April 18, 2013 (#1312)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 18, 2013:

In Politics All Incidents Help the Synthesis:

"It May Seem with the Obama Administration
Too Many Events Happen Causing Consternation,
When Support for Anti-Terrorism Wanes or Sags,
There's Shootings, Bombings, Perhaps False Flags,
Which Justifies Less Freedoms, Loss of Rights,
In the Emotional Aftermath of "Fight or Flight",
Too Many Big Powers Behind New World Order,
Which Views Nations, Public as Cannon Fodder,
This Sophisticated Slavery's Riding On a Bet,
With Elite Riding High Off Nations in Debt"
© Alan Watt April 18, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 18, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 18th, 2013. Newcomers, help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com; there’s lots and lots of audios for free download. I go through the system that you’re living through. It explains an awful lot, what’s happening today as well. Because a plan was set up a long, long time ago, over a hundred years ago, and foundations were formed by the richest people on the planet to bring in a planned society, a planned global order and so on.  They also wanted a kind of socialistic society in order to control the people – not to help people, but to control them – and get them dependent on government. Government was to rise up to its proper status as the big, big boss, really, and there’d be less freedom down below. Government agencies would run your lives from birth to death.  That’s all coming true today of course, across the world, with all the UN treaties they sign, on Rights of the Child and all this kind of stuff, that’s really nothing to do with the rights of the child; it takes all the rights away from them, and their parents too. But anyway, that’s only one little part of it. The other part was to bring in a global financial system, under private banking, set up, again, by the same guys who set up the foundations. They owned the big banks of their day, they still do, and they set up international banks to take care of the world global economy. They even said that they needed wars to make it all happen, so they had World War I, World War II, and a lot of other ones in-between; even the ones happening across the Middle East tie into it.  Because they wanted to standardize the world with private central banks that would all be subordinate to basically the Bank for International Settlements, which they also set up. The organization that set it all up was the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  So in other words, if they can’t get things to happen by itself, they make things happen, and they’re very famous for doing it. The end justifies the means. Whatever it takes they will do, believe you me, they will do, and they have, in fact, in the past.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, that you bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I’m not selling lots of products. All I have are the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com to help me tick over. And it’s quite expensive as I say ticking over here, because I have lots of problems even with satellite and different other means of communication, which I’ve got to have just for this broadcast in fact. I get lots and lots of hassles from various agencies, obviously, because sometimes I can’t connect at all.  Like tonight, I can’t connect to the satellite whatsoever; all day long in fact. It doesn’t mean that the company is doing it. It can also be all the different cyber warriors the governments across the world have hired, and they can get in between you and your connection quite easily. Anyway, if you want to help me keep ticking along you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donate.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are really, really welcome, because this is not a big business.  If it was I’d go full-steam ahead and do the complete commercialization system and bring on the marketers and so on and get it really pushed out there. But that’s not what I’m really doing it for at all. It’s just to get the word out of what’s really happening, and it has actually changed the course of even patriot radio over many years, because it was all navel-gazing at one time.


They didn’t understand the big international agenda and people didn’t realize that whatever laws that were getting passed in their countries, were getting passed across the whole world, in all the different countries that signed on to the United Nations, as they keep bringing out new treaties, new treaties, and new treaties.  We’re run by private organizations. Not your governments, it’s private organizations that run the world. Even the historian for the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs said so. He said that the new system they’re bringing in is a new feudal system – we call it public/private partnerships today – and the CEOs of the big international corporations – and the big think tanks that all work for the foundations, the private foundations – will really be the new feudal overlords. And that’s already happened. Look at IBM for one example. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve talked over many years about the different things that have happened, often as they happened, across the world. I’ve mentioned too, about governments… today it’s called false flags. In other words, governments create situations in order to blame someone, any particular group that’s not going along with the game or that they want to demonize. And they do have their targeted people to demonize, because we have to go into a massive multicultural society. They’ve already done it in Europe and across the rest of the world, and they’re doing it heavily into the US now, as they take down all the old cultures. That’s all part of it too folks, is to take down the old cultures and bring in this new global happy society where government rules everybody, with an iron rod basically.


