May 13, 2013 (#1329)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 13, 2013:


Globalists Parade their Enslaving "Free"-Trade:


"Financial Crises Good for Globalists' Schedule,
Binding More Trade Partnerships, Urgency the Tool,
North American TPP and North American to E.U.,
A Whole New Agency to Supervise it Too,
The Peoples of These Nations Simply have No Say,
They're the Guarantors of Loans, Just There to Pay,
We Live for the New Feudal CEO Overlords
Who're Responsible to the New World Supergods,
To Mammon They Offer the Burnt Offerings of War,
Enriching Themselves, Enslaving Us, Is What it's For"
© Alan Watt May 13, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 13, 2013

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 13th of May 2013.


For newcomers please help yourself to the website CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com. You’ll find lots of other sites listed there. These are all the official sites that I have. They all have audios for download for free, where I go through the big system, the big plan that you’re born into and how it all works and so on, and you can also get transcripts for print-up from all those sites in English of many of the talks I’ve given. And if you go into AlanWattSentientSentinel.EU you can get transcripts in other languages to choose from.


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Now what I do go through is the farce of the system because, truly, you understand a long time ago the big boys who set up the foundations to take over the world. Private foundations run by the richest people on the planet at the time set themselves up to be a parallel government. In fact, the real government, but they called it a parallel government, which would work alongside all governments, advise them eventually on all policies, which they do, like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Both the same organisation except one is in the US and they also have these organisations across the world and they have one for all the political parties inside the E.U. Union in the parliament as well. So in other words they are completely involved and intermeshed with government at all levels, these organisations, big private foundations, and they do put their own people into often the top positions of power as Presidents and Prime Ministers. They have done that for a hundred years according to Carroll Quigley who was their own personal historian. Because they do have archives of their own history and the contribution, as they call it, to history which they have made, serious contributions like, well, wars and things like that. Wars are awfully important to not only take over all the world’s resources, which is one of their main objectives, but also to change the societies in all the competing, on all sides actually, of the conflict and war does that. Quigley said himself you can get more social policies and social changes occurring in five years of war than you can in fifty years of peace by using propaganda. So war is awfully good to rapidly change culture to accept new normals and it’s done all the time and since 9/11, of course, across the whole world they have rammed all the new normals down our throats; they’re still going ahead with it and some of the things are just nonsensical but you’ll be put in prison if you mention them now, some of them. Back with more after this break.


{Music Break}


Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system and it truly is the big system because the boys that set it up a long time ago back in the early 1900’s decided to take over all of the resources of the world, the entire planet and that’s all resources that you would need to live on, including food and water eventually, and that’s happening as we live. So you understand it was not to make just a world of hands across the sea and smiley faces but really to bring in a new elite. An elite that was the richest on the planet. That really was their modus operandi, was riches, power through money and money creation. Bankers, in other words and they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They joined it with, they came from the Cecil Rhodes Foundation along with Lord Rothschild who was in it with him and they also merged with the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner who actually was from Germany and they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs which has all top newspaper members and all the magnates on board with them. They are members; it has heads of all political parties across the world, left and right-wing all members of it and the same in the US under the Council on Foreign Relations which is one of its American branches and they also have all of Europe and the European politicians as members as well. Most journalists are members of it, the big ones, and a lot of big corporations too are members of it. In fact, if anything, I really think a lot of these corporations were started up by the one group at the top and still are, by the way, owned by them. We know that Goldman Sachs, for instance, if you go through what they own, they own the military-industrial complex, all the big companies beneath it that you know so well. They actually own them.


So world power, of course, through owning everything is part of the technique but also to bring in a new scientific system where everyone is monitored from birth to death and I’ll be touching again on that tonight because they’re using Scotland as a test bed for that one under the GIRFEC project. G.I.R.F.E.C. Project and literally you get an advocate put on you at birth who will go through your life with you and monitor you, and you get psychological testing from the age of about two months right through. Isn’t that something? All the horrors of Sci-Fi movies are coming to pass because, you understand, the boys who wrote all the horrors were in on the big plan long ago and the movies were just part of predictive programming, getting you used to the idea. And that’s how we get our ideas from. That’s how we get used to them, through movies, though fiction. But here is an article here, it says...


“National ID system comes a step closer to reality after ‘plan for biometric database of all Americans’ is revealed in immigration bill under review in the Senate”


Alan: And this is from the British papers talking about it. It says it...


