May 10, 2013 (#1328)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 10, 2013:

"Doing God's Work":

"The Mystery of Money is Made Hard to Follow,
Degreed Explanations-- Long-Winded, Hollow,
Run by "Experts", Things should Go as Planned,
So Why do Banks Crash, Then Bail-Outs Demand?
After Every Enquiry, Committees do Declare,
Insiders Knew Who'd Fail, What, Why, Where,
For Centuries this System has Plundered Nations,
Public Told to Tighten Belts and have Patience,
Experts Who "Didn't See it Coming" Work On Solution,
While Banksters are Blessed with Holy Absolution"
© Alan Watt May 10, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 10, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 10, 2013.  Newcomers, help yourself to the website and go into the archive section, youíll find lots of audios for free download. I go through this system weíre born into, the system the trains us never to figure outside the box, so to speak, and how subsequent conditioning through media, television, movies even, all the fiction that you watch, really is conditioning you, again, into staying inside the box, not getting outside of it.


You see how the world really is run, and who runs the world, and where itís all going, and how it all happened in fact. The history hasnít really been completely written yet, although we have lots of data on who set it up, this particular system weíre living in today. And it is run by private foundations that, really, together form a parallel government across the world. Theyíre completely interlocked with each other and they have the ears of all the politicians across the world.  Because the Royal Institute of International Affairs set up this organization to start with, this first one, the big one, to take over the world and put it into a global society, which they themselves at the top would run, for their own benefit naturally. But theyíd also use science and government agencies to control the public from birth, right through their whole lives, until death. And thatís all happening today.


So as I say, help yourself to that. Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me keep ticking along by getting the books and disks at  I go through the history of at least conology, which is an awfully good art to learn, you understand, because itís used against us all the time, the art of persuasion and conology. It works awfully, awfully well, especially when you train the public to be naÔve and to believe everything that theyíre taught, especially in school; thatís your primary training for it. 


[Order and donation options listed above.]   Straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through inflation, which is simply devaluation of your currency, or your purchasing power. This is happening, again, globally, as we go into the global society.  Weíre actually in the global society.  To get it completely up and running properly and to train the public that itís now here properly, they have to crash everything step by step, in a controlled take down, until they come out with the solution, which of course is world government, quite naturally. Thatís what weíre going through today as we watch all the bank crashes and everything else happening, and the ones that are looming out in the future.


So weíre living through a plan and itís hard for most folk to believe that. Theyíve been taught that thereís an accidental view of history, not the conspiratorial view of history. Even though the  big foundations themselves and even your own governments are off to the G7, and G20s and all the other G-whatevers across the planet, deciding together what the future of the whole planet is to be, signing trade deals and interlocking deals, with law and everything else, for integration with each other.  Itís all to do with what? Globalism, of course. Globalism and financial transactions too, and merging of countries finances, etc; thatís already happening too.  Look at Europe. Look at Europe now that it is completely merged, with its own central bank, private central bank. Of course the Americas has to go the same way too.  The Americas too, has to get kind of half flattened, like Europe is getting flattened, to make it all happen, the final phase of it. All the other legalities have been worked out and signed into law by politicians over the last 20 odd years, through the NAFTA deals, and before that the Free Trade Agreement.


So weíre living through a plan.   As I say, you canít believe thatís just accidental when you can read all the history of the plan, because they do publish it all the time, and updates on it too. So people do plan the future and they plan what kind of future theyíre going to bring in. And we have to live.  We have to all live in the future planned by other people. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big global system that we must all go into you see, one way or another.  Whatever it takes, the end justifies the means, and many of the means have already been used, thereís quite a few to go yet, mind you. 


Also, to do with money, money has always confused most folk, because weíre trained. Itís amazing, we go through school and unless you go into economics you really arenít told much about money at all. I think they even teach high school children now how to get credit cards, things like that, and how to use them.  But they donít tell them what money even is, or why it is the way it is, or who controls it for that matter, or why it goes up and down and so on and so on. The whole system really is a con game and itís run that way, on purpose, by those who are in charge of money, traditionally have been in charge of money for a long, long time. Itís a con game.


