April 24, 2013 (#1316)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Apr. 24, 2013:

Terrorism = Cause and Effect of Schemes of Elect:

""For the Greater Good" is an Ongoing Lesson
That Governments, Agencies Practice Mass Deception,
West Training "Popular Insurgents" to Destabilize
Russia and its Allies Comes as No Surprise,
These Popular Revolutions Eventually will Be Over,
Many a Trained Fighter will Become a Rover,
Taking His Skills of Chaos Back to the Nation
Which Recruited and Trained Him in His Occupation,
He May Become Angry When Land of His Birth
Gets Hammered by His Masters of Chaos and Mirth,
He May Turn His Skills to Domestic Occupation,
Causing Much Grief, Anxiety, Consternation"
© Alan Watt Apr. 24, 2013

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 24th of April, 2013.

I always get this out of the road at the very beginning of the broadcast and tell you that you should make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com for newcomers that is.  And you’ll find lots and lots of information where I go through the big system we call reality, the one that’s been given to us basically by those that control reality.  And reality truly is controlled.  It truly is controlled.  And I go into the history of the organizations that set up a long time ago to bring in the system.  It’s been over a hundred years openly, that is, doing it.  Before that of course they existed under different names and guises.  But at the top of course they have the banking fraternity of the time where intergenerational bankers had run a good part of the world for hundreds of years already, maybe even thousands.  And they decided they were the best on the planet and therefore they were the fittest on the planet to rule the world, the most intelligent and held on to their money, didn’t lose it through the generations of having generations that would squander it away, because they had very, very specially selected spouses.  They don’t marry for anything except money and power from the same kinds of families.  So they’re pretty well guaranteed to get the same offspring as they’ve had before. 

And this is again eugenics.  Eugenics is a very big part of this system.  But they also got academia onboard with them too to help implement the changes because they need world managers.  They come out of the universities.  They go into all the big organizations which they create and for all the extra departments of government which they also push for too and create.  So we’re run by a very controlled system, perfectly controlled pretty well almost by the way of it.  And I go through the history of it, as I say, so go through cuttingthroughthematrix.com, find out how it’s done, the organizations behind it, who controls all your media out there, who gives you the stories even to prattle about in fact, which I hate even doing myself sometimes and unless I can add something else to it or a disclaimer or whatever.  But the fact is we really are controlled and the whole future is planned out.

Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on sponsors.  I don’t have sponsors except you, the audience, and I don’t take money from advertisers, so you can help me tick along by getting the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And if you can do that then hopefully I can last a bit longer as they really, really are clamping down.  There is not a day goes by that I don’t have crashes on my computer and things like that.  Not a single day.  There is never a day I can say I’m going to do this today, because everything goes wrong.  And they are using cyber warfare on the general population, especially ones that have got a voice and any sense at all. 

So as I say to help me get along, you can donate or buy the books.  And from the U.S. to Canada don’t forget personal checks are still good as are international postal money orders from the post office or you can send cash, or use Paypal.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Moneygram and Paypal once again. 

We truly are living through amazing times as it speeds up and it’s speeding up really because all of the organizations that were necessary to control every facet of society, including your thoughts and your realities, are so well entrenched now.  They’re out in the open and most folk live in fiction most of the time.  In fact when they talk about anything they’ve got to refer, not to books or anything like that like they used to do at one time, because hardly anybody reads anymore, but they refer to movies.  That’s the only thing they can relate to.  So when something happens in real life they refer to movies because they’ve been conditioned to accept the real life once it comes along, and planned of course, because they get predictive programming inserted in all the movies that they watch.  In fact if you got someone from Mars and just put them on the planet as a total innocent and gave them two or three years watching Hollywood movies, they’d be prepared for everything that would come down the pike, just like the children are today.  It’s like having a slate that’s wiped clean and you’re programmed just like that.  And truly emotion attached to messages is a way to imprint it in your mind.  Not reality but emotion. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  I think it was Monday I mentioned that, from a Russian newspaper, the top guy who was head of the special forces over there said that it’s possible that America’s been training folk and the FBI’s been recruiting people and so on.  We know this is true now because more things have come out since, but I mentioned that, the article, and they said that it would be unfortunate if these same people would turn on America itself, the guys who train them and sponsor them, and then out comes today...

"Who Radicalized the Boston Bomber?" 

"Just as the U.S. supported Bin Laden and the precursor of Al Qaeda in order to fight the Soviets, the U.S. has supported Chechen terrorists in order to fight Russia." 

