June 23, 2008 (# 131)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 23, 2008:


"Are You Fat, a Heavy Breather,
Tall or Squat, a Tiny Geezer?
Geneticists and Officials, with Half-Truths and Lies,
Are Out to Have You Standardized,
It'll be Done for You, No Need to Beg,
By Removing Defective Genes from Egg,
Yes, One Day, We'll All Look the Same,
Praising Test Tube Obelisks whence We Came,
And the Silicone Womb that is Our Mother,
We Borg can Truly Call, Each Other, 'Brother' "
© Alan Watt June 23, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 23, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back, Cutting Through The Matrix on Monday the 23rd of June, 2008.  Itís kind of hard to keep up with the weather here because itís rained pretty well solidly for a month, so I was thinking of building an ark just in case.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for the older shows Iíve done with lots of information which can help put the big picture together, for those who are just looking into it and waking up nowÖ or reacting to the events around them that are visible to everyone.  Also look in to alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can download transcripts written in the various languages of Europe.  You can print them up and pass them around. 


As I say, up this way, I think the old spud country, the potato country, is kaput for another year because of this incredible rain weíve had.  I know the farming belts out west are getting it in Canada and also in the United States.  Thatís been going on now for about 8 years solid.  Generally flood, flood, flood, drought, drought, drought, flood, flood, flood and the planes are spraying away and the HAARP is harping on too.  Many of us have been watching this, especially those who have short wave radio and they can pick up the HAARP frequency which is 24 hours per day on about 4 or 5 different places on the short wave band.  That first came out back in the early 70s when RIGA, the Soviet HAARP installation, started to test out their powers.  Everyone across the world was having their short wave wiped off in certain areas of the band with this woodpecker tapping sound.  Now itís even worse than the woodpecker.  Itís something out of science fiction.  Itís the most powerful sound youíll get on the short wave radio. 


High sciences, Ďsilent weapons for quiet warsí.  High sciences are at work now and itís just the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain pulling the strings and when you ask him any questions, his front men, his government officials, they will whistle in the sky.  Simple as that.  They donít have to admit to anything, even though we can watch them spraying awayÖ and leaving these massive trails behind them which gradually merge and create clouds or these hazy, hazy milky, hazy days that you get.  Itís called polymer, designed by the military, polymer streams behind them.  Itís like looking through a sort of clearish plastic.  It gives it a different ting.  Thatís to do with weather warfare. 


People should look in to the Weather Warfare Treaty signed in the late 70s at the United Nations.  In there youíll find everything which they then could do.  Thatís why they signed the treaty.  YOU DONíT SIGN A TREATY FOR THINGS YOU CAN NOT DO.  You sign it when you have the weaponry to do it.  In there they ADMIT they can bring the jet streams right down to the earth level if they want to, divert its course, make it go up or down or right across a country and thatís what youíll see on the weather channels now and your weather programs on the news.  Youíll see the jet stream often come straight up the west coast and do a right angle about British Columbia, Canada and right across to Nova Scotia.  Straight line.  We get these weird, weird things which people should be sentient about but theyíre not.  They expect the media to tell them whatís going on.  They think the media really is there to inform them and theyíve been trained to believe that. 


I also have satellite difficulties now because the company I go through is owned by the military-industrial complex and they give a little portion out of it to this Xplornet, which has been causing hell all week for those on satellite.  So, I might have to have the engineer tell me the callers later on in the show because I canít get the satellite up on screen.  The musicís coming in so Iíll be back with more after the following messages. 


Hi.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix and bemoaning my problems here with the satellite communication for a whole week of technical problems.  You canít upload or youíre up all night or the whole night long waiting for the darned satellites to communicate with you.  But thatís where they have us, you see, in the system that we adapt to so quickly and most folk become completely dependent upon.  Thatís why the system is the way it is, especially anything to do with communications.  They have you where they want you.  We know the next internet level is getting set up and thatís going to really change the face of internet because the big players, the big mainstream media, want in on it big time and theyíll get first dibs on all the big sites.  Theyíre actually talking about making you pay for every site, once they own them all, that you want to look in to as they reign it inÖ now that theyíve got everyone addicted to it.  Very simple plan.