There are awfully good books out there, lots of them in fact, about the history of money and Europe and so on, to do with the goldsmiths who would hoard money on behalf of Kings; they would actually have to have strong vaults and so on. Eventually they found out they could put out promissory notes and that became your currency. The notes became a substitute for the actual wealth itself, the gold or the silver or whatever. They eventually could put out more and more of the paper money than they actually did hold inside their reserves. And itís so much the same system today, although most countries donít have anything at all in reserve; theyíre on complete paper currencies, based on faith. Faith. Weíre told this is all quite normal.  That all our lives revolve around a system, where youíll never meet the top players, that really manipulate the currency on a daily basis across the whole planet. Youíll never meet them, and were told this is all quite normal, just have faith in it. Itís quite something isnít it? What a  trick.  What a trick that is.


You know, Iíve mentioned many, many times that wild animals have all their instincts for preservation, natural instincts. I get different animals coming across the land here; thereís wolves, thereís foxes and so on. And I like to watch the fox sometimes because heíll go the same track pretty well every night and if thereís anything different on his route, anything at all, if a tree falls down he doesnít just run up to the tree and jump over it, heís going to go around that thing a few times and look at it from every possible angle, to see if there could even be some kind of trap or something wrong, something else involved in it before he makes a move. Thatís self-preservation.  Thatís why theyíre still around after all of this time of being hunted.


But man of course, weíre so easily trained, trained, because we have natural instincts as well. Part of it is to do with tribalism. We still have the same, basically, instincts in us of the tribe and weíre taught to believe the ones above you, the chief basically; the one thatís the top honcho is a chief.  Today of course the chiefs are dressed up in very expensive business suits and so on and weíre taught to believe in these guys as being somehow awfully special, and a bit superior in a sense, and more honest than anybody else. Thatís all it takes to fool the planet. And yet the bankers have plundered the planet many times in the past. They plan to do it again. They never lose. They never lose.  And theyíre guaranteed bailouts, even with the last lot too, from the taxpayer.


Now, in such a system youíre really a slave, naturally. Unless you one of the guys who own the banks, but the fact is, the rest of the public are slaves. So the slaves keep bailing out the banks that live in a lifestyle the slaves canít imagine at the bottom. The whole idea is to keep them living that lifestyle at the top, by simply throwing your cash at them. Remember, money today is just a substitute for your labor; thatís all it is. So, thatís what slavery was based on, your labor. The word Ďtaxí comes from it too, you Ďtaxí yourself when you push yourself to work.


So anyway, we live in a con game, a very good one too. I think it was even Rothschild himself that said it a long time ago, that very few folk would figure out the scam of money, and he says those who would, would be involved in manipulating money themselves, like accountants and so on, he says, they might catch on but, he says, theyíll lose too much to give the game away, so theyíll keep quiet about it, because it profits them very well too. And thatís the way that life seems to work. Itís all based on faith, even though we keep getting slapped every so often.  And even though we keep voting the same government and system back in, over and over and over, that keeps bailing out banks and so on, after the banks have plundered us at least twice a century, thatís generally the record they have, sometimes with little mini ones in between, and we think this is quite normal.  Quite something isnít it?


Then of course, youíre told to do it the old-fashioned way, save up money. Just save it up and be good, be good, be thrifty.  Be thrifty, you see, and you too can get up there. Meanwhile, every day your currency, your savings is getting devalued and devalued and devalued. So the dollar that you put in 20 years ago, that could buy a coffee and may be a submarine sandwich to eat basically, and maybe something else, you canít even get a coffee for it now. You see. So whatís the point in saving it when itís worth less in 20 years time? a fraction of what it was? And weíre taught that this is normal too.


And no one ever asks, why is it normal? Why is it that the currency is always being devalued? Because it always is, always is. And itís built into the very system itself. And everybody else too, is taught to work Ė again, the carrot and stick thing Ė and youíll get a pay raise every year; thatís how it was in America especially, they expect that. Of course you get the pay raise but they donít really get ahead in any way because at the same time every year their taxes go up and so do all the costs of all the items, automatically go up at the same time. Itís an illusion basically.  But itís so simple. And it works awfully, awfully well with millions of people. Millions of people.


Iíve mentioned before too, you see, if youíre natural creature, like the fox for instance, a fox doesnít think in a linear fashion. He thinks in a whole bunch of ways, thatís really been bred into himself by God knows how long heís been around, maybe millions of years or whatever.  But the fact is, itís a genetic memory, many genetic memories of things that can go wrong.  Just a slight suspicion, a hunch, whatever it is, that keeps them alive. And yet, as I say, were trained to believe this is all quite natural, the system weíre living in today. Itís like living under the sword of Damocles, waiting for it to fall, your whole life, because it will fall many times. And strangely enough, all the experts in the world, the best brains on the planet that get paid multimillions a year, some of these guys, are always astonished when it happens. They never saw it coming, they say. And so we put them all back in again and keep the same system going forever and ever. Itís rigged, folks. Itís meant to be this way. Itís meant to be this way. So thereís no point getting all upset about it. This guy shouldíve seen it coming, this guy shouldíve warned of, this guy shouldíve whatever. Thereís no point. Itís a rigged system. And all the guys at the top know itís rigged.