“...could mandate the creation of a national biometric database to identify residents in the U.S.

The technology referred to simply as a ‘photo tool,’ in the proposed legislation presented on Thursday, would be used to verify the identity of employees before they were hired to ensure they were in the country legally.


Privacy experts have sounded the alarm that the national database would further usher in the era of ‘Big Brother’ government by allowing authorities to track residents, described by one analyst as ‘a government version of Foursquare.’


The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, S.744 includes a measure for the Department of Homeland Security to develop an innocuously labelled ‘photo tool’ by which to verify a person’s identity.


‘The Secretary shall develop and maintain a photo tool that enables employers to match the photo on a covered identity document provided to the employer to a photo maintained by a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services database,’ the legislation reads.

The ‘photo tool’ is only mentioned in the legislation to be used by an employer to verify the identity of an individual seeking employment.”


Alan: So that’s everybody.


“In this proposed database, the government would amalgamate names, ages, Social Security numbers and photographs of individuals in the U.S., connected to their driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.”


Alan: So everything is going ahead as planned, obviously. Where all the better people, the special folk in all the agencies they’ve created take care of all of us from birth to death and so on and so on and so on. That’s just the way it is. And remember all the articles I read, I touch on tonight, I’ll put up at Cutting Through The Matrix.Com at the end of the broadcast.


Here’s an article here too about Montreal. Montreal, for those who don’t know it, is really Canada’s Chicago as far as the big organised crime goes.


Mayor slapped with gangsterism charges, political party disbanded: a day in the life around Montreal”


“A corruption-related storm ripped through the Montreal area Thursday, wreaking devastation on once-sturdy political machines inside and outside the city.


The party that won Montreal’s last municipal election was dissolved. And in the big suburb next door, the mayor who dominated the last six elections was slapped with numerous criminal charges. It all occurred in just over an hour.”


Alan: So it goes into the whole idea of corruption for years and years and years. Mainly to do with all... and this happens across the board to all states, provinces and so on and the federal governments because, you understand, when the federal governments or the state hands out big contracts for jobs you’re talking about mega-millions for each one. They get kick-backs. The guy who gives them them gets kick-backs for giving them out of the public purse. That’s how it’s always worked, folks. It’s always been like that and I don’t see why it will ever change. It’s just incredible money that’s kicked back at times too and of course they always give it to the right kind of guys to do the jobs, selected people in the gang, basically; that’s how it always works. Even your local council does that too. That’s why they’re always digging up the same parts of the roads every year and filling it back up again. It’s just to get rid of the excess surplus tax cash that they’ve got put by for their pals.


Now last night and the whole of yesterday in Canada it was snowing where I am and we’d have maybe three or four days of sun and then in came the snow again and it hit zero, on the freezing mark, and it wasn’t a pleasant day or night at all and apparently it’s to go back down to that probably tonight again and maybe a few days in a row. However, they’re still prattling on about global warming, etc, etc. It’s just astonishing, isn’t it? And here’s an article here. It says...


“Creeping Wall of Ice Destroys Homes in Canada”


Alan: And this is in May. It says...


“Several homes have been destroyed and many damaged in the Canadian province of Manitoba after ice from a nearby lake...”


Alan: There is so much ice this winter.


“...was pushed up onto land by the wind.”


Alan: It travelled over the land by the wind. And it says...


“It comes as another wave of ice came ashore on the banks of Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota.”


Alan: They had the same problem.


“Strong winds pushed floes towards the water’s edge - creating cascades of ice crystals which pushed up against trees and houses.”


Alan: Well, they were taking houses down in Manitoba. It was just crushing them and they’re still prattling on about global warming, eh? This is May. This is May, folks. And also you’ll find that Al Gore, you understand the people who are put up front, with long histories, family histories, by the way, in the same movements and who are incredibly wealthy, always get wealthier with the movements they work at, and Al Gore was one of the first ones to push out there for global warming and all this stuff. All this stuff that the Club of Rome dreamed up. They said that global warming would fit the bill. That would be the excuse for running the world and changing the way that we all live, you see, in the 1970’s, so here it is. And Al Gore was the guy who pushed himself out front with the carbon credits because he planned to profit mightily. One of the many guys who profit mightily off carbon credits and carbon trading, because all it is is a massive tax on produce, you see. It says:


“No. 1, multi-million circulation national daily Bild here has an unflattering piece about Al Gore and his newly found mega-riches titled: “Al Gore earned 75 million euros – in one month!”