Alan:  Now for those who have been watching what’s going on with Russia, the U.S. and Britain and the rest of Europe have been encircling Russia for quite some time now with new missile defenses and Russia has been complaining on and on and on, but of course no one listens.  But they’ve been doing more than that…

"Today, Russian newspaper Izvestia alleges that the older Boston bombing brother attended a workshop – sponsored by an American organization – on destabilizing the Russian satellite states:" 

Now it says:

"At the disposal of “Izvestia” has documents Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia," 

Alan:  So it’s definite stuff that’s came out of their Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"...confirming that the Georgian organization “Fund of Caucasus”" 

Alan:  And I’ll put the links up tonight for their website.

"...which cooperates with the U.S. non-profit organization “Jamestown”." 

Alan:  Now Jamestown runs these NGOs and has on the board of directors, of this particular one Jamestown, Zbigniew Brzezinski.  It says:

"...was engaged in recruiting residents North Caucasus to work in the interests of the United States and Georgia." 

"According to the reports of Colonel Chief Directorate Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Gregory Chanturia to the Minister of Internal Affairs Irakli Garibashvili, “Caucasian fund” in cooperation with the Foundation “Jamestown” in the summer of 2012 conducted workshops and seminars for young people of the Caucasus, including its Russian part.  Some of them attended Tsarnaev Tamerlane, who was in Russia from January to July 2012." 

It says the:

"“Caucasian fund” writes Tchanturia was established November 7, 2008, just after the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, “to control the processes taking place in the North Caucasus region.”  Accordingly, the Department of the Interior Ministry counterintelligence case was brought intelligence operations called “DTV”.  The main purpose is to recruit young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia." 

"In addition, Colonel counterintelligence Tbilisi reports that security forces in Chechnya through Georgia “Caucasian fund” and fund “Jamestown” are sympathetic to the Georgian people, who are invited to various events in the republic under the innocent pretexts.  In these seminars, the Russians are recruiting and preparing acts of terrorism." 

"Director General of the National Strategy Council Valery Hamsters argues that exaggerated the force of external enemy in Georgia may be beneficial to the management of the North Caucasian republics.  In other words, they are creating a strategy of tension." 

Alan:  Now it’s geopolitics in other words.  And wherever you get Brzezinski involved and all of these NGOs that the US funnels through different channels, and sends abroad to create trouble down the road, that’s for future geopolitical upheaval.  And of course Russia’s caught on to it and I’ve read the articles even over the last six months or so where Russia’s been trying to expel different non-governmental organizations funded from the West, especially the US, again get them out of the country because they’re really upsetting and trying to change the culture inside Russia too, to tear apart its present structure.

And also too I’ll put up tonight this article here and it’s from Georgia actually itself. 

"Georgia Trained a Terrorist for the USA?" 

"Tamerlane Tsarnaev, arrested on suspicion of committing a terrorist attack in Boston, was trained in Georgian organization "Caucasus Foundation," which along with the American NGO Jamestown was engaged in recruiting people from the North Caucasus to work in the interests of the U.S. and Georgia.  This is the conclusion of Russian journalists who have got the documents of the Counterintelligence Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia." 

"Last week, the U.S. suffered a series of terrorist attacks..." 

Alan:  And so on.  It tells you what happened.

"Natives of the North Caucasus, brothers Tsarnaev are suspected in committing bombings and attacks.  As a result of the shootout..." 

Alan:  It goes on to tell you what happened, which we all know of course.

"According to the newspaper "Izvestia", reports by the Colonel Chief Directorate Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia..."

Alan:  Who is called...

"...Gregory Chanturia to the Minister of Internal Affairs..."

Alan:  And so on.

"...the "Caucasus Foundation" jointly with the Jamestown Foundation conducted workshops and seminars for young people of the Caucasus, including Russian in part too, in the summer of 2012.  Tsarnaev Tamerlane, who was in Russia from January to July 2012, attended some of them." 

"“Caucasus Foundation” was established on November 7, 2008, shortly after the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, “to control the processes taking place in the North Caucasus region.”" 

Alan:  So there is definitely something, this kind of involvement about it.  Plus of course Russia, I mentioned before, earlier on, that the ones getting recruited inside the US from those particular countries by the FBI, as I say, are then getting sent over.  Who do you think is comprising the so-called anti-Syrian army?  I mean where do you think they’re getting all these guys?  And they’re training them.  So of course we have mercenary groups too all over the world and we have all these shadowy government operations on the go from different governments creating havoc.  And then you’ll also get guys who are trained to go after one enemy who might turn on their trainers down the road.  And this is the state of affairs today.  But everybody benefits, don’t they?  Everyone benefits from what happened in Boston because the whole Military-Industrial Complex is in a boom now.  And drones are going to be just all over the darn place.  And the US secretly passed a massive bill very quickly on the day that it happened on total cyber security and no privacy etcetera, etcetera. 

