May 6, 2013 ((#1324)

Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix"


Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 6, 2013:


Stop Victim Game, Use Your Brain:

"Now's a Good Time to Do Spring Cleaning,
Cleanse Mind of Specialist Opinion-Feeding,
Not a Day Goes By Where There is No Spin
On Our Opinion Downloads, Let the Light In,
Think of the Wonder of the Complex  Brain,
Start Using Your Own, No-One's to Blame
But Yourself, for Trying to Stay Peter Pan,
Time to Grow Up and See the Big Plan,
Bernays' Disciples have You Trained by Trance,
Believe This, Don't Say That, Jump and Dance,
Trained You Elite's Good and You Believe,
Because Indoctrination Keeps You Very Naive,
Thinking is Freedom, It Lets You Look
As to How We're Run by an Army of Crooks"
© Alan Watt May 6, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 6th 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Caller's Comments)
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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 6th of May 2013.


I always start off by advising any newcomers to look into CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com, you’ll find on the site lots of other sites listed. These are the official sites I have. They all carry audios for free download where I go through the system, the history of the foundations, organizations that sprung up a hundred years ago with the intention of bringing in their version of a New World Order, a planned New World Order, where eventually science would dictate what we would work at, if you would even be born, if they would even need you. All of that kind of stuff, eugenics is a big part of it too and the boys who set it up were the top international bankers of their time.


They believed they were the most evolved of their kind. They had special arrangements for marriage and genealogies and so on and they realised that they were at the top of the tree. They believed in the Darwinian theory of evolution and survival of the fittest and they decided a long time ago that they were the fittest to do it. So rather than let the world go willy-nilly where people did what they wanted to do, they would bring in a scientific technique of controlling the public and bring out lots of government agencies to regulate our behaviour, to regulate what we do from birth to death and it’s all happening as we live. They also had their think tanks, thousands of think tanks, working on every facet of societal change, including all the cultural changes they’d have to do in various countries in the West, tailor-made them to each country to bring them down until they could basically destroy the cultures in order to get a global society through mass immigration. Destroy the old cultures, especially the ones that gave the bankers trouble in the past, and they would have no problems controlling all the other countries that they were bringing in. Very simple and it’s well documented by their own groups, in fact, and their own historians, because the biggest group is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organisation and the Council on Foreign Relations; they work with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, all the big foundations that work together and they front many other non-governmental organisations, thousands of them across the world that simply lobby government to get the proper laws passed, you see.


So help yourself to that to understand why everything is happening now. This is Century of Change, the 21st century; academia was calling it that for the last half century, that the 21st century would be the century where they would accomplish all their goals and make it happen, so you’re in for rapid, rapid change now and that’s why things are happening. Standardising the world. Bombing all those countries that have different customs, who don’t have their central banks belonging to the private bankers of the world and who won’t go along with the U.N. agendas and so on. They’re being eradicated right now. Not many to go at the moment and we all thought that it was just happening by bad men, of course, that we must get rid off.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can help me tick along by getting the books and discs at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com while I go through the histories of these organisations and how from the earliest times the science of managing masses of people has been known for a long, long time. Very, very well done, in fact, as far as the sciences go. Intricate sciences. Today it’s much easier with instant communication and all the big foundations work with each other, instantly, in real time and make minute adjustments, even daily, when they see that something is not going quite right, some agenda, some people are not falling for the next news story and being on board with where they’re going so they have to do minor adjustments to get your mind all on board with it all. Very, very simple.

So if you can buy the books and discs as I say it keeps me ticking along. From the U.S. To Canada you can still use personal cheques or International Postal Money Orders, use Paypal or send cash. Across the world Western Union, Moneygram and Paypal. Straight donations are seriously, seriously welcome as we go through the planned devaluation of our currencies, which they call inflation.


Back with more after this.




Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix. I’ve talked many, many times about how we are controlled and how our minds are controlled, how our thoughts are controlled. People don’t even think they are being controlled. That’s the great part of it because they get most of their downloading via the T.V. and through fiction and movies because that’s where you get emotion in with the actual picture that you want embedded into your brain, imprinted you might say, and so they attach dramas with scenes of violence against one or the other. It could be the absolute wrong way round but it doesn’t matter. Whatever is the agenda is the agenda and that sticks in folk’s minds and they do the same with many other topics too. That’s where you get your political correctness from as well, where you find out who bad folk are and how good folk are and people always want to join the herd, be part of the herd, be sociable. It’s an instinct and so you’re taught very quickly what’s right and what’s wrong, you see. Even though it can be completely 180 degrees from what was right and wrong a few years ago or even yesterday, for that matter. Very, very easy to do and people do it all the time, en masse, because they all want to say the same things and be allowed into the same circles and not be out, so it’s rather sad. We’re so well understood. So incredibly, incredibly well understood and Bernays talked about this. One of the guys, as I said, who, he was a nephew of Freud and he didn’t learn his stuff from Freud, all that nonsense that he read his uncle’s book. It was far beyond even that because this was into stuff, there were already certain groups around Freud that were already into mass marketing techniques, political viewpoints, things like that and Bernays got it from much, much older folk than that. So it says here, this is what he says...


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the masses is an important element in democratic society.

Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smooth, functioning society.

Whether in politics, business, social conduct or ethical thinking we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses.

They are the true ruling power of the country and they will pull the wires which control the public mind.”


Alan: That was written a long, long time ago and it’s actually much more improved since even he was in the business. This man Bernays, remember, even got the U.S. to go to war with a Latin American country to save a client that he has, that was a big fruit grower, because he took money from advertisers and clients and he actually did, he got the President to declare war on this country saying it was taken over by Communism, which it wasn’t at all. This is the power of characters like this and he worked with lots and lots of Presidents and even in the First World War how to get America into the war by using innate processes they don’t understand it’s happening to you but he uses techniques on the individual so they’ll go off to war and he actually wrote a book about it afterwards how they conned the public. This is the gall of these guys. It’s quite something. But it works all the time and you’re getting nothing today, nothing from any media that’s coming out without going through public relations organisations, which is what he called propaganda; and propaganda is a particular bias and spin on something that you want the public to believe.


Now, we’re living in an age today where it’s all run that way and as we live in this age too we’re constantly told that whatever country you happen to be in it’s the best in the world. They always tell their citizens that and they always eradicate the history, especially when new regimes come in. Even if they come in through the same system like America was taken over a long time ago by another group that came in that became the new dominant minority and they will continue using the same symbols and doing it so slickly the folk won’t notice the change. They’ll still worship the same symbols. They’ll still go off to wars when they’re told to, using the same techniques, and things like that but they haven’t a clue what’s actually happening. It’s absolutely fantastic to see how it works so easily on people. There is nothing, really, that you cannot do with people. Nothing. Unless they really have their senses about them and very few folk do. You’ve been taught through your schooling system and your indoctrination to always listen to experts, the guys at the top, that are somehow more holy than you and who obviously come out of special wombs and they are the guys who are recognised by all the other elite. So if the elite recognise them they are a top expert, you see, and so you must recognise them too as being superior to you. So they give you your opinions and you accept them and even opinions to do with going off and slaughtering other peoples across the world that you’ve never heard of before; they’ll give the reasons why they are doing it. Very simplistic. They always say propaganda must remain simplistic. That’s why it’s so full of holes when you question why they’re going off to war. They have so many holes in their stories; it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter because facts don’t matter anymore. It’s symbols that matter, like the Twin Towers coming down. That’s symbology at work and they use a form of psychic driving, showing the same thing over and over and over and over again. All worked out in advance, of course, to do it so well.


Now, we’re living through a time of corruption too, mass corruption which has to happen as they do away with the old. You understand, a new culture will always bring their culture on to you and destroy your own culture as they bring you down into the dregs of society. Once they have done that you’re totally conquered and that gives them more power for their own kind at the top.


Here’s an article here about the cons of children’s aid and so on and the amount of money that they get for the children that they get. They’re also putting children in prison systems and I touched on this when it happened and this guy has now been sentenced. It says...



“US judge receives 28-year jail term for his role in kids-for-cash kickbacks”



“An American judge known for his harsh and autocratic court room manner was jailed for 28 years for conspiring with private prisons to hand young offenders maximum sentences in return for kickbacks amounting to millions of dollars.”


Alan: This is standard fare, folks. It says...


“Mark Ciavarella Jnr was ordered to pay $1.2m (£770,000) in restitution after he was found to be a “figurehead” in the conspiracy that saw thousands of children unjustly punished in the name of profit in the case that became known as “kids for cash”. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by the former Luzerne County judge between 2003 and 2008, claiming he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles – including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea. Ciavarella Jnr, 61, was tried and convicted of racketeering charges earlier this year but his lawyers had asked for a “reasonable” sentence, claiming that he had already been punished enough.”