So profitable can the global warming scam be! Never mind that there hasn’t been a bit of warming in 15 years.”


Alan: Recorded.  And it starts with:


“Rich, richer, Gore! The former vice president of the USA, Albert ‘Al’ Gore, alone in January earned 75 million euros. Now he has an estimated wealth of 153 million euros (200 million dollars)! That’s an increase in wealth of 11,000%!


Much of this comes from spreading fear over global warming (which, again, hasn’t happened in 15 years). The more fear that Gore spreads, the more his investments in green energy and “climate-protection” technologies and activities pay off.


Bild also informs readers that Gore earned huge amounts from sales of shares of Apple and “Current Network TV”.


This was sold in January for 382 million euros to ‘Al-Jazeera,’ a TV network in Qatar. An estimated 70 million euros found their way into Gore’s bank account. The politician is a stakeholder in various companies and investment funds. Among other things, he’s a co-founder of ‘Generation Investment Management’, which made a profit from 2008 to 2010 of 166 million euros.


Not too shabby.


Gee, suddenly where are all the anti-capitalist, anti-speculation greens? Bild also tells its readers of another source of income:

Because of his popularity, Gore receives a fee from industry associations, symposiums, and other events of up to 130,000 euros – per speech!


So what on Earth could Gore be possibly doing with all that climate-cash? Bild tells us:

With his millions, Gore bought a 20-room mansion in Nashville/Tennessee and a luxury beach house in Montecito, California. So nice losing can be: Had Al Gore won the US presidential election in 2000 against George W. Bush, he would have earned ‘only’ 306,000 euros per year.


Most Germans have a strong aversion to wealth of this sort. An unflattering piece for Al Gore. Bad publicity to say the least.”


Alan: And then it went on about the rest of it and so on but, I mean, this is what it’s all about, folks. The guys who push the big changes which we all have to pay for because they’re going to put the carbon taxes on you individually and tax you on how you live and how to heat yourself, etc and I’m not kidding about that. Everything is to get an energy tax on it. Every item you purchase will have an energy tax on it, on what it costs to make that item and you’ll end up paying it and then the big boys are trading these, they get free carbon credits to trade amongst themselves from the government and, of course, you pay for all those free credits and they’re making billions off it already. And you think you’re free. What a con, eh? It’s always with us, conology, isn’t it? Back with more after this break.


{Music Break}


Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ve got an article tonight too about GMOs for baby’s formulas and food...


“Infant Formula: Baby’s First GMOs”


“Similac rejects a resolution that would’ve required labeling of products with genetically engineered ingredients—and eventually cut all GMOs.”


Alan: Well, they rejected it so this organisation is going to keep fighting it and see what they come up with; it’s called...


“... As You Sow, a non-profit group that focuses on shareholder advocacy, introduced a resolution at the Abbott Laboratory shareholders meeting in late April, asking the company to remove genetically modified ingredients, like soy, from their Similac products until long-term safety testing has shown GMOs are not harmful.


Alan: You see they haven’t done... They’ve never, ever done long-term safety – at least they tell us that; personally I think they have because some of the big GMO boys like Monsanto, their own staff won’t eat the stuff that they produce. They bring in organic caterers for their own canteen, so that should tell us all we need to know about this poison that they’re putting out there. And also too...


“DuPont, Abbott Investors Vote on GMO Resolutions”


“DuPont shareholders today will vote on a resolution on genetically engineered seeds while Abbott Laboratories’ shareholders Friday will ask the company to remove GMOs from its infant formula and other nutritional products until long-term safety testing proves GMOs are safe.”


Alan: It’s not been done in that area either, so all the big companies are involved in this and they’re all turning it down right now and there is even politicians in the US that have worked for some of these big companies on the Food and Drug Association there and they’re all for passing this stuff as it is, obviously, since they still get a lot of shares from the companies they worked for. I think actually they still work for them, as far as I’m concerned. They’re paid off. All these institutions that are meant to look after you are staffed with guys that all worked in the big industry themselves and I’m sure they still get kickbacks and so on. That’s the real world, folks. That’s how it really works.