Canada jumped on the bandwagon with what they claimed was a possible planned attack on trains that wasn’t pulled off or anything, it was in the talking phase, but that was good enough to cash in on it and reappraise the same agenda to do with our privacy, which means no privacy at all.  Everything today is done by very high powers and often your own powers because they already have all their plans in place and they need the events to happen.  If they don’t get the events to happen we go back to sleep, the general public, and we get kind of annoyed when they try to push harder when nothing is happening.  So you get an event to happen and then we all sit back and cringe and the government rams them through saying if you want to be safe you got to give up all your rights and freedoms.  It’s an old, old trick.  But as I say now they’ve got these NGOs across the world, hundreds and hundreds of them across the planet, and many of them in fact are really subversive agencies. 

In America too, they don’t know their own history, because back in the 60’s a lot of the organizations that are now fully vocal and with a lot of power and say even within government circles, a lot of these NGOs were on the terrorist lists then for blowing up buildings inside the US.  Now they’re off and training the US on who are possible suspects, which is their old enemies.  So you got to bring on the past into the present to understand what’s happening. 

And also too, as I say, that particular article from Georgia, there is a page one and two.  I’ll put them both up tonight and I’ll do the other one from Washington’s Blog as well.  And I’ll also put up the Russian ones for those who want to go and do their Google translation because it’s quite interesting as well. 

And as I said too the Globe and Mail came out as I said with this possible, maybe, or terrorist guys that were maybe going to do something.  We don’t know the story yet.  But it says:

"News of a terror plot to attack a Via Rail train, just one week after the Boston Marathon bombings, has pushed public security to the front burner just as the Harper government seeks Parliament’s authority to curb civil liberties in the name of keeping Canadians safe." 

Alan:  This is a major newspaper owned by friends of another country.

"The House of Commons was several hours into a debate Monday over a government-sponsored counterterrorism bill that would give authorities extra powers of arrest and detention when the RCMP announced they had foiled an al-Qaeda-backed plan to attack a Toronto-area passenger train." 

Alan:  But as far as I know, it’s so vague this whole thing.  I don’t know if it was in the planning phase or just two guys chatting on their cell phones because really and I hope young guys listen to what I’m going to say here, you can’t joke about anything anymore.  I hope you realize that, because it’s so easy just to cut parts of your conversation out and just stream it up there, and that’s you.  That’s going to stand up in court and whatever you say afterwards doesn’t matter.  It won’t matter.  And this is the sort of thing that’s been happening in Britain already you see. 

So we’ll see what happens with this.  We don’t know what’s going on but I don’t think they said that they found any explosives or anything else.  I don’t think they have found that yet.  So we’re getting very, very little except the fact that the Canadian government has jumped on this right away with the US and they both passed new counterterrorism bills and cybersecurity bills just like that.

This is a good article too to do with the Council on Foreign Relations which again is a branch, one, an American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And I’ve gone through the history of these guys ad nauseam because the Royal Institute of International Affairs was set up by the top bankers to bring in this World Order and to set up a World Bank which they did, and set up the IMF which they did, and to amalgamate countries together into the European Union which they did, and to set up a big Central Bank of Europe which they’ve done.  Everything they wrote about eighty, ninety, a hundred years ago has been fulfilled and they’re pushing for the next step and the next step.  And they also own the media.  Every media mogul is a member of this organization. 

But it says:

"U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry was in Brussels, Belgium, on April 22 to meet with European Union officials, including European Commission President Manuel Barroso, and to promote the administration’s new push for congressional approval of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)." 

Alan:  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the Royal Institute of International Affairs basically and this Council on Foreign Relations, one of its organizations that runs the US.  And I’ve mentioned before their own personal historian, from their own personal archives, because they have private archives of their version of history since they make history happen.  They actually write the history books too for the children in school.  And this is to do with the big organization that set up this idea of a World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, and the constant loans and so on from the World Bank, perpetual debt for all the countries to get them amalgamated together under trade treaties.  That’s how they got the European Union completely combined and now it’s a super Soviet System and the public have no say in the matter at all.  And even the head honcho, that was unelected by anybody that we know, has come out many times for the European Parliament and said, The age of the nation-state is over, it’s obsolete.  And we had the same articles the other day too with Merkel and then the head of Spain saying the same kind of thing, so they’re all onboard together.  So this agreement that Kerry in Brussels, Belgium is doing right now with the European Union is also to further America’s integration into the same system, so that they will then be under the one system authority and etcetera.  And they’ll all have to bail out the banks too when they crash them across Europe again.

