June 20, 2008  (#130)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 20, 2008:

"From Ancient Times, the Elites Do Know,
The Eugenic Agenda is the Way to Go,
You Can See its Branches through the Prisms,
Because All Their Forces End with Isms,
The Isms are All Points of Light,
They Believe in Power, that Might is Right,
Through DNA, They'll Create a Son,
The Deviant Creation, Shape of Things to Come"
© Alan Watt June 20, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 20, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks.   I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 20th, 2008.  I always ask the newcomers to look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you can find lots of previous shows which help put together this massive, massive jigsaw puzzle we call reality together and to show you where we’re going, how we’re getting pushed there and I name many of the organizations that work together and believe you me, there’s many more that none of us know about because they don’t appear to the public.  There is a government here, a global government system with very wise men, as they call them, who control the future of the world and have the final okay and the say as to what happens next.  We’re living through tremendous times.  Times of amalgamations, just like business takeovers, only this time it’s countries and continents into a world system and we’re all living through it.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download transcripts in the various languages of Europe.  You can print them up and pass them to your friends. 


As, I say, we’re going through tremendous changes to a controlled society.  It didn’t just start recently, this has been going on for a long time, long before 9/11.  The big changes started in earnest in the 20th century with the necessity, as many of the writers called it, for world wars.  World wars tend to amalgamate countries in conflict at the very end.  A form of synthesis because compromise is needed between warring factions. 


Those who rule the world go by what they call ‘the law of nature’.  In nature, they marked off the seasons and the opposing season, the actual opposing seasons work in unison for harmony for the completion of the circle.  So you must have opposing forces.  If you understand there are opposing forces in nature, then you can bring them on and speed them up and CAUSE them to come in to conflict.  Through conflict and strife they create the agenda. 


They also call it their ‘struggle’.  Sometimes they’ll say ‘my struggle’ like Hitler said.  This is a term that’s even used in the Skull and Bones Society.  They struggle, they cause the struggle.  If you look into the doctrine of socialism and Marxism and Leninism, they wrote extensively about this technique that was necessary to bring on the changes.  In other words, since they all believe in evolution to begin with, then they could speed up evolution towards this utopia by causing the conflicts and out of the conflicts you have compromise and synthesis.  Then that synthesis becomes the NEW thesis that starts the whole thing for the next stage of the changes and THAT really, is what it’s all about.   Constant change.


HG Wells, who was also a Fabian Socialist and a founder of that society and a eugenicist, talked about that too in his Shape of Things to Come where at the end, those elite scientists who ruled the world - and that’s how it was in his particular vision of it - the scientist, the intellectual elite would be in charge of the world.  All the little people down below were begging them to stop the CHANGES, the changes, everything changed.  Nothing stayed static for a generation to give you a breathing space for what you thought was normalcy.  That’s what we’re going through today. 


It’s interesting to note that the Premiere of Ireland just got his ear full from the EU Commission for Europe, telling him, you know, to get his working boots on and get at it and they’re going to ratify it anyway, all the other members.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and what a matrix up here in Ontario because it’s been raining 3 or 4 weeks now and I don’t think there’s going to be much of a summer.  Mind you, between the breaks in the clouds, you see them spraying like crazy and I know the HAARP is being used big time because you can pick it up on short wave radio.  The signals are very strong.  What they’re doing, of course, is hitting the bread baskets of North America, as they have been for quite a few years with this technique, either drought or flooding, which is right in the treaty that they signed at the United Nations in the 70s, THAT THEY CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT. 


It’s being done to convince the public that they’re causing all the global weather changes.  The media is going all out to ensure through repetition and the same old faces telling you the same old stuff over and over, that the public are the problem.  Now Joe and Jane average will believe that because that’s all they listen to is television.  They’re conditioned that way, that the TV is there to do their thinking and their reasoning for them.  And they do accept that.  Unfortunately, that’s why democracy works.  The bulk of the populace will always go the way the elite want them to go and the rest are forced along.  That’s why they chose this democracy SCAM. 