We know, for instance, that in Britain when 7/7 happened, in the bombings there, there was definitely a drill on that day because they had advertised for many volunteers, for well over a month before it happened, to take part in the exercise. Because whenever they have an exercise they get lots of different volunteers coming in, and they try to get ethnic ones too, the whole idea being that all the other security teams are not necessarily allowed in to who these particular fake suspects are. And they go out with their haversacks and satchels and so on, and they’re supposed to get spotted by the experts. They do the same in all the other real things that are happening, like the Boston Marathon for instance. Whenever they have something that’s real and genuine they still always run drills. I read the articles years ago, that they would always use these events for drills in order to train their own staff in fact. So they have other ones coming in, looking suspicious and so on, and they wait and see how many of their own people can catch on to who they are.


When 7/7 happened of course, they had patsies set up. In that movie, 7/7: The Ripple Effect, that documentary that went out there, I don’t know if it’s still up or not on YouTube, it was fascinating because the man who went through it, he was really obsessed with the details, and he had lots and lots of details, right down to the fact that the particular ones they said were the terrorists didn’t get the train they were supposed to be on, even though in the court they said they did get it. Things like that, didn’t mesh whatsoever. And they probably, who knows, they could have been the patsies too. 


You understand, governments must always validate, when they change course on something, that affects all of the populace, they’ve got to validate why they put all this money out, and why they’re taking rights away.  And if nothing’s happening they’ve got to make things happen. That’s the oldest trick in the book, they’ve got to make things really happen. And they have so much banking on it that, as I say, the end justifies the means. Whatever it takes, will be done... to get things to happen, and to get things through too. Because it’s the public they must convince.  It’s no different than propaganda.  Propaganda isn’t really meant so much to influence people abroad, or even the targeted countries that you want, that are your enemies, or designated enemies. It’s really to fool your people back home, to get them on board with your particular wars and agendas. That’s what it’s for.


So we’ve seen this kind of thing happen many, many times before and the Boston Marathon was no different. They had a drill, of course, because as I say they always have drills at real events. They do put lots of people, volunteers and so on, out there carrying satchels, etc., in amongst other guys and other teams and other agencies carrying the same things, and they wait to see how many of the other observers can actually find out who are the fake ones and so on. Now, it’s quite easy to set up a patsy there, because you give them fake bombs, he plants his satchel, he expects somebody to find it of course, and then the thing actually explodes. It’s quite easy to do, folks. As I say, this has been done across the world, from ancient times to the present with false flag events, to bring in more control for government. And Rome was famous for bringing in pretended terrorist attacks, etc. and plots from within, but nothing has changed.


As I say, you’ve got a whole world agenda, that’s never to be the same again. After 2001 and they had the 9/11 event, they came on the news right away and said, the world will never be the same again. What they meant by that, not just the world, they meant that your life will never be the same again. Everything was to change. And they still mean it. Now, meanwhile, as I say, if they don’t find enough things happening, they create the very incidences to make you think you’re still living under a very scary scenario and that government’s got to protect you. They’ve taken all your rights from you. Every country across the world went into the same agenda with the same laws, obviously written out long ago, in advance, by treaties and brought out these complete laws of no privacy for anyone at all, at the same time. Now, governments don’t work like that under negotiations. It takes YEARS of negotiations to get the same treaties and laws drafted up, ready to go into effect. So it was done long before 2001 happened.


As I mentioned before too, the Oklahoma City bombing came the very weekend after the government had turned down Clinton’s requests to pass an anti-terrorism bill. Nothing was happening and folk said, well what’s this all about? nothing’s happening. And that weekend, boom!  So they passed it a few days later. So they got the event and they got it passed, that’s how they do things, when the public will accept, under fear and emotion, that something has to be done.  Even all of that was so wishy-washy with all the stories that came out, it made no sense whatsoever. Even though one documentary did get put out and it showed you the main suspect, supposedly, in the Oklahoma City bombing, when he was over in the Gulf, under Special Forces escorting the top general around.  So he was in Special Forces at a very high level, obviously, to escort the general around.


So we’re living through the same scenarios today. And there’s no doubt about it, at the Boston event, they were doing a drill, as always.  As I say, every event they do drills on, and that’s also how they train their own staff to pick out the fakes and so on. As I say, it’s so easy to set someone up, who has volunteered, who didn’t know they were carrying the real thing, and bingo, there you go.  So they’ll keep changing their sights to see who they can blame. They know who they wanted to blame, obviously, but they’ll keep changing their sights. Now they have Israel coming over and getting involved in it, and they have their own beef, of course, and their own particular people that they’d rather brand for it, probably Iranians or something. Everyone’s getting in on the act as they try to find someone to blame.