Now, the banks, as we know, they give you a new normal and then they go for it. They give you a little time to get it sunk into your head that this is normal. They did this with the so-called haircuts in Cyprus and other countries have had this happen already apparently, very quietly. But it says...


“EU (European Union) Bank Union Should Go Beyond Bail-Ins, Denmark’s Vestager Says”


“Denmark, which introduced bank bail- ins two years ago, would only join a European banking union if it offers better taxpayer protection than its current set-up, Economy Minister Margrethe Vestager said.


“The union should give insurance against “taxpayers paying to clean up banks and build a stronger and more stable banking industry,” Vestager said today at a parliamentary committee meeting which addressed next week’s gathering of European Union finance chiefs in Brussels.

Central powers to handle failing banks are the second leg of the EU’s banking union strategy...”


Alan: Now it’s so amazing because the E.U.’s banking strategy was to give a reason to get the E.U. Central Bank set up, so they crashed everybody’s economy by getting every country, every member of the E.U., to bail out all these other banks. So they had to borrow money from private bankers to throw into, for instance, Spain and Greece and so on and other countries and then get into debt themselves; and now, of course, then it’s time to scalp the depositors who still have money in banks. So it’s going to plan as far as I’m concerned. This is the whole agenda behind it. The Royal Institute of International Affairs set up the Bank for International Settlements remember. They set up the I.M.F. These are all private institutions and they set up the private central banks, private institutions, and the bloc countries like the European is a bloc, their new private central bank too and they all go under the responsibility of the Bank for International Settlements, again the private bank, the top honcho of the whole deal. So it’s going to plan. They cause the crisis and then they give you the solutions, which is just the next part of the plan. That’s how they do it and now they want to plunder depositors’ money, basically. After all they’ve already used taxpayers’ money to bail the banks out before, in 2008 onwards, so now it’s time to plunder the depositors as well. It’s just amazing. They won’t change the system and get rid of the whole crooked system that runs it because it’s always been crooked, run by the same people, generations of them, and it’s a big con. Of course it’s a con. That’s all it is. Also too...


“Erdogan is a murderer, claims Syrian minister after deadly car bombings”


“Syria’s information minister has blamed Turkey’s government for deadly car bombings near the Syrian border and branded Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan a "murderer", state-run Russian TV company RT reported.


“All responsibility for what has happened lies with the Turkish government and Erdogan personally”...”


Alan: He says. Now it’s true that the Turkish government has been in cahoots with the US right now. They’re getting various monies given to them and weaponry too. That started after Hillary Clinton visited them some while back and they’ve agreed to take part. Of course they have been taking part in sending some of their own people in to join this big group of Al-Qaida boys (and the rest of them paid mercenaries) to attack Syria, under the guise of freedom and so on. I’ll put that up tonight. Also...


“Deutsche Bank and IFC accused of bankrolling Vietnam firms’ land grabs”


Alan: Now, the big boys that I was talking about like the I.F.C. is simply the lending arm of the World Bank, you understand, and they’re taking over lots of the world’s land rich in resources and so on. Anyway, it says, here they go...


“Two Vietnamese firms bankrolled by Deutsche Bank and the International Finance Corporation – the World Bank’s private lending arm – are leading a wave of land grabs in Cambodia and Laos, causing widespread evictions, illegal logging and food insecurity...”


Alan: Right on schedule. The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Back with more after this.


{Music Break}


“You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you CAN handle the truth.”


Alan: Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big boys again from the Royal Institute of International Affairs that set up all these big institutions including the World Bank, etc, and I’ve read articles, months ago, about them grabbing land all over Africa too. Some of the best agricultural land too. They’re grabbing everything across the planet right now. So they’re right on schedule with what they planned to do, take over all resources, you see.  And it says...


“Two Vietnamese firms bankrolled by Deutsche Bank and the International Finance Corporation – the World Bank’s private lending arm – are leading a wave of land grabs in Cambodia and Laos...”


Alan: It says; taking houses, and evictions, the whole lot. It says here...


“"We’ve known for some time that corrupt politicians in Cambodia and Laos are orchestrating the land-grabbing crisis that is doing so much damage in the region," said Megan MacInnes, head of Global Witness’s land team, in a statement. "This report completes the picture by exposing the pivotal role of Vietnam’s rubber barons and their financiers, Deutsche Bank and the IFC."