Hereís Canada.  Canada, which is merging with the United States, Mexico and Chili is ready to follow in quickly and a few other ones.  Canada has to start getting a bigger military because, after all, itís part of NATO.  NATO and the Department of Defence for Britain, which is Canada too, have already said theyíre looking for 30 years of rioting commencing around 2010 and going on for 30 years.  Intense rioting.  Thatís from their top think tank.  Now the think tank doesnít sit with a crystal ball and say I wonder what will happen in a few yearsí time?  They have data of what is SUPPOSED to happen, such as rising gasoline prices, before the public ever are told of it.  The food costs going up to astronomical levels.  They also take in all the treaties that have been signed, like Agenda 21 at the United Nations, to get everyone off rural areas into the cities, which will then become even more over CROWDED.  So, they look at the scenario and they came up with the obvious.  Thereís going to be crisis and riots and so on.  It doesnít take rocket scientists to figure that one out. 


Canada here, this is a report that came out on MSN and also the CBC over the weekend.  It says, TOP STORY, ďFederal government quietly releases $490-billion military planď.  This is a small population in Canada for a huge country.  $490 BILLION.  They play at the left-right wing paradigm as they always do.  Thatís how they write things, these stories, in every country. 



Federal government quietly releases $490-billion military plan.


The conservatives quietly released the details of their extensive plans to beef up Canadaís military saying it will spend $490 billion dollars over 20 years to ensure soldiers are well equipped and well trained.  (Alan:  From the CBC it says, )


Details of the plan, known as Canada First Defence Strategy, were posted Thursday night without fanfare on the Department of National Defence's website.  (A:  So we get informed, really, from the military.  The military tell us what theyíre getting.) 


The posting comes almost six weeks after Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced at a news conference that his government had a strategy for the military but provided few details about it. Critics at the time said the strategy was nothing more than a speech, since Harper offered no document to back it up.


Speaking in Halifax on Friday, Defence Minister Peter MacKay defended the nighttime posting of the plan (A:  night time posting.) on the eve before recess.  (A:  Thatís standard down through history if you look at big things that happen.) saying the government was simply striving to provide more specifics about the strategy to Canadians. 


Military analyst Rob Huebert told CBC News that he can't understand why Harper would release the document so quietly, and why he would do so the day before the House of Commons is expected to adjourn for the summer.  (A:  Well, I wonder why, eh?)


Still, he praised the document's contents, saying the strategy appears to be a well-balanced assessment that juggles the military's commitments at home and overseas.  (A:  You know itís going to be at home.  Thatís what itís about.  Over 20 years, right in to that area where thereís going to be riots across the whole Western hemisphere according to the Department of Defence.)


"I'm hard-pressed right at this point, looking at it, to be really overtly critical," said Huebert, associate director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies in Calgary. "I do think they've got a good balance on this particular aspect."


Then it goes on to list and give you a breakdown of where the money is to be spent on military equipment and so on.  Helicopters, patrol ships, planes, destroyers, frigates, land combat vehicles and weapons. 


That ties in with the big NAFTA highways that are being built right through the country, right through the States, right through into Mexico and eventually through Central America.  Because quite a few years ago, before they were hammering away at the Middle-East, they talked vaguely, in hints, about the coming strife in the world under their globalization procedures and the effects of them, the outcome of them, the fallout of them.  They talked then about the need for RAPID DEPLOYMENT FORCES.  Everyone thought at the time, I guess it means sending them overseas quickly to a hot spot.  I twigged on, by the wording, no, it also meant getting them up and down the Americas very quickly to any spot when trouble breaks out. 


You see, at the rate the gasoline and diesel is skyrocketing - and there is NO fuel shortage; when you read all the media and business papers, thereís no fuel shortage - you know that weíre supposed to get off the road, again, Agenda 21.  Itís been signed and sealed and delivered at the United Nations, and all the countries signed it.  No private transportation.  Itís right in there.  Emergency and essential vehicles only.  Itís a take-off of the Soviet system, only updated, because we merged with the Soviet system quietly and seamlessly and even brought some of the top KGB guys across to run Homeland Security.  We see they were the experts in this whole thing. 


In the Soviet Union you need permits to go anywhere, even in your own area.  Weíre getting ID cards here.  Everyoneís getting ID cards across the western world because this agenda is a global agenda.  Nothing to do, really, with the Middle-East.  Theyíre just one little part of the problem, as they call it, because they must thoroughly destroy the remnants of the old system that runs the Islamic countries.  Standardize them too and bring them all under this new global system with the same standardized culture.