Weíre run by super gangs.  Super gangs. But mind you, the world has always been run by super gangs. Always, really. You know, in the old days too, as I say, in ancient times the folk would have a chieftain, and the chief would have no more possessions, physical possessions, than the people he was in charge of.  And if he was voted out, he was out. If he got ideas and says, well you know Iím going to make this a sort of a lineage of my family, then the people were still numerous enough to oust him and his family. Once you get so called democracy and governments on the go youíve got whole regular armies to take care of.  You canít oust them. You canít, itís impossible. Itís impossible to do it. So the biggest gang runs the whole system. And all the troops that they have, the troopers, the Armyís and so on, will do exactly what theyíre told, and kill whoever theyíre told when itís time to do so.


Look at the history of just Britain alone, or France or any other European countries, something that the founding fathers of America had certainly studied because they knew the history of standing armies. They are always turned on their own people. Thatís what the big debates were about, always used on their own people at some time or another. And they do with their told, without question. Obedience to authority, it works very, very well.


Now as I say, getting back to the fox and so on being not a straight thinker Ė from this step to that step to that step. They go in multi-directions. There are people like that too, who are trained, trained, and their families, very, very rich families, who also think in a different way, like a zigzag in a sense. They look at everything, every topic from many different angles. They can see through the cons immediately, very, very streetwise. Youíll meet people at the bottom level too, generally they are the crooks that youíll meet, often who are in and out of trouble. But even the low ones, theyíre so incredibly streetwise when it comes to figuring things out itís astonishing. Itís only astonishing because you see, weíve all been trained to be naÔve, and thatís what astonishes us, is how they figured it out, so simply, and theyíll just reel it off whatís really happening with this scam and that scam or whatever the government is up to, and it never occurs to you. Because youíve been trained. Itís like getting a vaccination; they say the vaccination has taken. They mean, itís worked.  Or it hasnít, you see. Well, for some quirk of fate or birth or whatever with these particular crooks, their conditioning didnít take on them and theyíre completely streetwise.


And we are taught to be naÔve. I mean, can you believe after so many bank crashes and so on, look how many bank crashes they had in the US in the late 1800s alone, just with Gould and Morgan and so on. The three of them got together and crash the economy three times in the late 1800s, never mind the early 1900s either. And you keep getting the same system back in, back in and back in. Itís a big, big brotherhood at the top, you see. Now, talking about people who are not straight thinkers, you see, and the crooksÖ I mean, thereís an article today as an example about it and it saysÖ


Cybercriminals Ďdrained ATMsí in $45m world bank heist / 9 May 2013


A gang of cybercriminals stole $45m (£29m) by hacking into a database of prepaid debit cards and draining cash machines around the world (Alan:  Around the world, right.), US prosecutors say.


Seven people have been charged in New York (A:  Itíll be New York, you see.) over the heist, which allegedly stretched across 26 countries.  (A:  But the US was the biggest culprit, it says.)


An eighth suspect is thought to have been murdered in April.


The network used fake cards to target banks in the United Arab Emirates and Oman (A:  Very rich countries. Itís astonishing. Back with more on how to think in a more crooked fashion, after this break.), court documents said.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about what is really straight and crooked thinking. By crooked, it doesnít mean itís really crooked. It simply means that youíre not going from A to B in a straight line, because thereís many ways to arrive at the destination in one piece, especially. And talking about the difference between those who handle money, manage money and the con of money, and those who donít, the ones at the bottom who end up bailing all the banks out every time that they claimed that theyíre broke. This article here is to do with ATM fraud, massive fraud too, $45 million, across the whole planet. And they did it on separate occasions, a few different times, sometimes with thousands of withdrawals across the planet in a very short space of time. Iíll put this article up tonight but it says that they targeted the rich Arab countries, United Arab Emirates and Oman. It says:


In the space of 10 hours, casher cells withdrew $40m in 36,000 transactions from ATMs in 24 countries.  (A:  Thereís coordination for you.)