Global Witness researched land deals between the two governments and the firms, and found that HAGL and VRG had together been handed more than 200,000 hectares (nearly 500,000 acres) of land, including protected forest with rosewood, in which to grow rubber.

Land was often sold without villagers’ consent or knowledge and without compensation, the report alleges. Families were forced off their land or expected to work for the rubber plantation, although jobs were few and far between.”


Alan: Well, it’s just slavery because the big boys, the big bankers, have always run on slavery in one form or another.


“"When they resist, communities face violence, arrest and detention, often at the hands of armed Cambodian security forces who are on the investors’ payroll," the report claims.”


Alan: Also in Britain, it says here, “Foreign Buyers”.  You understand, the Royal Institute of International Affairs said they’d bring in a new feudal system, once they had used democracy to its utmost to get what they wanted; not to bring in real democracy, but they would bring in a feudal system. Again Carroll Quigley talked about this in his book The Anglo-American Establishment, when he laid out the whole plan for them. And so all the institutions that the public had built up like gas, electricity and so on would all be sold off to their private pals in the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations that would form all these mega-companies, which they have done over the last hundred years. So they get it for peanuts. Now so they’re selling off the Royal Mail service in Britain and it says...


“Foreign buyers ‘express interest’ in Royal Mail”


“Business minister Michael Fallon has revealed that several overseas buyers have expressed “significant interest” in buying Royal Mail.


Fallon told a Sunday newspaper that Royal Mail boss Moya Greene had already embarked on a global roadshow promoting the 497-year-old business to sovereign wealth funds, foreign trade buyers and institutional investors.”


Alan: Moya Greene, eh?


“Fallon said the UK government’s preferred option for the state-owned company is for a stock market listing, with postal workers given a 10 per cent stake.”


Alan: That won’t even cover their tax they’ll pay.


“He said: “Royal Mail have been testing investor appetite here, in Canada and the United States."


"Our preference is for an initial public offering, but if that’s not possible we would look at alternatives such as sovereign wealth funds or other institutional investors."


News of the overseas interest in Royal Mail came as the Post Office prepared to today launch three current accounts at 29 of its branches in East Anglia, ahead of a full roll-out next year.”


Alan: Now this is all done behind closed doors in secrecy. It’s only now coming out. It’s been going on for a while but that’s your governments for you, you know. This is your governments. What can you do? because they’re all corrupt and they’re all in on the big agenda.


Also tonight I’ll put up an article to do with Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile because we know that they had a close relationship.


“Charles’ Links to Savile”


“A top-level cover-up was ordered to hide close links between Prince Charles and paedo[phile] Jimmy Savile, we can reveal today.  The full truth has been uncovered following a seven-month battle by the Daily Star Sunday.  A raft of documents was released last year showing former Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher’s dealings with Savile.  But Whitehall mandarins ordered key paragraphs to be blanked out to save people’s blushes.  We challenged that ruling under Freedom Of Information laws and were initially turned down.  It was only after a further appeal, when we said it was in the public interest to expose what Thatcher and her officials were discussing, that the information was finally released last week.


It shows Savile claimed Prince Charles had agreed to be a patron of one of his charities – and, crucially, last year someone in power had decided we shouldn’t know that fact, despite it being common knowledge that the Prince and weirdo Savile were pals.  Officials at the National Archive, which houses the documents, last night blamed the Cabinet Office, under the control of Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, for redacting the documents.


The cover-up concerned Savile asking Prince Charles to be patron of his Stoke Mandeville appeal. The letter to Thatcher from one of her aides reads: “Even more encouraging, though again confidential at this stage, Jimmy Savile tells me that the Prince of Wales has agreed to be Patron of the Appeal.”


The nugget was contained in a one page letter headed PRIME MINISTER dated March 6, 1980, and initialled G.V. The letter was part of a Savile file released under the 30-year rule by the National Archives at Kew, south-west London, last year. It included pervert Savile declaring his love for the former PM, showing how well connected he was to establishment figures.


A National Archives official explained the Charles paragraph was excluded under sections 40 and 41.  Section 40 refers to information that it would breach the Data Protection Act to reveal that that person would have a “legitimate expectation” that the information would remain private.  Section 41 covers information that was given in confidence.  Two documents in the dossier are still being covered up and will stay secret for 40 years...”


Alan: There is your official secrets act in Britain for important people, VIP’s. It says it will remain secret for forty years...