Alan: It’s high status being a judge, you see. That’s what they do with these guys. When it’s one of their own boys, you see, in the club and the right Masonic lodge and so on, and maybe the right religion too, he’s suffered enough. The shame is enough, you know. What about all the thousands he put into these homes, with records forever now, records for life?


“Federal prosecutors accused Ciavarella Jnr and a second judge, Michael Conahan, of taking more than $2m in bribes from the builder of the PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care detention centres and extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the facilities’ co-owner. Ciavarella Jnr filled the beds of the private prisons with children as young as 10, many of them first-time offenders convicted minor crimes.”


Alan: So that’s what you’ve got now, you see, as we go to the dogs because the culture is gone, what was right and wrong is gone and that’s what you get in moral relativity and it’s an open playing field for crooks today, right up to the top, to the very top of governments. If anything at all it’s all from the top down now. That’s where corruption really is.


Also too, we’ve all heard about Israel attacking Syria, which shouldn’t shock anybody because I mean, remember before the PNAC, if you look up the PNAC articles, Project for the New American Century, written by the Neo-cons which have a particular interest in Israel and they wrote a list out. Twice they wrote it out about the countries they’d take out around Israel and it coincided exactly with the ones released by the Israel government too, the countries they wanted taken out. And of course Syria was also on the list, after Iraq. In fact, Israel at the time told the US not to stop with Iraq but to go right on into Syria then, but they didn’t so now they’re starting all over again to get it all finished.  It says...


“In Wake of US-Israeli Attack on Syria, United Nations Reveals Terrorists Not Government Used Sarin Gas”


Alan: And the U.N. has backed that up and other countries have backed that up.


“So-called "red line" both drawn and then crossed by US-Saudi-Israeli axis and their terrorist proxies.


The reasoning behind recent US-Israeli attacks on Syria has been undermined further as the UN reveals Western-backed terrorists, not the Syrian government, deployed Sarin gas during the 2 year conflict. Reuters reported in their article, "U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator,"...”


Alan:  The investigator said...


“...that: “U.N. human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria’s civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent Sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday.”


Alan:  Now, the thing is, where did they get it from? they’re all saying. Well who do you think they got it from? Who is working with the rebels? Who has been funding the rebels? I’ll put up another article tonight too, Obama’s sending more armaments to the rebels; but who else could be? Maybe Israel gave them the gas. Who knows? They certainly didn’t make it themselves. And then another one too. It says...



“Israeli strikes on Syria 'co-ordinated with terrorists'”



Alan: From the B.B.C. And it says...


“Israeli strikes on Syrian army targets show co-ordination with "terrorists" including al-Qaeda linked militants, the Syrian foreign ministry has said.

The strikes had led to a number of casualties and widespread damage, it reported in a letter sent to the UN.

State media said a research centre and other sites had been hit overnight. Israeli sources said weapons bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon were the target.”


Alan: They were bombing food supply places that churned out the food for the people. That’s what they bombed, because it’s up on the internet. It says...


“The strike, the second in two days, drew condemnation from the Arab League.

Syria’s government refers to rebels fighting against it as "terrorists".

On Friday, Israeli aircraft hit a shipment of missiles near the Lebanon border, according to unnamed US and Israeli officials.”


Alan: Well, I wouldn’t accept that one at all. And...


“Israel has consistently said that it does not want to get involved in neighbouring Syria's bloody civil war,...”


Alan: No. They want the US to do it all for them.


“...but that it will act to stop anti-aircraft rockets and chemical weapons falling into the hands of extremist groups that threaten its national security.”


Alan: Well, who gave the rebels, their pals, the gas, eh? Back with more after this.




Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about, of course, Israel in bed with the so-called archenemies of everybody, Al-Qaida, the terrorists. It just shows you the joke of it all, doesn’t it? How it’s all a farce and how they’re bombing Syria and so on. Another one too from Veterans Today says...


“Israeli Airstrike on Syria. ‘War is an area of uncertainty; three quarters of the things on which all action in War is based are lying in a fog of uncertainty.’”


Alan: And that was said by Carl von Clausewitz, it says. But it goes through how it’s hard to get the truth out of anything or even the facts of any kind at all in the fog of war, as they like to call it, meaning when you have media collusion to say nothing at all or very little. So the guy, the reporter goes into articles he got from Israeli papers which admit to it also. I’ll put that up tonight too. And also...