According to the indictment of the New York defendants, they quickly moved to launder their cash, opening a Miami bank account and pouring money into cars, including a Porsche and a Mercedes, and Rolex watches. 


So these guys, some of them have been caught.  Some of them, of course, we donít know if they are the top guys, probably not, but theyíve been caught anyway. Again, being low-level type crooks, and these guys who get caught are low level because these are the guys who do buy the fancy stuff, thatís immediately seen.  Where does this guy get this kind of cash from? You know, they donít have the brains to hide the cash and just behave as normal or move to another country or something. But if it came to anything, that you ask them about money, they could give you lectures, way better than any economists will ever give you, on the scams of money.


The EU Canada trade agreement, again too, with all theseÖ  See, once you get into trading blocs Ė and this was the whole idea of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Theyíd create these massive free trade zones, with trading blocs, then theyíd amalgamate countries, then theyíd amalgamate the banking system, and then theyíd have their own private central bank running the whole bloc. Karl Marx mentioned it too. Of course the Royal Institute of International Affairs, thatís a private organization, that runs pretty well all the media across the planet under the Council on Foreign Relations, they set up the Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, the World Bank, all private, by the way. Their whole idea is to run the whole planet, and its finances as well, and all of its resources too, by the way. So again, we still vote in an old-fashioned way, that means nothing anymore. You donít have representation; a lot of folk donít even know who supposed to represent them anyway. And for the person that you vote in, he supposed to represent your little area and of course he doesnít. He has to go with the party, in any line that they go with. So whatís the point in having them in the first place? The whole point of it is kind of over and defunct.


But as I say, now theyíre going into these free trade deals. The Transpacific Partnership Deal, that the general population had nothing to do it, but it benefits the big, big bankers at the top. Then youíve got this transatlantic one, with the EU, Canada, and the US trading bloc. Remember too, for every tariff that you stop bringing into the country.  In other words, every tax import duty that they cancel out Ė because before they always collected it Ė then they have to start collecting the same amount of money to make up the shortfall from the general public. At one time countries ran mainly off import duties. Many of the US states lived on import duties too, from state to state, at one time.  Then you didnít have to tax the public.


Now, government always runs way beyond the maximum level even of what they need coming in to keep themselves going. But they always have extracurricular agendas on the go to spend all the cash, so theyíre always short of cash. So when they donít get the money coming in from imports, because of free trade deals, mainly with Third World countries now, although the same third world countries, for 20 years, under these agreements, donít have to, they still charge taxes on your experts to them, into their countries, but you donít charge it for them. Itís all done under the World Trade Organization, again, some organization that you have no say in setting up and running.  And you still think youíre in democracy. Anyway it says:


EU-Canada trade agreement Threatens European fracking bans / 07 May 2013


As European member states consider the implications of environmentally risky shale gas development, the proposed EU-Canada trade agreement could give energy companies new powers to challenge fracking bans through the back door Ė claims campaigner. 


But the whole point of it is, do you understand that this article is just one little thing, to do with many, many things, that crop up once you make these trade deals and so on. Because all of your laws have to be harmonized together. Thatís how they got Europe harmonized into this big new Soviet system, with Brussels being the Moscow, the new Moscow of Europe. So everything that they do causes problems, and panelsÖ Itís great work, mind you, for lawyers; theyíre always churning out armies of lawyers.  Thatís how you take the world over, not by armies, itís by lawyers, and bankers. But as I say, you have to start harmonizing all your laws to make everything work. Everything must change until eventually, once youíve changed all your laws, your whole culture, your whole system, the old system, is completely gone. And thatís the whole point of it too. And thatís called progress. So anyway I put that up tonight too for those who want to have a look at it.


But this one says, Fannie Mae, of course the ones that helped start the big run the last time, on the banks.


Fannie Mae to pay $59.4bn back to US taxpayer and forestall debt battle

(A:   That will be the day, as far as I can see here.) /  9 May 2013 / Dominic Rushe


The government-backed mortgage giant Fannie Mae is to pay $59.4bn back to US taxpayers, in a move that is likely to forestall a looming battle over the federal debt limit. (A:   They only got more loans, I think, about two months ago, from us to them. Back with more after this.) 