Anyway it says here, the first one is Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) it’s called.  Remember that one and the TPA which is called the Trade Promotion Authority.

"...also known as “fast-track” to push the TTIP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact through Congress with little debate and no amendments." 

Alan:  So that’s what he’s over there for.

"The New American has been following and reporting on the efforts to conclude a TTIP and TPP for many years, throughout the Clinton and Bush administrations.  One of the most important objections — though not the only one — regarding both of these efforts is that throughout the various iterations and proposal it is very apparent that the architects and proponents of the agreements are being thoroughly dishonest.  They are publicly packaging and promoting the agreements as “trade agreements” when, in fact, they have been designed as evolving projects that will progressively “integrate” the economies and political systems of the signatory nations into a supranational regime modeled along the lines of the European Union." 

Alan:  Now that’s exactly what the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs said a hundred years ago.  They would do it all by these little binding treaties they would do under free trade systems and then bind them together legally as well, their whole economic system, political system and so on, until they have world government.  So it’s ongoing you see. 

"Dennis Behreandt’s article “Transatlantic Two-Step” of May 10, 2008, during President George W. Bush’s administration, is one of the many articles we have published that details the efforts of globalist elites in organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Transatlantic Policy Network, the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and others, to use the battering ram of trade agreements to smuggle political and economic integration schemes that are aimed at destroying national sovereignty." 

Alan:  And that’s exactly what they’re meant to do, apart from the fact that you’ve got a small handful of people running all the economies and all the cash systems.  That’s an awful lot of power.

"Recently, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held a panel discussion at Princeton University entitled “The G20: Prospects and Challenges for Global Governance." 

"There are many interesting and revealing comments made by the panel participants, but an admission by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer is especially noteworthy, in that it publicly confirms what critics of the European Union have been saying for decades, but which CFR globalists like Bremmer have usually denied.  Bremmer admits that “there’s real subversion of sovereignty by the EU.”" 

Alan:  He’s all for it though.  That’s his purpose.  And I’ll put this article up tonight for those who want to follow it and read the rest of it, with the links to the video where you’ll hear the chairman and so on all talking about this, their own people talking about this because they’re integrating the whole world now into trade blocs and eventually to go into world government.  That is the whole agenda here.  And the United Nations technically already is really the conduit for world government.  All laws go through the United Nations and then to us.  And they come from it generally too.  But the United Nations is obedient and its master happens to be the ones that set them up, which is the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a private organization. 

Also too last night here I thought I was going to get swept away with rain as it kept pouring and pouring because we get deluges now.  And it hasn’t risen above the freezing mark all day here and it was snowing again this morning when I got up.

So it says:

"Cold and snow wave grips the USA, nearly 10,000 cold and snow records set in the last six weeks" 

Alan:  Alone. It’s happened, the same things across Europe and everywhere else.  They had two or three days of warmer weather and bang right back into it again.  But we’re still going to get our carbon taxes and our Global Warming energy taxes and all the rest of it because there is too much riding on it.  It’s to do with power, more power over you, all of you. 

And this article too is rather good.

"The real deniers of climate change"

"The Northern Hemisphere is experiencing unusually cold weather.  Snow cover last December was the greatest since satellite monitoring began in 1966.  The United Kingdom had the coldest March weather in 50 years, and there were more than a thousand record low temperatures in the United States.  The Irish meteorological office reported that March “temperatures were the lowest on record nearly everywhere.”  Spring snowfall in Europe was also high.  In Moscow, the snow depth was the highest in 134 years of observation.  In Kiev, authorities had to bring in military vehicles to clear snow from the streets." 

Alan:  And I’ll continue with this because you see it doesn’t matter what facts are anymore, you’re going to pay and pay and pay and pay and pay to the ultra elite at the top.

Back with more after this break.

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Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the cons that go on.  And cons, the best cons are really big, even Adolf Hitler mentioned that too.  If you’re going to tell a lie to the public make sure it’s a really big lie, because you see the average person can understand a small lie.  They say well I could do a little small lie myself, but they can’t imagine ever doing such a whooper, a massive lie, that really would affect the whole nation or the world for that matter.  But there are folk who do that.  That’s why they do it this way.  Sometimes they call it the noble lie.  That came out during the neocons’ meetings when they first got into power and then started all the wars and stuff, but they had to tell the public noble lies to get a good thing through without the public understanding the lies behind it. 