The mosquitoes are just crazy right now.  I’ve donated enough blood to nature already.  I was out there looking at all the mosquitoes coming towards me and I thought, I’ve probably fathered BILLIONS of these things over the last few years… which makes me lord of the flies, I suppose.  All kidding aside, they’re going full steam ahead using high sciences, the silent weapons for quiet wars.  That’s what it is.  They didn’t build all these facilities to photograph and admire, such as HAARP.  There’s many of them across the planet.  They built them to USE.  To use for what?  For this purpose.  NOT against other countries necessarily because the goal, remember, is the whole world.  It must be brought under this system.


Now, I’ve been going on about eugenics for a while because it’s a big, important PART of this particular elite religion that’s been here for a long, long time.  In a major media outlet, The National Post on June the 17th.  Michael Coren who is, I think, the same Michael Coren who’s also on radio in Toronto, has done an article on eugenics and I thought, isn’t it strange they’re telling us now.  Someone actually asked me why are they coming out with this now.  I said, well because it’s TIME.  They like to mock the victims.  They have what they call ‘revelation of the method’ in the occult.  Once they’ve conditioned you to accept a certain change in culture, they can come out and tell you all about it.  It’s called ‘revelation of the method’.  So, here’s a major main stream newspaper.  Now, as I say, media, remember, that’s been around here for 100 years, all this media, that kept quiet about this during all the changes, they knew all this stuff then.  Now it’s because it’s ‘revelation of the method’ that it’s coming out.  It says here


Socialists Made Eugenics Fashionable


National Post | Jun 17, 2008

by Michael Coren

[emphasis added to article]


(Alan:  It goes on, it starts off here, Canwest News Service, Tommy Douglas… Tommy Douglas brought the health care system for Canada and all the labor leaders and so on cheered him on thinking, a great hero.)


T.C. (Tommy) Douglas, shown in this 1961 photo riding aloft in triumph after being chosen NDP leader in Ottawa.  (A:  He was one of the main eugenicists.  You see, what their whole idea was to bring in nationalized and socialized health care systems.  This was written about at the League of Nations if you go back far enough… the precursor of the United Nations.  Then, it would become an authority over the people because then they would come out and cause crisis in health care, etc.  We’ve had 20 years of crisis in health care.  There’s not enough money, there’s never enough money and baby boomers, baby boomers and all that nonsense.  THEN they would start to tell you the SOLUTIONS.  The solutions are massive abortion and the solutions are, eventually, to be in to euthanasia, even VOLUNTARY euthanasia, but DEFINITELY sterilization.  So, I’ll read a bit about this from this article here.)


An exhibition of the history of those scientific ideas that gave a grimy intellectual veneer to the Nazi genocide opened recently at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The collection centres on eugenics, the notion that humanity can be improved and perfected by selective breeding and the elimination of individuals and groups considered to be undesirable. Entitled Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, it reveals how it was not thoughtless right-wing thugs as much as writers and scientists, the intellectual elite, who led the movement.  (A:  But he doesn’t say they’re also PAID to do that by even higher, very rich men.)


The exhibit is important, accurate but, regrettably, long overdue. (A:  Well, I’d say.)  It also fails to stress just how much the socialist left initiated and supported the eugenics campaign, not only in Germany but in Britain, the U. S. and the rest of Europe. Playwright George Bernard Shaw (A:  He was also a founding member of the Fabian Society.), English social democrat leader Sydney Webb and, in Canada, Tommy Douglas (A: Tommy Douglas, the man who brought health care in to Canada.  Sydney Webb was the great socialist leader in Britain, a very dry boring bureaucrat.) were just three influential socialists who called, for example, for the mass sterilization of the handicapped (A:  That‘s the great man who brought us health care in Canada). In his Master’s thesis The Problems of the Subnormal Family, the now revered Douglas argued that the mentally and even physically disabled should be sterilized and sent to camps so as not to “infect” the rest of the population.  (A:  They always give us our heroes and we applaud them.)


