May 7, 2013 (#1325)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 7, 2013:

Banks to get Bail-In, Depositors to be Done-In:

"Passive TV Viewers, Downloaded, Not Detecting
The Patterns of Data, Setting Mind-Directing,
For Every "Story" You See with Eyes a-Slitted
There's a Hundred Important Articles Omitted,
It's All Done Through News Agencies' Agreements
To Direct Viewers' Thoughts from Achievements
Of the World's Masters, Those "Totally Noble",
As They Plunder the Planet, Turn it Global,
Laws Passing to Affect the "Global Village"
Enabling Bankers to Plunder, Steal and Pillage
All Depositors' Bank Amounts,
Exempting Privileged Names with Special Accounts"
© Alan Watt May 7, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 7, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 7th, 2013.  There’s always newcomers coming in to the broadcast and I advise them to make good use of the website  Go into the archives section and you’ll find lots of talks I’ve given over the years, where I go into the history of the system, the big system that runs the world. It’s not conspiracy. The guys actually who are involved in this big agenda you might say write books about it, lots and lots of books about it, the ones who participate at the top, especially when they retire and they put their memoirs out and so on. They tell you they’re bringing in this new planned society, global system, with science also running our lives for us basically with government agencies, from birth to death and so on, across the whole planet. They’ve already implemented a lot of it across the Western world and they’re going for the whole globe now. But they also want to run the world properly, they say. Rather than have people make up their own minds and make their own decisions about things, they’re going to do it all for you, when you’re born basically, even before you’re born. Because eventually, if you read the writings going way back, a hundred years, they say that eventually you won’t get born unless they actually need you for something. And we’re going into genetics and all the rest of it now; it’s all part and parcel of the same agenda.


So remember too that you bring me to you. You are the audience that help keep me going because I don’t bring on sponsors and advertisers as guests and so on. I depend upon you to buy the books and discs at I go through the art of conology. Conology is always used. It’s used daily, on a daily basis by the mainstream media.  It doesn’t matter what form of media it is, it’s all propaganda basically and propaganda is something with a spin on it or a bias on it to lean against something, to formulate your opinions for you on behalf of those who put it out in the first place. They want you to arrive at predetermined opinions. So that’s what propaganda really is, the shaping of the mind for someone else’s agenda. So I go through the whole history of it. So remember too, buy the books and discs as I say.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through this new con of inflation, which is simply devaluation of the currencies across the planet.  And of course we’re getting devalued because we’re going into a new system. And out of every crisis they make their agenda happen; they need crisis to make things happen. You’ll see it in Europe with the Euro; they created the Euro out of crisis after crisis. And each time people get into the Euro they end up bankrupt bailing out every other country. Then they use all those crises to bring in even more power through the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements, ALL institutions that were created and written about a hundred years ago by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization that helps run the world, and the Council on Foreign Relations of course which is its foreign branches of the same thing.  So we’re living through someone else’s agenda, including the wars and all the big bank crashes you hear about, and the ones still to come, because they want a global currency down the road eventually, after they bring us down to utter ruin and a mess at the bottom. And that’s how they get it all to happen.


They also call this system ‘progress’ and no one ever questions what ‘progress’ is. Progress, really, is simply the fulfilling of their laid-down plans. Very simple. And we’re all living through it. All of us are living through it. You find too that all the power and all the big decisions that are made today are outside even your members of Parliament or your Congress. It’s way above them. It’s international corporations, because international corporations are the ones which basically put their guys into politics now. Look at the histories of the guys who apply to go into politics, at the high levels especially, they’ve all been CEOs of corporations; when they’re out of politics they go back into them again. And I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix. I’ve talked many times about the big system and of course the manipulators that really work our minds basically. You can go back even way before Edward Bernays came along, into the book Propaganda and ones even before that, and even go into the writings of Machiavelli and so on.  These guys all knew the ancient sciences of running the minds of whole herds of people basically. Today it’s even more perfected. 


Down through the ages when conquerors would come into a new empire, you would find that they didn’t simply destroy, as they try to make out sometimes, and burn libraries down.  They stole the libraries first because knowledge is power, especially with empires that have lasted for a long time.  You don’t burn down their libraries; you grab all their stuff to find out how they did it and held onto it, then you use it yourself. Ancient knowledge.  I call it conology, because that’s what it is. For any individual, in fact, to give up their rights to anybody is a bit kind of crazy to start with isn’t it? It’s always done under the guise of keeping you safe and solidarity and all this kind of stuff, and you end up being a subservient to whoever’s at the top, the honchos. Then you get the advisors around the top honchos that are the Machiavellian types and they know all the sciences of running the people basically. Very, very simple.  Francis Bacon is good too, to read his articles and the books he wrote for the King, as he basically presented his résumé on how to con the public.