So it says:

"Cold-weather extremes are a natural climatic variation, and this is exactly the point.  If the world were experiencing a climate crisis owing to global warming, there shouldn’t be a single record low temperature anywhere in the world.  The Associated Press has assured us, though, that this cold spell is not only consistent with a warming globe, it is actually caused by global warming." 

Alan:  And they did too.  They came out and said that rubbish.  And then they came out with...

"The proffered explanation is that cold weather in Europe is a result of melting sea ice in the Arctic." 

Alan:  Even though you have the thickest one for years in the Arctic.

"If this special pleading strikes you as unusually tendentious, it is all in the best tradition of explaining away ex post facto any weather event that appears to contradict the ruling paradigm.  In 2000, British climate researcher and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change..." 

Alan:  You know the big liars run by a railway engineer, Mr. Pachauri.

It says that the:

"...contributor David Viner told the Independent that “within a few years, winter snowfall will become a very rare and exciting event.”  Sadly, he predicted, “children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”  In 2008, environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote in the Los Angeles Times that “snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled.”" 

Alan:  Well he’s right on that part.  They’ve got snowmobiles and skidoos and they’ve got skis as well.

"On Feb. 6, 2010, the eastern United States was hit by a blizzard that produced from 20 to 35 inches of snow.  Three days later, a second blizzard added 10 to 20 more inches of snow.  In Washington, D.C., it was the highest seasonal snowfall since record-keeping began in 1888.  According to the National Climatic Data Center, there were “hundreds of record snowfall accumulations” across the United States during the 2009-10 winter season.  Within a few days, the blizzards in the eastern U.S. were dismissed as the natural consequence of global warming.  On Feb. 12, National Geographic News informed us that “global warming is the main culprit behind this month’s eastern U.S. snowstorms.”" 

Alan:  Do you understand you’re living in utter Orwellianism?  When these bigwigs come out with straight faces and say that they’re specialists.  And you have been trained to believe experts.  You have been trained so intricately and methodically to believe the experts.  Most folk can’t think through it once they’re told that with a straight face. 

"On Feb. 8-10 of this year, the eastern United States was again struck by a blizzard that produced record snowfall, hurricane-strength gusts of wind, and left 700,000 people without electric power.  On Feb. 18, the Associated Press provided the oxymoronic excuse that global warming produces “less snow and more blizzards.”  You can’t make this stuff up.

Portraying cold weather as the result of global warming is only one aspect of the circus.  Gems that stand out include claims that earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes are caused or will be made worse by global warming.  Last year, we were told that global warming could “turn us all into hobbits,” the mythical creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels." 

Alan:  And it goes on and on and on, going through all the things that have happened.  And it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter, see, facts don’t matter anymore with big agendas at stake by very powerful, the richest folk on the planet at the top with all their hundreds of non-governmental organizations below them and all the third-class scientists that have managed to get awfully lucrative jobs, with grants, for pushing this social-political purpose.  That’s what it is folks.  That’s what it is. 

Also this article too...

"ECB Urges EU..." 

Alan:  That’s the European Central Bank urges the European Union.

"...to Build Strong Central Authority for Failing Banks" 

"Bank urged governments to press ahead with setting up a “strong” central authority to handle bank failures in the euro area, saying that progress in the project is essential to bolster lenders and spur growth.  “Mere coordination between national authorities is not sufficient..." 

Alan:  So nation-states and your authorities are not sufficient.

"...for cross-border resolution in crises,” Victor Constancio, the ECB’s vice president, told lawmakers today at the European Parliament in Brussels." 

Alan:  So here’s the private central banker, that’s been set up by the big boys from the City of London, telling them they’re going to have to put out another massive organization and give it all to them.  Give all the power in their hands to decide what to do.  Exactly what the Royal Institute of International Affairs said at the beginning of their whole world plan.

"The currency bloc needs a “single resolution authority” with “independent decision-making powers that would enable prompt and decisive action,”" 

Alan:  That means they can just pass a law fast and rob all your accounts the same day.  That’s what that means. 

"The authority should be backed by a “privately funded European resolution fund,” he said."

"The ECB’s call for decisive action to build a common resolution system for crisis-hit banks runs counter to warnings from Germany that setting up a central authority with independent powers would require changes to the 27-nation bloc’s treaties." 