It is deeply significant that few if any of Douglas’s left-wing comrades in this country or internationally were surprised or offended by his proposals. Indeed the early fascism of 1920s Italy, while unsavoury and dictatorial, had little connection with social engineering and eugenics. The latter German version of fascism was influenced not by ultra conservatism in southern Europe but, as is made clear in the writings of the Nazi ideologues, by the Marxist left.  (A:  People must realize that the Nazi system in Germany was a SOCIALIST movement.  Remember, too, what, I think it was Khrushchev said, that ‘communism was only socialism in a hurry’.  It’s both the same thing.  Hitler and Stalin made a pact, remember, before World War II and they actually went in to Poland TOGETHER, as comrades, to divvy it up, divide it, before they turned on each other.  But they said they had FEW differences… few differences in their ideologies, because they were both socialist.)


The most vociferous and outspoken of the socialist eugenicists was the novelist H. G. Wells, author of The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man. He argued in best-selling books such as Anticipations and A Modern Utopia that the world would collapse and from this collapse a new order should and would emerge.  (A:  Now, that’s true.  That’s PART of the religion of those at the top because if you follow it back enough and you understand it, you can find it all the way back to old Hinduism and Brahmanism.  It’s all connected.)


“People throughout the world whose minds were adapted to the big-scale conditions of the new time. A naturally and informally organised educated class, an unprecedented sort of people.” A strict social order would be formed. At the bottom of it were the base. These were “people who had given evidence of a strong anti-social disposition” (A:  Now, that could be translated today as being NON politically correct.), including “the black, the brown, the swarthy, the yellow.” Christians would also “have to go” as well as the handicapped. Wells devoted entire pamphlets to the need of “preventing the birth, preventing the procreation or preventing the existence” of the mentally and physically handicapped. “This thing, this euthanasia of the weak and the sensual is possible. I have little or no doubt that in the future it will be planned and achieved.”  (A:  He’s quite the hypocrite as they all are.  He had about 3 different women, one after the other, and because of his kinky sort of techniques he preferred in bed, he made them sign deals to never disclose it to the public.  So I think he needed a little bit of spanking.)


The people of Africa and Asia, he said, simply could never find a place in a modern world controlled by science. Better to do away with the lot. “I take it they will have to go” he said of them. Marriage as it is known would have to end but couples could form mutually agreed unions. They would list their “desires, diseases, needs” on little cards and a central authority would decide who was fitted for whom.  (A:  It’s never changed.  I keep telling people this agenda is very old.  Remember, Wells was RECRUITED and TRAINED in a school by Sir Thomas Huxley, the grandfather of Aldous Huxley.  The school he was trained at was to train AUTHORS to write this sort of stuff of predictive programming, which he eventually put out.  They called it The Red Tie School.  Each one was given a red tie for revolution.  If you look at what he said here, you’d all have your diseases, your desires and so on, on little cards.  Well, that’s what it’s all about today as they go after your DNA and all the rest of it.  Believe you me, they’re just chomping at the bit to get this last bit through to FORBID you from picking a mate.  That’s what’s coming.)


Population would be rigidly controlled, with forced abortion for those who were not of the right class and race. Religion would be banned, children would be raised in communes and all would be well. The old and the ill would, naturally, have to be done away with and doctors would be given the authority to decide who had a right to live, who had a duty to die.  (A:  Well, that’s pretty well here now.  In Britain and in Canada and quite a few other countries, they list you, as soon as you walk in… or get carried in, for resuscitation or non-resuscitation.  If you’re important, they will resuscitate you.  If you’re not, you’re allowed to die.  Mind you, they make a profit off your organs if they’re any good.  See, a lot of this has already been fulfilled.  The reason it’s disclosed now is because most folk accept it now.  You see, that’s the thing.  The revelation of the method is done when you’ve had so much DONE on your MIND, you now accept it.  I’ll continue with a little bit more of this particular article after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article by Michael Coren as they reveal a bit of the method… something they kept quiet about.  All this media could have been talking about this for the last 50, 60, or 100 years, but they didn’t.  They’re telling us now because now you will find young children parroting a lot of this stuff and they’re all for it because they’ve been indoctrinated and so were their parents.  You can always tell them after the fact and it makes no difference.  To continue the article…


In the United States socialist writer Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (A:  Sounds very nice.  Planned Parenthood.  It’s about abortion, that’s all it is.) and the mother of the abortion movement, called for a radical eugenics approach as early as the first years of the 20th century. She wrote of the need for “a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring. It is a vicious cycle; ignorance breeds poverty and poverty breeds ignorance. (A:  And by God, they keep us all in ignorance.)  There is only one cure for both, and that is to stop breeding these things. Stop bringing to birth children whose inheritance cannot be one of health or intelligence. Stop bringing into the world children whose parents cannot provide for them. Herein lies the key of civilization.”  (A:  You got to understand, they use little terms like civilization.  Most folk take it for granted.  They don’t question what is MEANT by civilization.  Civilization, as the ancient Greeks said, is bloody and brutal.  That’s how you bring people to civilization.  You conquer and slaughter and bring in a system.  That’s what they call civilization.)