“Russia, China express alarm over Israeli air strikes in Syria.

Israel denies it is attempting to help rebels in battle against president Assad.”


Alan: That’s just standard Israel, isn’t it? It’s pretty good stuff and I’ll put that up too for those that can stomach it.


And again too we’re living in the age where we know there is massive plans, massive plans for the ultra, ultra rich to become ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra rich, you see, which they really are doing at an incredible rate as a small concentration of elitists get more and more cash into their pockets as they really consolidate their power across the planet, but anyway, it says, and the green agenda of course is all part of that too but it says...



“Baffled German Government Concedes! “Global Warming Has Stopped…Warming Pause Is Remarkable…Unexpected””



Alan: So they’re admitting now that the warming has stopped. It’s been stopped for years actually. Mind you, the spraying has been going on like crazy too, still is today and folk are getting pretty sick from it as always, but they won’t even admit they’re doing even though there is billions of videos up about it and we have all the geoengineering guys putting their spiels out, “Oh, we’d love to do it. We’d love to do it.” But they’re not really doing it, right? Are you going to believe your lying eyes or what? So it’s happening, of course. You understand, we’re living at the bottom level of reality. Getting back to that statement by Bernays, at the top they give us our reality, you know. Also...



“Billionaire Bill Gates was major bondholder in bailed-out Irish banks”


“Microsoft founder held more than $34.6m in bonds at the end of 2006”


Alan: And that’s why he goes into stuff that’s guaranteed, always, to get bailed out if they go under. They don’t let these boys go under in anything, you understand. They’re too important. And also this article too. I’ve put this up before but I want to put it up again. It’s to do with the borderless economy. It says...



“Immigration Strategy for the Borderless Economy”



Alan: For the Global Conference 2013. And it’s worth paddling your way through this stuff. It’s quite fascinating to see. It says...


“Few issues have been more contentious in the United States, and for a longer time, than immigration. Comprehensive reform, however, appears to be getting close. On one hand, the nation’s sizeable Latino population is making its presence felt in the economy and the voting booth.”


Alan: That’s part of the reason they brought so many of them in.


“Neither party can afford to enter the next election cycle without addressing immigration.”


Alan: See, that’s the techniques they used in Britain too, the Labour Party used in Britain until now the immigrants are in the majority, really. It says...


“On the other, foreigners fill crucial gaps in human capital.”


Alan: That’s what we’re called, human capital, now, eh?


“The corporate sector wants wider access to the high-skilled global workforce. Moreover, universities are training scientists and engineers who are forced to leave the country because of their immigration status.“


Alan: No. Where is he talking about? The States? The States training folk? It’s because there is no factories left in the States to put them in, the engineers and so on. It says...


“Our panel of leaders will discuss how policy must evolve to serve the country and the issue’s many stakeholders.”


Alan: Now, the guys who run this are total globalists so it’s not to solve the Americans’ problems; it’s to get more immigrants into America if you really read through all the documentation that they put out.

And to show you how wonderful it is when mass immigration happens... and it’s happened in Britain for a long time. Tony Blair said they would eradicate the British culture forever; it’s pretty well done. And it says...



“Which? Poll Says Many ‘Borrowing Money For Food’”



“One in five UK households borrowed money or used savings to cover food costs in April, a Which? survey says.

It suggests the equivalent of five million households used credit cards, overdrafts or savings to buy food.

The consumer group tracks the spending habits and behaviours of 2,000 people every month.

Which? Boss...”


Alan: It’s the name of the company, ‘Which?’


“....Richard Lloyd described the findings as "shocking". The government said tax and benefit changes meant working households were now better off.”


Alan: See, you’re back in la-la land, aren’t you? Here’s the facts but don’t bother with the facts. They’re better off than they’ve ever been. It’s like Israel saying they’re not helping the rebels. Same thing. Same technique. It throws everyone off kilter. Most folk can’t think past that. It really does knock them off kilter and they just stop thinking about it.



“China Arrests 900 In Fake Meat Scandal”



Alan: It seems like fake meat is going on all over the place, isn’t it? You got horse and that in Britain, which isn’t bad, by the way. It’s better than a lot of the junk you get in Canada today. I mean in Canada everything tastes like, you don’t know what it is you’re eating actually, what kind of meat it is because you see monopolies control the game now and they’re putting rubbish in everything and getting massive profits from it. This is the time of unlimited profits any way that you can as they plunder the planet. And also this one here is...