Now you remember some time ago too, we had the same thing down south in the US where they said that some racist group, and I think it was from the ADL that said that, it was a white racist group that had killed some prosecutor, some guy up in the Attorney General’s office, a prosecutor, and they blamed them and blamed them for months and months. Now it turns out, and I’ll mention that, and I’ll put the link up tonight, where it was actually people inside the very office who were disgruntled.  One had lost his job, another judge, and his wife, and they had been behind the killings, not white supremacists and racists and so on. But they definitely wanted to target that group. So you can never believe what they tell you initially. And even then, after they get the so-called one that they do find, he’ll be so drugged out of his mind he won’t know who he is, never mind anything else, by the time you see him on television, or sitting in a courtroom, as a picture with his jaw open and his eyes, his dilated pupils...as we saw already with Holmes, the Aurora shooter. And that’s what really happens in the real world.


Folk are really worried now because what do you do when your own government is behind things? What do you do?  I mean, it’s a big, big, big, big, big question mark there, what do you do? Remember too, as I say, the whole world agenda is riding on conformity, conforming every country to be the same as the next one under this new global system. Right now the US and Europe are signing free trade deals to get the US into it as well. It’s all to get the US to start bailing out the banks – actually, they’re already doing it – but to legally put it on the books and get us all putting money into the black holes, and get them on board with it.  Anyway, getting back to the articles today, and I had a hard time getting the articles because I can’t get the satellite and so on. But anyway, it says here that…


Senate freezes gun bill in hopes of new compromise

usatoday.com / Gregory Korte / April 19, 2013


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate will 'hit pause' on the gun bill while senators see if they can find a workable compromise on strengthening background checks on gun purchases.  (Alan:  ...and so on.) 


There’s also other ones too, where they’re hitting out against the ammunition; they’re trying to get all the ammunition off, so your guns will be useless if you can’t get ammo. And they’re hitting back on that one too. They’re going all the way with this, you see.  They’ve got to get it done, eventually; they’ve got to.


As I say, technically you’re under a socialistic/communistic system across the world, where government agencies run all the masses of peasants down below, but at the top above them you have the fascist system. By the way, so did the Soviet system run on that very same premise. So does Communist China.  The Politburo have billions, and they’re bilking billions into foreign accounts. But they use Communism for the rest of the public and social agencies. It’s a much better way of controlling the public and fleecing them than the old form of democracy, where you actually had rights, and often people actually stood up for them, believe it or not.  So we’ll see what happens with this whole deal as they keep changing their targets to see what the public will swallow.


Now, here’s an article too, and it says that…


FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot

thenewamerican.com / 14 February 2013 / Alex Newman


(A:  And it’s true enough, you see all these stings that they have and the terrorists, etc., it’s always the FBI that’s been behind it. It happened in Canada too, where the Canadians had a guy on their special CSIS group, a kind of intelligence group, who was, again, from a foreign country; he was Muslim; and they hired him to try and entice young susceptible Muslims into it. He said all the right things, he got away with saying so much, he had so much confidence, and he was working to set them up with bombs, etc. They fell for it, the RCMP supplied them with the equipment and then came in to arrest them. This is standard stuff that’s happened in Britain and it’s happened so many times in the States too. So they can always say, oh, look how many ones we’ve foiled this year, we really need this antiterrorism stuff. So here they go with duping a mentally-ill man and it says…)


Following a series of similar widely ridiculed so-called “sting” operations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced last week that it had foiled yet another “terror plot” that, like virtually every supposed “terrorist” case in recent years, was created and managed from start to finish by the FBI itself. (A:  I’ll read the rest of this when I come back after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about this latest entrapment here. It says that the FBI set up another dupe basically. It says…


This time, the dupe was a 28-year-old California man, Matthew Aaron Llaneza, with a documented history of mental illness, who apparently believed his government handlers were helping him wage “jihad.” Critics, however, say the whole scheme smacks of entrapment and a waste of taxpayer money.


Llaneza was arrested by federal agents on February 7 in Oakland after he supposedly tried to blow up a bogus bomb the FBI helped him create. According to authorities, the mentally ill San Jose suspect planned to detonate the fake explosives outside a Bank of America branch. The alleged plan, officials said, was to start a “civil war” by making it appear as if the attack had been carried out by “anti-government militias,” sparking a crackdown by the government on right-of-center dissidents.  (A:  Can you believe this?  This is amazing, isn’t it, really? Again too, I wonder how many times this has been mentioned on the early newscasts at the time, without the fill-ins of who set it up and all the rest of it, because that’s what sticks in people’s heads, remember.)