The key of civilization. Unlocking the doors of a hell once unimaginable but now, after the Holocaust, the Ukrainian genocide, Pol Pot and Mao’s mass slaughter, entirely within the grasp of contemporary sensibilities. (A:  And there’s MANY, MANY more you can add to that.  Many peoples have been STARVED out.  The American Indians were brutalized out of their culture and that‘s come out and in to the courts now in Canada and been admitted to for maybe the first time, at least on the West coast.)  History is often clouded by fashion and the whims of the victorious. Because some of the most pernicious intellectual criminals of the past century wore red they have escaped condemnation. It is time for the clouds to clear and the fashions to change.


As I say, they can say this NOW, now that they’ve got an awful lot of what they were after.  They have the destruction of the family.  They have abortion as an alternate means of birth control.  They have pretty well got most of what they wanted.  And they’ve got a young generation who are scientifically indoctrinated from Kindergarten onwards and they’re getting ready to parrot all this stuff about the greening and save the earth and get sterilized and so on.  That’s coming out now.  The same media kept quiet all this time up to the present day. 


Now, we’ll try the callers.  We’ve got Jim in New Mexico.  Are you there Jim?


Jim:  Hello, Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.  I listen to you regularly and I hope you stay on RBN.  I think you’re very well suited to this network.


Alan:  Thanks.


Jim:  Something I’ve been wanting to ask you.  I’ve been listening to you very religiously since I discovered you over the last several months or so.  Have you in your readings, have you ever heard of a book called The Eurantia Book?


Alan:  I’ve heard of it.


Jim:  It’s really an interesting book.  Claims to be the 5th revelation to this world from on high.  The epochal [?] significance.  There’s one section in the book where they talk about life on a neighboring planet where they paint eugenics as a good thing.  Since I’ve read that, 30 years ago, it always did make sense to me because coming from the perspective of love, you can do good things with science and eugenics, I think.


Alan:  That’s the whole key to it.  You see, all the new age and believe you me, that’s part of the new age.  There’s a plethora of that stuff broke out.  It was all put out by Masons in the 1700s, well financed by the big bankers to start off, really kick off the new age movement.  They flooded the market with lots of books like that.  However, IN the books… see your mind is directed by all media.  It isn’t just a message, it’s a direction.  You could read books from a hundred different opposing factions and come to the conclusion that each one is correct.  Yet, you say, that’s impossible.  How can they ALL be correct if they’re all opposing each other and blaming each other?  But that’s how they’re written.


Jim:  But this is the only one that’s made any sense to me.  I’ve looked in to an awful lot of…


Alan:  You see, that’s the whole thing.  Part of their whole…  They talk about things in reverse.  They use allegories for everything they tell you.  In the high occult, it’s all symbolism and allegories.


Jim:  Do you think there is a universal, eternal spirit that’s a source and center of all things… that’s the source of intelligence, the source of even personality and therefore, pre-person, you know, what we would call a God?  But you know, the first source and the center of all things…


Alan:  They also believe there are opposites, you might say, like 2 Gods… at the top. 


Jim:  Well, yeah, in fact, the Eurantia book explains God as being the source and center which is the eternal mystery but then the one we can perceive in time and space IS the duality, which is a trinity actually.


Alan:  That is the Masonic stuff that they give the lower orders.  That’s the stuff that’s published for the public.


Jim:  You ever think about that?  Maybe there’s some truth, some eternal truth to it?