I was reading in another British paper, that theyíre now going to make everyone with a tree in their garden, in towns, cities and villages and even the country, have government inspectors come in once a year, at least, from a special new department, to inspect your tree to make sure that no branch could fall off it and cause an accident.  Then they will give you a fine or whatever if you havenít got that tree attended to and cut properly, by an expert, mind you, not yourself.  Weíre watching control freaks of all kinds emerge in this society.  Iíve told people this before, it will be worse than any totalitarian regime the world has ever seen down through historyÖ even combined.  Theyíre on the move now for total obedience and everything.  It said in that article from Britain, that the law had been pushed out onto the public, it kind of bypasses Parliaments now.  Police are doing the same.  They put laws out and bypass any of the regulation. 


It comes from the Department of Standardization.  Did you know you had a Department of Standardization?  Where theyíre standardizing everything?  Yep.  Department of Standardization.  I wonder if theyíll go around eventuallyÖ we know they went after smokers, now theyíre going after the United Nationís War on Obesity.  The UN put on both of these wars.  I wonder if theyíll go after tall people or short people eventually?  Until weíre all standardized.  And forced, if weíre allowed to breed at all, to have us all modified so as weíre all the same size.  Thatís how crazy itís getting. 


Thereís even pubs now in Yorkshire in England where theyíve been forced to put of cameras to watch customers. 


Hats banned from Yorkshire pubs over CCTV fears

Pubs in Yorkshire have been ordered to ban people from wearing flat caps or other hats so troublemakers can be more easily recognised.

 By Paul Stokes  /  06 Jun 2008


Now, I wouldnít go in to a pub where thereís cameras watching you.  And the cameras ARE linked, like the movie you saw, Enemy of the StateThe cameras are all linked with the police services and all the different forces and agencies NATION WIDE.  But youíre not allowed to wear the traditional flat cap there now.  Who put that law into effect?  The police did.  The police demanded it and TOLD them, went around to pubs and told them because they said it hid the faces of customers.  THIS IS THE NEW FREEDOM.  Weíve had new freedom defined TO us by a guy whoís almost a moron.  He called it the Ďnew freedomí.  This is what they mean by that.  Theyíre definingÖ when they tell you theyíre REDEFINING something, youíd better believe themÖ when it comes from the top.  They mean what they say.  You have no freedom at all.  Thatís the bottom line. 


Youíre to be regimented.  Regimentation.  In fact, regimentation gets these characters off because they are psychopathic.  They love everything to be the same.  They love everyone to follow them.  Masses of people all marching in step turns them on.  Thatís why they love wars.  Thatís why the Club of Rome and others frothed at the mouth at the thought of getting people into a war mode back in the 1970s.  Read their book, The First Global Revolution, written in the early 90s.  Where they say, back in the 70s, they said, how do we get the public of the world to obey and come together and follow orders?  They said the only time they do this is under war situations, like World War II.  They accept ration cards.  They accept ID cards.  They pull together.  They work for less.  They allow new officials to go out into society and order them about.  Thatís what they wanted.  And weíre living right through World War III right now.  Itís a war for everythingÖ body, mind and soul.  Back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt back and Cutting Through The Matrix because this matrix is so deep and thereís so many layers that have accumulated down through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years as a very wealthy, elite group, who are organized, came down through the ages and formed consortiums, monopolies.  Thereís different names for the same thing, cartels.  Even nations at times, they ran parts of the world.  The Knights Templars were famous for it.  When Britain became the headquarters for a while, with these particular plunderers, who were all up around the court of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.  They were pirates.  They were allowed to be Ďfreebootersí, they called them.  Their job was to go out into those countries, or to force those countries, that were competing with them, mainly in trade and trade routes.  They sank their ships after robbing them.  That was quite allowable in the court of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.  At that time, mainly it was the Spanish they were robbing but anybody was fair game if you were trying to compete with this big consortium that really was a business consortium, which also ran the country.  It never changed. 


I remember watching a documentary on Sierra Leone about a war that started up there, a civil war.  Youíll find with most of these civil wars, thereís either an American or a British company involvedÖ either diamonds, gold, or oil.   They get these little civil wars going and during the whole fracas they end up, the oil companies and diamond mine companies, end up pretty well owning the new dictator.  They put a new dictator in and they pay very little to the country but a little back-hander to the dictator.  Thatís how they run it.  They talked to the head of a diamond and gold corporation specialist and CEO in London.  Because he and his company were responsible for sending mercenaries - professional mercenaries, ex-special air service and green beret - over there to train this group that were doing the coup so that his company could get first dibs, main dibs, on ALL the diamonds and so on and gold.  He was questioned about the morality about this project causing all this death and destruction.  The man looked back as though he was incredulous because in his circle it would have been an incredulous question to ask.  He says, Ďmy goodness, itís business; theyíre doing nothing with the land anywayí.  He had this perplexed frown upon his face.  Thatís how they see things. 