Nothing has changed today.  All releases go through public relations departments from governments. All departments of government, even your local governments have public relations companies working with them.  Sometimes they have their own guys employed full-time, public relations experts, which is just propaganda, how to take any news at all and spin it into the direction you want the public to think about or believe in and so on. News itself isn’t simply what’s really happening. It’s what they want you to think about that is happening, as opposed to other things which they don’t bother telling you about that’s really happening.  So in other words, news today is a science and it’s a science of control. They give you the topics to chat about, and we do chat about them because we’ve got nothing else given to us, you see. Most folk are brought up in the system to believe that those above them are straightforward and honest and so on, a very tribal instinct in a sense, you see, very primitive.


Because in the old days, in the ancient days, they used to have people that would get together, in upsalas for instance in Norway and other places, where they’d gather together and they all had a say in what happened before a decision was made; that was true, what we think of as, democracy.  You didn’t have an elected bunch that simply made the decisions for you without consulting you. Today we still go through the sham of thinking we elect people. But they’re all pre-appointed and selected by, well as I said before, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain and the Council on Foreign Relations in the US and Canada. It’s all done in advance. All the leaders are, and they have been, according to their own historians, for about a hundred years now it would be, they’ve been doing that.


So we don’t have democracy.  We still go through the farce of sending people off to Parliament, that live pretty well.  They don’t really know much about what’s going on, especially in the money department, and they do well for themselves. It’s to do with ego and what they call ‘playing the game’. Playing the game means you know which way the wind blows, not from the public, it doesn’t matter about the public once you’re in office. You simply know where the wind blows inside your party and you always vote with the party. So we don’t have representation at all.


But getting back to the main point, the point is, your minds are directed. That’s so important to understand. From the trivia they give you...  For a lot of people who have already caved in with the pressure of not understanding the complex stuff that’s getting shoved at them, they go into the trivia; then the trivia gets mixed up with the serious until nothing is serious anymore. It’s all almost fantasy isn’t it? So you’re already out of the game; you’re not a threat to those who hold power in any positions at all.  And that works so well. Nothing is out there by accident, nothing whatsoever.


As I say, when you see mainstream news to do with bombings of countries and even pictures or photographs of people getting blown up and body parts, etc., and down the right-hand column there’s every boob babe, one after another, every celebrity in hardly anything at all, you know that this is a format, you understand, sex/violence, sex/violence, sex/violence, a technique that’s so well understood by those who run society. But the average person doesn’t even think through it consciously, but the images do. It’s to do with images. Symbology rules you understand and there’s been very good exposés about symbology and the art of imprinting in the mind symbols. When symbols are used they override logic and then facts don’t matter anymore. That’s why the propagandists in war flood you with symbology. From the national symbols which get the pride going and all the rest of it, together with destruction of the nation, like 9/11, over and over, and over and over, and over and over again, and it works wonders. Facts don’t matter.  And inconsistencies don’t matter either. It’s emotion which works, very primitive instincts, as I say, that really are used against us now, with the sciences that are understood.


As I say too, we’re going towards this thing called progress. Very few folk understand what it means. As I say, progress simply means that you have to have a system laid out in advance that you want to achieve, step by step by step. Otherwise you can’t say progress, that’s undefined. And this is defined; they know exactly where they’re taking us all. Because the boys that set up the free trade systems, the private central bank systems under the Bank for International Settlements and the IMF and the World Bank, as I say, they set up this whole agenda a long time ago, and they wrote about it at world meetings. They put out their books of world meetings back in the 30s; I’ve got some of them here from the Royal Institute of International Affairs.   And they laid out the future. They even, at that time too, they knew they were going to have a war with Germany and they weren’t worried about losing it at all. In fact, they were going on to what they would do after the war and so on and so on, the rest of the agenda.


They also knew they’d have to change culture drastically. And for someone from outside reading their books you’d think, how come the top bankers – who were present by the way, always at these meetings, because they set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs – why were they backing communism and all for communism? Well, communism is the rise of the big government, that’s why. They like big government between themselves and the masses. And big government trains the masses, until the masses are dependent on big government, especially when you bring in a massive welfare system. Then you’re determined to destroy the family unit, which has been done, and then the big government steps in with agencies to help out single mums or find homes for children and stuff like that, on and on it goes.  You see, so communism works hand in glove with capitalism. Now they call it socialism.  You’ve never heard any of the big bankers ever decry socialism. They’re only too happy to lend to governments as much as they want, out of nothing anyway, it’s thin air. Because they live off the massive interest, which can’t be paid. They live awfully well off the interest alone. That’s not bad for a con of something you don’t give them at all, except a bunch of numbers, but you get real benefit, real material goods back in return, at compound interest. That’s how you live off it.