Alan:  NO because I’ve studied their higher books as well into their OTHER versions of what they believe.  You see, this stuff if published for the public.  It’s to change YOUR way of thinking to go ALONG with an agenda and that’s predictive programming.  It will fascinate you and you’ll actually work it out, because you’re like a computer.  They use the right language and the right terminology and you’ll come to their conclusions.  This is an old technique. 


I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, which is always steeped in intrigue and has many false mirrors.  I don’t know if you’ve ever walked in to a hall of mirrors at a circus or somewhere and you find there’s only one real YOU but you have all these reflections.  That’s how the world is and that’s how information is put out too.  There’s lots of distortions that look like you, very similar, and never mistake them for the real thing.  As I say, in the language of the occult, and the stuff they publish for the public, it was to create movements and different factions in society, different segment of society.  For every type of personality, they put out books for YOU.  They’ll be very, very convincing but believe you me, they’re just playing you like a puppet.  They understand your psychology and it’s aimed right at you and you’ll come to the preordained conclusions.  You’ve got to go much, much deeper and you must ALWAYS THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Eventually, you start to see the spins and how you’re warped off.  The image within is called ‘imag-’ within, imagination, ‘i-nation‘, imagination.  That’s what’s used against you, your own particular abilities. 


Now, we’ll go to Dan in Kentucky.  Are you there Dan?


Dan:  Hello, Alan.  I was wondering.  You talked before about the importance of developing out parietal lobes of the brain and that people need to do that.  Where you use just a fraction of the brain and we just know a fraction of their science and the universe.  Yet they say that most genes are junk genes and I think they’re referring to us. 


Alan:  That’s right.


Dan:  But really, they’re the junk genes because they’re the odd percentage, the 6% or so that Pachulsky said.  But do you think it would help to wake people up if we turn it around like that because there’s that saying that you know, God doesn’t make any junk and you know.  If people can look at them as the minority and realize that everybody’s had an experience with the psychopath in their family or job or something like that, it might help to wake people up like that?


Alan:  It is.  People really have been passively, quietly conditioned and domesticated through incredible indoctrination.  Let’s be honest, those who are born, even if they went through a school system that was already giving them an indoctrination, before radio and television, they had more of a chance to think for themselves.  The average child is plumped in front of that TV set as a babysitter.  If you look at the cartoons even, all the political correctness is IN the cartoons already.  The greening and all that is IN the cartoons.  They’ve had an incredible indoctrination all through their lives.  They never sit in silence.  They don’t know HOW to reason for themselves.  They’ve been TAUGHT to allow experts to reason for them.  You can pick this expert or the other one, they always give you two, on opposing sides, and you don’t reason through anything.  Really, you’re just passing your life away.  You’re just putting TIME in, in a prison, you might say, rather than thinking. 


Thinking is a creative thing.  It’s a process of creation because YOU are the one that’s taking facts and details and going off and exploring with them… in your mind.  It’s a huge, unlimited sphere of thought.  It’s unbounded if you can use it.  However, most people are quite content to have noise on all the time.  The pathways in your brain develop - this is well understood - pathways develop in your brain between different areas and recall and all the rest of it and left and right, etc.  The more you use it, the better it gets.  It’s like any muscle or any organ.  Don’t use it and it withers away.  You find most folk today don’t use more than probably under 10% of their brain.  Maybe even less now. 


Dan:  You now, people have trouble thinking that these people are evil like that and I think most people can’t think that way because they’re not used to it.  It’s almost like you go and evil and the soul or spirit or whatever that higher part of the matrix you want to call it, are like 3 separate languages or ways to approach things.  If you tick off psychopaths or sometimes, you know, you can confront them, they’ll show their true arrogance or whatever.  Then people can see what they are.  I’ve mentioned this to you before, that it’s really hard to get a follow up to that.  You said, you try to create human bonding but when they’re exposed like that, there’s such a shock or fear in people that it’s really hard to take advantage of that momentary victory over them.  Do you have any ideas about how to do that?  And I’ll take it off the air please and thank you.