Well, here is something that goes along with this because those people weíre taught to respect, in those families, those plundering families that go down through time, theyíre still at it.  They never stop.  Itís tradition with them.  They go in to the old ivy league universities where theyíre recruited on a hereditary basis into these special, we now call them, special agencies for government.  Their job is just the same.  Mark Thatcher, whoís now SIR Mark Thatcher, is being held in a prison overseas againÖ AGAIN.  This is Maggie Thatcherís son, ex-Premier of Britain.  This is from The Times Online. 


Simon Mann names Sir Mark Thatcher as coup plotter Martin Fletcher in Malabo

 From The Times  / June 19, 2008


(A:  This is about the second or third time this guyís been caught doing this in different countries for the big, big London corporations.)


Simon Mann, the Old Etonian mercenary, has placed Sir Mark Thatcher right at the heart of the plot to overthrow the President of the oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in 2004.


In electrifying testimony before a court in the tiny West African state yesterday, Mann flatly contradicted Sir Markís insistence that he knew nothing about the attempted coup díťtat and gave money unwittingly.


Mann said that he recruited the former Prime Ministerís son and took him to London to be vetted by Ely Calil, the Lebanese-Nigerian tycoon whom he identified as the ďbossĒ of the whole operation. After that, he said, Sir Mark was ďnot just an investor. He came on board completely and became part of the management teamĒ, attending many meetings. He named Sir Mark as one of five men ďin charge of the operationĒ.


Sir Mark struck a plea bargain with South African prosecutors in 2005. He admitted paying $275,000 (£140,530) for a helicopter but claimed that he thought it was to be used as an air ambulance. (A:  Ha. Ha.  He didnít add Ďfor the childrení.  He should have added Ďfor the childrení.)  He was fined £266,000, received a four-year suspended sentence (A:  Big strings were pulled there.), and now lives on an exclusive estate in Spain while Mann is in the infamous Black Beach jail in Malabo.


So you see, these guys are intertwined with MI6 because thatís part of the job of MI6 is to make sure thereís no competition for the big, elite families businesses abroad.  Thatís first and foremost, really, what theyíre doing.  The old City of London is a very interesting place, very interesting place, and they have them across the world in other main countries too.  They work together, these people, sometimes.  Sometimes they fight each other but mainly they work together.  Theyíre supposed to all be working together towards this global agenda.  These same characters that start wars and coup díťtats and all the rest of it, and hire mercenaries to get wars going and slaughtering villages and all that, are held up to us as very respectable people.  Very respectable and as I say, theyíre often put up there as Prime Ministers or Presidents.  Itís incredible what weíre given here, this puppet show.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, itís me, Alan Watt, the little fellow himself, back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím getting smaller all the time; Iím shrinking with the rain.  Iím just shrinking.  Iíll be one of the little people shortly.  Any time Iíll be running around the forest there squeaking.  But thatís what weíve had to put up with, with HAARP and spraying and so on these days.  At least houses could be really small then, and cheap and easy to maintain.  Now, weíve got Tommy from Los Angeles on the line.  Are you there Tommy?


Tommy:  Hey Alan.  First off, I would like to say that Laurel Canyon article by Dave McGowan has had a few more installments added to it.  Itís just getting better and better.  Itís such a great article. 


Alan:  I read the second part.


Tommy:  I think he has up to 6 chapters going in there now.  Itís really good. 


Alan:  Itís quite interesting, isnít it, to realize that maybe 50 years or 40 years after events, you can actually dig up stuff for the first time and show you the connections between the heroes they give the children, the youngsters, to follow and all the connections they have to the military and the big elite families. 


Tommy:  Yeah.  Revelation of the method. 


Alan:  I can remember, in Britain, when some rich people, even the Etonians - Eton and so on - they were putting their children into special schools to become rock stars.  They were even teaching them London slang accents to give them accent to make them sound like baba boys and things like that you see.  [Alan mimicking the accent.]  Thatís how they were training them so as they could make them stars.  It was such easy money and they would guide the future.