“... after a ruling last October when claims about Savile began to emerge.  One, misspelling Savile’s name, is described as “Letter from Jimmy Savile to Prime Minister (undated).”  The other is “Telephone message from Jimmy Savile” dated February 5, 1980.”


Alan: Why would they have to lock them up for forty years? The information must be something, eh?


“Last night it was still unclear whose blushes were being spared by those sections remaining blanked out.”


Alan: So I’ll put this up tonight too. It’s got more data on it, but it’s what you know already I’m pretty sure. Most folk pretty well know what’s going on with all the characters, supposedly the better kind of folk that take care of us and look after our interests, you know.


Now, Cameron in Britain is under tremendous pressure, so it tells us, I wonder about it, to get out of the E.U. but he doesn’t want to, of course, and he’s over seeing Obama and Obama has pretty well told him to really come down on his cabinet of conservatives to make them go along with staying in the E.U.  Because after all, as I say, it was the Royal Institute of International Affairs and C.F.R. that drafted up the policies for the union of all the European countries. For those who don’t know it this private group, this private club of VIP’s drafted the whole thing up and it was done in secrecy since 1948 onwards until they got it all done. So it says...


“Cameron Pushes EU Trade With Obama as Tories Eye Exit”


“U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron starts a visit to the U.S. overshadowed by his Tory lawmakers planning a rebellion over Britain’s membership in the European Union and a call from a Cabinet minister to exit the bloc. Cameron will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House today to encourage talks on a trade deal between the EU and U.S. …”


Alan: Now if they pull the U.S. into the E.U., the U.S. taxpayers will be bailing them out for ever and ever.


“ part of preparations for the Group of Eight nations summit the U.K. hosts next month. At home, Britain’s membership in the bloc is being increasingly questioned. Education Secretary Michael Gove and Defense Secretary Philip Hammond both said yesterday the U.K. should consider quitting the EU.”


Alan: Start to consider it now when you’re bankrupt? by bailing out countries they got nothing to do with? But remember too that’s not going to happen. They’d never let this happen after all this work. A hundred years it took to make all this happen, to get to where they are today. And as I say, the private foundation that set it all up to run it all and make sure it happened is still running the country yet, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Anybody who is anybody is a member of it over there and anybody who is anybody is a member of the C.F.R. elsewhere. You can’t apply to join them. They come to you after they’ve vetted you thoroughly. Absolutely thoroughly. So I’ll put this up tonight for those who care to go over it. And another one too to do with...


“British Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday that all subjects and products should be up for discussion in coming negotiations on the proposed US-EU free trade area.”


Alan: Now remember the old idea was to make three main trading blocs, the same as Karl Marx said before that. Exactly the same. First Europe, right, a new Soviet, which would not be democratic, by the way, which it is not; and then they would make a united Americas through the same process, start off with free-trade deals and then you bind them together just like they’ve bound every country gradually together for Europe. Same deal, and then the one for the Far-Eastern/Pacific-Rim region with China, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other countries all on board with it too. Then you bind them together until you’ve got global governance. That’s the whole point of it, folks, so that a small, unelected elite can continue to rule over you and the ones that really rule over you are unelected. They have the power and the wealth. Anyway, it says...


“Speaking at the White House after talks with US President Barack Obama, Cameron said there is a "real chance" that the negotiations could be launched in earnest by next month’s Group of Eight summit in Northern Ireland.  However, he said, talks for the ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership have to cover all subjects -- a message to other participants that are already insisting on excluding certain sensitive areas.”


Alan: So not only do they want to merge with the E.U. Trade deals, free trade, they also want to merge with the third bloc, as I say, the Far Eastern rim, Pacific countries too. So it’s right on track. This is exactly what they were set up to do and they talked about it and wrote about it a hundred years ago. It takes time to bring things in, you see.


“Almost one in five of those suspected of murder or rape in Britain last year was born abroad, new figures show.”


“Across England and Wales 93 of the 555 murder suspects were foreign nationals, as were 632 of the 3,436 charged with rape. A survey of the 43 police forces, carried out by the Sun, also showed that only one force did not record any rape or murder charges against a non-UK citizen.

In London immigrants accounted for more than a third of the 210 rape suspects who were charged.

Twenty four were from Jamaica, 14 from Nigeria, 13 from Poland and ten from Portugal.