Alan:  Well people just have to know the basic signs and symptoms of the psychopath and not be afraid to mention them in company.  Especially if it’s happening at a work place.  Lots of bosses get up there who have psychopathic traits because they’re ruthless.  That’s how you climb up.  They don’t have conscience.  They don’t bother about wiping out competition by any means possible.  They tend to have an ability… they have an innate ability to manipulate others to do everything for them.  That’s one of the MOs of the psychopath.  They can almost read each personality and find your weak point and exploit it for their own advantage.  It’s an innate thing with them, INSTINCTIVE thing.  They don’t have to sit and think it through.  That’s how you educate people about the psychopath.  It’s just pointing out about the basic 10 traits or so.  Then, of course, once they then all understand, there has to be a confrontation with the person involved, or even superiors - if there are superiors - because these people cause mayhem around them.  They always say with the psychopath, they’re more trouble to those around them than to themselves.  They don’t suffer mentally and emotionally as you do, in the same way.  They don’t have guilt over things.  They can have joy when they’ve beaten someone or worked out a con that’s been pulled off.  They take tremendous glee from that.  They like to boast about it.  Another thing they can not stand is frustration.  They want instant gratification.  So there’s many symptoms people have to learn and people have to be educated about it.  You can even recognize it in school, in the young ones too.  They’re often pulled out, in fact, and groomed for higher positions and often even in the military… FROM school. 


We’ll go now to Mark from California.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Yes.  Hi Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Mark:  Good.  You know I ran across a book here, The Emergence of the International Business 1200-1800.  It talks about the German Hansa and the Hanseatic League.  I wondered if there’s a connection between that and the Knights Templar movement emanating in Europe and its connection to Freemasonry.


Alan:  Well, Germany, definitely was run by the Teutonic Knights.  Their big building are all over Germany with their symbols on it and their name carved in it.  The Teutonic Knights really, just like the Alumbrados of Spain were just the other factions of the same Knights Templar.  They kept their other names and they kept on the go.  They worked down through the centuries as a sort of landed nobility.  They were definitely, heavily involved… remember too, even from the earliest times from the Templars, when you joined the Templar Society, you no longer worked for a nation or belonged to a nation.  You were international.  Wherever the brotherhood were, that was your world.  If they were all over the world, and they were in a good part of the world, across it, at that time, you were already international.  Their goal was to bring in a world empire.  They were the first major bankers.  The Vatican ALLOWED them to eventually use fees, which was just usury.  They didn’t have to pay tithes to the Vatican, they were exempt from that. 


Mark:  That’s exactly what I’m seeing in the chapters of this book.  It talks about Hanseatic trade, merchants, international business.  One last question.  I just got your book and I found it real interesting.  I found a lot of similarities between that and some of the authors from long ago.  Robert Hewett Brown, Hilton Hotema, Elizabeth VanBuren.  I wondered if they offered an inspiration for some of your work and some of your illustrations in the book.


Alan:  I’ve read so many authors in the past - hundreds of books - that you get bits from everything, ideas from everyone.  Some of them, mind you, are stuck in one particular route and you have to take little bits of the truth and then, again, that’s where your mind comes in and you can toss it around and compare it to all the other knowledge that you’ve gained and you get a better picture for yourself.  There’s no doubt, knowledge is something that’s so precious and it’s being lost today… at incredible speed and it never comes back.  Once the last generation goes, that’s it, it’s gone.  Most books today are not getting put on disk or are out there for the internet.  A lot of them that have been put out there have abridged editions and lots of omissions in them.  Knowledge has always been POWER and therefore, those in power are making sure they’re taking stuff off that’s now considered politically incorrect or it gives too much of the past away.  ONLY BY UNDERSTANDING THE PAST CAN YOU POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING TODAY AND WHERE IT’S SUPPOSED TO GO.  This is an ancient, ancient religion that’s been on the go, with a plan that was hatched at the very beginning and with a perfect understanding of humanity and nature, men, women, children and the milestones we go through in life.  They understand how to exploit each part of it or even take you over and have you work for them and really believe in it, as a cause.  We’ve been the most studies species on the planet.


Mark:  Thanks so much for your comments, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Now, we’ll go to Zee in California.  Go ahead.


Zee:  Hi, Alan.  This is Zee from California.  I agree with the last caller although I don’t know the guy.  You’re book is quite excellent and I want to say that I just received it the other day and everybody out there who is getting some extra cash from certain stimulus packages should send YOU some of that cash and buy the book.  It’s amazing.  Thank you very much for writing it.  Are you writing anything else right now?  Are you working on more volumes?