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the banks and so on, and the con of money and all the rest of it. And all of these incredibly well paid top bankers and everything else and the economists, never see anything coming when we end up with crashes and so on. Of course, theyíre all in on it. And when you check up on it afterwards you find that theyíve all moved their own personal money somewhere else, etc., etc., etc. And again, weíre taught that this is all quite normal and above board. But anyway, it says about Fannie MaeÖ


In 2008, the government poured about $170bn into Fannie Mae and its smaller sibling, Freddie Mac, to save them after the financial crisis. Fannie Mae received about $116bn in loans. With its latest dividend, it will have repaid about $95bn. The payment looks set to boost the Treasury's coffers as it sees off a summer of fighting over the debt limit.  (A:   Because the debt limit is coming up by the 18th of May I think in the US.)


The government has reached its current debt limit, of $16.4tn (A: trillion dollars, eh.  Itís unimaginable.), but after a budget battle at the end of last year Congress moved to allow the Treasury to borrow enough money to meet its obligations. That authority expires on 18 May. Paul Dales, senior US economist at Capital Economics, said the payment was likely to give the Treasury more room for maneuver and that it would add to a series of budget measures aimed at pushing off the debt ceiling limit.


"Even if nothing is done by 18 May, the Treasury has three months or so before it starts pushing up against the limit," he said.  (A:   Remember, all the debt and so on, itís in compound interest. I mean, you can never pay your way out of it. Itís not meant to be paid out actually.  Itís always supposed to be adding and adding and adding, because the big bankers live off of interests, and the more the merrier.)


The G7, again too, everything is great at the Gs, you know, G-this and G-that, and G-whiz. But the fact is, we donít vote for any of these organizations, as a presidents and prime ministers always start making their own private little clubs, on behalf of the Masters that run them like the Council on Foreign Relations who tell them to do it. And here they are globetrotting together and again, theyíre not planning things just for their country. Theyíre planning things on a global scale. This article here, goes right through the different characters who are attending it, from the US, the bank of Canada, the US Treasury Secretary, Jim Flaherty, etc., etc., etc. at the start of the G7 finance ministers and central bank government meeting in Aylesbury, England.


'No subject is taboo' at G7 talks - / May 10, 2013 /  PAUL WALDIE


So they all get together and we are the last to know whatever comes out of it, except they generally sign agreements to integrate something together. Itís always integration of some form or another, that leads to complete globalism and all that kind of stuff. And we know too, that Europe is trying to get the US involved more and more into helping bail out the banks in Europe; thatís a big one. The US already is doing that to an extent and they keep it as quiet as they can. But Iíll put this up at this up tonight for those who want to know.


But mind you, this world we live in, as I say, weíre taught to be very naÔve. When youíre conditioning has worked youíre awfully naÔve. Because you are taught the people come out of special wombs above you, thatís why they can afford these special suits and things and live so well at the top. Iíve mentioned before, it doesnít matter what system it is, it doesnít matter what itís called, itís always the same. Even in communism, you know, the land of equality, the new Soviet paradise and all that, the workersí paradiseÖ The ones at the top, all these multibillionaires that have flooded out of Russia, in a communist regime, was astonishing. They had a slave population for all that time, a massive slave population, but a lot of the population wouldnít see themselves as slaves at the time. Some did, some didnít, because of their conditioning. And itís awfully lucrative to be a good communist, you know, at the top. Not the ones at the bottom, but at the top. And this saysÖ


Mao's granddaughter accused over China rich list

The granddaughter of Chairman Mao has been named on China's rich list,

with a fortune of nearly £530 million.  (A:   Not bad, eh. Thatís not bad.) / Malcolm Moore / 09 May 2013


(A:   It goes through bit of her history and all the rest of it, and her husband; heís awfully rich as well.)


She is a successful entrepreneur in Beijing (A:   And so on, etc., etc., etc.  And sheís still pushing the red culture, by the way; itís awfully lucrative, if youíre at the top of communism. Some are more make equal than others in such utopias, said George Orwell. You know, isnít that the truth.)


And vaccinations. I get a thing about vaccinations because vaccinations, I know, can really affect people afterwards. Because thereís no doubt about it, their immune system is definitely Ė thatís what itís supposed to do Ė is alter your immune system in one way or another.  And often it does it in a way that theyíll say was unintended. But the thing is, people are left with crippling diseases and so on. Weíve seen the narcolepsy happen across some parts of Europe and Scandinavia with the last flu jab that they got last year. And thereís other disorders coming out too. It says:


Over 50 youngsters have sleep disorder after jab / Eilish O'Regan Health Correspondent / 20 April 2013


(A:   A sleep disorder. Thatís no problem. Big Pharma, that owns the vaccine companies, will also give you the pills to help you sleep.)