But as I say, very few folk can actually figure it out. And of course they’re never going to change this system. The bankers always plunder the planet at least twice every century. At least twice every century, look at the history.  And they won’t fix it because they want it to happen again, because they use it to further their power and their grip across the planet. And there will be more crashes yet; they still have them scheduled to come. They’ve already set the laws on the books so that they can plunder the accounts of the public.


Now here is an example here too, of progress, because under progress as a guise to protect the crew that’s doing it, they always have to stand up for everybody else under the guise of discrimination. We’ve seen the rise of the feminists for a long time too; that was one of the first groups in fact that the Marxists said that they would use, was the creation of feminist movements, which they did. Because you can’t really destroy the family unit unless you really get a lot of women to be anti-male and so on, and they did a good job of that; now it’s taught in school as a normal thing. But then we get it promoted further, into the military and so on, and then you get the…


CIA selects new head of clandestine service, passing over female officer

(Alan:  ...who they had all backed for the job.) / Greg Miller / May 7, 21013


(A:  This is a great thing for a testimony, isn’t it? for the US… Not that the US is the only country doing this.) 


A CIA officer who was the first woman to lead the agency’s clandestine service, but was also directly involved in its controversial interrogation program (A:  ...meaning torture.), will not get to keep that job as part of a management shake-up announced Tuesday by CIA Director John O. Brennan.


The officer, who is undercover, served as director of the National Clandestine Service on an interim basis over the past two months, and many considered her a front-runner to keep the post, which involves overseeing the CIA’s spying operations worldwide.


And it says here that apparently she was involved, and it leaked out somehow or another, in torturing people over in Thailand on behalf of the US in some torture facility that they had there. But the thing is, I mean, is this a great thing to be proud of or something? ...equality for sadists? Think about it, folks. You understand, when we’ve all become… It was bad enough when there were guys doing it, but when you get women in too, it’s like the game is over. There’s no balance to anything now. There’s no counterbalance to the nastiness. But this is being lauded of course as a great thing that she can do this.


And then getting back to the bankers it says…  Now, can you believe it, with this great thing called economists, the economists that run the world, the science of economy, and all their degrees and all the rest of it, they can’t stop this kind of thing from happening?


Dollar slides on Soros speculation, ahead of Reserve meeting / 7 May 2013 / Michael Janda


(A:  Now, he has sunk countries before, him and a couple of his pals. Because they set up the system, and they haven’t changed it, so that when big heads of banks are going to meet together they speculate if the money is going to rise or fall, and they make profits off of it. And they can help sink it by losing confidence of investors, just by announcing what they’re doing. So it says…)


A senior currency strategist says a half-cent dip in the Australian dollar since yesterday afternoon is unlikely to have much to do with rumours that billionaire investor George Soros is shorting the currency.  (A:  That’s what they call it, shorting the currency. And I’ll go back into this one when I come back after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this article about George Soros and it says…


Rumours swirled around markets yesterday evening that billionaire US investor George Soros may have taken a $1 billion short position against the currency (A:  ...betting against the currency of Australia.) - Mr Soros famously profited from successfully shorting the British pound early in the 1990s, despite attempts by the Bank of England to prop the currency up.  (A:  They had to borrow billions to bail themselves out because Soros and two of his buddies had shorted basically the pound, by design, on purpose, to rake in a massive profit.)


Now, what kind of a system would they set up in the first place to allow these guys to do this? Well, who set it up in the first place? You have to go into Rothschild and all the rest of these guys who run it all.  And it’s set up to be raped and plundered and manipulated.  I mean, billions of people across the world, literally, are in the hands of a few, who play with them. And they call this a science that we’re all supposed to believe in, economy and economics. And yet all the best economists at the top can’t see it all coming and they don’t stop it and plug all the loopholes. Why do you think so? It’s not meant to be plugged. It’s not your system, folks. It’s not your system. It’s for the likes of Soros and so on, that’s what it was set up for. That’s why they won’t stop it and plug up the loopholes allowing them to do what they do. And why is your currency up there getting tossed around the planet anyway to speculators to deal with? What’s the point in working for a living and saving up and all the rest of it when these characters can smash you in a single blow as they profit and laugh? And Soros even boasted about how he did it, in half a page in the British newspapers, the last time, boasted about it. Quite legal, it’s quite legal. And we’re supposed to think we’re living in a sane society. It is sane but it depends how you look upon it, and whose side you look upon it from, for those that run it; that’s as simple as that.