“Unbeknownst to Llaneza, the explosive device that he allegedly attempted to use had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement and posed no threat to the public,” the FBI admitted in a press release celebrating the arrest of its mentally unstable stooge. The man was charged in a criminal complaint with “attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction against property used in an activity that affects interstate or foreign commerce.” If convicted, he could face life in prison.


According to the government’s court filings, the mentally ill man met with an undercover FBI agent late last year under mysterious circumstances. The federal official somehow managed to convince the naïve dupe that he was connected to the “Taliban and the mujahidin in Afghanistan” — Islamist forces that were originally armed and trained by the U.S. government before becoming official enemies. (A:  Actually now they’re back working with them too.) From there, federal handlers worked with the man to develop the half-baked plot and the fake bomb to blow something up.  


“Llaneza’s stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war,” the FBI claimed in a statement applauding its work defending the Homeland from its own plot. “Llaneza’s arrest was the culmination of an undercover operation during which he was closely monitored by the FBI’s South Bay Joint Terrorism Task Force.” State and local officials also participated in the scheme, the FBI said. 


So this is fairly standard stuff, fairly standard. Now, that also came out too with the first World Trade Center bombing, when they had a bunch of, it was Muslims again, and they were actually, I think, encouraged and some were actually employed by the FBI.  In fact, one of them got so suspicious of the FBI, because it came to the stage of creating the bomb and the guy says, of course it will be a fake bomb.  This guy that eventually became the suspect, he says, it will be a fake bomb, he said to the FBI handler. And the handler says, no, it will be a real one. So the guy, the suspect, eventually taped every subsequent conversation that he had with his FBI handler and he used it in court. That was played in court, folks, because he wouldn’t go along with this; he knew darn well they were getting set up. So this is fairly standard stuff.  Now, what can you do when your government’s doing stuff like that? And they’re picking mentally ill people, who are so naïve or out of their heads they’ll believe anything they’re told.  Really? What can you do?


We’re really, really in trouble, incredible trouble when governments are up to this kind of stuff. And believe you me, with all their Internet stuff and so on, they know everybody. They know everything about everybody, all of us. They know IQ levels. They know your interests and your hopes, your angers about various things or whatever, and they know who to pick... perfectly who to pick and set up. And they’ll be doing more and more of this as time goes on.  I keep mentioning the movie Brazil; it’s worthwhile watching.  It’s a sort of comedy, but it was well done by some of the guys from the Monty Python crew. They actually go through a scenario where the people live under perpetual terrorism.  Bombs go off in restaurants; they never find the terrorists of course. But it doesn’t matter. It convinces the public that there’s terrible, vague terrorists out there all the time. And this is the way that it’s done.


Now also tonight I’ll mention the fact that the US, again, those who handle...  Actually, the US is like every other country now; it’s owned. It’s owned, if you don’t quite get the point of it, and you can find who owns it by the ones who finance politicians to run for elections. The biggest financiers run America. And it’s quite easy to see who does it, across the board. But it says…


Pentagon privatizes African troop transport

with up to $50 million contract

allvoices.com / Apr 15, 2013 / By northsunm32


(A:  So Africa is to be plundered too, you see.)


Pentagon prepares to contract for privatized flying service to fly US special forces throughout Africa. The contract will be up to $50 million. The contracts will begin this August. Contractors will be expected to carry out medical evacuations during "high risk activities" as well as transporting equipment and commandos from the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Trans Sahara. The planes will operate within the borders of up to 20 different African countries.


Contracting out not only keeps the US military footprint small, but also helps out private entrepreneurs who have always been well fed by the US taxpayer for these military roles. The contractors will operate out of a military airfield in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. The missions will be across central and northern Africa most likely including Chad, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, and other countries such as Algeria, Cameroon and Nigeria. (A:  I mean, it’s quite amazing, folks, you know… I’ve mentioned AFRICOM many times and how the US is really in there too. So they’re going to plunder all of Africa. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article too, is quite good. It’s to do with something that’s awfully popular, of course, and it’s the game called Call of Duty. I’ve mentioned before, all these games that are put out there are really to entice youngsters into the fantasy of warfare, so a generation grows up and joins up, especially when there’s very little work out there. And they think they’re going to get little tin stars and be heroes and all the rest of it, just like the fantasies in the movies that they watch, the stacks of movies that are paid for by the Pentagon.  And these games, remember, were all started up, all these games to do with warfare were started up by the military themselves, and created for them in fact, to train their own troops to be desensitized to killing people. So you’ve had a whole generation growing up on this, because they needed it for what they knew was going to happen around 2001. And sure enough, they’ve got what they want, lots of bodies to fill uniforms, whether they’re standing up or coming back home lying down, it doesn’t matter. That’s the real truth too. Massive marketing goes into recruitment and they need the bodies that will fill the uniforms and carry the weapons and go off and kill folk, just like a video game. Anyway, it says here that…