Alan:  Well they’ll do that overnight you know.  And the whole thing is, it’s total, total power in the hands of a few.  For the whole planet, folks.  And with this Transpacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade Treaty and so on going on with the US, Canada, and Europe, we’re all getting sucked into it and we’ll help them bail out their banks too, until we’re even further in the hole than we are ourselves at the moment.  Beautiful plan though, you got to admit it, it’s awfully beautiful. 

And this is quite a little funny one actually, kind of funny in a sense but... 

"James McCormick guilty of selling fake bomb detectors" 

Alan:  And it says that he sold them to different groups including the British military and they were used at Iraqi checkpoints and so on. 

"A millionaire businessman who sold fake bomb detectors to countries including Iraq and Georgia, knowing they did not work, has been convicted of fraud." 

"James McCormick, 56, of Langport, Somerset, is said to have made £50m from sales and sold over 6,000 to Iraq.  The devices which sold for up to $40,000 each..." 

Alan:  He should be made businessman of the year, because that’s not a bad con, that one, you know.

"...which sold for up to $40,000 were based on a novelty golf ball finder, and supposed to detect explosives, people and drugs.  An Iraqi bomb victim described him to the BBC as a "morally bankrupt" man." 

Alan:  Well psychopaths get to the top.  You should know that they’re running your world now.

"Both civilians and armed forces personnel were put at significant risk." 

Alan:  And that’s what was said by the deputy senior investigating officer, detective Ed Heath.

"The models were described by prosecutors as completely ineffectual and lacking any grounding in science." 

Alan:  Well that’s like global warming too and all the stuff they give us isn’t it? 

"The police said McCormick showed a complete disregard for the safety of those that used and relied upon the device for their own security and protection.  There is no evidence that he tried to sell to the Ministry of Defence, but an Essex policeman organized a demonstration which was watched by an MoD inspector.  McCormick claimed that the detectors could bypass "all forms of concealment" and would detect explosives, drugs, and people.  He claimed they would work under water and from the air," 

Alan:  See, your story has got to be good.

"...and would track an object up to 1km below the ground.  The devices came with cards which were "programmed"..." 

Alan:  Supposedly.

"...to detect a wide array of substances, from ivory to $100 banknotes.  Other substances could be detected, it was claimed, if put in a jar with a sticker which would absorb its "vapours" and which was then stuck onto a card which would be read by the machine.  In fact, McCormick’s device was based on $20 golf ball finders..." 

Alan:  That’s what it cost to make one.

"...which he had purchased from the US and had no working electronics at all." 

Alan:  {Laughs}  It’s almost as good as Bernanke and all these guys, eh?  And Madoff remember.  You know Madoff, who made off with the bank.  I mean this is the cons.  But these are the guys who are awfully successful.  I mean he must’ve been successful to have that kind of money in the first place, a multimillionaire. 


"Iraq spent more than $40m on 6,000 devices between 2008 and 2010." 

Alan:  And on and on it goes.  The great imposter indeed, eh?  But that’s how they get their money at the top.  And the other guys of course simply say, “Oh we’ve got to get better arms and who’s our nearest enemy, who is our main enemy today?”  You know and then they have to look up a dictionary to find out who the main enemies are because they use all different ones all the time.  The whole Cold War was built on “well the Russians have got better missiles than we have.  We’ve got to get new ones.”  Every month it was a new missile, incredible.  And all the House of Lords in Britain were members, had members in the massive shares, or they were memberships in massive shares of these companies that made all these missiles.  It was great business.  None of them were really ever tried, but there you go, neither was this thing here. 

Now it says:

"Here comes Team Obama’s carbon tax"

"The Treasury Department’s Office of Environment and Energy has finally begun to turn over documents about its preparations for a carbon tax in response to transparency warrior Chris Horner’s Freedom of Information Act request.  The documents provide solid evidence that the Obama administration and its allies in Congress have every intention of implementing a carbon tax if we fail to stop them.  The Office of Environment and Energy, if you’ve never heard of it, is housed in Treasury’s Office of International Affairs and exists principally to wait for authority to administer the revenue [the tax] from a cap-and-trade scheme or carbon tax.  And, apparently, to trick Americans into supporting the tax to provide it the money.  So the documents they’ve reluctantly released are worth a careful look." 

"There’s the G-20 report titled “Mobilizing Climate Finance," 

Alan:  This is making... oh what a fortune.  This is even better than the last thing I read there about the fake detection meters.  This is even better because I mean it’s all based on nonsense, nonsense.  They don’t have to have proof of anything.  It’s just their view on things you know. 