And also too, this article about Australia again and it says…  


South Australian property agents target Asian markets / Tom Bowden / May 3, 2013


It’s all about the Chinese, very wealthy people, moving into Australia, buying up all the top real estate there. And it’s set up, as I said before, the Royal Institute of International Affairs through the Institute for Pacific Relations, one of their branches, has been working for 80-odd years to eventually get the whole trade group in, in the Far East, under one trade group. They’ve done it now and now of course Australia and New Zealand come under the tutelage basically of China as the boss, all set up by the boys in London, the City of London. I’ll put that up tonight too.


Also this article too, it says…


Bank deposits of over €100,000 may be at risk

(A:   Now, this is the mantra. As I’ve told you, news is also meant to prepare you for things, psychologically, without you being aware of it; that’s what it’s about.) 

Proposals under Irish presidency to deal with European bank collapses likely to ‘bail-in’ (A:  ...which is rob...) large depositors / Suzanne Lynch / May 7, 2013


Deposits of over €100,000 are likely to be hit in the event of future European bank collapses, according to a proposal put forward by the Irish presidency of the European Council ahead of a key meeting of finance ministers next week.


Discussions on the controversial bank resolution regime, which is likely to see savers with deposits over €100,000 “bailed in” as part of future bank wind-downs, (A:  I like the terms… they rob you as part of bank ‘wind-downs’…) are due to intensify this week in Brussels (A: Europe.), ahead of Tuesday’s meeting, which will be chaired by Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan.


“We will try to get some guidance from Ministers about the possible design of the bailout tool,” one EU official said yesterday.  (A:  I mean, it’s all getting prepared to plunder depositors. And no one’s saying, this is all wrong, we’ve got to stop it right now. No one is saying this. It’s the opposite, they’re all saying, we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to get it all legal, so they can plunder each country’s currency and their savings of depositors.)


Under a compromise text proposed by the Irish presidency, uninsured deposits of over €100,000 would be bailed in (A:  ...stolen...) in the event that a bank is resolved, but depositors would rank higher than other creditors in the event of a wind-down.  (A:  [Alan laughing.])


In this scenario – known as “deposit preference” – depositors would rank at the very end of the process, with other creditors first absorbing losses.


I mentioned before too, that Bill Gates, the other day I mentioned that Bill Gates was one of the big investors in one of the big banks in Ireland; of course he was bailed out.  This is what they’re talking about. They will bail them out first, the big boys that hold their bonds, you see, but they’ll steal your money as a depositor; you’re at the end of the queue as a depositor. Not bad, eh. And you think you’re living in some sort of... the just society. Isn’t that what they keep telling you? ...the good society?    ...democracy


And also this article from Business Week says…


EU Ministers to Grapple Next Week Over Bank Creditor Loss Rules / Jim Brunsden / May 7, 2013


Finance ministers will hold talks next week on proposed European Union rules for writing down failing banks’ creditors, amid splits over the status of insured depositors and the powers that should be handed to national regulators.  (A:  Do you vote for national regulators? No. Do you get a chance to? Do you know who they are? Of course you don’t. Democracy, right.)


“The treatment of uninsured depositors remains a key issue particularly after recent events,” according to a document prepared by Ireland . . .  (A:  This is the same article but in a different way; it tells you a bit more information about it.)


EU leaders have set a June deadline for governments and the European Parliament to agree on the text of a bank-failure law (A:  So here is the law coming in, in June, and I can guarantee you after that they will start plundering the banks.), aimed at taking taxpayers off the hook for rescues. In the absence of such a system, nations have injected 1.7 trillion euros ($2.2 trillion) into their banking systems since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., according to European Commission data.  (A:  The big bankers sunk us and now they’re plundering us all again. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading about all the rules that are being readied for the big, next round of bank collapses, as they plunder depositors’ savings, in order to save the big boys at the top, the guys that hold all the bonds and so on. It’s talking about this in Business Week, it says…


‘Harmonized Approach’


National officials clashed on the design of the writedown rules at a meeting of ambassadors last week, according to a European official.


