes since the project began in Britain in 2004.


(A:  And it gives you the PR. The rest of it’s just PR on the charity part of it. It doesn’t tell you how much they make on it of course. But it says…)


Before cremations, relatives are asked if they want to keep metal parts of loved ones.   (A:  I’ve read articles over the years on the air here where they’d even take corneas out of people there; even some of the morticians were in on the act too. You’re worth money. You know, you’ve paid your whole life for taxes to keep the elites living, and now you’re paying again for professions to make more cash for themselves too.)


The vast majority say they have no need for them and sign a consent form agreeing to the recycling.  (A:  Well I tell you, I bet there’s a lot of cons in that too, and a lot of forged signatures.)


When the cremation is over, the ashes and other remaining items go into a compartment in the cremator and then into a special cremulator machine which separates any metal from remaining pieces of bone.   (A:  Isn’t it wonderful?)


The metal is then loaded into large bins and taken away. At those crematoriums not signed up to the scheme, metal body parts are buried in the grounds (A:  ...sure...), but new legislation means this will no longer be possible. (A:  So in other words, they put legislation through governments so as they can get more and more of all these metal parts… you know, for charity, you understand, for aircraft engines, things like that. Yep.)


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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