Call of Duty marketing is “tasteless,” says Army veteran

digitaltrends.com / Rick Marshall / January 2, 2012


In a recent column for The Atlantic, former U.S. Army Special Operations paratrooper and Afghanistan veteran D.B. Grady called the ad “tasteless,” (A:  ...for this game, the recent one.) and added that it “trivializes combat and sanitizes war.”


“[The Modern Warfare 3 ad] is so base and strident that it’s hard to believe that it’s not deliberately offensive,” he argues. Grady goes on to suggest that the game itself isn’t the issue — the simultaneously glorified and simplified depiction of war in the advertising is the real issue.


If this were September 10, 2001, maybe it wouldn’t be quite so bad. Those who are too young to remember Vietnam might indulge in combat fantasies (A:  ...and that’s what you get from all this stuff, combat fantasies…) of resting heart rates while rocket-propelled grenades whiz by, and of flinty glares while emptying a magazine into the enemy. But after ten years of constant war, of thousands of amputees and flag-draped coffins (A:  ...coming back home...), of hundreds of grief-stricken communities, did nobody involved in this commercial raise a hand and say, “You know, this is probably a little crass. Maybe we could just show footage from the game.”  (A:  ...instead.)


And while Grady acknowledges that the game’s record-breaking sales certainly include more than a few military personnel and veterans — and the fact that the marketing is clearly working — he questions whether now is the right time to make a war zone seem like “a gritty Disneyland.”  (A:  It’s a sad thing, but folk live in fantasy, folks, not just the children or youngsters.  And they’re catered to massively by forces they don’t even know exist, to get them to go along with these fantasies, because the governments want to use you, obviously.)  


Also too, talking about this kind of science of course, neuroscience/psychology/behaviorism, it all works with marketing. An article by Cass Sunstein, the guy that sees himself as a sort of minor form of Bernays.  But he’s got an article up here, it says…


Cass Sunstein: Why well-informed people are also close-minded

seattletimes.com / April 16, 2013 / By Cass R. Sunstein


How do people form political beliefs? When will they change their minds? (A:  They’re always doing studies and polls on the general population.) When will actual facts matter? A recent study, conducted by political scientist Brendan Nyhan of Dartmouth College and two co-authors, offers some clues.


One group of participants was provided with a 2009 news article in which Sarah Palin claimed that the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act created death panels and that these panels included bureaucrats authorized to decide whether seniors were “worthy of health care.”   (A:  Well actually see, she mentioned that, because you see, that IS the way it’s being done in Britain now and other countries in Europe... What are you worth to society? What is your status in society? And then they tick you off, with so many little ticks, and then you just get, well, don’t resuscitate this person, just kill them off.)


A separate group was given the same news story, but with an appended correction saying that “nonpartisan health-care experts have concluded that Palin is wrong.”  (A:  Same story but with that added to it. See the little tests that they do on the general public, that don’t even know it’s happening to them.)


The study’s big question: Would the correction have any effect? Would people who saw the correction be less likely to believe that the Affordable Care Act calls for death panels?


Not surprisingly, the correction was more likely to convince people who viewed Palin unfavorably than those who had a high opinion of her. Notably, the correction also tended to sway the participants who liked Palin but who didn’t have a lot of political knowledge (as measured by their answers to general questions, such as how many terms a president may serve).  (A:  You understand, they really do minute surveys on the public, that are completely unaware they’re being tested. That goes for all the main articles in media too, because most of the articles in the media are handed out by governments and it’s printed right in there.)


Here’s the most interesting finding in the study. Those who viewed Palin favorably, and who also had a lot of political knowledge, were not persuaded by the correction. On the contrary, it made them more likely to believe Palin was right.


This finding presents an intriguing puzzle. While the correction tended to convince Palin supporters who lacked political knowledge that she was wrong about death panels, it generally failed to persuade Palin supporters who had such knowledge. For those supporters, the correction actually backfired. How come? 