“Squaring The Circle: The Millennium Development Goals, Post-2015”



“The United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)...”


Alan: That’s part of Agenda 21. They like to call it Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development.


“...are a set of eight targets, established by the UN in 2000, to mobilize national and collective efforts on critical development...”


Alan: Back with more after these messages.





“You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you CAN handle the truth”



Alan: Hi folks. I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about The Centre for International Governance Innovation, which used to be I think the CFR department for Canada, also called the Canadian Institute for International Affairs, and George Soros is involved in it and, of course, you find as well that George Soros is also the head of the European Institute for International Affairs. All the top politicians are in that too. Now you understand, the Royal Institute of International Affairs runs every country now. This private organisation runs every country. They even put the guys in for you to vote for. They are members of them, have been for a hundred years. So I’ll put this up tonight too because they’re into global governance, you see, and promoting that and they’re in your government as well, members of them with their own agendas. See, there’s a conflict there to start with, but of course that’s never mentioned by anybody, because most of them are members of it, that’s why.  And the European Central Bank...



“ECB Cuts Interest Rate to Record-low 0.5% in Desperate Measure to Drag Eurozone Out of Recession”



Alan: ...out of depression. I’ll put that up. They say recession. It’s a depression. There’s country after country falling apart. Slovenia, in fact, has just been downgraded by Moody’s so they’re the next one to have incredible interest rates on anything they borrow now. That’s what happens when you get downgraded. It makes the big bankers awfully happy because they can jack up their interest rates because you’re a bad risk, you see. Also too there is a C.B.C. television documentary, I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s called End of Men and it’s got a promo online that you can see apparently. It says...


“In the past 100 years, the idealized archetypes of masculinity have been largely unchanged. What Manliness is, what Manhood is, what a Man is, have been remarkably constant. Men are rugged individuals. They are resilient, brave and loyal. Running like a spine through these images of manhood is one defining theme: A man is the provider and protector of his family.”


Alan: And it’s a sort of gloating article on how it’s all changed. It says...


“In the not too distant past, most men had a sense of certainty that they could fulfil those roles. They were confident about who they were, and where they belonged. But for many men the economic crisis that began in 2008 meant that fulfilling those masculine roles was suddenly a lot harder.

Between December 2007 and March of 2010 the United States lost 8.2 million jobs. 80% of these jobs belonged to men.

In 2008, the share of men in the United States with a full time job fell to 69%—its lowest point ever.

Economists believe that most of these jobs are gone for good, and because structural changes in the economy means that working age men are now facing years of unemployment rates far above the historical norm. Particularly hard hit are middle class men who are, for the first time, being exposed to the worst ravages of a severe economic downturn.”


Alan: They love downturns and recessions, eh? Not depression. It’s a planned depression, folks. So I’ll put this article up about the transforming world and all this kind of stuff. Everything’s out of your control because you had nothing to do with it. It’s all done by, like the last article I read, you know, international governance and stuff like that that we don’t get to vote on. In fact most of the folk don’t even know these organisations exist, working with your governments to internationalise everything. So I’ll put that up too and also...



“Family Launch Fluvax Law Suit”



“The maker of a "defective" flu shot that left a Perth girl with brain damage knew before its release there was a high risk it may cause fevers in children, lawyers for the girl and her family have claimed while launching a potentially massive lawsuit.”


Alan: And it gives you the daughter...


“Saba had fever and febrile convulsions caused by an alleged defect in the Fluvax shot she was given in April 2010.”


Alan: She suffered hypoxia to the brain (lack of oxygen) and was left in a quadriplegic state...


“...with epilepsy and limited vision.”


Alan: I’ll put that up too for those that keep saying that vaccines are perfectly safe. All the experts say so because they all work for big pharma that makes an awful killing, literally, off all of this stuff.


Also, for global warming, as I say, you understand, the whole global warming, the greening agenda, it’s just like all old left-wing to get money off everybody and to (so-called) give it to the poor across the world. It doesn’t go to the poor; it goes to international corporations which set up across these different countries across the world with your money and it makes the richer richer, of course. But it’s the planned society and all that stuff falls under it too. In other words, they got to get a reason to unite humanity under a common threat, like the Club of Rome said and they hit on the idea of global warming, drought, famine and the like would fit the bill. That’s what they said. Those were the words that they said. And it says...