Out of 180 suspects charged with murder in the capital, 41 were foreign - including seven from Jamaica and five each from Turkey, Poland and Sri Lanka.


The only force not to record rape or murder charges against a foreign national was Dyfed-Powys Police, who operate in rural Wales.”


Alan: A small rural place.


“Only 37 out of the 43 police forces responded to the request for figures.

Suffolk had the highest percentage of foreign murder suspects – almost three quarters of those charged with the offence were immigrants.

In Manchester non-UK nationals accounted for 177 of the 832 people charged with rape in 2012.”


Alan: Now what they’re not telling you here too in some of these big cities too, there is other nationals that are probably second generation there too, so they’re not included, so they don’t count in it too, in places like Birmingham and so on.


“Hampshire police force refused to reveal nationalities of eight foreign nationals charged with rape on the grounds that it would lead to ethnic victimisation.”


Alan: So for the sake of not hurting folk’s feelings it has to get worse. And tonight too I’m putting up an article. It really does help explain the P.N.A.C. group, the Project for the New American Century, that was published in the 1990’s, twice and revised by Wolfowitz and re-published in 1998. And everyone has heard, I’m sure, about this tactic that the Bush government used, the so-called Neo-cons, as we’re allowed to call them, Neo-cons, to do with the countries they wanted to take out, under the guise of liberation. Something of liberation theology in a sense. They wanted to push liberation democracy by war, by forcing countries, invading them and forcing them to take this thing called democracy. Well, you see how well it worked because you can see Iraq’s just wonderfully happy and safe and all that. And Iran, etc. It’s all wonderful and the same with all the other countries they’ve flattened to the ground.  This is...



December 1999”


Alan: It’s from I think the Defense Department, but anyway, it says...


“Nearly 55 years ago, in his final inaugural address, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt reflected on the lessons of the first half of the 20th Century. ‘We have learned,’ he said, ‘that we cannot live alone at peace’.”


Alan: Actually, what do you mean? They never even tried. They were conned into the first war with Bernays and the rest of them all working towards it.  Anyway, getting back to what I was saying...


“‘We have learned that our own well being is dependent on the well being of other nations far away. We have learned to be citizens of the world,’ …”


Alan: Remember that? that term, ‘citizens of the world’. ‘World citizenship.’ The Rockefeller boys, they hand out awards to ‘world citizens.’


“... members of the human community’.


Those words have more resonance than ever as we enter the 21st century. America is at the height of its influence and prosperity.”


Alan: Really? It says...


“But, at a time of rapid globalization, when events halfway around the earth can profoundly affect our safety and prosperity, America must lead in the world to protect our people at home and our way of life. Americans benefit when nations come together to deter aggression and terrorism, to resolve conflicts, to prevent the spread of dangerous weapons, to promote democracy and human rights, …”


Alan: And to plunder the oil fields. Oh! I put that in myself.


“ open markets and create financial stability, to raise living standards, …”


Alan: That’s where they flatten them across the world. You know, they destroy all their infrastructure.


“ protect the environment-...”


Alan: That’s why they set fire to the oil fields.


“ face challenges that no nation can meet alone. The United States remains the world’s most powerful force for peace, prosperity...”


Alan: Remember that term? They said “Peace and Prosperity Partnerships” as we were all going through inflation and devaluation of the dollar.


“...and the universal values of democracy and freedom. Our nation’s central challenge — and our responsibility — is to sustain that role by seizing the opportunities of this new global era for the benefit of our own people and people around the world.


To do that, we are pursuing a forward-looking national security strategy for the new century. This report, submitted in accordance with Section 603 of the Goldwater - Nichols Defense Department Reorganization Act of 1986, sets forth that strategy. Its three core objectives are:


To enhance America’s security.

To bolster America’s economic prosperity.

To promote democracy and human rights abroad.”


Alan: And it goes on and on. See, create war to give them democracy as you plunder them. I’ll put that up tonight. That’s their official document.


Now, Elena Kagan, it says... it’s like a Bek Kagan, like the Kazars, remember they were called Kagans, the kings and royalty...


“Elena Kagan: Toward a Pro-GM Supreme Court?”


“It’s a good thing for Elena Kagan that there’s no non-GMO litmus test for Supreme Court nominees. She’d flunk.