While governments including the U.K. and France argue that the writedown rules will be ineffective unless regulators have the power to adjust them according to circumstances (A:  That means they’ve got to make sure that the big boys get paid first.), some other nations are concerned that this discretion could fuel uncertainty and lead to a patchwork of approaches across the 27-nation bloc.  (A:  Now, this is the readiness, remember that they’re talking about the readiness to plunder the banks again, which is your savings.)


“Many member states consider that the major drawback to the harmonized approach (A:’s harmonized theft; that’s pretty good isn’t it?) is the inability to deal with unforeseen events and that the absence of flexibility may result in the resolution authority avoiding or being unable to use the bail-in tool,” (A:  ...the theft tool.) according to the document.


Ireland is also seeking guidance from governments on what rules should govern the use of national, bank-financed funds, which would be set up under the law to help cover costs at failing lenders.


While provisional versions of the legislation would only allow these so-called resolution funds to be tapped after creditors have been written down, “there are a small number of member states who would like a greater flexibility in the use of the resolution fund to allow it to be used for direct solvency support,” according to the document.


So it’s all being readied and they can’t tell you, GLEEFULLY enough, article after article, that the top central bankers, private central bankers all under the Bank for International Settlements in Europe, are getting this law passed in June to allow them to plunder every bank across the whole of Europe, and make it the new normal. The new normal, folks.


And here’s a good article on it too, it says…


The Cyprus Bank 'Bail-In' Is Another Crony Bankster Scam /  5/03/2013


A new strategy has been unveiled around the world, with the first test run in Cyprus. Despite early denials, the “bail-in” strategy (A:  ...which is the theft of your deposits.) for insolvent banks has already become official policy throughout Europe and internationally as well.


At first glance, the “bail-in” resembles the normal capitalist process of liabilities restructuring that should occur when a bank becomes insolvent. Equity investors and most-junior creditors lose everything; less-junior creditors get a debt/equity conversion, and senior creditors get 100%. The bank can remain in operation, and does not have to liquidate any assets. No public money is required.


I have been an advocate of restructuring insolvent banks according to these basic capitalistic principles, which requires no public funds.


The difference with the “bail-in” (A:  ...the theft...) is that the order of creditor seniority is changed. In the end, it amounts to the cronies (other banks and government) and non-cronies. The cronies get 100% or more (A:  ...bailed out.); the non-cronies, including non-interest-bearing depositors who should be super-senior, get a kick in the guts instead.


Here’s what it looked like in Cyprus:


All insured deposits (individuals and legal entities) up to €100.000 have, as of 26 March 2013, been transferred from Laiki Bank to the Bank of Cyprus. In addition, the entire amount of deposits belonging to financial institutions, the government, municipalities, municipal councils and other public entities, insurance companies, charities, schools, educational institutions, and deposits belonging to JCC Payment Systems Ltd have been transferred to the Bank of Cyprus.


All other deposits exceeding €100.000 remain in the ‘bad’ Laiki Bank.


Did you get that? Financial institutions (e.g. German banks, and central banks including the Bundesbank) get full repayment, along with government entities, while everyone else gets to eat sand.


If you were robbing a bank, would you take only a little of the money in the vault? No, you would take all of it. The bankers see it the same way when they rob you.


Once you have performed the initial crime of sticking the losses with the non-crony creditors (who are generally senior), while the cronies (who are generally junior) get out scot-free, you might as well keep going.


This can take a number of forms. One is the possibility that the assets of the bank will be sold at firesale prices to other cronies. A “bad” loan might not be worth the full 100 cents on the dollar, but it might have a reasonable economic value of 50 cents. (A:  ...that’s when Soros would buy it up.) Sell the loan to a crony for 5 cents, and the crony effectively gets forty-five cents of instant profit — a nice 10x gain. The losses are taken by the non-crony creditors. This is one reason why I generally do not recommend liquidation, but rather continuation as a going concern for insolvent banks.


Another strategy is loan write-downs. Crony borrowers effectively get loan forgiveness — you no longer owe any money! Indeed, the crony borrowers might get the loans (due to advance information) just before the bank’s restructuring. The loan forgiveness ends up as losses for non-crony creditors. This has already happened in Cyprus, where investigations have already begun regarding loan write-offs for local lawmakers.  (A:  ...and it goes on and on and on. It’s quite a good article actually. I’ll put it up tonight. It gives a more detailed breakdown of how this conology works.)