 THE number of young people who have developed an incurable sleeping disorder after getting the swine flu vaccine has now risen to at least 54.


However, despite promises by the Department of Health to provide a full package of supports for victims, some families are still facing delays getting a proper diagnosis.  (A:   They should be suing like crazy, instead of looking to the government to help them out, you know. They should be suingÖ suing.)


A letter setting out the frustration and concerns of families was handed in to the department by the support group SOUND which was founded to help victims who developed the disorder narcolepsy after getting the Pandemrix vaccine. (A:   And it goes through some of the victims and so on and how itís affecting them.)


And they never give up, you know; it doesnít matter how many victims to get with these things. When youíre up against the big system, a big medical Mafia, and you know, the vampires with the vaccines Ė you know, the V-Vs Ė who just live off sickness; you know, the more sickness the better Ė they cause a lot of it too, the vaccines. But the thing is, what incredible wealth they rake in. So theyíre very happy, of course, to always put out of proportion the effects of measles and everything else, the things that you all got normally at one time and got over, and you had natural immunity because you got it from each other. But not today, they jab you through with this stuff.  Really, itís like putting pieces of kidneys through a blender and injecting it into you, because itís got the viruses that they used to grow on the kidney; I mean, itís not much more removed than that. Except sometimes too, there are synthetic forms of viruses; they donít occur in nature and they attack your immune system.  Now weíve got the highest allergy population thatís ever existed on the planet; it helps to destroy your immune system and youíre allergic to everything. It doesnít matter though, itís too lucrative to pack in, you see.  And government goes along with it because thereís an awful lot of bonuses and kickbacks to certain ones that push it. BIG money.


Iíll also put up an article tonight too.  Itís quite interesting.


Vaccine Controversy: A PubMed Compilation : 15 to start with. - /  July 9, 2012


And also, these unions that weíre creating with all these integrations and so on, these trading blocs, look at the mess Europe is in. I have to say, I really think itís planned this way. I mean, austerity was the plan before they crashed the banks in 2008. How would they get you to that austere place unless they crashed the banks and made currency worth less and less? No one is that good at predicting things, like a Nostradamus, you know. It has to be made to happen, to fit the plan. And this says Slovenia now, is the last one in Europe.


Slovenia sell-off planned in attempt to avoid bailout / 6 May 2013


Slovenia is looking to sell its largest telecommunications operator and second largest bank, sources said, as it steps up efforts to shore up its finances and avoid an international bailout.


The country is racing to convince investors it has a credible strategy for raising the funds it needs to stay solvent.


Now theyíre ALL going bankrupt. And the countries that werenít completely bankrupt before are going bankrupt because they borrowed money from the big bankers to bail out other countries. Itís amazing. Itís just astonishing, it truly is, that we call this sanity. That everybody mustÖ Itís like having one sick person in the street, by asking the whole street to get sick and die. Isnít it? You see what Iím saying? Itís madness, and yet they call this logic and good economics. You understand how we are incredibly stupid? Weíre so incredibly naÔve, because all it takes is for the newscaster to say, here is so-and-soís topic, an expert in investment and blah-blah-blah, an economist for the blah-blah-blah, and you go into lala-land, like an angel from God had just appeared on the television screen. And you believe everything they tell you, because they donít have a giveaway, or even a nervous tic on their faces. And you believe them. Yep.  Quite something. So here is another country selling off everything. Greece is already doing it, as we know, selling off islands and everything else.


Slovenia announces austerity plan - /  09 May 2013


Here is the Aussie dollar, the Australian dollar. 


Aussie dollar will come down hard / May 9, 2013 / Saijel Kishan


(A:  I mentioned this the other day, and this article here takes it further. It says:)


Stanley Druckenmiller, who made $1 billion for George Soros as his chief strategist by forcing a devaluation of the British pound in 1992, said investors should bet against the Australian dollar.