As solicitor general, Kagan is supposed to represent the interests of the American people in matters that come before the Supreme Court. Instead, she has gone to bat for Monsanto. In a case that the court is currently considering,...”


Alan: As I told you before, you see, all these people are connected with Monsanto.


“Monsanto is trying to overturn a 2007 California decision that imposed a nationwide injunction on planting the company’s genetically modified alfalfa. In March, Kagan’s office interceded on Monsanto’s behalf...”


Alan: Not the public’s behalf. And there’s a PDF on this, it says, for the brief.


“...even though the government was not a defendant in the appeal. The original suit was brought by Geertson Seed Farms and a collection of environmental groups...”


Alan: So there she is, helping the private interests. So much for your public servants. Back with more after this.


{Music Break}


Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, also it says...


“Jury convicts abortion provider Kermit Gosnell of murder”


Abortion provider Kermit Gosnell was convicted Monday of three counts of first-degree murder for severing the spinal cords of infants born during abortions...”


Alan: He actually did it, some of them, after abortions. They were actually alive; they were born.


“... at his West Philadelphia clinic.


Gosnell also was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of 41-year-old Virginia woman Karnamaya Mongar, who died from an overdose of drugs while undergoing an abortion at the clinic. Prosecutors described the clinic as a “house of horrors” because of the unsanitary conditions and unsafe practices that defined it.”


Alan: Of course they had bits of bodies in jars and everything all over the place and it was just a mess. He also had some big drug thing going on the go too. He gave out lots of painkillers to select clients who weren’t necessarily patients for abortion. But I don’t know if they’re even charging him for that.


And also too, everyone’s heard about the shooting in New Orleans, which is nothing new. They’re not playing it up so much because apparently this is common there. They have these main parades, this is a Mother’s Day parade, but they also have a different one that always follows it. They call it the Line, they call it. They follow afterwards and they dance around and so on, and the people here said there’s always shootings when they do the lines, the dancing bunch behind them and, sure enough, they had shootings again this time. And supposedly they’ve got a picture of one of the suspects. It’s kind of blurry. They’ll probably never get them and it’s very, very common down there. Big problem there. Also too, this article too is to do with debt.


“Debt is expected to soar over the next four years to a peak of $185 billion as the Federal Budget struggles to get back into the black, putting the nation’s prized AAA credit rating in jeopardy.”


Alan: This is for Australia and it says...


“Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Budget this week is tipped by economists to be a sea of red ink.”


Alan: In other words it’s a “tighten your belt,” to the public, statement, you know, tighten your belt. Britain had that for as long as I’ve been alive. Tighten your belts. Tighten your belts, as they tax you more and more and more.


Also, I’ll put up some articles tonight about the Co-Op bank that’s been downgraded in Britain and supposedly part of the reason it was downgraded is because bail-ins that they’ve had previously factored into the UK downgrade it said.


“Bail-ins Factored into U.K. Bank Downgrade”


“The six-notches sliced off U.K. lender Co-operative Banking Group’s credit rating last week, and subsequent jump in bond yields, showed that upcoming bank bail-in regimes matter a lot.


Analysts used words like “bizarre” and “extreme” to describe the downgrade to junk status that flung the troubled bank into the spotlight Friday.


To be clear, a six-notch rating cut is massive, and the difference between investment grade and junk is significant. Moody’s MCO -0.78% has 21 notches in its scale; 10 are investment-grade ratings, the rest are junk. Usually ratings move by one or two notches at a time.


The main justification Moody’s used for the cut from A3 to Ba3 was “the risk of write-downs on junior debt instruments and, potentially, the need for external support to maintain capital levels.””


Alan: Or, that’s bail-ins to come from the government.


“That means in addition to possible government aid, CO-OP’s subordinated bondholders might have to contribute to its recapitalization, a process known as a “bail-in.””


Alan: So I’ll put that one up too. And also, I’ll put up an article too about Moody’s because Moody’s last year or the year before, I’ve read the articles on it before, Moody’s insiders blew the whistle on Moody’s and how it’s utterly corrupt inside. How they helped their pals and lowered their enemies. I mean everything is corrupt when it comes to money, isn’t it? Everything is corrupt and yet the world is running on it as though it’s all quite natural, because it never changes. They just leave it the way it is. It’s meant to be this way, because, you see, we’re dominated by a small elite who’ve been running the money for an awful long time.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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