Then he goes into how come it works this way.  They’re always testing to see how your mind ticks, so as they can con you and con you and con you. And he goes on to different explanations that they’re working out right now on this kind of thing, because they use this technique on so many different stories they put out there, on the public, then they do immediate polls afterwards and so on. So I’ll put this one up tonight too, for those that care to know how their minds are always tinkered with, daily by the way, by the big boys, the marketers that also work with governments, and test you.



CISPA Passes In The House, (Again)

But Faces Resistance In Senate And White House (Again)

(A:  ...because that’s what happened the last time, right.)

forbes.com / 4/18/2013


The controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act passed in the House of Representatives Thursday despite growing opposition to the bill, legislation designed to allow data about digital threats to be shared between the government and the private sector, but which opponents say could circumvent protections against users’ private data being siphoned from companies to the Department of Homeland Security or intelligence agencies. The bill now faces an uphill battle in the Senate and a possible veto from the White House.


And if all of this sounds familiar, it should: The entire saga has played out before just a year ago, when CISPA was introduced and passed in the House before dying in a Senate filibuster. (A:  I’ll put that up again tonight as well.  Also this article too, it says…)


CISPA permits police to do warrantless database searches

news.cnet.com / Declan McCullagh /  April 18, 2013


(A:  It gives them carte blanche to do what they want and this is why there’s opposition to it.)


A controversial data-sharing bill being debated today in the U.S. House of Representatives authorizes federal agencies to conduct warrantless searches of information they obtain from e-mail and Internet providers.


Well, they do that anyway as far as I’m concerned. I’ll put up a PDF too on this very article here. It goes through the bill itself and it will give you an idea what’s all contained in it. And again, it’s all doublespeak and so on; it will take you days to read the one bill. Even the guys who discuss it don’t even take that long to read it; they don’t read it at all, most of them.  Most bills now are put through omnibus bills and they don’t read anything; they have no time to read it all. I mean, government is a joke today, folks. It’s completely a joke.   It really is. And it’s been that way for quite some time.


Also, it says…


Could 89% of Landmark Cancer Research Be Untruthful?

greenmedinfo.com /  April 12th 2013


Not a bad article actually. It goes on about tainted studies, as they call them, where, in other words, in order to market certain drugs and all the rest of it they actually put the positive studies out; they actually have professionals who write positive studies. The CBC did a documentary on big Pharma and positive studies quite a few years back; it was quite well done. They talked to different people who had their faces blacked out too, who were employed full-time to put in fake answers and really put the drugs up as wonder drugs and so on. And these were all professional people. Nothing’s new. We live in complete corruption and deceit. That’s the system we live in.


Also, mentioning again, the European Union has got its Transatlantic Partnership on the go, so we’ll all be getting fleeced again, to throw money out to third world countries and so on, or up-and-coming countries, or emerging nations as they prefer to call them, and it goes to their own branches of international corporations which they set up in those countries. So that’s really what happens with it. But also too they have the...


EU Trade Council (A:  ...for Europe...) meeting in Dublin to discuss US partnership

(A:  ...with them as well, so we can help bail out all their banks, you see.)

businessandleadership.com /  17.04.2013


An informal meeting of the EU’s Trade Council is taking place at Dublin Castle today and tomorrow, focusing on international trade matters including an EU-US transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP).  (A:  ...these private/public partnership deals.)


Chaired by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, the meeting will also be attended by Mike Froman, US deputy national security advisor for international economic affairs and member of the US National Security Council and National Economic Council, who is key figure in the Obama administration on international trade issues.


Trade ministers from all EU member states will be attending, as will the EU’s commissioner for trade Karel De Gucht.


This is the first time a representative of the US administration will join with ministers of the EU’s Members States on the EU’s Trade Council for discussions about the broad based opportunities that the TTIP can bring to strengthening EU-US trade relations. 


And it all sounds wonderful, like we have never traded with Europe before or something, but of course it’s completely different than what you think. It’s free trade, so once again it means that there will be less import duties on the US side from stuff coming from Europe.  But all that money that is going to be lost to government on taxes, will have to be made up by the general population as your taxes go up to pay for all the stuff coming in without taxation and import duties. That’s what free trade is all about, folks. And this article too, again is the PR marketing spiel, because marketers know, again, how to dress something up. Just like joining any deal, like the European Union, they said, oh everybody is going to have a great life in the future, everybody in Europe was going to have a great life, and prosperity was just going to be booming, and if you don’t vote for it you’ll be left behind.  I bet they wish they were all left behind now. You know, left behind... they’re all involved in all this massive debt they all have now and they all share. So here is the same thing again for the US/EU trade partnership and it says…


EU-US free trade deal worth €800m

irishexaminer.com /  April 18, 2013 / Conor Keane


The proposed EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership free trade agreement could boost the economy by €800m per annum in increased GDP, and help create 4,000 jobs.  (A:  ...the same rubbish as usual. That’s all I’ll say about it. I’ll put this link up tonight too if I can get any connection at all to the satellite.)