Tommy:  So even rock stars are vetted?


Alan:  Yes.


Tommy:  Okay.  Well, have you heard George Carlin died the other day?


Alan:  I didnít.  No.


Tommy:  Yeah.  He was one of the first people I actually ever heard cut through the matrix.  Meaning that he just had a way of seeing things and expressing them that really got people thinking outside of their normal frames of mind.  He went out as an atheist.  I think that a lot of atheists are just spiritually frustrated people.


Alan:  Sure. 


Tommy:  I know you get a lot of Jesus debaters and we canít really all agree on issues of faith but a lot of your listeners are like-minded seekers of varying degrees and I was just wondering if you could speak to righteousness?  Iíll take your comments off the air.  Thanks a lot.


Alan:  Sure.  Itís true.  If you look at the histories of the world, especially the western world, the victors write the histories, but really itís horror shows.  Itís just a history of horror as to how the ordinary people were treated.  One war after another and various peasantís wars and all the rest of it, trying to live and survive.  The thing is going to come up again with the food riots.  Same stuff all over again.  The big churches were never, they never told them to stand up for themselves.  In fact, churches were always on the side of the families that controlled the countries.  Thereís no wonder, no wonder, the people eventually, mainly in Europe, gradually got so sick of the mainstream churches that they completely dropped out.  Once they dropped out, their children were at risk - which was understood by those who controlled - of being led by other forces.  So they made sure they gave you a culture industry to guide them, to take over from religion.  And they use it.  That was easier. 


Religion was static.  Religion was very good for keeping populations static and well behaved.  However, it was written into religions that man and women were SACRED.  Life was SACRED and they couldnít knock that one down.  It was always a dilemma when they told you to go and kill people abroad but back home it was a no-no, life was sacred.  So you had that double-think problem.  We know the elite always wanted to bring down the population, especially after the 1700s, so they had to get rid of religion.  Then they replaced it with the cultural techniques and industries to guide them.  Well financed, again, from the top people, the top families.  Itís much easier now that theyíve created an atheistic society. 


Theyíve even given them a new age movement which many thousands have fallen in to.  Itís based on a mix of Hinduism, reincarnation and so on.  Theyíre using that to guide them to the next phase of the new humanity.  Theyíre looking forward to it, the new agers, of all being one and having new bodies and stuff like that.  They think theyíre all going to get saved because theyíre all so special.  Of course, theyíre going to be used and walk in to the extermination chambers at the right timeÖ chanting on in unison. 


The culture industryís taken over BUT inside every individual, I donít care who they are, I donít care who they are, they have these things we call instincts.  We know, we know what we do personally if itís right to US or not, regardless of the culture around you.  They teach children, very young children, if an adult touches you in a certain way and it feels uncomfortable, report them.  Now, how come children are able to do that but adults are told not to?  Ö and that everythingís okay?  Because itís culturally okay, you see.  Yet deep down inside you, you still have the same thought as a child.  If this feels uncomfortable, thereís something wrong here.  So there is such a thing, to you, as right and wrong.  The new age philosophies, which are promoted from the top, the new religions are antagonistic to the old religions which did have definite rights and wrongs.  Rules which had very good reasons and purposes behind them for the survival of humanity and all segments of humanity too. 


In this new eugenics society, with science being the new priesthood, theyíve given them the new age to follow and mixed it with gobbledy-gook and Hinduism and part science fiction.  They put out leaders amongst them, just as they always have done, to guide them all, well funded leaders into this new age.  But I donít care who you are, as I say, if you donít know whatís right and wrong, then you have no mind of your own at all.  Youíre totally conditioned.  If you accept anything, youíre conditioned.  If you truly believe in moral relativity, where anything goes and everythingís okay, that also means that itís okay for the elite to decide what theyíre going to do with you.  You canít argue with that, can you?  Thatís your reasoning.  Theyíre using your reasoning. 


You can find a natural faith yourself without tossing all the old babies out with the bath water, because thereís truth, eternal truths, in all the old established religions.  It was the dogma that was piled on top to keep the people subdued and obedient that did the main churches in and underÖ apart from the infiltrations from the high Masonic groups and so on.  Believe you me, if you look at the top churches in America and Canada and Britain, see who founded them.  They were all the highest Masons you can see.  Every section of Christianity.  You know who put the Novus Ordo, the new order, out for the Catholic Church after Vatican II, who put the whole thing together when they did away with the Latin mass?  It was two Arch Bishops and six Protestants, all Masons, who designed the new mass for the CatholicsÖ because the Catholic Church was all completely taken over by then.  All new agers, all high Masons.  This is ongoing.  This is ongoing.  I get a lot of stuff.  I know.  Iím right into whatís happening deep within the new age.  Whoís funding them big time.  Iíve met people from the Canadian government, in high positions, who have these strange little jobs where they go around the world, traveling around the world, meeting at new age meetings.