“First time since records began in Arkansas that it snowed in May!”



Alan: I’ll put that one up tonight too for all the global warming enthusiasts and also this other article too. It’s from the CIGI one again...



Global Conference 2013

Building a Global Community to Drive Social Change”



Alan: It’s quite interesting. This is by a bunch of different game members or manufacturers and it’s got all the characters involved...

“Shawn Amos, Founder and CEO, Freshwire

Michelle Byrd, Co-President, Games for Change; Executive Producer, Half the Sky Movement: The Game

Ben Goldhirsh, Co-Founder and CEO, GOOD

Alden Stoner, Vice President, Social Action Film Campaigns.”


Alan: And so on. So you’ve got film directors and everything involved in this.


“Politicians, philanthropists, activists and marketers are using film, social media and gaming to build communities, sometimes literally overnight.”


Alan: In other words they’re giving you all your opinions.


“With the aid of technology, they are telling stories to communicate complex ideas and encouraging a worldwide audience to take action to solve pressing problems. Harnessing the power, popularity and profitability of these tools for social good...”


Alan: They decide what social good is, which is enriching themselves.


“...educates users while raising funds and awareness globally. New media is connecting people with shared interests in inventive ways, activating even small groups to take on big challenges, often engaging celebrities...”


Alan: They always get celebrities on board.


“ raise the profile of a cause and give voice to the voiceless. Our panel will discuss the newest ways to make the broadest impact.”


Alan: And I’ll put this article up tonight. There are lots of links to it too of all the participating companies that are involved in it and it’s quite a list indeed. That’s how you get your opinions given to you for someone else’s agenda.

And I mentioned last week too, just to touch on it again that Her Majesty’s Revenue collection agency let Goldman Sachs off the tax hook...



“HMRC Let Goldman Sachs Off Tax to Avoid ‘Major Embarrassment’ for George Osborne”



Alan: One of the big politicians there in charge of it. He was in charge of the treasury I think for a while and they let them off with an awful lot of money. An awful lot of money. It’s just astonishing. They waved twenty million pounds that Goldman Sachs owed them and actually more than that too. But the big boys get off with it too. They’ve got friends in high places, eh? And also...



“Gore Is Romney-Rich With $200 Million After Bush Defeat”



“In 1999, Al Gore, then U.S. vice president and a Democratic candidate for president, sold $6,000 worth of cows”


Alan: That’s where he got his biggest profit from back in 1999.


“The former senator, who spent most of his working life in Congress,...”


Alan: If you call that work. He’s got a hard neck for doing that, eh?


“...had a net worth of about $1.7 million and assets that included pasture rents from a family farm and royalties from a zinc mine, remnants of his rural roots in Carthage, Tennessee. Funds from the cattle sale went to three of his kids, according to federal disclosure forms filed as part of his presidential run.

Fourteen years later, he made an estimated $100 million in a single month.”


Alan: Now, you see, that’s the poor guy makes good, you understand. You can do that in America if you belong to the right people and you belong to the right groups and you’ve got the right connections. 100 million dollars in a single month, eh? See.


“In January, the Current TV network, which he helped to start in 2004, was sold to Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Satellite Network for about $500 million. After debt, he grossed an estimated $70 million for his 20 percent stake, according to people familiar with the transaction.

Two weeks later, Gore exercised options, at $7.48 a share, on 59,000 shares of Apple Inc. stock that he’d been granted for serving on the Cupertino, California-based company’s board since 2003. On paper, it was about a $30 million pay-day based on the company’s share price on the day he claimed the options.

That’s a pretty good January for a guy who couldn’t yet call himself a multimillionaire when he briefly slipped from public life after his bitterly contested presidential election loss to George W. Bush in late 2000...”


Alan: And it says...


“Gore isn’t finished exercising his Apple stock grants. Those 59,000 are part of 101,358 Apple options and shares of restricted stock Gore has amassed, according to company filings, giving his total holdings a gross value of more than $45.6 million today.”


Alan: Not bad, eh? Not bad.  As this guy tries to spread the wealth, you know, across the world, the redistribution of wealth. That’s your wealth, that is. He’s a good communist at heart, really, you see; and communists are really awfully, awfully wealthy, the guys who lead it. They always have been, mind you. Awfully wealthy. But they like to take your wealth and spread it across the world. The redistribution of wealth. That’s what they call it and, mind you, a lot of it is channelled to themselves in their own pockets too on the way there. Also...