(A:  See, they actually make things happen. Theyíve got the instant access to all your media so they can put out their propaganda, and they can help get folk to pull their money out, and then they crash the dollar. Then they profit off of it because they bet on it falling. And again, we say this is the normal, sane system.  How...  This goes on and on for centuries, the same con. How can somebody, George Soros, and his main strategists, a strategist who they said, in this, who can we crashed today and plunder? And theyíre walking around there, doors are opened to them, and they have big fancy hotels, and politicians bow down to them and so on, theyíre so stinking rich. And all they do, they are just pirates. And itís all legal apparently; thatís why they can keep doing it over and over. And again, we say this is a sane system. So it saysÖ)


"We think the Australian dollar will come down and will come down hard," Druckenmiller said today at the Sohn Investment Conference in New York. "It's expensive."


The Australian and New Zealand dollars have each surged 45 percent against the U.S. dollar since the end of 2008, the biggest advances among over 150 currencies tracked by Bloomberg.


The Reserve Bank of Australia cut its benchmark interest rate to a record low on May 7, driving down a currency that has damaged manufacturing and boosted unemployment.


Again, itís just amazing. When the currency goes down too, people want to invest in the country because then the labor is cheap, everything is cheap, you see, or they will buy their products because itís cheap. Everything is upside down. And you can go and study this rubbish and you call it economics, so you can get a good collar-and-tie job and then you can get an expensive suit, and you can help rip off countries as well. So Iíll put this up tonight too for you to see, hereís private individuals bringing down the dollar again, to another country, another victim. And of course, whoís the head of the Royal Institute of International Affairs group for the whole of the EU politicians, this big Parliament they have? Soros, George Soros. Heís the head of this private Corporation that runs the politicians for the whole of Europe.


This article too.


The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trillion in the 'Recovery,'

While the Rest of Us Have Lost $669 Billion / 05/09/2013


Oh, are we getting ripped off. And now we've got the data to prove it. From 2009 to 2011, the richest 8 million families (the top 7 percent) on average saw their wealth rise from $1.7 million to $2.5 million each. Meanwhile the rest of us -- the bottom 93 percent (that's 111 million families) -- suffered on average a decline of $6,000 each.


Do the math and you'll discover that the top 7 percent gained a whopping $5.6 trillion in net worth (assets minus liabilities) while the rest of lost $669 billion. Their wealth went up by 28 percent while ours went down by 4 percent.


It's as if the entire economic recovery is going into the pockets of the rich. And that's no accident. Here's why.  (A:  The whole thing isÖ)


1. The bailouts went to Wall Street, not to Main Street.

 The federal government and Federal Reserve poured trillions of dollars into Wall Street through a wide variety of financial maneuvers, many of which were hidden from view until recently. When we add it all up, it's clear that most of the money floated right into Wall Street. (Fannie and Freddie were private institutions that also considered themselves part of the Wall Street elite.)


2. Wall Street is Washington, Washington is Wall Street.

 Those who shuttle back and forth between Washington and Wall Street designed the basic policies that both led to the crash and that responded to it. (A:  Cause the problem and then you give the solution.) Hank Paulson, Bush's Secretary of the Treasury, served as chairman of Goldman Sachs (A:  Itís always Goldman Sachs, like the banker for the planet, eh.) before going to Washington. Timothy Geithner, Obama's Secretary of the Treasury, headed the regional Federal Reserve Board in New York (a board composed of Wall Street's Who's Who) before joining the Obama cabinet.


Countless government officials and congressional staffers can't wait to leave public service for lucrative jobs on Wall Street. (A:  And thatís true.) Their collective mindset is that the world can't function properly unless the richest of the rich get richer. Any and all policies should therefore protect our biggest banks, rather than hinder them. And, of course, both parties are in hot pursuit of Wall Street campaign cash. Little wonder the so-called "recovery" transferred wealth from us to them.


3. The Federal Reserve banks on trickle-down.  (A:  The trickle-down theory, you know.)

 The Federal Reserve's ongoing stimulus policy comes down to this: The goal is to reduce interest rates on bonds of all kinds so that money flows into stocks. The more money that goes into the stock market, the higher go the stocks. Rising stock prices leads to what economists call the wealth effect -- those who see their stocks rise dramatically feel richer and spend more. (A:  Thatís what the claim is.) That's supposed to trickle down to the rest of us: The rich spend more, businesses recover and then, maybe, hire more people. It's working beautifully for the super-rich but obviously not for the rest of us.  (A:  Apart from that itís global now. Because they will be hiring - jobs, jobs, jobs Ė that was the spiel in Canada, years ago, with jobs, jobs, jobs. But what the Prime Minister at that time didnít tell us; it was jobs in China and elsewhere. Because these guys who have got all the cash, they have no particular allegiance to any country; itís wherever the labor is the cheapest, and the material theyíre going to use.)