Alan:  If I had more time, I’d get it done but I’ve got pages all over the place here.  If I had more time, I’d certainly do it, but right here I’m doing everything on my own including my cooking and everything else I have to do just to keep the place going.  There’s not much time for anything else.


Zee:  I understand that, yeah.  It’s difficult.  It’s difficult.  I could hardly find time to do the dishes.


Alan:  That’s right and you’re also doing all the secretarial work and everything that comes along with it.


Zee:  So anyway, BUY THE BOOK.  Predictive programming is another topic you’ve talked many times before.  Would you tell me where exactly does the term predictive programming come from?  Is that a Tavistock Institute term?  Who wrote about it first?  Where can I go dig in to it?


Alan:  The behaviorists and the behaviorist school of psychology were the first ones - admirers of Pavlov actually - came out with the term first in Russian and then it went to German and then English and then it was borrowed by Tavistock, as well, because they understood different ways of programming.  Of course, if you want people to end up in a certain pattern of behavior, you start, and they call it predictive programming.  They start at a base and then program you from then on.  It’s based also on ‘possibility thinking’ which is all through the new age.  That’s another segment or part of it.  If you can convince the public that anything’s possible, then you let go of all your reasoning.  Your enthusiasm… that’s why they use motivational counselors to teach positive type thinking and they run around the stage like a manic person and almost use a religious form of deliverance of their message.  The audience gets hyped up and hyped up and they lose their reasoning power.  What they’re really doing is guiding you into a new way of thinking along a CERTAIN path.  The path they WANT you to think along.  That’s also a form of predictive programming.  Then they start giving you the messages on HOW to do this and do that and how you’re all powerful.  Really what they’re teaching you to do is to be a good level psychopath who can manipulate and get your way.  [laughs]


Zee:  Alan, this sounds like a very, very ancient thing that’s adopted through time, throughout ages, with the new technologies.  It seems like they would use the same exact ideas that Tavistock was using back in the day, way back.


Alan:  There’s no doubt.  In fact, Plato said that THAT which has been worked on society before and they’ve gone along with, can always be used again down in the future and they’ll behave in the same way if it’s begun and finished in the same sequence of introduction.


Zee:  That’s pretty great.  One more last comment and I’ll hang up and take your answer off the phone.  Thank you so much for taking my call, by the way.  Hells Angels.  You said that at one point in time, during one of your blurbs, I believe you said something about Hells Angels actually only starting after the movie with what’s the guy’s name…


Alan:  Oh, I think it was Marlon Brando.


Zee:  So could you talk about that a little bit and thank you so much.


Alan:  Okay.  Hells Angels, really, didn’t exist until the movie came out and made it suddenly popular for these leather-clad guys with bikes and who push folk around.  It was based, basically, on a club that came out of the American Air Force after World War II.  Some of the pilots started up this particular outlaw type group.  I’ve no doubt at all it was started high up by the CIA because they knew they were going to eventually use drugs big time as they had in other countries across the world to bring the populations under.  You demoralize the public by introducing drugs, etc.  Demoralization is an essential part of destroying the old culture, the old ways.  These pilots, many of whom had been cleared by the CIA, started it.  They do have Masonic type rituals and the fraternity logos and all the rest of it IN the Hells Angels.  But that [movie] was what made it popular to bring it out.  People emulate what they see in the movies, including the fashion.  As Plato said himself, he says that people get their culture from the stage and their fashion and even the terms that they use for speech, new terms and even new words.  They copy it.  Movies took over from the stage and it does the same thing today.  That’s why Hollywood is so important for GUIDING THE CULTURE along the path we’ve come, which is complete demoralization.  It’s almost a dog-eat-dog type culture we have today.  When you’re all fighting each other you’re in command of nothing.  But the leaders who run the country are now totally in command of you as an individual. 


We’ll go to Will in Pennsylvania.  Are you there Will?


Will:  Good evening Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.  Yeah, they’re fixing the lie in the truth brother and you brought that to my attention big time about the predictive programming.  I can’t seem to find Between Two Ages in PDF form except for one.  It’s only 124 pages.  Isn’t that about 324 pages or so.