And I’ve mentioned this for a long time that governments are just tools for private institutions, starting with the banks at the top; I’m talking about the international lenders that set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the private club they belong to that runs the world. It says…


New Rule Signals Kiss of Death for Pensions / 3 May 2013 /  Mark Koba


(A:  They had to go after the pensions because you see, these big bankers have used the pensions of people, that paid in 40, 50 years of their lives, and invested them and reinvested them, thousands of times over, raked off incredible money off them in interest, and then the guy at the end of the road gets the little pittance of a pension at the end, but it’s too much for them, according to the big boys now.)


A little-known rule change that allows companies to contribute fewer dollars to pension funds is signaling just how meaningless the retirement vehicle has become.


"This proves that pensions are pretty much dead," said Greg McBride, chief economist at "The change is just another charade to mask the underfunding of pensions and increases the odds of having less money for retirement."


"It's not necessarily the immediate end of pensions but it's not good for them and it's certainly a bad sign," McBride added.


The pension change was part of a transportation bill—called Moving Ahead for Progress (A:  ...there you go... See, ‘progress,’ again, the buzz terms…) in the 21st Century or MAP-21—passed by Congress last June. The change became mandatory this year.


In essence, MAP-21 lets employers put less money in their pension plans by allowing them to value their liabilities— what they have to pay out to pensioners (A:  ...that’s their liability.) —using a 25-year average of interest rates instead of current rates.


When interest rates are low, like now, pension plan liabilities are estimated to be higher and companies have to put in more money. When rates are higher, the liabilities are figured to be smaller and employers' contributions are less. The 25-year average is expected to be at least 2-3 percentage points higher than rates today.


The reduced amount that companies will be putting in has to be figured out by each firm based on the higher rates. But Madison Pension Services, a consulting firm, has reported that some minimum pension contributions in 2012 were reduced by 33 percent.  (A:  And it goes on and on and on, with more data here, lots of links to it too. A very good article that folk should read in the US but it’s happening elsewhere too.)


Also this article ties right in with pensions and so on. Again, it’s a blatant attack on the elderly itself. You understand, if you’re elderly now you should really be scared because they’re after not just your pension, they don’t want you to live anymore. I’m not kidding about that, the eugenicists don’t want you to live anymore.  It says...


The Queen’s Speech will undo one of the most sensible reforms of the Thatcher era, writes Andrew Haldenby. /  Andrew Haldenby / May 7, 2013


Speaking after last week’s chastening local election results, the Conservative Party chairman, Grant Shapps, set out his agenda to regain popular support. He emphasised “fixing the economy”, “sorting out the welfare system” and “helping hard-working people to get on”.  (A:  Well they always tell you that rubbish.)


Tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech is a timely opportunity for the Government to make progress on those fronts and, indeed, its last practical chance to introduce any radical legislation in this parliament.


Ministers know that the stakes could hardly be higher. Despite their efforts, the national debt is already at its highest level for 40 years. (A:  ...because it’s the welfare capital of Europe.) Because the annual deficit in the public accounts is proving so hard to control, our debts are set to increase even further, peaking in the next parliament.


Benefits are the problem (A:  Now, they’re not blaming the millions of immigrants that they’ve taken in, they’re not all unemployed, remember, but a lot of them are, and they have big families. But who are they going to blame? The elderly, it’s the British elderly, you see.), the ones going to the old


How can we tackle this challenge? Well, in a way, Grant Shapps’s comments were on exactly the right track. It is the cost not just of the welfare system, but of the welfare state and in particular pensions and the NHS that will threaten the public finances both in this parliament, and for decades to come.  (A:  So it’s the pension system, the elderly, and the National Health Service.)


And what is chiefly responsible for this process, which will imperil the economy and demand higher taxes from the hard-working people he talks about, is the ageing of the population.


Someone aged 65 who retires today has a one in six chance of spending three decades in retirement. By 2035, the odds will be one in four. This increase in life expectancy is a cause for celebration for everyone but the Treasury, which is saddled with rising commitments to retired people.  (A:  Now as I mentioned before, each person who’s paid in their whole life to retirement funds, it doesn’t sit in some sort of bank somewhere.  It gets invested, immediately, every penny you put in, and it brings in its cost MANY, many times over, way beyond what this person is ever going to spend, even if they get paid a pension for 50 years. Because you see, the big banks lend it out to countries that Moody’s downgraded and so on, sometimes for a usury interest of 180%. Massive profits in it.)


Already, the basic state pension costs more than £70 billion per year, while the NHS spends roughly twice as much on pensioners as on those of working age.  (A:  So see, old folk are bad, because they want pension money, and they also paid taxes for all the health care, and now that they need the health care they should just, you know, I guess they have to euthanize them rather than spend it on them. This is where it’s all going, folks.)