And again, I mentioned that one about how they were trying to say that white racists and supremacists had killed the prosecutor down in the States...


Texas ex-justice of peace on triple murder charge

bbc.co.uk / 18 April 2013


(A:  So they weren’t the white racists at all.)


A former Texas justice of the peace has been charged with murdering two prosecutors and a spouse, officials have announced.   (A:  ...the reason apparently being that the prosecutors had got this guy off the bench and this guy wanted revenge basically; so it was an in-house thing. I’ll put that up tonight too for those who care about it.  But it won’t matter though, because the hullabaloo that was made about white racists will stick in folk’s minds, and white supremacists.  That’s all that will stick in their heads.)


Also too...


The FBI Busted A Russian Gambling Ring

(A:  I’ve told you before that people have no idea, because they really have gone to a lot of trouble in certain areas of society, to clamp down on the media outlets on Russia and the massive mobsters. They’re multibillionaires; you wouldn’t believe the mobsters there.  The same guys that ran Russia through the Soviet Union, many of them came from outside by the way, a lot of them came from New York, who were sent over by Rockefellers to start the Bolshevik revolution; their families still run Russia today. But even when the walls came down these guys already had billions in cash and they fled to the States, quite a few places in the States, again, New York, LA, and San Francisco, primarily.  They also came to Canada and they had some different scuffles in the news.  Again, they quietened it all down about the Russian mobsters. A lot of them too, have about three passports, Russian, American, and Israeli, by the way.)

That Catered To Wall Streeters, Oligarchs, And Hollywood Stars

businessinsider.com / Julia La Roche and Linette Lopez / Apr. 16, 2013


More than thirty people were charged by federal authorities in a massive illegal gambling, money laundering, and extortion scheme tied to Russian organized crime, according to an indictment in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York.


The operation allegedly involved two criminal organizations, Nahmad-Trincher (based in Los Angeles and NYC), which catered to millionaires, billionaires and poker pros, and Taiwanchik-Trincher (based in Kiev, NYC, and Moscow), which serviced oligarchs from Russia and the former Soviet Union.


According the indictment, these groups had operations spanning across continents with defendants located in Los Angeles, Russia, New York and the former Soviet Union, bank accounts in Switzerland, holding companies in Cyprus (A:  ...by the way, remember I told you that the mobsters had drawn all their money out of Cyprus, they had billions in there, and that’s what also helped the crash come down.) and the United States, and a gambling website in Taiwan.


The characters in the drama include the son of a billionaire art dealer, a Bronx plumber, a JPMorgan branch manager, a real estate firm in New York, a car repair shop (A:  ...which they funneled billions through, for car repair.) in Brooklyn, and a Russian man charged with allegedly bid-rigging the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games, etc.


Basically, this goes deep.


The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization, which the indictment identifies as an "international organized crime group with leadership based in New York City, Kiev, and Moscow," was allegedly led by Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov (a.k.a. "Alik"), Vadim Trincher (a.k.a. "Dima"), and Anatoly Golubchick (a.k.a. "Tony"), the indictment said. They are all named as defendants.


You might recognize the name Tokhatkhounov. He was the guy charged with allegedly bribing officials at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, according to the indictment.


Based in Russia, Tokhatkhounov was allegedly referred to as "Vor," which is defined as a Russian term meaning "Thief-in-Law."


It's basically like a version of the "Godfather," (A:  Actually, this is way bigger than the Godfather.) and is a moniker bestowed on the highest-level criminal figures from the former Soviet Union. According to the indictment, a "Vor" gets tribute from other criminals, offers protection, and uses "their authority to resolve disputes among criminals."  (A:  By the way, these guys launder money across the whole world, massive arms trading and high-tech weaponry and all the rest of it, and lots of drugs too.)


Tokhatkhounov's group allegedly ran an illegal gambling business, money laundering, extortion, and other criminal operations. The crux of their business, however, was a series of high-stakes poker games and gambling activities frequented by oligarchs.


Nahmad-Trincher, based in Los Angeles and NYC, was structured in much the same way, but catered to Wall Streeters, pro athletes, and Hollywood stars, The New York Times reported.