“IBM Says Justice Department Probing Bribery Allegations”



Alan: The great guys that have got the cloud and they’re now in charge of whole countries, governments’ data. I mean, can you imagine the power of this? Do you think it’s happening by itself? Do you understand the ramifications of all of this? Like governments are so thick and stupid that they just give this private company all of their data, all their internal transmissions, all that kind of stuff? Come on. Come on. Come on. Government is down on the totem pole of what runs the world. Do you understand that? Government is down there, folks. It’s not up there. So...


“International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is being probed by the U.S. Justice Department over corruption allegations in Poland, Argentina, Bangladesh and Ukraine, adding to bribery charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Justice Department is investigating whether IBM violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the company said in an April 30 filing. In Poland, the department is focusing on a transaction that the Polish Central Anti-Corruption Bureau already was studying, the company said. It involves allegations of a former IBM employee selling to the Polish government.

The Justice Department probe adds scrutiny in new territory as IBM tries to settle with the SEC over activity in China and South Korea. The global reach of the investigation indicates that this isn’t an isolated matter, said Charles Elson, corporate-governance professor at the University of Delaware.

“If it happens in one country, you can say it’s an individual,” Elson said. “If it happens in multiple, you have to ask, is it systemic? And how well was the compliance program put in place to prevent it?””


Alan: Well, the whole point, as I say, it’s like Monsanto. Not one court in Canada and in the States and elsewhere would charge Monsanto for any crime at all, for years and years and years. Any farmer caught with one or two of their GM plants on his land, whether blown in by the wind, pooped by a bird and that came out actually in the Canadian trial. The judge said I don’t care if a bird pooped it on your land, he says, it’s on your property, you have stolen property. And everybody backed Monsanto. In other words, everybody at the high level was told to let Monsanto have a straight run right through everything. Same with I.B.M. And no one asks how come this happens. How come all governments open up and let them do the Smart Grid across the world and all the rest of it? That’s going to affect all your lives. Smart meters, the whole lot that’s all involved in it and it just happens. Well, see, government is low down on the totem pole, folks; it’s time you learned that. Government really is there to make you think that you have democracies. That’s what it’s for, and rubber-stamp the laws they’re told to rubber-stamp by the guys who draft them, who are not in government. I’m not kidding about that. Also, it says...



“Jobbik rally against World Jewish Congress in Budapest”



Alan: Normally they have the Jewish Congress in Israel, but they’re having a protest meeting, so there is folk in Budapest actually protesting the meeting. But it says...


“Several hundred supporters took part, despite attempts by the government to prevent it going ahead. Jobbik said the rally was a protest against what it said was a Jewish attempt to buy up Hungary.”


Alan: I’ll put that up tonight too and it’s from the B.B.C. Also it says...



“U.S. May Charge JP Morgan For Power Market Manipulation: [say the] Analysts”



“The regulator of U.S. power markets appears likely to pursue manipulation charges against JP Morgan Chase & Co, analysts said, after a New York Times report on the agency’s document that seemed to lay out its case.

The Times said on Friday it reviewed a confidential, 70-page government document that the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) sent to JP Morgan in March, which alleged the bank manipulated the power market in California and Michigan in 2010 and 2011.

FERC investigators found JP Morgan devised "manipulative schemes" that transformed "money-losing power plants into powerful profit centres," the Times reported, citing the document. It said the bank has until mid-May to respond.

It has been clear since last summer that FERC was pursuing a deep enquiry on JP Morgan’s trading activities, the latest in a string of FERC investigations that have rattled the U.S. power market and - in the case of rival bank Barclays Plc - concluded with $470 million in proposed penalties.

FERC has not moved to publicly charge JP Morgan, but experts said that now seemed likely.”


Alan: Everything at the top is corruption. Well, it’s corruption to us at the bottom. Now massive fines is called business costs to these boys at the top because, you see, they are corrupt. You understand, those at the top are brought up in a different lifestyle and a different mental set than you’d ever imagine. They really are. They’re given real history and how harsh real history really is, winners and losers. Winners and losers. That’s what’s drummed into them from childhood growing up in these families and they have no problem doing this kind of stuff here. Nothing at all. They don’t sit back with hesitation to do with indoctrinated conscience. They don’t have any of that thing. It’s only you that gets indoctrinated with different consciences with political correctness. Don’t say this. Don’t say that. Don’t think that. Don’t whatever. You know. That’s how it is because they have us trained, you see, to look at things that way, a different way from themselves. Very simple. Also, a court bars high IQ for policemen...