Then they have another article and it says… Why pensioners should pay more tax. And so on and so on. So here you go. And then here’s an article right next to it, and this ties right in with it.  This is definitely a coordinated attack...


Only immigrants can save us from pensioners

(A: us FROM pensioners, right.)

Record numbers of Britons are retiring and there’s only one way

we’re realistically going to be able to afford it. / Kathleen Brooks / Sep 27, 2012


We have known for years to expect the deluge of baby boomers starting to claim retirement benefits, but it always seemed so far away. Not any more, we have reached the cliff edge.


The Government recently announced that the number of over 65s in the UK is set to rise by 150,000 this year alone. The trend of rising retirees is set to continue for the next 20 years at least, especially as people continue to live longer. (A:  This is the excuse they’re giving. There’s no proof that they’re living longer, by the way. If anything, folk are getting sicker. So it’s a propaganda piece, you understand.)  


This is good news for retired people who no longer have to haul themselves to work every day, but it could spell disaster for the economy. The problem is that retired people cost a lot through pensions, healthcare, welfare allowances.


As a civilized country we want to give our oldest people the best possible living standards in old age. (A:  ...blah-blah-blah.) So making retirement economically feasible is the biggest challenge for this Government and many in the future.


(A:  Then they go on about…)

How to afford them

(A:  ...etc, etc... So you need more immigrants, you need more immigrants, you need more immigrants…  to destroy the culture altogether. That’s a big part of it too, isn’t it? I mean, Britain’s been paying massive welfare systems to masses of immigrants for a long time now, and setting them up, even brand-new immigrants.  They even bring them in from some countries and set them up, and some of them don’t have to pay taxes for quite a few years if they’ve got a private business going, things like that. You don’t get that if you live in Britain if you’re born there.)


Here’s an article too about how the system has changed.  You’ve all been trained that you’re under a sort of, kind of martial law scenarios now. It says…


Arrest first - ask questions later: How dawn raids and ransacking houses became standard operating procedure / Richard Littlejohn /  6 May 2013


Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans was arrested in a blaze of flashbulbs and television lights and accused of rape by two men he had 'regarded as friends'  (A:  So it says he raped two guys, you know; these are the two that have come forward anyway.)


Now it’s the turn of Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans to have his life turned upside down over allegations of sexual assault.


He was arrested in a blaze of flashbulbs and television lights and accused of rape by two men he had ‘regarded as friends’. His house and car have been searched and bags of ‘evidence’ taken away by detectives. But, as yet, he still hasn’t been charged with anything.


As with the procession of ageing TV personalities targeted by the Jimmy Savile Squad, I make no comment on the veracity of the allegations. They are all innocent until proven guilty. Last night, we learned that Jimmy Tarbuck has been added to the list of celebrities arrested and questioned.


Let me reiterate what I wrote back in January when Jim Davidson had his collar felt at Heathrow Airport over an incident supposed to have taken place 25 years ago.


The police have a duty to investigate complaints of sexual assault. Just because an allegation is ‘historic’ it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. If there is compelling evidence it must be tested in court.


We don’t know the specific details of the accusations made against Nigel Evans. He says he is mystified by the allegations, which he vehemently denies.


Perhaps it really was necessary to subject his property to the full CSI treatment. (A: And it’s true, these programs like CSI and all that, have trained the public this is normal procedure, just come blazing into houses and through the windows and through the doors and the whole bit. See, what they show you on TV becomes your reality. That’s how you’re trained to accept things.) But what concerns me is the increasing tendency of the police to arrest first and ask questions later in high-profile sex cases.


What used to happen was that someone would make a complaint, the police would take a statement and test its credibility.


If it appeared that the person being accused had a case to answer, they would initially be interviewed under caution. If the Press got a whiff of it, the Old Bill would say merely that someone was ‘helping with our inquiries’.


But then it goes in about the new way of going after people today. See, they can throw a lot, especially the older ones, to the mob now; they don’t care. They really don’t care; it’s good PR for the cops and so on. Not that they shouldn’t be arresting them anyway, if these guys definitely are guilty then let it go through the courts and we’ll see what happens. Probably nothing will happen. What are they going to do to them? that age? Some of them are in their 80s now.   But the politicians doesn’t surprise me; there’s nothing new in that at all. You understand, the most aggressive psychopaths of all head up towards politics, and often the rest of them will actually go into the money fields, the big speculation money fields and so on, where they get their adrenaline flowing; they feel the power of it. And a lot of the guys at the top too have a certain proclivity for particular sexual trends, put it that way, and tendencies.