No famous figures were named specifically in the indictment.  (A:  No, they will get their names out of it.)


Names or not, we're talking big money here — like $50 million running through Cypriot and American shell companies, or $499,800 sent to a bank account in Taiwan owned by an illegal gambling website operating in the United States, or $850,000 moving from a Swiss bank account to a U.S. bank account under the control of Noah "The Oracle" Seigel.  (A:  And by the way, this is a continuation of Bugsy Siegel and all the rest of these guys; they never went away. And when the guys in Russia moved out, it’s really much, much bigger than it ever was before.)


To hide all these transactions, says the complaint, the Trincher groups relied on a sophisticated money laundering operation. Not only did they run money through a Brooklyn car garage, a real estate company, and an online used car dealership, but they also used a JP Morgan branch manager in NYC named Ronald Uy.


Uy, who was named as a defendant, allegedly assisted "in structuring several transactions at the Bank designed in part to avoid generating currency transaction reports," according to the indictment.  (A:  In other words, obscuring the fact it was getting laundered through the banks.  It’s just amazing; these guys were betting millions, millions, sometimes a night. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  This next article ties right in with the fact that this big meeting is happening in Ireland right now with the IMF and the World Bank and all of the rest of the big boys, at the same time that the US/European trade deal is getting made as well.  Ireland of course, Ireland is one of many countries that have been sunk into the hole, the big black hole of insolvency, through this wonderful thing called the European Union. That’s the whole function of it of course too, is to get countries under complete control by massive debt forever and ever amen. So the US should be wary of any trade deals. Again, it’s all above your heads – you’ve got nothing to do with it; you’re not asked what you think of it or given any vote on it. And the big boys that run your governments are all getting cuts out of things from lobbyists to join it all. This is how the real world works of course. But it says…


Ireland overhauls insolvency rules

bbc.co.uk / 18 April 2013 /  Diarmaid Fleming


(A:  Yep, they were going to get… Oh, they were going to live in luxury in the future, if they joined the European Union and all the rest of it.  Of course they’ve been really brought to a massive crash, many times over, with the fake system that runs it all, creating massive debts and all the rest of it.)


New plans to deal with personal debt being announced by the Irish government could see state-appointed officials taking over the finances of those struggling with mortgages.


Under the old system bankruptcy lasted at least 12 years after which unpaid debts would still not be written off.


The new system will discharge debtors from insolvency after three years.  But it also allows for micromanaging of debtor’s finances by personal insolvency practitioners.  (A:  ...agencies that work, Public/Private, for the government. Isn’t that wonderful, your whole life is going to get managed by government? The same government that makes you join the EU, even if you don’t want it, and it gets you all into massive debt, and now they can deal with your personal finances and your debt. Isn’t that wonderful folks?  Big Brother big time, but that’s what the whole new world order/globalism is all about.)


These officials are to be appointed by new state agencies being set up as part of the plan.  Failure to comply with serious restrictions on personal spending could mean Debtors losing their homes.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] As I said before, I can remember all the propaganda that Britain got as well at the same time, that oh, if you don’t join it you’ll be left behind.  As I say, I bet they all wish to God that they had never joined it, and got left behind, with hardly any debt at all. Look at them now.)


Leaked media reports of the draft guidelines have suggested that people in mortgages or personal debt unable to reach agreement with their banks and who entered the insolvency regime could be forced to live on as little as five euros a day for food, be banned from owning cable-television or going on foreign holidays and may be forced to give up cars where public transport is an alternative.  (A:  So again, Agenda 21 ties in with it too.)


Suggestions that some parents with high childcare costs and debts might be forced to give up work to mind their children instead prompted the country’s leader, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, to deny such plans after a furious public reaction. (A:  See, at least in Ireland they still react to things, that aren’t quite… I mean, they’re falling like everybody else, with the massive indoctrination they’re getting, and the injections and the rotten food and the terrible television that they watch, but they still react; there’s still some reaction from them.)


Ireland faces a mounting mortgage debt crisis after the collapse of the country’s economy in 2008. A property crash following years of boom has left many with high mortgages in negative equity – with house and apartment values falling by more than 50% nationally since 2007.   (A:  There’s the real world, eh.) 


And the last one, as the music is coming in, is…


NY Psychiatrists Served With Subpoenas For Patient Records In NY Gun Confiscation

ammoland.com / April 15, 2013 / Dan Roberts


...scheme that they’ve got going on there. So even your records aren’t safe; they’re grabbing them all.  So much for patient confidence, eh?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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