And as we all go down the tubes too, and culture is just the dregs today. You know, you can go through music for instance too, and itís a fascinating study, a never-ending study of course with music; itís old and ancient, and such a variety of it too in different countries. You go through the history of it and you find that they kind of hit their zenith with some of the great composers and the pieces that they wrote. Then of course in the 20th century it became Ďpopularí music, they called it. Thatís when, again, people that basically also had a big hand in Hollywood got into the music industry and started to own the industry, and create the stars, the music stars just like you create the actresses and actors, you see, as a star. Itís a creation. Thereís a big machine that creates them; anybody can be made a star.  If this gang is going to back you, it will happen. You find that, again, the culture has plummeted, right through the whole of the 20th century and through the 21st.  You can even call it music anymore; itís not even poetry. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the decline of the culture of course. Thatís also part of the big move of globalism as well. Because all the old cultures, especially of the first world countries, has to perish. Thatís part of it. That is part of it. Thatís on the agenda; it must go. Iíve mentioned the Frankfort School and others that talked about destroying them, and they talked about the music industry, using them, and movies and so on, and taking over culture and just bring it right down until everything was degraded, destroyed. And that fits in with this article here. Thereís many articles that you could take for an example but this one says:


Union-backed 'bill of rights' for guards under fire

after sex-and-drugs bust at Baltimore jail / Joseph Weber / May 08, 2013


A federal investigation into an alleged sex-fueled smuggling scheme between female guards and inmate gang members at the Baltimore City Detention Center has drawn scrutiny to a union-backed "bill of rights" for prison guards that may have contributed to the culture of corruption.


One FBI agent is now claiming the "rights" helped shield bad apples from discipline.


According to the 44-page indictment, members of the Black Guerilla Family (A:  Itís called.) were able to control female guards and indoctrinate them into their plot by having sex with them. (A:  I wonder how hard that was?) They were able to persuade the women to smuggle in contraband ranging from pot to prescription narcotics to tobacco to cell phones, used to coordinate an elaborate criminal enterprise with outside gang members. Male and female guards smuggled the contraband in exchange for money.  (A:  Some of the guards got pregnant by some of the gang leaders here.)


But the point is, you see, the whole cultureÖ Everything has gone down the tubes. Everything is going down the tubes, as planned, as I say.  Understand, when people want to believe in the accidental view of history, where folk at big world meetings and so on, big agencies with lots of funding a lot of pull, meet together and they bring out their wish list of where they want to take the world into the future, and when they write stuff down about bringing down and destroying the cultures, and we live through it, youíve got to say this is more than a coincidence, folks. Itís not accidental at all. And Iím right, itís not accidental. This is all the stuff thatís, all the fallout that you see is simply the whole point of destroying societies and cultures and traditions, especially traditions. As I say, this is quite a long lengthy article; I wonít bother reading it. But the fact is, thatís only one example of many.


Tonight too, Iíve mentioned many times that many articles that you read in the mainstream media are simply handouts from big PR agencies and marketing agencies for whatever product is being sold. Of course, big Pharma has one of the biggest ones of all, because they have incredible money; theyíre riding high with all these vaccines theyíre churning out, new vaccines for everything. But the HPV vaccine has got a lot of flak of course from people who have been affected by it.  Children have died and young women have died of the thing too, through anaphylactic shock and things like that when this thing is put into their system. Iíll put an article up tonight where now theyíre finding some young women have had their ovaries destroyed; it destroys their ovaries. Itís from a medical journal too where theyíre questioning this and of course they want pursue it with more investigations and all the rest of it, which will take years, no doubt, as more and more are affected by it.


Premature ovarian failure 3 years after menarche in a 16-year-old girl following human papillomavirus vaccination -


But then you go into this big hand out to the mainstream media by the big Pharma companies that make the HPV vaccines, under the Ďcancer drugí, they call it. Now, I remember reading an article from the woman who worked in the company that first came out with it; she was the head of the team that made it. She says, there was no guarantee this will actually work at all, and if it did any good at all, it would only possibly work with three kinds of the viruses, out of the hundreds. So now were all going to pay for it to be given to the third world countries, for a discount. Great business when you got massive lobbyists. Great business. And all the politicians getÖ Theyíre paid off; thatís how they get into office, through contributions from donors, big donors.


Cancer Vaccines Get a Price Cut in Poor Nations - / May 10th, 2013


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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