"...“Mobilizing Climate Finance,” which pegs the price tag at $2.1 trillion “of investment requirement” in a “global carbon market.”" 

Alan:  That’s not bad.  They don’t even have to pass empty bags of air between each other or carbon or anything, eh? 

It says:

"There’s the helpful IMF..." 

Alan:  International Monetary Fund which is owned by the Royal Institute of International Affairs too.

"...report from Ian Parry of the Fiscal Affairs Department on “Public Sources of Climate Finance.”  Parry’s stated goal for the United States is “raising revenue and putting it to good use.”" 

Alan:  Well they’ve got lots of plans across the sea and for third world nations where they put their international corporations to set up their new factories.  We pay for all of that you see.  That’s where the money goes. 

"He suggests a $25 per metric ton carbon tax –"

Alan:  That’s to start it off.

 "...right in the middle of the range suggested by the discussion draft legislation recently released by U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee – and noted that $25 billion a year could be sent abroad “for climate finance.”" 

Alan:  Well there is one born every minute.  Unfortunately today it’s whole crowds of people.  And the state did go ahead and endorse the bill on internet sales tax that would raise the cost of online shopping.  It was Walmart and all the big boys were the guys who helped draft it all up.  And they were the main backers to get this all done because it’s taking the business away from their overpriced stock. 

And this article here is to do with...  Remember about a month or more ago it came out as a suspicion that possibly, and the Syrians, the legitimate government that’s presently in Syria, said they suspected that chemical attacks would get used on them, then it was vanished from the paper.  It turned out that it was the Syrian rebels that actually launched, supposedly, we’re told, a couple of small missiles containing chemical weapons.  And of course the US is also wanting that excuse to go in and invade Syria.  You got to get weapons of mass destruction, I said that was the next card, they got to have weapons of mass destruction.  The same thing that they went into Iraq and killed lots of them off for.  They didn’t have them either.  It doesn’t matter though, facts don’t matter. 

But it says:

"Kerry: NATO needs plan for Syria chemical arms" 

"US urges alliance members to boost their assistance to the opposition" 

Alan:  The opposition are all the trained and paid-for mercenaries that were recruited in the European countries and the US and elsewhere to go over and fight the Syrian guy.  What a world, eh?  What a world.  And all those guys that they’ve paid to go over and fight in these wars are going to come back radicalized and cause problems down the road, so they’ll then use them as well to get us all under more and more martial law and they’ll bump a lot of them off on the way too.

But no, the whole gun smuggling operation that came up, Fast and Furious and so on inside the US...

It says:

"Obama resists Republican bid to see gun smuggling operation documents" 

"A U.S. Justice Department lawyer said on Wednesday that if a judge agreed to consider a Republican bid to get administration documents related to a botched operation against gun-trafficking it would prompt a flood of requests for courts to referee Washington political disputes." 

Alan:  In other words, so they’re not going to do it, to show you how many guns they gave to the Mexicans across the border that ended up coming back into America and actually shooting some of the US officers.  All to blame just the average gun owner by the way.  I mean that’s true, that’s what it was for. 

And Kerry also did this, he mentioned a Boston-Marmara comparison that got blasted by the Israeli Lobby inside the States and abroad.  And it says the:

"RJC executive-director slams comparison of “loss of life resulting from self-defense to the results of cold-blooded murder.”" 

"The Republican Jewish Coalition strongly objected to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks likening some Turks’ anger over the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident to Americans’ outrage over last week’s terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.  At a press conference in Istanbul on Sunday, Kerry compared the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing to the nine Turkish activists killed by the Israeli Defense Force as they tried to break Gaza’s naval blockade." 

Alan:  So he’s been lambasted for it and I guess he’ll have to do his penance. 

And this article too, it’s called:

"Let’s review the peer review process" 

Alan:  A great article actually, it was put out by a professor of sciences under a pseudonym but now it’s been released who he actually was and he’s been hammered by all the scientific community for just simply saying all the truth.  You see you must understand this community must always bring out a face of confidence to the public, even though most of what they’re working on is guesses which they call theories.  And we have to all change our world and the way we live for their theories or guesses.  But it says:

"We must hold up a mirror to scientific peer review if we are to stamp out fraud and uphold the discipline’s reputation, argues Philip Moriarty." 

Alan:  That’s the name he picked for it.

"As Richard Feynman said in his 1974 commencement address at Caltech, scientists need to go the extra mile in self-criticism before they submit their work for publication." 