Alan:  I think so.  I’d have to check.  I think you’re about right though.


Will:  I’ve seen it, it’s on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $7 but they’re out of it and other places you see it for $300 something.  Unbelievable.  I called in particular about a guy named Fulford.  You know, you talk about people that are sent from Tavistock, IPS, Stanford and what-not that go out into the world and create mysticism.  I was wondering if you heard of this Fulford guy who was, he interview Rockefeller… and you think he’s one of them?


Alan:  If you listen to all the rest of his stuff too, it only intensifies that. 


Will:  Okay.  Can you hold me over?


Alan:  Sure, I will.  Back after the following break.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll try and rush ahead here.  We’ve still got Will from Pennsylvania.  Do you have any more to add there Will?


Will:  This guy Fulford says the Asian secret societies are basically set up with the Anglo oligarchy because they know of their depopulation program and what-not.  I don’t know what to make of it.  But, the music, you really inspired me in the music.  I used you in a song in the intro called predictive programming where you’re talking about how we have to KNOW who these people from the school board on up, where they belong.  I was wondering if that’s permissible.  I’m not making any money off of it.


Alan:  That’s okay.


Will:  Okay.  Now, two more things briefly and the second one I’ll go off air.  This Codex Alimentarius.  I just found something VERY disturbing.  ‘Arbeit macht frei’ – the same guy who’s responsible for that, you know, work liberates, work brings freedom, over the Auschwitz gates.  Fritz ter Meer, this is the same guy who implemented this modern Codex Alimentarius in 1962, which is set for global implementation December 31, 2009.  This is frightening man.


Alan:  See, they want a sick population.  If you’re physically run down, you can’t think clearly.  Malthus talked about that, how to deprive people of certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins and you could get work out of them but they couldn’t think. 


Will:  Their own numbers, they’ll predict 3 BILLION PEOPLE DEAD, 1 BILLION from simple starvation, the rest from preventable diseases.  That’s their own numbers that a Dr… I don’t know her name…


Alan:  You’ve got to understand, this is a depopulation program.  It’s for world wide.


Will:  This is going to do it right here.  3 billion, brother.


Alan:  I know. 


Will:  I’ll take this off the air.  I’m kind of fed up.  I don’t like the fact that they flew planes into buildings and demolished 3 buildings and it’s 7 years later.  I feel like I’m being run around in circles.  The 9/11 movement, it’s stagnate.  Now, I’m of the mind, we’re going to get nowhere unless we organize, galvanize the actual victims.  You know, the actual people.  We can make this movement immune to the ridicule we’re receiving if we have 2,000 of the actual victims saying this is an inside job.  Now, is it a combination of the power of the iron curtain of the media and just the run around of the truth movement?  What do you think it is?  What… if you can give me one, two, three things that need to be done, like to get this out in to the open and let the mainstream Americans…


Alan:  You got to understand that the whole symbolism of this act - this was an essential act - the symbolism was TO CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORLD AND OUR WHOLE STANDARD OF LIVING.  It isn’t just bringing down towers and attacking the Middle-East.  THE WHOLE AGENDA IS A WAR ON THE WORLD FOR EVERYTHING - FOR EVERYTHING THAT’S EVER BEEN - YOUR WAY OF LIFE, YOUR VERY LIVE ITSELF, AND BRINGING IN A TOTALITARIAN REGIME THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN ANY COUNTRY OR ANY EMPIRE.  WE’VE NEVER SEEN THIS KIND OF TOTALITARIANISM of total observation of EVERY citizen and they want 24 hours a day eventually. 


Will:  It’s like a launching pad.  What would be the best way to expose it.  I’ll take it off the air and…


Alan:  We’re at the end of the show.  The only way you could expose it is if people did come together, the victims come together.  A lot of them have been bought off already and they promise not to speak about it.  That’d be a lot of work.  That’d be an awful lot of work… and other groups would have to be brought in too. 


Well from Hamish and myself in a rainy Ontario, Canada - where the monsoon is - it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.





"Socialists made eugenics fashionable" by Michael Coren - June 17, 2008.)



Transcribed by Diana


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