This article here too... Again, we know we’re under a completely new system of totalitarian control. The Royal Institute of International Affairs said they were going after all of the water supply of the planet eventually, that’s what they would do, all minerals, gold.  All the things that you need basically, and that industry needs, they would get it first. And eventually food as well; and they put Monsanto and a whole bunch of them out there, Syngenta, etc...


Seed industry to benefit from new EU regulation, NGO says / 06.05.13 /  Nikolaj Nielsen


BRUSSELS - The European Commission on Monday (6 May) tabled an extensive package covering plant and animal health it says will strengthen standards for the whole food chain, but others call it a victory for the seed industry.


The value of crops grown in the EU is worth €205 billion annually


EU commissioner for health Tonio Borg (A: ...he’s a Borg...) told reporters in Brussels the proposal will increase the traceability and surveillance of seeds on the EU market. (A:  But what it actually does is forbid you to use certain seeds, even in your back garden, folks, without proof of where you got them. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and reading this article here about Monsanto and others. But it says here that what they’re giving these companies now, these corporations, are the same rights they already have in the States, where they themselves have been in charge of testing and regulating and rubberstamping the okay-ness of their own seed basically. So they’ll be doing that in Europe across the board. It’s interesting too, it says that on Monsanto’s own website, they talk about how many farmers they go after, where they find seed on their land.  So…


But the company is a jealous guardian of the seeds and has issued 145 lawsuits against US farmers - or about 11 every year on average - since 1997.


“To date, only nine cases have gone through full trial. In every one of these instances, the jury or court decided in our favour,” states the Monsanto website. 


Well, I put up an article before when they tried this in Canada, and they actually caught Monsanto guys trying to bribe, with big cash sums, bureaucrats in Ottawa to allow them to do the same kind of thing here. This is how you get through life in big business, for those who are naïve out there.  This is how it really works, folks. They’re ruthless, utterly ruthless to get their own way, and they pay off the judges and everything else. They really do.


We don't accept this. Let us keep our seeds EU! -


Also this article too, again, about Britain. It says...


There could be a potential disaster in Britain if the country does not stop open-door access to British borders - claims controversial UKIP Member of the European Parliament.


UK 'cannot afford' EU open borders any longer / Godfrey Bloom / 14 January 2013


. . . No matter who runs our police forces, Britain will be unable to stop the tidal flood of new immigrants (A: ...which is supposed to be great you see because there’s just too many old folk there, they claim.) because the government's hands are tied and it cannot stop restrictions being lifted without tearing up the treaty signed with Bulgaria and Romania (A: they’re blaming those two countries, but it’s not their fault.) when they joined the EU in 2007.


The government is frightened to predict how many Bulgarians and Romanians will move here (A:  Well actually, they know already because most of the young Bulgarians already got out of the country; they’ve been living in poverty since the Soviet system, and during the Soviet system. It’s one of the poorest countries in the whole of Europe. And they’ve got more Romanians moving in, for sure...) because the previous administration grossly underestimated the numbers in 2004. It predicted fewer than 20,000 eastern Europeans would arrive but Office for National Statistics figures show more than 600,000 were working in Britain last year. Already, statistics have shown that Romania's population has fallen by more than 12 per cent since 2002 as hundreds of thousands leave the poverty-stricken nation for richer countries such as Britain.  (A:  Then it goes on and on.)


But again, this is all by design, folks, and it’s done by the collusion of the top politicians in Britain. As I say, Tony Blair went through all this too, he opened the floodgates to all countries, and he did have the intention to destroy the British culture forever, and that came out from his right-hand man, to say that. That’s part of the agenda. So don’t blame the people that are flooding in because this is all done through treaties. And to be honest with you, if I lived in one of these poor countries I’d flood in there too or somewhere else. Why stay at home and starve? It’s all done by treaties at the top. And everybody’s getting used, including the immigrants themselves; they don’t know it.


And one of the biggest scandals, again, has hit the National Health Service.  It doesn’t surprise me in this system where everything’s degraded and degraded and folk are kept and trained to be utterly naïve.  It says...


New kids’ organs scandal hits the NHS / TOM MORGAN and JAMES MILLS / 7th May 2013


They’ve been plundering babies and children’s organs for over 20 years without permission, folks, on a massive scale, again. And I’ll touch on that tomorrow night.  Because it’s just…  Ah, it doesn’t surprise me. We’re all worth money even when we’re dead, to certain people.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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