“Court Oks Barring High IQs For Cops”



“A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against Robert Jordan because the same standards...”


Alan: Of low IQ.


“...were applied to everyone who took the test.

“This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class,” Jordan said today from his Waterford home. “I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye colour or your gender or anything else.” He said he does not plan to take any further legal action. Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125.”


Alan: Which isn’t great.


“But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.”


Alan: So there you go. They don’t want high IQ with the police and actually they don’t. That’s been made official before.


And Britain that’s been racked with scandals with all the... it’s nothing new, of course, with the boys at the top who have got strange, particular fascinations with little boys and things and stuff like that and you had the Jimmy Savile scandal that they’re trying to hush up yet and get only old geezers, guys in their 80’s that they’re arresting rather than go for the ones that are still at it because they always throw a few people to the wolves, you see, which is, of course, what they call us, the wolves. But they don’t go after the big boys. Anyway, Tory Member of Parliament Nigel Evans is bailed out, because he’s charged with raping two other boys.

Back with more after this.




Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and on now to law. Law really is coercion. It’s called coercion and coercion is really the threat of force, you see, if you don’t comply and then it’s followed up by force if you stay put. Most folk comply, you see, by coercion. They’re scared of coercion and you can be put in a pen, if you want, or a prison camp through coercion. “Go there or else” and most folk will go. You’ll find that’s how it will happen, you know. It says...


“Should un-vaccinated kids be banned from childcare?”


Alan: This is from Australia.



“Childcare centres should have the right to ban un-vaccinated kids from childcare centres and preschools under a proposed "no jab, no play" policy.”



Alan: So they’re doing this across the world of course because the United Nations’ World Health Organisation runs all these things and they’ve got every country agreeing to push all this and now every government has set up special agencies within their governments to promote all this and track down children who haven’t had certain, their fifty jabs or something that they get now. Followed up by this, it says...



“Number of disabled children soars by 16% in just 10 years and experts believe autism is to blame”



Alan: I wonder why that’s happening, eh? I wonder why. I’ll leave it to you to think. And Obama too...



“President Obama is preparing to send lethal weaponry to the Syrian opposition...”



Alan: That’s the rebels, Al-Qaida. You know, our worst enemies are good friends, you know. That’s how they are.


“...and has taken steps to assert more aggressive U.S. leadership among allies and partners seeking the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad…”


Alan: …That are all outside agencies. Especially Israel because it’s on their list. It has been for the last fifteen years. And also it says...



“Daniel Kessler: The Coming Obamacare Shock”



Alan: From the Wall Street Journal. I’ll put that up tonight too. It’s worth having a little peruse at that to see how it’s going to affect people. And also an article from Haaretz Daily newspaper.



“President Barack Obama on Thursday will nominate Mike Froman and Penny Pritzker for the last two vacant Cabinet slots on his economic team, turning to a law school classmate who is already one of his chief advisers and a billionaire businesswoman who helped put him in the White House.”


Alan: So that’s how you pay off your friends. You think all these, the money that they’re giving to these characters is because they just like your party? No. It’s pay-off time, folks. It’s the same in every government. We’re run by corruption, you know. It’s open, isn’t it? It’s open. You scratch my back and I scratch yours, you know.  And also...



“Pat Buchanan: ‘Amnesty and Path to Citizenship Lead to Erasure of Southern Border of U.S.’”



Alan: It’s not a bad article. It’s worth reading through, whether you like him or not; the fact is, truth is truth and, of course, that’s part of the reason for it because Jacques Attali at the United Nations said this years ago in a couple of his books, ‘Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order’. It was called ‘Millennium’ and he talked about the eradication of the borders with Mexico especially, and lots from all of Latin America will come up through into the US and that was the agenda. He said and eventually it will be a Spanish-speaking country. That’s on the cards according to the United Nations. That’s what they want, so it will be that way. And...



“Singapore Will Replace Switzerland As Wealth Capital”


Alan: …of the world, for all the hold-outs for the big, big wealthy folk.


“Thanks in part to its generous tax regime, Singapore has been a millionaire haven for years. But a new report says the tiny island state may soon overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest offshore wealth hub.”


Alan: That’s for any new multi-billionaires out there listening to this show; and that’s a joke, folks, eh.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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