One of them at the United Nations told me, this woman, she said about what was happening in the Middle-East.  I says well is it right to go over there and slaughter people just to get an agenda through and standardize them and so on?  She said, Ďwell, you got to realize, those people decided to come back in those bodies, at this time in life.í  So itís their fate.  In other words, karma.  She was talking about karmaÖ if you want religious fanaticism, that can actually rationalize murder and slaughter, she was one of them and she will sleep well at night.  A complete, total believer.  Scares the hell out of you.  Theyíre actually out there in high positions.  Thatís how they rationalize cripples and so on.  Well, they decided to come back in that body to pay for their karma.  Donít help them, by the way, because it will rub off on yours.  Thatís why India was always in the mess itís in.  Incredible.  Incredible logic. 


Is there Tony in Massachusetts still there?


Tony:  Thanks for taking my call again.  I just want to make 2 points.  The first point was that you made a statement a couple of talks ago, maybe a couple of weeks ago.  It was relating to taking a stand.  That really hit a point with me.  You mentioned the fact that youíre going to die anyway, so why not take a stand for what you believe and whatís right and stand up to this, to all this thatís going on right now.  For anyone out there thatís listening thatís new, that is truly very poignant statement.  If you canít take the type of standÖ because youíre going to die anywayÖ.


Alan:  You are.  Everyoneís going to die.  Everyoneís going to die and all they hope to do is to keep their meager life going as itís going under and everythingís getting worse, in the hope that they can somehow survive with a last breath longer than anyone else.  How ridiculous can it be?


Tony:  Yes.  That is so true.  The other point I wanted to make was, I spent a lot of time in the military, almost 28 years.  I just retired not long ago.  This kind of ties in to whatís going on and we can see it taking shape today, day by day.  I remember, the Korea field I was involved in, basically our job was to defend air fields.  Usually most air fields are located outside the city centers or right in pretty rural areas.  So we were pretty much stationed on the perimeter and thatís what we did; repel and attack anything coming toward the air field.  Now, in the last 10 years, 5-10 years, I noticed we moved away from doing that, which I couldnít understand at first but now, listening to you and seeing a lot of things over the years, Iíve put the puzzle together.  All of our training involved going into mock cities.  Some training areas have huge mock cities built up.  What we do is go in and clear entire apartment blocks.  They have apartment block with hundreds of apartments in them, spider holes, closets, basements.  All we do is go in and clear out entire apartment buildings, stopping city buses, that type of thing.  I thought, well our job is to repel attacks to air bases.  Why are we going into cities doing that?  Now, as you see this whole agenda unfolding, now I know the reason why at that time we changed our tactics.  It was just incredible. 


Alan:  It also tells you how long ago they knew they had to start training their own for what was coming, long before we had a clue. 


Tony:  Oh, yes.  Oh, yes.  Quiet interesting.  Anyway, I appreciate you taking my call and thank you and have a good night. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  They actually train them YEARS before you see anything in the newspapers about whatís coming down the pike.  Itís the same when Rumsfeld talked about breaking the $50 barrier, the psychological barrier of $50/barrel oil.  Thatís what he called it, a psychological barrier, not a real barrier but a psychological barrier.  He says once that happens, the sky is the limit.  He said it 2 years before; he said it will double in no time at all.  Now, he wasnít a top economist, but he knew the agenda.  Itís all planned.  Itís all planned.  How do you get folk off the road for Agenda 21?  You force them off the road.  Itís quite simple, power of the purse. 