"The website Science-fraud.org was established in July 2012 by the pseudonymous Frances de Triusce (an anagram of “science fraudster”) with the aim of highlighting suspicious papers in the scientific literature.  Barely six months later, having brought to light around 500 examples of what might best be called questionable data, and with a daily readership in the thousands, the website was shut down.  Its founder’s true identity had been uncovered - he was Paul Brookes, an associate professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the US - and an email had been sent to around 85 scientists whose data had been questioned on the site, encouraging them to sue him for defamation.  The email, which described Science-fraud.org as a “hate site”...." 

Alan:  {Laughs}  That’s all they’ve got left, eh?  When nothing else works it’s hate, it’s hate you see.

" ...and, rather ironically, as a menace to “scientific society”, was also copied to Brookes’ superiors at Rochester (including its president), the editors of journals in which he had published and prominent people in his field who might be expected to be involved in peer reviewing his grants and papers." 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s an old saying that says that the squeaky wheel, the wheel that squeaks, always gets the grease.  The ones that don’t squeak don’t get anything and that’s just the way it is.  Some folk know how to use it, some folk don’t.  But Chuck Hagel of course was lambasted by the Israeli community and so on under a whole bunch of false pretenses.  And this article’s not bad.  It’s from the Forward actually.  And it says:

"Chuck Hagel’s Gifts: New Weapons," 

Alan:  I guess they mean bring...

"...New Trust" 

Alan:  Then they go through all the, you know, basically the sackcloth and ashes stuff that they put across when oh we’re not putting this terrible man in that will put us under a bus and so on.  It says here:

"It’s a sinister plot, Shalev writes.  Hagel couldn’t have changed his tune in response to the “intimidating” powers of the “Jewish lobby,” since we all know those powers are imaginary." 

Alan:  That’s what they say, so that’s tongue in cheek.

"The only other two possibilities are that he’s engaging in psychological warfare, to lower Israel’s guard—or that “Hagel’s critics were wrong.” But that last possibility, he concludes, “can’t possibly be true, because by now Hagel’s critics would have owned up to their mistake and apologized.”  Also essential reading is this analysis of the Hagel visit by Bloomberg News columnist (and former Forward staffer) Jeffrey Goldberg" 

"The new weapons systems Israel is to receive," 

Alan:  Not bad, eh?

" ...especially advanced long-distance radar systems, the KC-135 midair refueling tankers and the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transport aircraft (a combination helicopter and jet plane, never before sold to another country), all make it easier for Israel to attack Iran.  But given Hagel’s longstanding opposition to attacking Iran, what does this sale mean?

"Goldberg makes two key points:

First, he says, based a conversation with a “senior Defense Department official,” Hagel’s “been awakened” to the depth of the Iranian threat by “now-daily exposure to intelligence concerning Iran’s nefarious activities around the globe.”  He’s no longer the iconoclastic outsider.

Second, by visiting, expressing appreciation for Israel’s security concerns—and, of course, enhancing Israel’s ability to defend itself the way it sees fit—he increases Israeli trust in the Obama administration.  And that, paradoxically, makes it easier for Israel to delay its own attack on Iran, trusting that Washington will keep its promise to act if and when the time comes." 

Alan:  So everything works out again for the squeaky wheel and it’s true enough most folk don’t know how to be squeaky, but you should try to learn it because it gets results if you get a big enough lobby that’s got wealth behind it and power. 

Also too:

"99.5% of illegal immigrants..."

Alan:  In the US.

"...get approval for legal status;  high number raises concerns about fraud" 

Alan:  But listen to the little part here.

"Officials said they expect the approval rate to drop..."

Alan:  Perhaps in the future.

"...as more cases make their way through the system, as it takes longer to deny an application than to approve it." 

Alan:  So it’s easier to approve it, it’s cheaper.  So just let them all come in. {Laughs} Isn’t that quite the way of it, eh? 

"Indeed, the approval rate already has dropped from 99.8 percent just a month ago.  But the high rate leaves others wondering whether the administration is doing all it can to weed out fraud or potentially dangerous illegal immigrants in DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, as it’s formally known." 

Also too:

"Anti-terrorist drill by ATLAS network" 

Alan:  It’s says it’s going to be one of the largest for the whole of Europe.

"On April 17 and 18, EU Member States will participate in the anti-terrorist exercise of the ATLAS network.  European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström commented. “The fight against terrorism is one of the key challenges to our internal security....”" 

Alan:  So umpteen countries are taking part in it and the taxpayers that are already broke and destitute will have to cough up for this too.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where it’s really freezing, I’ll be back hopefully tomorrow, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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