People have to really, and itís very difficult today in this day and age, because if they havenít been taught to discern or use critical thinking - you actually used to get taught critical reasoning and logic at school.  You donít get taught that now.  So any author can literally spin you off what seems to be incredible truths and unless youíre using your reasoning powerÖ 


As I say, thereís no doubt that down through the ages and it started with something called money.  Money is artificial.  Itís a con game from the beginning.  You canít have armies.  You canít even have a city without it.  A city canít survive because they donít grow or make anything.  So that was the beginning.  Thatís what they call civilization.  Youíre a city member, a civilian and you belong to the city.  Thatís where it really started, the city-state down through the ages.  They had cartels, even, in ancient Phoenicia, you know.  They had monopolies on business.  They hired whole armies from countries and gave them money, pay, to go off and conquer other countries soís theyíd get in, get the gold mines.  Youíre talking 5,000, 4,000 BC.  So, thereís nothing new in this. 


We forget that Egypt was an empire for almost 5000 years.  5000 years of empire.  Thatís incredible control - mind, body, soul - of millions of people.  Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the last little leg of the journey, as we say, for tonight.  Weíve got Robert from Nova Scotia.  Are you there Robert?


Robert:  Hi.  Good evening Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  No so bad.


Robert:  Thatís great.  I have just a couple of comments.  I was reading a Canadian Press article here that 47% of Canadians support the carbon tax.  Unbelievable.


Alan:  [laughs]  I donít believe them though.  Maybe the ones that are on the panel, thatís the Canadians they meant.


Robert:  [laughs]  It could be.  Just a couple of other quick comments.  Back on December 27th, 2007, you spoke about empathy for others.  Itís around the 44-minute mark on the first hour.  I think everybody should listen to what you say about empathy for others.  Itís really excellent.  Iíve listened to it dozens of times.  Also, people whoíve heard you play your guitar, if they want to hear you sing, go to April 25th, 2007 and at the end they get to hear you sing.  Also, please support Alan as well.  Thatís all I want to say.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Robert:  Thanks Alan.


Alan:† Itís true.  I keep forgetting to plug myself.  Remember, you can help donate and keep me going.  Thatís what keeps me going.  I donít get other money coming in.  I donít push advertising.  Thatís how most folk get paid.  So itís up to you.  You literally bring me here and as long as youíre hearing what you want to hear, or whatís interesting to you, you should be helping me keep going.  Iíve got so much more to tell the public.  Iíd like to get into a whole series on the histories, the ancient histories, of all of this leading up through the associations.  Which is not difficult to do because Iíve done it before in groups.  Iíve talked to many groups in talks in the past.  I donít have time now for groups.  We donít have time for groups. 


The world is changing so fast.  Weíre on a rampage down this narrow road to destruction.  Trying to do it all on your own is impossible, really, but I have to do as much as I possibly can while we have the ability.  The time is getting short now.  We see the big sticks coming out from all agencies with authority trying to stop us.  If you can support me and keep me going, look into the web site, buy the books, buy some extras too, pass them around.  Thatís how you do things.  Youíd be surprised. 


These books are not written along the usual format that youíve been indoctrinated with in school.  These books are written to wake up areas inside your own mind.  Itís a Gestalt type thing where the knowledge is hidden within you.  I help bring it together in a bang.  It just comes together in a bang.  Just woof, woof, woof.  Thatís how you really learn.  Thatís how you start using you own minds.  Thatís how your mind becomes alive.  It brings life to you.  Not worry and death.  It should bring life to you.  Because, when youíre alive, youíre mind is working at full capacity.  The universes you can travel in your mind are limitless, limitless, once you wake it upWhat you can do with it is profound as well.  You could read all the other books forever with all their conspiracies and their slants and so on and theyíre written in your traditional school way.  Itís to keep you in the old way of thinking.  You donít think for yourself.  You simply repeat.  I want you to think for yourselves because thatís a survival mechanism.  Thinking for yourself is a survival mechanism. 


Just like having empathy for others.  Empathy for others is a collective survival mechanism.  When you have no empathy for anyone across the planet getting blown up for big business, then no one will have empathy for you and help you out when itís your turn.  Thatís a law of nature. 


Thatís it from Ontario, Canada.  From a very wet Ontario, Canada, and thundery, from Hamish and myself, itís good night any may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



Topics of show covered in following links:


"Federal government quietly releases $490B military plan" CBC News (cbc.ca) - June 20, 2008.

"MacKay reveals details of $490-billion defence strategy to modernize military" by Alison Auld, Canadian Press - June 20, 2008.

"Hats banned from Yorkshire pubs over CCTV fears" by Paul Stokes (telegraph.co.uk) - June 23, 2008.

"Simon Mann names Sir Mark Thatcher as coup plotter" by Martin Fletcher in Malabo (timesonline.co.uk) - June 19, 2008.



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